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After dropping Billie off, I decided to drop in on Dr. Mai Ling. I wanted to see if she had time to discuss the treatment with me.

I also had an ulterior motive. I wanted to see Ann. She hadn’t called this week and I thought that she might be a little miffed at me.

This was the second week in a row that she had pulled this. The first week, I understood, but this one, I didn’t.

I parked and went in. Ann looked up from her desk and beamed a big smile at me. Well, I guess she wasn’t mad at me. She didn’t throw anything. What was it? Oh well, I’d find out later.

Right now I needed to talk to Dr. Mai Ling if she had time for me. I told Ann what I wanted and she called Mai Ling to check with her. Dr. Mai Ling told Ann to show me to her office. She had some free time and wanted to discuss how I was getting along anyway.

We headed down the hall. I think Ann enjoyed this as much as I did. As she pranced down the hall that fantastic ass swayed from side to side. I was reminiscing about last weekend, when the trip came to a halt. Damn, this hall gets shorter every time. My cock hadn’t had time to get real hard yet.

Ann knocked on Dr. Mai Ling’s door and we were told to come in. Mai Ling was at her desk when we entered and she rose to meet me. I couldn’t get over how pretty she was. I wished that I had the chance to spend a night or two with her. It could prove interesting.

Ann left and Mai Ling motioned me to the couch, sitting on the other end from me. The situation looked promising, more informal than before. Maybe the familiarity of the treatment had something to do with it. She asked how I had been getting along. I told her about everything that had happened to me since having the treatment.

I went into the details about all the fucking I had done since the treatment. When I mentioned the erratic behavior of my cock and the number of “false cums,” she was intrigued.

By the time I finished, Mai Ling’s breasts were rising and falling rapidly. My escapades turned her on. I guess her sex life wasn’t very exciting, so I could understand. Maybe I could liven it up for her.

She had drifted closer as we talked and was only arms length away. I reached out my hand and she took it. I pulled her toward me and kissed her long and deep. She responded as though she was starved for sex. She pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. She moaned and pushed her little tits against me. She had her arms around me, pulling me as close as a second skin.

After a couple of minutes of kissing, I reached to her throat for the zipper to undo her dress. She stopped me saying that she wanted to fuck me, but not now. This was not the time or place for fucking. She had another appointment scheduled.

Going to her desk, she took a note pad and wrote down her address. She asked me if I would come at 7 for dinner and I accepted.

Before going, I had to have one more kiss. I pulled her to me and we melted in each other’s arms. The kiss lasted for only for a minute. The damned phone rang. It was Ann with Mai Ling’s next client.

Telling Mai Ling that I would find my way out I left. I met Ann in the hall, said “bye” in passing and kept walking. Ann would wonder what happened to me.

Knowing I’d see her the next morning, I figured I’d explain then. I had a lot to do between now and 7 o’clock.

I got in my car and headed for the supermarket. Mai Ling was Chinese and I knew she couldn’t resist a good plum wine. I bought a couple of bottles to take with me as a peace offering.

My favorite plum wine is a Japanese brand, Takara. I didn’t want to insult Mai Ling, so I bought a Chinese brand that I had heard was excellent.

Then, I went home to get some rest. I put the wine in the refrigerator to chill and headed for the bedroom.

After I cranked up the Sauna, I got into the Jacuzzi to soak for awhile. Turning the heat to high, I leaned back and let the hot water bubble around me. When the Sauna was hot enough, I shut down the Jacuzzi.

Entering the Sauna, I sat down on the boards, leaned back and fell asleep. I must have only slept for 10 minutes or so. When I woke up, my body was cherry red. I took a shower to cool off. After I finished showering and rinsed off, I headed for the bedroom, collapsed on the bed and slept.

After sleeping for about 4 hours, I woke. It was after five and I was ravenous.

With only a couple of hours before dinner, I didn’t dare eat more than a light snack. Mai Ling would kill me if I did.

I sliced some cheese, cracked open a beer and headed back to the bedroom to get dressed.

When casino şirketleri I finished dressing, I grabbed the wine, jumped in the car and headed out. Mai Ling’s address was in Chinatown and I needed time to find it.

