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After being named Partner at a law firm, Sophia spent much of her free time reading educational and self-help books. It was important that she be her very best with all the new duties and responsibilities she’d have.

Just a few days ago, she had returned from a brief vacation on a tropical island with some of her lifelong friends. It was the perfect way to rejuvenate herself before the heavy workload she’d soon have.

Things took a swift turn in her life when a package arrived to her home. She had just taken a shower after having gone to an early morning yoga class with a friend, so her son Bradley (who still lived with her while attending a nearby college) answered the door and received the package.

Normally, he’d open package deliveries for her, since she always asked him to.

This time, Sophia knew exactly what the package was, and it was something that was best kept private.

So while she was still in her bathrobe, with her long wet hair slicked back, she hurried down the stairs, only to find that she was too late. The delivery person had already left and Bradley had cut open the box.

The vibrator she had ordered was now in full view of her son. Bradley seemed dumbfounded by the device. It wasn’t the standard model, but the new and advanced version. The kind that had a special tip that was specifically designed to stimulate a woman’s clitoris.

As she hurried towards him, Bradley closed the box to spare each other the embarrassment.

“Thanks for opening it,” she said while picking up the box.

“Were you being sarcastic?”

She shook her head. “Nope. I’m not being sarcastic at all. I always have trouble cutting into that tape. So thank you.”

“Well this is weird,” he blushed a little.

She shrugged. “It’s a vibrator. Now you’ve seen it. What can we do?”

“Hmmm… Are you possessed or something? How come you’re not embarrassed?”

“Why should I be?”

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I just thought you’d be mortified that I saw it.”

Sophia held her chin high. “Well, I’ve learned some things from the books I’ve been reading. The prevailing wisdom is that women have true equality when there is sexual equality. And it makes perfect sense. That means I shouldn’t be ashamed of having natural desires. Sexually speaking, men and women should be viewed equally.”

There was a newfound confidence and boldness in her attitude and voice. She had never really had sex talks with her son, but now she was casual about it.

“Oh, well, whatever works for you,” he replied.

She looked thoroughly amused by her son’s reaction.

“I’ll stop now,” she said, almost laughing. “You look very uncomfortable hearing about my crazy new ideology, right?”

“I don’t know. Did a raging feminist take over my mother or something?”

She winked. “It’s the new me.”

“Let me guess,” he said. “You ordered it after you came back from that vacation.”


“It must have been some vacation.”

“You have no idea,” she replied with a gleam in her eyes. “Maybe I’ll tell you about it someday, but I doubt you’d be interested.”


Early the next morning. They were both in the kitchen eating breakfast. Sophia was dressed in a sharp stylish suit, while she stood and finished her coffee. It was her first day being Partner of the firm.

But more than that, as she was in the kitchen with her son, she wondered if Bradley had actually heard her last night. She got a little carried away with her new vibrator before realizing that it might have been too loud. She tried reading her son’s body language to see if he was being awkward around her, but so far, nothing. She shrugged it off, hoping he hadn’t heard the buzzing sounds.

“I ordered more things online,” she said before sipping her coffee again. “It should arrive in about a week.”

“Should I open it for you?” he joked. “Or should I just leave it in your room?”

“Go ahead and open it,” she replied, almost daring him. “They’re books. Put them in my room.”


She laughed. “Don’t worry, they’re spiritual books. A colleague recommended them to me and I’d like to keep an open mind.”

“Oh, nice. Whatever happened on that vacation must have really worked wonders on you.”

“Why? Because I’m a hippie now?”

“Mom, you’ve become a hippie lawyer,” he replied.

“Is something wrong with that?”

He gave a faint smile. “No. It’s just… different…”

It was the clue that Sophia was looking for. Her son had definitely heard her masturbating with a vibrator last night, and frankly, she hoped that her cheeks weren’t turning red.


A few months later. Sophia won her first major settlement since becoming Partner. She had spent a considerable amount of time on a fraud case which involved complex financial matters. The other party decided to settle, rather than going to court with her.

She tried explaining it to her son a few times during dinner, but like most college students, he wasn’t interested in those sorts bahis firmaları of things.

After getting all the good news off her chest, there was still something else she needed to tell her son.

