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Britnee Busted XXX Ch. 08

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“Nomi? Why is the club so empty?”

Nomi strode over to the table Julie Juggs was sitting at. The silver bikini top she wore did little to cover her extra large, enhanced tits. “Aye, Miss Julie. Is the time where everybody works. It will soon be five and then everybody come here to watch the boom-boom.”

Julie sighed and shook her head. “I meant where are all the girls?”

Nomi blushed. “Sorry. Well, most of the night shift are maybe still sleeping i guess.”

Julie nodded. Yeah…”

She leaned back and stretched her arms over her head. She was wearing a tight, shiny, Under Armour shirt that looked glued onto her enormous, 8000ccs breasts. The hem of the shirt barely covered the lower curve of her tits exposing her flat, toned, bare midriff. Her skin was a deep bronze from hours in the sun and tanning bed.

Nomi moved behind Julie and began rubbing her shoulders. “You know, boss… since it’s so slow now and there is nobody here to see… maybe we could relieve some of this tension you build up in here.”

Julie closed her eyes and let Nomi’s fingers work her tight muscles. She could feel the swell of the Brazilian girl’s fat tits against her head. She started growing warm and sticky between her thighs and was about to give in to Nomi’s suggestion when her phone buzzed.

“Shit,” Julie sighed and opened her eyes. She thumbed her phone. “It’s Britnee.”

The text stated: Hey Boss Come on over n chk out Laras new tits Kisses

“Great,” Julie half-shouted. “Soon Britnee will get hers! Nomi, watch the place. I gotta run!”

Julie jumped and made for the exit. Nomi, already wet and horny, looked around for someone to fuck. As the club was empty, she sighed and sat down alone.


“Okay, Boo,” Britnee kissed Lara’s cheek. “Just like we discussed.”

I know, Boo. I’ve done enough photoshoots. Not my first time.” Lara said, annoyed.

“I know, Boo,” Britnee wiped the corner of Lara’s mouth with a finger. “It’s just that, damn. I think I’m more nervous about your big titty debut than you are.”

“Aww, Boo! That’s so sweet! But, really… I’m going to be standing in the kitchen taking my shirt off. Big deal.”

“Okay, well…” Britnee looked at Larry. “Y’all ready?”

“Yeah,” Larry replied. “Let’s do this. And… Go!”

Larry held an expensive 35mm Ultra HD photo camera. Jed was shooting the main video with Eddy shooting long shots and alternate angles.

“Who’ da thought you’d need three cameras for one girl, right?” Britnee giggled.

Lara walked into the kitchen and into Larry’s frame. “This spot good?” Larry nodded as he snapped away.

Lara was dressed in a pair of white sneakers, a pair of sheer, lacy knee-length white leggings and, an orange tube top she had borrowed from Britnee. She smiled at the camera and thrust her chest out. For the next several minutes, Lara posed, showing off her fabric clad new, bigger tits. She squeezed them and massaged them through her tight top while chatting with Britnee as the men snapped photos and video.

“When do you want me to get naked,” Lara glared seductively at the camera.

“Larry,” Britnee looked at her cameraman.

Larry shrugged and kept shooting. “Anytime you like. I have plenty of tease shots already.”

“Do it, Boo,” Britnee grinned. “Let them puppies out!”

Britnee leaned against the refrigerator and traced a finger over the ‘landing strip” of pubic hair above her moistening pussy. She was naked save for a pair of platform sandals and a thin, silver waist chain with a silver charm that read, “Property of Lara”

that hugged her hips.

Lara made a goofy face and hooked her thumbs under the fabric covering the top of her boobs. She smiled and slowly pulled the fabric down over one tit almost to the nipple then, pulled it back up. She repeated with the other tit. “A wanna see ’em,” she teased.

She repeated the teasing then yanked the top down exposing her new, perfectly spheroid tits to the camera.

Jed let out a low whistle. “Damn, those are some nice titties!”

Britnee nodded in agreement and snapped a picture with her phone. “Social media tease…”

Lara laughed and cupped her tits in her hands. She squeezed them and massaged them and tweaked the nipples. “God, I love them,’ she giggled.

“So do I,” groaned Jed.

Yup,” agreed Larry.

Lara spent the next several minutes posing, showing off her new, big tits. Larry and Jed captured her new look from every possible angle. “Should I take my leggings off, now,” she asked.

Britnee nodded. She was growing wetter by the minute watching her friend pose. “Sure, Boo. If you wants too.”

Lara grinned at her and turned away from the camera. Larry knelt to shoot up, framing her long, toned legs and small, sweetly round ass. Lara turned three quarters from the camera and with her feet apart, bent her knees slightly, sticking her backside out. taksim escort She gripped the hem off her leggings in both hands and ever so slowly peeled them down, exposing her soft, round cheeks. The camera angle captured both her sweet ass and her large, fake tit. Larry groaned with approval.

“Oh yeah, that’s the money shot,” He exclaimed, snapping away.

Lara turned and gripped her butt cheeks. She spread them wide, exposing her tiny, tight anus and glistening cunt lips. “Fuck! This is making me so horny,” She moaned.

Everyone in the room agreed.

Lara pulled her leggings down to her ankles and with a little help from Eddie, over her shoes. With her legs free, she turned back to the camera and leaned against the kitchen counter. She spread her legs and massaged her new tits before tracing a finger over her belly and down to her wet slit. She teased her slit then lifted the finger to her mouth, never taking her eyes off Larry and his camera.

“Mmm,” she moaned, licking her fingertip and sucking it. She then rubbed her fingertip on her rock hard nipple. Britnee felt her pussy convulse a little as she watched.

“Fuck, Boo! That is so hot,” Britnee groaned. “You are so fucking sexy!”

“Aww, Boo. Stop,” Lara replied. While cupping a big, round, fake tit in her hand, Lara lifted a long, supple leg and planted her foot on the countertop. She teased her wet cunt with her fingers as she shot a smoldering look to the camera.

A knock at the door made everyone freeze. Britnee frowned and looked out the window.

