Holly’s Ferry Terminal Escapade

Holly’s Ferry Terminal Escapade

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Big Tits

This is a sequel to Protected by Lentz Trucking and the other stories about Holly Sykes. This is taking place in the summer of 1976. The narrator is twenty-one and Holly is thirty-seven and divorced. They met when she was a passenger in the car / limo service he was driving for. Tiffany is Holly’s friend; see Chastised by Mrs. Harris.


One afternoon Holly and I were hanging out at a coffee shop in Manhattan. Along the way we got to talking about role-play games. We had already had done some of those, but she proposed a new one.

Holly started describing it, “We’re going to be playing a pick-up game. Have you heard of those?”

“No; I’m not up on them.”

“What they are is this: two people pretend they don’t know each other. Then one picks up, or tries to pick up, the other one, as if they had just met. Presumably, this has to be in some public place, like maybe a bar, but it could be in a store, a library, on the street, whatever.”

“Okay, that seems simple enough. But it sounds like the pick-up can fail too; it that what you meant?”

“Yes, it could fail depending on how the plot is going. But that seems pretty boring. In this case, I’m going to pick up you, and I assume you won’t refuse me.”

“Well, of course not. So, where will this happen?”

“On the subway.”

“You’re kidding me.” I knew one of these ladies would talk me into some stunt like this.

“Here me out. First of all, we’re going to play versions of ourselves; we’ll use our real names. Dress like you usually do at City College.”

“Those clothes, you know, are kind of downscale.”

“That’s fine; it will seem more authentic that way. Carry a notebook too, like you usually do.”

“Okay, so what is the plan?”

“The timing for this has to be right. The way I see it, I’ll get on a southbound 1 train at, I think, 28th Street.”

“And I have to be on it.”

“I’ll give you a fifteen-minute grace period for whatever time we agree on. You can’t be really late, or I’ll just leave.” Of course, this was long before cellphones. She continued, “It will be a Sunday, so the trains won’t be too busy. Also, the southbound 1 train gets emptier as it goes along, especially in the rear cars.”

“That’s because of the short platform at South Ferry. The rear five cars don’t open there.”

“Exactly. So you’ll be in, say, the ninth car.” That would be the next to last one. “Sit on the far side so I can see you when you ride in. Don’t acknowledge that you know me when I get on.”

“Where are we going?”

“Ah, you’ll be going in cold. You won’t know until we get there, and I’m not telling you now.”

“So you have been thinking this through.”

“Yes, I have. I will tell you one thing. At the end of all this, we are going to part and I, or my character, will tell you that we are never going to see each other again.”

“Why is that?”

“Because my character wants it that way. At that point you can protest, or pretend to really, but it won’t get you anywhere.” She looked at me for a moment. “Sounds interesting?”

“I guess so.”

“I think you’ll find the whole thing quite intriguing.”


On the designated day, my train rolled into 28th Street, and I saw a tall, dark-blonde woman on the platform. It was Holly, of course.She got on and looked around the car with a look of disdain. Then then sat down directly across from me.

Her outfit that day was truly amazing. She looked great, as usual, and it really was as if I had never seen her before. She was wearing an off-white jacket and skirt ensemble. Her jacket had a plunging neckline, and I could the the lacy top of might have been her bra. There was some kind of thick bracelet around her throat.

The most notable accessory was her large, brimmed hat, which was also off-white. To complete it all, she had nylon stockings and black medium-heeled shoes.

Meanwhile, I was sitting there with my awful college-boy cIothes, plus I really needed a haircut as usual. Holly was beautiful but haughty, I thought; I was actually intimidated by her. In fact, I couldn’t imagine why she’d go for the likes of me. It’s a good thing she’s going to approach me, because I wouldn’t have the nerve to approach her. Yet I was also touched that she had done this clothing thing to please me.

I had a soft cover book as a prop, and I pretended to read it. But yet I tried to keep track of what she was doing.

She seemed kind of fidgety. She’d cross and uncross her legs, and then she’d hold her own knee. Her glances went around the car, but never at me. There were only about five other people there, and none of them were close to Holly.

We were between 23rd and 18th Street when she stretched her legs out. Her skirt went below her knees, but she pulled it back and splayed her legs open enough so I could see up her thighs. She finally looked at me, and she had an expression of disapproval. Finally, bursa escort she slammed her knees together.

In a minute, she was back at it. Her legs went even further apart, and she yanked her skirt up even more. Now I could see that she had white garter straps holding up her stockings, which was hardly a surprise. My view went right up to the crotch of her skimpy white panties. These hardly covered her pussy at all.

She went through the whole process again: looking annoyed, closing her legs, and then spreading them even further on the next go-round. By now I had stopped pretending to read, and I was frankly staring at her

After closing her legs this time, she crooked a finger at me. I pointed to myself, me?

She nodded, yes, you.

I went over and sat to her left. She said, “You’ve been looking up my skirt. You should keep your eyes to yourself.”

There was some reserve of boldness in me. “With all due respect, miss, you’ve been flashing your panties at me.”

“I must say that you are a very impertinent young man.” She looked away from me, but not for long. “Okay, I admit it, but it was just some harmless teasing.”

I couldn’t think of a response. She crossed her legs and started to ask questions about me. “You must be in college. How old are you?”

“I’m at City College uptown.”

“I know the place.”

“Anyway, I turned twenty-one in May.”

She got more personal, “I assume you have a girlfriend up there?”

Actually, I didn’t have one at that time, but I lied. After all, this was a game in which I was supposed to make up dialogue. “I do; her name is Michelle. By the way, I’m Paul.”

“Hello, I’m Holly.” She didn’t say, pleased to meet you, but I didn’t expect her to.

I could see that she was pondering something. “Paul, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but does this girl satisfy you, I mean physically?”

Well, Michelle wasn’t around any longer — not since the previous December — but I lied my ass off about what she had been like.

“Not really.” I said something I would normally never tell a stranger. “All she does is sit somewhere and expose her body, or parts of it, and I can sit opposite her and, you know.”

“Masturbate. You don’t have to mince words with me.”

Michelle had actually done everything sexual with me that I wanted, and a lot of it too. She had an apartment in Long Island City that I had often visited.

Holly said, “I’m surprised you are not doing better. What are there, like 4,000 girls attending that school?”

I just shrugged. Actually, I was doing very well that summer banging lonely Manhattan matrons.

“Anyway, I imagine a young guy like yourself masturbates all the time.”

I felt myself blushing, which was surprising, because Holly also did everything sexual that I had wanted. She gave me a little tap on the arm. “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s only natural. And this girl isn’t being fair to you. However, I can help you with your, ah, physical problems.”

I thought for a second that she was going to set me up with somebody, but that couldn’t possibly be it.

“All right, how?”

“Get off with me at South Ferry, and I’ll show you.”

What the hell were we going to do there? I remembered Tiffany making a tentative plan for us to drive a car onto the lower level of a Staten Island ferry and using the thirty-minute trip for, well, something. But I had shot down her proposal as impractical. Now, Holly and I didn’t even have the automobile.

We were now at Chambers Street, just three stations from the last stop. Our timing had been almost perfect. I noticed more about her, like her red lipstick and the complicated design of her hat. It had a band and some kind of bluish thing that I supposed represented flowers.

“I assume you did you liked what I showed to you?”

“Oh yeah, of course.”

“Especially my panties, I bet. Well, there is a lot more where that came from. We should move to the forward cars now if we want to get off.”

At South Ferry we went up to the street and I looked around. It was a Sunday, but we were on foot in Manhattan during the middle of the day. What could she possibly be planning? She simply walked and I fell into place next to her. We must have presented quite a sight. What is that young guy in sneakers doing with a woman like that?

We left the area of the 1950s-era ferry terminal and walked east to the old one next to it. This was a big building, sheaved in copper that had turned a dark green in the sixty-seven years since it had been built. The Coast Guard ran a single, infrequent ferry service to its base on Governors Island.

She turned into the first bay and we walked along the wall. Security was lax in those days and hardly anybody was around. People were only checked if they were on line at the single slip still in use.

About halfway down, she opened a door and we stepped inside. When she closed bursa escort bayan it, the room was completely dark, but she flipped on a single overhead light. Of course, she must have been in here before; that’s how she knew where the switch was.

It was a fairly small room that looked like it was used sparingly, if at all. About the only things in it were a desk (but no chair) and some storage boxes.

The first thing she did was lock the door; then she walked over and leaned against the desk. She said her first words since Chambers Street, “I think we’re safe in her, but keep the noise level down.” Then she beckoned me to come over to her. .

She immediately grabbed me and started kissing me passionately. Her hat fell back and landed on the desktop. Soon after the make-out started, she rubbing me all over, starting with my back. Then her hands were on my ass and my thighs. In turn I did the same to her.

Holly unbuttoned her jacket, and I saw the top of a white, full-length slip; however, she didn’t undo that. She said, “Please feel me up.”

“How do you want it?”

“Silly, fondle my pussy.” She sat on the desk and she yanked her skirt up. Now I could fully see her white garter belt and straps and her little white panties. I obliged her request by putting my right hand up her thigh and into the panties. Then I played with her cunt, putting my fingers into her, then moving them up to her clitoris. It was surprising that she was already wet. Had merely anticipating this aroused her so much?

She obviously liked it a lot; she put her head back and moaned. It definitely wasn’t acting. For the sake of variety, I sometimes moved my hand to the back and squeezed her behind. I couldn’t see it now, but I remembered how shapely it was.

She said, “Let me get these panties off.” She dropped them on the desktop.

There was a natural progression to the next steps. Her bands rubbed my crotch. “My, someone has a big boner.” Holly, you’ve seen it before; what did you expect? That was revealed when she unzipped me and took out my erect cock. As she stroked it, she said, “I’m surprised the girls at your school aren’t flocking to get this.”

I thought, well, classy but horny New York ladies are doing the flocking. Besides my youth, I wasn’t sure what they saw in me. It doesn’t matter; it’s their choice.

Holly was soon quite blunt, “Paul, fuck me, fuck me right now.”

“Shouldn’t I lower my pants first?”

“No, just stick it in, as is.” However, after a few thrust, she giggled, “Sorry, you’re right; the zipper is catching on my crotch. Here, I’ll take care of it.”

She unbuckled my pants and lowered my clothes; I guided myself back into her. She hugged my body; sometimes she wrapped her legs around me too. At other times, she spread her legs wide. When that happened, I steadied her with one hand on her waist and the other on one of her thighs.

Holly was able to talk near the beginning. “I’m such a horny slut; I crave young men and I pick them up on the street, at colleges, wherever I can.” That doesn’t sound like the woman I know, but how can I be sure what she does when I’m not around?

She continued, “Afterwards, I just discard these guys.” Well, I had been with her for over two months now, which seemed like a good sign. A stray thought came to me. She has a thirteen-year-old daughter; could this girl imagine that her mom fucks her young lover in a ferry terminal?

She also talked about me, “I know you really needed to get laid; I know how much you must have masturbated.” That didn’t sound like a compliment. but I accepted it as a minor quibble.

I, in turn, was blunt with her although not particularly witty, “You look like a classy dame, but I’m going to fuck the hell out of you.”

She came first, and when she did she held on to my shoulders and lifted herself off the desktop. Her hips thrust on me instead of the other way around. I think she tried to keep her voice down, but she failed at that.

I was too busy to worry about in. I babbled the usual things for these situations, “I’m going in deep and hard; I’m going to shoot it into you.”

She replied, “Well come on, shoot it already!” I went up on my toes and put my head back at the climax. At least I was quieter than she had been.

Afterwards, I stayed in her and we held each other; I kissed her face and her hair. Now she was my Holly again, not a mere stranger.

As I relaxed, a familiar uncomfortable feeling came to me — one I knew from other sexual encounters in odd places. I wanted a bed or couch where I could hang out with her, but of course there was none.

She seemed to understand that too. She pushed me back and said, “We really should go now.” We got her clothes together, although she put her underpants into her purse. She turned off the light before opening the door. After looking out, she said, “Come on, the coast is clear.” She looked back, “Don’t escort bursa forget your books.” They were still on the desktop.

Outside, on South Street, we blinked in the sunlight. As usual after these abrupt encounters, I felt disoriented to be out in public again, and I think she did too.

She said “I’m leaving you now, and we’re never going to each other again.”

“Why is that? Is this your idea of a zipless fuck?”

She smiled at me, “So you’ve read that book too. That is just the way I want it.” She took her panties out of her purse. “Here, you can keep these as a souvenir.”

How thoughtful of her. I had no place to stow them except by jamming them into a back pocket.

She said, “If you ever see me on the street, which is very unlikely in a city this large, please don’t try to talk to me. I’ll just shoo you away.”

With that, she turned and started walking west in the direction we had come from. I could see her ass swaying inside her tight skirt. She must have guessed I was looking at her, because she briefly turned her head and frowned at me.

Even though I knew this was all a game, I still felt upset. Well, the sex hadn’t been made up; that had been very real. But now I was standing on the sidewalk with nowhere to go. The thought of the long ride back home irked me.

I went east and then north along South Street. For a while I hung on a railing and watched barges and other passing craft in the East River. I was actually feeling sorry for myself. Maybe his game wasn’t that great after all.

Holly must have been trying for more authenticity, because for three days she didn’t return the messages I left on her answering machine.


On Wednesday evening, she finally relented and called me. I was invited to have coffee with her in Manhattan the next day. I remember her saying, “We need to decompress from this thing, I mean discharge any feelings we have about it.”

When we were in the booth of a diner, I took her little panties out of a bag and handed them to her.

“Why thank you; that’s very nice of you.” She then said in a deadpan voice, “I assume you ejaculated into them at least once.”

I was deadpan too, “I did, but I washed and dried them afterwards.”

She looked askance at me. “Holly, you’re so gullible.” She was amused by that. I said, “In fact, if you sniff them, you’ll find that your scent is still on them.”

“So, you’re one of those panty-sniffing perverts, I see. I should guard my laundry hamper when you’re at my place.”

“And speaking of masturbation . . .”

“We were?”

As well as I knew her, I still hesitated before telling her the next fact. “Okay, before I came down on the train on Sunday, I sneaked in a quick jerk-off at home. I wanted to be sure I had enough stamina to please you.”

She blinked at me and said, “You know, under your mild exterior, you’re actually rather perverse.”

“And under your classy exterior, so are you.”

“Also, it was rather presumptuous of you to assume I was going to bang you that day.”

“I was in the Boy Scouts. ‘Be prepared.’ ” Then I said, “The weird thing is, I did feel a regret when you said you were never going to see me again.”

“These things start as games, but they can fell very vivid as they go along. Real emotions come up. It’s like some version of method acting.”

As I sat across the table from her I thought, Holly, I love you. But I couldn’t say that and I doubted she’d ever say it to me.

Now I did feel a pang. What was going to happen when the new semester started? I figured I’d be looking for a girl close to my own age. Could I do that and still “date” my two mature Manhattan ladies? Something would have to give.

I assumed that Holly and her friend Tiffany were aware of this. However, they never mentioned it. Everything on the surface was open-ended. All three of us were just living in the moment.

I did a quick calculation in my head; they had been born around 1939. When they were twenty-one, I was in pre-Kindergarten nursery school. Yet, somehow they were my lovers now. The fact that they seemed not to be jealous of each other was puzzling.

I distracted myself by asking her, “By the way, how did you find that room in the first place?”

“Just luck I guess as I wandered around the area. You see, if a man walks into some place where he doesn’t belong, people can get suspicious. But if it’s a woman, and she’s well-dressed, they relax and give her a pass. Some remnant of chivalry, I suppose. Or they just assume she couldn’t be a threat.”

She give me a crooked little smile that I had seen before. It made her look younger and a bit shy. I knew she did have a bit of reserve or insecurity in her, and that smile usually confirmed it.

Then she said, “Tiffany and I have cooked up something new for you.”

“And may I ask what it is going to be?”

“Oh, we’ll tell you when the time is right. It will be soon, however.”


