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Alex and Jenna

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*This story is completely fictional. It evolved more out of my interest in authority figures, and then I wanted to challenge myself and see what I could produce from this particular genre. I’m satisfied with this, I hope you enjoy!


Jenna bounded down the stairs and paused for a moment to examine her reflection in the hallway mirror. She was wearing a very short jean mini skirt and a new white halter top that showed off her tan perfectly. Satisfied with her hair, makeup, and ensemble, she headed to the kitchen on her mission, borrowing twenty dollars from her father, Alex.

He was sitting at the table reading his newspaper, his traditional nightly routine. He looked up as Jenna came into the room and examined her outfit. Her eighteen year old body looked amazing in the outfit, and it made him cringe to know that she was going out in public like that, her body just waiting to be ogled by eager teenage boys. Nevertheless, she did not look trashy, and he was determined not to be an overbearing father who drove his teenage daughter crazy.

“Daddy?” Jenna said sweetly, walking into the kitchen. “I have a favor to ask you…” She let her voice trail off as he put down his paper and looked at her.

“Yes? And that would be…?” her father replied, studying her beautiful face.

“Daddy, do you think you can loan me $20?”

“What do you need it for hun?” he asked, a typical fatherly question.

“The girls and I are going to dinner and a movie, that’s all,” came her reply, which was completely honest. Alex knew his daughter was telling the truth. If she was going out with a boy she would have told him, they had a very open and honest relationship. But it was not what she was doing with the money that concerned him, it was why she needed it already.

“Jenna, I just gave you some money a couple of days ago, what did you do with that?” he asked logically.

She giggled a little and pointed to her white halter top. “I bought this! It was on sale and everything! Isn’t it cute?”

“Yes honey, it’s very cute, but I just don’t know if I should give you more money already. You do need to learn how to save a little you know. Maybe you should think about getting a job…” His voice trailed off as he tried to focus on any topic other than his daughter’s cute little tank top.

“UGH, Daddy! I don’t need a job; I just need to borrow $20! I don’t even need to borrow the car, Samantha said she would drive and everything. Couldn’t you just loan it to me, pleeeassee?”

Alex considered for a moment, and decided to hold his ground. Jenna had been spending a lot of money lately, and she needed to start being more careful about it. “No honey, I don’t think I’m going to loan it to you tonight. I’m sorry.”

Jenna was frustrated for about two seconds, and then decided that maybe she just needed a different approach. She and her father had always been close, and she was very used to getting what she wanted from him. So instead of storming out of the kitchen as her father feared she might, she walked over to him and sat on his lap. She cuddled against him as she had when she was young. She nuzzled his cheek and gave him a kiss. “Daddy, don’t you think maybe, just this one last time, you could loan me the money? It’s not like I have bad intentions or anything, I just want to go out and have fun with the girls. That’s all, I promise.”

Her father shifted slightly, suddenly feeling a little nervous with his voluptuous daughter perched on his lap. Her breasts were pressed against his chest and her ass was perched right on his cock, and as much as he tried not to think about it, he could already feel himself reacting. “Jenna, it’s not that I don’t trust you honey. I just think you need to practice being more responsible with your money. That’s all.”

She rested her head on his shoulder; he could feel her lips brushing against his neck as she got comfortable. “I know Daddy, and I’ll try harder, I promise…couldn’t you loan it to me just this once?”

With each word she spoke her lips were rubbing lightly against his neck, her breath blowing softly upon it as well, and he could feel his cock start to twitch in reaction. Alex shifted again, only this time Jenna seemed to have caught on and she shifted with him.

“What’s wrong daddy?” she asked coyly, a sly smile forming on her lips.

“Nothing honey, you’re just a lot bigger than you used to be when you were little and would sit like this. That’s all.”

“Oh,” she grinned at him, “Well if you agree to give me the $20 I could get off you know,” she whispered quietly against his neck.

“You’re not going to bribe me young lady,” Alex replied lightly, “you cannot have the money. That’s final.”

Jenna hopped off his lap anyway and walked towards the fridge, shaking her ass at him as she went. She turned and asked, “Do you want something to drink Daddy?”

“Sure,” he replied, “anything.” She held up a beer and a Pepsi. “The Pepsi I think,” he said to her, and Cemre Escort she brought it over to him, keeping the beer for herself, which she opened and took a gulp from. She watched her father closely for his reaction. “Jenna!” he admonished, laughing a little, “You’re a little young for that.” She grinned and continued drinking, something her father knew she did on occasion. He did not object to it, as long as she was careful and smart about it.