“Holy shit,” she almost screamed. “It’s Julie!”

She opened the door. “Hi, boss!”

Julie didn’t expect to be greeted by a naked Britnee. “Uh, hi, Britnee,” she said. “Um, did I come at a bad time?”

“Nah, we’re just watching Lara show off her new tits. C’mon in!”

Julie stepped inside. Larry, Jed, and Eddie saw Julie’s massive chest and shouted almost simultaneously, “Holy shit! Look at the size of those tits!”

Julie was used to the effects her massive, bowling ball-sized tits had on people. She grinned. “Hi, boys! Nice to meet ya! Hi. Lara! My, those are some sweet looking tits you got there!”

Lara blushed and shrugged. “Aww…”

“Come here and let me get a better look,” Julie held out her arms.

Lara rushed over and gave Julie a tight hug. They embraced for a moment as Julie crushed Lara against her huge tits. They kissed deeply before Julie stepped back and examined the dark-haired girl’s breasts.

“Mmm, yes,” she said, caressing Lara’s firm, spheroid tits. “I love the shape. And the size is perfect for your frame. Hell, like you stuffed softballs under your skin. Not too small but not too big… On your slender frame, they look absolutely ridiculous! In a sexy, cock-stiffening good way! I love them, sweety! The nipple placement… slightly above the curve, like you rotated your tits up… simply perfect.”

“Aww, gosh, boss,” Lara blushed again. “That’s so sweet!”

Julie continued. “I’m thinking we should get you up on the stage dancing. You would make so much more than just waiting tables.”

Britnee, standing behind Lara, looked desperately at Julie and shook her head. “Um…”

“What do you think, Brit,” Julie asked.

“I think we should discuss that later. Lara still has a few shoots to do and I’m still waiting for my hug.”

“Oh, babe,” Julie turned and pulled Britnee to her chest. “I’m sorry.”

She kissed Britnee deeply, grinding her tits against Britnee lewdly.

It took a moment for Britnee to compose herself when Julie broke the kiss. “Umm… let me get you a drink.”

Julie noticed the cameras and studio lighting setup. “Oh, I don’t want to be in the way…”

Britnee shook her head. “Yer not. We were just finishing up the first set an’ was gonna take a break while Lara changes and the boys reset the lights. Right, guys?”

Lara grinned. “Yep! I’m going to put on that hot pink bodysuit and matching heels for the next one. How about we clear off the coffee table for the next shoot?”

“Great idea, Boo.” Britnee gave her a light slap on the ass. “Go git even more sexy for me, baby. If that’s even possible you sexy girl.”

Britnee motioned towards the sofa. Make yerself at home, Julie, while I gets some refreshments.”

She looked towards the three men. Larry, Jed, and Eddie were standing, staring slack-jawed at Julie and her more than enormous tits.

“Hey!” Britnee glared at the trio. “Dimwits! Hey! Do I pay you idiots to gawk like morons? Get to work!”

The three horny studs fumbled and fidgeted with their cameras and lighting all the while stealing glances at Julie. Britnee sat next to Julie and handed her a drink. “Here, boss. Try a line of this new shit. My guy says it’s straight from Bolivia.”

“Oh, my,” Julie sniffed. “That is some good shit!”

“You guys want a bump? Yeah? Help yourselves.” Britnee held out the tray.

“Britnee, I just love how Lara’s breasts topkapı escort turned out. She is so lovely. And in a few months, when her skin isn’t so tight… She’ll be absolutely stunning. What did she go with? They look like 1000ccs.”

“You got a great eye, lady. Yeah, 1000ccs of silicone gel per tit. The Doc said her skin had just enough elasticity to start out with such a big set.” Britnee couldn’t help staring at Julie’s huge rack.

“And now, you’ll be getting yours as well?” Julie turned, giving Britnee a better view of her tits.

Britnee grinned. “Yeah… next week. Mama’s getting married on Saturday, her tits look amazin’, by the way, and I’m going under the knife on Tuesday. The Doc says with the size of my tits, we can start with 1600ccs easy. He says it’ll look like I got at least 6000ccs per boob! Fuck, that’s hot!”

“Oh, I’m so excited for you!” Julie grabbed Britnee and hugged tightly to her chest.

Lara walked back into the room dressed in jeans and an open blouse over the tube top she had worn earlier. The blouse did little to hide her new, fat tits. “I gotta put the shoot on hold, Boo.”

“What’s up, Boo?” Britnee stood and moved to her lover.

“There’s a problem at the server farm. One I need to deal with personally. It shouldn’t take more than a few hours. Julie? I’m sorry I gotta run like thi-. Hey…, y’all gonna fuck while I’m gone, aren’t you?”

Britnee looked down with a guilty look on her face. “Yeah… If you stay, we could all fuck, right, boss?”

“Well,” Julie smiled. “It had crossed my mind. I have to admit, part of the reason I came here today was to tell you two I want in. I want to join my site with yours and make some mega-busty big titty porn. Rob and I think it would be a great addition to our already successful partnership.”

Britnee and Lara stared open-mouthed at Julie, then each other, then at Julie again.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!!” Britnee hugged Julie. She hugged Lara. She would have hugged Jed but, no.

Lara hugged Julie then grabbed her bag and headed out the door. “I’ll call the lawyers and get the contracts ready from the car. Oh, and social media! Have fun!”

Britnee smiled at Julie. “We are gonna break the fucking internet, lady! Fuck! This is gonna be so hot!”

Julie downed her drink. “You. Me. The hottest girls from the club… not to mention… um, I gotta ask,” she leaned close to Britnee and whispered, “Not to be rude, but, how do you find guys with such big dicks but are so, um… so…,”

“Ugly?” Britnee almost shouted then cackled with mirth. “Yeah, they is some homely motherfuckers but, boy can they fuck!”

“Careful,” Britnee thought. “She might be fishing. Can’t let her know what we know…”

So,” she looked at Julie. “If ya got nothin’ going on today, how about we get this new partnership started? I don’t know about you but, I ain’t had no pussy or dick since breakfast. And, between you and my Boo, I’m so fucking horny I could cum right now just sittin’ here!”

