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Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 11

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The Morning After

Sally lay in bed next to Kyle in his home. He was caressing her body softly, her breasts and nipples, her stomach, her neck and her genitals. He used the same soft touch he had use last night for one of the most incredible sexual sessions Sally had ever experienced. She had had sex with maybe a hundred boys and a few older men but Kyle had treated her more gently, more sensually, more considerately than any of them. She felt more relaxed than ever after a night of sex and wished the morning would continue like this forever.

But the alarm had just gone off and after hitting the snooze button Kyle had told her he would need to be getting up to get ready for work. Sally would also have to get dressed, Kyle was her ride home.

The alarm went off again and Kyle got up. “Wait!” Sally requested, only slightly insistently. Last night he had undressed in the dark. Sally was glad for that because it had allowed her to concentrate on his gentle touch. But she usually liked seeing her guys in the light. She had an obsession about penises and loved their variety. She wanted to see the cock she had only felt last night. “I want to look at you.”


“It was too dark last night. I’ve never seen you naked. I want to look at you.” She whipped the covers from her own body and spread her legs. “Wouldn’t you like to look at me?”

“I guess I would,” he said and turned to see her spread on the bed, fleshy pillows between her legs with thin labia extending from the slit. They were pointed at by a light brown triangle of hair and covered by thin tendrils of hair he remembered feeling last night. Her nipples were fully erect, extending a half inch from her chest. His groin responded to the sight and thoughts of the previous evening.

As he turned, Sally saw the slightly erect, now 4 inch long uncircumcised cock with small testicles which were slowly retracting into their abdominal pockets. She reached down and spread her labia, watching as the cock hardened more, rising from its resting place on his testicles. She stood and went over too him, placed her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Want to take a shower?”

He held her in his arms and was tempted but declined, “That would likely take too long, I’ll get distracted, I really have to get into work.”

“Can’t you come in late this once?”


“Your boss is a real pill?”

“I’m the boss.”


“I own a chain of sporting goods stores. Well, not exactly a chain, three.”

“So why can’t you you just take off!”

“I have to set an example. You’re out of school and enjoying a bit of free time but I have to get in, on time!”

He walked to the bathroom door and then turned suddenly, Sally?”

“Yes,” she started to move to the bathroom, looking at the fully erect cock extending from his crotch, thinking he might have changed his mind.

“Jill’s mother, my mother -in-law, will be here soon to watch the kids. Could you get them ready. Just make sure Jared is up, he can take care of himself. Holly will need some help getting dressed, Charlette will need a diaper change and could you dress her?”

Sally was about to say, “Do you think I’m their mother,” and “I’m not changing any diapers.” But held her voice, She definitely wasn’t changing any diaper.

Jared was already up and she heard noises downstairs. “What are you doing, Jared?” she yelled down.

“I’m getting some cereal,” was the reply.

Holly was lying awake in bed, “What do you want to wear?” Sally asked her.

She picked purple and blue plaid shorts, an orange and yellow striped T-shirt and long, multicolored, striped socks to go with her green “Crocs”.

“This is a real fashion statement,” Sally said as she pulled on her shorts.

The doorbell rang as Sally pulled the T-shirt over Holly’s head. “I’ve got it!” Jared yelled up. Then, as the T shirt came down, “Hi, Nana!”

“Nana,” Holly said and tried to run out the bedroom door. Sally held her back and put on her shoes and socks.

Sally saw a solution to the diaper dilemma: ‘Nana’ could handle Charlette. She followed as Holly ran down the stairs and heard a woman;’s voice, “What is that you’re wearing, Holly.”

“Sally says it’s a fashion statement.”

“It’s certainly that,” the woman replied. “Who’s Sally?”

Seemingly without pausing for a breath, Holly spilled it all, “She came home with us from the water-park. She stayed all night. Daddy let her sleep in his bed with him ’cause he’s so nice. She didn’t have any pajamas and had to sleep naked. She has hair but not a penis, ’cause she’s a girl.”

Sally slowed, feeling embarrassed. As she came down the final flight she saw a woman in her late 50’s, a bit overweight with gray salted brown hair. The woman stared at her in apparent astonishment.”

All Sally could think to say was, “Hi, I’m Sally.” Knowing how young her lack of a figure made her appear, she added, “I’m eighteen.”

They stood in silence looking at each other.

Jared güvenilir bahis broke the silence, “Hi Sally. Want to play more ‘Mario Kart’?”

“No, Jared.” Then she faced Nana again, “Charlette’s still in bed. Kyle said she probably needs a diaper change.”

Nana went upstairs and Sally followed the other two children into the kitchen where she collapsed onto a chair. “That could have gone better,” she mumbled to herself.

‘Nana’ returned carrying Charlette who immediately said, “Sally!” and began squirming out of her grandmother’s arms and reaching for Sally. Nana gave in and put the young girl down so she could run to Sally who put her on her lap, “How did you sleep, Charlette?”

The older woman glowered as Sally chatted with her granddaughter.

Kyle came down shortly and asked Sally if she’d like some toast, juice or cereal. Before Sally could answer, ‘Nana’ interrupted, “Kyle, we need to talk. In the other room.”

Still holding Charlette in her lap and watching the other two children consume the Froot Loops Jared had prepared she tried to listen in but all she could make sense of was an occasional name, “Kyle,” pronounced in an accusing tone and a pleading, “Charlotte,” in response. Sally came to realize that the young girl in her lap was named after her maternal grandmother, with an ever so slight change in pronunciation.

When the returned ‘Nana’ was no happier with the situation and Kyle seemed less than happy. Sally tried to break the awkwardness, “I would like some toast and orange juice, Kyle.” Then she whispered to Charlette, “Why don’t you see if Nana can get you some breakfast?” The young girl gave Sally a hug, slipped to the floor and ran to her grandmother who finally smiled.

When they left the house after a very silent breakfast each of the children gave her a big hug and she held out her hand to their grandmother, “Pleased to have met you, ‘Nana’.”

The grand mother held out a wet noodle of a hand for Sally to shake, “please call me Mrs. Overton.” Under her breath she added, “I’m not your Nana.”

Sally realized that her parents would be off to work or heading out the door when she got home so she called Sarah and asked Kyle to drop her off at Sarah’s.

“I’m sorry about that,” he said when they were in the car. “I should have realized it wasn’t a good idea to have you there when she arrived.”

“She doesn’t like her daughter’s husband have anyone sleep over?”

“Well, I think it’s more your age. Anyway you’re the first so nothing to compare with. But both she and my mom have been encouraging me to get out and meet women. I think she was also put off by how attracted to you the children are, maybe a bit jealous.”

“Oh, I guess I should have sensed that.”

“It’s strange, since in her encouragement for me to get out she’s always saying how important it is for the kids to ‘have a mother’.”

Sally hoped he wasn’t thinking that she was likely to be that ‘mother’. She wasn’t ready for any such responsibility. Much as she liked his kids, she wasn’t going to change her life for them. “You know, Holly blurted out all the details as soon as she saw her grandmother, telling her how I was naked in your bed all night.”

“She’s no good at keeping secrets even if she knows it’s a secret,” Kyle laughed.

“She mentioned my pubic hair, I wonder if she told her about your ‘swollen’ penis?” Sally laughed back.

“More than likely, certainly even. Charlotte said something about me keeping my ‘swollen penis’ to myself.”

Sally had forgotten what she observed about the grandmother’s likely name, “Charlette?”

“Oh, you don’t know, ‘Nana’s’ name is ‘Charlotte’ we named Charlette after her, changed the spelling and pronounce the name a bit differently.”

“When Charlette wanted to come to me I bet that really ticked her off.”

“She did? Yeah that would do it, Charlette’s her favorite, partly because of her age but also the name.”

As Sally prepared to get out of the car he said, “I hope the kids and I will see you again.’

She held up her phone, “I have your number, and you have mine.” She gave him a big kiss on the lips, “I enjoyed myself immensely.” Then as she closed the car door she told him honestly, “You are a GREAT lover!”

He watched her go to the door enjoying the tingle of the parting words. She blew him a kiss as Sarah let her in.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. OH … MY … GOD.” were the first words out of her mouth as she came inside.


“Incredible,” she continued and went into a long rave about her sex with Kyle, “so gentle, so caring, so sensual” were the constant refrain.

“So you enjoyed your self?” Sarah said in jesting delight.

“Oh my god! Never, ever, have I experienced anything like it. Even his cock inside me was, like, searching for ways to make me happy. Not just ways to pleasure me, certainly not to pleasure itself but to make me HAPPY! Gently, Caring, probing, sensually trying to make me HAPPY! OH .. MY … GOD!”

Sally türkçe bahis collapsed on the couch and began rubbing her crotch in an attempt to quell the thrills that were building in her genitals over the remembrance of the previous night.

“Isn’t this the guy with the kids? What did he do with them.”

Sally went into detail describing the evening with the kids and expressing how much she liked them. “Oh, but then this morning their grandmother came.”

Sarah sensed the tone of her voice, “That didn’t go well?”

“Not well at all.” Sally told Sarah what Holly had told her grandmother. “And then Kyle and the grandmother had some sort of dust-up in the other room.”

“Kind of like parents coming home to see their son fucking some girl,” Sarah decided.

“Not exactly, this was Kyle’s mother-in-law. He said it had something to do with my age and the kids, jealousy maybe.’

“Or maybe she had the impression the kids saw too much, based on what the granddaughter told her.”


Sally’s phone rang. The number wasn’t one in her phone and she didn’t recognize it but she answered.

“Is this Sally?” a female voice asked.


Sally recognized the voice as it continued. “Kyle Petersen gave me your number. this is Mrs.Overton.”

“What do you want?” Sally asked, failing to keep the coldness from her voice.

“The children have been talking about you incessantly. I don’t approve of what you are doing with Kyle, but that’s none of my business as he has informed me. However, my grandchildren are my business and I don’t want them getting hurt because you used them to get their father into your pants for a one night stand.”

“I don’t do one night stands,” Sally protested knowing that was only partially true. She preferred guys she could have sex with over and over but if they weren’t at least promising then once was it. Of course Kyle was way beyond ‘promising’.

“I don’t want my grandchildren getting hurt because they become attached to you and then you disappear from their lives. They’re already asking when you’ll be back.”

“Oh.” Sally wasn’t sure how to handle that. Even if she saw them frequently she’d soon be off to Stanford. And how often would she see them? No way was she going to go by every day, maybe not even once a week. Basically she wasn’t going to make any commitment to the kids, or Kyle, or this “Nana’.” All she could think of to say was, “I do like the children and don’t want to hurt them. That’s something Kyle and I will need to discuss.” She disconnected.

“The grandmother,” Sally explained to Sarah. “The children are asking about me.”

“They’re not your kids,” Sarah replied.

“I know, but they’re sweet kids.”

“Not your problem. You need to get on with your life.”

“I used the kids to get to their dad. And I had a lot of fun with them.”

“Sally you can’t worry about the kids. Guys like this come with too much baggage.”

“Baggage? He’s a nice, well adjusted, sweet guy. And great at sex.”

“Baggage: kids, dead wife, mother-in-law, probably a mother. Kids! It was probably a mistake to go looking for guys with kids at the water park.”

Sally’s phone rang again.

Recollection and Invitation

Kyle’s day was not going well. He couldn’t get his mind off the skinny girl who had spent the previous night with him. His ability to put her aside wasn’t helped by the “dust-up” with his mother-in-law. And then she had managed to pry Sally’s number from him. He had given in just to get her off the phone. He worried about what she would say if she called Sally. He didn’t like the way she had referred to Sally. It was unfair since she didn’t even know the girl. “That little, slut,” “I don’t want my grandchildren subjected to this,” “I can get custody,” the words went around and around in his mind.

Then she called him again.

“Your children are asking about your little slut,” were her first words.

“What?” The last thing he needed now was more of this.

“They want to know when the slut will be seeing them again.”

“They did have a good time with her. She’s great with the kids.”

“Kyle, that slut isn’t going to be any mother to my grandchildren. If you were thinking with any part of your body outside of your pants you’d realize she just used you, and the children.”

“Charlotte, I know she’s not going to marry me, she’s too young, she’s leaving for school in the fall, I enjoy being with her, the kids enjoy her company. She isn’t a slut and this is none of your business.”

“My grandchildren are my business. What will your mother say?”

He wondered what his mother would say. She’d been encouraging him to get out and meet women. But she had in mind someone who might marry him and provide a mother for the kids. “Deal with it Charlotte!” He hung up.

He was in no mood to deal with the employee who loafed around instead of replacing items which customers had examined, decided not to buy and then stuck wherever, including the floor. güvenilir bahis siteleri Order and cleanliness was something he insisted upon and he was frustrated that the manager of the store hadn’t gotten this employee on track. He could tell he would explode in anger if he addressed the subject today. He needed to get out and told his store manager that he had to check out a problem at the store across town.

He parked in a nearby grocery lot and sat in the car calming himself. Sally’s parting words, “You are a GREAT lover!” came to his mind and he focused on them as the most calming event of the day. Then he thought of her request when he got up, naked, “I want to look at you,” and his anger abated. He remembered her lying naked on the bed and his anger was replaced by sexual desire. Almost without thinking, he found her number on his phone and pressed the call button.

He had called with so little thought that his conscious mind was startled by her voice saying, “hello.”

He stammered out the first thing that came to mind, “Could we meet for lunch?”

She muffled the phone and whispered to Sarah, “He wants to have lunch.”

Sarah whispered back, “They aren’t your kids.”

Sally whispered her decision to Sarah, “Maybe this is a chance to get this over with.” Then she spoke into the phone. “Sure Kyle, where do you want to meet?”


Kyle stood in front of the Italian deli and examined the young girl approaching him. He almost didn’t recognize her. he remembered the tight bathing suit at the water park that showed her nipples and genitals. He remembered her flashing him on the water slides. He remembered the top that draped over her nipples and the brief shorts that left her midriff exposed almost showing her pubic hair. He remembered the skinny body naked in his bed. He remembered how light and fragile she seemed as he drove his cock into her. But approaching him was a girl with no figure wearing loose fitting jeans and a plain, cotton top with a large nose, large mouth and hair that seemed to fly in every direction.

But then she smiled at him, her light brown, almost golden eyes widened and flashed. “Hi Kyle,” came from the sensual mouth. His heart skipped a beat and his cock jumped slightly. Something about her just screamed, “fuck me!”

They ordered their food in silence and Kyle spent his time composing himself and wondering how she stayed so slim if she regularly ate things like the meatball sub she ordered.

As they sat, Sally opened the conversation, “Your mother-in-law called me.”

“I’m sorry about that. I gave her your number.” He didn’t add that he had done it just to get her off his back.

“She was upset that your kids are getting attached to me.”

“Yeah, we need to talk about that.”

“I like your kids but we’re not going to be ….” She searched her mind for the right words, but they didn’t come. “I’m not expecting to see you frequently,” was what ultimately came out.

He knew that was probably the case but hearing the words gave him a sinking feeling. “I don’t expect to see you every day.”

“I didn’t expect even once a week.”


She was blunt, “You’re a great fuck. But I’m too young to get attached. And I’m off to Stanford in a couple months.”

“So, last night was it.”

She smiled broadly, “I hope not! Like I said, you’re a GREAT lover! I wouldn’t want last night to be my only chance at that.”

“You only want me for sex?”

“That is the reason I was at the water-park and started talking to you.”

“So, you don’t like me. Or the kids?”

“I think your a great guy and I love your kids. But …”


“I’m not ready to settle down in any way. Nor will I restrict myself to one sex partner.”

He was surprised at the direction. “Restrict yourself?”

“Kyle, you don’t really know me. Most people would call me a nymphomaniac, and maybe I am. I have to have sex, a lot of sex, and different guys.

Kyle was unable to stop himself from blurting out what was in his mind, “So Charlotte was right.”

“Your daughter? Right about what?”

“No, my mother-in-law.” He hesitated before coming clean, “She calls you ‘that slut’. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.”

The term hurt partly because Sally knew that she would fit the definition by many people’s use of the word. But she didn’t think of herself that way.

Kyle caught the hurt look in her eyes and reached over to take her hand. “I’m sorry, I don’t think you’re a slut.”

His words had implied differently, but Sally expressed her view of herself. “I don’t go with any guy that asks. I’m selective. I went with you because you were a nice guy with great kids.” As she said it she realized that she had been selective in high school. However, since graduation and hooking up with Sarah, she had been fucking any guy that asked and that had been mostly disappointment. She shouldn’t go along with everything Sarah suggested.

“I don’t want you to think I’m not glad for the time you spent with me.”

Sally didn’t answer right away so he charged on to something that had been central in his mind since he left work. “I’d love to make love with you again. Can we spend another night together?”

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Queens of the Hearts

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The next four days were just exactly that. It was almost a blur of asses.

The very next morning as I woke up, I found Goldie standing over wearing her harness telling me to roll over and open up. I hadn’t even had my morning coffee yet and my sister was sliding her appliance into me. It didn’t take long though as she told me she just wanted to start the day making sure I was open, ready and knew what the day would be about.