The building described here is now called The Battery Maritime Building. It still has ferry service, but the Coast Guard has turned Governors Island over to civilian use.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Cheating Husband

I was working late at the office when the phone rang. It was Lynn, an ex-employee of mine. She had been outside on her cell phone, had seen the light on, and wanted to ask me a question. I said that would be fine without even a thought of what she might really have in mind.

I unlocked the door to let her in, and she gave me a big hug. Interesting, I thought. As we walked into my office, Lynn told me she had left her husband and could not get me off her mind. Then she started asking questions, like whether I had ever tied someone up during sex. By now my pants were bulging-to her delight.

I said yes, and asked if ulus escort she would like to be bound right now. She closed her eyes and held out her hands.

I looked around and found some extension cords. I told her to put her hands over her head as high as she could, and I bound them to the top of a doorway. Then I undid my tie and blindfolded her.

Now in front of me was this helpless hot woman with her nipples standing erect against her blouse. I started by teasing her nipples through her blouse with my teeth. Then I removed her bra, pants, and soaking-wet panties. I reached for one of the lollipops yenimahalle escort I keep in the office for children and proceeded to rub her dripping pussy with it. I worked her clit so hard that she was shaking all over. Next I put the lollipop in her mouth, and she moaned loudly as she sucked in the sweet juices.

Now I had two fingers deep in her pussy as I gently bit down on each nipple. She was rocking, shaking, moaning, and suddenly cum blasted from her pussy. She went limp, until I stuck my tongue in her candied pussy and started on her clit. She screamed as another orgasm overcame her.

Then I cut her down from the door and tied her across my desk. Face down, ass up. I wanted to fuck her so bad. I entered her slowly with my thick cock. She was so hot and so wet. I pounded her to another orgasm. Then I pulled out and pressed against her tight asshole. I heard her squeal. I shoved it in harder until I felt my balls slap against her pussy. She was screaming, “Harder, harder,” and I could hold back no longer. I pulled out, shoved my cock in her mouth and watched as she tried to swallow all of my hot cum.

Suddenly I heard the voice of my wife; she was standing behind us. “Excuse me, what the hell is going on here?” she spouted.

She walked over to Lynn and slapped her ass. “I think you’re finished, darling,” she said to me. “Now it’s my turn to have this little hot pussy!”

More to cum later.

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Dear Debora Pt. 02

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Big Tits

It is the morning after the Saturday wine tasting. Carol and I made love the evening before. She was still sleeping but I was restless. I was up early despite the cold front that moved through overnight I made my half-hour walk around my neighborhood. I had coded lock on the back door so I did not need my keys. I touched the numbers on the keypad and heard the dead bolt move allowing me access to the kitchen. I popped my head in to the bedroom and saw that Carol was still sleeping.

Despite the walk I was still feeling the effects of last night’s tasting party. I drank a twelve-ounce glass of water to try to counter the dehydration of the wine. I moved to my office and looked over the folder of the notes from the Pinot tasting last night.

“Mike, come back to bed,” I heard Carol my roommate call out.

I closed the file and walked into the bedroom that I share with her. She had the bedside lamp on and had tossed the covers displaying her naked body. Her legs opened and I nestled my head between her legs and began to suck on her pussy.

“I really wanted you here when I woke up,” said Carol.

I continued to work on my lovers snatch.

“You know how much I look forward to our Sunday sessions,” said Carol.

I still did not respond but moved up to her breasts.

“Damm’it Mike say something!”

I stood beside the bed and dropped my sweatpants exposing my cock. I covered her mouth with mine and my tongue assaulted hers. My hand moved to her pussy and first one then two and finally three fingers invaded her until I felt her wetness. Using my hand I directed my now hard cock into her cunt.

“We should have Champagne?” said Carol as I began to fuck her pussy.

I continued to rhythmically move my cock in and out while I kissed her lips. I felt my cock shoot streams of cum, but I continued to move in and out. I felt more fluid on my member and saw Carol tense and then release indicating that she had climaxed.

We both rested while the pleasure sensations left our bodies. I was face down when Carol moved over me and left the bed. I heard her in the bathroom and felt her return to bed. I cut the alarm off and we both slept until about 8:00am.

It was Sunday morning and Carol being a Real Estate Agent was usually hosting an open house Sunday afternoons. Carol was still resting when I got out of bed. I put my pants on and moved over to the office to start to tally the scores from last night.

I heard Carol walk in and she brushed her still naked breast across my back. They felt wonderful. Carol grabbed the folder from the desk and marched out of the room. “So much for getting a head start on my wine column. Carol put the folder on the counter and she was pulling the supplies for Sunday breakfast.

“I don’t have a house to show so you have to entertain me all day,” she said when I walked into the kitchen.

“Great,” I said trying to hide my surprise.

“Yes I am going to sit around mostly naked and drink Champagne,” said Carol.

“I don’t think so,” I said as I pulled a tablet out of a drawer.

“I have a whole list of things that we need so either you or both of us are hitting the stores after breakfast,” I said.

“You can be a real buzz kill, Mike.”

“There will be time after we eat for a little…”

“I get the picture, Mike,” said Carol as she walked over and kissed me.

I reached into the fridge and pulled a bottle of sparkling wine out and started to unwrap the top. The cage came off and I eased the cork out of the bottle. Carol put two glasses on the counter and I poured two glasses. Carol turned and the light coming through the window hit her and I wish I had a camera. She looked very sexy in the soft morning light. Carol grabbed both glasses and held one between her breasts. “Come and get it,” she said.

I kissed her and took the glass from her hand and took a sip. Carol decided that I needed to cook and she moved to the table and sat looking at the paper. I prepared the batter for out waffles. I filled the waffle maker and waited for it to cook. The first one finished and I placed the first one in front of Carol. I refilled the machine and waited for it to finish. The machine dinged and I pulled the waffle out and put it on a plate.

I sat across from Carol and continued to admire her beautiful breasts. Carol took a sip of the wine and then ate some of the waffle. “You would rather I go shopping and let you work,” said Carol.

I was in a no win situation. If I told the truth I would make her mad. If we went together I would be a day behind getting the wine column written. Carol’s phone started to ring. She got up and went to where it was charging. I finished my waffle and poured more sparkling wine in both of our glasses.

Carol returned, “That was Peggy and her son has a fever and she needs me to handle the open house, do you mind?”

“A little I was looking forward to spending the day fucking you,” I said.

“You don’t lie well mister, but thanks,” said Carol.

We finished the bottle of wine and split another waffle. Carol got up thinking ulus escort that she was going to get dressed. I followed her to her room. I directed her to the bed and I got between her legs. I started to kiss her inner thighs, and allowed my nose to brush her pussy lips. I then went in with my tongue and probed the inner reaches of her pussy. My hands were busy massaging her breasts.

I stood and brought my stiffening cock to bear on her pussy and slowly pressed in until I was fully inserted. I came down and my mouth covered hers.

“I don’t tell you enough how beautiful you are madam,” I said.

“Shut up and fuck me you fool,” Carol replied.

After what seemed like a few minutes I started to move my cock in and out of her with increasing force. I continued to play with her tits, but Carol put her arms around me and held me tight limiting my movement. My cock felt her discharge as she climaxed. I continued to move my cock in and out. I suddenly stopped and felt my cock release a load of cum.

“That was one of the best we’ve had, mister,” said Carol.

“There will be more like that when you get home,” I said.

“Something to look forward to,” she replied.

I left to clean the kitchen and allow her to get dressed for the showing.

Carol came out fully dressed in slacks shirt and jacket. She stopped and planted a large wet kiss on me on her way out.

Carol walked back in followed by her son.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“He’s parked across the driveway so I can’t get out,” said Carol.

“I am taking my mother out of this situation and she is coming with me!” said Brad.

“You don’t control my life Brad, go home!” said Carol

“I believe that he is drunk Carol,” I said.

“Mother he called me a jerk the other day; the only jerk I see in this room is you, Mr. Brewer” said Brad.

All of a sudden I saw Brad clinch his right hand and I moved out of the way of his jab. I got behind him and held his wrists. I whispered in his ear “My respect for your mother keeps me dropping you on the floor.”

Carol’s phone was to her ear; I heard her recite the address and tell the 911 operator that we had a home invasion.

“Brad you have worn out any sympathy from me. You are keeping me from my work with this stunt,” said Carol.

In the distance I heard the sirens of police cruisers two cars pulled up and I saw two officers walk up the driveway. One officer restrained Brad by handcuffing him, and sitting him down at the breakfast table. Carol explained to the officers about the situation. Brad started screaming accusing me of holding his mother for ransom. One of the cops lifted Brad to his feet and marched him to one of the police cars and placed him in the back seat.

“Ma’am, I don’t think that you want us to arrest him, I will take him to the detox center and get him checked in and arrange to get his car towed. Paying the fee to get his car back should be punishment enough,” said one of the officers.

“Could you get the keys from him so we can move his car from the driveway I need to go to a home showing?” said Carol.

The officers and Carol and I walked out; the incident drew an interested crowd from the neighbors. The keys were still in the car and Carol moved the vehicle and parked it in front of our yard. The officers got signatures from both Carol and I. Carol took off to the showing and I stayed to finish up the report. After the police got the report they departed; the look in Brad’s face told me that we would cross paths again. That left me to answer questions from my neighbors.

The excitement drew to a close and people withdrew back to their houses. I was still in the yard when the tow truck arrived and I spoke with the driver as he hooked up the car and moved it to the back of the truck. He took off and the last vestiges of the incident were gone.

I moved to the office and fired up my computer and launched Excel. I had a spreadsheet template that I put, the wines and the taster’s scores from last night in the form and it would perform the calculations to give each wine a numerical score from one to fifty. I would assign a number of stars depending on how high the scores were. I wrote a description on each wine and added a few quotes from the panel, derived their notes.

From start to finish I spent four hours on the piece. I gave the copy an evil eye knowing that the entertainment editor would polish it further. Unlike Dear Debra, this column was syndicated though out the newspaper chain. It was read in seven cities around the country. The fee I got for Wine World was bigger but it was only once a month.

I had lunch and waited for Carol to return; I could only imagine her state of mind. I hoped the showing went well and she had a lot of property lookers. I was watching TV when I heard her car pull in to the driveway. I met her at the door and after kissing me she went to the liquor cabinet, before she could pull a bottle out I closed the door.

“Talk first, you can get a drink later,” I said.

“There is nothing yenimahalle escort to talk about, Brad came here, made a scene and the cops carted him away,” said Carol.

“How did the showing go, did you get a lot of potential buyers?”

“Why are you interested now you’ve never asked before?” said Carol.

“Yes I have, Carol. Don’t do this to me,” I replied.

Carol walked past me and headed to her bedroom and shut the door. I went back to watching the TV and waited for her to come out. She came out dressed in a stylish tracksuit and announced that she was going for a walk. I offered to go with her but she walked out without responding.

“I guess that was a no,” I said to an empty house.

I dosed off watching a college basketball game and did not hear Carol come back in. She was sitting across from me when I realized she was back. I turned the TV off and rubbed my eyes.

“Would have walked with you,” I said after a moment silence between us.

“I know, I needed to work on this on myself,” said Carol.

“You’re not going to move out over this are you?” I asked.

“I considered it. I wanted to create peace in my family, but I concluded that it would not calm anything,” said Carol.

“Not because of our financial arrangement, I would hate to see you move out,” I replied.

“Did you really call my son a jerk?”

“What I actually said that I could not believe a person like him came from a mother like you. I might have used the word jerk,” I said.

“Did you get the wine column finished?” asked Carol

“Yes I did. Did you have lots of lookers?”

“Touché Mr. Brewer, Yes we had a lot of prospects,” said Carol.

Carol pulled the zipper open about half way on the top of the tracksuit. There was no bra and her breasts peeked out of the top. She rose and went to the kitchen and found another bottle of sparkling wine and opened it.

“I believe that we need a drink, will you join me mister.”

“Yes madam, I will join you,” I replied.

Carol joined me on the couch and we sipped the sparkling wine. She moved the zipper down a few inches more as she consumed more glasses of the wine. After the bottle was finished she leaned over and kissed my ear. “My tits need some attention Mr. Brewer.”

I stood Carol up and we moved to the bedroom. I mentally thanked myself for powering through the wine column allowing the rest of the afternoon and evening for pleasuring a lovely lady. I reached around her and I finished unzipping the windbreaker. I removed the top and placed her on the bed face down. I pulled the pants down to her ankles and took her shoes off. The pants found the floor soon after the shoes. Carol was completely naked and her white skin contrasted with the plum comforter on the bed. My cock responded to the visual stimulation, but he would need to wait. I started to knead Carol’s thighs first the right then the left and back to the right. Carol started to complain, I put a finger in her pussy to silence her comments.

I brought Carol to her knees; I entered her pussy from the back, driving my cock deep into her. I leaned down and kissed the back of her neck and my hands massaged her breasts. I moved up to her ear and whispered, “You are a beautiful woman.”

I continued to drive my cock into and out of her pussy, when she reared like a horse and I felt her vagina contract around my cock. I picked up my pace and I went stiff and felt my cock explode. I withdrew and turned her over and embraced her. My cock found her cunt and it felt the warmth of pussy. We continued the embrace and we both passed out while the adrenalin worked out of our bodies.

Carol was the first up and she tugged at my arm. “Get up Mike.” I woke up and followed Carol into the bathroom and into the shower. Carol took the lead and began soaping me down. She paid special attention to my cock and balls; one of her fingers invaded my bunghole; and her mouth found my cock. The sensation of her mouth and finger caused me to cum. Carol was able to release my cock before I went off. We kissed and I started to clean her off and my mouth played with her tits.

I turned her around and allowed the stream to rinse her body. After she was free of soap, Carol reached the valves and shut the water off. I was sad that the shower was over, but I allowed Carol to step out and I grabbed a towel and wrapped her up. She walked out and went to her bedroom. I dried off and dressed. I walked into the office and checked my email. Tracy did not send me any notes about the column so I had nothing to work on.

There was one email from a PR firm inviting me to a whiskey tasting. I guess that I was going to have to put up or shut up. I heard Carol walk in to the room and place a stack of papers on her desk.

“Mike I am wondering if we can continue our arrangement.”

The comment was not unexpected. “Hey we just spent the last half hour making love passionately I think,” I replied.

“So our relationship hasn’t changed because of what Brad did? ” said Carol.

“We complement each other and I don’t care what your family thinks about me,” I said.

Carol turned to leave and then looked at me “We will talk some more,”

I put the computer to sleep; I didn’t expect any work related email on a Sunday evening. I went to the living room to watch TV. Carol’s bedroom door was closed and I assumed that she was resting in there. I suddenly realized that I had not eaten since breakfast. I normally did not eat microwave meals but I did not want to cook so I popped an entre in and nuked it. The meal was passable and I did not have pots or pans to clean.

“It will be a scandal if the world hears that the Wine Guy eats microwave dinners,” said Carol.

“Yea everyone knows that I am a foodie,” I replied.

“Don’t be surprised if Brian causes some more problems,” said Carol.

“I am going to contact Larry the lawyer tomorrow just in case,” I said.

“You know Mike, we are users; I use you and you use me. We should redefine our relationship,” said Carol.

I didn’t have a snappy rejoinder. I knew that I needed to work on some of my issues. The major issue is getting reliable transportation. I really wanted see Carol when she parked next to another car in the driveway.

“I know that we met about a month after your divorce?” said Carol

“Yea but me and the professor split six months earlier so I was living in the shitty apartment since the split. I was living solo for about a year before I called you about selling this place,” I said.

“You should think about selling; prices around here have jumped you could make a tidy profit.”

“I would owe you for the equity that you put in, so I think that I will stay,” I replied.

Carol went to the fridge and pulled out another frozen entre and put it in the microwave. She sat down across from me. “The box might taste better,” she said after sampling.

“We are two snobs,” I said.

