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Surprise Honey Ch. 07

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We had spent the night anchored up just inside Excursion Inlet. In the afternoon we pulled anchor and cruised up to Sawmill Bay looking around at a cannery that seemed to be running full force. We turned and cruised out and headed towards Glacier Bay late in the afternoon. Anchoring up just west of Pleasant Island for the night, we saw an Alaska Marine Highway Ferry go by headed for Hoonah.

May told me that Hoonah was a native village, on Chichagof Island. It had been a base of sorts for logging operations through out the forties up until present day. The logging was pretty much gone now though. Gone with it were the jobs and industry that it had spawned.

We were just outside the park boundaries and the lights of Gustavus could be seen across the water. Gustavus was just inside the boundaries of Glacier Bay National Park. Carl set some crab pots out and later that evening we had fresh caught king crab for dinner.

After eating a meal fit for royalty, we adjourned to the lounge area for a drink and quiet conversation. Julie and May sat on either side of me on the big couch. Carl, Jan and Anne took up the other couch.

Our talk was about things we had seen that day. I could detect an undercurrent of sexual tension that could have been cut with a knife. We were each trying to maintain a decorum that was quickly breaking down under the strain.

I turned to ask Julie a question and her head was just inches from mine. I opened my mouth to start to ask her about college when she just leaned in and kissed me full on the lips. Her hands went behind my head as her tongue shot between my lips to explore my mouth.

I felt May stir on the couch behind me and her hands were undoing my clothes. My shirt was undone in a matter of seconds, my pants following soon after. Julie was still holding my head and kissing me thoroughly. May stood up, pulled of her clothes and then went to her knees between my legs. She tugged and yanked on my jeans until I rose up enough for her to pull them off.

My underwear went with my jeans and naked I sat there with my daughter French kissing my and May licking my hard shaft. Julie pulled back just a bit and began to undress. Her motions became feverishly fast and she cried out when her jeans became difficult to undo.

I slid my hands down to her buttons and began to unbutton them, slowly, teasingly. Julie was having none of that. She tore at her buttons and before I could stop her she ripped those jeans wide open and stood to kick them off.. She had no underwear on at all. Her breasts were jiggling as she jumped around kicking off her jeans.

As soon as her jeans went flying across the room she threw herself into my arms. May had pulled away in Julies excited dance. She sat next to me and together they both began to lick my body. I had two tongues traveling down towards my cock.

Hands were on my hard cock and fingers pushing in and around my ass. May moved around a bit and I saw Anne slip up and begin to kiss her way up May’s legs to her delightful pussy. Soon Anne had her head buried in May’s pussy as Julie moved to straddle me.

May kissed her way up to my head and was kissing me and licking around my ears as Julie lowered her very wet and tight pussy down on my cock. As her pussy lips swallowed my cock she moaned loudly. Leaning in to me she put her head alongside of mine.

Looking up I saw Carl approaching. His cock was bobbing around with each step he took. It was wet with Jan’s saliva since he had just broke away from the blowjob she had been giving him. He stepped up behind Julie and began to massage her bottom with his strong hands.

I felt his fingers around my cock and with a sudden thrill of shock I realized he was gathering up Julies juices to lube her asshole. After a bit of him fingering her ass he moved up closer still. His cock head went between her ass cheeks. I felt her stiffen up a bit and then I felt Carl’s cock moving into her ass.

I had never felt something like this before. It was incredible. I had my cock in Julie’s pussy and I could feel Carl’s cock as it moved in her ass. We started to both fuck her and after a bit our rhythm became smooth and steady. Julie was crying out in desire and moaning constantly as our cocks worked in and out of her holes.

As we stroked in and out of Julie, May and Anne lay on the floor and began to sixty-nine each other. Soon Jan joined them and they moved into a daisy chain. I was watching them as they felt and licked each other. Julie, with her head right next to mine, was moaning so sexily that I quickly began to lose control.

I had my hands on Julie’s breasts, squeezing them as I also rolled her nipples between my fingers. Her pussy was so tight and hot. Carl’s cock was stroking through her ass with ease and all the sensation just overloaded my brain.

I began to shake and stiffened up a bit as my cum boiled up out of my cock. Carl began to shake at the same time and Julie was close behind us. Her lips went over my ear lobe as she came, her hot breath in my bahis firmaları ear. I felt like I had gallons of cum shooting out of me as I sat there. With Carl pumping into her, it caused her to move on my shaft. It was like he was fucking both of us through her ass.

I moved my head and took Julie’s head in my hands and began to kiss her. Carl leaned in and was licking her ear, his hands now on her breasts cupping them gently. Julie just collapsed on my chest and tongued me back.

Carl got off of us and sat down. We watched Anne, Jan and May as they still licked and sucked on each other. It was a pretty awesome sight to behold. Three women enjoying themselves with hands, fingers, lips, and tongues. Anne looked up at Julie, who was still sitting on my lap, with my cock still inside of her. She broke away from May’s tongue and Jan’s fingers to come over behind Julie.

Anne was on her knees and her face went to Julie’s bottom. As I watched I saw her tongue Julie’s asshole and begin to drink Carl’s cum that was dripping out of it. I soon felt her tongue around my balls and right where my cock entered Julie’s tight and very wet pussy.

Her ministrations soon had my cock growing inside of Julie. Julie looked into my eyes and picked herself up until just the head of my cock was in her pussy. Anne had her head shoved in there and her tongue was all around my cock. Julie stepped up and away from me leaving my cock standing up in the cool air.

Anne soon had my cock in her warm mouth and throat. Her hands caressed my balls as she sucked on my shaft. Julie moved over to Carl and began to lick and suck on his cock. I could see her asshole as she knelt between Carl’s legs. It was still opened up, as was her pussy.

Anne soon had my full attention. She moved up and turned around, facing away from me. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her tight little asshole. She began to work herself down over my very hard cock and soon I was fully buried in her ass.

She leaned back onto my chest and put her feet up on my knees. Her legs spread wide open; she began to move her ass up and down on my cock. May looked up and then quickly moved so that her face was in Anne’s pussy.

As Anne fucked herself on my cock, May tongued her pussy. I felt a finger go into my ass and as I looked around I saw that Jan had joined in the fun. May shocked me a bit when her tongue drifted down to my cock as it entered Anne’s asshole. Her light licks on my exposed shaft caused a thrill to run through my body.

Jan moved up and we began to kiss. Once in a while she would move down and take one of Anne’s nipples into her mouth and suck on it. I could feel Jan’s finger stroking in and out of my asshole as May licked on my cock and Anne kept up a bit of motion.

I slipped a finger into Jan’s pussy, and soon followed that one with three more. I was fucking Jan’s pussy and rubbing the palm of my hand on her clit as I did. I moved my thumb around and was able to get it on her clit and lightly played with it as my fingers explored her depths.

Anne started to cum and cum hard. May pulled her head out from between where our bodies were joined and started to lick and suck on Anne’s clit. Anne cried out and started to really cum hard. As Anne came, I began to shoot off. Jan was rocking her hips in time to my fingering of her pussy and I tried to keep the motion going as best I could.

I felt my hot cum shooting into Anne’s tight asshole as May stilled kept her head on Anne’s pussy. After I had finished my orgasm and Anne was lying on my chest with my arms wrapped around her, we watched Carl and Julie as they fucked each other.

Julie had moved to straddle Carl’s lap, his cock in her pussy. I could see his shaft as it went in and out, drawing her pussy lips with each stroke. He asshole winking at us still opened up a bit from her earlier duo fuck.

May had moved to sit beside me as Anne rested in my arms. She leaned on my shoulder and lightly kissed my cheek. Her hand found mine and we just sat there, holding hands. Anne still had my now soft cock in her ass. As I turned my head to kiss May on the lips, I felt my cock slip out of Anne’s ass and dangle between my legs.

Jan moved between my legs and began to lovingly suck on my cock and lick up the combined juices at the base of it. May put a hand on Jan’s head and held her hair away to watch. Anne slipped off of my lap and joined Jan in cleaning up my cock and belly.

May kissed me and hugged me in closer, her eyes never leaving the twin tongues on my crotch. Believe it or not, I fell asleep at that point. My last memories were of May in my arms, her lips on mine. The two tongues around my cock and licking in time with each other couldn’t even keep me awake.

I awoke later, May in my arms asleep, Anne and Julie at my feet also asleep. Carl and Jan curled up together on the other couch. Someone had covered Anne, Julie, May and I with blankets. Carl and Jan had a blanket near them, but it wasn’t covering them. I could see that they kaçak iddaa were still joined, Carl’s cock in her pussy looking so natural there.

I sat quietly for quite some time just soaking in the experiences of the last week. I found it hard to believe that I had done the things I had done. I also knew that I had changed quite a bit too. My eyes had been opened up to different ways of sexual enjoyment. My heart opened up to many other people.

Since it was still very early in the morning, I slipped quietly out of May’s arms and took a nice long hot shower. Stepping out of the shower I saw that Carl was sitting on my bed. He had pulled on some shorts and a T-shirt. As I dressed he was quiet.

Finally I turned to him and he looked up at me.

“I wanted to let you know that the other day…when we um…when you…when I…”

“Hey…you know what Carl? Even though I had never had thoughts of having sexual relations with another guy…it was interesting. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Not a big deal.”

“Yeah…no big deal. I just wanted to tell you that I liked it. I like you…a lot.”

“Oh. When you say a lot…how much is that Carl?”

“Well Bill, I like you more than a lot actually. You have been a great boss to work for. You are very loving, that much I have seen. You are also very um…I liked…I liked having sex with you. I think I know what May, Anne and Julie see in you.”

“Oh. Do you have certain feelings for me then Carl?”

“I think I do. I think that you are a great person Bill. I would like to get to know you even more than I do now.”

“Carl, you realize that what happened between us was kind of in the heat of passion. That I am not gay?”

“Yes. I know you prefer women Bill. But what happened between us was so…well…good. I enjoyed it a quite a bit. Do you think that we could…well…do you think that you might be willing to try it with me again?”

I was troubled. I knew that Carl liked me more than I felt I could return. I also knew that even though I was not gay, I had enjoyed our time together that night. I just couldn’t imagine doing it again though.

As I hesitated I saw Carl’s face change ever so slightly. I could tell that he was getting set to be hurt and I didn’t know how to explain my feelings to him. I didn’t think that I would go there again, but then on the other hand, I had never thought I would have gone there to begin with.

“Carl, I don’t know. I can honestly tell you that I just don’t know. I never would have thought that I would have done what we did the other night, let alone contemplate doing it again. I do not want to lead you on either. I can’t say that maybe we will. I can’t say that we wont’ either.”

“I understand Bill. You really are trying to be a nice guy and let me down gently. I want to tell you though…the other night…you were wonderful. You really were. Thank you for that time.”

As Carl left the room I felt bad. I finished getting dressed with a troubled mind. I just couldn’t get over some of the things I had done on this trip. I had fucked and sucked my daughter, I had given a blowjob to a man, and I had let a man give me a blowjob. I had sex with numerous women, at the same time. I had also fucked my daughter in the pussy while another man had fucked her ass.

My thoughts were scattered and I needed some time to think. I set out the zodiac and went for a ride. I went around Pleasant Island, enjoying the view and saw a porpoise that was playing in the wake of the boat.

My attention was drawn to a Coast Guard boat as it swept past me. It was out about five hundred yards and moving quickly through the water. The white hull gleamed, with the red strips on the bow seemingly glowing. It looked pretty sharp out there on the water.

I had about two hours in the zodiac and when I returned to the yacht Jan had a great breakfast ready for us. I put the boat away and went in to eat with the others. I felt right with the world now. Even though I had changed so much in such a short time, I still felt good about it all.

Sitting around the table eating, I couldn’t help but notice how much we were getting along like a family. Far more than the strangers that we had started out like. Anne and May were positively glowing as they sat on either side of me.

Julie was sitting next to Anne and her eyes shined with love and peace. Carl was even smiling a bit too. I think our talk had been hard on him…I still had some things to say to him about ‘us’ too. I had decided that whatever happened from now on would be ‘to the emotion and motion of the time’. In other words, I wouldn’t push for an encounter with him again, but, if it should happen, I would roll with the flow as long as I was comfortable with it.

Jan had outdone herself with breakfast. It was delicious and filling. After we were done eating, Carl pulled anchor and May set us on course for Glacier Bay.

The sights and sounds around us were not to be forgotten. We saw whales rolling and playing kaçak bahis as we slipped by. We also saw eagles flying overhead, diving on fish in the water once in a while. The beauty of nature surrounding us along with the clean fresh smell of the ocean and mountains was overpowering.

I found myself looking for a place to build a cabin for a getaway. I could imagine living here and waking every day to this wild and beautiful land. As we pulled into the Ranger station I saw a young woman come out on the dock. In her uniform she looked all business.

“Here to see the park?”

“Yes, is this where we get the permit?”

“Yes. I have a few questions for you first though. How many in your party?”

“Um…six. Two men and four women.”

“Oh…I see that you are in good hands then. With four women you guys should be able to make through without incident.”

Her eyes were smiling as she said the last part. Her business-like approach was being changed over into a more approachable type. Her eyes were on Carl as he went around the boat checking things over. He was wearing shorts and a tank top. One could see that he had a great body, even with the clothing covering him.

I filled out the forms she handed me, with May standing by.

“Who is captaining the boat?”

“May is. I mean…Captain May is running the boat.”

“Um…who is Bill?”

“That’s me.” I own the boat, May is the captain, Anne and Julie are crew and Carl is the mate.”

“Hmmm…quite a crew you have here sir. How long are you intending to stay in the park?”

“Um…probably overnight if we can. We have a bit of time, but we are also headed to Anchorage too.”

“Well, here is a list of rules…please follow them closely as you can. This park is here for all to enjoy and we strive to keep it pristine and beautiful as we can.”

“Would it be all right for us to anchor up over there?”

May was pointing out at a small islet just past where we had pulled in. I was a bit surprised at this since I had thought we were going to head on up right away. I saw that she had something on her mind though so I remained silent.

“Um…I see no harm in that. Yes, you may anchor up over there. Be careful of the reef that is on the north shore there. I would recommend that you stay to this side since it is deeper there.”

“Would you like to come out for dinner later? Can you do that?”

“Why I would love to, but I don’t want to intrude.”

“You won’t intrude. Bill was just saying how he wanted to invite the rangers out to the yacht if they could. We would love to have you out for dinner.”

I was remaining silent. Confused since I hadn’t said any such thing, but curious as to why May was being so generous. The ranger was cute and she filled out her uniform nicely too.

As we pulled over to the islet and anchored up I caught May on the bridge. I wanted to know what she was thinking. Why she invited the ranger on board.

“Hey May. What was up with the ranger there?”

“Didn’t you see the way she was looking at Carl? I think she was ready to grab him and take him down right out there in front of us. I figured that she might be some fun to have on board for the evening. Besides, she must be bored to tears out here for months at a time.”

“Hmmm…you think she will want to play then huh?”

“Think? No, I know she wants to play. We may be her only playmates for quite some time. I imagine that they get people out here constantly during season, but not like us.”

“Heh heh heh…you have a very interesting mind May. Very interesting. That is why I think I love you so much too.”

“Oh, you love me do you? I think you are just after my charms there sailor. No need to bribe me with sweet words and actions. Come and take me stud.”

May had stepped around with her back to the bridge controls. Her hands undoing her blouse as she lewdly smiled at me. I felt my cock stirring and by the time her blouse was headed to the floor, my cock was rock hard. Her bra followed and then her pants dropped. Standing in just her panties, she held out her arms to me.

I undid my clothes and tossed them aside. Taking her into my arms I looked around the bridge and saw the captains chair. Pulling her along behind me I went up to it and sat her down in it. I placed one leg over an arm of it and then I picked up her other leg and set it across the other arm.

May sat there; legs spread wide open, her panties showing a very large wet spot. I reached out and ran my fingers over her panties. She moaned as my light touch rubbed her clit. Her nipples were hard and sticking way out. I leaned in and licked them, nipping at those buds with my teeth.

Her arms went to my head, but I pulled them off and placed them under each leg, on the arms of the chair. Getting the idea, she left them there like she was tied up. I began to lick her body, starting at her chin, moving down her neck and then across her chest to each nipple. I played with each nipple in turn, driving her to the edge.

I had fingers lightly rubbing her mound through her panties. I worked my lips and tongue down over her belly, playing with her belly button as I explored her taut body. I could smell her need. The heat rising up from her was narcotic to me.

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Lester’s City – Just a Business Meeting

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Lester was alone tonight, so he had a few more freedoms than he would in company. He cooked a simple meal, a childhood pleasure — scrambled eggs with cheese on toasted bagels. He let the vinyl version of the Stone’s Let It Bleed reverberate loud around his apartment. He was going about in sweats and a frayed t shirt.

He hadn’t drunk anything for 3 months; he’d felt the need to….shall we say, get a grip of himself. Now he allowed himself a bottle of smooth red.

He wandered around the space, padding across the carpet in bare feet. Paintings by friends were straightened at last, newspapers put into the recycling.

Last, he did something he would never let anyone else see. He went up to the mantelpiece, and picked up an award trophy. Holding it with both hands, he stared into it. Then he dusted it clean on his sleeve. He repeated this exercise with the other 2 statuettes, and placed them back in position.

His phone pinged with a text alert. He ignored it, and went to his wine glass. He took it to the kitchen and poured in the last of the bottle. After a while he walked to the phone, and flicked to Messages. ‘Lawyer’ was the last entry. Lester’s thumb jabbed the screen, and up came ‘Your divorce is legally final at 10 am tomorrow. You’re free bud.’

He went up to the windows overlooking the river, and stood watching out for a long time. Lights, and life, slowly flowed in front of him. He finished the wine, and sighed. He murmured to the waterfront below, ‘Well world, that’s the last time I’m gonna get fucked over.’ He took himself up to bed — he had a big job in the city tomorrow morning.