“I’ll let you return the favor later little brother.”

She let me up and we headed to the kitchen with that thing bouncing in front of her. We talked over breakfast about what was happening and again she wanted to make sure I was OK with it all. She reiterated that in addition to Jill and Alice, Mom had made the request because of some clients that special preferences. She implied that I would be finding out more about that soon.

Looking at my crotch, she said, “C’mon over her, let’s get back to work.”

She had set up a special piece of furniture that almost looked clinical saying it would be more comfortable than the couch. Dropping to her knees, she put her mouth on me to get me hard again. Once she was satisfied with it, she laid herself over the cushioned rest and displayed her ass to me. There was a chrome looking object visible.

“OK, little brother, I think you know what to do, but you’ll have to pull that plug out first.”

It was a big larger than I’d expected and took some effort to get it out. Still wet with her saliva, it wasn’t difficult to get into her since she’d been opened up quite a bit. After a few strokes she pushed me away, stood up and turned to me.

“That’s enough for now, I don’t want you to come yet, we have a lot more to do today.”

With that, she picked up the plug and re-inserted it into herself. The lewdness of seeing her do that with the rubber cock bouncing in front of her was almost too much to handle.

The next two hours were filled with menial tasks punctuated by comments about each other and her either stroking me, sucking me or telling me to stroke myself to keep me hard most of the time.

“Hey little brother, time for the next round, your turn” as she patted the padded surface, motioning for me to lay over it.

She stepped in behind me and worked her dildo in complaining that I had gotten too tight and might need to take it more often the rest of the day. I heard the door open and heels coming towards me, but she wouldn’t let me up to see who it was. Two beautiful legs in a very short skirt appeared in front of me before I heard Alice’s voice asking our sister how things were coming along.

“See for yourself.” was Goldie’s reply as she pushed into me again then stopped and stood us both up.

“Damn! Is he bigger?”

“Yeah it seems like he might be a little, sometimes that happens with guys. They get so turned on that their system reacts more than usual. Might be just an illusion though.”

“Can I have it?”

“Sure. Pull your skirt up and bend over.”

Alice leaned over the cushion, and raised her skirt spreading her legs slightly to reveal that she was also wearing a plug and directed me to remove it from her.

Still deep in me, Goldie moved us both forward enough for me to enter Alice and basically pushed me into her. I was now sandwiched between both of my sisters, my cock in one and impaled by a strap-on used by the other. Goldie started a motion that had her basically fucking both of us. Again it was only for a brief time before Goldie stopped us saying she wasn’t ready to let me release just yet.

Goldie separated from me, but told me to push into Alice a couple of more times which I gladly did before I pulled out and stood up.

Alice told me to put her plug back in, then stood up and faced us.

“He’s coming along pretty good for just a day.”

“Yeah, he’s almost a natural.”

Both of them giggled a bit while I blushed.

Alice looked at me again and reached down to hold my erection, “I’ll let your wife have this tonight, but I’ll see you tomorrow and it’ll be back in here again,” patting her own ass.

She lowered her skirt and walked away, heels clicking back towards the door.

The rest of the day was much of the same. A few repeats intermingled with less interesting bits.

Goldie had me remove her harness. She leaned back against the wall and made a production of removing her plug, rubbing her mound with both hands in the process. She took my cock in her hand again and looked at me with a glimmer in her eye, “it’s time,” and used her firm grip to lead me to the bedroom.

She laid face down, raising her hips presenting her ass to me. I took a now familiar stance behind her to find her open and ready. I slid into her easily and started pumping deeply causing her to elicit a variety of moans. She motioned for me to stop so she could turn over. Now on her back, she spread her legs and let me see her nakedness. She used bahis firmaları both hands to rub herself and I could see her slit getting moist. But then she covered it with her hands, using her two index finger to direct me to her ass again. I took my place and pushed in yet again driving deeper than I thought I could. Her eyes were open but glazed over as I drove into her again and again.

Our eyes met as she almost whispered if a sultry voice “go ahead little brother, pump your spunk deep into your big sister’s ass.”

I lost it as I tensed up and let go, then collapsed onto her, still embedded.

We laid there for a while and talked quietly about a lot of things before she told me she thought I was ready for what Mom had in mind. We got up and grabbed robes. She wasn’t sure exactly why, but she wanted us to be covered for a while. It was another hour or so before Jill came home. Goldie told her most of what had happened including Alice’s visit. She told her she thought I was ready, but wanted to get together in the morning and see how our night had gone.

There, in front of my wife, my sister put her hand under my robe and stroked me while she kissed me. Then she walked away, got dressed and left.

Jill and I talked quite a bit about all that had happened. She recounted a lot of things I hadn’t been aware of, including some of her anal sessions with company clients. She told me she’d been more than a little disappointed in my reluctance and found it necessary to fill her need to have her ass filled elsewhere even before we came back to this area. She confessed that not too long after we got married and found out I wasn’t into it, she had gone of to a couple old old boyfriends to have them do it. We started out with a more or less open marriage, so it wasn’t really a problem in that regard. When she found out what was going on at the company, she was really excited and wanted to be involved. The evening with parents when they welcomed her to the family was far more easy for her than she let them know at the time. She wanted it almost as much as they did.

But then she let me know something no one had told me to that point. She told me my father had been in her ass that night and several times since. She had wanted him there the night they reenacted it all in front of me but didn’t think I was ready to see that.

That night in bed, I made up for the past.

We got up, got dressed and went to work. Pretty much a normal day. A couple of issues came up that kept us focused and there really wasn’t much time for play. It turned out to be kind of a stressful day and none of us felt like doing anything that night.

We went home and crashed. Sometimes you just need to do nothing at all to help regenerate.

Now in the evening of fourth day since Goldie first took me, Alice stopped by for a session. This was our first session since and Jill agreed to let us be alone for a while. It was really kind of cool and part of just how well bonded we all were to know that my wife would wait in another room while my sister and I used our marital bed.

After Alice left, Jill and I spent the rest of the night as any husband and wife would.

And here we were. Another weekend. Yard work. I began to hate it except that it gave us a chance to be normal. Jeans and frumpy clothes for the most part. ‘Course Jill’s jeans were very short cutoffs and her frumpy top was a bikini and cropped t-shirt. Somehow, she just couldn’t NOT exude sex appeal. We considered hiring a gardener and landscaper, but we figured they’d never get any work done if she was around. She had all the suitors we needed and I wasn’t about to pay a crew to fuck her.

A few more days passed by. Work was uneventful. Some kind of conference out of town that most of the clients were attending, so nothing much happening. Goldie and Alice were busy with their own things, so it was pretty much just a normal sort of married life without even any real mention of outside or family encounters.

Jill had taken a few phone calls in private though. She finally told me those were with Mom trying to figure out if I was ready. Between the three girls, they had convinced Mom I was and had begin to plan for her event.

They all gathered at our house one evening after work. It started out like any other, but turned out like several. The women remained dressed, but Mom flat out directed me to be naked. It wasn’t presented as an option. I didn’t really understand, but I went ahead and obeyed. They chattered mostly girl talk, but it finally turned to me.

“Goldie’s told me all about her sessions with you. Jill and Alice have told me what I needed to hear. Tonight was a simple test. I wanted to see if you could be naked in a room full of women.”

Jill chimed in, “Remember this isn’t a normal crowd here though, considering what we’ve all done. Do you think you can handle it in a room of women you’ve never met?”

I told kaçak iddaa them I probably would but wasn’t sure what they meant.

It was Alice next, “Remember what you were told about Mom having a couple of clients who only would do certain things? Well, it’s time for you be introduced to them.”

Mom took over again, “tomorrow night you’ll be accompanying me to a monthly women’s club meeting. I’m not going to hold back here, you’ll be naked, just as you are now. Of the group, one will be selected at the and of the evening. You’ll be having sex with whoever that is. Anal sex only. It’ll depend on who is selected as to whether you’ll be giving, receiving or both. Since we don’t know who it will be or what they’ll want, you’ll need to be ready.”

She reached into her purse and pulled out a package and handed it to me to open. Inside was yet another set of chains attached to what I’d now become accustomed to seeing in my two sisters and my wife ‘… an anal plug.

“We’re leaving now. Jill will attend to you tomorrow and make sure you’re ready. She knows what all to do. I’ll be here at five to pick you up.”

They all left and Jill and I spent the rest of the evening talking about it all.

First thing the next morning, I was met with the vision of my wife in a harness very similar to the one Goldie had used. The next two hours passed by with one of us inside the other. Later in the afternoon she told me it was time to shower and get ready. Before getting dressed, Jill told me to get what Mom had given me so she could out it on me.

This turned out to be an open front thong. A chain around my waist, several down the front that framed my cock and a third, larger one down the back. They all met underneath. The one behind had a small ring. Jill put it on me and adjusted and fastened it in place.

“Now pick up the plug and hand it to me.”

Somehow that seemed important to her rather than picking it up herself. I did as she asked and she proceed to insert it and fasten it to the loop in the rear chain.

“We don’t want it to fall out, do we?”

Yeah, like there was no chance of that. The fucker was kind of large and tight.

She selected pants and a shirt that were loose fitting and could be removed easily. Then we went and waited for Mom to arrive.

When she did, Jill pulled my pants down to show her handiwork. My half erect cock framed by the chains took notice of the open air and eyes of two women and began to come to attention. Jill stroked it a couple of times and it grew more causing the chains to tighten and let me know it.

“As he gets bigger, they’ll get tighter putting pressure on the plug too.”

“That’s great. You’ve done well Jill. Now pull his pants back up and we’ll get going.”

My wife pulled my pants up, then rubbed my ass, She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said playfully, “have fun sweetie, don’t do anyone I wouldn’t do.”

Well, that left it open for sure considering she’d do almost anyone.

We were greeted at the door by a hostess dressed as a 1960s style Vegas casino cigarette girl. Inside there were two more hostesses dressed the same way. Mom told me to stand still while one of them removed my clothes. During the next half hour of so, each of the three hostesses took turns handling me to keep me hard and erect, occasionally using their mouths.

A door opened and the members of the club entered.

The array of dresses and gowns they wore ranged from long to short, and simple to elaborate. A rainbow of colors. Some long sleeve, some sleeveless and everything in between. Some high neck. Some low cut. All were obviously expensive. In spite of the variety of designs and colors, they all shared a certain characteristic. While their fronts were covered, they were all bare from about the lower back to mid-thigh. Some were little more than corsets with skirts that stopped at the sites and left them naked from waist to floor, others had the fronts held in place by straps across the back. Others were more creative including heart shaped cutouts exposing not much more than their buttocks. The other common aspect was that they all included some form of heart theme in the way of a shape applique, design or cutout.

Of the fifteen women present, three wore glamour style masquerade masks to conceal their faces. During the entire time, two of them never spoke. It was explained that they might have been recognized by their voices.

We walked to the center of the room and Mom introduced me, making sure they knew I was her son. We walked down what could almost be considered a receiving line. Each of the women was allowed to look, or handle as she saw fit. Most just looked for now, four handled, one quite a bit more than the others. Then they went on with other bits of club business. It was kind of odd the way they casually behaved with the asses fully exposed. I was told to just wander around and let whoever do whatever they kaçak bahis wanted.

On of the hostesses that had been serving food look down at the empty tray and cried out “Who stole the tarts?”

Someone else replied, “Was it the queen of hearts?”

As we milled about, most of the women asked me a few questions different things. A couple were more pointed and obviously knew about my sisters. One pulled me aside, put her hand on my cock and blatantly asked how I felt about my father fucking my wife … in those words. The twitch of my cock answered her question and she just grinned.

The three hostesses were not strangers to the action either as some of the women openly pawed them over, or under their costumes. One woman directed one of the hostesses to lick her ass in full view of the rest of us.

I was treated in the same manner, women touching me at will. More than one ran her finger up my crack and handled the plug buried in me to see my reaction. Some others turned around and directed me to fondle, finger, kiss or lick their asses. At least four were clearly wearing plugs.

They all suddenly left the room for a few minutes leaving only me and the three hostesses, two of which had decided to make out with each other sliding the glossy lips together, making no secret of their tongues tickling each other.

When they returned, one of the women wearing a costume mask to hide her face took special interest. She got very close and handled me expertly, leaning in and breathing heatedly on my neck. She took my hands and placed them on her larger than average breasts and motioned for me to caress them. She opened her legs and took my naked thigh between them. Hers was one of the floor length but deeply slit gowns and as she all but humped my leg, I could swear I felt bare pussy. At one point she stood in front of me and stroked my cock with both hands, then placed it between and held it with her bare thighs as she ground her body into me. She never spoke though, only handing me a note with one word … ‘tongue’. She turned around, bent over at the waist and used her hands to part her cheeks. The message was clear and I crouched down to do as she wanted. She too had a plug, but on the end of it was another single word … ‘yours’.

That turned out to the method of selection. Apparently the brief meeting was to determine who would get that plug to insert and present to me. The rest of the ladies clapped. She straightened up, took my hand and led me into an adjacent bedroom making sure to leave the door open.

She never removed her mask or dress and never spoke a word, simply laid on the bed face down and made the invitation unbearable. I settled in between her legs and caressed them from the ankles up her inner things to her ass, closely approaching, but narrowing avoiding her pussy. Her moans let me know just how close my fingers had gotten. Focusing on my intended target, I moved to her ass. After a few minutes of licking and kissing her cheeks moving ever closer to the center, I removed the plug and began to finger her until she moaned again. Using the head of my cock leaking precum, I rubbed it over her hole to lubricate her, then entered her ass without hesitation. Stroking gently at first to get us used to each other, then giving it all I had. I started driving harder, pushing her face into the pillows she used to muffle her screams of ecstasy as she came after several minutes of penetration. I unloaded into her as we collapsed on the bed.

Once we recovered sufficiently to stand up, she stroked my cock with her hand. She reached down between her legs and used her fingers to get a bit of my cum leaking from her ass, then put it under her mask to her lips and licked it off. She opened the front of her gown just enough for me to see most of one of her tits and the bra holding it. On the edge of it was a small embroidered note with the words ‘thank you’. She pulled my mouth to it and then walked away through another door.

I looked to see that all of the women, including my mother were gathered at the door and had been watching us. One of them turned to Mom and noted, “I guess he didn’t need the plug after all. Maybe next time.” They all laughed.

Everyone moved away, getting their coats and heading out to their cars. One of the Hostesses handed me my clothes and helped me get dressed. Mom and I left and went to their place.

The next morning Jill and the other girls showed up for breakfast, after which Mom explained some of what had happened.

“The woman that selected you is extremely famous and well known to the general public. Her face and voice would be recognized almost instantly by anyone. My son’s cock was in the ass of a woman most men and women could only dream of having sex with and I’m extremely proud of that.”

After a brief pause, she added coyly, “Oh, but the way, those three hostesses? They were triplets of one of the members who was there. Two were her daughters. The third was her son who the daughters have feminized.”

“Uhh, OK Mom, you know they were all over me and two of them sucked me.”

“Yes. I was there, remember?” She added a sly wink.

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Pt. 12 – My Maid: Lover and Muse

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


The second part of my interview with Ann.

This is part 12 of my story and I recommend you read the prior stories before this one.

All characters are well over the age of consent.


* * * * *

As I drove home from the nail salon, my mind went through what took place that late afternoon and early evening.

After being teased by two hot female Asians, which I covered in my last story, Part 11, I finally got relief from Ann, the lady I was supposed to interview to be my maid.

I was very worked up and was ready to take matters into my own hands but before I could do that, Ann came to my sexual rescue and after just a few full and strong base to tip strokes of my very tense cock, I erupted a giant load of my hot white salty essence into her warm, wet, and willing mouth.

Turns out she was quite a sword swallower, and she loved the taste of my cum.

Ann’s eyes grew wide in surprise and enjoyment as I came shot after shot, groaning in relief as my hips pumped, and she struggled to contain the heavy salty load from spilling out.

The volume was large, but she managed to chug it down after several loud gulps with a huge smile.

Ann’s comment, “My God you shoot a lot of cum!” got me smiling as I panted after my orgasm.

After showering with Ann and tilling her ready cunt until she came twice with my hands on her tits, pulling, teasing, and playing with her very sensitive and extended nipples, and I unloaded a second time, into her hairy and mature yet very wet and tight pussy, she and I had a dinner of sorts at the small conference table in the office.

We were both naked, and she was an eyeful. When you’re twenty-five, you have a perpetual hard on, and when the lady in question is naked, attractive, smart, funny and enjoyed having sex with you, well, my erection soon became almost painful.

She talked about her experience cleaning houses and offices, and commercial spaces, including the three salons owned by Linn. My eyes wandered while she spoke, and my imagination took off.

She shared a story of one of her former clients, who asked her to clean his house once a week. In the mornings he wanted her wearing only yoga pants and after lunch, he wanted her wearing only a short cut off tee shirt.

Ann watched my face when she was done talking and she knew what I was thinking: this client of hers fucked her silly.

But she was a great storyteller and closed with: “And his wife got even hotter than he did, and they fucked like rabbits the whole time I was there!”

