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Special thanks to 1moeannie, for all her suggestions and help editing this story.

This story is the beginning of the interludes between Amy and Michael. My other story, Amy’s Sundress, happens long after this story and I plan to write them all, soon.

It was a Friday afternoon and the kids had just been released from their classrooms. Amy was straightening up her class before preparing to leave for the weekend when Nikki walked in.

Nikki was one of the younger teachers at the elementary school. She was in her early twenties, five foot three, mid length brunette hair, soft brown eyes, skinny with small breasts. She probably wore padded bras to give her a nice silhouette, but she made up for it with a narrow waist and well-toned legs. Nikki obviously was a regular at her gym and exercise classes. Then again, what else does a young single lady have time to do, other than work and party on the weekends? Nikki was typically the coordinator of happy hours and events; she had a bubbly personality and confidence to talk with anyone. She was very approachable, if she hadn’t approached you already.

“Hey Amy, you have plans tonight? Tori and I are thinking of catching happy hour at 3rd Base, that sports bar that a lot of the twenty and thirty year old guys frequent.”

Tori, was another of the younger teachers at the school, who was frequently seen out with Nikki. Tori was taller, five foot seven, with a larger frame, probably size eight dress with 36B chest and proportional hips and thighs. She had bleached blonde hair that drew your attention along with big brown eyes and a friendly laugh. Tori was less outgoing than Nikki, which was part of the reason the pair were together so much. Nikki comfortably got Tori into the center of attention.

“What time are you thinking?” replied Amy

“5:30 or 6?”

“Sounds good. I want to go home, freshen up. I’ll meet you there.” Amy agreed.

“Great, be sure to wear something flirty,” half joked Nikki.

Amy laughed, then Nikki laughed and replied, “Seriously Aim, wear one of those outfits I’ve seen you wearing out with your husband, Chris. We don’t need teacher Amy with us, scaring away the guys. Tonight is going to be a blast!”

Amy stopped laughing stating “Don’t worry, I’ll come up with something flirty.

With that Tori spun around and left Amy’s classroom. Amy continued gathering her things to leave for the weekend, but had a hint hesitation about agreeing to happy hour with Nikki and Tori. They had been trying to get her to go out with them for several weeks and tonight was a good night. Chris was working late on a big project for his accounting firm.

Amy was in her mid-thirties, older than Nikki and Tori who were in their early twenties. Amy was, however, considered the most attractive teacher at their school. All the boys wanted Mrs. Amy Cooper for fifth grade, with her shoulder length sandy blonde hair, azure blue eyes, five foot nine athletic frame and impressive full 34D chest.

In high school, Amy was a state champion tennis player and continued to have a tennis player’s toned legs and shapely buttocks. She dressed conservatively, yet it was hard to hide her stunning features. When she wore a loose blouse and bent over a student’s desk, allowing a glimpse down her blouse, it was something they fantasized about well into their high school years. One of the ongoing jokes among the teaching staff was how Mrs. Cooper’s parent conferences have the highest attendance of dads in the entire school. Despite her good looks, Amy was typically quiet, socially reserved to the point of being considered shy, and for the most part naive to the attention she received.

As Amy drove home, she had reservations about going out with Nikki. She grew up in a small town and hadn’t dated much. She met her husband in college and married him shortly afterwards. She was not comfortable getting the attention that the younger ladies today received and participated in. That said a night out with Nikki and Tori would be a nice break from the monotony. Besides it was only a happy hour.

“Stop the internal talk!” Amy said to herself, “Chose your flirty outfit,” as she stood in her closet flipping through her clothes. “Let’s start with under garments, they are the foundation to your attitude, no one will see them but you will know you are sexy underneath.”

At least no one but her husband would see hers, but feeling naughty, wearing a sexy thong and bra would resonate in her attitude for the evening. She decided on a lacy black thong with a small triangle in the front that covered her manicured rectangle shaped pubic area and small strings that would allow her tight designer jeans to hug her bottom. Next she chose the matching black bra with the front clasp, which perfectly supported her breasts and created a lot of cleavage. For her top she selected a tight button down black blouse, that was snug around her breasts, and only buttoned up to the middle of her breasts, allowing a tasteful, ankara escort yet flirty, view of her cleavage. The spectacular fullness of her breasts was well showcased by this blouse. The outfit was completed by a pair of low cut heeled boots.

