Afternoon Swim

Afternoon Swim

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Big Tits

Tired, Scott leaned back into the soft cushions of the deck chair. It had been a long day, hustling with orders and customers at a small, upscale restaurant in town. The orders had come fast and furious, and the customers were certainly not helping things out, asking every two minutes for one more little thing. Seriously, how can you ask me for more dressing one minute, then when you bring it do you ask for something else?

Scott had graduated from the local college with a degree in business administration. Once out of college, he tried working for several firms in town. The 9-to-5 office thing, with miles of cubicles, annoying workers that reminded him of the movie “Office Space”, and the constant politics drove him nuts. So, he checked the want ads and found his current job. He had been there almost a year now, so he pretty much had his pick of work days and hours. He typically worked the lunch shift, so he could be done by early afternoon to have the day to relax.

Scott enjoyed the work – it was a chance to seriously turn off his brain and just plod ahead. Besides, every now and again, there was a hot woman who had a drink too many who was on the prowl. Not drunk, mind you, but to the point that any cock would do as long as they were satisfied. Scott had ended many a shift in the coat closet or in a woman’s car.

There was one woman there today that got him going. A tall, busty blonde, obviously married to her husband simply for the zeroes in the bank account. The restaurant Scott worked at was fairly upscale, near the local country club, so you weren’t seeing AC/DC t-shirts and cutoffs, that’s for sure. This woman was about 30 and well-endowed upstairs. She certainly wasn’t afraid to show it, wearing a knee-length black skirt and button-down white blouse. As she leaned forward, the shirt would gap, giving everyone including Scott a show of her massive breasts held tightly in her black lace bra.

She began to call on Scott to bring things throughout the meal. Her husband was sitting next to her, but engaged in a conversation with another man regarding stocks, bonds, bulls, and bears. I know nothing of the financial or stock market, I work on a waiter’s salary after all.

With each delivery, Scott would bring the item requested and place it in front of her. She always accepted by looking up at him and smiling broadly, her sky-blue eyes dancing every time. Scott could swear she was looking him up and down every moment her was around. For a brief second each trip, they would lock eyes.

After several more trips, she became more brazen. After the appetizer course, Scott could swear she had unbuttoned the top button from her blouse, allowing a greater view of her large tits. During main course, as Scott reached near her to refill her water, she leaned forward so that his arm brushed against her breasts. As he moved away slightly (maybe she didn’t intend to, and he didn’t need to be fired or beaten up), she shifted to keep the contact.

Finally, as he cleared the dessert dishes, he felt the unmistakable touch of her arm brushing against his crotch. Now this was a clear signal, that’s for sure! He nearly dropped several dishes as she slowly rubbed along his groin. The sensation was incredible, especially as she again stared into his eyes, silently communicating her desire to him. He was in shock, especially as her husband sat right next to her talking about P/E ratios or some nonsense.

He finished gathering the dishes and headed back to the kitchen. Once inside, he had to stop in a quiet corner of the kitchen to gather himself. This keeps going, I won’t need both hands to carry these trays, he thought.

In his mind, he played out a fantasy of bringing her a tray of food with a cover dome. As he brings it to the table, he removes the dome and, voila, his rock-hard manhood poking through a hole in the tray, making it the main course.

She gasps, not out of anger or fear but out of pure desire, and gently leans forward to lick the tip of his exposed cock. After several tentative licks on the tip, she pulls back and tosses the tray aside, his throbbing member now standing proudly from his open fly.

She slowly accepts the head into her mouth, swirling it around. While only the head is in her mouth, she slowly circles it in her mouth with her tongue, taking care to apply maximum contact between her tongue and the cock. She begins to lean forward, and the cock slowly disappears into her mouth. As she reaches the bottom, he can feel the tightness of her throat constricting around the tip of his cock.

She continues to bob her head, looking up with pure lust into his eyes. With her free hands, she reaches with one into his pants and cups his swollen balls. She traces her fingers gently around, touching and caressing every inch of his balls. Her other hand reaches up for his hand, and places it on the back of her head. As she sucks on his member, her hand guiding his hand on her head forces him into a rhythm, where he is fucking her mouth by pushing ulus escort her head onto his swollen cock.