The result of all this was a throbbing cock.

Ann didn’t seem to mind. I think she rather enjoyed the impact she was having on me.

Ann may have been an older lady, but she oozed sex and loved to laugh. She shared some stories which I found entertaining, and she liked to touch me. Her hands were often on my hands, my arms, my shoulders.

I knew where she really wanted to touch me!

And did I ever want her to touch me!

And being a white boy from the suburbs of Sacramento, I had a lot to learn about ethnic foods.

While I was being teased and tortured, Ann had run out and picked up Japanese takeout.

She proceeded to feed me, as if I was incapacitated, explaining what I was eating and what spices and sauces were used.

Ann didn’t treat me like I was a baby, what she did was something of affection.

I quickly became smitten.

I could get used to this kind of treatment!

I should also mention that Ann was gorgeous. If she wore makeup, I couldn’t tell. Her lipstick was a soft pink, and I knew from our kisses it tasted great.

Her hair was shoulder length, black, and somehow, she was able to get it under a shower cap before we were illegal bahis together under the hot water where she cleaned a lot of lipstick off of me and where I took her, fucked her silly, from behind.

She had light tan lines, and they accented her bare breasts, her pussy, and her ass.

Her skin was flawless. It was if she bathed in milk.

I particularly enjoyed looking at and feeling her large breasts. They were firm and for me, just the right size. Meaning, she was just over a handful, and I have large hands.

Her nipples were responsive to my touch, and I could tell from her reaction that she enjoyed my mouth as I suckled.

While I had yet to taste her pussy, and I was planning to, she was very tight and got very wet when aroused.

While my other two candidates for maid were shaved bare, Ann had a nicely trimmed but thick black bush.

Fucking Ann felt great, and that natural bush only added to my pleasure.

Finishing our meal, she took me by the hand, and still naked, my hard cock bobbing in front of me, she took me on a tour of the facility, sharing with me the process she used to clean every corner, every nook, in all the rooms.

She stood close to me, almost always in contact with me, and she never once referenced my hard bobbing dick or our nudity.

But she did enjoy seeing me in my aroused state. Hence the constant touching of everything but my cock.

I could tell because her eyes were sparkling, and she glanced down at my bobbing hard on more than a few times.

Only once did she mention our sexual congress, and that was when she felt cum dripping down her thigh.

She laughed, blushed, and then quickly wiped away the batter with a finger, which she then brought to her mouth for a deposit.

“Sweet” was her only comment.

Our little tour ended when we arrived at a door in the back of the building.

I was still hard.

Ann opened the door and said, “Let me give you a happy ending before we call it a night.”

She pulled my head down to hers and we kissed softly, my still hard cock bumping into her belly.

I tasted a hint of cum but what the hell, it was my cum after all.

“I want to give you a massage Rick. Hop up on the table while I get the oil.”

* * * * *

My still hard cock bobbing, I climbed up on the table as Ann watched.

I think she more than just enjoyed watching me in an erect state, my big cock hanging and my balls quickly filling my baby batter.

If I could read her mind, I would have found out that she was telling herself that she still had it in her to turn heads and to get a young man hard.

Normally, I’d adjust my cock as I got settled in face down, but this time Ann took charge, and she slipped a warm dry towel under me for my erection to lay on.

But she couldn’t keep her hands off me, so she lightly took my cock and lowered it to the table. The rest of my body followed.

She made me feel special when she said to me as I got comfortable, “Most men need a towel because they often shoot their load when they are overly excited, but you have such control that won’t happen. I put the towel down for you to make you comfortable.”

She dimmed the lights, lit a couple of candles, and put on some very soothing, relaxing music.

There is a huge difference between a massage using lotion and one using oil.

Lotion is good to rehydrate skin, to moisturize the body.

Oil is slicker, much smoother, and when it is warm, there is nothing else comparable to the feeling when a hot naked woman rubs it on you.

Ann was an experienced masseuse and within seconds I knew I had hit pay dirt.

Her hands were tiny as she was dainty, but they were strong, and she knew illegal bahis siteleri what she was doing.

Using the warm oil, all the tension soon left my neck and shoulders and then she stood at the head of the table and massaged my head.

My rock-hard cock softened and shrank as she tenderly massaged by head and my stress level dropped.

My heart was no longer racing, my breath returned to normal.

I might have been able to fall asleep if she had stayed rubbing my head.

But as she moved down my back, my hardness returned, because the long sweeps of her hands went from the tops of my shoulders down my back past my waist over each butt cheek where she cupped the lower end of my ass.

It was sensual, the tension was rising and both of us knew it.

She climbed up on the table, her bare butt sitting on the back of my thighs as she slowly but directly began massaging my ass.

I groaned as she used both hands, in unison, to get the knots buried deep in the muscles.

Alternating between rubbing, pushing, and pulling with teasing with her fingernails, I was soon rock hard, my erection trapped between my body and the towel.

Ann got off the table and stood by my side, then pulled my left leg out so that half of my body was like a frog leg. Grabbing a large towel that was rolled up, she lifted my knee, which elevated my hip and leg off the sheet and semi-exposed me.

I was sure she couldn’t see my cock, not that I was hiding it on purpose, but she could see the result of her efforts so far, and that was my tight sack, building up, getting ready for some relief soon.

“You have big balls” she whispered to me, “and big balls create lots of cum.”

I could tell Ann liked me in this position because I heard her pour some oil onto her hands, rub them to heat it up, and then she started on my left thigh, massaging, but also moving her hands up to the juncture of my sack, thigh, and torso. As she reached the top of my thigh, her right hand rubbed up against my sack and I groaned.

Which only encouraged her to massage there again, then she grazed my already tight sack with the fingernails on her right hand, causing me to groan again.

“This is where life comes from” she whispered to me. “I love your balls.”

When she finished with my left leg and feet, she repeated the process on my right leg, again pulling out my thigh at a 90-degree angle and going to town on my upper thigh and now even tighter sack.

Rubbing my ass gently, she asked me in a quiet voice to lift my torso, and she slid in a cushion that lifted my belly and chest up, while my ass and legs were now fully exposed and open to her. Ann climbed back on the massage table, sat between my spread legs, and cleaned my crack and starfish with a nice, scented baby wipe.

Gently spreading my cheeks, she blew on my hole to dry it, then she lowered her head and licked my starfish.

I groaned in response; the feeling was beyond incredible.

Ann giggled and continued, her tongue snaking everywhere, slowly sensuously, up and down my crack, spending more time at my starfish before licking her way down to my sack, her tongue active as she sought only to pleasure me.

This was far from the torture I’d been put through earlier.

Ann knew all the right places to please me, and she spend extra time with her tongue, lips, and mouth on the intersection of my thighs, balls, and torso.

Ann was driving me nuts with pleasure, so much so that I was sure I would soon be dripping precum if I didn’t start dry humping the towel I was laying on!

“You like this, Rick?” she whispered to me.

“Oh yeah” was all I could say, my cock rock hard and at near throbbing.

“You must wait canlı bahis siteleri to cum” was her reply. “I’ll make it very special for you.”

Rubbing more oil between her hands, she warmed it nicely before going to town on my bare ass, my thighs, my cock, and my hard sack.

I groaned and spread my legs even wider for her.

Ann chuckled, pleased at her efforts to satisfy me.

* * * * *

After working on my feet, and each one of my toes, Ann cleaned my neck, back, butt, arms, legs, feet, and toes with a warm, wet towel, paying special attention by using a new warmed wet towel on my crack and sack.

She dried me with a warm towel and then had me roll over on my back.

My erection was huge, waiting for some attention.

It would have to wait as Ann started in on my head, relaxing me again, my penis softening as she massaged my head, then my neck, occasionally kissing the side of my face and whispering to me how much she liked being with me.

“I appreciate that you didn’t try to maul me when I was massaging your back, Rick. Some men just go crazy trying to touch me when I am trying to relax them.”

She kissed the side of my face and continued with “I knew you were a gentleman when you walked through the door tonight.”

* * * * *

It was more than a happy ending.

A happy ending in my book means a hand job and well, Ann promised me something special.

So, I didn’t know what to expect from her.

She teased me a little bit about being so “tense” when she massaged my belly and thighs.

More than a few times she massaged under my cock, causing my erection to bob a bit.

“You’re so big” she whispered to me.

Hearing that made me feel like a real man for the first time because I knew Ann had seen more than a few cocks and she wasn’t bullshitting me.

She pulled my legs up, exposing my still tight sack and she teased me with her fingernails, causing me to groan in pleasure.

After massaging down my legs and in turn, my feet and toes, Ann once again got out a warm towel and cleaned me off, taking extra time to make sure that my cock and balls were clean of the massage oil.

Her washing my cock just brought me to an even harder state, if possible.

Ann turned off the lights, leaving us only in candlelight.

* * * * *

She sat me up and then asked me to get off the table and she helped me to do so.

Then Ann got up on the table and laid down on it, only her head was hanging over the end of the table.

She whispered to me “Let me suck you now” and she pulled me by my hips so that my cock was right at her face level.

Opening her mouth wide, she didn’t have to tell me what she wanted me to do.

* * * * *

I came for the third time that evening, this final time right down Ann’s throat.

The feeling of fucking her mouth and throat was beyond amazing; this time she truly emptied my balls as she gulped down my essence as I grunted and shot, over and over again, my hands under her neck, supporting her head so could I plunge deep.

The tip of my cock edging into her throat was so incredible.

I had no idea how sensitive my cockhead was, and Ann knew right when to swallow as I pushed past her mouth and into her throat.

The sensation of her contracting throat muscles around my hard dick was going to be addictive.

That was something I would want more of. A lot more of.

* * * * *

I collapsed after shooting my pent-up wad, and after I recovered Ann took me into the shower again where she gently washed me free of the oils she had rubbed on my body.

She paid special attention to my ass, crack, sack, and cock, being very careful not to get me excited again.

She dried me off and helped me to get dressed, but not before kissing my balls and cock again.

On her knees in front of me, she looked up from my junk and asked me if she got the job.

What do you think I said?

* * * * *

I’ll be back soon.

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When it Came Through the Door Pt. 08

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My birthday was coming up, and my wife asked me what I wanted. I told her what she wanted to hear, and decided to keep what I really wanted to myself. After all, I’m more than a little confident she wouldn’t understand.

When I’d left the toilet and Jackson had followed me, I’d almost let him veer off before I gave in, turned to him, and gave him an awkward smile. I’m not one to fess up very often, but this felt like one of those times in which I should. For some reason I had felt a little connection with Jackson, like a kindred spirit perhaps, so I went with my gut feeling and told him the truth.

“I was a bit scared and deleted your number, but later regretted it. I’m sorry,” I’d said simply.

He’d done this little thing where he stroked his chin for a while and his eyes squeezed almost closed, before fixing me with a cheesy grin and saying, “Sounds to me like you need to make it up to me!”

Of course I laughed, “Sure! I’ll happily suck your cock.”

He watched me with a secret bursting in his eyes. “I was thinking more like, fucking that hot, tight arse of yours actually.”

Naturally, I laughed. I knew he was serious, and we joked a little. But then he realised.

“Wait…so, I’d be your first?” he laughed.

By this point, we’d walked half the park, which is quite large.

“I’m not sure it’s my thing,” which was a big lie. I’d been watching a few videos that led to fucking, and I wondered what it was like to do both, but the size of Jackson’s dick scared me.

“I have an idea…no pressure, but how about, you come to my place when my wife’s away for the weekend in a couple of weeks. We can have a few drinks, relax a bit, and give it a shot?” he asked, hanging onto my response.

I did like the idea of trying it, and told him I’d consider it. He gave me his number again, and then demanded I give him mine. When he promised he wouldn’t send me suggestive texts in the middle of the night and that he’d act discretely, I agreed. Before I’d even ventured far from him, he’d sent me a text to confirm he had the right number.

As we rounded a bend, to a bit that overlooks a lake, we were surrounded by thick bush. He paused, and I assumed he was going in his own direction.

But he didn’t.

He walked into the bush, which had a worn path. I stood on the main path and gaped, not quite sure if he was going to pee or what.

But Jackson turned and watched me, as though waiting. When I took one step in his direction, he disappeared into the bushes. I quickly checked around me, and nobody was around, so I quickly ducked to the bush and followed him.

There was a spacious area that was well hidden from the path. It was like a little room covered in leaves. I looked around, absolutely shocked that such a hidden spot was possible.

It did not surprise me that Jackson knew about it.

As I entered, he stood with a big grin, and his dick hanging out through his zipper.

I began to smile, but he stepped forward, and with big arms, enveloped me into a hug, while lifting my face up to his. He kissed me and I felt my dick go rocket hard.

We had both just jizzed in the toilet, both emptied our balls into Vivek, yet someone was horny again, and I wasn’t surprised.

The cheeky grin had not disappeared, and so Jackson dropped to his knees and sucked my dick.

I looked around, but already knew we weren’t being observed and wouldn’t be. Anyone coming would make noise and we’d have time to separate.

But I needn’t worry, because Jackson sucked well and he did it with a slow, wanking hand.

I realised that it got me off really quick.

My dick wasn’t even in his mouth for a minute before I could feel the urge to nut.

And so I did, and Jackson let it spurt into his mouth and even as I gave him all of it, he swallowed it and gagged on it.

When he came away, he smiled, and I bahis firmaları could see he’d swallowed it all.

He’d jizzed all over my joggers too.

We quickly left the bush, and finally, he turned around and grinned, while holding up the phone, before walking off.

He had my number now.

We had some dinner and drinks with close friends for my birthday, but Vivek had developed a stomach bug and sent his apologies. His wife came without him, apologising profusely and relaying his regards, which was odd, because he normally just called or messaged me himself. I told her I understood, and deep down, I did, but I was still upset about it.

I’d figured that if I could get past it, perhaps he could too. At some point, I might need to corner him by himself and have a conversation to clear the air. Though that was easier said than done.

Regardless, it was a great night, we all drank too much, made more memories, and toasted to many more celebrations together.

That weekend was a long weekend, and the Sunday night my wife went to a women’s overnight retreat with two of her girlfriends for the night for a luxurious massage and champagne evening, followed by yoga and meditation.

The timing was not accidental, given I’d suggested it, found the alleged discount voucher, and bought it for her, then suggested her friends go with her.

Alone on a Sunday, with no wife until Monday, and free to do as I pleased, I chose to accept Jackson’s invitation.

A bottle of good Whiskey in hand, I drove over to Jackson’s address, which wasn’t that far away from mine, and parked in his driveway.

His house was impressively large and suited the neighbourhood well, with two and a half stories, a double-garage and white picket fence.

I thought the guy was taking too much risk however, but kept that musing to myself.

Jackson opened the door wearing a naughty grin, grey shorts, and a baggy white tee and stood barefoot.

“Hey buddy, come in,” he said, highly likely more for the neighbours than for me, but I liked the sound of being called his buddy.

Jackson’s house was as impressive on the inside as it was on the outside, with tasteful decor and not too crowded furniture. He led me to the main living area, which faced an impressively large television. On it, was some high quality, bisexual porn.

“Whoa…” I couldn’t help but stammer and sat on the soft, large sofa.

He looked concerned. “Is this not okay?”

I quickly reassured him it was. “No, no! Not what I meant. It’s just that…well, it feels all so out in the open here. Aren’t you afraid that…”

“…my wife will come home?” he continued for me, a tight jawline that held up a smirk on his handsome face.

“Um, er…yeah.” I shrugged, but looked around as though expecting her to come in at any moment.

“She got a 3-hour train this morning, and I’m picking her up tomorrow evening. She’s got a tracker device hidden in her suitcase, which I checked today, and she’s definitely at her hotel.”

I started at him, disbelieving. “You put a tracker on your wife?”

It was his turn to shrug. “Only way to ensure we won’t be interrupted. Also for her safety.”

There was no point faulting his logic, even if it bothered me.

Somehow, I relaxed a little, but occasionally looked over my shoulder towards the doorway regardless.

The blonde girl in the video was overly made-up, far too slutty to be attractive, with eyes that proved she was high off her chops, but one of the guys was incredibly sexy, with muscles not much more defined than Jackson’s, and handsome, rugged looks.

This guy was getting fucked by a black guy, who had a dick only slightly smaller than Jackson’s.

“Looks painful,” I said.

“Only for a few seconds,” Jackson said, pouring us both a Whiskey from his own stash.

“What happens after a few seconds?” kaçak iddaa I asked, eyes glued to the close-up of a black dick sliding in and out of the rugged guy’s arse.

“Your arsehole starts to relax, you start to enjoy it and feel less pain, and more pleasure.”

“And if I don’t relax and enjoy it?” I asked him, finally turning to watch him.

He shrugged. “Then you bite the pillow, and hope I’ll jizz pretty soon,” he downed the scotch while watching the porn. Then slowly turned to face me, even as my jaw slowly dropped open.

“Kidding,” he added. “If you don’t like it, you can fuck me.”

“Do you like it?” I asked him.

“Sometimes,” he said, watching the blonde girl try and focus on the rugged guy’s cock.

