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Aged to Perfection

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I guess we all walk around with a lot of preconceived notions about things and, I suppose, for most of them, we carry them with us throughout our life.

But there are a few that, in living our lives, we run dead up against an exception to these firmly-implanted ideas and they have to change. That happened to me last year when Olivia and I were looking for a house to buy.

Olivia is my girlfriend, we’d been together nearly five years and felt really good with each other and had decided to do what many couples do, buy a house together.

We’re both established in our careers, Olivia is in marketing with a consumer food company, one you’ve heard of and I’m a financial advisor with a division of a regional bank. She’s twenty-six and I’m twenty-eight. So, we’re not kids and we’re not middle-agers, either.

Now to the idea that I’d been carrying around that got blown out of the water. I know you’ve been waiting for it.

Older women. Mature women.

I had heard guys talk, sure. But, well, there were just so many women around near my own age, right? So, I never paid them any mind. That is, until I met our real estate agent, Brooke Davies. Well.

Olivia and I, like any modern-day real estate shoppers, had scoured the computer listings over and over looking for just the right combination of all the features we had listed. And there were a lot. But there was one house in particular that rang just the right note with us and we called the agent.

She sounded nice and was immediately helpful answering some additional questions that whetted our appetite to see the property. I did see her picture on the website and really didn’t think much of it.

She arranged to meet us that afternoon at the property and when we drove up, she was there in her shiny black Mercedes.

As I was getting out of my Honda, I looked over and saw a beautiful pair of legs tapering out of the Mercedes shoed in black high heels as my eyes followed up to the short black skirt straining to remain closed as she came out into the sunlight. She was wearing a black knit top and crowned with bright, platinum-blonde hair falling in curls.

Statuesque. That was the perfect word for Brook Davies. Tall, blond, curvy and, yes, no doubt almost twice my age. A few pounds too many but they got lost on all the curves. She was sexy. Oh, for sure.

After our introductions and the enlightening house tour, especially following her up the stairs to the second floor, we stood back outside discussing the various aspects and features that we were looking for comparing them with those we had just seen. Well, Olivia and Brooke were discussing them, I was more captivated by the lovely and generous cleavage escort izmit presented for my entertainment by our new real estate agent.

I’m sure I heard some of what was said, I know I remember her saying she’d been married thirty-five years so I figured she must be mid-fifties anyway, maybe more.

We did go back to the house two days later to look it over again, though I was really, at that stage, more interested in looking over our real estate agent. I think she might have gotten the idea but I don’t think Olivia did.

We later decided to scratch that particular house off our list, it was just too far from where we worked but I kept thinking about Brooke Davies and how sexy she was.

I had her card in my wallet and called her the next morning to see if she could meet me there so I could check out a few more aspects of the property.

As I pulled up, she started getting out of her car again, all the time looking over at me, taking her time, stretching her long, beautiful legs out as I watched.

“Where’s Olivia?” she asked.

“Oh, couldn’t come. Just me today.”

“Well, I’ll just have to control myself, then won’t I?” she purred as she twisted the key in the door. “Where do you want to start, today?”

“Um, the master bedroom,” I answered as I followed her up the stairs. She had on a trim dark business suit, one that showed her fabulous legs to a tee.

Well, I had decided to make my move as soon as we got through the door. It would be over quickly or may take several hours, all depending on what was to happen next.

I was right behind her when she turned. I slid my arms round her and pulled her to me as I kissed her. There was no pushing me away, she even pulled me to her.

Our kiss lasted through several tongue swaps until our heads pulled back.

“Well, Hayes, that’s a bit of a surprise. A nice surprise,” she said smiling up at me, our arms still holding each other.

I bent down and kissed her again as I felt her hands unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it open. Then she pulled away and leaned in to take one of my nipples in her mouth as her hand rubbed my eager cock trapped inside my pants. I had pulled off her jacket and was now unbuttoning her blouse; there was no question what was happening.

As she stood there in her bra, I reached around and unhooked it to pull it off her arms.

Just so you know, Olivia’s a slender woman with pretty 34B breasts. Brooke, well, they were much larger, I’m guessing 38D at least. And, oh, they were beautiful. Large, circular pink nipples with the very centers all pointed-out. I stood back with my hands under them admiring the sight before me.

“God, Brooke, they’re even more izmit escort beautiful than I’d imagined. You must get a lot of looks at the beach,” I admired.

“Oh, the beach I go to in Cancun is topless. I do get a lot of looks. Just like you’re looking right now,” she said as I bent over to suck one of her lovely nipples. She was also trying to unbuckle my pants and soon had them loose and was working to shove them down.

I lifted up, got out of my pants and pulled my boxers off and looked at her there in heels, high-thigh stockings and panties.

“You are so hot, Brooke, so hot, god, I want to fuck you.”

“It’s nice when a client and I have the same goals, Hayes. And, look, a nice, big, king-sized bed,” she said as she went over and stripped the covers back. She sat down, pulled off her shoes, rolled down her stockings and pulled off her pretty lace panties.

Bare. Perfectly bare. And with a delicious-looking slit all ready for my tongue as I knelt down between her legs as she opened herself for me.

“Mmm, this is nice, Hayes. You’ve been wanting this, haven’t you? I could tell the other day.”

I did manage to nod up and down some, it seemed enough as her hands held my head to her.

“Mmm, lovely, just lovely. Mmm, oooh, right there, you know what I like don’t you?” she murmured.

I was in no rush and I was hoping the rest of her day was free as I licked up and down, dragging my curled tongue deep in her furrow, then reaching in and pulling her open to probe deeper.

“Mmm, Hayes, yes, you make my pussy such a happy girl, mmm, oh, inside, yes, oh, like that, it’s…UUH, UUH, UNH, UNH, MMM, mmm, oh, my sweet man, please make love to me, mmm, I want you inside me, hurry,” she moaned as she scooted up on the bed widening open as I waddled up to her and pushed my hard cock all the way inside.

“Oh, oh, yes, you feel so good, Hayes. Oooh, just nice and slow. Mmm, take your time, let’s really enjoy being together like this. Just fuck me nice and slow. I hope you’re not disappointed, Hayes, I really do.”

“I think you’re wonderful, Brooke, I knew when I first saw you that I wanted you. And, you’re even more wonderful that I’d imagined. You’re so tight, just incredible.”

“Lots of exercises, my boy, lots of exercises. I have a dildo with a suction cup on the bottom that I squat over fucking it almost every day. I’ll have to show you how good I am on top. I could almost pull your cock off.”

“Wanna do it right now?” I asked and bent down and rolled us over, keeping my cock well-placed as she ended up on top.

“Ah, my favorite spot, up on top of a man’s hard cock,” she groaned as she began scissoring straight up izmit kendi evi olan escort and down. Her tight pussy glided up and down gripping me tightly, just so good.

“God, this is the best I’ve ever had. You tighten so much, it’s just incredible.”

“Well, you feel good to me, Hayes. Really good and wonderfully hard.”

Her breasts were softer than Olivia’s which was not surprising, they’re rather larger. But they felt so luscious as I rubbed them while she fucked me straight up and down.

“This is why you called me today isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s as simple as that, I wanted this. I wanted to fuck you, Brooke.”

“Well, I’m glad you did, it’s lovely. Just perfect, mmm.”

She kept moving sinuously up and down on me, just pulling me up each time, she was so hot, so seductive, so lustful, it was an incredible experience. This woman was sex.

“Mmm, nice and hard, yes, I’m glad you called. This is just what I needed today, a nice hard, young cock. Am I making you feel good?”

“Oh, Brooke, you’re fantastic. I can’t believe how tight you are. And when you fuck me real slow like this, oh, it’s just the sweetest kind of torture on my cock.”

“Yes, I know, my dear, I’ve had lots of practice. Here, suck my nipples, Hayes, while I fuck you,” and she leaned over to drop a nipple on my mouth as she continued slowly sucking me with her pussy, which is what it felt like.

“Mmm, I’m close, really close,” she purred, “Oh, yes, now, yes, uh, UH, UH, UNH, UNH, mmm, mmm,” she groaned and she kissed me hard, never stopping, still fucking me so sensually, her pussy keeping its tight grip on me.

My orgasm was unlike any other I’d ever had, just sudden and explosive, almost doubling me up as spurt after spurt of my hot cum went deep into my new lover as she dropped over me kissing me softly and sweetly.

She lay over me as we kissed, her hips still moving just enough to keep me from going soft, she really knew how to use her body for pleasure,

“Mmm, thank you for a lovely afternoon, Hayes. I hadn’t expected this and I just love surprises. Are you happy?”

“Oh, yes, this was wonderful. I hope you can sell these people’s house to thank them for us borrowing their bed. It was wonderful.”

“Well, they stand to make a nice profit, enough that we should be able to use it several times, if you’d like? Even this afternoon, if you want?” she asked me saucily. I knew right then that Brooke Davies, though no longer my real estate agent, would become my lover.

We have met at least once each week ever since, usually in a different house each time; her husband’s retired so we can’t use her home, but the accommodations are always upscale, fitting for such a lady as Brooke Davies.

So, meeting my favorite real estate agent taught me something: proper aging can improve all manner of things, women included. You should have her give you a showing. She has so much to offer.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


It is 5:00 o’clock on Friday and the week is finally over. As I enter the house I wish my wife were here with me. I had been thinking of her all day, but she has to work until 6. I had been thinking of her wonderful body and the things we do to each other. This has caused me to become aroused, wanting her to be here with me.

I decided to call her at work and see how her day had gone. She too was glad it was Friday. “Do you want dinner when you get home or would you like a little surprise before dinner” I asked her.

“Ooh, the surprise sounds good to me” was her reply. I instructed her to lock the door when she got home and meet me in the bedroom.

I took a leisurely shower and then started to prepare for the evening. I attached the handcuffs to the center of the bedpost and covered them with a pillow. Next I placed some oil and toys under another pillow. I put on her favorite red g-string. It looks like a tuxedo with a black bow tie on it.

When she entered the bedroom I was reclined on the pillows wearing only a smile and a g-string.

“This looks interesting” she said.

“Why don’t you take off those clothes and stay a while” I replied.

I watched as she slowly removed her top. Her large breast’s were rising and falling above the top of her low cut bra. Next she let her long skirt fall to the floor exposing those beautiful long legs. Then she reached behind her and released her bra, letting her supple breast fall free. Her nipples were erect and pointing straight out, begging to be caressed. Bending to remove her panties her breasts were hanging down, causing a stir in my groin. She then came around the side of the bed and said ” Is that for me” as she reached over to caress the bow tie. Her breasts caressing my arm, our lips met in a soft sensual kiss. Her tongue sneaking between my lips to tease mine, snaking around and around inside my mouth.

I broke the kiss, as I knew I wouldn’t last if we continued.

“Lay down in the center of the bed and put your arms up” I told her.

She gave izmit rus escort me that look of excitement and did as I instructed. I slipped the handcuffs from under the pillow and gently placed them on her wrists. Next I placed a scarf over her eyes and tied it behind her head. She was a vision of loveliness, laying there naked before me. I bent and kissed her soft, moist lips once more, savoring the taste and feel of her response. My hands were working their way down to her soft breasts and my fingers gently ran circles around her erect nipples drawing a sigh from her.

As our lips parted I removed my upper plate and lowered my mouth to her breasts. First kissing one breast and then the other, finally taking a nipple and sucking it between my tongue and gum. Her breathing was becoming rapid and her body was rising to meet my lips. As I moved to the other nipple my hand moved down across her belly to her hot moist lips of pleasure. Using one finger I slowly caressed her protruding lips. Her legs opened and her hips rose to my touch. Slowly I continued my attention to her nipples as I could feel the dampness between her legs. I eased one finger inside her causing her hips to buck against my hand. Gently moving my hand in and out and then back up her lips to her bud of desire. As I repeated this she moaned and bucked against my touch. Suddenly her body tightened and my hand was flooded with her wetness as she let go with her first orgasm. I kept my pressure on her bud until her body began to relax.