“I’m going on yet another short vacation,” she said happily. “Only for this weekend. It’s a small retreat that’s organized by some of the women at the law firm.”

“Well that’s cool,” Bradley replied.

“Should be. We’re going to a Southern California resort for a few days.”

“It’s too bad I wasn’t invited, or am I? I need a vacation too.”

Sophia smiled and shrugged. “Women only. It was my senior Partner’s idea. Let’s just say that the women of this firm have a special bond.”


“I know, right? Anyway, I’ll leave you some cash and I hope this house remains intact when I come back.”

“It will, trust me. And you deserve this. You work really hard.”

She smiled again. “Thank you. I feel good about things. I’m excited. It’s hard to explain, but I finally feel that everything is coming together for me.”

“I can tell. You seem really happy.”

Sophia agreed. Part of her newfound happiness was thanks to her new vibrator, but that was her little secret.


The trip itself felt like yet another spiritual journey for Sophia. Normally she’d text her son nonstop to make sure everything was okay at home. This time, she focused on living in the moment and letting everything go, although she did send her son a slew of beautiful pictures she had taken.

Most of the pictures she sent to Bradley were of the beach and resort area. There were some images of herself taken by a colleague. She wore a bikini in a few of the images, but it was covered by a white tshirt. There were also pictures of the other women at the law firm, as well as group photos. One of them was her mentor and senior Partner, a lawyer in her 50’s. The other two were also lawyers, and the other person was a young paralegal.

Despite their laid back beach attire, they still had the appearance of being well-educated. That’s just the type of women they were. There was nothing but smiles on their faces as they posed on the resort and beach.

On the final night, Sophia emailed her son. She kept it simple:

I hope everything is okay at home. We’re all having a great time here. I’ll tell you more when I get back. Here are more pictures.

love mom

With a simple click, everything was sent. There were 68 images total, which meant that her son would have plenty to look at. And she was certain that her son would be thoroughly entertained looking at the pictures of the women that she worked with. They were an attractive group of sophisticated ladies.

But there were other pictures too. Secret ones.

Pictures she kept for herself. There were images of her 50-something year old mentor, topless on the beach with a smile on her face. It was the most natural thing in the world to that lady.

Her lawyer friends were topless too. They were all gorgeous in their own ways. Her young paralegal was completely nude coming out of the ocean water in another set of photos. It made her aroused just looking at them.

The final picture was her favorite. It was a picture of all them mostly naked together. She could hardly believe that she had agreed to pose topless in a public area, let alone with a big smile on her face. She could hardly recognize herself. She never thought she’d be so brazen and comfortable with her body.

But these were her secrets.

She was about to turn off her laptop when she took a final look at the images she had sent her son.

Her jaw dropped, almost in horror, when she looked at the last picture. She had accidentally sent the topless group photo to her son!

She couldn’t believe her luck. In the midst of all her successes, both spiritually and with her career, Bradley had managed to see her vibrator and her breasts.

It was a blessing and a curse. And it was too late to take any of it back. She tried to look on the bright side, that they’re just tits. But she was a traditionalist who believed that there are some things a son shouldn’t see.

Strangely, she could feel her heart racing at the idea that her son would be seeing her topless on the beach.


She came home with a relaxed aura. The brief vacation had worked wonders. Sophia felt more laid back, even after resuming her duties as a law firm Partner. She smiled more, she was more upbeat, and she laughed a little more often.

The vacation also gave her a nice, golden brown tan. It was an even tan too, since she had been naked with her colleagues on the beach. It gave her a different look. She appeared less corporate and more free-spirited. She even started wearing tshirts and shorts more often around the house, proudly showing everything off.

The following weekend, she had made the decision that she wanted to keep her tan as part of her spiritual growth. It made her feel like a new person.

She took care of her tan in the early morning in the backyard kaçak iddaa when Bradley was still in bed. She laid on a beach blanket which was placed on the grass. Their backyard was near a hiking trail, so there weren’t any neighbors to spy on her. She finished about the time he woke up.

Unfortunately (or not) the inevitable happened and Bradley came down to the kitchen, just as she had left the backyard through the sliding door. They were both making breakfast at the same time, only this time, she was barefoot wearing shorts and a bikini top. She used a towel to cover her chest when she saw her son. Then she gave him an awkward smile.

