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Cote D’Azur Adventures Ch. 02

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Cote D’Azur Adventures Ch.2

Monday Sept. 4, 1978

Doug Anderson had moved to Europe in the summer of 1978 for work. His head office was in Geneva, but most of his time was spent in the south of France. He kept an apartment in Nice, 5th largest city in France, gateway to Italy and a hotbed of crime and corruption.

The Cote D’Azur was the playground of the rich and famous. Rock stars, Hollywood legends and faded European royalty all lived there. From Cannes to Monaco, there was always a party going on; and always a seamy undercurrent of criminality persisted. Smugglers, drug dealers, con men and prostitutes were everywhere.

Nice was its capital and for Doug, a transplanted Canadian from Montreal, it was a great place to be.

Doug was 6’3″ tall, blonde and blue eyed with a trim body honed by years of competitive swimming. At the age of 27, he still swam to stay in shape and had a very impressive physique with broad shoulders, slim waist, and very strong legs. He was also the proud owner of a very large, fat 10-inch cock that the super tight jeans of the day did little to hide.

Mondays were a slow workday for Doug as most of his clients were closed for the day. He decided to head to the beach for a swim and to work on his tan.

There were public beaches in Nice, but he preferred the private beach clubs. Doug’s favourite was La Floride Beach Club. For a fee, you could rent towels, locker, beach lounger with umbrella and use the change rooms.

La Floride had a crew of young men, barely out of secondary school, who served food and drink and generally took care of the guests. They worked for tips, so they were very enthusiastic. They also spent their days trying to get laid, posing in their little Speedos, flexing their muscles, and doing calisthenics. Anything to impress the women.

They knew Doug as a regular customer and a good tipper. They were also in awe of his physique and knew the ladies appreciated his looks.

Doug was greeted at La Floride by Mario, the head of this gang of junior body builders. Mario was a bit older than the others and kept the best clients for himself. He showed Doug to his beach chair and took his order for a large bottle of sparkling water with a twist of lime.

Doug did some quick stretches, put on his goggles and walked into the surf. The water was warm and relaxing as he slowly swam out to sea. After a few minutes of loosening up, Doug turned east and swam with a measured stroke, powerfully plowing through the water. After about 20 minutes, he turned and swam back.

Emerging from the water, he noticed that someone was sitting in the beach lounger next to his. This was Mario’s handiwork, making sure attractive women were put next to Doug’s spot. Big tips were an effective motivator.

As he approached his chair, Doug saw she was a tall blonde woman with a very strong build: powerful thighs, broad muscular shoulders, very well toned overall. She wore a light blue bikini, oversized sunglasses and a broad brimmed straw hat.

He grabbed a towel and stood next to his chair drying off. She pulled her glasses down her nose and watched him, peering out from under her hat, admiring his build and the substantial bulge in his Speedo.

Doug sat down on his chair facing her and said hello, reaching out to shake her hand.

“My name is Douglas Anderson”

“I’m Irina Proshkova.”

“Irina, do I detect a slight accent?”

“Yes, I am Russian, but I live in Nice now.”

“How did you end up in Nice, Irina?”

“I was with the Kirov Ballet but Ankara bayan escort defected while on tour in Paris 10 years ago. My career was going nowhere, and I had no future in Russia, so I ran.”

“But why Nice?”

“The Ballet de Nice offered me a prominent position with guaranteed employment and a beautiful apartment.”

Irina had pulled a bottle of sunscreen from her bag and was rubbing the lotion into her legs and arms. The shiny lotion emphasized the musculature of her body and Doug admired her physique.

“Would you do my back for me Douglas?” Irina said handing him the bottle.

She lay down and reaching back undid her top. Her ample breasts pressed out to the side as they squished into the beach lounger.

Doug pored a generous amount of lotion onto her back and went to work, running his hands all over her back to spread the lotion. He ran his thumbs slowly up either side of her spine then out to the shoulders. He worked his thumbs gently into her trapezius muscles and up to the base of the neck.

“That feels so good, Douglas. You’ve done this before.”

He worked one shoulder at a time, working the deltoids and up into the neck area, spreading the lotion. Irina sighed audibly, relaxing her body into the beach lounger.

He worked downwards, kneading her powerful glutes, enjoying the strength in her firm ass. Her hamstrings were like tensioned steel

Doug was distracted by cries coming from the front. He looked up and laughed. The crew of the La Floride had made a six-man human pyramid. Mario was going from one to the other, massaging suntan lotion into their shoulders. The whole crew was grinning mischievously at Doug as he worked on Irina.

Irina looked up and laughed.

“Those boys are so childish, always pulling their stunts. They’re adorable little rogues.”

Irina leaned up and waved, her exposed breasts causing the human pyramid to collapse. The boys stood and started doing body builder poses to impress Irina. Mini Charles Atlases!

She laughed again and rolled over, exposing her lush breasts.

“Now the front please Douglas. I like to keep an even tan.”

Topless bathing was not unusual in Nice, there were even some nudist beaches down the coast, so Doug did not object in the least.

He poured a trickle of lotion down the middle of her torso and rubbed it all over her front, spending extra time working the lotion into her breasts.

“You are very gentle, Douglas; you know how a woman likes to be touched.”

Doug moved lower. Pouring more lotion, he worked on her upper thighs, one side at a time, deep into the quadriceps.

“And you know when not to be gentle. That feels so good. Dancing is very hard on the legs.”

Doug worked down into her calves, working the muscle with long strokes. His cock was coming to life, turned on by the pleasure of massaging this beautiful woman.

“How did you learn to give such a good massage Douglas?”

“I used to be a competitive swimmer and spent a lot of time on the massage table. I paid attention to what they were doing and studied the anatomy charts on the wall to understand the musculature of the body.”

“You have studied very well Douglas. But now let me do you, you are getting sunburnt.”

They stood and Irina faced him, admiring his strong upper body. Her glance shifted downward to the prominent bulge in his Speedo.

“You have a beautiful body, Douglas; you must work very hard to stay so fit.”

She poured a large dollop of sunscreen into her hands and worked it into his Escort bayan Ankara chest and shoulders. Reaching up to do his neck, she moved in closer, her body pressing against his, her bare breasts mashed against his clean-shaven chest as she worked around the back of his shoulders.

Doug looked over at the boys of La Floride Beach Club who were devouring the scene before them, no doubt filing the images away in their masturbatory library.

Irina knelt and went to work on his legs, rubbing the oil into their length, occasionally bringing her hand into contact with his crotch. She looked up at him and smiled.”

“It gives me great pleasure to feel your body, to feel your strength.”

Irina moved behind him, did the rest of his back and moved downwards. She did the back of his legs, again letting her hand brush against the bulge in his swimsuit. Finished, she moved around to the front, embraced him and gave him a light kiss.

“There, now we can enjoy the sun.”

The two of them spent a pleasant afternoon together. They swam out to the diving platform, snuggling in full view of the beach. They had a light lunch, salad with some baguette and a half bottle of Provencal Rose wine.

Around 3:00, Irina turned to Doug and suggested they had had enough sun for one day.

“Would you like to see my apartment, Douglas?”

“That would be nice, Irina.”

They packed up. Irina threw on a beach wrap and Doug went to change. When he came out, he could see the boys lined up, standing at attention, Irina towering over them. She walked the line giving each of them a few coins. They stared forward, looking directly at her cleavage as she passed.

Doug went to Mario, paid for lunch and the rentals and gave him a hefty tip.

“Thank you, Mario, excellent work as usual. Give some to the boys will you.”

“Thank You Monsieur Dooglas, it has been a pleasure.”

Doug turned to the boys who were still standing at attention. He waved goodbye, they saluted in perfect unison.

Doug snapped a salute back, they dissolved into a mass of giggles.

“What a bunch of clowns!” Doug thought to himself.


Irina’s apartment was across the street from La Floride, top floor with a fabulous view of the Mediterranean. She gave him the grand tour, ending up in her dance studio at the back of the apartment. One long wall was mirrored with a ballet barre running its length, about 45 inches off the floor.

She walked over to the barre, dropped her beach wrap and started stretching and doing deep knee bends. Doug walked up to her and took her in his arms. They kissed deeply, groping each others’ bodies. Doug undid her bikini top and massaged her breasts, bending over to take a nipple in his mouth.

Irina sighed deeply, moving her other nipple to his mouth.

She stripped his t shirt and pushed him to his knees, slid off her bikini bottom and hoisted her right leg to the barre, perfectly horizontal to the ground.

“Please eat me Douglas”

Doug bent forward and licked the length of her pussy, bottom to top and down again. He flicked his tongue side to side moving up her pussy, dabbing lightly at her hooded clit, coaxing it out of hiding.

He continued feasting on her pussy until his neck started to hurt.

“Irina, this is hard on the neck.”

Doug turned around, coming at her pussy from below. He buried his nose in the crack of her ass and went to work on her pussy, plunging his tongue deeply and Bayan escort Ankara licking at the sides of her inner walls. He fucked her pussy with his tongue, nibbled lightly on her clit, lapping up her secretions.

Irina couldn’t hold this position much longer. She brought her leg down, pinning Doug’s head between her powerful thighs. His face was locked in place, clamped onto her pussy.

“Yes, suck my pussy.” Irina hissed as she rode him, rubbing her pussy furiously on his face, holding onto the barre for balance.

When she came, she came hard, flooding Doug’s face with her juices, her thighs still clamping his face in position.

She finally let him go and opened her legs so he could slide to the floor gasping for breath.

Irina moved around his prone body and stripped his shorts, slid up his body and took his cock in her mouth. She bathed his half hard cock with her tongue. As he hardened, she moved her mouth to the tip and slowly plunged her mouth down the length of his cock. Tightening her lips, she slowly backed off, pulling on him.

Feeling him come to full hardness, Irina sat back, slowly jerking his cock, admiring its size.

Doug lay there flat on his back, admiring this beautiful woman working away on his dick. She stood, straddled him and slowly sank into a partial splits position. Placing the tip of his cock at the opening of her pussy, she sank into a full splits position, taking his cock deep into her pussy.

Doug marvelled at her flexibility as she leaned forward, her hands on his chest and started moving her hips, stabbing herself onto his fat cock. She had a look of concentration on her face as she rhythmically rocked on top of him.

Her hips were the only part of her that moved, up and down, furiously pistoning her pussy on his cock, taking him deep into her steaming hot pussy.

Doug put his hands under her butt and held her there, hovering over his hips. She held in place while he pushed up into her, hammering her pussy with powerful thrusts, driving his cock deep into her folds.

Pausing, Irina slid off Doug and moved him to a sitting position with his back to the mirror. She impaled herself on his cock and took a hold of the barre with both hands. She could now enjoy his full length, using the barre for leverage to ride him.

The only contact between them was at the point of entry, her pussy lips clamped on the fatness deep inside her. She would slide up, pause with the tip of his dick just inside her, then drop down hard, again and again.

“Fuck Irina, I love the way you ride my cock.”

“I love riding your cock. Fuck that’s a big cock. Fucking big. Fucking me deep. Making me come.”

“Irina, you’re going to make me come!””

“Yes, me too, keep fucking me like that”

A few seconds later Doug came hard, spurting deep inside her. Feeling his cock swell and shoot a massive load into her pussy made Irina come. Her pussy butterflied around his cock, spasming as she flooded it with her juices.

Doug lay still as Irina sat fully on his cock. He could fee her pussy caress his cock, milking it for more come. Irina let go of the barre and lay on top of Doug, wiggling her hips in a circular motion, continuing to milk him.

“That was good, very good. I haven’t come like that in ages. You do know how to please a woman, Douglas.”

“The pleasure was all mine, Irina. That was fantastic.”

Irina rolled off him onto her back. They lay there staring at the ceiling, breathing heavily, basking in the afterglow of their intense sexual experience.

Doug looked at Irina, reached out and caressed her face.

“I’m very glad I met you, Irina. We need to go to La Floride more often.”

“Every Monday, Douglas.”