He walked up from the station into the bustle. At a street wagon he bought a coffee, and rang the buzzer of the tall building. Going up in the elevator he brushed some curls back from his face, and the door slid back to reveal the sleek brick and wood workspace. The model-type behind the front desk recognised Lester, and cheerily waved him down towards the studios.

He greeted old friends and newer associates on today’s project. He was 4 minutes early. He settled into a deep swivel chair in front of the mixing desk next to the sound engineer, and waited.

Time edged on, they made small talk. People came in and checked that everyone had drinks. 10 minutes went by. Then 20. With the sighs of agitation from the 6 people in the room growing, 40 minutes came round. Somebody was paying for all this. Still, the all-important client hadn’t arrived. Lester had already asked the engineer to call the studio they’d be linking up with to explain the situation.

Lester’s phone pinged. With nothing better to do, he checked it. The Lawyer again…’Congratulations.’

So….that was that. 11 years of his life, signed off on the dotted line. After a moment, he turned it off.

As he was returning the phone to his jacket, the studio door burst open. Lester wasn’t looking behind him, but he certainly heard the fired-up angry female voice bawling out ‘Where’s the damn copywriter?!’

The studio hushed. Lester slowly revolved his chair towards the noise. ‘Well, I’m the……damn copywriter. Good morning….who are you may I ask?’

She strode up to Lester’s chair. ‘Exactly you asshole….why haven’t you answered any of my calls?’

Taken aback, he hesitated before replying, ‘I haven’t had any calls.’

‘Oh really’ she trilled sarcastically. She flipped out her phone, looking at it with a confident leer. ‘What’s your number?’

‘716, 812, 7790.’

She stared at her screen. Her face lost some of it’s rigor. She turned from him, and punched keys on the phone. A few seconds later, her sharp tones filled the studio again.

‘Hey Louise, you fucked up on the copywriter’s number. It’s 7790, not 7791. I’ve been calling for days, no wonder he’s sat here not knowing what the hell is going on. Clear out your stuff sister, you screwed up bad. Goodbye.’

She turned to stare at him again. He could hear her breathing through her nose. He took stock of her – power suit, model hair, dominatrix shoes.

He had to break the icy air. ‘I’m sorry, but are you involved with the Mercedes commercial we’re recording?’

‘Involved?’ she boomed. ‘This is why I was calling you. I’m the new head of marketing in this territory, and we have to change the fricking script!’

Lester let a couple of beats go. ‘What happened to Steffan?’

She snorted. ‘By now you can probably read it in the financial pages. A few, er, personal problems came to light 2 days ago, and he had to vanish. I’m April Jones, I’m in charge now. So, this goddam script?’

Lester looked up at her calmly, even though she was pretty much in his face by now. He felt sad about Steffan; that was one clever guy, plus a joy to work with. And had this nightmare in front of him just fired someone over the phone?

‘Well April, the ‘frickin script’ has been approved right up to board level, we’ve all been working towards this for months. In fact, we’re late for our link to London. The actor is waiting for us to dial in.’

‘Oh canlı bahis yeah, the Brit. That’s another thing I’m not down with. Listen, the people we’re trying to talk to…’

Calmly Lester cut her off. ‘This is the 3rd in a series of commercials that’s designed to run until late next year. We’re half way through telling a story, and Michael Lamb is the voice of the campaign. We can’t stop this now.’

She shooed someone out of a chair, rolled it to him, and sat. She turned back to the person she’d just evicted and announced, ‘You. Get me an iced water. Just water and ice, no fricking fruit, ok?’

Spinning back to face Lester, at last she talked a little quieter. ‘Story? See that’s my problem. We’re selling cars guy, duh? People don’t need fairy tales….tell em to get down to the showroom and sign. We’re selling cars. And remember, it’s me that’s signing the cheques now.’ She crooked her head and flashed her best sarcastic smile.

Staring into her eyes, Lester ran through the possibilities of who she had to be fucking at HQ to have got this job. And he couldn’t help but dwell on that ‘duh?’

His voice lowered. ‘April, do you realise that guy you just ordered to get you a drink is my Deputy Head of Design. Oxford graduate, talented kid.’

‘Today you all work for me; he better get used to it.’

Dark thoughts clouded across Lester’s mind. He tried one last thing. ‘You do know a lot of these cars retail for like, a hundred thousand dollars yeah?’

She let out a bored sigh. ‘5,000…a 100,000? It’s the same deal. Trust me, in business you just take no prisoners honey.’ He calculated that she was at least 10, maybe 12 years younger than him.

Lester looked down at the floor, gathering his mind. Glancing up, he half whispered ‘April, I need to talk to you outside.’ He raised himself to full height, and paced to the door. He didn’t wait for her, just walked out into the corridor.

A while later, she appeared. Her heels tic-tacked across the oak floor. ‘Lester, right? I do hope we’re not gonna get off on the wrong foot here?’ She crossed her arms and stood against the wall opposite, her eyes challenging him.

He looked down at her, studying the contours of her face. She was pretty, but probably kept a small army of helpers busy making sure she looked flawless.

‘How about we cut a deal April?’ He stepped forward, and placed both hands against the wall behind her. Leaning in closer, he stared down over her. A flicker of surprise shot across her face.

‘Let me make this commercial my way, just as it was agreed — and tonight we’ll have a meeting about how we should go forward. Blank page. You and me, you call the shots.’

Her eyes narrowed a touch. ‘What about the team?’

‘Nope. Just you and me. You obviously have strong feelings, and I’ve been writing these ads for a long, long while. I’m sure we can come to an understanding. Like you say, it’s business.’

April fought to not betray the discomfort she felt. He’d physically dominated her with this caveman routine, and that was a cheap trick. She’d wanted to kick his shin. But she was wise to the dirty tricks people used to get ahead, so she lifted her chin slightly and calmly offered, ‘Ok, my office, 7pm?’

‘No. Scruffy Murphys, edge of Hell’s Kitchen. 9.’

He turned to walk back into the studio. ‘Wait! Is that a bar?’

Lester stopped, but didn’t turn to her. ‘Yeah, great bar. Look, unless you fire my agency, I’m gonna write your ads. So if you want to change them, meet me at Scruffy’s. He opened the studio door and left her.

Back in the leather swivel chair at the front, he turned to the sound guy and said ‘Ok, let’s dial up London — I have some apologising to do.’

April snuck in and sat at the back. Her mind was racing. She didn’t listen to the proceedings, just stared at the back of Lester’s chair.

A few seconds later, the lights flicked up on the connection box, and Lester knew he was talking live to an actor across the Atlantic. ‘Michael, so sorry we’re late man, you know how it is — we had to save the free world here again.’

A deep rich chortle came through the studio speakers from thousands of miles away. ‘Oh you poor fucking colonials. Now then loves – lets sell some expensive German stuff, let’s make art, and let’s get paid.’

The commercial got made, exactly as Lester had heard it in his head. After the collective high 5s, with people drifting out, he smiled at April. Frostily, she met his eyes. Heading past her to the door, he came close. ‘9, see you then.’ At that he was gone.

April was not known for her kindness towards her fellow colleagues….and the rest of that day she was truly a bad-tempered witch. She surpassed herself. At long last the clock ticked by to a point where they could leave, and shake her out of their hair. By 5.33, she was alone.

The meeting was approaching. ‘That arrogant pig,’ she mused to herself; ‘That fucker’s on borrowed time.’

She knew that a destruction job came best from a subtle beginning. There was less bahis siteleri screaming and shouting at the end that way. Yes, she would fire his agency tonight; but now she headed home to shower, pick out the right outfit, and make herself look devastating. It was all part of the job.

The cab dropped her at the far end of the theatre district. The air was alive; couples chattering arm in arm, the pull of neon, the noise. It was pitch dark night, but that’s when this place woke up.

Scruffy Murphys didn’t look as bad as it’s name suggested. She pushed through the door, and a wall of sound washed over her. Scruffy’s had a jukebox, and it only contained rock tunes. She sauntered past the pool tables, taking the place in….it looked roughly 50/50 men and women; at least it wasn’t some skanky guy-hole. Not spying Lester, she went up to the bar. A tattooed and quiffed guy appeared in front of her, smiling. ‘Yes ma’am, what can I get you?’

‘Just a diet Sprite please.’

From behind, a voice cut in. ‘That’s bullshit. A Heineken for the lady Leon, with an apple vodka shot please my man, times 2.’ Lester settled onto the stool next to where April stood. ‘Sorry, had to take a leak. You’re a little late April, but I expected that.’

‘What if I don’t drink beer, Lester?’

He smiled. ‘In the right place at the right time April, everyone drinks beer. I notice you didn’t question the shot.’

Leon reappeared, placing 2 chilly lager bottles in front of them, and 2 shot glasses filled to the brim with clear liquid. Lester picked up a bottle, and raised it up to her as a toast. She glared back. This wasn’t quite going as planned. His voice almost purred at her, but only as quietly as the jukebox would allow….’April — please, do you wanna sit down?’

She sat, and reached out to her Heineken. Drawing it to her lips, she stared into him one more time, then glugged down a third of the bottle. He laughed, ‘Good. Try the vodka. It’s gorgeous….that’s why personally I sip it, not neck it.’

In her mind she said, ‘Fine, if we have to play some game here for a while, so be it.’ She raised the small glass gingerly, and sniffed. An aroma of ripe orchards surprised her, and she wet her lips with a taste. It truly was delicious.

‘Thought you’d like it’ he said, watching her reaction. ‘Do you play pool, or do you want to wait for the wings?’

‘What?’ she stammered.

‘Sorry, you’ve never been here, right? Every couple of hours, the kitchen put out bowls of free food on the bar.’ He brought up a finger to his mouth. ‘Ssssh, it’s a ploy to keep people in here, drinking. I suggested it. Around now, it’s usually chicken wings. And let’s be honest,’ he said looking down at her body, ‘You won’t have eaten.’

April didn’t know whether she wanted to punch him, or introduce him to her parents — just so her mother and he could gang up on her.

She gathered herself. ‘Free food?’

‘Yeah, it’s no brainer marketing. Wings, ribs….stuff you take out the freezer and bake. It’s cheap to do, but these guys…..’ he swept his hand across the bar, ‘Love it. We get a great crowd in here.’


Sheepishly he murmured, ‘Yeah, well, I kinda own 49% of this place.’

At that she regarded him for a moment….but she had to revert back to the script in her mind.

‘Ok, the ads for Mercedes. I gotta be honest, I’m not happy with the direction they’re going; nothing personal, but…….’

‘April, fuck all that. Come play pool.’ He called over to Leon, ‘Another round friend.’

‘What? This bar may be half yours asshole, but this is a business meeting!’

He looked away towards the front doors. After a moment, in a deep tone he said, ‘Hmmm. Beat me at pool, and my firm will resign your account. Just like you want.’

She spluttered, ‘This is a game to you?’

Coldly he replied, ‘These days April, pretty much everything’s a game to me.’ He sighed, looking down. After a pause he turned and grinned at her. ‘C’mon, bring your drinks, and let’s play pool.’ He started walking to a table.

Without much option, she followed him. At the table, 2 guys were nearly finished. Lester watched for a moment, then reached into his back pocket. ‘I’ll play the winner for a hundred’ he announced, and placed the single bill on the edge of the table.

Both guys stopped, staring at him. They glanced at each other, then back at him. They shook their heads. Lester shrugged ‘ok’, and motioned for them to complete the game.

After the guys finished and shuffled away, Lester started to set up the balls. Not knowing whether to be impressed or bored, April said to him, ‘A hundred? You think you’re that good?’

He laughed; ‘Shit no. It was just a big number to get them off the table.’ He took a slug of beer, picked up the cue, and with a ‘plack’ sound scattered the balls over the table.

April had been schooled by her grandad, at his big house down south. It was a close game, and midway through she ended up shouting Leon for a third round of drinks. They arrived with some crispy bahis şirketleri hot wings. Out of sight as Lester played, she devoured many.

He hit a shot to win the game….but the ball stubbornly echoed between the jaws of the pocket.

‘Fuck’ he hissed. He drained the vodka shot. April laughed, and walked to the table. ‘Got your resignation speech prepared, Mr Writer?’

She aimed, a little unclearly at first due to the swift intake of beer n chaser combos…but glanced a beautiful edge on the final ball. ‘Thunk’ it went, dropping in. She stood tall and thrust a triumphant fist up in his direction. ‘I win. You don’t write no more ads for Mercs Writer Man!’

Lester was still looking at the table. The white hadn’t finished rolling, and was heading towards a pocket. It bounced softly, nestled…then fell in.

For April, her reaction was pretty calm. She lay the cue down, and stared into the smooth fabric. Eventually she glanced up at him. ‘What does that mean now?’

‘Well now April, we experience the magical Free 4th.’ He walked to her, and said ‘You’d like to slap me now, huh?’

Looking up under her eyebrows she confirmed, ‘I would fucking love to Lester.’

He put his hand to her shoulder. She didn’t bat it away, her defences were beaten down somewhat.

‘Thought so. Come on, let’s go back and see Leon.’ Pushing his luck a little more, he gave her shoulder a squeeze.

Once sat down on stools again he said, ‘See, this is the real reason this bar really does well.’ He called out, ‘Leon!’

Wiping his hands on a towel, the inked barman appeared. ‘Ah, time for your 4th Lester? This round’s on the house, as usual.’

As Leon busied himself at the fridge, April worked out what the Free 4th meant. ‘So, you buy 3 drinks, the house buys you the 4th?’

Lester grinned. ‘Yep. There’s dozens of bars round here, but we have ways of keeping you till closing time.’ 2 beers and 2 shots quickly sat in front of them.

‘Your idea again?’ she asked.

He chortled. ‘Yep.’

‘Shit, you’re actually not bad,’ she almost said to herself. Almost.

Looking into, he slowly said, ‘April….you have no….fucking….idea.’

She laughed, thinking he was joshing. But it took a moment for their eyes to unlock.

‘So, you lost the pool match. Harsh. I get to keep making the Mercedes ads my way, yeah?’

She retained some of her steel. After all, this meant nothing – it was her call, not something decided on the flip of a coin. ‘How about we look at the next sales figures before we get hasty?’

Smiling, he said; ‘Do you know how many of those damn expensive cars I’ve helped to sell? Thousands. Meanwhile, you’ve sold….uh, none.’ He leant in more, ‘Sorry to put it so bluntly April, but it’s about real experience, and talent.’

She wanted to come back with something sharp, but what came out was, ‘And you’re all that, huh?’ The shots were taking their toll.

He studied her. ‘April, it’s late, you’re in a bar. Loosen the screw for once?’ She frowned at him. Then his face lightened, and once again he wrong-footed her. ‘Ok, well, do you wanna dance?’ He stood, and reached for her hand.

‘What Lester? We’re gonna do what now?!’ She was exasperated. Gently he pulled her up, and started leading her to the loud dance floor. ‘Weirdest business meeting ever Lester!’ she screamed at his back.

When they reached the wooden space in the middle of the bar, a cheesy but brilliant tune from the 90s cranked out from the speakers. April was seriously non-plussed at how tonight was going, but couldn’t help but start to shimmy to the guitar intro.

They danced. And danced a lot more; letting go to the big tunes. Spinning, hip swinging, singing choruses out loud. Between songs they breathlessly gulped their drinks. The night turned into a blur, and more trays of liquor were delivered. There was laughter, and shrieking at songs she’d not heard since her big brother played them when she was a child. She would have shuddered to remember, but she air guitared to Led Zep.

Eventually the lights went up, the music ended, and the place started to wind down. Closing time. They collapsed back onto bar stools. She looked windswept by now. April didn’t let go very often, so when she did she let go big. Smiling like she hadn’t in years, she offered, ‘One for the road huh?’

Lester, a little more used to the liquor, gently said, ‘I think you’re done April. Work’s out of the question as it is.’

Snorting a laugh she came back, ‘What are you, my Dad?’

‘No April, just an adult.’ He softened. ‘Look, I live near, and I think it’s best if we walk there and you crash out.’

Vexed by his sudden responsible attitude she barked, ‘Oh is that right…Mr Writer?’ She tried to stand and flounce off, but stumbled badly. Lester caught her, and steadied her until she balanced on her own.

‘You ok?’ Not looking at him, she nodded. ‘Let’s get you home.’ He held her around the waist, and steered them towards the doors.

The fresh morning air worked some of it’s magic, and she was a lot more sane when they reached his dark apartment door. He let himself in, and went inside. April stood, peering inside. She realised this was a habitat very different from her own.

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Super Secret Diary

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Super Secret (Seriously) Diary of Fiona Dunn

May 15

So, I guess I’ve been doing these diaries for a few years now, but it’s only today that I’ve had something to write that is seriously super secret. Something I can’t let anybody read, not even my BFF, Madison. I sort of can’t believe it really happened.

Anyway, Diary, you know how Daddy’s always so sweet to me? And he loves to kiss me, right? Only, it’s always been just a sweet Daddy-type thing in the past. Ever since Mom died, he and me’ve been real close, and I always loved that, knowing that he was there for me, and me there for him.

And I know you know how all my friends have this thing for Daddy. And, in some sort of objective way, I always knew why. I mean, sure he’s really old and all, forty-five, or something, but he totally keeps himself fit, which is pretty impressive. Madison’s dad is all flabby, and Portia’s dad has this disgusting beer belly. I don’t even know why her mom stays with him! But my Daddy… well, anyway. Let’s just say he looks pretty good in a swimsuit.

I’m always complaining to you about my senior year, diary. It seems like ever since I turned eighteen, the guys have been kind of stay-away from me. And I don’t know why! I mean, I’m still me, right? Still Fiona Dunn, on the cheer squad (but not good enough to be head cheerleader, I guess. That bitch Ashley Morgan’s got that spot locked up since tenth grade!), still rocking the good looks, IMHO.