She brought her beer over to him and climbed back on his lap. As she was getting comfortable she touched the cold can to his neck, and giggled, “Oops.” Then she rested her head back on his shoulder, and her warm breath was on the same spot as before. Alex shivered a little and Jenna laughed again, putting her beer on the table and wrapping her arms around him. “I love you Daddy,” she told him, kissing his cheek, “Even if you won’t give me the $20.” With that she hopped off of his lap again, and left the kitchen. He watched her go and again couldn’t help but admire her perfect body as she walked away.

Alex had raised Jenna since she was 4, when her mother had died. He had dated a few women since then, but always keeping Jenna’s best interests first had never gotten into a really serious relationship. He just couldn’t find anyone who really was mother material for his baby. In the last couple of years however, Jenna had grown up immensely, and no matter how he tried to ignore it, Alex just couldn’t. He had found himself watching her as she walked through the house, and he couldn’t deny that she was beautiful, an exact replica of her mother. She was also an incredibly sweet girl, one of those rare people who have no idea how attractive they are and are therefore nice people. Alex was proud of his daughter, and loved her more than anyone else in the world.

He was thinking about that when Jenna returned to the kitchen a few minutes later. She had changed from her previous outfit into a simple cotton nighty that hugged her body and accentuated her young breasts. “Daddy?” she asked when he looked up at her. “Do you want to watch a movie tonight? We haven’t had a movie night in a long time.”

Alex was surprised at the invitation, especially since he thought she would be upset at him for denying the money, but he was very pleased with the offer. Movie nights used to be a regular thing for the two of them, but as schedules had gotten busier they were often forgotten. “Sure honey that would be a lot of fun. I just want to take a quick shower first, ok?” She nodded, and he put down the paper and headed towards the bathroom, calling over his shoulder, “I’ll be out in about 10 minutes!”

Once in the shower Alex instantly reached for his cock and began to stroke it, as it had been continually stiffening since he first saw his daughter in her little outfit. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t get the thought out of his head, how beautiful she looked, and how much he was dying to see her naked. He knew it was partially that she looked so much like her mother, but it was also more than that. Jenna just had a mischievousness about her that attracted him, he wanted to know her secrets and understand her mind, as well as her body. He allowed himself to slip into his regular fantasy of his own daughter sucking his cock, and was very close to cumming when he heard the door open and shut. He pulled back the shower curtain a little to see Jenna standing at the sink in her nighty, reaching for her toothbrush. She grinned at him.

“Just brushing my teeth” she said matter-of-factly as she continued her routine. Alex pulled the curtain shut again and continued with his shower, his cock throbbing as he tried to ignore it, remembering that his daughter was in the room. He finished washing and rinsing and reached for his towel, Jenna was just putting her toothbrush away.

“See you in a couple minutes!” she said happily as she left the bathroom. “I’ll pick out a movie,” she called over her shoulder as she shut the door.

Alex stepped out of the tub and dried himself, wishing he had time to masturbate quickly but knowing that he didn’t. Instead he put on his boxers and tshirt and headed towards his room. Once there however, he was surprised to see as Jenna was sprawled on his bed in her cotton nighty. He walked immediately to his dresser and grabbed a pair of regular shorts to put on over his boxers, which he did nonchalantly. Seeming to read his questioning mind, Jenna said, “I thought we could watch the movie in here Daddy. That way if we get tired we don’t have to move. I can just sleep in your bed like when I was little. Ok?”

Not wanting to make a big deal over what was probably nothing, Alex just nodded his head and walked towards his bed, where he propped himself up against the headboard. “I already put a movie in; want me to turn off the lights?” Jenna asked, and again Alex nodded. With that Jenna reached over and tapped the lights off, and snuggled against her father, resting her head Cemre Escort Bayan on his chest. Alex enjoyed having her there and was very comfortable as he stroked her hair and they watched the film.

The movie was going very smoothly until about halfway through, when there was a very passionate and very graphic love scene between two of the characters. Alex, not knowing how to react, waited to see if Jenna would comment. She was very quiet; although she was shifting her body as if uncomfortable and Alex looked down to make sure she was ok. What he saw shocked him. Jenna was laying there, her head still against his chest, with one hand slipped beneath the hem of her nighty. He could see by the movement of the material that her hand was very busy, and judging by the way her small body kept tensing against his she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself.

Not wanting to embarrass her, Alex kept stroking her hair, but couldn’t help but watch her fascinated. She was beautiful in the dim light, obviously familiar with her own body, and he couldn’t help but be aroused. His cock began twitching, and Jenna must have felt it because suddenly she stopped everything. She looked up at him, and began to blush, taking her hand away and stammering “oh my God…Daddy…I’m sorry…”

“It’s ok baby,” Alex said the first thing that came to mind. “It’s totally natural honey. That scene was pretty intense, don’t be embarrassed.” Jenna looked at him, a little more calm now, and asked, “Did it make you hot too daddy?”