Julie grinned. “I think it’s a great idea. Rob’s out of town and I am in need of some relief. Let’s do this!”

Britnee looked to her trio of studs. They were obviously eager for action. “Okay, morons, let’s see… move those lights over here, we’re going to shoot on the couch. If that’s cool with you, boss?” Julie nodded. “Larry? You’re on point. Eddie, you shoot the pics and Jed? Git the monster ready to roar. Julie? I’m thinkin’ we start on the couch, get each other off half a dozen times then fuck Jed to death. Cool? Cool. You need to freshen up, babe?”

Julie set her glass down and pulled Britnee in for a deep, long tongue filled kiss. “What do you think, dear?”

Britnee trembled slightly, “I love my job,” she whispered softly. “You idiots ready? Okay, I’ll introduce Julie. She’ll strip and then we fuck. Let’s go!”

Larry positioned himself in front of the sofa and framed Britnee in his lens. “And… Action!”

Britnee sat back, naked, on the sofa, legs open, toking on the joint she had just lit. Hey, folks! Britnee Busted here. I got a surprise for you. Today, I’m announcin’ a partnership that’ll break the Goddamn internet! The hottest, sexiest, most beautiful, and soon to be biggest striptease feature dancer on the planet, did I mention she has an amazing set o’ titties, Julie Juggs is joinin’ our little website here. That’s right! Julie fuckin’ Juggs! Here ‘n now!”

“If’n you don’t know who she is, check out her site. We gots the address below. She is so hot, I get wet just thinkin’ ’bout her. So, without further ado… Say hello to Ms. Julie Juggs”

Larry shifted his focus to Julie who was sitting next to Britnee. Julie exhaled some pot smoke and smiled. She was sitting up, knees together with her hands in her lap. She waved at the camera.

“Hi. I’m Julie Juggs. And yes, they’re huge.” She hefted her massive tits for a moment then looked at Britnee.

“Welcome to the family, Julie,” Britnee grinned. “How tuyap escort does it feel to be part of the biggest semi-amateur porn site on the web?”

“I don’t know, I just got here,” Julie giggled, shaking her chest a bit.

“Well,” Britnee hit the joint. “Maybe you can tell us why you finally decided to accept my offer to join forces?”

Julie grinned again. “Oh, that’s easy. I have a good site. My production team is tops and my feature dancing, you know, I appear and dance at clubs all over the country, is growing bigger by the week but… well, fuck! You and your team here at BritneeBustedXXX are on fire! I mean, your videos are so fucking hot, so damn raw and unfiltered… I cum so hard when I watch your stuff! I just had to get in on the action. And you, sweet girl, are a fucking firecracker! You are the most sexually explosive bitch I have ever met. I love our time together and I can’t wait to get my hands and lips, and tongue on you and in you.”

“Lady,’ Britnee turned and slipped her hand behind Julie’s head. She pulled the older woman to her. “You ain’t gotta wait long.”

She brushed her lips over Julie’s, then turned to the camera. “I almost forgot, folks, this will prolly be my last video before I gets my own set of big, fat jumbo titties! Yup! I’m gettin’ some big ole fake ones!”

She turned back to Julie and kissed her deeply. Julie held Britnee’s face in her hands as they kissed long and hard. Britnee’s hands were busy massaging Julie’s huge tits.

“C’ mon, lady,” Britnee half moaned. “Show ’em yer tits.”

She released her grip on Julie’s shirt stretchers and moved out of the way. Julie sat up and smiled at the camera. She traced her fingers down her neck and over her enormous, round tits. “Mmm, I love touching my big tits,” she moaned, squeezing her fat juggs through her skintight top.

Larry moved the camera down to frame the underside of Julie’s huge tits that her shirt couldn’t cover. The angle made them look even bigger. Julie smiled coyly down at the lens and started slowly peel her shirt up over her firm, round skin. Just below the nipples, she stopped and wagged a finger at Larry.

“Not yet,” she teased.

She peeled the shirt down and unfastened her jeans. Turning away from the camera, she peeled her jeans down over her round ass. She wasn’t wearing panties. She kicked off her shoes and stepped out of her pants and bent over, clutching her buttcheeks and spreading them wide, exposing her freshly shaved pussy and asshole. Her cunt lips were slick with juice.

“I love getting my holes stuffed with a big, thick cock,” Julie moaned.

She turned again, using both hands to spread her pussy open. “Put it right here, baby. Stick it in my little pussy,” She moaned again.

She posed for a minute or so, touching her pussy and licking the juice from her fingers then winked at Larry and gripped the hem of her shirt. Once again, she peeled the skintight material up over her perfect, 8000ccs fake tits. This time, she didn’t stop and lifted the shirt up and over her head, releasing her constrained flesh.

“Oh, fuck! They’re so big,” Larry groaned.

Julie laughed and threw the top away. Grabbing her huge, perfectly round tits in her hands, she gave the camera a smoldering look. “They are big. And heavy. And so hot I just get so horny when I touch them…”

She posed, massaging her fat tits. She pulled and twisted the nipples, groaning as they grew diamond-hard in her fingers. Larry and Eddie shot footage from every angle they could think of as Julie displayed her gigantic, fake tits, wet, pink pussy, and gloriously round ass.

“This is so fucking hot,” Britnee gushed, rubbing her throbbing clit as she watched the older slut show her stuff.

Julie sat and leaned back, stretching her arms above her head. This had the effect of letting her massive, bowling ball-sized tits to slide to the side displaying the wide, vast cleavage between them. She grinned seductively at the camera and slid a hand over her sternum then up to her mouth.

“Do you want to stick your big, hard cock here?” She licked her lips. She raised her legs straight up and slid her hand over her hot cunt, splitting her wet pussy lips apart. “Or here?” She twisted her hips to the side, pulling her knees to her chest. She spanked her thick, asscheek and pulled it, exposing her tiny, tight, crinkly sphincter. “You wanna stick it in here?”