But yesterday, I saw Peter Horsley with Bridget Monahan. I’ve been so nice to him all year long, ever since Matt broke up with me. And he goes out with that cow? What is going on with this world? I still wonder whether it’s because I never gave out to Matt. Did he spread some nasty rumors about me? I swear, if I ever find out that he did, he will be several inches shorter in the crotch department.

But back to what I was talking about, more importantly. What happened this afternoon when I got home. I was feeling pretty low, after seeing that. Questioning myself, you know? All that teenage angst. Clichés abound. I was moping around, just feeling blah, in my usual dumpy moping-around clothes, when Daddy came home.

He’s all empathetic and shit, you know? Like, he always knows exactly what I’m feeling, somehow. It’s one of those Daddy things, but I guess not all Daddies have it. Anyway, I can always count on him to understand these things.

“Hey, Kitten,” he said. “What’s eating you?”

“Don’t want to talk about it,” I groused.

“Come on, honey,” he urged, putting his briefcase down. He was rocking one of his fine suits, pinstriped and well-tailored. One of the perks of being a seriously successful lawyer, I guess. He always calls it keeping up appearances. He loosened his tie (red, with blue and gold diamonds) and sat down next to me on the couch.

Well, of course, the waterworks began. You can’t resist the Daddy charm, no matter how mature you are. And the whole story poured out with my tears. He held me, stroked my hair, made all of the silly comments Daddies have to make about how Peter isn’t good enough for me, blah, blah, blah. Nothing out of the ordinary here, right, diary?

Yeah, except that when I finally stopped sniffling, and wiped my nose with my hand, I knew I looked just as shitty as I felt.

“God, I must look like hell, right?”

“Nonsense, sweetie,” he said softly, brushing my hair out of my face and behind my ear. “You’re beautiful, like always.”

“Yeah, right,” I snorted. “You’re just saying that because you’re my Daddy.”

“No, I’m not.” He contemplated me, a thoughtful look on his handsome face. I gazed up at him, but broke before the intensity I saw there. As I looked down at the floor, his hand dropped onto my shoulder. “I’d kiss you from head to toe, Fiona.”

That was a break from the script. I glanced up at him, confused. His hand felt warm and firm on my shoulder, his fingers right over my bra strap. I blinked a couple of times and said the only thing that came into my mind.


“I mean it,” he said seriously. “I would.”

“Daddy!” I gasped, and giggled, covering my mouth. “You… I mean, I think there are a few places you’d have to, um, like, skip?” Clearly my brain was still catching up. This is what I came up with as an objection to what he said?

“Really?” He quirked an eyebrow in that typical Daddy way. “What places are those?” His eyes swept down my body, and I felt tingly, all over. It was the strangest feeling to be having with my Daddy. I knew what it was. It was that feeling I get when I think about sexy guys.

“Oh. My. God,” I laughed, feeling both outraged and tipsy. “You know.”

“No, I don’t,” he shrugged. “You’ll have to tell me.”

I stared at him, a hysterical laugh just beneath the surface. This was not at all what I had expected. Was Daddy really saying he’d kiss me… everywhere? And I mean, everywhere? Like on my boobs, or between my legs? This was so not happening.

“I can’t,” I whispered, my voice shaky.

“Well, bahis firmaları tell you what,” he said calmly. “You can show me. Let’s make a deal. Anything I shouldn’t kiss, you keep covered. I won’t kiss any part of you I can’t see. Conversely,” (such a typical Daddy word) “any part of you I can see, like this,” and he leaned in and kissed me right below the ear, “I can and will kiss, okay?”

“Um…” I thought furiously. His warm lips on the tender skin at the corner of my jaw had felt like heaven. I’d not felt anything so sweet, so tender, so… loving in a long time. But wasn’t this wrong? He shouldn’t be doing that, right, diary? But who cared? It felt so great, I was willing to go along with it. In any case, I was in control. I could cover anything or everything I wanted to, and he’d be stopped from doing anything too… well, anyway.

“Okay,” I said softly. I looked up into his intense green eyes. “Deal.”

“All right, then,” he smiled. “I’m going to go get changed out of my monkey suit, and then we can have some dinner, okay?” And, then, diary, he just stood up and left me there. I was literally shaking on the couch, feeling like I’d just had an injection of adrenaline or something. And the weirdest thing? My nipples were like totally hard. Thank God I was wearing a baggy sweatshirt. What would Daddy have thought if he’d seen them?

The rest of the evening, I was so totally on edge. I didn’t know how to act around him. I mean, this is Daddy we’re talking about. I’ve known him all my life, or I thought I knew him, anyway. Where did all this come from? And I just didn’t feel… safe. You know, the way I always felt around Daddy.

But at the same time, I felt giggly. Excited. Nervous, but hyperaware of everything. The way he moved. The way he looked in his casual t-shirt and jeans. The way his aftershave smelled when he’d kissed me on my neck. The rasp in his deep voice. I was skittish, both anticipating and frightened of the next kiss.

Which did come, BTW, diary. I was doing the dishes after dinner, putting plates in the dishwasher, when he came up behind me. My hair was in a pony-tail, of course. I heard him coming, and I just tensed up. But his hands on my shoulders were so familiar, so reassuring.

“Mmmm,” he murmured. “I can see here.” I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck, and then his lips, gentle, teasing, pressed against where my shoulder met the base of my neck. I couldn’t help it; I felt such a tingle down my spine at the touch. I swear, diary, it shot right down into my place.

God, I’m so bad for writing that.

But it’s true. And that’s why it’s so super secret, diary, so if you go telling anyone, we’ll never be friends again.

I’m sooooo embarrassed.

My Daddy made me hot between my legs.

Jesus, I’m hot right now, just thinking about it.

Can I tell the truth, here? I mean, it’s just you and me, diary, right? Nobody looking over my shoulder, reading what I’m writing. Okay, thanks.

I wanted so badly just to spin around in his arms and kiss him on the mouth. Isn’t that gross? I’m such a bad girl. To want to kiss my Daddy back for making me feel so good. But it’s all his fault, right? He started it. He made me feel this way. He got my engines revving, and I’ve got no outlet ever since stupid effing Matt broke up with me. So it’s Matt’s fault too. Not my fault.

Truth is, I froze. I even dropped the plate I was holding so it fell into the sink and shattered. I was so nervous! What if… I mean… what if he’d been, like, hard, or something? And I, like, so did not want to find that out. Only I did, too, at the same time. I wanted to know that he was not just playing around with me, you know? That he really meant what he was doing. And if he’d been hard, I would have known. Only I didn’t really want to know that either!

OMG, I’m so fucking confused.

Anyway, he helped me clean up the broken dish, acting the whole time like nothing was different between us. But I was shaking. Shaking, I tell you! I made some excuse and high-tailed it up to my room, closing the door behind me before collapsing on the bed. And maybe I cried a little, diary, but maybe I touched myself a little also.

Just now, he called good night to me through the door. I didn’t hear any remorse in his voice. I’m so tired.

May 17

Hi, Diary. Sorry for skipping yesterday. Does that make me a bad friend? I hope not, only everything’s so topsy-turvy now! I didn’t want to even write anything, ’cause…


Let’s just make sure this all stays like completely super secret, okay? Because what I’m going to write now is too fucking weird to get out.

I’m falling for my Daddy.

No, totally! This whole situation is out of control. And I don’t want it ever to stop! It’s like all the time falling head over heels. I finally understand exactly what that means. Matt? Total loser. Even Jimmy from Freshman year… just a crush.

But Daddy…



OMG, Daddy!

So, maybe I was kaçak iddaa still asleep when I came downstairs yesterday morning. Everything that had happened the night before, those two so inappropriate kisses just like a dream, that I didn’t even think about what I was wearing.

Uh huh, Diary. You get it. I was wearing my typical pjs: spaghetti strap cami and boxers. And the cami? You know the one, it’s only a half-cami, really, just enough to cover my boobs and the top half of my abdomen. Okay, okay, I know I’m like completely obnoxious about how good my tummy looks. But I like it uncovered. It’s important for a girl to be proud of what’s sexy.

Anyway, Daddy was up, as he always is, getting his coffee, getting ready to go to work. But he stopped and looked at me when I came in the room, one eyebrow raised in that typical Daddy way.

And I just mumbled good morning on my way to the coffee mugs. Had to get my morning fix too, right? Well, look. No matter what I think about how hot my tummy looks, or whatever, I know that I’m a fright in the morning, my hair flyaway out of my ponytail, my eyes half-closed, shuffling along. But Daddy just looked at me as I walked across the room.

“Good morning, Kitten,” he said. “I can see an awful lot.”

I froze.

Everything came tumbling back. Oh, God. What had I done?

I blinked several times. No coherent words came to my brain.


“You know what that means.”

“Huh?” See what I mean?

“We made a deal, didn’t we, Kitten?”

“Um…” A real brilliant conversationalist this early in the morning, me. But did I make a break for it? Attempt to find something to cover myself up? Anything? Nope. Just stood in the middle of the room, arms at my sides. And truth to tell, my heart was pounding, scared… hopeful.

“All right, then,” Daddy said, and closed the distance between us. I stared at him, this strange man in my father’s body, this desirable, sexy, commanding… male. “I used to give you strawberries down here,” he murmured as he bent down in front of me. “Different situation now, hmm?”

And he kissed me. Oh, diary, he kissed me. Right on my tummy! Right over my belly button (I’m a real deep innie, BTW). And his breath was so warm, so caressing. Shivers all through me, my hairs all standing up on end. And God, he was so close to down there. (Damn, have to start coming up with a better word for that.)

One hand around my waist to steady me, the other right on my spine. And his lips on me. Daddy’s lips… and his tongue! Oh, Jesus, his tongue, lightly probing my navel. I stood there, half-enduring, half-reveling in his attention. And yes, my nips were totally hard, and I was hot to my core, right deep in my pussy.

There, I said it.

My little hot pussy was throbbing because my Daddy kissed me.

You see what I mean about falling for him? No other guy had ever done that to me.

Only Daddy.

I kind of fell backwards into a chair, my eyes glazed. It was like I’d almost had a little orgasm, right there, in the kitchen. I was shaking. And Daddy just got up and got me a coffee. I couldn’t tell how this was affecting him. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the front of his pants as he stood in front of me. That would have been too much. Although he wasn’t trying to hide himself or anything.

And all day long, all I could think about was Daddy… his kisses… how I felt when he kissed me…

But I also was freaked out, you know? Actually kind of scared. What was going on? How far would this go? Would I let him, you know, kiss me anywhere? I mean, I knew I was supposed to be in control. He had set the ground rules, and it was up to me to decide what I would let him do, I guess, but I wasn’t sure I knew how to decide.

So I didn’t. Instead I avoided him. I got myself dinner before he got home and hid in my room, the door closed. When he knocked to tell me he was home, I yelled out that I was busy with homework. He didn’t push it.

But my homework was sitting undone, diary. I know, I’m always such a good girl when it comes to school, but tonight my mind was running in so many different directions. I knew I couldn’t hide forever.

And then, oh, then, super super super secret diary of mine, I had the bestest idea. I got into my pajamas and cracked open the door.

“Daddy! I’m ready for my good night kiss!”

Before he could even take one step on the stairs, I was ready. And when he came through my door, he chuckled. That wonderful sweet Daddy chuckle. Because I was completely under the covers, from head down, with the exception of my left foot, which was in the open. I wiggled my toes at him.

“Ready,” I sang from under the blanket. I had Mr. Bear with me, hugging him tightly, giggling to myself. You see, diary? You see how brilliant I was? This way, he could kiss me, we could keep playing the little game we’d started, and I didn’t even have to look at him. He could… well, I didn’t want to think about what he could do since I couldn’t see him, but kaçak bahis I didn’t have to worry about seeing something too scary, like his… thing. You know.

Anyway, the plan worked. Sort of.

“What do we have here?” he growled playfully. I giggled again and wiggled my toes. “Looks delicious.”

Yeah, it worked. Right up to the point where I felt his lips against the sole of my foot. It didn’t tickle. No…

Oh, diary. It felt good.

Too good.

Like, shock right up my leg straight to my pussy good. How was I supposed to know that was going to happen? And it didn’t let up, either. He kissed gently along the edge of my foot before lightly licking between my big toe and my second toe.

I gasped, the laughter dying in my throat. There was this fire, this burning that started in my sex, a desperate itch that kept building.

It built while he suckled on my big toe, then moved to my second toe.

It built more with his long tongue swipe along the arch of my foot

It built higher with the firm kiss placed in the hollow of my ankle.

And when he moved back down toward my toe, the craziest thought entered my no longer thinking straight brain.

Diary, something said to me: he can’t tell what you’re doing under here.

Diary, it said, you could touch yourself and he won’t know.

Diary, it said, go ahead! Feel yourself up!

And I did.

Oh, God, I did. With my Daddy right there, kneeling beside my bed, kissing and licking my left foot, my hand found its way into my pajama shorts, found my pussy wet and wanting, found my clit hard and buzzing.

With my Daddy running his tongue between my toes, I stroked and caressed myself, exploring between my folds, finding all those spots I love to touch so much. My breathing was ragged, my heart pounding. God, I’m such a slut, aren’t I? Fucking jilling myself with my Daddy right there! But I couldn’t help myself. I fooled myself into thinking that he had no idea.

I’m really blushing now, super secret diary. I can’t believe how naughty it felt… how wonderful, exciting…

It was nearly stifling under there, my face damp with sweat. I had one finger deep inside of myself now, moving in and out, and another rubbing around my clit. I couldn’t stop, nothing could stop me now… even if the blanket had just fallen off and my Daddy had seen me with my hand buried between my legs, I would have just kept going until I reached that moment.

And when it came, I pressed the heel of my other hand between my lips, desperately trying to stop the grunts of pleasure I was involuntarily releasing. I know there was no way, absolutely no way in heaven or hell that Daddy could not have known what was happening. I mean, I was shaking with the intensity of it.

But I was hidden.

He couldn’t see me, and I couldn’t see him.

So, Diary, I guess that made it okay, right? I mean, I couldn’t be a slut if he couldn’t see me, right?

As I lay there, coming down from the sweetest, most insane O of my life, Daddy finished his ‘kiss.’

“Good night, sweetie,” he said softly, oh, so lovingly. No crass remarks, no sign that he knew what I’d done.

“Good night, Daddy,” I said shakily, still under the covers. I knew, just knew, that if I looked at him, I’d see his thing sticking out hard in his pants. I wanted so much, so much to be able to see it, to get that reassurance that he was feeling something like what I was feeling. But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to lower the covers. “I… I love you.”

There. Diary, I said it. Oh, you absolutely must must must keep that a secret, that I meant every word of those three words in the way that I was not supposed to.

“I love you too, honey,” he said, his deep voice sounding a bit thick, and I heard him walk away.

How was I going to get to sleep after that?! But I did. And you know, it was such a great sleep, too. Completely relaxing. I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed, so content.

So I’m writing all this down this morning, trying to come to grips with all of what’s happened. I mean, what’s a girl supposed to do, when she’s fallen in love with her own Daddy?

I’m so glad you can keep a secret like this, diary dearest. Because my little messed up mind has come up with a plan for this morning. I think I know exactly what this girl’s gonna do.

Tell you about it later, kk?

May 17 (evening)

Well, I’m just turning into a regular little diarist, aren’t I? But, you see, diary, I’ve got so much to tell. You’re just the bestest little buddy in the world to sit here and listen to everything I say. Kind of takes the place of losing control and blabbing to Madison about all of this. So, thanks, I guess.

This morning… oh, wow. I really went and did it. Remember how I had a plan, and all? Well, you know how my plans have been turning out lately. But that wasn’t going to stop Fiona, no way.

So, you know my usual pajamas? You know, the spaghetti-strap cami top and the boxers, right? I know, I know, I told you all about them earlier today. Only this morning, I decided to alter them a little. No, not the boxers! OMG, that would just be way too much. No, I took some scissors, and changed the cami.

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Lesbian Bitch Ch. 05

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Everyone in this story is over eighteen. Ruby is the narrator.


Eye candy

Laura come into each of our bedrooms and said that breakfast was ready. “It’s a glorious day outside.” None of us minded Laura coming into our bedrooms, after all we are staying at a nudist resort. It Even made Jane a little excited and got Jane’s lesbian juices flowing. Laura was barely nineteen and had a body Jane was dying to touch. Scott’s eyes lit up as Laura’s naked figure stood in our doorway. Scott was always eyeing of young ladies that he wanted us to have threesomes with.

“So we like the look of this young lady do we?” I teased my boyfriend.

Once we all finally got out of bed and assembled out on the deck for breakfast Tanya handed us a list of must do’s and sights to stay over our two week getaway. There are four beaches that can only be accessed by thoughts staying at this Resort was at the top of the list.

Laura asked us if we minded if she used the spa after she served us our hot breakfast. None of us minded, especially Scott that whispered in my ear. “The only thing that could make that young lady hotter is looking at her wet!” That brought Scott’s cock to full attention as he kept looking up from his meal and lustfully was checking Laura out in the spa.

Once I had finished my hot breakfast I took Scott by the hand and we zoomed in for a closer inspection of Laura in the spa and gave Scott a continuous blowjob as he admired Laura’s figure.

Our voyeurism was getting Laura rather excited, Laura started masturbating for us as she was massaging her wet breasts. Laura said I bat for the other team. I came up for air and whispered in my boyfriend’s ear. “Would you like a lesbian bitch like Jake and Tanya?” Scott really displayed his affection for me than.

“Well I’m not like Jake and Tanya, you will have to wait until we are married. I’ll give Laura our number just before we leave this place.” Ruby whispered in her boyfriend’s ear. Scott’s cock twitched and his heart skipped a beat to Ruby’s openness about a lesbian bitch as part of our marriage.

Laura got out of the spa and drip dried, while she joined us for coffee and toast. That was enough to send Scott over the edge and he shot his load directly on Laura’s wet tits.

