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Spin Ch. 01

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I’m not totally keen on hanging out tonight. I’m the only one in my friend group who’s in grad school, so none of them really understand how much time goes into getting a PhD. Being a chemist, I have my work cut out for me. I’m either researching in the lab, nose-deep in the thickest textbooks the library has to offer, being underpaid as a teaching assistant, or weaning myself away from a mental breakdown. To be fair, I manage to take plenty of time for myself. That’s important. And I really, truly love what I do, which is as important as it is lucky. But lately, I’ve been neglecting my friends. That’s what happens when I feel like I’m on the verge of a breakthrough in my research.

“Okay, but when’s the last time you just relaxed for a night?” Liv asks me over the phone. I can almost envision her fluttering her eyes, her way of trying to sway someone to her side. She has a point, though — and I rarely get a chance to see my buddy Bruce since he doesn’t live in Boston anymore, so maybe it’d be worth hanging out for a little while.

“Only a couple hours,” I say, trying to compromise.

But she’s not having it. “Are you kidding?”

“What? A couple of hours is plenty of time.”

“A couple of hours is fucking nothing,” she says. “We miss you.”

“This could be my big break,” I say with a slight grin, knowing she hates when I use my research as an excuse to bail on plans.

“Nuh uh. Not gonna work this time, Jackie,” she says, and then she sighs. “Please? How often do we get the whole gang together?”

I rub my temple lightly before relenting. “Fine. I’ll come,” I say, and Liv squeals with joy.

I do end up arriving late, though. I get sidetracked with finishing up the end-of-the-week report for my PI, so once that’s complete, I rush over to Liv’s apartment. I knock and let myself in, smiling at the sight of everyone sitting on the floor around the coffee table in her living room.

“God, *there* you are!” Liv says, standing up and rushing over to hug me. “I was afraid you just weren’t gonna come.”

“I promised, didn’t I?” I tease, smiling at the rest of them. Bruce is closest, so he’s the first one I approach. “How you been, man?” I say as we run through our handshake.

But Liv interrupts. “You can catch up later. It’s game time.”

I raise my eyebrow, but Bruce just grins at me. “You’re just in time for Spin the Bottle,” he says with a grimace.

I snort, looking at Liv. “Spin the bottle? Seriously?”

“Oh, come on, it’ll be fun,” she says, grabbing my shoulder and trying to push me towards the floor next to Bruce. “Sit down.”

I resist for a moment. “But–“

“Sit!” she insists, and I give in, sighing and sitting right between Bruce and Sasha, who I kiss on the cheek. I briefly look around and see the rest of the familiar crowd: Corbin (who we just call Corb), Trish, and our favorite twins Kyle and Kayla. All of them I’ve seen fairly recently, so we don’t need excitable hellos. There are, however, a few new faces. There’s a girl on the other side of Bruce, but I assume she’s someone he’s “involved with” considering the way they’re leaning into each other. The other mystery person is a guy sitting next to Liv, almost directly across from me. He seems familiar, but how? I’m not sure.

Before I can even ask for introductions, though, Liv rolls an empty bottle across the table towards me. “You first, Casanova,” she says.

“First of all, I take offense to that,” I say with a grin, and I’m met with laughs from my friends. That’s been a running joke between us for a while because I’ve been elected as the heartbreaker of the group. Honestly, I don’t think of myself as particularly charming, but I’m lucky enough to have been blessed with pretty good looks: a chiseled jawline, a coy smile, narrow eyes, and a perfect set of teeth (thanks, braces). “Second of all, I literally just sat down.”

“Perfect timing, then.”

“God, you’re annoying,” I groan. Forcing everyone to play some middle-school game like Spin the Bottle is extremely on-brand for Liv, but I take the bottle anyway. “I haven’t played this since I was hairless, by the way,” I say, and Bruce snickers next to me.

“It’ll be fuuuun,” she keeps insisting, telling me the rules. I spin. Whoever it lands on, I kiss for ten seconds. Simple enough. Is everyone drunk already? Is that why we’re playing this? Seems like almost everyone has one of those stupid, red solo cups near them. “Spin!”

I look around before sighing and giving the bottle a good spin. As I watch it spin, I wonder who it’ll land on. To be fair, I’ve either kissed or made out with most of my friends already, even a couple of the guys (usually as a result of drunken dares), and it’s not like I’m afraid of or totally opposed to kissing anyone. This is just silly. We’ll see how this goes, I guess.

Interestingly enough, though, it lands on someone I haven’t kissed: the mystery guy. As soon as it stops spinning, there’s a bunch of laughter. Liv says, “Ooo, I’d love to see this,” and the girls all giggle in response. Pretty sure istanbul travesti I hear Trish say something like, “Of course it’s the two hottest guys in the room.”

Kyle, though, doesn’t seem to find this amusing. “Wait wait wait,” he says, holding his hand up. “No guy-on-guy stuff.”

“Why not?” Sasha asks, cocking her eyebrow.

“Because. Guy-girl only. Or, girl-on-girl,” he adds, and he’s immediately met with fervent opposition from the girls about his (admittedly idiotic) comment. I, however, start to tune them out, because I make eye contact with the guy fate has chosen for me. He smiles a little, and I smile back. He doesn’t seem too bothered by it. In fact, he gives me a look and then shrugs. Fuck it, then. Plus, I’m not in the mood to listen to Kyle drone on about his mild homophobia.

I stand up. “Kyle, shut up,” I interject, and all of them stop arguing. “You,” I say, pointing to the guy. “C’mere.”

Kyle looks defeated, but everyone else is watching in anticipation, some of them trying hard to hold in their laughter. The new guy stands up and walks around to my side of the table. I wonder what his name is. Greg? Tony? Hugo? No idea. I’m just bullshitting here. As he gets closer though, I realize Trish was definitely right. Honestly, of all the guys I could have been paired with, I’m glad it’s him. I love my friends dearly, but some of them aren’t exactly the best-looking dudes. This guy is at least handsome: clean, auburn beard; docile eyes; shy-but-winning smile.

I can sense the tension in the room. I hear some whispers, and I can feel all their eyes on us. Me, I don’t care. This guy looks mildly uncomfortable, though. He’s smiling slightly, but I can tell he doesn’t want to be the center of attention, especially for something like this. Well, sorry, big guy, but here we are. I snake my arm around his waist playfully, putting a hand on the small of his back and pulling him right into me. No time to waste. He grunts in surprise and I hear a few laughs before our lips make contact — and then, it’s quiet again. In fact, it’s quite silent.

At first, we’re going at it slow, and both of us are playing our parts very well. If I’m doing something for show, I like to go all out, so I quickly implement my tongue — and he follows suit, sliding his tongue right back against mine. I’m happy he’s playing along.

But then I get distracted by the texture of his lips. How are they this soft? Damn. I start to forget what the point of this kiss was. How long have we been going at it? I know the rules are ten seconds, but we must have been kissing for a little longer than that… Not that I mind, really. It’s… pretty nice. And he feels so different from anyone else I’ve kissed. This guy is fit and muscular, like me, but even more built than I am, it seems like. His body feels strong, sturdy, present — and I find myself suddenly very aware of what’s going on between his legs. I can feel his bulge right against mine and… Wait… Does this dude have a boner right now?

He breaks the kiss, pulling back slightly, and when I open my eyes, I can see how red his face is. It’s still quiet in the room, and I’m sure everyone isn’t batting an eye in case they miss something. I just smile at him before stepping back slightly and offering my hand. “Nice to meet you, by the way.”

The tension in the room breaks and everyone bursts into laughter. Even the guy I just made out with chuckles a bit. Like a true sport, he takes my hand and nods with a smile spread wide across his face. He has one of those infectious smiles, so I find myself laughing along with everyone else.

We play more rounds of Spin the Bottle while having a few group conversations, which are all spotted with me teasing the new guy (“Pray you land on him, he’s a good kisser”). Admittedly, I’m intrigued by this guy, and I don’t totally know in what way yet. Is it just in a friendly, “I want to know more about him” way, or in a sexual way? Maybe a mix of both. Although historically I’ve only been actively heterosexual, I’ve had my fair share of curiosities about the other side of the fence, so this wouldn’t be surprising, even though it has rarely been about specific guys. Plus, there *is* something kind of sexy about him. He’s slightly unpolished, clearly athletic, shy but is quick to offer up jokes and initiates appropriate conversation, and has a killer smile. I can’t deny that I’m drawn to him a little bit.

Eventually we call it quits with Spin the Bottle and decide to break out the drinks. As the token bartender, I handle the alcohol and mixers and get everyone the drink they request as they line up in the kitchen. Once finished, I bring back the rest of the vodka into the living room in case anyone needs a spritz and notice the new guy is still sitting at the coffee table. I sit on the side of the table adjacent to him, offering to whip him something up, but he declines.

“I don’t drink,” he says.

“Really?” I ask, raising my eyebrows. When he nods, I shrug, deciding not to pester him. “Well, I won’t drink istanbul travestileri either.”

He looks surprised. “You don’t have to–“

“Trust me, I know how it feels to be the only sober one in the room,” I say with a laugh before offering my hand out to him again. “Also, proper introduction time,” I say. “I’m Jackie.”

He smiles as he shakes my hand. “Yeah, Liv told me your name. Might have said something Jackie-Chan-related when she mentioned you.”

“Yeah, I’ll never live that down,” I say, and he laughs. “My parents — my adoptive parents — they’re obsessed with Jackie Chan.”

“Before or after they got you?” he asks.

I chuckle. “Before,” I murmur — hence why they were so hellbent on snagging an Asian baby. “It’s been a long-established fixation.”

“I don’t know whether I should laugh or be offended for you,” he says with an amused grin.

“Go ahead and laugh,” I say with a chuckle of my own.

“Jackie’s not a bad name. Me, on the other hand… Angus?” He grimaces a bit.

“Ouch,” I say, snorting.

He blushes. “You could at least pretend you don’t think it’s ugly,” he says with a grin.

I laugh. “It’s not that bad, I promise,” I tell him. “I just think of those raw beef patties.”

“Christ,” he whispers, and I try not to laugh again.

“We’ll find you a better nickname,” I say. “What’s your middle name?”

“Nonexistent,” he says.

“God, you’re making this difficult,” I say with a laugh.

He shrugs. “Everyone calls me Gus. How’s that?”

“Much better,” I say with a smile. “Nice to meet you, Gus.”

He just smiles. “We’ve actually met once before.”

I blink. So I was right about him being familiar. “Seriously?”

“Yeah. It was for two seconds though, and it wasn’t anything official.” I give him a look that urges him to continue. “You were visiting my campus for whatever reason, and you stopped me and asked me where Dr. Lyman’s office was.”

I squint a bit before it dawns on me. The nice thing about the Boston area is that it’s littered with colleges, so if I need something (or someone) outside of my own university, I can easily look to others. Dr. Lyman offered to help me with some of my research last year. “Oh shit! I knew I recognized you,” I say, though I’m surprised he remembers this. Suddenly, the memory comes back to me. “You had a huge black eye though, didn’t you?”

He laughs. “Yeah,” he says, nodding. “Rugby.”

“Playing rugby was your first mistake,” I say with a snicker. “You still in school?”

“Nah, I graduated in the spring,” he says.

“Congratulations,” I say. I want to ask what he majored in, or what he’s up to now, but I get roped into a playful argument between Bruce and his alleged girlfriend Lucy. They’re arguing about the pretentiousness of Bruce’s music tastes, and he asks me to butt in on his behalf. For me, there’s no argument about it: he’s pretentious. He’s the type of guy that will only listen to albums that were originally on vinyl and vehemently opposes current hits and yadda yadda yadda. Lucky for him I still enjoy his company, but he makes car rides miserable.

After we branch off into separate conversations, I start to realize everyone’s getting a bit on the drunker side, and I’m still painfully sober. People can be funny when they’re drunk, but it borders on irritation unless you’re drunk right alongside them. At least I’m not the *only* sober guy. When I turn back to Gus, I see that he’s just smiling and observing everyone. It’s been about a half-hour since our conversation was cut short, so I come sit next to him.

“Are you *sure* you don’t want to drink?” I ask.

Gus laughs. “You can drink if you want to.”

“You sure? I’d hate to leave you hanging.”

“Consider it a gift,” he says with a chuckle.

Say no more, Gus. I grab the vodka, twist off the cap, and take a swig straight from the bottle. This brand isn’t that bad. Goes down pretty easily, actually, which means I need to be careful. “I never asked why you’re here,” I ask when I look at him. Then I wince when I see his expression. “Did that sound dickish?”

“No, no,” he assures me with a laugh. “Liv invited me.”

“Yeah? Have you guys been friends long?” I ask, taking another swig.

“A few months. Met at one of her dance recitals. She was friends with my girlfriend at the time. The whole nine yards.”

I chuckle. “That’s cool. Liv’s one of the good ones,” I say, glancing over at her. She’s in an animated conversation with the twins.

“I gotta ask…” Gus starts to say, and when I turn my head, I see that he’s looking at me with a curious little smile. “Are you two…?”

“Us?” I laugh. “No. Liv and me, we’re just friends.”

“Really?” he says, looking skeptical. “She talks about you a lot.”

I shrug. “I’m worth the conversation, I guess,” I tease as I take another sip.

He just laughs, shaking his head. “Guess I was wrong then. I just figured you two were at least… you know… doing it.”

I shake my head, glancing back towards Liv. “Surprisingly, travesti istanbul we never have.”

“Would you?” I hear him say.

I turn back to him with a slight grin. What guy wouldn’t? She’s an absolute bombshell. “I mean, yeah, but don’t tell her I said that.”

“Right,” he says, nodding a bit with a strangely contemplative expression. “So you’re at least somewhat straight.”

I cock my eyebrow. “What’s that?”

He shrugs. “I don’t know. After that kiss, I wasn’t sure where you stood.”

I burst out laughing. This kid’s got jokes, huh? “Oh, Angus thinks he’s funny,” I say, which makes him laugh, blowing his “serious boy” cover. “Yes, I’m straight,” I tell him. “Well… straight for now, but open to the possibilities.”

“Yeah?” He looks intrigued.

I say what’s always been my philosophy: “You never know what’s gonna happen.” I punctuate my words with a grin, remembering how he chubbed up during our kiss.

He nods, the slightest smile on his lips. “I can respect that.”

I smirk at him for a few moments before speaking again. “Would your girl be pissed if she found out or is she one of those chicks that finds dudes kissing hot?”

He blushes and laughs a bit. “Definitely the latter,” he says. “But mostly because she’s not my girl anymore.”

I blink. “I thought you said you have a girlfriend.”

“I did, up until last week.”

Whoops. “Damn. Sorry, man,” I say.

But he waves me off. “It’s fine,” he says, even though he looks upset by it.

“Still sucks.”

He shrugs. “Only because I’m low-key a serial monogamist.”

I chuckle. “And now you’re in limbo.”

“Exactly!” he says, running his fingers over his head. “It’s lame, and I know it’s lame, but I’m all out of whack when I’m not in a relationship.”

I can’t say the same. I haven’t dated in years. Fucked around, sure. I’ve done that plenty. But dated? Nope. The last girlfriend I had was in my undergrad years, and we only lasted a few months. It’s not like I don’t want something. It’s that I don’t need it. I’ve never been the type to seek out a relationship. If something is meant to be, things will fall into place. I always make fun of people who can’t exist without being in a relationship, but I like this guy, so I play nice.

“But it’s something I’m working on,” he says. Then, he laughs to himself. “Whatever that means.”

“How are you coping?” I ask, trying not to smile.

“Weed and video games,” he says with a grimace. “How corny is that?”

I chuckle. At least he’s self-aware. “Depends on the video games,” I comment, taking a hefty swig of the bottle.


I perk up. “Seriously?” I’m not a gamer by any means, but the Zelda franchise is near and dear to my heart. “I grew up on Zelda.”

“Yeah?” he says, grinning. “Those games are killer. Some of the best.”

Not that my opinion is valid since I don’t play many video games, but I nod because I totally agree with him. “Absolutely. Have you played the new one?”

“That’s all I’ve been playing, dude,” he says with a chuckle.

I groan. “Fuuuck. I’ve been dying to check it out but I don’t have the new console.” Pretty sure the Nintendo Switch is upwards of three-hundred dollars. Not to mention that the game itself is another sixty bucks. A boy’s gotta pay his rent.

“Wanna come over?” he asks.

His offer catches me off guard. “Right now?”

He laughs. “Well, maybe after this whole thing dies down,” he says, gesturing to the room.

“Right,” I say, nodding and laughing before I smile at him. “I’m down.”

We force ourselves to mingle with everyone for a bit, but I’m antsy. The thought of getting my hands on the new Zelda game is all I can think about. Plus, there’s that part of me that’s kind of excited to get to know Gus a little more. It’s rare that I make new friends nowadays. I’ve had the same social circle for years, and (coming from someone who can’t keep a relationship to save his life) I need to be refreshed constantly. Maybe this is my shot at meeting a new pal — especially someone who lives in town. I love Bruce, but he lives across the state, and Liv is great, but she exhausts me if I see her too often. The rest of my friends are fine, but if I’m being perfectly honest, I could live without them.

