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I”M Not, Really, I’m Not Pt. 02

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It’s Saturday and I can’t stop thinking about having to go out this evening and having dinner with Mr. Grant but I know there is no way out of it. I’m watching a game on tv when the doorbell rings. When I answer it, there are two men standing there. One is holding a couple clothes bags and the other several boxes.

‘Are you Steve?’ and when I answer in the affirmative. ‘These are a gift from your employer.’

I take the clothes bags in and lay them on the couch and come back and get the boxes and the men leave. I open the clothes bags and in each one there are two suits, really nice suits. Damn, these look expensive. Then I go to the larger box and find several nice dress shirts in assorted colors. Then I open the smaller box and find a letter just inside sitting on what I discover are several pairs of underwear. As I look at them, they are all different styles of bikini underwear. Some feel like they are made of silk or satin, so smooth and shiny. What kind of boss sends his employee underwear? I open the letter.

‘Steve, I know this must feel strange to you but it’s something that I like to do for the young men I hire. I realize often they are not in a financial situation to be able to buy the clothes they might desire. I think it’s very important for my boys to present a professional and successful image, so I do this as a little bonus. I hope everything fits perfectly and hope I will see one of the new suits tonight. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better Steve.’

Fuck, this just gets weirder and weirder. I have never heard of a boss doing this for his employees. The suits and shirts are bad enough but damn, he sent me bikini underwear. I can’t stop from thinking that he probably hopes he can see me in a pair of those tonight too. Not going to happen. Damn, this job seemed so perfect and now I’m in no financial position to quit.

It’s finally time to leave. I’m wearing one of the new suits, a dark blue, with a light blue shirt with a red tie. Damn, this is really a nice suit. I had hesitated before wearing one of the bikini shorts but finally put on one that was a plain white. Once I got it on, I almost changed because when the material stretched, it was almost transparent. Fuck, no one going to see them on me anyway so I left them one.

I hear a knock on the door and when I answer it, a man in a uniform was standing there, and after a moment, I realize it must be Mr. Grant’s driver.

‘Are you ready Sir?’ he asks. He is tall, slender, middle-aged and very black. When I tell him yes, he leads me back to a black limo and opens the door for me. When I look in, Mr. Grant is sitting there.

‘Hello Steve. Please get in.’

I get in and sit down on the same bench seat as Mr. Grant. He isn’t sitting all the way to his side and when I sit down, his hand finds my thigh lightly for a second then he removes it. ‘You look very nice in your suit. I hope you like it.’

Nervously I answer, ‘All of them are very nice Mr. Grant. I was very surprised when those guys brought them over for me.’

‘It’s Tom tonight Steve. Just two men out for a night on the town. I want you to relax and enjoy yourself,’ he says as his hand gives my thigh a quick touch again.

I try to relax but the fact he has touched me twice already does not help that to happen. He reaches to the back of the seat in front of us and opens a small compartment and takes out two glasses.

‘I got us some champagne to start the evening,’ he says handing me one of the glasses and holding his so we can touch glasses which I do and then take a drink. ‘This is one of my favorites, I hope you like it.’

We drink the champagne as we make small talk about my home town and how I’m liking LA. He refills our glasses and by the time we finish the second glass we are pulling up in front of a really fancy hotel. The doorman opens our doors, greets Mr. Grant, and ushers us into the hotel.

‘They have a tremendous steakhouse here Steve. Steaks are great but the lobsters to die for,’ he says smiling at me.

We go into the restaurant and are seated in a small circular booth toward the back of the restaurant and we slide in from opposite ends. It seems like Mr. Grant slides further than necessary and we end up not sitting that far apart.

‘They always save this table for me. It’s quieter back here and I like the atmosphere where it’s a little darker and more private. A waiter arrives sitting down two waters along with two martinis. ‘They know what I like here and hopefully you like vodka martinis.’

I have never had one but don’t want to admit it so I tell him that I do like them even though beer is more my style. ‘This is really a nice place. I bet it’s pricey.’

“I like my boys to see what is available to them if they put their efforts into their jobs and understand that keeping the boss happy is very important,’ he says laughing.

‘Yea, nothing wrong with having a lot of money,’ I reply not at all glad to hear his comment about keeping the boss happy. ‘I will try to do a good bahis firmaları job for you Mr. Grant.’

‘Steve, please call me Tom. Mr. Grant seems so formal and makes me feel like an old guy.’

‘You aren’t old Tom. I hope I’m in as good as shape as you are when I get to be your age. You must work out quite a bit.’

‘I do like working out. I go to keep my stamina up to be able to keep up with you boys.’

Damn. Why does he insist on calling us boys? I would think he would realize that’s rather insulting. ‘I’m sure you have no trouble with that, Tom.’

The waiter shows up and we both order steaks. They are delicious and by the time we finish them, and our second martini, I start to feel a little more comfortable around Tom. I’m also feeling a pretty good buzz from the drinks also.

‘I keep a suite upstairs that I use to get away from things and I need to pick up some paperwork that I have left up there. It shouldn’t take very long. Are you finished and ready to go Steve?’

Oh fuck. I can’t tell him that I won’t go up there with him but there is no doubt in my mind that his intentions are not honorable. ‘Yes, I guess so. I can just wait down here if you want to go pick up your paperwork.’

‘Don’t be silly, I want to show you my suite’ he says starting across the lobby towards the elevators. ‘You will love the view of the city.’

‘Good evening Mr. Grant,’ the bellhop standing by the elevator says as we walk up. ‘I hope you enjoy your visit to our hotel.’

‘I always do Stanley,’ he replies and the small smile on the bellhop’s face says too much. We get into the elevator and I see him put a key into a slot and then punch the button for the floor right below the penthouse. He sees me looking when he does it. ‘The elevator opens right into my suite. The key is necessary to get to this floor. I tried to get the penthouse but they will not lease it out long term. My place is still very nice.’

The elevator opens and I look into this expansive suite. It looks bigger than the house I grew up in. There is a small kitchen with a nice bar next to it. It has a sunken living room and the outside wall is floor to ceiling glass. Fuck, what must something like this cost. I had no idea that Mr. Grant had this kind of money.

‘Well Steve, what do you think?’

‘It’s unbelievable Sir. I’ve never seen anything like it.’

‘I’m going to fix us another drink and then I want to show you the view from the balcony,’ he says as he heads to the bar.

I really don’t need another drink but I don’t really want to refuse and seem ungrateful. I mean, he’s giving me all those clothes, taken me out to a fancy restaurant, I guess I should be thankful for that but I can’t stop my mind from racing with other thoughts. He brings the drinks over and sits them on a table.

‘Time to relax,’ he says taking off his suitcoat. ‘Shed your suitcoat Steve, I want to show you the view.’

I take my coat off and hang it on one of the chairs and he escorts me towards the balcony. When we get close, one of the windows slides to the side and we walk out onto this big balcony. We are up at least thirty floors and the view’s terrific. Thinking about everything that has happened today, plus seeing this suite, makes me realize how that one percent lives.

‘Something else, isn’t it?’ he asks.

‘Yes, it sure is Sir.’

He puts his arm around my shoulders and I can’t help but tense up. ‘What am I going to have to do to get you to call me Tom?’

‘I’m sorry, I guess it just doesn’t seem right, I mean, you are my boss and you live like this. I just don’t feel comfortable calling you Tom.’

‘Maybe you are the kind of boy who prefers calling men like me Sir. Are you that kind of boy Steve?’

‘I don’t know what you mean. Why do you refer to me and the other guys as boys Sir?’

‘What I mean Steve is that some guys are naturally more submissive around men of power. They realize that their place might not be as an equal to that kind of men. Pleasing that man becomes important to them. Guys that feel that way are often referred to as boys.’

I move away to where he arm is no longer around my shoulder. ‘Do you think I’m like that.’

‘I don’t know Steve. When I hired you, I got the impression that success was very important to you and that if certain things were required of you to keep your position, you would be willing to make that sacrifice. I was hoping it wouldn’t even be a sacrifice, that it would be something you desired. Seeing you out with Troy made me believe that might be possible.’

‘I didn’t know he was gay or that the Flamingo was a gay club Mr. Grant.’

‘I think maybe it is best if you use Sir when addressing me now Stevie. You see the other boys at work. Do they act like they are doing anything they don’t want to do? Maybe you need to see the places that James and Sammy are living in to realize the benefits of being a good boy Stevie.’

I was not expecting anything like this when I took the job.’

‘Took the job Sir,’ he kaçak iddaa says staring at me.

‘What if I’m not like them…Sir?’

‘Then I think you probably should see what other job opportunities are available to you and I’m afraid you will have to be out of that apartment I set you up in by the end of the month. It’s your choice to decide what is more important to you.’

Fuck, fuck, fuck. How can he do this to me? ‘That’s not right. If you were expecting that from me, you should have let me know before I took the job. Did you think I was gay?’

‘No, I was pretty sure you weren’t. There is something special about taking a straight guy like you and turning them into a pretty fag boy that just does it for me.’

‘This is all so wrong.’

Suddenly, he slaps me. ‘I said to address me as Sir, boy!

I rub my cheek. I can’t believe he did that.

‘Decision time boy. Either you walk back into my suite. I send you down to my car and have you driven home or you come closer, put your arms around my neck and give me a kiss.’

I stand there, shocked with what is happening. If I refuse, I’m stuck in a strange city, no job, no place to live or else I’m heading back to Kansas. I can’t let that happen. I look up at him and see the look on his face. It’s the look of dominance.

‘Your move boy.’

Reluctantly, I give in and move closer and put my arms around his neck and lean in and kiss him. I feel his arms around me as he holds me tight and presses his tongue into my mouth. I try to fight the feelings I’m having but I find myself kissing him back. The kiss lasts for a while and then we stop.

‘Good boy. You seemed to enjoy that. I realize how hard it must be for a straight boy like you to find out that he enjoys it when a man kisses him. I mean kissing another man is so gay, isn’t it, Stevie?’

‘Please Sir. Please don’t do this to me.’

‘When someone responds like you did to my kiss, it makes me think it’s something you want, something you need. Now tell me you liked kissing me and that you want me to kiss you again. Be a good little fag boy and ask me.’

God, not only is he forcing this upon me but he seems to get off on making it as humiliating as he can. Him calling me a fag and making me ask him to kiss me makes it more of a surrender. I look down and quietly ask, ‘Sir, will you kiss me again.’

‘That’s so sweet. You are such a submissive boy you can’t even look me in the eye. I don’t know if you really deserve another kiss. Are you a little submissive boy Stevie?’

‘I don’t know Sir. I don’t know about any of this. All I know is I need my job.’

‘That won’t do Stevie. I want you to tell me you want to be my little submissive boy and if you ask again really nice for a kiss you might get one.’

Damn, damn, I feel so out of control. I keep my head down and answer, ‘I want to be your submissive boy Sir. Can I have another kiss Sir?’

‘Yes boy, come to me and get your kiss.’

We kiss and I can’t help but respond. I know it’s wrong but there is something about it that I can’t fight and I get into the kiss and feel almost breathless when we break.

‘Good boy, take my hand. It’s time to go back inside,’ he says holding out his hand.

Taking his hand and having him lead me into the suite feels almost as gay as the kiss. We go down into the sunken living room and he has me sit on the couch next to him. He opens a box on the coffee table and takes out a joint and lights it up.

‘Maybe this will help you relax, boy.’

We sit there and share the joint, not speaking. The smoke seems extra strong and I feel like I’m getting really high.

‘I lace the paper with hash oil, it adds a lot of strength to the smoke, don’t you think Stevie,’ he says his hand going to my thigh and resting there.

‘Yes Sir. I wondered why it tasted different.’

‘Nothing like a good high to help a boy feel relaxed. I want you to stand up now Stevie and undress down to your panties.’

‘Please Sir, please…’

‘Do as you are told boy. I do not tolerate bad boys. Now take off your shoes and socks and then stand up.’ I take them off and stand up. ‘Now walk out in front of me and take your tie and shirt off.’

I do as I’m told. It’s so humiliating but at least being high helps, that is till I think about the underwear I have on. Fuck, I knew I shouldn’t wear that pair. I stand there in front of him with only my slacks on now.

‘I’m glad to see you don’t have much body hair. What you do have, I expect to be gone by the time you come to work Monday. Arms, legs, chest, pubic hair, I want it all gone. I like my boys smooth.’