After she finished eating Carol got up and went to the office to write a report on the showing. I heard her phone ring and through the open door I heard one half of a conversation. “Yes he assaulted Mike in the house. … He was drunk, or hopped up on drugs. … The cops said that they were not going to charge him and hauled him to the detox center to sleep it off. I am sure that he is not one of my fans now. … Thanks Roger for your concern it is just a little to little and a little to late,” Carol ended the conversation.

I decided not to inquire but I speculated that it was Brad’s Father. I shut the TV off and went to the bedroom and started to read a novel that the book review editor sent me from the paper. It was 10:30 when I called it quits and shut the light off. I expected Carol to sleep in her room, but was pleasantly surprised when she snuggled next to me.

I woke up and Carol was still asleep, the clock on my radio read 4:45. I gently eased out of the bed and grabbed my walking clothes and moved out of the room. I dressed and left through the kitchen door as quietly as I could and started my walk around the neighborhood. My Doctor suggested in very strong terms that I should take a brisk half hour walk at least four days a week. Most weeks I walked five days. I made the turn for home. I checked to see if Brad’s car was parked near the house. I reached the door and keyed in the code for the lock.

The house was still quiet and I decided to look to see if I got any messages and waited until Carol was awake. I saw an email from Tracy who must have worked yesterday evening.

“Mike, the answers look good the questions and the answers should give me enough inches for the column. TKS. Tracy

“PS there is a file with candidates for next weeks column.”

I would look at the questions later; I heard Carol moving around in the bedroom, so I walked in to see what her plans were. I was sitting at the breakfast table when Carol came out.

“You’re the lucky one since I worked yesterday I checked my schedule and I am free today,” announced Carol.

“And how does that make me lucky?”

“You get to entertain me all day,” responded Carol.


“You don’t sound enthused. Are you tired of me already?”

“Carol, I am just surprised. I am a creature of habit and now I have to figure out what I do to keep you happy,” I said.

“Not a whole lot darling, but since I have decided to stay around a while I thought you and I could go out for a fabulous lunch somewhere.”

“That is fine but we will be using a car service as we will be sampling a lot of wine and other booze,” I replied.

Carol walked over to where I was sitting and sat next to me; her hand moved over to my crotch. My cock responded almost at the first touch. I leaned over and kissed her. My hand reached under her T-shirt and massaged her breasts.

She stood and dragged me with her and we walked back to the bedroom. “Not today sir you are on the bed,” she said as she moved my sweatpants down to my ankles. Her hand clamped on my cock and brought the tip of my cock to her mouth. Carol painted the tip with her tongue. Suddenly she opened her mouth and my cock disappeared. I moved to the bed and she followed me. My cock was imprisoned in her mouth. I was under her control so I lay back and let her do her thing. Her mouth found my mouth and we exchanged tongues.

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Afternoon Swim

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Big Tits

Tired, Scott leaned back into the soft cushions of the deck chair. It had been a long day, hustling with orders and customers at a small, upscale restaurant in town. The orders had come fast and furious, and the customers were certainly not helping things out, asking every two minutes for one more little thing. Seriously, how can you ask me for more dressing one minute, then when you bring it do you ask for something else?

Scott had graduated from the local college with a degree in business administration. Once out of college, he tried working for several firms in town. The 9-to-5 office thing, with miles of cubicles, annoying workers that reminded him of the movie “Office Space”, and the constant politics drove him nuts. So, he checked the want ads and found his current job. He had been there almost a year now, so he pretty much had his pick of work days and hours. He typically worked the lunch shift, so he could be done by early afternoon to have the day to relax.

Scott enjoyed the work – it was a chance to seriously turn off his brain and just plod ahead. Besides, every now and again, there was a hot woman who had a drink too many who was on the prowl. Not drunk, mind you, but to the point that any cock would do as long as they were satisfied. Scott had ended many a shift in the coat closet or in a woman’s car.

There was one woman there today that got him going. A tall, busty blonde, obviously married to her husband simply for the zeroes in the bank account. The restaurant Scott worked at was fairly upscale, near the local country club, so you weren’t seeing AC/DC t-shirts and cutoffs, that’s for sure. This woman was about 30 and well-endowed upstairs. She certainly wasn’t afraid to show it, wearing a knee-length black skirt and button-down white blouse. As she leaned forward, the shirt would gap, giving everyone including Scott a show of her massive breasts held tightly in her black lace bra.

She began to call on Scott to bring things throughout the meal. Her husband was sitting next to her, but engaged in a conversation with another man regarding stocks, bonds, bulls, and bears. I know nothing of the financial or stock market, I work on a waiter’s salary after all.

With each delivery, Scott would bring the item requested and place it in front of her. She always accepted by looking up at him and smiling broadly, her sky-blue eyes dancing every time. Scott could swear she was looking him up and down every moment her was around. For a brief second each trip, they would lock eyes.

After several more trips, she became more brazen. After the appetizer course, Scott could swear she had unbuttoned the top button from her blouse, allowing a greater view of her large tits. During main course, as Scott reached near her to refill her water, she leaned forward so that his arm brushed against her breasts. As he moved away slightly (maybe she didn’t intend to, and he didn’t need to be fired or beaten up), she shifted to keep the contact.

Finally, as he cleared the dessert dishes, he felt the unmistakable touch of her arm brushing against his crotch. Now this was a clear signal, that’s for sure! He nearly dropped several dishes as she slowly rubbed along his groin. The sensation was incredible, especially as she again stared into his eyes, silently communicating her desire to him. He was in shock, especially as her husband sat right next to her talking about P/E ratios or some nonsense.

He finished gathering the dishes and headed back to the kitchen. Once inside, he had to stop in a quiet corner of the kitchen to gather himself. This keeps going, I won’t need both hands to carry these trays, he thought.

In his mind, he played out a fantasy of bringing her a tray of food with a cover dome. As he brings it to the table, he removes the dome and, voila, his rock-hard manhood poking through a hole in the tray, making it the main course.

She gasps, not out of anger or fear but out of pure desire, and gently leans forward to lick the tip of his exposed cock. After several tentative licks on the tip, she pulls back and tosses the tray aside, his throbbing member now standing proudly from his open fly.

She slowly accepts the head into her mouth, swirling it around. While only the head is in her mouth, she slowly circles it in her mouth with her tongue, taking care to apply maximum contact between her tongue and the cock. She begins to lean forward, and the cock slowly disappears into her mouth. As she reaches the bottom, he can feel the tightness of her throat constricting around the tip of his cock.

She continues to bob her head, looking up with pure lust into his eyes. With her free hands, she reaches with one into his pants and cups his swollen balls. She traces her fingers gently around, touching and caressing every inch of his balls. Her other hand reaches up for his hand, and places it on the back of her head. As she sucks on his member, her hand guiding his hand on her head forces him into a rhythm, where he is fucking her mouth by pushing ulus escort her head onto his swollen cock.

**SLAM!** Scott’s revelry was interrupted by the sound of a car door slamming. Although his backyard was secluded by trees, bushes, and a fence, the sound of the neighbor’s car still could reach him. He wondered which neighbor it was, Matt or Angie. Matt and Scott have become good friends, and through this friendship Scott got to see more of Angie.

Angie was about 30, and had been married to Matt for a few years. She was somewhat short, in comparison to average women, but had an absolutely gorgeous body. She had been into swimming while in college, even competing in a few small tournaments. Her body was lean and toned, and she wasn’t the typical stick-thin suburbanite. She rarely wore makeup, as her natural complexion made it unnecessary. Her dark brown hair ran to her shoulders, where it sat just above her perfect C-cup (as Scott estimated) breasts. On more than one occasion Scott had been treated to seeing her in lycra pants and a sports bra as she ran a few laps around the block.

He heard the front door to his neighbor’s house open and shut, at which point Scott’s idel curiousity ended. He settled back again, hoping to continue his daydreaming. The sun beat down on him, and the cold beer he had consumed when he first got home began to coax him towards a nap. He still was horny from his daydreams, and as a result he had developed a sizeable semi-erection. Although not a porn star by any measure, he was proud of his solid 8″. As he dozed, his half-erect cock maintained a pup tent in his loose swimming trunks.

Just as he began to drift back to sleep, he heard the sharp squeak of his fence’s front gate. As he looked up, he saw Angie wincing and trying to be polite in entering the backyard. She was wearing jeans and a tank top, and was barefoot. As she pushed the door open she saw Scott and leaned around the fence gate to talk to him.

“Geez Scott, I’m really sorry to bother you,” she said.

Scott straightened up in his lounger, pulled his sunglasses on, and told her it was OK.

“I hate to bother you, but I have a favor to ask.”

“Sure, what can I do for you?” Scott replied.

She began to walk into his backyard, approaching him as he sat near his pool. “The cable’s been on the fritz, and I was supposed to have the cable company come today to work on it. They gave me the standard ‘We’ll be there between 8am and 4pm’ routine. I was going to call them and see when they are coming, but my cell phone battery is dead. Can I use your phone?”

“No problem at all”

“I really appreciate it. I hate to have you get up from being so comfortable. How about I just go in your house and get the phone?”

Scott said that was fine, and with that she let herself in through his sliding glass door. He settled back to continue to catch some rays.

As she made her calls, Angie looked through the kitchen window at Scott lying in the sun. He had a pretty good body, she thought, and certainly looked like he spent a good deal of time sunning in the backyard and in the gym. She also noticed the bulge in his shorts. Was that just a trick due to the cut of the shorts or the light? Had he been having a sex dream when she came in? The thought got her slightly excited.

After being told by the cable company that a technician wouldn’t be around until tomorrow due to high demand, she hung up and walked back outside. She told Scott about the scheduling and her frustration in taking a day off from work to wait for them.

“Well, anyway, thanks Scott for helping me out. I’ve got to get back and work on housework.” Her eyes lingered over the crystal blue pool and surrounding patio.

“Anytime Angie,” Scott said. Catching her stare at the pool, he said, “You know, you’re more than welcome over any time to use the pool if you’d like.”

She looked around the backyard. “Thanks for the offer. I’d love to take you up on it sometime.”

“No time like the present. Besides, you look like you could use it. How about now? I put some drinks in the fridge in the kitchen when I got home, they should be cold by now.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t. You seem so comfortable, I’d hate to bother you. Besides, I know you worked at the restaurant today. You must be beat.”

“I am, but a little company never hurt. Look at it this way: if you want to come over, your price is getting me another cold beer from the fridge.”

Angie pondered for a moment. It had been a long time since she sat in the sun and let the warmth and breezes relax her cares away. Her husband tended to be so demanding, forgetting that she works a full-time job and takes care of the house. Besides, she took a vacation day to sit and wait for the cable man – since he wasn’t coming, her schedule was wide open.

“OK. You got it, let me get my suit and I’ll be back in a few minutes,” she said.

As she turned and left, Scott’s mental jaw hit the floor. He yenimahalle escort never thought she’d take him up on it – he just always assumed she would always be another one of those neighbors you just wave hello to as you drive past. Just the thought of seeing her in some form of bathing suit, whether bikini or conservative one-piece, sustained his semi-erection. He could have sworn he saw her looking it up and down while they were talking. He worked on positioning himself so as to keep his cock at bay – she offered to come over and swim, for crying out loud, not star in a porno!

A few minutes later, Angie reappeared through the gate wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a white tank top. The straps to her bikini top were clearly visible under the tank top. She wore dark sunglasses and brought two cold beers and a towel.

“I couldn’t be a bad guest and drink your beer, so I brought a pair from my house for us,” she smiled as she walked over to Scott.

She sat the drinks down on a small table and pulled a second lounger closer to Scott. As she pulled it over, Scott was treated to the sight of her tight ass as she bent and pulled the chair along the concrete deck. His cock began to rustle just a little bit more. She sat her towel down on the lounger and began to undress.

Scott, still trying to be the gentleman, kept his eyes somewhat averted, but behind his sunglasses he taking every glimpse he could. He had always found women undressing very seductive, even if they weren’t strippers or trying to get him into bed. The bending, wiggling, and removal of garments to show some new skin always excited him.

She began by pulling the bottom hem of her tank top up and over her head. As she did, Scott saw her tight stomach and perky, bikini-covered breasts appear. Her skin was silky smooth and flawless. She was wearing a blue halter-style bikini top that did a good job of holding her tits in.

Once she removed the top, she shook her hair loose and unbuttoned her shorts. She shimmied back and forth, pushing the shorts down. Scott always found it amazing, women must go to class to learn how to do this. The wiggling of the hips and the slight helpless appearance was always exciting. Her bikini bottom matched the top, and as she turned to put her clothes away Scott saw the bottom, while not a thong, definitely accentuated her tight athletic ass.

She sat down and engaged Scott in some idle chatter for a few minutes, asking about work and his life in general. She complained about her job and how busy her life had become, not allowing moments of peace like this one.

She then took a few minutes to apply some sunblock Scott had sitting on the table. Again, Scott tried to be the gentleman, but did manage to sneak a few peeks as she applied to lotion to her glistening body. He silently prayed she would ask him to put some on her back, but she finished her front and snapped the cap back on the tube. Afterwards, she laid quietly on her lounger, turning occasionally. Scott maintained his gentleman ways, but did feast with his eyes every now and again.

After about half an hour, Angie got up and went into the pool. As she jumped in from the edge, Scott took in the beauty of her body as she went in. She swam a few laps, her tight ass just breaking the water surface, almost beckoning to Scott. Her motions seemed effortless as she glided through the water. The swimming had made the bottoms creep ever so slightly up her crack, making the view even better.

Angie swam to the edge nearest to Scott and put her arms up.

“Why don’t you come join me? I feel like a fish on display in the aquarium with you just sitting there leering at me,” she said.

“Nah, I’m good,” Scott said, keeping in mind the bulge in his shorts he was making.

“C’mon,” she pleaded. “I promise I don’t bite.”

“OK, sure, why not?” and with that he got up and jumped in.

After a few minutes lounging in the pool, Angie swam up to Scott and proposed a game of catch with a foam football Scott had near the edge. As they played, Scott accidentally threw the ball higher than normal a few times, which caused her to jump up to catch it. This jumping resulting in her tight torso and covered tits being on display. Scott began to intentionally overthrow just to see her leaping for the ball. The sight of water cascading down over her too-tight top and her taut stomach got Scott feeling the same tingle her felt earlier when thinking about the blonde customer.

Angie paused and swam back to Scott.

“How about a game of tag? We’ll both start from one wall, and one person has to tag the other. When you get tagged, we switch and begin again,” she proposed. “We used to play it all the time as a swim practice, you don’t notice all the good workout you get.”

Scott agreed, thinking that any chance to tag this woman would be just fine with him.

They began with Scott chasing Angie. Her strong swimming background showed as she swam away with great power. Not to be undone, Scott chased after her. After about 30 seconds of chasing, he caught her as she made a quick turn. He grabbed her around the stomach, and was treated by feeling her soft skin against his strong arm. As he pulled her in, she ever so lightly rubbed against his swimsuit-covered groin with her firm ass. He immediately let go to avoid seeming like a pervert – this was just innocent games anyway, right?

They began again, with her chasing him. Angie quickly caught him, this time by wrapping her arms around his muscular chest and holding onto his back. He felt her firm breasts pressed against his back, and felt her hold on for just a second longer than needed.

After a few more rounds, Angie proposed a change to the game. “This time, if one person catches the other in 30 seconds or less, the person caught has to lose an item of clothing,” she said.

“I don’t know Angie. Would your husband be cool with you taking off your clothes here with me?” Scott asked.

“Well… he probably won’t care, and besides, we’re just going to have fun, right? No reason that he would be upset.”

“I really don’t think so… Matt is a good guy… and…”

“He still is. I just want to have fun. We did this same game back when I was on the girls’ swim team in college.”

Scott’s mind quickly flashed to a dream of a pool full of college co-eds playing skinny-dip tag. “OK, if you say so. But wait, you have two pieces, I have one.”

“You’re right. The first time I catch you is penalty-free, but the second time it’s off with the trunks!”

“You’re on.”

The first round had Angie chasing Scott. Her swimming skills prevailed and she quickly caught him and announced his penalty-free card had been used.