Alex didn’t want to lie to his daughter, and thought that admitting that it did affect him might make her more comfortable so he replied, “yeah honey, it did.”

Nothing else was said for a few moments and the two returned to the video. When Alex looked at his daughter a few minutes later, he saw that she was back to touching herself, more slowly this time. He was surprised as nothing erotic was happening on screen, but understood that when the urge came, it wasn’t always easy to get rid of. He watched her for a few moments, and then, not knowing what came over him, he reached up and touched her breast lightly through her nighty. His fingers immediately sought her nipple, which was already stiff and poking through the cotton, and he rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. Jenna moaned softly as her hand continued its work beneath her nighty, and Alex eased her back on the pillows so he could have easier access to her young breasts. He knew it was wrong, but she wasn’t protesting and suddenly he was thinking only with his quickly stiffening prick, and not with his brain at all.

As Alex worked his daughters nipples he leaned down and began kissing her neck, moving from her collar bone up to her ear, and then slowly back down again. The second time he reached her collar bone he kissed it and then continued lower, kissing his way down towards her nipple, where his fingers were working with dedication. Jenna shifted slightly, allowing him even easier access to her breast, and he kissed his way down over her young tit, straight to her nipple. When his lips brushed over the hard little bud, separated only by the thin cotton of her nightgown, Jenna moaned and arched her breasts upwards. Her hand was still busy between her legs, and Alex loved the way she looked, laying in his bed both very peaceful and very aroused.

Alex forced himself to leave her breasts alone, and he kissed back upwards towards her neck. He focused on the spot just behind her ear, letting his tongue tease her flesh very lightly. Suddenly, to his surprise, Jenna turned her head to face him. Alex stopped everything instantly, knowing what he was doing was incredibly wrong. He was about to pull away, but Jenna’s hand snaked out and pulled his face to hers, where she met his lips for a kiss.

The kiss was slow and gentle, both seeming to understand they were on shaky ground but quickly deepened as Jenna’s tongue sought his and she began to press her body closer to Alex. They kissed for several minutes, and finally Alex pulled away, knowing he had to be the adult and regain control of the situation. “Jenna,” he said, “we just can’t do this.” Even as he spoke his cock was throbbing, knowing that he was only moments away from actually living every fantasy he had about his daughter.

“But Daddy,” Jenna protested, “what if I want it?” She looked at him with pouty lips, and eyes that were filled with a womanly combination of love and lust.

“Honey, you may think you want this, but it’s just your body…the urges are normal, but we just can’t act on this.” Alex attempted to explain, even though his heart was not behind the words.

“But Daddy, I love you. I’ve loved you for a long time. And kissing you like that felt so right and perfect…please Daddy?” Before giving him a chance to answer Jenna found his lips again and was kissing him insistently, and Alex could feel his will weakening. And his cock stiffening.

He could feel his daughters Escort Cemre body pressed tightly against his, all her soft curves against his firm muscles. “Jenna, baby, are you sure this is what you want?” he asked, after making himself pull away from her delicious lips once again.

“Yes Daddy, I’ve wanted it for a long time. I love you.” As she said it, Jenna pressed her body tighter against her fathers and sought his mouth again. The kiss was deep with longing and desire, tongues intertwined as Alex groaned softly against his daughter’s lips. He had watched her grow and had yearned for her body for so long; he was ready to shoot his load just knowing he would fulfill his fantasy soon.

“I love you Jenna, and I will always love you, if you change your mind about any of this just tell me and we’ll stop. I won’t be mad, I promise.” With that said, Alex moved up over his daughter slightly, his lips still locked upon hers. He continued to kiss her deeply for a moment, before slowly moving away from her lips and down her neck. He kissed lower slowly, until he was at the top of her nighty. She arched up for him immediately, and in one motion he pulled it off her body.

With her nightgown off Alex paused for a moment to admire her bare flesh. She had been wearing nothing underneath and her naked body was amazing as she lay there in the dark room with only the dim lighting of the TV screen. His eyes took in her beautiful breasts; young and firm with pink nipples still stiff from his earlier kisses. She had a flat stomach that made way to a bare shaven pussy that looked silky smooth and inviting. Her long legs seemed to go on forever, and Alex didn’t know where he wanted to touch first.

He resumed kissing her neck and collar bone, then slowly moved down towards her tits, heading for the left one first. He let his tongue circle her nipple and lightly brushed his lips against it, feeling it stiffen even more. Finally he took it in his mouth and began to suck and nibble gently, immediately noticing his daughters beautiful body tense with pleasure.