I moved down between her thighs and placed her legs over my shoulders. Lifting her supple bottom off the bed I placed a folded pillow under her and lowered her onto it. Placing her legs on the bed I lowered my mouth to her wet lips and sucked them one at a time between my lips and gums until she was moaning loudly. Then I moved to her love hole and worked my tongue in and out slowly. I then rose between her lips and to her love button. This caused her to buck against my mouth and moan louder. I eased my thumb into her izmit escort love canal and worked it in and out while continuing my attention to her love button. As my thumb continued its in and out movement, my index finger was now caressing the wet entrance to her rear opening. It was soaked with her drippings and I was able to insert one finger to the first knuckle. After a few minutes of teasing I removed my finger and inserted it into her soaking love canal. When it was sufficiently wet I removed it and once again put it into her back door. This time it slid in easily all the way.

I was now moving my thumb back and forth in her also. I continued my tongue caresses on her love button as I started pumping my thumb and finger faster and faster in and out of her holes.

My wife was now bucking and moaning wildly as I moved faster and faster until she reached another orgasm. Soaking my face and hand with her delicious liquid. After a couple of minutes she started to calm down and I slowly removed my head and fingers to let her catch her breath. I softly kissed her face and forehead while caressing her breast.

“That was great but what about you?”

“I’m doing great. As soon as you catch your breath we’ll take care of me”

“I’m o.k. now what would you like?’

I didn’t reply. Instead I moved up beside her blindfolded head. I raised her head slightly and lowered my erect member to her lips.

“oooohh” she moaned as she took my member into her warm, moist mouth. The sensual feel of her lips and tongue on my member was bringing me closer and closer to the edge. I knew I wouldn’t last to long this way and reached down between her thighs and caressed her waiting lips again. When she started moving against my hand again I removed my member from her mouth and told her, “Lie still a moment, I have one more surprise for you.”

I moved off the bed, reached under the other pillow and removed the strap on, 10″ dildo. Stepping into the harness I secured it so it sat about three inches above my erect member. Next I put lubricant kocaeli escort on both members.

Moving back between her legs I asked if she was ready?

“Oh yes, please, please.” She replied, even though her blindfold kept her from seeing what I had done.

Holding the dildo against my stomach I moved back between her legs and started rubbing my member up and down her slit. Once again she started moaning and moving against my member. I took my time moving it from her clit, across the lips and love canal to her rear opening and back. By now she was trying to impale herself on my member each time it passed her love opening. As I reached her rear opening once more I stopped and put gentle pressure against it until the head disappeared inside. I stopped there to let her adjust to the penetration and then began to work just the head in and out.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes, yes” was her reply.

“What would you like me to do”

“Fuck me, fuck me now”

“Where would you like me to fuck you?”

“Fuck my ass, pleeease” replied my usually demure wife.

Without removing my member from her rear I lowered the dildo to her love canal. Her breathing immediately speed up and she said “yes, yes.” Slowly I eased both members into their love holes.

Slowly moving them in and out, deeper with each thrust until I was buried to the hilt in her back door. The feeling of her spincter muscles tightening and releasing around my member was almost more than I could take. I was now pounding away, feeling the surge build within me. My wife was bucking her hips wildly, her moans almost a scream. I could feel her body start to shudder in the throes of orgasm just I shot a flood deep into her ass. Both of us shook and gasped for air as our orgasms took over our bodies.

We finally started to come down. There were tears running down my wife’s cheeks and she was sobbing from going over the top. Slowly I eased back and let my members slide out of her. Removing her handcuffs and blindfold I took her in my arms and held her until she returned to reality.

I wish every man could have a woman like my wife. One who responds to your every touch and trusts you completely. I know how fortunate I am and will continue to love her and surprise her always.

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First Time

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We walk into the hotel room and I’m feeling so nervous. You have a big smile on your face for numerous reasons. One, you can’t wait to do what we are going to do. Two, you see the nervous expression on my face and that makes you like it even more. And three, you know that you will really be punishing me and taking me one more big step to becoming your complete bitch.

The plan has been in motion for awhile and I can’t believe we are actually doing it, we’ve talked about it so many times but the fact that we actually went to a gay bar and picked up a guy and brought him back with us so we can complete this fantasy is making me shake with fear and excitement. The guy’s name is Sean and you say you picked him out because he looked cute but he’s taller than me with a bigger build, and I know you picked him so I can feel more like a bitch being taken by a big stud and also because it’s obvious he would have a big dick.

As soon as the door closes you tell us to take our clothes off. We do what you say and we’re both standing there naked. I look down at Sean’s dick and just as I thought, his dick is huge. He is easily bigger than I am, well over eight inches. You see me look at his dick so you say “Oh, I see you looking. You want his cock don’t you, you little bitch! Get on your knees now.” You have told Sean all about what we do, about how I’m your bitch and how it’s ok to force me to do anything. Sean turns towards me and puts his hand on my shoulders and pushes me down. He couldn’t believe his luck when you told him that you wanted him to come home with us so that I could suck his dick. He liked the idea of fucking a straight guy in the mouth and cumming down his throat. He quickly realizes that he can do whatever he wants to me so he pushes me down until I’m on my knees with my face is inches away from his hard, massive cock.

You bend down towards me and start rubbing my head and whispering softly. “Just lick it once baby, it’s ok, it’s not bad if you do, just do it, stick out your tongue.” You grab his dick and point it at my mouth. I slowly stick out my tongue and lick the head of his big dick.

“That’s it baby now open your mouth and become a cocksucker, do it baby. Do it now bitch,” you say as I open my mouth, with your hand on the back of my head you push me towards Sean’s dick and his cock enters my lips. You continue to push until my mouth is filled and you hold me there. My mouth feels so stuffed because his cock is escort izmit not only long, but also thick! “Yesssss baby. That’s it, you little cocksucker, suck that big cock. Do it for me, now!”

I slowly start to move my head and suck Sean off, he is being patient, but you don’t want him to be bored. So you say “Have your way with his mouth, do whatever you want.” So he puts his hands on my head and begins to thrust his dick into my mouth. You sit back and take your clothes off and begin to rub your pussy, you are so wet watching me suck dick. You never thought you would be watching me suck cock, but you’re glad that I am. You begin squeezing and rubbing your tits while one hand is furiously rubbing your pussy. “Oh yes, fuck his mouth, go deeper, I want to hear him gag on your dick.”

Sean doesn’t need any more invitations so he begins pushing his dick deeper into my mouth with every thrust. I put my arms down to my side and stop moving as Sean grabs my head with both hands and begins to bring my head closer to his crotch as he continues to thrust his cock into my mouth. Soon all I can do is try to open my mouth and throat as much as I can so that I don’t gag. But the truth is, it’s no use. Sean begins to fuck my throat and as his big dick hits the back of my throat I begin to gag. My eyes start to water up and soon Sean just slams his cock into my throat and holds it there. I fight the urge to gag as much as I can, but I eventually lose and begin coughing. His dick falls out of my mouth and as I try to regain my composure, Sean grabs his dick and begins slapping me in the face with it. It is so powerful and as tears begin to roll down my face I realize that I’ve opened my mouth again and I’m trying to grab his dick with my mouth so that I can continue to suck it. His dick finds my mouth and soon he is back to facefucking me.

By this time you have put the strap-on dildo on and you walk up to where we are. “Get up and get on the bed, both of you.” I know what I have to do, so I get on all fours on the bed and wait for the both of you. “Look how hard his cock is, ” you say as you point to my dick. “He really likes sucking dick, he likes being a bitch ass cocksucker!” Sean chuckles at this and you tell him to get infront of me and continue fucking my mouth. He needs no other invitation and soon my mouth is filled with his cock again and I’m moaning to show you that I do like sucking cock. I feel you place some lube on my asshole and I thank god izmit escort that you are being generous with it. Sean’s hands are still on the back of my head as he continues to shove my head down, his breathing has also picked up, so I hope that I am doing a good enough job to make him cum. You start to ease the dildo into my ass and I let out a groan as I feel the head pop into my asshole. “Oh yes bitch, take my dick! You like it up the ass don’t you? Tell me you do, I want to hear you say it with your mouth full of cock!”

I try to talk with Sean’s dick in my mouth, and I find it really hard since his cock is so thick, however I manage to say something that sounds like “Yes, I like it in my ass.” This makes you laugh a bit and you thrust your dick all the way into my ass. I let out a moan and you begin to pump my ass. I feel the dildo going all the way in and your hands on my hips. I start to push back as I realize how gay I must look. I have a huge cock in mouth and I’m bent over being pounded in the ass by a dildo, and my own dick is so hard it hurts.

You slap my ass a couple of times as you continue to talk dirty to me and call me names such as “cocksucker, bitch, cumslut” and all I can do is moan and enjoy the abuse I’m getting. Soon I feel Sean tense up a bit, and I hope I know what comes next. “I’m going to cum!” I hear him say. You pull out of my ass and grab a cup that is on the table and say “Cum on his face! Give this bitch a facial!” he pulls out of my mouth and I’m left there on all fours with my mouth open staring at Seans cock as he quickly begins to jerk off. YOu hold the cup below my face and soon I hear Sean grunt. The first stream flies out of Sean’s cock and hits me in the cheak. The second hits me near my eye and it makes me close my eyes. “No baby, open your eyes, now!” I open my eye and feel the cum around my eyelids, it’s hard to keep it open but I do my best, and I’m sure I look ridiculous as I realize you are laughing. Another stream of cum hits me in the forehead and I can feel my face being covered in cum! Sean gets closer and puts his dick into my mouth as I feel more cum shooting out and into my mouth.

As he finishes, he pulls out of my mouth and you say “Swallow it! Now! Eat his cum!” so I swallow his load that is in my mouth. I somehow fight the urge to gag and I look up at you to see the huge smile on your face. “Oh yes baby, you are such a real bitch now!” You start to wipe off the izmit kendi evi olan escort extra cum on my face into the cup and soon there is a good amount of cum inside the cup. “Now, be a real, good, cum slut whore and open up!” You say as you tilt the cup towards my mouth. I open my mouth and watch as you pour a little bit of the cum into my mouth. “Swallow it!” I do as I’m told and then without you saying anything I open my mouth again. “Hahahaha you want more don’t you? You’re such a cumslut, you fucking cocksucking whore!” You pour the rest of Sean’s cum into my mouth and I swallow it all.

“Lay on your back” you instruct me as you take off the strap-on. You straddle my dick and since you are so wet and I am so hard it easily goes into your waiting pussy. “Oh yes! This feels good, fuck me!” You say “You like eating cum don’t you? Whore!” I nod yes. “Tell me how much you liked having cock in your mouth!”

I let out a sigh and close my eyes and whisper “I loved having my face fucked.”

You interrupt me by yelling “Louder! I want to hear you say it loud!”

“I loved getting facefucked!” I say in a much louder voice. “His dick was so big and it tasted so good, I’m such a cocksucking bitch, baby!” You are bouncing on my dick so hard that I feel my cum building up. “Oh baby, I’m going to cum.” You pick up the pace and soon I let out a huge grunt as I feel my dick explode in your pussy. I look at you and see the big smile on your face so I know what comes next. You get off my dick and quickly place your hand on your pussy holding my cum inside of it. You climb up and straddle my face and I open my mouth as wide as possible.

You remove your hand and out comes the biggest glob of cum I’ve ever seen. It falls into my mouth and I quicly swallow it. “Lick my pussy, now! Clean it cum slut!” I start to lick your pussy and I keep tasting my cum and feeling it drip out of your pussy and into my mouth. I continue to swallow it as I stick my tongue into your pussy and start to dig for more cum. You are moaning and rubbing your pussy on my mouth and soon I feel you cum on my face which makes more of my cum flow out of your pussy.

Soon, you feel that you are clean enough and you get off of my face and look at me. There are droplets of cum on my chin and this makes you laugh. “Wow, you are such a cum slut. You look like such a bitch sucking cock and now with cum on your face. You liked it didn’t you baby?”

I let out a sigh and a meek “Yes.”

Sean is sitting there and when we look at him all he says is “Wow, that was hot!” You laugh and say “I know, maybe once you’re hard again you can fuck his face again.” I look at you as you wink to me, all I can do is smile.

