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A Different Kind of Facial

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Kendra and I had been working together at the day spa for almost a year when I finally booked my first appointment with her. I hadn’t been sure if she was into women or not but the week before she had finally said something that led me to believe that she was. I had been fantasizing about her since we had first met. I ran the front desk and booked all of the appointments. I noticed that Kendra had a lot of repeat clients and everyone always had positive things to say about her. I began to watch her more closely and the more I saw, the more she became the center of my fantasy sex life.

I wasn’t getting a lot of sex and maybe that’s why I couldn’t stop my fantasies about Kendra. I imagined booking myself an appointment with her and sitting in her chair. Her hands always slipped under the sheet and grazed my breasts. I had to try my best to slow my breathing enough so that she wouldn’t see how aroused I was to have her fingers near my nipples. I longed for her to touch my nipples and in my fantasies, I always came as she touched them for the first time. I came hard and screamed loudly in the privacy of my bedroom.

“Kendra! Kendra yes!” I screamed as I came. It was always so good but I was terrified to actually book a real appointment with her.

“You should just do it,” my best friend, Kennedy always told me. She was the only person I had confided in about my feelings for Kendra. Just go and let her put her hands all over you. Even if nothing happens, you’ll have material to think about instead of just your imagination.” She had a good point and so the very next day I made my appointment with Kendra. She noticed me on her schedule right away.

“Lany! Is this you on my schedule?” she smiled warmly at me. “I’m flattered you chose me out of all the estheticians here!”

“Of course I did. You’re the best,” I told her and I meant it. She was definitely the hottest esthetician.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on you!” she giggled and I thought I saw her wink at me but I couldn’t be sure. I felt myself flush with embarrassment. Kendra was so fucking pretty and I wanted her so much. Waiting all week for my appointment was torturous and by the time I found myself in Kendra’s chair I was more than ready. I had been fantasizing nonstop about how sexy she was, imagining us naked and rubbing our pussies together. I knew I’d been watching too much porn. Kendra was going to give me a facial and that was it. I needed to get my mind out of the gutter.

“Come on in and get comfortable. Go ahead and take off your clothes and get under this sheet.” She winked at me again and this time I was sure I had seen it.

“Okay, sure.” I was pretty sure that uşak escort people didn’t get naked for facials but I was going to go along with whatever Kendra had in mind for me. I took off my clothes and got under the sheet, my pussy wet and hoping that Kendra’s touch on my skin was enough to get me through. I was so fucking horny and I knew that just her touching my face was enough to set me off. I waited for Kendra, my mind rolling through all the sexual things I wanted her to do to me.

“Ready” Kendra called through the door.


“Okay, so lets put on some relaxing music. How does that sound?”


“Close your eyes and relax,” she cooed and I did my best to do so. She began to clean my face with a cotton ball soaked in some kind of astringent. Even this simple action was sensual for me. I could feel my juices really flowing as Kendra rubbed my face until it was clean. Then she began to massage some kind of lotion into my skin with her fingers. I realized that she wasn’t wearing gloves and I wondered if she was supposed to be. Most of the other estheticians wore them when they were with clients. I was about to say something when Kendra made a move I wasn’t expecting.

“So, Lany, I’ve noticed how you look at me all the time like you want something. You want to tell me what it is you want?” Her voice was sexy and I had never heard it like that. I wanted her so fucking much.

“I want you,” I told her and she smiled widely.

“I thought so. I didn’t think you were a lesbian at first but I see now that you are into women. Am I right?”

“Yeah. You’re right.”

“Would you be upset if I kissed you?” Kendra looked down at me and before she kissed me I could feel her hands slipping under the sheet to grab my right breast. She massaged it gently as she stared down into my eyes. I gasped as the pleasure of her fingers touching my nipple hit home.


“Lany…” She leaned down and kissed me and I could feel the connection between us grow stronger. I had real feelings for Kendra and I guess I hadn’t realized how strongly I felt until her lips met mine. I let her have her way with me, her tongue playing with mine in each and every kiss. The facial was forgotten. Instead, Kendra’s hands wandered over my body, pulling down the sheet that covered me. “You’re so beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful too,” I told her honestly. Her hands wandered all over my body and stopped at my pussy. She rubbed my clit a bit before her fingers slipped inside of me and she moved so her tongue was between my legs. She ate my pussy like a professional, making me cum so hard that I had to stop uşak escort bayan myself from screaming too loudly. I didn’t want our co-workers to hear what was really going on during my facial. I didn’t need anyone knowing that I was doing something so naughty. It was a good naughty and it felt good as Kendra made me cum with her tongue.

“You want to try licking my pussy too?” she asked.


She lifted her simple skirt, pulled down and discarded her panties, then climbed up onto my face so I didn’t have to move at all. I was shocked at how good her pussy tasted as I buried my tongue into her hot, little hole. I had never felt this way about anyone and that was when I realized that my attraction to Kendra was deeper than I thought. I let the feelings of love work their way through me so she could feel them as I ate her out. Her body began to shake and shudder and I could feel the spasms of her pussy.

“Jesus! Fuck!” she screamed a little too loudly. I didn’t care anymore if people heard. I was so into Kendra that I just didn’t care.

“Wow,” her breathing was quick and she looked winded. “Wanna try something I’ve always wanted to do?”

“What?” I asked, curious.

“Tribbing. Have you heard of it?”

“Yes! I have! Let’s do it!” Of course, I knew what tribbing was. It was something I had always wanted to try and it was something I had fantasized myself doing with Kendra a hundred times.

She pulled the sheet the rest of the way off of the chair violently and threw it to the floor. There was a crazed look in her eyes as she made sure the door was locked and then pulled off her clothes. I watched as her white jacket dropped to the floor. Her bra was a sexy one and matched the panties she had thrown to the floor. She had known that this was going to be a sexual meeting. She had worn that sexy lingerie to work because of me. At least I hoped that she had.

“You ready?”

“Yes,” I begged her with my body, heart and soul to begin. She climbed up onto the chair with me and adjusted herself and her body until our pussies were nestled together. I could feel her warmth and wetness and I began to move my pussy against hers. I was shocked at how good it felt to have her pussy against mine. I had fantasized about this moment for so long and now that it was really happening I could barely contain myself. I moaned for Kendra, showing her that this was the moment I had been waiting all of my life for. I hadn’t expected it to feel so fucking good. She twisted a bit so she could reach my mouth with hers. We shared an awkward kiss that made her pussy gush with more wetness. She was into me and escort uşak I could feel it.

“How does that feel?” she asked breathlessly.

“So good, Kendra. So fucking good.”

“Good, baby. It feels good to me too.”

An alarm began to sound and Kendra looked up and noticed where we were. She looked around for the alarm and grabbed for her phone on the counter. I could feel her pussy sliding away and I was sad about it. She disabled the alarm and began to get up.

“Hey! Where are you going?” I cried.

“Your hour is up, Lany. I’m sorry but I have to go. I have another appointment scehduled for after you. I have to clean up and get back to work. I want to stay here with you though. I really do.” She leaned back toward me and gave me a hugry kiss.

“Okay. I understand.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not charging you for the facial since you didn’t really get one. I’m sorry about that. This was really unprofessional of me.” She looked scared and I wanted to reassure her that she had nothing to worry about but I was having trouble forming words as I watched her put her clothes back on. Her body was fucking beautiful and I hadn’t had a chance to properly take it in. I looked at her now and I could hardly believe how gorgeous she really was.


“Yeah?” She looked flustered.

“Kendra, I’m not mad about the facial. I’m happy that we finally connected. I really like you.” I put my hand on her arm to convey my honesty.


“Yeah. I’ve been wanting you a long time.”

“Oh, Lany. I’m so glad you said that!” She kissed me again, this time even more deeply. I could feel her raw emotion as we made out, our hands running all over one another’s skin. “Lany, I have to go now. Can you get dressed for me? Maybe we can go out after work and have dinner? Are you free.”

“My schedule is clear for you. I’ll see you after work.”

“Okay, Lany.” She kissed me one more time before she dressed and left the room. I was ecstatic. I went back to my post at the front desk and picked up the phone.

“Hey, Lany! How did things go?”

“Kennedy, I have to cancel dinner tonight because guess what?”

“What?” she screamed with excitement, hoping it was what she was thinking.

“I’m going on a date with Kendra to dinner!”

“Oh my God! Eeeeeee!” Kennedy screamed. “See! I told you the appointment would work!”

“It worked like a charm! Thank you Kennedy, you really are my best friend.”

“Of course I am! I love you, girlie and I’m so happy for you. Do you need me to bring you an outfit or are you wearing today’s work clothes?”

“Oh my God, I don’t know! I haven’t thought about it!”

“Well, that’s why you have me. I happen to have the perfect date outfit all picked out. I’ll be by soon to drop it off.” She giggled.

“I can’t wait for this date!”

“Yeah, you’ll be rubbing pussies in no time,” Kennedy joked. I couldn’t wait to tell her that we already had.

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A Girl’s Best Friend

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I knew it was a dream as soon as Zoe opened the door of her dorm building. She was dressed in calf-high yellow rain boots and a pink cocktail dress with white polka dots. Zoe never dresses like that. It really did make sense, I reasoned. You don’t end up at your best friend’s dorm forty miles away when last you knew you were fast asleep in your own home, in your own bed. Other damning evidence were the couples making out up and down the dimly lit hall, the disco ball revolving lazily from its position on the ceiling, the fog machine (Fog machine? What kind of a dream was this???) emitting hissing bursts of smoky steam.

I must have looked bemused but Zoe didn’t seem to notice. She gave me a quick hug, grabbed my hand, and led me into the tableau. I felt strangely underdressed in just a tatty pair of jeans and a tee shirt. If this was some kind of costume party, Zoe should have had the decency to tell me before I came.

You idiot! I chided myself. You’re dreaming! Dreaming, right… Wait, dreaming? Shouldn’t I be able to do whatever I want then? I closed my eyes and tried to think up a new outfit, but when I opened them again I was still the same. It seems that although I had free will in this particular dream, I couldn’t bend the rules of space and time. I was doomed to Levi’s.

Anyway, Zoe didn’t seem to care about my costume deficiency. She was tugging me down the hall, stopping at each couple and whispering information in my ear. I learned that Cara was the master of blow jobs, Stephanie liked anal, Marissa had been known to let her boyfriend fuck her up against the door of her dorm room. Apparently the noise of that one kept the entire building up some nights.

The hallways seemed to go on and on and so did the stories. Some of what she said didn’t make sense; some of it was outright laughable. According to her one girl had “fucked so many different guys, she had to borrow the dorm building’s first-aid kit.”

I was definitely interested in hearing more about that one, but Zoe didn’t seem to have more to tell. She had finally stopped walking, stopped tugging my hand, and we were in front of a large stained-glass window. Never mind that I knew her building didn’t have anything like that in the waking world. Right now it was our world, and in it was a stained glass window. She was silent now, staring at the refracted image of herself in the glass. I hovered behind, uncertain of what to say to fill the suddenly empty void. It occurred to me that I should ask about her boyfriend. Mark? Matt? Mike? Dammit, why couldn’t I ever remember his name?

“How’s… Matt?” I guessed, cringing when she raised her eyebrows in that Zoe-look, that look that says “What the hell are you talking about?”

“You mean Jeff?”

Darn. “Right, Jeff. I’m sorry Zoe; you know how I have trouble with names.”

She shrugged. “It doesn’t really matter, it’s over. He didn’t want me because he liked who I was; he wanted me because he thought I was like those other girls we just passed. Empty-headed, slutty, and always ready to ‘have a good time,’ as he put it.”

“Oh, Zo…” I gave her a hug, wrapping my arms around her and putting my chin against the hollow of her neck. “You don’t deserve that. I’m sorry for the pain it caused, but I’m glad it’s over if he was treating you like that.”

She shook her head, and though I couldn’t see her face, I knew she was dangerously close to tears. “That’s the thing though Katie. I don’t actually blame him. I’ve sorta been a slut this past year, so what should I expect? Remember when I joked to you that I was a whore? Well, it wasn’t completely untrue.”

I stood silent for a minute, rubbing her arms as I thought of what to say next. “Zoe,” I began slowly, “You’re not a whore or a slut.” She made to protest but I shushed her. “You’re not. I know you slept with a few guys last year, but I also know that you did that because you were hoping for something deeper from them. You wanted their love, and thought that if you gave them what they wanted, they would return the favor. Girls do that all the time Zoe. Guys at this age are just looking for something different than we are.”

I felt her absorb my words, felt her absorb the truth in them, and I could almost see the anxiety and guilt lifting off her shoulders as if it had been a physical weight. She leaned against me and I hugged her tighter, hoping against hope that she would also absorb some of the love I had for her, that she would no longer feel as lost and alone as I had once. We stayed that way for a few minutes, and she was breathing so deeply and so evenly I thought yalova escort bayan she must be asleep.

Hesitantly, I let my hands wander up and down her front until they came to rest on her breasts. I had never told her how I felt; the curiosity I had for the female form and hers in particular. I wasn’t in love with her, this wasn’t a “run away into the sunset and live happily ever after” sort of feeling. I just desperately wanted to touch her once, everywhere. To not be restricted by the bounds of decorum, by the dictates of society and the rules of what is and is not acceptable to do to your best friend.

Lost in thought, I almost jumped a mile when she asked, “What are you doing?” My hands came off her breasts as if they were poisonous and I took a healthy step backwards, stammering my apologies. She turned to face me and that Zoe-look was on her face again, that “what the hell?” stare that I usually found comical. This time I thought it meant I would have to turn in my “best friend” badge.

“I’m so sorry Zoe,” I tried lamely. “I just completely forgot myself. I… I wasn’t thinking I guess.” Right, how stupid can you get? But what she said next completely rearranged my world.

“It’s okay Katie, calm down. I’ve actually been sort of wondering what it might feel like to let a girl do that.”

I was non-plussed. “Really?”

Zoe blushed a little but nodded. “Yeah, I just thought it might be better than some of the other experiences I’ve had. I always wondered if a girl would know better what to do, where to touch than a guy would. I mean, it stands to reason a girl would understand another girl’s body, don’t you think?”

I was completely staggered. What she was asking was so close to what I had always wanted that I wasn’t even sure what to say. What was the best way to agree with her without giving away that what she was suggesting was the very thing I had been longing to do with her and her alone?