It wasn’t awkward exactly, but I felt like Jackson was waiting for something.

We sipped our drinks in silence, and watched the bi porn with interest. I wasn’t hard, in fact I was quite turned off by it.

A short time later, as I started to feel a healthy dose of buzz from the alcohol, Jackson said. “You’re not hard. Nervous?” he was staring at the bulge in my shorts.

I shrugged. “It’s not really turning me on. Not sure if it’s the girl or what. She’s too…” I didn’t know how to finish, but luckily Jackson seemed to get it.

He nodded. “Yeah. Not really my type.” He navigated to a new site with his phone, and selected gay porn onto the big T.V.

A ‘Doctor’ and a ‘builder’ were standing in an office.

“I have an itch deep inside me that I can’t seem to scratch,” the builder complained to the Doctor.

I laughed, and pretty soon Jackson did too.

It relaxed the atmosphere a little, but the porn was a lot better, so it made a big difference.

He slid over to right next to me and the awkwardness dialled up a little, but then he put an arm around my shoulders, and a hand on my bulge, while gently massaging it, and watching my reaction.

I kept my focus on the porn for a few more seconds, but then looked down at his strong hand as it massaged my quickly growing boner.

“That’s better,” he said, as my rock-hard dick began to protest against my shorts.

His hand felt good, and warmed me up quite quickly. When I turned to look at him, he was watching me intently, with a gaze that made me a little uncomfortable.

He leaned in too close, and his lips were right next to mine. I watched his face, and felt the compulsion to turn away.

But I kissed him instead.

Again, I felt that jolt when our lips touched that seemed to echo through my body and made my dick throb.

Apparently he felt it too, because he swivelled to sit on my lap, faced me and pushed his body into me. I could feel his huge dick press against my belly as he leaned in and kissed me again.


It was warm, and comfortable on that sofa, and somehow we went from sitting, to laying down. Clothes dissolved while we kissed, and he pushed me down with a ferociousness I hadn’t experienced since my wedding day.

When he pulled my t-shirt off, and he saw my bare chest, his eyes lit up.

“You’ve been working out,” he said breathlessly, and kissed me again.

It was a bit awkward, in that we hit a level of intimacy I wasn’t expecting.

An intimacy I hadn’t experienced with anyone except my wife.

But it didn’t seem to bother Jackson, as his lips melted into mine with a deep, long, passionate kiss, while his hands massaged the back of my neck, my ears, my head, my shoulders, and occasionally, as our dicks pressed and rubbed against each other, his tongue would trail along my neck and sometimes venture into my ears.

Nobody had ever put a tongue in my ear, and it made me wanna nut so bad.

His hot breath, as his dick moved tightly against mine, made me pretty close to jizz, but I held off.

He jumped up, grabbed my hand, and led me to his bedroom. I could tell right kaçak bahis away it was not their bedroom, but a spare room, by the generic sparse furnishing and lack of intimate objects.

The bed was comfortable and soft, but the minute we lay on it naked, and he was back on top kissing me, I forgot where I was.

The passion reached new levels with Jackson. When his tongue immersed itself in my mouth, and his dick rubbed against mine once more, I drew back, so close, trying not to jizz.

Jackson sensed this, because then he trailed down, licking around my chest and my nipples, and down along my belly and around my balls. He sniffed them for a while, apparently enjoying my man-scent.

Before I knew it, my dick disappeared inside his mouth with loud sucking and slurping. His mouth was so hot, and firm as it swallowed my dick whole. He alternated between my balls, the head of my cock and swallowing my cock again repeatedly.

Then he came up and kissed me while lifting me onto his lap, and I felt his cock rub against the hole of my arse.

I opened my mouth to tell him that I didn’t think I could do it, but he lifted me up, twisted me around and grabbed my waist, pulled me up and towards him, and shoved his tongue into my arse.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Doggy style is not a position that I’ve ever thought I’d be in for my birthday weekend, but being naked with Jackson in his bed, was what I’d been thinking about a lot for some time.

On all fours, with Jackson eating out my arse, my thoughts raced.

Would I let him? He was huge. I’m not sure I have it in me. Thinking about it is one thing, but he was very big. I began to list how I’d reject him before he’d even begun.

It felt a bit like a dream, and surreal, as he flipped me again, put a bottle of poppers to me, then kissed me while the tip of his dick pushed at my arsehole.

Whatever that poppers was, put me in a very dreamlike state and also made me relax a lot.

Smirking at me, a hand reaching over for lube, and then his dick trying to gently wiggle a way in there, while I stared at him wondering what the hell poppers was.

“I don’t think I can,” I started, but Jackson’s lips came down into mine as I felt him trying to push in even further.

“Okay, we won’t then,” he said, but continued to slide in and out of me.

I could feel him fucking me, but I knew he was only in a little bit.

Instead of moving off me, he gave me more from the little bottle and then kissed me some more.

My legs wrapped around his waist as I felt him sliding deep into me. I’m not sure how far he got in, but the look on his face was ecstasy. He kept nodding, smiling — so cheeky, but grunted as he fucked me. He’d built a little rhythm, and looked like he was completely in heaven.

And then he was close, I could tell, and I was too. His dick seemed to be hitting that spot where my orgasms always start.

He seemed to be fucking that very spot.


And as I felt it begin to erupt, I watched his face spasm, and his eyes almost roll all the way back as he nutted with an explosive grunt, a half roar like I’d heard in the toilets when he’d fucked Vivek, and his body tensed, even as his dick plunged all the way right deep inside me.

My jizz splashed us in waves, between his chest and mine, and our faces.

We were covered.

Eruption isn’t even the word. It’s like when he fucked me, he fucked the jizz out. It shot out in multiple directions like mini jets of molten lava and stuck to us.

And then he collapsed on top of me, kissing my neck, panting heavily, and covered in a sheen of sweat.

I can’t tell you how long we lay like that in total, but I did not have the energy to move a muscle.

At some point, Jackson slid off me and rolled to my side, and lay half draped across me, both slowly trying to catch our breath.

I didn’t know what to say, and I opened my mouth a couple of times, but felt this enormous wave of tiredness.

I fell asleep.

And woke up with sun streaming through the windows and Jackson spooning me.

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Jim and Edie Again Ch. 09-10

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Chapter 9 – Shock and Awe

Matt and Amy were sitting on the side of the pool having an animated discussion about something. Edie had gone inside to put the breakfast dishes away. She was wearing her Daisy Dukes and a crop top, and also acting enticing.

I was left sitting with my two children – Josh and Carolyn. Josh asked, “How do you spend your time?”

I decided now was a good time to do a reveal. “We have a very loving and romantic social life with two other couples and a couple of others we see less frequently.”

They both frowned as their little thinking engines tried to work through the possibilities that my remark left open. I added, “We get together at least once or twice a week, and tonight is one of those nights. I hope you’ll excuse our absence, but we planned this romantic time long in advance and they mean a lot to both Edie and me.”

“What do you mean ‘romantic’?” Carolyn asked.

“We make love to each other, although the men don’t interact much.”

Josh managed to make the four syllables each into separate words: “Sexually”.

I nodded. “I also take care of our two homes, inside and out; continue to work our investment portfolio; do a little genealogy; and I have a few other hobbies and projects, and there’s some charity work I still do. I have about six novels going at any one time. Edie has been encouraging me to write some stories, too, and I wanted to get back into photography, especially having a model as a girlfriend. I bought a great camera just before Diane died, and I just lost my motivation. Edie is restoring my chi, so I’m getting interested again. Most of all I love being with Edie. We take romantic walks on the beach, and we talk about everything under the sun.”

Josh started sputtering, “Wait. Wait. Wait. You have sex with Edie AND other people – other women?”

“Yes. Mindy and Rita, and I love them, just not as much as Edie. They’re both married, and their husbands are our best friends. Edie makes love with the men, too. We’re all best friends.”

Carolyn sputtered, “But … but … but … that’s so wrong.”

I countered, “No it’s not. Who told you that?”

She was flummoxed and couldn’t respond.

“Kids, we love our friends. Most of the world operates under the assumption that you can only love one person. THAT’S wrong! I know, because I live a life where I love more than one. I was just talking a few weeks ago to Edie’s daughter’s husband and his female friend about at least two models for how you can live your life and your relationships. I made a list for them. Here it is on my cellphone.” I passed phone to Josh. “I’m getting another cup of coffee. Get you any?” They both nodded but were looking at the short list on my phone.

In the kitchen, Edie was just finishing. We both stopped and made out for five minutes. “You got them cranked up?”

I laughed and nodded. “Yep. They’re stuttering because they’re trying to tell me how wrong it all is.”

Edie laughed, “Oh, a value judgment. Shame on them. Who’s to say whether its right or wrong?”

I did mention that you made love with the men.”

“Oh, great. Now, your girlfriend is a first-class slut that sleeps around.”

I teased, “You don’t seem to sleep when we see our friends.”

She laughed and headed off to the bedroom. “I think it’s monokini time.”

I carried three mugs back to the table and distributed them. I sat back and looked out at the pool and yard.

Both Josh and Carolyn were warmed up for a salvo in my direction. I fired off the first shot. “Now, please don’t be shocked when Edie comes out. She’s usually nude around the pool, but I think I convinced her to wear the lower half of her bikini. She doesn’t like tan lines. She has done some other modeling recently, so it’s important that she look uniform and at her best.”

They both looked at each other, and then at Edie as she strolled onto the patio with her iPad. Edie did not have opulent breasts like some porn queens. They were full, ripe, and perfectly proportioned to her body. They were also perfectly formed, had good-sized areolas, and nipples like the end of your little finger. They’d sagged a little with age, but she always carried herself well with her shoulders back, and that posture supported more than many other women her age.

She stopped by the table, “Everyone have what they need? There are more coffee and sweet rolls left, and we always have unsweet iced tea in refrig. We have all those great leftovers from yesterday for lunch, too.” We all politely turned her down. I got a hug, that put my head between her breasts, and then a couple of sweet kisses.

Edie went and joined Matt and Amy on the other side of the pool in the sun. I was mildly surprised a minute later when Amy removed her top. Josh looked stunned at his wife, but didn’t say anything. Matt looked happy as he sat with his mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

I relaxed and waited for that missing salvo. Josh said, “I read that list. I’d like a copy, if you please. canlı bahis It’s quite persuasive. You know I’m rooted in the first model – the paradigm on the left in your chart I think we mostly are. But when I read the words for the other model, that’s where I want to live. How’d that happen? Why didn’t you talk about with us earlier in our lives?”

“Sorry about that. Your mother and I were raised and inculcated in the paradigm we all lived in. It’s hard to see a different way when you living inside what you think is the only way. It’s only been recently I’ve learned about the other possibilities where I thought there were none. Edie’s on the same voyage of discovery. Our friends helped a bit, but I read a lot and started finding a better way. It’s a voyage of discovery for all of us. A favorite book that influenced me a great deal was Heinlein’sStranger in Strange Land. I recommend you read it.

“What else?” Carolyn asked with a touch of eagerness in her voice.

I laughed, “The Ethical Slut. It’s more contemporary and nonfiction, and it’s fundamental manifesto is that consenting adults can do whatever they want about sex. With that as prologue, here I sit doing exactly that. Edie’s in that boat, too.”

“Do you think we should change?” Josh posed.

“That’s up to you. You need to judge whether you are ready to make that leap. It is not an insignificant one. You, of course, need your spouse along for the ride, as well as fortitude and resolve to make any relationship a success. Edie and I have those, we think.

“Now that you’re adults, if I tell you to do something and you do it and it fails, you’ll blame me. I don’t want that burden. If you try, I ask that if you judge yourselves don’t use the criteria people use in the old and most popular relationship behavior model. You need new yardsticks and measures of success. Edie and I are still making the transition, too, so you’re catching us mid-stride. I hope I always encouraged you to be daring and have a willingness to take risks. That was what I tried to instill in all the people that worked for NASA. We’d have never made it to the moon and Mars otherwise.”

Carolyn looked out across the patio. Both Amy and Edie had moved to a chaise in the sun. Matt was applying sunscreen to Edie and not missing any spots. I laughed. He was being teased something fierce and apparently loved it.

“What would be the kind of things you’ve done to loosen up or to take risks?” Josh asked.

I laughed, “Tell Matt to put lotion on Amy. Carolyn, you encourage him, too.”

Josh laughed and then yelled over, and also thanked him for protecting his precious wife. Carolyn said loudly so he could hear, “Don’t worry honey. I’m not jealous or anything. Just help both women … and don’t miss any spots.”

Matt was frozen in position looking over at his wife and brother-in-law in disbelief. Amy was laughing, and Edie just gave a little wave and then said something to Matt. He smeared on more lotion, this time working the cream into her breasts. A few minutes later he did Amy all over, but kept constantly checking with his wife. Carolyn watched and grinned.

I asked, “What are you feeling?”

Josh rolled his eyes. “Aroused, elated, excited. He’s touching places on Amy only I have touched for the past five years.”

“Do you think Amy loves you any less?”

“No. Maybe more. She likes Matt, and I suspect she’s feeling many of the same things I am, especially aroused. I bet she likes being touched by another male.”

I pushed further, “Just to push the point a little, what if you saw Amy push her bikini bottoms off and he started to finger her pussy as they kissed. What if she pulled his dick from his bathing suit and started to blow him, and then had him mount her and they started to make love.” I held my hand up in a stop motion to Carolyn; her turn would come momentarily.

Josh watched the couple diagonally across the pool. We could just hear the overtones of their conversation but not make out too many words. Edie was often part of the chat.

Josh sighed, “Wow! That’s like crazy stimulating and arousing.”

I said, “Model One would have you fly into a fit of jealous rage. You’d want to kill him and probably Amy. You’d scream and carry on. Maybe hit Matt for taking advantage of your wife. After all, she’s your property and he violated her. If she loves him, she doesn’t love you. You judge their behavior as outrageously bad, so bad that you engage a divorce attorney. You spread her bad reputation and misdeeds to all your friends, but they soon leave both of you; nobody likes that kind of drama or having to pick sides. Amy is pissed at your response, so she’s not about to apologize or try to win you back; she gets the best divorce lawyer in the state and is out to make you penniless for a long time. The child custody battle almost makes national news.

“In Model Two, you watch and appreciate the love they’re sharing. You know that the more people you love the more love you have to give bahis siteleri and the more you get in return. Matt is a good friend and remains that way, even closer now that he has a comfortable relationship with your wife as well as you. You also hope Amy is having a great time as they make love. You want her to have orgasms from him. You bury any bad thoughts because they aren’t contributing to your happiness over the event; there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. You resolve to be encouraging of their love and friendship, and besides, perhaps it’ll bring you closer to Matt’s wife, who you also love and would like to engage in a similar way.”

I laughed at my ending to the little scenario. I was teasing the two of them about having a sexual relationship.

Josh said, “Yes, there’s something to be said for the second model, but … I have to learn to think that way.”

“Carolyn, have any thoughts?”

“Fuck yes! You just set me up to have sex with my brother. You have my husband going off to fuck Amy all the time and in love with her. What am I, chopped liver?”

I spoke calmly, “The important question is ‘What do you want to be?’ The wronged wife, part of a loving group of people, a loving sister, or something else? Only you can decide.”

“But … but …”

Josh leaned over the Carolyn, “Honey, he’s just pushing your buttons … as he was pushing mine a moment earlier. He is right, though. He has given me – us – some serious things to think about. I’m thirty-two, and I have to decide if the way I’ve been living is something I want to continue. Of course, I need to talk to Amy. If you’re contemplating all this, I suggest the four of us get together.”

I stepped in, “You can start here, if you wish. I suggest you all come back in one or two months and take stock of where you are in your thinking. If you want, Edie could also introduce you to her daughter – at least electronically or over Zoom. She’s also making a similar transition. David, her husband, had a small indiscretion with a pretty girl named Jean. Under Penny’s aegis, the threesome is going to try living together in a group marriage.”

Carolyn lit up. “I’d like to talk to her – wow! I need a woman’s perspective. I assume she’s about our age?”

“Yes, she is. Twenty-nine if I recall correctly. Edie can tell you more about her.”

We all looked over at Matt, Edie, and Amy. The three were laughing, and Matt was standing behind Amy and running his hands up and down the front of her body including her breasts. She was pushing up into his hands and laughing as they all looked over at us.

* * * * *

We were in Hank and Rita’s back yard on Saturday night. Everyone had just sat down to eat the standard fare of barbecued burgers, chicken, and various side dishes.

Mindy said, “I’m aghast that your kids know you came here tonight to make love with us.”

Bruce chipped in, “You should have brought them. Penny took to this like a duck to water. They could have at least watched. After all, we are exhibitionists.”

Jim spoke, “In their case, it’s too early. I asked them to think about all our philosophy and how it applied to them, and then come back to talk about it. Don’t forget Penny had a little motivation since her husband had misbehaved back home.”

I added, “My son Mark is overseas and I don’t hear from him too often. He does not know about our social life. Given his mindset, he never will.”