“Every Monday, Irina.”

It wasn’t Saturday, but it would do!


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Joel , Mrs. Limber Ch. 01

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Joel & Mrs. Limber 01

Well, the neighborhood has been coming back together since the storms and I actually managed to sneak in enough rest to actually give Mrs. Kant a load of heavy cream that was cream colored instead of watery clear, so, Joel is back baby!

But the damn storms left their mark on the community and a total repair and rebound was still a little way out in the future.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Hello? I mean, well hello there! How can I help you today? And the answer is yes.”

“(Giggle) Hi, I’m Luci Limber and I’m knocking on doors today to spread the word about a “Please Fund Me” account for my mom’s fruit stand. I’m not asking for donations, but I’m asking people to at least consider adding to the fund to help my mom. The storm blew up her fruit stand.”

“What? OMG! Is Mrs. Limber, OK? Didn’t she have insurance for her fruit stand? Are you stepping into my house? Are you single?”

“(Giggle) Ah, maybe, yes, I could do that and well, unfortunately, yes. Anyways, the insurance is working to repair her fruit stand, but mom’s home owner’s insurance is fighting some of her medical claims. I mean, you know my mom, right? She was inside of the fruit stand trying to hold the walls together and now, (giggles) let’s just say that Mrs. Limber isn’t so limber for a few weeks. Two sprained wrists and two sprained ankles. So, will you be willing to review the fund-raising website? I want mom to have the best braces and we need to rent one of those “get around” electric cart for a few weeks.”

Oh, so that’s what sad puppy dog eyes look like, huh?

“Oh, sure, ah, come in and we’ll log on right now!”

“Cool, ah???”

“Joel. And don’t mind my messy house. I’ve, ah, I’ve been busy lately. Please enter. My laptop is open on the kitchen table.”

Well, well, well, Mrs. Limber really knows how to spread her DNA around, doesn’t she?

“OK, Luci, have a seat at the kitchen table and we’ll do this together. I mean, you sit down and I’ll just reach around over your shoulders when I need to enter my personal info, OK?”

“Alright then, let’s see, logging on and waiting for the website to load and I’m 22 and single, in case that comes up on the donation info page.”

“OK then, let me just reach around you to fill out the personal info section and you might be 22, but you are not single.”

“Alright, I’ll take it from here and searching for my mom’s page and my boyfriend dumped me for some floozy chicklet nurse at the hospital when we took my mom in for treatment after the storm.”

“I got this one, so entering my Platinum member credit card number and your ex is an idiot and oh my, look at that, will you? It says that idiot’s leave behind such valuable treasures.”

“Alright, I’ll take this screen and I’m confirming that we are donating of our own free will and that we have reconfirmed that we are donating to the correct recipient and I’m not mad that you’re peeking down my shirt, you know, from your angle and all.

“OK, well, scrolling down the pre-entry list of suggested donations to find an appropriate amount and I think you’re making your low-cut shirt even lower, not that I’m complaining from my angle of typing over your shoulder. Ah, you seem to glow.”

“And clicking on this suggested donation because I’m glowing because I liked what I saw when you opened the door for me and because mom will look good on a cherry apple battery cart, right? Did I go to far down the list of suggestions, Joel?”

“Well, if I may take control of the keyboard Ankara escort for a moment, I think we could go at least one line lower, you know, if I might find your panties under my pillow tonight as I lay on my bed and day dream about what great afternoon delight sex we shared today.”

Click (submit, LOL, even one “suggested” line lower than my idea)

“Oops. Guess I’m leaving house your commando up top and down below.”

Ah, what the hell, right? Also, whoever invented her type of bra (a “shelf” bra???), well, thank you.

“Listen Mr. 3 Times, that was pretty amazing afternoon sex, but you know how break ups go, right? There’s a chance that me and the boyfriend could get back together, right? And OMG, OMG, OMG, thank you for wearing the condoms! I hate them, but safety first, right Joel?”

“Well, LOL, I may know a little something about how partners come and go, however, if you haven’t noticed?”

“What? Again? Is your missile man cock some kind of magic cock? LOL, maybe I truly found my new boyfriend. So, how? And by that, I mean, wow, Joel, you have a lot to offer a woman and by that, I mean I was a butt sex virgin when I knocked your door, if that’s something you’re interested in. But with a condom for lube and cleanliness, OK babe? I still have to visit with mom today and all, right?”

Well, well, well, I will draw your attention a few stories where I clearly stated that I accommodated people, right? That’s right, she asked and she received!

“So, missile man Joel, promise to keep me around until I get back with boyfriend? And maybe for a while after? And please, don’t think poorly of me, but, LOL, I have never walked down a street to my car before being 100% commando underneath, so I might shake things a little.”

“You’re my girl now, right Luci? And LOL, the neighbors are going to love watching you walk to your car.”

“Oh, I’m your girl, Joel and that’s our relationship bed now. And remember, you promised to be there when the truck drops off the electric cart. I can’t wait to see mom’s eyes! Oh, and, ah, just where did you learn to kiss like that? You know what, never mind, that’s none of my business. Tongue me deep baby and then I need to go.”

Well, well, well, I will draw your attention a few more stories back where I clearly stated that I was ready for some sex with club age girls and who knew that one would knock on my door, right?

“LOL, who built the temporary ramp, Luci? I mean, LOL, not safe!”

“Oh, my silly uncle, but mom needed a way to get in and out of the house, right? And by the way, LOL, she calls it her launch pad, LOL, unlike your missile launch pad. Hey, do you want to sneak up to my old bedroom while mom is popping wheelies up and down the sidewalk? I mean, 56 seconds, right missile man?”

That’s right! There are a few times in life when popping off so easily comes in handy, like when her mom is busy popping wheelies up and down the sidewalk.

“OK Joel, you’re killing me here. I want you and need you, but I’ve been talking to the ex-boyfriend. You figured that, right?”

“I have figured that baby and I want you too, but you go figure things out. And by the way, is that him who just pulled up?”

“Tongue me quick babe! We’re just going to dinner, so hang back and say good bye to mom after we leave. Oh, and none of this to my mom, you hear me?”

“Heard, Luci, heard.”

Hmmm, secret relationships kind of suck, but she did suck a quick one out of me in her old bedroom, so life sucks, so what?

“Watch out! Momma Ankara escort bayan Lydia is entering the house the hard way!”

Oh, and life sucks even harder if you don’t get out of the way.

“OMG, I thought my daughter would never leave, right? OMG, look at this, will you?”

“What? Look at what Mrs. Limber?”

“Well, genius, when I pull my cherry apple cart right next to you, well, look at that? My mouth is at the perfect height for you to drop your zipper and let me thank you proper for the amazing donation!”

Huh? She was right about, but she misspoke when she said I could lower my zipper. I mean, she did that, right?

“And I’m a tough old bird, Joel, so face fuck me as hard as you want to. I have never gagged from a man’s hard cock. Oh, and by the way, this is not the only thank you that can expect, so get to it Tiger. Give momma Limber’s mouth a test drive.”

Circling back again, I accommodate people. Also, nope, I could not gag her and yup, she was a tough old bird.

“Damn, that was fast, but pretty good, if I do say so myself. Oh, and none of this to Luci, you hear?”

“Heard, Mrs. Limber, heard.”

“So, ah, maybe you should stop by again tomorrow and make sure that I’m properly charging the batteries on this cart, right Joel?”

“A proper charge is important, so OK, I can accommodate that request. And were you going to practice or figure out anything tonight, Mrs. Limber?”

“Please, you just came in my belly, so call me Lydia. And yes, I will figure something out, but for now I have figured out that I lay flat on belly with my arms and legs stretched out spread eagle, but I can’t prop up yet. Ah, did you want to see how far my research has gone? Like another type of a test drive?”

Hey, nothing bad ever happened from taking a test drive, although it was a very difficult position without any upward propping up whatsoever and I didn’t want to hurt her. I never thought about before, but a little propping seems to be required.

“Well, Lydia, first of all, OMG, your naked body is amazing, but the risk of further injury looks great.”

“However, Joel?”

“Well, however, I could hot dog the hell out of your butt crack, but I think that’s more for me than you.”

“And another however, Joel? I mean speaking of my butt, right?”

“Given the height and angle, yes, that’s an option, but it will be on you to let me know if the shaking, bouncing and rolling is hurting any or all of your sprains.”

“Well, Joel, I was a butt slut for my lousy no-good faggot cheating ex-husband before I caught him figuring what butt sex felt like from some twinkle toe faggot named Butch, so get all up in there and let’s see how it goes. LOL, and I promise, I will scream if I need to scream.”

Oh, and two wrist braces and two ankle braces, well that’s almost the same as having wrist and ankle restraints. I’m sure she plowed through it, but she held that awkward position for an entire missile launch.

“Shoot, that was cool and all Joel, but grab a towel and push it under me. I sort of forgot about that and I already said I used to be a butt slut for the ex-hubby, so not one single word about how quickly your goo oozes back out of my loose butt hole, young man! But hey, nice job forcing your goo up in there in the first place.”

“One towel being pushed as gently as I can, butt slut momma.”

“By the way, earlier, when you said that I looked amazing laying on belly naked, well, I know I have a fat ass, so if I’m going to be your woman, we can Escort Ankara be honest with each other.”

“LOL, by the way, ah, the night gown that I took off you, the one you wore to pop wheelies up and down the street, well, quite honestly, it was a tad sheer, not that your neighbors were complaining. I mean, if we’re going to be all honest and stuff.”

“I’ll get better soon enough Joel, but there’s nothing wrong with a couple of blow jobs a day, right? I mean, you just came in my mouth and in my butt, so I’m your woman now and a couple of blow jobs a day until I can properly get on my hands and knees for is OK, right Joel?”

“I would expect nothing less from my woman.”

“Ooh, Joel, are you poking around back there again? I can’t twist my head to see, baby. Ah, maybe you can try to shove a couple of pillows under my hips? I mean, I think I can dig my knees into the mattress of our relationship bed for 37 seconds to protect my ankles. I mean, you want to get some of my pussy too, right? And I know you want that because I know you were hard for me from my sheer night gown while I was popping wheelies and then when you were soft when I got back, well, that’s all because of your woman, right? And circling back to being honest with each other, well, at first, I thought you were hard for my daughter, but when you were limp on my return trip, well that’s when I knew you wanted me, right baby?”

“Ah, right Lydia, but hear me and hear me good, none of to your daughter, you hear me?”

“Heard, Joel, heard. Now get a couple of pillows under me and see what you can do, missile man. We haven’t kissed yet, by the way.”

“That’s honeymoon stuff, Lydia. Ah, I’m in baby.”

“And my ankles are fine, so drill me missile man, drill me good for the entire 37 seconds.”

You know, thinking back, I’m one lucky SOB with the way my women talk to me. They have been totally honest with me and have never failed to tell me what to do and how to do it. The life of Riley, I say, the life of Riley, LOL, whoever Riley is.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Joel, we broke up again after dinner. I’m spending the night tonight in our relationship bed, alright?”

“Perfect and I cleaned out 5 of 6 dresser drawers for you, just like you asked, Luci.”

“Cool and I’m not ready to tell my momma about this yet, but Joel, will you propose to me? I promise that I won’t say “no” and I promise that I’ll turn our relationship bed into the best martial bed ever.”

“Luci Limber, with this diamond ring that I bought on my way home from your momma’s house earlier tonight, will you marry me?”

“Yes, yes, yes and OMG, you need to protect me by increasing your life insurance policy because I promise to try to kill you with SEX! Also, my momma might try to kill you too, so update the policy either way.”

So, there it was, we exchanged rings. I slipped a huge diamond on her ring finger and she slipped a cock on my cock in the hopes that my best of 193 seconds would increase to anything over 220 seconds. It didn’t work, but my other and I mean like my fifth bride to be was as happy as could be.

“Hey, where are you going, Luci? I thought you were spending the night and not going to talk to your momma ever again about any of this because seriously, I’m pretty close to getting knocked off.”