Soon, after everyone’s had their fill of drinks, Sasha is the first one to say she’s going to leave, and she starts making the rounds of goodbyes. Just as I’m wondering if this is a good time to gracefully exit, Gus pats me on the back and asks, “You wanna head out?”

Bless this boy. I hug all my friends goodbye (even Bruce’s new squeeze), ignoring Liv’s attempts to rope me into another conversation. I tell her to just call me tomorrow before finally slipping out of her apartment and heading out with Gus.

“Not one for social events?” Gus asks with a grin, noticing my eagerness to leave.

“Me?” I scratch my head. “Honestly, I love social stuff, but I’m a slut for Zelda, and that’s all I’ve been thinking about since you mentioned it.”

Gus lets out a hearty laugh. “Totally understandable.”

I smile a little as we walk together towards wherever he lives. “Alright,” I say, standing up a little straighter. “I’m feeling a tiny bit drunk so forgive me, but I gotta ask all the basic get-to-know-you questions.”

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Bi-curious No Longer

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I had just finished working out and was washing up in the communal shower when one of the regulars from the weight room came in.

He was probably in his late 50s and while he didn’t have the buff, muscled look of some of the others, he was solidly built. Maybe 6′ 4″ and 240 lbs., with broad shoulders. He was bare chested, bearded and his gray hair was cut quite short.

Now, I didn’t go anywhere near the weight room, but I regularly used one of the treadmills conveniently located nearby. At 49, I was relatively trim at only 5′ 7″ and 140 lbs. Occasionally I’d glance over and check them out with more than a little envy.

My shower friend squirted out some liquid soap and began lathering up. I was furtively looking over, checking out his body when he caught me taking a quick glance at his cock. He smiled. I looked away, and turned beet red. I quickly finished showering, grabbed my towel and dried off. I then wrapped it around my waist and headed to my locker, parking myself on the bench in front of it.

I was bi-curious and frequently jacked off to gay porn. Okay, always to gay porn now. I even had a dildo to play with my ass. But the real thing? I could never get the nerve for some reason. I reached up and started rotating the combination dial on my lock to open my locker.

“Hey little, guy, did you like what you saw?”

I turned around and there he was just inches away, naked with his cock at about eye level, towel around his neck. I looked up at him. He had a smirk on his face.

“I, I, um sorry, I didn’t mean to look,” I mumbled.

I could feel my face going red again.

“I’m just fucking with you, man,” he said, smiling and slapping my shoulder. “No harm in taking quick peeks. We all do it.”

He sat down on the bench beside me.

“My name’s Chris,” he said, extending his hand.

“Dale,” I replied, shaking his hand nervously.

It was taking everything I had not to look at his cock again.

“Well Dale,” he said quietly, leaning in, placing his hand on my nape. “Why not have another look and tell me, do you like what you see?”

He gently twisted my neck and I looked down. His pubes were closely shaved, almost like a five o’clock shadow. His cock was cut, and probably six inches long. It wasn’t hugely thick, but it wasn’t thin either. Hell, it was perfect. I wondered what it looked like at full mast. My heart was racing, and I could feel my own cock stirring beneath my towel. I looked at him and simply nodded my head.

“Yeah, I thought you would,” he said. “I’ve seen you on the treadmill checking the guys out. Little guys like you are all the same. Checking out the real men, the alphas. Wishing you had one of these bodies. Or maybe wishing for something else?”

He reached down and felt my crotch. I recoiled.

“Relax, Dale. It’s all good.”

I sat still as he basically fondled my cock through the towel. My cock was getting harder.

“Yep. You really do like it. Here, let’s have a look.”

He untucked my towel and pulled it away, exposing me. He reached down and his hand encircled my cock. It was the first time another man had handled my cock. He began slowly stroking it. I should have pushed his hand away, but I didn’t. I just sat there and let him continue.

“It’s kinda small,” he said with a chuckle, even though I was fully erect.

He continued stroking me. I was worried someone might come into the locker room and find us: a naked guy fondling a close-to-naked istanbul travesti guy next to him.

“Look, a little pre-cum there. You’ll be blowing your load soon now.”

He began quickening the pace. Fuck, it felt good.

“You really like this, don’t you Dale? he said quietly. “Getting jerked off in a public place? Risky behaviour, but that’s what makes it so fun and illicit, right? I mean, imagine someone walking in right now. What would they think? What would they do? What would you do?”

He kept stroking me and I knew I was close to blowing my load.

“Show me what you got,” he said. “Cum for me.”

As if on cue, I came with a big gasp. My cum spurted up and dropped on his hand, my cock and lap. He kept stroking until I stopped.

“Clean it up.”

I took my towel and cleaned his hand and myself.

“Why don’t we both get dressed and head back to my place? You can return the favor.”

My mind was racing. This was it. This was an opportunity to take that next step. I blurted out, “Sure, ok.”

He lived about two blocks from the fitness center in a four-storey condo building. His unit was on the ground floor. It was open concept and nicely appointed, with hardwood flooring, a huge leather sofa and two fabric stuffed chairs. The chairs and sofa were separated by a rustic looking coffee table. The kitchen was all white, with gleaming appliances.

I sat in one of the chairs, while Chis sat on the couch.

“Look, um, I don’t really have much experience in this sort of thing,” I said.

“Oh, what sort of thing would that be?”

“Being with another guy,” I replied.

A little smile appeared.

“How much experience do you have?”

“Um, none really,” I replied, looking down. “Other than you jerking me off.”

“And here we are. You another one of those so-called ‘guys who are straight but bi-curious?'”

“Yeah, I suppose,” I replied.

“And you’ve fantasized about this but never acted upon it, instead getting your rocks off on gay porn, am I right?”

I nodded.


“Nope,” I said, shaking my head.

“Hmm. I bet you watch a lot of porn. Which videos do you like the best? Wait, don’t answer. Let me guess. Little guy like you looking at weightlifters probably puts you in the bottom category. Maybe even a little submissive. You like the gay daddy vids I bet. And you’ve always wondered what it’s like to suck a real man’s cock. And get fucked. Am I right?”

Fuck, was I that transparent to him already? It was true. I loved the ones with alpha males using someone smaller guys like me.

“Yeah, I like those kinds of videos,” I replied.

“Time to turn fantasy into reality. Get naked.”

I got up from the chair and slowly shed my clothes, feeling vulnerable and self-conscious as I now stood naked in front of Chris. My cock was stirring again and I was nervous with anticipation.

He stood up and removed his clothes, all the while staring me in the eyes. It was unnerving and I looked away a few times. He sat back down and shoved the coffee table away from the sofa. He grabbed a throw pillow and placed it on the floor and pointed at it.

I walked over and got down on my knees on the pillow. I reached up and took his flaccid cock in my hand and leaned in. He still smelled fresh and soapy from the shower. This was the moment I had fantasized about for years. I opened my mouth and took in his cock. I didn’t know what to istanbul travestileri expect. The head was soft and spongy, and the shaft had a slightly smooth, silky feeling. I felt it twitch as I took more of it in my mouth until I started to gag a bit. I quickly found out how much I could handle. I swirled my tongue around and sucked. He was hard in no time and I kept working it.

“Kiss my shaft and then suck on my balls,” he ordered.

I took his cock out of my mouth, and slowly kissed my way down to his balls. I put one in my mouth and licked all around it before moving to the other. They were heavy. I kept at it for a couple of minutes. I was also hard now. I reached down and gave my cock a few strokes.

“For a first timer you’re actually pretty good.”

I was pleased. And I wanted to please him. I moved to start sucking his cock again when he gently pushed me away, and moved sideways on the sofa.

“Hop up here and work on my ass,” he said.

Okay, this was not one of my fantasies. But rather than refuse, I meekly got up onto the sofa. The leather felt cold against my skin. Chris was leaning against the arm rest with one leg draped over the back of the sofa, his ass propped up on a pillow. I leaned down, tentatively, not exactly eager to eat someone’s ass.

“Do it. Lick my bud and use your tongue to probe it.”

I got down on my stomach and moved in, propping myself up on my forearms. Tentatively, I stuck my tongue out and licked his bud. Naively, I thought there would be a gross taste, but there was nothing really. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I licked it a few times and then gently probed it with my tongue. I was actually enjoying the sensation.

Suddenly, I heard the door front open and close. My head shot up and I turned around quickly.

“Relax, it’s my partner, Phil,” Chris said. “We both like to play with others, so it’s all cool.”

Phil walked into the living room, and broke into a big grin. He was bald, with a massive black goatee. He looked to in his early to mid-60s, about 6′ tall and maybe 225 lbs.

“Well, well, who have we here?” he asked.

“This is Dale,” Chris said. “This is his first M2M experience.”

“Let’s move it into the bedroom and really make it an experience,” Phil said. Clearly Phil was not one to waste time.

I followed them down the hall to their bedroom, which had the biggest bed I had ever seen. It was absolutely massive. Chris grabbed a throw pillow and put it on the floor. Phil began disrobing.

“Get back on my cock,” Chris said.

I knelt down and quickly went back to work on his cock, swirling my tongue around and licking his shaft, while gently fondling his balls. I slid the tip of my tongue along his slit. Phil, now naked, got onto the bed and leaned against the headboard.

“My turn,” he said.

I turned and looked at him. He was hairy as fuck, including his pubes, with pierced nipples and bright, colorful tattoos covering his arms and chest. His cock was shorter and fatter than Chris’s. I climbed onto the bed and knelt down and took his cock in my mouth, which almost wasn’t big enough to take it in. He smelled slightly sweaty, but it didn’t bother me at all. While I worked on his cock, I steadied myself with my left hand on his thigh and reached up to rub his belly and chest. I found the amount of hair so masculine and erotic. I felt his cock growing larger in my mouth. I eased most of it out, with just travesti istanbul the knob and a bit of shaft in my mouth. It was all I could handle. I moved my hand from his chest and started stroking the base of his cock while licking and sucking the rest.

Chris, meanwhile, got on the bed behind me and grabbed me by the waist, positioning my ass in the air. Oh man, I was about to be spit-roasted. I’d often wondered what that would be like, and now I was about to find out. He squirted some lube on my ass and stuck a finger in and moved it around. Then he stuck another one in.

“Just trying to make your first fuck is as painless as possible,” Chris said. “I’m getting soft as I grow older. Time was, inflicting a little pain would have excited me.”

I stopped sucking Phil for a second, and said: “I’ve played with dildos.” I resumed my work on Phil.

“Heh. Of course you have. Get ready for the real thing.”

Chris removed his fingers and then I felt the head of his cock on my ass. He rubbed it up and down my crack before slowly entering me. It was so much different than a silicone dildo. I could feel the heat of his cock and it felt wonderful as he filled me up. He slowly began fucking me, gently see-sawing in and out while holding onto my waist. I was in heaven and began moaning with pleasure.

“Looks like we may have us a new bitch, Phil,” Chris said.

“Well, let’s see how the audition concludes before we rush to judgment,” he said with a laugh. “For a novice, though, he’s doing a mighty fine job on my cock.”

If I could have smiled at the time, I would have. I was happy giving myself to these two guys. And the cock fucking my ass felt amazing. I could feel Phil starting to breathe a little faster. He started to thrust his hips a bit. I knew he was about to blow.

“Eat my cum, bitch,” he said firmly, grabbing and holding my head.

He roared and the first splash hit the back of my throat, then another and another and another, each one accompanied by a soft grunt. Then I felt the remainder just oozing out of his cock. It felt like warm mucous, and tasted salty and slightly bitter. My first taste of cum and I actually kinda liked it. I swallowed as best I could, though a bit leaked out of my mouth. He let go of my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

Chris meanwhile had picked up the pace and the room was filled with the sound of his thighs slapping my ass. He continued for a couple of minutes, while I continued moaning in pleasure and writhing as he pounded me. He pushed me down flat on my stomach, placed his hand on my neck to hold me down, and continued pummelling me. What had been sensual was now animalistic.

“You want my seed up your ass, bitch?” he hissed.

“Fuck yes,” I cried. “Cum in my ass, cum in my ass!

“Get ready for it!” he yelled, slapping my ass.

And then he grunted loudly and I felt warm cum seeping into my ass. He lay there for a few minutes, and I could feel his cock softening. He then pulled out, and slapped my ass. I felt empty.

“I’m going to have a shower.”

Phil left the bedroom and returned a couple of minutes later with my clothes, and threw them on the bed.

“I’m going to join Chris in the shower. You can show yourself out.”

He left the room. I thought it was a bit of an odd, impersonal way to end the session. I’m not sure what I thought would happen, but I wasn’t really expecting this. I dressed and left.

As I walked home, I felt a sense of relief. I had finally crossed whatever mental barrier had prevented me from satisfying my curiosity about other men. And serving them had come naturally for me. I had pleased them and in doing so, pleased myself. I knew this wouldn’t be the last time.

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Lust Potion

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Jacob, in mid-drink, stopped and glared at Mark. Mark, fully nude, steam from the shower wafting off his gym-hardened body, stopped drying his hair with his towel to look at Jacob, confused.


“You just ruined Valentine’s Day.”

Mark grinned. Perfect white teeth. Jet black hair. Blue eyes that dazzled. When he grinned, things seemed better in the world. “Looking like I do, I think I’m going to make someone’s Valentine’s Day.”

Jacob wiped his lips and put down the small bottle of liquid. He grimaced when he noticed every drop from the bottle was gone. “Yeah, you are. Not the way you want, of course.”

Mark shook his head and walked across the living room floor. His cock, dangerous even when flaccid, swung as he walked. “Don’t tell me you’re still pining for Larissa.”

Jacob felt his cheek. It felt warm. He felt warm. His insides melted against the strange liquid.

Jacob giggled.

“Oh, you are. Dude, I told you. Get over her. She doesn’t want you. It’s 2021, and a woman is allowed–“

“That’s not–,” Jacob shook his head and covered another giggle. He did feel good. “How are you feeling, Mark?”

“Fine, why?”

Jacob looked over at Mark. His tight ass clenched. A few muscles spasms. Jacob wondered if it worked on Mark as it worked on Jacob.

Or if it worked.

“Well, remember that place I get my CBD oil from?”

“Yeah, the weird place down the street with all the spooky books and shit.”

“The woman who runs it was running a discount on love potions today.”

Mark turned with an amused look on his face. He spied the small bottle. “And you bought one.”

Jacob nodded. Seeing Mark like this did something new to Jacob’s bisexual soul. He felt his heart quicken. His blood pumped faster.

He saw a hint of surprise in Mark’s eyes. Something happened behind those eyes. Jacob smiled.

“Dude, you got conned.”

“Maybe. She’s a sweet woman and gets me the best stuff, I always feel like I should be helping her. It didn’t cost much.”

“Dude, we roomed together so we could save money while we’re at university. Not so help whack-jobs.”

“She’s not a whack-job.”

“And that’s why you bought a love potion.”

Mark’s cock twitched. Jacob caught it. Mark put his towel around his waist. Jacob saw Mark’s cheeks growing a nice shade of pink.


“Hot shower. Anyway, what does this all have to do with me ruining Valentine’s Day.”

Jacob looked at the bottle. He picked it up and held it in his hands, remembering the nice old lady explaining its properties. “She doesn’t dabble in forced love spells, you have to understand.”

“Well, in this time and age of consent, I’d certainly fucking hope not.”

“It’s like a…test drive. You drink it, think of someone you like. Then, when you are near them, you and them become…charged. For a day. But only if both parties have at least sexual feelings for one another. Otherwise, nothing happens. If it does, and it will wear off in a day, well at least you have a foot in the door. No more hiding your feelings.”

“Okay. So, who did you think of? Please, don’t tell me it was Larissa.”

Jacob shook his head. “No, I was going to think of that cute brunette in my psychology class. She’s going to the same party we are tonight, so I hoped something would happen.”

“Yeah, what did you mean by ‘charged’?”

“Sexually charged.”


“Yes. She also said–” Jacob said, running a finger across the label on the bottle.

“Dude, you are acting sketchy as fuck,” Mark said, taking big gulps of air. Jacob felt Mark’s eyes on his body. He also heard Mark’s breathing become heavier. Jacob felt an overwhelming need to look at Mark’s towel. See if he was aroused.

Jacob felt the first hot flash of sex and need.

“What. What else did she say.”

“In some cases, it may create a bit of a power dynamic. For the day, is all,” Jacob said, feeling a familiar swelling between his legs. And a thumping, deep need to suddenly be on top of things.

“I feel bad for the poor woman already,” Mark said, attempting to joke. The softness in his voice betrayed the humor he tried to bring. “You istanbul travesti were never good at taking control.”