**SLAM!** Scott’s revelry was interrupted by the sound of a car door slamming. Although his backyard was secluded by trees, bushes, and a fence, the sound of the neighbor’s car still could reach him. He wondered which neighbor it was, Matt or Angie. Matt and Scott have become good friends, and through this friendship Scott got to see more of Angie.

Angie was about 30, and had been married to Matt for a few years. She was somewhat short, in comparison to average women, but had an absolutely gorgeous body. She had been into swimming while in college, even competing in a few small tournaments. Her body was lean and toned, and she wasn’t the typical stick-thin suburbanite. She rarely wore makeup, as her natural complexion made it unnecessary. Her dark brown hair ran to her shoulders, where it sat just above her perfect C-cup (as Scott estimated) breasts. On more than one occasion Scott had been treated to seeing her in lycra pants and a sports bra as she ran a few laps around the block.

He heard the front door to his neighbor’s house open and shut, at which point Scott’s idel curiousity ended. He settled back again, hoping to continue his daydreaming. The sun beat down on him, and the cold beer he had consumed when he first got home began to coax him towards a nap. He still was horny from his daydreams, and as a result he had developed a sizeable semi-erection. Although not a porn star by any measure, he was proud of his solid 8″. As he dozed, his half-erect cock maintained a pup tent in his loose swimming trunks.

Just as he began to drift back to sleep, he heard the sharp squeak of his fence’s front gate. As he looked up, he saw Angie wincing and trying to be polite in entering the backyard. She was wearing jeans and a tank top, and was barefoot. As she pushed the door open she saw Scott and leaned around the fence gate to talk to him.

“Geez Scott, I’m really sorry to bother you,” she said.

Scott straightened up in his lounger, pulled his sunglasses on, and told her it was OK.

“I hate to bother you, but I have a favor to ask.”

“Sure, what can I do for you?” Scott replied.

She began to walk into his backyard, approaching him as he sat near his pool. “The cable’s been on the fritz, and I was supposed to have the cable company come today to work on it. They gave me the standard ‘We’ll be there between 8am and 4pm’ routine. I was going to call them and see when they are coming, but my cell phone battery is dead. Can I use your phone?”

“No problem at all”

“I really appreciate it. I hate to have you get up from being so comfortable. How about I just go in your house and get the phone?”

Scott said that was fine, and with that she let herself in through his sliding glass door. He settled back to continue to catch some rays.

As she made her calls, Angie looked through the kitchen window at Scott lying in the sun. He had a pretty good body, she thought, and certainly looked like he spent a good deal of time sunning in the backyard and in the gym. She also noticed the bulge in his shorts. Was that just a trick due to the cut of the shorts or the light? Had he been having a sex dream when she came in? The thought got her slightly excited.

After being told by the cable company that a technician wouldn’t be around until tomorrow due to high demand, she hung up and walked back outside. She told Scott about the scheduling and her frustration in taking a day off from work to wait for them.

“Well, anyway, thanks Scott for helping me out. I’ve got to get back and work on housework.” Her eyes lingered over the crystal blue pool and surrounding patio.

“Anytime Angie,” Scott said. Catching her stare at the pool, he said, “You know, you’re more than welcome over any time to use the pool if you’d like.”

She looked around the backyard. “Thanks for the offer. I’d love to take you up on it sometime.”

“No time like the present. Besides, you look like you could use it. How about now? I put some drinks in the fridge in the kitchen when I got home, they should be cold by now.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t. You seem so comfortable, I’d hate to bother you. Besides, I know you worked at the restaurant today. You must be beat.”

“I am, but a little company never hurt. Look at it this way: if you want to come over, your price is getting me another cold beer from the fridge.”

Angie pondered for a moment. It had been a long time since she sat in the sun and let the warmth and breezes relax her cares away. Her husband tended to be so demanding, forgetting that she works a full-time job and takes care of the house. Besides, she took a vacation day to sit and wait for the cable man – since he wasn’t coming, her schedule was wide open.

“OK. You got it, let me get my suit and I’ll be back in a few minutes,” she said.