I don’t say anything, just look down at the floor, feeling more broken all the time. Then he tells me to take my slacks off. I slowly take them off and lay them across a chair as I move back and stand in front of him, hands covering my crotch.

‘Hands to your sides boy.’

I pull my hands back to my sides and stand there as he sits there looking at me. He doesn’t say anything, kaçak bahis just stares at me and takes a couple drinks.

‘Those panties look so good on you Stevie. They show you little cock off so nicely. You do have a little cock don’t you Stevie? I mean a little fag boy like you couldn’t have a big cock. Tell me your cock is like a little boy’s cock.’

Fuck, fuck. Looking at the floor, ‘I have a little boy cock Sir.’

‘I bet you like playing with it. Why don’t you take it out and show me how you like playing with your little cock?’

The humiliation never ends. I reach into my shorts and take my cock in my hand and start stroking it slowly. It’s soft and it’s so humiliating that it stays soft.

‘The little boy can’t even get his cock hard. That is really pathetic. It’s no wonder you are gay. No girl would ever want a guy with a little boy cock.’

Being so high, I’m having trouble controlling myself and feel like I’m about to cry. He watches me as I humble myself playing with my soft cock until he finally stands up, goes over to the dining room table, pulls out a straight chair and sits down in it.

‘Come here little boy.’

I think about the video I watched and think I know what is going to happen but what can I do. I walk over to him.

‘Nothing helps a boy understand his position like a good hard spanking Stevie. You have done well tonight and I know we are going to get along really well. Now I want you tell me you are sorry for pretending you aren’t gay, that you really are a faggot and that you want to be with a dominant man like me and that you deserve a good spanking to make sure you understand your place. Beg me to spank you boy.’

I feel broken and totally out of control of things. I look down and feel a tear run down my cheek. ‘I’m sorry Sir for acting like I’m straight. I’m really a faggot and need to be with a real man. Will you please spank me?’

‘You want me to spank you hard and make you cry like a little sissy fag boy?’ I nod my head yes. ‘Answer me boy, tell me what you want.’

‘I want you to spank me hard and make me cry Sir.’

‘Cry like a little girl?’

‘Yes, Sir. Like a little girl.’

‘Then get over my lap boy.’

I get down across his knees and one of his legs locks my legs in place. I feel his hand running lightly over the shorts I have on and it feels kind of nice. Then his hand comes down hard on one of my ass cheeks. WHACK!!

Oh god, take really hurt and I cry out a little. Then the other cheek. I can’t believe how much that hurt. I don’t think I have ever been spanked. I put my hand back to rub my ass and he pulls it up behind my back holding me in place then he starts on my ass. He gave me what felt like five hard strokes on each cheek. Then I feel him pull my shorts down below my ass cheeks.

‘You will always refer to any of these you wear as panties Stevie. My, my, your ass reddens up nice. I know how badly you need this spanking boy,’ he says as he starts on my bare ass. It hurts so badly and he just keeps on spanking me. My ass feels on fire and I’m crying hard and begging him to stop. Finally, he stops and pushes me off his lap. I try to stop crying but I can’t.

‘Kneel in front of me boy and look up at me. I want to watch you cry.’

I do as he says. I’m sobbing loudly and go to wipe the tears away when he warns me not to do that.

‘It makes me cock so hard watching a boy like you cry. You come to me tonight as a straight boy and you will go home knowing that what you really are is a fucking faggot. A cock sucking faggot, right Stevie?’

‘Yes Sir,’ I get out between sobs.

‘No faggot ever wants to go home without sucking a cock. I bet you really want to suck my cock, don’t you Stevie. I bet you want to reach up here and unfasten my slacks, slide them and my underwear down and take my cock into your faggot mouth and suck. If you can convince me that you really want to suck my cock, I won’t have to spank you anymore.’

My ass still feels on fire. I can’t take any more of that. I look down and ask, ‘Sir, may I suck your cock?’

‘That really doesn’t sound like you really want to do that Stevie boy. Maybe my spanking wasn’t sufficient.’

‘No Sir, I really do want to suck your cock. Please let me suck it.’

‘You want to be a cocksucker Stevie?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Say it.’

‘I want to be a cocksucker Sir.’

‘Show me. Disappoint me and you go right back across my lap.’

I reach up and unfasten his belt and unzip him. He lifts up and I pull his slacks and underwear down together. His cock springs up right in front of my face. It looks so big being so close and reminds me of the big cocks I saw in the video.

‘Kiss it boy.’

I see a drop of precum on his piss slit and when I lean down and kiss his cock, I can taste it. It doesn’t taste too bad.’

‘Lick it off Stevie.’

My tongue slides across his cockhead licking up the precum. I know I should feel grossed out but I really don’t.’

‘You want it don’t you boy? You really are gay, aren’t you? Beg to suck me.’

I feel broken and all I can do is look at his cock. I realize I do want to suck it. ‘Yes Sir. I’m gay and I want to suck your cock. I want to be a cocksucker.’

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Inside the Athlete’s Village Ch. 02

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Though I’d fallen asleep with a gorgeous 18-year-old swimmer flanking me on each side, I awoke in my room completely alone. Glancing over, I saw that my roommate’s bed was still perfectly made; Tyler must have hooked up with someone last night and never come home. No biggie, bed-hopping was an unofficial sport at the Olympics.

Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I sat up and glanced down at the precious hardware still lying on my chest. I used my thumb to rub it, smiling proudly at the accomplishment of earning my own Gold Medal. And then I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly at just how tired I really felt right now.

Years of preparation, months of hardcore training, and two days of intense preliminary and then final competition had boiled down to a single, spectacular, almost super-human effort. And then on top of all that, I’d engaged in a torrid threesome with Euro hotties that really wiped me out.

Protein. I need protein.

Swinging my legs off the bed, I worked the cricks out of my neck before spotting the note on my nightstand. Printed neatly on official Olympic stationary, Anneke had written in English:

Good morning, Champion. I know you must be tired, because even Marika’s blowjob could not wake you. A pity, because we would have enjoyed another round. This is especially after waiting so long to finally bed you. But you were worth the wait, and I only wish we had more time. But we have now stayed three days beyond our competition, and we must now return home. We both will miss you, but we will never forget our night with our Champion.

Love always, Anneke and Marika

P.S. Please do not kiss and tell. It would make our boyfriends jealous.

There were two lipstick kisses at the bottom of the note, and with a smile, I began looking around for my suitcase so that I could keep the note as a keepsake memory. But seconds later, I changed my mind. I held it up, smiling at the paper one final time, and then I began tearing it into a dozen little strips and then tearing those strips into even tinier pieces before scattering them into the trash can.

What happens in the Athlete’s Village, STAYS in the Athlete’s Village.


Fully dressed, my hair perfectly tousled and again sporting my brand new hardware on my chest, I walked into the dining hall closest to the American section and went to pick up my usual selection of food. Inside, I ran into a young friend on the U.S. Swim Team, Asher. He hadn’t qualified for an individual event, but had swum the preliminaries for a relay team. And since the finals team had won Gold a few days earlier, like me he was able to strut around the Village with his own spiffy hardware around his neck.

“Hey, what’s up, man?” I greeted in a friendly tone. “Haven’t seen you around for a couple of days.”

Asher blushed and then leaned forward, a glimmer in his eyes. Glancing around to make sure nobody was in our immediate vicinity, he replied softly, “Been buried up to my neck in international pussy, dude. Only now am I coming up for air.”

I raised my eyebrows, and he tapped the medal around his neck. “Gold is gold; nobody really cares that it’s not for an individual event.”

I nodded and clapped him on the shoulder. Inside, I knew I was more proud of my medal knowing that I’d won it all on my own, and not had the victory swum for me by four guys who were faster than me. But that individual pride didn’t mean I had to begrudge Asher for his pussy-hunting success. “Congratulations.”

He grinned and then gestured to the food. “Load up, man. You’re gonna need more energy these next few days than you did for your competition.”

I grinned. It was a good suggestion. Sure, I still had plenty of meets to swim over the next few months, leading up to the short course World Championships in December, but my body could afford a few days of letting itself go. I was hungry, and I wanted to eat some stuff I would have usually denied myself. And when I showed up at the checkout line with my heavily-laden tray, I heard a whistle from behind me along with a sarcastic, “Merda, you do not have enough food, bobo?”

I glanced back to see a familiar face. Two of them, actually. Well, scratch that. It was the same face: twice. Let me explain…

Leticia and Larissa are twins – identical twins, hence the single face twice thing. And it was a gorgeous face they shared. The rest of them was pretty spectacular, too. The twins were indoor volleyball players from Brazil, and since the countries from the Americas were roughly grouped in the same area of the Athlete’s Village, I’d run into them a couple of times over the course of the past week, neither occasion resulting a very positive outcome for me.

Olympic volleyball players are all built the same, at least the strikers. They’re super-tall and super-thin, but without the wide, bulked-up shoulders many female swimmers can develop. The Brazilian twins looked like they could swap their sports uniforms for güvenilir bahis runway high fashion any time they wanted, and they certainly had the faces for modeling as well. But even more attractive to me, these Brazilian chicks had *fiiine* butts.

The first time I saw them, I’d started gawking at Leticia’s ass (or was it Larissa’s?) and then promptly walked into a light post. I didn’t think either of them had noticed me checking them out, but they certainly turned around and noticed the stupid gringo holding his forehead and moaning in pain while wrapped around the pole. They came over good-naturedly just to make sure I was alright. My sense of machismo kicked in and I insisted I was just fine, but I’d been thrown off-balance enough that I couldn’t come up with a single witty thing to say, and the girls had walked off moments later without giving me a backwards glance.

The second time we ran into each other was while waiting for dinner a few days ago when I was still flirting with Anneke. To my chagrin, the twins stopped in their tracks and Larissa actually pointed at me while asking her sister in *português brasileiro* if I was the guy who’d walked into the light post that one day. Leticia agreed, and they were distracting enough that Anneke asked them politely what they were talking about, and the twins hung around for ten minutes or so to regale Anneke with the tale of me ogling their tight asses and then braining myself on the pole (So I guess they HAD realized I was checking them out).

Their English wasn’t the best, and it wasn’t Anneke’s most fluid language, either, so there were a lot of pauses for the twins to chatter back and forth in Portuguese to figure out how best to explain. The word “bobo” had come up quite a bit, and after Anneke’s inquiry, Leticia explained that it meant “fool” or “idiot” or something else equally unflattering. They of course were referring to me.

The story thus concluded, the Brazilian twins laughed and moved on. I didn’t think much of the encounter, preferring to spend my time basking in Anneke’s flirtatious company. And I simply chalked off Leticia and Larissa to being two hot girls I would never have a chance with.

Until now.

Not much had changed since the last time they saw me. I was still the same “bobo” who had walked into a light post while checking them out. But one small thing HAD changed, and the proof of it was hanging around my neck.

“Oy, bobo…” Leticia whistled as I found her gaze gravitating toward my chest and then being held there, almost as if she were the dude and I was a chick with massive breasts. “There is something… *different*… about you.”

“Congratulations,” Larissa chimed in. “What sport do you again?”

“Swimming,” I replied with a grin, thrusting my chest out, again like a girl putting her… ah… girls… on display.

Leticia then glanced next to me, where Asher stood smirking in amusement. “You do swimmer, too?”

He nodded in the universal affirmative. “Different events, though,” he explained.

“But still champion,” Larissa breathed, her eyelashes batting as she looked me up and down and then also gave Asher the once over.

We both stood proudly to let them check us out: tall, muscled hunks of pure American manliness… with Gold Medals wrapped around our necks.

I was glad I’d picked up the extra calories.


It’s a pretty amazing sight to see a gorgeous young woman take every inch of your cock into her mouth, until the point where her lips are pressed up against your bare-shaven crotch and balls.

It’s an even MORE amazing sight to see her twin sister trade places with her and then repeat the maneuver, looking up into your eyes and swallowing obviously so you can feel her throat muscles massaging the head of your dick.

Strange how that works. The view itself is nearly identical, but knowing you’ve just been deep-throated by the first girl’s *twin sister* just adds sooo much more mental stimulation to an already stimulating view.

Leticia and Larissa had taken Asher and me back to their place, ostensibly because they were still in competition and supposed to be taking it easy overall, and also supposed to stay near their teammates. But unlike swimming, indoor volleyball was a sport more predicated on technique and teamwork than pure physical exertion. While they shouldn’t be wearing themselves out, the girls didn’t have to spend this off-day completely conserving their energy, either. Their coaches would probably prefer that they didn’t bring a couple of guys home to have sex, but doing so wouldn’t kill their Olympic dreams or anything.