Once dressed, Amy wondered if this outfit was too flirty for the evening. “Stop the internal talk!” Amy said again to herself. “You look amazing! You deserve a night out with the girls.”

After touching up her hair and makeup, she grabbed her cell phone and called for an Uber to take her to the sports bar. Upon arriving at 6:15, she noted the place was a typical busy Friday night sports bar with televisions covering all the walls, pool tables, dart boards, a bar area and a restaurant area for groups and families. Nikki, Tori and two guys were at a high top table in the bar area.

As Amy approached the table, Nikki commanded that the guys make room for her, so Amy could be next to Nikki and part of the group. One of the guys, caught by surprise at the sight of Amy, exclaimed “Wow! Who is this?”

Nikki sniped back, “Calm down, this is one of our friends from school, Amy. Amy, this is Todd and Bart, friends of Tori’s from college”.

Both guys, probably in their mid-twenties, gawked at Amy for a couple of seconds, which immediately made her feel slightly uncomfortable and that this might not have been the best idea.

Nikki immediately felt the vibe and suggested the guys go get Amy a lemon drop martini from the bar and to order some appetizers, since their waitress was worthless and hadn’t come over to check on them.

The guys left, whispering to each other, as they left the three ladies for a while. Nikki apologized stating that Todd and Bart were already there when they arrived at 5:30 and most likely had several drinks already. As Tori watched the guys at the bar, Nikki leaned over to Amy and whispered that Tori had a major crush on Bart since their college days, but they had never “hooked up”.

Tori turned back to the table and joked, “Stop whispering!”

To which Amy and Nikki smiled and laughed. The three started talking about the drama at school, sharing different gossip and funny stories about the kids, families and other teachers. It took about 20 minutes for Todd and Bart to return to the table with Amy’s drink and 5 shots of tequila.

Nikki laughed, “I guess the party is starting!”

Amy looked down at her shot and up at Nikki next to her. It had been awhile since Amy had done shots, especially this early into an evening. Amy reached for her shot, when Todd said “Wait…. No hands for the ladies!”

“What?” replied Amy, as Nikki and Tori laughed.

Tori replied, “Just watch Amy.”

Tori positioned the shot glass in front of her, and then placed her arms behind her back. She then seductively looked at Bart, lowered her head down over the shot glass, wrapping her lips around it’s girth. Once again Tori made eye contact directly with Bart, worked her lips lower on the glass and then rose up letting the liquor slide down her throat. She then lowered her head down to the table and released the shot glass from her lips. This display took Bart by surprise, as everyone else chuckled.

Next up was Nikki, who did the same routine without looking at anyone in particular, but with the obvious experience of someone who did this frequently.

Nikki then looked at Amy, stating in a joking manner “You’re up darling!”

Amy paused, as everyone at the table, plus several people at the nearby tables, looked at her, as she contemplated this overtly sexual act. She didn’t want to be the prude, so she adjusted her blouse, put her arms behind her back and started to lean over the table to surround the shot glass with her lips. As she leaned in, both Todd and Bart had an amazing view down her blouse at her breasts. Then as she opened her lips to accept the girth of the glass she looked up and her blue eyes locked with Todd. She was not meaning to look at him, it just sort of happened. Todd smiled at her. She closed her eyes and adjusted her lips to get a firmer grasp of the glass, then straightened up; the tequila in her throat caused her to shiver as the liquor slightly burned. Her shiver caused her chest to jiggle back and forth adding to the display. She then returned the glass to the table, as the people at her table and several other tables clapped and laughed. She straightened up, blushing as she saw everyone’s response.

Todd, still staring at her, jokingly raising his hand, exclaimed “Check please!” making a signal to the waitress.

Nikki, laughing, grabbed his arm and pulled it down and stated, “In your dreams, didn’t you notice her large wedding ring? She is not going to waste her “hall pass” on you.”

“Hall pass?” stated Bart “Is that like the movie?”

“Yes,” replied Nikki before the startled Amy could speak.

Amy then looked at Nikki, as everyone at the table focused on her, and asked “How do you know about my ‘hall pass’?”