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Afterwork Surprise

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My mind kept wandering as I tried to keep up with needed chores around the house. I was in one of those moods and kept thinking of my husband, Joe. You know, my husband is not one of those men that women would look at and immediately say, “Hubba Hubba!” But he has some outstanding qualities that are not what you would call noticeable at first sight.

Joe is in his early sixties, a physician, and works most days Monday through Friday. When I was much younger I never dreamed sex could be so great when a man and woman get past 50! Joe’s intellectual capacity adds to his physical abilities that make him so outstanding in bed.

I was doing dishes and trying to decide what would be for dinner when thoughts kept creeping into my mind. I wanted to plan a sexual escapade for the two of us and I had some great ideas swirling through my mind.

At 1230pm I decided to call Joe and give him a heads up (so to speak). It was his lunch hour and I knew he wouldn’t be busy. Joe would probably be sitting amongst his peers and would love to receive a sexy offer over the phone. I can just imagine his squirming in his seat, next to the other physicians, trying to maintain his professional composure as I told him my plan to have an erotic surprise for him when he comes home this evening.

I warned Joe because I preferred him to be alone when he arrived and at times his day is quite stressful and I knew he may not be up for this. Thank goodness he was more than willing to participate and I could just hear his squirming as I played our little game over the phone. Joe and I play this game where I ask him to give me two clues. Each clue includes something that needs to be included in our erotic adventures for the evening. Things like crotch less pantyhose and whipping cream or oral and handcuffs, but I get to create the rest of the experience.

You can imagine how it must be for him to try to retain his composure and whisper professionally into the phone his two clues. Thank goodness he has on his lab coat! Sometimes when I’ve called him in the past he has rushed from the table and all his peers think he has tummy issues. If they only knew!

That day was no different surrounded by his peers as he excitedly said yes to my request. Joe whispered into the phone, “couch and porn movie.” That’s all it took for me to trigger my ideas and start my plan for a sexy adventure that evening. After a little thinking, processing and reorganizing this is how it all transpired.

Joe thought about his phone call all afternoon. He found it hard to concentrate on his afternoon duties but could not slip off to his little private room next to his office that he used on occasion to relieve himself. He wanted to save it all for later. He almost ran off the road a time or two while attempting the drive home and he successfully kept the speed down so he wouldn’t get a ticket. When he pulled into the driveway he approached the front door and felt the excitement welling up inside as he reached, trembling, for the door knob. He stepped inside and waiting for him on the entryway table was a glass of tawny port and a note. He noticed a basket on the floor and his robe hanging nearby. As he sipped the port he read his note.

“Enjoy the port, take off all your izmit rus escort clothes and place them in the basket. Put on your robe but don’t tie it, leave it open in front and fondle yourself as you please. Come in the living room when you are ready, don’t stop fondling yourself!”

Being in his sixties it takes a bit longer for Joe to get that erection going. The desire is still there but it just takes a bit longer to get there. I enjoy that so much because that normally means more foreplay for me. As he sipped his port Joe could hear noises as if people were getting sexually satisfied in his own living room. He fondled himself and found that his erection was getting quite prominent. That is one of the great surprises with Joe! He is uncircumcised, and has the largest, meatiest dick I have ever seen! It still amazes me and I crave that huge cock after all these years! I’ve seen a few dicks in my life and none can compare! When I hold it in my hands it is like holding a huge heavy brick!

Joe put his empty glass down and as he stepped into the living room was surprised to see the couch had been moved! The back of the couch was facing the TV and there was one of his favorite porn movies playing on the big plasma screen. I was on my knees looking over the back of the couch watching the movie, all the time playing with my clit and pussy, getting myself hot for Joe. I was wearing only thigh high hose with high heels and a sparse robe so I wasn’t completely naked. I wanted him to have to hunt for the prize.

Joe walked into the living room and his huge dick was sticking straight out of the front of his robe and he walked up behind the couch to face me. He has a beautiful hairy chest that has turned to silver over the years and the most beautiful lively eyes that show his eagerness and hunger.

Joe’s nostrils were flaring just like a bull and the look in his eyes was pure excitement and yearning. I reached up, touched his neck, and slowly ran my hand down his chest and belly. I looked at his dick in front of my face and I started to reach my mouth down to taste it but he leaned down instead. Joe gently held my face and gave me a most passionate kiss.

That is another of Joe’s qualities. His kisses are the most passionate, gentle and satisfying you can imagine. You feel as if he is gently inhaling you inside him as he kisses you softly and lightly brushes his tongue across your mouth. His full silver beard tickles as it brushes your face. I love that about Joe. He is so vigorously sexual but he never forgets the little important touches of passionate kisses.

He kisses me for a bit and I tell him how much I love him. He tells me he loves me too but I soon tell him, “I really want to suck your cock.” He straightens up and says “suck my cock!” I take his cock in my mouth but he is so big I can only fit the head inside. He grabs me by my hair and gently guides his dick into my mouth as far as I can take it.

Sometimes I wish my mouth was bigger so I could take him deeper, down into my throat, just like in the movies. The only time I can do that is if he is not fully erect. I love the feeling of Joe’s cock getting hard in the back of my throat. Joe gets too big in short time and then only the izmit escort head can fit in my mouth but he still loves what I do to him.

While sucking Joe’s cock I grab the rest of his dick with one hand and stroke his foreskin and dick up and down while I grab his balls with my other hand and gently massage them. I love to swirl my tongue around his huge head and dick and suck as if I’m trying to pull his load of come out of him. Joe says, “Oh you suck good cock!” and he makes grunting noises as I suck him more. I can tell he is enjoying this tremendously. He continues to fuck my mouth and we can hear the people on TV making their fucking noises at the same time.

Joe grabs my tits and massages them. I feel my nipples become erect with his delicate but firm touch. I don’t want him to come in my mouth; I have other surprises for him and want to feel him fuck me in other ways. I do love to swallow his hot load and feel his cock pulsating in my mouth as he reaches an orgasm but I want to feel him deep inside me this evening.

He stops and kisses me again in his passionate way. He then walks around the couch to see me from behind. Joe admires my huge butt and wants to explore my treasures I have waiting for him.

He loves the movie and getting behind me gives him a full view of the scene. On the TV a white girl is having sex with two black guys and one is getting ready to put it up her ass. He’s really huge for her but she takes it. Joe looks down at me and sees that I have a robe on but my ass and pussy are barely covered. When he stands behind me he slowly and gently raises my robe to reveal my huge butt and pussy lips.

Joe gasps as he sees what I have left for his pleasure. I have sticking inside my ass a large butt plug. There is a soft handle on it so he can push and pull it if he pleases. He strokes my butt and thighs and enjoys the view while occasionally peering at the scene on TV. My pussy lips are swollen and I’m so moist that it feels like my juices are running down my thighs. I can’t wait for him.

Joe slowly gets on his knees to get a better view of my treats all the while stroking me and touching my clit with his fingers. Okay, there is another of Joe’s traits. He knows exactly how to stroke my clit until I’m trembling with the anticipation of an explosion. I love to cruise on the border of an orgasm as he enjoys my pussy and clit.

Suddenly, I feel Joe’s tongue on my clit and it sends shivers up and down my spine! He starts lapping at me like a dog and exploring my clit and pussy with his tongue! He is sucking my pussy juices and I can hear little noises as he tongue fucks me. He reaches up and gently grabs my butt plug while simultaneously tongue fucking me, occasionally swirling his tongue around my clit and back up to my pussy.

I have my butt straight up in the air and I’m trying to position myself to give Joe full access to all my nasty pleasures. He pulls the butt plug out just a bit. He then pushes it in all the way and I shudder with delight. He continues this for a time and I can no longer hold back. My orgasm rips through me and I just can’t help it. He continues pushing and pulling on the butt plug and sucking up my pussy juices as my orgasm subsides. It’s a big plug but not nearly kocaeli escort as big as his dick.

Joe then asks if he can fuck me. I am so ready and I say, “Please fuck me.” I can see the TV is busy with a girl eating a big black cock and taking a dick up her ass at the same time and I feel myself getting excited again. Joe stands up and asks, “Do you want it up the ass or in your pussy?” I prefer the pussy. His dick is so big that I don’t think I can handle it up my ass. He decides to leave the plug in my ass and fuck my pussy. I’m really excited to think this will be like the double penetration I’m now seeing on the screen.

Joe stands up and he can see the steamy scenes on TV and it just makes him want me more. He grabs his big dick and steps up to my backside. He teases me with his huge hunk of meat. He even pushes on the butt plug with his cock and runs his head up and down from my ass to my clit, slowly up and down. Then he guides himself into my pussy and it takes my breath away.

Every time Joe’s meaty cock enters me it makes me gasp in delight. I think his foreskin acts as a shoehorn to make him fit inside me and it would be difficult to have sex with him if he didn’t have it. He starts pumping in and out slowly using long strokes. I can feel the butt plug go deeper each time he plunges himself into me. I push myself against him and try to make him go as deep as possible. I love to feel him deep inside but I love the feel of him stroking in and out, in and out, in his teasing way.

Joe’s nostrils are really flaring now. He can see the scenes on TV and he watches me below him squirm and wiggle uncontrollably. He knows I like his big cock and he just keeps giving it to me, in and out. Sometimes he stops pumping for a short rest and it just teases me more.

Joe can feel his excitement mounting as he continues stroking his dick in and out of my pussy. He can smell the pheromones emanating from my groin. This only makes him more excited and he feels his cave man instincts rising to the surface of his senses. He is grunting and sweat is beginning to pop out on his brow as he continues to plunge in and out.

Joe can feel the tightness created from the butt plug and he feels it rubbing on his dick each time he pushes deep into my pussy. The nastiness of it all! He thinks of how tight it would feel if he plunged his dick up my ass instead of the plug. The scene on TV is getting hotter and hotter and he feels his big wad of an orgasm coming! He asks me if I’m ready for his hot load and I am so ready to explode myself!

I squirm myself onto him more as he continues to pump harder and faster. I suddenly feel myself going over the edge as Joe starts letting out his caveman grunts and I know he is giving me his hot load. He just keeps pumping harder and grunts loudly each time he plunges inside me and I am coming and coming and I never want him to stop.

Joe and I stay together on the couch on top of me like a bull breeding a heifer. We are out of breath and satisfied. He slowly rolls off and his hot juices are dribbling from my pussy. I gasp as he grasps my butt plug and gently slides it out.

We sit down and he kisses me softly. Joe says, “Thank you! That was wonderful!” We hug each other and as Joe holds up the plug, he gazes at it, then at me. Joe says, “Next time my dick instead of the plug.” I shiver as I think of Joe’s big cock trying to enter my tight puckered ass. I’m not sure. I think it’s much too big! But maybe, I’ll think about it.

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Blackmail Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.


I had been married to Carol for nearly eight years and life was good, until I screwed things up. We had got together after both going through messy and difficult divorces. After falling for each other we were soon married and made a fresh start by moving in to a new house.

Carol had a daughter Tina who was eleven years old when we married. It took a year or so for Tina to except me as her Mum’s new partner but eventually we became fairly close and got on well.

As the years went by we all settled into a happy comfortable life together. Carol worked as a Carer, more of a vocation than a job, she loved it and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I had worked for an accountancy firm since leaving school and was quite content. Tina of course was at school and intended to go on to University when the time came.

Looking back now I can see the problem began when I was made redundant and lost my job. I wasn’t too worried at the time, I’d been toying with the idea of freelance work anyway so was looking as this as the push I needed. The problem was I was left with too much time to fill which led to my big mistake.

Tina was almost nineteen now and having her A levels under her belt was also left with time on her hands as she awaited her new life at University. This meant we were seeing a lot of each other. Carol was working long hours and never seemed to be home just lately.

We had a computer work station in the corner of the lounge which we all used from time to time, although Tina had her own Laptop she often used it because of the bigger screen. On the day that I now refer to as Black Monday, while I was sat in the lounge reading the paper Tina sat at the computer…

“OH, MY, GOD!” Tina suddenly cried.

