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Reese had been after us for years to come out and stay for awhile. Now that he was married, Lauren felt it was proper. We were going out to Vegas for nearly a month.

I hadn’t taken an actual vacation in years, Lauren and I never could get our schedules to mesh. Seemingly, the gods intervened, and everything came together.

Carol met us at the airport and I loaded the luggage in the truck. I don’t think D-Day needed this much stuff, but Lauren wanted to be prepared for everything, so she brought WAY too much crap.

“Where’s Reese?” I asked Carol. “You didn’t leave him tied to the bed did you?”

“Interesting idea.” Carol quipped. “He had an emergency call, a performer was injured and they wanted Reese.”

“Never hurts to be popular.” I joked. “Steady income.”

“He sends his love.” Carol said. “He’ll probably be at home when we get there.”

“Would you mind driving?” Carol queried. “I’d like to catch up with Lauren.”

“Delighted.” I smiled. I loved driving the Raptor, especially in the wide open spaces out in the desert.

I knew Carol and Lauren had been in touch with one another, but apparently they were getting along better that I thought.

They sat in the back seat, chatting, while I drove for Reese’s place. I couldn’t make out much of what they were saying, but they laughed and seemed to have a good time.

As predicted, Reese was standing in the garage when we pulled in.

Reese opened the door for the girls and hugged Lauren as soon as her feet hit the ground. “Glad you’re here.” He beamed. “We’ve got so much planned, it’s going to be great.”

I walked around the truck and Reese and I hugged. “Good to see you Wheels.” Reese grinned. “I see Carol conned you into driving.”

I just shrugged and smiled.

“What about me?” Carol bemoaned. “Do I get a hug too?”

Reese laughed and scooped Carol up into a bear hug, lifting her off the floor. “This will have to do for now.” He chided. “We have company.”

“Don’t let us be a bother.” Lauren said with a sly grin. “We don’t want to be in the way.”

She and Carol exchanged glances and winked.

I stood there stunned. These two were up to something.

We unpacked and settled in and before long wandered out to the sunroom looking for our hosts.

“Dinner will be ready shortly.” Carol announced. “I’ll call you when it’s ready.”

“Let me help you.” Lauren said, following Carol to the kitchen.

I sat down across from Reese. “We may be in trouble.” I said

“In what way?” Reese inquired.

“I’m not sure.” I said. “But the girls exchanged winks while you were hugging Carol, I think something’s up.”

“No sense worrying.” Reese stated. “We’ll find out soon enough.”

We ate and talked, catching up on the time since the wedding. After dinner, we retired to the sunroom, drinking wine and telling stories.

After the long day, we were tired, and a little tipsy, so we wished our hosts a good night and retired to our room.

“I’m so glad to be here.” Lauren smiled. “It’s been too long since we got away.”

Hugging her and kissing her softly on the lips I said. “Agreed, it was nice of them to invite us out.” “Are you sure you’re OK being here?”

“Of course.” She said. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well, Carol is a bit, um, uninhibited.” I laughed. “No telling what she might do.”

“I like her attitude.” She chirped. “She makes me feel young.” “It’s refreshing to be around someone that isn’t afraid to be themselves.”

“She is most definitely one-of-a-kind.” I added.

“I’m gonna hit the shower before bed, I smell like airport.” I said. “I won’t be long.”

Under the warm, pulsing spray of the shower, I was starting to relax when a pair of hands snaked around me. “Like some company?” Lauren purred into my ear.

We hadn’t showered together lately, always too busy, too tired, whatever. I really missed it.

I turned and kissed her, smiling. “Always.” I said. “One of my favorite things.”

She smiled back and kissed me, much more passionately this time.

I cupped her ass cheeks as we kissed and she made no effort to stop me. In fact, her hands started to wander as well.

Letting go of her ass, I moved to her tits, kneading the flesh and pinching her nipples. She moaned into my mouth, but, again made no effort to stop me.

Wanting to see where this was going, I spun her around. I cupped one tit and shot the other hand between her legs. She leaned back into me and parted her legs granting me better access to her box. I started fingering her slit and rubbing her clit.

She stiffened and reached behind her to grab my now raging hard on, stroking it in rhythm with my fingers in her pussy.

I kissed and bit her neck and ear while I fingered her causing her to moan and sigh. Before long, she went limp, spasmed and came.

I held her while she recovered, amazed at the sudden change in her libido.

She turned and kissed me. “That was nice.” She grinned. “You always were good with your hands.”

“I aim to please ma’am.” I drawled.

“Well, speaking of aim.” She said sporting a devilish sarıyer escort grin.