Julie rolled onto her back and planted her feet on the floor as she spread her legs. Larry took the cue and knelt before her, training his lens up, focusing on her face as she looked down at him through the space between her tits.

She palmed the sides of her tits and pouted. “Or, do you want to stuff your big, fat, fucklog between my big, round, smooth titties?”

She began slapping her tits together. The “thwap thwap thwap” sound of her hot, firm, ultra-huge juggs smacking together filled the room.

“Shit! I’m gonna shoot right now,” Jed groaned, furiously pumping his steel pipe cock in his fist.

“Hold it, stud,” Britnee cried as she stuffed three fingers up her dripping snatch. “Fuck, Julie, you got us all worked up!”

Julie frowned at the camera. “I know,” she whimpered. “When I slap my tits together, I get so turned on, so horny… I want to cum too! Won’t somebody help me? Help me control these huge titties and make me cum?”

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Sucking A Sergeant

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Back in the the old Army, before ‘don’t ask don’t tell’, it was a bit different.  I was new to Korea and a new sergeant.  The opportunties to get laid were pretty much endless.  However, I tried hard to stay faithful to my wife.  I had been there a few weeks when another new sergeant arrived in our platoon.  He was a prior service guy and had been in Vietnam.His name was Danny Joe, and he was from down south and loud and a bit big.  He and I started to hang out together, and as he was older than me he took charge.  We would go out drinking in the ville and he would pick up some of the bar girls.  He would always beşevler escort brag about his cock size, saying it was so big it would make the Korean girls’ pussy hurt.As we hung out he would tell me about his past adventures; he would fuck other men’s wives while they watched, my first time hearing about cuckolding. I listened, and sort of thought that it was cool.As we would get ready to go out to the ville he had a thing he would do; he would break out a vitamin E capsule and rub the liquid on his cock. He did this in front of me and I finally saw his cebeci escort cock and it was big (bigger than my six inches) probably about eight and a half inches and thick. He would just rub it in front of me. Then we would go out and drink and pick up bar girls. One night after drinking and having some fun, when we both had an overnight pass, he wanted to fuck a Korean girl. She was pretty nice looking and had big tits for a Korean. We made the deal that we were both going to fuck her and spend the night. She washed us both both in warm water and looked at kolej escort the differences in our cocks. As we started, he wanted a blow job first and I started to suck her tits and moved my way down to her pussy and started to lick it.  It was almost bald, just wisps of black hair.  She must have liked it because she started grinding on my face. Danny Joe was getting hard and now wanted to fuck.  She slid into a 69 with me and I continued to lick her clit.  She was sucking my cock and Danny got behind her and started to slide his big cock into her.  She moaned on my cock, and I saw for the first time a big cock sliding into a pussy.  It was beautiful.I kept licking and could not help but lick her clit and Danny Joe’s cock, watching it slide in and out. Fascinated to watch, I could see his veins and his big balls sliding above my face. I knew he could feel my tongue on his cock and her clit.  She was going a bit crazy and came on my face. 

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No Words Needed

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I sit at the bar and sip my drink slowly. I scan the room while half-listening to my friend, talking about some new guy in her life. I’m not really interested in her latest lay, as I am looking for mine right now. This is usually such a good place to come and meet someone. I’m about to give up and just go home alone, when I spot you from across the room. You are sitting in the back of the bar all alone. It seems as though you are looking for someone and when our eyes meet it becomes clear, you are looking for me. You stand up and start walking towards me with purpose. I drink you in from head to toe. Tall, very tall, black jeans and a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket. You have piercing, dark blue eyes otele gelen escort and sexy, tousled hair. I am in awe of you before you even get to me. I hear my friend trail off and start gaping at you. I see her shift in he seat and fix her hair. She thinks you’re coming for her. I haven’t broken eye contact with you and can see you smirk slightly as you see her preparing for you. You reach the bar and slide in between our seats. You smile politely at her and she opens her mouth to say something but you turn and face me while leaning on the bar, completely blocking her out. You look at me with desire in your eyes. You lean forward, moving my balgat escort hair away from my neck and lightly kiss the side of my neck, right below my left ear. The gentleness of your kiss sends shivers down my spine. You lean back and reach for my hand. I offer it eagerly as you pull me up from my seat. The attraction is obvious between us and it’s futile to resist. I give a small shrug and smile to my friend as you lead me out of the bar. As soon as we exit the bar, you pull me in front of you and bring me flush against your body. You look down into my eyes and we both know that no words are needed between us. I move up on my toes and kiss you gently. elvankent escort You return my kiss and invade my mouth with your tongue. You run your hands down my shoulders and bring one hand around to squeeze my breast. I run my fingers through your hair and pull you into a deeper kiss. We stand, knotted together outside the bar, when a car passing honks its horn at us, reminding us where we are. We pull away, smirking at each other. You take my hand again and lead me around the side of the building. It’s much quieter here and we won’t be interrupted. You back me up against the wall and attack my mouth with absolute ferocity. You run your hand down to my ass and give it a squeeze. I push against you and I can feel your cock straining in your pants. This is going to be quick, I can already tell. You release my mouth and spin me around. You bring my hands up above my head on the wall. You hold both my wrists in one of your hands as the other hand skims the bottom of my skirt. You hitch my skirt up above my waist and caress my ass gently with your hand.