As it turned out, we were the only couple most of whose children knew about the loving group we’d formed. There didn’t seem to be a rush to inform them either, although Rita perked up at the thought.

Our group made love with each other that night, making sure that all combinations were covered except for our own spouses or partners. At one point the women lined up on the sofa, and the guys just came along in rotation doing’ us for two minutes each. We were laughing, proving to me that sex can be fun as well as romantic.

For no particular reason, the evening ended early, so Jim and I set out for his home. Also, for no particular reason, he decided not to put the car in the garage; a move that would have created the rumble of the garage door going up and down.

Jim and I strolled into the house, only all was quiet despite the lights being on. Jim glanced down the hallway to the bedrooms and could see the doors open. He said to me, “I think they must be outside by the pool.”

I looked out the door to the patio off the kitchen to see four nude friends scattered around the deck. Matt was in the pool, so I couldn’t tell for sure whether he wore a suit, but Josh was standing talking to Amy and Carolyn. They were in their birthday suits.

Edie turned and whispered, “No suits.”

Jim and I quickly stripped and then sauntered out the door to join the others. They exhibited the startle response by all jerking to attention and looking like they’d been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

“Good evening everyone. bahis şirketleri Having fun?” Jim spoke in a jaunty tone, as though nothing was wrong.

Josh took the lead, “Errr, you said that skinny-dipping was normal back here, and your neighbors seemed to be away.”

“No problem. We swam in the same condition at our friend’s house earlier this evening, but we did think we’d join you.”

We walked up to the threesome but acknowledged Matt in the pool.

I had to laugh less than sixty seconds later. Both Josh and Jim got hard-ons, and fairly noticeable ones, at that. I decided to play.

“Josh, it’s refreshing to see someone as young as you responding to my old body.”

He rolled his eyes, “Old is not a term I would ever apply to you. Sorry, I can’t help it. You are … hot and obviously arousing.”

Carolyn grinned, “It took him almost an hour to get over seeing his sister nude. Thankfully, women don’t show their arousal quite so readily. I must say, however, I do feel a little squicky seeing my father respond to my nude body.”

Jim rolled his eyes, “And such a beautiful nude body it is, but give me a while to get used to the situation and I promise to not perv on your body so much.”

Amy teased, “We thought you’d come home all sexually depleted, but that hardly seems to be the case.”

I tossed in, “Oh, we only went around twice after dinner. Jim has more in him than that, but he didn’t want to show up the other men.”

Josh and Carolyn looked especially surprised at that statistic. I just let it ride.

Jim asked, “Did you … engage sexually?”

Josh shook his head. “No. Just a lot of ogling plus some grab-ass in the pool.”

Carolyn said, “We were just going to experiment with each other to test how much further loosening up is needed.”

I asked, “How were you planning to do that?”

“Full body hugs and rubs with each other, although Matt and Josh weren’t interested in doing that with each other. I should tell you that we had a long discussion over dinner about open marriages and libidinous behavior. We got turned on.”

Jim and I laughed. He held his arms out to Carolyn. I was sure he was teasing, but she called his bluff, and their two nude bodies came together in a warm and loving hug. I was a little surprised at the romantic kisses – even French kisses – that followed. Neither seemed inclined to stop right away. The activity did not help Jim deflate. His cock was trapped between their lower bodies. When I could periodically see it, I could tell he had a massive hard-on.

Amy moved in as Carolyn backed away. “That looked nice. Me, too.” She ignored the hard-on that now pointed at the North Star.

Amy and Jim spent even longer hugging and kissing. Josh looked on and proceeded to get a lot harder and longer, ending with his cock pointed up at some other bright star nearly overhead. Amy had also trapped Jim’s warm appendage between their bodies as she also squirmed around making sure they could both get aroused by her actions. Matt was watching with his mouth hanging agape at the erotic scene.

Not to be left out, I moved to Josh and duplicated what Amy was doing. I took hold of Josh’s cock and positioned it between our bodies so it pointed up at my breasts, and then we started to hug and I finally got him to kiss me in a significant way. Amy and Jim watched us with grins at our mischief.

I could feel Josh harden further between us. I wondered whether he’d shoot off and I’d end up covered in cum, but he must have needed more stimulation.

When we stopped about two minutes later, Matt was beside me. Although he was wet from the pool, I pulled him into me and did a similar positioning of his erection. Our French kisses didn’t end for five minutes. We were both pretty worked up.

As we parted, Carolyn was there with two towels. She gave me and then one to Matt. “Dry off. You and I are going inside and you are going to fuck me clear into next year. I’m so horny you can even do my ass again. Come on, see if you can make me scream my safe word.”

Matt looked most interested, and let Carolyn drag him away by his penis. She was sexy.

Josh and Amy looked at each other. He then turned to his father, “Are we allowed to do something here on the patio?”

“You’d better. I think your wife is worked up a little. I don’t think you’d make it to your bedroom before she detonates.” Amy was nodding with an alluring and sexy smile.

Jim took my hand and led me to a chaise. In only a few second, I was on him cowgirl style. God, I loved this man. He hit places inside me that no other man ever had.

Only ten feet away on another chaise, Josh merged with Amy and they started romantic lovemaking. There were whispers, but I couldn’t tell what was said.

* * * * *

I was up early. I anticipated that both my son and daughter would have some squeamish feelings about what they’d done the night before. I got a stirring in my cock when I recalled looking at and then briefly making out with my daughter. I don’t think a father is supposed to think that way, but I did and it was all delightful.

Carolyn was the first to show up. As soon as she saw me, she blushed. She was wearing her bikini – both parts.

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Shower , Steam with Dean

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Note: I’ve sat on this story, thinking about writing it for nearly 20 years. This is a true tale of the first time I had my cock sucked by another man – and generally the events leading up to it.

During the summers in college I had a habit of working out late nights at the local big box gym franchise.

Usually arriving around 10:00 or so it was mostly empty, giving me free run of the place.

At the time I’m about 22 or so, about 6′, light brown hair, with a study athletic build – having played multiple sports in high school, and keeping a regular exercise routine during my time away at school.

While there, I noticed an acquaintance who I’d met at various times in past, his name was Dean. Dean owned a small independent movie theatre in a neighboring town. He was always very friendly to me, and to other young men I’d noticed. Always kind of hanging around, but never in a creepy way, just a friendly guy. He was probably in his late 50’s, tanned, slightly balding, in trim shape, with slight facial hair.

At this gym they had a nice locker room, with 4-6 semi private stalls, and a steam room just before you got to the showers.

I really enjoyed a good sweat after my workouts. My routine would be to get a pump on, shower up and then go to the steam room for a sweat.

It started slowly, with Dean. I’d be getting my workout on, and he’d be up on the mezzanine level getting his cardio on.

It seemed though that without fail when I’d finish up, he too would finish up. And so it happened this evening, where Dean and I went into the showers together. I walked into the shower area, towel around my waist, shower sandals on and picked the far shower on the left. Dean followed me in and picked the one right across from me.

I think we’d been doing this for some time, but on this evening, I saw that he’d left his curtain open.

On seeing this, I got nervous and excited. In truth it had been a slow progression. He didn’t start with the curtain bahis firmaları open, but worked his way into it over time.

On this night though, the curtain was open, and so I let mine open too. No one was around, we were the only ones there.

At this time I was naive of my true feelings and was very shy about things. But I proceeded to soap up, as did Dean. I started with my chest and shoulders, working my way down my trim stomach. Hitting the soap dispenser again, I soaped up my dick and balls. I looked up and dean was looking at me, memorized. I have to admit that I liked the attention, though I didn’t know how to handle it exactly.

I would soap up, letting my dick chub up, but not letting myself become fully erect out of fear of someone walking, seeing me with a raging boner across from another man and thinking I was gay.

I love a chubbed up boner though, its like a game you play, letting it get erect to a point, but not so much where it stands at full attention. You kind of come off with plausible deniability – no my dick is normally just this think and points out forward. Of course its this big, all the time.

While I was soaping up, my dick, my balls, and rubbing my ass with lather, I’d look over at dean. I’d have water running off the tip of my dick like I was peeing.

At this point in my life I’d seen other dicks, but not in such a context. Usually it was in a locker room while changing to get ready for practices or games and such.

Here though, my dick and Dean’s dick were on full view. He had a caramel color to his skin, and the water ran down his skin nicely.

Once we had showered up, and sufficiently lathered ourselves it was time to sit in the steam for a bit. We turned our showers off, headed to the steam room, and hung up our towels outside of the steam room. It hadn’t started this way, in the beginning I had kept my towel on. I think the first few times, maybe just once or twice, I had sat in the steam room kaçak iddaa with a towel on, which then left me with a soaking towel. After I got comfortable though, and with Dean’s help, I saw that dicks out was the way to be, so I followed suit and ceased to bring a towel in the steam room again.

On this night I think I was talking to him about the woes I was having with my girlfriend at the time. We sat on the bench together. Inside the sauna the steam came out of a spout right by the door. The shape was rectangular with a long bench and a short L shape at the far end. I liked to sit on that upper bench, so I could get maximum steam. Dean preferred to be on the lower bench, just to my left. He said it was because he didn’t want the hotness of the heat, but in reality, as I see now, he wanted to be eye level with my cock.

About my dick, my cock, what have you, I’ve always gotten compliments. I had one girlfriend tell me I had the perfect cock, which of course went right to my head. Its got a nice girth to it, and a nice length too. Not too short, not too long. Not too fat, but not too skinny, its just right. My balls are big, and they hang low, always have.

We were sitting there, Dean had a water bottle he’s suck on while we sat and sweat, he’d worked up the courage to splash some on me, as I was sitting forward at that time, I reacted positively to it, and leaned back. My chubbed cock growing in length, and girth, and rising to the occasion. This gave Dean the courage to continue, he came next to me on the bench and sat close to me. This time, as we talked, he splashed water on my chest again, and then again and then directly onto my cock. It felt glorious. The contrast of the cool water he was putting on my chest and belly, and then on my cock against the heat of the steam room was amazing.

I remember when he splashed my cock with the bottle, I contracted it, I squeezed it from the inside and it jumped, now standing up at full attention, chubbed to kaçak bahis the max.

This was the signal he was looking for, and with that he dropped the bottle, and engulfed my cock completely.

I was surprised, and inhaled sharply. I’d never had a man suck my cock before, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

Sure we’d been playing a dangerous game, flirting, without me really knowing, or admitting to myself that that was what it was.

His mouth on my cock felt amazing, it was like liquid velvet. Hot and smooth, Dean knew how to suck a dick. My cock throbbed in his mouth and he sucked me like there was no tomorrow.

I laid my head back, and leaned back against the hot tile walls, sweat dripping down my face, my chest and my cock and balls. Dean went to town, bobbing up and down, sucking, slurping, bobbing his head up and down on my thick, hard young cock. He was an expert, and a better cock sucker than any of my girlfriends had ever been. He knew his way around the dick, knew not to drag his teeth on the shaft, knew how to envelop his mouth around me in just the right way.

I wish I could say I was able to hold out, but in truth it was too much for me.

At this point Dean had moved down right in front of me, bending over to suck my cock as I sat on the bench, and all of a sudden I unloaded, I didn’t even warn him, cause I didn’t know it was coming. But did I ever, I unloaded in his mouth, and heard him receive it. He breathed hard in and out of his nostrils so he could take my whole load, he sucked me off and out for all I was worth, so much so that my cock turned electric and I had to pull him off of me. He wanted to suck my cock until everything was out. So much so that my dick turned electric and I had to pull his head off.

Once I got him off of my dick, I collapsed back onto the bench, my head was swirling, he looked at me and said, “How ’bout them Red Sox?!”

“Yeah” was all I could manage.

My mind was racing: I’d just had a fully gay encounter, or was it gay? I didn’t touch him, he’d sucked me off. Was I gay? What does this mean?

I slid off the bench, got a quick rinse in the showers with Dean and headed home to go to bed.

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Family Pets Pt. 02

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Family Pets pt. 2

Conclusion to this story, but Family Pets is an anthology that I will be adding entries to in the future, but with different characters. All characters depicted are eighteen years old or older.

Marcus was in his room playing a game on his tablet when there was a knock on the door.

“Yes?” The door opened to reveal Yuuka, his new stepsister and now mistress. His cock stirred at the thought of what she had made him do in the three days since he had come home from college. She grinned when they made eye contact, although he quickly looked down.

“Hi, big brother. Today’s the day. Veda’s coming so I want you to get ready. Take this, I want you hairless.” He caught the bottle. His mouth dropped open. He was aware of using it to remove body hair, but had never used it himself. He nodded.

“Who’s Veda?” She shrugged.

“My best friend. Remember I want to show her a good time.” She left and he quickly headed to the shower. He was a bit uncomfortable, but knew that there was really no argument with her. So he followed her instructions. When he stepped out of the shower he spent several minutes examining his now smooth skin. He moaned when he felt his now hairless balls. There was a knock at the door and a voice full of amusement.

“Hurry up, big brother. No time to play with yourself.” Marcus blushed as he guiltily pulled his hand away. He quickly dressed and headed to the living room, where he found Yuuka sitting on the couch and looking at her phone. When he entered she looked up and laughed.

“I know we’re having a guest over, but you are just going to be stripping again.” He looked around nervously.

“Where is she?” She shrugged and sat back on the couch.

“She’s just pulling in now. I’ll get the door. Kneel, big brother.” He lowered himself to the floor and waited. It was not long before he heard the door open and a moment before he heard voices. Beyond recognizing Yuuka’s voice and that the other was someone different he couldn’t determine anything. There was only a brief pause before they entered and he got his first look at Veda. She was a striking woman, clearly of Indian descent maybe a couple years older than them. His surprise must have been evident for they laughed and Yuuka spoke.

“What surprises you, big brother?” He hesitated before taking a breath to speak.

“I thought she would be our age, not…older.” He expected her to be insulted, but she laughed.

“You’re right Yuuka, he is absolutely adorable. We’ve actually been friends for a while. Our moms have been friends since grade school. I just graduated and now I work for Ayane.” He blinked to hear her mention his stepmother. The other two sat on the couch, Yuuka stroking his hair while they got caught up. Marcus remained on the floor uncertain of what to make of the situation as they discussed Yuuka’s education and Veda’s first few weeks on the job. He began to grow uncomfortable kneeling on the floor and struggled to remain in that position without complaining. However he didn’t have long to wait before Veda gestured to him with her eyes. Yuuka laughed nodding.

“You’re right, Veda. I want to play as well. Strip, big brother.” He rushed to comply with her command. He was about to kneel once more, but Yuuka shook her head. As Veda watched with interest Yuuka began stroking him. However the speed indicated that the intent was to show off his dick rather to make any real approach to getting him off. Veda grinned and continued to watch avidly in anticipation of what Yuuka had in mind to do next. Yuuka illegal bahis leaned in to lick his shaft while she turned to Veda so she was licking from the side. Marcus moaned and soon found he was dripping precum. Yuuka grinned as she licked the head. He moaned again, but Yuuka looked up frowning.

“Sorry, as a guest you should get a taste.” She held out his cock as the grin returned. Veda licked her lips and eagerly accepted the offered cock. Seeing a drop of precum she licked it up, sighing contentedly as she swallowed. She grinned as she slowly opened her eyes.

“Hmm, he tastes good. How long have you been training him?” She started stroking him slowly as Yuuka answered.

“Not long. His control isn’t bad though. But we should probably give him a break.” Veda nodded as she released him. She looked over to Yuuka who nodded. Veda stood to quickly undress, while Yuuka spread her legs, causing her skirt to ride up revealing her panties. Veda sat back on the couch and directed Marcus to the floor while Yuuka began to rub herself through her panties. Veda looked down and pointed to her pussy.

“Show me what you have learned.” He nodded lowering his head between her legs. Marcus had barely given her an experimental lick when she took his head in both hands. Her breath came out as a gasp when he made a second less tentative lick. He flicked her clit causing her to cry out, but he quickly moved onto licking down her lips the entire length of her pussy. Her hands gripped tighter, but he continued to lick the entire length of her pussy. She moaned a little louder and her breathing came a little harder. He licked a little faster as he was eager to enjoy more of her taste. Veda moaned pulling his head in tighter. He carefully spread her lips to thrust his tongue between them. Her moaning grew louder and she began thrusting into him with increasing force.

When her moaning became exceedingly loud, despite the fact that her legs were tightening around him, he moved one hand to rub her clit and with a stretch he reached up to pinch a nipple. She cried out and thrust hard into his face. She rested on the couch and made one more hard thrust before collapsing. She was breathing hard but grinning. After a moment she managed to speak.

“Not bad, boy. Yuuka will you let me help train him? He could be really good.” Yuuka shrugged.

“Of course. Now do you want more? Or should we wait?” Veda thought about this briefly before gesturing to Yuuka.

“You have a go.” Yuuka grinned and gestured for Marcus to come close.