Plus, I really think the twins wanted to show us off. Leticia and Larissa were housed in a three-bedroom apartment, and it turned out that their four teammates were inside when we arrived. Asher and I got ogled up and down pretty good as we entered, and the twins made a big show about removing the Gold Medals from our necks before hanging them on a hook over one of the bedroom doors.

“Do not türkçe bahis worry,” Leticia said reassuringly after catching my apprehensive look toward my beloved hardware. “No one will take them.”

“It’s a trophy,” Asher explained with a shit-eating grin as he let Larissa lead him by the hand into the bedroom. “They’re telling everyone they bagged a couple of Gold Medalists.”

Leticia smiled, walking her hands up my chest before cupping my cheek and leaning in to peck my lips. “Well… I have not bagged you YET.” And then she too took my hand and led me inside, closing the bedroom door with Asher’s and my Gold Medals hanging outside for their teammates to see.

Larissa already had Asher’s shorts off and was stroking his rapidly-hardening prick in one hand while she licked the head. Leticia sat me down on her bed across the room and began pulling at my shorts to do the same.

Leaning back on my hands, I groaned as the Brazilian beauty went to work. She had large, dark eyes and long eyelashes, and she seemed to really like watching the expressions on my face as she blew me. Then she did her little deep-throating trick, gulping around my prick and smiling at maximum depth before pulling back and gasping for oxygen.

Leticia did it to me once more before her sister whistled. At the cue, she patted my prick and pecked the head once before getting up and switching beds. And then both Asher and I groaned with the extra mental stimulation of watching the “other” twin swallow us whole.

But as good as the deep-throating felt, I was impatient for more. Reaching down, I gently pulled Larissa’s face off my prick and then had her stand up in front of me. I started with her shirt, pulling it up and kissing her belly. She giggled at the ticklish sensation, twisting away from the contact until she was facing away from me. But no matter, standing up off the bed, I raised her shirt higher and higher until she had to lift her arms so I could remove it completely.

Only I didn’t remove it completely. I left the shirt wrapped around her arms and head, inside-out and trapping her in that position momentarily. I took the opportunity to unsnap her bra and then reach around to hold her firm titties, not very big but very firm and capped by thick nipples that seemed to extend a full inch out from each breast. Larissa whimpered and tried to finish removing her shirt, but I reached up with one hand to prevent her from doing so. And then I took my other hand and slid it down her firm belly and beneath the waistband of her shorts.

Larissa was wearing khaki shorts over a lime green G-string, and after running my fingers over the smoothness of her bare-shaven mound and into the moisture of her rapidly dampening pussy, I deftly unbuttoned her shorts and dropped them down to pool at her ankles. Only then did I finally pull off her shirt, and then taking hold of her waist to keep her from moving, I sat back down on the bed, which put my face right at eye-level with Larissa’s perfect, *perfect* ass, covered only by two lime green strings that hid absolutely nothing from view.

“Hey Asher,” I called, glancing over to see that he too had started to undress his girl. “Leave the G-strings and their sneakers on.”

His shit-eating grin spread, and he nodded.

I now noticed that there was one thing distinguishing the identical twins from each other: their panties. While Larissa was wearing lime green, Leticia’s was an electric yellow. Though my original interest in leaving their underwear on was purely for visual titillation, I felt quite pleased with myself for retaining some way of identifying the twins even if they switched places again.

Meantime, I took the opportunity to lean forward and bury my face against Larissa’s perfect ass. Her butt cheeks were impossibly firm and yet just a little pliable when I really dug my thumbs into them. I spread her globes and then nuzzled my nose along her crack, causing a giggle. And then after kissing each perky cheek I reached up and pulled her down onto the bed beside me.

She fell a little awkwardly, her ankles still cuffed together by her shorts. We both laughed as I leaned over to help snake them over her sneakers, and then I took advantage of my position to move her legs apart and flip myself over with my face in her crotch.

The narrow strip over her snatch was now more of a dark green than lime green, obviously moistened by her arousal. It was easy enough to slide the strip off to the side as I leaned in and took my first lick of her nectar. And Larissa suddenly stopped moving as her head fell back and she moaned in obvious pleasure.

I ate her to two screaming orgasms then, Larissa drumming her sneaker heels on my back as I did so. After the second, she impatiently tugged on my shoulders for me to come up and fuck her, but when I glanced across the room and found Asher following my lead by eating out Leticia, I called out, “Hey man, let’s switch!”

Asher picked his head up, his jaw and cheeks glistening with girlcum. His shit-eating grin güvenilir bahis siteleri was back and he nodded. “Way cool.”

The girls didn’t seem to mind as we guys crisscrossed the room, stripping off the rest of our clothes and pulling out condoms from our pockets along the way. And Leticia simply opened up both her arms and legs to me as I knelt on the mattress over her, slid her neon yellow string aside, and guided my rock hard prick into her hot, tight, wet pussy.

“NOW you’ve bagged me,” I said quietly once I was fully imbedded.

Leticia grinned and pulled me down to her lips for a kiss. And then we were off to the races.

Asher and I pounded each of our girls until they each screamed out their orgasms. Not thirty seconds later, Leticia complained that she’d wanted to get fucked on her OWN bed. I laughed, realizing that the girls had never gotten to switch back, so digging my hands under Leticia’s ass I hoisted her up and carried her across the room, never letting our loins get disengaged. Asher did the same, and once he and Larissa were out of the way, Leticia and I dropped onto her bed and I drilled her up to a fresh orgasm.

Then, the girls decided they wanted to switch again, pushing us off them and darting across the room while Asher complained, “Didn’t you JUST want to do this on your OWN bed?”

Larissa shrugged as she came to me, pushing me onto my back. She straddled my hips as she pulled my cock upright, and then sat down, stuffing herself full of American cock and grinning happily to feel it. And she rode me athletically, once again back on her *sister’s* bed.

“Turn around,” I told her after another couple of minutes, and then showed her what I wanted by twisting her hips in my hands.

Larissa quickly got the idea as she spun around into a reverse cowgirl position. And after she bent forward and planted her hands on the mattress by my knees, she wriggled her hips side-to-side while calling back over her shoulder, “You really like my ass, que não?”

“I love it,” I replied, grunting as I thrust up and into her.

“Would you like to put your *caralho* inside?”

The extra surge of power in my next thrust was all the answer she needed.

Larissa laughed and then dismounted me. She opened Leticia’s nightstand drawer, rummaging around for a moment before barking something I didn’t catch in Portuguese. Leticia barked back, and Larissa nodded before closing the drawer and opening the cabinet door beneath, and from there she retrieved a clear bottle of lube.

“How do you want me?” she asked playfully, waggling the bottle.

“The same. On top facing that way,” I replied, gesturing with my hands to make sure she understood.

Giggling, Larissa stuck her tongue out at me and waggled her head. “Always like to stare at my *bumbum*, bobo?”


She laughed some more, and then poured out a healthy amount of lube into her right hand and began coating my condom-covered cock with it. Once finished, she reached behind herself and winced as she evidently shoved a few lubricated fingers into her own ass. But then suddenly the bottle was on top of the nightstand and Larissa was resuming her reverse cowgirl position, this time with her hand aiming my erection at her dusky rosebud star.

“Ohhh…” Larissa moaned as she sank her ass down onto me. “Sooo BEEG… Você é foda!”

“Larissa?” her sister called, adding rapid-fire Portuguese I didn’t understand, although I thought I heard the words “bunda” and “bobo” thrown in there.

“Nn-hnn…” Larissa replied with a head nod, shifting her weight back to take more of me inside her bunghole while also stretching her arms forward and hanging her head down to concentrate.

“Fuck. Me!” I exclaimed rapturously just watching the view. It was incredible to see Larissa’ perfect butt cheeks spread wide by my thick cock penetrating her very center, my blood-engorged prick looking as dark as her tan skin and both only serving to highlight the brightness of her lime green G-string running alongside my dick. And topping that off, well…you know what I said about mental stimulation adding so much more than mere sight.

And it was about to get even better.

Leticia, completely naked save for her sneakers and neon yellow G-string, appeared beside us just then, with Asher hanging back and still seated on the other bed. She watched her sister begin to undulate atop me, pushing my dick up and down her anal chute just a couple of inches at a time.

“It’s soooo gooood…” Larissa crooned, turning to look at Leticia before closing her eyes and canting her head to the side.

Leticia reached out and caressed her sister’s cheek. And then to my complete and utter surprise, she leaned forward and planted a very wet open-mouthed kiss on Larissa’s lips.

Larissa moaned into the lip lock, sitting up straighter and really flowing back into the kiss. Her arm came up around Leticia’s head, pulling her twin sister closer as she also fucked her ass on me harder. Moments later, Leticia moved forward to kneel on the bed alongside us. And with a few more tugs, Larissa pulled her sister around until Leticia was face-to-face with her, also straddling my legs as the two sisters continued to make out.

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Crash-n-Burn Ch. 04

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Note: This is the fourth of a six-part series. I strongly advise reading Chapter 3 before this one. Be aware that this story contains incest.


I woke to the sound of birds chirping outside, reminding me of our first morning at Algonquin. The tent was still dark, though there was the hint of light at the entrance. My sleeping partner was wrapped around me, arms holding me tightly. I didn’t need any light to know that we were both completely naked. Or that we were both aroused. Her breasts were pressing against my side, and one leg was draped across my hips, pressing on my hard cock. My right leg was nestled in her hot, damp crotch.

I sighed and turned to kiss her forehead. She gave a soft moan and shifted so she was straddling one leg. The sleeping bag was too tight to move around much, so she unzipped it about half-way. The air was a bit cold, but I was not complaining.

“Want a morning wakeup?” she whispered in my ear.

“Mmm. Excellent idea.”

Her mouth trailed kisses up my neck and her hips slid over mine. There was a trail of wetness where her pussy rubbed across my leg. She pulled her knees up and straddled my hips. Her lips found mine for a long, sensuous kiss. Her pussy was rubbing along my cock almost immediately, and I wasted no time sliding into her.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck me, baby. Make me scream.”

I began to thrust into her, and she rocked her hips to give me some wonderful sensations. I pressed her shoulders back, forcing her to sit up part-way. Just enough for me to take one of her tits in my mouth. She cried out as I sucked on a nipple.

“Yes, baby. Bite it, just a bit.”

I grabbed her other breast with my hand as I began to gently bite her hard nipple. She began to scream, her body shaking as I continued to thrust into her pussy. Her fingernails dug into my chest as she ground her hips down against me. When the orgasm ended, she pulled my head away from her chest. Leaning down, she gave me a long kiss, sticking her tongue down my throat. Her face was still indistinct shadow in the early dawn light. She pulled back and chuckled softly.

“Stop for a second.”

I paused my thrusting, and she spun around to face away from me. My cock slipped out of her as she turned, but it was back in her hot cunt before I could feel the cool air. She leaned forward a bit and pressed her hips down on me.

“Okay. Fuck me, baby. Give me all you’ve got.”

I had both hands on her hips now and began to thrust up, penetrating her pussy as far as I could. The angle allowed very deep penetration, and she was moving opposite to my thrusts. It was just light enough now for me to make out a few details, and I could see blonde hair dancing across her back as she bounced on my cock. She had one hand between her legs, the other massaging her breasts. I could feel myself getting close, but I wanted her to come again first. I slid a hand up her spine and felt her shiver under my touch. She gave a soft cry, so I repeated the caress.

“I love that. Thumb me with your other hand.”


“Put your thumb in my ass. There’s enough of my juices splashing around that it’ll slide right in.”

I moved my left hand to the base of her spine, sliding the thumb down her ass crack. She mewed like a cat in heat and pushed her hips back as I teased her rosebud. I slid across a couple more times, making her growl with impatience. Laughing softly, my thumb circled her asshole, dipping down near her pussy to pick up her juices. I pressed the tip of my thumb against her, and she seemed to open up for me. I took that as an invitation and slowly pushed into her ass. Once I was past the sphincter, she seemed to suck my thumb right in. Obviously, she had some experience with anal play. My thumb added a new sensation, and I could feel it pressing against the top of my cock. I let my fingernails scratch down her back as my thumb and cock moved in and out of her holes.