“Yes,” I agreed slowly, “I think a girl would have a physical advantage over a guy, if only because she has the same body and knows what turns her on, does that make any sense?” I felt like a total idiot, like my stumbling response had cost me the only chance I had, but Zoe looked relieved.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant. A girl would know…”

“Right,” I agreed, “So…”

We both stood there facing each other, two friends who had unexpectedly seen eye to eye on something neither of us had thought the other would understand. However, it was obvious that both of us didn’t quite know what to do next.

Zoe attempted to take charge first. “Why don’t we go to my dorm room? There’s a bed in there, so that would make things more comfortable…” she trailed off and shrugged helplessly, apparently not wanting to put into words why a bed would be better. I saw that if we were going to get anywhere with this I needed to take control, pronto.

I offered my hand and she took it almost shyly. I led her out of the room with the stained glass window and into the now empty hallway. Obviously the other couples had moved on, there was nobody in sight and somebody had turned off the fog machine, though the disco ball was still revolving silently.

I found her dorm room with relative ease and stood back to let her unlock the door. Her three roommates were absent, a rare stroke of luck considering I had never liked them and their presence tonight would have made what I intended to do difficult if not impossible.

Zoe’s room was a mess as usual but I wisely didn’t comment as she shut the door behind me. I think we both sensed this was it, the point of no return. I sat on the bed and patted the spot beside me. “Come here Zo.”

She kicked off the yellow rain boots and sat cross-legged beside me. “Now what?” she asked nervously.

“I think we should start with what I was doing before, and just see where things go. Is that all right?”

She nodded and I brought my hand to her breast, lightly cupping it. I could feel her tense a little so I just stayed still, letting her relax slowly until I could feel her leaning towards me. I applied a little more pressure and began to rub her gently as she sighed and wriggled a little.

I let my other hand rest on her leg, and when she didn’t protest I slid it further up, brushing my fingers against her lower thigh under the hem of her skirt. We were both breathing heavier at this stage and my pussy was throbbing almost painfully. Zoe’s must have been in a similar condition because she reached behind herself and unzipped the back of yalova escort her dress. With my help it was discarded on the floor in a matter of moments and she was left in an adorable frilly green bra and green and white striped panties that were easily a size too small.

She looked so pretty that I just had to kiss her. She seemed startled at first, but melted into it as I maneuvered her down to the pillows. It was a relatively chaste kiss. Closed lips, no tongues or slobber, just what I hoped was a gentle show of love and respect for who she was. Eventually I broke the kiss and looked down at her now prone body. As cute as it was, that frilly green bra just had to go.

I should mention at this point that Zoe has always been a bit of a show-off.

I can’t even count how many times she has come out of a room dressed in next to nothing and asked risqué questions about how her ass looked in this pair of panties or whether or not I thought her pussy should be shaved or just trimmed a bit. Needless to say I’ve also seen her topless quite a few times, she usually has absolutely no embarrassment in changing during a sleep-over or even at being naked in the public showers at the rec. center. However, there is a huge difference between catching glimpses of your friend’s nipples and being allowed to take off her bra with the intent of sexually molesting them.

I could feel my heart stuttering in my chest as Zoe pulled the bra over her head and tossed it to the floor, then leaned back on the pillows again, giggling nervously. For a second all I could do was look at her small breasts as she reclined, awaiting my touch. Her nipples were so pretty, a little bigger than mine (though my breasts are larger than hers) and light brown in color; I couldn’t help but notice that they were very erect. My hand trembled as I traced a finger around one of them, loving the way she closed her eyes and moaned softly.

Encouraged by her response, I cupped her breast more fully, letting my hand pass over her nipple as I rubbed softly. Inspiration struck me and licking my fingers I traced them over her nipple in small circles that spiraled outwards as she jerked against my hand. Unable to take it anymore I leaned down and took the wet nipple in my mouth, sucking gently. It was so nice, better than I could have ever imagined as she put her hand on the back of my head and pressed my face to her chest.

Still licking and sucking her nipples, I could feel her legs spreading and I took the invitation to begin exploring her still panty-clad pussy. As I indented the soft material between her lips I could feel the moisture on the cotton. I rubbed the front of her pussy lips methodically, starting at the bottom and gaining pressure as I moved my hand upwards. It was the way I liked to be rubbed, and if the constant whimpering was anything to go by, it worked for her too.

I was desperate at this stage to see her pussy, so I gently removed her hand from the back of my head and placed it on her right breast. With a final lick to her left nipple I slowly moved down her body, kissing and licking my way over her stomach, past her thighs, and to the front of her pussy. I paused for a moment, just long enough for her to start to squirm urgently, and then kissed the front of her panties…hard. Her reaction was almost violent and I had to place a restraining hand on her leg lest she accidentally kick me. With my free hand I grabbed the elastic band on the top of her panties and pulled them down. She helped me get them over her bottom and kicked them off so that they rested somewhere at the end of the bed, no doubt mixed in with the covers and the rest of the dirty clothes scattered there.

As much as I wanted to stare at her naked pussy, I sensed that that much undivided attention would make her uncomfortable, so I kissed her again and lightly put my fingers at the start of her pubic hair. I could tell from a few exploratory rubs that she had shaved it to a neat little triangle that ended just where her pussy lips began, and cupping my hand against them I gently slid a finger up its length. She was moaning again, and I let my fingers slip between her lips. The moisture there was incredible, and as I found her opening and gently inserted one of my fingers, I was staggered by how warm and tight she was. It was the same sort of feeling as masturbation, in fact the tight confines of her pussy felt extremely similar to my own, but at the same time it was a completely different experience. I was doing it primarily for her pleasure, not mine.

Keeping my middle finger embedded escort yalova in that tight space, I used my thumb to begin a gentle stimulation of the area around her clit. I knew from my own personal experience that too much direct contact on the clit can be very painful, so I stuck to either side of it, rubbing little circles methodically closer, but not touching that sensitive little nub. Zoe was completely losing it now, and began to move her hips from side to side, trying to make contact with my fingers. A fine sheen of sweat had broken out on her body, and I stared in awe as she rubbed her own breasts in near complete abandon. My thumb got ever closer to her clit as I moved my other finger in and out of her pussy, waiting until I knew she couldn’t take much more. Giving in I placed my thumb directly on her clit and flicked it hard once as I thrust my middle finger to the hilt inside her.

As I watched her come I wondered if I looked similar. Could my face really have that expression of complete satisfaction? Did my body really arch that much upwards? She shook with each wave that coursed through her body, and I understood completely what she was feeling. As good as a guy is, as much as he knows about the female body’s wants and needs, he could never really understand what happens during a girl’s orgasm. I knew what was happening to Zoe, and when her eyes met mine it was clear that she understood that, and that she knew what it was like for me, too.

As she came down from her high I reluctantly removed my hand from her pussy and cuddled up next to her, my face buried in her sweet-smelling hair, my arm wrapped protectively around her stomach. I could feel her breathing eventually slow, could tell when her body finally completely relaxed and she was able to regain control of herself. She turned in my arms and hugged me tight. “Thank you Katie. That was…”

“Incredible?” I teased gently.

She nodded seriously. “Yes actually, it was. I can’t even describe how it was different to any of my boyfriends. I know this sounds weird, but it was like there was two of me, and the second me knew exactly what I wanted. Does that make any sense?”

It was the second time that evening that that question had been asked, and just as before, the response was “Yes, I know exactly what you mean.”

Zoe smiled at me, then frowned. “Hey, this is so totally unfair. I’m completely naked and you’re still all the way dressed. How did that ever happen?”

I shrugged, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. “I wanted that session to be about you. You needed that just then. I didn’t. I wanted it, would have loved it I’m pretty sure, but you’re the one that needed it tonight. And Zoe, giving that gift to you is all I’ve ever really wanted anyway.”

I wasn’t expecting her to kiss me, but she did. As I closed my eyes and let her, a fog seemed to descend on my mind, making everything seem blurry and far away. The last thing I was aware of was her hand gently cupping my breast.


I jerked awake in my own house, in my own room, and, unfortunately, my own bed. Even knowing it had been a dream, I felt incredibly disappointed that it wasn’t real, that I hadn’t really spent the night in Zoe’s dorm. My pussy was throbbing and I rubbed it gently through the front of my panties. I was incredibly wet, so I pushed the material to one side and began the same slow and methodic circles I had been doing to Zoe in the dream. As I rubbed harder, getting closer and closer to my clit, I imagined it was Zoe’s fingers touching me, Zoe’s hand now rubbing my breast through my night-shirt.

My cell-phone rang and the unexpected noise made me jerk my hand, bringing my fingers in direct contact with my throbbing clitoris. I came, bucking slightly as the waves of pleasure radiated outwards from my pussy, not stopping until they reached my fingertips. There was nothing I could do, no way to answer the phone until those maddeningly pleasurable waves stopped and sanity resurfaced.

Two minutes later I managed to roll out of bed and retrieve my phone by where it had been hiding under the desk. I flipped it open and looked dumbfounded at the missed call. “Zoe.” I checked the time as I hit the redial button. Wasn’t nine a.m. about seven hours earlier than Zoe usually managed to wake herself up?

“Hello?” came an almost breathless Zoe from the other end of the line.

“Hey Zo, it’s me. Sorry I missed your call, I was… asleep.” No way was I going to tell her I had been masturbating while fantasizing about her.

“Yeah, I was asleep too. That’s actually why I called. Katie, I had the strangest dream last night… um, do you think you could come over today?”

I glanced over at the wall calendar. Saturday. “Yeah… yeah Zoe, I’ll be there in an hour.” I hung up the phone and began pulling on my faded Levi’s.


Copyright 2008 Pasego

All comments welcome!

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A Kitty for Santa Ch. 03

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Once I arrived in Mexico, I was asked to stay on the plane by one of the flight attendants. I sat in my seat until the whole plane cleared out, from there a gentleman in a black suit boarded the plane and said the key words only I would know, “Captain America awaits for you in his car.”

My biological father was known as Captain America because of his strikingly American facial features.

I deplaned and walked to a black SUV that was sitting on the tarmac. It was here that I met my birth father for the first time. He was just like the picture, except he had aged about 30+ years.


When I had first decided to run I thought maybe I could go to a place where no one would know me and I wouldn’t stand out, then I realized I needed protection. A few years ago I started looking into my family background and I found nothing. For the first few months I searched and came up empty, and then it hit me after about a year that my birth father looked familiar. I thought to myself, I’ve looked at that picture for years, of course it looks familiar. Then one day over a cup of coffee and the newspaper I spit my coffee right onto his face.

Inside the LA Times was an article, the latest on what ‘Victor Guadalupe Lopez’ was up to. I couldn’t believe it on top of trying to put the pieces together my only clue had coffee all over it. I tried asking my parents questions but the answers were always the same. They didn’t know much.

I used my resources and started looking and there it was, all this information on my biological father. Almost forty years of crime and they could not prove a thing, all allegations. If anyone found out can you imagine what that would mean for a Detective in the LAPD.

I found a way to coerce my mother to call him once, with the excuse that I was sick, just so I could see if he wanted anything to do with me. He said if I really wanted him around he would be there for me. I panicked and decided I wasn’t ready and I never called again. Not until I had no where to hide or run.

“Buenas Tardes.” I had downloaded an app, and that was the best I could do with my spanish.

“Good afternoon, Tiffany, welcome to my country.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you speak English, I don’t speak spanish.” It was fairly accented English but it was light years beyond my Spanish.

“Is not perfect but it will do for now. Come inside.”

Why had I run here, well I knew no one would find me here, not Jane and not the U.S. government. My father, well he is a notorious Mexican drug-lord. ‘Captain American’, one of the most wanted men for his connections, to say the least. Did I mention he’s filthy rich? No one knows where to find him or how, he finds you not the other way around. And here I am a detective for the LAPD on my way to his personal home, no chance of anybody finding me here.

“I hear you been attacked, someone try to kill you.”

“Yeah, I was working a case and I got too close to the killer, and apparently my death was the easiest way for them to avoid getting caught. Does it bother you that I am a cop?” He laughed a good laugh. We were sitting together in the back of his SUV.

“No my daughter, I think it is how your people say ironic. We both make a living doing what we do best that is all. I do this to make a living and once you are in there is no out, unless by death.” Daughter only two other people called me that. I mean it is not as if I am ready to call him father or anyone else mother.

“I would appreciate it if I didn’t see anything too illegal please, if they find out where I have come to hide they will try to get as much information from me and I rather not know anything.”

“Of course not, that is why your mother and I gave you for adoption. So you would never have to be force into life of crime. Pero here you are a policia.”

“Is that why you gave me up, for my protection. You don’t have other kids?”

“No you are my only daughter, my beautiful Rosita, you look just like your mother but with my eye color, skin and eyes. You are beautiful.” He stroked my cheek it was unsettling and I winced, but he meant no harm. He immediately retracted his hand. I had been on edge for a while now.

“Can I meet her?” Bad question because he broke eye contact.

“I am sorry she die a few years ago, she never was able to get over the pain of letting you go, I think she died of a broken heart, doctor says heart attack.”


It’s easy to talk to someone who is a total stranger. Upon arrival he wasn’t my father, he wasn’t anything. He was just someone who was helping me out. I didn’t have all the questions I had as a kid, none of them mattered anymore because I was happy with what I had, a loving family.

As a child I always knew I was adopted, my sisters and I looked too different. My parents told me that my adoption had taken place before I was born and at birth my mother held me for two hours crying and then she handed me to my new mother. I had never seen her after that but my adoptive parents always sent them pictures of yozgat escort me.

I had hopes of seeing them some day when I was ready, but I was told I could only call my father if it was a life or death emergency. So, I put it away along with the thoughts of who they were and why. I knew it was because they could have raised me and chose not to. I only knew that they were Mexican, I knew the basics. I didn’t care because they had given me up, not the other way around and I had a family and sisters who loved me.

I had stopped talking for a while. I thought I would get to see her at least once.

I wanted to learn about my origins so I could someday tell my kids but now here I was with only my birth father. I didn’t know what to do or say, but I knew I needed space to process everything.

Why had I run? I know that parts really clear to me. The woman I thought I loved told me I was insane when I told her that her soon to be ex-wife was a serial killer. I had all the proof but would need her help to get all the evidence together.

We weren’t together officially, but we were dating and like an idiot I fell for her. She was getting a divorce and only waiting for Jane, her ex-wife to sign the papers. Then when I told her everything I knew about the killings and her ex-wife’s involvement, she tells me that Jane is her wife and how dare I say those things. She might as well have shot me in the face because that might have hurt less than those damn words.