“Oh, my silly Joel, you surprised me with a marriage proposal and a ring, so I’m going out for a while to show off (and have jealously sex with my ex), so I’ll be back and we’ll break in our engagement bed after all (my jealousy sex) and after I tell my momma everything.”

Sorry folks, but this may be my last story for a while, but if you’re interested, I always wanted light hearted music to be played at my funeral.

End Joel & Mrs. Limber 01

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Good Neighbors Ch. 158

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It was a morning like any other. I woke up and felt her against me. I had no desire to move. I looked over at her before kissing her on the forehead. It was a moment later that she started to stir. She looked at me and smiled.

“Good morning, Leo.”

“Good morning, Beloved. Did you sleep okay?”

“I have been sleeping much better since you moved in. I think it’s the teddy bear aspect of you.”

I kissed her again, this time on her lips before I embraced her. We stayed there for a while, holding each other before the sound of my alarm went off. I regrettably rolled the other way to turn the alarm off before I felt a smack on my exposed butt. I turned back to see her smiling as if she got away with something. I rolled back towards her and wrapped my arms around her before I felt one of her hands rubbing the other cheek of my butt.

“I am a butt girl, Leo,” she said matter-a-factly prior to rubbing a bit more aggressively.

“Maybe I should play with your butt for a bit then,” I responded, my hand finding hers and squeezing.

She cooed a little before we started making out a bit before my phone began to ring. I tried to ignore it, but in the end, I rolled again and grabbed my phone before Ankara escort looking at the caller-ID. It was my assistant, Aubrey. I hit the answer button.

“Good morning. What’s going on?”

“Are you next to your fiancée, boss?”

“I usually am first thing in the morning. Do you need me to…”

“I just like the fact she is. Can I talk to her?”

“You have her phone number. Why didn’t you just call her on her phone?”

“You are a creature of habit. I am not as familiar with hers. Can I please?”

I handed the phone to my fiancée. As she was talking to Aubrey, I started to go through my side of the closet to pick out a black dress shirt to go along with the dark suit I planned on wearing. As I lay them on the bed, my fiancée paused her call for a bit.

“Leo, you have that teleconference today. You may want to wear a white shirt with the dark tie if you want to wear that suit.”

I looked at her and smiled before putting the black dress shirt back up and replacing It with a white one. I went to the dresser and pulled out a pair of boxer briefs and a white undershirt. I then went into the bathroom and started my morning routine. The one downside Ankara escort bayan about my position is the fact that when one wants to stay home, there are too many responsibilities to handle. This was especially true since Matt was taking his wife, Shannon, to the gynecologist for a checkup. As I stepped into the shower, the water was already warm. I started soaping up before I felt a draft. I then felt a pair of hands on my butt again.

“Mmm I do love a good pair of buns to squeeze in the morning,” she said.

I then felt her press her chest against my back.

“Would you like me to scrub your back, Master?” she asked seductively.

I felt her loofah rubbing against my back as I stood there. I then felt her rubbing it around my butt before she smacked it again. When she stopped doing that, she whispered for me to turn around. Once I did, she started to soap my chest with the loofah before she pressed her chest against me.

“Can you do me, Leo?” she asked before she turned around, wiggling her cute butt at the same time.

I started scrubbing her neck carefully before moving the loofah over her back slowly before rubbing her butt as well. I then scrubbed Escort Ankara down her legs before I stood up. It was at that moment she bent over to reach for something. I slowly rubbed my cock over her clit before pushing inside her deeply.

“Fuck! I was not paying attention,” she said.

I smiled before placing both hands on her hips and driving into her slowly. She stayed in that position for a little while allowing me to fuck her before she moved forward, allowing my cock to slide out. She then slid on her knees and started to rub my cock with the loofah.

“I guess it’s a good thing I told Aubrey you might be late for work,” she whispered.

She stroked my cock a little before she stood and rinsed off with me. As I turned the water off, she opened the shower door and grabbed a towel before handing me one. We started drying off before she started to stroke my cock again.

“I think someone is warmed up. We should probably do something about that.”

I followed her back into the bedroom where she crawled onto the bed before flipping over and slowly opening her legs. I crawled on top of her and slid inside her before kissing her.

“To what do I owe the honor, amor?”

“I was just feeling frisky, Leo. Having a hunk in my shower kind of inspired me. Please fuck me, Sir.”

I did exactly that, fucking my fiancée the way she wanted before she allowed me to fill her pussy. It was after that when she looked up at me and smiled.

“You are so good at making me happy, Romeo.”

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One More Year Ch. 09

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“I hate this,” I said to Louis as we stepped out of the swelteringly hot and incredibly loud club. The balcony we’d walked out onto was cooled by only a mild summer breeze, but after the oppressive warmth of inside it felt almost freezing – although the cold and silence was a relief. The door behind us swung shut, and the raucous noise cut off to a muted murmur. I took a deep breath of the fresh night air.

“I’m not sure that I see the appeal either.” Louis chuckled. He looked great again – gelled hair, nice shirt, no glasses. Seeing him on nights out like this, it was almost hard to believe he was the nerdy, quiet guy who was always showing up at our AP maths classes. He shrugged. “But Jess seems happy.”

He wasn’t wrong – she’d definitely seemed full of chaotic energy. She, Eric and Vince had started drinking earlier in the day without the rest of us, and by the time we’d all met up they were much further along the road to giggly and happy than anyone else. It hadn’t helped that almost the very instant we’d gotten to the club, Eric and Ellie had abandoned me to go dance.

At least I wasn’t alone in not wanting to flail about like an idiot on a crowded floor full of sweaty strangers. Louis, Sarah and John had stayed with me, although the happy couple had quickly settled down at a table to make out, so I was left talking to Louis – not that it had been easy to do that with the music making it impossible to hear each other.

“I just don’t get why people like clubbing so much.” I stepped up to the railing, looking down at the cars below.

Louis stepped up next to me. “Alcohol, drugs and sex, I’d think. Mostly, anyway.”

“Well, I don’t do any drugs, and I’m clearly not having sex with Eric tonight. Unless he drags me off to the bathroom.” I grinned as Louis blushed. “And because I’m driving you and Ellie home, I don’t get to drink, so I guess I’m doomed.”

“I guess so.” Louis laughed. “Thanks for that offer, by the way. With the test tomorrow, it’s nice to not have to risk waiting a long time for an Uber.”

“No problem. Your house is on the way, anyway.”

“Yeah…” He looked out at the street. “Maybe you’d like gay clubs more.”

I frowned. “Why?”

“Oh, I… I don’t know.” He turned to me, and shrugged. “Just a bunch of things. Hot bartenders. Guys dancing together. You can just be yourself there, without worrying, you know? Hold a guy’s hand. Or sit there and make-out, like John and Sara can here.”

“I guess I can see the appeal. Of the being yourself thing – like the hand-holding. Making out in front of everyone seems…”

“Gross, yeah. I agree. John’s disgusting.” He smiled broadly, and I laughed. “Oh, and the music is usually better too.”

“Well, anything’s got to be better than this crappy techno bullshit.”

He laughed. “Yeah…”

“Why does Jess even like this place?”

“Oh, I have no idea. Jess and I aren’t really close any more.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

“Oh, don’t be. It’s not like we were super close to start with, but stuff happened a little while ago, and I just get the sense she doesn’t like me now.” He cleared his throat. “But yeah, sorry. I shouldn’t bring up our drama. I don’t like gossiping anyway.”

“Okay.” I smiled. “Nice to know you guys have problems with each other, though. When I met you, you all seemed kind of… perfect.”

“Oh god.” He laughed. “I hope that’s just you being naive.”

“Maybe. Do you want me to change the topic?”

“Yes please. Did you have something in mind?”

“Yeah. A fun Lord of the Rings analysis I saw online.”

“Okay, awesome.” He tapped his fist rhythmically on the railing.

“Frodo learned all his elvish from books given to Bilbo, which were old and quite formal, apparently. But Legolas grew up as sort of a country-lord, interacting with the Silvan elves who had a more colloquial dialect. So Legolas’s elvish would have sounded really hickish, and Frodo’s would have been very fancy and formal.”

Louis leaned against me slightly and laughed. “That’s a fun thought.”

“Isn’t it just?”

“And Aragon gets to watch them interact and laugh at the hobbit sounding like a school teacher and the classy elf sounding like a farmer.” He smiled broadly. “Brilliant.”

I chuckled and turned my face out to the street, inhaling the somewhat fresh night air. “I always liked that scene in Two Towers, where Legolas and Aragon are arguing about the defence of helms deep, and Legolas says – in Elvish – that ‘they’re all going to die’ or something. Then Aragorn shouts back ‘Then I shall die as one of them!’, but in Westron.”

“Oh god. Terrible for morale.”


Other people came out of the door behind us, and made their way to the other side of the balcony. They sat down and started to smoke. We got a little quiet after that, and eventually he glanced at the door. “Should we head back, see what everyone’s up to? If Ellie wants to leave soon, I’m happy to go whenever.”

“Uh, yeah. Okay.” Getting out of there soon would be great, but Ellie actually Ankara escort liked dancing, so it would be difficult to persuade her to leave early if she was still having fun. But I couldn’t spend all night on the balcony with Louis – despite how much I preferred being able to breathe and talk to someone nice instead of feeling awkward for not dancing and being deafened by awful music.

We made our way back into the noise and the heat of the upper level, which only covered half the floor space, and was crowded with tables and chairs. From the railing at the far end, where Louis and I settled, you could look down onto the dancefloor on the lower level. Louis nudged me and pointed down to a section of the crowd, and I saw our friends dancing. They were all gathered around in a circle, moving to the rhythm – more or less.

Apart from Ellie, no one was doing anything particularly graceful. Melissa was a passable dancer, and she clearly had her attention on a reasonably attractive guy that was hanging around the group. Vince was objectively awful, flailing around, mostly just making everyone laugh.

It seemed like Eric and Jess were dancing with each other, while still pressed up against the group. Neither of them were particularly good, but they were clearly having a lot of fun. Watching Eric’s body move was captivating, even from a distance. I laughed when Jess leaned in and kissed him.

As the kiss dragged on, however, and he didn’t seem to have a problem with it, it got decidedly less funny. I looked at the rest of the group – Vince looked awkward, Ellie looked shocked and Melissa looked furious.

I watched the guy next to Mel stop dancing as he saw the look on her face, and he leaned over to shout something in her ear. She shook her head, and marched up to Eric and Jess and pulled them apart. She grabbed him forcefully, and shouted something in his ear, gesturing up to me.

He looked up and we locked eyes. It was mesmerising, and awful. It felt like we just sat there staring at each other for hours, even though it must have only been seconds. Then I turned my head to the side, seeing the pale and concerned face of Louis.

He leaned in to shout in my ear, “Are you okay?”

Was I okay? No. I shook my head and stood up, immediately heading back towards the door to the balcony. I gritted my teeth as I barged out onto the balcony, and set myself against the railing, staring absently out into the street.

“Jay, are you okay?” Louis asked, settling next to me at the railing.

“I think I want to go home now,” I said stiffly.

“Right, of course, okay. I’ll text Ellie.” He pulled out his phone. “I might stay and calm down Melissa. But don’t worry, I’ll get a lift home from her or an Uber.”

We sat there in silence for a while. I was just trying to figure out how I’d gone from not caring to being so mad. I realised with a start that when Eric had told me he was sort of into girls, I hadn’t really believed him. So when he’d told me he’d dated Jess, I guess I had just… assumed it hadn’t been anything serious.

But now it was all I could think about – their history, the way they acted around each other, how often they were alone together. Although my conscience knew it was wrong, I started to hate her.

Eric appeared at the door, with Ellie just behind him. She lingered in the doorway instead of following him as he stepped up to the railing to stand next to me.

“Hey.” He said, his hands in his pockets.

“I’m going to go… find Melissa.” Louis quickly pushed himself off the railing, and made for the door. He stopped to talk to Ellie on his way, and then went inside.