“Look, the point of all this is–“

“You thought of the brunette. Great, let’s get ready and get to that party already. I am feeling energetic,” Mark said, walking toward his bedroom. He awkwardly clutched his towel, letting Jacob see an unmistakable erection underneath that towel. Mark also sounded a few minutes away from panting.

Jacob did not feel far from that, either.

“Thing is,” Jacob said, raising his voice, feeling the words thick in his throat, “You have to think of that person in a very sexualized manner for it to work.”

“So, you thought of her getting fucked,” Mark said, keeping his back to Jacob. Jacob noticed the emphasis Mark put on the word “fuck”.

“Right. But, then you walked in.”


“You startled me.”


“So, you walked in naked. And it–my thoughts–” Jacob felt his heart hammering in his head. He felt tingles of energy on his fingers. His thoughts started to drift toward grabbing a fistful of his roommate’s hair and bending him over. “You startled me.”

“You said that.”

“I thought of you.”

Mark turned, his towel falling enough to show off his massive cock filled with blood and need. Mark stared at Jacob. “You thought of me?”

“Yeah, for a fleeting second. You replaced–“

“You were fucking me?!”

Jacob took a deep breath, feeling a primal reaction to that sentence. He clenched his jaw and stared at Mark. Mark’s eyes went wide.

“What–? No, no. You–look, this is all fake–“

“Then why is your cock so fucking hard.”

Jacob barely believed those words, with that intensity, came from him. And yet, Mark’s eyes went wide. Mark covered himself, having to look away from Jacob as he did so.

“It’s not.”

“I see it. I see it twitching. You feel it too, don’t you? That thick, syrup-like warmth in you? Burning and building?”

“No,” Mark said, still keeping his eyes on the floor.

Jacob felt power running through his body. He knew. He knew Mark knew.

Jacob grinned. “Have you started to think about me?”

“No! Fuck no! I’m not like you!”

“Greg doesn’t seem to think so.”

“That was one night, we were drunk–“

“And you let yourself loose. Don’t deny it. It felt good. To have another man fondling your balls. To have a man’s mouth around your cock.”

“S-stop,” Mark whispered. His hands covered his cock, a feeble attempt at covering his arousal.

“No. I feel it. Thumping deep inside of me. You know I’ve always found you cute. It was a mistake. I really did want that brunette. I wanted to grab her by the hair and throw her head down into the bed and fuck her from behind until her legs gave out,” Jacob said, stepping toward Mark.

Mark shook. His body turned red, his breathing out of control. Jacob could feel the sexual desire in the air.

“But, I thought of you. And now, I want to do the same to you.”

“It’s all in your head!” Mark cried out, turning and running to his room. “That woman is a quack!”

He slammed the door. Jacob walked up to it, ready to smash it down and take Mark on his bed. Jacob put a hand on the door and rested, collecting himself with deep breaths.

“You know it’s working. You can feel it too, Mark. It’s okay. Just come out. Let’s have this night. We’ll deal with everything else tomorrow.”

“No! There’s nothing! Nothing to this!”

“You sound two minutes from busting a nut over your hand thinking of me,” Jacob said.

“Jesus, Jacob!”

Jacob too felt disoriented at his speech. Yet, the need to have Mark consumed him.

“Are you fucking yourself?” Jacob asked, his own hand slipping under his pants.

“N-no,” Mark said. The happy sigh and familiar sound of hand on shaft made Jacob smile.

“Oh, yes you are. You fucking little slut. You won’t give in to what you want, but you’ll jerk off and make me go crazy with lust out here, hmm?”

“You–you’re crazy with lust?”

Jacob leaned into the door. “I can’t stop thinking of what you’ll look like when your cock spurts out all that cum.”

Jacob heard a squeak followed istanbul travestileri by heavier breathing.

“Come on, Mark. I’m sorry it happened, but it did what it was supposed to. I’ll admit, I’ve masturbated to the thought of slipping under your covers and making out until our cocks were hard. And, since you’re fucking that thick, hard cock of yours right now, you feel the same way about me.”

“I don’t want to date you!”

“I didn’t say we were going to be a couple. But, we both need to fuck. So, open the door.”

“No. I–I can’t.”

Jacob pressed both hands on the door. “All right, you want to play rough? You jerk that cock all you want. But, don’t you dare fucking cum. You don’t cum until I tell you. You need permission to cum, and I’m not giving it. Not until you get that cute ass out here and let me bury my cock inside of it.”

Jacob pushed himself off the door, hot with need and embarrassment at the way he talked to his friend and roommate.

“You can’t tell me what to do!” Mark yelled through the door.

Both men knew that was a lie.

Jacob ripped his clothing off until he stood stark naked. He moved a chair and pointed it toward Mark’s door. Jacob sat down on the chair, his cock stiff and throbbing, and waited.

The first time he heard a cry of anguish, Jacob felt a whole new sense of joy and desire flood his body.

Mark obeyed.

“Finding it hard to think? To disobey?”

“Shut up! I’m not coming out there!”

“Then, you’re not cumming. And, I think you’re going to crumble before I need to break that door down. It’s only a matter of time. You’re on the edge now. Pre-cum dripping off that delicious cock of yours. Your mind burning with thoughts of sucking my cock, having it inside of your–“

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!”

“I want you too, you know. My god, your body. And the way you smile. I can only imagine when you cum you look so beautiful. I want to see that. I want to feel your sweaty, warm body against mine. I want to pump your cock until you explode. I want to wrap my arms around you and hold you as you fucking cum for me. So, don’t think this is just me teasing you. This is me, frustrated because I want you so bad.”

Silence followed Jacob’s confession. Jacob’s ears perked up as the door handle jiggled and turned.

Mark poked his head out of the door. His face was covered in sweat. His eyes went wide at the sight of Jacob.

“You–you mean that?”

Jacob ran a hand down his body. He gripped his hard shaft and gave it a few tugs, moaning at the relief it brought. “You tell me.”

Mark walked out of the door. His massive cock hung there, throbbing at the sight of Jacob.

“We can’t tell anyone about this.”

“I don’t care about anyone else. Just you.”

Mark gulped. “I’ve never been with a man besides Greg–and, uh, I don’t–“

Jacob motioned with a finger. “Crawl your ass over here and get that mouth on my cock. I think you’ll find it easy to catch on.”

Mark’s eyes glued themselves to Jacob’s cock. He licked his lips. “Yes, sir,” he whispered and got on his hands and knees.

Jacob nearly came at the sight of the muscular, naked, Mark crawling toward him with lust-filled eyes. Mark stopped inches from Jacob’s cock. His breath ran down Jacob’s shaft. Jacob tried to hold in his excitement and arousal by biting down hard on his bottom lip.

Moments before Jacob forced Mark’s head over his cock, Mark licked Jacob’s shaft. Stared him in the eye as he rolled his tongue around Jacob’s shaft. Jacob clenched his torso as Mark took the head of Jacob’s cock into his mouth.

Mark took as much as he could. A few inches inside of Mark’s mouth. Wet, warm. With a tongue running and rubbing him as he bobbed up and down on Jacob’s cock. A few more bobs and Mark took more. And more of Jacob’s cock.

All of this brought Jacob incredible pleasure. But, hearing Mark moan in sexual lust made Jacob moan out loud. Mark lost himself in pleasuring the cock in his mouth. Every lick, twist of his mouth, deep-throat, Mark got better. Learned the subtle techniques that drove Jacob insane. He could feel his cum building in his balls. He felt paralyzed travesti istanbul with pleasure, tossing and moaning as Mark continued to suck on his cock like a lost lover.

Their eyes met. Jacob remembered his promise to ass-fuck Mark until his cum dripped out of his ass.

Mark removed his mouth. “I don’t want to be fucked right now,” he whispered, with fear in his voice of disappointing Jacob.

“It’s okay.”

“I want you to cum in my mouth,” Mark said, his cheeks burning a deep red.

Obviously a hidden fantasy.

“Then, what are you waiting for?” Jacob whispered.

Mark smiled and went back to work on Jacob’s cock. Jacob felt Mark’s fingers on his balls, fondling and teasing them.

Jacob knew he would not last another minute. Then, Mark’s tongue rubbed Jacob’s frenulum in a certain way.

And Jacob exploded. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he convulsed. He felt his hot, thick stream of cum shoot out of his cock. The small moan of pleasure in Mark’s throat as he gulped it all down. Mark did not stop, coaxing every drop of Jacob down his throat. Jacob felt dizzy, used, and on cloud nine. He waited until his limp dick, covered in cum and salvia, dropped out of Mark’s mouth. Jacob patted Mark on the head.

“Good boy,” Jacob said. He waited another minute to catch his breath. Feeling under control, with the warmth of the love potion still settled in his blood, he patted his lap.


Confused, Mark sat on Jacob’s lap. Jacob wrapped an arm around Mark and held him as he used his other hand to start to jerk Mark’s massive cock.

Jacob leaned into Mark’s ear.

“You know, the first time I saw this cock, was the first time I fantasized about you. I wanted to see that fucking thing hard. Throbbing. Just like it is now. Your balls filled with cum, just waiting to fucking come out of that cock.”

Mark moaned and thrashed about. Jacob held him in place and increased his pace.

“You’re going to cum, but only when I tell you, good boy. Only when I tell you. Isn’t that fucking hot? Being told when you can cum? Having to keep it inside when all you can think of is cumming. How good it would be to let loose. To let it all go. To cum. You want to cum, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Mark whispered.

“I didn’t hear you,” Jacob said.

“Yes! Yes sir! God, I want to fucking cum!”

“What are you thinking of?” Jacob said.


Jacob stopped and gave Mark’s hard cock a light slap. “I said, what are you thinking of?”

“Please, please, touch me,” Mark begged.

“Tell me what you were thinking of.”

Mark gulped and stared at Jacob. Jacob found himself dazzled by the youthful, brilliant look of Mark.

“You. Grabbing me by the hair. Pushing me over and f-fucking my ass.”

Jacob grabbed Mark’s cock and continued his furious pace. He cradled the back of Mark’s head with his other hand so they stared at one another.

“Cum for me, Mark. Cum for me. Look at me, and cum.”

Mark’s expression crumbled as he gave in. The most beautiful moan escaped his lips as his eyes closed and he smiled. He looked so soft and desirable as his cock shot out cum across the room, hitting the carpet many feet away. Jacob continued to massage all the cum out of Marks’ cock, letting it slide down his shaft and cover Jacob’s hand. Jacob took a handful of the thick, white cum and tasted it. He groaned in pleasure.

Mark watched with fascination. Then, without warning, he leaned forward and kissed Jacob hard on his lips. Mark’s cum still on Jacob’s lips, they shared a hard, passionate kiss as they recovered from their intense sexual encounter.

Jacob continued to cradle Mark in his arms as they smiled sloppily at one another.

“I still feel it,” Mark said.

Jacob nodded. “Yeah, I don’t think we’re done tonight.”

Mark chuckled. “Then, may I suggest we grab some water and re-hydrate? The only thing that can ruin Valentine’s Day now is a cramp.”

Jacob caressed Mark’s face. “You didn’t ruin Valentine’s Day, you know.”

“Thanks. And yeah, I’ve had confusing thoughts about you for a while.”

“See, it pays to support that lady.”

Mark got to his feet. “Fuck, next time she’s having a sale on love potions I’m going to buy five.”

Jacob watched Mark walk away from him, knowing full well he was going to take his roommate multiple times tonight.

“No, he didn’t ruin Valentine’s Day at all,” Jacob whispered to himself.

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Helping the Teacher

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Since I’ve stopped studying, I’ve been working at an elementary school as a janitor. It’s hopefully not my end station career-wise, but the work is simple and the kids are nice. It’s fine until I figure out what I want to do. I’m on my way to the classroom of the third grade, where Marc is the teacher. A colleague said he needed me for something.

The classroom is cheerfully decorated with artworks by the children. In the corner are a few dioramas and on the desk is a half-done paper crown for a birthday. The maker of the crown sits at the desk: Marc.

When I enter the classroom, he looks ups surprised, but starts grinning instantly. He probably learned that to make shy kids feel welcome. His dark curls bounce from the sudden movement and his brown eyes look soft. For a nanosecond I see them glancing at my lower body.

‘Ah there you are.’

‘Yes, Janice asked me to come see you.’

‘Very good. It’s about the activity week in October. Take a seat.’

I sit on one of the little chairs near his desk. During our talk, I realize how handsome Marc is. He has a gleeful, handsome face with a broad jawline. His big body must be great to curl up to on a cold day. He talks enthusiastically. I see his chest moving up and down under his checked shirt. Some chest hairs peaks through the open collar. His Adam’s apple goes up and down and a five a clock shadow fades to pale but hydrated skin.

‘Eh… what are you looking at?’

I’m caught. I’ve been staring too long at his Adam’s apple and his soft skin. I have no response.

‘Are you gay, by the way?’, Marc asks with a joyous tone as if he asks me about my favorite movie.

‘Yeah..’, I say with some hesitation.

‘Me too. Cool!’

Cool in what way? It’s a typical response from someone who uses empty phrases so they can talk with everybody. I’m just going to ask him:

‘Cool how, Marc?’

‘You know. I don’t know that many. It’s nice to meet someone with the same interests.’

‘The same interests? You mean Cher, white wine and sucking dick?’

Marc giggles. He really is giggling. He puts his hand in front of his mouth. Great hands.

‘You know what I mean.’

‘I don’t really, Marc. All the gays I know have different interests. Do you have any gay friends? Have you ever had a boyfriend?’

‘Not really. I’ve istanbul travesti been on a couple of dating sites but nothing came out of that. We had a nice time but those guys never wanted to get serious.’

‘But what do you do when you’re in the mood? You’re not on Grindr?’

‘That’s not for me.’

‘Sometimes you just need to blow of some steam, right? When was the last time you had sex then?’

‘Well, ehh, we’re not getting into that.’

‘Just tell me.’

‘Three months.’

‘Gosh. You must jerk off a lot. You didn’t even get head?’

Marc starts giggling again. ‘Also no.’

His sweet face changes. He squints his glistening eyes and squeezes his lips. In his hand he holds a piece of chalk that he nervously taps on his desk. His demeanor feels like an invitation and I before I can weigh the pros and cons I get up, walk around the desk to turn Marc on his chair and put my hand on his crotch. He stares up to me with big eyes.

‘Shall I suck you off?’

‘Right here?’

To answer him I get on my knees and push his shirt up. Marc is nicely built but likes good food. A modest and hairy belly appears above his pants. I open his belt buckle, zip his jeans open and push his striped yellow and green boxer shorts down. His dick lies semi hard to the right. Slightly bigger than average and very thick. When I look up, I see Marc is blushing. He doesn’t know what to do with his hands. He touches his lips, puts his hands behind his head and rests them on his thighs.

I grab his dick and pull his foreskin back. I jerk him a couple of times and feel him getting harder in my hand. I put the head in my mouth and press my tongue against his frenulum. I slowly go down until I feel him in the back of my throat. I slide back to the head and go down right away. I repeat this and then stay down. Marc’s pubes tickle my nose and in between my lips I feel blood rushing in one direction.

Marc holds his breath. At least he tries too. Once every while he gasps for air. I look at him and he almost looks like he’s in pain. I guess it must be uncomfortable being a teacher in your classroom with your dick down the throat of the janitor. I release him and try to kiss him so he relaxes. He turns his head and pushes down on my shoulder.

‘Keep sucking.’

I go back on my knees and pull istanbul travestileri his jeans and underwear all the way down. I rest my hands on his tree trunk thighs and suck his dick back in my mouth. He thrusts his hips hesitantly and squeezes harder and harder in my shoulder. I let him get in as far as I can while I suck and try to do special effects with my tongue. I think he’s about to come. Will I swallow for teacher Marc?

But the teacher has other plans. He pulls me up and pushes me against the windowsill. While I take of my t-shirt, he lowers the blinds with his jeans on his ankles. He stands in front of me, looks at my body and grins.

He pushes my sweatpants and boxers down and takes his shirt off in a rush. His chest is broad and hard nipples poke through his chest hair. He pushes himself against me. I won’t try to kiss him again and nibble on his earlobe. He grabs my butt and kneads my cheeks hard.

‘Big ass. Nice.’

Then he turns me around and bends me over. His hand in my neck pushes me in wet paintworks drying in the sun.

‘Marc, wait, is this a good idea?’

‘Yes, come on. Do you have condoms and lube?’

‘No of course not. That’s typically something I bring to work.’

Marc kicks of his pants and walks to his bag. Happy as kid he pulls a condom out his wallet. I’m flabbergasted about how fast this goes, lying with my ass up and my head in a bunch of colorful paintings.

‘I don’t have lube, but I do have some jelly. It’ll do.’

Before I can protest, I feel two fingers with thick jelly in between my buttocks. With his index finger he pushes against my hole while he rips open the condom wrapper. As soon as he has put it on, he bends over me and pushes his finger in.