She dropped to her knees and started stroking my dick again. “I want you to cum on my tits, do you think you can hit them?”

Did I mention she has 38DD tits.

By now, I was grinning so hard it hurt. She hadn’t let me cum on her tits in ages, she felt it was demeaning, yet here she was asking for it.

She released my cock and cupped her jugs, jiggling them at me. “Shoot me big boy.” She purred.

I grabbed my cock, stroking it furiously. The thought of glazing my wife’s tits with my cum making me nearly mad with desire.

Much too soon, I grunted and shot my load all over my wife’s ample bosom, coating them evenly, then leaned against the wall of the shower.

Lauren stood up. “Nicely done.” She said and started polishing her boobs with my semen causing them to glow and shine.

She snuggled up against me and kissed me. “Let’s finish up.” She cooed.

We cleaned each other up and got out of the shower. I toweled her off, of course making sure everything got dry.

We went to bed shortly thereafter and cuddled for a bit before falling asleep.

We awoke rather early, around 7AM, and started rummaging around our room.

As I started to dress Lauren stopped me.

“Honey, we need to talk.” She said. “I know the dress code here and I don’t want our hosts to change what they do because of me.” “I fully expect Reese and Carol to be naked when we go to breakfast, I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet.”

“OK” I said puzzled. “What do you need from me?”

“That’s not the problem exactly.” She said.

I continued to look puzzled.

“There are three problems I’m wrestling with.” She stated. “First, Carol is so pretty and petite, she makes me look like an old cow.”

I started to say something.

“Quiet!” She hissed. “You’d tell me I was pretty if I had leprosy and my boobs fell off, you’re my husband.”

I nodded, she was right.

“Second is Reese.” She bemoaned. “I’m sure that seeing me compared to Carol is…”

I cut her off. “You need to ask Reese how he feels, it might just surprise you.”

“Anyway, third issue.” She continued. “I’m having a very hard time getting past his…bigness.”

“Meaning what?” I queried .

“I’m find it difficult not to stare.” She admitted. “I mean, that’s the biggest one I’ve seen in a very long time, and here I thought you were big.”

“I am darlin’.” I drawled. “He’s just bigger.”

“You’re not helping.” She hissed.

“Hon, to be honest, I find it awkward as well, but if I’m being totally honest, I’d like to be packing that beast myself.” I admitted. “It’s a guy thing, can’t have too big of a dick.”

“Guess I didn’t know men got penis envy.” She giggled.

“Anyway.” I stated. “They aren’t going to judge you regardless of how you go out there, naked or clothed, they’ll love you just the same.”

“I’m going to find something to eat.” I said. “Decide what you want to do and come out when you’re ready.” “I’ll support whatever decision you make.”

I hugged her, kissed her tenderly and reached down and pinched a nipple. “I love you, make me proud.”

“Get going you damned pervert, you’re not helping.” She smiled.

I went to the kitchen and found Carol already puttering around, naked of course.

“You’re up early.” I said. “Wasn’t expecting to see you.”

“What kind of a hostess would I be if I let my guests fend for themselves.” She giggled.

“While I appreciate the effort, please don’t go to any trouble.” I said. “We’re here for a long time, don’t want to be a burden.”

“No trouble, I’m enjoying being domestic.” She beamed. “Where’s Lauren?”

“She’s having something of a crisis.” I said. “She feels a bit self-conscious .”

“I’ll go talk to her.” Carol stated.

Carol left and Reese walked in shortly afterwards.

“Where’s the girls?” Reese asked.

“Carol was here, but went to talk to Lauren.” I said.

“What about?” Reese queried .

“She thinks you and Carol will think she’s fat and ugly.” I admitted.

“Nonsense!” Reese hissed. “She’s a knockout.”

“You know I agree, and I’ve told her so, but she doesn’t believe it coming from me.” I said dejectedly.

Just then Carol rounded the corner. She winked at me. “Lauren’s on her way.”

The three of us were standing side by side when Lauren came in. She was naked, but had her arms across her chest hiding her breasts.

She looked at each of us in turn and smiled weakly, but her reaction to Reese was one of shock.

Reese was flaccid when Lauren first walked in, but as soon as he saw her, he immediately got hard. “Morning beautiful.” He beamed.

Lauren blushed deeply at Reese’s reaction.

“I told you so!” Carol laughed looking at Lauren. “A stiff dick never lies.”

“Carol!” Lauren gasped. “He’s got you, he can’t possibly think I’m pretty.”

Carol and I started to speak, but Reese cut us off.

He walked over to Lauren and took her hands, exposing her breasts esenyurt escort in the process, looked her in the eyes he said. “You are beautiful.”