“Fuck!” she screamed. “Harder, baby.”

“Harder with what?”

“Everything. Cock, thumb, nails. Scratch me, fuck me, ream my ass!”

I picked up speed, thrusting as hard as I could into her pussy. My thumb kept pace, burying itself into her ass. I bent the fingers of my right hand, scratching her back. She leaned against my fingernails, and I pressed harder.

“God, yes. Mark me, baby. Make me yours!”

I dug my fingers into the soft flesh of her back, scratching furrows in her flawless skin. Her body suddenly spasmed, shaking above me. At the same time, her ass and pussy squeezed tightly around my thumb and cock. She screamed at the top of her lungs as she came, and I joined her with my own climax.

After she settled, she leaned forward to catch her breath, holding my thumb and cock inside her tightly. After a couple minutes, she lifted her hips, pulling off my cock. I started to remove my thumb, but she stopped me.

“No, leave that for now. I think you can give me another orgasm.”

I left the thumb where it was, and she pushed my arm bahis firmaları back as she crawled rearward over me. When her thighs were straddling my face, she dropped her head to suck my cock into her mouth. Looking up, I dimly saw a line of cum starting to drip out of her swollen pussy. Taking the hint, I began to lap up my mess. I moved the thumb in her ass, and she started moaning again. Keeping that motion slow, I brought my other hand up to the front of her hips. She jerked as my fingers found her clit. Between my tongue and hands, I had her coming again in no time. Finally, she sighed and pulled away from me. Turning, she climbed on top of me, giving me a cum-tinged kiss, then laying her head on my shoulder.

“Thanks babe. That was fantastic. Can you pull up the blanket?”

I pulled the sleeping bag over us, then fell asleep holding her.


“Cole!” Mom shouted in my ear. “What the hell happened?”

I was completely disoriented. “Wha…what?”

There was a sudden wash of cold, and I opened my eyes to see her kneeling over me. The sun was up now, and there was plenty of light to see by. Her blonde hair was messed up, with what looked like dried cum on the edges. The was also some on her cheek and chin. Mom was looking at her breast, and I saw the unmistakeable red mark of a bite around her nipple. I caught the scent of sex and my cock started to grow, bumping against her.

She jumped off me, knocking the sled away from the doorway and landing on my sleeping bag, which she had opened up to air out. The tent was suddenly brighter, and now she was staring at my chest with wide eyes.

“What the fuck, Cole? What happened last night?”

I looked at her, then down at my chest. There were six or eight angry red marks, looking suspiciously like fingernail scratches.

“Um, I’m not sure. Did you have any dreams? Like, really vivid dreams?”

“We couldn’t have. No, that’s not possible.”

Ignoring the fact that I was watching her, she stuck a couple fingers deep into her pussy. The came out coated in milky white goo.

“Fuck,” she whispered. Then, she absent-mindedly licked her fingers clean.

“Mom, did that really happen last night?”

She looked up at me, seemingly shocked to see me. Her voice trembled as she asked, “What do you remember, Cole?”

I tried to remember. “Um, I woke in the night, when it was still black. I was sleeping with a woman, who was in front of me. I was, um, hard, and between her legs. She started moving — and, well, you know.”

“Did you come inside her?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

She closed her eyes. “Is that all? Or was there something else?”

“I, uh, woke again just before dawn with her crawling on top of me. That got very — energetic.”

“Like biting and scratching?”

“Yeah, that too.”


“She turned around and asked me to thumb her and scratch her back. And, I came in her again.”

“Cole, are there scratches on my back?”

She had turned away, and I saw my handiwork displayed. The scratches on her back looked like raw whip marks. In comparison, those on my chest were nothing.

“Yeah, they look deep.”

She sighed, wrapping my sleeping bag around her shoulders. “I guess you know now that I sometimes like it rough. Usually, that’s only when I really like someone and I’m over-the-top horny. But, that should not have happened.” She shook her head vigorously. “I never lose control — never. Fuck!”

I decided not to pursue that line of thought. “Mom, what now?”

She had her eyes closed, tapping her fingers into her palm.

“Damn it.”

“What?” She didn’t answer. “Mom, what ‘dammit’?”

“We, uh, didn’t use a condom, did we?”

“I don’t know about you, but I didn’t think I’d need to bring one with me this week,” I protested. The implication hit me. “Um, are you worried that, you could — that, you know?”

“Get pregnant?” Her voice was rising. “Yeah, I sure as hell am. I’m right in the middle of my fertile time.”

“But, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get pregnant, right?”

“Guaranteed? No. Probable? Yes.” She screamed wordlessly for a moment, then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I could see her regain control, her usual unconcerned expression covering her face like a mask. She whispered, “All right, Maisie, think. You can deal with this.”

We were both quiet for a minute.

“So, now what? How soon will you know for sure?”

Her voice was calm now. “A home test won’t be effective for at least a week, maybe two. The best thing to do is wait until my next period is due. If I miss it, the test will be pretty accurate.”

I digested that for a minute. “What will you do? If you are, I mean.”

“I don’t know, Cole. I have no idea.”

“Mom, I’ll do anything you need me to. Just tell me what you want.”

She leaned over and kissed my cheek but kept herself covered. “Thanks, baby. We’ll talk about it later, all right?”


She sat back and nodded at my leg. “Can you take kaçak iddaa off the bandage? I’d like to see how that hole is healing.”

I slid my leg closer to her, then pulled the sleeping bag to cover my groin. I saw Mom smile out of the corner of my eye. I removed the bandage from my leg, rolling it up as it came off. Setting the bandage aside, I gently lifted the dressing from the top of my thigh. A small hole, filled with dark, clotted blood, sat just to the left of centre on my leg, about half-way down the thigh. I felt the back and estimated the path the bullet had travelled. It could not have missed the bone by more than a couple centimetres. I glanced up at Mom and knew that she had realized the same thing. If the bullet had hit the bone, it would have been almost impossible for Mom to get me back to Mew Lake. And, leaving me here alone would have been almost certain death in this weather.

“You’ll have to turn over so I can see the other side.”

I nodded and rolled on my right side. I felt Mom removed the other dressing. She laid a hand on my hip to hold me in place, then wiped the injury clean and fastened a new dressing in place with a couple pieces of tape. I had not even noticed her get the first aid kit.

“All right, on your back again and I’ll replace the front dressing.”

I did as I was told. She bent my leg, then applied some Polysporin and the second dressing. Taking a new roller bandage, she wrapped the dressings to keep them from shifting.

“How does it look?”

She smiled. “You’re healing up well. It’s a good thing you’re young and healthy. Plus, the asshole only shot you with a twenty-two, so it wasn’t really that bad to start with. I still don’t want you to exert yourself. It wasn’t bleeding much, but I’m not taking any chances. I’ll pull the sled back, and we will check the leg a couple times in the first hour, then at least hourly after that.”

“Are you sure you can handle the sled the whole way?”

“Absolutely. There’s almost no food left, so that’s a few pounds. And, the snow was a bit sticky on the way here. It’s colder now, so there will be less drag. Let’s get dressed and eat, then we can break camp and start back.”

We were dressed a few minutes later, and I started the fire as Mom got out the last of our food. Looking around, I saw some red splotches in the snow.

“So, what happened last night? To our uninvited guest?”

Mom shrugged. “He’s gone.”

“Did he leave under his own power?”

“Does it matter?” she asked flatly. Putting the fry pan on the flat rock over the fire we were using for cooking, she tossed in the last of the bacon.

“Mom, I need to know if he’s still alive.”

“Why? You didn’t do anything but disarm him. You might have broken his arm, but that’s about it. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

“Really? And what if someone comes looking for him? What if they find out that we were here and question us? I’ve got his calling card on my leg.”

She closed her eyes for a minute. “He attacked, and we defended. But, when he went after you, I lost it. I wasn’t trying to stop him any more. He hurt you, and I wanted him dead. After he fell out of the tent I kept stabbing him until he wasn’t moving any more. Then, I dragged him over to the ice south of the island, where it’s deeper. I ripped up his clothes to hide the stab marks and chopped a hole in the ice. I stuck a bunch of rocks in his clothes and pushed him under. Once I was sure he was staying down, I put the piece of ice I’d chopped out back in place. It’s probably already frozen again.”

I thought about that while she was cooking. It didn’t take long to heat up the last of the food. As we ate, I looked at the ice between Rose Island and Jean Island. The marks from his footsteps we clear, though they would be gone by the next good snowfall.

“What about his camp?”

“We don’t even know where it is.”

I pointed at the trail over the ice.

“What are you thinking?”

I shrugged. “It doesn’t look right for certain articles to be left in the camp. If he was out, shouldn’t he have taken his gear?”

She looked at our camp, with the damaged tent. “Go take a look if you want, but don’t take too long. Don’t take anything that can be easily identified as belonging to him. And, Cole — that rifle will be registered to him.”

I got up, flexing my leg. “The leg feels pretty good. I won’t be long.”

I put on my skis and pulled the toque down over my ears. A moment later, I was striding across the ice. Most cross-country skiers generally averaged about the same speed as a normal walking pace, except during a race. Prepared trails gave a better speed, while in rough terrain skis were slower. When we had come south, the snow was a bit sticky, dragging on the skis as we travelled. The upper layer of the snow on the lake had melted in the sun earlier in the week, then hardened in the evenings. Over the past couple nights, any remaining liquid had frozen solid, creating a thick crust. I might as well have been skating for kaçak bahis all the resistance it gave my skis. Without too much effort, I was soon moving at the speed of a good run.

The fifty metres to Jean Island took no time. I followed his tracks as they curved to the north. After about two hundred metres there was a bit of a dip in the shoreline, and that’s where he had his camp. It was just in the edge of the trees, out of sight of our campsite. I almost laughed out loud when I saw the tent. It was the same model as ours, but dark blue with a hunter green fly, rather than light green and a yellow fly. The tent contained a sleeping bag and his pack. The survival rifle was once again strapped to it. Leaving my gloves on, I quickly searched the pack. There was some food and clothes in the main section, but nothing much of interest.

Checking the outer pockets, I was surprised to find not one, but three wallets. One definitely belonged to the asshole. There was a driver’s license and some credit cards. Those I left alone. But I decided it wouldn’t hurt to take the bulk of the cash. There were ten fifties, a couple twenties and a ten. I moved all but thirty dollars to my pocket. After all, he didn’t need it any more. Interestingly, I did not find a firearms license. Checking the other wallets, I saw driver’s licenses and credit cards belonging to other men. I did not recognize either of them. Again, neither had a firearms license, and both wallets were void of cash. I returned the wallets to the pocket they had been in.

A side pocket had an almost-full box of .22 ammunition and a partial box of .45. I searched some more, finding three Colt magazines, all loaded with .45 rounds. There was a leather holster, but no gun. I searched through all of the pockets, even going through the main section again, but the other gun was not present.

I placed the pack outside the tent and checked the sleeping bag, finding a very nice tomahawk under the pillow, but no pistol. Sticking the tomahawk in my belt, I rolled up the sleeping bag and tossed it out with the pack. Confirming the tent was empty, I went back outside. It took me about five minutes to take down the tent, a couple more to pack it up. The tomahawk came in handy for pulling the pegs from the frozen ground.

I glanced around, checking that he had not left any food hanging in the trees. That was often done to prevent bears from getting into it, but they were not a problem this time of year. Tying the tent and sleeping bag to the pack, I hoisted it over my shoulders and collected his skis and poles before heading back onto the ice. The trip back was a bit longer, as I wasn’t able to use my own poles very well.

Mom did not look pleased when I showed up. “Is that everything?”

“Yep.” I dropped his skis at the edge of the ice. “I found a couple interesting things in the pack. When you got rid of him, did you find anything interesting?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. A knife maybe. A pistol?” She didn’t say anything, but I saw a reaction in her eyes. “The twenty-two rifle and a box of ammo are here, as expected. But there is also ammo and a couple magazines for a forty-five. You didn’t find one, by chance?”

Mom turned to her pack and pulled out a gray pistol. “Is this a forty-five?”

“May I?”

She handed it to me with the pointed muzzle my way.

“Um, let’s not point this at each other, okay?”

I was happy to see that the safety was on. I stripped the mag out, then flicked off the safety and ran the slide back. A live round dropped into my lap. Locking the slide open, I looked down the barrel. It was clean and shiny, not what I had expected. I placed the pistol on my lap and loaded the loose round into the magazine.