‘Yeah this will do perfectly. You like this, you dumb little whore?’

‘Marc, what the fuck!’

I would have never suspected Marc used these kinds of words. Honestly, I didn’t even think he would know them. I can’t linger on it too long because he jams a second finger in and starts sliding them in and out. He pulls out of me and I feel rosy and empty. I hear him mumble something about ‘being ready for it’.

He stands up straight and pushes his cock against my asshole.

‘Here we go!’, he yells, and he jams his whole dick inside me. His hands pinch my flesh. I feel travesti istanbul him pulling out almost completely before he thrusts back in hard. I whimper and he laughs like a bully who just hit somebody with a snowball. While he holds my hips, he starts thrusting rhythmically. I start to relax and subtilty move back up him. As soon as he notices, he grabs my chin and pushes his thumb in my mouth. While he fucks he whispers weird — but hot — things in my ear:

‘You’ve been wanting this dick from your first day here, didn’t you? You slut.’

‘Don’t whine, pussy.’

‘I’ll teach you a thing or two about fucking.’

With his thumb in my mouth and his dick up my ass he guides me too his chair. He sits down and lets gravity help him slide all the way in. He then grabs my knee and swings my leg over his head so I face him. His face is very close to mine now.

There is nothing left of the jovial teacher Marc I know. His jaws are clenched and he frowns while he stares me down as if I’m about to get a time-out.

He grabs a but cheek with each hand and starts bouncing me up and down. On his chest and neck, I see pearls of sweat. I bend forward to lick them off. Deep in his chest I hear him grunting.

‘I’m about to bust.’

‘Do it.’ I moan.

It all went so fast and because it’s all about Marc, I haven’t even thought about my own erection. It pokes hard in his belly.

‘Get on your knees. Quickly.’

Reluctantly I get off him. Marc gets up and pulls the condom off and throws it in the direction of the bin. With his strong hands he pulls my hair to tilt my face up. It only takes three jerks before thick streams of sperm land on my face. I feel some on my eyebrow, on my nostril and against my lips. I jerk myself of and ejaculate on the grey linoleum.

Marc groans and holds his dick in front of my mouth. I take his head back in my mouth and he hisses how good it feels. I massage his balls and enjoy the feeling of his dick softening in my mouth. He looks down and starts laughing.

‘You’re covered in cum and paint!’

He grabs his dick and starts spreading the mess on my face. He walks to the door and comes back with the hall pass. His gentle smile is back.

‘I think it’s time to get you cleaned up. Bring a tissue for the floor.’

When I get back Marc is still naked, trying to save what’s left of the artworks in the windowsill. His dick looks sticky. I kneel in front of him and suck him clean. Embarrassed he scratches behind his ear.

‘Don’t get me in trouble, please. And I can count you in for the activities week?’

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Submissive Bottom Hits the Jackpot

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This story was written from the perspective of a dominant top. Enjoy!

I picked up this fag from the gay bar. I could tell that he would be submissive and obey my every command, just the way I like my fags. He had a name but I refuse to use it but rather I call him every low life name in the book. I guess you could call me a predator but I just want to use and abuse a fag. So he willingly came with me knowing that I would verbally and physically abuse him. I took him to my apartment and went we entered, the fun began.

“Okay scumbag, now get your clothes off and kneel before your superior being.” He quickly undressed and knelt before me as I commanded.

“Now I want you to worship my body. Slowly remove my clothing” He was trembling as he began to remove my clothing. When I was only in my underwear I stopped him.

“Now listen very carefully cocksucker. Using only your teeth, remove my underwear and be careful with your teeth. If I feel teeth on my skin I will need to punish you.” He was careful but because he was trembling, his teeth rubbed against my skin. I stopped him and proceeded to slap his face hard several times. To tell the truth, I was really enjoying this part. Tears were streaming down his face so I stopped slapping him not because I felt sorry for him but because he needed to concentrate on providing me with pleasure. Now that my cock was free of any encumbrance, it jutted straight out, within an inch of the faggot’s mouth. I could tell by his eyes that he was dying to suck my cock but not yet.

“I know you want my cock, faggot. Let’s see if your tongue can reach the tip of my cock but don’t you dare move forward. Okay, flick that tongue!” The faggot was so desperate to reach my cock that he used all of his concentration to touch my cock head with the tip of his tongue. I am truly beginning to enjoy my time with this faggot. To be honest, for a sub-human, he was not bad looking. He looked up at me while he was struggling with reaching my cock.

“Listen up faggot. You have my permission to envelop my cock in your pathetic mouth but be very careful not to rub your teeth on my cock. This is your last chance.” And so he opened up and allowed my cock to use his mouth like a pussy. I pushed in and out of his mouth. Every so often I would slap his face to make sure he understood who was in charge and he seemed to enjoy each slap. This seemed to prove my theory that all faggots loved to be abused and used to the utmost.

“Now lay on the bed on your back scumbag.” He did so and I sat on his face.

“Stick your tongue in my ass and ream me out. And make sure you do a good job faggot.” His tongue delved deeply into my ass.


And now, same story from the perspective of a submissive bottom.

I was istanbul travesti enjoying a drink at my favorite bar with friends. As usual, we talked about our latest sexual adventures. We were all submissive bottoms but none as much as me. I loved being dominated by a hot alpha male who would abuse and use me and tonight I was exceptionally horny but unfortunately I did not observe any potential studs at least until he walked in! Truly he was an alpha male. He stepped up to the bar and ordered a scotch on the rocks, a real manly beverage. I almost came in my pants as I checked him out. My friends were so intimidated by him that they quickly left the bar to mingle with other friends in the room. I instead got up the courage to sit on a stool next to him. After a few minutes he turned in my direction and spoke.

“What are you drinking little buddy?”

“It’s a cosmopolitan sir.”

“Bartender, another cosmo for my new buddy.” Wow! This stud actually took an interest in me. I thanked him for the drink and tried to make small talk. I was actually shivering in anticipation of a possible hook up. He was all man and I mean real man.

“What say you and I head back to my apartment for some fun?” I knew that I should have been more careful. After all, I just met this handsome man. For all I knew, he could have been a axe murderer but somehow I had a good feeling and took a chance.

“Lead on handsome. I’d love to get to know you a little better.” And so this stud held my hand and we travelled to his apartment. He opened the door and pushed me in.

“Okay scumbag, now get your clothes off and kneel before your superior being.” I quickly undressed and knelt before him as he commanded. I figured that he got off on this macho role so I was happy to accommodate him. But I knew that no matter what I did, he was going to abuse and use my body for his pleasure. He ordered me to remove his clothing which I enjoyed doing. He really did have a hot body. I licked my lips and began to remove his underwear when he lifted me up and began to slap my face.

“Sorry sir!”

“Listen up faggot. You need to understand that you belong to me. Whatever I want you to do, you must do. If you behave, maybe I won’t slap you as much so get to work now. Suck my cock you worthless faggot and watch the teeth.”

I flicked out my tongue to meet the mushroom head of his cock. Then I moved closer and slowly enveloped my lips around his cock, licking all around the shaft. Before I had a chance to continue, he lifted me up and had me lay on the bed on my back. He then proceeded to sit on my face. I knew what he wanted and I did not let him down. My tongue entered his ass as I reamed it out.


Back to the top…

The fag is responding well to istanbul travestileri my instructions just as I figured. Right now his tongue is in my ass and his nose is working its way in the ass crack.

“Okay faggot, time to breed your ass so lift your legs over my shoulders and spread those cheeks.” I can’t believe how compliant he is. When his legs are up over my shoulders I prepare to use my cock to enter his ass. But just to make sure he understands who the master is, I slap his face hard several times. He seems to get off on this rough treatment. My cock head brushes his pussy and he is moaning with ecstasy. Slowly I enter his ass and he lifts himself up to meet my thrusts. Now I am all the way in his ass. As I thrust in and out, my hands reach for his nipples and I pinch them. He is really getting off on this foreplay. I need to keep his mouth busy so I held out my hand and one by one I inserted each finger into his willing mouth. He knew exactly what to do as he sucked on each finger that I inserted. I’m getting close to exploding in his ass and so with a final thrust I came deep inside his ass. He was in faggot heaven by the look on his face. I pulled out after a few minutes and stood up.

“Don’t get too comfortable bitch cause now I need you to clean me up so get your ass on the floor and start to lick me clean starting from the feet and working up.” The worthless fag did as he was told. He began at my feet using his tongue. I lifted up each foot and allowed him to bathe each toe He then worked his way up my legs and finally reached my balls.

“That’s right bitch, now worship my balls and be very careful, Take each ball in your mouth and work that tongue. Good, now focus on my cock. Take the cock head in your mouth and lovingly worship my cock by taking it in your throat an inch at a time.” Wow! I picked a winner tonight. This faggot is really into my body.

“Now work your tongue into my asshole and make sure that your nose goes deep into the crack.” Once again, he couldn’t get enough of my body. I bent over so that he could delve deeper into my ass. He was a real pro spreading my ass cheeks as he ate my ass.


Back to the bottom perspective……

Boy did I hit the jackpot with this alpha male. He was a stud who took pleasure in dominating me totally. Right now my tongue is exploring his ass. I was tasked with licking his body from bottom to top, that is after he bred me. I thoroughly enjoyed his cock pummeling my man pussy. I’m really into his ass. I took the liberty of spreading his ass cheeks thus allowing me to delve deeper into his aromatic ass. As I eat his ass, my nose enters the deep recesses of his butt. It’s funny how he thinks that he is forcing me to perform all sorts of dirty deeds but travesti istanbul the truth is that I actually am calling the shots but I am smart enough to allow him to think that he is the boss. He is very tasty I will say as my tongue fucks his asshole. I remove my tongue from his hole to take a breath and to whisper.

“Sir, you are so manly! Please fuck me again.” He turned around to face me and proceeded to slap my face several times.

“Bitch, I call the shots so keep your trap shut.”

Believe it or not, I kind of looked forward to being slapped. People might say that I was crazy to enjoy pain but in fact I loved to be dominated by a hot alpha male. I bowed my head to indicate my subservience and it must have worked.


Final thoughts from both top and bottom…….

“Get your miserable ass into the bathroom and sit in the tub.” The faggot must have suspected what was to come next since when he sat in the tub, he opened his mouth wide. I pissed on him with special emphasis on targeting his open mouth. “Make sure you swallow every drop bitch. This is your reward for being such an obedient cunt.” Since I had not pissed for quite some time, the piss flowed freely in his mouth and onto his body.

“Now wash your filthy body and prepare for another surprise. I’ve invited two of my closest friends to come and share in using your body. Make sure you behave yourself or you will be severely punished.’

I quickly washed and returned to his bedroom naked where I waited. I heard the entrance door opening and listened for voices. I didn’t have long to wait. The bedroom door opened and two rough looking black studs entered.

“Check it out Leon. He was right. The faggot seems ready for action. Listen up bitch. You are now going to be treated to black cock. Now get your ass on the bed on all fours. You are going to be spit roasted.” Both men quickly tore off their clothes and hopped onto the bed, one at each end of the faggot. They proceeded to fuck his holes. I was in slut heaven as they pumped their cocks into both my holes. Soon, I felt their cum loads entering my ass and my throat. My hips were held tightly as I was being bred. My head was also held tightly as I swallowed reams of cum.

“Clean us up bitch. And make sure that tongue does a good job.” I jumped to the task at hand. They had gotten off the bed and stood tall awaiting my tongue bath. But before I had a chance to begin, they lifted me up and slapped my face and my ass just to make sure I knew my place. I then proceeded to use my tongue to clean them up. The men seemed satisfied and so they dressed and left. In walked my dominant stud.

“You did good bitch but now it’s time for you to get your ass out of here so move it!”

“Yes sir. Thank you for breeding me.”

And so ends the perfect evening for both top and bottom. Please note that I have used slapping frequently. Some may say that slapping was used too much in this story but I disagree. In any event, to each his own. Hope you enjoy this story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 53

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The preceding three visits had avoided kissing regardless of opportunity, much as it had been missed. The rules were going to be changing again tomorrow, making following visits impossible to predict in a very unclear future. On the other hand, Sundays have been one of the most reliable days over the years, making this Sunday a particularly suitable time to visit.

Following the old routine, I got a beer, asking how things would work in the future, with answers that left me uncertain. There was a steady stream of visitors today, many of whom needed to be taught how use an app. One of the things very appreciated here when having sex here is pure anonymity, and such an app removes that aspect. Being anonymous provides the necessary freedom to indulge in uninhibited male only sex. Plus, in a certain oblique way, to be able to say that what happens is random, not quite intentional, regardless of how much the craving for hot male sex drives returning here.

Though the first visit here occurred in my late 40s, awareness of and interest in the baths has existed for decades. I even knew the location of this bathhouse for several years before taking that initial step into another world, where men openly have sex with each other. The late 70s of my youth were a fairly decadent time, one whose magical style I continue to fully indulge in, mixing partners and substances into glorious sexual experiences. From cross dressing to being fucked to kissing three other men cock to cock at the same time, the baths provide a perfect setting for sex of the most entrancing variety.

Fantasies remain, such as being in a true daisy chain, multiple men sucking each other, not merely sucking and being sucked by different men at the same time. Or being fucked and fucking at the same time, one of my earliest and dirtiest fantasies, wanting to feel another man’s cock in my ass. Such things were never shown in the magazines I was jacking off with as a teenager. At the baths, I have participated in all the other roles, but still not been the one in the middle.

Some of my first orgasms watching gay porn involved such situations, with the daisy chain concept being first introduced that way, cumming so good in a video booth, very stoned, a just bought bottle of poppers available while clicking through the gay channels. Which often showed incredible gay group sex, expanding the range of fantasies concerning what the baths could offer.

I went upstairs, turning towards the hall leading to the porn room, seeing a man from previous visits in the first video booth, a fact that sent more than a twitch to my cock. Entering the porn area, one man was at the top row rear corner. Leaving the theater area and walking down the hall, the first man grew attentive as I briefly paused to look at the porn, which turned out to be utterly uninteresting.

Though a quick glance at his large available cock sent another enticing twitch to my own cock. Something he noticed, as when upstairs or downstairs, I walk around naked. I only wear a towel in the public middle area, though even there it is not required. More than once, when my towel has disappeared, walking through the area to get another towel provided a certain true exhibitionist sensation, knowing that other men could see my still glistening cock from just being sucked.

This nudity aspect is another unexpected aspect of the baths, not in the sense of being naked among other men, but the practical result. That result being able to have almost instant sex, without any need to care about clothing. Walking into the steam room and having your cock sucked as soon as you enter is wonderful to experience, especially when another man presses his bare skin against yours as you begin kissing, feeling his cock touch yours in a stranger’s mouth.

Downstairs, I saw towels in the steam bath cubbyhole wall. Plus someone leaving the room, closing the glass door behind him, meaning today, the door was unlocked. First going to the non-bubbling whirlpool, I slid into a free space. Nothing happened among us, and after a short time one man left. As soon as the jets started, I followed him out of the water. Only then noticing a sign saying the limit was supposed to be 3 people, which was funny considering I had made it 5.

The sign saying the steam bath was closed remained on the door, but curiosity was impossible to resist, as so often happens at the baths. Going inside, the light level was extremely low even by steam room standards. Though still cool enough, the heat had been turned on. Trying to be cautious moving back to rear section, still I ran into someone. A bit of exploring did not make clear what was going on, with a standing man definitely not interested.

That attitude was absolutely no problem, but trying to get around him proved difficult. After grabbing my hand and saying he was not interested, I replied neither was I, but intended to walk to the back. At which point he huffily turned and left. The idea of taking pictures arose, but the space was not really empty. Exploring around the back, a istanbul travesti pair was silhouetted against the light from the glass door, one kneeling, giving the other head. They quickly separated for whatever reason, yet another man remained at the end of the curved corridor, looking through the glass door.

Things as they were, taking pictures was dropped as a plan, particularly as even this minimal steaminess might fog the lens. Nonetheless, being in the steam room added a certain nostalgic thrill, reminding me of group sex encounters. Going around upstairs a second time, finding the same man in the booth, already recognized as a regular visitor like myself, sitting with his back against the wall, legs spread, large cock fairly erect. The porn area also had the same man at the top corner, with no obvious signs of exposed cock or interest, making it easy to decide to go to the dark room.

Stretching out in the relaxing darkness, wondering if anyone would come in, thinking that the man in the booth was available, particularly if making sure to soon take advantage of an existing opportunity. Someone well known from various past encounters, a true bathhouse slut like myself. He was also one of the men most responsible for convincing me to stop using condoms by oral sex, a decision yet to be regretted in the slightest. The simple truth is that a bare cock is better, and once you give in to that fact, bathhouse sex becomes even more irresistible.