He continued to suck her nipple as he brought his fingers up to work the right one, causing her to moan with pleasure. The feeling of his daughters nipple between his lips was amazing, Alex was harder than he could ever remember being. He began to kiss lower, moving down over her stomach and to her belly button. He licked all around it, and then moved down a little more, finding himself staring at Jenna’s smooth young pussy. The smell of his own daughter’s pussy was driving him wild, and he was longing to taste those silky smooth lips.

Very gently, using only the tip of his tongue, Alex licked down over Jenna’s soft pussy and back up again, repeating the process, each time separating her lips a little more with his tongue. On the fourth time he stuck his tongue out and let it slide softly over her clit, causing Jenna to gasp and grab at the sheets.

“Ooh, Daddy, do that again,” she whispered, as she pushed her hips towards his face, wanting to feel his tongue again. He immediately followed his daughter’s request, this time allowing his tongue to stroke her clit slowly, making circles around the base of it and then rubbing the tip repeatedly. She began to writhe against the sheets, her fists clenching the material as she moaned, continuing to push her pussy further into her fathers face. When he slowly slid one finger into her pussy she gasped and clenched the sheets even tighter, and when he hit her g-spot with his finger tip she nearly lost control.

“Daddy…I’m gonna — I’m gonna cum Daddy….ooohhhh” she managed to hold on for another 30 seconds or so, but her fathers finger working her g-spot and his tongue continually stroking her eager little clit was too much for her, and soon she was cumming, flooding Alex’s face with her juice, which he eagerly licked up. She lay there for a moment afterwards and Alex moved up to lay with her, his cock rock hard, and yet he felt very content and pleased with himself for having gotten his daughter off, and so quickly.

“Daddy that was…that was amazing!” Jenna said softly. “I’ve never felt anything that good before in my whole life.” She looked at him adoringly, and Alex smiled back at her.

“I’m glad that it felt good honey, I just wanted to please you,” Alex told her, and he meant it. Watching her body as she had come around his fingers and tasting her sweet juices had been an incredible experience, even if nothing else happened that night he would be satisfied.

She looked at him shyly, “I want to please you now Daddy,” she told him, looking a little nervous, but excited at the same time.

“Baby, you don’t have to do anything to please me, just watching you was enough, honest,” he told her.

“No Daddy, I want to…well I want to do that to you. You know? But I’ve never done it before, so will you teach me?” She looked at him with her big loving eyes, and Alex smiled at his beautiful daughter.

“Of course I will, but only if – ” before he could finish, Jenna was moving down slightly, and was studying his hard cock intently. She blushed as she looked at it, and reached out hesitantly to touch it. With the first contact of her soft fingertips Alex’s cock jerked and she immediately pulled her hand back.

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My Dream Man

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I’ve been at the firm for almost two years now and about six months after I got there he came in. Ever since I laid eyes on Joe, I knew he was special.

When we have meetings he always gives me this bear hug in greeting and the most amazingly beautiful smile that is to die for. I don’t know if he knows how I feel but he is sure throwing signs out there.

I got an email from him, he had sent me something on a case and I emailed him back and put a smiley face. The phone rang and as I answered it, his sweet, deep sexy voice said, “Hey sexy.”

I swear I almost fainted right there. My mouth went dry and it was hard to speak.

“Hey sexy yourself, what can I do for you?”

He just does not know what he does to me.

“I’m sorry I didn’t send this to you, I thought you were in the email, realized you weren’t. What are you doing?”

“It’s ok, you’ve been busy. Just wrapping up for the day, getting ready to go home.”

“Will you come by my office before you go?”

“Of course, be there in a few minutes.”

Oh….My…Gosh!!! I have to go in the bathroom and check myself before I go over. He is on the 1st floor so I have a few minutes.

I went into the restroom and freshened up, didn’t want to seem to anxious, although it was taking every bit of my energy not to fly down there.

As I got off the elevator, I turned left towards his office, which happened to be a corner office and knocked on the door.

He smiled at me and said hello and that damn smile of his makes my body quiver every time. As I sat down by his desk, I crossed my legs and folded my hands to keep them from moving.

We had some small talk for a while which was nice, I was learning a little bit more about him. My hands were fidgeting though and he asked me if I was ok.

“Absolutely, I’m good.” Damn, I sound like a dork.

“I do need to get going though, I’ve got a couple of stops to make before I get home.

“Ok, no problem, hope you have a great evening.”

He gets up as I do and reaches over to give me a hug and our faces are too close. I meant to give him a kiss on the cheek but our faces turned at the same time and I met his lips. I looked at him, fearing I just screwed up but what I got was a smile.

It was hard for me not to go crazy with excitement so I smiled back and turned to leave.

As I walked towards the door, he put his hand on my ass and caressed it and I almost tripped. I turned to look at him, smiled and walked out the door.