“Get to work, big brother.” He did not hesitated to kiss her pussy in a series of quick pecks. Yuuka laughed softly. “No teasing, big brother.” He sucked on her lips going back and forth between them for several moments. Her breathing came a little faster and began rubbing her pussy with fast movements of one hand. Now her moaning was becoming more audible. After several moments more he began sucking her clit while maintaining his own efforts rubbing her lips. A hand was on his head and she moaned loudly while he continued his efforts. She writhed briefly under him before crying out and collapsing. He sat on the floor waiting to see what they had in store for him. Veda only waited a short time before speaking.

“Let’s try something else while Yuuka recovers.” She stood and turned her back to him. She bent over slightly as she pulled his head into her ass. “My ass. Your tongue.” Marcus briefly hesitated, but quickly licked noting the difference between it and the taste of her pussy. She moaned softly as he spread her cheeks to begin illegal bahis siteleri thrusting his tongue into her hole. Her moaning grew louder as she began thrusting her rear even harder into his tongue.

He was surprised to find his tongue reaching deeper into her ass and her grip tightened. Her cries of pleasure were loud enough, but he was no longer listening as his attention was on thrusting his tongue harder, imagining what it would be like if it were his hard cock. This continued with him trying to penetrate deeper and wondering if it was possible for her to cum from this alone. However he didn’t have a chance to find out as she suddenly released him and stepped away.

“Hmm, your tongue feels good. Are you ready Yuuka?” He looked to see that Yuuka was naked and sitting up. She reached to the side of the couch and pulled out a strapon.

“Are you ready, Veda?” Veda grinned and lifted up a bag at the other end of the couch, from which she pulled out another strapon, it was slightly bigger than Yuuka’s. Marcus gasped at its size. Veda laughed.

“Don’t worry, you can take it. We’ll be gentle.” They both put the strapons on and stood in front of him, stroking the dildos absently.

“Open up, big brother.” Marcus opened his mouth as Yuuka slowly pushed inside. It took a short time for her to work the dildo all the way in. Marcus struggled to keep his mouth relaxed so she could thrust in and out, while he took Veda’s in hand to begin stroking. He moaned softly around the dildo and continued his stroking of the other one. Both ran their hands through his hair, smiling down at him.

“He takes that dildo so well. Have you thought about seeing him take the real thing?” He shook his head and tried to pull off as he objected but they both held him in place.

“Hmm, maybe, but I already share with my mother and now you. I don’t know about sharing him with anyone else.” Veda shrugged and focused fully on his efforts to give a blowjob to Yuuka’s cock and to stroke hers. Yuuka was gentle, but she was determined to make full use of his mouth. He momentarily chocked as she attempted to push deeper, but quickly pulled out, petting his head affectionately.

“Bend over, big brother.” He dropped to his hands and knees while Yuuka moved behind him. Veda handed her a bottle and soon he felt her pouring lube into his ass. Yuuka rubbed his hole with her fingers, causing him to moan. She applied more lube and gently applied a finger. The finger slowly pushed until it was inside and his moaning grew louder. Yuuka laughed softly as she slowly worked her finger in and out. Marcus found his hips moving back against her, even as his moaning was almost continuous. Veda stepped in front of him and lined up her dildo with his lips and pushed forward. He struggled to take it in his mouth while Yuuka added a second finger. Soon the dildo was moving at speed in his mouth and Yuuka’s fingers moving rapidly in and out of his ass. Yuuka only paused briefly to slowly add a third finger, occasionally flexing to spread him further. Veda continued to thrust into his mouth as Yuuka suddenly pulled out. Marcus moaned and tried to push back against Yuuka. Yuuka laughed and smacked his ass.

“Easy, big brother.” He relaxed and moments later felt her hands spreading his ass. The dildo was lined up with his ass and she pushed. At first it wouldn’t enter his ass, but she was determined and added more lube before pushing once more. Suddenly with a small amount of pain the dildo entered his ass. She waited a short time before pushing forward, he cried out, only canlı bahis siteleri Veda’s pressure kept the dildo in his mouth. Her grip on his face returned him to sucking the dildo once more.

“Ready, Yuuka.” Yuuka patted his ass, before smacking it as she spoke.

“Okay, big brother. Now we really fuck you.” Without further warning she thrust hard into him and he made a sharp intake of breath. Soon the two were thrusting into him from both ends. He moaned loudly, barely muffled by Veda’s dildo. Marcus struggled to remain on all fours, between the force of their thrusts and the pleasure spreading out from his ass. However he soon lost the fight and collapsed, held up now by the two women fucking his mouth and ass. Marcus’s attention was increasingly focused on the pleasure filling him, to the point where he felt his cock swelling and he felt that he would soon find release. However he soon heard Ayane’s voice and the thrusts stopped with both half inside.

“You started without me. Naughty, naughty.” Yuuka and Veda pulled out of him and he collapsed, whimpering softly at being left empty. Ayane was quickly naked and lying next to him. She pulled him into an embrace and kissed him deeply. After her tongue had been dancing in his mouth for several moments Yuuka tapped his ass. Marcus allowed himself to be direct on top of Ayane, where Yuuka guided his cock into her mother’s pussy. Ayane moaned softly as he plunged into her.

Once he was all the way in Yuuka and Veda returned to penetrating him, however this time Veda was looking to enter his ass, while Yuuka his mouth. Veda’s dildo was somewhat larger than Yuuka’s, so she could not immediately enter him. However she was a determined as Yuuka had been. This time it was more akin to a burning sensation and he briefly felt as if he was being spread too far, but suddenly he moaned as she at last penetrated him. With further patience she moved slowly forward, bit by bit until her lips reached his ass. His moans were loud barely muffled by Yuuka’s dildo in his mouth.

Marcus soon felt himself pulled almost out of Ayane as Veda pulled back. Suddenly Veda slammed back into him, causing him to slam back into Ayane. He now felt he was floating on a sea of pleasure as his ass and mouth were filled, while his cock was engulfed by Ayane’s pussy. His cock was practically gushing precum and so swollen that he felt sure he must cum. Yuuka and Veda briefly leaned forward to kiss even as they continued to thrust into Marcus. Ayane moaned and took to sucking one of Marcus’s nipples into her mouth. He moaned and only the three women hanging onto him kept him in place.

Marcus’s mind briefly settled on the idea of what he would cum from first, the dildo in his ass or the pussy his own cock was thrusting into. He moaned and writhed in their grip as if he were trying to escape. He soon settled as his cum fill Ayane’s pussy, but the three women continued to thrust against him until Ayane cried out, releasing his nipple and tensing up before she collapsed onto the floor. After several more thrusts they released him to lie on top of Ayane. His eyes closed as Yuuka removed her strapon to bend over the couch. He lost consciousness as Yuuka began to moan.

When he awoke he was curled up on the floor and slowly looked up. Yuuka and Veda were seated on the couch, still naked in conversation. He noted Ayane was lying beside him breathing softly. Their conversation ended and they turned to him.

“Awake, big brother? Good. We were just discussing our plans for you.” Veda grinned.

“We want to continue training your ass and mouth.” He nodded as he shifted into a sitting position. Even if it weren’t for her domination he would comply willingly, since she had started he had cum harder than at any time in his life.

The End

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Jerry’s Heart Pt. 02

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~~~Part 2~~~ Jerry and Marshall turn their friendship into More

“Is it bad?” Marshall asked.

The four of them stood in the street and looked at the rundown, off white, Cape Cod styled home in their oversized sweaters that late January day: Marshall, Jerry, Cody and Jacob. Jerry spoke first. “It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just…” He cocked his head to the side. “Why did you buy this house again?”

“Because it’s what I can afford on my salary. It has two bedrooms on the first floor, a large room on top that can be turned into two more bedrooms, we just need to build a few walls and add two doors. Two and a half baths. Unfinished basement. Decent size kitchen, but the cabinets look like they are out of the 1970’s. 2100 square feet. It’s old but it has good bones.”

“And it’s in E-Town,” Jerry said the abbreviation for Elizabethtown, the same town he lived in. “Five minutes from me. And halfway to the meeting room,” he added that last part. Marshall smiled without looking at him. It was definitely a bonus knowing that he was closer to Jerry’s house although he had never been there.

Cody sighed. “Let’s get in there and see what we’re working with.”

He led the way and the rest followed him inside. There was flowery yellow wallpaper everywhere, and where there was no wallpaper, there were peeling walls. Jerry wanted to say something nice so he looked down. “The floors are decent. Just need some sanding and staining.”

“I thought so too! Brenden and I remodeled our house in Baltimore ourselves, so it’s doable.”

“Does the fireplace work?” Jerry asked.

“Yes!” Marshall said excitedly, walking over to it. “I’ve never had a real working fireplace before. I think I bought the house for this alone.”

“And it is a decent size kitchen,” Cody said looking in from the entryway, also trying not to be negative.

Jacob thought otherwise. “This place is the shits.”

Marshall glared at him. “Thanks for your support.”

“Hey, I’m just going to call it like I see it,” he said with a shrug. “But we can fix it up. I remodeled my girlfriend’s kitchen last year after Jeremiah died to have something to do, so I know what I’m doing, kinda.”

“I’ve built homes from scratch before, thanks to my Amish roots,” Cody said. “This is an easy fixer upper.”

They all looked at Jerry. He shook his head. “I change light bulbs. Fixing up houses is not my thing. But, I’m here for you, Marsh.” He smiled at him and Marshall smiled back.

Cody and Jacob exchanged looks and smirked at each other. “Okay.” Cody clapped his hands. “Let’s get started.” 

They each began working in a separate part of the house, Jacob in the kitchen, Cody in the living room and Jerry in the bedroom. He was stripping the wallpaper in the master bedroom on the first floor when Marshall walked in. “Hey you.”

“Hey you,” Jerry said back, glancing over with a smile, then going back to his job. Marshall came closer and stood to the side of him. Jerry noticed his hands were fidgeting, which meant he was itching to talk expressively.

“What?” he asked without looking at him.

“Okay, I’m just gonna say it,” Marshall started. He threw his hands up in surrender. “It’s a little awkward between us.”

“No it’s not,” Jerry disagreed.

“Then you’re either oblivious or avoidant.”

“I’m neither oblivious nor avoidant. I don’t feel awkward around you.”

“We haven’t been talking on the phone like we typically do.”

“We’ve been texting like we typically do.”

“We haven’t hung out all month.”

“What are you talking about? We have dinner Wednesday nights after group like always.”

“But not just the two of us, like we sometimes did. You’re still going to pretend like that’s not on purpose?” Marshall questioned.

Jerry sighed, he was caught. The truth was he was being avoidant. He didn’t want to have to face his growing feelings for Marshall and just wanted to maintain the friendship. It was easier when others were around. “Okay. Maybe it’s been a little awkward.”

Marshall ran his fingers through his curly hair, tugged a little, then let go. “Listen, I told you it was going to get awkward. I’m still working through my steps and sometimes I get carried away. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

Jerry smirked. “It’s not AA. There are no ‘steps’ to work through. Grief is a process. Also…” He put down his scraper and turned to him. “You didn’t get carried away by yourself so you have nothing to apologize for. You did not make me uncomfortable. Not then and not now. So stop putting the awkwardness between us on yourself.”

Marshall smiled slyly. “So you admit that there is, in fact, awkwardness.”

“Hmmm…” It was Jerry’s turn to run his fingers through his hair and rubbed the back of his neck. “I don’t want there to be.”

“So let’s talk it out,” Marshall said, sitting on the window pane.

Jerry almost rolled his eyes but he sat next to him, their thighs touching, hands in their individual laps. They sat quietly illegal bahis for a few moments without looking at each other, then Marshall said softly, “It was just a little mutual jerking. You’ve never mutually jerked off with your high school friends or teammates?”

“Yes. But I never told them I wanted to fuck their mouth, then their ass.”

A moment passed and then they both started snickering, then outright laughing. When they got themselves together, Marshall said, “Okay, that made it a little awkward, but…it’s all good. We had a moment and it passed. Right?”

Jerry turned his face to look into Marshall’s green eyes. He said it casually but his eyes told a different story. His eyes told him that the moment had not passed, that it was growing inside of him the way it was growing inside of Jerry. He had the strongest urge to lean in and taste his full lips. But instead he said softly, “Yeah. The moment… it passed.”

Marshall knew Jerry was lying, simply in the way he looked into his eyes. He drew closer, their nostrils touching and brushed his lips softly against Jerry, and Jerry didn’t pull away. He pressed his lips more firmly and Jerry’s lips parted slightly to trace the tip of his tongue on Marshall’s bottom lip. They heard Cody’s voice before he pushed open the door.

“Hey Marsh, is there another scraper-“

Marshall and Jerry quickly jumped apart, almost running in opposite directions. Cody stopped in the doorway and looked at them, Jerry with his elbow against the wall and his head on his arm, Marshall leaning his back against the other wall with one foot on it. “What are you looking for?” Marshall asked casually.

Cody could feel the heat coming off both of them. “Another scraper, this one is dull, but I can find it, no biggie.”

“Check the box in the front room, it has newer painting supplies.”

“Okay, I’ll do that.”

Cody looked at Jerry again who did not turn around. He wanted to ask if he was okay, but then he looked at Marshall who was watching him, waiting for him to leave. So he quietly excused himself, closing the door completely behind him.

Marshall spoke first. “Sorry. I shouldn’t have…sorry.”

“It’s fine,” Jerry said from his arm. “I think it’s natural and healthy to be curious about each other.”

Marshall sighed, came a step closer to Jerry with his hands moving again. “Okay, if we can just admit that to each other, it would be less awkward. I’ll start. I think you’re hot. Sexy. Mature. Compassionate. Intelligent, which is very sexy to me. And I feel good when I’m around you. You’re my best friend. And I’m not just saying that. I haven’t had one since the last one died, and I would like us to keep being friends.”

Jerry turned around and put his back on the wall. “We are friends, Marshall. That’s not going to change.” He sighed, knowing it was his turn. “I think… I think you’re hot. Sexy. Funny. Warmhearted. Confident without arrogance, which is very sexy to me. And I feel…really good when I’m around you. My best friend died too and I haven’t had anyone that close to me since. I have friends, Cody and I have been friends for years, but somehow we’ve become closer. But I also want us to keep being friends.”

“Okay,” Marshall said.

Jerry turned to look at him. “Okay?”

“Yes. Okay. We’ll keep being friends. Just best friends.”

Jerry nodded. “Okay.”

Marshall smiled and held his arms out. Jerry smiled and they walked toward each other and hugged tightly, one of Marshall’s arms around his neck, Jerry’s arms around his waist. Jerry smelled the soap he used on his skin that morning, a lime and sea salt combination, closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. He felt Marshall do the same with his face in Jerry’s neck, taking in his scent. They held each other, then Jerry couldn’t help it, he squeezed Marshall a bit tighter.

Marshall’s feelings for Jerry began to overwhelm him. He pulled back first and smiled at him, patted his shoulder and began walking out of the room. Jerry watched him walk, his shapely ass through the red sweatpants he wore, his barely noticeable gap between his legs, and his cock involuntarily twitched. Considering that he’s never looked at Cody like that before, it was a safe assumption that he and Marshall were more than just best friends.


After dropping Randall off at dance class, Ollie at soccer practice on Saturday mornings and Sundays dropping the kids off with their grandparents, Jerry would join Cody and Jacob in fixing up Marshall’s house. For the next few weeks the four of them sanded and scraped floors, built and rebuilt walls, put in new kitchen cabinets and installed kitchen appliances. Jerry also found himself there with Marshall during the week in the evenings, all while avoiding their feelings for one other. By the last weekend of March, the interior was complete, exterior was painted powder blue with a white door and white shutters, and it was move-in ready.

Marshall rented two large trucks and the four of them illegal bahis siteleri traveled to Baltimore to the house he owned with his late husband, a large four bedroom colonial home. Marshall was quiet on the drive down, concentrating on the road. Jerry could tell something was off with him but wasn’t sure, so he carried the conversation, talking about Randall’s birthday princess party coming up in April, and Ollie not doing so well in 6th grade math and annoyed that Jerry set him up with a tutor.

Marshall listened and laughed at the important parts, but gave little commentary. It reminded Jerry of how he was the first time they met during group.

“Okay, out with it,” Jerry demanded.

“Out with what?”

“Why are your balls all twisted up today?”

Marshall chuckled. “My balls are not twisted up. I’m fine.”

“You didn’t even sound fine when you said, ‘I’m fine.’ What’s up?” He reached over and squeezed Marshall’s leg gently, then pulled his hand back.

Marshall sighed. “Brenden reminded me this morning… It’s the day we found out about his diagnosis, and how bad it was. That it was already spreading from his prostate to other areas. There was little chance but we were going to fight….” Marshall sighed again.

“I’m sorry,” Jerry said softly.

“That and…I haven’t been back to the house since last October to get some of our things. It looks exactly the way I left it. His things are still everywhere. I’m just… preparing myself for the emotional day I’m going to have.”

“I got you in there, Marshall.” Marshall turned to look at him. Jerry said again, “I got you.”

Marshall looked at the road, but then reached out with his right hand. Jerry took it and they squeezed tightly together. “Thank you. Because I’m gonna need it. I’m gonna need you.”