With no one entering, thoughts of his big cock and willingness to go down on a cock he had complimented many times in the past became ever more inviting. It was hard to even approximately remember just how many encounters we had had throughout the spaces of this male only sauna over the years. Including the public showers next to the changing area, a place that felt extremely public as he made me hard, then went down on me. The more I concentrated, the higher the number went, from a half dozen to a dozen to 2 dozen, not certain if the number should be higher still.

How do you count meeting each other twice or three times during a visit? Group sex would count as one, even if 3 or 4 other men had been involved between the first and second session of head. Moving from one location to another would also count as one, but if either of left us the other at the new location then returned, should that be counted as two? Or to be very simple, counting only how many visits involved him. Quite a number over the years, both of us being regulars.

Further, he knew intimately how easy I was, at least for him to start going down on me, if rarely cumming when he wanted. We had a somewhat complex connection that way. I certainly enjoyed his notably big cock, we both having much practice in having sex with each other and other men, together, in series, or alone. The crux was not wanting to cum quickly at the start of a visit. Any time someone starts insisting, I simply point out there are plenty of men to still have sex with. The baths are not about exclusivity though the way some men seem to look at making another cum, it feels almost like ownership. Often along with the reasonable idea that they are simply making as many men cum during a visit as possible.

Today was not exactly a rushed visit, but a forecast for hail later was something kept in mind, as motorcycle riding and hail don’t mix well with hurricane strength gusts. Seeing him after such a long pause was like being in the steam room, a welcome reminder of earlier times. Ones in which he had been a very enjoyable partner, particularly early on in a visit, like today. Further, a man who normally had to be put off as he wanted me to orgasm right then, something never fitting my intentions at the start of diving into the variety of opportunities found at the baths.

Yet the last few visits had been quite mixed, while knowing from extended experience just how well he treated my cock. A cock that was rapidly taking charge, wanting to cum in his mouth. Just like the first time my intentionally condomless cock filled his mouth, giving in to naked lust with a man who I had seen giving head to numerous strangers beforehand. Today, it was no longer important to pretend about not being tempted from the first sight of his big sexy cock, and how he looked at me. With the lack of success of the last couple of weeks till now, no reason existed to prevent me from intentionally going to him to have sex.

Gathering my things, putting on the mask, I went back out. Same man in the video cabin, not quite yet deciding to take him up as I glanced in, walking further. Not really surprised to see the same man still alone in porn area. Going to the other section, it was deserted except for one cabin where the door was closed and the sounds of hot sex were obvious. It appeared that the steam bath was attracting a fair amount of attention, as today the bathhouse was certainly not empty, even if upstairs was only lightly visited till now.

Desire growing, deciding that the man in the video booth was the best choice became easy, no istanbul travestileri longer pretending about not wanting to have sex with him. Getting closer to the booth though, another man was standing in the doorway, talking. I sort of discretely hung around, as the conversation and the man’s posture did not seem particularly sexual. He did leave after a moment, allowing me to approach the doorway. Drawing closer into view, he began offering his large, almost erect cock, prompting me to start stroking.

His interest was obvious from the start, with nothing covering my cock from his eager gaze. We were simply appreciating the view of a known partner from the past, sinking into a familiar entranced state, the thought of sex transforming into the reality. There was nothing furtive in the least as we looked at each other with anticipation.

He patted the platform to sit down next to him. I had not even noticed whatever porn was playing. This time, my attention was completely focused on him, much like his was on me, both knowing that we would be having sex with a horny and talented partner. After spreading the towel out, things to the side, poppers bottle available, I sat close. This bottle of poppers was new, the last of a carefully preserved reserve, that fact being a part of my decision to enter, knowing how much he enjoyed poppers too.

He was eager to have me go down on him, which was not quite my wish until he was completely hard. Telling him I wanted to play first, we were soon enjoying jacking each other off. After a couple of minutes, he went down on me. The sensations were wonderfully intense, quickly approaching orgasm. The simplest way to change the situation was to go down on him. I got the bottle ready after gently pushing his head up and back, taking a smallish hit. Closing the bottle, staring at his sexy big dick as the first effects started to be felt, mouth approaching his eagerly offered shaft.

As soon as my lips started sliding down it, he leaned back against the wall, groaning how good it felt. Grasping my extended rod, I took his length very deep, amazed how it became possible as the poppers turned me into a total suck slut in a flood of desire to be filled with cock. Desire grew uncontrollably, causing him to halt my greedy blow job right after I breathed out. Followed by him having me lay back, giving me head again, sinking into the paradise of his wet mouth.

My hands ran over his body, soon finding a nipple as he kept stroking himself while going down on me. The receding poppers made the cock worship more intense to experience, leading to me pushing him away to keep from cumming. We were both aware that orgasm beckoned, but more or less we were not going to push the other too quickly.

In gratitude at what his mouth had done, I began sucking his nipple as he kept pumping his shaft. As he was playing with my nipple as I stroked too, this created an endless wave of pure shared bliss. Men are definitely aware of just how good nipple play is when hard, at least after their first introduction, which if not experienced before visiting the baths is certainly something that will be discovered there.

Moving my mouth, his underarm was not quite available, but a bit of neck kissing as a finger slid over his armpit made the idea clearer, even in his very turned on state. One of the traits we shared was jacking off while being played with, lost in the sensations at the edge of orgasm. My tongue spent a luxurious amount of time sliding over his sensitive skin as my hand replaced his. His moans as he kissed and licked my neck were an extra delight, proving how horny he had become.

The door remained open the entire time, but at only one point did we notice someone watching. He did not come in, even as we both played for him, making it plain we would enjoy another man joining in. Over the years, as a pair we had had group sex in all the public areas, including one time in the steam bath when he was going down on me while being fucked after already having played with maybe a half dozen other men. Not that we really cared about other men, fully involved with each other, doing things that we loved. Going down on me, I kissed his neck and ears, caressing his moving head.

When he came back up face high, lips parted in luscious invitation, his intention was plain. I hesitated in one sense, mind wondering as his hand drew my head nearer, anticipation growing. The idea of kissing had been a grey zone, but these circumstances were tilting ever more in favor of letting go, getting lost kissing a naked turned on man. One who wanted to kiss, aware from other times that he was a fantastic kisser. By now, whatever doubts existed were gone, having decided to freely enjoy sex with him, no longer willing to restrain myself considering how extended the next involuntary pause might be.

The familiar excitement grew, as in this area, he was not a stranger at all. He was a man I had had sex with before, fully intending to enjoy the situation completely. It was incredibly satisfying to be kissing travesti istanbul a man again, both of us getting even more turned on as the kiss deepened entrancingly, tongues swirling, lips pressing, stroking each other at the same time. Time stopped as the kiss continued, flowing between roles and sensations, sometimes the one in charge, other times equals, sometimes the one being dominated. Kissing a cock sucker is always sexy, an attitude he shared.

I was the one to end our extended kiss, my face going between his legs to take his cock into my mouth again. After making his length slippery with spit, I returned to his mouth, kissing him while jacking him off. His passionate wordless moaning was sexy, allowing me to break our kiss right at the edge of orgasm, just before he told me to stop, his mind working more slowly due to how turned on he was. Basically, he become willingly enslaved to his cock at my urging, as he had often in the past.

He asked, barely coherent, if he could use the poppers, quickly taking several deep hits after I held the full bottle under his nose. After closing the top, I pressed my rigid length along his, as always amazed at how hot it felt to rub cocks. Squeezing his nipple as I knelt above him on the platform, looking at his gorgeous dick against mine, a sight even better than seeing an aroused cock while stroking alone. I love going cock to cock, a discovery first made at glory holes, which was my first bareback experience, so to speak. The sexiness of a naked cock was incredible, especially the way it is so hard and so soft at the same time.

Playing like that has turned into something of an addiction over the years. Seeing two cocks being handled together provides fantastic sexual feedback at a fundamental level, aware how mutual the sensations are. The skin on our shafts felt extremely soft and supple, a result of our previous oral sex as experience has taught me. The poppers may have taken him a bit by surprise, as I had not actually intended to make him cum right then, even if it felt so good that it was difficult to stop instantly when he said to.

Moving away slightly, it almost seemed as if he might regain control, grasping his swelled shaft just under the head, moaning about cumming, staring between my legs. My own stroking felt wonderful, looking at his quivering hot cock. A sight found irresistible since my teenage years, masturbating with a friend, watching each other after getting hard from the sight of naked women in Playboy or Penthouse. Even back then, it was not only my friend and I watching each other, but sometimes others who shared the magazines with us, leading to sessions with 3, or even occasionally 4, exposed cocks and public orgasms.

Back then, poppers were completely unknown to us, but discovering their pleasures alone and with my first couple of girlfriends certainly demonstrated why they are a favored sex drug. A subculture that includes women, one that overlaps on the male side to the subculture of cruising at the baths. My current partner was not only an experienced member of the cruising club, he was also a devoted member of the poppers club, likely anticipating the effects of poppers seeing me from the first in the doorway.

However, these poppers were really powerful, having been carefully stored. Considering how difficult they have become to buy discretely over the last couple of years, and how the baths had been closed, his underestimating just how they would affect him was understandable. The small hit I had done before provided a good chance to experience what they were like, but he had used the bottle more like it had been open for a long while. He had done four hits one after the other, breathing deep though each nostril, taking his time.

The effects were plain to see on his face, as his mind had gone between his legs, where the sensations were overwhelming it completely. The expression of a person no longer able to keep from orgasming in a swelling wave, eyelids fluttering. His hand remained unmoving, but the quivers along its taut length would be irresistibly intense, only delaying orgasm, not stopping it.

Watching him lose the balancing act was exquisite, remaining in control enough not to cum when he did. Looking openly at him, appreciating the purely sexual moment, confident that my turn would be coming.

His cock started pumping white cum as he groaned about how good it felt. His orgasm was quite long, in part because of how tightly he kept squeezing his swelled cock right under the flared ridge. A part of me wanted to apologize, though quickly overruled. He was clearly satisfied at getting off, with no reason to think any regrets were involved. Especially as I planned to follow him, knowing he would not stop until his mouth was filled with cum.

He asked for paper towels from the dispenser on the wall, cleaning his hand and cock in similar fashion to those teenage sessions. After getting clean, he bent over to take my cock in his mouth, a delight beyond my imagining at those high school jack off sessions. Using poppers while getting sucked by my first girlfriend gave me an excellent idea what that sort of sex felt like at a gay sauna too. Poppers have been something shared over decades with both women and men, all of whom fell under their spell completely.

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Costume in a Costume Pt. 02

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I was rummaging through my closet when I spied my old football helmet. It brought back memories. Though not what you might think. I was never on the football team, never a large strong guy, never talented in that way.

It was maybe five years ago, on Halloween, that I’d dressed up in a costume that included the helmet.

I’d worn women’s clothes: jeans, flats, wig, gloves, and halter top. On top of that, a football jersey, mask, shoulderpads, and the helmet. The effect was that I appeared to be a girl dressed as a football player. You see I couldn’t just dress as a woman: my shoulders were too broad, my hands too manly; I would not be passable.

But the first layer was me being dressed as a woman, then the second layer would hide the faults: a costume in a costume.

I did it because I was curious to try sucking a cock but had no other way to do it. With the costume, and some alcohol in a bar, the unsuspecting men were quite willing to plunge their cocks into my mouth.

I liked it. It was surprisingly fun to trick them as well – they all thought they were enjoying the mouth of a woman. While I enjoyed sucking cocks, the thrill from them being unwittingly fooled excited me to no end. Additionally, I liked being thought of as a girl.

Halloween was only a month away. Maybe I would resurrect the woman dressed as a linebacker.

A couple weeks later I was leaving the sporting goods store, as I was walking around the corner into the mall, there was one of those temporary Halloween stores that pops up.

The sexy mannequin in the window caught my eye. She was hot considering she was plastic. She was dressed in a furry cat outfit: lots of fur everywhere. She wore a crop top hooded fur jacket with built in cat ears. Then a fur skirt with matching fur around her ankles and fur paws on the back of her hands.

I was shocked at my own lusty reaction to a plastic mannequin. Looking closely I could see it would be better than my sports costume from so many years ago. My old costume had been crude and hobbled together like the costumes of cheerleaders I’d seen in college who borrowed their boyfriend’s football gear. In contrast, this was very professional and exploded with sex appeal.

The fur ankle things could be worn with any shoes and would hide the size of my feet which were a little big for women’s feet.

The fur paws would hide the size of my hands unless someone looked directly at the palms. They would also allow me free use of my hands.

Because the jacket was fur and had a hood it would hide the broadness of my shoulders.

She wore a bodysuit underneath, but I could easily see a lace bra working as well. Then my waist would be the only part of my skin showing. This was, coincidentally, the most feminine part of me.

On impulse, I bought it on the spot. I knew I would need to solve the problem of my face showing later. I arrived home while my wife was out and stashed it in the garage.

The cat outfit came with a tiny plastic catwoman mask large enough only to cover my eyes. With some searching online I found a soft furry whole-face mask that would allow a man to fuck my mouth without scraping on sharp edges.

I found time on several occasions to try it on and admire myself before Halloween. I even practiced putting my wife’s sex toys in my mouth to test it out. This was definitely going to work.

For the next part of my plan I sent myself an email, which appeared to be from ‘corporate’, requiring me to choose a date to go out of town – either on Halloween or our anniversary. It was easy enough to leave my computer screen open so she would accidentally see it. When she did, she demanded that I attend on Halloween.

Of course, I didn’t go out of town. I just booked a room in a hotel where the bar was having a large Halloween party.

Halloween afternoon, my wife, Aimee, dropped me off at the airport where I did not board a plane, but quickly caught a cab to my hotel thirty minutes away.

I laid out my outfit thinking about tonight. I got dinner in the hotel restaurant, and happened to see a bottle of perfume at the gift shop I thought would help solidify the illusion – so I got it. Then I got the bright idea to get hand lotion to soften my hands too.

I consider myself to be an occasional crossdresser, having done it that one time before five years ago, and not a tranny. Though I had read a guide for transvestites once since then, which had the most helpful tip: a man’s voice only sounds that way when he speaks out loud, a whisper sounds the same whether it comes from a man or a woman.

So unlike that time so long ago I would be able to have a conversation tonight.

Later I sat at the bar sipping a pink daiquiri through a straw. I just knew it wouldn’t be long until an unsuspecting dupe got the night of his life when the girl he picked up let him lead her into the bathroom for an ‘impromptu’ blowjob in a stall.

So, I was tricking guys, it wasn’t malicious.

I istanbul travesti was so excited my hands trembled. I decided that my name for the night would be Treena.

Half an hour later the bar was half filled, disappointingly, no action yet. Scanning the room I saw a lot of couples but no singles so far. No groups of men either.

With my peripheral vision I saw the body of the woman ordering drinks next to me. She was tall and pleasantly plump, really long red flowing hair, with an ample set of breasts I could tell were real by the natural way they bounced under her jersey. She wore a feminine little ankle bracelet my mom would have disapproved of, saying only loose women wore them. But I thought it was cute with a little unicorn charm on it.

I leaned close to practice my whispering, the coincidence naturally led to me striking up a conversation: “I wore the same costume a few years ago.” I didn’t mention that mine included the secret underlayer. Noticing her ring I added, “I bet your husband loaned you his shirt?” She didn’t have a helmet, just eye-black under her eyes.

The bar was a little loud so she put her sexy lips right up next to my ear, “So we’re doing a whispering thing, I can play along.” She continued whispering, “I like your costume too. Very sensual! And yes It’s my husband’s. Not pro, but he played in his first year of college. I’m Alicia.”

A few minutes later her man, dressed as a cowboy, replete with hat and lasso, came over, wrapping his muscular arm around her intimately. We all hit it off and they offered to keep me company until I found a steady ‘dancing partner’. I kept my eyes on the room but apparently I’d picked the wrong bar since it seemed to be all couples.

I had a fantastic time with the friendly duo: Flint and Alicia. It almost made up for the fact that my night’s goal was a complete loss.

We took turns buying rounds and when Flint loosened up and started flirting with me as well as Alicia she didn’t even mind.

Another guy, dressed as the obligatory Dracula, flirted with me too, complimenting my “pussy costume” effusively, a bad play on words but I wasn’t here for humor or to start a relationship. But as luck would have it, soon enough, his girl, a female version of the same, swooped down on us putting a quick end to that.

I was feeling no pain when Flint dropped the bomb saying, “Treena…Alicia’s too shy but she and I have had this fantasy for a long time… She suggested I share it with you”

They waited to gauge my reaction. I flashed them my best smile, but then remembering that the soft mask hid my identity completely, I let my hand rest on Flint’s arm, “Tell me more.” Everything I said sounded more sultry while whispering.

Flint continued, “I’ve got this fantasy where my partner watches a hot woman service me. We’re sitting side by side on a couch while this girl is kneeling between my legs…and here’s where it gets interesting, then this girl moves over to my partner and does the same…back and forth.”