“So that was pretty funny, right?” Eric said, with a slightly forced looking smile.

“Not particularly.” I responded flatly.

“It was just a joke, Jay.”

“Yes, everyone looked really amused.”


“Am I being unreasonable?” I snapped. “Is it weird that I’m upset you kissed your ex who’s also your best friend?”

“No, I get it,” he said. “But it wasn’t that big a deal.”

“I’m going home.” I didn’t wait for a response, I just immediately stormed through the door, and then made my way down the stairs and out of the club. Ellie followed in my wake, and soon it was just the two of us out on the street, heading towards where I’d parked. Eric hadn’t followed us.

“Are you okay?” she asked carefully.

“I don’t know.” Outside of the club and away from Eric and the noise, it was eventually creeping into my mind that the whole thing may have been a non-issue. If they’d both just seen it as a joke… “Am I overreacting?”

“I don’t think so. It’s still pretty messed up to kiss your ex, even if you don’t like girls.”

“He doesn’t… not like girls.”

“Oh.” She bit her lip. “Well, then that’s quite bad. Seriously?”

“Yeah, he said-” I stopped and tried to remember. “I don’t know. Something convoluted. He likes girls and guys, but romance with girls is easier and sex with guys is easier for him.”

“What Ankara escort bayan does that even mean?”

“I don’t really know.” I shrugged. “I don’t know if I’m even saying it right.”

“Right,” she said. “Does that mean he’s bisexual?”

“He doesn’t like labels.”

“That sounds like a cop-out.”

“Maybe.” I shrugged, and we kept walking.

“Well, this is depressing. Our night can’t end like this. Not with the test tomorrow.” She bounced on her feet, and grabbed my arm. “Do you want to grab a hot chocolate on the way home?”

I laughed. “Yeah, that sounds great.”

By the time I had gotten home, I wasn’t really feeling better – although Ellie’s suggestion had helped a bit, at least. I’d had a new minor flare-up of anger for Eric, as I realised that he hadn’t exactly dealt with the situation well. Despite that, I went to bed feeling vaguely optimistic. Louis had kept me company, Melissa had stood up for me, and Ellie had been there to comfort me. I was sure things with Eric would work out, eventually. Until they did, for the first time in quite a while, I had friends.


The next morning, my resentment for my phone was already pretty high, due to the alarm I’d set to wake me up for AP maths. But when I picked it up, and saw that I’d gotten a message from Eric, it only intensified.

[I’m really, really sorry.]

The timestamp was 3AM, and I honestly didn’t feel like dealing with it immediately anyway. I had a morning to get on with, as unappealing as it was. It seemed much simpler to write a test, anyway, than trying to figure out if his apology was genuine or not. Even an AP maths test. He certainly hadn’t seemed sorry the night before, and I wasn’t sure what had brought on the change of heart.

I got showered and dressed, and set out to my car when Ellie messaged that she was also ready. We’d gotten to school very early that morning, so there were only a handful of people there. To my surprise, Louis was one of them.

“Hey guys.” Louis stifled a yawn as we greeted him. After a simple ‘Hi’, I wasn’t really sure what to say, but fortunately Ellie was in the mood to carry the conversation.

“You look pretty tired.” She said sympathetically.

“Yeah, my mom had to come through early for something, so I’ve been up since like 5.”

“What time did you leave the party?”

“Not long after you guys, actually.” He shifted awkwardly. “Things got a little uncomfortable.”

“Did anything happen?”

“Melissa… Well, you know Melissa. She’s kind of honest.” He shrugged. “She just told Eric and Jess what she thought of them. So that made things pretty weird. Then John and Sara took off, and it was only the five of us, which was even worse.”

“How is Eric?” I asked, unable to help myself. I could feel Ellie’s disapproval, but I didn’t care.

“He’s okay,” Louis said. “He left with us, and spent the night at Vince’s place.”

I just nodded. It seemed like Jess’s birthday party had gone downhill pretty quickly. I didn’t exactly feel sorry for her – Eric was obviously just as much to blame for the kiss as she was, but it’s not as if she hadn’t played her part. Besides, she’d never exactly been friendly to me, after that first night – although it was nothing I could put my finger on.

Before we could talk more about it, Mr. Farrier arrived and started handing out test papers. I hadn’t even gotten around to checking in with Angela, and I hadn’t prepared as well as I could have for this one. But at least it was short, and seemed to cover most of the things that I’d actually managed to look over. I finished early and settled outside to wait for Ellie. A few minutes later, Louis seemed to have finished as well. He came out of the class and leaned against the wall next to me, giving me a concerned look.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m pissed off, but I’m fine.”

He cleared his throat. “He’s… uh… tried to message you.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ll talk to him later.” I shrugged. “Maybe.”

“For what it’s worth, I think he knows what he did was fucked up and stupid. He’s kind of worried you hate him now.”

“Yeah…” I sighed. “I don’t hate him. I’m just upset.”

“That’s fair.”

“Sorry, I know this makes things awkward for you, since you’re his friend.”

“Hey, I’m your friend too.” He blushed slightly. “I just want both of you to be okay.”

“Thanks.” It kind of hit home the fact that this group of people – Melissa and Louis, and to a lesser extent Vince and John – were actually becoming close friends who cared about me.

Regardless of how Eric was acting, that part still felt kind of nice. Louis didn’t have to wait long for his mom to arrive, and then he had to leave. For a second, I thought he was going to hug me when he said goodbye, but he just gave an awkward wave and ran off. I waited for Ellie, who went on to spend the full hour and a half in the test. Once it was over, she came out of the class chatting with Jamie.

“Hey Jay.” Jamie winked Escort Ankara at me.

I smiled at how that no longer sent my brain spinning trying to figure out what it meant. Progress, I guess. Or just finding a release for the annoying mix of romantic longings and raging hormones that were always teaming up to derail my mind. Either way, it was nice to be able to interact with him normally now. “Hey.”

“Jamie’s stranded here again,” Ellie said.

“I can give you a ride home. No problem.”

“Thanks man. That’d be great.” He grinned.

Ellie made a point of calling shotgun as we headed over to my car, claiming that the passenger seat was rightfully hers anyway, by rights of seniority. Jamie agreed, as if it would have made a difference if he hadn’t.

“What are you guys doing today?” Jamie asked.

“Absolutely nothing.” I was fairly sure ‘dragging a lengthy and meaningful apology out of my boyfriend’ wasn’t an appropriate response. Besides, I still hadn’t decided if I’d calmed down enough to listen to what Eric had to say.

“Same here.” Ellie said. “Why? Did you have something in mind?”

“Actually, yeah. Do you guys want to go to a movie or something?”

“Why don’t you ask your girlfriend?” Ellie asked.

“Uh,” Jamie grinned sheepishly. “We’re kind of fighting.”

“So you’re just going to avoid her?” She arched an eyebrow.

“Yep.” Jamie grinned broadly.

“Jay, what do you think?”

I thought it was kind of nice that straight people had relationship problems too. But I couldn’t say that. I grinned. “I think if Jamie just makes an effort to communicate-“

“About going to the movies.” Ellie interrupted, and rolled her eyes. Jamie laughed.

“That actually sounds like fun.” If I went home, I’d probably sit there stubbornly ignoring my phone for maybe an hour or two, and then I’d cave and talk to Eric. My anger with him was fading fast, but I was getting a little annoyed at myself for how quickly I was willing to forgive him. At least an activity could help stretch out the inevitable.

“Okay.” Ellie shrugged. “Let’s get going then.”

We ended up picking a movie that would only start in the next two hours, so we had plenty of time to grab food first. We settled in the food court, chatting about school, mostly. Ellie managed to get almost all the way through our meal before she started grilling Jamie. “So what are you and Megan fighting about now?”

“I don’t even know.” Jamie shook his head. “She doesn’t like Ryan. We were all hanging out, and they said some stuff to each other and… I don’t know.”

“You didn’t defend her?” Ellie asked in a scandalised tone.

Jamie frowned at her. “You don’t even know what they said.”

“That really doesn’t matter. You should always be on your girlfriend’s side. Jay, back me up here.”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “What did they say?”

Ellie tutted, and crossed her arms.

“She made some comment about him being dumb, and then he said something back about her being easy, and then she-“

“Oh shit.” I grimaced.

Jamie looked a little taken aback. “What? Bad?”

“Yeah. That sounds bad. Much worse than calling him dumb.”

Ellie gasped, clutching a hand to her chest. “You’re a monster.”

“Fuck. I thought it was just like… ripping on each other, you know? We do that all the time. It seemed like she was just overreacting.”

“Yeah, but that’s a little over the line,” I said.

“Seriously!” Ellie slapped the table. “Guys only ever want sex from girls, then they try to make us feel bad about wanting to have it, and then they throw it in our faces. I’m surprised Megan didn’t kill you. No one would have blamed her.”

“Okay, well, let’s not advocate murder.” I raised my eyebrows at Ellie, and then looked over at Jamie. “But you’re definitely going to have to apologise. A lot.”

“And make Ryan apologise too.” Ellie added.

“Fuck, he probably won’t.”

“Then you’ll have to stop hanging out with him,” she said.

“That seems easier, honestly.” Jamie settled back in his seat.

Having saved Jamie’s relationship, we’d finished up our food and made our way over to the movie. It was okay, but it didn’t distract me as much as I’d hoped. I found my mind constantly drifting back to Eric, and what I was planning on saying to him. When I’d dropped Jamie and Ellie off at their homes and settled down in my room, I’d already decided to talk to him – and on what I was going to say.

[I’m really, really sorry.]

______________[I hope you know that on top of whatever other shitty feelings seeing you with Jess like that made me feel, it was also embarrassing to have that happen in front of all of our friends.]

It didn’t take him long to respond.

[I know, and I’m so sorry for that too]

[Honestly, I wasn’t even entirely thinking at that moment]

[It just seemed kinda funny]

[And then it was going on a bit long and I realised I fucked up]


______________[It also didn’t help that you wanted to play the whole thing off as a joke.]

[I know. I’m so sorry for that too. I panicked.]

[I know it was a massive mistake, and I should have stopped her. I’m really, really sorry.]

[It didn’t mean anything, and I hope you know that]

______________[I don’t.]

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Asking Matthew Pt. 04

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Asking Matthew part 4.

After waking up in the wee hours of the morning to pee, I dozed back off for a while. I was re-awoken by the sun steaming in my bedroom windows at about 8:30 A.M. I was tired and drained but I was happy I experienced something I needed and wanted for so long, just hours before. I rolled over and grabbed my phone, but there were no messages from anyone. I was disheartened that Matthew hadn’t stayed. But since we had never spoken about being together or having that “kind of relationship” outside of new(er) sexual experiences, I guess I should have expected it.

I laid there soul searching for a while. After last night and our experiences, I knew I needed a man in my life. I needed to wake up next to my boyfriend. I need to come out for good. I needed cock. Period! There was no denying it. All the years I have lightly searched, half ass’ing my way through it all; including recently. Never truly accepting what I wanted, or who I wanted. Let alone fulfilling my passions and desires, or finding what I wanted, was finally coming into focus. Call it Bi-Sexual, call it gay; call it a change of life, but either way I knew I only wanted men and I needed to move forward. And strangely enough as much as I wanted a man, here was a guy that wants me bad and just fucked me last night and yet, I keep him at arms distance.

I pulled up my messages and sent this to Matthew;

“Hey good morning. I am sorry I fell asleep on you last night. I thought you’d still be here this morning.”

A while later I received a message back from him.

“Good morning! When you dozed off, I just let myself out. I didn’t know if you’d want me there overnight, so I just went home.

He followed up with, “Are you hungry? I could bring over breakfast.”

I thought about it for a bit. How sweet and romantic it was for him to offer to bring me breakfast. And as much as I wanted him back here to fuck me, so I could play with has dock some more; I hadn’t given him reasons to stay. What was it about him? Was it him personally? Was it the fact that I would finally have to admit I’m gay? Was it because we had a bunch of mutual friends, that I would have to explain my sexual preference to? Was it because even though I was ready, it wasn’t him (in my mind) I envisioned being with?