Before I got to the elevator to go to the garage, he came out of his office, looked at me and motioned for me to come back.

My heart was beating so fast I thought it would jump out of my chest. I got in his office and he locked the door.

The look on his face told me why he called me in and that was it. His hands held my face and he kissed me. My arms went around him and I held him close as our mouths melded together. I couldn’t keep my hands off of him and his kisses were dynamic.

I opened my eyes to look at him the same time he did. I don’t know if he knew what this meant to me but I was going to enjoy every second of him he gave me. He leaned me against the door and was touching me all over.

He put his hands on my breasts and then my thighs. I had a dress on and he started to pull it up. He looked at me as if to ask if it was ok and I helped him pull it up.

I was thinking of him when I got dressed this morning so I had on some nice thongs for him, which were wet by now.

He put his hands in between my legs and that was it for me. I put my head back, moaned softly and put my leg up higher so he could get better access.

He slipped the thong aside and touched my pussy and I was moaning in his mouth as he kissed me fiercely. He really has no idea what he does to me.

I hiked my leg up further and he put a finger inside of me and then two and he was fucking my pussy fiercely and kissing me harder and I was about to cum on his hands.

We must have been like that forever, it sure felt like it. Him fucking my Örnekköy Escort pussy with his fingers and rubbing me.

He slowed down and looked at me.

“Are you going to the party tonight at the club,” he asked me.

“Yes, are you?” I asked breathless.

“Yes. Since the club is just down the street, what do you say we meet back here in my office around 8, no one will be here.”

“I’ll be here at 8,” I told him with a smile.

“Do I look ok, too frazzled? I’m don’t want to have “that look” when I walk out the door.” I really didn’t care though. Does he know that I will never forget this day!

He touched my hair, fixed it a bit and said, “You look beautiful.”

I swear my heart stopped. I don’t even remember if I said thank you and it was hard for me to breathe.

I did my errands, went home and got ready for the boring party. I had not wanted to go but now I couldn’t wait to get there. I made sure I dressed sexy for him and this time I had no panties on and out the door I went.

I arrived at 7 and there were a lot of people there. I mingled, got myself a drink and searched the room for him. As I was scanning, I saw him. He was with a group of people but he was looking at me.

He had a beer in his hand and I gave him a smile and went to sit down and “be sociable.” Eight o’clock could not come fast enough.

After all the preliminaries were done, it was almost time to go. I went to the restroom to check myself and said goodbye and left. I didn’t see him so I’m guessing he was already gone.

I went to the Firm and straight to his office. He heard me and opened the door and locked it. I put my purse down, looked up and he was right there next to me.

“Liz,” he said my name so sweetly and again, he so gently put his hands on my face and kissed me. We were kissing and touching and I was going to go crazy if we didn’t get our clothes off.

He touched my ass and lifted my skirt. “Hmmmm, nothing on underneath, hah? And you are wet, so wet,” as his hands grazed me.

“I didn’t want anything in the way tonight.”

He brought me over to his chair, took my skirt off and sat me down. He knelt down and put my legs back. As his lips touched my pussy I thought I would lose control it felt so good. I’ve dreamt of this for at least a year now.

His lips were sucking on my pussy and then his fingers opened my lips up and as his mouth grabbed my clit his fingers went inside of me, stroking me. He started moving faster within me and his sucking and licking was making me buck my hips towards his face, he was driving me crazy.

He then took one of his fingers and put it in my ass and I knew at that moment he was going to make me fall in love with him. One finger in my pussy while the other in my ass and his mouth sucking on me made me cum all over him.

He didn’t waste no time, we took the rest of our clothes off and he put me on the edge of his desk. He sucked on my nipples and made them nice and hard, harder actually. His mouth on my breasts felt so good, his breathe was warm and tantalizing.

He had a beautiful cock and I wanted him inside of me so bad it hurt. As his cock touched my pussy I was over the edge with passion for him and then he was inside of me. I swear I was floating on a cloud.

He felt so good and all I could do was spread my legs as far as they would go so I could get him as deep inside of me as possible. He was fucking me hard and fast and it was all I could do to not yell out.

“Joe, you feel so damn good, I love your cock inside of me! I’ve been wanting this for a very long time, fuck me Joe!”

I didn’t have to ask him twice as he slammed inside of me. Then he just ground his cock against my pussy, going in slow circles, skin against skin, back and forth.

“I want you to cum on my cock Liz, I want to feel your sweet cum all over me.”

He then got up and went to a cabinet and grabbed a blanket and put it on the floor.

“I’m sorry we don’t have a bed, will the floor be ok for now? This is a nice Escort Örnekköy soft, plush blanket.”