As she turned and left, Scott’s mental jaw hit the floor. He yenimahalle escort never thought she’d take him up on it – he just always assumed she would always be another one of those neighbors you just wave hello to as you drive past. Just the thought of seeing her in some form of bathing suit, whether bikini or conservative one-piece, sustained his semi-erection. He could have sworn he saw her looking it up and down while they were talking. He worked on positioning himself so as to keep his cock at bay – she offered to come over and swim, for crying out loud, not star in a porno!

A few minutes later, Angie reappeared through the gate wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a white tank top. The straps to her bikini top were clearly visible under the tank top. She wore dark sunglasses and brought two cold beers and a towel.

“I couldn’t be a bad guest and drink your beer, so I brought a pair from my house for us,” she smiled as she walked over to Scott.

She sat the drinks down on a small table and pulled a second lounger closer to Scott. As she pulled it over, Scott was treated to the sight of her tight ass as she bent and pulled the chair along the concrete deck. His cock began to rustle just a little bit more. She sat her towel down on the lounger and began to undress.

Scott, still trying to be the gentleman, kept his eyes somewhat averted, but behind his sunglasses he taking every glimpse he could. He had always found women undressing very seductive, even if they weren’t strippers or trying to get him into bed. The bending, wiggling, and removal of garments to show some new skin always excited him.

She began by pulling the bottom hem of her tank top up and over her head. As she did, Scott saw her tight stomach and perky, bikini-covered breasts appear. Her skin was silky smooth and flawless. She was wearing a blue halter-style bikini top that did a good job of holding her tits in.

Once she removed the top, she shook her hair loose and unbuttoned her shorts. She shimmied back and forth, pushing the shorts down. Scott always found it amazing, women must go to class to learn how to do this. The wiggling of the hips and the slight helpless appearance was always exciting. Her bikini bottom matched the top, and as she turned to put her clothes away Scott saw the bottom, while not a thong, definitely accentuated her tight athletic ass.

She sat down and engaged Scott in some idle chatter for a few minutes, asking about work and his life in general. She complained about her job and how busy her life had become, not allowing moments of peace like this one.

She then took a few minutes to apply some sunblock Scott had sitting on the table. Again, Scott tried to be the gentleman, but did manage to sneak a few peeks as she applied to lotion to her glistening body. He silently prayed she would ask him to put some on her back, but she finished her front and snapped the cap back on the tube. Afterwards, she laid quietly on her lounger, turning occasionally. Scott maintained his gentleman ways, but did feast with his eyes every now and again.

After about half an hour, Angie got up and went into the pool. As she jumped in from the edge, Scott took in the beauty of her body as she went in. She swam a few laps, her tight ass just breaking the water surface, almost beckoning to Scott. Her motions seemed effortless as she glided through the water. The swimming had made the bottoms creep ever so slightly up her crack, making the view even better.

Angie swam to the edge nearest to Scott and put her arms up.

“Why don’t you come join me? I feel like a fish on display in the aquarium with you just sitting there leering at me,” she said.

“Nah, I’m good,” Scott said, keeping in mind the bulge in his shorts he was making.

“C’mon,” she pleaded. “I promise I don’t bite.”

“OK, sure, why not?” and with that he got up and jumped in.

After a few minutes lounging in the pool, Angie swam up to Scott and proposed a game of catch with a foam football Scott had near the edge. As they played, Scott accidentally threw the ball higher than normal a few times, which caused her to jump up to catch it. This jumping resulting in her tight torso and covered tits being on display. Scott began to intentionally overthrow just to see her leaping for the ball. The sight of water cascading down over her too-tight top and her taut stomach got Scott feeling the same tingle her felt earlier when thinking about the blonde customer.

Angie paused and swam back to Scott.

“How about a game of tag? We’ll both start from one wall, and one person has to tag the other. When you get tagged, we switch and begin again,” she proposed. “We used to play it all the time as a swim practice, you don’t notice all the good workout you get.”

Scott agreed, thinking that any chance to tag this woman would be just fine with him.

They began with Scott chasing Angie. Her strong swimming background showed as she swam away with great power. Not to be undone, Scott chased after her. After about 30 seconds of chasing, he caught her as she made a quick turn. He grabbed her around the stomach, and was treated by feeling her soft skin against his strong arm. As he pulled her in, she ever so lightly rubbed against his swimsuit-covered groin with her firm ass. He immediately let go to avoid seeming like a pervert – this was just innocent games anyway, right?