“The gun seems to be clean, and there’s no sign of rust or dirt. It seems that he took care of his firearms.” I put the magazine in the pocket with the others and slipped the pistol into the holster. “Mom, I found three wallets. Asshole’s, and two others. None of them have firearms licenses. My guess is that Asshole did not legally own these guns. Also, I think that he at least robbed these guys, maybe even killed them. We should take this pack to the ranger station and report it as found.”

“How do we explain the extra pair of skis? And the damage to our tent?”

I smiled. “Well, the tent is easy. It’s the same model as ours. We leave the damaged tent and take his. Place his sleeping bag inside and say we found the pack near the shore.”

“I don’t like that. If they look around here, they’ll find where I cut through the ice. We can take the sleeping bag with us. We’ll release the damaged tent — and only the tent — at Whitefish Lake for the wind to blow around. We can use that tomahawk you’ve got to damage it some more, making sure the pockets for the poles are ripped up well. Use the side, rather than the cutting edge, to get a rougher tear. We’ll toss his wallet onto the ice somewhere near there and take the other two to the Mew Lake office, saying we found them on the trail near Whitefish.”

“What about the pack?”

“We’ll go through it and make sure there’s nothing identifiable. If there isn’t, we can take it with us. We’ll put your things in there and use your pack for all of the food containers.”

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Nova’s Journey Pt. 07

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Holy shit everyone, I’m still writing this story.

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, just had life getting in the way, but my mind always comes back to this story and since I found myself with some time recently, I thought I’d write some more of it out in the hope that you would enjoy it.

As always, any and all feedback is appreciated. Sorry this took so long.

It ain’t over ’till it’s over.


Chapter 14

The last couple days with Lena flew by, we did further explore the connection between pain and pleasure, but I was never quite as keen on it as she was. It still took some getting used to to rough house with her, as I could never fathom doing that with Skye.

Lena wasn’t concrete on who was in control, so it was always an adventure to find out just what she wanted that particular day. She never gave up either. If, for even a moment, I let my guard too far down, she would flip me, pin me, or otherwise get me into a lesser position and do what she wanted; within reason of course. I hadn’t expected that from her, at all. Even after what she had mentioned about pain, and seeing her bruises.

She really was child-like at heart, it was all just a game to her. Every aspect of life was lived this way. She wasn’t fearful or apprehensive of anything, at least she never appeared to be. Her life was to be lived and she never saw a reason not to do the things she wanted or try something new. I loved this about her. I knew I’d be coming back to her for years to come, even as a friend, to have someone adventurous; a cohort to try new things with.

I awoke suddenly, being shaken,

“Come on,” Lena’s voice was smooth as ever, even in these early mornings.

I rolled out of the bunk I had been sleeping in and put my bare feet on the plush carpeting. I rubbed my eyes, trying to see in the dim light. I had slept restlessly, even after the workout, and the sex. Knowing I would be handed off, and not knowing to whom kept me constantly wondering what the next week would hold for me. Even worse, I hadn’t seen Skye while I had been with Lena. I assumed they kept such off kilter hours that I’d have been split choosing between one or the other, and I was supposed to be learning.

“Are you coming?” Lena called from the door of the caravan. I sighed – wishing to myself she meant something else – and put on my boots before walking to the door and following her out.

This was the last day I would have to train with Lena, unless of course I went out of my way to continue to train with her. I very well could have, but I was getting restless having missed my dancing and smithing during this week. The camaraderie of the smith and the freedom I felt while dancing couldn’t compare to the endless monotony of Lena’s workouts and the sparring practice that never seemed to reach any resolution, no matter what I learned. That, I supposed, was the nature of learning to fight, the possibilities are so endless, if you attempted to learn them all, you’d never stop. I was starting to see the similarities and why, possibly, Lena had been attracted to this job.

Strangely enough, Lena never opened up to me, she never told me her story the way Embry and Skye had. She wasn’t the kind to talk aimlessly, or to reminisce about the past. She existed only as forward facing and seemed unwilling, or unable, to look back at anything before she had become part of the Cerulean Order. I could only speculate at her reasons for joining them, only to conclude that she loved experiences, she wanted all she could get out of life so why wouldn’t she join a traveling group of women who allowed her to get the best of life? It just made sense. My naivete wouldn’t let me pursue the thought any more deeply at that time.

My heart was far from training today, I just couldn’t devote myself to it. I went through the motions and didn’t half ass anything, but it just wasn’t what it was meant to be I felt. Lena sensed this I think, we ended the normal training early and went to breakfast. My father had always told me that some days were just not meant for training.

We ate standing, the caravan was going to be on the move shortly and everyone was packing everything up. It had been almost a month without motion, unusual for us, but Lios had been taken by surprise by a recent sand storm and decided to stay put until it passed. It had caused unnecessary delays, we needed to make it to the nearest town and do some trading to replenish soon, or we’d be out of food and, more importantly, drinkable water. Two women in blue, just shorter than me and monstrously shorter than Lena, approached us.

“She’s ours this week,”

“Skye has decided,”

If I hadn’t seen the both of them before me and been able to hear the voices coming from each independently, I’d have sworn they were the same person. It must have been the twins from before.

“Very well,” Lena responded, waving an arm with a small loaf of half eaten bread in one hand. “She’s yours.” Before I could protest, they responded together.

“Thank you,” One reached out, taking me by the wrist. bahis firmaları I was still trying to eat as they tugged at me.

“Wha…?” I turned back to Lena in my defense but she simply waved and smiled as I was dragged off by these other two women. “Seriously!?”

I caught a glimpse of who I figured was Skye, talking with Lios. I wondered what they possibly could have to discuss right now, but part of me was happy they were on more diplomatic terms than they had been because of me. I realized these two were leading me back to the caravan I had come from that morning. One of them unceremoniously tugging open the door and the other pulling me up the steps and through the door before it was closed behind me. I stood, indignantly now, inside the caravan as the two of them unveiled themselves.

“Better?” I asked, my hands on my hips.


“Very,” they smiled at each other and then turned to me.

“Do you remember us?” The one nearest to me, with shaggy hair asked.

“We met at first but haven’t spoken since,” The ponytail followed up.

I tried to think back, it felt like an eternity already and it had only been a short time. I had foggy memories from the first night and then it was just Skye, Embry, and Lena. There was very little else on my mind, they were familiar but I couldn’t place their names. I shook my head in defeat,

“I don’t remember your names,” I admitted.

“That’s ok,” shaggy said.

“No one ever does,” ponytail agreed.

“I’m Mitra,” shaggy took a step towards me.

“And…” I motioned with one finger to the other sister.

“Thenras,” ponytail said simply.

I was never going to keep them straight. I was just fortunate they had different hair. Everything else about them seemed identical. The dark hair and skin tone, similar to my own, but they had striking blue eyes, like Skye’s or Lena’s, which perplexed me. Still, that was identical on both of them. This was going to be a rough week.

“We hear you’re a blacksmith,” Mitra began, “What can you make?”

I chuckled nervously, as I hadn’t made anything in almost a month now since I had begun with the Cerulean Order.

“I can make most things, are you looking for something in particular?”

“Not yet, but I do a lot of repair, especially on the wagons, so I’d like your help.” She grinned, her teeth almost glowing against her dark complexion.

“We also hear you enjoy dancing and fighting,” Thenras said, “I’d like to watch sometime,”

“Yeah, from time to time.” These two knew a lot about me, I wondered if it was because of Skye.

“I paint, and I’ve been looking for a good subject.” Thenras looked excited at the prospect. “There’s not a lot to paint out in the desert so I’ve been working on portraiture.”

These two were an odd mix, but I understood why Skye would have wanted them as well. Mitra was invaluable if she was good at repair, and Thenras’ painting skills could undoubtedly been used for the wagons or for monetary purposes in a place like a town, somewhere people collected art. Unfortunately less so for a traveler.

“What about you?” I asked, gesturing to both of them. “Aside from art and repair, what skills do you have?” They both looked at me questioningly and exchanged glances as if perhaps I was a bit slow.

“No one told you?” Mitra asked.

“Told me what?”

Their faces curved – almost swordlike – into almost identical smiles as they stood silently before me. I began to wonder what exactly they were getting at.

“Perhaps it would be easier to show you,” Mitra approached me and Thenras began to circle around me.

“Perhaps,” Thenras reiterated as she passed me, running the palm of her hand up my arm until it slipped off my shoulder, I felt her hot breath on my neck and upper back through my shirt. My heart began to race, both of them? Together? Something was stirring in my memory, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Mitra moved ever closer and I had to fight the urge to back away as I realized I’d simply back into Thenras instead. I wasn’t sure I was ready for this.

“Scared?” Mitra asked, inching closer almost painfully slowly, Thenras’ hands ran from my lower back up to my shoulder blades and began creeping up toward my neck. My hair was beginning to stand on end, Thenras chuckled.

“Relax,” Thenras commanded,

“Close your eyes,” Mitra followed.

But how could I? How could I possibly calm myself in this situation? Thenras’ hands closed over my shoulders and tugged at me,

“Do it.”

It was a command but it wasn’t a firm one, the likes of which I had become accustomed with Lena. It came across almost like a childish nag, a dare from a peer. It was almost playful in tone and it put me at ease knowing I was dealing with my equals, not someone who demanded my subservience. I snickered and closed my eyes, waiting. Thenras’ nails skimmed the sides of my neck, rising, raising all the hair and making me shiver. As I turned my head in a vain attempt to escape her I encountered a warm, welcoming hand that, while a bit rough, was incredibly kaçak iddaa gentle. Thenras’ hands began their downward sweep from my scalp and this gentle hand guided me back to meet Mitra’s almost more gentle lips. But this was brief at best as Mitra pulled away from me, slipping past me to my ear to whisper seductively,


That was it. That was why this was familiar. I could place them now, the two who spoke gently into my ears but I couldn’t believe their strength was not in their gentle touches and kisses.

“Do you remember us now?” Thenras followed up, I could feel her body against the back of me and her lips brushed my earlobe as she spoke, the warmth of her breath was intoxicating.

“Because we remember you,” Mitra continued as I felt Thenras’ lips close over my earlobe. A gasp escaped me and I felt myself trembling, sandwiched between them. “But…” I felt the warmth recede as both of them stepped away from me, almost in tandem.

“We’re done for now,”

I opened my eyes to see Mitra had already turned and was donning her veil once again. Thenras’ touch too disappeared and she passed me, heading for her veil. I was a bit frustrated being left cold after something intense the way that had been. They were both finishing the touches on their veils and took a step towards the door.

“Why did we stop?” The words escaped me before I could give them much thought.

They both turned back to me,

“You’re not ready yet,” Mitra began.

“You will be soon,” Thenras followed.

“Take today to spend time with the smith,”

“We will test you later.”

And with that, they turned and exited the caravan abruptly. I sighed as the door to the caravan closed quietly. To say I was frustrated was an understatement. They had successfully worked me all the way up and left me hanging. It had to have been on purpose, to see what I’d do in response. I shook my head to no one in particular, feeling a little foolish that I had played into their game, but feeling a little better knowing that was really the whole point of these exercises, or at least it seemed to be. Everyone and everything was still so unfamiliar, but I couldn’t think straight despite my want to mull it over. My body was responding and for the first time, I found myself considering doing something about it by myself.

Was this against the rules? I was curious but honestly I had stopped caring, after all, who would catch me? I turned towards the empty sleeping area and began tugging at my shirt. Of all the times to be without Skye, I was particularly annoyed now. I fumbled for a moment with the dancing support but felt the familiar relief of it loosening and sliding off me. Amazingly, my own hands were gratifying as they slipped across my exposed chest, I arched my back and gently twisted the sensitive nubs between my fingers, a moan escaped me. I realized I was inside and alone, free to make as much noise as I pleased. The glorious sensitivity I experienced running my fingers over the now very sharp tips resonated through me, I shivered. I could feel myself throbbing in want, in need, of some relief.

One hand slid down and undid my belt while the other stayed firmly in place, running electricity through my skin. My pants dropped easily and I stepped out of them, allowing my hand to slip through the course hair and between the skin. I was copiously wet and unbelievably sensitive, there was no way I’d last much longer at this rate. I closed my eyes and imagined Skye before me, dropping to her knees and slipping her tongue where my fingers currently resided, I trembled on the edge for a moment, imagining her face and the warmth of her mouth on me. Another moan escaped me as I got closer. I could see her clearly, her tongue flicking out before sweeping back and diving into me. Those clear green eyes looking up at me, closing softly as she concentrated, her blonde hair falling slightly over her face and cascading over her alabaster skin. I had her, I owned her in this moment. She existed to please me, and I loved it. I cascaded over the edge with this thought, bending in half with a handful of her hair in my palm, her tongue unrelenting as I shook.