“It will be fine.”

I got down and laid on the blanket. It was nice and soft, it felt nice. He buried his face in my pussy again, damn be could do this all day.

“You taste so good baby, so good,” he said as his cock filled me up again.

As he stroked me, his hand was on my clit rubbing it and our hips were meeting each other half way.

He felt so damn good I knew I would be cumming on him any minute now, I wanted to cum all over him.

“Joe, don’t stop, give me everything you got, fuck me please!”

As his strokes came faster and faster his mouth found mine. It was so intense for me and the more I moaned, the harder he kissed me and the harder he fucked me. I moaned louder and he could tell I was about to cum and he didn’t let go of my mouth at all.

My moans became yells inside of his mouth as I came all over his cock and my pussy was just quivering, gripping him with my excitement. It wasn’t but a few seconds after I came on him that he filled me with his cum. I made sure he was as deep inside of me as possible, I wanted every drop of his sweet cum inside of me.

He slowed down and he just stayed on top of me, keeping him inside of me. He gave me the sweetest of kisses and the way his hands frame my face when he kisses me is so damn intoxicating.

“I have to get you on a bed.”

“You can come over to my place, maybe Friday?”

“I’ll be there,” as he wraps me in his sweet kisses.

It was Friday morning and I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the day in anticipation of seeing him tonight. I had given him directions and he was going to be there about 8.

I wore one of my sexy, conservative dresses today and once again, no panties. I knew I would be wet all day and I wanted to feel the wetness all over my pussy all day long. I was in the elevator, the door opened and in he comes. There were 3 other people in there so we did a casual hello.

My pussy was pulsing at the mere sight of him. The door opened and the others got out, how convenient.

He turned around, grabbed me and gave me such a fierce kiss. Our bodies were together, his hands went under my dress and his eyes popped wide open with surprise. I smiled against his lips, his fingers went inside of me with such intensity and we had to stop, the elevator was stopping. He licked his fingers and turned around.

One more stop and he was off and I practically ran in my office and shut the door. I put one leg on the desk and leaned back, thought of him and made myself cum. I had to, it couldn’t wait.

I got some beer for him and wine for me, some strawberries and other snacks, not that we would be eating much. Food that is anyway.

I wore my black sheer gown, nothing on underneath and the bell rang promptly at 8.

“Punctual I see,” I said with a smile.

“Are you kidding me, I’ve been trying to hold myself back and not arrive too early. I’ve been thinking of you all week.”

“I’ve been thinking of you all year.”

“Why have you never told me?”

“I thought you knew, the way I flirted wih you.”

“I thought you were just being friendly.”

“Sorry but I don’t rub legs with just anyone.

“I got you some beer, would you like one?”

“Would love one, thank you. By the way, you look exquisite.”

“Why, thank you.”

“Not to rush anything but how about you give me a tour, would really like to see your bedroom.”

“Let’s go then. Would you help me grab the wine and strawberries?”

“Of course, anything.”

“Quick tour, this is the downstairs and this is the starewell leading to the upstairs and here we go. My bedroom. We can put this stuff on the table over here.”

We put it down and he put his arms on me, caressing my arms. He gave me a sweet kiss then bent and put my nipple in his mouth, making my gown nice and wet. He did the same to the other. He then pulled it over my head.

I reached Örnekköy Escort Bayan over and put on some nice love song music, it was perfect. I even had some candles lit up.

After his clothes were off, he gently laid me on the bed. He kissed me all over, taking his time and it felt so good to have his mouth on me everywhere. He sucked on my nipples again, gently grabbing them with his teeth. He pulled on it but it actually felt good, really good and he must have sensed that because he did the same with my other nipple.

“Damn Joe, you are incredible!”

“Can I tell you something?”

“Of course, anything.”

“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything but I have to tell you this. All of this really means something to me, I’ve wanted, admired you for so long. I’m not asking for anything, I just had to tell you that.”

“Thank you for telling me Liz and it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Lay back now and let me make sweet love to you.”

Wow, that went good. Damn, too good.

His mouth found my pussy and he just looked at it, caressed my lips with his fingers, taking his time. It felt so good. His hands went to my thighs and gently moved them out and there his mouth went, sucking and licking on me.

I arched my hips, needing to get closer to his face. His fingers entered me, one then two and he instantly moved inside of me with an extreme intensity, my hips bucked and I screamed with exctasy as he fucked my pussy with his hand. He didn’t take long at all before I was cumming all over his hand.

He got up and reached over and grabbed a strawberry. He touched my wet pussy with it and then bit the strawberry. He ate that one then got another.

His mouth was on my clit, and the strawberry caressing my lips.

“Come on baby, cum for me again. I want to taste your sweet cum all over this strawberry.”