It was the first time Bradley had ever seen her in such a small bikini top with his own eyes, and from the looks of things, he seemed to have enjoyed it.

They both said ‘good morning’ while they in the kitchen. She moved the towel around and tied it around her chest, as if she had just taken a shower.

“Were you tanning?” he asked.

She smiled, “My new favorite hobby, if you can believe it.”

“Well, you look great. Nice tan. It makes you look different.”

The look on her face changed. She appreciated the comment.

“It makes me look younger,” she noted. “More adventurous, in a way.”

She went to the fridge and grabbed some juice, which she poured in a cup. She gulped it down with her son watching.

When she finished her drink, she put the cup in the sink and looked at him.

“Why don’t you join me tomorrow?” she asked. “We can meet outside at 7 am. The sunrise is breathtaking. I can’t believe I’ve ignored it for all these years.”

“Is that what you did during your trip? Wake up early and watch the sunrise?”

She nodded. “We watched the sunrise as a group. Sunsets too. It’s such a spiritual thing. It makes me feel like I’m part of the universe.”

“You sound like a full-blown hippie now,” he laughed.

She shrugged. “I know. But it makes me happy. So how about joining me tomorrow? We’ll watch the sunrise while laying on the lounge chairs. Then we’ll work on our tans. Maybe do some yoga after.”

“No thanks. I don’t want to wake up that early. Plus I don’t want to ruin your ‘alone time.’ You seem so peaceful these days. Good for you.”

She smiled again, “The invitation is always open.”


The next morning at 7:23 am. What better way to start the day than with a nice orgasm? It seemed like a sure thing that Bradley was still sound asleep since he had gone out to a college party the night before.

One of the dirty habits she picked up from her last vacation was the concept of outdoor masturbation. All that was needed was a beautiful view of the sunrise, a recliner seat, and something to self-stimulate with.

Her vibrator seemed even louder outdoors, but she was certain that her son couldn’t hear it from his upstairs bedroom. It was too far and his window was closed. So she let it buzz aloud.

She laid back in her lounge chair and focused on the nice view of the hiking trail. All she wore was a bikini. And she slid the bikini bottom aside to expose her pussy to the open air and sunlight.

Her body jerked the moment the vibrator went inside of her. Her toes wiggled. She faintly moaned. Then again. She could hardly believe that she was doing something so brazen outdoors. If anyone had taken an early morning hike out here, she’d be caught. Worse, if her son had woken up early, she’d be mortified.

She made a small gasping noise. She was trying to be mindful in keeping her noise levels down. Her feet and toes straightened, then curled, which was her tell-tale sign that she was experiencing an orgasm.

A moment later, the vibrating noise ended, and her feet suddenly became relaxed.

Her morning orgasm was worth the risk of being caught.


Sophia went to the kitchen afterwards with her bikini-clad chest on proud display. She was proud of her tanned skin color too. This time, she made no attempt to cover herself as Bradley was in the kitchen.

“I look like a mess,” she joked. “Excuse my sweat. I just completed a nice yoga routine under the morning sun. It’s all part of my new fitness plan that I learned from my friends.”

“That trip must have been life changing,” he said.

She gestured to her slightly sweaty self. “It was, as you can see.”

“And hear, too,” he quipped, then immediately regretting it.

Those words Bradley’s mouth before he had time to think. In that instant, Sophia knew that she had been caught, that her son has heard her vibrator echoing from the backyard.

“This conversation was inevitable, I suppose,” she said.

He nervously tried to backtrack. “We don’t have to. I mean, whatever you’re doing is pretty cool. As long as you’re happy, right?”

“Come on. Let’s make some coffee and go outside. We need to talk.”


A moment later, they laid on separate lounge chairs outside. They were facing the nice view that they had of a hiking trail; trees, big rocks, hills, etc…

The box with the vibrator kaçak bahis inside was half hidden beside her on the ground. They both took sips of their coffee.