“And I got you,” Jerry said a third time. They squeezed hands again, and Jerry was sad when Marshall let go first.

Marshall’s truck pulled into the driveway backwards and the truck Cody that was driving was parked on the street in front of the house. It was early and they planned to spend the day packing up furniture, cleaning out what they could and having the junk truck take the rest away in the evening so the realtor could stage the house for sale the next day. Marshall got out first and walked up the steps to open the screen door to the sun porch, the three of them behind him. He looked over at the red bench for a long moment, then opened the front door.

Marshall stood in the small entryway and looked around. The rooms were compartmentalized and there were three doorways leading to various parts of the home. He went past the staircase through the doorway on the right into the living room and looked around. It was clean and a layer of dust coated everything. The large, white bookshelf held hundreds of books.

Marshall said, “The only thing that’s coming with us from here are the books and the TV. Everything else goes to the dumpster when they come. I ordered a living room and bedroom sets from Raymour and Flanigan, coming to the new house tomorrow.”

He walked through the living room into the dining room and touched the first chair, sighed deeply and slowly looked to the left. They all turned to see what he was looking at, and it was a 10 by 14 framed picture of Marshall and Brenden on their wedding day hanging on the wall. Both wore all white suits, with Brenden leaned over kissing Marshall on the cheek but still looking at the camera in amusement. Marshall was mid laugh, mouth opened wide and his eyes squinted, but could still see the green in them. They looked incredibly happy.

Jerry walked closer and touched his shoulder, gently squeezing it. Then he moved his hand over to touch the back of his hair and nape of his neck, stroking it with his fingers. Marshall closed his eyes, melting into the feeling of Jerry’s touch, then opened it again. He said quietly, “Everything here comes with us. Everything.”

He walked out of Jerry’s touch through a doorway on the left leading them into the galley kitchen, saying, “Everything comes with us in the kitchen, including the food except if it expired. I’ll sort through the dishes. And someone has to clean the fridge. Good luck.” Cody laughed.

Marshall walked to the breakfast table and said, “There are things in the bench under the window. They come with us too.”

He passed the laundry room with a “We need the washer and dryer,” and made a left again, and opened the single french door leading to an office. Brenden’s office. Marshall walked around the massage table in the middle of the room and went to Brenden’s desk. He grabbed the picture off the desk, one of the four of them at an amusement park, Freya no more than two years old, Memphis around seven. He didn’t look around.

He walked back out the other door leading to the foyer saying, “Everything goes.”

He started going up the stairs, not looking at the pictures on the wall but holding tightly to the picture in his hand. He motioned with canlı bahis siteleri his other hand, “Someone grab all the pictures.”

Jerry took his time looking at the pictures along the stairs and it was a snapshot of their life together: Lots of pictures of a young Marshall and Brenden happy and smiling; Pictures of the family of three before Freya was born; pictures of Marshall and Brenden individually holding Freya at the hospital; soccer games and dance recitals, official school pictures and random pictures of the four of them, happy.

At the landing Marshall opened the first door. It was Memphis’s room. “Everything comes with us. Every little toy and picture too, because he’ll know if something is missing. If you think it’s trash, pack it anyway.”

He opened the second door. “Same with Freya’s room. Everything comes with us. Some clothes aren’t going to fit, but we’ll sort that out later.”

He opened a third door, a smaller bedroom with a full size bed. “This was just the guest room so everything can come with us, even though the third bedroom in the new house is much smaller. We’ll figure it out.”

He opened a hallway bathroom door. “Everything is trash. Even the towels. I can’t take the towels with us,” he said sadly. He walked to the last door, then he turned around and said, “I gotta do this alone.”

They all understood. “We’ll start in the kids’ rooms, Marshall,” Cody said as he and Jacob turned around and headed back to Memphis’s room.

Jerry said, “I can start working on the books in the living room.”

He started walking away but Marshall called out, “Jerod? Maybe not… maybe not completely alone.”

Jerry came back over to him and said, “Whatever you need.”

“Just wait here for a moment.”

“Okay.” Jerry leaned on the wall outside the door. They stared at each other, then Marshall opened the door and walked in.

The room was dark and smelled stale. Clothes were everywhere, they could barely see the floor. Several pill bottles were on the nightstand nearest to the door. Marshall looked at the queen size unmade bed and stared at it for a long time. Jerry watched him from the doorway but did not enter. Eventually Marshall set the picture he was holding on the dresser and started walking to the other side of the room to pull back the curtains, letting the light in.

The room was more of a mess in the sunlight. He opened up the three windows, two facing the front of the house and one on the side, letting a nice breeze through. He came back toward Jerry but walked past him. Jerry heard a door open and assumed it was the au suite bathroom. He didn’t stay long in there, and Jerry began to feel a breeze from that side of the room.

He came back out and walked over to Jerry. “You can come in.”

Jerry stepped over the sacred threshold and looked around. “What stays, what goes?” he asked gently.

Marshall hesitated, then said, “All of Brenden’s stuff needs to go to Good Will. I’ll keep a couple of t-shirts but other than that, his clothes have to go. The problem is, we were the same height and fit, so our clothes got combined a lot. There were his clothes, my clothes and then our clothes. I don’t want to take all of it to the new house so I need to sort it out here. Can you help me do that?”

“Sure, whatever you need.”

“Alright, I’m going to start with-” But something caught his eye and he walked over to it, buried underneath clothes in a chair in the corner. He pulled it out and said softly, “Oh wow.”

Jerry came over. “What is it?”

“Bren’s sweater dress.” He held up a long, burnt orange sweater dress with a hood and pockets.

Marshall smiled at Jerry, whose eyebrows went up and he threw up his hands saying, “Hey. No judgment.”

Marshall laughed. “He wasn’t really a cross dresser, but he liked some feminine things, knee length summer dresses mostly, that he wore in the house. He had this red leather skirt that he liked to fuck me in.” Jerry laughed out loud, making Marshall laugh too. “Listen, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, it was pretty fucking hot.”

“Like I said, no judgment,” Jerry said with a laugh.

Marshall said, “When he started getting sick he would get really cold. So we went on Amazon and found these long sleeved sweater dresses that he could wear around the house. This one was his favorite. It still has stains on it.”

Marshall brought the dress to his nose, inhaled deeply and he choked out a sob. He covered his whole face and began to cry.

Jerry gathered him up in his arms and held him to his chest, rubbing his back and letting him wail into the cotton of the dress. Cody and Jacob heard Marshall crying and came over, standing outside the doorway. Jerry looked at them and nodded, as if to say, It’s okay, I got this. Cody understood and tapped Jacob to go back to what they were doing. Jerry continued to hold Marshall, rocking him gently side to side, until his crying turned to whimpering and he began to breathe normally.

Marshall spoke first. “I’m not a crier,” he said with his face still buried in the dress against Jerry’s chest.

“Doesn’t matter if you are or not,” said Jerry softly.

“I think that’s the first time I cried since the day he died,” Marshall said muffled.

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Consensual Incest Ch. 03

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Mum looked gorgeous when she left the Penthouse; that bra showed her tits to perfection. Her Camel’s Toe looked fantastic. With her jacket buttoned, you had no idea what a beautiful sight she had underneath. Jack felt sure that Jill would react to it. Mum arrived at the Dental Clinic at five to eight. She introduced herself at reception and signed the papers that had been prepared for Mrs Ryan. A couple of minutes later, Jill came into the waiting room and said, “Good morning Mrs Ryan; I’m Jill; I’m so pleased to meet you.”

They shook hands; mum liked what she saw; Jill was tall, full-bodied, with a lovely smile and honest smile. Mum said, “Hi Jill, please call me Dot. Thank you so much for seeing me so quickly. Jack speaks so highly of you, my life is a bit upside down at the moment, and I think I am overdue for a check-up.”

“Super Dot, please follow me.”

They went into Jill’s consulting room; Jill asked if she could take mum’s jacket. Mum took it off slowly; Jill absorbed mum’s gorgeous body in an instant. Jill said, “What a sensational body you have got Dot, I’m big breasted too, but yours are incredible. I have got a big problem finding a comfortable cup. I wish that I had a body like yours.”

As Jill was staring at mum’s gorgeous Camel’s Toe. Mum replied, “I’m 38 G cup; I’ve now found a little lingerie shop that has amazing things. This bra is so comfortable; I feel so good when I wear it.”

“You will have to give me the address; I’m 38 G cup too; I’d love my tits to look like yours. Now it’s time to work. Open your mouth and let me look inside.”

Jill then carried out a thorough examination of mum’s mouth, then said, “Everything is good, you need a thorough cleaning, then I’ll seal your teeth. I did this with Jack. What a difference it made to his teeth. After I seal them, you can’t eat or drink anything for an hour but preferably an hour and a half.”

Jill went about her work. She had a gentle touch but could also be firm. Occasionally her massive tits made contact with mum’s big jugs; mum sensed that Jill was hot for her. She finished the deep cleaning, then cleaned mum’s tongue, asking mum to stick her tongue out at her so that she could clean the back of her tongue. Jill then said, “Dot, your tongue is cleaned. It’s lovely and pink now. You’ve got a lovely big strong tongue.”

Mum then had to rinse her mouth out thoroughly then Jill applied the sealant. It felt so good. Then Jill said, “I’m just about finished; I’ve enjoyed working on your mouth, Dot. Hopefully, I will see you again; if I give you my mobile number, would you message me the address of the lingerie shop?”

“Yes please, I’d love your mobile number, then we can keep in touch. You will see me again, Jill.”

Mum then squeeze Jill’s hand; Jill took off her surgical gloves, then said, “I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Dot, I’d love to give your beautiful tits a nice feel. Are you comfortable with that?”

“Jill, I’d love bahis firmaları that; I would love to give yours a feel too.”

Jill started to play with mum’s massive melons as mum played with Jill’s, then Jill said, “Dot, your tits feel wonderful, your nipples are so big and hard. If I hadn’t sealed your teeth, you’d be feeling my big pink tongue deep in your mouth. You’re making me so wet Dot, am I making you wet?”

“Yes, my pussy is so wet. Your tits feel beautiful too.”

“It’s amazing. Would you like me to suck on one of your hard nipples?”

“I’d love that Jill, you’re a very sexy woman.”

Jill then raised mum’s white top over her massive tits. She unhooked mum’s bra, both of mum’s tits were free now. Jill started to suck mum’s left nipple; mum loved it; she was purring with pleasure as Jill’s right hand slid inside the waistband of mum’s tight leggings, her hand went across mum’s smooth and swollen vulva. Jill spread mum’s cunt flaps open, out popped mum’s huge hooded clit; Jill said, “Just from feeling it, our clits are the same size, let me suck your big clit.”

Jill pulled mum’s leggings down to her ankles; mum spread her legs open as Jill raised the dental chair to a position that would be comfortable for Jill to suck mum’s clit. Jill said, “You have a beautiful cunt Dot, just relax and enjoy what I’m going to do to you now.”

Jill then started to suck mum’s clit as she finger fucked her with initially two fingers, then three. Jill’s head was bobbing up and down on mum’s huge clit. Jill was relentless in her sucking; three minutes later, mum was on edge, she was so close, mum said, “Jill, that’s so good, I’m going to cum, don’t stop, I’m going to cum.”

Jill replied, “Dot, cum in my mouth, cum for me, I’m hungry for your cum.”

Then mum flooded Jill’s mouth with her cum; Jill kept sucking and swallowing until mum had emptied herself in Jill’s mouth. Jill swallowed all of mum’s cum then said, “Next time we do this, we’ll cum kiss afterwards. Dot, I’ve enjoyed being with you. We can have a lot of fun together.”

Jill then wrote her mobile number on a piece of paper. She then used a wipe to clean mum’s pussy. Mum hooked her bra up; she felt so good. Jack had given her a massive orgasm this morning. She looked at Jill, then said, “Thanks for the number, Jill; I’ll be in touch soon. How do you feel about coming over to Jack’s, and we both share his big cock? I’d like that, would you?”

“Dot, I’d love that; I’ve missed Jack’s cock so much; Jack knows the times that I’m available. I am looking forward to that.”

When she got home, Jack was not surprised; he suggested inviting Jill over tonight. That was the start of it. Jill could be available two nights a week. She couldn’t stay overnight as her husband was watching her. It was beautiful for all three of them; the sex was so varied and intensive. Sometimes Jill could manage an extra night; a message was all it took. Three months later, Jack’s kaçak iddaa dad agreed to the divorce; mum came out of it well. Mum got the family house and a substantial monthly allowance. Mum moved in with Jack and rented out the family house. Mum was now secure financially.

One day as mum and Jack were coming into the apartment building, Jean, the big-breasted widow that lived two floors below Jack, came out of the lift. She looked good. She said, “Jack, I’m so glad that I’ve seen you, my Internet is so slow, can you help me?”

Jack knew that this was code for, Jack, I’m so horny, I need fucked. Jack then introduced mum to Jean. It was apparent that they were both sizing the other up. Before mum had appeared, Jack was seeing both Jill and Jean. Jean was a 24/7 fuck. She was always available. Jack enjoyed her company; she was witty and knowledgeable, she was also a wonderful fuck. Mum and Jean were chatting away in general. Jean said that she had a little shopping to do and she would be back in forty-five minutes. Jack had honestly felt a little guilty about not seeing her. He suggested that Jean messaged him when she got home, and he would take a look. Jean agreed to this.

In the lift going to the Penthouse, mum said, “Jean, oozes sex, have you been fucking her? She wants you.”

Jack then explained his relationship with Jean. He told her that she had been available for him any time. She was very affectionate and great in bed. Jack also said that after mum had arrived, he hadn’t seen or contacted Jean. Today was the first time he had seen or spoken to her in months. Mum said, “She’s still hot for you. She must have heard that your mum was staying with you. She didn’t know to handle that. If she messages you, then I’ll bet that we’ll have a threesome tonight with her. She’s got a fantastic figure.”

Half an hour later Jack’s phone rang, it was Jean, she said, “Jack, I had to phone you; I’ve missed you so much. Please listen to what I’ve got to say. I heard your mum was going through a difficult time; I knew that you’d be busy. I’ve missed your big cock so much. Is it possible that I can see you?”

Jack replied, “Jean, is it very slow your Internet? I can fix that easily. I’ll have to reset your system. Would you like me to come this now?”

“Jack, I want you to cum deep inside my hungry cunt. Please come now.”

Jack ended the call then said to mum, “You are right, she wants me; I’ll give her one, then invite her back up here so you can have her too. Mum, she’s as hot as Jill in bed. She loves it when I ass fuck her.”

Mum replied, “Jack, play it by ear. If you get her hot enough, then I can come down and join you. I’m looking forward to getting to know her and also watching you fuck her. Tell her your mum’s a bit kinky. She likes to watch you fuck other women.”

Jack used the stairs to go down to Jean’s apartment. He had a key but didn’t use it. He rang the doorbell; Jean opened it two seconds later. Jack went kaçak bahis into the hallway; Jean was wearing a red silk dressing gown, she took it off, she was wearing a crotchless Basque, which made her tits look enormous. She cuddled Jack, pulling him close to her. Her tongue deep in Jack’s mouth, her right hand was searching for Jack’s stiff cock. She found it quickly then unzipped his trousers. Jean then said, “Jack, you have no idea of the number of nights that I’ve dreamed of sucking your big cock. I’ve missed you so much. How long have we got? Can you give me an hour?”

“We have an hour. We must find a way that I can fuck you more regularly; I’ve missed you too Jean, let’s go into the bedroom; we will be more comfortable there.”

Jean was so happy when Jack said an hour; they went into the bedroom. Jack positioned Jean so that they could 69. Jack opened Jean’s bedside cabinet; he took out the lube that she kept there. As he was sucking the massive nub of her clit, he was lubing her ass. Jack knew if he ass fucked her and gave her a couple of vaginal orgasms, then the rest would be easy. Five minutes later, Jean came in Jack’s mouth, they then cum kissed; Jean was like Jill and mum. They were all cum sluts. As they cum kissed, Jean said, “I’ve missed this so much. You’re the only man that’s given me so much pleasure in bed. Jack, I like your mum, she’s a beautiful woman, what a fantastic figure she’s got. I am happy that I met her.”

Jack then got Jean on all fours on top of the bed. Jean’s ass was level with the bottom of the bed. Jack lubed his stiff cock then placed the bulbous head of his cock in the middle of Jean’s tight ass hole, a gentle push and Jack was home. Jean gasped with pleasure, then said, “I love it, Jack, fuck me deep and hard, the head of your cock is hitting my G-spot, all the good memories are coming back.”

Jack gave Jean two vaginal orgasms, then went into her dripping pussy doggy style; soon, Jack had a fantastic rhythm going; Jean was gripping his cock beautifully at just the right time. Her massive tits were jiggling and looked so erotic. Twenty minutes later, they both climaxed simultaneously; Jean was trembling with her orgasm. When she had composed herself, Jack turned her around; they lay on top of the bed, kissing and touching. Then Jean said, “That was wonderful; how can we get this regularly? I would love that to happen, Jack. We can have so much fun.”