I drove around for 30 minutes before I found it. I guess I should have asked for directions.

As I was parking on the street, a driveway gate opened. Mai Ling beckoned for me to pull inside and park. That was a good idea. No telling how safe my car was on these dark, narrow streets. There isn’t any more crime in Chinatown than any other place – your car was just not safe anywhere any more. I pulled in and parked.

Mai Ling’s front yard was immaculate. She had a good gardener. I was to find out later that the gardener was Mai Ling. She led the way inside. As I stepped in, I noticed the polished flooring.

Following the oriental tradition of removing your shoes at the entrance, I took mine off and donned the little slippers Mai Ling handed me. After she had hers on, I handed her the wine. Her eyes twinkled when she saw the brand.

I followed Mai Ling into the dining room and got a good look at part of the house as we made the trek. The house was a lot larger than I first suspected.

Mai Ling served some traditional Chinese food. And I was starved. When she commented on my appetite, I told her what happened. She laughed at my sleeping for so long. When she laughed, her voice had a melodic tinkle.

After dinner, we relaxed with brandy and chatted. I commented on Mai Ling’s choice of fare for the meal and she was pleased that I enjoyed it.

So formal, these Orientals, yet you could feel at ease with them.

When I mentioned that I was getting a headache, Mai Ling insisted of doing something about it. I asked what she had in mind and she said for me to wait.

She left the room, returning with her acupuncture needles. The Chinese have a needle treatment for just about anything, especially headaches.

Mai Ling moved me to a reclining easy chair and began. After putting a couple of needles in strategic places, she inserted the ones that make you sleep. I slept for about 10 minutes or so. When I woke up, the headache was gone and I felt great. I also felt as though I had an orgasm while I was asleep. My cock was hard as a rock, though, so it wasn’t that. I must have dreamed it.

Mai Ling put the needles away. When she returned, she didn’t give me a chance to say or do anything. She came over to my chair and crawled up into my lap. Snuggling her lips to my neck, she began to give me little kisses, nibbling on my ear lobe for good measure. My cock began to get harder.

I tilted her head so I could kiss her. She moved around, crushing her little tits to my chest. After a few minutes of heavy petting, her breath was getting faster and faster.

She got off my lap and led me into the bedroom. As we entered, I turned her around and gave her a good long kiss. She molded her body to mine, grinding away at my cock with her pussy. As we kissed, we fumbled with our clothing, clearing the way for some serious sex.

After getting undressed, we got into the bed. Mai Ling pushed me onto my back and proceeded to suck my cock. It was hard now and getting harder. I saw a basket chair hanging from the ceiling and I couldn’t help thinking, what a strange place for a chair.

Mai Ling stopped sucking my cock long enough to dim the lights. Returning to the bed, she moved into the classical ’69’ position. As her hairless pussy covered my mouth, I lapped at it with my tongue. I worked over the fleshy pussy lips, pulling on her clit with my teeth, and flicking it around with my tongue. Then I stuck my tongue up her wet pussy as far as I could reach. She reacted by placing her mouth on the head of my cock and sucking it.

As she worked up and down the length of my shaft, she began to hum. The effect was erotic. My cock began to swell as “false cum” number one arrived. We stayed in the ’69’ position for some time. Mai Ling had been cumming in buckets all the while. When her juices began to flow, they didn’t stop.

I finally got to “false cum” number two. When Mai Ling felt my ball sac begin to swell, she climbed off me.

Going over to the wall, she loosened the ropes that was holding the chair over the bed. As she lowered it, she explained the purpose for it. My hard cock began to pulse in anticipation. It was a Chinese torture chair. It had a two-fold purpose.

If it were a woman you wanted to torture, you placed her in the chair. Then you kept her supplied with stiff cocks while the chair was rotated. As soon casino firmaları as one cock came, it was replaced with another one. This was kept up until the woman confessed and told everything she knew.

If it were a man that you wanted to torture, you use the same technique. Except you replaced the woman in the chair as often as it took until the man confessed. A man’s cock can be quite tender right after coming and keeping a steady friction of pussy on it can be painful.