I came to grasp with the fact that I was hungry and I did want to have that “next morning” cock in my room, so I selfishly wrote him back after about 20 minutes of delay, saying;

“Yah, breakfast would be great. I’ll leave the door open and I’ll be right where you left me last night.”

“He replied; “Cool. I’ll be there in 30 minutes or so.

I got up and showered, putting on a white T-shirt, a gray pair of pajama bottoms, unlocked the front door; turned on the TV and climbed back into bed.

I was anxious and nervous awaiting his arrival, but I figured let me see where this goes. How the day goes and whether or not I felt this could be more than sex between us.

I heard the door open and close and heard Matthew say, “Hey It’s me.”

“I’m in here.” I yelled out.

Matthew came walking into my bedroom, carrying Styrofoam take out trays inside a plastic bag. I could smell eggs and bacon coming from the bag. Matthew set the bag down on the edge of my dresser and he walked over to my side. He leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips, as he asked; “How did you sleep?”

“Very well.” I replied.

With that he moved forward again for another kiss. This time our lips parted and we frenched kissed for a bit. His warm wet tongue Ankara bayan escort swirling around inside of my mouth, as he stood over the bed leaning down towards me. My hand reached up slid up and along the left side of his face, feeling his cool skin, furthering upwards to his hair. This was the first time in a long time, I had a man with me in the morning hours. And as we kissed, I kept thinking about last night.

I was hard before I knew it and the more, he stood over me kissing me, the more I wanted him. The more I wanted his love, his lust, his sexual advances and his cock.

I pulled Matthew down on top of me, over the covers as our bodies met. I was struggling to get the blankets out from in-between away, as he was lifting his body up trying to help, until I finally got them removed and spread my legs open. Matthew came to rest with his body on top of mine, my legs resting at his sides as we kissed deeper and deeper. My ass was throbbing and needing to be filled again, while my cock was sticking straight up in my pajama bottom, held in only by a small piece of material.

Matthews hands softly and gently caressed my body, getting lower and lower with each pass along my outer thighs, my hips and down the sides of my legs. I was moaning softly through our kiss and I wanted every bit of his dick deep inside of me. Matthew knelt upright and pulled the string from my pajama pants, opening them up, sliding them down a bit letting my cock pop free. He lowered his head and slid my cock inside of his warm wet mouth. I groaned in pleasure as he started bobbing up and down on my cock, my hands coming to rest on the back of his head.

“OH god Matthew, that feels so good.” Spilled from my lips as he was sucking my cock.

Matthews hands were pulling at the sides of my pajama bottoms as I was lifting my hips off of the mattress. I wasn’t sure if he was just going to blow me, before breakfast, or fuck me, but where ever this was going, I was ready.

After getting my bottoms off, Matthew laid down in between my legs and was sucking my cock pleasing me as I laid there watching the top of his head bob up and down. I wanted him so bad. I wanted to cum so bad, and at the moment that he slipped his fingers up and in-between my ass crack, rubbing around my asshole, I wanted to be fucked.

I pulled Matthew up from blowing me and pulled his body on top of mine. We kissed deeply as my hands were in-between our bodies and I was rubbing and fumbling with his pants button and zipper. Matthew picked himself up slightly off of me, trying to give me an angel to work with.

I pulled from our kiss as I got his button open and was working on his zipper, whispering the words; “I need your cock in me.”

Matthew held himself up in a push-up position, trying to work his pants down, one leg, assisted by one arm at a time, until he finally managed to kick them off, followed by his underwear.

He came to rest back on top of me our bodies punned together. Our cock pressed up against one another. My legs lifted slightly off of the mattress, knees raised, feet on the sheet.

Matthew whispered, “Where’s the lube?”

“In the drawer.” I spoke. As my head nodded over to the side indicating where it was.

Matthew leaned over, pulled open the drawer and reached inside. His hand fumbled around for a few seconds until he withdrew with the bottle in his hand. My heart was pumping, my adrenaline soaring and my body wanting this more than anything.

Mathew popped the bottle open dripping some out Escort bayan Ankara onto the palm of his hand. He reached in between his legs and I could see the motion of him stroking himself as his arm moved back and forth. I took the bottle from his hand and poured out a few drops onto my fingers. I reached under and in-between my ass cheek and rubbed around and along my asshole, getting it slippery wet.

Matthew re-positioned himself as I lifted my legs further up. He grabbed his cock pushing it downwards, trying to line up with my entrance. As he leaned down and began to push, we had to adjust our angles a bit, but after a few tries, I felt him break through and enter into me. I rolled my legs further up towards my chest, as he slid deeper inside of me.

I gasped as he entered me completely, feeling the absolute pleasure of his hard dick sliding deep inside of me again this morning. Matthew, slowly pumped back and forth coming back down to rest his chest upon mine, his mouth to mine, as my legs wrapped higher up along his rib cage.

Oh, Fuck me baby.” Slipped from my lips as his hips kept thrusting back and forth ramming his cock deep inside of me.

As I laid there taking his cock, I knew what I wanted and how I wanted it. And I didn’t even care if I came. I just wanted to be fucked and be loved like I hadn’t in years. I needed him to be rock-hard, lubricated and nailing me like a man should.

“Oh Matthew. Oh Matthew!” Sprang from my lips time and time again as he kept sliding his perfect cock in and out of my ass, while I lay flat on my back getting nailed. Sometimes we’d kiss. Other times his face was buried deep in the nape of my neck, kissing and licking the sides of my neck. My ear. I could hear his breathing, feeling his voracity as he kept pumping. Feeling my cock lying along my skin, mostly hard, his body pressing it down. While he blasted his dick in and out of me.

“Oh, I needed this! I need this!” Bellowed through out my room, as he perched himself up on his arms, hovering over me, while I held my knees more upwards towards my chest. My cock had gone soft, but I didn’t care I wasn’t worried about cumming, I was worried about making him cum and feeling him lose his load deep inside of me. Feeling the pleasure of being fucked and knowing you got your partner off, was pleasure enough for me.

“Matthew! You Dick is perfect!” Slipped from my lips time and time again as he continued sliding in and out of me.

Mathew pulled himself out of me stroking himself a bit, as I watched him jack off. He pulled me up face to face with him as he knelt on the bed. He motioned of me to turn over, as he backed up a bit allowing me the space.

As I got on my knees; on all fours, with him behind me. I felt Matthew climb in behind me. His hands coming to rest on my hips, which he used to guide me down to the right height. He slid in behind me and I felt the tip of his cock at my asshole. He pushed in as he pulled me backwards allowing his cock re-entry inside of me. I again gasped as his cock slid all the way in.

“Yah!” I moaned out. “Just like that.”

Matthew started pumping back and forth at a good pace, while I was bent over at the waist, face down on my mattress. My cock starting to get hard again as I hung from my body, as my balls swayed back and forth. Matthew stayed behind me for only a minute or two more, pumping as hard and as deep as he could. I was loving the feeling of a hard cock ramming in and out of my ass, while I was down on my knees like the sissy bitch Bayan escort Ankara I wanted to be.

“Fuck me, Matthew! Fuck me.” Spewed from my lips he continued ramming his cock in and out of me.

Matthew’s breaths were hard and short as his hips kept thrusting his cock in and out of me, while I knelt there, getting hard, getting pleased like I hadn’t in years. My mouth wide open, drool coming out. Wanting this all day. Wanting this to go on forever. Wanting him behind me pumping, thrusting, ramming his dick deep inside of me. Sending that cock; and sexual feelings deep inside of me. My face was pressed down onto the mattress on its right side, whimper after whimper coming from deep inside of me, as he fucked my ass hard, slamming himself deep inside of me.

“I’m gonna cum!” He cried out. “I’m gonna cum.”

Matthew picked up his pace and was thrusting me even harder than before. His cock sending tingling sensations running throughout my whole body. My cock rock hard now, wanting to shoot my loaf out as he was fucking me.

“Oh, Fuck!” He moaned out. “Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum in me baby. Cum in me!” was my reply.

I felt his cock start thrusting and pulsing deep in my ass as he stopped his back-and-forth momentum. He pushed himself as far into me as he could and I could hear hm gasp as he started cumming deep inside of me. His hands pulling my hips back hard, holding me there as his cock was exploding his load indie of me.

“Fuck!” He groaned out as he was releasing inside of me.

My cock was harder than before and I wanted to shoot my load as he was shooting his inside of me. And I wanted more. I wanted to beg him to keep going. Keep fucking me. Keep his dick buried deep in my ass, until I came. But I knew he needed to finish the first release, take a bit of time and hopefully fuck me again. I needed more than this. I needed to be fucked harder and longer 5 minutes. I need to cum, with a cock in my ass while being fucked, like I had down years before.

Matthew withdrew his cock from inside of me, as my body laid down and rested on the bed. Matthew came to rest next to me, placing a soft loving kiss on my cheek.

“That was incredible.” He whispered out

“Yah it was.” I replied

Matthew and I laid together catching out breath and letting the sweat evaporate from our bodies. My ass was numb, but I wanted more cock. I wanted more time; I wanted his dick right back in me. Matthew rolled me over and sucked mee off until came in his mouth. The pleasure of being fucked followed by a blow job, was incredible.

When we finally came down and were composed from this sexual appetite, we fed our bodies appetites with the food he had brought over.

We played for a while throughout the day and I spent an egregious amount of time playing with his dick as he did with mine. But as always, he would cum so quickly, even after his 1st load.

It was the last time Matthew and I had sex. When he left that day, I still wasn’t keen on dating him. I know that sounds wrong, but it just wasn’t him I wanted to date. I knew I wanted men, I wanted cock and I wanted to be getting fucked, but it just wasn’t going to be “us”. I moved on and after sometime, I found a new man. I found Michael. And have been dating him since.

His is amazing and I wouldn’t trade him, his cock, or his love for me in for the whole world.

But I will say and need to acknowledge my experiences with Matthew. If it wasn’t for him and my lust, and his willingness to be a participant in my newly re-awoken sexual desires, may have not come this far.

I am out to everyone now. It was hard and there were some rough patches, but I know where I want to be and who I want to be with. If you ever read this Matthew, juts know our experiences meant a lot to me and gave the ability to move forward. Thank you for that.

The End.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

I live in the UK, in the county of Norfolk, close to the beach. A town where nothing much ever happens. I’ve been married for 35 years, but my sex life was almost non-existent, with the exception of my regular ‘solo’ sessions!

I’m pretty much straight, although I once had a same-sex experience in my teens with a school friend, although all we did was to wank each other off. I had often fantasised about having sex with another guy, but I was far too shy to ever make a first move. That was until I met Tony and what was about to happen to me at a local rugby club was on a completely different level to anything I’d ever experienced before.

I’ve always been a keen squash player, so when a friend of mine told me I could have exclusive access to the squash court at his rugby club, I jumped at it. My usual club was the local council sport centre, which was always busy, so I was keen to take the chance of some private practice away from the noise and distraction of the sports centre.

Todd told me that his club would be closed for a couple of weeks, but that I could have the keys as long as I made the place secure when I finished. There might be someone else using the gym, but the squash court was mine to use as I wish.

On day 1, Monday, I had a 2 hour session, practicing everything from my backhand to my lob serve and drop shots. This was working out really well. Tuesday was much the same, but when I walked into the changing rooms, I found I was not alone in the building. There was what I can only describe as a potential Mr. Universe contestant standing stark-bollock naked in the shower. I knew the face from the sports centre. He was one of the ‘meat heads!’ A body builder and real poser.

However, just to show how appearances can be deceiving, and how wrong I could be, he actually turned out to be a really nice guy. His name was Tony and like me, he was taking the chance to get in some personal training.