That’s one for the photo album Tanya cheered. “Do you mind if I take your photo Laura?” Laura just smiled and nodded. Tanya being as forward as she is sucked and licked Scotts spoof of Laura’s body after the photo session.

Our butler Frank then opened up the one way view glass doors that provided us with privacy and we celebrated the true meaning of a nudist resort.

Laura collected our plates and headed to the kitchen to the wash up. Scott was checking out Laura’s long legs and watched her apple heart shaped ass wiggle, as Laura disappeared from his view.

Scott was on his knees before me and frantically masturbated to thoughts of Laura being Our lesbian bitch.

Scott stood up. “were you just proposing to me. Where is my ring?” Ruby laughed at her boyfriend. Completely bahis firmaları unaware that Frank had opened the doors!

The conversation grew as we spectated the hot young ladies passing past our villa.

“So guys have you decided which beach you would like to go to today.” Tanya asked.

Scott was totally distracted with thoughts of me having sex with Laura and was still mystified what the hell the girls needed to pack for a nude vacation! “I’ll just tag along with the decision that you ladies make.” I knew exactly what my boyfriend was thinking and wrapped my arms around him and nibbled on his ears and covered his neck with hickeys.

We decided to go to the beach that was closest to us so that we would have more time to explore this exquisite place.

Laura informed us that she would bake us some morning tea. “How does scones and brownies sound to you all?”

We all agreed that that sounded lovely and that we would be back by 10:30am.

Laura said it’s such a glorious day I think that I’ll do my baking out on the deck today. “The only time I’ll need to use the kitchen is to use the oven.”

Scott promptly helped Laura move everything that she would need out onto the deck area, giving him more opportunities to check out Laura’s stunning body. Scott moved his eyes up and down Laura’s body from the front and from behind, taking her all in and watching her bend over.

“I think you know every inch of Laura’s body from the outside. That just leaves inside of her body for us to explore”, I seductively whispered to my boyfriend.

The girls laid out their towels and chatted and sun baked, down on this crystal blue pristine beach. Scott couldn’t get into the surf quickly enough. The beach was starting to fill up, Scott couldn’t decide which view he loved the most. All he knew was that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Ruby.

The three ladies joined Scott in the surf and they splashed each other and raced each other catching waves. Scott couldn’t believe his luck with all these hot wet bodies on the beach and he was the only male in sight.

We thought that we should probably head back to our villa for morning tea. It wasn’t that hard to get Scott to pull his attention from all the eye candy on the beach. Reminding him that Laura would be waiting at the villa for us.

Laura had prepared a feast for us. Scott was equally feasting his eyes on Laura and My bodies.

During morning tea Laura didn’t fight my advances towards her. “Let’s give Scott something to really feast his eyes on.” I seductively asked Laura.

I asked my boyfriend what he would like her to do with Laura first. Contently satisfies with her bisexual nature and desires.

“I would like you to eat Laura’s pussy and make her cum cum hard. I want to taste every drop of Laura’s cum of your body. I want to know what flavor her cum has. You, Tanya and Jane’s cum has its own unique taste. Laura smelled so good when she came out to the spa to take our dinner orders last night. You were masturbating before you took our dinner orders kaçak iddaa last night, weren’t you Laura?” Scott stared lustily at Laura’s body.

I was shocked at my boyfriend’s comments, but was getting particularly horny hearing him talk that way and ask all of those directive questions and telling us exactly what he wanted.

“So Scott you’re quite a connoisseur when it comes to lady cum. Have you ever eaten your own cum? I do that all the time! It really makes me horny.” Laura was really loosening up now. It was her turn to ask the directive questions.

I started working my magic on Laura’s clit and Jane couldn’t control her lesbian Juices flowing everywhere. I sucked and flickered Laura’s clitoris with her tongue and bought Laura to orgasm. “Wow that was hot. I commented. No man or lady has ever released so much cum on my body.”

Scott ravished his girlfriend’s body with his tongue being sure to lick every drop of Laura’s cum off my body.

“So Scott, what flavour would you say my cum is.” Laura smiled at him curiously.

“I would say your cum tastes like all the colours of the rainbow.” Scott smiled back at Laura.

“That’s enough sex for now young lady.” Scott reminded us that we had exploring to do outside.

I begged my boyfriend to let me do a little more exploring of Laura’s body in the shower. “Ok sexy how can I possibly refuse you that.” Scott smiled longingly at me and then back at Laura.

“Will you please join us Scott? I would like to watch this young lesbian drain your balls dry!” Scott was never going to turn down an offer like that.

Jane lay on our bed and masturbated, while she watched Scott and I exploring Laura’s body. “You know I didn’t think that any man could give me pleasure until Scott showed me yesterday how talented he is!” Jane was now horny as hell.

I guided Laura’s mouth towards Scotts cock and fingered herself as she watched this young lesbian bitch sucking Scotts cock and licking Scott’s balls. I couldn’t contain my excitement as the shower rinsed Scotts cum off Laura’s body and wore Scotts cum as Laura released Scott’s balls from her teeth. Laura then proceeded to lick Scotts cum of her face and off my body.

“You know what. Why doesn’t Laura come exploring the sights with us? I think that we should shout Laura lunch today. We can’t have Laura slaving over the stove every minute of the day.”

Scotts offer was graciously accepted. “What a kind, generous and thoughtful man you are Scott. I would love to get out in the sun today.” Laura winked at Jane on the bed.

“Yep that’s my man I winked at both Laura and Jane. “Scott is full of surprises everyday. He never fails to light up my life.”

We went and explored the hot springs, the pool area and the foodie hot spots the resort has to offer.

That night we let Laura decide what we all had for dinner and Tanya ordered the same champagne that we had the previous night and had Laura and Frank light the centred candles and spread rose petals around us while we were in the spa. Tanya promised that that would be happening kaçak bahis every night we spent at the nude resort.

It was now time for Laura to explore Ruby’s pussy and make her cum. Scott loved tasting my cum off Laura’s body. “Now I know how Jake feels about having a lesbian bitch.” Scott contemplated my offer.

That night Laura slept with me and Scott, Scott just couldn’t keep his hands to himself and Laura couldn’t control her feelings for me either.

Laura woke me up for an early morning fuck before she had to start getting breakfast ready the next morning. Scott somehow slept through my and Laura’s sex romp and eyed Laura off as she left our bedroom. Scott and I slept for an hour longer before having a shower and woke up Tanya and Jane.

Laura was already in the spa and had the glass doors opened. There was no privacy this morning. Jane jumped into the spa with Laura. “Oh this is really hot, the two lesbians in the spa together. Tanya had a huge grin on her face. you guys are making me feel so horny.” Tanya winked at the lesbian duo.

Frank bought out our hot breakfast meals out today.

Jane couldn’t help fondling Laura’s tits before the two lesbians joined us at the table for breakfast. Drip drying of cause. Frank cleared the plates winking at Laura. Laura was in an extremely outgoing mood prepared to do whatever Ruby wanted. Ruby requested that Laura give her man another blowjob. I want to taste His spoof off your body today, then you will let Scott eat your pussy.

“I want to taste your cum off his body. I’ve never really thought the variety of flavours cum has to offer before.”

Laura’s lips hardly had to touch Scott’s cock before he started ejaculating everywhere. I still wanted more so Laura bought Scott’s cock into her mouth and swallowed his cum until she gagged. I was Rubbing my clit to Laura’s efforts.

Scott then started to enjoy the flavours of Laura’s cum before she unloaded on him. I tasted every drop of Laura’s cum of her man. “My God his right. your cum is like all the colours of the rainbow. I couldn’t describe your taste any better if I tried.” I was so horny now and needed to go pee in the spa, to add to my pleasure.

Scott bought our coffees over to the spa and He jumped into the spa closely followed by Laura. Laura and I made love for everyone to see.

We invited Laura to spend the whole day exploring with us. We went exploring and swimming at the hot springs, wine tasting, tracking and stuffing our faces with food. After lunch we were tanning and surfing at the beach. It was like there wasn’t another girl in the world, Scott was totally devoted to Ruby and Laura.

We had a lot of jealous looks all day as Scott had four women hanging off his shoulders. We also checked out the foodie hot spots again. Scott and I were more than happy to pay for all of Laura’s food and drinks for the day. What a jammed packed day.

Scott decided on fish and chips for us all for dinner. Laura cooked the fish on the BBQ. We all masturbated and we added our choice of cum to our fish as it hit the plates. Laura rushed and got her homemade chips out of the oven. What a fantastic cook she is.

The day concluded with hot sex and a serenade of centured candles and rose petals this time covering the whole villa.

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Summertime Is The Best Ch. 01

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Well it’s been sometime since i last submitted. I actually had about 4 or 5 pages of a totally different story already written bud i go tfed up with it and deleted it. I started on this one about a week and a half ago. Enjoy

I was so excited…summer was finally here. School was all over and all that lay ahead was two and a half months of nothing but slacking off. My first two weeks went by pretty fast…and all I had done was stayed at home playing video games and watching porn. So when I got a call from my older sister Sophie, inviting me to spend some time with her at her new place, I was overjoyed. Sophie was at the airport to pick me up…and when I saw her I was amazed. I hadn’t seen here for a couple months and yet still she looked like a totally different person. She wore a tight fitting tank top and short frilly skirt that was blowing in the wind…exposing her tanned legs. I was stunned that I became aroused at the sight of my sister and tried to avoid hugging her, but I couldn’t stop her. She lunged at me throwing her arms around my body and pulling me in for a tight embrace. I could feel the length of my cock pressing against her body and became even more turned on…I only hoped that she didn’t feel me as well…but I couldn’t tell, and she said nothing.

After getting my luggage we jumped in my sister’s blue volts wagon beetle and headed for her place. As we made small talk in the car I kept on finding myself stealing glances and Sophie’s legs and inner thigh…that were on display as her skirt had ridden up her legs a little. As we continued on our way, Sophie must have caught me in the act,

“See something you like Josh?” she quipped with a little laugh.

“Ohh…I’m sorry,” I mumbled as my face turned red.

“Oh…don’t worry…I guess I should take it as a compliment…my little brother checking me out.”

That was all that was said as we pulled up to her place. Sophie shared a somewhat small apartment with a roommate. As we lugged my bags into Sophie’s place I was treated to a nice view of Sophie’s ass as she walked up the stairs before me…luckily this time she was not in a position to catch me.

“So Stacey isn’t home right now, but she’ll be back this evening, all our stuff isn’t here yet, Stacy still doesn’t have her bed, she’s been sleeping at a friend’s place, so you’ll be bunking with me.”

“Umm..no it’s okay…I can stay out here in the living room,” I stammered.

“Don’t be silly Josh…now bring in those bags,” she said holding her apartment door open for me… “Ohh shit…I forgot to call the A/C repairman, it’s so hot in here.”

I soon realized what she was talking about when I walked inside and realized that the apartment was quite warm.

“Don’t worry…we’ll have it fixed by tomorrow,” Sophie continued.

After setting down my bags I took a seat on the couch and rested…and was soon joined by Sophie.

“So Joshy…anything special you want to do while you’re here….see the sights, visit some colleges…get laid…”

I blushed at Sophie’s teasing and remained silent.

“Well what do you say we go get some dinner?”

“Sure…that sounds good,” I replied.

When we got back from our evening out reminiscing about the ‘old days’ Sophie and I were greeted at the door by Stacy. She wore a pair of grey short shorts and white tank top. The heat was so bad that Stacy was practically drenched in sweat. Her top seemed damp and did little to disguise her stiff nipples that pressed against the tight material.

“Hey Soph….so this must be Joshua…cute!” she said with a smirk…warranting a blush from my face.

“Ohh Stac…always the teaser…so did you call the guy?”

“Ohh, yeah….they’ll be here tomorrow…so we just have to tough it out tonight…really sorry Josh.”

“Oh..no…I’ll be fine,” I replied.

“I’m sure you will,” she said with that sly smirk.

“Well I think I’m going to shower and hit the sack…I’m pretty tired from the trip,” I said, excusing myself and heading for the shower.

When I was finished I made my way to Sophie’s room in a t-shirt and boxers, which is what I usually sleep in. I found Sophie bending over rummaging through some draw…but she was in her underwear. Sophie tight ass encased in her black hipster panties was staring me right in the face… and my crotch took notice as my member began to harden at the sight.

“Ohh…hey Josh…I was just looking for a t-shirt…I used Stacy’s shower…so I’m off to bed as well.”

It then dawned on me that I was going to be sharing a bed with Sophie. I didn’t know what to think as I looked on as Sophie pulled a tight fitting shirt over her body.

“I hope you don’t mind…but I can’t sleep with this thing on,” she said….removing her black bra from under her shirt…her firm tits now pressing against the smallness of her shirt.

Still befuddled, I looked on as Sophie crawled her scantily clad body into bed. Hesitating a little…I soon followed her, raising the bahis firmaları sheets and climbing into bed. As I raised the sheet I saw Sophie’s perfectly curved panty clad ass and it sent a shiver through my body…which worked its way to my crotch to stiffen my penis. The hardness of my cock made me regret wearing only boxers…but there was nothing I could do about it now. I tried to stay as far away from Sophie’s body as I could…without falling over the edge of the bed.

“Holy shit!…it’s so warm…I think we can do without the covers tonight Josh,” I heard Sophie say, before she pulled the covers off of both our bodies. I could now see the full form of Sophie’s shapely body…and it only reinforced the hardness of my member. Just then Sophie looked over her shoulder back at me.

“Josh…you can get more space you know…I don’t bite.”

“Uh…no…that’s okay I’m fine.”

“Don’t be silly Josh…come on.”

“Well you see Soph…I kinda have a little problem,” I said, causing Sophie to roll over and face me. As she did so, she looked down at my crotch and saw the tent that was formed.

“Wow…I’d say that’s a big problem,” she replied with a smile, forcing me to blush with embarrassment.

“I’m really sorry Sophie; I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Ohh Josh don’t be…I’m actually kind of flattered, that I would warrant this kind of reaction from you. But you don’t have to discomfort yourself…you can get comfortable on the bed…I really don’t mind. Come on.” With that Sophie grabbed hold of me and pulled me closer to the center of the bed…closer to her.

With both of us lying on our sides facing each other we decided to talk about the situation, so it would not feel so awkward.

“So…all this just for me?” Sophie asked.

“Well…I guess so.”

“Hmph…I guess so….just what every girl wants to hear,” she replied.

“Well obviously it’s you…but you’re my older sister…I shouldn’t be feeling this way.”

“Ohh Josh…I think it’s perfectly normal…and I don’t want you to feel bad.”

With that Sophie rolled back over facing away from me and went to sleep…prompting me to do the same.

I awoke shortly after, it couldn’t been more than an hour. I was startled at the position I now found myself. I was practically spooning with Sophie, my body pressed against hers and my cock snugly fitted against the firmness of her round ass. I moved around a little and accidentally poked Sophie’s ass with my cock. She immediately awoke…giggling.

“Oh Josh…I hope that thing doesn’t keep me up all night.”

“I’m really sorry Soph, it was an accident, I didn’t mean to…”

“Didn’t I tell you not to worry Josh…now all we need to do is take care of your problem…you need to relieve yourself.”

“Umm…I guess so…I’ll go in the bathroom.”

“Well…you see Josh, I was thinking, seeing that I was the one to cause the attention, I thought it’d only be fair that I be the one to take care of the problem.”

“What?!?…what do you mean Sophie?”

“Let me show you.”

Sophie then rolled over and looked me deeply in the eyes as she fished her hands downwards stopping at my crotch. She slowly massaged my hard cock through my boxers all the while gazing upon me. She reached in my boxers and retrieved my cock…pulling it through the fly of my boxers. The warmth of her hand against my stiff rod was exhilarating. Sophie slowly started to slide her hands up and down the length of my shaft. Before long she was rapidly pumping my cock with the smoothness of her silky soft palms. Looking at Sophie as she was jerking me off was sending chills through my body and before long was ready to cum. Sophie could sense this in my eyes and whipped the sheets off my body so as to not stain the covers. With a couple more quick strokes my body tensed up and sent my seed spurting in the air. Most of it landed on my stomach. When we were finished Sophie reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped the cum off me. She tossed it across the room, straight into a bin.

“She shoots, she scores!”

“Oh my god…that was amazing,” I panted still trying to catch my breath.

“Glad you liked it…now get some rest…we have a busy day tomorrow.”

Despite what had just happened to me…I was still pretty tired from a whole day on a plane and fell asleep shortly after. The next morning when I awoke I saw that I had found myself in a familiar position. Once again Sophie was pressed up against me, this time my arms draped over her body. I noticed that she was holding my hands in place, resting comfortably just slightly against her petite breasts. My cock which had been disarmed just the night before was hard as rock and again pressed against Sophie’s welcoming ass. Although I still felt uncomfortable that this was my sister, Sophie had made it perfectly clear that it was okay…and after what she did last night I was not worried. I decided to take advantage of the situation. kaçak iddaa I slowly started to grind myself into Sophie’s body. Pushing forward, I slowly rubbed my cock along Sophie’s ass. My iron cock pressing and rubbing against her body…Sophie slowly became awake. She returned the favor…pushing her ass back and doing some grinding of her own, maneuvering her ass to meet my sliding cock.

“Ooo…what a wake up Josh…” she giggled, “…glad to see you getting so comfortable but we should really be getting out of bed before you get me too worked up.”

Sophie got up and headed for the bathroom…leaving me on the bed staring at her ass as she left, with a tent in my shorts. After returning from the shower Sophie approached me on the bed. She wore a pink pair of tight fitting short shorts and an equally tight fitting top. Without warning she just lay down right on my body.

“So Josh…did you have fun last night…judging from this morning I’d say you did.”

“Umm…yeah…” I replied before she cut me off.