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Quite the View

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We are both working late one Friday night. I step outside my office and am surprised to see you there. “Hi Nana,” I say, “What is such an attractive young girl doing here so late on a Friday night.” You reply that you have a report due by Monday and didn’t want to work on Saturday or Sunday. Except for the two of us the office is completely empty. I am about ready to resume my work when you ask if I am any good at giving a massage. Your neck is sore from working all day in front of a computer. I acknowledge that I could probably make your neck feel better. I move behind you and begin to work my fingers across the top of your shoulders. No wonder your neck and shoulder muscles hurt. They are so tight and you definitely need a massage to help you relax. You move your hair eryaman escort out of the way which helps, but now your collar is causing a problem. I ask if you would mind folding it under. Instead, without a word, you unbutton the top three buttons of your blouse. Now your shoulders are exposed and I have a much broader area of flesh uncovered to me. Up to this point I hadn’t considered anything sexual about this situation, but now I’m becoming aroused. You are so young and attractive; there is no man on earth who could resist such an opportunity. I decide you might not notice if I kept up the pretence of giving you a massage while I tried to view as much of your breasts as possible. I start at the base of your neck sincan escort working up to just around your ears. Then I move back down working out until I reach your blouse. Your neatly pressed blouse is just hanging on the edge of your shoulder tips. I can look over your shoulders and see the bountiful cleavage of your breasts packed tightly into your silky white bra. You are completely oblivious to the wonderful view of your tits you are giving me. Your head is bent over and your eyes are almost closed as you fully enjoy the massage I am giving you. I decide to see if I can gain some more territory and so I change the style of my massage. I began using my thumbs to give a more vigorous massage starting at the base etlik escort of your neck and working outward. As I reach your bra straps I move them an inch closer to your shoulder. Then I return to where your bra straps were and begin massaging out the bra marks left in your skin. You moan softly which lets me know you are enjoying this new version of the massage. As I look over your shoulder I can see even more of your breasts and I watch them rise and fall with every breath you take. My penis is reacting to this scene by shifting around in my pants, slowly rising to attention. Gradually I move your bra straps a little closer to your shoulders and repeat the technique of massaging out the strap marks. Now as I watch I can see the beginning of your areolas whenever you exhale. My penis is fully erect and straining to get out of my pants. I can feel a few drops of pre-come rising out of the tip. I wonder how much further I can go before you realize what I am up to. I return to the base of your neck while keeping a close eye on your beautiful breasts, so close, yet so far away. I have to try for more.

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Surrendering to Lust

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A hotel hallway You take my hand and pull me into our room. ‘‘I had fun tonight.“ I say, as soon as you shut the door. You turn and push me until my back is pressed against the door, you peel my skirt up. Taking my panties off me. You start teasing my clit with your fingers as you skim through the slippery folds. I gasp into your mouth as you seal our lips together. The velvet softness of your tongue mates with mine and I sigh, melting into your chest. I want you and I need a moment to realize the moans I hear are coming from my own throat. ‘‘ Wrap your legs around my waist,“ you ground out. You can’t get enough of my sweet taste. rus escort You wonder what it is that makes my mouth shiny all the time. Maybe lip-gloss….? But who cares you gladly suck anything off my plum lips, as long as there is some kind of contact. You lift me with your hands on the back of my thighs until I am seated right were you want me, my pussy against your rock-hard cock. Only your jeans seperate us and the smell of my arousal hits you like a two-by-four. You trail your hands down my long legs, feeling the silkiness of my skin. Before grasping my ankles and tucking yenimahalle escort them in the small of your back. You angle your hips, supporting me as you reach between us to unbotton your fly. I seem incapable of anything at the moment, including holding myself up by the simple means of clasping my ankles together. My mouth devours yours, my tongue laps at every spot it can reach, my teeth nibbling. The moaning is tearing you apart, I feel your cock pressed aginst me.I want you in the most elemantal way possible. I surrender to you. The last button pops open and your erection springs free. Holding on to the steel rod you feel between my labia, seperating them, as they shield my opening, spreading my creaminess, preparing me for your entry. You know that it will be swift and hard but you just can’t wait any longer to be inside me. My hands grasp at you, one at the back of your neck, the other digs beneath the collar of your shirt, scratching at your shoulder. ‘‘ That’s it, baby, scratch me. How much do you want me?“ ‘‘ Put it in me, now, Jay, please,“ I beg. ‘‘ Put what in you, Mel?“ You finger me, pressing into my wet heat to your first knuckle. I bow against you, my back arching and pushing us away from the door. ‘‘What do you want? Say the words, baby.“My eyes are wild, glazed over in lust, my nostrils flaring with each panted breath. ‘‘Your cock, in me, now.“ You can’t hold back the growl as you look into my face and hear the words.

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Idle Monkey Play

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It’s getting late and Leora is in the guest room with Masha. They’re sitting on the futon while the dog is barking at his own reflection in the wall mirror. The whole wall is a mirror. Tonight he’s decided that he doesn’t like himself.Leora ignores him. She usually does, the silly little thing. Masha is laughing at the pup while looking at her cell phone. Both girls are on their phones. They’ve been giggling at something a friend sent to each of them.Masha is a good friend. She’s Leora’s rebel chum. Her hair is dyed pink and cut short this week. It changes often with her mood. Leora loves her own long brown hair. She spends hours brushing and combing to make sure it’s just right. Perfectly straight and glossy. The mirror is used a lot by little Leora.Paul is out this evening so the girls have the apartment to themselves. Finally beşevler escort the dog goes and finds his latest toy. He settles down at the end of the futon. Leora spend most of her time here in her apartment. She loves it here where she has all she needs, usually. She misses Paul often when he goes away. And when he’s at home he spends lots of time working at his desk in the living room. So she lounges around in her panties and camisole wating for his attention. Playing on her phone or watching the television, lying on the sectional sofa. Tonight she’s wearing her usual. It’s casual here. Masha has put on her sleeping clothes. She’s going to spend the night. Her panties match Leora’s in their style and for a top she’s wearing a cutoff tee shirt that just covers her breasts. cebeci escort Like Leora, her titties are small, firm, and perky. They are both a lot alike that way. Nice, trim little bums, and long legs. Leora’s are a bit bowed, but it just makes her more cute than ever.Masha laughs and shows Leora something on her phone while she lays her long, slender fingers on Leora’s thigh. Leora giggles, looking at the phone, too. Then she puts her hand on Masha’s and smiles at her. Masha smiles back and leans forward. Her lips touch Leora’s lightly. Then she abruptly pulls back, looking longingly into Leora’s eyes.Leora sighs and spreads her soft, smooth legs apart. Her pink panties are so tight they let one see the impression of the sensuous lips there between her thighs. She opens kolej escort her mouth slightly as her face moves towards Masha and their lips meet eagerly. Leora pulls Masha’s hand to her needy pussy. So needy. So ready. It’s already getting damp as Masha strokes her gently.Leora returns the favor. Her dainty hand pressing her delicate fingers against Masha’s lilac colored silk panties. Smooth and gentle are their movements. And happy now. Both girls expressing their friendship and happiness in the best way they know how. Moaning into each other’s mouth as they touch and eagerly grind themselves against the fingers seeking them out.Pulling apart now, Leora places her hand on Masha’s hair, drawing her down as she lifts her cami away from her breasts. Needing her friend to lick and kiss them. Needing to do the same for Masha soon.Her friend sucks on the pink nipples, making them stand out like little pencil erasers. She groans and comes close to having a tiny orgasm already. Not quite, but her hips keep moving against Masha’s fingers that have thrust aside the soft material and have begun seeking the wetness inside. One finger, then two. Touching and caressing.