I wondered who was being tortured this time. Mai Ling secured the chair and climbed in, placing her moist pussy just barely onto the head of my cock. Wriggling around she moved into the position she wanted and rang a bell. Tai Soo came into the room. This was a surprise. Not seeing her all evening, I had assumed that Mai Ling lived alone.

Tai Soo loosened the ropes a little and lowered the chair until Mai Ling’s pussy was firmly seated on my 12″ cock. Then she raised the chair about a half inch. Securing the ropes, she double checked that Mai Ling’s ass was not touching my pubic area. That could hurt if that happened.

Then, Tai Soo put her hands on the chair and began to turn it. As she turned the chair around, the ropes began to twist. I was getting the idea now. The twisting of the ropes raised the chair. The feeling of Mai Ling’s hot pussy winding around my massive cock was indescribable.

When the rope was fully wound, my cockhead was barely in Mai Ling’s pussy. Tai Soo released the chair and stepped back to watch. The chair started spinning. It spun slowly at first, then picked up speed. Mai Ling’s pussy began rotating it’s way down the length of my cock as the chair began to lower.

When it reached bottom, the momentum twisted the ropes in the other direction. Mai Ling’s pussy started moving up the length of my cock again. As the chair reached it’s zenith, it didn’t climb as high though the effect was the same. I was in heaven. My cock felt as if a dozen mouths were sucking on it at once.

The chair began to unwind again until it reached bottom. Then it started up again. Mai Ling was beginning to babble. Apparently the feeling of my stiff cock rotating in and out of her hot pussy felt good.

Tai Soo was unzipping her dress and I turned to watch. Soon, I began to cum. My juices began spurting into Mai Ling’s pussy providing well needed lubricant. This allowed the chair to rotate more freely. When my balls were emptied, Tai Soo stopped the chair’s rotation and helped Mai Ling out.

Tai Soo climbed into the chair, taking Mai Ling’s place. As she settled her juicy pussy on my cum coated cock, it slid right down to the bottom. She wriggled her ass until she was comfortable and, taking hold of the ropes, began to turn the chair by herself.

She couldn’t get the chair fully wound up, but she managed to create an erotic sensation on my cock. Her movements in trying to twist the ropes caused her pussy to clench and unclench around my cock. Her pussy was milking my cock for all it was worth. My cock began to get hard again. As it did, it was filling Tai Soo’s hot pussy. She gave up trying to twist the ropes and tried another trick.

She began to bounce her body up and down in the chair. This action caused her pussy to slip up and down the length of my shaft. Soon, she began to cum. I didn’t have any juices left in my balls, but my stiff cock brought Tai Soo to orgasm. Finally, Tai Soo had enough and climbed out of the chair.

While she went to clean up, Mai Ling pulled the chair up near the ceiling and tied the ropes. When Tai Soo came out of the bathroom, it was my turn.

I came out of the bathroom and found that Mai Ling and Tai Soo hadn’t had enough. They were locked together, head to pussy on the bed. What I thought I had seen during the treatment had been a reality.

I leaned against the door jamb to watch. Both were virtuosos at sucking pussy. As they licked and sucked each other, my cock started to stiffen.

My poor cock was getting a workout. Mai Ling was on her back and Tai Soo was on top. As Mai Ling sucked Tai Soo’s cunt, she reached her hands up and spread Tai Soo’s ass cheeks. She then begin fingering Tai Soo’s ass hole. After watching her unsuccessful probing, I reached over to the dresser and got some cold cream.

As Mai Ling continued her probing, I applied cold cream to the area. When Mai Ling felt it, she began working on inserting her finger. She pushed at Tai Soo’s ass hole and her finger slipped inside. Tai Soo tensed up as Mai Ling’s finger invaded her ass. Then, she relaxed to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, Tai Soo was having güvenilir casino some fun of her own. Her middle finger was buried deep in Mai Ling’s ass. Mai Ling worked her finger in and out of Tai Soo’s ass hole. Tai Soo was doing the same to Mai Ling.