Startled I looked up, “What’s up?” I asked.

“I Don’t Believe This…This is Me isn’t it!” she said.

“What’s You?” I asked wondering what she was talking about.

“This Story, It’s Me isn’t it?” she said.

My heart sank as I realised what she had found. Having so much time to fill I had began searching the internet more and more lately and I happened upon a sight that caught my eye. With Carol working so much our sex life had suffered and I have to admit I was looking at ways to satisfy myself. I’d found a rather good site that published erotic stories and after reading a few began to wonder!

The site was named ‘Literotica’ and I signed up as a member. I decided to see if I could write a story of my own, but what I could I write I wondered. After reading a story on the website about a stepdaughter my thoughts turned to Tina and I began seeing her as the sexy young woman she had become.

Tina was indeed a very desirable young woman. Standing about five feet two tall, black shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, she was far from a super model as she carried escort izmit a little weight but she certainly wouldn’t have any problem attracting interest.

As my imagination ran riot I soon began fantasising more and more about Tina, and to my shame became very aroused at the thought. From then on whenever I was in her company I would study her body in more detail which fuelled my fantasy even more.

So that is how my story took shape and I ended up writing an erotic storyline involving Me and Tina in a sexual relationship, the story Tina had somehow found on the computer and was now reading…

“This Is Disgusting…You Are Disgusting!” Tina exclaimed with venom in her tone.

“I’m sorry T,” I wasn’t given the chance to finish as Tina interrupted.

“You Just Wait Till I Tell Mum…You Pervert!” she said but didn’t look up from the screen as she kept reading.

With my elbows on my knees I held my head in my hands and cursed myself for being so careless. I thought about making some kind of excuse to get me out of this nightmare but to coin a phrase I was ‘Banged to Rights’ and couldn’t think of anyway out.

Tina seemed intent on finishing reading the story to the end. Calling me all sorts of names as she read, she eventually finished. Standing up she stomped off muttering, “Disgusting man,” and ran upstairs, slamming her bedroom door behind her.

I sat there wondering what I could say to Carol when she found out. A sudden thought occurred to me and I saw a way out of this mess. Delete the story and deny anything Tina might tell her mother. At least I could save my relationship with my wife, Tina, I knew would never forgive or forget.

Rushing to the computer I quickly deleted the story and was busy destroying all traces of it when I heard Tina stomping back down the stairs. When she saw me at the computer and realising what I was doing she said smugly, “No good deleting it, it’s still online. You can’t delete it from there can you.”

As she walked away again calling me names, my heart sank again as I knew she was right. I sat quietly for some time, the whole scenario playing over and over in my mind. Resigned to except my fate, one thing I couldn’t understand was why, when she was so disgusted at what she was reading, why would she carry on reading it!

Sometime later Tina came back down and strolled in to the lounge, “I still think you’re perverted and I still might tell Mum but if you do something for me I might keep quiet…at least for now, depends on how good you are,” she said as she stood in front of me with her hands on her hips.

Here we go I thought to myself, she’s going to demand I buy her a car or something. But what could I do if that’s what she asks! I realised there was more to Tina than I ever imagined but what she said next took me totally by surprise.

“I promise not to tell Mum if you come upstairs with me now and please izmit escort me however I choose. I still think you’re a disgusting pervert but that story made me horny and I think the least you can do is satisfy me. So what will it be? Shall I tell Mum or what?” she asked demanding an answer.

“I don’t seem to have much choice do I,” I said still in shock.

“”Not really, no. So come on then, come and see to my needs,” she said and rushed up to her room.

It took me a moment to gather myself together before making my way upstairs. Walking in to Tina’s room I found her laying on her bed. She was wearing an old baggy t-shirt which stretched half way down her bare thighs and some fluffy pink socks covered her small feet. I was used to seeing her dressed like this around the house.

“Now, you’re going to do exactly as I say. You can start my massaging my feet, go on,” she demanded.

Sitting on the end of the bed I took one sock covered foot in my hands at a time and massaged her warm little feet. She laid back with her eyes closed enjoying the sensation.

“Now take my socks off and kiss my toes,” she said opening her eyes to watch.

Slipping her socks off I couldn’t help feeling a little aroused at her perfect little feet with red painted toenails. I kissed each toe.

“Now lick in-between them and suck each toe until I tell you to stop,” she commanded.

I knelt down on the floor at the end of the bed and followed my instructions. Sucking on her toes i looked up along the smooth skin of her lower leg, her thick thighs and right up between her legs at the top, could just see her pink panties. Tina must of seen where I was looking.

“Yes that’s where you’re heading next. Lick all the way up my legs and kiss my thighs,” was her next instruction.

I couldn’t help but enjoy the experience, putting our relationship to one side, this girl was hot. Working my way up her legs past her knees she parted them to allow my lips to kiss her inner thighs. I could now see a small wet patch on her pink cotton knickers. Lifting her bum off the bed she pulled her shirt up out of the way. Bending her legs she pulled them up and held them before issuing her next instruction.

“This is where Daddy smells his naughty Daughters pussy. Pull my knickers up and please me and don’t forget my arse,” she said enjoying the control she had over me.

Before removing her panties I kissed the wet spot above her pussy and smelt her fragrance. She straightened her legs as I pulled her panties up and off exposing her freshly shaved pussy. The lips of her labia were curled up together hiding her hole until I teased them apart with my tongue.

“Oh yes Daddy, eat my pussy, fuck me with your tongue,” she said as she breathed heavier.

Her juices coated my face as my tongue explored deeper, “Make me cum Daddy,” she said in-between her moans of pleasure.

Moving izmit kendi evi olan escort my tongue to her clit and teasing her arsehole with a finger she began to writhe around unable to control herself as her orgasm approached. My fingertip entered her arse and as I sucked her clit between my lips she tensed and held her breath. With a few thrusts of her hips she began panting for air, her body went limp as her orgasm passed.

When she had regained her senses she pulled herself up and sat against the headboard, “Well you’ve pleased me enough to keep me quiet for now but I may need you again. But for now you may go,” she said enjoying her power.

Being dismissed I returned downstairs. I was amazed at this new side to Tina that I would never of imagined. I’d experienced moody behaviour with her before but this was very different.

I couldn’t deny that I had enjoyed the experience. Touching and playing with her in such an intimate way had turned me on more than I wanted to admit but now it was over, the guilt took over my thoughts. I just hoped I had done enough so she wouldn’t tell her mother…

It was barely an hour later when I knew she hadn’t finished with me. She called from upstairs, “Come On, I Need You Again, Quickly.”

Entering her bedroom Tina was laying flat on her bed totally naked. Despite my guilt I couldn’t help but be aroused. Her hands hid her nipples but couldn’t hide all of her large breasts.

“Now you can suck my tits, and make sure I enjoy it,” she said taking her hands away and laying her arms down beside her.

Her huge dark areolae highlighted her big stiff nipples, inviting my mouth to explore them. I could smell her delicate perfume on her soft warm skin as I licked and sucked on her nipples. Placing my head between her tits, kissing and licking, I pressed her fleshy mounds against my cheeks.

“Get your cock out and rub it on my tits, Come on, quickly,” she demanded.

Dropping my trousers and pants my semi erect penis was greeted by her approving eyes. Her tongue licked her soft lips. Lowering my cock to the nipple nearest to me I stroked my knob across her stiff bud. My cock grew harder.

Tina opened her legs, “Finger my pussy,” she again demanded.

While still rubbing my knob on her tit I placed my other hand between her legs and slipped a finger inside her hole. Still wet from earlier it found little resistance and slid deep inside.

“Now Daddy’s going to rub his hand on my clit while he finger fucks me,” she said.

She was soon writhing around under my touch. Pre cum smeared around her nipple and areola as I continued running my helmet over her tit. Holding my finger deep inside her sopping wet cunt I wiggled it around. With my hand rubbing firmly on her clit she was soon coming.

“Oh…Ye…s…Da…ddy,” she cried before falling silent as her orgasm enveloped her.

I was so close to shooting my load until Tina spoke, “OK, that’s enough for now. Put that thing away. You may go now.”

Although I so needed to cum I did as I was told. This girl certainly knew what she wanted and now she had found a way of getting it whenever she desired…

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Blackmailed Into Submission Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Your life can change almost in the blink of an eye. Sometimes the change is good, sometimes bad. A sudden change can change your happy life into a totally depressive situation. On the other hand, change can make you realize how unsatisfying your life was. This was my case. I had been living a life where I convinced myself that I was happy and content. I had married the man of my planning which provided the things I thought I wanted. Money and security were on the top of the list of things I wanted. At least so I thought.

To get what I wanted, I had completely changed my life. I gave up some very serious wild ways and learned to be the woman that Jack, my soon to be husband, wanted. And I did succeed in getting what I wanted. Jack is a very successful business man, owning a chain of restaurants along the Gulf Coast. What I didn’t consider was Jack getting more of an orgasmic rush from making money than from fucking me. But, over time I even learned to accept that. I also learned to use Jack’s money to entertain me in other ways. I had a Jaguar convertible, expense jewelry, the finest clothes, a custom built house out in the country and more precious metal credit cards than my purse could hold.

As far as my sex life went, I got used to turning the lights off and spreading my legs so Jack could climb on and get off in five minutes. Getting used to it would be a wrong choice of words. I put up with it. So as it was, I also used Jack’s money to buy various dildos and vibrators that I stored in a compartment I had hidden in my closet that Jack knows nothing about. His money also bought cable and satellite TV, both optioned out for the most graphic porn I could find to be piped into our house. And a high speed internet connection brought sites like Literotica®com to my 22” monitor for me to use as masturbation fodder. In my mind, my sex life was just fine. I did my duty as Jack’s wife when he wanted, and the rest of the time I would just take care of myself. I still had fantasies of my younger wild days and with the help of the toys, videos and stories, I stayed satisfied. Or so I thought.

My change happened almost over night. It started when my son, Steven, blackmailed me. He never forced me, and I could have said no, but I didn’t. It started with me sucking his cock until he came in my mouth. He then made me finger myself off while I swallowed his thick, creamy load of cum he had me hold in my mouth. We ended up in a guest bedroom for the night with Steven fucking his Mother any way he could think of. The next morning I awoke feeling better than I had in years. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be a wild child again. I wanted to be my son’s slut slave. I could have Jack’s money and still get abused and used like I wanted all along. I slipped under the covers and put my son’s hard cock in my mouth and sucked him until he blasted his cum down my throat. This was a start, and I hoped it never ended.

That was all about a month ago. I am totally submissive to my son now. I am no longer really being blackmailed, as I want to be my son’s slut slave. However, I do know that the taped conversation still exists if Steven ever needed to use it as leverage. For appearances, when his Father is around, he never pushes our relationship. That’s not usually a problem since as I told you earlier, Jack would rather make money that get a blow job, so he isn’t around the house much at all, except to maybe eat a quick meal or pack for one of his frequent business trips. At all other times, when it is just me and Steven, I am totally submissive to him. My normal attire is a tight tank top (no bra) and silk gym shorts (no panties) except when we know that Jack won’t be around. On those occasions, Steven will sometimes make me perform my household duties and slave duties totally nude.

For his part, Steven has become quite good at dominating me. His style and technique will vary from simple requests to make him a certain dinner, to weekend play times where he will be very demanding of me, both sexually and domestically. I talked with Jack, at the demand of Steven, and convinced him that our son should have his own place. We had a guest area built above the garage and Jack consented to let Jack move in for as long as he wanted to. Jack then went to work making the place his own. For the most part, I didn’t know much about what Steven had done to the place. I would go up to get his laundry and it looked like a typical single guy place. At times, Steven would come to me and tell me to write a check to pay bills for work he had done to the place, and of course I never questioned him about any of it. Steven also had me pay off his credit cards which he used to make both local and online purchases.

It was a Friday morning and Jack had already went into town to his office. Steven and I both knew that Jack was leaving that afternoon for one of his weekend trips. I was hoping to have some play time with Steven over the weekend as well.