I don’t exactly have a plan as to what I’m going to do but Captain America says I can stay here as long as I want. He has even offered to set me up for life if I want, without any connections to him or my past.

If I didn’t have a loving family I might have done it. I never want to see Jane or Solo again. I’m going to stay here for as long as it takes me to figure out a plan. I’m no longer on the case so I don’t feel I’m a threat anymore as long as Santana keeps her big, luscious, juicy lips shut. Fuck, no I hate her, I hate her so much.

I cut myself off from the world when I threw away my cell phone in Ft. Lauderdale. When I arrived at Miami I left the airport for Ft. Lauderdale making sure to leave a trail somewhere in between and had a different taxi drive me to West Palm Beach. As far as they knew I was in Miami headed God knows where.

In between all that I bought a few prepaid phones and had money cards for each of the different companies. I was determined to stay in hiding.

Captain America said he would find a safe way for me to contact my parents and have them tell the U.S. Marshals who are looking for me to not look for me since I had willingly left. I would later deal with the consequences of my actions, if I ever went back.


I have been gone for 24 hours now. I haven’t slept in a while, every time I sleep I relive the morning of the attack at my place and the killings and everything and I wake up in a cold sweat panting and sometimes screaming. This is how it was in the FBI house and now I know it’ll be the same here in Mexico.

I was able to contact my parents and they said that Agents Solo and Butler were looking for me because I was missing. I told them I was fine and that I was in Canada staying out of sight, I didn’t want to be in protective custody living like a felon on the run. I also told them to stay away from Butler and keep and eye out for her. I needed time away from everyone and everything. I gave them a guess as to where I may be and there were people that worked for the Captain (my birth father) that would alert us if they were listening in and went looking for me, I had asked my parents to not say anything.

Two things would happen; Butler would go looking for me or send someone who was not FBI or the Marshals would go looking for me.

My sister Tori had come on the line. Tori was the next youngest with husband and a daughter Tiffany, named after me, to give me a message from Agent Solo.

“Hey baby sis what you running from?”

“The government, my death, everyone, anyone.” Just hearing my sisters voice made me tear up at the thought of never going back and seeing my namesake and my sisters, hiding for the rest of my life.

“Anyone in particular?”

“What are you saying?”

“Nothing, Agent Solo, asked me to let you know she was sorry about the things she said. Did she hurt you, Tricia’s more than happy to kick her ass.” Tricia is the oldest and like me has two black belts.

“No one needs to hurt anyone.” I had been trying to put her behind me and just move forward with my life. Sorry, that’s all I get after being offended she was sorry, she could go suck Jane’s boob for all I care. However my voice had broke and I missed her. I couldn’t sleep without her close by.

“What’s wrong baby sis?”

“Nothing I have to go now, make sure you guys stay safe and never go anywhere alone ok sis, please.”

“Ok hun, you too and I’m here for you. I love you.”


Screw Solo, screw her and Jane yozgat escort bayan and they could screw themselves too. Sorry, fuck sorry, REALLY calls me a killer, insane and full of shit and she was sorry. I never want to see her again. I need to move on, fuck I’m in a foreign city and I can’t even speak the language. So much for sleeping with someone, anyone I really don’t even care now. I need to clear my mind.

What’s the point of all this melodramatic crap. I’ve known Solo what all of a month give or take and I’m letting it get me all worked up. Twice she has screwed me over and here I am dreaming of her and our time together. I’m here wondering how she feels about me about all this. What’s the point If something were meant to happen for us it wouldn’t be this hard.

How much more of a sign do I need that she and I are just not meant to be? Psycho ex-check, liar-check, asshole- check. She was definitely not on the top of my list of great people to date.

As the days went by, I was able to really get to know the Captain, that’s what I had taken to calling him, using his name or father just didn’t seem right to me. He had tried to teach me spanish and I spent some time in the kitchen with the ladies learning to make traditional Mexican plates and on one occasion made some of my food for everyone in the house. The captain was upset that I was working but he loved the meal so he stopped grumbling.

I had taken a liking to him and he talked to me about my mother everyday. I fell in love with the country and I didn’t have to see any real illegal activity. Yes there were guns, but the drugs and everything else was out of my sight.

Ultimately I realized I couldn’t keep running and hiding. After only a week and a half I was feeling home sick. More than that I was ready to move forward no matter what that meant. If it meant no Santana then so be it, I was a big girl I could deal.

The Captain had created an account for me where he would be transferring money so I wouldn’t have to work if I didn’t want to and he felt, to make up for the lost years. I didn’t need it but now without a car or house I would have to find a place, refurnish and everything that comes with a new place, not to mention shoes and clothes. My insurance wasn’t going to cover everything, if anything, since it was on purpose and all the legalities, whatever none of that mattered anymore. All that mattered was that I got out alive and got to live my life, not filled with anyone else’s drama.

I had thought about Santana everyday and with each passing day I hated her and Jane a little more, how dare she. How dare she treat me like that, I didn’t fucking deserve it but that’s what happens when you’re nice and try to live by the rules you always get screwed. I trusted her, I let her into my life all to have it blow up in my face.

I had gained some muscle since I spent my days swimming, working out, riding horses on the ranch and cooking. I was eating more but working out twice as much. I had so much energy trying to work out all the extra food, and emotions. Emotions I didn’t want to feel; not the loneliness, not the anger, not the pain. I took up boxing in my free time, nothing better to let out some frustration than a punching bag. I really took to it, the captain even brought in a sparring partner for me. She was a New Yorker who did business with him and was in town letting things die down for herself in her neck of the woods.

She was one hot piece of ass if I say so, and I do say so.

“You’re American?”

“Los Angeles to be exact.” No one knows that I am his daughter some people do suspect, because of my resemblance to him and my birth mother, but no one dares question anything here.

“What you doing with Captain America?” She was wrapping her wrists, I had been training for about an hour so I was set. She was slightly bent over and that gave me a bird’s eye view of her nice chest, within her nike sports bra. Her stomach was tight but she had nothing on my Santa’s abs and stars. Her shorts were tightly wrapped around her nice ass.

“Staying out of trouble, avoiding death believe it or not.” That one got a good laugh.

“Most people stay away from him to avoid those things.”

“Ha, I guess you and I are a piece of work then because from what I hear you’re here for the same reason.”

“Yeah, that and I heard this beautiful blonde was staying here.” She looked me up and down admiring my physique. I was a little bit more conservative compared to her. Standing in Nike training capris and a tight cotton rib tank top.

“Is that right?” She stood up came to me and tapped my gloves to start a friendly spar.

“Yup.” As she swung a jab to the face.

“Missed.” Jab/cross to the face but she moved out of my way. She’s quick, damn her grin reminds me of Santana, fuck Santa. Jab/cross to the ribs, HIT.

“I see were playing rough. Good luck honey, I fight for pride where I’m from.”

Jab/cross/jab. None landed. We went four rounds a few hits from both escort yozgat of us. Until I finally realized the thoughts of Santana were making me angry and unstable. I stopped and threw of my helmet and mouth piece, and jumped out of the ring.

“Hey, where you going?” I turned to see her coming after me.

“You just brought up a memory of this bitch I once knew and now I’m mad and it’s not your fault and I don’t want to hurt you. I’m sorry.”

She had taken of her gloves and grabbed my arm.

“Look sweetie I don’t know who she is or what she did but I can promise you I’m not her. How about a swim in that huge pool and then a drink, what do you say? It’ll help you relax a bit.”

Sexy beautiful woman who wants to have some fun with me. “Deal.”

We left our gloves and went to the pool in the next wing where I was staying. The captain had given me the guest wing which included its own kitchen, bar and pool.

I showed her to the bathroom and she said she would be out shortly. I took off my clothes and put on a 2 piece black bikini, tied up my hair and as I finished a sexy woman came out of my bathroom. She was wearing a one piece swimsuit that showed of her back, her stomach and her ass cheeks. It was one long string wrapped very intricately if you ask me.

“Damn your even hotter than I expected.”

“Thank you.” I blushed. “You’re a piece of work yourself, my names Tiffany by the way and you are?” I put out my hand.

“Anna, you kick my ass then give me your name.” I laughed as she shook my hand.

“The bruise on my ribs, begs to differ.”

“Come on, swimming and drinks remember.”

She walked ahead of me as we walked out of my room. I swear she had a heart for an ass, I love my ass and it’s hard for me to be unbiased, but her back side deserved to be spanked for being so naughtily hot. She was a curvaceous piece of work. The string was lost in her ass but who cares it was really just decoration, the real show was those globes. Her breasts were smaller at most a handful, begging to be sucked.

I’m having you for dinner tonight.

We made it to the pool and I dived in on the deep end and did a few laps. When I came up she was sitting at the edge of the pool wet and watching me.

“You know you have great form.”

“Thank you, aren’t you gonna swim?”

“No it was just to get you nice and wet.”

“Oh I see.” I walked over to her “Not into foreplay.” I stood up on one of the stairs an kissed her as she wrapped her legs around my backside. It felt good to have human contact again. Our bodies were both full of goosebumps and it wasn’t from the cold.

“I was ready when I saw you in the ring, boxing was the foreplay, swimming was just to get you naked.”

We stood and started walking to my room. We’re both grown women who knew where this was going.

I kissed her with the lust I felt for her, she was sexy nothing more, nothing less. The exact opposite of Santana, feminine and bubbly. No voice to make me feel dreamy, no power over my heart just a wetness in my pussy begging to be taken care of. My heart needed to be set free, it needed to remember that life wasn’t perfect and those who hurt you only do it because you allow them. When you love someone you chose to let them get close, enabling them to hurt you.

As we walked into my room I shut the door behind me and slipped her hands around my neck, pulling my head back allowing her ample room to devour my neck. Teeth grazing my skin made my pussy tingle. My hands searched for something to hold onto and a great ass is always a good resting place.

I worked my hands down her back around her tight globes.

My hands roamed all around unimpeded. Her skin was cold from being naked but my heart was pounding and all the blood was going south. Pulling her close I felt her thigh right against my pussy, I needed to be taken for a good ride.

I walked us back to my bed and sat down with her between my thighs. I kissed her flat stomach working my way downward to where my mouth knew it would find a source of juice. She was sexy and willing and I was, not ready.

There was no hurt here, just lust someone to sleep with. Fuck, that’s not me, I don’t just sleep with anyone.

I stopped and just laid my head on her stomach.

“I can’t.” She pulled her hand away and stepped back.

“I hope she’s worth it.” She kissed the top of my head and walked away.

It’s time to go home and stop running. I have to face this. I have to stop pretending. I just let one sexy ass bitch walk away from me half naked over some …some….ugh… screw you Santana.


I’m headed home today or at least to the city where I grew up because I have no home. Saying good bye to everyone proved to be somewhat difficult, I had grown attached to the people with whom I had spent the last two weeks with. The ladies in the kitchen that taught me how to cook traditional dishes, women who had worked for my mother women who taught me about my mother, my heritage along with some spanish. The bodyguards that escorted me everywhere and knew that if something happened to me it would be there heads, metaphorically I hope. And the Captain, my father who hadn’t been there a day in my life but who in the time I needed him most proved to be a great friend and protector.

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A Black Lesbian’s Haitian Wife

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Meet Nadia Poisson, a young black woman of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Born in the environs of Jacmel, Republic of Haiti, Nadia came to the Canadian Capital to find a better life. In her native Haiti, Nadia was an accountant working for the City of Cap-Haitien. She moved to Canada after getting canned for criticizing a powerful gentleman named Moise somebody. Nadia thought she’d make a fresh start in Canada, but it came at a great cost…

The Canadian government doesn’t recognize foreign credentials from non-white countries, so Nadia Poisson was forced to enroll in a Canadian university to learn things she already knew. Such is life in Canada for people who aren’t white. The Canadian government slows down the progress of foreigners who wish to prosper in Canada by setting up barriers to their social development, educational attainment and economic advancement. It’s the oldest trick in the book, and it’s been happening for eons. The Romans did it to the Greeks in the days of Imperial Rome…

Never let it be said that the Haitian people, Haitian lesbians included, lack willpower. Nadia Poisson endured all kinds of hell while emigrating from the island of Haiti to Canada, and she wasn’t about to let Canadian passive aggression, Canadian obstructionism and Canadian bureaucracy stop her dead in her tracks. Nope, whenever life throws hardship at a Haitian, the Haitian inevitably comes back stronger. Never underestimate the indomitable will of the Haitian people…

While at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Nadia experienced a brand new world. One day, Nadia met the woman destined to change her life forever, a Haitian-Canadian gal named Esther Magloire. The two of them were simply made for each other, as time and circumstance would soon reveal. The two young women sensed kindred spirits in one another and struck up a friendship. Nadia and Esther ended up becoming much more than friends, and sparks flew between them…

Esther Magloire and Nadia Poisson are two proud daughters of the Haitian motherland living in the Canadian Capital. tunceli escort Esther dreams of getting her MBA and taking the Canadian business world by storm. That’s why Esther toils away at Carleton University, biding her time. Nadia Poisson wants to get her accounting credentials and work for a big corporation like KPMG or BDO. If all else fails, Nadia would like to work for the Canada Revenue Agency. Whatever pays the damn bills at the end of the day…

With Esther by her side, Nadia feels loved and accepted…and utterly fearless. The two young Haitian women walk around the Rideau Shopping Center, proudly holding hands while speaking their native tongue of Haitian Creole. Yes, Haitian lesbians and bisexual Haitian women do exist. When Nadia and Esther get together behind closed doors, the action between them quite simply sizzles…

“Eat my ass,” Nadia said, and the six-foot-tall, dark-skinned, curvaceous and big-bottomed young Haitian woman looked at her supplicant Esther and licked her lips. After a long day at summer school, Nadia was horny, and needed loving. The kind that only her lover could provide. As a young woman brought up in the beautiful but embattled island of Haiti, awash in a deeply patriarchal system, Nadia finds female-on-female domination wonderfully empowering. I am the boss of you, but only because you want me to be, Nadia thought proudly.

“Yes ma’am,” Esther replied, and the short, slim, brown-skinned young woman lay flat on the bed, watching with baited breath as her lover/mistress drew near. Nadia stood over Esther, hands on her hips. Esther looked up at Nadia, the towering, sexy amazon whom she’d fallen in love with since their halcyon days at Carleton University. I love me some tall gals, Esther thought, grinning in anticipation.