Nikki escort ankara then recounted that at the school holiday party two years ago, Amy was having a couple of drinks and told a group of the older teachers that her husband offered her a “hall pass” since she hadn’t dated much in her younger years.

“My gosh, does everyone at the school know about that? I can’t believe I shared that, nor do I think I have the moxy to use it.” Amy shared, feeling a little embarrassed.

“It was gossiped about for a little while, Aim, but that was so long ago. But some things you just don’t forget. I doubt that my future husband will be so progressive,” Nikki shared.

“Nik, you probably have dated more in 6 months than I have in my whole life!” Amy retorted.

“Aim, are you calling me a slut?” Nikki quipped.

“No-no-no, I apologize. I am just being defensive and that tequila shot is already racing through me. I know that relationships and dating have changed so much in the last 10 years. We never had Tinder, Match or any of the social media that you have now, crazy how things have changed. You know I consider you a good friend, otherwise I wouldn’t be here tonight.”

Finally, the waitress delivered their appetizers, the group returned to casual joking, gossiping with the guys doing their best to flirt. Both Nikki and Amy played it off, but Tori seemed to be enjoying and encouraging it.

It was during this time that Amy noticed a guy at the bar, who would occasionally look over at her. They locked eyes several times then Amy would look away and return to the conversation at the table. She didn’t know why she kept looking over at him. He was very handsome, in his late twenties or early thirties, tall, short blonde hair, blue eyes, chiseled jaw, broad shoulders and a very fit frame. He sort of blended into the crowd. If he wasn’t occasionally looking at her, she would not have noticed him at all.

The conversation continued at their table and Amy was feeling good with the drinks, appetizers and continuous jesting and flirting. It was a much needed break from her normal monotony. She was surprised when she looked at her cell phone and saw it was already 7:45. It was about that time when Bart and Todd asked if the girls wanted to go to another bar in Old Town. Tori immediately said “yes”.

Nikki gave Tori a quick look of surprise, and then stated “Aim and I are going to stay here a little while longer.”

Amy was feeling good and didn’t feel the need to change venues, she figured it was a strategic move by Bart and Todd to see if the ladies were interested in them or not. She smiled at the games being played now-a-days.

The guys, being gentleman, called the waitress over and paid the entire bill for the table, then proceeded around the table to hug Nikki and Amy goodbye. Todd being a little more daring, really pulled Amy into his young firm chest, pressing her breasts against him firmly. Amy tolerated the overt gesture, enjoying the attention, mostly because he was leaving.

This left Nikki and Amy alone at the table and they continued to chat. Nikki was a little upset that Tori left with the guys. Nikki had planned to go dancing at a western bar, Handlebar J’s, later in the evening.

Nikki’s complaining was interrupted as she caught Amy smiling at the handsome guy at the bar, who Amy had been exchanging glances with. Nikki immediately grabbed Amy’s arm and stated “Holy crap! That is Lauren’s ex-boyfriend Michael”.

Amy replied that she didn’t know who Lauren was.

Nikki went on to explain that Lauren is a college friend and sorority sister of hers, who was modeling for a couple of local magazines and trying to become an actress.

Nikki described Lauren as an absolutely stunning, tall slim blonde, and that she loved to go out with, guys who always bought Lauren drinks and tried to impress her.

Michael and Lauren recently dated for a month or so, but Michael ended it, which really upset Lauren, “she is not the type that gets dumped!”

Nikki had gone out with them a couple of times and even helped console Lauren after Michael ended the relationship.

Nikki went on to explain that Lauren mentioned that Michael was the best lover she had ever experienced. Not only was he very physically attractive, he was very well endowed, in fact on many occasions Lauren said she was “sore in a good way” the next day after their dates. His amazing cock would give her breathtaking, leg shaking, rolling orgasms. Lauren had never been fucked so well and so hard by anyone.

“And coming from Lauren, that is a true compliment,” Nikki confessed.

Amy could tell by the way Nikki described him, that Nikki would jump at the chance to have sex with Michael. As if recounting Lauren’s story had inspired Nikki, or maybe the drinks had inspired her, Nikki left the table spontaneously marched over and hugged Michael, who was looking the other direction and was caught by surprise. He looked down at the small brunette and they immediately ankara escort bayan started chatting. Amy could see Nikki smiling and laughing with him and felt a little jealous, but immediately dismissed it. She was married and that feeling, as normal as it was for the situation, was not merited.