Scott then chased Angie, but failed to catch her in 30 seconds. His disappointment was obvious. The next round Angie chased Scott, but thanks to a quick turn he made at the end, he escaped capture until 30 seconds was up. Again Angie caught him around the chest and held onto him for a few seconds before releasing.

As Scott chased Angie for the second time, he thought he noticed her swimming slower than normal. He easily caught her and after a few seconds released her. He honestly anticipated that she would back out of the bet to remove clothes.

“Oh well, you got me,” she grinned, and with that reached behind her neck and untied her halter top. The top flopped down to just above her nipples, showing Scott a large portion of her breasts. She reached and untied the string around her back, and pulled her hands around to keep her breasts covered with the now-detached top. She shot Scott an seductive grin and moved her hands. The top dropped off into the water, leaving her bare breasts exposed.

Her breasts showed a bit of age but were certainly perky enough for a 30-year-old. The tan lines around her breasts, from working in the yard in a tank top or sports bra, excited Scott, as her breasts were milky white and topped with huge strawberry nipples. Scott had to fight the urge to grab them then and there.

Angie splashed him, calling him a perv, and said to get ready for the next round. As they pushed off the wall, Angie mounted a sizeable advantage on Scott and caught him instantaneously.

She stepped back and said, “Take ’em off, big boy!” She began to imitate a bad porn soundtrack as she stared at him and smiled.

Scott hesitantly looped his fingers into his waistband and pulled the trunks down underwater. Through the clear water, Angie could see his swollen cock spring away from his body, now relieved of its prison of swimming trunks. He somewhat sheepishly kicked the trunks aside, and stepped forward towards the topless Angie. He felt a strange mixture of self-consciousness and desire, both of which were cast aside when she said, “OK, let’s go, next round.”

In the next event, Angie was again easily caught by Scott. Almost too easily, thought Scott. He rather enjoyed this capture, as he caught her from the side in a bear hug. His arm stretched over her bare tits and his cock rubbed against her outer thigh. He held on for a few seconds, ever so slightly rubbing his cock along her thigh. He noticed she made no move to break from the hold.

As he broke the embrace, she stepped to the side and slowly and seductively ran her fingers into the sides of the bottom and pulled it down. She kicked the bottom aside to join the rest of their swimsuits floating in the pool. She sidled up to him and said, “Next round.”

“Wait, what can I remove? We’re both naked!” Scott asked.

“Use your imagination,” she purred and winked.

As they pushed off the wall the next time, it was obvious neither was really trying to escape. She easily caught him by wrapping her arms around him and pressing up against his back. He felt her tight wet body against his, her breasts against his back.

Her hands rubbed around his chest and stomach, and ventured lower to grasp his cock. His erection had forced his cock up against his stomach, and she wrapped her hands around his dick and began to stroke slowly. As she stroked, his hips began thrusting in time to her strokes. As she stroked, she nibbled and licked at his neck and ears.

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Girlfriend’s Away Pt. 03

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The morning after the threesome I was awoken by the sound of the shower in the bathroom. I wondered if it was Sean, Sara, or both of them. A minute or so after the water shut off, Sean stuck his head in my room and said, “You taking a shower before brunch?”

I looked at my alarm clock. It was 9:30 already.

“Sure,” I said, climbing out of bed, still naked.

Sean walked out of the bathroom and into his bedroom as I walked from my bedroom into the bathroom. Through the door I could see Sara sitting up in Sean’s bed reading Cosmo. I could tell by her bare shoulders that she was still naked, at least from the waist up, but the magazine prevented me from seeing her breasts. She looked up and said” Good morning, Mike,” with a big smile.

I stepped towards the door to Sean’s bedroom and returned her greeting. At this point, I didn’t see any need to cover up, and I saw Sara’s smiling eyes discreetly look me up and down.

By the time I got out of the shower and got dressed, Sara and Sean were both dressed and ready to go. Sara had not showered, but she had no clean clothes to change into anyway so a shower could clearly wait. And I think she enjoyed still smelling a little like sex.

We went to a place that we liked that was somehow both casual and fancy. Maybe it was just the prices that made it seem fancy, but Sean and I had both gotten paid the previous Friday, so we didn’t mind splurging a little.

We sat in a U-shaped booth that was big enough for five. We squeezed into the bottom of the U, Sara to my right and Sean to her right, which had seemingly become the order we typically situated ourselves in. At least at the start of activities.

We had the expected assortment of crepes, waffles and heirloom potatoes, and we finished up, of course, with a slice of melon. Actually, it was a shared plate of cut melon. Throughout the meal, Sara’s bare left leg was pressed up against my right leg in a non-incidental way. I noticed her right hand was under the table most of the meal, so I assumed that Sean was getting even more attention, even if it was just a hand on his thigh.

After we got back to the apartment, Sean packed up his backpack with school stuff, Sara gave me a hug, and they were out the door. And once again, I did not see either of them for a couple days.

On Tuesday, I got home from work around six, as usual, and went for a run, also as usual. As I was taking a shower after my run, I wondered what I should do that night. On Tuesdays, Sean closed the store where he worked, so I knew he wouldn’t be home until at least 10:30, if at all. Maybe I’d walk over to the video store and rent a movie (again, keep in mind this was the early 90s). Or I could just stay home and read the latest issue of Sports Illustrated.

As I pondered my options, I heard the front door of the apartment open and close, followed by the sound of someone walking through the living room and towards the kitchen. Puzzled, I shouted out “Sean, is that you?”

Sara’s familiar voice responded, “No, it’s me. Go about whatever you’re doing, I just gotta take care of something real quick.”

“Alright, take your time” I replied. I wasn’t surprised Sara was in the apartment. I knew Sean had given her an extra key, just as I had given one to Rachel. It was not unusual for either of them to let themselves in.

A few minutes later I finished my shower and toweled myself off. Even though Sara had by now seen me naked multiple times, I thought it best to be a little bit modest since Sean was not home. I wrapped the towel around my waist, stepped out of the shower and was about to walk into my bedroom to get dressed when I heard Sara’s voice again.

“Mike, could you come here for a second please?”

I turned and saw Sara sitting on a dining room chair she had moved next to Sean’s bed. The covers of the bed were pulled down, and a large blue beach towel was spread out on the bed in front of some propped-up pillows. I recognized the towel as one that Sean and I had bought at a discount store on our way to the lake shortly after moving there. It was usually kept in the big closet.

There was a large bowl of water on the nightstand. I recognized the bowl as one that I had bought in college and that was usually kept in a cabinet in the kitchen. She sure seemed to know where we kept stuff.

As I walked towards her with a perplexed look on my face, I slowly said “Sure, what do you need?”

I was by then within arm’s reach of her, and she reached out and undid the towel around my waist and let it drop to the floor. Then she brought out an electric barber’s shaver from behind her back and said, “Mike, we simply MUST do something about all this pubic hair.”

As she said that, she was already dragging the shaver down my pubic area just to the left of my cock.

“Looks like we not only MUST but we ARE doing something about it.” I replied, feeling as if I was merely an observer in this scene rather than a participant.

“Yes we are,” Sara responded, taking another swath of my pubic hair, this time just to the right ulus escort of my cock.

“Can I ask why this is necessary?” I asked, making no effort to avoid what seemed to be my immediate, unavoidable fate.

“Of course, and I would be happy to explain,” said Sara, reaching around my waist and placing her left hand on my right butt cheek so she could pull me a little closer. “It’s either an unfortunate accident of biology or simply a case of very poor planning on the part of God, if you believe in that sort of thing, that the human genitals are located where they are. They are covered by at least one and usually more layers of clothing all day, which inevitably leads to sweat. This is especially true with people like you and me and Sean, who choose to be physically active when we can.”

“But when we’ve been physically active lately our genitals have been decidedly UNcovered.”

“That’s not the kind of physical activity I meant,” said Sara, carefully dragging the shaver downward from just below my belly button to just above my cock, which had by now taken interest in what was going on and started to grow.

“I mean biking, hiking, running, basketball, that sort of thing,” Sara continued. “Those activities cause a lot of sweat. Sweat leads to odors. And hair tends to trap odors.”

“That makes sense,” I admitted. Sara was controlling the angle at which my loins were facing her by “steering” me with her left hand on my butt. But even when she had me at the correct angle for shaving, she was lightly dragging her fingers the length of my right cheek, almost all the way down to the back of my scrotum. This, of course, was causing my cock to continue growing.

Sara continued with her explanation. “Also, it can tend to tickle your nose during oral sex.”

“Yes, I HAVE noticed that on occasion,” I agreed.

“One time I was giving an old boyfriend a blowjob,” Sara continued, still focused on her task, “and his pubic hair tickled my nose and made me sneeze. I thought it was hilarious. Him, not so much.” I could tell that Sara was smiling mischievously at the recollection of the experience. “And of course I don’t need to mention the other unsavory things that go in in that vicinity on the anatomy. Believe me, you’re better off without the pubic hair.”

By now she had reduced the pubic hair above and beside my cock down to what looked like about a four-day growth of a beard. My cock was now hard enough that it was pointed directly at her. She pushed it first to one side and then the other as she touched up the places where the sides of my cock met my body.

Sara turned off the shaver. “Okay, looking pretty good so far,” she said.

I looked down at my mostly hard cock and saw a bunch of pubic hair on the hardwood floor below it. Then I saw Sara’s hand reach behind her chair and grab a hand-held vacuum and begin to clean the pubic hair off the floor. I recognized the vacuum as one that Sean and I had bought a few months after we’d moved up and that was usually kept in the broom closet in the kitchen. Again, how did she know where we kept all our stuff?!?!

It only took Sara a few seconds to vacuum up my pubes off the floor, and when she was finished she said, “Okay, sit on the towel,” patting the bed with her hand as she spoke.

Of course, I obeyed her and took my place on the bed, naked and leaning up against the pillows propped against the wall. It was about this time that it struck me that our recent threesome obviously was not going to be just a one-time thing and that she was grooming me for future similar use.

Sara picked up a washcloth from next to the bowl of water and dipped it in. The washcloth was probably from our closet, but it was just a plain white washcloth that could belong to anyone, so maybe she’d brought it with her. So I couldn’t tell whether she also knew where we kept washcloths.

Sara wrung most of the water out of the washcloth and then rubbed it around my cock where pubic hair used to be, and down over my balls. The water was warm and she was very gentle, giving my balls a very definite fondle as she rubbed the washcloth over them.

She then grabbed a travel-size can of shaving cream from somewhere, I don’t know where, and applied some to her left hand. She carefully rubbed the shaving cream over the same areas she had dampened with the washcloth.

“The easy part is done. This is where I need you to stay really, really still,” she said as she picked up a disposable, twin-blade razor from behind the water bowl. I watched intently as she carefully began shaving the area above my cock that she had just used the electric shaver on.

Surprisingly, in retrospect, I didn’t feel the least bit nervous about my roommate’s girlfriend using that sharp razor near my cock and balls. I guess in the past week she had become something more to me than just my friend’s girlfriend, and with that came a certain amount of trust. But there was still something not quite right about the situation, and I aimed to correct that.

“Wouldn’t this activity be more yenimahalle escort fair if we were both naked?” I asked.

Sara looked up from my pubic region with a sort of sideways smirk on her face. Then she set the razor on the towel beside me and stood up.

“I guess fair is fair,” she said as she lifted her faded green t-shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. She then reached behind her back and effortlessly unclasped her white bra and let it fall next to the t-shirt. Her breasts were their usual perky selves and by now I had seen her naked enough to recognize that her nipples were very definitely erect.

She unbuttoned and unzipped her grey shorts and stepped out of them after they hit the floor. She was now left standing in only a pair of pale blue cotton bikini panties.

“I think I’d better leave my panties on,” she said. “I promised Sean I wouldn’t have sex with you unless he was involved, and I don’t exactly trust myself. So my panties can act as a sort of chastity belt.”

“I guess that’s reasonable,” I responded as she resumed her seat and went back to shaving me.

She was very focused on the task at hand, but still her left hand, which was not holding the razor, managed to run up and down my cock, which was now fully erect, each time she rinsed the razor in the bowl of water.

“Can I ask you something?” I said.

“Go ahead.”

“Well, the night we masturbated, I couldn’t help notice that you were not shaved. But then on Saturday you were. Based on your earlier explanation on the necessity of shaving, I get the notion that you did not just come to this realization recently. So why were you not shaved last Thursday?”

“Very observant of you,” she replied, now moving the razor upward and against the grain on the pubic area above my cock. “You will recall that I was out of town for about a week and a half before last Thursday. I was at my grandparents’ house. That did not provide me with much private time alone.” Now she was touching up the areas to the side of my cock.

“Hair grows back, as I’m sure you know. I was really busy in the week before I went to my grandparents’ house, and then had no privacy while there. As a result, I went about two weeks without shaving. And masturbation night was the night I got back to town… I’m sure you can do the math.”

“Of course.”

Sara rinsed off the razor in the bowl again and reached towards my balls with her left hand, her right hand with the razor right behind it. Because my cock was erect, my scrotum was shriveled up so it looked like half a walnut shell covered with shave cream. I wondered how she could effectively shave it in such a state.

“Looks like it’s about to get complicated,” I said.

“Piece of cake,” Sara replied, unfazed.

She dragged the razor across my left testicle a couple times, clearly removing shaving cream but not so clearly removing any hair. Then her left hand disappeared back to the floor by her chair and quickly reappeared holding a facial tissue. She pinched a small portion of my scrotum with the tissued hand and pulled it towards her.

“You’ll be surprised how far the scrote can stretch,” she said matter-of-factly.

And I was surprised. It stretched and flattened out a few inches and she deftly dragged the razor across it, now clearly removing hair. It took her no more than 40 seconds to clear my entire scrotum of pubic hair this way, from the base of my cock all the way down and around to where my taint begins.

I thought we were done shaving at that point and wondered if the activities were about to shift towards something more focused on making me cum. Well, I guess they definitely WERE going to take such a turn regardless of what Sara did, because even if she left right then and there I was obviously going to masturbate. But then Sara said, “Okay, turn over, we’re not done yet.”

“Turn over?” I asked, my face scrunching up with confusion. I knew I didn’t have any hair on my butt cheeks, so I had no idea where this was headed.

“Yes, turn over, and lay sideways across the bed so you’re facing the wall with the window.”

I did as I thought I was supposed to and turned over and laid on my stomach facing the wall.

“Not like that,” Sara said. “On your hands and knees.”

Now I started to get a little bit nervous. But I was also still rock hard. As I got up on my hands and knees, I could hear Sara rinsing the razor in the bowl.

“That’s closer to what I meant,” she instructed, “but actually get down on your elbows and arch your back. So I have the same view of you that you had of me on Saturday night.”

Somehow, her pointing out that she had put herself in a vulnerable position to me just a few nights earlier made me feel less nervous and I obliged.

“Ahhhh yes, verrry nice,” I heard Sara say, seemingly more to herself than to me. I got the impression that she was commenting on her own view of me rather than on my obedience.

I heard the sound of the shave cream coming out of the can just for a split second, and then felt the shave cream being applied to me. She ever so gently spread it down my taint to the edge of my butthole. Then, just as gently, she spread it on the insides of my butt cheeks right around my butthole.

“We’re almost done,” she said as she shaved the creamed areas, now using a series of small, more careful strokes. My nervousness briefly reappeared when the razor got to the edge of my butthole, but Sara knew what she was doing. She had to actually touch my butthole with her left hand as she shaved the inner cheeks there (well, I guess I don’t know if she HAD to touch me like that, but she DID). I was surprised that I found it erotic when she did so.

“Stand still for just a second more,” I heard Sara say from behind me. Then I heard her dip the washcloth into the bowl of water and wring it out before feeling her wipe the remaining shave cream from my taint and butthole and the bottom of my scrotum.

“Okay, now sit back down like when we started.”

I obeyed (of course) and she proceeded to clean the remainder of the shave cream off of me with the washcloth. She then set the washcloth in the bowl and said “Give me your right hand.”

