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It had taken years to finally convince my mother to explore the internet. I had moved away from home a long time ago. I told her that I could send pictures and we could talk online and save the expense of monthly phone bills. That seemed to get her attention the most, she had always wanted to save money. Let me tell you about her. She is in her 50’s now but when she comes to visit she still gets a lot of looks at the beach. All ages of men will stare at her tits. It seems the bathing suits she wears always strains across her 44dd tits. I must admit that growing up I always had wanted to see them besides the occasional flash. After a month of seeing her online I found her in a chat room called Moms talking to Moms. I didn’t think much about it since she was just in it for a few seconds. But more and more I would see her checking out different chat rooms. Finally I decided to get a new screen name and see what she was up to. I went into the Moms room on day using a female screen name. I got to talking to her and asked if she had any children. She told me about her grown son that lived in a different state. I had to ask if she had ever had naughty thoughts about him or if she had ever seen him nude. She mentioned the last time she had went to see him for a visit and how she had bought a special bikini just to see his reaction. Now I remember the bikini and it did accent her thick body.

She preceded to tell me about the day she went to the beach alone while he was working. It was the tail end of spring break and how a group of younger men had been staring at her as she laid on the beach. They had been calling her from the swimming pool at the hotel. She said they wanted her to come up and have a few beers with them. She told me that after her hormones couldn’t take any more she went up and joined them. Now I know mom is not a big drinker so when she told me that after a few drinks she wasn’t feeling any pain. I knew that was the truth. She told me how one of the guys followed her inside to the bathroom and pinned her against the hallway wall. His hands had explored her body as he groaned how much he would love to fuck those big tits. She said he was the first person besides her husband that kissed her since she got married. She said that if she hadn’t been drinking she would have never gone back to his room. He had her on the bed quick and started fucking her big tits. The tanning oil made a good lube for his quick pace. She said before she knew it he had shot his huge load of cum all over her cleavage. When he climbed off, she notice that his friends had came into the room and watched the show. They were standing at the end of the bed nude, and they must have enjoyed watching because she said all of them had hard canlı bahis cocks in their hands. She said it was a great afternoon, all of them had taken turns fucking her tits and receiving blow jobs. When I asked why she didn’t have sex with them she told me that she didn’t feel right about that. Besides most of them liked the blow jobs and tit fucking.

It was a couple of days later when I signed back on using the female name. I was no time at all before a instant message popped up on my screen. She told me how she attacked her hubby after our last chat. Saying how horny it had made her. I asked when she was planning to go visit her son again? She said she might just need to give him a call and see if he was busy the following week. I told her to give him a call, but while she was talking to him be playing with her tits and pussy. If he says he is busy that week, just talk like you really need to see him bad. She just laughed and said she could never talk like that to him. I told her if she was horny during the phone call it would make it easier. She said she would try and would tell me all about it the next day.

Within minutes my phone rang. I was laying in my bed and my cock started to stir when I heard her voice.

“Hi, mom this is a nice surprise.”

“Hi, baby I was just thinking about you and wanted to call.”

“You ok mom? You seem kinda breathless, have you been working in the yard or something?”

“Uh, yes I am working on something right now.” My cock was rock hard now, knowing that she must be playing with her pussy.

“I was wondering if you would like to have some company next week , dear?”

“Well, I guess but I am very busy with work.” Her voice changed.

“I really would like to see you and maybe I could go to the beach while you was working. I really had a good time at the beach last time.”

My hand was feverishly stroking my cock now.

“Will you be wearing the same bikini to the beach?”

“Oh did you like my bikini?” She moaned.

“Hell yes I did. With you body you could even wear a smaller one!”

I heard the phone drop and her soft moans. Then her moaning sounded muffled. I figured she buried her face into a pillow or something. I jacked my cock to the sounds, as my hot cum splattered on my stomach I heard a muffled scream.

“Oh honey I got to go now, but I will see you Saturday afternoon.”

Before I could say goodbye she hung up the phone. I decided to sign online again just to see if she was there and sure enough she instant message me quickly. She told me how she had got so horny hearing his voice while she played with her pussy. She said she even was thinking about his cock sliding into her pussy after he said he like her bahis siteleri last bikini and how she buried her face into a pillow as she had a huge orgasm. She said she was going to visit him this weekend and hope to stay the next week. She said that someone was going to get to fuck her. I told her to let him. She laughed and said that he would have to make the first move. I asked if she had a special outfit to wear, something sexy but not looking slutty. Something that she would wear to his house and then something slutty to wear at night just incase something did happen. She said that a big shopping trip was in order for this visit.