“I know I’ve been acting a little suspicious lately,” she finally said. “When I bought that vibrator, I never thought you’d hear me using it, let alone opening the package to see it. And that picture I accidentally sent you, that was a horrible mistake. I was in such a hurry to email you that I forgot that some of the images were inappropriate.”

“I’ve seen tits before. It’s no big deal.”

“But you’ve never seen my tits before,” she emphasized. “And frankly, you shouldn’t have seen them at all.”

Things were getting uncomfortable as the conversation became serious.

“I hope you’re not embarrassed by…”

“Listen,” she said softly, cutting him off. “You shouldn’t have seen my breasts in that picture. But now I don’t really have a problem with it anymore.”


“Why should I? I’m a woman. And women have breasts. Women masturbate. That’s a simple fact of life and basic human biology. And I’m proud to be a strong and confident woman.”

There was pride in her voice. Sophia felt empowered proclaiming her feminine side to her son.

“I like your new attitude.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Why? Because you saw my tits? Because you saw my colleagues naked? Because you heard me buzzing this morning.”

“I also saw your toes curling when I peeked out of the window,” he playfully added.


He laughed. “I like seeing you confident like this instead of being so insecure all the time.”

“You know, I never truly understood my power until that trip. The power that all women secretly have.”

“Like what?”

“Girl power,” she explained. “When I first took my top off at the beach, I was so nervous. But my friend told me that I was doing it wrong. I needed to be confident and bold. Stand up straight. Chin up. Boobs forward. Then I’ll see the results. Sure enough, when I walked around the beach with my breasts out, I could have had anything I wanted.”

Sophia watched her son adjust in his seat. She knew his cock was stirring inside of his shorts.

She continued, “My breasts had a magnetic effect that morning. Men turned their heads. Some women too. I felt like a boss. People would do whatever I wished. That’s power. True power.”

Her breathing became slightly heavier. So did his.

She continued, “I’m not saying that I’m a perfect 10 or a glamour model. Believe me, I’m not an arrogant person. What I’m saying is, confidence means a lot. From that morning, I was hooked with the whole nudity thing. So were my colleagues. We sunbathed naked. We swam naked. It was a great time that I’ll always remember.”

“You sound like you miss it,” he noted.

“Of course. And a few other things.”

There was a particular tone in her voice, like she was thinking of something that was a secret, and it only made him more curious.

“Care to fill me in?” he asked cautiously.

“You don’t want to know.”

“After everything you’ve told me so far?” he asked, trying to pry the secrets out of her.

She thought for a moment, looking out into the view. “You remember my paralegal, Christine, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I remember meeting her. She’s great.”

“She’s also a lesbian.”

Sophia was amused by her son shifting around. He even had to cover his shorts to hide a potential bulge.

“Really? I wouldn’t have guessed.”

“Neither would I,” she replied. “As it turns out, Christine is very fond of women. Especially older women. It’s her favorite.”

“Now this is getting interesting,” he joked, unsure of what else to say.

She smiled, “It’s about to get even more interesting. We rented a small boat and took it out to sea. All of us were naked. Imagine that, a group of female legal professionals, naked together in a boat. What do you think happened next?”

He gulped, “I don’t even want to guess.”

“Christine took turns performing oral sex on us. For us, it was the first time ever experiencing such a thing. For Christine, it was a dream come true. We gladly returned the favor after that.”

Revealing her sapphic adventure was a huge revelation and she wondered if poor Bradley would ever recover from this trauma. But in the end, she knew it only made him more aroused.

“Are you a…” his voice trailed away.

“A lesbian?” she asked with a playfully sultry voice. “No. I’m not. It was a chance to explore my sexuality and try new things. I wasn’t going to refuse.”

“I’m surprised.”

“Me too,” she nodded. “I’m only telling you this because I can be clumsy with technology and computers. I always have a million things going on. So it might be inevitable that you see something that’s shocking, like that topless picture I mistakenly emailed you.”

“That makes sense.”

“You don’t seem upset.”

“We’re both adults,” he replied. “You look good for your age. Or any age. You should be proud.”

“Did you like seeing my breasts? Be honest.”

He cleared his throat. “If we’re being honest, then sure, I liked seeing it. They’re nice to look at.”

“Do you still look at that picture?”

“Okay, I don’t think it’s…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32