“Oooo….judging from right now…I’d say you definitely had a good time,” she said, pressing her body into mine…forcing my hard cock against her abdomen. “Do me a favor Josh…don’t jerk off when you go into the bathroom…try your hardest…I assure you…it will be worth your while.”

“Um…okay Soph…whatever you say,” I said somewhat confused.

“Exactly…whatever I say!”

I went into the bathroom and had a cold shower…an attempt to shake my thoughts…and despite they unbearable need to jerk off…I heeded Sophie’s request and did not.

When I got out, Sophie was in the car waiting for me. She had the whole day planned out…trip to the park, we stopped by a couple colleges to check out their programs, and we had lunch at the beach. When we got back we felt like we walked into a frosted ice cube. It was absolutely freezing.

“Damn Stac…why is it so cold in here?” Sophie asked Stacy who was sitting at the table having dinner.

“Well the AC guy showed up…fixed the AC and left….when I found that it was getting too cold I went to turn up the temperature…but no go…it doesn’t seem to work…I called the guy and he said he’ll be back tomorrow.

“Wow…too hot…now too cold…what the hell is going on?”

“I know!….Oh…also…I’ll be sleeping here tonight…my friend wanted some privacy tonight…seeing that her boyfriend is in town…know what I mean?” replied Stacy.

“Ohh good…you can bunk with us…my bed is big enough for the three of us…it’ll be like a sleepover!” Sophie said with excitement, causing a discomforting feel in my stomach.

“Oooo goodie!” squealed Stacy… “Well I’m gonna hop in the shower,” she continued.

“Umm…me too…I guess,” I replied…leaving the two girls giggling amongst themselves.

When I got out of the shower I realized I had no conservative sleep clothes so I reluctantly had to dress once again in my boxers and a t-shirt. When I got to Sophie’s room, Stacy was already there…under the covers due to the extreme coldness, facing away from me. I was too nervous to say a word so I just lay down on the other end of the bed…trying not to disturb her.

After a couple minutes Sophie joined us, pushing me to the center and trapping me in between them both. I tried to keep my eyes focused on anything except these two girls in an attempt to keep my cock from becoming erect. I was thankful that it was so cold since it was in my favor as it seemed to keep my member deflated…however that was about to change…and all because of the cold.

“Damn…it’s so freaking cold!” complained Sophie.

“Yeah…you’re right…and all our thick blankets are still in storage,” added Stacy.

I kept quiet…hoping the girls would soon give in and go to sleep.

“I have an idea…it’s a little weird but it’s guaranteed to work…if you guys are up for it,” said Sophie. Sophie saying “You guys” meant this would be involving me somehow.

“Sheesh…it’s so freezing cold…I’ll try anything,” replied Stacy as I felt her body shiver next to mine.

“Well I read in this magazine that there were some campers stuck on a mountain and to keep warm they had to huddle their umm…..naked bodies together…the collective body warmth was enough to keep them all warm,” explained Sophie.

“What?!…naked?” I exclaimed.

“Ohh Josh….you’re such an alarmist…besides it wouldn’t work unless our skin was in contact….I’ll tell you what….how about…we do it in just our underwear….that should work all the same,” replied Sophie.

“Well…I’m game if you guys are,” Stacy chimed in.

“OK….then….strip,” said Sophie who was all too eager….lifting her shirt over her body and slipping her pajama bottoms off revealing the black hipster panties and matching cotton sports bra. I tried my best to look away because I definitely did not want to get an erection now…seeing that Stacy was here….and there would be no way to get rid of it. kaçak bahis Upon seeing Sophie strip, Stacy did the same…removing the oversized shirt that she was wearing. It was the first time I got a view of her body. She had one similar to Sophie’s, petite frame…smooth tan skin, and framed by her brunette hair….it was amazing. Stacy wore plain white cotton panties….even in the dark I could see that it hugged her body beautifully, and a similar sports bra.

“Come on Josh…we’re waiting on you…” said Sophie. The two girls were now looking down at me expectantly. I simply pulled my white t-shirt over me and threw it over the side of the bed. Everyone laid back down into bed….with me still in the middle. The two girls huddled in close to me. I figured the safest thing to do would be to face Sophie…at least she wouldn’t be startled by anything that arose….although up till now I had done a pretty good job at keeping an erection down.

“OK…everyone get as close as possible,” said Sophie…who was looking at me dead in the eyes. She smiled when she saw Stacy drape her hands over me and pull me back a little.

“Good Stac…now just throw a leg over here,” she continued. Stacy without a word…complied….placing her leg over mine. Sophie now shuffled in close to my body…draping her leg over mine as well and snuggling up close. So there I was…lying in the middle of two barely dressed girls…who were practically spooning me from both sides. I was nervous but at the same time…very exhilarated. We fell asleep like that…but not for long. I woke up some time later….it was still night out. I peeked over my shoulder to see Stacy had given up on Sophie’s idea and was curled up asleep facing away from me. When I turned back to face Sophie I was shocked to see Sophie staring right back at me. She was smiling…and I had no idea why…but then I felt it. Sophie started to slowly rub my abdomen, and slowly worked her way down to my pelvis. Before long she was fondling my cock over my boxers. It did not take too long for me to become rock hard…much to Sophie’s delight who was stifling back laughter. As silently as I could….I pleaded with Sophie to stop but she did not let up. Figuring that there was only one way to get her to stop…I rolled over….so that I was now facing Stacy’s curled up body…which was still relatively close to mine. I could not see the expression on Sophie’s face but she could not get to me so I was satisfied….until she started pushing me. Sophie was frequently pushing into my back….at first I did not know what she hope to gain by doing this but then I felt it for the first time and knew exactly what she had in mind. With one shove from Sophie…my hip went thrusting forward…my hardened cock jabbing Stacy right on her ass. I looked back at Sophie…shocked that she was enjoying this. Thankfully Stacy had not woken up. When Sophie realized this she pushed me again. This time I went in hard…my cock lodged itself right into the cleft of Stacy’s soft but firm ass. Then….Stacy began to wiggle around….she moved her ass around…confirming the presence of my cock as she pushed back a little.

“Ohh…..and what have we here?” Stacy cooed.

“What is it Stacy?” Sophie questioned….as if she hadn’t a clue.

“Well…seems that our boy Josh has a little problem getting to sleep,” she said, rolling over to face me. I looked at her as she looked down below the sheets trying to catch a glimpse of me. A smile came over her face when she saw what she was looking for.

“Why don’t you take Josh into the bathroom…see if you can take of that problem…I really need my sleep,” said Sophie.

Without a reply…Stacy got up out of bed…grabbed on to my hand pulling me with her. I followed her into the bathroom where she switched on the lights. For the first time I had the opportunity to get a good view of Stacy’s scantily clad body. Her snug panties gripped her body…I could clearly see the lips of her pussy pressed against the material. The sports bra she wore did a good job of presenting her breasts, and allowed me to view her perfectly tanned smooth stomach. After staring longingly at her body, I looked up to see Stacy staring right at me…well not exactly at me. Her gaze was focused strictly on my crotch…I looked down to see the tent my rigid cock had formed in my boxers.

“Well Josh….let’s have a look,” she said. I sat motionless…unable to think straight…unable to move.

“Okay….how about…I take off something….then you,” she continued, before lifting her sports bra over he body, her marvelous breasts springing free. They were petite…firm fleshy globes…with pink erect nipples. I was just about to blow in my pants from the view when Stacy came walking over to me.

“I guess I’m going to have to do this myself,” she said, kneeling down in front me. Stacy reached her hands up to my waist. She fished her palms into the fly of my boxers retrieving my cock…and pulling it out. My member hung there almost purple, throbbing in Stacy’s warm hands.

“Wow…Sophie told me you were big…but I didn’t expect this.”

Finally feeling up to it…I spoke.

“What?….she told you?!?” I questioned embarrassingly.

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Summer with My Family Ch. 01

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I just finished my last day of classes for the spring quarter, and was trekking home after selling my books back. College was turning out to be quite difficult, but I was getting by. I boarded the train and dozed off immediately knowing it would take me almost 2 hours to get to my parents house. I knew the summer was going to be restful and fun, and I dreamt of long bike rides with my sisters, and fishing at the crack of dawn with my brothers. Yes, it was going to be just what I needed to recharge. By the way, my name is David.

Being the youngest of 7 was both a blessing and curse. I was 20 now, so the childhood fights were past us for the most part. I had great memories of learning life with my family. We had our bad times too, but the overall positive environment that my parents had raised us far outweighed any difficulties. They had gotten pregnant with my oldest sister Teresa (her nickname is Rese) when they were both 16. It took them a few years, but they finally came into their own at the shared age of 18 (Their birthdays were only a few weeks apart). With a GED and a job at the factory, their future was looking good. Shortly after Rese’s 3rd birthday, my dad lost his father to an industrial accident. It was completely neglectful, and the generous settlement took just three months. The shock of it and the solitude took the toll on his mother and within a year he lost her too. To help cope with the loss of his parents, my dad swore to his wife and daughter that whatever they wanted to do to be happy was perfectly acceptable. In response, Rese stopped wearing clothes around the house. My parents thought the innocence of it was a great idea, so they became household nudists.

The inheritance my dad received set them up for the rest of their days (probably for ours too). So for their common 21st birthday gift, a house on a plot of land was bought and then they became a baby factory. Every year, bahis firmaları for the next 6 years, they had a baby. After I was born my mother decided her childbearing days were over. I like to think she had done her best with me, and subsequent attempts were futile. As it turned out, being pregnant interfered too much with her hobbies, which I’ll go into a little later. She believed strongly in procreation though, so she signed up at the clinic to be an egg donor, and did so twice a year for 10 years. She’s an amazing woman. During that time she and my father both got Bachelors and Masters degrees. They figured that the house should always be together, and as the children were all students, the parents should too.

Being naked all the time at home presented some embarrassment to my folks, since they weren’t always nudists. Because we were born into it, we knew no different, except in public.. The house rule was that as soon as you entered, you got naked. Needless to say, guests were sometimes shocked when they were urged to strip. Seeing the openness of it through the rest of the house usually persuaded them. Once, an older lady from the church came by to spread the ‘good word.’ She didn’t have any issue with the nudity with my parents, but didn’t want to be seen by us kids. After being out of sight for an hour, we got curious and stormed into the den, where they were meeting. Our first exposure to real sex was barging in on my dad fucking a bible-thumpers ass while my mom sucked the juice from her pussy like it was the elixir of life. The conversation afterwards included some apologies, the birds and the bees explanation, and a biology lesson.

The conductor announced my stop waking me into a brief panic. Any commuter into a city knows this feeling. I collected my thoughts and things and started the walk home. It was only a few miles, and my mother had volunteered to pick me up, but I wanted to kaçak iddaa surprise her. The house was actually on a very large plot of land, obscured from outside view by an apple orchard. I knew my way, and cut through the orchard toward the house. After a few minutes I saw a flash of what I knew was bare skin. Getting closer I saw a familiar sight. There was a man’s naked butt flexing into the woman beneath him. That woman was Rese, and she had her feet resting on my brothers shoulders. My siblings were at it again.

I walked up to them and greeted them, quickly insisting they not stop. Rese was very aroused, and my appearance sparked her to asking me to fuck her ass while my brother Pete continued stretching her pussy. We hadn’t done a double penetration in a few months, and she was just itching for it. I declined claiming I had to make an appearance at the house first, but the sight had started my juices churning and my cock began to twitch.

Leaving them was difficult, but within a few minutes I caught another couple. The woman on top was my sister Lisa. She was facing away from my brother Kenny, whose cock was so far in her ass that I thought I saw her stomach flexing to contain it. She was propped with her feet on his knees and her hands on his shoulders while he held her hips. Lisa has got an awesome body hardened by amateur bodybuilding, and I admired every lean feminine muscle on her frame. She competed once or twice in shows and was gaining credibility in the ranks. Due to amazing physicality, she also has a sex drive that never quits. Kenny was her favorite brother to fuck since he had a cock that bordered on freakish. He had to be 10 inches when flaccid. Nobody ever measured him because those that volunteered (i.e., my sisters and mother) could never keep it out of their mouths, pussies, or asses long enough to run the tape. Between breaths, Lisa greeted me, and offered a blowjob to welcome kaçak bahis me home. Although I was tempted, I declined again and continued toward the house with a turgid member in my jeans and dirty thoughts in my head.

I got to the front door and eased it open slowly. There I saw my last two sibings, Vicki and Henry (The oldest son, named after my Dad). Vicki was between Henry’s legs tonguing his balls and stroking his cock. Henry had our maid Jodi straddling his shoulders, her pussy grinding into his face. None of them saw me, so I backed out quietly, and went around to the back of the house.

There she was, waiting for me. Well, at least I interpreted it that way. My nude mother was on her knees sucking my father, who was laying down on the lawn. He saw me, but I quickly signaled him to be quiet. I snuck back around the corner and undressed. I peeked around just to make sure she hadn’t noticed. Her cheeks were sucked in taught from the vacuum of her cocksucking, and her ass was high in the air while her breasts swayed gently beneath her. I got my fathers attention and motioned for him to grab her head by the sides, basically face-fucking her. He did, and her field of vision was limited to the cock in her face, and her ears blocked by his hands. She was getting excited by the aggressiveness and gagged just a little. I had positioned myself behind her and saw her dripping pussy lips beckoning for my cock. Her right hand was fingering her clit fiercely. Mom was always an enthusiastic and orgasmic lady, so a sopping pussy was par for the course. She had also shaved herself bare. That was new. I timed my dads motion and plunged my cock into her pussy. I should have expected it, but even expecting it wouldn’t have prepared me. My taking her at that moment triggered her orgasm… violently. She began screaming into the cock in her mouth, and bucking her hips like she was having a seizure almost knocking me out of her. I held onto her hips and pounded my cock into her convulsing pussy. As she calmed down, I reached under and grabbed her hardened nipples and held on for the ride whispering into her ear, “Hi Mom, I’m home.”

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Sandal Tales 02: Sexy Sis

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Chapter 2: Sis is sexy after all.

I had never thought of my skinny little sister in a sexual way before. She had just graduated from high school and was a year younger than me- we were often mistaken for twins. Other than that we didn’t have a lot to do with each other. I was mostly interested in my studies and the local technical college which gave me a chance to get off of this dried up old farm- so I had barely even slept at home for the past year. She mostly read fashion magazines and said she was going to be a model some day – totally boring to me. Until that Saturday we hadn’t said boo to each other for quite a while.

Our parents were leaving us alone on the farm for the weekend with a long list of farm work. We would have plenty to do- but I was sure I could manage some free time as well. I wanted to check out the new magazines that I had bought from Barney at tech school. It cost me a lot- twenty bucks for four but at least two of them he promised were real honest to goodness XXX rated- not just girlie mags – from the city, which was over three hours drive away. We had no such place to buy real porn in our little hayseed crossroads of a town.

When I got home from tech school that Friday I had parked the car under the old tractor shed and made a beeline for the shop and stashed the hot items under some old moving blankets in the back corner. Dad had a bunch of them and used the farm truck to help people move heavy stuff and pick up some extra cash now and then. I thought I would come back later that weekend and hopefully have time to check them out- but at least to hide them for now. Come to think of it now – I don’t know why I just didn’t take them to my bedroom…

It was Saturday morning and I was already trying not to get frustrated with sis. I had a plan to start early and have more free time. We had beans to pick before it got hot in the garden- then we could snap them that night in front of the TV. But she was still not out and I sure wasn’t going to do it myself!

She finally came out of the door- and what a sight. I told myself to just hush. If I said anything she would get stubborn and ruin the whole weekend.

Sis was wearing a pink shirt that mom had told her to throw away a long time ago. It had been washed until it was thin and only had the bottom two buttons left on it. It looked like sis had made use of a single safety pin halfway between the two missing upper buttons to close up the top half of it. But the blouse was still moms and way too big for her. She wore it hanging out and it was long enough to hide whatever shorts she was wearing. And then I also noticed that she was wearing some high heeled sandals- the wedge type- not exactly great footwear for gardening! Oh-well..

We each grabbed baskets and headed for the beans. It was already getting warm. I would be on one side of the row and Chele on the other. From there I could see that besides the pink shirt and sandals that she was in total defiance (as in mom would kill her if she saw her). She was also wearing the jean cut off shorts that she had tried to make herself but cut too short to be decent. Mom had told her to thrown those away, too. We were on the second row when some bug got on her blouse and she stood up and yelled and swatted. I saw something go flying by and thought she must have gotten her target. She squatted back down and we kept picking.

Then we were on the third and last row of beans- and that was where things began to change. As we were picking all of a sudden I looked across and notice that the safety pin was gone from her shirt and it was hanging wide open while she picked. I could literally see both of her breasts at the same time- and she seemed not to notice. She must have come undone when she swatted at the bug. As she continued to pick I could see the jiggling of her small globes- about the size of oranges and tipped with dark brown nipples. My dick was pushing against my shorts and I must have been picking slower because now it was her turn to look at me (I looked back at the beans quickly) and say “I thought you said you didn’t want to do this all day…”

Numbly I nodded and moved a little faster- but took every opportunity to stare at my younger sister’s beautiful chest. Then it happened. She caught my look- looked down at her wide open shirt- and I thought I was in for it. Instead she just kept reaching for beans an ignored the fact that to my eyes she pendik escort might as well have taken her shirt off completely.

Then we were done. Not even waiting to carry the baskets I heard from her back as she walked away, “Break time- and I’m going to get something to drink.” She headed for the house.

It took me several trips to bring the full baskets to the porch and go inside. Chele was half finished with an iced tea and I poured myself one. A glance told me that she still had not remedied the missing pin on the blouse- but with her standing up there was no view. I thought I could still see their shape under the thin fabric.

“I’m going to see if I can find my skates for the party next week.” she announced- and was gone in a flash. I stood there finishing my tea and thinking about the morning’s events when all of a sudden it occurred to me that she might be rummaging about in the shop looking for those skates- and my magazines were not all that secure!