She took my right hand and placed it palm-down on my freshly shaved scrotum. “Now doesn’t this feel so much more erotic than it did before?”

It did. It felt unlike anything I had felt before. It was like I was a brand new person. It was so much softer than I had expected, and seemed so much cleaner than even when I had gotten out of the shower just ten minutes earlier.

Sara took my left hand and placed it on my pubic area. “This too,” she said. There was a tiny bit of razor stubble, but it mostly felt smooth and sexy. Like her pubic area had felt Saturday night.

I was lying on the right side of the bed, my right leg extended down the edge. Sara began to climb onto the bed so that she was laying across the foot on her left side. As she did so, she said, “I have to hand it to you, you were much more well behaved than Sean was the first time I shaved him.”

She simultaneously propped herself up on her left elbow and grabbed my cock with her left hand.

“He was very nervous and fidgety. In a way it was cute. But if he’d acted that way while getting a regular haircut, the barber wouldn’t have given him a lollipop afterwards, if you know what I mean.”

She was slowly stroking my cock with her left hand while with her right hand she bent my left leg so that my thigh was at a right angle to my torso.

“He still got a reward, but it was only a hand job.”

She was now leaning her head towards my cock.

“But you deserve better than that after how well you behaved.”

She pushed my right hand off of my balls with her left hand and took my balls into her mouth.

That was the first time anyone had ever done that to me. I had received countless blowjobs before, but no one had ever simply taken my balls into her mouth. And as I looked at Sara doing so, our eyes still meeting, it occurred to me that no one in their right mind would want to take unshaven balls into their mouth. But these clean, freshly shaven yarbles seemed to open up a whole new world of possibilities.

As Sara gently ran her tongue around my balls, her right land stroked my left thigh from behind my knee to my taint, and her left hand resumed stroking my cock. It felt so good that I wanted to close my eyes, but I was so mesmerized looking onto Sara’s eyes that I couldn’t.

Then Sara slowly released by balls from her mouth, and I expected her to move forward and put my cock in her mouth. But instead her head started slowly moving downward, our eyes still locked. At the same time her right hand began pressing upward on my left thigh, pressing my knee slightly further towards the head of the bed. But it couldn’t go much further because I wasn’t as limber then as I am today.

Before I knew it, Sara was slowly licking her way down my taint and towards my butthole. I found this shockingly erotic and I started breathing deeply through my mouth. When her tongue got to the top of my butthole, I gasped slightly, and Sara quickly stopped. She raised her head slightly and said, smiling, “See? Unshaved people don’t get to know that particular pleasure.”

“That makes sense,” I replied.

“But we’ll save that for another time,” Sara said, as she moved her mouth to the base of my cock and started licking upward. She lifted my cock away from my stomach and placed it in her mouth as, again, our eyes met. Inside her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock and flicked my frenulum in a way that neither Rachel nor any other girl ever had.

At that point, Sara took her right hand and gently caressed my balls before moving it down her chest, over her right breast and down her stomach. I somehow knew this was her signal for me to break our gaze and watch her right hand

Her hand disappeared under the waistband of her pale blue panties. I could tell by how she spread her legs slightly as the hand moved further downward that she was inserting her middle finger into her pussy. And I could tell by the way that she bent her wrist when she removed her finger from her pussy that she was making sure to not let any pussy juice rub off on the cotton fabric.

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Gifted Ch. 02: What the Dr. Ordered

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Chapter 2: What The Doctor Ordered

I lay on my bed in the cool light of the rising sun, absent-mindedly playing with my dick. I started at the base, hands completely inadequate for the task of encircling its insane thickness. Then I slowly ran my hand up the length of my mind-boggling shaft, having to stretch my back in order to reach the tip. My eyes were wide and my jaw was agape. It had been eight hours since that life-altering blowjob where Olivia had sucked eight inches more out of my dick and I still couldn’t believe it. I closed my eyes and pictured the events of last night again- dancing with Olivia on the dance floor, bringing her home, blasting an obscene amount of semen all over her. I wrapped both my hands around the head of my erection. It was heavy, pulsating, red. It looked angry. I shivered in pleasure. I had never seen, never a dick this big.

I dropped my penis and felt its significant weight falling for a moment, before it stopped. Rigid and powerful, my dick stood proud like a monument, stretching a full foot from my unassuming figure. I rolled my balls around in my hands. Each one was as big as my fist, as ripe as a piece of fruit. I could almost hear the cum sloshing around inside them. I sighed in satisfaction.

Yesterday I was a pretty normal guy. I’d had sex only once and no party involved had enjoyed it. My body was so ordinary it was boring, like a song you’d heard on the radio a million times. But now I had the dick that pornstars would fantasise about and an ejaculate quantity you could paint a wall with in three loads. I couldn’t fucking beleive it.

I got off the bed. Napoleon would be home really soon and I couldn’t let him see me like this. Not yet. He’d have too many questions and I honestly didn’t have the slightest idea how to answer them. I threw on a Hawaain shirt and some chino shorts, angling my flaccid cock so that it didn’t poke out through the leg holes. I splashed some water on my face.

Three quick rasps suddenly struck the door before it swung open. “I hope you’re not jerking off in here!” Nap shouted boorishly as he entered the room, the knock rendered pointless. Actually, he’d missed me jerking off by about five minutes.

“Well, well, well,” I laughed, “Late night for you buddy. How’d you go with Debbie?”

Napoleon lay down on his bed, arms behind his head and a content smile on his face. I scanned his wall quickly, hoping I’d scourged all the jizz I’d sprayed over his side of the room. I think I was in the clear. “She took me home! Not…like that. I don’t know, I was pretty drunk but at the end of the party I went back to her house and… and well I woke up on the couch this morning. But that’s promising right? Like, she obviously wanted me to stay over, I just overdid it on the drinks I guess.” He sat right up. “Oh and shit, I didn’t tell you the best bit! I saw Debbie in her underwear this morning! She was just straight up walking around in her thong and her ass is fucking huge! Like I knew it was big, man but it is incredible. And not a single stretch mark”.

“Fuck yeah, dude” I said. I felt a little detached from this information, I must admit. Nap’s asinine night of staying on a girls couch and seeing her butt seemed childish and mundane after my experiences the night before. Although I did feel my big dick twitch a little bit as I conjured a mental image of Debbie’s remarkable ass. I wondered how’d she’d like look bouncing on my cock-No Robbie, not a healthy channel of thought. “I’m so jealous of you!” I said.

“Hey enough about me,” he said, swinging his legs off the bed. “How’d you go last night? Obviously you left with Olivia, what happened? Was she a freak?” He laughed.

“Oh,” I said. “She was okay. We hooked up a little bit. She gave me a blowjob. We cuddled for a bit.” That was the truth I suppose. I just omitted one enormous detail that was currently hanging between my legs. “She was nice.”

“Yes my man!” he held his hand up for a high five. I relented. “She was there this morning and she definitely seemed suspect before she left to go home. I knew something had happened between the two of you. Look at us dude, things are finally going to change around here, I can feel it.”

I had a feeling things might be right.

* * *

There were a few things that worried me about the sudden developments from the night before. I was a pretty scientific man at heart, and although there were twelve, long, thick and very real inches of meat between my legs that were hard to argue with, I knew that this kind of thing couldn’t be good for my body. That extra mass had to come from somewhere right? And all the veins, erectile tissue, skin that had just appeared in a couple of minutes? There had to be consequences for that.

It was this line of thinking that had me sitting on the campus bus, headphones playing The Killers atmospherically as I stared out the window. My university was huge and sprawling, eco-consciously built. It required a bus to realistically get anywhere fast and luckily one came every fifteen minutes. I was on my way to the health sıhhiye escort centre, a couple bland offices in the administration building that I assumed mostly dealt with STD’s and vitamin deficiencies. I’d never been but I thought having a doctor examine me might help put my mind at ease.

That’s not to say I wasn’t terrified about having a doctor give me a physical. As of this moment, less than five people had seen me naked and I wasn’t exactly comfortable in my skin. I was used to flying under the radar and very much wanted to continue doing so. But doctors are professional right? They see people naked all the time. They see dicks all the time. Hell, they see big dicks all the time too. I just needed someone to give my cock a look and tell me I didn’t have cock cancer now or something. I knew I’d never be at peace until I had that all clear.

I looked out the window as the brick buildings of my university zoomed by. It was Sunday morning and there wasn’t much going on today. A lot of sunglasses and heavy heads. We went by the pool. I thought about sunbaking, my huge cock unmissable in tiny trunks. I thought about all the girls who might see me. My dick lurched a little. I shook my head.

“Think about something else Robbie” I thought, “Or this will be one awkward check up.”

I pulled my eyess back inside the bus. There were only two passengers today, me and a tiny brunette woman sitting at the front of the bus. I’d seen her a few times, I think her name was Maxine. All of five foot two, brown hair, cute face. A real girl next door type. I’m sure she was uber Christian, one of those hardcore denominations-Jehava’s maybe? Very quiet. I started imagining walking over to her, kissing her thin lips. My dick crept even further down my pant leg. “Calm the fuck down man”. I pulled out my phone and just scrolled aimlessly through the news, letting my dick relax for a second.

Maxine left the bus at D block. I got off five minutes later.

I walked into the health centre and spoke to the lady behind the counter. Thank God, she was a mature woman, a bit on the plumper side, thin hair and an unsightly mole on her face. I couldn’t handle another attractive woman right now, my new dick didn’t need much coaxing. I flashed my student ID, filled out a form and sat down. The waiting room was simple, a couple chairs inhabited by some sorry looking individuals who had taken a bit far during last night’s festivities. The room smelt sterile, clean and chemical. There was a poster on the wall, a scene from one of the national parks. An overhead TV displayed a rotating apology, imploring the viewer to switch to HDMI1.

I waited. My dick felt heavy, like it didn’t want me to forget it was there. As if I could. I was hyper-aware of my giant balls, could feel them crammed into my underwear against my thick snake. I tried to think of all sorts of mundane things to keep myself soft: stats class, my grandpa’s lectures about the golden age of American baseball. I managed to keep the Leviathan at bay.

“Mr. Robert Newland?” called a warm female voice. Oh fuck.

I looked over towards the source. There was a young woman standing in the doorway, reading from a clipboard. She had flawless tanned skin, in a way that cast her ethnicity into ambiguity. Her hair was shoulder-length and styled very professionally, framing her face. She had thin lips, a wide smile that showcased her perfect teeth. A tiny beauty spot sat just below the corner of her mouth. I gulped and stood. She acknowledged me as I approached.

“Hi Mr. Newland” she said and shook my hand enthusiastically. “My name is Doctor Poulton.” As I came closer I noticed that she was taller than me, maybe a little over six foot. She was wearing a labcoat and dark slacks. Dr. Poulton was slim and radiated enthusiasm. I noticed to my horror that she had shapely thighs and the promise of impressive breasts underneath her shirt. I felt my newly reshaped cock shift for the umpteenth time today.

“Oh hey” I stared straight at the floor. She was unperturbed by my awkwardness and asked me to follow her down the hallway and through a door emblazoned with her name. I followed, trying to keep myself from looking at her round, pumpkin ass. I was in trouble.

Dr. Poulton’s office looked like every other medical practice I had ever been inside. It was lit by those rectangular halogen lights and its floors were covered by uninspired linoleum strips. The walls were blue and bare aside from a poster about sun safety and a diagram of the . There was a wooden desk in the centre of the room, a filing cabinet standing to attention beside it, and a steel, raised bed with blue padding tucked into the corner. Dr. Poulton directed me into a simple chair as she herself took one behind her desk. She studied her clipboard for a second and beamed that smile back in my direction.

“So, Mr. Newland. You’ve come in for a general check up?” she folded her hands on the desk in front of her.

“Uh-yeah!” I said, looking into her green eyes. “Uh-I’ve just tandoğan escort been feeling a bit…bleh”.

“College life will do that to you!” she laughed. “I can definitely help you out today. So I’ll just collect some information on you and we’ll move onto the physical component. Are you a smoker?”

“No” I said truthfully.

“Good man. Okay, do you drink?”

“A little. Some beers. Some whiskey. Not too often”.

“Great. Very classy!” She laughed. “Okay, do you exercise?”

“I like to go on runs, I guess. Maybe twice a week. I could probably do more.”

“Couldn’t we all. Okay, are you sexually active?”

I looked at her lips. God, I’d love to just –

“NO!” I almost yelled. Dr. Poulson looked amused. “I mean, yes! Sometimes. Sort of -“

“Okay, I’m just going to put ‘yes’ here.” I wish she’d stop fucking smiling at me like that. I felt my dick jerk forward, unwinding in its cotton prison. Dr. Poulson ticked a few boxes, crossed out some more, and made some notes.

“Okay Dr. Newtown. Robert. I’ll just get you to take off your shirt and I’ll check a few of your vitals.”

I complied. The doctor took her lab coat off and put on some latex gloves. Beneath her lab coat she was wearing a dark blue dress short. Very soon, this beautiful woman had her hands on me, recording my blood pressure, pressing a cold stethoscope onto my chest. That one actually helped me with my problem. She recorded my height, my weight. She sat me on the bed to the last couple of tests. I thought maybe I could get out of here without having to show this woman my penis. I’d come back later, get a fat, old, male doctor and ask him what he thought.

“Something’s on your mind Robet.” Dr Poulson said suddenly. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked into her eyes again.

“Oh, uh.” My throat was dry. My balls felt like bowling balls. Fuck it Robbie, just be a normal human being. “I guess I came in today because-” I wasn’t sure how to start this.

“I’m a doctor, Robert. I’m a doctor who works at the health centre at a college. I have seen it all and then I’ve seen more. You can tell me whatever’s going on.”

“I’ve grown.” I said and suddenly it was out in the universe.

“You’ve grown?” She studied me curiously. “Well, it’s not uncommon for a young man to keep growing into his twenties. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. Hormones are a tricky thi-“

“My penis has grown.” My cheeks were burning red. I looked straight down at my feet.

“Okay. Well that’s not the most outlandish thing either. Your body is still going through some changes and they’re not necessarily a reason to stress out.” She paused. “Obviously if you’re concerned enough to come in for a check up though, we need to have a look at your genitals”.

I looked back at her. She could see the panic in my eyes and she laughed.

“Get ’em off mister!” she laughed.

I stood up. I was sweating up a storm. I could feel the thick snake of my penis stretching already. It was half-firm already and yearning for freedom. I took my eyes off this beautiful doctor and unbuttoned my pants. I pulled them down, my underpants as well and let my penis out into the world.

“Good man. I’ll just have to loo-” Dr. Poulson stopped like she’d been hit. I heard her exhale the contents of her lungs in one, husky breath. Her eyes widened as they landed on my cock. “Oh.”

My penis wasn’t hard but it wasn’t soft. It hung half-way down to my knee and swung subtly in the cold air of the doctors office. It felt bizarre, like it was dragging me into the building’s basement. I was a freak. My blush intensified.

“Well, Robert,” she said carefully. “Your penis is certainly…big. I mean, in the higher percentile for length and thickness. You say that it’s gotten bigger?”

“Yes.” I said, “A lot bigger.”

Dr. Poulson said nothing and just continued to stare. Her nipples made slight indentations in her shirt. I felt my penis stretching, growing. No! Panicking, I tried to cover its increasing length with my hands but they were woefully too small to do the job. My cock reached its full, incredible erection and I was powerful to stop it. It seemed to bridge the distance between Dr. Poulson and I. It was so close now she could touch it. I’m sure she could feel its heat.

“I’M SO SORRY!” I yelled. “Its just you’re really attractive and I don’t know how to control this thing and I should just stop talking.”

Dr. Poulson closed her eyes for a second and shook her head. “It’s fine…Mr. Newland. I’m a medical professional. This is a perfectly natural function of the human body.” She carefully put a hand on my throbbing cock. I caught a moan before it could escape from my mouth. “Of course, I will need to complete my examination.”