“But…” Lauren started.

“Let me finish.” Reese chided. “You have the face of an angel, beautiful red hair and the feisty disposition to go with it.” He continued. “Your skin is amazing, soft and pale, the perfect compliment to your hair.” “Your breasts are magnificent.”

She listened, stunned by Reese’s words.

“You move with the grace and agility of a ballet dancer.” He added. “Hips and ass swaying as you walk, stately, confident.”

“But I’m fat and look at all these scars.” Lauren sighed, gesturing at her belly.

“Those aren’t scars, they’re medals of honor to be worn proudly.” “Every one tells the story of an obstacle overcome.” He smiled. “And as for your curves, I find them intoxicating, I’d like nothing more than to explore every inch of you.” “Believe me when I say if I’d met you first, well, things could have turned out differently.”

Finished, Reese pulled Lauren into a hug and she immediately broke down, sobbing.

Reese held her as she cried herself out, then lifted her face and softly kissed her on the lips. “You truly are beautiful, never, ever doubt that again.”

By now Carol was crying and I was tearing up.

I walked over and hugged Lauren. “I told you he’d surprise you.”

“I never believed anyone could see me as pretty.” She said. “Besides you, and I don’t understand why you do.”

“I chose to be with you.” I stated. “What more do you need to know?”

She smiled and hugged me harder. “You could have had Carol and you chose me, stupid, really stupid.”

We all laughed, lightening the mood.

Lauren seemed much less uncomfortable being nude around everyone and she helped Carol get breakfast ready.

“The only bad thing about being naked is my tits get in the way of everything.” Lauren lamented.

Carol grabbed her breasts, frowning. “I’d like to have that problem.”

“I’m sure your husband could arrange that.” Lauren giggled.

“Nah.” Reese sneered. “I just install the damn things, don’t want to play with them, however, if you need a tit wrangler, I volunteer.”

Lauren blushed again, but smiled.

For the next 5 days Reese and I would be taking a driving class at the Las Vegas Speedway. We were taking Reese’s 911 and the Audi R8. A pro instructor would be showing us how to get the most out of the cars.

Carol said she had stuff planned for her and Lauren, but wasn’t telling Reese and me what it was.

We had a blast driving like maniacs during the day and all too soon the week was over. The girls still weren’t telling us what they were doing, but they seemed happy and were definitely getting along well.

It was a bit surreal having my wife and my college ex-girlfriend/ex-mistress hanging out together. I only hoped Carol didn’t slip up.

We would be in Vegas for Valentine’s Day, and Reese and I made plans for a big dinner in town, after which we would return home and the girls would unveil their plans.

I must admit, Reese was far more patient than I was, I speculated at length about what the girls had planned. Reese just shrugged and said. “As long as we’re included, I’m good.”

Dinner was amazing, seemingly, Reese knows everybody in Vegas so, of course, he got us into a fantastic restaurant where we stuffed ourselves unabashedly. The girls were tossing back the wine and both were pretty lit by the time dinner was over.

We got home around 10:30. Carol gave Reese and me blindfolds and instructed us to sit in the sunroom and wait. We both grinned and complied with her instructions.

We talked, blindfolded, while the girls prepared for whatever they were going to do. Reese still refused to speculate about anything. “It’s Carol.” He said. “Use your imagination.”

“That’s the problem.” I said. “But if Lauren’s in on it, it can’t be too far out there.”

Then Reese scared me saying. “Carol can be very persuasive you know.”

“Not helping.” I lamented.

We could hear the girls talking, but not well enough to tell what they were saying. Occasionally, one of them would walk through, presumably checking on us.

Finally, we were told to remove the blindfolds and the scene we beheld did not disappoint.

The room was dark except for 20-30 candles. Several bottles of champagne were chilling in a cooler and the girls were dressed in matching outfits.

They were wearing red babydoll outfits with open cups and underwire supports, so Lauren’s tits stood proud and looked HUGE. Matching crotchless g-strings, stockings and garters, devil horns and tails.

Carol opened a bottle, poured four glasses and handed two to Lauren and took the other two and sat down next to Reese. Lauren downed hers in one gulp and refilled her glass, emptied it and went for a third before sitting down next to me and handing me my glass.

If she needs that much liquid courage, we’re going to have a good time.

“We’re going to drink some bubbly and play some games.” Carol grinned. “Keep avrupa yakası escort your hands to yourselves for the moment.”

“What’s the game?” Reese asked.

“Truth or dare.” Carol said. “You get to go first my love.”

“We all have to answer this first question, then you can choose after that.” Carol said. “Lauren and I have been working on this for weeks, so sit back and enjoy.”