I sighed, a calm warmth spreading over me now, I could feel the tenderness in my chest where I had been too rough. I turned to clean my hands in one of the water basins when I saw the figure that had stood behind me, clad in blue. For a moment I was certain my heart stopped, or maybe that I was dreaming and I’d wake up suddenly to find out this was all just a nightmare, but I didn’t wake.

Her cold stare penetrated the veil, freezing me in my tracks. She sighed, removing the veil and looking back up at me. She shook her head but remained silent. I forced myself to bend and begin collecting my clothes off the floor.

“Not even going to wash your hands?”

I was terrified to meet her gaze, to see disappointment on her face. I opened my mouth to speak but couldn’t manage to, not even while I stared intently at the oriental carpets. I was stricken with guilt and shame. I couldn’t see it in the moment, kaçak bahis but I understand it now looking at it with new eyes. She had caught me doing something I wasn’t even sure I was allowed to do. I was completely exposed to her and possibly in the wrong. It was overwhelming. I felt tears welling up in my eyes, I put my hands over my face to hide what little I could.

“Nova,” Skye was right there but I wanted to push her away. I resented her for finding me, despite the fault being my own. “Nova,” Skye was harsher now, tugging at the arms that covered my face. I dropped them in defeat and faced her finally. She looked distressed, but confused.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“You caught me,” I choked between sobs. I tried in vain to rub the tears out of my eyes and off my face. Her eyebrows had risen quizzically and she still wore the same confused and questioning face.

“Is that why you’re upset?”


She chuckled and caressed my head.

“Nova, it’s ok.”

“Then why, why did you look at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“When you came in, you shook your head and you were just staring at me, why?”

“I didn’t want to disturb you, it seemed like you were in the middle of something.” She smiled at me.

I still didn’t grasp it, and I most certainly had not connected the dots at that point. How could I feel so off from the way she looked at me and have it be nothing? This whole experience left me a little shaken but I did the best I could to put it behind me. I trusted her after all and she wasn’t acting upset. I didn’t even want to bring up the idea of breaking any rules, but I figured that I must not have or she would have certainly told me. If she dropped it then I should too. I didn’t want to dwell on the things that upset me.

“Ok?” she asked

I nodded, sniffling.

“You’re sexy naked but I have a feeling you’re going to need your clothes today,” she said releasing me and turning abruptly. “And don’t forget to wash,” She waved a finger at me as she walked away. I stepped to the basin and figured I should probably start with that today. Would she tell the twins? Did she even know who I was with this week? Would everyone end up knowing? Probably, I sighed, it was my fault for getting caught. But I wasn’t sure just yet how long today would be.

Chapter 15

Now that I was satiated however, I’d have to get back to the smith, like I had been told to do for today. I was excited at this prospect as it had been at least a month since I had visited him and had the opportunity to work with him. He had been upset knowing I wasn’t going to be able to pursue smithing as I had originally told him I would. I hoped he’d be happy to see me again.

The morning heat and the distinct smell of sand hit me as I opened the caravan door and descended down the steps. I was still in the process of shaking off what had transpired with Skye as that had been the strangest interaction we’d ever had. I’d never felt so completely wrong standing in front of her, but I attributed it to thinking I’d broken the rules and told myself that by the end of the day I’d forget about it. Maybe my work with the smith would clear my head.

Most of the shops were closed up, only a few essential ones were still open with the move coming up. A majority of them were out of goods anyway. We were in desperate need of a resupply and I knew that would be weighing heavily on Lios, he hated being down to bare bones, especially in the hot season. To my elation, I could still see the smoke rising from the smith’s forge, he was still open, at least for now. I meandered up to his stand which was uncustomarily bare. I could see him working in the back, a young boy I could only assume was his apprentice by his side.

“Smithy?” I had nothing else to address him by, nor had I ever addressed him differently.

He stopped mid swing and turned to see me,

“Nova!” He dropped his hammer and tongs and came out to greet me, his apprentice looked shocked. “What are you doing here? Your father had a word with me and I didn’t expect to see you back.”

“I guess you could say that’s my primary job now, but I’m still able to do other jobs, just not reliably right now.”

“Ah, I see,” he said, using a cloth almost as black as his face to try and wipe some of the soot and sweat off. “Free today then?”

“I am. I know that’s inconvenient, but I want to work when I can if that’s alright with you,”

He grabbed me and bear hugged me,

“Nova, you can come by and help out any time you want.” This giant bear of a man could have been my second father, I was very fortunate.

“Thank you so much,” I said as he finally released me, “What are you working on today?”

As it turned out, with the upcoming move, a lot of people had neglected their wheels and axels. The smith and his apprentice were now frantically trying to repair all the ones they could as they were out of time to make any new ones. I spent about 4 hours working in tandem with them to get through as much as we could. I had forgotten just how much I loved this work, how gratifying it was to be able to repair things. The smith sent the apprentice to grab food for lunchtime and we continued working together, repairing 3 wheels in the time it took for him to return with our food.

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Ignoring the Signs

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(Chapter 13)

“Ignoring the Signs” (circa-1978)

As soon as you walked through the door the unmistakable aroma of weed and the familiar smell of infidelity left you in no doubt that you had entered the Cavendish Club.

As usual the place was full of desperate people, some searching for everlasting love, most of them just after a one night stand.

The events over the last few days had left him depressed and emotionally drained.

The day had started badly and progressively got worse. It started with an early morning telephone call from Stella Mason informing him that his friend, Gary Fowler had been rushed to hospital after sustaining serious injuries in a head-on car crash. Stella said that Gary was in an induced coma fighting for his life, and although he was showing some signs of improvement the doctors confirmed that the damages to his spinal cord were so severe that he might never walk again.

The afternoon didn’t get any better. Too many cigarettes and too much alcohol, pacing the floor, picking up the phone and putting it down, trying to build up the courage to phone Caroline Spencer.

He must have lifted the phone a dozen times before dropping it back into the cradle.

He knew that if he made the call her father would have probably answered, and given the regrettable circumstances he wouldn’t expect the conversation to be friendly.

The more he thought about the unfortunate incident in his bedroom, he was beginning to accept the fact that he wouldn’t see Caroline again.

He was wrong. They would eventually meet up again in 1985, although the circumstances would be very different and a little embarrassing.

After spending the last hour sitting on a stool at the bar, drowning his sorrows in alcohol and wrestling with his conscience, he felt as if his heart and his life had suddenly come to a milestone he would like to forget.

Staring through the bottom of another empty glass, aware that there aren’t many things in life that can beat alcohol in a crisis, shaking the glass at the barman in that universal sign for another drink, the sound of a stool scraping across the floor and a comforting hand on his shoulder interrupting his thoughts, the reflection in the mirror behind the bar throwing back the friendly smile of Heather Chapman, her sympathetic voice interrupting his self-pity.

“You look like someone who’s just lost his puppy.”

If he ever wanted to spend the rest of his life with a woman who came with all the attributes, then Heather Chapman would be at the top of his list. In her late-thirties, Heather was neither attractive nor unattractive, but what she lacked in appearance she made up in her sincere character, a stunning fit body and a hungry appetite for sex.

Twice married and twice divorced. A free spirited ‘life and soul of the party,’ type of woman, enjoying life, obsessed with sex, rejoicing in her single status and making no secret of her preference for well-endowed men, able to balance her private life with a demanding career, drifting between her many lovers without feeling any obligation to make any one of them a permanent fixture in her life.

No baggage. No conditions. No commitments. No longevity. After two failed marriages and a string of casual relationships, Heather had adopted a new philosophy in life. ‘Husbands are for convenience…Lovers are for sex.’

Heather had come to the conclusion that after two unsuccessful marriages to worthless men, her life had now changed for the better. After finding a new direction in her life, she had no regrets and made no apologies for any of her actions. She dated whoever she wanted and slept with whoever grabbed her fancy.

The regular visits to the local gym and endless nights of yoga gave Heather an exceptional body that no one could ignore. She was an extremely fit woman who enjoyed wild, reckless and physical sex, preferably with well-hung men, who were prepared to go the distance.

She often joked that she had been with some men where she could have painted her nails and had sex at the same time. It was also rumoured that after she had finished with one of her lovers he required medical attention.

Her appetite for sex with an extraordinary kinky twist was extremely demanding and clearly not for the feint hearted. And with her preconditions for unconventional sex she could get into positions that made most gymnasts green with envy. During one of their many heated sessions she once asked him to blow a balloon up inside her vagina and when she felt it touching the atrium to her cervix, she masturbated and let him watch.

Heather bahis firmaları had a clandestine dark side, often indulging in bedroom water-sports. Her ability to practice urine therapy and demonstrate her skills in the art of ‘The Golden Fountain’ were legendary. She made no secret of the fact that she was a sexual compulsive maverick, often joking that her bedroom had been fitted with a revolving door. A bedroom fully equipped with a plethora of erotic gadgets and an arsenal of vibrators and phallic toys, she simply referred to as her ‘implements of obedience.’

Heather never went anywhere without taking her best friend. ‘Trap 2’ was his name, a small three-inch long vibrator that fitted discretely inside her handbag. After a lot of audacious practice she had perfected her masturbation technique and would often use her best friend in public place, especially when she was driving the car.

With a little movement from either crossing her legs or pulling her thighs tightly together and applying a little pressure on her pelvis she was able to bring herself to a delicious toe-curling orgasm. There were occasions when she required a little more stimulation to coax her along the road to climax, so a searching finger circling the clitoris would usually do the trick.

Sometimes in a private moment of reverie when she couldn’t sleep or if she was feeling horny, the angry buzz of a comforting vibrator teasing her clitoris and ‘Trap 2’ wedged in the back door would remove any anxieties. Heather enjoyed the pleasures of anal sex but there were times when some of the larger deliveries couldn’t be taken in the back door. So to minimise any agonising pain or discomfort during penetration, ‘Trap 2’ would be used to widen and lubricate the anal passage.

She once confessed that she often inserted the magical device inside her anus during sexual intercourse. Someone had told her that if you apply pressure against the prostate gland during intercourse the stimulation from the vibrator pressing against the prostate heightened the intensity of sexual arousal.

He thought about telling her that women didn’t have a prostate gland and this ritual was unique only to men. He decided not to say anything. Why should he. Heather enjoyed her sex more than any woman he had ever known, and if she was ‘getting off’ on her fantasy what right had he to meddle in her recreational pleasures.

Heather Chapman’s sympathetic voice and comforting smile came with an invitation.

The sea front car park above the cliffs of Tynemouth beach was a place he was familiar with, although at two in the morning he was surprised to find it full.

There’s a small gap in the barrier fence at the end of the car park that leads to a small dirt track above the cliffs. But remember it’s very close to the cliff edge…said a cautious voice inside his head.

A brief moment of hesitation and a frustrated sigh, a cavalier impulse kicking away caution, a quick turn of the steering wheel, the tyres spinning over the gravel surface, the headlights beaming intrusively against the steamy windows of other cars, casting shadowy silhouettes of couples engaged in various stages of copulation, the sound of the engine alerting faceless lovers that an intruder had just entered their carnal arena.

Ignoring the warning sign, turning the headlights on full beam, navigating the car through the narrow gap in the fence, a careful manoeuvre over the grassy terrain, the suspension protesting against the uneven ground, making sure he avoided the rocks and the muddy area directly above the cliffs.

When Heather Chapman performed fellatio you knew you had been given the best blow-job of your life.

A well-practiced oral technique, never hurried, slow and meaningful, a prolonged and sustained commitment of intimate acquaintance, always performed with sensuous ease, working the swollen shaft with the skill and finesse of an artist, easing him into her warm mouth, swallowing the length down to the root, blowing him out in whispers of warm air, sweeping her talented tongue up and down the length with flirtatious precision, teasing the bulbous head in a messy sea of oral fluids, a ritual stimulation of oral interaction, a mind-blowing performance to remember.