After a couple of minutes, Nikki returned to the table with Michael and introduced him to Amy. They exchanged introductions. As he stood by the table with them he asked if they wanted another round of drinks.

Nikki quickly responded “Yes!”

Michael hailed the waitress, who, of course, quickly responded to him, then went to get another round of drinks.

Through the ensuing small talk, they shared their backgrounds. Michael had recently completed two, four year tours with the US Marines and was now working for a security consulting firm in the area. Nikki was hanging on every word he said and was not good at disguising her interest in him. Amy being more mature and wiser, hid her interest, but was still politely engaged.

Michael was very charming and carried an interesting conversation with the two girls for a while, getting them to share stories from their careers and lives. He expressed interest in learning more from Amy, but Nikki would steal the conversation, whenever she could. Amy found this entertaining, as Nikki was usually very collected and confident when talking with guys, but appeared to have lost her normal composure.

At the next break in conversation, Nikki said they were heading over to Handlebar J’s to do some western dancing. She asked if Michael wanted to join them. Amy then interjected that she was not sure she was “up for that”.

Michael smirked and responded, “I’ll meet you there, only if Amy is there”.

With that, Michael excused himself and rejoined his buddies at the bar.

Nikki looked at Amy stating, “You gotta stay out with me. Tori abandoned me and we got to see where this goes. Please Amy! This night has the rare chance to be legendary, I don’t know if I will get another chance with Michael, but I gotta get an opportunity to seduce him and see if Lauren’s confessions are true. Please Amy?”

“Nikki, I just don’t know, this is not my situation, I am married and you are asking a lot of me. You don’t need me to be a third wheel.”

Again, Nikki stated, “Please Amy? I know you are also enjoying the attention and he definitely seems interested in you also.”

“Let me call Chris and check in and I will let you know.”

With that Amy left the table and walked outside to make the call. After a brief conversation, Amy knew it was entirely up to her if she wanted to go. Chris was going to be working well into the night, if not through the night to complete the project that he was struggling to put together. Amy pondered the situation, admitting that Michael was very attractive and she enjoyed his attention, as much as Nikki. It felt like there was no harm in going dancing for a while. It had been a while since she had gone dancing and besides she was a huge fan of country music.

“Why not?” she concluded.

When Amy returned to the table Nikki was playing on her phone. Michael back at the bar made eye contact with her. She smiled, he winked and she smiled again. There was definitely a message being sent, but she was naive to what it truly was.

Nikki inquired, “So is this going to happen?”

Amy smiled and Nikki responded, “Great, our Uber is on its way.”

Then she, once again, marched over to Michael to let him know that they were leaving and Amy was going with her. She gave him a tight hug and returned to grab Amy and walk outside to meet their Uber.

It was a short Uber ride to the western bar, but Nikki was very excited and chatted a mile a minute, most likely due to the alcohol. Amy was only half listening to her rambling while pondering why or how Nikki was blind to the situation. Why would Michael insist that Amy go, if Nikki was the center of attention. Was it the alcohol, her arrogance or belief that she could seduce him? Maybe it was a combination of all these things. Maybe Nikki figured at the end of the night, Amy was going home to her husband and Michael might turn to her. Whatever it was, it was going to be an interesting night.

They arrived at the western bar, which was crowded and full of activity. The dance floor was full, the DJ was playing the latest country tunes and there was a lot of energy in the air. Nikki skillfully worked her way through the room, found a table near the edge of the dance floor and settled in. It didn’t take long for the attractive women to get attention. They didn’t even have a chance to order drinks, when two city cowboys approached them. The guys were decent looking, in their mid-thirties and dressed in stylish western attire. They asked if the ladies wanted to dance the next song.

Nikki brushed them off saying “We are waiting for some friends to arrive.”

Amy smiled at the taller one and said “Sure”.

Nikki looked in surprise at Amy. Where did this shy girl get this confidence and why dance with the first guy that asks? Amy figured, there was no harm and they were there to dance, so why wait around for someone that may or may not show up.

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