“Stop grinning psycho,” Nadia told Esther as she squatted down on her lover’s face, allowing her a good look at her thick posterior. Esther smiled as Nadia’s thick ass came bearing down on her. Is there anything hotter than a Haitian woman’s majestic booty? Esther tunceli escort bayan grasped Nadia’s thick ass cheeks with both hands and kissed them before sliding her tongue up her lover’s butt hole. Let the good times roll…

“Babe, you promised to fart on my face, ou dwe fe sa pou mwen,” Esther said, as Nadia smothered her lovely face with her prodigious derriere. Nadia let out a happy sigh as Esther smacked her ass while giving her asshole a tongue bath. Women who love women crave the taste of pussy, this is a universal fact. Still, there’s a subcategory of lesbians and bisexual women who love the taste of female ass, and Esther is a proud member of that group…

“You got it, ma Cherie, I ate lots of cheese, rice and beans just to fart on your face,” Nadia told Esther, who continue to give her butt hole a tongue lashing. Esther loves the taste of female booty juice just as much as she loves the taste of pussy. As Nadia rode her face, the friction generating a nice mixture of pussy juice, ass funk and sweat which filled Esther’s mouth, the young woman thanked her lucky stars for having a lover who understood her freakiness…

“Hmm, yes,” Esther murmured, her mouth agape as Nadia farted right on her face. The toxic fumes oozing out of Nadia’s booty hole slipped right into Esther’s open mouth. Greedily Esther sucked the farts out of Nadia’s butt hole, absolutely refusing to allow even one of those precious things escape. Nadia moaned loudly, loving the feel of Esther’s tongue tickling her backdoor. I love this nasty young woman, Nadia thought happily.

“Did you like that?” Nadia asked Esther, a little while later, as she rolled off of the other woman’s face. Esther nodded and smiled, and that’s when Nadia pulled her into her arms and kissed her. Nadia tasted her ass on Esther’s lips as she kissed her lover passionately. Esther caressed Nadia’s breasts, feeling up her erect nipples before sliding her hand between her thick, muscled thighs. Nadia exhaled sharply as Esther began fingering her pussy…

“Oh escort tunceli yeah, open up for me,” Esther cooed softly as she worked three fingers into Nadia’s pussy, feeling her up quite nicely. Nadia moaned softly, welcoming Esther’s touch in her sweet spot. Esther drew Nadia down on the bed, spread her lover’s thighs and began munching on her sweet pussy. Nadia had the best tasting pussy in the damn multiverse and Esther simply couldn’t get enough of her…

“Fuck me,” Nadia all but hissed at Esther after the other woman revved up her engine by giving her sweet pussy a tongue bath. Esther grinned and kissed Nadia on the lips before grabbing her nipples and twisting them, causing her to yelp. Laughing, Esther fetched her strap-on dildo and put it on hastily. Nadia grinned in anticipation as Esther got ready to fuck the hell out of her…

“You’ve got to say please, mademoiselle,” Esther told Nadia as she grabbed her lover by the throat and began her approach into her. Nadia licked her lips as Esther angled into position, ready to fuck her. With a swift thrust, Esther buried her dildo inside Nadia, who exhaled sharply and embraced her lover. Just like that, the two young women continued with their fun. Esther slapped Nadia’s face and pinched her nipples while slamming the dildo into her pussy. When it comes to lesbian sex, Esther is of the opinion that if it isn’t rough then it isn’t fun, and Nadia totally agrees!

“Oh yes, fuck me,” Nadia squealed, as Esther proceeded to dick her down with the strap-on dildo. Face down and big ass up, howling and disheveled, Nadia had no choice but to take it as Esther gave it out. Esther smacked Nadia’s big beautiful ass, loving the way it jiggled as she thrust the dildo deep inside of her. The two women fucked and sucked the evening away. Dawn was mere moments away by the time they finally stopped…

“Ma belle, je t’aimerai toujours,” Esther told Nadia, resting in her lover’s arms. As Nadia slept, Esther mused on the future. In a few short months, they would graduate from Carleton University and then face certain choices. They could stick together in Ottawa and try to find work in their respective fields or move on to other cities, perhaps even to the States, and give life a shot in the Deep South. Whatever happens we will stick together, Esther thought, and she kissed Nadia’s forehead before closing her eyes. Time to get some rest…

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A conversation with Dee Ch. 04

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A double orgasm for Dee during the meeting

(It was the following Monday morning that I saw that Dee was on line when I sat at my laptop. But she was on her iphone.)

‘Hi darling. I’ve just got in. How are you?’

‘I’m in big meeting, but sat at the back.’

‘Mmmm. Interesting meeting?’

‘No, boring.’

‘Well, shall we have a quick kiss? Might be more interesting.’

‘I would love too. And fondle. It would certainly be more exciting.’

‘Is there a lady in her 20s with nice big tits sitting next to you?’

‘I wish. Not in her 20s though. Prefer them a bit older – more like you. But I like big tits.’

‘Pity mine are so puny. Do you have big tits?’

‘Yes, I do have big tits. Yours are lovely though. Love your nipples’

‘Mmm wish I could see and feel – nice and squashy.’

‘I will send you a pic.’

‘Oooo yes please.’

‘Would love you to feel, and suck them, Sarah.’

‘Mmmmm – feel the nipples getting hard in my mouth. Run my tongue round the rim. Feeling the little glands.’

‘Oh Sarah, stop. Hey! Naughty!’

‘The wrinkles smoothing out with the swelling.’


‘Whilst I sneak my finger inside your panties for a quick feel of that wonderful special private place. I worship it Dee!’

‘I’m so horny now.’

‘Good. Pity you can’t cum.’

‘No, bad! I can’t concentrate.’

‘Ok – maybe I should write you a quick email for bedtime – in exchange for pic of boobs – lol?’

‘Oh yes please. Not a quickie either. Nice and slow and gentle.’

‘You’re over-excited.’

‘I’m very excited sitting here. Make love to me, you bad girl.’

‘You might squirm too much.’

‘I will try not to.’

‘Can I slide my hand into your top – and into the bra cup? Pinch the nipple.’

‘Mmmmm – Yes please.’

‘Whilst my other slips under the hem of your skirt, and strokes the inside thigh.’

‘Oh, yeeeees.’

‘Mmmmm … your skin is lovely and smooth … nice firm skin. My hand is reaching into the urfa escort gap – oh, but your legs are too tightly shut darling.’

‘Opening now – And getting wet.’

‘Ah! Now I can feel the warmth and dampness of your panties. Mmmmm. Middle two fingers stroking the gusset. Fingering the squashed labia inside.’

‘I do still have them on!’

‘Is there room for me to crouch between your legs?’

‘Now there is.’

‘And rub my nose against it, taking a deep breath, filling my lungs with that delicious scent … oooo so very sweet – and a little pungent – exciting.’

‘Three weeks ago I was a good, dedicated employee.’

‘And now you’re a dissolute dedicated pupil.’

‘Yes! NO, please stop, it’s not right. Please, Sarah.’

‘I can feel the hairs escaping from your panties. Mmmm … ok I’ll stop – but you are so delectable. I can’t resist you.’

‘So are you – but I can’t concentrate. Ooo Sarah … I had little tremble. Would cum soon.’

‘Mmm you’d better concentrate then – on the meeting.’

‘I don’t want to, I want to fuck you, but …’

‘Save your cum for later – when you get into your car perhaps.’

‘I will – but I want you so much. OMG you’ll never know just how much Sarah.’

‘Me too – I just want to eat every little bit of your vulva. Devour every nibble, And run my tongue round the rim of your bum. Taste the precious nectar – food for the gods – dribbling into my mouth.’


‘Tongue running round the base of your clit. OMG! I’ll leave you alone then, til later.’

‘Nooooooo. Yesssssss. I mean NOOOOOO!’

‘A little squirming cum for Sarah.’

‘Just have.’

‘HEY! That’s great. I love my lady friends having a cum in public places. Naughty, but nice.’

‘Do you have a double ended toy?’

‘No darling – I wouldn’t know what to say if it was found! Do you have toys?’

‘Just a vibe. I used it reading your email.’

‘Well, get it out again when you go to bed. I have no toys – but urfa escort bayan an electric toothbrush can be very effective.’

‘Would love to clean my teeth with it afterwards.’

‘Humming lips against Sue’s clit is also effective. Vibrating lips – Mmmmmm with fingers doing their work inside the vagina.’

‘Omg yessssss. I wish. Kiss your nipples.’

‘I would tease you with your vibrator, while my tongue penetrated your bum and my fingers feel deep inside. Ahhhh. OMG Dee – I’ve cum as well – a rippling one which takes the breath away.’

‘I’m trembling again. Omg Sarah!’

‘A second public cumming.’

‘Small bubbling one.’

‘I’m biting your vulva – chewing those lips, drinking your cocktail of sex.’

‘OMG! So naughty. And no touching either! Just imagination. And you, you bad lady.’

‘My – an orgasm without touch – that’s really really good. Did your belly go all fluttery, and your thighs tremble?’

‘Yesss. All of that! Oh you bad girl. Must go!’

(As promised I send an email.)

Darling Dee

Thanks for the photo, very revealing – and now that I have a picture of your wonderful breasts, I can really imagine the joy of latching onto them, one after the other. You on your back, legs wide apart, my lips devouring those tits with avid hunger, while my hands ravish your lower half – one on your bum and the other playing with your clit, fingering the juices pouring from your pussy.

I swing my body over yours, sitting my open vulva against your hot mouth, rubbing hard, kneading your breasts with my hands before bending down to put my head over your groin, kissing the hair, kissing the tip of your clit – pulling it with my lips. Then chewing the labia – soft and succulent, my nose taking in the wonderful aroma of your vagina. Those delectable juices smearing my lips and tongue.

I can feel the fluttering in your belly. Your hips are shaking and your knees jerking. You are crying out in agony – relishing the sensation building up in escort urfa your groin. You are really squirming now. Moaning. Eyes closed tight as you concentrate on the fantastic orgasm builing up in your belly. I can feel your teeth grinding my clit. I shall soon cum all over them. We’ll cum together Dee – my thighs are grasping your head – and yours mine.

Here it cums! Oooooooooooooo my gawwwwd!

Cum darling. Cum with Sarah. AAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrgg!

You’re bouncing up and down your whole body in a paroxysm of orgasmic jolts. Crying out my name. Telling me you love me. You are bucking like crazy. What a HUGE orgasm – it goes on and on. Wow. I’m cumming hard as well. Really loving this encounter with you.

After I roll off you, cupping your vulva in the palm of my hand, our lips meet in a loving long kiss. Kissing kissing kissing. I slowly roll back on top of you, with one legs between your thighs. I squirm until our clits are touching. My small tits pressing against your majestic pair. We slowly grind our bellies together, vulvas rubbing each other. Clits engaging.

OMG Dee. It’s so exciting and horny. I shall cum again very soon. Our juices mingling as we reach a peak of utter delight and ecstasy.

The night is young. You are in my arms. I shall pour is both a glass of red wine so that we can sit on the bed chatting for ten minutes – then I remove your glass and make love to you slowly and deliberately. Mmmmmm you are so very gorgeous. So thrilling to touch. To kiss. To love.

Sleep tight darling – if you get any!

Sarah darling,

That email last night left me soooo exhausted. I loved re-reading our texts. I turned me on soooo much…. you are naughty, but you’re the best.

Love Dee xxx

So very pleased Dee.

Loved the pic of you in the bath – I wonder who took it – you look a few years younger, so maybe your ex?

Well, a few more exhausting orgasms for you darling. Would you like to read our earlier chats sometime? Had a lovely coffee morning with Sue. I mentioned that you passed on your thanks for looking after me. ‘Cheeky thing!’ she laughed. ‘I’m your lover – not Dee!’ She asked though, if your friend had shown any interest in sex with you? I told her not – at least not yet. But there’s still hope!

Sarah xxxxxx kissing those very appealing nipples!

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Early Morning Escapade

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My husband and I live on a medium size farm. I don’t want to mention the province for fear of being recognised. We farm with a wide variety of crops. In addition to the crops, we also breed a certain type of pig, one of the larger types. We also have a few horses for our own entertainment and also for use by the few friends that visit us occasionally. Our neighbour had a son of about 18, Gary, who visited us regularly. My husband often joked that this young man was more interested in me than in the horses. I occasionally teased him to watch his reaction and I noticed the bulge in his pants when he looks at me. He must have had a glimpse or two of a panty or a cleavage. I do not take extreme care around the house when I bend or sit. I once told him, while my husband was present that he should take care of me when my husband goes away, just to see the blush on his face.

My husband and I have been married for just over a year and sex was still very much part of our daily routine. I must add that we sometimes burn a few tyres during a love session.

My husband had to attend a 5 day seminar away from home. We woke up early Monday morning for him to be able to leave by 05:00. With the separation in mind, we tried to make up a few sessions that will be lost. We had passionate sex and I was wet all over. I only put on my night dress, which was a see-through anyway. I did not even think of wearing panties because I was not going anywhere. After all the goodbuys and a little fondling which left me quite worked up and dripping. I went with him to the gate about 550 yards from the house to close the gate behind him and see him off. I only realised that I’m half naked when I turned around to walk back!

The horses were grazing in the enclosure next to the road. One of the mares was in season and being attended to by the stallion. I saw the stallion hanging out and getting ready to mount. I was always amazed at the size of a horse’s tool, and the way he manages to penetrate the mares with such ease. I stopped to watch the proceedings and as the stallion mounted, my imagination siirt escort started to work overtime. Remember, I was still worked up from preceding actions, and the thought of a huge penis inside me had me almost frantic. When the stallion withdrew, I could see the juices dripping from that huge penis. Knowing that the next mounting will only be a while later, I turned to walk on, but decided to just look in at the pigsty while I was passing. It was still early with no people in the vicinity, so I was quite safe from being seen walking around half naked.

As it happened, one of the sows was also in season, and mating was in full swing when I stopped at the low gate to look. The expression on the boar’s face reminded me of a cat in a cream factory. Pigs normally mount and dismount without delay, but sometimes it seems as if they know exactly what they are doing, and stay on the job for a little while, pumping a bit, stop to stare, pump a little, stop again, pump again, until they eventually get off. Quite human, I would say. The corkscrew penis of the boar slid in and out effortless. The sow arched her back every time the boar strikes the home limit. As I watched, I became so involved that I started moving my hips back and forth in unison with the sow, as if I’m being fucked. I was as wet as can be. I felt the juices running down the inside of my thighs.