I decided that they needed a little help. Finding the vaseline, I put some on my stiffening cock and climbed onto the bed.

Since Tai Soo had her ass in the air, so invitingly, I decided that I would start there. Stroking my cock to make it harder, I moved behind her and placed my cockhead against her ass hole. Mai Ling removed her finger when she felt what I was doing.

I eased forward until my cockhead was pushing at Tai Soo’s tight little ring. Then, leaning forward, I forced it in. You could hear it plop as the crown of my rigid cock slid in. Tai Soo let out a little yelp and tightened up her ass. When she realized what had happened, she relaxed to help my cock penetrate her.

Using little in and out strokes, I soon had the full length of my cock deep inside her.

Meanwhile, Mai Ling was going at Tai Soo’s cunt with full vigor. Sucking and licking, she was trying to bring Tai Soo to a climax.

My thick cock in Tai Soo’s ass was preventing her cumming. The action was not what she expected and she felt tense. After a few more deep strokes, she began to move her ass toward me in acceptance. Tai Soo was finally beginning to get into being ass-fucked. A few strokes later and I began to have one of my “false cums.” I withdrew my cock from her ass and went to clean up.

When I came out of the bathroom again, both girls were gone.

Wondering what was up, I put on my shorts and pants and went looking for them. Searching the house from top to bottom, I found no trace of them.

As I was giving up, ready to get dressed to leave, Mai Ling came into the room. I asked where she had been, but she just smiled and told me to follow her.

She led me to a door in the corner of the living room. What I thought was a closet turned out to be the basement door.

As we descended the stairs, we could hear noises coming from below. What I saw made my cock stiffen again.

Tai Soo was strapped to a chair. Her cunt was impelled on a massive dildo and the vibrating action was making her cum. Tai Soo got very vocal when she came. As we watched for awhile, Mai Ling asked if I wanted to try one of the conveyances they had.

As I was trying to make up my mind, a giant came out of nowhere. He was the biggest Chinese I ever saw. He grabbed me around the chest and held me firm. I don’t know who this fellow was but he was too damned big for me to fuck with. He must have weighed close to 400 lbs.

He carried me over to one of the chairs. Sitting me down the way he did, I didn’t try to get up. He had the attitude that he would really break my head if I did. After ripping off my pants and shorts, he strapped my hands and ankles in the chair.

Mai Ling came over and proceeded to set me up. First, she adjusted the chair until my cock was straight up in the air. Then, she reached over and began to suck it until it was hard as could be. Mai Ling left me and moved Tai Soo into position. Mai Ling adjusted Tai Soo’s chair with Tai Soo’s pussy in the air.

She then moved my chair until my cock was real close to Tai Soo’s pussy. Taking the dildo out of Tai Soo’s pussy, she positioned us with my cock at the entrance of Tai Soo’s pussy. Then, with a few adjustments, she had my cock buried inside of Tai Soo. Flipping a switch, she left the room.

The switch caused both chairs to begin a back and forward motion. Moving only an inch or so at a time. It looked like Mai Ling was going to leave us here for awhile. Tai Soo started to cum. I could feel her pussy contracting with her spasms. After she had reached several orgasms, my cock began to twitch. I felt my balls begin to swell again and I came.

Still no one came to release us from the machines. Tai Soo kept coming and coming. My cock felt raw with the action and my balls ached. It wasn’t long before Tai Soo passed out. She couldn’t take any more. As Tai Soo passed out, I glimpsed the giant bounding up the stairs.

In a few minutes, Mai Ling came down the stairs and turned off the chairs.

After she un-strapped us, the giant carried Tai Soo upstairs. Mai Ling helped me walk up them.

We went into her bedroom where Mai Ling handed me my clothes and told me to get dressed.

After dressing, she showed me out.

As I got into my car, she asked if I was going through with the treatment. I told her, “we’ll see” and bid her goodnight.

I was tired as hell, but I managed to drive home. Upon arriving, I went straight to the shower, cleaned up and went to bed. Tomorrow was another day. If I made it for the appointment, I made it. If I didn’t, well there’s always next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32