She rang her hand down the shaft of my erect penis. Was this normal? Of course, she’d have to touch my penis to see if it was normal. I don’t know what I had expected. My balls were boiling.

“This penis is well-above the statistical average tunalı escort in size, weight and thickness. It appears to be biologically normal aside from the obviously increased dimensions. Have you always been so well-endowed?” She asked me. She continued to slowly jerk me off with incredible care. I avoided eye contact with her to avoid ejaculating.

“N-No. Its only been this big for a few hours, Dr. Poulson.”


“What?” I spluttered.

“I’d prefer if you called me Emma. Its very unusual to experience such growth in such a small amount of time. I can’t think of anything that would produce such an…impressive…effect on a man. Can you think of anything out of the ordinary that you did leading up to this growth?”

“Aside from shoving my dick into a self-proclaimed witch’s throat?” I thought to myself. “No” I said. My cock was burning now. I could almost hear the copious amount of semen formulating in my balls.

“Simply remarkable, Robert.”

“Robbie,” I corrected her. “You need to stop doing that or I think I’m going to…um…finish”.

She looked at her hand, still stroking my cock up and down with a deliberate rhythm. She studied it like you would a peculiar insect in a jar, as if it wasn’t her own hand. “Oh I’m dreadfully sorry Robbie! How…unprofessional.”

Suddenly, Emma opened her mouth as wide as it would go and squeezed my throbbing cockhead inside. My eyes shot open and I moaned loudly as I felt the unexpected warmth of her mouth. I couldn’t help it. It was… I was..

“I’m cumming!” I yelled. I felt the machinations of my body moving to orgasm. My balls tightened. Warmth shot up the length of my pole. I could almost see the first explosion of cum travelling through my cock and into the doctor’s waiting mouth. The first splash filled Emma’s mouth completely and she swallowed as much as she could. Thick, white cum fell passed her lips, splattering her pants and pooling on the floor. Her eyes looked panicky. I grabbed her hair and pulled her further down my cock as I felt the second wave of my orgasm. I was fucking Doctor Paulson’s throat and I spewed enough cum for twenty loads into her.

I finished cumming and withdrew my cock from her mouth. The doctor took a huge breath and fell backwards in the cum that had created a puddle below her. “Robbie!” she gasped. “I am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

I smiled awkwardly and gestured at her, clothes completely covered in semen, face smeared with the aftermath of my ejaculation. She laughed. “Well, actually, I know exactly what came over me. Holy shit.”

“I didn’t mean to-” I started but she quickly moved towards me. My cock had not deflated a centimetre. She took both hands to it, milking me expertly as her lips met mine. Emma tasted and smelled unmistakably like semen. But it was my semen so I didn’t care. I kissed her back passionately, moaning into her mouth. I felt her body press into mine.

Suddenly, I was undoing her shirt buttons and pulling the navy coloured mess away from her. She was wearing a pragmatic black bra and her D cup breasts bounced into view. I rubbed my hands over her stomach, feeling her faint abs. I felt her tongue circling mine as I undid her pants and they fell to the floor.

“On the bed!” she pulled away and croaked, facing away from me. She held herself up with her face pushed into the padding and her round, brown ass upon in the air. I could see her pussy was already gushing. Without taking a second to think, I positioned myself behind her-angling my titanic cock at her entrance. I thrust forward.

“OH FUUUUCK” she cried out. My dick pushed against her vagina, looking obscenely gigantic. I pushed slowly, feeling her tightness until suddenly the head had slipped inside. “OH FUCK!” she cried out again, grabbing onto the bed frame.

I was fucking her. Actually fucking a woman. A doctor that I had met twenty minutes ago. And by all accounts, she was actually enjoying it. As my massive dick pistoned in and out of her, I could hear her cries of pleasure. I pushed deeper and deeper and deeper until suddenly, my hips were pressed against her and my whole dick had disappeared. I reached back and slapped her hard on her ass. Her flesh wobbled and shook.

“OH ROBERT!” she cried. “FUCK ME”.

I went ballistic. I was fucking her like a man possessed. She was so tight. So warm. Her moans were getting louder, her breathing closer together. “Oh fuck Robert. Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK!”. Her legs began to shake and she slumped forward. “OH FUCKKK! I’m going to – I’m, I’m-AHH”

I felt her tighten around me and I only increased my pace. All my worries disappeared completely. Everything outside of this woman and me vanished as I thrust into her again and again and again until –

“UHHH” I pulled out of her. Doctor Emma flipped herself around and grabbed onto my gigantic hose. She jerked me off feverishly, helping me ride the wave of my own orgasm. I blasted her with cum again, this load not lessened by the previous one minutes before. The first shot splashed over her tits, painting them white. The second I aimed lower, towards her stomach and the third she directed into her own face. She kept masturbating me with both hands, taking shot after shot. Finally, there was no more cum to give but a trickle that ran down the head of my penis. The good doctor quickly lapped it up before planting a huge kiss on me.

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Getting Ready for Bath

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Hardcore Sex

You remember the other day; I was sitting in the lazy boy chair reading a newspaper. I heard you turn on the bath, but I didn’t think anything of it. Then you came over, called my name softly, and as you got my attention I could see a naught glint in your eyes. You came over and sat down on my lap, almost like a child, but I could see by your expression that your intentions were not at all childlike. The unspoken communication of lovers passed between us.

“I am going to have a bath,” you said. “I want you to undress me,” your words sent a shiver through me.

Slowly, I began to unbutton your blouse. I had only two buttons undone when I was overcome by an overwhelming impulse to kiss you. Your lips tasted warm, but our kiss remained soft, gentle and unhurried. We sampled each other slowly, our lips nibbling each other as our mouths entwined. I sucked your lower lip into my mouth, kissing it all round, then turned to your upper lip and did the same thing. We continued tasting each other like this for some time, before I realised that my mission was to undress you, not to kiss you indefinitely.

I ran my fingers along your lower lip, down over your chin and along the edge of the “V” formed by your partially unbuttoned blouse. It just reached the inside of your breast, crossed over and back up the other side to your chin again. Slowly, I traced the same path with my lips, undoing the next button only when my kisses and nibbles had passed back up to your lips.

I repeated this sensuous process, undoing each button in turn. By the time I reached your belly button I was bending through some odd angles, but your gasp of pleasure when I nibbled the edge of your naval was worth it. By now, your breasts were fully exposed, and each time I kissed my way up to your chin, I worked my way closer and closer to your nipple.

Undoing the last of your buttons, I pushed the blouse back over your shoulder and it fell to the floor. Your naked breasts looked simply delicious, so I decided that before I continued undressing your further, I would explore their sensual delights. I must say, you looked incredibly sexy, sitting on my lap, naked from the waist up, your jeans still tightly fastened and your lace-up boots completing the picture.

I kissed you up and down, between your breasts, moving just a tiny bit closer to each breast in widening circles. But, knowing how sensitive your nipples are, I worked my way round them, circling each breast in turn, going right to the edge of your little brown areolas. You shivered, and I knew that you were enjoying the subtle changes in sensation that my kissed evoked.

While I kissed around your breasts, one hand slowly moved up the inside of your left thigh. As it neared your crotch, I could feel the warmth that my kissing and caressing (and perhaps ofise gelen escort your earlier planning of this seduction) had generated. But it was too soon yet to allow the softer sensations of gentle teasing to give way to the more intense feelings of direct stimulation of that area. Reaching down to your boots, I slowly started undoing the laces. As each lace was pulled out of its eyelets, I kissed you once, inching closer to your erect nipples with each kiss. I love the way you whimpered and moaned, it still excites me when I remember, as I am remembering now. It was so tantalizing, removing your boots like that, and teasing your body into an enhance state of arousal. My thoughts, the memories have made me so aroused myself that I am having difficulty typing. But I will continue, because I know that when you read this, you will also feel those special feelings that we both love so much.

When your left boot was off, I allowed my lips to taste your left nipple. Slowly, I drew it into my mouth, enjoying the sensation, and the secure knowledge that I was the shivers, which passed over you, were shivers of pleasure at my kiss. I lingered there for a while, before removing the right boot, and shifting my concentration and kisses to your right breast. Your nipple was so taught, even the areola had hardened, and the little bumps that send me wild stood out as my tongue flicked over them.

I looked you in the eye, your arousal so wonderfully shown in your eyes. Slowly I began to unfasten your jeans, all the while keeping your eyes locked on mine. I undid your belt, then I ran my right hand up the inside of your thigh, I could feel the heat as I neared your crotch, and you involuntarily moved towards my hand, but I lifted it away as soon as it could feel your warmth. I pulled your zipper down, tugging slightly at the bottom of its travel; you kissed me with a most passionate kiss and arched your back to press against your hand.

At that stage you had to stand up, and I pulled your jeans to the floor. Kneeling down in front of you, I kissed and licked my way up your left leg right to the edge of your soaking wet panty crotch. It was hard to resist going straight for your clitoris, but I kissed my way along the edge of your panties, up over the top edge and down the other side.

Going back, I buried my face in you naval, while my right hand travelled up your thigh all the way to the your wet panties. The feel of your silky smooth, wet vulva through the material almost made me cum in my own trousers, and the intense moan of pleasure that escaped your lips did nothing for my self control. But somehow I managed.

I moved my mouth and lips down to the crotch of your panties. The sweet muskiness of your love juices was aphrodisiac! otele gelen escort I teased you for a while with my tongue, through the wet material of your panties. But I wanted more freedom to please you, so I had to pull them down, and you stepped out of them. You lifted your leg to let them drop, and as you did so, you opened your lovely vulva to me in all its magical wonder.

I lifted your leg a little more, and you put your foot up on the chair. I buried my face in your vulva. Slowly, I took each of your silky, wet, musky tasting lips and drew it into my mouth. You gasped, and then lit out a long low moan as soon as my tongue made its way up to your clitoris.

I moved my tongue up and down each side of your clitoral hood, then over the top, taking care not to touch the sensitive bare head of your clitoris itself. You began to shake, and your breathing became very erratic.

Taking two fingers together, I massaged your moist vulva, and inserted them slowly between your lips into your hot, wet vagina. I moved them around slowly, and kept them moving in and out at a slow, tantalizing pace. I intensified the pressure on your clitoral area, and then about three quarters of the way inside you I pressed up against your vaginal wall. I knew your g-spot was located there and when I found it, you moaned with such intensity that I thought that you were cumming.

You bucked against my fingers, and I was afraid you were going to fall, but somehow you held upright. But it wasn’t long before I knew that you had passed the point of no return, your hips gyrating and thrusting against my tongue and pressing my fingers into your g-spot. When your orgasm started you began hyperventilating, and the sound was wonderful, mixed as it was with your low moans.

Your orgasm seemed to take an incredible time from beginning to end, and I knew that I had given you a wonderful pleasure. Slowly though, the orgasm petered out, and I held my face against your pubic area, and softly disconnected so that we could lie down together on the rug.

At this stage I felt an urgency to get out of my own jeans, which by now were soaking from all the precum that I had produced. Once my penis was free, it stood very erect and intensely hard, dripping the clear liquid that would help it slide into your still glowing vagina.

I was still so aroused that there was no need for you to do anything further to enhance my pleasure, not this time. This time would be your treat. I knelt down between your legs, and slipped my penis slowly and gently into you. Your moan told me you were ready for more pleasure.

Lying between your legs, in traditional missionary position, I kissed and licked your breasts as I pressed myself excruciatingly slowly in and sincan escort out of your vagina. At one stage our lips met, and the musky taste of your own love juices on my lips served to further excite you and intensify the pleasure of my slow and deliberate thrusts.

It was not long before you arched your back, a telltale sign that another orgasm was approaching. Knowing you still had a couple more orgasms in you, I held back, difficult though it was, and just let your orgasm wash over you. I always LOVE watching your body when you are cumming for the second time. Little beads of sweat break out on your breast, and your nipples get all puffy. It is wonderful to watch you cum. Your orgasm must have been intense this time, because you fingers dug into my back, and your body arched as you screamed my name through orgasmic tones.

I stayed inside you as you came slowly down from your orgasm, just moving slightly, enough to maintain my erection for I knew I could make you cum at least once more.

I waited a little, then I began talking to you, telling you how beautiful you were when you were cumming, how much I enjoyed making love with you. As we talked I began to move again, and we shifted position so you were on top, and you KNOW how much I love that. You took over the movements now. Slowly lowering yourself over my penis, and lifting it out again. Gosh, it was intense. I knew that one more orgasm for you was all I had left in me at this point.

You pressed your pelvis against mine, and ground your clitoris into my pubes between each thrust. I looked into your eyes and you into mine. It was intense, and soon I was breathing rapidly, beginning to lose control. I was a bit worried that I might lose it completely and cum before you were ready, but there was no fear of that, for you were controlling my pleasure even as I had controlled yours shortly before.

You brought me right to the edge of cumming so many times that I became delirious and lost track of time. Eventually, your bucking over my penis also went out of control, and I looked into your eyes and could see your orgasm welling up inside you even as you could see mine though my eyes.

Oh, it was intense watching you cum like that, knowing that you were also watching me in the same way. Soon, however the orgasm was too intense, and our eyes closed as our shared orgasm carried us away, as our love was fulfilled as once again we share the pleasure of being lovers.

We lay together for some time on the floor, dosing, cuddling, kissing, caressing. Then slowly, we got up and walked to the bath. While you were preparing the bath, I arranged a little jar of massage oil by the end table, and put your favourite sex video, the one we made ourselves, in the VCR. I got out a little heart-shaped strap on vibrator that I had purchased for you that day, and wrapped it around a single red rose. I wrote on a little gift card, “For you my truly special love. For you and for us!” After all, the night was still young.

You remember all that? Of course you do. I hope that reading this, and the memory has made you tingle, and the tingles grow into the sweet delicious ache I know you love.

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Gerald’s Girl Ch. 1 , 2

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Chapter One – American Cousin

Sitting there at the kitchen table in the fading afternoon light, she found that the pain was still there as she re-read the tattered, edge-worn note written in that familiar feminine hand-writing:

“Oh Gerald, I know I shouldn’t write this but I really want you o know how good you make me feel. I’ll send this to you at work but you already know that if you’ve just got it. Silly me. That’s your fault isn’t it. What did you say you’d do? Ride me silly? Oh boy I think you did that for sure. And you know it too don’t you.

I hope you’re looking forward to this Saturday as much as I am. We might even make it to the bed this time. So you liked my black stockings then. I might wear them again. But only if you promise to control yourself. Is reading this making you as horny as writing it is making me? I’d love to think you were sitting there at work with your prick all hard and you feeling so horny you want to pull it. Save it for Saturday. I want all your lovely hot spunk.

I wasn’t lying when I told you I’d never seen so much spunk before. You’re a right horny one. They say it’s always the quiet ones you should look out for. You weren’t quiet yesterday were you. I loved it when you were saying such dirty things to me. You have a dirty tongue on you. You were right. I did need a good hard riding. And you gave it to me too. Oh Gerald I miss you. I miss your lovely prick up me. Are you hard now? Poor baby. If I was there I’d be under your desk giving you a good hard sucking. I’d probably choke on all that spunk. Don’t worry. I’d drink every drop. I wouldn’t want to ruin your suit. Or maybe you’d have me over the desk. A good hard ride right now would give us both an appetite for lunch. Another ruined pair of stockings would be a small price to pay for such a good time. You and your spunk!! Spunky Ger I think I’ll call you from now on. Well you save it all up for Saturday. I wish it would hurry up and get here. Just think. A whole day? What will we do to pass all that time? I’m sure we’ll come up with something. Kisses and miss you and your lovely hard prick.


Valerie folded the letter and put it once more into a small compartment in her bag. She didn’t know why she’d kept it. It was a painful reminder of an affair her husband had had some years ago. An affair that was long over. It had been a rocky time, but now their marriage was strong again. Still she found herself reading the letter sometimes when she was alone. It no longer roused strong feelings in her but she could never bring herself to throw it away. She got up and made coffee. It was after 5 PM. Her husband would be home soon.