Heart beats increasing, a visceral surge of adrenaline flooding through veins at the speed of sound, the expectation of coital connection fuelling the fire of urgent compulsion, clothes abandoned on the floor in a heartbeat, climbing into the back seat in an unceremonious manoeuvre of increasing urgency, a hesitant panic and a frustrated curse as she searched inside her handbag kaçak iddaa for her phallic friend, a sigh, a shuffle and a wiggle, a smile lifting the corners of her mouth as she inserted ‘Trap 2,’ inside her anal passage.

There were times when Heathers fitness and compulsive needs proved to be more of a marathon of endurance than a quick fuck in the back seat of a car.

Shifting her weight on the seat, straddling his thighs and placing both knees on each side of his hips, his back pressed hard against the cool vinyl seat, bouncing up and down, lifting and lowering, easing him in and easing him out, all the way in and all the way out, lifting and lowering, fucking with the stamina of an Olympic athlete, her pendulous tits swinging recklessly from side to side, up and down, wriggling and twisting, grinding and thrusting, easing him into her body, every movement executed with feline dexterity, holding him tight in pubic capture, prolonging the moment, squeezing his cock in a vice-like grip, the liquid heat of passion spilling from the burning inferno between her legs, an outpouring of sweat running in rivers from their naked bodies, gathering in pools of pleasure on the vinyl seat.

The movement of interaction gathered speed, a shameful voice turning to full volume, her use of the carnal vocabulary always impressive, a running commentary of curses and obscenities spilling from tight lips, moans and groans, blissful cries and screams of euphoria smothered under the perpetual echoes of filth resonating inside the metal enclosure.

OH MY GOD! OH GOD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME FASTER! FUCK ME HARDER! FUCK THE ARSE OFF THIS COCK SUCKING BITCH, she demanded, her dignity evaporating in the heat of passion, her pleas for Gods help accompanied by a shameful outburst of sinful language never gaining his approval.

A sudden movement and a creaking groan, the intimacy momentarily broken, shuffling uncomfortably on the seat, brushing condensation from the glass and pressing her forehead against the steamy window, blinking her eyes and trying to focus in the darkness.

“FUCK!” She screamed, her eyes lighting up like two flood lamps. “The fucking cars moving down the embankment,” she cursed, desperately searching the floor for clothing.

He couldn’t remember the last time he moved so fast. Two people colliding in a tangled chaos of urgency and confusion, grabbing her arm and pushing her aside, jumping from the back seat with the speed of a gazelle, trying to squeeze his body through the tight gap between the two front seats, searching frantically for the handbrake, trying to grab the steering wheel, trying to grab anything.

“Please let the tide be out…Please not in the fucking sea.” the mantra repeated inside his head, as the car gathered momentum, rocking and swaying with the uneven terrain, throwing them against the doors and windscreen like a couple of rag-dolls, the wheels colliding with a solid object, throwing it sideways into an unrelenting roll down the embankment, crashing into rocks in a deafening explosion of broken glass, razor sharp fragments raining down and cutting into flesh, Heather’s painful screams smothered under the screeching sound of metal ripping apart just before the vehicle crashed onto the beach below.

The welcoming sound of the ocean crashing on the shore broke the mantra, a wheezing sigh of unnerving optimism spilling from a grateful mouth, lifting his head from the steering wheel, brushing shards of glass and debris from his bruised and battered body, staring into the claustrophobic darkness, searching for Heather, looking for a way out of the devastation.

The haunting smell of engine oil and petrol spilling from the car suddenly fed his panic, his efforts to escape severely compromised by the mangled wreck that no longer resembled a motor vehicle, peering over the front seats into the darkness catching sight of her naked body lying limp and motionless of the floor, her body bruised and bloody from the impact.

A rush of adrenaline to his heart and lungs gave him a renewed surge of energy, banging his foot repeatedly against the rear door, eventually breaking it free from its hold.

A deep intake of breath before sucking in air through his nose, puffing and panting, hissing and wheezing, grabbing her hands, ignoring the broken glass torturing his knees, pulling her carefully through a small gap in the door, mindful to grab his pants on the way before scrambling onto the wet sand to safety.

It should have been a moment to rejoice if the fuel tank hadn’t exploded sending a mass of metal fragments flying into orbit in a halo of orange and kaçak bahis yellow flames, the unexpected explosion awakening the sleeping world.

Seagulls squawked in protest above their heads, sweeping and diving in the slipstream of thermal updrafts along the cliff face, before disappearing into the night sky.

Above the embankment car headlights shone over the cliff top, casting shadowy silhouettes of disturbed lovers standing in a line along the top of the embankment trying to get a glimpse of the tragedy that had just occurred.

It seemed like a lifetime waiting for the emergency services to arrive. Watching and waiting, shivering in the cold sea breeze, pacing nervously back and forth, staring up at the faceless shadows looking down from the top of the embankment, Heathers sobbing cries a painful reminder that her injuries needed urgent medical treatment, trying his best to comfort her, selfishly slipping into his pants and making a mental note never to ignore warning signs again, the welcoming noise of wailing sirens and a carnival of flashing lights above the cliff top breaking his thoughts and drowning out Heathers painful cries.

It took less than ten minutes for the ambulance to reach Newcastle Royal Victoria Hospital.

A doctor examined Heather’s injuries while a nurse attended to his minor cuts and bruises, the comfort of the waiting room giving him precious time to focus on the reality of the near death encounter, a voice inside his head nagging away at his guilty conscience.

‘You shouldn’t have ignored the warning sign. You were lucky the tide was out. You could have ended up swimming with the fishes. You could be in the hospital morgue.’

He sighed into his hands, cursing himself for his stupidity, knowing how fortunate he was to walk away from the accident without serious injury. Apart from a slight ache in his right leg and a few minor cuts to his knees and feet he was relatively okay.

Heather wasn’t so lucky. She was badly hurt in the accident.

His guilty conscience got the better of him. He decided to feign a limp.

The dark sky beyond the windows was turning into a lighter shade of grey, the sound of birdsong signalling the beginning of a new day, a fleeting glance at the clock on the white painted wall letting him know it was approaching six o’clock, a squeaking door and the sound of heavy footfalls marching into the waiting room breaking the silence.

“What the…” snapped the nurse, sweeping her tongue across uneven teeth, removing evidence of chocolate from her mouth and forcing a smile, her eyes wide open and both eyebrows raised, questioning eyes staring at the helpless figure in the chair.

“Not you again,” she barked. “Mark Brand, if I’m not mistaken,” she added, shaking her head in disbelief, the mere mention of his name breaking her from her mental food orgy. “What is it now, or should I say, who is the victim now?”

He wasn’t in the mood for another lecture from Susan Owen. He just lifted his shoulders in defeat and sighed into his hands. “How is she,” he enquired.

The nurse scowled at his arrogance before biting on a chocolate bar, her chocolate coated words unexpectedly sympathetic.

“The doctors are presently examining her injuries. When they’ve finished I’ll take you to the ward and you can have a few minutes with her in private,” she said, exaggerating a wink and pointing a finger at the floor. “Providing that limp of yours improves.”

Even after the nurse had cleaned the dried blood from her battered and bruised body and dressed her wounds, Heather still looked absolutely dreadful.

He pulled up a chair by the bed, held her hand and forced a smile, the silence broken by the occasional whisper of apology and a helpless mouth trying to find some comforting words that would ease the excruciating anxiety.

The swishing noise of the privacy curtain pulled quickly along a rail and the authority in Susan Owens voice announcing that his visiting time was over broke the sombre mood.

The chair scraped across the vinyl floor as he lifted to his feet and leaned over the bed.

The kiss was warm and meaningful, holding it long enough until the nurse looked away, a whisper in her ear bringing an unexpected smile to her lips.

“I just had a thought,” he muttered, choking back a lump in his throat, looking nervously over his shoulder before continuing. “With everything that’s happened… I wondered if you had remembered to remove Trap 2.”

She squeezed his hand, smiled and whispered through swollen lips.

“Don’t worry, I’ve taken care of him,” was all she said.

Heather Chapman sustained a broken collar-bone, a broken arm, three broken ribs and several deep cuts and bruises to her face and upper body.

The headlines in that nights evening newspaper read, ‘Love on the Rocks.’

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James’s Classmates See Him Naked

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*** Disclaimer – the events related below occurred when I was a senior in high school. I, as well as the other students mentioned below, were at least 18 years old at the time. ***

Throughout high school I was a shy kid. When I was in 9th grade, I was just 98 pounds and the only male in my class who weighed less than 100 pounds. The wrestling coach begged for me to join the wrestling team, despite my not really having an interest in wrestling. You see, our team had to forfeit the 106-pound bout, because the lightest guy on our team weighed around 110 pounds and thus competed in the 113 pound weight class. Coach Russo persuaded me to join, “Even if you get pinned, the outcome is no worse for us; we’ll just lose 6 points the way we are now. And even if you lose the match but can avoid getting pinned, then we would essentially earn 3 more points than we’re getting now.” He also spoke of camaraderie, of making friends, of school spirit, and other things. Eventually, my arm was twisted and I joined the team.

Wrestling really didn’t turn out to be the positive experience that Coach Russo had said it would be. While I did actually manage to not get pinned in a few competitions against other schools, I never really got embraced by my teammates as a ‘winner.’ Furthermore, during practice, there really wasn’t anyone ‘my own size’ to wrestle against, so I was always wrestling my classmates who were in the 113, 120, or 126 weight classes. During one simulated match in practice, I briefly had my ‘shining moment’ as I was wrestling Henry Korpusik and held a 7-6 lead in the third period. But, rather than cheering me on, my teammates were ridiculing Henry, “Come on, Henry, you can’t let Shade beat you.” “Come on, Henry, you can’t lose to a guy 20 pounds less than you.”

I guess there’s two things I need to explain here. First, my nickname. ‘Shade.’ So, I grew up on a farm. If I had had my way, I would have spent the summers of my youth on a beach working on my tan. However, growing up on vegetable farm, summers were obviously the busiest time of a year. I would spend my days weeding cantaloupe and watermelon vines, or bent over picking cucumbers from sprawling vines. Generally my dad spent the mornings picking corn, and he would be in a different part of the farm, such as the tomatoes in the afternoon. I was basically given my own sector and expected to complete the work in it. I figured if I was going to have to work, at least I was going to get a tan while doing it. So, I would get to my isolated part of the field, then take off all my clothes (yes, all of them), and then work naked the rest of the day. My parents were none the wiser, although I’m not sure they would have cared, as I wasn’t hurting anyone and no one could see me. Over the course of a summer, I developed a pretty dark tan, especially on my backside that was most exposed to the sun. Anyhow, after one of the first practices after I had joined the wrestling team, Coach Russo saw me in the shower, and hollered out, “Hey Hovan, how come your front side is a shade lighter than your backside?” Needless to say, my teammates found Coach Russo’s observation to be hysterical, and shortly thereafter I was no longer referred to by my last name, but by my new nickname, Shade.

Getting back to that match versus Henry. I had him under my control, with my legs confining his head and his arm pulled behind his back. While I didn’t have the strength to pin him, I could simply hold on to my position and ride him out for the last 30 seconds, and I would have won my first match. But Henry couldn’t face the embarrassment of losing to the ’96 pound weakling.’ I felt a sudden, piercing pain in my testicles. As an uncontrollable, natural reflex, my legs loosened their grip, and my hand let go of Henry’s arm. In that one instant, as my instincts directed my body to grab my balls, Henry surged out from my control, flipped me onto my back, and pinned me. And, like that, it was over. The bastard had bitten my testicles. But, no one believed me. The next day, I quit the wrestling team.

Over the next year, I finally put on a growth spurt. By 10th grade I had put on about 40 pounds. The hard physical labor of farming was beginning to provide secondary benefits. I had always been well tanned, but my chest was no longer flat; it had distinctive curves that formed the outline of my pecs. My arms were no longer ‘sticks’, but had distinctive bulges to them even when I wasn’t “making a muscle.” I had to laugh one day after gym class when a classmate Vince said, “Oh my god, Shade, you have abs!”

“No, I don’t,” I responded. My brain had not yet caught up and processed the transformations that were occurring to my body. In my head, I was still a 96-pound weakling, and I was still shy, in part, because of my perception of myself in relation to others.

“Hey guys, come look. Shade has abs,” Vince continued, as he beckoned classmates over to look at me. I wasn’t used to being the certain of attention. I tended to hide, or flee, bahis firmaları from attention, to be honest. Yes, I desperately wanted to be one of the ‘cool kids’, but I just didn’t think I had the stuff to be one of the cool kids.