Steven and I were on the back porch. He escort izmit had one last final for the end of the semester today and then would be off for awhile. Steve was sitting in a lounge chair casually smoking a cigarette while his jeans and underwear rested around his ankles. I was on my knees between Steven’s legs, sucking on his cock and fondling his balls. That’s when I found out there wouldn’t be much play time this weekend.

“I’ve invited a few guys over for a end of semester pool party tonight. We should be here about six. I left a list of what you need to do or have done on the kitchen counter. We’re just going to hang out for awhile and then maybe go bar hopping a little later. And I have a date tomorrow night with Stacie,” Steven informed me. I also noted that Steven’s cock swelled a little bit at the mention of Stacie, and I felt a sudden pang of jealousy.

Steven quickly brought me out of my thought pattern with, “Hurry up now bitch. I don’t want to be late for school and I always do better after I have unloaded in your slut mouth.”

What he said and the way he said it sent me into high gear. I had gotten good at sucking my son’s cock and was to the point that even on my knees I was almost able to get all 8” of his cock through my mouth and down my throat. I worked him hard and fast, using my mouth to fuck his cock. Since I was still in my tank top and shorts, and not having been given any special instructions, I assumed I would be expected to just swallow Steven’s hot load of cum. I felt his cock swell in my mouth and pushed it deep into my throat. His first shot went right down and then I pulled up and sucked on the head as he continued to flood my mouth. At one point I had to swallow to keep from having my son’s cum spill out of my mouth.

When he finally stopped cumming, Steven pulled his cock from my mouth. I instinctively bent forward and began to lick it to make sure it was clean before he pulled his pants up. “You know, I have gotten blown by a few girls in my short lifetime, but none compare to what you can do with your cum hungry mouth,” Steven tells me as he stands to pull his pants up. I stand next to him waiting for any orders. Once his pants are in place he bends over to whisper in my ear as he feels up my tits, “In fact, I don’t think I have ever had anyone be such a hot little slut as you.” I beam with pride as Steven picks up his keys and heads out the door.

I walk into the kitchen and decide against a cup of coffee right away. I want to savor the flavor of my son’s cum for a little while longer. Especially since it looks like I will have to revert back to my self pleasuring days while he parties with his friends. I look at the list he has given me. I realize that I will have to discuss party planning basics with my son some day. On the note is scribbled, “Lots of beer and something to eat.” I pick up the phone and hit a speed dial button. I let my tongue roll around in my mouth enjoying the after taste of my son’s cum while waiting to be connected. When the caterer answers, I give them more detailed instructions of what needs to happen. A few more calls and I am assured that the pool will be sparkling clean and that there will be high powered sound system available to play the guys favorite music. No son of mine will ever have a second class party if I can help it. Then I head off to my bedroom to take care of myself.

By 5:30, everything is in place. I even raided Steven’s CD collection and had the sound guy show me how to load them into the system and program the computer. The food was hot and in place and the keg of beer was iced down and ready for them. Steven showed up about ten minutes later.

“Wow! This is great!” he exclaims. I explain the no second rate party rule to Steven and he bends down and kisses me, pushing his tongue into my open mouth. I had just shown Steven how to run the music computer when the doorbell rang. I reach a hand out and feel my son’s crotch through his pants and wink at him, “I’ll be upstairs if you need anything,” and then I head up the stairs.

I had settled down to read and write some e-mail to family and friends. It was about seven and the party sounded like it was going well with the music playing in the background through my sitting room door. I heard a knock and then the door opened with Steven walking in. “Is there anything I can do for you?” I ask hopefully.

“No, not really. I was just thinking you might like to come downstairs and hang out with us. The food is great and the beer is cold,” he tells me.

“No, this is your party, you guys enjoy yourself,” I replied thinking Steven’s statement was an offer, not a demand.

“Well, actually, I would really like for you to come on down. In fact, I bought you a new swimsuit for the occasion, “my son tells me handing me a gift wrapped box. “But it’s up to you, you know you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” Steven then turns and walks out of the room.

The tone of his last statement changed his offer izmit escort to a formal request. Whenever he says that, it means if I don’t do it, his Dad will get to hear the tape of me wanting to be my sister’s husband’s sex slave, regardless of how innocent the conversation really was. There is no decision for me to make. I immediately take the box and head to my dressing room. I fix my blonde hair and make-up to perfection, no sense in looking crappy. I’m glad that I stopped on the way home from the gym and got a pedicure and manicure. I apply a thick coat of lipstick to match the blood red color of my finger and toe nails. Then I unwrap and open the box and pull out my new swimsuit. The one my son picked out for me to wear on this occasion. My heart jumps at what I pull out.

The swim suit is solid white, at least what there was of it. The top consisted of two strings with two small triangles to partially cover my 36D tits. And if I thought the top was revealing, the bottom was two stings and only one triangle. I take a deep breath, calm down and put the swimsuit on. I must say I do look hot in it. The two tit triangles will not cover me entirely so I place the material centered over each nipple, leaving tit skin showing all around the patch of cloth. The bottom triangle fits similarly. The cloth patch covers my pussy and not much more. The back is nothing more than a string that runs from my pussy through my ass cheeks. Fortunately, there is also a matching wrap in the box that I place around my waist. To complement the outfit, I scrounge in my shoe closet and find a pair of high heeled sandals in white. A quick check of my hair and make up and a good does of Whore (the preferred scent of strippers I am told) and down the stairs I go, stopping at the bar for a quick double of whatever my hand landed on.

I open the patio door and feel the music thumping. I look out and see my son with about ten other guys about his age. They all must be in the Fire Science program because each of them is big and muscular. I feel the drink warm my stomach and with another deep breath I walk over to where they are all sitting. I notice one of them nod my way and I burst into a big smile as all eyes are on me. I begin to strut in time to the music and as I arrive in front of this crowd of young men, I strike a cross legged pose and simply ask, ”Is there anything I can get for you boys?”

There is no more powerful feeling in the world than to make someone speechless. And I had done it to ten men at once. I notice an empty cup and move over to the owner. “Looks like you need a refill. What’s your name?” I ask.

A barely audible voice squeaks, “Charlie.”

“Well Charlie, my name is Beth. Let me take care of this for you, okay? I’ll be right back,” I tell the young man as he can’t decide where on my body to look. I turn and strut back to the patio, fully aware that even with the sheer wrap, they will be able to see what my swimsuit doesn’t cover. From behind me the comments start. “Jesus, look at her ass,” and “Fuck that, did you see those tits.” Then one of them says just as I am almost our of ear shot, “Sorry, dude. I forgot that’s your Mom.”

I return with the full cup of beer and bend over to set it on the table next to Charlie, giving him and the other guys around him a good view of my barely covered tits and a good whiff of the scent I know they have all smelled at the local strip clubs. “Anyone else need a refill,” I casually ask. “Of course I can only carry two at a time so I may have to make several trips, but I don’t mind if you don’t.” For the next 30 minutes it seems that gallons of beer was consumed as I strutted back and forth.

On the return of one trip, I saw my son talking to a boy who said his name was Mark. “No way,” Mark said. “I’m not kidding, it’s true,” I heard Steven tell him. I walk past the two and set two beers on the next table for Gary and Bill. As I bend over I hear Mark mutter not quite under his breath, “Well fuck me.” I walk behind Mark and let my hand trail over his shoulders and can’t resist a comment. “Hmmm. What a thought.” I go back to the bar and fix myself a drink and then return to stand on the patio. There seems to be a heated discussion going on with a lot of looks my way. Several “bullshit” and “no ways” make there way to where I am sitting smoking a cigarette and sipping another double plus a double. The last comment I hear before Steven calls me over is, “Prove it.”

Now I would have to be as stupid as my hair color would make some people think I am not to know what was happening. Steven motions me over and I know it is time. Time to show off. Time to be the slut I love to be. Time for me to make my son proud of me. I saunter slowly over to where my son sits. There is no other sound but the music playing and all eyes are on me, or various parts of me. “Steve, is there anything I can do for you?” I ask compliantly.

“Mark here wants to get a better look at your tits. Take your top off for izmit kendi evi olan escort him,” my son instructs me. “Better yet, let me change the music and you can just strip off what little you do have on,” Steven tells me as he moves to the sound system computer. I remain where I stopped in front of where Steven had been sitting. The music starts and Steven has picked well. The song is the 80’s hit from Roxette, “She’s got the Look.” I take a couple of steps back, close my eyes and tilt my head back.

Finding the beat of the music in my head, I begin to move. The song has a strong hard beat and so do my movements. I waste very little time undoing the back strap to my bikini top. This allows the triangle patches to flop around as I dance, but not quite giving a clear view of my tits. I sashay over to where Mark is sitting and back up to him. I take his hand and place it to the knot holding my top on. As he pulls the strings I hold the material to my breasts and move away from him. I dance for a moment or two before returning in front of him, pulling my hands and material away. Just like an experienced stripper would, I looped his head with my bikini and brought his face to my tits. I let Mark stay there for a moment and then move back out in front of everyone. I move around each of the table letting each young man have a good look at my tits. From somewhere in the bunch I hear, “Take the rest off!” I am only too happy to comply.

I return to pool side where everyone has a good view. I turn around and bend over and run my hands over my ass before I slide my fingers under the thin string. I turn around and push my hips forward and inch the material down. I know all eyes are on the bikini as it reveals a perfectly smooth and tan mound. A collective groan escapes my audience as I pull the strings back up tight. I look at the guys and find my target. The shy one, Charlie. I glide over to his chair and position a hip in his face. I use the fingers of one hand and diddle the knot. I look down at Charlie and notice a very nice bulge in his swimsuit. With a pouty lip and a come fuck me anyway you want look in my eyes I ask Charlie, “Think you can help me?” Poor Charlie just about passes out from the blood rushing from one head to the other, but he manages to untie the knot while I hold the strings. I turn and brush his face with my ass cheek and in a helpless tone tell him, “I have another one for you too, Charlie.” Charlie learns quick and almost tears the strings apart.

I’m still holding the small triangle of cloth over my pussy and stand before Charlie. His eyes are glued to the small white cloth. I can’t resist teasing Charlie. “Tell me what you want to see.” But Charlie can’t find the words. I notice my son Steven lean over and whisper in Charlie’s ear. Again I tease, “Charlie, is there anything else I can show you?” He stammers and stutters but the only audible sound from his mouth is a quite, “Yeah.” Steven again leans over to Charlie’s ear. I continue to tease him, “Charlie, if you can’t tell me what you want, I won’t know what to do. Can you tell me what you want to see?” Again my son leans to his friend and he also gets a little shove on the shoulder and then a louder, “Do it!” from my son.

Charlie’s face flushes a bright shade of red and he practically yells at the top of his lungs, “Yeah bitch, we want to see your cunt!” The rest of the guys clap and cheer and Charlie gets many friendly slaps on the back. For me, I just barely whisper, “You got it stud,” and whip off the material. As I did with Mark, I loop the bikini bottom around Charlie’s head but this time I pull lower until his nose is pressed to my hot, steamy cunt. I gyrate a little, actually enjoying his nose on my pussy before I release him and push him back. Remembering the rest of the guys I back off and move around making sure everyone gets an eyeful of my now bare pussy and ass.

The music quiets down as my son Steven pushes on the remote control. “Lap dance time,” he announces. Steven has the guys move all but one table away and then has all the chairs placed in a large circle around it. Steven leads me over to the table which I climb up on and continue to move to the music.

“Okay. Here’s the deal. We can either go to the strip club and waste your money, or you can spend your money here and get a positive return on your investment,” Steven explains while rubbing my ass as I sway to the music. “I’m not going to rip you off, you will get your money’s worth. I think $10 a lap dance is more than fair. Especially since at this club you don’t have to sit on your hands or any stupid shit like that. Anyone that doesn’t want to pay for a lap dance is more than welcome to hang out over on the patio till we are done. As would be expected, everyone forks over the ten bucks.

I start off with a boy named Jason. I give him the full treatment rubbing my tits in his face and grinding on his stiff swimsuit. He even gets brave and takes a feel or two of my tits before the song ends. I move to the other side of the circle and select David as my next lap. David, is a little braver and feels up my tits and my wet slit before his song is over. From over my shoulder I see Adam on the other side of the circle lighting up a cigarette.