I thought little of the encounter, but when I went back two days later, he was in the changing room again, getting ready for his training session. We chatted again and I couldn’t help but stare at his amazing body. Not an ounce of fat. Pure muscle. Same height as me (5′ 11″) but built very differently. Although I keep myself fit and have very little fat, that’s where the similarity ends. He had muscles everywhere. Even his muscles had muscles!

We went our separate ways. He went to the gym, I went to the squash court. Afterwards I came off court and into the changing room and Tony was in the communal shower. I slowly undressed, and could hardly keep my eyes off his incredible body. As I mentioned, I consider myself to be practically straight, but the sight of his incredible body was definitely turning me on. I was eyeing him up, top to bottom, when our eyes met and I realised I’d been caught staring too long and too hard. Busted!

He smiled and said “So did you win today?”

I laughed and told him

“Yes. The only time I win is when I’m on court alone, so for once I did.”

We continued to chat and I tried unsuccessfully to stop looking at his amazing body. He caught me again and I said “Tony, I’m really sorry, I don’t mean to stare, but you have an amazing body.”

That wasn’t how it supposed to come out, but hey-ho, the damage was done!

“You must spend many hours a week working out to get in such great shape.”

He explained how he had never enjoyed sport, but loved the challenge of the gym, pushing himself physically to lift heavier and heavier weights. He said he also had really low self-esteem, but how building up his muscles made him feel better about himself.

“Well it’s paying dividends.” I said, as I stripped off and joined him in the shower.

“As Ankara bayan escort you can see, I don’t work out and I’m almost too embarrassed to strip off in front of you!”

He laughed and said

“I think you have a great body too. It wouldn’t do for us all to be the same.”

After we’d showered, he left first and said

“See you tomorrow?”

“Sure.” I said, “I’ll be here.”

“What time?” he asked.

I was a little taken aback and said I’d be back at 9 in the morning. As he left, he smiled at me and said

“I may have bigger biceps but your cock is bigger than mine!”

With that he winked at me and left.

That night I couldn’t get the image of his body out of my mind. Once my wife was asleep I started rubbing my cock, imagining it was Tony’s hand pumping away. In no time at all I came and fell fast asleep, dreaming of what I would do to him, if I only got the chance.

The following morning I arrived at the club at 9 o’clock as planned and could see Tony’s clothes hanging up in the changing room. I went on court and practiced my backhand, but I just couldn’t concentrate. I could see the door of the changing room from the back of the squash court, so as soon as I saw him return from his training session, I collected my things and went back to the changing room.

Tony was there, just about to step into the shower. We exchanged pleasantries and I stripped off and joined him in the shower.

“I realise I might have been out of order when I talked about your cock yesterday.”

he said

“So I apologise”.

“No need.” I said

“I took it as a compliment.”

“I’ve been married for over 35 years, so I don’t get compliments like that from my wife. In fact I don’t think she even notices my cock anymore, let alone make use of it!”

We then started talking about our lives and then our sex lives. I told him how infrequently my wife and I have sex and how I spend most of my sex life going solo.

“I have the best time when my wife is on night shifts.” he said.

“Out comes the baby oil and her vibrator. Heaven!”

We both laughed but the mental image I had of him rubbing oil on his cock and sliding a vibrator up his arse was having an affect on my own manhood. Tony was completely lathered up and was soaping up his groin when he looked at my cock and said

“Whoa, someone has woken up.”

I was sporting a significant semi!

“It’s your fault.” I said

“All this talk of vibrators and wanking!”

He continued to soap his cock & balls and I started to lather up, with a strong focus on my cock. For what seemed like an eternity, we stood just a few feet apart, lathering up our own cocks. I was as hard as rock by this time and apologised once more.

“Sorry Tony, he’s got a mind of his own.” I said.

He just laughed and continued to lather himself whilst staring at my cock.

“Jim, would you do something for me?” He said.

I replied “Just as long as it doesn’t hurt or cost me money, I’d be glad to.”

He laughed and asked me if I would mind washing his back for him. I agreed and he turned his back to me and I got a handful of shower gel and started lathering up his back. I massaged the soap into his shoulders and back.

“That’s amazing!” he said.

“I didn’t realise my muscles were so tense. You’re good at this.”

“Well, thank you, kind sir.” I said

I then smacked him hard on this left cheek.

“Ouch!” he said,

“That stung! Do it again!” he laughed.

I smacked the other cheek and got a similar reaction.

“Well don’t do just half a job.” he said

“All of my back and all of the way down. Otherwise you won’t get paid!”

I Escort bayan Ankara chuckled and massaged the lather into the small of his back and then his buttocks. Nervously I let my hand slip between his buttocks, resulting in a quiet gasp from him.

I stopped for a second, only to be chastised.

“Come on, all the way down. Legs too.”

I lathered his legs, one at a time and then let my hand run up inside his thigh, but just as I touched his balls he pulled away.

“Fuck!” I thought to myself.

“I’ve gone too far.”

I was sure I’d offended him. But he turned around and I could see his cock was standing to attention, as was mine.

He said

“That was great, but now let me return the favour.”

I faced the wall with my hands and forehead leaning against the tiles. He started to rub soap into my shoulders and neck. Wow this guy is strong. He worked his way down my back and said

“Am I being too rough?”

“You’re doing just fine.” I said.

He massaged my back, as he rubbed in the soap. He pressed his hands into the middle of my back and then dragged them all the way down to my buttocks. He then took my breath away by smacking me hard on both cheeks

“Touché!” he said

We both laughed, but he didn’t take his hands away. He massaged both cheeks and then slid his hand into the crack in between, sliding it up and down. This was making me incredibly horny and he must have noticed my breathing getting heavier.

“Is this OK?” he said.

“Oh yes!” was my reply.

His hand slipped down further, between my legs, and now I could feel the back of his hand rubbing against my balls.

“And this?” he said, as he continued to massage my balls.

“I’ll ask you to stop if there’s anything I don’t like.”

I felt him press his body close to mine. His erect cock was nestled between my cheeks and I could feel his breath on my neck. With his right hand still massaging my balls, I felt his right hand suddenly grasp my cock.

“Do you want me to stop?” he said.

“Please don’t!” I pleaded.

He slowly started pulling my foreskin back and forth, whilst kissing my neck. I was in seventh heaven. I turned to face him and his mouth was on mine immediately. I had never kissed a man before, but I was powerless to resist him and returned his kiss, pushing my tongue between his lips.

I took hold of his cock and he let out a loud groan. I stared into his eyes, watching his expression as I slowly started to pull his cock back and forth.

“Oh shit!” he said

“That feels so good!”

He opened his eyes, smiled at me and said

“I know this sounds stupid, but really, I’m not gay! I’ve never done this before.”

I kissed him again and said

“Me neither, but now I don’t want to stop.”

He then grabbed the back of my head, pulling my mouth towards his, kissing me so deeply I thought his tongue was going all the way down the back of my throat.

I then pulled away and said

“This is going to be a first for me too.”

Then I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He let out a loud cry.

“Oh fuck, that feels incredible!”

I slowly pulled his foreskin back and forth whilst sucking the end of his cock. We continued like this for quite some time. He tasted so good and it was all I could do to keep my hands off my own cock. I felt as though I would come any second, even without touching it. I continued to suck him, taking his delicious cock as far down my throat as I could.

I stood up again and took his face in my hands and kissed him passionately. He returned my kiss, probing my mouth with his tongue. I turned my back on him and he drew close, Bayan escort Ankara kissing my neck and running his hands all over my chest and stroking my balls and playing with my cock. His cock was sliding between my thigh and my balls and I reached down and gave it a squeeze.

He gasped and said

“Careful. I don’t want this to end yet and it won’t take much to make me come.”

I let go of his cock and turned around to let him work on me. He knelt in front of me and took my cock in his mouth and sucked for all he was worth. Although this was his first time, he was learning fast! I put my hands on the back of his head and slowly started to fuck his mouth. After a few minutes I had the same problem he had experienced. I was going to come all too soon.

I pulled him to his feet and kissed him again. I then took hold of the shower gel and squeezed some into his hand. He looked at me quizically. I turned my back to him and placed his hand on the crack of my arse. He started to rub the gel into the crack of my arse. I took his hand and squeezed it, pushing it down onto my crack. He took the hint and slid a finger inside me. It was heaven and I let out a cry. He pulled his finger out and said

“Did I hurt you?”

I cried “No. Don’t stop!”

I bent forward until I was practically at 90 degrees. He massaged the soap into my crack and slid a finger inside me. I moaned loudly. I wanted him to know how much I was loving this. One finger became two and again I let out a cry.

“Is that OK?”

“Oh fuck yes, please don’t stop.”

He continued to finger-fuck my arse. I was in heaven! I looked over my shoulder to see he was rubbing his erect cock with one hand, whilst fucking my arse with two fingers on the other. I relieved his hand and took hold of his cock. After a couple of minutes I did something that shocked even me. It was pure instinct. I took his cock and placed the tip against my hole. He leant over, practically lying on top of me and whispered

“Are you sure?”

I looked him in the eyes and said “Please fuck me!”

I didn’t have to ask him twice. He stood upright and then carefully guided the tip of his cock inside me. I let out a gasp. The only thing I had ever had inside me was my middle finger. Although his cock wasn’t as big as mine, it was still a good 5″ long. I could hear him breathing heavily, as he slid his cock back and forth, sliding another inch inside me each time, until I had all of it inside me. It was incredible. I swear that my own cock grew another inch whilst he was fucking me!

“Oh fuck’ I can’t last much longer!” he said

He slowly started pumping away inside me. The feeling was wonderful. He reached around and grasped my cock and started pumping it in time with his own. He kept pounding my arse, ramming his cock inside me, right up to the hilt.

“Oh fuck!”

He let go of my cock and placed his hands on my hips and thrust his cock in and out of my hole at an incredible pace. I could feel the power in his arms and his hips. I took hold of my own cock and pumped for all I was worth.

I felt him come inside me, forcing his cock deep inside me with every thrust. He didn’t stop for quite some time. The feeling was so intense I couldn’t stop coming myself and I shot my cum over the shower floor, experiencing the most incredible orgasm I had ever had.

We stood in the shower, Tony with his cock still inside me, for what seemed like an eternity. As he withdrew from me, he gently kissed my neck and then washed himself.

We both showered and dressed, but said very little. I think we were both a little embarrassed. This wasn’t something either of us was used to. I started to wonder if he was regretting the whole thing and as he turned to leave, I said,

“Are we still OK?”

He leaned over and gave me a lingering kiss on the mouth and then said

“See you tomorrow?”

“I can’t wait.” I said.

I dressed and drove home, all the time wondering if that was a one off, or if not, what it is that we’ve started?

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The Park

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


The Park

I was new to the area having recently moved here. I liked to walk a lot. Actually that’s a lie. My doctor told me I needed to get out and walk more. So as I was exploring my new city I made note of nearby parks where I could go for walks whenever the weather allowed. This would be much better than the treadmill would be in the house when weather permitted.

I found a rather nice park near my home and started a modest routine of walking one of the shorter trails until I had begun making a couple of laps around it each morning. I then began walking again in the early evening as well.

It was these evening walks that I noticed several other walkers. But I didn’t see any of them on the trail I was on. I began to look around and soon found several other trails that seemed to go beyond the well kept grassy areas and into some more woodsy areas. I followed one and after a short distance I began to notice some small grassy areas through the trees with picnic tables. I continued along the trail until I came out at the opposite end of the park from where I had parked my truck. This trail was quite a bit longer than the one I had been walking before. I decided that I would walk the previous one in the mornings before going to work and this longer one in the evenings when I had more time. And thus my new routine took shape.

As I began walking the longer trail in the evenings I would sometimes see people head out on it before I did but then I wouldn’t ever see them again. Until one evening. As I was walking along I thought I heard some low moaning. I slowed down and began Ankara escort looking for its source. I suddenly saw a man sitting at one of the secluded picnic benches and another man kneeling in front of him with his head bobbing up and down. It didn’t take me long to understand what was happening here. I stood there watching this as quietly as I could and began to rub my own cock as it was getting hard. As the man kneeling began to stand up I quietly moved along and finished my walk. I was amazed that anyone would do something like this right out in the open.