“Reese dear.” Carol purred. “What was the most memorable/kinky/mind blowing sexual experience you’ve ever had?” “Please be as graphic as possible.”

Reese thought for a few minutes, then regaled us with a story from his college days when he fucked a set of twins, a long held fantasy of mine. I must admit I was a bit jealous.

Then it was my turn. I looked at Carol and said. “Christmas ’81.”

She thought for a moment, then lit up. “Let’s tell that one together.” She beamed. “I think hearing it from both perspectives will make it that much hotter.”

I proceeded to tell the story of “Christmas Carol Ch 1” from my profile.

By the time I was done, Reese had a raging boner and even Lauren was squirming in her seat.

Carol took her turn retelling the story from her side and it was very enlightening. I never really knew the events leading up to those days.

Turns out Carol and Marilyn were comparing boyfriends and the only way to settle the argument was for both of them to fuck me. They both fucked Marilyn’s boyfriend too, but Robin didn’t participate in that one, she didn’t really like the guy. Carol won.

I was flattered.

Lauren got quiet. “I don’t really have anything very interesting.” She said. “Compared to you three, I’m practically a nun.”

“Just tell us something you think is exciting.” Reese prompted.

“Well, I’ve never done anything terribly wild, but my most memorable time was our first time together.” She sighed, grabbing my hand and smiling. “You were so gentle and so concerned with my needs.”

“You see, before we met.” Lauren explained, looking as Carol and Reese. “My luck with men had been abysmal.” “I only had two previous lovers, both equally bad.” “He was the first man I’d been with that cared about me, I felt so special.” “It was then and there I knew he was the one, that I loved him.”

Carol wiped away a tear, smiling. “I’m glad you two found each other.” Then she hugged Lauren.

When Carol was done, I pulled Lauren to me, hugging her lovingly, then kissed her. “By that time, I’d already fallen for you, I just hadn’t had the chance to tell you.”

“OK, enough mushy stuff, time to get real.” Carol announced. “We’ll leave it to chance.” “Let’s spin one of these empty bottles to see who goes next.”

“Couples rule.” Lauren said. “Whoever is chosen, their spouse gets to ask the question.”

Carol spun the bottle and Reese lost.

Carol squealed. “Ok, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Reese deadpanned.

“Would you like to play with Lauren?” Carol asked, grinning. “Remember, you have to tell the truth.”

Reese blushed a deep red and looked at the floor “I…I..uh.”

“You’ll have to do better than that.” Carol giggled. “Tell us.”

Lauren came to his defense. “You don’t have to answer.”

“No…I want to.” He nearly whispered. “I haven’t been able to shake these thoughts…these desires…you…you’re beautiful…stunning, I want to…do things…that your husband would probably kill me for, but it’s how I feel, I can’t lie.”

Lauren gasped, then blushed as well, stunned at Reese’s answer.

Next spin and Lauren lost.

“Truth or dare?” I asked her.

“With this bunch, truth is much safer.” She admitted.

“OK then.” I said. “What would you let Reese do, if you could?”

She blushed, then flushed across her face and down her chest.

“You can change to dare if you want.” Carol intervened. “That’s a pretty intense question this early in the game.”

“No.” She said. “I’ll answer.” “I’ve spent a lot of time wondering…” She faded off, lost in thought.

“Wondering what?” I inquired.

“Doesn’t matter.” She said. “I’m married, it can’t happen.”

Reese blushed again, Lauren was becoming visibly excited.

Next spin and I lost.

“I’ll be adventurous and pick dare.” I said to Lauren.

“Let me think.” She said. “Any good ideas Carol?”

Carol quietly asked Reese something, then whispered in Lauren’s ear. She smiled and nodded.

“I dare you to cum on Carol’s tits.” She commanded.

To be honest, I wanted to do more than that.

Carol took off her top and knelt if front of me. She mashed her breasts together and looked up at me grinning.

I started stroking my erection, fully intent on spraying my seed all over her. If she was lucky, I’d hit her boobs, but I was going to “accidentally” aim a bit higher.

Lauren watched, mesmerized, as I pounded my cock, pointing it at Carol, waiting for it to unload on her bosom.

It didn’t take too long before I erupted, my first shot hitting Carol in the chest. I arched my back as I came and the second and third shots caught her squarely in the face. What I had left, dribbled across her tits, slowly dripping down to land on her thighs.

Carol was initially startled when I blasted her face, but smiled and wiped the cum off with her fingers and licked them clean. Lauren watched, stunned as she continued to clean herself, enthusiastically licking up the sticky mess. Damn it was sexy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32