They began again, with her chasing him. Angie quickly caught him, this time by wrapping her arms around his muscular chest and holding onto his back. He felt her firm breasts pressed against his back, and felt her hold on for just a second longer than needed.

After a few more rounds, Angie proposed a change to the game. “This time, if one person catches the other in 30 seconds or less, the person caught has to lose an item of clothing,” she said.

“I don’t know Angie. Would your husband be cool with you taking off your clothes here with me?” Scott asked.

“Well… he probably won’t care, and besides, we’re just going to have fun, right? No reason that he would be upset.”

“I really don’t think so… Matt is a good guy… and…”

“He still is. I just want to have fun. We did this same game back when I was on the girls’ swim team in college.”

Scott’s mind quickly flashed to a dream of a pool full of college co-eds playing skinny-dip tag. “OK, if you say so. But wait, you have two pieces, I have one.”

“You’re right. The first time I catch you is penalty-free, but the second time it’s off with the trunks!”

“You’re on.”

The first round had Angie chasing Scott. Her swimming skills prevailed and she quickly caught him and announced his penalty-free card had been used.

Scott then chased Angie, but failed to catch her in 30 seconds. His disappointment was obvious. The next round Angie chased Scott, but thanks to a quick turn he made at the end, he escaped capture until 30 seconds was up. Again Angie caught him around the chest and held onto him for a few seconds before releasing.

As Scott chased Angie for the second time, he thought he noticed her swimming slower than normal. He easily caught her and after a few seconds released her. He honestly anticipated that she would back out of the bet to remove clothes.

“Oh well, you got me,” she grinned, and with that reached behind her neck and untied her halter top. The top flopped down to just above her nipples, showing Scott a large portion of her breasts. She reached and untied the string around her back, and pulled her hands around to keep her breasts covered with the now-detached top. She shot Scott an seductive grin and moved her hands. The top dropped off into the water, leaving her bare breasts exposed.

Her breasts showed a bit of age but were certainly perky enough for a 30-year-old. The tan lines around her breasts, from working in the yard in a tank top or sports bra, excited Scott, as her breasts were milky white and topped with huge strawberry nipples. Scott had to fight the urge to grab them then and there.

Angie splashed him, calling him a perv, and said to get ready for the next round. As they pushed off the wall, Angie mounted a sizeable advantage on Scott and caught him instantaneously.

She stepped back and said, “Take ’em off, big boy!” She began to imitate a bad porn soundtrack as she stared at him and smiled.

Scott hesitantly looped his fingers into his waistband and pulled the trunks down underwater. Through the clear water, Angie could see his swollen cock spring away from his body, now relieved of its prison of swimming trunks. He somewhat sheepishly kicked the trunks aside, and stepped forward towards the topless Angie. He felt a strange mixture of self-consciousness and desire, both of which were cast aside when she said, “OK, let’s go, next round.”

In the next event, Angie was again easily caught by Scott. Almost too easily, thought Scott. He rather enjoyed this capture, as he caught her from the side in a bear hug. His arm stretched over her bare tits and his cock rubbed against her outer thigh. He held on for a few seconds, ever so slightly rubbing his cock along her thigh. He noticed she made no move to break from the hold.

As he broke the embrace, she stepped to the side and slowly and seductively ran her fingers into the sides of the bottom and pulled it down. She kicked the bottom aside to join the rest of their swimsuits floating in the pool. She sidled up to him and said, “Next round.”

“Wait, what can I remove? We’re both naked!” Scott asked.

“Use your imagination,” she purred and winked.

As they pushed off the wall the next time, it was obvious neither was really trying to escape. She easily caught him by wrapping her arms around him and pressing up against his back. He felt her tight wet body against his, her breasts against his back.

Her hands rubbed around his chest and stomach, and ventured lower to grasp his cock. His erection had forced his cock up against his stomach, and she wrapped her hands around his dick and began to stroke slowly. As she stroked, his hips began thrusting in time to her strokes. As she stroked, she nibbled and licked at his neck and ears.

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