I began to notice this sort of thing happening a lot and had gotten to the point where I would just pull my own cock out and stroke it while watching this happening. It wasn’t always the same people but it was happening almost every evening. One evening someone came up behind me and scared the hell out of me when he spoke. “Like what you see?” After the initial shock of being discovered I told him that I did. Then let’s go join them he said. We proceeded to head over to the table. This man obviously knew the other two there because he greeted them by name and said “lt seems you guys had an audience, I convinced him to join us all”. I was soon sitting there with my pants down getting the best blow job I had ever had. This was my first BJ from another man and I liked it. As soon as I came though I pulled up my pants and left them there.

I was torn with guilt when I got home and after that I went back to my morning walking route in the evenings. About a week of avoiding that trail I was met on the trail by the man that had caught me watching and jacking off. He walked along with me and slowly Ankara escort bayan convinced me that I shouldn’t feel any guilt from what had transpired that day, it was all natural he said.

So we went back there and he gave me another great blow job. I began walking there again and about every other day I would go to the table and there was always someone there sucking cocks. Usually the guy getting blown would then get down and do the same for whoever had blown him. I wasn’t about to do this though, I would get my cocked sucked and hurriedly leave. As I was bent over to pull my pants up someone came up behind me and held me bent down like that. He said that I had been here a lot and had received a lot of good head but it was time now to return the favors.

As I started to speak someone stepped up in front of me and as soon as I opened my mouth he shoved his cock into it. Now here I was bent over, pants at my ankles and a mouth full of cock and there was nothing I could do about it, so I began to suck on the cock. As I was doing this several guys had gathered around us and were all calling me nasty names. I was soon forced to swallow a load of cum and was relieved to have that cock removed from my mouth. But this was short lived though as another was put right back in.

About this time the guy behind me said that now that I had that cherry broken it was time to break the other one. Then I felt something cold being rubbed on my asshole and then a finger pushing into me, then a second finger. I was doing my best to get away but there were too many for me to resist and I stopped struggling. The second cock in my mouth unloaded his Escort Ankara cum and I again was forced to swallow all of it. As the next cock pushed past my lips I felt the head of one being pushed into my now lubed and open asshole. I tried to scream as it popped in but couldn’t because of the cock in my mouth.

As I was slowly being penetrated by this hard cock I began to feel some enjoyment from it. It didn’t take long and I was actually pushing back onto this cock trying to get as much of it in me as I could. Soon, all too soon I felt the throbbing of this cock as it pumped its cum into my ass and then it slipped out. Immediately I felt another take its place. I was now being fucked hard at both ends and loving every minute of it.

When all of this was finally over I was left lying on the ground with cum running out of my mouth and ass in a state of shock. I had just been gang raped and had actually like it. I was really confused by this.

When I was finally able to get up I found I was alone so I got dressed and made my way back to my car. Once at home I took a long hot shower and went to bed.

After restless nights of thinking about what had happened I decided to go back to my normal routine. I would do my walks and every time I got near where I had been raped I would feel my cock rise so finally I entered the clearing and there they all were, sucking and fucking as usual. I slowly walked up to them and removed my clothes; I was ready to be a willing participant this time. And participate I did. I dropped right to my knees and started sucking all the cock I could. Then someone told me to bend over the table so they give me the fucking they knew I longed for. This time when I left I left very happy and again dripping cum down my legs. I knew I was hooked now and would be back for more.

I continued to get my face and ass fucked there as often as I felt the urge to and still does so today. I am now a true cum slut, I love to be used and bred.

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The Wedding Happenings Pt. 02

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Bella walked back towards the reception, she swayed her hips a little, knowing that John would be watching. It made her feel wanton, putting herself on display like that.

He was indeed watching, the sight of that high, sweet-looking ass swaying, oh fuck, she looked so fine. God, the idea of fucking a bride on her wedding night, kinky and hot as hell.

Soon, the bride and groom took their leave, and John did likewise, hurrying up to his room. He stripped and waited, his cock a raging hard-on.


In the bridal suite, Bella barely had to pause. Charles had gotten a little too drunk, and he tumbled into bed and was snoring in a drunken sleep in all of a minute. Bella had not even needed to take off her dress, that suited her fine.

Going to the door, she opened it, peered out cautiously. Bella grabbed the ice bucket, so she would have a plausible excuse as to why she was outside the room. She could feel her body tingling, she called for the elevator and quickly rode it to the 5th floor. When she peered out, she saw Cassidy Riley, and Brian Watson, Bella’s cousin, heading down the hallway to Room 520. They paused by the door, and Brian grabbed her, they were kissing heatedly, and his hands grabbed her ass, making her gasp.

Cassidy’s thoughts had been poisoned by the well of doubt that John had brought up. Damn it, if he’d never said it, she wouldn’t have acted on it. But, once the genie was out of that bottle, it kept tickling at her, driving her to distraction. She had tried to find John, to tell him that she had reconsidered and wanted it, but he seemed to have disappeared. With her lust starting to become more demanding, she had latched onto Brian, Bella’s cousin, and he had been ready to go.


Bella watched them go into the room, she waited a minute, then crept down to the room, and put her ear to the door, and she got an earful.

“Oh yeah, suck my tits then fuck my cunt, I’m a tight little virgin, claim my cherry!”

“Mmmmm, Mmmmm, making my tits so throbbing, now, give me that cock!”

A scream sounded and Cassidy’s voice grunted, “Don’t stop, all the way, complete my deflowering!” and a shriek as Brian no doubt did exactly what she asked for. Bella could hear the sounds of hot sex, Cassidy’s grunts turned over to moans of pleasure, Ankara bayan escort as she got her virgin cunt reamed.

Bella was thinking that just like she herself had been stuck on her wildness thought, Cassidy must have gotten stuck on John’s comment about Donald having a hot London lass servicing him. Since Bella had overheard about Donald partaking, she was happy to hear Cassidy finally get rid of that damn virginity. She imagined what she looked like, spread out in the heat of passion, Brian giving Cassidy her first fuck. His cock soaked by Cassidy’s juices, as he thrust his glistening tool in and out, the tight grip of her virgin cunt hole being spread open again and again by his plunging rod.

Bella was sizzling, god, the sounds of lust were making her crazy, and she hurried over to Room 501.

She swiped the key card, the door clicked open, and there he was, naked and that stiff, wonderful cock swollen with his need for her.

“I didn’t even need to get undressed, my dear hubby drank too much, and he’s out like a light. Now, I can get the wedding night fuck I’ve dreamed of.”

She clicked on the radio and tuned to a sultry song. She wanted to do a striptease, and she swayed back and forth, slowly slithering out of her dress.

John’s cock was maxed up, the sight of Bella in her wedding finery, fuck, what a view. Bella swayed back and forth to the tune, wearing her special wedding night lingerie that she’d bought for the express purpose of getting more of a rise out of her husband. A white, lacy bustier cupping her breasts and hugging her torso, with six suspenders holding up her white stockings, two in front framing her tiny white side-tie g-string panties, and four in back stretched over her perfect ass. Her legs were accentuated by the high heels she wore, her perfectly pedicured red toenails peeking out, color-coordinated with her perfect fingernails.

Bella moved to the beat, and soon her G string panties slipped down to her ankles as she released the side ties. She knew she looked very fuckable, her mons, smoothly hairless and perfectly tanned, had John’s rapt attention.


At that moment, not far away…

“Fuck, fuck, damn it feels so fucking good, make me cum Brian!”

Cassidy was on hands and Escort bayan Ankara knees, grunting with pleasure as Brian gripped her hips, and pounded his cock into her. She was still clad in her white garter belt and stockings, and the visual effect had Brian revved up. He was banging the Maid of Honor, Cassidy Riley. God, she was a real cock stiffener, 5’8″, 130 pounds, big luscious 36DD chest, super curvy hips, golden blonde hair, and big blue eyes. Her sweet virgin cunt had been waxed bare and bald, which always made him hotter than hell. He looked forward to licking her sweet little cunt and ass after he’d dumped his load.

Her backside was just as hot, he had observed how her rump was nicely rounded and full with a graceful curve, perky and smooth. Being able to eye her super hot ass, jiggling slightly as he rammed back and forth, kept his 8 inches rock hard and eager as he reamed her.

Cassidy could feel the rushing wave, and she screamed, “GONNA CUM, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUCCCKKK!”

She could feel her cunt clamp down, the silky walls rippling and spasming, that extra tight grip took Brain with her, and he roared as his cock burst inside her, the jetting streams being sprayed into her deepest inner recesses.

As Cassidy felt the glorious burst of orgasm, the wonderful feeling that masturbation could not match sweep through her, she wondered how Bella was enjoying her wedding night, with her new husband.


Meanwhile, not too far away…

Bella sashayed over to the bed, climbed on, and slipped the top of her bustier down, ready to get down to serious fucking.

John was happy to do so, and his mouth was all over her sexy 34DD mounds. They stood up proudly, and her nipples were like fat juicy gumdrops, drawing her mouth.

Bella moaned, deep and low in her throat as his mouth took her, sucking, licking, and nibbling gently. Her nipples stiffened up, becoming the classic pokies, and the more they erected, the more lavish his oral attentions became.

Bella was on fire, she needed his hose to cool her down, and she pushed him back onto the bed. She gave him a dazzling smile as she took the classic squatting position, ready to dampen down the lust.

John’s cock felt like granite, a hot-looking bride like Bella, still Bayan escort Ankara wearing her bustier and stockings, was taking the position. He felt her hands, soft and warm, gently caressing his cock, then holding it up, as she settled herself in position, the head of his cock nudged against her pussy lips. She rubbed him back and forth, letting her juices coat his cock head, then positioning him on a cunt splitting path.

Bella wanted it in one big rush, she slammed her throbbing cunt down, impaling herself completely in one powerful down thrust. John grunted as his cock was engulfed in the fiery furnace of her cunt, listening to the squelch of his cock being engulfed by her hot juices.

Bella squealed with delight, and gasped “You are deeper than any man had ever gone, Fuck me!”

Bella started to ride him, ramming up and down as she gave John a powerful fuck, riding his pole with an expression of sheer bliss. Her heated inner pinkness was gripping him tightly, eager to milk his cock as she pumped her hips up and down. John reached up, and ran his hands over her luscious mounds, tweaking her throbbing, rock-hard nipples.

“Ummm, I love having my tits played with, tweak my nipples, make me cum John!”

John could feel his cock getting ready, Bella’s gasps and cries of pleasure filling the room. He held onto it as best he could, and he could feel the trembling of her walls around his shaft, oh yeah, cum baby, cum his mind chanted.

Bella cried out “Excellent, yes, so excellent, oh fuck yes, cumming, cumming oh fuck, YES!”

Bella’s cunt clamped down tightly on his cock, convulsing and spasming wildly. She let out a wail of pleasure as she reached her orgasm, and John’s loud cry of climax joined hers, as he felt his cock go off, ejaculating over and over, jetting thick ribbons of hot spunk into the new bride’s cunt. The quivering inner pink heat sucked him dry, as they rode that shared wave.

Bella felt extra hot, and she lifted up, squeezed, and a rush of spunk poured out, all over John’s dick. She slid down and went after the load. There was something that really hit her kink button, something hot and slutty about taking a cock that just flooded her cunt, into her mouth and sucking it clean.

When she had licked up and swallowed every drop, just like a good girl, she looked into his face with a satisfied smile, and lowered herself down, resting against John’s chest, the top of her head tucked under his chin.

Not far away, Cassidy was resting up, no longer virgin, and she wanted more. Bella was also resting up, the wedding night fun had just begun.

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A Date with Edward Colston

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Many thanks to the anon commenters who suggested I write a quick one-shot featuring an alternate-reality Edward in the modern era, separate from my other fics.