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David and Hanna Part One: David

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The concrete under the float rose in a gentle wave as my hand passed it over the surface. It was satisfying. Smooth. The midday sunlight caught what little water remained in the slurry as it was pressed into the broad plane of what would soon be David and Hanna’s back patio. David and I had been working since sunrise hoping to get it done in the coolest part of the day but now the desert southwest summer was driving us inside. Sweat ran from the tips of our noses and seeped through the fabric of our t-shirts as we rose a little stiffly, dusted ourselves off, and retreated up the stairway to lean on the cool marble countertops in the kitchen.BeerHanding me a cold bottle of lager, David shook his head and smiled: “Adam, I really can’t thank you enough for being so much help with this.” His hair hung in wet strands behind his glasses – nearly obscuring a pair of kind, intelligent green eyes.“It’s my pleasure – really,” I said with a broad smile. And I meant it. I like time spent with David and his wife. “It’s great to feel the accomplishment of getting something built. And it’s good for me to get out…”My voice trailed off in an awkward bit of wondering about how far to go with that idea. It’s good for me to get out after the divorce. It’s good that you’re still my friends. It’s good that you don’t know that I carry a torch for you and on your wife and that I’ll happily accept any excuse to come over here.We sank into chairs at the kitchen table with our sweating bottles of beer. David mopped his forehead with a plaid dishcloth and handed one to me. I could see that he had picked up on the tone of what I didn’t say and he eyed me intently: “I don’t mean to pry, but I never asked you what happened between you and Laura. You don’t have to tell me – really – but if it would help to talk it through…well I’m here. And I’ve been there.”Hanna is David’s second wife and they’re ridiculously good together. His first marriage was challenging – to put it lightly – and it wore him down in ways that make him appreciate the çankaya escort ease and grace of this relationship. His offer to listen softened my reluctance a little – although I didn’t really know how to walk through the next few ideas. “It’s complicated.” I began, and I rested my forehead in my palms. “You can put two people together – and they can be fantastic people – but it still might not be in the cards. Laura and I needed different things.”“Such as?”David asked this without judgment and in a way that would draw the truth from me that I had no intention of sharing. Sensing my apprehension, he cupped his right hand gently around my elbow. His nail beds were rimmed with cement. His hands and arms were tan and honed from decades spent rowing down the most turbulent rivers of the American West. He holds himself with ease and he broadcasts reassurance.“It’s not her fault. But I was suffocating. I have a need for an erotic life that wasn’t anything she could begin to understand – let alone join me in. I don’t really fit the normal model of man and wife and the whole thing lasting for forty years.” I watched his face for a reaction. He was kind and let me continue without hurry.“I tried,” I said quietly.“I’m sure you did,” he said, as he took a firmer grip of my bicep. “It’s OK. And Hanna and I are here for you no matter what. We’re friends. We’re good.” He smiled sweetly and leaned in, embracing me. I could smell sunlight and soil and his warm body. I felt tension roll off of me through his hands on my back and with the opportunity to talk. As he pulled back he saw my uncertain eye contact.“There’s more,” he said.I looked at him uncomfortably and kept his gaze as I drew a long pull from my beer. I stood awkwardly at the crossroads: honesty along one path, and safety along the other, and I worried that “no matter what” might not really mean that. But the beer and the audience of a skilled listener intoxicated me.“I have a crush on Hanna -” my ears keçiören escort rang from my increasing blood pressure. “And on you.” His face was placid as my eyes scanned it for some confirmation that this was a huge mistake. “I’ve felt this way since you moved here and it doesn’t need to be an issue, really – it doesn’t need to change how we get along, and I don’t know why I’m telling you this… except that you somehow just soak truth from me like a sponge and now I can’t turn back.” I winced from my self-imposed vulnerability. My soul squirmed.In my imagination, this conversation had already happened dozens of times. I vividly crafted the details of saying this to Hanna, or saying it to David or telling them simultaneously in a bar booth littered with empty pints. They were my go-to fantasy when I would masturbate. They were my dreamed-of erotic lottery win and in the middle of the night when an erection would wake me from sleep. I’d slowly drift my fingertips over my boxer shorts and imagine confessing my attraction. In the fantasy, they would feel the same way and we would overcome our nervousness and explore each other’s bodies.As my breathing grew faster and my fingertip encircled my frenulum I would take Hanna’s nape in my open teeth – my hands moving up her flanks from her bare hips to the intercostal spaces of her ribs. With my pelvis rolling and my pace of stroking increasing, I would see David in my mind’s eye running his palms down my bare back to the base of my spine. As I grew closer to climax he would take my ass in his hands and press my cheeks apart. Hanna would grind her soft belly against my bare cock and whisper lovingly to me. As I pictured the three of us becoming parts of each other’s internal structure I would shudder and hear the droplets of cum land across my chest like rain. I would sleep in the soft contentment of imagined love.The academics say that threesomes are the most widely-held sexual fantasy in the United States etimesgut escort of America, but I took little comfort in the statistics. It felt more like foolishness that I would throw the dice with my friendship – but sometimes secrets find a way of getting themselves told. They burrow through our psyches and our defenses with the aid of fatigue, kindness, and cold beer. David was quiet and his facial expression remained stoic. After a few moments, he gave my bicep a squeeze of reassurance and pulled his phone from his pocket.“Sorry,” he said, looking down with a hint of amusement. It’s her.” David’s thumb typed a message back to his wife, who was at her parents’ house in Kansas with their two children: Maddie, twelve, and Calvin, fifteen. Given the potential upheaval I’d thrown us all into I felt like the least I could do was sit patiently and watch the flurry of his fingers across the screen followed by his occasional smiles as the message would be returned. His brown hair was beginning to dry and soften. I watched the movement of fabric reveal the shape of his chest beneath his formerly white t-shirt. With the nearly-silent click of the power button, he placed his phone at rest on the tabletop and revealed a grin that he could no longer keep hidden.“We’ve talked about this, Adam,” he said. “Hanna and I.” He shook his head and laughed through his breath. I felt a tentative moment of relief. “She and I both had a whole range of boyfriends and girlfriends in college and grad school and we’re pretty open. Not like open – but we’ve talked a lot about our sex lives – and especially now that the kids are older we’re feeling more…creative?” My fear and anxiety made room for an overwhelming feeling of acceptance. And gratitude. I was deeply moved – even before I heard what came next.“It’s uncanny that you would come to us with this because we’ve wanted to bring someone else into our bed, but it needs to be a person we trust.” He leaned a bit closer and rested his weight on his elbows. “We thought of you, specifically, but we’ve had no idea how to actually approach you. We worried we’d freak you out. You’ve been through a lot.” His right hand moved to the side of my knee. Gentle. Reassuring. Inviting. “When she texted I told her about this conversation you and I are having right now.”“Oh my God. What did she say?”“She said, ‘You boys have fun.”