Wow, he was amazing! As his mouth sucked and sucked on my clit, he ever so gently had the strawberry just wrapped slightly in my lips, waiting for me to cum. I couldn’t believe this, it was so intense, I was on the edge ready to fall. He sucked even harder and my juices were flowing and he didn’t move that strawberry. When I was done, he put the whole thing, except for the stem in his mouth and said, “now, that’s the very best strawberry I ever had!”

After that, his cock was inside of me.

“Put my legs all the way back Joe, I need you as deep inside of me as you can go.”

“My pleasure baby.”

He made love and fucked me for what seemed like hours. He stopped, grabbed me and gently pulled me up and turned me around.

“Such a beautiful ass. Ummmmmm hmmmmm.”

As he entered me from behind, I arched my back to get him once again deep inside of me.

“Faster Joe, fuck me harder.”

His pace increased and I was meeting it with just as much intensity. He was hitting my spot and I knew I would be cumming on him once again.

“That’s it baby, cum on me, give it to me.”

And that was it, my warm juices ran all over his sweet cock and I heard him moaning deeply with ecstasy.

“Liz, will you ride me? I want to see you sitting on top of me and your beautiful pussy wrapped around my cock, going up and down.”

“I would love to. And one more thing, I love it when you say my name. It’s so personal and sensual.”

As he laid down, I straddled him, grabbed his cock and rubbed the head on my lips, back and forth, nice and slow.

“Baby, I cannot take too much more of this.”

I slowly went all the way down and ground on him, going in circles, damn that feels so damn good. Then I went up and down and he was watching. He could see my lips wrapped around him, taking all of him in and it was nice to watch his face. I sped up the pace and leaned over, braced myself on his chest and slammed my pussy on him over and over, loving he sound of my wetness slapping on him.

He quickly took me off, laid me down, put my legs way back and pummeled me, so fast and we were both trembling, cumming on each other.

He put my legs back down a bit but he stayed inside of me, and I didn’t want him to move out of me.

“Damn Liz, that was fucking incredible!”

“Joe, that was the best ever, you have no idea how good you make me feel.”

“Oh no, I think I do,” as his mouth covered mine in his sweet, intense kisses that carried me away.

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An Adventurous Threesome

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I’ve been with my girlfriend for five years. We met at college when we were both eighteen and got together after regularly bumping into each other jogging around the college campus. I have to admit I changed my route to follow her so I could gaze at her bum in her running tights! Debbie is 5′ 5″ and slim with long blonde hair, blue eyes, a small, tight bum and a cup tits. What she lacks in boobage she makes up for in nipples. They’re thick, long and get incredibly hard when aroused or if it’s cold!

When I was plucking up the courage to ask her out I mentioned her to a friend of mine who was on the same course he said she was incredibly shy and quiet. When I finally did start to speak to her when running she let me do most of the talking but I realised she wasn’t shy as such, she just preferred to listen. When she did speak it was always worth listening to.

She also turned out to be very sexually adventurous. We kissed on our first date and fucked on the second. Sex was incredible from the start. Debbie is mostly submissive and I’ve found myself fitting into the dominant role easily enough even though I sometimes wish Debbie would dominate me more. We’d both come up with fantasises to try and made a pact that anything one of us wanted to try, the other would do at least once.

Now I could go into detail about a lot of our exploits but this is about the first evening we spent with Sarah. We’d discussed the possibility of a threesome, either FFM or MMF, several times in the past but never followed up on it as Debbie had trouble relaxing around strangers. Debbie had been with one woman in the past and wanted to explore that side of her sexuality more. Neither of us had many casual friends and didn’t want to risk the close friends we had by attempting to enlist them in our fantasies. Sarah was one of the rare people that Debbie trusted on first meeting. Unfortunately she was Debbie’s manager which definitely fell into the ‘too complicated’ category.

To make matters worse we’d been to works do together and spent a drunken evening with Sarah talking about sex and flirting outrageously with each other. She made it clear that she was up for a little experimentation and admitted to us that she had some experience a dominatrix! We left the party horny as hell with Sarah sending text messages to Debbie’s phone describing what she would like to do to Debbie in great detail! We got back to our flat and practically ripped each other’s clothes off to fuck on the sofa.

Debbie said Sarah apologised for the text messages the next day at work claiming she was drunk and couldn’t remember sending them! She still flirted but Debbie made it clear that nothing could happen while they worked together. About six months later Debbie was head hunted to another firm and handed in her resignation. That changed things immediately and as soon as Debbie’s resignation was processed, Sarah invited us to her house for a food, drinks and whatever that led to!

