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It was Halloween night a couple years ago, my buddy called me up to invite me to a big party at his co-worker’s place. “Ugh! Dude, I just got home from work, and I hate those things!” I replied with a big sigh. “I don’t even have a costume.” 

“Just grab a mask,” he responded, like it was no big deal. “I’ll be there in ten minutes. I need my wingman.”

Acting quick on my feet, I find my old hockey mask and grab the fake knife from the Halloween decorations. “This should be good enough,” I told myself in a not so convincing tone.

When my buddy arrived, I could see the annoyance on his face. He rolled his eyes as he looked me up and down before finally asking, “Dude, you didn’t change out of your work coveralls?”

Holding up the fake knife and hockey mask, I simply respond, “I’m going as Jason.”

He still didn’t look satisfied but we proceeded to the party, anyway. Much to my annoyance, when we got there, he immediately left me to dance with some random girl. Just as I feared, I was left in the corner, sitting on a bar stool drinking by myself like a total loser. 

As I continued to have pity on myself, promising myself to never come to one of these parties again. Shaking my head in frustration all of the sudden my world got turned completely upside down, as something, or I should say someone, caught my eye. Despite the entire room being filled with loud music and annoying people, all I could focus on was this beautiful goddess, as she entered the room and slowly walked across it.

The mysterious beauty walked so carelessly, did she know she was the center of attention? Or did she just not care?  Standing about five foot six, with curves in all the right places, she could get any man in the room she wanted. She was wearing a tight, frilly dress, barely covering her goods. I was almost drooling over her from across the room, hoping to get a glance if her dress were to slip.

Still in slow motion, the goddess made her way around the room, ignoring all the smiles that deservedly came her way. Then, much to my utter shock, she left me frozen as she stopped right in front of me it was like she was staring into my soul with the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen. The hair on my arm stood up,  I got goose bumps eryaman eve gelen escort and I was sweating bullets. 

I could tell she was  beautiful, despite her face being covered with sugar skull makeup. She had her hair dyed a blueish purple; she had a sapphire on her forehead, her lipstick accented her hair and she was covered in flowers, but not even all that could hide the beauty gleaming through her accessories.

My heart felt like it was going to leap from my chest. My mouth became suddenly dry. “What is she doing?!” I frantically wondered to myself, trying my best to keep my cool in front of her. “Is she actually going to talk to me?!”

With a hot little smirk, she rocked my world by inching towards me. With her seductive voice, she whispered, “I just love your movies… Can I take a selfie with you?”

Before I could even build the courage to respond, she whipped around and forced herself on my lap and pulled out her phone for a selfie. I was left gasping at her beautiful fragrance as her curvy body pressed against me.

Suddenly, the lights went off, and we were left with nothing but black lights. “We’re glowing,” she whispered into my ear, pressing against me even closer. Taking another picture. 

My mind was racing a million miles an hour as she took selfie after selfie. But just when I thought things couldn’t get any crazier, her hand ends up on my crotch! “This is crazy, but it has to be an accident!” I frantically told myself, thinking there was no way in the world she would purposely do that.

Much to my shock, she whispered, “Be careful; you might stab someone with that thing,” with the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard. Before I could even breathe, she gave my cock a little squeeze then  jumped  off and just left me there scratching my head and hiding my hard on.

I continued to sit there, wondering what the hell just happened. It was too good to be true, in yet, I could replay it in my mind picture perfectly. My mind was in a frenzy, and my cock was hard as hell as I watched her mingle with her friends. 

At one point, I lost track of her. I had almost convinced myself it was just my imagination. Regardless, I figured I would never see her again. My erection bala escort had subsided enough that I could get up from my seat to grab another beer.

After coming up empty-handed in the kitchen, I was directed to the garage where they had another refrigerator full of drinks. I grabbed two beers from the fridge had them in my hand, Then I heard  a familiar voice.

“Are one of those beers for me?”

I could barely mumble from under my mask as I realized it was the woman of my dreams again, extending her hand. My heart raced, the hair stood up on my arm, as I handed her one of the bottles. 

After taking a sip, the beautiful woman playfully touched my chest. “I need something different to quench my thirst,” she said with a wink. She then unzipped my coveralls reached inside and worked her way to my cock. 

My head was spinning as the mystery woman of my dreams suddenly had my cock in her hand. Without another word, she dropped to her knees and looked up at me with her sexy blue eyes. With a devilish smile, she rocked my world by wrapping her beautiful full lipstick covered mouth over the head of my cock.

I let out a deep gasp, I went to slide my mask up, but for some reason she stopped me in my tracks. Waving her finger at me to show her displeasure, I slid my mask back in place, she slowly circled her tongue around my tip then my shaft before taking me all the way in slowly. It was like she was savoring every inch of my cock. She took me all the way in until her nose was pressed against my abdomen.

As the tip of my rock hard cock hit against the back of her throat, the mystery woman began cupping my balls. Squeezing them as she started to get into a rhythm on my cock, going all the way down to the base and back up to the tip. 

With every moment that passed, she was fondling me more aggressively, and sucking even harder. The sight of the mysterious woman with a painted face worshiping my cock sent chills throughout my entire body. I had goose bumps all over, my heart was pounding so hard I could hear it over the music coming from inside the house. 

Still sucking me off, she looked up at me with those amazing eyes of hers. I knew nothing about her, but it felt like I could see into her soul etimesgut escort through her eyes alone.

Suddenly, the beauty pulled her top down, letting her perfect voluptuous breasts out for my viewing pleasure. She pinched her nipples so sensually, she let out a hot little moan with my cock still in her mouth.

I’d received blowjobs before but this was the best I’ve ever had before or since. The way her tongue danced on my cock, the perfect amount of pressure on my balls, the desire in her eyes, all had my cock harder than it had ever been. The way she was devouring my cock led me to believe this was as much, if not more, for her satisfaction as it was mine. 

“Fuck, that feels so good!” I managed to mumble. As a matter of fact, it felt so good I could feel a sudden orgasm stirring in my balls. Despite my subtle moans, I managed to warn her, “I’m going to cum!”

She immediately let go of my balls and focused on sucking my tip like a madwoman. Her hand wrapped around my shaft and started  to jerk me off and her tongue even did a little dance on my shaft. 

With one final gasp, the walls crumbled around me and I exploded into her mouth with a heavy load of cum. My eyes struggled to stay open as I noticed her staring up at me, swallowing my load.

With one big gulp, she finished off everything I had to give her. After emptying me out, she shoved my cock right back inside my coveralls. She then zipped me up as she got back on her feet.

I was left standing there panting heavily, sweating, heart pounding, then  I just froze as she pulled my mask up just enough to give me a soft kiss. “Thank you,” she whispered before pulling my mask back down.  “You definitely satisfied my thirst.”

Without another word, she spun around and started to make her way back to the party.  “Wait!” I shouted, desperate to learn more about her. “I don’t even know your name!”

“No worries Rod, maybe next time,” she responded with a sexy wink.

“One more thing,” I quickly said, grabbing her attention one last time. I cupped my own imaginary breasts, making her realize she had left her own top down.

The mysterious woman looked at me one last time and smiled. “Oh shit! Good catch.” She then waved at me and said, “Happy Halloween,” before turning around and jumping back into the party.

I never saw her the rest of the night and didn’t know if I ever would again, but I saw her in my dreams quite often. Little did I know that night, my sexy beautiful mysterious woman and I were not done. 

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32