The boar dismounted and walked in my direction, probably expecting something to eat. He must have smelt the love juices when he got close enough, because he lifted his snout and sniffed, then came closer. The boar pushed his snout through the bars and sniffed my crotch. I pushed my hips forward, not expecting anything to happen. It was more a reflex movement, although I think that the state I was in contributed to the action. The pig pushed his snout under my short dress and touched my cunt. A shudder went through my whole body and I almost cried out loud. The next moment, the boar started licking my cunt. I pushed forward to offer more. The narrow tongue caught my clitoris, siirt escort bayan which was swollen to the full at that stage. I almost climaxed!

The pig turned away to look at the sow, and I knew I was going to witness another round. It seems as if the boar got as worked up as I was because he mounted with a purpose. He fucked the sow like I’ve never seen before. In my imagination, I could feel a penis inside of me, vigorously pumping. I leaned forward to try and touch the boar’s penis. I just wanted that wet, slippery feeling in my hands. I did not realise that my bare bottom was up in the air while leaning forward. I was also so much focussed on my lust that I did not hear or notice any movement around me. I only felt something hot and hard being pushed against my vaginal lips. Before I could move, it slid inside me. I pushed back to receive it all. My body reacted, my mind did not. All I thought about was the penis I craved for is inside me, and it feels damn good. By the sound of his breathing, I realised it was Gary, but there was nothing I could do to stop this. At that moment I did not want to stop it, I was enjoying it too much. Gary was by no means small, he had a penis that would be envied by most. He filled my cunt to the brim.

I think Gary must have watched me for quite a while. He knew my husband was leaving that morning, and he was probably hoping for just this to happen. He must have been as hot as I was if not more, because he climaxed within the first few strokes. He got hold of my hips and pushed his pole to the limit and kept it there when he shot his hot load into my pussy. As the shuddering subsided, he started to withdraw. He was still as stiff as a lance. When I turned around, he started to apologise. I pulled him closer and opening my legs, I lifted my nighty to expose my sopping wet cunt. I did not reach an orgasm, and I wasn’t stopping until I also had my share. Gary touched my fanny with his hands for the first time. I could feel him trembling with anticipation when his fingers slipped into my fanny. escort siirt He felt the swollen clitoris and gasped. This must have been a dream come true for him. He started to rub my clit slowly. I tried to follow his hand when he pulled it away. I thought he was going to stop, but he was just changing position to use his penis instead of his finger.

I looked down onto this huge penis, still covered in his own cum. I took his penis in my hand and pushed the foreskin back. He almost pushed it through my hipbone as he thrust forward. I guided his penis to the entrance. He did not need any encouragement. He felt the wetness around my fanny and probably saw the cum still dripping out and knew that penetration was going to be easy. I cried out when he entered me. I pushed forward to encourage the penetration, but he was holding back. I grabbed him around the buttocks and pulled as hard as I could. He gave way slowly and pushed deeper and deeper. I relaxed and leaned back to take it all. When he pulled back to start pumping, I knew I was ready to come. The next moment he grabbed me by the waist and started pumping furiously. I came within seconds, screaming as my muscles contracted in spasms. Gary also reached a climax and together we pushed and shuddered until finally all was over.

We walked home without talking. My plan was to have a shower, get dressed and continue with the day, but Gary had other plans. As soon as we entered the house, I walked straight to our bedroom, thinking that Gary will use the other bathroom to wash. When I turned around, Gary was against me, stroking my upper arms gently. We embraced and kissed, a long lingering kiss. Gary’s hand moved down slowly as we kiss and rubbed my fanny. I could not control the trembling. It felt as if I was trembling inside my tummy. Gary lifted my dress over my head, and I was completely naked. I released the catch of his trousers and it dropped to the floor. His briefs had a bulge inside that reminded me of the stallion earlier. He took his shirt off and then pulled down his briefs. When released, his penis uncoiled like an angry cobra and slowly stood to attention. I took a few steps backwards and lied down on the bed. No more foreplay was necessary. We just fucked. For the next few days, we enjoyed a few encounters, and even until today, we occasionally get an unexpected opportunity to have a decent fuck.

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18 Today Ch. 02

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Nov. 8, 2004

The following story is just a figment of the sexually twisted mind of the author. And, in no way has a connection to any persons living or otherwise. It is written purely for the enjoyment of the reader.

* * * * *

Chapter 2: The Gift From Sylvia

Julie had decided that she wasn’t going to school. It was her birthday and she wanted to have time to spend with Sylvia and then later with her mom again if time permitted. She picked up the lace front panties that she planned to wear today and slipped them on. As she pulled them over her thighs she felt a slight tingle from the touch of the lace on her still sensitive inner thighs. As the panties settled into place over the soft, sensitive skin of her outer lips she realized that they were already starting to get damp from the wetness still evident from her mother.

She then picked up and slipped into the bra that matched her panties and she realized that her nipples could be seen clearly through the material of the cups. This, she thought, will drive Sylvia crazy because she just loves seeing my nipples. She then pulled on the stockings and prepared to put on the garter belt that went with the set. She put it around her waist and dropped the straps down the front and back of her panties. She wanted to make sure that she could get her panties off without having to take off the belt.

After this part of her outfit was complete, she began to style her hair. She dried it and the put the gel in that would help keep it in place during her play time with Sylvia. After that she began the task of putting on her makeup. Which she knew would have to be light in order to look right with her mini. The dress was a soft pink under with a covering of lace. And the underskirt was shorter than the lace that covered it. So that even though you could see the tops of the stockings that she was wearing if she was sitting. They would be covered when she stood. The final touch for the outfit was the pink pumps that she had gotten to go with this dress.

As she looked at herself in the full length mirror in her bedroom she began to get wet again just from the sight of herself and the thought of the reaction she would get from Sylvia when she got to the house. Julie picked up her purse and headed for the front door. On her way out she remembered that she had not put on perfume yet and she ran back to her bedroom to apply the scent that she knew was Sylvia’s favorite. She dabbed a little on each wrist, then behind her ears. Then just a touch between her breasts, and she pulled up the front of her skirt to apply a little on each of her inner thighs. A little on the front of her panties and a little on her butt. She knew that would be just the thing to drive Sylvia over the edge and make her attack Julie without even thinking about it. “Now I am ready for the day” she thought.

Julie got to her car and drove the block to Sylvia’s house. As she pulled up in the drive she began to feel a damp spot forming in her panties and she knew that if she didn’t hurry she would have a wet spot on her skirt. She slipped out of the drivers seat and started up to the door. As she reached the front door of the house Sylvia opened the door with a look on her face that could only be described as wanton lust. They kissed in the doorway before Julie could even get in the door. And as the door closed Sylvia went to her knees and began to push Julie’s skirt up her thighs and over her hips. Julie knew with that action that she wouldn’t get a chance to bed her mother again today but, that was ok because they would have time tomorrow before school.

As soon as the skirt was up far enough for Sylvia to see the panties that Julie was wearing, she buried her face in her young lovers steaming crotch and began working through the panties to give her the first of many orgasms. Sylvia could only think of one thing. And that was to get Julie to pee in her cute pink panties so that when Sylvia put them on while they made love. Sylvia loved wearing the young girls dirty panties and it drove Julie crazy to see her older lover wearing panties that were made for teen girls to wear.

It wasn’t long before Julie her the peek that Sylvia was pushing her toward and as the orgasm hit her she released a quick gush of juice and pee that immediately soaked the crotch and front of her panties. As Julie sighed from the release trabzon escort Sylvia stood and began to lead her toward the bedroom. Julie walked into the room first and was greeted by the sight of a room filled with candles and flowers. Sylvia had spent a far amount of time after her children went to school getting ready for Julie’s visit. There was soft music playing and the room smelled of the soft scent of vanilla. Julie knew that this was all for her and she immediately knew that she would never have another lover that was as soft and caring as Sylvia.

Julie was guided to the edge of the bed and Sylvia began to slip the dress of that Julie had just put on more than 30 minutes before. Sylvia carefully pulled the top down of Julie’s shoulders and got her first look at the bra that went with the set she was wearing. At the first sight of the bra, Sylvia gasped and immediately went to licking Julie’s nipples through the sheer cloth of the bra cup. At the same time, she continued to push the dress down over Julies hips and it dropped softly to the floor around Julies ankles. Before Julie had a chance to start to undress her lover, she was pushed onto the bed and Sylvia began to slowly strip for Julie.

Sylvia knew that Julie love this, and she made sure that it was slow and deliberate, to maximize the effect. In all the time that the two had been lovers there had been very few occasions when Sylvia had preformed for Julie. She felt that she on longer had the body for such things. Anyone who saw her naked abdomen could tell that she was a mother and she did not like the way her body looked. But, Julie had shown her that at least on person did like her body and that is why she was doing this now for her.

Sylvia knew that it wouldn’t be long before Julie left for collage and she would be alone again. So she wanted to make sure that this birthday was one that Julie would never forget.

The last thing for Sylvia to remove was her panties and as she slid them down over her thighs, Julie got her first look at Sylvia’s freshly shaved pussy. Never before had she shaved herself completely. She always kept her bikini line shaved and the rest trimmed but she knew that Julie loved to see a woman completely shaved. A soft moan rose from the bed and Sylvia knew that Julie had seen the shaving and was extremely excited by the sight.

Sylvia then began to kiss her way up Julie’s stocking covered thighs to the point were she had to push open Julie’s legs to get access to her panties and her sweet young pussy. With the first touch of Sylvia’s tongue to the crotch of Julie’s panties Julie began to writhe on the bed. Sylvia knew that there would be a long time spent in this position before she gave Julie a chance to taste her freshly shaved hot spot. She could not believe that it had been four years since the first time that they had made love and that after all that time Julie had never insisted on her getting rid of the hair between her legs. As these thoughts passed through her mind she shut out everything in the world except the sounds that were rising from Julie’s lips as she pushed deeper into Julie’s sweet pussy. She could smell the perfume that Julie had put on and as she inhaled the mix of Julie’s natural perfume and the added scent of the perfume that she had bought her for Christmas she lost sight of everything and focused on the pleasure that she was giving. She knew that before long there would be another gush from Julie and then it would be time for the next surprise.

When Julie’s second orgasm hit she nearly sat up on the bed it was so strong. It was so strong that she could feel the wet spit under her bottom spread past her hips and even above her waist. It was then that Sylvia pulled her panties down over her thighs and off her legs in one smooth move. Sylvia then stepped into them as if she was just getting dressed for a day out. But the biggest surprise was when Sylvia reached into her dresser drawer and pulled out a package. Julie saw that it was beautifully wrapped in a very erotic paper that was very suggestive of where the present had been bought.

Sylvia handed the package to Julie and stood waiting for Julie to open it. She pulled open the paper and saw that the package was a plain white box. As the excitement built inside of Julie she pulled open the box and found inside a strap-on harness trabzon escort bayan and dong that was at least 10 inches and shaped just like a mans penis. Sylvia saw her lovers eyes light up at the first sight of the gift and she knew that she had made the right choice at the adult gift shop.

Julie immediately pulled it from the box and held it out for Sylvia to put on. Sylvia showed her how to adjust the harness so that it would fit and hold the dong in the proper position for their lovemaking. As Sylvia looked into the eyes of her young lover she saw only a desire that she had never seen in the young girls eyes before. Before their lovemaking and never included penetration in any form except with fingers. Sylvia had several dongs but had never pulled them out because she didn’t want to scare Julie or make her think that she was a pervert. Now she realized that she had been wrong in her assessment of her lover and realized that she should have done this sooner.

Julie slid herself up onto the bed and put her head on one of the pillows that was already out and ready for their use. She held out her arms in an open invitation to Sylvia to join her on the bed.

As Sylvia climbed onto the bed she went straight up between Julies legs and kissed her pussy as she moved up Julies body to kiss her on the lips. As they began to kiss Julie reached down between their bodies and began to guide Sylvia’s large rubber penis toward her opening. Without even thinking Sylvia pushed with her hips to enter Julies body. The push was all it took to get inside her lovers hot wet hole and as she entered, Julie pushed her hips up to meet the thrust that Sylvia was giving. Julie moaned with the entrance and began to work her way down the shaft until she could take no more.

They both knew that this would be the final step in their lovemaking. There would be nothing that they could not experience together after this. Sylvia began to increase the speed and pressure of the thrusts that she was using to bring Julie closer to orgasm. She had learned that Julie was a truly multi-orgasmic girl and she enjoyed the sights and sounds of the orgasms that Julie had. She had also discovered that when she was with Julie she could also have multiple orgasms. But only with Julie and only then if she was careful to make sure that she had spent plenty of time giving Julie the attention that she needed. Otherwise, it didn’t matter what Julie did she could only have one orgasm ad then she became so tender to the touch that she couldn’t even wear panties. Within just a few minutes Julie was ready for another orgasm and she gladly mad another puddle on the bed.

Then it was her turn to pleasure Sylvia and she knew that it would be an even greater pleasure for her because this time she got to taste her lover without the hair getting in the way. Julie pulled the strap-on and harness off of Sylvia and began to kiss her way back up the long smooth legs that she had so many times explored in the past four years. As she got closer to Sylvia’s pussy she could smell the mix of her own scent, Sylvia’s scent and the perfume that she was wearing and she discovered just how intoxicating the mix was. Julie reached out with her tongue and lightly licked the crotch of her own panties that her lover was wearing and she could clearly taste the mix of their juices. Before she knew what she was doing she had pulled the panties out of the way and she was pushing her tongue as deep into Sylvia’s pussy as she could. Julie loved the taste of a woman’s love juice and it was intensified even more by the fact that it was Sylvia. The one that had taught her so much about love and lovemaking.

Julie knew just how to make her hit the roof in the shortest amount of time and she was determined to do just that. As she licked and sucked on the clit that was so well hidden between the folds of Sylvia’s pussy, she could hear the building intensity of the orgasm that she was causing. Within just a few minutes Sylvia was trying to push Julies head away from her pussy and the more she pushed the more Julie held tight to her firm ass cheeks and pushed harder to stay between Sylvia’s legs. Then as if out of nowhere the orgasm hit her and she screamed in pleasure. And for the first time in the four years that they had been lovers Sylvia had such a strong orgasm that she lost control escort trabzon of her body and peed in Julie’s mouth. Julie knew that she had done well in her fight to stay between Sylvia’s legs. She had finally caused a hard enough orgasm that Sylvia could not help but pee.