The next Saturday I must have jacked off three times waiting for her to show up. Looking down at the parking lot I saw her Lexus pull in front of my apartment building. I live on the second floor so when I looked down through her windshield I saw nothing my thigh. When she slid her legs out and stood up it didn’t fall down very far. I was over mid thigh while she was standing. I saw two guys that were staring hard as she opened the trunk and got her bag out. When she started walking to the stairs I was awarded with a shot of the huge cleavage that the sun dress accented. I had to remember that I would be hugging my mom not a sex playmate. When I opened the door she gave me a big hug and then a kiss, I thought I felt the tips of her tongue race across my lip. My eyes were glued to her ass as she walked to my kitchen. Then when she bent to lay the bag down I thought I would blow a load right there. Then she turned around and caught my stare.

“What’s wrong baby you feeling Ok?”

“Uh, yes its just…”

“Oh, you haven’t seen me since I lost thirty pounds, after my last visit I wanted to drop some weight and be a sexy old lady.” She laughed.

“Well you sure accomplished that!”

She bent over and gave me a great view as she pulled a bottle of wine from her bag.

“Well then how about a toast to the new me.”

“I will drink to that!”

As we polished off the bottle of wine I couldn’t help but watch how her dress rode higher with each glass.

“Well now that the wine is gone, would you like to go to the beach or do you have something else in mind to entertain you mother?”

The message that she sent online flashed in my mind. “He will need to make the first move.” I walked over and sat next to her in the couch. Putting on arm around her shoulder and placing my big hand on her over exposed thigh.

“Oh, my what are you doing?” She asked coyly.

I leaned over and kissed her earlobe as my hand traveled higher. I sucked the lobe into my mouth and played the tip of my tongue around it. I heard her moan as the tip of my fingers touched bahis şirketleri the damp fabric covering her pussy.

“I thought you were dressed for some sex and I would be happy to oblige you with that if you are interested.” I whispered into her ear.

She turned her head and covered my mouth with those soft sexy lips. My finger tips worked the hard clit faster as her hand groped the bulge in my shorts. She pulled away and looked into my eyes.

“Show me how you please your lovers, baby.”

“Are you sure mom?”

“I am not your mom now I am your lover, so show me”

I slipped my shorts off releasing my long thick cock. I gripped her big tit and gave it a hard squeeze.

“Suck my hard cock!”

She had a very surprised look on her face but it quickly turned to a slutty smile.

“My lover likes to be in charge, mmmmmm I like that.”

Her tongue flicked out and cleaned the pre cum from the fat head. Then slowly licked down to the cum filled balls and back up.

“You sure have a nice fat one here, lover.” She said just before she gobbled have of the shaft into her soft hot wet mouth. I placed my hand on the back of her head, before I pushed down on it she swallowed all eight inches.

“Oh shit yes, suck my fucking cock!”

Her head bobbed up and down faster. I pulled her dress up and exposed her tiny thong and ass. I couldn’t believe how firm it was. I squeezed it hard then gave it a playful slap. She moved up on her hands and knees to allow me more access to her body. I pressed two fingers to her pussy lips as she bucked her ass back into my hand. My finger quickly slipped into on of the hottest and wettest pussy. Her pussy control was out of this world as I felt her clamp down on my fingers. I finger fucked her faster as she suck me like a Hoover. Her soft hand started playing my balls, squeezing them gently. Then she deep throated me again and started humming. The vibration was more than I could handle as I shot my load down her awaiting throat. Her paced of sucking quickened and my cock stayed hard. Then she stood up and slid her thong down. Then straddling me with her silky thighs. Her pussy felt like it sucked my cock into her as she eased down on my lap. I tasted my cum as she kissed me, her hips grinding that tight pussy on my hard shaft. The kiss increased with passion as she rode my cock faster. Her firm ass slamming into my thighs, impaling herself. Then standing on her knees, pressing the dress cover tits into my face as she rode my shaft faster and faster. Her grunts of pleasure grew more and more then into a orgasmic scream. Her pussy gripped my shaft as her body convulsed with waves of pleasure. I gripped her hips and started thrusting up into her. I quickly exploded my hot cum deep into her. After a few minutes she slipped off my lap.

“How about a date tonight, lover.” “I haven’t been out dancing in years and I brought a new outfit.” She whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32