Alicia, tipsy as all get out, leaned close and whispered to me, with a drunken wink, I think it’s super hot and I wanna be a part of it.”

I looked back and forth between the handsome charming cowboy and the sexy footballer. I imagined myself between his strong legs, him thrusting his big cock between my lips… Then I imagined moving over to lick her sweet pussy… I haven’t even seen another woman’s pussy since I got married.

I glanced at her crotch. I could almost make out the form of her labia through the tight material of her jeans.

The idea of switching back and forth from one to the other was sooo hot. My next thought was that he would fill my mouth with cum, then I would fill her wet gash with cum straight from my mouth.

I agreed effusively, “You’ve found the right girl. That scenario totally hits my buttons. And giving oral is my favorite thing to do. I don’t even need anything in return.” I couldn’t believe my night was actually turning around. I couldn’t believe we were discussing what we intended to do. With the other guys things developed organically and without any planning. But here we were, Flint just said what he wanted then Alicia and I fell into line.

Flint put his arms around both our waists now. The touch of his nine inch bicep on my skin made me swoon. He practically cheered, “This calls for a celebratory shot!” Not only did he order us shots but he got us each a flight. He toasted to our night, “To my two favorite ladies!” Then referring to our costumes: “My beautiful furry kitty-cat and my gorgeous tight end. May we have a great adventure.”

For me the best part was knowing I had a secret – that only one of us was really a lady.

We drank up. In the conversation that followed I learned that they had driven in from the burbs and didn’t have a room. I volunteered my room of course – because it was right upstairs. I learned they had been together for three years. And I learned they were thinking istanbul travestileri of starting a family in a year or two.

Right after we saw the contest winners announced, we headed upstairs. We were all feeling no pain but still managed to stumble to my room. Outside the door I swiped my card then slipped in quickly to close the closet door so they wouldn’t see my male clothes hanging in there.

Flint looked around while Alicia tinkled, “This is gonna do fine. You’re a lovely lady, Treena. We’re so lucky we ran into you. Maybe after tonight we could make one of your fantasies come true.”

He put his hands on my waist, feeling up my body. I wasn’t worried, I had the best falsies I could afford, perfectly weighted, natural feeling nipples, everything but the jiggle. And my cock and balls were well hidden too. I answered, “You’re already doing that, like I said, I like to give.”

He spun me around then pushed me deeper into the room, “Aww, there’s no couch. I guess we’ll have to adapt.” He hugged me close groping my ass, first through the fur, then under. He even went so far as to let his longest finger touch my anus. He shouldn’t find anything as long as he didn’t reach too far. I let his tantalizing finger probe my ass while I rubbed his growing member through his chaps.

Alicia returned. She grabbed my buns too, so now four hands were squeezing and massaging my backside. She kissed my neck from behind then whispered salaciously in my ear, “I like a woman’s tush as much as a man’s. And your’s looks delicious.”

Together they lowered/pushed me so that I was on my hands and knees, laying over a footstool. Her language worried me a bit. Couldn’t have her poking around back there. I whispered back, “Alica, I’m here to serve you. It’s Flint’s fantasy.”

Flint wasted no time, his half hard dick was already protruding and rubbing against my lips. Meanwhile, Alicia had flipped my skirt up commenting on my tiger panties. I’m glad I opted not to wear any men’s things. But if she kept this up she would find something unexpected, and no doubt unwelcome, beneath my stripes.

As loudly as I could without breaking into a man’s voice I pleaded, “Alicia, bring your muff up here so I can switch between the two of you. You’re gonna love my tongue.”

Flint stuffed his cock in my mouth which unfortunately stifled me. He still wore his costume and, I suppose, on a lark, he wrapped his lasso around my head to better enjoy fucking my face. Perhaps I shouldn’t have told him earlier that I was curious about being treated roughly.

I struggled a bit. Not because I wanted to escape his hold on me but because I was powerless to influence Alicia’s wandering lips. She rubbed my whole ass through my panties and kissed the small of my back. I squeezed my legs tightly together hoping, against all odds, my package would be on the side away from her – but I could tell it wasn’t.

She started to slowly peel my underwear down, teasing me, rolling them as she went.

My thoughts were nearly totally consumed by what was happening on my front end. The last time I had sucked cocks I found it to be very important to control the depth using my hand as a stop. Today, I specifically wore gloves that left my hands bare. However, the way they had me splayed over the footstool I needed to use my hands to support myself and they were not free to protect my throat from the immediate stabbing danger.

The less pressing, but greater, danger was that of being discovered, and that was all playing out in the back. Alicia had my knickers rolled low enough so my asshole was exposed to her view. I sure hope it looked female enough, but just how did a female butthole look different from a male’s? It didn’t seem to matter to her as I promptly felt the flat of her tongue lapping at my previously most private part.

Flint had the ropes wrapped around his hands and was pulling on my head, thrusting in and out of my mouth with just a hint of force. He had a running commentary going the whole time, “Oh Babe, you have an amazing mouth. And the way you’re sucking me in with your lips is fantastic too You said all throats were equally good and we’re gonna test that. You ready? Did I mention how sexy your waist looks with your skirt hiked up and my partner’s face stuck in your ass?”

I sensed that he started talking to Alicia next, “You don’t mind the change in plans, do you? I really did want to get dual oral but there’s no couch. Let’s do an Eiffel Tower! That can be our surprise instead.”

Alicia lifted her face, “Oh Flint. You’re so wicked. Guess what? I’ve got a surprise for you too. I’ve been holding onto it all night.” Having said that she caressed my ass then stuck her hands into my panties stroking down my legs all the way to the back of my knees.

For a minute there it sounded like she knew I was a man. Restrained on the stool I wondered how much longer my secret would be safe? What would she do when she discovered it? I could struggle travesti istanbul but I’m pretty sure I was going to be discovered one way or another – might as well enjoy it while I could. I hoped Flint filled me with his spermy flood first.

My internal struggles came to a sudden end when Flint decided to push into my throat. I was glad for the lasso, or his hands would be in my wig, possibly dislodging it. His cock fit tight in me. I’ve never had a cock actually go into my throat before and no one ever told me it would be tight. I was prepared for the possibility of gagging and had spent plenty of time practicing with Aimee’s dildo. Guess it must have been thinner than Flint.

Flint spoke enthusiastically, “Let’s fill her pussy up Dear! Doesn’t that sound hot?” I wondered if Alicia had a vibrator in her purse? Or if they planned to switch. I’d been looking forward to munching on her snatch ever since they mentioned it.

Flint kept working in and out of my throat. I would gasp for air whenever I could and he would remind himself out loud to let me breath. My body was rocking back and forth too, requiring me to brace myself against the footstool constantly.

Alicia drew her hands up the back of my thighs then let go of me. I’d dodged the bullet yet again. Next, I heard Alicia’s purse open, so that answered that question. With a click of the tube she squirted a blob of lube into my ass and smeared it in with her fingers. I felt her long nails, imagining the black polished points rubbing the lube into me.

She leaned over my back, kissed me on the back of my neck, and whispered, “We’re gonna share our surprise with Flint soon. He’s going to love it. Don’t worry Dear.” I knew exactly what she meant by ‘our surprise’ because her hands slipped down to grasp my balls just as she was telling me about it. So there it was, she knew!

This was the most exciting and thrilling part of the night. I delight in tricking unsuspecting men and now I had an accomplice! When he was done I would actually get to see the look on his face for a change, and he wouldn’t blame me because Alicia was in on it.

Flint seemed more concerned about the dildo. “Was it in your purse? Why don’t you go back there and fill her up. I’ve gotta know if pussy is everything you remember from your days of experimenting.”

Alicia got behind me and started pressing it against my anus. I’d never had anything up there before. I imagined a thin yellow vibrator like my wife’s favorite, but feared a thick purple one like my wife’s other vibrator. I wanted this super hot girl to take my anal cherry. Alicia’s body and Flint’s cock were going to be a part of my fantasies for a long time.

Flint continued to talk non-stop, “This is so fucking exciting! The two of us fucking the same girl. Did you finger her gash? Was she wet?”

Alicia pushed it in slowly but steadily. It took her several attempts: pushing in then retreating a bit only to resume entering my tight asshole. Once she had it all the way in she started with a steady rhythm. Flint went on fucking my mouth but asked, “Are you in? Is it in her puss?”

I loved the sensation of the large object up my bum.

Alicia answered, “Oh Baby, yes and no. And it’s great!”

” ‘Yes’ and ‘no’, whatya mean?”

“I mean, I’m fucking her and it feels great, but I’m not in her pussy.” She laughed, “I’m doing her ass.”

“Hot shit! I guess we’ve had more than one change of plans tonight. Should we tell her now?”

“Oh yea!”

Then to me Alicia said, “Treena, we’ve got a little surprise for you.”

And to Flint she said, “Flinty, we’ve got a little surprise for you too.”

Still sawing my mouth, Flint sounded amused, “Well out with it. We’re dying to know.”

Alicia practically sang her answer, “Treena here isn’t what she seems. She’s a beautiful, sexy – man. And that’s why I’m fucking her ass and not her cunt.”

Flint gasped!

She slapped my ass, talking to me now in a full throaty voice, “And I’m not what I seem to be either. I’m a man too! Flint’s my husband and I’m his.”

I didn’t know why I thought she had a dildo in me. They’d never said that. Of course, I realized instantly that Alicia was fucking me with a big cock. A big wonderful living penis. And it felt great!

I thought I was tricking them but it turns out Alicia had spotted my Adam’s Apple early on.

I did get to hear the shock in Flint’s voice when he discovered I was a guy. He thought he was fucking the mouth of a woman for his first time.

The two of them fucked me for a while more, eventually filling me with cum from both ends. They pulled me back and forth, four hands holding me tight. I tried to help, jutting my ass up and positioning my throat as straight as I could.

Flint kept talking, joined by Alicia’s deep grunts behind me. They had great teamwork, communicating and timing their thrusts. Eventually they came together pumping my mouth and ass with cum simultaneously.

We played together for a couple more hours. Getting naked and exploring what three guys can do together. We all came twice. All of their climaxes were in me.

We ended with the two of them licking my cock and sucking me off together. It was the best blowjob of my life.

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The Story of I Ch. 06

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The smoke from cigars and pot hung heavily in the room. A mustiness mixed with the pervading rancid odors from the carpet soaked with spilled drinks to the lingering sweat on the body-building equipment stationed in the corner. But the ambience wasn’t the grossest thing about this dank downstairs. It was the major activity taking place. I was being prepared for a shit show, literally and figuratively.

Two men, a burly guy named Billy Joe, and Jimmy, a short and scrawny dude, held each of my arms as I was stretched over a pool table. Kindly, they had found a couch pillow for me to rest my head on, as my pelvis curled uncomfortably over one of the side rails. My legs were splayed with my feet planted securely on the floor. I had a hospital Johnny tied around my neck which opened in the back and my balls were nestled in the side pocket surrounded by its hospital-laundered fabric. The third gent, a handsome gastroenterologist named Miguel, talked with the other two, explaining his procedure along with his proclivity for cleanliness.

We four were alone in his basement, alone in his home actually, as Miguel’s wife was away for the weekend. Like some inanimate object, I felt a strange detachment, compounded by a weakness in my muscles from the pot and beers, and yet an unexpected receptivity to what was unfolding. I was an acquiescing plaything.

It’s both disturbing and amazing what a person can be conditioned to doing. I remember always trying to please my parents, so my desires to please, to serve, to submit to their wishes were probably inherited, and that trait must have been ingrained by their parenting. But the indoctrination continued outside the home, too, like with that boys’ sex ed class where we were told, “Always make sure the woman has her pleasure before you take yours.” Of course, they assumed we were all straight, but still, the point was, satisfy your partner before you come. And that’s what I’ve always tried to do—to a fault—as with Stephen.

Having grown up as a straight guy in a three-decades-long monogamous marriage to a somewhat dominant wife, but wanting a same sex experience before I died, I went online to look for a man. I naturally described myself as the quintessential submissive, a role I had played all my life. Stephen had responded, promising me a “masterful experience.”

Our in-person relationship began with weird requests on his part. Although I questioned why I was doing this every time we met up, I managed to do as I was asked/ordered/commanded. And despite initial misgivings, in the end, I felt a large measure of pleasure in the doing. I wasn’t sure if it was seeing Stephen so enraptured that gave me such a profound sense of satisfaction. Or maybe it was enduring pain and shame which provided the endorphin bursts that my body seemed to crave. Likely some of both.

Today was one of those times. Plunged into a very weird, somewhat unnerving, and especially embarrassing situation, here I was tightly tethered to a pool table having lots of dutiful doubts.

Billy Joe, sporting tattoos down both arms, and smelling like he went two-too many days between showers, inquired, “What you gonna do with that bag, Miguel?”

“I made up a soapsuds enema that I’m going to give Martha, because we want her clean and cleaned out for the toys we’re all going to be playing with her with.”

Not only was I their plaything, but my gender was now female.

We had arrived today just after lunch, Stephen and I together. He was happy, even giddy, although he didn’t let on as to exactly what we were going to be doing here at Miguel’s home.

He had proffered last week, in his knightly voice, “Sir Stephen has another lesson for you to learn in becoming his perfect submissive.” He then informed me of these three friends of his, all married and living the straight life, but who, like him, had had fantasies of having sex with a man—or were at least bi-curious. I was going to help them with that bi-curiosity. Which was all he had said. No more. No less.

I could only imagine what that might entail, but I completely missed the mark. I thought I would give some blow jobs and that would be that. Now I was beginning to understand what Stephen had meant, as he left to get some more beers, “You all got the toys I told you to bring so you could play with my Martha while I’m gone?”

This wasn’t going to be oral. No, this was going to be an ass-play playground and everything but.

He left. After some awkward conversation in the kitchen, we all thundered downstairs, me in the middle of the herd. Once we had descended, there seemed to be more whispered uncertainty, but then beers were cracked and Miguel lit a joint and passed it around. Soon we were all feeling the oblivion that Miguel hoped for, and he began making polite requests of his medical team.

While Jimmy assisted Miguel, Billy Joe escorted me down a narrow hallway to the bathroom and instructed me to change into the hospital gown he handed me. Then he brought istanbul travesti me back. He and Jimmy had positioned me several different ways before settling on one that elicited Miguel’s approval.

As Miguel proceeded with the enema, Jimmy interjected, “Say, Miguel. I got an idea. You got any sticks of butter in the freezer?” He had obviously forgotten to bring any toys.

“I think mi esposa does. And she probably won’t miss one. You got a toy in mind?”

“Yep,” he nodded enthusiastically, and he smiled with those crooked teeth glazed with tar and nicotine.

I felt Miguel move aside one of my butt cheeks, his fingers moist, maybe with lube or with nervous anticipation, as he slid a cold piece of plastic into my anus. I couldn’t help feeling dirty. The body odors, the cigar smoke, the perspiration on Miguel’s hand, the vulgar language, and the ribald jokes. And now their apparent need for giving me an enema. All of that made me feel like I was in some back-alley clinic, getting a high colonic from an unlicensed practitioner.

Again, I cursed myself for being who I was, being so willing to learn Stephen’s so-called “becoming the perfect submissive” lessons. In my altered state though, I momentarily relaxed. It was bizarre, but after all these months, I had strangely learned how to embrace the strange, and to let myself be used, maybe sometimes abused, because, I guess, I had come to trust Stephen.

For example, he had anticipated, and it was helpful, that I was a somewhat feminine-appearing man, as these men in their various iterations were uncomfortable with the idea of being gay. So being presented with a man who had had a Brazilian waxing a few days earlier and came dressed in a tight top with short skirt and leggings, was calculated to resolve any lingering homophobic insecurities. And I sensed no hesitancy now in the room.

“Nurse Miguel is going to start the enema, Martha. When it’s done, one of the staff will take you to the bathroom. On your return, Dr. Miguel will then examine you.”

The cool liquid started flowing into my rectum, accompanied by a few little cramps. I wasn’t sure how much I would be given, and a prickle of fear hit me that I wouldn’t be able to hold it, if I had the sudden urge to evacuate. The cold feeling radiated throughout my lower abdomen, and with it an occasional stronger cramp. “I think I gotta go!” I pressed them all, but Nurse Miguel was having nothing to do with it.

“You have to hold it, Martha,” he rebuked. “You’re only halfway there.”

He was right. That urge passed, and I could feel more cold liquid filling me. Another cramp followed and I held my tongue, but a stronger one built up soon after and I started squirming on the table. The two men tightened their stretch, and I got a little warning spank from Nurse Miguel. When I began to complain more vociferously, Nurse Miguel clamped the tubing, announced it was all in, and jerked it out of my ass. That pain made me tighten my sphincter, otherwise I might have expelled it all over the carpet, adding further to the plethora of malodors.

“BJ, take her to the bathroom, will you?”

