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Hopes were high for today and tonight. I was scheduled to meet my lady friend for a drink and have a nice dinner afterwards. Reservations had already been made at her favorite restaurant, clean sheets were on my bed, and I popped a Viagra five minutes before she was to walk in the door. She could be a ball of fire in the sack and I certainly didn’t want to disappoint her.

When she walked in there were almost storm clouds over her head. “Fucking job; Fucking traffic; why the fuck did you pick this place to meet?” I reminded her that this was where we first met. “Who gives a fuck? I don’t want a fucking drink. I don’t want to go out to fucking dinner; and I certainly don’t want to fuck you tonight.” To say she left in a huff would be an understatement.

An older female friend and her husband, who had been sitting nearby, came over. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “Ain’t menopause a bitch? It’s like PMS on steroids.” I laughed and said that I had lived through it before but for some stupid reason thought hers might be kinder and gentler. “She’ll get over it in about six months – if you’re lucky.”

I finished my drink, downed another and decided to just go home and catch up on all the movies I’d been recording. I cancelled the dinner reservation and ate a sandwich at the bar. Luckily it’s a short drive from there to home and I was almost there when a car in front of me broke down. I put on my flashers and helped the driver (a young lady) push it by hand into a gas station. I went back and got my truck out of the street, pulling in behind her. I really wasn’t dressed to help but went to ask anyway.

She was pretty, with silky black hair and an olive complexion. I estimated her to be in her early twenties. “I just ran out of gas.” I offered to push her to the pump but she told me she didn’t have bahis firmaları any money and had been on her way to get her paycheck but didn’t make it. She told me where she worked and said that her bank closed soon. I reached into my pocket and handed her a five.

“Here; this should get you there and to the bank.” She asked if I would follow her so she could repay me and I told her not to worry about it.

“I don’t really like owing people money and I’m not a panhandler.” Fueled by a few drinks, that piqued my interest. I looked at her again. She was cute and thin but with a generous mouth and a slight over-bite. I asked her age. “I’m twenty four; how about you?” I told her to add forty five to hers. “You look good!”

I thanked her and figured ‘what the hell’. “How about if I fill your tank and you empty my tank?” I moved closer to her and rubbed my hand over my bulge.

“I’m not a hooker either!” I explained that hookers did what they did for cash. What I was suggesting a simple bit of barter. I would help her and then she could help me if she wanted to. She thought for a minute then reached out and rubbed my crotch. “You certainly do seem to have a need to be drained and I am on empty.” I took that as a yes and pushed her car to the pump. I inserted my card to pay and set it to auto-fill.

I went to her window and told her that I lived just a couple of blocks away but she suggested the big vacant parking lot next door. She rubbed my now hard cock through my pants while her tank filled. I could sense that she was building up the courage and desire to seal the deal. I topped off her tank and told her I’d follow her. “Do you have a bench seat in your truck?” I told her I did and she said, “Good; I like comfort.”

I parked next to her and she climbed in. She reached for my belt and I turned sideways, kaçak iddaa leaning against my door to make it easier for her to strip me. She got my belt and snap undone and slowly unzipped my fly as she watched my face. With all that finished she began to pull down my pants and boxers at the same time. My cock sprang up once released and she took it in one hand. Taking her eyes off mine, she said to it, “Aren’t you a proud big little man?”

She finished pulling my pants down and off, knelt between my legs, and I watched as she worked her tongue in her mouth and began to salivate. She put both hands around my shaft and used her thumbs on my delivery tube to milk out a dollop of precum. I thought she was going to lick it off but she bent over and lubed her lips with it. A little drool fell from her mouth and hit my cockhead as she finally took me in. Her eyes stayed locked on my face to measure my response.

We’ve all heard the term “sucked like a pro'” but this young lady would put the pros I’ve had the pleasure of knowing to shame. Two things were immediately evident. She knew male anatomy and she loved to exploit it. With her skilled tongue she could have gotten me off in five minutes but instead she cupped my balls in one hand and every time she felt I was close she either backed off or used her tongue on a less sensitive part of my cock. A few times she used her teeth to inflict just enough pain to slow me down. She had total control. At the end of about forty-five minutes I was begging her to finish me. She took me down all the way for a second and then pulled back to the tip. Concentrating her lips on my glans and her tongue on my frenulum she had me off the cliff in seconds. She continued to work me with lips, hand, and tongue until I was spent.

She swallowed all but the residue that glistened on her lips kaçak bahis and after she made sure I saw, licked it off with a long ‘yummmmmy’. She still cupped my balls as she watched my cock shrink. “I’m always amazed as I feel a cock swell, or shrink, in my mouth or when I watch it happen with my eyes. They are truly wondrous things to behold.” I had a little seepage and she licked it off with relish.

“Your skill is really the wondrous thing. Do you have a mentor? That was really the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” She blushed and thanked me.

“Well, I really enjoy doing it and have for a while. But the key to being good at anything is practice, practice, practice; right? Let’s just say that I was voted the most popular girl in my class both my senior year in high school and throughout college as well. After a while you lose track of the hours you spend practicing because you enjoy it so much.”

“Well you’re a self-taught marvel and I’m very happy that we could help each other out today.”

She still had my balls in her hand. “I thought I was supposed to drain that tank? It seems like there is still some in there!” With that she took my cock in her mouth again and with her skill (helped by the Viagra) had me hard again in seconds. When I was, she backed off and looked at my cock. “Amazing!” was all she said before taking my full length in and keeping it there for a couple of minutes. I told her she was incredible and that elicited a nice long ball rattling hum. She went a little faster this time and I blew in about twenty minutes. She kept sucking until I was soft and well drained. She still had my balls in her hand and sighed, “I guess your tank is finally empty and my obligation is paid?”

I assured her that she had paid me back in full but that she could call me the next time her tank was nearing empty. I wrote down my number on a post-it-note and gave it to her. She grabbed another sheet, wrote a number, and said with a smile, “Only if you promise to call me call me the next time your tank is full!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32