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Please Note: This was originally written as a contest entry for a very short fiction contest. If you like it, please be sure to vote and comment so I know whether to continue it.


“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry.”

His voice was a soft rush as he apologized for letting the door of the shop close on her, banging her hand in it. He grabbed her hand in his and held it firmly.

“I didn’t realize you were behind me. I’m so oblivious.” He rubbed her hand between his, as he would his own if he’d hurt it.

She felt a little jolt of electricity race up her arm and looked up into his bright blue eyes. Another jolt raced down her body. She was sure they had never met before but he seemed strangely familiar.

“I’m alright, honestly.” To tell the truth, she’d felt numb so long it was a relief to feel anything, even pain. It was as if she were finally waking up from the long nightmare of her divorce. Her hand would stop hurting far faster than that had.

The tall stranger smiled at her then frowned as he looked down at her hand. He gently turned it over and probed with his thumbs. “Does this hurt?”

“No.” Her voice sounded almost sorry about it to her own ears. She cringed at what that implied. “I really have to go.”

She pulled her hand away and stepped past him, through the door of the shop. It seemed like she was running away but she wasn’t even sure what from. She looked to the sky. The wind was picking up and dark clouds roiled in from the north. She might just make it home before it rained. It was only a few blocks via the shortcut through the park.

He didn’t know what possessed him, but bahis firmaları he picked up his bag of groceries and found himself following her. Her eyes were so dark, luminous and full of emotion. He had to know who she was, or at least where she lived.

She hurried up the street and turned down the path into the park, unaware of her shadow. The wind swirled leaves around in little dervishes across the open expanses between trees. Emerging from the path on the far side of the park, she turned left and walked up the street a block and a half before cutting in back of the doctor’s office. It was Sunday and they were closed for the day. The parking lot bordered on her backyard.

Opening the gate to her fenced in yard, she scooted inside just as the first big drops struck. The drops quickly picked up speed until she was being pelted as she closed the gate. She was soaked in seconds and did not bother to hurry across the slick grass. No sense in slipping and adding mud to her wet clothes.

Halfway across the yard, she stopped and turned her face up to the heavens, feeling the stinging lash of rain on her face. It felt like she was being scrubbed clean of the mental grime that had been weighing her down the past few weeks.

She dropped her satchel with the now sodden newspaper to the ground. Her fingers found the buttons of her blouse, stripping it off, then reached back to unfasten her bra. Cupping her bare breasts, she held them up to the rain. The stinging drops were exquisite, like a lover flicking his nails against her erect nipples.

She felt him press against her from behind, his hands cupping her bare wet kaçak iddaa breasts. She stiffened in shock and drew breath to cry out but stopped when she recognized his voice.

“Let me help you?”

His hot breath and his voice in her ear was as erotic a jolt as the feel of the pelting rain on her breasts. Somehow, just knowing that she had met him face to face a few minutes before and the concern he had expressed over her hand, made it all right. The fact that he was a stranger who had followed her home from a public place didn’t seem to matter. She mutely nodded her assent.

He had watched her from the side gate as she stripped her blouse off and let the rain ravish her. The painful sensations seemed to please her. He had never seen anything more exciting in his life. He wasn’t even sure what had given him the courage to approach her instead of just watching. It was as if the aching need he felt overrode his good sense. Now, he closed his thumbs and forefingers on her nipples and pinched then waited for her response.

“Yes! Oh, yes!” She arched and moaned at the almost intolerable sensation.

Mmmm, yes. He pinched and pulled with his right hand at her nipple as his other hand reached down to grip her hip so he could grind against the soft curve of her buttocks. He wanted desperately to sink his cock into her ass.

He tugged her skirt over her hips and hooked his fingers into her panties to pull them down. She didn’t resist. With one hand still on her right breast, he fumbled with the other to open his own pants and release his throbbing cock.

The cold rain on his hot cock was a shock but he would need kaçak bahis to be slicker than the rain would offer for what he had in mind. An idea sprang to mind. He bent over and rummaged through his bag for the whipped butter he’d bought that morning. Ripping off the top, he scooped some out, slathering it over his cock.

Standing up, he grabbed her hips, pushed her legs further apart with one foot and positioned the head of his cock at her anus. He pushed in steadily, forcing her open to his intrusion. He worked slowly, letting her get used to each inch of his cock opening her up.

“Oh, yes!” With each push forward, she squirmed and pushed back, crying out. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Her hands went up to pinch and twist her own nipples. He was actually shoving his cock up her ass! It hurt and yet it felt so good. A burning sensation filled her, in sharp contrast to the cold rain. As he thrust home at last, one of his hands reached around and slid two fingers into her pussy, his thumb rubbing her clit as he moved in her ass.

He groaned at the overwhelmingly tight grip on his erection. God! It was perfect. His fingers worked her from the front as he thrust into her from behind. He’d never met a woman like this, so full of passion and raw animal lust. It had spilled over her eyes at the store and tugged him along behind her.

The sensations racing through her body, connecting the dots from her abused nipples and anus to her cunt, threatened to overcome her. Shuddering, she came, an orgasm that racked her body and rolled over and over with the thunder as he released himself up her ass, pumping his fluid into her.

He withdrew his spent and aching cock from her ass and watched the milky fluid run out of her, mixing with the rain sluicing down her back and between her ass cheeks. It was undoubtedly the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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