I took off at a dead run- the screen door banging behind me. The door to the shop was open and I could see movement inside. As I bounded up the steps I stopped in a panic. She was holding the magazines in her hands and turned and said “Look what I just found.”

Before I could stammer an explanation (and blow everything) Chele said “Hey, lets look at them. They must be dad’s. Lets see what’s inside and lets not tell anybody. What do you think…”

I dumbly nodded and she plopped herself down on the pile of moving pads- set the magazines down beside her and picked up the top one. In amazement I sat beside her and looked as she paged through. This one was a Penthouse- and she began to flip pages until she got to a layout.

The model was barely dressed with a nightie and posing on a bed. You could see her bare pussy and her breasts were visible through the material. But sis noted an incongruity and asked, “If she is getting ready for bed- why does she have her sandals on?”

I noted that the sandals on the model were much like those my sister had on- a wedge type- but lacking the ankle straps. She turned the page and again- as the model pulled off the nightie in the pictures and posed spreading herself- the sandals were still on.

I answered with what it meant to me, “Because it makes her look sexy.”

“Oh.” she replied- and then in a move that made my cock stand at full attention she stretched out her legs and looked down them to her own sandaled feet and actually wiggled her toes and then said “Oh” again as if in a more knowing way.

She got tired of pages with no pictures and tossed that magazine and grabbed another. It had some kind of title like “Fun in the Sun” and had pictures on all of the pages. Basically it was shots from a nude Summer camp setting- girls playing volleyball with nothing on but tennis shoes- stuff like that. But there was a “centerfold” if you will. A young girl in the woods by a pond looking all demure with long hair over one shoulder and- you guessed it- high heeled sandals looking totally out of place for the setting.

My sister took note of the sandals- putting her finger on them in the picture and saying “Hmmm…” Then to my surprise she lifted the magazine off her lap and again stretched her legs and looked down to her feet and wiggled her toes. My cock was absolutely throbbing at this point!

She dropped that magazine and reached for another. Well, I thought, this may be where the stuff hits the fan. This looked to be one of the XXX ones by the cover. As she opened it up she gasped. This was the first set of pictures with a guy in them of the ones that we had seen. He had a good sized dick and the girl in the photo appeared to be stroking it. As my sis turned the page she gasped again as the pictures showed the cock now being accepted into the mouth of the blond model. She turned again and again to similar pictures as the model had intercourse and finished with him releasing his come- while holding his own dick- all over her belly.

“Do you do that?” Chele surprised me with a question. “Does your penis get that big and do you squirt like that?”

I figured silence was better and simply nodded. She continued paging and there was another couple in another layout. Starting similarly with pictures of the male model holding her breasts (I remembered just then and looked at my sister and sure enough- I could see one of her breasts in past her blouse as escort pendik she turned the pages) and the female model holding his dick- it progressed to intercourse. But- as luck would have it- as the sex in the photos began it was clear to see that the woman in the magazine was wearing a pair of black high heels.

To my total amazement my sister mumbled “I see….” and AGAIN looked down her legs to her own sandaled feet.

“They really aren’t having sex, are they? I mean, in the magazine, they are just, like, pretending and acting and stuff, right? Like modeling?”

I nodded a response again and she continued “I wonder what that would be like. What do you think?”

“Well,” I said, following her line of reasoning and hoping that it would be to my advantage, “I guess it is like acting. They have a script and a photographer and a director and they are posing out a scene.”

She thought about it for a minute and jumped up and began looking through some old boxes of stuff. One part of me wondered what in the world she was doing- while the other part was enjoying her long legged look and the lower part of her perky ass peeking out from those too-short homemade shorts as she moved about.

“Got it!” she exclaimed and turned around holding an old camera.

“You know that old thing doesn’t work anymore.” I said (boy I just can’t keep my feet out of my mouth, can I).

But she said, “We don’t have film anyway, stupid. Don’t you know how to pretend?” and she put the camera up to her eye, pointed at me, and I heard a click. And she said, “So I start. I give the directions and take the pictures and you are the model. We are going to create our own magazine.”

I must have looked blank but she just continued,”So try to look sexy and take off your shirt and pants down to your underwear.”

I didn’t know where this was heading- but I was sure going to go along and find out. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and flopped it to the floor.

I heard a click and reached for the button on my shorts. I unbuttoned and unzipped and heard another click. For the excitement I spread the front apart slowly- exposing the pounding bulge in my briefs. I though I heard a sound from her- but then there was another click- so I simply dropped the shorts and stepped out of them. Then- without waiting for further instruction- I slid my thumbs slowly into the waistband and wiggled them down my hips- keeping my dick still covered. Click. Then I slowly worked my thumbs around to the front and exposed the head of my cock. Click.

Now or never, I thought, and in one smooth move pulled the front of the briefs down and my cock stood out straight from my body. This time I know I heard her gasp. Then click. I slid them down and off and said “My turn.”

This is where I was sure that this was only going to go one way. But she handed me the camera. I held it to my eye and she just stood there. I just knew this would soon end- but then she said, “I can’t do anything until you give me directions.”

Get with it, man, before you blow the whole thing! So I said, “Slowly unbutton your blouse the rest of the way.” She did and I went click. “Now unbutton your shorts.”

And she said, “But I haven’t taken my shirt off yet.” to which I replied, “Yes, but I am the director.”

So she said ok and unbuttoned the denim shorts. “Now put your foot up on the box next to you and unzip your shorts.” She put her sandaled foot on the box and it accented the shapeliness of her ankle and leg. Then she slowly (as I had) unzipped. I was taken by surprise that there was no underwear there- and I could just see a few pubic hairs and almost forgot to click the camera. Click. “Now run your hands up and down the sides of your blouse and pull it back a little each time until I can see your breasts.” My heart was pounding as she followed my instructions. I busily clicked the camera and soon she was exposed.

“Now,” I said, “remove your shorts.” I clicked several times while she slowly did so and then straightened back up- and put her foot back on the box. Just under the thin dark hairs of her cunt I could see a pink pussy. Click.

Then she put her foot back down and took a step towards me. “That was kindof exciting,” she said. I don’t know if she meant it the same way I was thinking- but she did look at my throbbing cock. So I looked at her total nakedness- her perky breasts and smooth tummy fully exposed pendik escort bayan with the shirt wide open, her gently furred pussy with a wonderful gap between her slender thighs, to her shapely calves and thin ankles, and ending with her delicate feet so wonderfully held and curved in those delicious sandals. And as if she did this sort of thing every day she added, “Do I get the camera next. What should we do for our next take?”

Thinking quickly I remembered that we still had one magazine that we hadn’t looked at. It was supposed to be one of the triple X ones. So I said (doubting that she would go this far) “We need another camera person. Right here-” as I carefully positioned an old bar stool and set the camera on it. “Now we will use a new script that we have and play out the next scene.” I reached for the last magazine and set it on the shop table. I opened it and said, “There is our next shot.” and pointed to the first picture. In it a man was standing behind a woman- both nude- and his arms were around her and his hands were on her breasts. The other three pictures on those pages also showed him apparently massaging them.

Without a word Chele stepped in front of the camera in a pose. I stepped behind her and reached around and began to feel her small boobs.

Gradually working them and tweaking each tight little nipple in turn- I also pressed up against her with my cock vertical against her curvy little bottom. “Click” I said and let go to move over to the magazine and turn the page.

She came to look, too, and see that now the pictures showed the girl squatted down in front of the guy and she was apparently stroking his penis. As I have been having absolutely all of the luck today- I was not in the least surprised to see that in these next pictures it showed the woman to be wearing white high-heeled sandals.

I moved back in front of the camera and sis squatted down and gently reached out and held my pulsing dick. Then she began to rub it up and down. Too much of this and we were going to have a final scene real fast! Click! I backed away and went for the next set of pictures. The man was back at it- this time with closeups of him licking and sucking on the woman’s breasts.

We moved back over in front of the “photographer” and I began to do the same. My sister must have been getting aroused because at this point she held my head with her hands and pulled me tighter as I sucked. Then she said “click” and moved over and turned the page. Now the photos were showing the couple in reverse position- he licking her pussy and she sucking his cock. I figured any time now sis would back out.

But- not even bothering with camera position- she walked over to the pile of moving pads and lay down and spread her legs. I moved in-between them and began licking her little clit- spreading it with my fingers. Not exactly like the picture- but sis only moaned gently in response. I knew if she put her mouth on me at this point that I would instantly release it all. She did not take my cock in her mouth like in the picture- but sucking on her moist pussy I did not care!

Soon she was bucking against my tongue and I decided it was time for the next picture. I got up and turned what turned out to be two pages as it wanted to open naturally to the center of the magazine. It was a full sized spread of the man lying on his back and the woman squatting over him with her spread open pussy inches above his dick.

This time I walked over and lay down on my back. My sister walked over me and put her sandals on either side of my hips. Then she proceeded to squat down to just above where I held my pecker erect. She spread her pussy with her hand like the woman in the photo. But then she continued downward! Her pink pussy lips came in contact with the head of my cock and moved on either side of it. Then she continued and I watched as inch after inch of me disappeared into her until her weight sat on me and it was all inside her.

She began rocking back and forth- harder and harder. Her small breasts jiggled as she rocked. Then she lifted herself up until the head of my dick was all that was inside her- and then she plunged down again, and then again, and as I watched my slippery cock ran in and out of her tight little pussy over and over. Then a final plunge and she began to come as she rocked back and forth. I could feel her pussy tighten as she orgasmed and my penis took it as the signal to pump load after load deep inside her.

After we got our clothes back on (her blouse still hanging mostly open) she said, “That was fun, wasn’t it. Maybe we will have to try that again sometime.”

Go figure.

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Sam’s Sisterly Threesome

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Sam was in his room catching up with his email when he heard his wife and sister giggling rather loud. Peace in the house while entertaining his sister was something Sam was relieved about. The two ladies hit it off quite well. It had been a few months since she had arrived at their house. His sister was a beautician by profession and that helped matters. His wife was pampered by his sister with various creams and oils. Sam loved to watch his wife being massaged by his sister although it seemed a little taboo. He was guilty about having fantasies about them together. Although it excited him to imagine such episodes of lesbian encounters he didn’t go any further apart from using it as an occasional aid to masturbation.

Sam was 38 and lived with his wife Krishani who was 32. She was dark skinned like many Sri Lankan women with long eye lashes that give her an exotic Indian look. She was taller than most Sri Lankan women at 5 ft 10. Her hips are wide and she had generous breasts that were barely contained by her D cup bra. Sam’s sister recently got divorced and lived with them. At 39 she looked younger for her age. Her fair skin and short dark hair made her look even younger. She had a full figure with rounded hips and at the height of 5 ft 2, her breasts seemed larger than their customary C cups. Her body was fit from exercise and her flat tummy was the envy of most of her friends including her brother and his wife.

A knock on his door brought him back to reality. It was Krishani, his wife. She looked hot in a tight t-shirt and pants.

“Hey, sweetie, I am popping out for a couple of hours. My friend Zeena has had a baby. Dinner is in the microwave. Your sister will take care of you while I am gone,” she said with a mischievous glint in her eye. Sam pretended not to notice her expression. It was a common secret that he liked reading and writing stories of a taboo nature after having been caught once reading stories, his wife never missed an opportunity to tease him about it.

“Cool, I am just about done here,” he said and got up from his seat and walked over to his wife. She leant against the wall looking at him while he pushed her against the wall. His mouth found her full lips and sucked them with the force of a prisoner who had just been released after years of solitude. She moaned under his oral assault pushing her against his rising hardness. He made sure that he rubbed it against her tight pants that showed off her puffy crotch. Her body rose up to meet his challenge. However, after a minute or so she pushed him back reluctantly.

“A few more seconds of your kissing and I will have to change my panties,” she said wriggling out of his reach with him rushing behind her. He was no match for her and she reached the door before he could catch up. Sam was left staring at the door with a huge hard-on lusting after his wife’s butt that disappeared out the door. He turned back trying to decide which porn DVD he should load into his computer when he spotted his sister calmly seated on the couch looking at him or rather at his erection. He made no effort to cover himself as it would have drawn more attention to it. He smiled at her and nodded walking back to his room as if nothing had happened. After a few minutes of frantic pinching to get his erection down to normal, he went back to the living room where his sister was calmly watching a movie. He sat down next to her trying not to look embarrassed.

“What are you watching?” he asked, his voice a notch above normal.

“You mean now or earlier?” she said without batting an eyelid.

“What do you mean earlier?”

“Well you stood there with that thing sticking out like a sore thumb,” she said pointing towards his crotch.

“Oh,” was all he could think of.

“What did she do to you?” she asked, her eyes mischievous.

“Oh, well I tried to kiss her goodbye and she didn’t like it that much.”

“Seemed to me that you liked it a lot!”

“Oh shut up, sis. You are such a pervert.”

“Well, you run behind a woman with an erection and you call me a pervert.”

“Well you are!”

“Really? Who peeked on me when I used to undress at home?”

“OK OK. I take that back.”

“Well Krish is hot and I would get a hard-on any time with a wife like that!” she said looking at Sam.

“Uh huh. She’s hot alright.”

“The walls are paper thin you know.”

“Oops are you spying on us having sex too?”

“Oh no, being divorced and not being able to sleep much doesn’t help. I am not a nun!”

“Well I can give you some videos to watch,” Sam replied.

“Oh I have seen your – My step daughter tossed my salad videos! Nothing like some real action though. But beggars can’t be choosers.”

“Oh my god! You watched my porn videos?” Sam asked incredulously. His sister had been the best behaved girl in class and he was shocked at this revelation.

“Well yeah, Krish gave them to me.”

“I don’t believe it!”

“Didn’t you know that your wife likes lesbian porn too?”

Sam sat up, his eyes as big as saucers. “Krish? Lesbian porn? Oh my god, what have you done to my wife?”

He tuzla escort sat down again and turned towards the screen. To his surprise, his sister had switched to another disc on the disc changer and it was playing Lesbian Seductions 35. He stared at the screen mesmerised as the disc started at the last point it had stopped. Two girls were kissing each other while rubbing against themselves. He got hard instantly. He stared at the screen and then back at his sister. She smiled back at him and continued to watch.

“Krish also told me that you love to go down on her and that you lick better than a porn star!”

Sam blushed worried about his erection that was back and threatening to make him look a fool.

“Since when have you two been discussing our sex life?” Sam asked.

“Since the day I came here. I heard you like rimming too.” she added.

Sam was shocked and his mouth was half open.

“Well I said that she is lucky to be married to you. My husband never did anything with his tongue!” she said, her voice cracking up with emotion. Immediately his brotherly affection took over. He was so close to his sister and loved her dearly that he felt he had to hold her. He scooted over to her side of the couch and put his arm around her. He was oblivious to his erection. His sister Shani put her head on his chest and hugged him as she watched the Lesbian Seduction movie.

Sam continued to hold her and kissed his sister’s forehead and hugged her to him. He was barely aware of her breasts pressing against his side and if he was not distracted by his love for his sister, he would have noticed that her nipples were hard against the thin t-shirt she wore which was barely covering them. Her skirt had ridden up exposing her lovely legs. He rubbed her back while watching the movie absently. He felt a rocking motion and looked down to find his sister’s hand under her skirt rubbing herself. He was shocked but didn’t feel like getting up. He held her as she rubbed herself seemingly oblivious to what she was doing. He could almost hear the wet sounds her fingers made against her pussy lips. His cock was rock hard and tight against his underwear. He looked down at his sister and she started giving his chest little kisses. Her other hand went under his t-shirt caressing his tummy and moving up towards his chest. He could not move. It was his sister and she was rubbing herself while he hugged her. It was straight out of an incest story!

Just when he thought that it was going to be manageable, she raised herself off the couch and sat on his lap facing him. He stared in horror at his sister as she moved forward towards him, her mouth half open, eyes closed (thankfully), her lips seeking his. Her lips touched his and he responded automatically while his mind screamed for him to stop. His remaining sense of sanity stopped him from opening his mouth but his sister pushed her tongue relentlessly. He opened his mouth and let it in. She found his tongue and coaxed it out of its hiding place and sucked it hard. He stood there mesmerised as she continued to suck on his tongue. Her hands went around his head and finally the last shred of resistance evaporated as her breasts rubbed against his chest.

She moaned as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Her kiss was so intense that he was transported to another world where boundaries didn’t exist. Her love for him seemed to match his own affection for her. She moved closer rocking her body against him rubbing her crotch against his hardness. Her crotch shared its wetness with his shorts making him harder.

He was on auto pilot now, kissing her mouth and then moving to her neck, sucking her skin into his mouth. Her neck was soft and sexy. He realized how much he wanted to kiss her neck and this burst of emotion overtook every other thought. Her hands pushed his face down to her breasts while slipping off her t-shirt in the rush to get him to give her attention there. He realized that she wore no bra and her nipples were hard and puffy arousing him further if such a thing was possible. He sucked one hard nipple into his mouth as she gasped in ecstasy pulling his mouth further to her. Her crotch crushed into his hard lap. Her body uncoiled like a snake while his mouth sought the other nipple. They were hard as erasers and long too.

“Oh Sam, suck my nipple hard,” she murmured.

He could not get enough of his sister’s nipples and she cried out in disappointment as he left it to suck her armpit. She writhed against him as his tongue explored the slightly salty skin under her arms making her shudder. Without a word she stood up and turned her back towards him presenting her butt in the hot sexy skirt she wore. Her message was unmistakable.

He rubbed the backs of her thighs massaging them with his powerful hands, on each leg, reaching up to her wet panties. She groaned as she felt his thumbs touch her wet mound ever so slightly. She pushed back against him seeking his mouth, wanting it between her crack. He pulled back teasing her.