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First Taste Ch. 04

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The last few months of my senior year were a blur! With exams and all the extras like prom, track, and graduation, it flew by in a blink. During those last months, I also had a full plate of sucking cock with Jeff and his step dad which kept me pretty busy. On several occasions, I would suck both of them in the same day. I would stop by Jeff’s after school and drain him and then on my way home, would stop by his step dads work and drain him! I would blow Jeff 2-3 times a week and his step dad 4-5 times a week. Needless to say, I was getting my fill of cum and couldn’t have been happier. One day in particular has always stuck with me and I still think about it to this day!

It was mid May and studying for exams had taken up almost all of my time. I was in the library trying to study and Jeff came over to my table and asked if I wanted to swing by and “Study” which always meant he wanted a blowjob. I said I could swing by around 4:00 and help him out. He then said, “Good, I haven’t studied in about 4 days.” which meant he was sitting on a 4 day load which excited me. I knew I would be getting a mouthful around 4:15! I looked up at the clock to see it was 1:30 so still had to wait a bit before getting his throbbing cock in my mouth. I went back to studying and tried to stay focused.

After school, I ran home to get cleaned up and visit with my mom for a bit before heading over to Jeff’s. When we were talking, I heard my phone ring in my room which made me jump up and run up the stairs as I was waiting for a call from a girl I wanted to take to prom. When I picked up the phone with a degree of excitement, I was greeted with a gruff hello! Realizing it was Jeff’s step dad, I said, “Oh, hey, what’s up?”

He answered, “Hey, was hoping you were free today to suck my cock, been a few days and I want to feed you.”

Being a little bummed it wasn’t my crush, I still was always willing to suck a hard cock so I izmit rus escort said, “Would love to, what time you thinking?”

He said, “Lets make it 4:30 at my house, I’ll send Jeff on a errand so we are alone.”

I quickly replied, “I’m meeting Jeff at 4:00 at your house so not sure how it will work!”

His step dad, laughing, said, “Well, you better suck him off quick so I can get some before his mother comes home.”

I said, “I’ll do my best, usually doesn’t take that long.”

He said he’d see my around 4:30 and we hung up. I went back down to continue talking with mom. Around 3:45, I headed to Jeff’s house. This having been like my 20th time going down on Jeff, wasn’t nervous and found myself excited and sexually charged. Giving head had become a full time hobby and I looked forward to everytime I was able do it. I pulled in Jeff’s driveway a few minutes after 4:00 and headed inside without knocking. I went straight to his room, knowing I was on a tight schedule so I could suck his step dad at 4:30. When I walked in to his room, he was already naked and watching porn. His cock was rock hard and lightly bouncing with his heart beat. As I made my way to the bed, he stopped me and said, “Why don’t you take off your clothes too!”

Without hesitation, I quickly removed my clothes exposing my own hard cock. While I was taking my shirt off over my head, I felt Jeff’s hand grab my cock! I paused for a second to enjoy the feeling and the next sensation I felt was not one I was expecting. I felt a warm mouth engulf my swollen cock. I pulled my shirt off and looked down to see Jeff’s mouth wrapped around my cock. Jeff had never put it in his mouth before so I was kind of shocked to see his lips about half way down on my cock. I moaned and said, “Wow, wasn’t expecting that!”

He pulled away and looked up and said, “Figured I’d try it since you like doing it so much.”

I izmit escort smiled and said, “Feels cool having one in your mouth, doesn’t it?”

He moaned yes and put me back in his mouth. I put my hand on the back of his head and watched as he worked his mouth up and down on my cock. It felt amazing and was surprised at how good he was. After a few seconds I told him to lay back on the bed. My cock popped out of his mouth as he laid down, once again exposing his huge hard cock still standing straight up. I crawled on the bed and went straight to his cock. I grabbed it and stroked a few times before lowering my mouth down on it. I heard a pleased moan come from Jeff as his cock slide across my tongue and found the back of throat. Holding him in my mouth, I felt his hand reach around again and firmly grab my cock. He then said, “I want this in my mouth too!”

I took his cock out of mouth and suggested we could lay on our sides and suck each other at the same time. He quickly said yes and I was moving so my cock was by his face while I was stareing directly at his. I leaned in and wrapped my lips around his cock and felt his mouth find my cock again. The sensation was amazing, sucking cock while getting sucked. Shortly after starting, I already had the sensation to cum but held back as long as I could not wanting it to end. I focused more on his cock, sucking it, licking it, stroking it, all the while, feeling him working my cock! Starting to taste precum on his tip, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would feel his cum explode in my mouth. He briefly took my cock out of his mouth and said he was getting close, making me moan and causing my own cock to harden in his mouth with a closing orgasm. He let out a muffled grunt and bucked his hips as the first ribbon of cum shot out of his cock and landed on the back of my tongue! Tasting his cum made me moan louder as I felt my own cock start to expel its load in his moaning mouth. kocaeli escort We both stopped sucking and just kept the heads in our mouths as both of us pulsated in the others mouth. Each pulse and moan sending another rocket of cum down our throats. Once his cock was drained and my mouth full of his cum, I let it pop from my mouth and swallowed his load. As I lay there and savor the taste still lingering in my mouth, I looked down and saw Jeff with my cock still in his mouth. He pulled off and swallowed all the cum I unloaded in his virgin mouth. As he rolled over on his back, he said, “That was an intense, sorry if I came a lot but I was really into that.”

I smiled and said, “That was awesome, no need to apologize, I loved it.”

I followed with, “Sorry I came in your mouth, couldn’t help it when I tasted yours!”

Jeff said, “It wasn’t that bad, I kind of enjoyed it.”

As we laid there naked and our cocks lay limp from being completely drained, we heard a noise that made us both freeze with fear! We both hear a “Ahem” from the door. We look up and see Jeff’s step dad standing in the doorway, clearly aroused from what he just witnessed as his cock was visibly hard in his dress pants. Jeff jumped up and grabbed a towel to cover himself up and said, “Oh my god Steve, how long have you been standing there?”

Steve said, “Long enough to see you guys finish each other off!”

Jeff now bright red said, “I’m sorry Steve, you weren’t supposed to be home for awhile, can you please not tell my mom.”

Steve said, “I think we need to talk about all this, both of you get dressed and come to the family room!”

As Jeff and I got up, we got dressed and headed to the family room. In my mind I was kind of laughing cause I knew Steve had known that I was blowing Jeff for months. Jeff was clearly upset and nervous about what Steve was going to say. Nervously, we went into the family room and sat on the couch. His step dad was sitting in his recliner and had spun it around to face us. What he said next is something that I never would have never expected to happen but is hands down one of the hottest things I’ve ever done in my 42 years!

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Back Door Mysteries

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My name is Donald Smith and I am an accountant living in Milton, a small community in New England. I lead a normal life and I do normal, everyday things. I look like a regular guy, too. I stand around five feet ten inches, and I weigh two hundred pounds. My skin is jet-black, like so many of my African-American brothers and sisters. My girlfriend Paula Indigo and I are swingers. It’s our secret lifestyle and I’d like to share some details of it with you.

My Paula is a teacher at one of the local state colleges. She’s a beautiful, somewhat hefty gal, with caramel-colored skin, and short black hair framing a round face. When we met, she was around five-foot-seven, slender but curvy. Now, she’s a full-figured woman but I don’t love her any less. We met when we were both eighteen and we’ve been together for sixteen years. We have lived together for most of that time. Things are okay between us. We’ve decided to spice up our sex life.

To that end, we met Beatrice Adams. Beatrice Adams is this woman we met over the Internet. She’s tall, around six feet, with blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Her skin is milky white. She’s hot and looks like a model. She’s actually a lawyer in the city. She has a thing for black men and doesn’t mind doing couples. We decided to hook up in a hotel room which we had rented specifically for that. I watched Paula and Beatrice in the hot tub. The sight of two women always gets me hot.

Paula and Beatrice started making out and touching each other’s sexy bodies. Beatrice kissed Paula and started caressing her and sucking on her breasts and at the same time, playing with her pussy. Paula moaned under Beatrice’s touch. I stroked my cock while watching Beatrice eat Paula’s pussy. Paula has had a thing for women ever since college. She likes to sleep with them every now and then. I don’t mind. I like to watch. If you saw the two of them together, you’d feel the same way.

Beatrice was a good pussy pleaser. She was fingering Paula and licking her at the same time. Before long, Paula was screaming in pleasure. Beatrice sat down and leaned back in the warm izmit escort water as Paula returned the favor. Paula fingered Beatrice’s neatly shaved pussy and ate her out. Beatrice grabbed Paula’s hair and cried out in pleasure. Paula was good at oral sex. It didn’t matter if she was sucking dick or eating pussy. The girl knew what she was doing. This went on for another ten minutes before Beatrice came. Paula smiled and kissed her. That’s when they gestured for me to join them. And join them I did.

I stood there and the two of them worked on me. Paula was kissing me while Beatrice was sucking my cock. The sight of this sexy blonde woman sucking my dick made me even harder. I wanted a piece of her. When she got done giving me head, I asked for a piece of that ivory booty. Beatrice smiled and got down. I positioned myself behind her. I spread those cheeks of hers wide open and asked Paula for the bottle of lube. She handed it to me. I lubed up my hand then greased up Beatrice’s asshole. I slid a finger inside her. She purred. This woman was no stranger to having stuff up her ass, that’s for sure.

I put on a condom and pressed my cock against Beatrice’s back door. I thrust into her, sliding my cock into her asshole. Beatrice pushed back against me, seeming to want even more of my cock up her butt. I was glad to give her more. I held her by the hips and thrust into her. Man, I love fucking a tight ass. I’ve never done it with Paula. I asked her once and she flat out said no way. Beatrice was a different story. Her ass wasn’t virgin but it was tight enough. I fucked it, shoving my cock deep inside her. Beatrice took it like a champ. Not a peep from her. I continued to fuck that deliciously tight asshole of hers for a while before I finally came and pulled out.

Beatrice asked me to fuck her pussy. I put on another condom and obliged. Paula watched us, fingering her pussy while staring at our bodies in motion. Beatrice’s pussy was tight, though not as tight as her asshole. I loved the feel of it. It’s good to fuck someone different every now and again, you know? We went at it for izmit escort bayan another ten minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore. It felt so damn good. I came and then, I pulled out of her. Beatrice smiled at me. Damn, that chick was freaky!

Paula wanted some of my dick. I bent her over and stuffed my cock into her pussy. She moaned as I fucked her. Paula’s pussy felt good around my dick but I actually liked a tighter fit around my stuff. We fucked while Beatrice watched. Half an hour later, we had showered and gone our separate ways. We promised to stay in touch, exchanging cell phone numbers. Paula and I went home.

The next day, I got a call from Beatrice. She asked me if I wanted to have dinner with her. Of course! Dinner wasn’t dinner, of course. We went to a motel together and things started to get freaky. We got naked real quick. Beatrice came to me and said she wanted to surprise me. She was holding something behind her. When she showed it to me, I gasped. Beatrice was holding a strap on dildo. I looked at her. I’ve always been curious about strap on sex. I’ve seen women using strap on dildos on other women and sometimes on men in porn videos. It’s very hot. I’m very curious about that stuff. I’ve got a stash of strap on videos, right next to my stash of hardcore videos in a box buried deep in my basement. Beatrice smiled at me. She said she knew I’d like it. I decided to give it a try.

Beatrice got me ready for the kinky stuff. She had plenty of lube and all that. I looked at her. A sexy woman with a dildo strapped to her waist. She looked hot! My cock got harder. Beatrice asked me to lie down naked on the bed and then she came between my legs. She sucked my cock and licked my balls. Then, she slid a finger up my ass. I gasped. I’ve fingered my own ass before but I’ve never had a woman do that to me. Beatrice slid another lubricated finger up my ass while stroking my dick. She fucked me with her fingers, letting me get used to the girth. Finally, after half an hour, we were ready.