Jack kissed Jean lovingly, then said, “There’s away, but you’d have to share me with my mum. Would you be interested in that?”

“Jack, are you having sex with your mum?”

“Yes Jean, mum’s wonderful in bed. She likes you. Mum is a little kinky. She likes to watch me having sex with other women. Mum is very affectionate in bed. It would mean that we can have sex on a very regular basis. We can all have great fun. How do you feel about that? It means that we would have threesomes with mum.”

Jean kissed Jack so passionately; it was apparent that she was happy about it; Jean said, “Let’s give it a try; I’m sure that it’ll work out.”

Jack cuddled Jean then said, “Let’s get dressed and go and visit mum, I’m sure that you are going to love her.”

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Broken Hands

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[This is one of my longest stories. I wrote it for the buildup and the foreplay and the ridiculous fantasy. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this might not be it. But if you have time for some edging and exposition, enjoy.]

Dalton was thrilled. He had the entire summer to himself.

He was 18 and had just graduated high school and was planning on taking a year off before deciding on which college to give way too much money to.

His parents were taking their long-awaited cruise around the world, which they’d been talking about doing for years. This meant he had the whole place to himself to sleep in and do whatever the hell he wanted.

Not a bad gig for a a very popular 18-year-old with zero responsibilities.

They knew he was probably gonna throw a party or two. They just asked him to be smart, not do any hard drugs, and avoid being arrested. It was great to have cool parents. They were partiers in their day too after all. They weren’t naive.

He was three days into this marvelous freedom when he’d received a text from his buddy Shane that a group of his friends were going to be meeting at the park across the street from his house that stoned and eat Chipotle and hang out. It was 11 AM and Dalton was still in bed.

He opened his laptop and had a quick jack-off session like he did every morning, and then went to jump in the shower.

Around 12 he was strolling out the front door wearing shorts, a baseball t-shirt, and flip-flops. The sunshine and the possibilities felt glorious on his quickly developing summer tan.

On his way out the door he spotted his next-door neighbor Mrs. Holloway walking with her one-year-old daughter, London. Her first name was Adrienne, if he remembered correctly. And he probably should remember, he’d gawked at Mrs. Holloway’s obvious hotness from the moment they’d moved into the house some three years prior.

She was a young widow, after her husband had died a few years back from a rare genetic disease. It was a shock to everyone that knew them. They’d been such a lovely, powerhouse couple. She was only 27, and well off from the money he’d left her. She didn’t really need to work, but she ran a weekend bakery in town, just to be around people and find something to distract herself with. She dated occasionally but was mostly bored with the options she encountered in town. They’d left the big city because they were ready for the comfortable, family portion of their life. And now she was on her own again. Just her and London, hanging in there, trying to find purpose in a mid-size suburb—feeling at times, a little lost.

Dalton had jacked off plenty of times thinking about this young MILF of a neighbor. Particularly on those days where he saw her tanning in their backyard from his upstairs window. She had these tiny bathing suits and on occasion would go sans top, not knowing that he was often in his room, spanking his monkey to the surprise display of supple nudity. His bedroom was the only one in the house with a good view of the neighbor’s pool due to the height of their cherrywood fence, and he thanked his lucky stars for such an arrangement.

She had brownish-blond hair with natural curls. It was always messy and attractive. It was always as it needed to be. Sexy. Fun. Funky. She basically looked hot in every thematic situation.

Today she was wearing a very short jumper and tank-top with slip-on sandals and a hemp leg bracelet. Her hair was thrown up in a simple pony and she was wearing a large pair of rose gold sunglasses. She just looked effortlessly cute.

Her daughter London was now walking everywhere, in that brave waddle of first worldly explorations, and she was constantly chasing the giggly little girl around the street and nearby cul-de-sac.

“Hey, Dalton!” She waved kindly as she always did. She truly was a stellar neighbor. Everyone in the community loved her, besides the wives who had to scold their husbands when her juicy ass walked by and they invariably drooled, but even most of the wives wouldn’t have minded getting a taste of her booty. She was that kind of hot. She actually looked a lot like Giada de Laurentiis, Dalton thought, after seeing the gorgeous celebrity chef on one of her Mom’s favorite cooking shows. She had a similar sort of sexy pep to her. She was also only 5’2, which is why she often wore heels, which only further accentuated that lovely ass that she worked to keep so fit. She ran and did hundreds of resistance band squats and all sorts of Yoga.

“Hey Mrs. Holloway,” he responded back. Always feeling slightly nervous around the attractive woman.

“How are the parents?” She asked, as she corralled London to her exposed thigh to hold the child close.

“Oh, they’re amazing! They’re on their cruise right now,” he told her, trying not to stare at her breasts poking out from the top of her loose tank top.

“Oh that’s right, your Mom mentioned that. So…you get to have the whole house to yourself, eh? That sounds like güvenilir bahis a pretty sweet setup for…what are you, 17 now?” She asked, mostly distracted by her daughter running through her legs over and over again as she played.

“No, I turned 18 at the beginning of the year,” he said proudly, trying his best to keep his eyes off her legs and ass and breasts and lips and everything else she had going on.

“Ah, that’s right,” she said, but it was clear her daughter was becoming impatient to continue on to the park. The sun was out and fun was waiting. “Well, it was nice talking to you…we have a date with a playground to get to…talk to ya later!” She said, and they were off.

“Bye Mrs. Holloway!” He said, and she looked back over her shoulder and smiled, even as her goegeous booty sashayed away.

“You can call me Adrienne. ‘Mrs. Holloway’ makes me feel old,” she gave him a friendly wave and he repeated the gesture.

Dalton cut across the street which emptied directly into a sprawling, tree-lined park that was at the very center of the upper-middle income neighborhood he’d grown up in. It really was a great place to grow up. Little League baseball and soccer took place right across the street. There were four baseball diamonds, daytime and nighttime tennis courts, tons of fields and some area of rolling grass hills where playgrounds, a dog park, and bocce ball courts all collided together in a spiderweb of outdoor activity. The park even had a lovely lake at its center where people fed ducks bread even though the signs said not to.

Dalton headed over to the large area of sloping grass hills which dotted the top of the park. When he got there he saw five of his friends spread out on a hodgepodge of blankets and towels, with various drinks in hand. There was a portable speaker and some opened bags of cookies and potato chips.

“Sup, losers!” He said, to the two girls and three guys hanging in a loose circle, enjoying the midday sunshine.

It was a lazy Tuesday on the first week of summer. Some kids would be starting college in the fall, some would be traveling, and others would simply be taking the year off, like Dalton was, to do some wandering. Such was the inherent privilege some were born into. Dalton tried to keep this in mind when it came to the way he carried himself. He was a good kid. So were his friends.

But they were also 18-year-olds, so. . .

“We’re doing all the weed and drinking all the alcohols!” A girl named Keona said in a humorous voice. He’d taken her to Prom the year before. They were long-time, platonic friends.

“Ah yes, the devil’s lettuce and whatever shitty beer you guys were able to steal from Brooster’s brother’s garage,” Dalton joked as as they laughed in agreement. They clearly had already gotten a head start.

“What…you think Keystone Light is shitty beer??” Brooster said in mock indignation. He opened a bottle and handed it to Dalton. His name was Bruce, but he hated it because he said it made him sound like a 48-year-old life insurance salesman. And he wasn’t wrong.

Kelsey and Bennet and Shane rounded out the group. Dalton said ‘whassup’ to everyone with various fist bumps and quirks, and an afternoon of drinking and smoking and not worrying about anything at all, soon commenced. What a time to be alive.

It was some hours later and Dalton was a little sun-burnt and a little cross-faded. He decided to head home and order himself a pizza.

He polished off his beer and tossed it into a nearby can with that effortless confidence of youth.

“Kobe doin’ work!” Brooster hyped, as Dalton strolled away chuckling, after saying goodbye to his friends. The late afternoon air felt relaxing on his skin. He was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

As he headed back to the house on the main path he came across the smaller of the parks three playgrounds.

He noticed the familiar frame and sexy hair of Mrs. Holloway, perched at a nearby playground speaking with what was clearly a very interested Dad. London was, as usual, the most energetic bumblebee in the hive; climbing this way and that on the nearby equipment. She was already incredibly adept at the various slides and ladders for not even being two.

This was probably their second visit to the park that day. Mrs. Holloway usually made numerous trips when London was feeling particularly bored.

Dalton noticed that she was doing her best to be polite and shed his advances, but he’d probably been BBQ day-drinking, as so many of the fathers in the neighborhood were known to do if they were home during the day.

Suburbia was a nightly fucking rerun, that was for sure, Dalton thought to himself.

And then, as he got closer to Mrs. Holloway, he caught her eye for a moment and she almost seemed to smile, as if this might give her an out.

“Oh, hey Dalton! How are the parents?” She asked, making up a reason for a conversation. The Dad already looked irritated as he turned around to see türkçe bahis the popular neighborhood teen approaching.

Dalton was about to save her and respond when his eyes scanned over to the big kid swingset where a darting London was waddling directly across the path of the incoming swingers.

The kid in the first seat was a high-schooler messing around with his friends. They were doing cherry bombs and flips and other varieties of never-grow-up revelry. The kid was big and stocky.

Adrienne followed his worried expression to see what he had seen. She gasped.

Dalton felt a burst of adrenaline and did the only thing he could. He sprinted past Mrs. Holloway and the divorcee and dove down to his knees on the playground wood chips, pushing London forward and out of the way, just in the nanosecond of time.

She flew an extra foot and fell on her face, just between the diving bombs of childhood kinetic energy swooping from on high.

The next thing that happened was the most painful thing that had ever happened in Dalton’s fairly charmed life up until that point.

He was smashed into where London had just been standing.

The kid on the swing had been wearing a pair of hard-nosed shoes, and he hadn’t seen them coming because he’d been hanging his head back and enjoying the rush of the late-afternoon breeze in his hair. School was out, after all.

There couldn’t have been a more unlucky connection of his feet against Dalton’s wrists and arms.

His inside arm was hit first, and was broken. His outside hand got a direct force of toe, which broke his wrist.

Dalton collapsed over in a wheeze of shocking pain, as he felt his breath catch in his chest.

“Owwwwfffuuuuuggggggg!” He moaned, as his whole body tensed and the proper alarms were raised.

Adrienne screamed and ran over to the scene, checking on them both.

“Dalton?!” She yelled for him, even as she swooped up London and held her tightly to her. The little girl was crying. Her face had a small scratch. Numerous adults had come over to check on them, including the mortified group of teens. The boy who had smashed into him seemed shaken, but otherwise unscathed.

Dalton was in much worse shape.

It was very clear to everyone who had seen it happen. He’d very possibly saved that toddler from what could’ve been a very bad injury.

Mrs. Holloway helped Dalton to slowly sit up, even as he gritted and wanted to cry, unable to put any weight on his arms.

“Hey honey, talk to me…tell me what hurts,” Mrs. Holloway was so concerned for this young man that had heroically dived in to save her daughter. She urgently attended to him using what she knew.

“Fuck…I’m sorry…fuck…my wrist, oh mmmffffgghh…and my arm,” he was trying to hold them up, as they both had shooting pains that racked his body with an intense throb of pain.

“Okay,” she said, lightly holding his arms and feeling for his reactions to her touch. “I think you might have some broken bones. I’ve got some nursing experience. Do you want me to call you an ambulance? Or would you rather I just drive you to a hospital?” She asked him, speaking calmly and holding his attention. She knew he needed him to focus on her and not the trauma of the breaks.

The man she’d been talking to was holding his phone up with 911 pulled up, waiting for the decision.

Dalton tried to tough it out for a second. Maybe they were just sprained? Maybe this was just an overreaction?

He stretched his arm and wrist again and was unable to move them like he usually would. The pain was unbearable. But he also didn’t want to call an ambulance. He wondered what that might cost his parents, and the last thing he needed was for them to know he was suddenly in trouble at the start of his amazing staycation; with the house all to himself.

“Ummm,” he pondered it a moment longer, trying to stem the pain so he could think. It was no use. He would need to go. “Can you drive me?” He asked her, somewhat embarrassed at the request.

“Of course, come on…let’s go,” they helped him up and London was already done crying. She was a tough kid. She actually seemed more fascinated at her mother’s quick-moving actions.

They headed home from the park and Dalton followed Mrs. Holloway into her large garage, which she opened from a code panel on the outside.

She fastened London into her carseat and grabbed her a fruit snack hidden in a side handle, and then she helped Dalton gingerly climb into the taller, SUV passenger seat.

He was not in good shape, but even with his broken bones, he couldn’t help loving the feel of Mrs. Holloway’s hand on his side and hips as she helped him in and then buckled his seatbelt. She was just way too much of a crush for him to ignore the closeness. Dalton wondered if he might be in shock. Or maybe his brain was just overloaded.

She drove as safely fast as she could, though perhaps cheated a few yellow lights, and soon they had arrived at güvenilir bahis siteleri the hospital a mile down the road. It was a medium-sized emergency room which Dalton had been in before for his Dad’s Christmas nail gun incident.

“I didn’t even ask…do you have insurance?” She asked him hopefully. She was so guilt-ridden from what had happened. That much was very clear. Dalton felt bad, but he adored her attention.

“Yeah…this is our hospital. My card is in my wallet,” he groaned as the car was jolted into park at one of the closest spots to the brightly lit entrance. The parking lot was fairly empty.

She got London out and put her in a stroller and then helped Dalton out of the car, and now he was really starting to feel the pain. He hardly noticed Mrs. Holloway’s tight body pressed against his as she helped him hop out of the car. Hardly at all.

They walked delicately inside, and when they got to the counter an older woman with half-moon spectacles asked how she could help. Mrs. Holloway did all the talking and succinctly explained what had transpired at the park.

The desk nurse looked concerned as Dalton was very clearly in pain. She asked for his info if they had it, and Mrs. Holloway looked to him insistently.

“I’m gonna grab your wallet for you, okay?” Immediately realizing he wouldn’t be able to reach back and snag it like this.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” he said a little breathlessly. She reached into his pocket and took it out, fishing around for the card and holding back a smirk when she noticed a Trojan condom lodged in a deeper pocket. Even during a pressure-packed moment, Adrienne had a sense of humor. He was an 18-year-old boy, of course he’d be walking around with a condom in his wallet. Although maybe she should’ve dated better guys in high school because they always seemed to be lacking for some odd reason.

After finding it behind his emergency credit card, she handed it over and quickly helped him fill out his paperwork.

The nurse said they could figure out the rest in the room and within five minutes they were ushering them back into the quiet examination area hallways.

They got him into an empty room and had him sit on the wax-papered exam table.

“How are you doing?” Adrienne checked in on him, and Dalton winced a little and braved a grin her way. He wanted ever so badly to be stoic.

“I mean…I guess it could be worse,” he joked.

Adrienne laughed a little. They had to laugh. It was one of those moments in life.

What a fucking day. London was getting a little fussy in her stroller and Adrienne quelled that with a well-placed tablet featuring touch-play games.

The nurse and doctor both arrived in short order and the suspicions that Adrienne had at the park were quickly seconded.

There would be some ordered X-rays to follow that would confirm the diagnosis.

Two solid breaks. Neither requiring surgery. But both would need partial casts. Six-to-seven weeks for both, as far as the healing timeline was concerned.

Dalton was expectedly devastated. He could feel the freedom of his summer getting that gut-punch. Mrs. Holloway felt guilty as hell. He’d been injured saving HER little girl. She was embarrassed about the impending phone called with his parents that she knew she was going to have to make.

When they were back at the car an hour later, it was seven in the evening. She helped him back in and buckled him up, then repeated the move for London and the stroller. They pulled out of the lot and onto the twilight-lit road.

Dalton had his two casts on his hand and arm, and London was fussy and ready for bed.

“Dalton, I don’t know how to thank you for what you did,” she said to him from the driver’s seat, as she clicked on a blinker at a red light.

“It’s okay,” he assured her. The hospital had given him a starter dosage of Vicodin and a prescription for much more. Nothing really hurt now. He was just achy and exhausted from the physical and emotional toll of it all.

“We need to call your parents,” Mrs. Holloway said responsibly, as they pulled out of the driveway. A small panic came over Dalton.

He didn’t wan’t to involve his parents. Especially when it might mean the end of his care-free summer.

“Oh. Please. Don’t.” Dalton begged, as his sexy milf of a neighbor scrolled through her phone, looking for their contact info.

“No?” She said, almost surprised, but also still feeling so grateful to this brave young man for what he had done.

“Look…” he started, trying to think of the best way to make his case, “this is their first vacation in forever and it’s my first chance to just be on my own. If you call them it’ll ruin everything, and they’ll come home early and I’ll feel terrible,” he fervently explained his stance. He was terrified she was going to call anyway. She was an adult after all.

She stared at her 18-year-old neighbor. Her daughter’s hero. Every logical bone in her body told her she needed to make the call and let his parents know about what had happened.

But she couldn’t do it. He had sacrificed himself for her little girl. She would’ve felt like an asshole after hearing what he so desperately wanted.

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