They let go of my hands and BJ escorted me down the hall. I went in, quickly sat on the john, and expelled what seemed like a gallon of liquid into the toilet. Just when I thought I was done, though, another urge came and I let loose again and again. The relief was pleasurable, I had to admit, and my cock responded with a little bit of filling. BJ banged on the door and I wiped, flushed, and came out.

When I responded to Miguel’s question that it had come out muddy, he said, “We got to do another one,” and we went through the same procedure, with me feeling the cramps, holding it as long as I could, and going again to the bathroom.

The second time was much cleaner, and on my report to BJ, outside the door, he said that would be enough, and I was to shower off.

On my return, I was laid down again in the same position but this time two twenty-pound dumbbells were put on the floor on one side of the pool table, and my wrists were fastened to elastic bands and secured to them. I really couldn’t move now, which left the boys free to get out their toys.

“Here’s that stick of butter,” said Miguel, handing it to Jimmy, still wrapped in its paper.

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” squealed Jimmy. “This is going to be good!”

He took out a pocket knife and on one end of the opened butter cut the four corners diagonally to form somewhat of a point.

BJ chimed in, “Have him suck on that pointy end, Jimmy, and get it to look more like a cock.”

I heard Jimmy guffaw, and with his hand around a now naked butter, he put the whittled end into my mouth and ordered me to suck it, “Give the butter some head, Martha.”

It was ice cold and it gave me an ice cream headache as it was forced into my mouth against my soft palate. I gagged. They laughed. I did manage to smooth out the edges so that it did assume the shape, at least istanbul travestileri approximately, of a circumcised penis.

“Now I’m gonna shove this up your ass,” announced Jimmy, crudely. “My Jane won’t let me anywhere near her poop chute, so this is my one chance to have some ass-fun.”

Jimmy circled the table, spread my cheeks with one hand, and put the cold butter against my anus. Being so cold, my rosetta reflexly tightened, but his continued pressure, and the fact that I had lubricated the stick a bit with my saliva, made it slide in. Jimmy took his time to work it into my anus then out, the frigid stretching was something I had never felt before, making me both gasp and groan, to Jimmy’s delight.

“You’re getting fucked by the iceman Martha. How does that feel?” Jimmy gloated sliding it in and out of me. “Being from Minnesota, I know what cold is, and now, so do you!”

“Shove it all the way in!” shouted BJ.

“Yeah, we can let it melt in there,” Jimmy replied, but Miguel knew about rectums, and interjected, “Easy boys. We now have her good and lubed up, and we don’t want anything sitting in there taking its sweet time to melt.”

Then he added, “But keep it around. We may need some more lubing.”

“What did you bring BJ?” Miguel then inquired.

“Clothes pins,” replied BJ. “I’ve always wanted to put them on Betty Jeans cunt lips, but she won’t let me. She won’t even let me put them on her tits. Figure this may be my only chance to use them like I saw on the porn channels.”

“Let’s turn her over,” suggested Miguel. And they assisted in unknotting the wrist bands and removing my weights. The two put me on my back and I stretched out on the pool table. While Miguel held my legs, and Jimmy, my arms, BJ started maniacally applying the clothes pins.

The first one on my right nipple made me yelp, then four more around it made me writhe. Their grip strengthened as BJ put five on my left breast. I wasn’t ready for what happened next. A hand tightened around my shaft as number 11 got clipped to my glans. I screamed. They laughed mightily as three more were put on to ring my cock head. At some point, the overall pain was so intense, that I didn’t feel 16 more being put onto my scrotum. It was a delirium of sorts, and maybe having had the marijuana and the beer, I was starting to feel even more drugged. Once the full array had been placed, I was only vaguely aware of their jeering.

At some point however, they did take pity on me, because my squirming had died down, and maybe they were even afraid I had passed out. Jimmy raised up my head, and seemingly relieved, gave me a couple more swallows of his beer. Miguel took a toke and handed me the joint, and I took a deep draw, held it as long as I could, then slowly exhaled, coughing.

“All right everybody,” BJ announced, “hold her tight.” And then one by one he started removing the clothes pins, the first one from my right tit. A searing pain resulted from that one, and from each successive one removed, with a new intensity like a branding iron burning into my skin. I yelled and yelled with every clothes pin removal from my right breast to my left one, from my glans penis to my scrotum. They counted in a chant as BJ removed them one by one, all the way to thirty. Although I didn’t expect it, my agony began to transform into exhilaration. I felt like I was floating. I was weightless. The same way I had felt from Stephen’s flogging. Strangely, I became open to whatever these men would want.

Coincidentally, they began removing their clothes. My screaming worked as an aphrodisiac, their power over me getting them all good and hard. There was an excited sense of urgency and they began using the remaining stick of butter to lube up their individual cocks.

They slid me down to one edge of the pool table and, while I was on my back, they held my heels up over my head, exposing my buttered asshole.

Jimmy, the scrawniest, and with the thinnest cock, went first, burying it in me and pumping away. As I had had bigger probes, his girth didn’t faze me.

He giggled and laughed like a kid riding a bike for the first time without training wheels. He didn’t last long, though, coming in a squeal piercingly sharp, and then belching twice.

When he pulled out, BJ was right there with his wanting weapon. He greased himself up a bit more, then placed his hard cock against my ass. This one was going to be a bit more of a stretch. Although his erection wasn’t very long, it was thick. I tightened as he started to enter me, and sadistically he grabbed my sore cock and gave it a frictional massage, intensifying its pain and giving him a gleeful sneer. Then he plunged into me. I yelped, as his initial stretching pained me. So did his second and third thrust, but it subsided with each subsequent battering. Filling my rectum with his manhood, transforming pain into mounting pleasure, and making my own manhood leak fluid, I uttered, “Yes, yes, yes,” so earnestly that in travesti istanbul several strokes more, he, too, came.

Panting, he pulled out and bent over, and for some reason licked my swollen cock seductively, then bit down on it. Not enough to break the skin, but just enough to reveal more of his twisted self.

Miguel was the last. He was a big man, the host of this whole event today, but one who had the demeanor of his profession. He took his time, also rubbing himself up with more of the dwindling butter, then strode over to stand between my parted thighs and rubbed some of the softening stick on my anus too. It was sore from BJ’s fucking, and probably gaping, but I sensed only more soreness and stretching coming from Miguel’s giant piece.

Miguel could read my fear and gently caressed my cock, sagging after BJs carnivorous act. With the tactile infusion of caring in his kind carnality, I was momentarily distracted and began to feel a craving for his mammoth member. Marijuana helped, as it had the effect of heightening my senses, not so much for the painful sensations, as for the more erotic ones.

Miguel suggested that I slowly bear down as his cock came into contact with my anus, and with it, Miguel’s speech became more of the vernacular.

He was leaving his doctor guise, and all the clinical propriety he had to don when he donned his scrubs. Right now, he could shed that defense mechanism as he had shed his clothes. He was becoming an aroused mortal, although still with the professional grandeur of a god.

“I’m going to enter your pretty little ass now,” he said, “this is going to hurt you, Martha, but only for a second, then it’s going to feel so good.” I began to think the ‘feel so good’ part might be what he was going to be experiencing.

I guess I began to panic. This was a deja vu of Bevaun and his BBC. And the success of that experience had been made possible by Stephen’s presence, giving me his cock in my mouth to distract, and thereby, to relax me. Where was Stephen now?

Then a deus ex machina happened. Stephen burst out of an adjacent room, completely naked, with the biggest hard on he’s ever had.

“That’s some pool cue you got there Miguel,” he lauded. “And I bet you could do some really cool trick shots with it. Like maybe reverse cowgirl?”

Miguel was into it. “Yes, of course! I’ve always wanted to do that with Maria, but she’s very missionary vanilla. Let’s do it!”

Stephen somehow had a bottle of Astroglide with him—did he carry that stuff with him everywhere?—and he suggested Miguel lay down prone on the pool table, legs over the edge, and he squirted gobs of the gelatinous lube onto Miguel’s rigidity. He put a dollop in his own hand and applied it generously all over my asshole.

Stephen helped me up onto the pool table, the green felt welcomely cool to my hot moist skin. But with me straddling Miguel, poised with knees over the bumper, I felt I was going to pitch forward over the edge. I tried to grab the rails, but couldn’t get enough of a grip. I think one big man was getting impatient, but the other, Stephen, calmly put my hands on his hips, assured me he had my lithe little form, and moved me into position.

There I sat facing away from Miguel, hovering over his pelvis. On Stephen’s cue I slowly eased myself down to touch my pocket to Miguel’s cue stick. I felt it flinch in my ring.

Stephen’s cock was staring up at me, mirroring the lust on his face. His manhood moved into my mouth as he whispered,

“Let yourself go, Martha, my dear. Engulf Miguel. You can do it.”

I felt the dreaded tearing, or what I imagined was my ass being shredded, ripped wide open, as I descended onto him. I screamed. I shouted into Stephen’s giant cock. I moaned loudly. But soon, I began to groan raunchily, as that suffering was conjoined by the delirious realization of both my ass and my mouth being filled with two of the biggest cocks I had ever had.

I was now not abused but being used as the predator-like focus of their carnal desires. As I rode up and down Miguel’s monster, Stephen fucked my mouth. I had tears of painful happiness flooding down my cheeks. I was soon sobbing with pleasure as I heard the two of them groaning, moaning, exclaiming, cursing, shouting, and then coming.

Miguel tilted his pelvis up into me repeatedly with a relentless fury, and Stephen pumped vigorously against my throat, to the point of gagging me, as he gripped my head, pulled my face against his groin and filled my throat with his deliciously warm come as Miguel was filling my rectal vault full of his.

As we three collected our breaths, and the other two men milked the last of their second coming out of still stiff cocks, a question occurred to me: what the heck was Stephen doing in that side room when he purportedly had left to get beer? Was he watching the whole time, arousing himself and readying himself for another super-hero rescue? And what if he hadn’t come back in time and orchestrated the final fucking? Would I even have had an asshole left?

He had some explaining to do on our ride home, I said to myself. He needed to account for what my becoming the perfect submissive was really intended for. And what else was on his crazy mind?

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Night Time

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They were the fireworks in the velvet dark, the blaze that dared to light up the night. Even though the beast was now slayed by the knights of blood, it left a lingering worry inside of Vox’s head. It was a victory that left Vox feeling shaky, sweaty, and filled with anxiety.

It was a feeling that Vox didn’t understand, but he cared so much about his little lover.

Much to his surprise, Vox woke up scared, sweating, and he immediately looked at the younger man laying beside him. Berwick was still fast asleep, albeit he woke up when Vox brushed a hand through his black locks. Berwick woke up, looking at a sweaty Vox beside him. Glancing at the window, Berwick looked back at Vox with a huff escaping his lips.

“What time do you call this, Vox? It’s pitch black outside,” he complained as he struggled to keep his eyes open. “Are you having a nightmare or something?” Berwick asked. The lad knew Vox better than anyone else.

“You could say that,” cackled Vox. “I’m sorry for waking you up.”

“What were you dreaming about?”

“Nothing to worry about,” he put. “It was just a silly dream – I don’t think I can fall back to sleep again though,” he mentioned.

“It must have been something bad,” answered Berwick with a frown appearing over his rims. He moved closer to Vox, till their bodies were touching. “What did you dream about? Was it the battle last night with that spirit thing, you can tell me you know?”

“Well, yeah. I had a dream where this enemy killed you and I was all alone,” admitted Vox. “It sounds silly, I know, but it really terrified me.”

Wow, Vox really did sound silly right now, but Berwick tried his very best not to laugh. Vox was usually very level-headed and would face any danger in the service of his great cause. At the moment, however, Vox never seemed like himself…perhaps due to his feelings for Berwick.

“That…was your dream?” Berwick scoffed at first, “You know I’d never let anything kill me or you, Voxy,” smiled Berwick. See, there was that smile again! “Maybe we should quit fighting and continue our lives as a couple if it’s scaring you that much,” he shrugged at the thought.

Vox liked that idea a lot, “Maybe we should,” he said.

“Yeah, we can just quit.”

Turning almanbahis around so his back was facing Berwick, Vox frowned. “But we just can’t,” he muttered. “We can’t quit because everyone depends on us; I can’t let the team do it all by themselves. They won’t be able to survive without us.”

Cuddling up with Vox from behind, Berwick nuzzled his face into Vox’s shoulder as his front touched Vox’s back. The younger male looked at Vox’s hair, and the dark-haired male whispered into Vox’s ear. “Don’t worry about the team; keep your focus on me,” wished Berwick.

“I can’t help it, I do want to be with you and to stop fighting,” admitted Vox. “But I can’t just abandon the team because I hold a great responsibility.” It wasn’t easy being the leader of a group…

“We can wake up every morning and just be together all day,” encouraged Berwick. “Well, does that sound comforting?”

Vox smiled in return, “I’ll think about it.”

Hugging Vox from behind, Berwick started to kiss Vox’s neck while a nimble hand caressed his upper arm. “I hope you decide to agree, Voxy,” mumbled Berwick lovingly with a snuggled head against Vox’s strong shoulder.

Vox placed a hand upon Berwick’s before glancing over his shoulder at the dark-haired lad, “Should I get a drink?” Vox questioned as he rose out of bed.

Berwick nodded, laying there sleepy as he awaited his lover’s return. The kitchen was just around the corner from the bedroom, no stairs involved. Vox was preparing a glass of whatever was easiest to make at this time of the morning. Water, just water.

Two glasses of water were set on the bedside table, but Vox just left them there unattended.

Remembering the nightmare on his way back into the bedroom, Vox crawled back into bed and nuzzled up to Berwick. He threw the duvet over his face, thus concealing himself from all the elements in the room. What caught Berwick by surprise was how needy Vox was right now, and all Berwick could do was be there for him in his time of need. “It’s not going to happen, Voxy; it was just a dream,” Berwick called to mind.

“…But what if it happens?”

“You don’t need to worry; it will not happen if we just stop battling,” Berwick cuddled closely.

“Well, I can’t go back to almanbahis giriş sleep,” whimpered Vox. “I don’t want to sleep tonight.”

“That’s not what I had in mind,” smirked Berwick. “There are other things we can do at this hour.”

“Are you hinting at something?”

“It’s three in the morning, I want you to fall asleep somewhen…so why don’t I just get you off?” Berwick suggested, bumping his pointy nose into Vox’s. An eager hand slipped into the male’s boxers, feeling his manhood. “This will make you go to sleep and have a good dream about me,” he smirked.

Albeit sleepy, Berwick’s hand went a little further beneath Vox’s testicles, as he soon slipped a finger into his puckered anus. Berwick still smirked, watching Vox’s face blush a tad at the feel of his middle finger sliding into his orifice. It started with a twinging feeling, all until this middle finger touched Vox’s prostate.

A nimble finger pressed into Vox’s sweet spot, “That’s amazing,” gasped an eager Vox. Berwick used his available hand and gently massaged Vox’s muscled chest, in an attempt to relax the tense male.

It was dark under the covers, and Vox could faintly see Berwick beside him…especially his two shiny horns. Looking down at Berwick penetrating him, the male smiled at the pleasing finger. He relaxed his legs, raising a leg for Berwick in the process. Vox was laying on one side, Berwick in his arms as he felt the younger male doing wonders below his waist.

“Don’t stop,” he murmured.

Even though this was tired sex, Berwick picked up his pace and continued to slide his finger inward and then out of Vox’s anus. His orifice was tight, albeit he was relaxed enough. Berwick was laying down next to Vox, his head resting on the male’s shoulder as his nimble finger kept on with the dirty work.

“Do you want me to add in a second finger?” Berwick asked.

“…Yes,” he answered.

Prepping his anus for Berwick’s next finger. Widening the hole a little, two of Berwick’s fingers went in and forced through those tight inner walls together, filling the tired Vox. Tender with speed, Berwick’s fingers teased Vox’s prostate, stroking it gently.

This left Vox squirming for release, “Do more!” Vox screeched.

“How about this?” almanbahis yeni giriş Berwick placed his available hand on Vox’s erect cock, tugging with songmic rhythm.

“Oh yes…do that,” replied Vox.

Pushing his head back into the pillow, Vox could feel his thighs beginning to tremble at the feel of Berwick teasing his intimate parts. The mushroom head of his manhood already glowed a bright crimson due to the fingering…and Berwick touching his penis.

“Maybe you should use your mouth,” he suggested with a smirk.

“That’s a great idea, Voxy,” answered a keen Berwick. The boy was so young, naive, and he’d do anything to make Vox happy.

Licking his dry lips (lips are chapped at 3am), Berwick parted his lips as he moved his head south. Berwick embraced Vox’s hard erect penis with his mouth, suckling up and down. Inhaling the strong musk, Berwick took in as many inches as he could.

Closing his eyes, Vox moaned out in pleasure at the feel of Berwick’s warm mouth and soft lips. Even at this time of the morning, Berwick did a good job at giving a blow job. Vox gripped a fistful of Berwick’s black hair, messing up his neat ponytail in the process. He gave a gentle push on Berwick’s head, encouraging the boy to take every inch of his erect penis until the boy’s nose was planted in his blue pubic hair (what? it would be blue down there).