Beatrice held the plastic cock in her hand and izmit sınırsız escort slid it against my ass. She asked me if I was ready. I nodded. She slowly slid the dildo into my asshole. I gasped when the plastic cock went up my ass. I’ve never had anything this big up my ass before. Beatrice reached for my cock and stroked me while she thrust her plastic member into my hole. I looked at her. Damn, she looked sexy. She grinned, saving that since she I got to fuck her ass, it was only fair she fucked mine. I wholeheartedly agreed. Beatrice thrust the dildo up my ass. At first she was gentle but she picked up the pace and fucked me harder and faster.

I felt her dildo slamming into my ass. It hurt like hell at first but then, it began to feel good. It actually felt good to have a plastic cock up my black male ass. Beatrice thrust into me, harder and faster. I jerked myself off as she fucked me. The dildo plunged into my hole and I was actually welcoming the thrusts. I urged her to fuck me harder. She did. Slammed the dildo deep up my ass. Finally, I came. When I did, Beatrice bent down and sucked my cock. The woman drank me dry. I sighed in relief. That stuff felt good. Why didn’t I try this before?

Later, we lay in bed and talked. Beatrice was actually fun to talk to. A stunningly beautiful bisexual woman and a good-looking black man in bed together, naked and talking about everything from business and politics to sex. Beatrice told me that she was versatile in bed. Sometimes, she wanted to be the boss and other times, she wanted to be fucked silly. She wanted the kind of man who could just roll with it. I told her that I was down with whatever. She smiled and asked me to hang out with her. We could have a lot of fun together.

We began hooking up at different times and in different places. One time, we hooked up inside her office. Yes, inside her office. I bent her over, spread her butt cheeks and shoved my dick up her ass. Beatrice squealed in delight and told me to fuck her hard. I slammed my cock into her ass. Oh, man. It felt so good to fuck her in the ass. She was so welcoming and so inviting. I came inside her and later, we kissed like a couple of college kids. This woman was amazing, and sexually creative! We discreetly had our little thing on the side. I like this arrangement that we have. Variety is the spice of life!

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Adventures of Babydick Ch. 01

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3D Porn

My freshman year of college I rented a room from an elderly widow. Mrs. Tyler was in her early 60’s, tall and plump with gray hair and a gentle smile. I was happy with the arrangement since her house was only five blocks from campus, she was a great cook and rent was less than half of what the dorm cost. But the primary reason I lived with Mrs. Tyler was because at 18, I was only 5’2″ and weighed less than 100 pounds. The wild stories I had heard about dorm life made me nervous and I didn’t want to spend the next four years being picked on like I had through high school.

Things went great between Mrs. Tyler and I for the first month. Because of my small size and youthful look (I still hadn’t started shaving), she treated me more like a kid than a young man. But I didn’t mind when she reminded me to stop playing video games and go study, or when she would tell me the snack I wanted would ruin my appetite for dinner. She would just pat me on the head and smile at me. Because of Mrs. Tyler, I didn’t get homesick.

One day I was walking across the athletic field on my way home when two upper classmen slammed into me. I was so lost in my English 101 assignment that I didn’t realize I had walked straight through a pick-up football game between rival fraternities. The collision knocked me unconscious and I woke up in beylikdüzü escort the college hospital.

The first face I saw was Mrs. Tyler smiling down at me. I tried to sit up and a pain shot through my chest like fire. I winced and dropped my head back to my pillow.

“There, there,” Mrs. Tyler whispered to me, “You’ve had a bad fall and need to take it easy.”

She patted my head like she always did. It made me feel better and I drifted back into unconsciousness.

I woke up in my bedroom. Mrs. Tyler was sitting at me desk waiting for me to wake up. I didn’t try to sit up this time, but I smiled at her and waved. I noticed my hand was wrapped up from my fingers to my elbow.

“How are you feeling?”

“Like I got caught in a frat boy sandwich,” I joked.

She laughed a little. Then she got up and sat on the bed next to me. She told me what happened. I had two bruised ribs, a severely bruised right hand and a sprained left ankle. It was kind of funny that as soon as she told me about my ankle, a dull ache made its way up my leg. The campus nurse suggested I stay home for a week and then come back in for a checkup.

Mrs. Tyler asked me if I wanted something to drink or eat.

“Actually, Mrs. Tyler,” I answered her nervously, “I need to use the bathroom.” She smiled and pulled escort beylikdüzü back the covers. I realized I was only wearing my tshirt and tighty-whities. She noticed me blushing about it.

“Don’t worry about me seeing you in your undies,” she told me, “I raised three sons and you don’t have anything they didn’t have.”

Mrs. Tyler picked me up and carried me like a baby to the bathroom in her master bedroom. It was frilly and pink with flower wallpaper. “We’ll have enough room in here,” she muttered as we entered.

She gently lowered my legs to the ground and I was able to balance my weight between my right foot and my injured left. She picked up the toilet lid and seat.

I expected her to leave, but instead she stepped behind me and put her thumbs into the waistband of my underwear. I took in a deep breath and heard her shush me.

Time seemed to slow down as she slid my underwear down my legs all the way to my ankles. I was trying to put out of my mind the image of Mrs. Tyler looking at my bare ass, when I felt her pat my bottom gently. “You go ahead now,” she told me.

I held my penis with my left hand, glad she wasn’t able to see my deepest secret: my very undersized penis. Just like the rest of me it was also underdeveloped. Flaccid I was only about an inch and half and fully beylikduzu escort erect I was about three inches and very thin. My whole groin was nearly hairless.

I peed for what seemed like five minutes. The pain in my bladder disappeared and I started to feel better. Then everything went white and I fell back against Mrs. Tyler’s plump body. My left hand dropped down and I started peeing all over the place. Some hit my tshirt and my underwear wrapped around my ankles. Although woozy, I felt her reach around me with both arms. Her left arm held me up and her right hand wrapped around my penis.

“Oh, let’s just aim your willy where it needs to be,” she whispered. I relaxed and let her hold me while I finished. “There, I think you’re finally empty now.”

I recovered enough to stand and felt Mrs. Tyler pulling my tshirt off. “We can’t have you sleeping in a wet shirt,” she told me, “now step out of your undies, too.”

I was completely humiliated to be stripped naked by my landlady, but somehow it was even worse when she picked me up in her arms again and carried me back to my bedroom. I blushed the entire way. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her glancing down at my undersized, nearly hairless groin and trying to stifle a giggle. She put me to bed naked, I wrapped myself up in my blankets and tried to fall asleep again. When Mrs. Tyler left, I ran through everything that had happened. She had seen me naked and had held my small penis in her hand. I closed my eyes and hoped my humiliating experiences were at an end.

It was only just beginning.

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Something Mutual Between Friends

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This is my first Literotica story. My fist erotic story—period. I have never written anything like this before, but have always wanted to. Longtime fan of the site and reader of erotic fiction, this is a huge deal for me to finally write something of this nature for the site, so I hope everyone enjoys it. Open to feedback, hope to write a follow-up story that is even better. Thanks for reading.

All characters are over the age of 18 and fictional.


Chris heard the familiar ping of his cell phone and knew that Katrina had finally texted him back.

He had sent her an earlier text that simply stated: Can’t stop thinking about you, with a winky face adding some hoped for intrigue at the end.

Finally, she had messaged him back and he couldn’t wait to read what she said.


The night before, Chris and Katrina had been chatting on messenger, just a typical chat between two very close friends, when things had suddenly gotten a little steamy without either participant really meaning it to go that direction. Nothing, quote-unquote, happened, really, but something had definitely been started, and Chris thought that Katrina knew it too.

They were both twenty-one and had been friends for awhile. Nothing between them previously had ever leaned too dangerously close to “more than friends” during all of that time—until now, they had just been close friends who got along really well. Chris had played football and Katrina had been one of the team managers for the team, so they had that in common; they shared friends A few friends; they dated each other’s friends on occasion, forming something of a fun if not slightly incestuous group, but neither had somehow ever really considered the other as anything more than a comrade.

Chris was tall and lanky but carried his fair share of muscle after playing varsity football for four years as a tight end in high school.

Katrina was short with dark hair, same as Chris, and well-proportioned for a girl so small. Her breasts were slight but on a girl her size, they were the equivalent of a C-cup: a good solid handful for the lucky guy able to cup them.

Chris and Katrina were both hot, in their early twenties, who happened to be single at the moment, who kept in touch after starting college at different locations, and kept each other company through the first tumultuous year of college (starting a little late but both at the same time). Chris was going to a local community college in his hometown, seventy miles south of the university that Katrina was attending, so they didn’t really see each other in person anymore, but they liked to chat on messenger just about every night and through text messages when they were on the go.

The night before, in the beginning, their conversation in messenger had been pretty tame and ordinary by most people’s standards. They had discussed how tired they both were, how much work college was, how they never had time to do anything fun anymore; basically, the usual list of things to chat about between friends who are both going to school. After they had gotten those few pleasantries aside, a long silence dropped in the middle of their conversation.

That was when Katrina had suggested they chat while using their webcams.

At first, Chris was a bit confused at her asking to do such a thing. You see, Chris associated talking to girls on webcam as mostly a sexual thing. Not something two friends do to keep in touch. On multiple occasions, Chris had used a webcam on his laptop to cam with girls on porn sites (something he had never shared with Katrina despite their recent closeness as friends) as something to do when not seeing anyone else. He found the act to be extremely arousing, but at the same time, it was something he was sort of ashamed of.

So when Katrina asked, Chris couldn’t help but feel conflicted. How could he keep his idea of “camming” separate from what Katrina more than likely expected from a webcam conversation?

He hoped he could.

He typed.

CHRIS: Oh, you have a webcam?


CHRIS: Cool. I didn’t know that.

KATRINA: I’ve never used it though. Just thought it’d be fun to actually see you for once. We talk all the time but never actually see each other anymore.

CHRIS: I agree. Excellent idea haha

KATRINA: You use yours at all?

Chris hesitated for a second before answering—trying to think of how to respond without giving too much away while still being honest.

CHRIS: A few times, yeah. Not on the regular.

That was a complete lie; Chris had used it just two nights ago in a mutual masturbation chatroom.

KATRINA: Hold on. Still trying to figure it out.

CHRIS: No prob.

KATRINA: What did you use it for? I just now realized I even had one a few minutes ago. Haha Decided it would be cool to use it for once. See how the thing works.

Oh, boy. She had gone there. A pretty direct question that Chris knew would require something of a direct and honest answer, for the most part. Chris just couldn’t give the whole answer.

CHRIS: Well…I beylikdüzü escort have this cousin in Ohio that I still keep in good touch with—we’re like brothers—and I’ve chatted with him on a webcam once or twice since I moved away from my hometown.

It wasn’t a total lie. He had spoken to his cousin on his webcam, but only once, and it was at his cousin’s insistence so he could show him a new Johnny Manziel signed mini football helmet he had recently acquired. The whole webcam session on that occasion had lasted maybe two minutes at the most.

Not the average webcam session he was accustomed to that was for sure. Not in the chatrooms he visited.

KATRINA: Oh, nice. Okay. I think I got it figured out.

Chris received a web cam invite. He hesitated for only a second before accepting it. A new window opened up on his laptop screen, black at first, then slowly gaining focus. And there she was.

He had to admit, he had somewhat forgotten how beautiful Katrina was. It had been awhile since he’d laid eyes on her. Her small, rounded face was framed pleasantly by her long, dark hair. Her grey eyes penetrated the distance with surprising alacrity. She was wearing a red, low-cut tank top that gave Chris a wonderful eyeful of her rather impressive cleavage. He found it hard not to look there as the webcam gained more focus.

KATRINA: Hello! Wow! Almost forgot what you looked like. Haha

He had forgotten that as soon as he had accepted her invite, his own webcam had come on; he had been too mesmerized with her beauty-and that cleavage. He looked up at the top of his laptop screen and saw the little light, now on, next to the small lens.

CHRIS: Same here. Man, you look good haha a sight for sore eyes if I’ve ever seen one.