Later that year, I decided to run for student council. Each of the top 6 vote-getters would represent one of the 6 homerooms. I knew I needed some activity to show prospective colleges that I was more than just a bookworm. One year on a wrestling team was not going to be enough extracurricular activities to suggest that I was a well-rounded student. Winning a seat on the student council would be difficult, though. Over 20 students ran for the position. Many of them had parents who were doctors and lawyers; thus, the kids had much nicer clothes than I did. And, what I dreaded the most was that each of us as candidates would have to give a speech to a full class assembly, essentially making our plea for votes.

I am not a natural athlete. I am not a natural comedian. These are the types of people who tend to win elections for student council. Let’s face it; it’s a popularity contest, and I was not a particularly popular kid. I never hung out with the “A-list” kids, but I did have a few friends who were legitimate B-list. I wrote a speech that I felt would demonstrate how I would represent my classmates on the student council. I spoke of my farm background; I spoke of bringing things to life and watching them grow. And I concluded my speech, “Good ideas, like good vegetables, need to be nurtured to grow. Let me be your fertilizer. Vote Shade for Student Council.”

It really was an innocent statement. I had no intentional innuendo in my concluding remarks. But, immediately afterwards, I had classmates who had never before spoken to me coming up, high-fiving me, and congratulating me. “Dude, I can’t believe you just said you want to fuck all of us, in front of all the teachers and principal. That was so awesome!”

And with that one unintentionally ‘brilliant’ line, I soared to the highest vote total among all 20+ students running for student council. However, in my mind, I was still unsure of myself. Had I really become one of the popular kids, or was this just a fluke based on a misunderstanding?

Junior and senior year were certainly better to me than my early high school days. I did become more confident in myself. I was no longer terrified of talking to people, although it did still take me a while ‘to come out of my shell’ in front of strangers. By junior year, I had become close friends with Brendan. Brendan was my first A-list friend. I don’t recall what his parents did, but they certainly had money. Brendan lived in an enormous stone house in the Green Ridge part of town. He had a in-ground pool, a game room, and even a mini move-theater in his basement. Brendan was also blessed with good looks. He was your prototypical ‘California surfer boy’ (despite that we lived in Pennsylvania). He had dirty blond hair that always seemed to be perfectly tussled in a ‘messed up’ look like a movie star. His blue eyes seemed like they had been cast in crystal from the waters of the Caribbean. Brendan was one of the few A-listers who wasn’t terribly athletic. He didn’t play on a single sport team for our school, other than being on our swim team, where he was a mediocre diver.

From my perspective, Brendan ‘had everything’. But, it was interesting as our friendship grew, and I got to know Brendan more and more, I discovered he had his own insecurities. To me they were irrational, but I suppose everyone has something about themselves they wish they could change. Brendan’s insecurity was that he was a pale, heavily freckled white boy who could not tan. He would turn red within 15 minutes of going out in the sun. Brendan revealed that he wished he could get tan the way I do. This naturally led to discussion about “how did i get so tan?”

Brendan had noticed in gym class that my butt was nearly the same color as my back, and that my back was nearly the same color as Hitesh’s skin. Hitesh was the only (male) Indian in our entire grade. And, Brendan was right, in the fall semester, after I had been working on the farm all summer, if Hitesh and I were standing back to back, our skin was essentially the same shade of golden brown. Brendan was very curious what my ‘natural color’ was, and commented, “your ass is too brown for a white guy.”

Brendan was the first person I told that I worked in the nude on the farm. It seemed natural to confide in him. He was coming from a position of weakness, having revealed his own insecurity to me. And, frankly, I didn’t think there was anything all that ‘odd’ about working naked. It wasn’t like I was parading around in front of a bunch of people. I was on a remote farm, where no one could see me. Brendan asked a lot of questions. “Aren’t you worried that someone’s going to see you?” “Doesn’t your dick get sunburned?” He even asked me, “Do you get a boner?”

The answer to all those questions kaçak iddaa was, “No, no, and no.”

In hindsight, I didn’t realize how my innocent revelation was going to change high school for me. I didn’t feel like I had confided a secret in Brendan. I had simply shared a matter-of-fact reality.

But, in high school, even when requests are made to keep a secret, it doesn’t take long for gossip to spread. Brendan clearly had told his other friends about my “roaming around naked on the farm.” Shortly thereafter, my nickname of Shade was retired. The A-List kids now called me “Naked Farm Boy.” I could never tell if it was a term of endearment or a term of ridicule. Despite having developed into a muscular young man, I still didn’t play any school sports. I focused on my academics rather than goofing off, and I still came from meager financial means. Although I had been voted to Student Council three years in a row, I never really added any A-List friends, other than Brendan.

Near the end of our senior year, Brendan hosted a graduation party. His parents really went all out, rented a carnival tent for their big back yard, catered a barbeque with a giant portable smoker including a full roasted pig. Of a senior class of about 180 students, I would estimate about 75 attended. After dinner, Brendan gathered us all into the basement movie theater. He had prepared a “Memory of our Scranton Days” video montage, with photos of classmates over the 4 years set to music. It was definitely a slick production. I was impressed. But, I had mixed emotions. The video ran about 15-20 minutes. There were photos from our high school football games, photos from the prom, photos from Great Adventure. But, there were no photos of me. It seemed like the video included photos of everyone who attended the party, except me. In all of the photos, my classmates were having the times of their lives. But there were no photos of me.

One of the guys from the football team shouted out, “Hey, Brendan, how come there were no photos of Shade?”

Brendan responded, “Umm. Gosh. I dunno. I didn’t have…”

Then Brian interrupted, “It’s ok Brendan. I have some.”

Brian started walking up towards the front of the room. Brian was not in my circle of friends. Brian was a very athletic guy. He played football, wrestled, and played baseball. He was on the wrestling team when I was a freshman, but even in 9th grade he already had a man’s body, and he wrestled in the 145 pound class. Given our weight difference, I had never wrestled against Brian and didn’t really know him that well. However, after one wrestling class, as I was waiting for my brother to arrive to give me a ride home, Brian reached down, flipped open the lid of my personal cooler, and took out the Milky Way I had been saving all day. “Hey, that’s mine,” I had said.

Brian just arrogantly replied, “Thanks for giving it to me.” Then he reached down and took a swig of lemonade from my canteen. I’ve always been somewhat of a germophobe, and even though Brian ‘left’ 90% of the lemonade for me, there was no way I could drink it knowing that his lips, and his germs, had been wrapped all around the lid.

So, one night after a football game against our rival Dunmore, a fight broke out between guys from Dunmore and guys from my school at Buona’s Pizza which straddled the boundary of our two school districts. A Dunmore kid had gotten on top of Brian, grabbed his ears, and was banging Brian’s head on the ground. Now – any other classmate, I would have jumped in, bloodied my knuckles, and fought for him. But, not Brian. I didn’t like Brian.

Anyhow, back to my story. Brian is walking up to the front of the room. I’m standing near the back of the room, thinking, “How could Brian have many pictures of me? We don’t hang in the same circle of friends.”

Brian walks up to the 82-inch flat screen and slides a SD card into the side of the TV. On the screen appeared an image of me speaking at a school board meeting petitioning that seniors should be allowed to go off-campus for lunch on Fridays. That wasn’t a bad picture. The school board voted against it, but still, it wasn’t a bad picture. Then there was a picture of me at the junior prom with Caroline. I wondered where Brian had gotten that photo, but then I realized it was the same photo I have in my facebook album. The picture montage continued with ‘stock photos’ taken from my facebook, rather than photos that Brian had taken or collected himself. Then Brian said, “Brendan, give me the remote.”

Brendan tossed the remote over to Brian, who then announced, “Who wants to see what Shade did last summer?”

I had a puzzled look on my face. Various classmates shouted out, “Show me! Show me!”

The next image to appear on the screen appeared at first to be a nature photo, rather than a portrait. There was grass, there were trees, there were bedrock outcroppings. I knew exactly where that photo was taken. But it was clear that nearly all my classmates kaçak bahis did not. “What’s that?” Hurlow shouted.

“Where’s Shade?” asked Mike.

“Oh, let me zoom,” responded Brian.

As I said, I knew exactly where that photo was taken. I have no idea how Brian, or someone, had taken the photo though. I knew what awaited me on the big screen as Brian was about to enlarge the image. But, I was too far at the back of the room to be able to run up and rip out the SIM card or even to make a mad dash and unplug the screen. Surely, Brian would have intercepted me, regardless.

That photo was a photo of the sheep pasture on my farm. And I was in the sheep pasture. What would soon be irrefutably evident to 75 of my classmates was that I was stark naked in the sheep pasture. You see, in addition to laboring in the vegetable fields in the nude, I also completed my afternoon chores, which consisted of feeding the sheep and checking on the overall health of the herd. The sheep pasture was also remote, on a hillside behind our barn, and shared a forested boundary with our neighbors. There was nothing indecent about it. I was in the middle of nowhere, trying to get a tan while I worked. No one could see me.

Brian zoomed in on the photo. My classmates let out a collective “ooooh” as they realized what they were seeing. There I was on the big screen. My tanned chest was completely bare. My legs were completely bare. By my good fortune, there happened to be a branch of a shrub that intervened between the photographer’s perspective and me. While it was readily apparent that I wasn’t wearing anything, as one could see flesh straight down from my head to my toes, uninterrupted by any sort of fabric, the branch of the multiflora rose was positioned such that this photo might still obtain a PG-13 rating.

“Aww, move the branch!” shouted Vince.

“Your wish is my command,” said Brendan as he pressed the remote and advanced to the next photo.

I couldn’t believe it. There I was – this time 100% completely naked. Every inch of skin, every part of the front of my body was in plain view. Full frontal. On an 82″ screen. I don’t know how Brian could have gotten this photo. Unlike the first image, which appeared to have been taken from a stone wall along our property line, this photo was clearly taken from within the sheep pasture. It had a bit of a slight overhead perspective to it. Perhaps it was taken by someone sitting in a tree stand? perhaps by a drone? perhaps by a motion-sensing game camera?

Brian continued to advance the screen, showing more photos. But they all essentially showed the same thing. My face, my chest, my stomach, my dick, my legs – everything. “Show us the back!” came from a voice I did not recognize.

As if on cue, Brian touched the remote and there appeared a photo of me walking though the sheep pasture from behind. It was a far less ‘incriminating’ photo, as you could only see the back of my head, my back, the back of my legs, and my butt. It was my backside completely exposed, but there aren’t really any ‘tender bits’ on the backside, so it was far less revealing than the pics Brian had already shown.

“Hey Shade, your butt’s as tan as the rest of you. Do you go naked everywhere?” called out a kid Paul. He was a C-lister and I’m not even sure how he got invited to the party. Paul’s circle and my circle never really overlapped, and I doubt Paul had any clue of the backstory how I had ‘earned’ the nickname Shade four years earlier.

“He should get naked now, don’t you think?” asked Brian.

“Strip! Strip! Strip!” came shouts from the crowd.

I wanted to hide. I wanted to run. But someone, or multiple someones, were now pushing me to the front of the room. I was now nearly face to face with Brian, with 75 of my classmates standing by in anticipation of what might come next.

“Yeah, Shade. You should strip. Just pretend we’re all sheep,” Brian said, but deliberately loud enough that everyone in the room could hear.

“No, Brian…,” I started to say. But Brian put his arm around my shoulder, and turned us around so that our backs were to everyone.

“Strip now, or I put this next photo up on the screen,” said Brian.

I looked down at his phone. I couldn’t believe my eyes. No, no he could not show 75 of my classmates that photo. I would do as Brian demanded. I rationalized to myself that my classmates had essentially already seen me completely naked. If I stripped naked now, they would not be seeing anything that they hadn’t already just seen on the 82-inch screen.

I turned around and faced my classmates. I lifted my polo shirt over my head. There I was standing shirtless in front of my classmates. And while I had worn less clothes while swimming, and worn considerably less clothes when working on the farm, I never felt so naked as when I was standing shirtless in front of 75 of my classmates, with 150 eyes just staring at me.

I unbuckled my belt, lowered my shorts to the floor, and stepped out of them. There I was, in just my white Hanes underwear. I made one last look over to Brian, thinking that he might intercede and stop this now. But, it was clear that he had no intention of doing so.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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