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The Bus Stop

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The scene is a bus stop, a three sided, shallow structure with a roof and a bench. It’s out in the country, near the end of a bus line created to bring commuters into the city. In a few years, suburban housing might make it out this far but for now it’s lightly populated. It’s the middle of the night, roughly eleven pm, faintly lighted with a single bulb. One person sits in the shelter, a young man, perhaps twenty, twenty-one, years of age, dressed casually. It’s a warm night, around 16 degrees C. He’s just sitting quietly, waiting. Not unusually handsome but clean cut, a presentable, intelligent looking young man. A young woman, generally the same age as the man, walks out of the dark. She’s dressed for a party, dressed to impress. A tight, short, black mini-skirt. Cream coloured blouse, designed to show off her noticeable breasts. Long, slim legs with medium high-heeled shoes which accentuate the curves of her muscles. Well groomed dark blond hair, slightly long, almost to her shoulders, around an attractive face. Not beautiful but well made up. Overall extremely appealing. “Hi,” she says, sitting down on the bench at the other end from the young man. “Hi,” he replies, looking a little eryaman escort surprised to see her at this place and at this time looking as dressed up as she is. “I guess the next bus will be a while, won’t it?” she asks. “I think so. I don’t really know. But at this hour I can’t imagine they run very often.” he replies. The girl exhales, leans back but can’t seem to relax. She puts her hands on her knees and looks around. She’s quiet for a couple minutes, moving every few seconds into slightly different positions. She exhales again. Noticeably. “It figures,” she finally says out loud, “Everything else has gone wrong so far.” She’s quiet again but fidgety. She stands and takes a few steps then back again and sits again. “This was going to be a big night, a great night, the best sex of my life, I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, getting hornier and hornier, thinking about it, now here I am frustrated as Hell!” she says. The young man looks at her, watches her, but says nothing. She gets up again and paces the sits back down again. She spreads her legs and puts her hand up inside her very short skirt. She moves it around some sincan escort and then brings it back out. “I’m just so damn ready,” she says, turning to the man and holding her hand out. “Smell,” she says. He leans toward her and gets his nose close to her fingers and sniffs. He takes her hand and aims her finger into his mouth and licks and sucks on it. “I really, really need a fuck,” she says. She slides over close to him and puts her hand down onto his crotch. She moves it, feeling him, feeling his erection beginning to form. “How about it?” she asks. “We’re liable to be here for an hour.” He’s turned halfway toward her. He says nothing but he puts his hand on her knee and slowly slides it up her thigh until he touches her wet pussy. “No panties?” he asks as he pushes his finger into her. “No, they would just be in the way, I was planning on lots of sex,” she says as she begins to unzip his fly and slides her hand inside to grasp his cock. They sit there for a moment, him finger fucking her, her feeling his now erect cock, sensing its size and shape. “Let’s get on with this,” she says. She turns more and gets both hands to his body, etlik escort unfastening his belt and pants and getting his cock and balls out into the open. She then half stands and moves in front of him and then straddles him and starts to sit on him, taking his cock inside her. Her mini skirt has risen, her bare ass showing as she takes more and more of him into her. “Aah,” she breathes out as she feels him inside her, “You have a very nice cock. I love the feel of it in me.” she says. She starts moving, partly up and down but some back and forth as well. “l love this,”she says as she starts moving faster and faster. He has both hands on her bare ass helping her ride him. She moans and breathes hard and continues to bounce on him very energetically. “Aah,” she says several times. then starts a low moan that increases in volume and becomes almost a shrill scream. He can feel her tight insides grasping his cock, pulsing on it. She finally goes quiet and sits down fully and he can feel moisture leaking out around his cock onto his balls. She leans her head on his shoulder. “Oh I needed that,” she says quietly. “I’m still hard,” he says, “how about you stand and lean on the bench back and I come into you from behind.” She grins at him and almost jumps off him and moves slightly to the side, spreads her legs and leans out, stretching her arms and grasping the back of the bench. He comes up behind her, lifts the short skirt again and pushes his cock back into her again. “Ugh,”she says as she feels it moving into her.