“Oh Sam, please lick me there, just once. I won’t ever ask you again or tell anyone about this. Please tuzla escort bayan make me cum!” She whispered shocking Sam. Due to the introvert nature of his sister and Sri Lankan women in general, Sam was shocked and delighted at the same time. He lifted her skirt exposing her lovely bottom encased in pink panties. He started to bite her buttocks gently making her moan. He used two fingers to rub her wet mound over the soggy material. He was surprised to see that she was fully shaved and he could feel her lips parting under his probing fingers. He pushed down the panties and saw his sister’s butt for the first time. At least it was the first time since he had peeked on her when she was getting dressed so many years ago.

Her pussy was wet and her butt hole pulsated wanting his attention. He started to lick her there making her moan. He teased her tight ass hole with his tongue while his fingers entered her pussy with ease. She rocked back against him. Since he realised that she was unsteady on her feet due to the pleasure she was getting from him, he made her kneel on the couch holding onto the back rest while he resumed his licking. He licked her in long strokes covering her pussy lips and ass hole. It was literally dripping down her legs. He tasted his sister’s pussy and pushed his tongue in making her squeal. He inserted one finger into her while he moved to her ass hole. She moved against him faster and faster and shuddered as she came.

“Uhhhh..unnnnggghhh….aaaaaaah..mmmm yessssssss” she moaned, bucking against his tongue.

“Lick me there lover, lick my ass, aaaaahhhhhhh,” she groaned as she felt him push ever so gently against her reluctant opening.

He was about to stop but she urged him on making him finger her.

“Oh dear brother, don’t stop, don’t ever stop,” she begged.

She pushed faster against his finger and she came again. This time she let him stop and turned around. He was wondering what she needed next and she pushed his head down to her pussy. He started to lick her clit while he pushed 2 fingers into her pussy. She was able to accommodate them easily.

She rocked against his tongue urging him to lick her clit faster. She shuddered again but refused to let him go. His tongue and neck started to hurt but she held onto him fiercely and he licked faster. He was totally surprised at what happened next. He face and body was drenched as she squirted in his face. Her strong hands still held him in place as she screamed his name shuddering uncontrollably, squirting into his mouth and face. The couch was a mess whilst he struggled to keep licking and half swallowed, half spat out the liquid that inundated him. Her legs continued to twitch uncontrollably and it lessened. He was pushed back which was a signal to stop licking. He stared back at her incredulously realizing that his sister had just squirted into his face. Squirting was something that he loved to watch on porn and disappointingly his wife couldn’t squirt. He couldn’t believe his luck. His sister stared back at him with sleepy eyes and pulled him towards her.

“Oh, Sam, I have never cum like this! I am so sorry, you look a mess,” she groaned.

“That’s OK sis, I loved every bit of it.”

“Well its only fair that you cum in my mouth now.”

“No sis! We can’t. This is not right. What if Krish find out?”

“Don’t worry, I will manage Krish,” she said, pushing Sam’s shorts down. She leaned forward and started to kiss his balls. Sam stood there grinning like an idiot, watching his sister lick his balls and slowly move to his cock. She gazed at the head lovingly as it disappeared into her mouth with the full lips urging it on. Sam groaned as she took him in, holding his balls in her hands. One of her fingers played with his anus while she sucked on him noisily. She seemed to swallow most of his cock. He started fucking his sister’s mouth, loving the soft warm wetness. Her tongue teased the underside of his cock. He was getting closer to his orgasm and he tried to pull out of her mouth. She held him fiercely, looking up at him lovingly as he pumped her mouth full of hot cum. She moaned as she felt his cum filling her up. She swallowed most of it while some of it dribbled down her chin. Sam shuddered a few times before he softened slightly in her mouth. He pulled it out of her mouth and sat down and she kissed him again making him taste his cum. It could have been a coincidence but Sam loved to be kissed by his wife after he had cum in her mouth. A faint thought started to take shape in his mind but was slowly extinguished when his sister’s actions distracted him. He kissed her and hugged her tight closing his eyes. He felt guilty about what happened but his sister seemed very happy and to him that made a difference in his thinking. After a few minutes of hugging, Sam floated back to reality from his ecstatic state and with the help of his sister, cleaned up the couch and everything else before Krish came home.

Sam felt rather guilty afterwards and decided to hide in his room till his wife returned. Dinner with his sister was awkward with both of them trying to ignore what had just happened. escort tuzla Sam couldn’t keep his eyes off her cleavage and her tight shorts as she rose up from the table to clear the dinner things making him somewhat annoyed at his reactions. He reluctantly watched as her ass wiggled while she wiped the plates dry. He started getting hard again at the sight of her shapely legs and ass. He quickly got to his feet and rushed upstairs with half an erection.

He was about to take a wash when he heard a knock on his door. He opened the door to find his sister, looking embarrassed.

“Hey sis, what’s up?” he asked in a subdued voice.

“I..I wanted to talk to you about what happened.”

“Its OK sis, it’s my fault.”

“No, it’s my fault. I teased you, I am sorry.”

Her body still looked hot in the tank top that exposed her breasts making his eyes wander again. Her cleavage showed how closely the two globes seem to mash against each other making them almost pop out. Her shorts seemed tight around her hips and butt accentuating her crotch. He realised she was saying something and missed it completely.

“..are you looking at?”

“Oh, uh, what did you say?”

“I asked you what you were looking at?” she asked.

“Oh I am sorry. I didn’t mean to stare.”

“Well you can, as long as you can let me stare too!”

He nodded absently and instinctively looked at her breasts again seeing them move slowly towards him. Shani’s hand rushed towards his bulging crotch as their mouths connected again. Sam felt Shani shaking in his arms as her body melted into his. Her hands squeezed his hardness almost hurting him. Her tongue tore into his mouth with such passion that left him breathless and helpless. His sister had total control of him again for the second time that day.

Unfortunately they were interrupted by the front door opening. They both looked at each other and his sister rushed out of his room. He rushed into the shower in a mighty hurry. He spent as much time as possible in the shower wondering how to face his wife. When he went downstairs he could hear low voices. He went into find his sister and his wife talking to each other.

They stopped as he entered. His sister was blushing like a beetroot. His heart stopped as he wondered if Shani had spilled the beans. His wife looked cool as a cucumber as she stood up.

“Did my hubby miss me?”

“Yes he did!”

“Mmm…lets see,” she said moving towards him. He wondered what would happen next and stood there grinning like an idiot. His wife came towards him, her big breasts struggling in the close confines of her t-shirt whilst her bra was fighting a losing battle to contain them and failing quite deliciously. He loved the feel of her breasts as they gently pushed against his chest. Her mouth sought his and she seemed to be out of breath. They had never kissed in front of his sister before, but he found himself opening his mouth to meet her hungry mouth which was almost a reflex action.

She moaned into his mouth as she felt his hand going down towards her ass, squeezing it firmly feeling the strong muscles clench under his intense squeezing. She pushed her pussy against his bulging crotch. Without thinking, he slid his hand under her pants and panties stretching the fabric. She groaned as he found her pussy lips and lubricated his finger in its loving lips. It occurred to him briefly that she was already extremely wet which was unusual after a small kiss. She pushed against his finger inviting it into her loving grasp.

She was slightly disappointed to lose his finger and moaned deliciously as she felt it probe her ass hole, rubbing around the opening. His loving finger pushed against the tight opening making it wet from her drenched pussy and slipped a finger inside her clenching sphincter. Her hand slipped into his shorts and rubbed his cock in response to his probing finger.

“Oh god Sam, fuck my ass hole with your finger,” she moaned.

“You guys should get a room!”

They heard a meek voice through their pleasure filled kissing and fingering.

They continued as though they hadn’t heard Shani, starting to kiss each other with pent up lust. For a moment Sam’s eyes opened and made contact with his sister who was blushing and watching them wide eyed. She was standing and he could see her rubbing her crotch against the edge of the table.

“Do you want her to watch us, Sam?” Krish murmured, letting Sam’s mouth get some fresh air.

“Uh.. I don’t know baby. I guess if she wants to she could,” Sam heard his shaky voice reply.

Sam pushed his wife towards the table. Shani, his sister didn’t move an inch. He pushed Krish down and made her sit on the table. Then he lifted Krish’s t-shirt, exposing her big breasts. He started to lick the area of the globes popping out of her bra. His eyes went to the bottle of chocolate syrup on the table. He reached over and opened it and dropped a few blobs of chocolate onto his wife’s breasts splashing a generous amount between her cleavage. He started lapping it up making her moan. He licked the cleavage like he would lick a pussy. Shani watched them with her mouth half open and rubbing hard against the edge of the table that seemed to bear the brunt of her passion. Sam licked all of the chocolate off his wife with his sister watching them.

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Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 21

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Driving Eva Home

“Sarah’s parents sure are an interesting couple.” Eva was talking to Sally who was driving her home after a sex party at Sarah’s house.

“Yeah,” Sally affirmed

“I mean a sex party with their daughter and friends and each of them fucking someone else.”

“They’re swingers,” Sally offered.

“”Yeah. But, … I mean, .. with their daughter.”

“I’ve had sex with her father, and so has Sarah, we had a threesome.”

“Really! That was probably fun. That cock and those balls.” Sarah’s step father had an eight inch cock and large, pendulous balls.

“You had a chance at it during the party.”

“Yeah, it was nice but he really spent his energy on Jennifer. I’d like another chance at him.”

“That may be possible,” Sally was thinking that if Sarah’s parents offered another invite to a swingers’ party she could probably get Eva to go along. Jerry Malone wouldn’t object.

“Oh. By the way, how was Derek?” Sally asked. Derek had been one of Sally’s stable of guys in high school. They were all studious types who Sally had seduced and trained to give her pleasure. “Was he as good as I said?”

“Oh, yes, he gave me several orgasms. You said something about training him?”

“Oh. There were several guys in high school that I had regular sex with and taught them how to please me. If they didn’t learn, I cut them off.”

“I see. Sarah was a cheerleader. You too?”

“Oh no, I was very studious and involved with math and science. Most of those guys were the same and socially somewhat inept. Easy pickin’s for a girl that wanted sex.”

“So how did you meet Sarah?”

“She was a middle school classmate.”

“But you don’t seem to have a lot in common.”

“Maybe not outside of an overwhelming interest in sex.”

“In middle school?”

“Yep, a neighbor boy and I used to undress and inspect each other in his treehouse. He had me invite Sarah over once and, well, things progressed from there.”

“You knew her before that.”

“No, not really. She developed early, had breasts as big as today from the beginning of middle school. We used to invite others to the tree house for our sexual experimentation. Warren asked me to invite her because she was developed. She was the first girl he had sex with and he was her first too. I watched.”

“So was he your first too?”

“No, my first was an older cousin of Warren’s who came to the tree house when he was visiting from out of town. Anyway, after the first year of middle school Warren moved away and Sarah and I started hanging out together, best friends finding and sharing guys.”

“You were active young.”

“I guess so, what about you?”

“No, not ’til I was a Junior.”

“Oh. You’re stunning.” Eva was a tall slender redhead with large breasts and an hourglass figure. “I’d have guessed guys would be after you.”

“Oh, they were. Being beautiful actually made it easier to avoid having sex.”

Sally made a questioning grunt.

“The guys clearly wanted it but I got more attention by not putting out.”

“A cock teaser huh?”

“I don’t think so. I made it clear that if a guy wanted to keep seeing me he’d have to restrain the sexual advances. Lost some but kept more. I was pretty popular with the guys because I was nice to them and they wanted to be around me.”

“So when did you decide to do it?”

“Well, I was kind of forced into it by a senior. The quarterback and football captain.”

“He raped you?”

“Oh no, not that kind of force. He made sure all the guys in school knew not to take me to the prom ’cause he was going to. Then he told me he’d only take me if I put out. Well, I was so set on going to the prom, I felt like I had no other choice.”

“Doesn’t sound like the best of circumstances. Did you enjoy it?”

“It was okay but didn’t live up to the advanced billing.”

“It seemed like you enjoyed it last night. Something must have turned things around.”

“Two guys, when I was 20. One was a friend of my brothers’ …”

“You have a brother?”

“Three, actually, the twins were the guys who took me to the amateur contest.” Sally and Eva had competed at an amateur contest at a strip club before the party.

“I thought you were willing to leave those guys awfully easily.”

“Yeah, they were my brothers. Anyway one guy was their friend and another was this guy who made a play for me at work. They were both so endearingly sweet. MY brothers encouraged me with their friend and co-workers seemed to think we went well together. Anyway …”

Eva went into a semi-trance of revery, “Anyway, I had sex with them and it was so fabulous. I mean foreplay. They really got me off orally and with their hands, kissing every part of my body. They had me so ready, … so ready. I loved holding and caressing and sucking their cocks and balls. They gave me so much pleasure and had me so ready when they finally entered me, so ready. I had never experienced anything like it.”

“Sounds like they were pendik escort pretty much the same.” Sally interrupted.

“Oh no,” Eddie was more gentle and great with his hands. Reynaldo, he was Spanish, was much more wild, expert with his mouth and tongue and used a variety of sexual positions. He flung my body around while his cock drove in and out, in and out.” Eva had begun masturbating herself with her hand through her jeans. “In and out, God what a feeling. What a feeling.” She stopped talking and sat reminiscing.

In the silence Sally’s thoughts drifted to her preoccupation, “What were their penises like?”


“Penises. Long, thick, thin, short.”

“I don’t know. They were adequate to the task.” Eva acted offended, “Why would you ask?”

“Just something I’m fascinated with. I’m curious and thinking about them excites me. Kind of an obsession.”

“Reynaldo wasn’t circumcised. Eddie tasted real salty.” Eva thought a bit, “Nothing else comes to mind but they were more than adequate.”

I gather you don’t see them any more.”

“Reynaldo had to return to Spain, he was here on business and I haven’t heard from him since. I still see Eddie once in a while.”

“Do you get much now?”

“Not a lot. If a cute guy asks I’ll do it with him but it’s mostly unsatisfying. Even Eddie isn’t so great any more. I don’t know if it’s that the newness has worn off or that he’s just not as in to pleasing me. Last night was a pleasant change. Not as good as Reynaldo and Eddie when we first started but better than most of what I’ve had lately.”

Eva had been directing Sally during the conversation and they pulled into the driveway of a smallish one story house.

“This is it. You’re probably tired. Why don’t you crash with us tonight.”

Sally was feeling tired and didn’t want to drive home, “Will that be okay with your parents?”

Eva gave slight laugh, ” I don’t live with my parents. I do live with the twins and I guarantee they won’t mind having you here.”

Sally looked at Eva and realized that she had mistakenly thought they were the same age. Clearly Eva was well into her twenties. “Oh, I’m sorry. I just assumed … “

“That I was as young as you are? I’m 24, last month. How old are you anyway?”

“I just graduated from high school, I’m 18.”

“I’ll have to remember not to offer you any alcohol,” Eva joked. “I’m guessing Sarah is the same age.”

“Yes, and Jennifer too. We graduated together.”

Sally grabbed her sports bag with her costume from the amateur contest, her toiletries and a few other essentials and followed Eva into the darkened house.

“Tim and Tom were off work today and are certainly asleep. They’re kind of light sleepers so try to be quiet,” Eva told Sally as she turned on a single lamp revealing a small, sparsely furnished living room with a kitchen and large family room beyond. “I have a double bed and you’re welcome to bunk with me. Or you can use the couch. There’s a hide-a-bed in the family room and, honestly, I’m not up to unfolding it and making it up, but if you want to.”

Sally considered the options and decided she was to tired to be fighting for bed space and blankets. If she hadn’t been so tired she’d have relished the possibility of some girl on girl action with the striking blond. “The couch sounds good.”

Too tired to be a proper hostess, Eva simply led Sally down the hallway and opened a linen closet. “Take what you need. Bathroom’s there. I’ll see you in the morning, or maybe the afternoon.” She disappeared into one of the rooms off the hallway.

Sally grabbed a blanket and a pillow, threw them on the couch and opened her sports bag. Staring tiredly into it she realized she had no night clothes. Thinking about her options of nude or underwear she went into the bathroom. She came out, stripped off all her clothes and lay on the couch pulling the blanket around her.


“Eeee,” Sally squeaked, pulling the blanket around her. A man, maybe thirty was sitting on the coffee table looking at her.

“Hi!” he said calmly. “I’m Tim. You’re the schoolgirl from amateur night. The one who invited my kid sis to a party. She’s still in her room, probably conked out. Tom’s making bacon. I’m starting pancakes. Come in the kitchen and have some.”

Too tired for any conversation, Sally pulled the blanket tighter and rolled over to face the back of the couch, unknowingly flashing her butt. “Go away! I’m tired,” she responded crankily.

She heard him get up and walk into the kitchen. “I think she’s naked in there,” she heard him say.

She was thinking maybe she had made a mistake not wearing anything to sleep in when the smell of the bacon assaulted her. She considered giving in to the aroma and getting up but briefly held back because of her nudity. She thought about wrapping the blanket around her and rushing to the bathroom to get dressed as the sizzle of the bacon and the thought of pancakes worked on her. She was sure she could smell maple syrup too. “What the hell,” escort pendik she said to herself, getting up and walking naked into the kitchen. They had seen her naked at the club so, “what the hell.”

The two guys, about 5 foot eight, stocky and with short cropped heads were working with their backs to her. Both wore blue shorts and flip flops. The one cooking the bacon, “Tom?” Sally recollected, wore a white T and had a snake inked around his right forearm. The other, “Tim?” wore the blue work shirt she had seen in the living room. “Hi,” she said.

The two turned to look at her. Both had round faces, blue eyes and slightly bulbous noses. Except for the snake she didn’t know how anyone could tell them apart. “I decided to have breakfast.” She had been to tired to think about it last night when Eva had mentioned living with her twin brothers, but now, naked, looking at them, she was thinking about how to get them naked and fucking her.

On their part they stood staring, wondering what to do now. Their penises surged. Tom spoke first, “Sure, why don’t you go get dressed and breakfast will be ready in a couple of minutes.”