With this she knew that it was time for her to learn to use the gift that she had gotten and she began to put it on. Without so much as a word of warning she entered Sylvia with one smooth thrust. Sylvia let out a long low moan and thrust her hips up from the bed to meet her lover. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to take all of it but to her surprise she took enough that she could feel the harness lightly brush against her pelvis. Sylvia then reached up and took hold of Julies ass to guide her through the movements to bring her to another orgasm. It didn’t take long before Julie and Sylvia had found a perfect rhythm and they were once again working together toward another mind blowing orgasm. By the time the orgasm hit Sylvia the second time, she had caught her second wind and she began to show Julie the different positions that could be used to allow access to a woman for penetration.

The lovers spent the entire morning trying new things and exploring each other like they had never done before. Around noon they stopped to rest and cuddle. Sylvia held Julie close as they lay in the bed. She knew that she had only a short time left to her before Julie went off to collage, and she wanted every minute that she spent with Julie to be special and memorable for both of them.

After taking a nap together the lovers woke and went to the bathroom for a soak in Sylvia’s garden tub. With Julie sitting between her legs, Sylvia began to wash Julie’s hair and upper body. As she did they began to talk about what was to come. Julie was excited about the prospect of going to collage and making new friends, but she also looked forward to spending more time with her sister Kathy.

Julie and Kathy had spent precious little time together since she left for school. Kathy only came home once a month, and when she did there were always planned visits for her. She had to make sure that she had time to spend with her friends that were still in town, as well as time for the family. So they only had a few hours at night to spend on their passion. Julie had already decided to make sure that she had time for each of her lovers. That meant that she would have to come home more often. Julie also suggested that Sylvia come to school from time to time to visit her and they could spend time together that way as well.

Julie didn’t care if people knew that she was bi. She knew that it would come out eventually so why try to hide it. She and Kathy would spend time together during the week and she would spend the weekend either at home or looking for new lovers at school.

After a long hot bath the lovers climbed out of the tub and dried each other off, before beginning to dress each other. First came the stockings and garter belts. Then Sylvia picked up Julies panties, which were still quite wet from they hours of passionate lovemaking. As she slide them up Julies legs there came a soft moan from Julie. Sylvia knew that of all the steps it would take to get the two of them dressed, this was the step that they both enjoyed the most. It had always been the one thing that kept them coming back to each other for more.

It took about half an hour for them to get dressed and then it was time for Julie to head for home. With one final passionate kiss the lovers parted until the next visit, which they both knew would not be very long in coming. Julie walked out the front door and headed for her car. As she climbed into her car she knew that Sylvia was watching, so she made sure that her lover got one final look up her short skirt at her stocking covered thighs and wet panties.

Julie drove home with some in trepidation. As she drove she looked at the clock on the dash of her car and realized that she would have about an hour before her father arrived home from work. She hoped that she and her mother would have time for a quickie before he arrived. She knew that her father would never approve of the new found love between her mother and herself. He had never fully accepted the idea that Julie liked girls as much as she did boys. But, he never put her down for it. He simply wouldn’t talk about it or give any recognition to the fact that she went out on actual dates with girls as well as guys. She had come to accept this but she didn’t like it.

She pulled into the driveway and headed for the house. Julie opened the front door to the house and was immediately greeted by the sight of her mother.

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A Former Muslim Turns Lesbian

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I’m happy to be single tonight, I smiled to myself as I listened to some rap music on YouTube. There I sat, typing away on Microsoft Word at a computer terminal inside the Carleton University library’s second floor. It’s almost six in the afternoon, and the library is busy as ever. Just another cold day in Ottawa, Ontario. From time to time, I glanced at my fellow students as they moved about. We have quite the microcosm at Carleton. From tall, blonde-haired white chicks who look like supermodels to curvy, brightly attired Latin women, short, smiling and furtive Asian women and hijab-wearing dark-skinned Somali ladies, and of course, men of all shades and walks of life. My eyes naturally zeroed in on the women because I am a woman who loves women. Oh, I love men too but I think women are hotter. There, I said it.

I’ve never been the most social person on the planet Earth. Always been the odd woman out. Literally and figuratively. And not just because I tend to stand out in a crowd. I stand six feet two inches tall, curvy and big-bottomed, and very dark-skinned. I was born in the City of Cap-Haitien, Republic of Haiti, and raised in the town of Brockton, Massachusetts. The name is Stephanie Voltaire Cherenfant, by the way. You might wonder what a Haitian-American sister like me is doing at a Canadian school. Well, why not? Last year, I was bored out of my skull at the University of Massachusetts campus in the City of Boston. This year, I get to be bored out of my mind at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Isn’t that fun?

Last Sunday, I came out to my family. I was speaking to my aunt Gina Cherenfant. She still lives in the City of Brockton, Massachusetts, where she works as a Nurse. She’s the hard-working Haitian woman who raised me after the deaths van escort of my parents during one of Haiti’s numerous periods of violent political turmoil. Aunt Gina is married to a White guy named Peterson Robson. They have two daughters together, Leanne and Marie. Both are stellar students at Northeastern University. Even though I’m thankful to my aunt for taking me in after my parents perished, I never really fit in with her family. My cousins Leanne and Marie are twins, and they’re both tall, slender and light-skinned with green eyes. They consider themselves mixed rather than Black. They’re straight-laced, pretty as models, and got the world on a string. Good for them, I guess.

I was always the ugly duckling in my aunt’s picture perfect little family. As for my ‘uncle’ Peterson Robson, he’s a creep. I never liked him and I never hid it from them. The guy has issues, man. Okay, this might not make much sense to you but it’s the awful truth. My aunt married a racist. Uncle Peterson Robson might be married to a Black woman but he can’t stand Black folks. Especially Black men. He’s got a terrible fear of Black males. When I used to date young Black men, Uncle Peterson never hid his disapproval. He brainwashed his biracial twin daughters into thinking White men are perfect and Black men are chumps. And my aunt Gina never did anything to curtail that kind of racist brainwashing. She kowtows to that White dude so much that it’s disgusting. My twin cousins act Whiter than the cast of Gossip Girl. You can understand why I don’t get along with them.

Thankfully, I still remember my parents, Arthur Cherenfant and Fabiola Voltaire Cherenfant. I have always known that Black people can accomplish great things. Something that was anathema in the White-washed escort van household that adopted me. I never forgot where I came from, though. My dad Arthur Cherenfant studied in England and had an Oxford University degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He used to work for the now defunct Pan-Caribbean Airlines. As for my mother, Fabiola Voltaire Cherenfant, she studied Medicine at Tufts University in downtown Boston and practiced both in the U.S. and the Republic of Haiti. There, so much for Uncle Peterson’s stereotype that Black people can’t get anything done in this day and age. The treasured memory of my parents is part of the reason why I came to Canada. My mother’s older brother, Jacques Voltaire, lives in Ottawa with his Jamaican-Canadian wife Nicole Russell and their sons Edmond and Matthew.

I’m still getting to know that side of my family, but I get along with them much better. My uncle Jacques is a nice man. His wife Nicole is a good woman. She treats me much better than aunt Gina did. They’re a big part of the reason why I am actually starting to like my life in Ottawa. I’m taking up Criminology at Carleton University. When I graduate in 2013, I just might stay in Canada. I can see myself working for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or something. Either that or I’ll go to Law school and become a kick-ass attorney. My uncle filed for me to become a permanent resident of Canada. I’ve met other Americans in big Canadian towns like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary and of course Ottawa. There are far more United States citizens living in the Confederation of Canada than people realize. The Canadian town with the most American residents is the City of Calgary in Alberta. I visited it last semester. Calgary can be a fun place van escort bayan but far too redneck for my liking. I prefer the City of Toronto. It’s more my style.

As I continue to daydream and listen to music, I almost panic when suddenly, a hand clamps down over my eyes. I gasp, but a laugh and a whisper reassure me. The hand is suddenly gone, and I whirl around to look into a very familiar and beautiful face. This face belongs to Samirah Amal Bashir. A six-foot-tall, beautiful young woman with light brown skin, long Black hair and light gray eyes. Samirah was the first person I befriended at Carleton University when I attended the Summer Orientation for International Students. Samirah hails from the City of Mogadishu in Somalia but has lived in Ontario for more than half her life. This vibrant young woman raised in a conservative Muslim household is openly gay and considers herself Agnostic. Lately, she’s been accompanying me at All Nations Full Gospel Church, an afro-centric church in Ottawa.

I look into Samirah’s lovely eyes, and kiss her passionately. Samirah throws her arms around me and kisses me. When we come up for hair, the nerdy-looking White guy sitting at a computer is staring weirdly at us. A chubby Black guy in a red jacket nods at us appreciatively. Samirah winks at me, then takes me by hand. I tell her that I’ve got work to do. She looks at my computer, and frowns at the Rihanna videos I’ve been browsing. She wags her finger at me, puckers her lips in that sexy way she knows I like, and I nod. I’m a sucker for a sexy Black woman with cute lips. Hand in hand, we walk to the Page Break, this neat little restaurant located inside the Carleton University library. Time for a break indeed. What can I say? My woman missed me. Samirah playfully smacks my ass, and I yelp. I pout, and she shrugs and laughs, but secretly, I love it. And she knows it. I love my feisty Somali girlfriend. And she loves me. I’m a bisexual Haitian-American Christian female living in Ottawa with my Somali-born ex-Muslim girlfriend and we are happy together.

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Aaron’s Lolita Ch. 02

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Hi to all my friends, fans and followers! I forgot how much I LOVE writing erotica…hope to do some more soon. Love y’all!

Hope you enjoy Aaron’s next adventure with his Leila. I wanted to use this chapter to build not only their passion, but their real affection for one another. Hope it gets you off… To enjoy it fully, please read ‘Aaron’s Lolita’ first.


Two months, for fuck’s sake. Two months, going on three. Sixty seven days. Hell, if he could have coughed up the number of hours, minutes and seconds since he’d had her, he would because he’d felt every damn one of them and he was feeling them now.

Sitting in his bedroom in darkness, Aaron stared through the open window and across to hers, his throbbing cock in one hand and a glass of bourbon in the other. That night—what had she said? “I know you want me…I know you’ve been watching me, Mister Wagner. Through the windows.” And he was still watching. Or more correctly, waiting. Her room was dark; empty. Just as it had been for sixty-fucking-seven days.

The day after she’d come to him—and repeatedly cum for him, praise all the saints and anything else responsible for it—he’d been told by her father she’d left on a planned trip to her grandparents in Florida where she’d set up a summer job and she’d be back in the fall for college.

His first instinct had been to punch the shit out of John for fucking his wife but after giving it some thought he decided against it. Hell, if John was fucking her he could save all his cum for sweet little Leila so he’d let sleeping dogs lie—with each other.

He’d been angry with Leila. She’d known all along that she would be leaving him after that glorious evening. Leaving him wanting. It had taken him some time to get over that anger and turn it into resignation. She’d had her fun with him—and given him more pleasure than any man deserved in one lifetime—and gone on. Probably fucking some brainless 20-year old now.

The thought made him want to punch something—so he did. Leila had given him something he thought he’d lost and made him feel full of life again. So he’d taken that feeling and done something with it. Started working out; he could punch a boxing bag without feeling guilty. Got better at his job. Starting scoping out possible new fuck partners. While he did pretty well at the workouts and the job unfortunately he couldn’t bring himself to touch anyone the way he’d touched her but he was sure that he’d find someone eventually. After all, he could hardly live on fantasies and his fist for the rest of his life.

Leaning his head back against the chair, he replayed that night in his head. It was the only thing he had of her now, just the memory of the night he’d been seduced by his angel, his cumslut. Leila. Remembering her hand on his cock as he shot his load onto her thighs and…”do it on my panties,” she’d said. Growling deep in his throat, he nearly did the same on his own hand just thinking about it.

His cell phone rang.

Jumping as if he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar—or in this case on his dick—he put down the drink to answer the phone.

“What?” he snapped.

“Do you miss me?”

“Leila—” was all he could choke out. His cock swelled and throbbed as if it could hear that baby soft voice.

Holy fuck’s sake. Miss her? Craving her. Dreaming about her. Jacking off on any and every part of her luscious body in one masturbation session after another—for two months.

She giggled. It was the sweetest sound—equal parts innocence and wickedness—and it sheared through his body like an electric whip. Without deciding to do it consciously he realized he’d started jerking off again.

“I know you do, Mister Wagner,” she purred. I know what you’re doing right now. I can hear you breathing hard. You’re thinking about me. You’re beating off that hard, beautiful cock I love so much, aren’t you?

“Leila…yes. Fuck, yes.” He closed his eyes, focusing on her voice; on the way she said ‘cock.’ The way she’d pumped him off that night. “Oh, sweet baby yes. FUCK YES I miss you.”

“Mmm…oh, I know you do. Tell me what you’re doing to me in your fantasy. Are you fucking me? I remember how you felt inside me. My first cock. My first fuck. Are you fucking me, Mister Wagner?”

His hand was pumping harder; faster, his hips sliding out to the edge of the chair. “Yes…yes, baby. I’m fucking you…so hot. So sweet. Your cunt is so tight, angel.”

She moaned, as if she were feeling his dick deep inside her. “Ohhh…yes, Mister Wagner…yes…I want you to fuck me from behind. On my hands and knees like a little bitch. I want you to spank me for being a bad little whore while you do it.”

Throwing his head back, his mouth open, gasping for breath he came, picturing her knees spread, his cock moving in and out of her hot pussy; one hand holding her hips in place, the other tangled in her fiery hair, pulling her head back, making her cum for him.

“Oh, yes cum for sinop escort me,” she breathed in his ear while he obeyed her willingly.

The orgasm hit him with a force he could never have achieved without her—not since her—and he shot his load, spasming over and over while she purred and made soft, sexy moaning sounds. And when he was able to breathe again he realized why.

She was getting herself off.

“That’s my bad little girl,” he groaned raggedly into the phone. “On her hands and knees just like a whore, desperate for a cock inside her. Begging for it.”

She whimpered. Moaned. “Pretty please, Mister Wagner…fuck me. HARDER! Oh, god…”

“Yes, angel. I’m fucking you. Grabbing your hair, jerking your head back like the little bitch you are. My sweet baby…take my cock. Take it. You know you need it and I’m going to shove it up your tight little cunt—”

She came. He heard her gasp, could see her lying on some bed with her hand between her thighs, rubbing that slick, wet, tight little pussy, alternating finger fucking herself and focusing on her clit, hips rising off the bed as she orgasmed.