Almost on cue he turned the key and entered. He started talking – immediately — a long outpouring.

“Val, I should have called, but it happened so suddenly. Mister Williams called me into the office to meet a chap from our US parent company”

“Relax and tell me” she said as she handed him his coffee. She bristled inwardly to hear him refer to his boss as Mister but she let it pass.

“Anyway he’s over here for two weeks and they asked me to recommend a good hotel and as I was telling them Mister Williams just said to me “didn’t you used to take in guests?” and I said ‘yes, but not in some time/’ and the damn Yank started saying he hated the formality of hotels and would be much more comfortable in a guesthouse and well, before I knew what I was doing I was inviting him to stay here”

“What?” Valerie was stunned. “You can un-invite him. Let him go somewhere else”

“You know how yanks are. He was fucking impossible to put off and before I knew it he was getting in the car.” Her husband explained.

“You mean he’s here? NOW? ” Valerie said, alarmed.

“Yes” her husband bowed his head. “Waiting outside.”

“Well you better invite him in then” she said, angry, but resigned.

James was aware of the burden this was placing on Gerald’s wife. To have a stranger descend on you completely by surprise, uninvited, probably unwanted, really. He had suggested that he wait a minute in the car, while Gerald prepared his wife. “Not that she can have much choice with me standing out here with my luggage,” he thought wryly. But he was accustomed to occasional discomfort as he traveled the world. It is such a pleasure to live in a home instead of a dumpy little hotel in some of these small towns. It was too inviting to resist, so sometimes he accepted.

To be fair, he had seen Gerald’s wife from afar at lunch, earlier in the day. Gerald’s boss, Gordon Williams, had pointed across his pint of bitter and his plate of Plaice, peas and chips at the pub. She looked well put together and pretty, sitting there, knees tight together, on the stool by the low round table in the corner. He had to admit that was part of his reason for agreeing so eagerly to accept Gerald’s rather forced invitation.

She looked quite inviting, sitting there listening to her three friend’s comments. He judged that she was rather quiet, letting others babble on while kızılay escort she thought things through before speaking. James thought also, that her thoughts might be surprisingly intuitive, probably taking the conversation in surprising directions compared to outward appearances. The possibility of that was irresistible as he so enjoyed women who had a mind of their own without being so boorishly intent on appearing assertive as was the popular tendency these days.

He judged her to be in her mid-thirties, liked the softness a few extra ounces gave her figure, liked the way her smile came quickly when it came, the way her teeth showed when she smiled. “Pretty, isn’t she” he said to his host.

“Yes, yes… I suppose she is… hadn’t paid that much attention, I guess,” the older man commented idly. James suspected he was lying in the bullshit way the Brit business men have about them. Still, Williams was a decent sort and he was very hospitable and determined that James’ stay should be as comfortable as possible.

James found himself distracted from Williams’s business talk, by watching Valerie, as he found her name to be. She had crossed one knee over the other now and was leaning on it; her hand cupping her chin as she listened intently to the attractive blond speaking animatedly across the table from her. He could just see the translucent, warm natural color of the nylon over her knee, the white spot caused where her crossed leg rested against the other one. Her breasts, under her big fluffy sweater, seemed medium sized, not overwhelming the rest of her; you were just aware of them, of their potential for discovered beauty. He could see from her profile the loveliness of their curve, so subtle and restrained as her bra supported their weight, helping, enhancing their natural opulence and grace.

“Yes,” he said aloud to himself “I noticed Valerie!” The cool evening air stimulated his thoughts.

‘Oh, James, can you come through now?” Gerald was calling from the door. “It’s all right, she is not going to bite! He laughed, then muttered to himself, “Either of us!”

He dropped his bag at the door and followed toward the large country- style kitchen where Valerie met him at the door, her smile perhaps slightly forced, but a smile anyway.

She had an apron over the sweater and skirt she had worn today in the pub. I saw now that it had grayish flecks in it and was of soft luxurious looking lambs wool that draped down the upper slopes of her breasts, rounding the prominence of her nipples hidden someplace there at the summit. The neck cuddled her neck in a wide roll. The effect over all was of quiet quality.

Her reddish brown flannel skirt, buttoned down the side, hung just above her rather nice knees. Her tights are charcoal in this light, whereas I had thought much lighter from across the pub. Still, he hadn’t been so far off, he thought… pretty.

“Val, this is Mister Carmody” her husband introduced him

He took her hand, warm and firm.

“Call me James, please, he smiled. Mister makes me sound like a Grandfather.” Already he could see her softening toward him. He could feel a warmth toward her already, he thought.

“Come sit down, then… James, is it?” she had a natural warmth and genuine-ness that was appealing. It probably surprised her husband how this seemed to come through to strangers. How she was so much more quickly a friend with others than he was.

James noticed that she had changed from low heels at noon to her flat shoes tonight, making a slight but perceptible difference in the look of her breasts against the lambs wool. Less prominent – no less promising than before – he smiled at using the words together rather cleverly. James was fond of entertaining himself in this way.

He followed her slightly swaying hips under the flannel skirt, gazing at the hollows at the back of her knees as she lead him to the dining room. The table was set with two candles, his place was at the side and she and Gerald sat on the ends. Her smile was easier now.

James realized that he was being seductive. He really liked her. She was being seductive in her own way, too. “Seductive” in the way they were trying to draw each other into and through the joy of conversation, not so much the way the word is usually used in trying to get some one into bed as quickly as possible. Though, looking at her through the candlelight, watching the candles dance in her eyes, he realized that he might mean that as well. Her cheeks were rosy now in the candleglow. Perhaps it was the hot oven she had taken the chafing dish from. Or… something else.

Chapter Two – After Dinner Drinks

Valerie was serving coffee now. The conversation over dinner had warmed to something close to a budding friendship. Gerald had become expansive and talked easily as if to an old school friend now, now that they had shared a number of lubricating drinks. They were on brandy with the coffee now and James found himself maltepe escort staring at Valerie’s breast so close to him as she stood close warming his coffee with a dollop of the brandy. He thought sardonically, that it was not only the coffee she was warming.

“Ah, fair maiden, you warm the cockles of my heart!” he said, perhaps a little too theatrically. Valerie smiled back, so he knew it was all right.

“I think you’re warming more than his cockles, sweetie. Eh, James?” Gerald said it with a show of the camaraderie of men, winking broadly to James and swatting her lightly on her ample bottom, hugging her to him with the next wave of his arm.

James was too cautious to fall in the trap of going completely on the side of “all men are swine” with Gerald, but he chuckled quietly to show that he did indeed appreciate Gerald’s wife and that he appreciated Gerald’s humor. It was a bit stronger than appreciation, he thought, but no need to let that out!

She let him press her close, laughed as he nuzzled the side of her breast, not too obviously, but a bit too much in front of this stranger in their home. Valerie suggested going off to bed. “Morning will be here before we know it”

“Yes, me for an early bed!” James responded “I’m all screwed up on the time since I got off the flight. I’ll keep you up to all hours if you let me.”

“Too late for an Early bed, James! It’s after midnight and Gerald will be expected in on time, though you should have special consideration and not have to be there at the crack of dawn.” She looked up into his eyes with a warm “good night” sort of smile as he stood up, offering to take his cup to the Kitchen.

“Never mind, James, I’ll take care of all that in the morning!”

James protested, but Gerald was on his feet, if a bit on the wobbly side, they both were, he and James. “Off we go, James, it’s no good arguing with her, has her own way of doing things does my Val!”

He watched as Valerie stretched toward the ceiling with a show of weariness. Her breasts were pulled up and cradled by the gesture, sort of centering themselves in a lovely curve like a large necklace or south sea island hammock around her lovely neck. He was having trouble keeping his eyes off her. He decided to make his way upstairs before he made some blundering mistake and spoiled it.

Gerald had his arm slung low around her hips now as she stood next his chair, where Gerald had sat down again.

“Yes, well, I’m afraid I will need to turn up pretty early, as well,” he assured her, watching as she encouraged her husband toward his bed.

They had put his luggage in the small bedroom next to their own, the other bedroom being under alteration. James unpacked, stripped off his tie and shirt, and examined his diary for tomorrow, thinking he would give them a little time to settle down with their preparation for bed. He found his shaving kit and strolled down the hall for the bathroom, toothbrush in hand. He always felt a bit awkward in an unfamiliar private home.

He quickly realized that the bathroom was occupied, the door open just by a few inches, the light shinning through the opening. He started to retreat, then halted as his eyes adapted to the bright and the dark of the hallway. Through the opening, he could see the mirror on the wall. And in it, his reason for pausing rather than beating a hasty retreat to his room.

Valerie was there, her image clear in the large mirror. She was leaning to remove her tights, or just finishing. His heart beat heavily as he gazed transfixed at the view down the front of her bra, her breasts falling away from her chest as she bent from the waist. The brilliance of her white bra was slightly dazzling in his eyes, the darkness between her breasts an inviting abyss to fall into. As she stood erect, she dropped the tights and panties in a fluffy pile on the top surrounding the sink. She turned, giving him a sidelong view of her hip, smooth and round, the prominent curve of her mound and the dark curls proudly bristling out, softening the line of her body, emphasizing the curve, tantalizing his eyes.

He snapped back from his reverie as she raised her arms over her head and dropped a clinging cream-colored full slip down over her head, settling on the high points of her breasts and her hips, delightfully falling in place. Quickly, he stepped back to his room and slipped quietly inside. He could almost feel her scent as she strode past toward her room.

When he heard the door close quietly, he stepped into the hall again and returned to the bathroom. It was getting on toward being a matter of urgency, given the quantity of liquids he had drunk without making a stop. He snapped the door closed, then realized that the lock was not easy to make secure. You had to lift it a bit to make it close properly. So that was why it had been open and gave him such a richly rewarding view of lovely Valerie and her opulent curves.

Unzipping, he fished out his mamak escort cock, noticing that his admiration of Valerie had left him with indelicately referred to in “man talk” as “Lovers’ Balls.” He had been so aroused for so long, gazing at Valerie more or less steadily or as often as he could safely turn her direction, that his balls indeed ached with the pent-up tension which had gone unrelieved. That, plus the fact that thinking of her had given him a partial erection again made it impossible for him to piss. He stood laughing quietly to himself, waiting for one or both problems to subside enough to permit his water to flow and at least relieve that part of his problem.

He was still smiling to himself, leaning an elbow against the wall, the other hand holding his cock to direct the stream, when things cleared and his stream of water splashed loudly into the pool of water. “Loud enough to raise the devil” passed through his mind and he aimed for the side of the bowl away from the water. “That’s better.” He muttered. “Ahhhhhhhhh!!! It lasted quite awhile, so full was his bladder. His cock was still half at attention. “Wow, he thought, not sure… can live this close to someone… soft and attractive.” He had begun to slur a bit, leaving out the shorter words in his drunkenness, but it felt good to be so loose.

He brushed his teeth after a fashion. Staring at his image in the mirror, he imagined her image in the mirror alongside his image. Noticing how the overhead light was so bright that it made the scattered gray stand out among his dark hair. He was aware that it was not really that unattractive, though he was always surprised when he noticed it under such a light as this. “Bloody prematurely gray,” he muttered, grinning at his vanity.

He took an aspirin and packed up his kit, turning off the light before opening the door to avoid waking his host and hostess. He slipped silently down the hall. He thought he heard something and stood still in the hall like a wild animal in the forest, his ears straining. The noise was coming from their room, not far away from his. James started into his room, then stopped again and listened. He could not resist it.

” I hope it’s warm for me” he heard Gerald’s voice. Not too loud, but delivered with a certain quiet forceful fullness which made it carry clearly.


James smiled at the husband and wife dialog, he a little drunk, she wanting it too, but not as a public spectacle, she was quieting him. He imagined the man’s hand on Valerie’s breast, the nipple now coming to prominence, hardening, stiffening under the rolling touch of his fingers. “You want this do you? Want my big cock up your cunt? Got you a bit randy, didn’t he?”

Shhhhhhhh… please! Here, let me!…”

Then a masculine laugh carried through the house. “yes he did, that Yank son of a bitch was charming your pants off, wa’n’t he? Well!!! Wa’n’t he?” His voice was teasing, urging her excitement higher as his hands would have found her wetness by now and that she had taken off her panties, her ass soft under the wonderful feel of her slip.

He heard their laughter now, muffled.

Now that his eyes had become accustomed to the dark, he could see a little bit in spite of the dark and he slipped closer. First the bed noises came to his ear, bodies rolling over. Kisses, slightly too noisy in their enthusiasm and his drunkenness. James moved just too close and touched the door, which gave way slightly, making a loud clicking sound in the night silence. He froze. Would he be caught?

The noises resumed, though. He imagined the eager scene beyond the door. His hands on her round ass cheeks, her hands finding his cock and trying to keep him under control and still hard. She would have to work hard to keep his cock hard enough to help her to her release, as drunk as he was. James smiled there in the dark.

“Oh, that’s it dear, that’s it, kiss them, kiss my nipples! Yes, more, more… ohhhhhh…yes, you’re so good with my breasts…ahhhhhhh, yes…but not so hard, dear…better…” her soothing voice was musical to James standing so lonely there in the darkened hall.

“Want this? Sure you do! Bring that over here for me… Yes!!!”

“Shhhhhhh…shhhhhhhhhhh!” Her hand would be on him now, James thought, guiding his clumsiness to her center. Urging him to make the most of her excitement; to help her reach that glorious release.

James came closer still peering in at the little crack in the door. He could see a shape in the darkness. With a shock that took him aback, he realized that he was actually seeing Valerie, the whiteness of her bra now standing out in the darkness.

She was upright, straddling Gerald, his hands on her breasts, her back ramrod straight as she lowered herself over him. James could see her hand disappear between their bodies, and knew that he was right, she was guiding him to her now. It was excruciating to see this little bit of their sex, filling in the details in his mind.

Her wet, wet, wet pussy lips had been parted with his hardness, she would have forced his semi hard member up along the slit of her pussy lips to kiss her clitoris, let the wetness of her lubricate his cock, making it slip easily as possible into the snugness which was her cunt, past the tight little muscle at the entry, into the deep and warm tunnel of her love.

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Gangsters and Mols

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I was at a neigbhours’ fancy dress party – gangsters and mols. Enjoying myself chatting, admiring other people’s costumes and generally having a good time. As I was talking to a buxom blonde in long red sequin dress a hand tapped me on my shoulder. “Hey Dave, are you still a big guy in this town?” Her voice drawled with a fake American accent but I knew who it was. Excusing myself I turned and smiled at Jane – a good friend who’d moved away and hugged her.

“Oh, you know, getting by, one thing leads to another. Nothing spectacular. But wow, look at you.”

“You’re one classy broad, what do you want with me lady?” I tried my own accent but it didn’t really come off.

“I’m just passing through and called in on Lucy and she invited me.” Jane leaned close. “She said you’d be around” her voice dropped to a whisper, “and I want to see if you’re still packing a big weapon.”

“You know I don’t like guns” I said knowing full well what she meant. I grabbed her hand and we set off to find the furthest bedroom.

As soon as the door was closed we kissed hard. My hands were all over her but hers made straight for my cock. She rubbed up and down expertly and broke away saying “well it looks like you are still a big guy in those parts!”

She was on her knees in a flash, unzipping my trousers and pulling out my cock. She’d seen it before but her eyes widened. “Fuck, just as good as I remember.” Without another word she wrapped her lips and hands round it and started to give me the best blow job I’d had in months.

Red lipstick smudged on my skin and her red nails raked up and down and grazed my heavy balls. I had no need to tell her what to do and just let her do what she wanted. “Fuck yeah Jane you’re a good cocksucker. Think you can still get your lipstick right to the base?”

Red lipstick smudged on my skin and her red nails raked up and down and grazed my heavy balls. I had no need to tell her what to do and just let her do what gaziosmanpaşa escort she wanted. “Fuck yeah Jane you’re a good cocksucker. Think you can still get your lipstick right to the base?”