Katrina looked down bashfully. She seemed to notice then what she had been wearing before sending the webcam invite. She abruptly stood up and retrieved a small pink zip-up hoodie from her nearby dorm bed, and put it on.

Chris saw her do this and tried to reconcile in himself why it bothered him that she felt the need to cover herself up. He realized that he was having trouble separating that part of his webcam experience—being turned on and wanting to see flesh—with what he was actually doing with the webcam right now: Talking with an old friend.

Chris wasn’t exactly turned on, but he noticed his brain’s pull towards that end of the spectrum ever since he saw Katrina in that little window of his screen.

KATRINA: So, what’s up? It’s…different typing on here while seeing you at the same time.

CHRIS: Isn’t it? But still, good to see you and actually feel like we’re talking to each other normal for once. Like old times.

KATRINA: True. That’s the whole point of me suggesting it.

CHRIS: I’m glad you did.

KATRINA: So, what’s on your mind?

CHRIS: It’s not what’s on my mind; rather, it’s what I want off of it. Haha mainly polynomials at this point, I can’t stand them.

KATRINA: How is that math prep class going?

CHRIS: So far, so good. Just can’t wait to be done with it.

KATRINA: I know what you mean. My freshman comp class is kicking my ass too.

CHRIS: Not a fan of the English?

KATRINA: I’ve never been a big fan of reading I am ashamed to say, as you know.

CHRIS: Yes, I do remember something along those lines. Haha

KATRINA: Well, that’s not totally true…

CHRIS: What do you mean?

Chris watched Katrina on the webcam and noticed she seemed nervous about something, her movements seemed hesitant.

KATRINA: Oh, I don’t know…I’ve never told anyone this before, it’s something I’ve only recently gotten into, so, I guess it counts as reading haha. But I’ve never told anyone from back home so you can’t tell anyone. Promise?

Chris began to get incredibly curious.

CHRIS: Well, of course, I promise. Anything you say definitely stays between you and me. You know that.

KATRINA: Okay. Well, I have recently gotten into those Fifty Shades of Grey books. Erotic Fiction. I do enjoy reading that stuff.

Chris was mesmerized by this last message. The slightest twitch occurred somewhere in his briefs—which was all he was wearing under his desk.

Katrina had just admitted something rather sexual to him or at least it could be really sexual, if that was what brought her to those books. He seriously doubted it was the storytelling.

CHRIS: I had no idea you read those books. Man, I’ve heard a lot about them. They’re supposed to be really sexual—S &M stuff, right?

KATRINA: Yeah, haha, they’re pretty hot actually. They go for broke. I had no idea I’d like those kinds of books, but my dorm mate was reading them and recommended them to me, so I started the first one just out of curiosity and a desperate need to do anything but school work for a bit. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

The temperature in the webcam session definitely seemed to have been raised, according to Chris, and he had a distinct impression that maybe it was for Katrina too.

After confessing her interest in reading beylikduzu escort erotic fiction, Chris was looking at Katrina in a way he had never considered before, and it was getting him kind of hot.

KATRINA: You don’t think that’s stupid? That I read those kinds of books?

CHRIS: Of course not, Kat. Why would you think that?

KATRINA: I don’t know…I know it’s not good literature or nothing, and I know how much that stuff means to you. Haha

Chris was majoring in English at his community college and was well regarded for his passion for books and all things fine literature.

CHRIS: No way. I’m not like that, you know that about me. I like what I like and others like what they like. I definitely can appreciate erotic fiction—nothing wrong with getting a kick out of that stuff at all, in my opinion.

Katrina smiled broadly on the webcam.

KATRINA: Thanks, Chris. I appreciate that. I have no idea why I even told you haha

CHRIS: I’m glad you did. It’s cool to learn things like that about you.

KATRINA: What kind of stuff? That I get horny reading erotic fiction?

She winked on webcam and Chris felt his face get red. He noticed that she had never zipped up her pink hoodie and that it had been left open fairly wide; Chris saw the lovely cleavage once again.

CHRIS: Well, haha, yeah, I guess. I think that’s cool. We all have our little things that turn us on. I, of all people, definitely appreciate that the written word can get you horny. I’m the same way. I haven’t really read erotic fiction per se but I get a little turned on when reading a sex scene in novels if it’s well-written.

KATRINA: Oh, wow, really?

CHRIS: Definitely.

KATRINA: So we’re in the same boat then?

CHRIS: I’d say so.

On cam she seemed to pause for a second, looked over her shoulder.

KATRINA: Are you alone?

CHRIS: Yeah, you?

KATRINA: Yeah, but I think my dorm mate is going to be back soon. I was just nervous for a second that I heard her coming back.

CHRIS: Why were you nervous?

Another pause on the cam, Katrina hesitated before typing back.

KATRINA: I don’t know, because of what we were talking about I guess. Haha

CHRIS: We’re not being bad, Kat. At least I don’t think we are.

KATRINA: No, I guess you’re right. We were just talking about stuff that gets us horny haha that was sarcasm.

Chris smiled on his end of the webcam.

CHRIS: Okay, fair enough. I guess I can see why you wouldn’t want your dorm mate reading something personal like that over your shoulder when she gets back.

KATRINA: No, I most certainly wouldn’t. Though I’m sure she’d understand why, after telling you about those books, she certainly seems to get off on them.

CHRIS: Whoa, haha, what do you mean?

KATRINA: Well, haha, I’d hate to share this with you but, I guess you’d know to keep a lid on it, but when she thinks I’m asleep, that girl masturbates, like, all the freaking time.

Another twitch in Chris’ briefs, all this talk of erotica, horniness, and masturbating dorm mates was making it very hard for Chris to keep his thoughts away from what he would like to see Katrina doing on the other side of that web cam.

CHRIS: Damn! Oh my God! What do you do?

KATRINA: What do you mean, what do I do? I held my breath and waited for her to stop so I didn’t alert her that I was still awake. That would’ve been beyond embarrassing.

CHRIS: I can’t believe that. That’s kind of amazing. Too funny.

KATRINA: Oh, I know. This girl really gets it too. She’s into the third book and I think that had to have something major to do with it.

CHRIS: I guess that’s just a by-product of reading good erotic fiction, huh?

Chris added his illustrious winky face for good measure.

KATRINA: Ummmm…haha…maybe?

So she added one of her own right back at him, and then seemed to do the same on her end of the web cam.

KATRINA: Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Haha

Then she took off the pink hoodie, revealing her low-cut, red tank top once again with all of its glorious cleavage.

CHRIS: Now it is.

KATRINA: Oh, stop it.

CHRIS: No, seriously. You’re hot. Haha Haven’t I told you that before?

KATRINA: Maybe once. I’m not sure. Haha Just kidding.

CHRIS: This talk has seriously started to get me discombobulated.

Katrina titled her head to an extreme angle and seemed to size Chris up like a cat.

KATRINA: What do you mean by that, huh?

Chris hesitated for only the briefest of moments. The air seemed to be charged with erotic fusion and he decided to just go with it.

CHRIS: To be perfectly honest, I am extremely horny right now after talking to you about this stuff. I can’t help it. You’re super sexy and hearing about something that turns you on like that, well, I know we’ve never really gone that route before, but damn, it’s got me looking at you in a whole new way.

Katrina smiled and scooted up closer to her laptop.

KATRINA: Okay, confession time. This convo has gotten me escort beylikdüzü pretty horny too. I can’t help it.

CHRIS: Phew. I’m not the only one. Haha

KATRINA: No, haha, you’re not the only one.

CHRIS: Wow, we’ve never been here before.

KATRINA: No, we haven’t.

CHRIS: I kind of like it.

KATRINA: Me too.

On cam, Katrina looked sultry and warm, as if the conversation had somehow transformed her into a new person that Chris had never really seen before. Her breasts looked bigger and more tantalizing. Her lips looked redder with a shiny sheen of wetness to them that suggested she had been wetting her bottom lip excessively all of a sudden with her tongue. The thought of wetness and Katrina suddenly turned Chris’ slight twitch in his briefs to full on movement. He felt himself begin to get hard; his penis edging away from his thigh where previously it had been laying peacefully.

CHRIS: Oh, man, haha, I’m kind of at a loss for words now.

KATRINA: Hahahaha Not you! Of all people. English Major!

CHRIS: I know, I know.

KATRINA: Haha just kidding. I’m at a loss for words too. Never really talked to anyone like this before, as far as admitting things about what turns me on and my private moments.

CHRIS: Your private moments? You never really got into the details there too much. Haha

KATRINA: I guess I didn’t. HA! I just assumed you knew.

CHRIS: I guess I do know, really. But it’s way hotter if you tell me about it.

KATRINA: Tell you what specifically?

Chris looked at her on cam and she was smiling, almost radiant. Katrina was enjoying herself and he felt like it was okay to just say what was on his mind.

CHRIS: That those books you read made you masturbate.

Katrina smiled big before burying her face in her hands. She looked back up at Chris.

KATRINA: Yes, it made me masturbate.

CHRIS: I knew it! Haha

KATRINA: Shut up! Haha

CHRIS: I’m just kidding. That’s superhot. I think girls who masturbate are seriously hot. Big turn on for me.

KATRINA: Really?

CHRIS: Oh, yeah.

KATRINA: We’re really learning a lot of new stuff about each other tonight, aren’t we? Haha

CHRIS: Yes, we are.

Chris thought for a second, and then decided something.

CHRIS: I’ll tell you what, Kat. You shared with me, so I’ll share something with you. Something no one knows.

KATRINA: Ooooo what is it?

CHRIS: I like to watch girls masturbate.

KATRINA: Well, duh, that’s no big surprise.

CHRIS: No, I mean literally, as in: I actually watch girls masturbate.

KATRINA: How do you do that?

CHRIS: In mutual masturbation chatrooms.

KATRINA: How do those work?

CHRIS: I get talking to a girl in a room, well now I have certain girls that I do it with all the time, but when I met them, it was just chatting together in a room then agreeing to turn on our webcams and watch each other.

KATRINA: Oh wow, so you would masturbate too?


KATRINA: That’s really hot, Chris.

CHRIS: It’s my favorite thing to do when I’m single and I’ve never told anyone about it before.

KATRINA: It’s got to be weird seeing me on a webcam knowing what you are used to using it for.

CHRIS: haha funny you should say that because I was thinking that when you had first suggested it.


CHRIS: It’s cool though. Well, it was, until we started talking about masturbating and erotic fiction and all that. Now my mind has gone one-tract.

KATRINA: Oh yeah? Haha

CHRIS: Very much so.

KATRINA: Still horny over there?

CHRIS: Yes, I am.

KATRINA: Me too. I bet you’re hard.

CHRIS: I really am.

KATRINA: What are you even wearing under that desk, can’t see?

CHRIS: Just some briefs.

KATRINA: I like that.

CHRIS: They’re snug now.

KATRINA: I bet they are. That is so hot.

CHRIS: Yes, it is.

KATRINA: I love that you’re aroused right now.

CHRIS: Are you?


CHRIS: I kind of what to say things to you right now.

KATRINA: Like what?

CHRIS: Like, what are you wearing under your desk?

KATRINA: Some shorts.

CHRIS: I wish you could take those off for me.

KATRINA: Oh yeah? Haha

On cam, Katrina winked, but Chris could tell she was really excited to play along.

CHRIS: Yes, I’d love that.

KATRINA: You’d have to take something off for me.

CHRIS: I would. Like what?

KATRINA: Those briefs definitely have to go.

CHRIS: I’d take them off for you.

Suddenly, Katrina whipped around in her seat and looked behind her.

KATRINA: Shit, my dorm mate is back. I gotta go, Chris.

Chris slunk back in disappointment.

CHRIS: Okay, Kat. I understand. We’ll talk later, okay?

KATRINA: For sure. Text me. Sorry it had to stop like that, I was really enjoying it.

CHRIS: Me too.

KATRINA: To be continued. Laters.

And she winked once again into the webcam before her image blinked out of existence.

Chris settled back in his chair with a raging hard on and sighed. He was beyond excited thinking about what Katrina might be willing to do with him on a webcam, because he knew already what he’d be willing to do for her if she only asked him to.

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