“I couldn’t wait,” she gasped. “I want you so bad and I tried to be good. I tried to wait but…oh, I think about you and it gets me so wet. I just couldn’t wait.”

Smiling, Aaron wished she were in his arms so he could smooth back her hair, kiss her softly; pet her creamy skin, draw imaginary lines from one light freckle to another and soothe her. “You’ve been a bad girl, Leila. I love it when you’re bad…but I may have to punish you when you come home, baby. For leaving me.”

“Mmm…oh yes please, Mister Wagner,” she sighed.

And then she hung up.

“Leila—? SHIT!” He threw down the last of his drink, cleaned himself up and went to bed, sated for the moment. Her number was ‘unknown’ and when he hit redial he got some generic pre-recorded voicemail message. He sure as hell wasn’t going to leave an X-rated message not knowing if it was going to her or if she’d used someone else’s phone. He could only imagine the kind of shit storm he would cause if her sweet little old grandma heard some strange man begging her to come home and suck his dick.

The next morning, Saturday, he woke late. Despite having overslept he felt like ten million dollars. She missed him! ‘I want you so bad and I tried to be good’ she’d said. She still wanted him and she’d be back. Even though he assumed it wouldn’t be for another 3 or 4 weeks when summer ended, he could wait. She was just that kind of amazing—a woman worth the wait.

After a few hours in the gym he came home and showered, watched a game then started cleaning up some spreadsheets for the office. While he was wrapping up, his phone vibrated on the desk. His hands were shaking when he saw ‘unknown’ in his text message list.

First message: 7:00

Second: tonite

Third: RJ’s

Fourth: dress nice

Fifth: just watch

Last: until I say

“Sweet holy fuck.” His cock swelled. She was already back. And while he wasn’t generally one to take orders, he’d take the bait if it meant seeing her again. Touching her. Fucking her.

RJ’s was an upscale dance club almost an hour away. Smart, he thought as he drove toward his destination. He wasn’t heading there directly; first he planned to check in at the bed and breakfast he’d managed to book last-minute. It was off the beaten path, a place offering lakeside cottages and all the usual amenities. Just in case.

He arrived at the club almost fifteen minutes early. The place was already busy; the bar doing a brusque business. He managed to grab a seat against the wall at the end of the long L-shaped bar; from there he had a clear view of the bar and the dance floor. He ordered a drink. Scoped out every female on the floor; at the bar; walking through the door. At 7:12 when she arrived he nearly came out of his skin and his cock, which had already been granite hard in anticipation, throbbed almost painfully.

She saw him as soon as she came through the door, making brief eye contact and giving him the most delicious smile and a wink. She’d straightened her hair; it was piled in a very adult sort of knot high on the back of her head, with long strands hanging down around her face. She was wearing pink, for fuck’s sake. A ridiculously short dress made of pink sequins with no sleeves; it was hanging on for dear life only by virtue of her breasts. Pink stockings with a dark pink seam up the back and pink heels with an ankle strap, glittering with pink and white crystals.

He started to get up; she frowned and gave him a little shake of her head. Then she turned as someone came in the door behind her and Aaron sat back down hard. She was with someone—one of those brainless 20 year olds, no doubt—and he wanted to get up and rip the motherfucker’s head from his body.

She walked by him.

Looked directly at him.

Licked her wet, bright pink lips.

In his head he could almost sinop escort bayan hear a carnival barker’s voice coming over a loudspeaker.

“Keep your arms and legs inside at all times, ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy the ride!”

As she passed, the kid had his hands on her waist and she led him to the dance floor, staying at the edge of the crowd where Aaron could see everything. She started by getting into the music, lifting her arms up and gyrating her hips. She moved like a cat—sleek, sexy and deadly—and Aaron forgot about the asshole dancing with her as he focused on her, sipping bourbon on the rocks and knowing from the glances she threw him constantly that he’d be getting his rocks off tonight. He could almost hear the Hallelujah chorus on the soundtrack of this staged production.

He sat back, ordered another drink, admiring his girl—HIS girl, dammit. She flirted with the date, touching him, smiling, licking her lips, all the while checking to make sure Aaron was watching. At one point she turned her back to the boy, pushing her ass into his groin, reaching behind her to wrap her hand around the back of his neck while he slid his hands around her, one on her waist, the other on her hip. Aaron’s knuckles went white watching that hand slide down to her thigh but he apparently didn’t have the balls—or the sense—to go for that hot wet place between her thighs.

After three songs Leila took the boy’s hand, leading him toward the bar. Shoving herself between Aaron and the woman at the next barstool, she waved at the bartender.

“What’re you having, baby?” she asked the boy. He was standing behind her, asked for a beer.


When the bartender showed up she ordered for the boy and, leaning on the bar with crossed arms, she pressed her tits against her arms, nearly showing off her nipples.

“Hmm…what do I want?” she sighed. Then she looked at Aaron. “What do you think I’d like, gorgeous?”

Aaron smiled back at her, playing along. “Oh I think you would enjoy a Sex on the Beach, beautiful. Or maybe a Strawberry Blowjob?”

“Mmm…think so?” She put her hand on his arm; her nails were all hard pink and adorned with rhinestones. “Oooo…somebody works out,” she added as she slid her hand up his bicep to his shoulder. “That’s so sexy. So sexy I think I’ll cum in my panties.” She giggled. “I mean I’ve have a Cum in my Panties.” Looking at the bartender she said “Can you handle that for me?”

With an expression that clearly said he’d be more than happy to make her cum in her panties, the bartender winked at her and went off to make her chosen drink.

Turning her back to the bar, she propped her elbows on the bar behind her, again emphasizing her breasts. She faced the boy who looked more than a little irritated at her flirting. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked him. “Don’t you think I should be entitled to a cum in my panties when I want one?”

“Geez, Lay…do you have to act like a whore?”

“Oh no,” she said slyly. “I don’t have to. I want to.” With that she pulled her arms off the bar, moving slightly forward to stand immediately next to Aaron’s chair. While Aaron worked hard to nurse his drink and act as if he were ignoring them, she slipped her right hand onto his thigh without being seen. “You got a problem with that, Jaxson?”

“Yeah, I do,” he snapped back. “Why don’t you just lay down on the bar and spread your legs for any asshole who wants to fuck you?”

Leila’s hand slid higher, cupping his cock. Aaron choked on a sip of bourbon, covering the sound with his fist as if he’d just been coughing.

“Well now there’s an idea,” she replied, turning her head to smile at Aaron. “What about you, darlin’? If I hopped up on the bar and spread my legs would you get in line to fuck me?”

“Oh for shit’s sake, Lay. He’s old enough to be your father.”

“Yeah? So what? I’ll bet he knows a whole lot about satisfying a woman. Maybe I should take him home and find out.”

Aaron was trying to keep himself from cumming while she strummed his cock through his clothes. He’d jerked off before leaving home to make sure he could last longer their first go this time but that wasn’t helping him now. He could smell her; lilac, rose and sugar with an edge of spice—the same scent she’d worn their first night. It was a powerful reminder of what they’d done together.

“Get the drinks,” she told the boy. Then she grabbed Aaron’s arm. “And you come dance with me, gorgeous.”

Ignoring her date’s protest, Leila didn’t have to pull Aaron from his chair; he took her hand, moving to the dance floor with her slightly behind, leaving the boy to his regrets. He didn’t stop at the edge of the floor; he pulled her deep into the throng of dancers and jerked her into his arms.

“Oh!” Slamming into his chest, she slipped her arms around his neck and began swaying sensually to the slow rhythm. Then she smiled. “Miss me?” she whispered.

He tried to kiss her; she turned her head escort sinop to whisper in his ear. “No, no, Mister Wagner. I don’t let strange men kiss me. Fuck me, maybe…but no kissing.”

“Leila—” What happened to his sweet, innocent little virgin girl? Oh yeah…he fucked her. So the young woman in his arms was only a siren and a tease because he’d sent her off on that tangent. He would never regret that.

She slid her hands down his chest. RJ’s was an upscale place so he’d done what she asked and wore black trousers, a crisp white shirt open just at the throat and black jacket. As she felt along his chest to his abdomen, sliding her hands under his jacket to his back she raised a brow. “Oh, my…you have been working out, haven’t you, Mister Wagner? Guess you had all that pent up frustration, hmm?”

“Baby, let’s get out of here.” He bent down to kiss her throat, slid one hand down to cup her ass and she moaned for him, grinding her hips into his.

“But I’m just getting warmed up. You want me nice and warm before you take me home and fuck me, don’t you, Mister Wagner?”

“You know I do, baby, but I swear if you keep pushing me I may have to drag you out to my car and start there.”

She laughed, a purely feminine sound of pleasure. “Mmm…that would be…three.”


“Don’t you remember? We both got off twice that night.” The music changed, a deep, bass beat with a slow, grinding tempo. “Maybe we should go,” she whispered in his ear, sounding more like the sweetly sexy but hesitant Lolita he’d had in his living room so many weeks ago.

“Whatever you want, baby girl.”

Stepping back from him she smiled and it lit up his world like ten thousand sparks. “I know. I wanna get my drink…and then I want you.” And with that she disappeared into the crowd.

Walking back to the bar Aaron could see that the couple who had been sitting next to him were gone and the boy had taken one of their barstools; Leila was on the other, immediately next to him. He slipped back into his seat and signaled the bartender for another round, again doing his best to pretend to ignore them. Despite that, he was keenly aware of the way Leila was sitting, with the heels of her shoes caught on a high rung of the barstool’s foot rests so her knees were up, her lap level and the hem of that punky pink dress more than halfway up those delicious thighs.

The boy immediately started griping at Leila for leaving him, nursing his beer. He gave Aaron a scathing look and put his hand on her right thigh, as if to claim Leila as his.

Aaron just smiled, took a long sip of bourbon, and kept smiling as he turned his head away, just thinking about what he’d be doing later—and what the boy would definitely NOT be doing.

Leila plucked the cherry from the mound of whipped cream at the top of her drink, sliding it between her pretty pink lips and snapping it off the stem, the tip of her tongue darting out to lick up a bit of the white cream from the corner of her mouth. She winked at Aaron, taking a sip of the drink.

“Lay, c’mon. I’m sorry,” the boy said in his best seductive voice. He started sliding his hand up her thigh then back to her knee…back up her thigh, pushing the hem of her dress a little higher.

Turning to her date, Leila started flirting with him, touching him and giggling seductively. Aaron kept the boy’s hand in his peripheral vision, tightening his jaw as the hand slipped down between her thighs, the tips of his fingers disappearing under the dress. He saw Leila squeeze her thigh together and squirm a little, as if she were enjoying the attention.


Then she gasped, shoving the hand away and slapping the boy square in his jaw.

That’s my girl, Aaron thought with a wry smile.

“You pervert!” she snapped. “Is that all you want? I thought you liked me.” And with that she told the boy loudly that she was going to the ladies room and he’d better think twice about how he was going to treat her before she got back. Then she slipped down from the barstool, turning to Aaron and mouthing the word ‘phone’ before she disappeared back into the crowd.

Another few sips of bourbon went down smooth as silk. Aaron could practically feel the frustration coming from the kid, and almost felt bad for him.


His phone vibrated. A text from ‘unknown.’

‘get my wrap-coat room-then outside’

Finishing off the last of his drink, Aaron nodded to the bartender. When he came over, Aaron handed him a hundred. “For me,” he said, “and the young lady. Keep the rest.” And he started to the coat room.

At the coat room counter there was a girl of about 20 sporting a short black haircut and a whole lot of jewelry, including a diamond-encrusted nose ring. Before he could say anything she looked him up-and-down from his head to his belt buckle and back again.

“You Leila’s guy?”

Holy shit, that sounded good. “Yeah.”

She shrugged and flipped her thumb over her left shoulder. “Back there.”


Looking at him as if he had no clue, she opened the door to the coat room and said quietly, “In the back, dad. That way. Take it or leave it.” As he moved past her she added, “If I were you, I’d take it. Twice.” And then she put an “on break” sign on the counter and left.

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Down by the Lake

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Cock Rub

There is a lake bordering the Southwest side of my property, it’s fairly large, and I have several hundred feet of shoreline, mostly trees and brush, with a few open areas. The rest of the lake is surrounded by National Forest, with the county road running along the western tip.

Every so often campers will wander onto my land, so I make a habit of checking over that way weekly during the summer months. Usually I just point out where they are, and if they seem nice enough, let them stay. Well, early in June a few years ago my dog Bogart and I were making a pass down there and encountered a couple with a tent set up, and signs they were planning a longish stay. They looked in their late twenties or early thirties, he was 5-7 or 8, brown hair, with the tan and look of a man that works outdoors. She was maybe 5-3, medium length auburn hair, freckles over pale skin, more than that I couldn’t tell, since it was a chilly day and they were dressed for warmth.

When I come on a camp I like to announce my presence, so called out, “Hello the camp.”

They both sort of jumped, then he called me in.

I introduced myself and then explained they were on my land, and that’s when the first problem cropped up; he said his name was Dave Jensen and she was Marjorie Franklin, and he was sorry, he didn’t realize they were on private land. At that her head did a quick twitch, and in fact, so did mine.

“Son, I came from over along the road, and if you’re driving a blue Ford pick-up, you just lied to me, and that’s no way to start out. “

His eyes widened, and he took a deep breath. Then he dropped them down and mumbled an apology, “I’m sorry, we got here last night and didn’t know…”

At that point I cut him off and said, “That’s two. You’re parked within twenty feet of a ‘private property’ sign, I think you should camp elsewhere.”

That’s when she spoke up, ” We’re running out of places to go.”

“Are you broke? Homeless?”

“Yes. We’ve both lost our jobs, run out of un-employment, and never did have much savings. I sold my car, and moved in with Dave when I couldn’t afford my apartment, and a few weeks ago he lost his and we’ve been living in campgrounds, but now…we don’t have the money for camp fees and food and gas.”

“What kind of work did you do?”

“Well, I was in real estate, then office help, then anything I could find.”

“And you?”

“Construction. Mostly rough framer, but really anything that pays”

“Alright, my name is Murphy. You can stay here for a while, but I do require you keep a clean camp. Also, you may want to move farther up in the trees. You’ll get more shelter from the wind and the bugs are less bothersome.”