She looked up then pushed down as far as she could go. Once, twice, three times. Not quite balls deep but I knew if we had had more time she would have got there. But we didn’t so I pulled her up and pushed her back on the bed. I helped her wriggle out of the dress and stood for a moment admiring her lingerie and sexy body. “You had this planned didn’t you naughty girl!”

“May be Dave. Now come and fuck me with that massive prick I know you want to!”

She grabbed it and pulled me forward rubbing the head against her wet lips before I pushed in. Her eyes went wide as I entered. “Yeah you like that don’t you. You’ve missed it, never found one as good”. She bit her lip and nodded as I slid deeper. I pulled back and she moaned. When I forced it back in she gasped “uh huh, uh huh” nodding and wrapping her arms round my neck. “Oh so tight, so beautifully tight.”

Slowly I built up some rhythm and she quickly found her own, adjusting to my shaft. She pulled me deeper and we were soon fucking hard. Kissing passionately.

“Give it to me stud, fuck me good because it’ll be your last chance.”

“I’ll give you what you want, what you crave. I’ll make you feel every fucking vein of this cock in that juicy cunt and make you cum so hard!”

“That’s what I was counting on. You fucking me like a whore with that fuck stick. Yes pound me baby. I can take it. Shit that’s deep. Oh fuck me you’re making me cum already. Ah ahhhh yesssss, so good, don’t stop. Of fuuuckcckkk.”

I kept the pace high as her body shook with pleasure and she just rode it out and the shock waves that followed. We swapped positions several times and on each occasion she licked my cock clean. ‘Do you taste good gölbaşı escort Jane?”

“So good!” she replied and pulled me down to share a fierce tongue filled kiss that gave me a taste of that wet fanny.

She pushed me back and straddled my thighs, flattening my cock against my stomach and sliding her pussy up and down the length. I lifted my head to her tits as she teased herself and sucked on her swollen nipples. ‘That’s good” she gasped before pulling away with a smile. Lifting my thick pole up and herself above it she slowly impaled her hot velvet cunt on it again her faced showing how much she enjoyed it. I was loving every second watching my dick disappear inside her and then reappear slick with her juices.

She rode me faster and faster then dismounted only to turn round and go reverse cowgirl. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. “Remember how much I like this position babe?”

“Yeah you filthy slut. You used to show off riding guys like this. Showing how you got filled and stretched.”

She ground right down at the thought and I held her hips as she bounced her arse on me. I reached round with one hand and played with her clit and she started to move faster. “Yeah do that, that feels good.” She became more vigorous as I continued to play. Her body slammed against mine till she was loosing control. I took control and pulled her back on to my chest and frigged her clit fast and fucked up into her wet hole. “Mmm make me cum again” she pleaded totally unnecessarily. I worked her to a frenzy and she came shuddering on top of me.

I held her till her breathing was approaching normal then rolled her onto her side while she recovered.

I was caressing her and began to feel her are grinding back on me. “Mmm that feels good. Still hard for me.”

“Always” I growled and lifted one of her legs so I could slide back inside her. She purred and the feeling and we keçiören escort rocked gently back and forth for a few minutes. We could both feel the pace increasing. The need building again. I was thrusting hard when she rolled onto all fours and looked back. “Come on. Fuck me again. I want that thing balls deep inside me wrecking me and making me cum hard!”

I didn’t need telling twice and grabbed her hips and sank my thick shaft deep and began to give her exactly what she wanted. There was plenty of encouragement from Jane’s filthy mouth and I love it. She drove back and I slammed forward and she took it all. I pulled back on her shoulders and she dug her nails into my forearm. I pulled her hair forcing her to arch her back and stick those big tuts out so I could grab them pressing them together and pinching and squeezing her nipples. She grabbed one of my hands and pushed it between her legs and I drugged her clit. Then she yanked my hand away and sucked the fingers biting them when they were clean. I pushed her back down and drilled her soaking wet snatch filling the room with a filthy wet sound.

Our moans became louder and louder but we didn’t care. She yelled for more and when I have it to her she screamed and came so hard I could feel her squirting over my balls and thighs. I rammed home five or six times then felt my own climax arriving.

I pulled out and she rapidly swivelled to grab my cock and suck it, tasting herself before I wanked it hard and fast and let loose a torrent of hot sticky spunk over her face, her tits, filling her mouth to over flowing and then letting her lick the head as the final drops appeared. She swallowed with evident pleasure then looked down. “Fuck Dave I’m covered. Plastered. It’ll take ages to get cleaned up. Mind you it’ll take you a while to get that weapon concealed properly again.”

I watched as she scooped up cum and licked her fingers clean. My cock throbbed but I knew we would be missed if we stayed away any longer.

Finally we were ready and slipped back to the party where no one seemed to have missed us.

I haven’t seen Jane again since the party but Lucy, my neighbour, has called me in to look at a couple of jobs in the house. Her husband isn’t much of a handy man she says and it’s the far bedroom she particularly thinks needs looking at.

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Furnished Room Ch. 06

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It was an incredible weekend… an astounding two days.

An ad in the paper at the Waffle House about a room for rent had peaked my interest, I don’t know why. The woman on the phone (Claire Moore) had an incredibly sexy voice that compelled me to meet her. And there I was moving into a house with a lonely married woman whose husband was out of the country for months and her gorgeous, and seductive, eighteen year old daughter. That was on Thursday.

The Moore house was filled with more sexual tension than any other place I had ever been. Feeling the aura of those two females that first night was like I was a stag in rut and I couldn’t sleep. On Friday morning I gave Stacy a ride to school…a ride that ended up in her giving me a blowjob. I thought her an inexperienced teenager but found It ended in a blowjob from one whom I young woman who turned out to be one of the most adept fellators I had ever encountered. She went away for the weekend with a friend (Selena), which started the adventure with her mother, a love fest that nearly wore out my sexual parts. A blow job in the car by Stacy, jacking off twice in the car with the panties she left with me and finally the weekend with Claire, what more could I expect? Three days into my three month stay in Denver and I couldn’t believe my incredible good fortune.

Friday evening with Claire started downstairs with kissing and petting in the living room and ended up in her bedroom where we engaged in extensive foreplay. I ate her pussy for over half an hour and she sucked my cock, showing me that the Moore women’s capacity for good fellatio was a family trait. We engaged in a marathon fuck that night that left us both exhausted…and went to sleep in cuddling spoon. Claire awoke me (or should I say aroused?) about three a.m. with her mouth on my hard cock… and suckled me to ejaculation. Further copulation had to wait until morning; we were both exhausted.

We spent a lot of time in bed on Saturday and Sunday. What was so unbelievable about the experience was how perfectly we meshed as a sexual couple. It was as if we had been with each other for years. Whether or not size matters, our parts fit like fingers in a fine kid glove. In between our love making we talked…and talked….and talked. I told her about my divorce, the many women I had been involved with, a frequent disappointment, since the divorce and the fact that I had never been with another woman who had satisfied me so completely, either in marriage or outside of it.

Claire told me about her life, how she had been a cheerleader in high school, was sexually curious and active with many boys, said that her fascination was with cocks and sucking them and tasting what spilled into her mouth (that explained her expertise in sucking). Ted Moore came along and swept her off her feet, as well as making her pregnant with Stacy. Ted resented marrying so soon under the cloud of a baby coming and their marriage hadn’t turned out well. He finished college with Claire working full time while being a young mother and became a successful civil engineer. He made a lot of money, then, started gambling. His gambling put the family into financial jeopardy and Claire stopped having sex with him…for about two years. He took the job in Afghanistan, a high risk, high paying job with forced savings that had the potential to wipe out their debts. She would leave him when that came about.

She told me etimesgut escort she had never had sex with another man since she married, said she had been hoping someone would come along and fill her need, and, was set aflame by the spark that was ignited when I first walked into the house. Then, she told about a woman friend (Selena’s mother) who had brought her into the world of bisexuality and had introduced her to the joys of cunnilingus and a woman’s touch…and tongue…and being fucked and fucking with a strap-on, experiences, she confided, she would continue to seek.

She knew that Stacy was like her when she was young; socializing with too many boys. There were always boys…and she was often with more than one. Claire suspected that Stacy had been bringing a boy, or boys, into the house while she was at work. And, she had been called by a male teacher—in strict confidence—that he thought Stacy had propositioned him. “I was amazed that he’d called,” she said, “and that he didn’t take her up on her suggestion. One of my teachers did.” When I asked how she felt about him calling she said, “I’m terrible Lance, all I could think about was how his cock would feel in my mouth, and how his cum would taste. You must think I’m a slut.”

I let her in on my fetish for digging dirty panties out of hampers and that I had actually jacked off a few times with Stacy’s. That turned her on and she insisted that I go through her hamper and show me how I did it, lying on the bed and masturbating while I jerked in her panties. We both climaxed, after which she cajoled me into licking my semen out of the panties and kissing her. Kinky women have always been such a turn-on for me. Maybe I’m the slut.

She told me that Stacy would probably proposition me also and asked me to behave myself. I didn’t tell her that she already had, asking her how she would feel if I ever did anything. She was quiet for a long time after I asked then said, “I seduced my uncle when I was sixteen and we kept the affair going for eight years… until he moved away.”

I was standing in front of the living room fireplace, looking at the picture of Claire, her husband and Stacy when I saw in the mirror the reflection through the front window of Selena’s black Escalade stopping in front of the house. I looked at my watch, it was 6:13.

Stacy got out of the car and waited for Selena to join her from the driver’s side. They looked at each other and laughed, held hands and walked toward the house. When the door opened I turned and Stacy looked at me with a smirk. Selena smiled broadly. “Have a good weekend,” I asked and they gave each other a knowing look, reached out and gave each other’s hand a squeeze.

“I think I’m going to have a lot better time at college than I’ve been having at high school,” Stacy said.

It seemed to me like she had been having a pretty good time with her high school boy “friends,” and I wondered what could be more fun. Then the body language between Selena and Stacy triggered the memory of the conversation Claire and I had about her involvement with Selena’s mother and the pieces began falling into place. I thought about Claire’s body entangled with another woman’s and projected the possibility of Selena’s mother sharing her knowledge with her daughter, who in turn passed the knowledge to a neophyte.

Sunday night was uneventful, everybody etlik escort was tired. The next morning Claire took Stacy to school. Apparently her weekend with Selena took the edge off her horns. For me it was a blessing. My parts had been overworked the past few days and I needed a time out. As the week progressed there was no activity with Claire. She made it clear that she wouldn’t do anything with Stacy in the house. But she went out twice in the evenings, nights that Stacy had extra curricular activities. I wondered if she might have been spending time with Selena’s mother.

I went to bed before eleven Thursday night and had the same dream I had the first night, where Claire was kneeled over my body, deliciously sucking my cock. But it was more realistic than the first, more lifelike than any dream I’d ever experienced. I woke up before I came. The clock said it was 2:00 a.m. My covers had been peeled back diagonally, enough to expose my middle and Claire’s mouth was actually suckling me, licking me, her lips sliding over my penis, taking me deep inside her warm, moist oral cavity then sliding off, the saliva cooling my exposed shaft. When she took me deep again it was almost deep throat, except that she gagged and backed off. It was ecstasy to be awakened this way and I assumed that she had backed off her resolve to keep our involvement under wraps when Stacy was in the house. Lacing my fingers in her hair I helped guide her head. But there was something different; her hair was longer than Claire’s. It was Stacy!

I can’t imagine that there are too many men, even those who are permanently and happily married—the ones who go out of town on business and stay overnight in a hotel and fantasize that some woman will knock on his door and engage him in gratuitous sex—who would stop the progress of a blowjob in session, particularly when his balls were in the process of exploding into a warm mouth, as mine did into Stacy’s.

“Mmmm,” she purred, smacking her lips with the silky sound of unswallowed wet sperm. She laid her head on my bare stomach licking the residual semen from my last ejaculation and whispered, “I love cocks Lance…and I luvvv cum.”

Like mother, like daughter, I thought having been told, over the weekend, the very same thing by Claire…about how she sucked cocks as a young girl and loved the feel of cum squirting in her mouth, and the individual taste of each ejaculator’s semen.

She kept sucking me until my cock was a completely soft and wrinkled organ that only fit the need for urinating. Then she covered me with her t-shirt clad body and kissed my lips, filling my senses with the smell of her breath that was mingled with my fresh semen. She stripped off her tee, slid her legs under the covers and nestled against my body, pulling the sheet back over us. Her body was soft, yet youthfully fit. She was warm and her breasts were silky smooth and soft against my back. The bottom of her feet smoothed over the top of mine and she whispered, “Don’t worry about Mom Lance. You couldn’t wake her up with dynamite.” I breathed a sigh of relief.

As her fingers toyed with my flaccid penis and loose testicles she said, “I learned something new with Selena.” Guessing what she would tell me I didn’t respond, simply awaited her next words. Her fingernails scratched through my pubic hair then gently traced up my stomach to my nipples where eve gelen escort she scraped them, flipping them…making them stand out strait. “I ate Selena’s pussy and she ate mine.”

“Did you like it?”

“I loved it,” she enthused. “I had world-class orgasms.”

“When Selena came to pick you up Friday night,” I said, “I knew there was a wildness about her, a sophistication…a maturity.”

“Well,” Stacy whispered, “It’s not as if she learned it all by herself. She’s been doing it with her mother since before she went to college.”

“Did that shock you when she told you?”

“Kinda… I never thought much about our moms being sexy like that and…” My cock had gotten hard again and Stacy was jacking it slowly. She seemed to be contemplating what she would say next. “And…” She laid her head on my stomach and sniffled, her hand still working the loose outer skin of my erect penis. “Selena’s mother and Mom are having sex together.”

“Doesn’t sound like you approve, Stacy,” I said. The conversation seemed surreal, a philosophical conversation being conducted while my cock was being stroked by a young girl, which in and of itself was astounding. I wasn’t interested in her stopping and fully expected that we were going to get quite a bit further involved.

“It was kinda… just a shock,” She said, her sniffles having stopped. “After I found out how wonderful making love with Selena was, and she told me about her mom…and Mom, I just found it hard to believe that she could be doing those things with Selena’s… mother. But Selena explained to me how lonely Mom is… and how needy she is for sex.” She sniffled again and said,” She said Mom and Daddy haven’t been having sex for… a long time.

“So how does that make you feel, Stacy?”

“Weird. But then, while we were driving home I thought about how beautiful making love with Selena was and couldn’t hate my mom for getting the same kind of enjoyment from Selena’s mother. It’s not like she’s being unfaithful to Daddy or anything. But… I don’t want to think about it right now Lance. Let’s fuck.”

She threw her leg over my body and pushed herself up, straddling me. By the way she took control of my cock, holding it to her opening, I knew she had completed this move many times before. The wet glove of her pussy slid down my cock which fit inside her like it was just the perfect size (most pussies are that way, but it still amazes me when it works that way). Awash in the pleasure of being inside a gorgeous, young girl, I fondled her breasts, pushing on them and circling them against her chest.

She squeezed my cock hard inside her and reached down with both hands working her clitoris with her fingers. Squeezing me tighter with her cunt she masturbated, wiggling and writhing until she sniffed deeply, held her breath, froze—squeezing me even tighter—and shuddered. Through the darkness I could see her mouth form into an oval and heard her breath whistling a low tone. Then, she started riding me, one hand in the air like a bronco rider, her ass smack, smack, smacking against my hips and abdomen.

I was on the verge of coming and hissed, “Get off Stacy, I’m not protected.”

“Fuck it,” she said and rode me even harder until I exploded gouts of sperm inside her. She kept pumping, her breath coming in gasps, her slippery channel, even slipperier with my sperm. She worked against my then painfully sensitive head, until she froze, twitched, her pussy grasping my cock with intermittent grasps and fell, gasping for breath, on top of me.

She collapsed on me for a few minutes while her breathing steadied then giggled a whispered, “I’m on the pill,” and abruptly rolled off me and the bed. “It’s 3:30 Lance,” she said. “I better sneak back to my room…

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