You’re an undercover journalist trying to expose human rights abuses. For a while now, yourself and some fellow activists have been researching the Royal African Company, a London-based corporation that’s heavily involved in eco-technology. The RAC has lithium mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ghana. There are rumours that the RAC is using child slaves in its mines, despite preaching its ethical credentials.

One of the major RAC shareholders is a man called Edward Colston. A somewhat mysterious figure who keeps a low profile. He doesn’t use social media and you can’t seem to find any dirt on him. Like you, he was born in Bristol, but spends most of his time in London. He’s in his late-forties; a real silver fox. He’s tall, handsome and single. Imagine your luck when he crosses your path one day when you’re visiting the RAC’s head office, supposedly enquiring about jobs. Not going to lie, you’re instantly attracted to him, but you keep telling yourself you have important work to do. Before you know what is happening, you’ve secured a date with Edward. He proves more charismatic than you ever imagined…

At his plush apartment overlooking London’s Docklands, he tells you of how he grew up in Bristol and how charity work is a big part of his life. Despite your best efforts, getting him to reveal anything that may be of use to you, proves futile. He’s a clever one, is Edward. He knows not to give too much away.

“Growing Ankara bayan escort up in a comfortable middle-class family like I did, you take everything for granted. It was only when I started travelling that I became aware of the injustice in the world. I am just one man. But I like to think I’ve done my bit. I’m proud to have founded the Dolphin Foodbank in Bristol.”

You’ve been admiring the artwork in his apartment. He’s got expensive tastes, that’s for sure. There’s a David Hockney hanging over the fireplace. He’s got several ornaments of dolphins, too.

“They’re my favourite animals,” he tells you. “Such beautiful and intelligent creatures.”

He’s an animal lover. Well that makes him even more appealing, right? Then he takes you by surprise.

“I’m so pleased we met, Y/N,” Edward whispers, as he pours you a glass of red wine. “It’s been a while since I was lucky to enough to meet someone who shares the same interests. My work tends to dominate…”

You’re losing control of the situation. This wasn’t supposed to happen, but holy shit, this man is gorgeous.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” You tell yourself. “This guy represents everything you hate about Western capitalism. He’s no better than the imperialists of yesteryear, exploiting Africa and the New World.”

All the same, his charms prove irresistible.

Edward kisses you, slowly forcing you over until you fall back, this incredible feeling of his lips on yours. His head drops to your breasts as his hands expertly seek out your darkest place. You feel a surge of electricity as his tongue Escort bayan Ankara ravishes your nipples, his hand under your skirt, sliding your panties aside. His fingers delving in and out of you, your climax on the teetering brink of oblivion as the electricity shocks your nerves and your vaginal muscles clench around his index while his thumb nudges your clit slowly.

“Edward!” You cry out.

You see him smile as you reach orgasm. It’s the most powerful one you have ever experienced. Damn, if this man isn’t skilled with his fingers.

With one arm under yours, he half-lifts you from the leather Chesterfield settee until you are lying against his body.

With that you straddle him as you sit down on his lap, facing him and wrapping your arms around his neck. You can’t stop yourself and immediately reach for a kiss and your hips begin to grind slowly. Edward’s startled a little by your gestures but can’t resist.

“Y/N,” he murmurs, kissing your earlobe.

His hands start feeling down your back and they squeeze your arse. You kiss his jawline and whisper something rude in his ear. He chuckles.


You feel him thrust up against you as he groans and you can feel how hard he is.

His hands started unbuttoning your blouse as your fingers begin to unfasten his trousers. Your kisses get more passionate and hungry. You pull away for a moment and unfasten your bra, your breasts springing forth. Edward’s hands begin to caress them, squeezing them, running his palms up and down, feeling them flop as his thumbs rub your nipples. You breathe Bayan escort Ankara heavily, but stay quiet and suck on your lower lip to mute your desire to moan. It only turns him on further.

You free Edward’s large cock from his underwear and start teasing the head by sliding it up and down your tingling clit. He grabs his shaft and slides it inside, thrusting himself up into you. The sensations spark pleasure all through your body. You start riding him slow and choppy, feeling him deep inside you, feeling shocks of pleasure with each thrust. God, he’s huge, but you’re wetter than you’ve ever been. He feels so amazing and hot inside you. He fucks you hard. You’ve never been fucked like this before. This is better than anything you’ve ever experienced in your life! You start going faster and faster, unable to stop the momentum, the high getting higher and sweeter. His face shows total animalistic lust and want.

“Ahhhh!” you groan. You’ve completely lost it.

There’s no stopping the rush of your second orgasm. The sensations fill your body as your face flushes. You open your eyes and gaze into Edward’s dark brown ones. He can feel you climaxing and the amazing amount of wetness dripping from you. You’re squirting all over the place. He closes his eyes as he climaxes too and fills you with his cum.

Slowly, he withdraws his cock. You’re breathless.

“Are you alright, Y/N?” He gently asks, and you nod. You need a few moments to come to your senses.

“Y-yes, Edward,” you gasp. You’re overwhelmed.

Edward stands up. “I expect to read your newest column where you cheerfully explain that Edward Colston was the greatest fuck of your life,” he says with a smug smile. “Anything less and I may have to sue for libel.”

You come to your senses. “What?”

“I can smell a journalist from a mile away. Especially an inexperienced one. But, no matter. Shall we continue where we left off?”

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My Daughter’s Hot Friend Ch. 01

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I sleep hard. I sleep naked. I dream lucidly. This morning, I dreamt that my cock was being slowly savored by a warm, wet set of lips. These lips sucked ever so gently and tenderly, and the tongue meticulously swirled around my tip. The suction became harder, and a hand was added, gripping my throbbing shaft, and sliding up and down in unison with this hot mouth. In my sleep, I moaned as I came, shooting copious amounts of hot cum into the mouth of this mysterious individual. It was a girl. I heard her moans as she feasted on my thick, morning load. But this wasn’t a dream. As my hips bucked and jerked as I came forcefully down the throat of this girl, I woke and slowly came to my senses. My daughter’s friend was leaning over the side of my bed sucking on my exposed cock.

“Good morning,” she said as she licked her lips, then strode out of my room.

I couldn’t say anything. I was speechless.

Annah came to visit us for the first time several weeks ago, and this was her second trip down from Illinois. My 23-year-old daughter lives with me. She needed a place to stay after her deadbeat boyfriend left her to join a band in Oregon. He’s a real piece of shit, and I never did like him. After he up and left her, I welcomed her back home, so she could work and save money for her own eventual place. I love all of my kids, and would do anything in the world for them. She met Annah through the deadbeat guy, so I guess it wasn’t all bad, right?

Later in the morning, I was doing some computer work. I had updates to run, and some software to install. I said goodbye to my daughter as she departed for work, then got back to work. Annah went to sleep on the couch in the living room, and I could hear her phone beeping as I worked in my office down the hall. Before long, I heard her whimper. I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I made my way down the hall to find out. I crept to the living room so I didn’t wake Annah, should she be sleeping, Ankara bayan escort as I thought she still was. No, she was not. She lay back on the sofa, completely naked. I stood watching in awe as her hips lifted and writhed as her fingers pleasured her young pussy. Her other hand kept a tight grip on one of her petite breasts, and she firmly pulled her nipple as she masturbated. Did she want me to catch her?

I cleared my throat to announce my presence, but she didn’t stop. She was lost in sensual oblivion as her juices flowed down her thighs. I stepped closer, my cock tenting my jogging pants. I squeezed my turgid pole and stepped even closer, ending right beside the sofa. I watched as she pleasured herself. I caught her gaze. She bit her lip as she openly caressed her tender slit, watching my face as she did. She wanted me to watch her finger-fuck herself, and I was happy to oblige.

Her pussy glistened as she dug her fingers in deep, coaxing her cooze out. I moaned softly and squeezed my cock again through my pants. Annah saw this, and yanked my pants down, freeing my thick and throbbing cock.

“Oh god,” she moaned as she masturbated more intently, her fingers now circling around my cock.

“That’s hot,” was all I could stammer as she started stroking my cock in rhythm to her fingers buried in her hot little pussy.

“Fuck me,” she purred as she tugged on my dick.

I just looked at her, questioningly, as though I hadn’t heard her right.

“Put this cock in me,” she said as she spread her legs wider.

Her fingers left her pussy, and both hands went to my cock. Her hips still writhed as her soaked pussy beckoned me to it. Cautiously, I lay between her widely-spread legs, her hands still wrapped around my cock, pulling me to her. She smiled and bit her lip as she gazed into my eyes and nudged my tip against her dripping opening. Her eyes fluttered shut and Escort bayan Ankara her head rolled back. Her back arched and her tits pressed to my chest as I slowly fed her my throbbing member. Annah put her hands on my shoulders and squirmed under me as I slowly fucked her. I watched her young face contort with pleasure as she gave herself to me willingly. I raised up on my arms and looked down at her firm breasts, moaning to myself as they jiggled slightly every time I thrust into her.

Annah wrapped her legs around my hips, opening herself even more for this erotic invasion, and pulling me deeper into her. I felt her body tense and her pussy tremble as she came. Her voice squeaked and her pussy gushed. I kept fucking her. Her juices flowed as I fucked her harder and faster. Once she recovered, she grinned.

“Cum in me,” she hissed. “I want to feel you cum in my pussy.”

My cock ached. I leaned down and pulled on her nipples with my lips, sucking them hard, and tugging the petite orbs into my mouth.

“Give me your cum,” she demanded.

I looked into her eyes and fucked her relentlessly. I was going to give this young vixen what she wanted. Her eyes welled with tears and she whimpered.

“Please cum in my pussy. I want it so bad,” Annah begged.

I growled and shoved my cock deep into her hungry pussy. With an audible grunt, I erupted, cumming explosively into her gripping pussy. My hips bucked violently with each thick burst of hot semen. Annah threw her legs wide and pulled on my ass with her hands as my throbbing cock flooded her young pussy to the point of overflowing.

Annah lay panting as my cock throbbed inside her cum-filled pussy. She wore a beautiful smile on her face, clearly satisfied that I’d given her what she wanted. As she gazed into my eyes, she suddenly threw her arms around me and pulled me to her, kissing me deeply as though we were long-time lovers. Bayan escort Ankara My cock flinched in the moist confines of her satisfied pussy. Feeling this, she moaned into our kiss, our tongues swirling together. Our kiss intensified, but then she started giggling quietly.

“Ready to go again,” she asked with a mischievous grin.

I merely smiled and started slowly fucking her again. Her hips bucked up to meet mine as I fed her more of my eager cock. I pressed my body to hers as she gave herself to me, letting me suck on her neck as her pussy welcomed the erotic invasion. Her body writhed in erotic bliss as I pleasured her, grinding my body against her clit as we made love. She purred and moaned in my ear as I left marks on her neck.

“Yes…yes…fuck me,” she moaned. “Cum inside me again. I need to feel it.”

Hearing her pleas made my cock flinch. It’s not every day that a young girl asks for an older man to cum inside her. I fucked her faster, eager to oblige. Our bodies slapped together as I ravaged her tight, wet pussy. I started panting as my balls tightened in preparation to dump another load in this young vixen. I fucked her harder and faster still, causing her to scream out and cum violently. Her pussy gripped my cock firmly as her orgasm tore through her body, the sensation becoming unbearably pleasurable for me. My whole body trembled as I came again, dumping my load in her welcoming pussy.

I collapsed on top of her, breathing hard as her hard nipples ground into my chest. She panted and clawed at my back as my cock twitched inside her, the last dribbles of my cum finding their way into their new home.

After regaining composure. I slowly withdrew from her sloppy pussy. She simply smiled and thanked me, then wriggled from under me and pranced her sexy body to the shower. Before she turned the corner, she told me she was spending another night here, and wanted me to cum in her ass before she went home.

I flopped back on the sofa, my cock, wet with our combined juices, ached and stood tall. I sighed in disbelief that I’d just fucked this sexy girl that was half my age, and came twice in her pussy. Her words of wanting me to butt-fuck her rang in my ears as I finally got up and went back to work.

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