“I have a better idea.” Sally walked over to Tim and began unbuttoning his shirt. “Why don’t you two get undressed and we can enjoy breakfast au natural.”

Tim’s shirt fell open to reveal a hairy chest and a stomach, equal parts fat and muscle. The sign of someone who works out both at the gym and the dinner table. Sally then pulled Tom’s shirt up to his armpits, moved her hands along his hairy chest and squeezed his growing cock through his shorts. “Think about it,” she smiled, releasing her hold.

Both guys pulled off their shirts, looked at each other and smiled, leaving their pants on to cook. As they turned back to the counter Sally saw that they had tattoos on their shoulders. Each in an identical old English script, Tim’s left shoulder said, “I’m Tom,” and his right, “Not Tim.” Tim’s left shoulder said, “Not Tom,” and his right, “I’m Tim.”

“Wait a minute. I thought you said Tom was making the bacon.”

“I did,” Tim said and “I’m Tom,” the one working the griddle said.

“But the tattoos.”

“Can’t believe everything you read,” Tim said and the two of them laughed with what seemed to be a low pitched giggle.

Sally was unsure of whether to believe the two brothers or their tattoos.

So you’re saying Tim has a tat’ saying ‘I’m Tom’ and Tom has one saying ‘I’m Tim’.”

“Yep,” they replied simultaneously.

“Yeah sure,” Sally said certain from their demeanor they were pulling her leg. “Why would you do that?”

“’cause it’s so much fun,” they said in unison like they had rehearsed the response.

“Here’s how you can be sure, Tom has a snake tattooed on his arm,” The one labelled “Tim” said.

“And Tim has one …, well you’ll have to see.” The other said.

“Sure,” Sally repeated wondering what she had to see.

“Bacon’s ready,” Tom said.

“I’ve got almost 2 dozen pancakes,” Tim responded.

“Breakfast time!” they said in unison.

Anxious to see where this was leading, Tom declared, “Au Natural!” and unzipped his fly. Tim followed suit.


Sally watched with interest as the twins dropped their shorts and underwear to the floor and stepped out of them. Sally was astonished. Their penises were far from identical. Both were semi-erect, circumcised, maybe 5 inches long and maybe an inch and a half thick. Both had substantial testes with the scrotum pulled against their crotch. But … Tom had snake tattoo covering the entire organ. The head of his penis was the green head of a snake with the mouth surrounding his pee hole and a red forked tongue peeking out. The entire body of the organ was tattooed with scales, green on the top and golden yellow on the bottom. The snake wrapped around his left leg from his crotch.

“Oh my god!” Sally exclaimed and knelt down to examine it. “Did it hurt?”

“Like the dickens,” Tom stated. “Couldn’t use it for two months.”

“You couldn’t pee for two months?” Sally exclaimed thinking he must have used a catheter.

“Oh I could pee, just couldn’t use it for other things.” He wiggled it with his hand towards Sally’s crotch.

“Yeah,” Tim laughed.

“This jerk,” Tom gestured at Tim, “Kept bringing girls home and fucking them where I could see him. And I could barely touch myself.”

Then he added, “It was actually in four parts. She did the head in two sessions and then a couple of months later the shaft. Two weeks off for each”

“She?” Sally was a bit incredulous.

“Yeah, couldn’t do it on a floppy cock. It needed to be hard. She helped keep it that way.”

“Tom had her topless,” Tim interjected.

“Never seen anything like it,” Sally knelt down to examine it and fondle it. Despite the scaly appearance it felt like any cock.

While she was on her knees, Tim went to get the plates and silverware, “Table or counter?” he asked Sally, interrupting her as she was thinking about engulfing the snake with pendik escort bayan her mouth.

Sally decided on the counter with its three stools. She felt the stools offered better access to the guys’ crotches and they would be sitting side by side. She quickly seated herself in the center so there would be a guy on each side. After eating a couple of bacon strips and a short stack of pancakes she took a pancake she judged to be of about the right size, slathered it with butter and added a bit of syrup. “I’ve heard of pigs in a blanket but always wondered what cock in a blanket might be like.” As she said this she slid off the stool, grabbed the pancake and wrapped it around Tim’s cock. She immediately began nibbling it away and licking off any residual butter and syrup. Tim moaned in pleasure as more and more of her mouth engulfed him. The pancake was disintegrating from the syrup and she quickly deep throated him, pancake, butter, syrup and all.

She slowly withdrew, carefully licking up every vestige of butter, syrup and pancake. “That was good!” she exclaimed as she stood up. She turned as if to reseat herself but instead stuck the fingers of one hand into the butter and wiped her other hand through the syrup remaining on her plate. “I need some buttered and syruped snake,” she said and rubbed Tom’s penis with the butter, stroking up and down until the entire organ was coated. She wrapped the syrup covered hand around the hard cock and stroked some more as Tom groaned and writhed. She put her mouth to his crotch, slowly swallowed him and then pulled back, licking him clean just as she had done with his brother. Copious amounts of pre-cum added a salty flavor to the maple-butter.

The brothers watched in disbelief as she pulled herself onto the counter, pushing her dishes aside,and spread her legs. She scooped a tablespoon of butter from the softened stick and pushed it inside her vagina. With her right hand she grabbed the syrup, made sure the spout was open, jammed it inside her and squeezed. Syrup ran down her butt crack, “Anyone want some maple-butter cunt?”

Not a word passed between them as Tim won a quick game of rock-paper-scissors and dove headfirst between her legs, lapping up the emerging fluid. “Ahhh! That’s what I like,” Sally squealed.

Sofa Bed

There was a squeak and clunk as Tom opened the sleeper sofa.

He returned as Sally felt the thrill of an orgasm building in her vagina. “My turn!” and one mouth and tongue was replaced by the other.

Sally began swaying her hips and squirming as Tom expertly lapped away at her syrup covered clit and pushed a couple of fingers into her syrup sticky and butter lubricated vagina. Tim had moved around to the other side of the counter and began massaging and sucking at her large nipples. She reached a hand back and grabbed his hard cock. Steadying herself as a ripple moved in her abdomen from crotch to breast. She gasped and squealed loudly as the simple ripple turned into the almost unbearable pleasure of full fledged orgasm. Her lower body vibrated against Tom’s mouth, increasing the sensations. She held tightly onto Tim’s cock with one hand and the side of the counter with the other to keep from falling off.

The orgasm subsided, “Nice!” Tom exclaimed.

“Very nice!” Tim agreed as he grabbed Sally under her shoulders and helped her sit up.

Tom had his right hand firmly at her crotch as she came up. He lifted her with his hand firmly under her vulva and draped her over his shoulder slowly turning and moving to the bed. He moved his right hand to her butt, his forearm now planted against her soft labia, and gently laid her on her back. He squeezed and massaged the ample lips as he pulled his right hand from underneath.

Two quick games of rock-paper-scissors. A tie and then Tom won. He pulled her to the edge of the bed, separated her legs and moved between them.

Sally would have separated her legs herself and raised them for easy access but for one thing. “Condoms,” she said.

“What?” Tom replied.

“No condom, no fucking,” Sally made her position clear and emphasized it by sitting up and pulling her legs back together. “I have some in my purse if you don’t”

“But,” Tom protested.

“No condom, no fuck!” Sally repeated.

“Go get some condoms!” Tim told his brother. Then he took advantage of his brothers absence to lie down next to Sally and began stoking her body from her small breasts with their substantial nipples down to her crotch with its large, soft labia. Sally responded by stroking his cock gently and then with more vigor. Tom leaned in to kiss her and she responded by planting her lips firmly against his and sucking her tongue into his mouth.

They were wrestling around, hands on each others genitalia, mouths joined and bodies rubbing together when Tom returned. “Hey break it up!”

They separated bodies and mouths, keeping the genitalia in their grasps and looked over at Tom, his snake looking like a large, lime Popsicle due to the color of the condom he wore. The scales of the snake were dimly visible through the thin latex. He handed Tim a purple package and Sally grabbed it. “Grape flavor,” she read, and suspected that the lime Popsicle might actually taste like a lime Popsicle.

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House maid

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On a board evening while I was watching tv I was going through Craigslist. Just looking at different services people were advertising. I came across one that caught my eye. Topless house cleaning. All it had was an email address. Being single after 28 years of marriage I had left the house go a bit. Not bad, but it could use a good cleaning. I sent off an email asking for rates.

An hour later I get a reply back. “I am just starting this business and have not thought about rates. What do you think is fair?”

I was thinking $100 or so but I thought I would start low and negotiate up. I replied, “How about $65.00 for two hours?”

In a few minutes I get a reply back. “Sounds great! When do you want me there?”

I set it up for a week later so I could get the house looking a bit better so all she had to do was some dusting and vacuuming.

She arrived on a Friday evening. She showed up at my house at 7:00 p.m. right on time. I welcome her in. Her name is Emily. She has on blue jeans and a baggy sweater on. Her hair is pulled up in a bun. She has on thick glasses. Not a knock out by any means. From what I could tell she has big boobs. I figured that will be worth the price and then some to see and have a clean house.

I give her a tour of my house telling her to just vacuum and dust is all. We chatted why we toured the house. I found out she is married with 3 kids. Her husband thinks she is cleaning a house but doesn’t know about the topless part.

She heads upstairs with the vacuum cleaner and dust cloths. My kids have moved out and it doesn’t take long for her to do their upstairs rooms.

She comes down and starts too dust in the kitchen. This is when I mention, “I thought this was a topless cleaning service.”

“I know, just a bit nervous. You are my first customer.” Slowly she pulled off her baggy sweater. She stood in front of me with her bra on and her sweater hid her boobs well because she was at least a DDD.

“Do you want me to take my bra off too?” She asked.

“Yes please.” I answered.

As she removed her bra her boobs spilled out and I noticed her large pink areolas starting to pucker from excitement or being chilled.

“Wow, you have amazing breasts.” I told her.

“Thank you. That was easier than I thought. Thank you for making me feel comfortable.” She said.

She continued to clean the kitchen then moved onto the family room. I noticed she kept hiking up her jeans as she didn’t have a belt on. “Instead of hiking up your jeans all the time why don’t you take them off.”

She turned and smiled at me and without hesitation took off her jeans so she was in her semi sheer panties. They were sheer enough that I could tell her blonde hair matched her pussy.

We moved to my bedroom. I sat on the chase lounge chair and watched her cleaning in the bathroom then my bedroom. I loved it when she would bend over and I could see her tits hanging down. She was a bit heavy, but man she had nice curves.

“Okay, I am done. bursa escort Anything else you want me to do? We still have time left.” She said.

“Emily, thank you. You did a great job. I do have a request. But I can’t pay you anymore. I only brought home the money I paid you.” I said.

“Go ahead what is it?” She asked

I had found out Emily was 30 so 25 years younger than me. I felt a bit uneasy with the age difference but I decided to ask her anyway.

I swallowed then asked her, “I hope this doesn’t creep you out with our age difference, but can feel your boobs for a bit? I have never seen such big beautiful boobs like that before.”

Emily smiled and answered me, “Age doesn’t bother me. You are a very handsome man. I was attracted to you when you opened the door. I would love a little attention as my husband doesn’t seem to want to touch me anymore.”

She moved over to me and sat down next to me on the chase chair.

My right arm was behind her back leaving my left hand to explore. I gently stroked the sides of her breasts and circled her nipples and watched them grow hard to eraser tip size. I gently rubbed my thumb across her hard nipples. Her breathing started to get heavier.

I started to roll her nipple between my fore finger and thumb and gently tug on them. Now her head was back and her eyes were closed. Her breathing was getting deeper and heavier again. I started to pinch them a bit and she responded well to that.

Without asking for permission my tongue found her left nipple. I sucked her tit into my mouth and held her nipple between my teeth as I flicked it with my tongue.

Her body started to twitch and her pelvis was pumping into the air. I took my left hand from her breast and let it slide down her side and into the front of her panties. Her pussy was soaking wet.

I dipped my middle finger into her wet pussy and pulled it out. Releasing her nipple from my mouth I put my finger in my mouth to taste her lovely sex.

My hand went back to her wet pussy and my mouth continued its assault on her left breast. I teased her clit a bit then slid my finger in to rub her g spot. Her body began to shake. Pretty sure she was having an orgasm. I didn’t stop. My fingers started to go to work on her hard clit. Her pelvis was pumping up and down hard now. My right hand moved down and started to squeeze her ass.

With her panties between my right hand and her ass I started to shove my middle finger into her asshole. She really seemed to enjoy that. I felt the need to kiss her. I started to kiss her neck and worked my way up until she was now kissing me back deep as our tongues met. She took her glasses off and tossed them on the floor. Reaching behind her she undid her bun and her long hair fell over the back of the chair.

We kissed deeply as rubbed her clit hard and fast and my other hand worked it’s way as deep as it could into her ass. Emily broke off the kiss and started to yell, “Oh fuck, oh fuck I am going to cuuuuuum?”

Emily bursa escort bayan came hard on my fingers soaking them and her panties. Taking my hand out of her panties I stood up and offered her my hand and said, “Get up. I want to taste you.”

She took my hand and I helped her up. Standing before me I noticed how pretty she was without her big glasses and her hair hanging down. “You are so pretty without your glasses and your hair down. Your husband doesn’t know what he is missing out on. Now lay down on the edge of the bed.”

“You really thin I am pretty? Thank you for saying that. It means a lot to me.” She said as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

I kissed her deeply as I slowly lowered to the bed. I worked my kissed down her body. I lingered at her impressive breasts and noticed in the passion I created a few hickeys on her left breast. I continued my trail down her body and finally got to her hot wet pussy where I slid her underwear off and dropped them onto the floor.

As I licked her pussy I reached up with both hands and fondled her boobs. She moaned deeply as my tongue went deep into her hot wet pussy. Occasionally I would flick her clit with my tongue causing her body to jerk.

Her juices dripped from her running down the crack of her ass and onto my bedspread. I loved how she tasted and her moaning encouraged me to continue. Sliding my left hand down I inserted to fingers into her wet pussy. I started to finger fuck her pussy while I sucked her clit into my mouth and teased it with my tongue.

I teased her ass with my thumb. Remembering how she seemed to enjoy it when I penetrated her ass through her underwear I decided to enter her ass with my thumb. She moaned with pleasure as it slid into her. I looked up at her and she was squeezing her right breast and pinching her nipple. I followed suit with her other breast.

It didn’t take long before Emily reached an body shaking orgasm.

Emily looked at me and said, “I want you to fuck me. I can tell you have a big cock. I want to feel you fill me up.”

“Emily, I don’t have any more money in my house to pay you for sex.” I told her.

“You don’t have to pay me. I need to have sex. My husband has nothing to do with me and his 4 inch cock does nothing for me anyway.” She told me.

“Okay, let me get a condom.” I answered.

“You don’t need a condom. I can’t get pregnant and believe me I don’t have any STD’s”

That’s all I needed. I got onto the bed with her and got on top of her and we kissed briefly while she guided my cock into her hungry pussy.

I was horny as hell and I drove my cock deep into her and just held it there briefly as I could feel her cervix touching the head of my cock.

“Oh my god that feels good. Fuck me deep and hard.” She ordered me.

She wanted it deep so I put her legs over my shoulders and pushed deeper into her. I could really feel her cervix now hitting my cock. Looking down at her she was a thing of beauty. Her escort bursa face showed of great pleasure and her big tits were scrunched together and I couldn’t wait to play with them again.

I didn’t give her a slow build up. I started to pump her wet pussy hard and fast. Her fingers squeezed my ass. I gave her two orgasms fucking her this way. Each time her nails dug into my ass leaving dark red marks.

I could tell Emily was getting close to her third orgasm but I couldn’t hold back anymore. “Oooooh fuck.” I yelled as I filled her hot pussy with my seed.

I let her legs fall off my shoulder and I collapsed on top of her as my cock slowly released the rest of my see. When I finally pulled out my cock had already gone limp.

“You’re not done yet are you?” Emily asked.

“I am until I can get hard again.” I answered.

“Good, I can take care of that. I love anal sex. I want to try that big cock up my ass.”

Emily slid down to my cock and started to lick and suck my limp cock and seemed to enjoy the taste of the combination of my seed and her love juices. I was slow to respond and then she started to lick and gently suck on my balls. This started to get my attention. It felt great.

She spread my legs further apart and then to my surprise I felt her tongue rimming my ass. At first I squeezed my butt cheeks together. Then I started to enjoy what she was doing to me. To my surprise again I felt her tongue penetrate my ass. It felt deep and it was wiggling around inside me. By now I was fully hard and felt like I might need to cum already. She must have sensed it because she stopped and said, “I think you are ready now.”

She got up and bent over the bed. I got up and went behind her. She reached back with her hands and was pulling her butt cheeks apart giving me an easy target for my cock.

With no lube or anything, I easily entered her ass. It was tight and warm. I took ahold of her wrist and pulled her deep onto my cock and we started to fuck like crazy. I have no idea how long we had been doing it like that but a felt sweat drip from my nose and saw it land on her ass.

She wiggled a hand free from my grip started to rub her pussy with the free hand.

“Oh love, yes, fuck my ass love. You feel so good. Cum with me baby. Cum with me.”

I love how she talked and we timed it perfect. She had a body shaking orgasm just as I emptied my seed into her ass.

When I pulled out my seed slowly dripped from her ass onto the floor. She stood up and saw it and said, “Don’t worry, your cleaning lady will clean it up. You lay down and rest.”

She went into the bathroom and came back with a warm wet washcloth. “First I need to clean you up.”

She wiped my cock clean and give my cock a little kiss. Then she cleaned up the floor with the washcloth.

“I better get dressed and leave. I told my husband I would be home by now. Can we do this again?”

“I would love to do it again. Emily you are a beautiful lady. Don’t let anyone tell you different. “

Emily left and we stayed in contact via KIK. We would trade pictures now and then but never could get our schedules to work out. Last time I sent her a message I got a notice that the account is no longer active.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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