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My Public Times Square Ass-Fuck

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“Bastard!” I turned to see the plastic cup exploding on impact, spilling a vivid red stain on the wall’s white. A clean shaven man in a Tuxedo gawped at the remains of the missile that had been intended for him. Finding the assailant did not take very long. She was out on the balcony muttering obscenities under her breath. The snow had driven the rest of the party back indoors but the crowds below were preparing to welcome the new year with barely diminished spirits. The balcony had never been very large but it had once had a view of Times Square. Today the square was only visible through the gaps in the letters of the neon signs çankaya escort that covered the front of the building. If you stood in just the right spot you could see the illuminated ball that would drop at midnight through the middle of an O. “I have champagne if you promise not to spill it.” My quip was rewarded with the hint of a smile so I poured her a glass. “Dom Perignon,” I continued showing her the bottle, “wasting any would be a shame.” This brought a smile and after the first sip she began to talk. She needed to talk and likely something else more. Her red cocktail keçiören escort dress was no match for the chill wind and she consented to let me wrap my sheepskin coat around us both. But she understood my motive and slipped her arms into its sleeves to let me slip my hands inside her dress to touch bare flesh. The flimsy strapless dress was easily pushed aside and she wasn’t wearing a bra. A ring on her finger suggested that the nature of the dispute was marital. She pretended to be disinterested in my use of her body as she kept talking about her husband’s treachery but her etimesgut escort nipples stiff like bullets and the change in her breathing as my fingers touched them betrayed her need. She continued talking as I pulled the dress up in a band around her waist and caressed her buttocks. But the talking stopped when my fingers homed in on their prize. She wasn’t wearing underwear and her slit was smooth as silk. She gave a sigh as my fingers slid between her labia already slick with her juices. A sudden roar from the crowd reminded me that we were in public. It was unlikely anyone looking up from below would see us but someone might come out from the party at any moment. Did she want to find somewhere more private? “Here, now, or never.” she spat. I didn’t need a second invitation, I unzipped my fly and pressed my erection between her legs. She tried to guide me inside but it was impossible for me to get more than the tip of my cock in her cunt with the coat fastened.

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In the Wee Hours

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Bruce And

I awoke with a start. Rolling over to check the clock, I saw that it was only four in the morning. Soft, steady breathing from beside me told me I had company but I wasn’t sure who it actually was. There had been two women in the room with me when I dozed off and it was too dark to see clearly which one was still there. For a while, I lay there trying to lull myself back to sleep. For reasons I was not entirely sure of, though, I was too awake. I thought about trying to awaken my companion for an early morning fuck but decided to let her sleep. Instead, I eased myself out of bed and crept from the room, quietly closing the door behind me. In my den, the busty blonde I knew as Angel was sleeping naked on the futon so I knew that my sleeping companion must have been Lee, the Korean who had joined us. I smiled a little at the memory of the two of them making out on top of me before sharing my cock. I closed that door, too, so my nocturnal peregrinations would not disturb Angel’s sleep. The other bedrooms were already closed so I figured my housemates had company or were sleeping off the night’s drinking and rus escort sex. I found my clothing in the living room and pulled on briefs and a t-shirt. It was warm even that early so I didn’t need more. The room was a mess but at least there was no one sleeping there. My middle-aged neighbour Cassie and some toy boy had been going at it on the couch when the girls and I moved our threesome into the bedroom but they were gone. Maybe they had gone to Cassie’s place for the rest of the night. Settling into the armchair where Angel had given me head to get things started, I tried to relax. After a small but rather raucous party turned orgy, you would think I would be exhausted and sleep like a baby. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work out that way. A noise from the kitchen made me jump a little. I looked over and realized a light was on, probably just the little one over the stove. Getting up, I walked over, wondering who else was up at this hour. Peering into the kitchen, I saw a young woman seated at the kitchen table in a tank top. Her brown hair hung loose yenimahalle escort and messy around her shoulders. She had rather nice, full breasts that stretched the top a bit. A bowl of cereal and a steaming mug sat in front of her. The woman looked familiar but I couldn’t recall a name. Presumably, she was a party guest who had stayed the night but I thought I knew everyone who had come. “Hi,” I said tentatively, “You up early, too, eh.” She looked up and smiled. Big brown eyes gleamed in the light. The woman was pretty; very pretty. I had no idea why I could not put a name on her. “Yeah,” my guest answered in a sweet, soft accent, perhaps Scots, “I woke up on the floor in one of the bedrooms and couldn’t find a better place to sleep. The bed was full.” “On the floor?” The woman shrugged and grinned. “I guess I was pretty shagged and dozed off where I lay,” she said with a laugh, “There were two guys in the bed. And another woman. I think I had sex with all of them at some point.” I joined her laughter with my own. “My name is Peter. You?” “Sandy. I came with Bill MacKenzie.” A mental light went on in my brain. Bill, a buddy of mine from the university, had introduced us when they arrived. “Nice to meet you, Sandy. What did you think?” “It was wild,” she answered, “I’ve never been to a party like that before.” “Is that good or bad? It’s not my first orgy but it is the first I’ve hosted.” “Good. Very good.” As we chatted, I dug out a tea bag and poured hot water from the kettle into a cup. “Do these parties happen often?” Sandy asked. “Not really. It seems to be every couple months or so but there’s no defined schedule. You want to come again?” “I always want to come,” she answered with a flirty raise of her eyebrows, “I’m a bit of a nympho that way, I guess.” Suddenly, as I digested her lewd wordplay, I noticed that her gaze had fallen to the bulge in my briefs. The bulge had grown noticeably as we talked due to some rather lascivious thoughts I was having about her. In particular, I had noticed the stiff buds of her nips pushing up against the thin fabric of her top and was contemplating how they would feel in my fingers or mouth. “Guess a party like this would be great for you, then,” I responded. “It is. I’m thinking you like it, too,” she said back. I don’t think either of us was talking about the previous night anymore. My cock was swelling and stiffening, well beyond my control at this point.

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