“And dig a pit toilet well back from the water.”

I whistled up the dog and headed back up to the house, thinking as I went. I remembered early in my adulthood when I was scuffling for work with a wife and two young kids. I’d take any job I could find. Even worked in a porn shop for a while, but was happy to find something better. Never did have to tent live, though.


I should give you some personal background.My name is Murphy, Josh Murphy, I’m in my mid sixties, pretty fit, but with the aches that come from working hard for a living. I’m only 5’6”, but 200 lbs, I like to think most of that is muscle. I was in the Navy after high school, made Rate in electronics, and served aboard a Destroyer, with several tours off Viet Nam. After the service I worked at several aircraft companies in Southern California, and married. Eventually we moved up to the Northwest, where I finally caught on with a local utility, and found a career.

By then we had two kids, a house, a couple cars, and of course the usual dogs and cats. I made good money, was reasonably lucky in my investing, and had a decent pension when I retired. My wife and I bought this 25 acre parcel in the Cascade foothills thirty years ago, when land was reasonably cheap; we built a four bedroom, two bath cabin at the upper portion of a meadow, in the wind shadow of a large hill. There were several out buildings, including a barn I used as a garage for my truck , two cars I had restored, and a small tractor, the loft had been converted to a rough apartment.

We had been married thirty years when she developed cancer, and within three years had passed. Since then, almost five years, I lived alone. The last three retired.


The next week I was busy around the place, running into town, meeting up with a couple friends. You know, the usual stuff we all do.When I finally checked back on the couple, I was impressed with the site. They had moved as I suggested, and the camp was clean.

Dave wasn’t around, and when I called, “Hello the camp.”

Marjorie responded “Hello the Landlord.”

A sense of humor. I liked that.

So I sat and we talked. Bogart came over and gave her the sniff test, then sat at her side with his chin in her lap, she idly rubbing his ears as we chatted. That big black dog knew a softie when he saw one. Dave, it turned out, had found a couple samsun escort days work, and would be back around sunset. She was staying busy around camp, then just walking the woods, but not being a ‘nature girl’ didn’t know what she was looking at.

The more we talked, the more I got the impression of a smart woman finding herself in a difficult situation, and trying to make the most of it. I also had a better look at her since she wasn’t wearing three layers of clothing. She may have weighed 120 lbs, and her shape was pretty nice, if still covered by jeans and a sweat shirt. Her eyes were blue-gray, with golden flecks. There were the beginnings of lines around her eyes and mouth, probably indicative of the stress she had been going through.

After a while I suggested we walk around a bit, and I would give her some nature lessons. As we strolled I named the various trees and plants, pointed out a few of the birds around us, including an Osprey sitting in a tree at the side of the lake. I noticed as we walked how stiffly she was walking and commented on it.

“I’m not used to sleeping on the ground.” she said with a wry smile.

“What about Dave?”

“He’s not much better, but working helps him get the kinks out.”

“I may have a solution. You two come up to the house when Dave returns and I’ll buy you dinner.”

I pointed up the hill, then headed home.


I wanted to keep things simple, yet fancier than camp food, so opted for spaghetti, salad and wine.Before they were due, I grabbed a shower and shaved several days worth of stubble off my cheeks, then donned clean jeans and shirt. I was feeling nervous, but put it down to not having entertained for several years. Even so, I kept fussing with my shirt, combing my beard, pacing about.

They came up the hill just after 7; She had changed to a flannel shirt, and he was in jeans and sweat shirt with cut off arms.

I welcomed them in, and both took a moment looking around.He was first to speak, “Wow, this is a nice place. Looks well built.”

She just said “It looks very homey, but I don’t see much of a woman’s touch.”

I realized I hadn’t mentioned my wife, so gave them a brief rundown as we did a short tour of the downstairs.Back in the kitchen I put the spaghetti on, it takes only ten minutes to be just right, and the sauce and salad were ready.The wine was a Merlot, I served a glass while the pasta cooked.

Before the pasta was finished Dave had finished his first glass, and was looking around as if expecting another. I shot a glance at Marjorie, who had barely touched her’s, and she cast a worried look towards him. I poured him another, smaller amount, he looked up at me but said nothing.

We sat at the table, and both ate as if it had been a long time between meals. Luckily I had made a lot of spaghetti, and they, especially Dave, made deep inroads in it.

When everyone was finally satisfied, I got up, reaching to clear the table. Dave sat back, but Marjorie jumped up insisting that since I had cooked she would take care of it.

Dave still hadn’t moved, except to pour the last of the wine, and throw it down in one move.

I looked toward the kitchen, and there she was; doing the dishes and humming!

I started to say something, she just said, “Let me do this.”

“Okay, but make it quick, we need to talk, and it’s going to be dark when you head back.”

She quickly finished up and joined us. Dave had taken my easy chair so Marjorie and I sat on the couch.

“OK,” I began, ” I have a rough but serviceable apartment over the barn. I’ll make you a deal. In exchange for a roof, a bed and running water, Marjorie…”

“Call me Madge.”

“Ok, Madge, will do some housekeeping for me, and you Dave, perhaps you can do some of the ouside stuff I’ve been neglecting.”

Almost before the words were out of my mouth, Madge was nodding, and Dave was frowning.

“Well,” He said, “what if I’ve got a job?”

“We can work around that. Perhaps do things in the evening or on weekends.”

“Hmm, I’d like to think on your offer.”

“Fair enough, let me know.”

After a little more small talk, with Madge looking at Dave in a way I’d seen from my wife when I had screwed up, they headed back to their camp.

Even before I had closed the door, I heard Madge saying “What do you mean you need to think it over?” After that they were out of earshot, but I had a good idea the kind of night Dave had ahead of him.

I closed up, heading to bed. Sleep did not come quickly, as it normally does, instead I kept picturing those beautiful eyes and auburn hair. The fact she jumped in to help, and her ready acceptance of my offer impressed me, but I suspect she felt anything was better than that tent.


The next morning, while I was having my first cup of coffee, there was a knock on the door.Well, I know there aren’t many people that would stop by at 6:30, and Bogart would have barked if a car came up the drive, so I just shouted “Come in!” and escort samsun took another sip of eye opener.

In came Madge, breathing a bit hard, and all red in the face.

“Are you ok?”

“Oh yes”…” I just wanted to catch you before you went anywhere.”


“Yes, I’d like to take you up on the apartment, and doing housework would be a pleasure after that tent.”

“And Dave?”

“He’s still thinking, but he’ll come around after he takes one more bath in that cold lake.”

The smile said she was never going back in that lake again, and didn’t care if Dave did or not.

“Well, that’s fine. Would you like some breakfast? I have ham, eggs and toast. And of course the coffee is on the counter, help yourself.”

“Sounds delicious, I’m getting real tired of Granola bars for breakfast. You just stay there, I’ll cook. How do you want your eggs and how many?”

“Two. Over medium. I’ll do the toast”

We quickly whipped out breakfast, and again I was astonished how quickly she ate. She caught me looking at her and said, “I’m sorry, this is only the second real meal I’ve had in weeks. Everything else has just been the very basic stuff I could cook down there.” Waving in the general direction of the lake.

Once we were satisfied, we pushed our chairs back, drew more coffee, and studied each other for a few moments. When Madge took her coat off I had noticed the nice fit of her jeans, suggesting a curvy shape, but little fat. But now, looking at her directly, I could tell she had medium sized breasts, a slim waist and no extra weight. Her face was lightly tanned, and her freckles stood out proudly.

Meanwhile she was looking me over. Now, I’m not handsome, just an average looking older guy whose hair and beard were going gray, and a small paunch in place of the flat stomach of old. After a long look she broke into a big smile and proclaimed I was the best looking Santa Claus she had ever seen.

I decided she was the best Elf I had seen, and said so.

With that, the ice was broken, and she just started chattering at me. I guess being alone so much, she had a lot of words stored up. It seems she had known Dave from her real estate days. She was one of several agents, and he would do maintenace and repairs on properties the agency owned. I gathered they had been friendly, but that was the extent of it. When the office pared back, both had been let go. She picked up work as an office temp, then in retail for a little while, then clerking in a convenience store, then nothing after that. She went through her unemployment, her savings, then sold her car. When she lost her apartment,Dave lent her his spare bedroom.

During that time Dave had been able to pick up day jobs to keep himself going, but they started getting farther apart, and he lost his apartment also. For the next few weeks they lived in campgrounds in the area, but when the choice came down to food or fees, they found my place.

“I’m surprised Dave lied to you. Once was bad enough, but twice? I am sorry.”

“You didn’t lie, so no need for an apology. Just how well do you know him? Are you guys more than friends?”

“No. He’d like to be…but I just haven’t felt that tingle – you know what I mean?”

“Sure, I had that with my wife when we met. She must have too, because a few months later, she told me she was sure I was her One. Ten months later we were married, and I never regretted it.”

“Did you ever fight?”

“Oh Yeah. We had some real donny brooks but luckily we didn’t both say divorce at the same time. The making up was just as intense as the fighting. After a few years, the fighting dropped way off, the love making became calmer. But still intense.”

“Do you miss her?”

“Sure, but life goes on, and I still have the kids.”

“Where are they?”

“He’s in San Diego, she’s in Denver. He’s a corporate recruiter, she’s a lawyer.”

“Wow, pretty good.”

“Yes, I’d like to think so. Hmph, look at the time, if your going to do this I should show you the apartment.”

We strolled over to the barn, up the stairs. The apartment was really just one large room, with a separate half bath. When she saw there was no bath tub or shower a look of disappointment flicked over her face. Madge took a deep breathe, and said it would do.

I’m a softy when it comes to the women anyway, and this one was near my daughter’s age, good looking too. There was no way I was going to deny her a hot bath or shower. So I suggested we get her stuff, then she could clean up at the house.

With a squeal, she jumped into my arms, declared she loved me, and planted a big kiss smack on my lips. I may have been surprised, but I wasn’t about to turn that down! She stayed in my arms for several moments more, looking into my eyes, then broke into a big smile and said “Let’s go get that stuff!”

We quickly hiked down to the camp site, Bogart running all over as he always does, Madge seemingly holding herself back from a full sprint, probably in deference to the old samsun escort bayan guy. When we got there, everything of hers was already packed, ready to go.

“Ahh, does Dave know your moving? Isn’t he going to be pissed if you’re not here?”

” He knows, and I don’t care if he’s happy or not. Right now there are only two things I care about – a hot bath, and a soft bed. After that, I’ll worry about anything else.”

With that we picked up her few things and headed back up the hill, but a whole lot slower than coming down. Except for the dog that is, who seemed to be going happily nuts over all the scents he picked up.

Once again we chatted as we walked. Or I should say she did. I just nodded, or threw in the odd word here and there, but she was happily talking, and I didn’t mind as I was enjoying the sound of her voice. Suddenly she stopped, looked at me for about ten seconds, and out of the blue just asked me, ” How do you know if you feel the tingle?”

All I could say without betraying the quiver in my throat was “You’ll know.”

Again, she just stood there looking at me then said, ” I thought so.”

Then she quickly turned and headed back up the hill. After about twenty feet, she turned to look at me, rooted to the ground in shock, and asked if I was coming with her or not.

All I could think of was, “Anywhere.” Again she turned to look at me and I realized I had said that aloud. She gave me a quick smile, turned and strode off again. I couldn’t help but notice how well the jeans fit her shapely butt.

When we got back to the house, she turned towards the barn, but I stopped, asking where she was going? She paused, and started to point at the barn apartment, when I shook my head and pointed to the house.

“I have four bedrooms, three unused, I’m sure we can find one for you.”


“Yeah, come on, there’s a bath waiting for you.”

Well, she looked through the three bedrooms, picked the one she liked. I pointed out her bathroom, the hall closet full of towels, told her ‘enjoy’.


An hour and a half later she finally reappeared. Her hair shone with red highlights, she had lightly applied makeup, she had on a clean pair of jeans and a light colored tee shirt. On her feet were a pair of sandals, her toe nails appeared to be freshly painted.


“You have no idea! Thank you, thank you, thank you. But what changed your mind about the barn?”

“Just call me Softy. Would you like some lunch? Then we can discuss your duties around here.”

While we ate, we discussed how I wanted things done. I explained most of the house had been just ignored so the first thing had to be dusting and cleaning. Probably tackling the sheets in her bedroom should be done also. She just kept smiling and nodding her head, as soon as we finished eating she cleared the table and got busy. I went outside to take care of some things I had noticed needed doing.

About four I came back in, Madge was busy in the laundry. There was a pile of sheets on the floor and the washer and dryer were humming away.

“What would you like for dinner?” She said, “I’m cooking.”

“You see what’s in the freezer and surprise me. I’m going to get a shower.”

As I was coming back into the kitchen, still drying my hair, I saw Dave’s pickup pulling into the yard. I stepped out to greet him as he opened his door and swung out. “Is Madge here?”

“Yeah, she’s inside cooking. Come on in.”

“Thanks, I was a little worried about her. I was pretty sure she was up here but…”He paused, “We may be just friends, but I still feel responsible for her right now.”

Madge saw him come in, walked over, gave him a hug, told him he was just in time for dinner, and could wash up while she set the table. I started to reach for the dishes, only to find myself being shooshed out of the kitchen, “No, no. I said I’ll do it. From now on this is my kitchen. You stop at the door.”

“What if I want coffee? Or a snack?”

“There will be a pot on the counter. And you don’t need the snack. I want you to lose a few pounds.”

“Wait, what?”

“We’ll talk later. Go sit. I’ll take care of things.”

About then Dave came back, asking what was going on. All I could do was shrug my shoulders and say I thought I had just been kicked out of my own kitchen. We sat in the den, just talking about his day and the job he had been on. He did apologize for the lies when we first met, explaining he just couldn’t admit to being homeless.

About then Madge called us to the table. It was nicely set, and she had made up a dinner of yellow potatoes, ham slices and vegetables, with rolls on the side. As we sat, she explained she had done the best she could with the limited supplies I had. She had made enough to include Dave as she was sure he would be there.

That was probably the best meal I had, outside of a restaurant, in several years!

As we ate, Dave explained his current job was over, and he had decided there just wasn’t enough in the area to sustain all the carpenters in the Local plus all the non-union guys, so he had checked the books, and it looked like there was more work in the San Francisco area. He planned on heading south in the morning. He asked Madge if she was all right with that? She said he needed to go where the work was, but she was just fine here.

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