“You really know how to please me, Berwick,” cooed Vox. “How does your mouth always feel so good?”

Even though this was a pleasurable thing, Vox still remembered the nightmare he had and this caused all sorts of anxiety to bloom. He started to think about the dream he had, and he immediately stopped Berwick from what he was doing down there. Vox raised his torso and gave Berwick a hug, enveloping his arms around the boy’s collar. He buried his face into Berwick’s shoulder.

“I care about you so much,” he sniffled. “I don’t want you to fight any more, okay? It’s too dangerous out there for you; I should have never let you into the group but I’m so glad I met you,” stated Vox.

Gently hugging back, Berwick listened to every word. Pleasuring him wasn’t enough, it couldn’t take the pain away that Vox felt from this nightmare.

All Berwick could say in response was, “Sure, if it makes you happy. But what about you? You need to leave the group as well,” he replied. “Do you want me to stop?”

Simply nodding at Berwick’s question, “All I want to do is hug you all night,” answered Vox.

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It’s Time for a Family Swap Ch. 03

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This is a fictional story based on my fantasies about two families. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 18. I prefer stories with a plot that get us involved in the story and then leads to sex rather than stories with just wild sex. My stories are bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, groupsex and mainly incest. If they do not suit you please give these a pass. Enjoy the story.

So far we have seen how Rahul and Akram reveal to each other about their feelings towards each other’s mom. And then how they end up finding out about their parents secret and end up watching them in a groupsex. Next we saw how Rahul convinced Akram to have gay sex with him and how Rahul ended up having sex with his own father.


Akram woke me up with a call. He sounded very pissed as soon as I picked up the call.

Me: “What’s up bro? Is everything alright? What happened to our plan?”

Akram: “You bastard! My ass is hurting like crazy because of you and your god damned plan.”

Me: “Why bro? It dint work?”

Akram: “It worked. I ended up sucking my dad’s cock. But it just dint end there. It ended with me getting fucked by my dad in my asshole.”

I was relieved our plan worked, but at the same time was sorry for Akram as this was something we were not prepared for. Lucky for me, I ended up fucking my dad. But for him, he ended up getting fucked in his asshole and it must have hurt him like crazy as it was his first time.

Me: “I am sorry bro. I dint expect it would go that far.”

Akram: “It’s alright. Though it was painful in the beginning and it hurts now, it was a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t mind getting fucked again. Anyways tell me about your story. Did it work?”

Me: “Yes dude. But luckily for me, I ended up fucking my dad. So it doesn’t hurt as much” I laughed.

Akram: “Don’t worry bro. You will get your turn. So shall we plan for next step today?”

Me: “Yes. You and Akbar uncle come home for dinner. I will arrange for everything. And then we will take it from there.”

Akram: “Alright. See you in the evening.”

I arranged everything for the evening. Got dinner and drinks sorted. As planned, Akram and Akbar uncle came home in the evening around 6. Dad was also home watching TV. We gossiped for a bit about politics and movies and other stuff. We then started having drinks. After having a good couple of drinks, it was finally time to implement our plan.

Me: “So Akbar uncle, how were things last night? I heard crazy things happened.”

He and Dad were shocked to hear this. They probably did not expect us to talk about this.

Akbar: “ummm.. What crazy things?”

Me: “Come on uncle. You don’t have to hide things. I am sure everyone here knows about everything that happened last night. Don’t tell me you and dad dint already talk about what happened last night! I and Akram have already talked about everything in detail.”

Both of them were horrified to hear this. They were just staring at each other and then were staring at us. They dint know how to react as we took them by a surprise. They thought for some time before replying.

Dad: “That’s true. It’s an open secret now. There is no point in hiding it anymore.”

Akbar: “Yes. You are right Raghu. Our kids are all grown up now and exploring all kinds of stuff. Even with us. There is no point in treating them as kids anymore.”

Akram: “Yes Dad. Treat us like your friends. We are very happy to learn a lot of things from you guys. You guys are our role models and we want to be just like you guys when we grow old.”

Me: “Yes uncle. So how was it last night? Had a good time?”

Akbar: “Yes. I had fun. Never in my wildest dreams, had I thought I would have sex with my son, but I enjoyed it. It was good to have a virgin asshole after a long time.”

Akram: “You enjoyed and my ass still hurts.”

Akbar: “haha. Somethings you will only learn in a hard way son. This is one of those.”

Me: “oh yes. I am sure it must have been great. Even we had a lot of fun. Isn’t it dad?”

Dad: “Yes. It was good.”

Me: “Yes dad. I really enjoyed sucking your cock. I heard you have an amazing cock too Akbar uncle. If it is ok I would also like to taste what Akram enjoyed yesterday and what my dad has been enjoying for so many years.”

Akbar: “What?”

Me: “Please uncle. Both my dad and my best friend did it. I feel left out. Even I want to be a part of it.”

Akram: “Yes. Even I heard a lot about Raghu uncle’s cock and even I want to taste it.”

Akbar: “ummm… What the heck. Why not! I already did it with almanbahis my son. So there is nothing wrong in doing with you I guess. What do you say Raghu?”

Dad: “Yea. I guess so. We will have two young and energetic cocks readily accessible to satisfy our needs.”

That was the green signal we were looking for. And once we heard it, I and Akram removed all our clothes immediately and were standing stark naked in front of our dads. We walked towards them, I went to Akbar uncle and pulled down his trousers. Akram did the same with my dad. I took Akbar uncle’s cock in hands and stroked it gently at first.

As it stiffened up, I took it in my mouth and started sucking it gently, just the way my dad sucked my cock the night before. From the corner of my eye, I saw Akram giving a blowjob to my dad. After sucking Akbar uncle’s cock for a good few minutes he cummed in mouth. I swallowed the whole of it and licked his dick clean with my tongue.

Akbar: “Looks like your dad trained you well beta. You did it just like him. Now it’s my turn.”

Me: “Thanks uncle. My cock is all yours.”

On the other side even Akram swallowed all of my dad’s cum and licked it clean. My dad got into position to suck Akram’s cock. My cock was already fully stiffened up, which Akbar uncle took the whole of it in his mouth, in one gulp. Though Akram and my dad gave me blowjobs, both of them couldn’t take the whole of my cock in their mouth. Akbar uncle was enjoying my cock very much.

After our dads sucked our cocks for some time and gave us an orgasm and swallowed all of our cum, all four us lied down on the bed next to each other to get some rest. We compared our dicks and figured out Akram’s was the thickest and mine was the longest cock. Although our dads’ cocks were not in their prime they were still pretty good for their age.

After getting rest for a bit, Akbar uncle turned towards me and asked me to get into doggy position. I had no option but to obey his order. Akram and dad, both of them licked and kissed Akbar uncle’s cock to lubricate it. Once it stiffened, Akbar uncle got into position behind me and with one push he pushed his cock into my asshole.

I shouted at the top of my voice with pain. My dad put his cock in my mouth, to make me stop shouting. I started sucking his cock. He signaled Akram to come and fuck him from behind. Which Akram gladly accepted. He got into position behind my dad, and pushed his cock into my dad’s asshole. I was getting fucked by Akbar uncle in my ass, while giving a blowjob to my dad, while dad was getting fucked in his asshole by Akram.

After stroking for a while, all three of them cummed pretty much at the same time, with Akbar uncle cumming in my asshole, dad in my mouth and Akram in my dad’s asshole. After resting for a bit, I told Akbar uncle that I wanted to fuck him. He gladly got into doggy position in front of me. I went crazy and fucked Akbar uncle wildly. The other two were enjoying the free gay porno in front of them.

All four of us were tired. We had our dinner completely naked. After dinner, we were back on bed lying next to each other. It was finally the time I was waiting for.

Me: “That was some crazy shit we did today guys.”

Dad: “Yes. It was. I remembered my college days. After a very long time, I had three cocks at a time.”

I was happy with what I heard. It was going in the direction I wanted. Today was the day, to get out all the darkest secrets of our parents.

Akram: “Wow uncle. That’s crazy. You had days like these before too?”

Akbar: “Yes beta. What did you think, that only you are crazy bastards? We were crazy too when we were younger. Although we never did it with our own dads. That is some crazy shit we did now.”

Me: “ummm.. I guess it is ok as long as everyone involved is having fun uncle. So what kind of crazy stuff did you guys do? I want to know more. How did you guys actually start it and etc.?”

Dad: “Oh. We did a lot of stuff. It all started when we were in our college and were staying in a hostel. As we were staying in hostel, there wasn’t much privacy. We dint have internet or access to porn like you guys do today. Nor did we have girlfriends. All we had back then was playboy or some other magazines. So we would jerk off looking at those magazines when there was no one around.”

Dad: “One time I was feeling very horny and I took a magazine to bathroom, to jerk off. But our warden caught me red handedly. What we dint know until then was, our warden was gay. He offered to give me a blowjob, which I rejected at first but I had to accept in order to avoid punishment. Although it felt weird in the beginning, almanbahis giriş I really enjoyed it. I let Akbar know about it and he also wanted to experience it.”

Dad: “So I informed the warden, and he gladly accepted. So it started with him giving us blowjobs now and then. One day, he took both of us to his home and asked us to give him a blowjob. We rejected at first, but he convinced us and we ended up sucking his cock. It felt weird at first, but as we were doing it, we also enjoyed it.”

Dad: “After that, as Akbar had a thicker cock, he asked Akbar to fuck him in his asshole. At the same time he wanted to fuck me in my asshole. We resisted but he again convinced us. So we ended up in a sandwich with Akbar fucking him and him fucking me. After that we changed positions and I fucked him, while he was fucking Akbar.”

Akbar: “This is one of the reasons why I like fucking more and Raghu likes getting fucked more.”

Dad: “After a few days, I and Akbar also started having sex with each other. Our warden managed to convince a couple of other boys too and all of us would have sex together once in a while. It was like a cock fest where many young desperate cocks were looking to fuck anything and everything they could find. So our journey started in that way.”

Me: “Oh wow. That’s crazy. So you did see and enjoy quite a few cocks back then. Dint you feel like having sex with a girl during that time?”

Akbar: “Of course we did. We were straight guys who were fantasizing about woman all the time but our circumstances made us bisexual. Although, we are happy about it. We were looking for every chance to have sex with a woman. But ours was a boys only hostel and college. So we hardly met any girls. Do you wanna know the craziest thing we did? We even hired a prostitute once.”

Akram: “What? Are you serious? You guys are very courageous. We never had the courage or money or sources to hire prostitutes.”

Akbar: “Yes beta. We dint have a lot of money either but one of our friends knew a prostitute. So both of us saved for months and months just to spend it on a prostitute for one night.”

Me: “Ok. So did you guys enjoy with her?”

Akbar: “Of course we did. It was our first time with a woman. And we dint know when we would get another chance. So we had sex with her all night. We fulfilled every desire of ours with her. It was pretty much a threesome. While one was busy fucking her, other was either busy sucking her boobs or getting a blowjob. I still remember, we had 4 orgasms that day. The most for us in a single day till now. We even sandwiched her between us and fucked both her pussy and asshole at the same time. “

Me: “Wow. That’s crazy uncle. You really are best of friends. You even lost your virginity together. Hope I and Akram will be able to be like you guys. So what other crazy stuff did you guys do?”

Dad: “ummm.. Once we had sex with an older couple. While we were renting a house, our owner wanted to see his wife get banged by a younger guy. Lucky for him, both of us were ready. We ended up fucking both wife and husband though. That was fun.”

Me: “ummm.. Looks like you guys did a lot of crazy stuff together. That’s good to know. Can I ask you guys something?”

Akbar: “Of course you can. We have already told so many of our secrets.”

Me: “ummm.. Promise, you won’t lie!”

Akbar: “We won’t. What is it?”

Me: “You guys have shared so many things in life. Have you guys shared your wives too? They are both beautiful woman. I am sure you must have had crush on each other’s wives.”

They were shocked at my question. They looked at each other’s face. I already knew the answer but I wanted to hear it from their mouth. They paused for a few minutes before answering.

Dad: “ummm.. We were avoiding the topic as it involved your moms but I was afraid it was going to come up sooner or later. Now since you guys are curious about it and as we don’t wanna lie to you guys, the answer to your question is yes. We are into wife swapping and we still do it. All four of us enjoy group sex whenever we get a chance. This is one of the reasons we go on our weekend trips.”

I was waiting to hear this all night.

Akram: “Wow. That’s really crazy. You guys are very lucky. How did that happen? How did you convince them?”

Akbar: “ummm.. It was not easy. It took almost 3 to 4 years to convince them. They were very conservative and we had to be very patient and persistent to introduce them to the idea of wife swapping, group sex. But all our hard work had paid off and after having all you kids, they finally said yes to it. Now everything has changed and they almanbahis yeni giriş enjoy it more than us.”

Me: “Wow. That’s awesome. Why is that?”

Dad: “We have opened all our secrets to you guys. So there is no point in hiding the last one. What we dint realize, when we were convincing them for wife swapping, was that we were opening the gates to the floods. We considered ourselves to be the horniest bastards out there, but the shy Indian girls we were married to, turned out to be the wildest, sex craving women out there. Sometimes even we couldn’t match up to their energy. That is one of the reasons we take those foreign trips to Europe and Africa. For all of us to enjoy those big black cocks.”

It was a shock to me. Our moms were not just having sex with each other’s husbands but also quite a few other guys. That too in front of their husbands. A normal son would probably get angry at this, but I was elated, as I realized it wouldn’t be that hard to convince our moms to have sex with us. They still might resist a bit, as we are their sons but it was definitely possible to convince them.

Akram: “Wow. No wonder I and Rahul are always so horny. Where will the genes go? I still can’t believe our moms could be so wild. I knew they were but not so much.”

Me: “Since you guys have told us all your secrets, I would like to tell you, one of our secrets.”

Akbar: “Oh yes. What is it? We don’t need to have any more secrets between us.”

Me: “We already knew you guys were into wife swapping and enjoy group sex. We wanted to surprise you guys last weekend and came by to our farm house. But what we saw there blew our minds away. We saw you guys fucking each other’s wives.”

Me: “I had a huge crush on Ruhi aunty for a few years now. For me she was the most beautiful woman out there. I used to fantasize about her all the time and I used to dream of losing my virginity to her. When I saw you guys on that day, I couldn’t believe my luck as I saw Ruhi aunty naked for the first time. It was the best moment of my life.”

Me: “But something else also caught my eye, my mom’s naked body on the bed. I couldn’t take my eyes of her boobs. I wanted to play with them. Suck them. I couldn’t see her as my mom but a beautiful woman, whom I desperately wanted to fuck. From that day, all I want to do is fuck these two beautiful women. I have been going crazy thinking about it.”

Akram: “It’s the same with me. I have been dreaming about Kajal aunty for a long time, but since that day I can’t stop dreaming about mom too.”

Akbar: “What! What the fuck is wrong with you guys? How can you even think about your moms in that way? Friend’s mom is one thing but your own mom? That is crazy. Why are you even telling us this?”

Me: “ummm.. Just like you guys let all your secrets out, we let out ours. And we are telling you guys because we want you guys to help us.”

Dad: “Help? Help in what?”

Me: “Help in having sex with those two beautiful women.”

Dad: “What! What are you saying? Why would we even do that when it is wrong?”

Me: “ummm.. Why is it wrong dad? We had sex together. All four of us. How is it any different from this? Don’t tell me you have never heard about or thought about incest in all your life. What we did is also a type of incest. Incest is very common in various parts of the world. It’s just that no one tells it out, as it is frowned upon in the society. And more over after hearing all these stories, I will go crazy if you won’t help us. I am already very disturbed and I might end up doing crazy stuff. Now it is up to you guys if you want to help or not.”

This shocked them. They were silent for quite some time. Dad and Akbar uncle walked out of the room to discuss. I and Akram looked at each other and prayed that it should work. Else we would have to face some serious consequences. After waiting for a long time, they returned to the room.

Akbar: “Alright you bastards. We knew you were cunning little fellows but dint expect you would turn out to be such big perverts. We were never into incest but looking at how crazy you guys are going, maybe we can try and see. But we can’t promise anything.”

Me: “Thanks so much guys for understanding us. We knew you would! Imagine how crazy we must be going, for us to ask you guys to help in fucking your wives, our own moms. We know you will be able to convince them. Especially after hearing all those stories today. We will see you again only after you let us know the good news.”

Dad: “What do you mean?”

Me: “From tomorrow we are going to stay at a friend’s place until you guys convince mom and Ruhi aunty. We are having a hard time controlling ourselves with those beautiful wild women around us.”

Next day, both of us packed our clothes and went to stay at a friend’s place. We were waiting to hear good news from our dads.

To be continued..

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