We immediately accepted the invite which was the following Saturday night. I tried to talk about what would happen but Debbie quickly decided she would rather just turn up and go with her instincts. Something she always preferred to do as her very active imagination and fantasies always made the real event seem dull in comparison!

My nerves were on edge by the time Saturday evening came. If Debbie was nervous she showed no sign but that was typical of her. It was a warm night so we dressed casually; jeans and a t-shirt for me, a long wrap around skirt over tan hold-up stockings, high heeled, beige suede calf length boots and a tight vest top with no bra or panties for Debbie. Debbie not wearing underwear was not a shock to me. She rarely bothered in the summer and the stockings were for my benefit! The taxi arrived and it was a short drive across town to Sarah’s large, detached house. Taking a deep breath I held Debbie’s hand and pressed the doorbell.

Sarah greeted us warmly kissing both of us on the cheek. She was wearing a long, flowing, sleeveless summer dress. The dress buttoned up the front and the top buttons were undone to display her cleavage and her white lacy bra! Sarah is in her mid-thirties so around 12 years older than Debbie and I. She has dark brown hair and olive skin. She’s a little taller than Debbie at 5′ 7″ although their height was about the same with Debbie in heels and Sarah in sandals. Her body is a little rounder and softer compared to Debbie’s very slim body but still in great shape. As a bloke I don’t guess dress sizes so let’s say Sarah had bigger boobs and a rounder bum compared to Debbie and was probably a dress size bigger!

We followed Sarah into the large conservatory at the back of the house and she poured us drinks. Dinner was a cold buffet set out on the patio so we could enjoy the evening air. Sarah relaxed us by chatting about the house and plying us with drinks. I found I was getting drunk quite quickly as my glass always seemed to be full! I looked at Debbie and saw that she was the same. I also noticed that the buttons on Sarah’s dress seemed to be failing as another one was open Ostim Escort to show more cleavage and the skirt buttons were undone almost all the way to her crotch! Sarah caught me looking and crossed her legs letting the skirt fabric fall away from them and giving me a glimpse of her panties. I glanced up and Sarah winked at me.

“I like your boots Debbie but aren’t you too warm?’ Sarah asked.

I glanced down at Debbie’s legs and saw that her skirt had fallen away from her legs revealing her boots and stocking tops. Without thinking I reached over and stroked the top of her thigh where the nylon ended and the flesh began. I felt my cock stiffen.

‘A little but they turn Dan on.’ She confessed.

‘I can see that!’ Sarah laughed, ‘They turn me on too but I think Dan is cruel asking you to cover your legs on such a warm night. Take them off.’

The last words were pleasant but obviously an order. Debbie quickly unzipped her boots and kicked them off then stood up to slowly roll each stocking down her legs. She sat down again and crossed her legs, letting the skirt fall away again so that Sarah could see her thighs.

‘Much better. Dan, if you like the stockings do much I think you should wear them for a while.’

Again, the inflection of her voice didn’t indicate a suggestion. I’d cross dressed for Debbie a couple of times and had always got excited wearing stockings so I stood up, kicked off my shoes then removed my jeans and socks. I could feel my cock pressing against my tight underpants and saw Sarah and Debbie looking at my bulge. I sat down, rolled the stockings up as Debbie has taught me then pulled them up my legs. My legs are pretty much hair free as I have ginger hair. When I was done I stayed seated.

‘Let’s have a look then’ Sarah said with a smile.

I stood up and walked up and down the patio giving both girls a close look at my legs and the large bulge in my underpants. As I approached Sarah’s chair she reached out and stroked my thighs. She turned me around 360 degrees stroking my legs, bum and briefly brushing her hand against my cock.

‘Very nice thank you, you can sit down now.’

I returned to my seat and Debbie put her hand on my thigh, stroking me as I’d stroked her. My cock ached to be released from my underpants but I had to settle for another gulp of wine.

‘Can I see your underwear now Debbie?’ Sarah casually asked sipping her drink.

‘I’m not wearing any.’ Debbie confessed, her cheeks reddening and her nipples hardening.

‘Well come and have a look at mine and see what you think!’ Sarah said.

Debbie stood up and walked over to Sarah’s chair. I leaned forward in my seat eager to see what would happen next. Sarah stood up and looked at Debbie expectantly. Debbie reached out and slowly undid what few buttons were left fastened revealing Sarah’s body. Debbie removed the dress from Sarah leaving her in a white thong and bra. I could see brown nipples and aureoles through the thin bra, a flat belly and a slight camel toe in the tight panties. From where I was sitting I could confirm what Sarah had said about shaving her pussy when we had flirted at the office do six months ago. Sarah twirled around to give us the full view and then leaned towards Debbie and kissed her on the lips.

Debbie responded immediately, kissing back and putting her hands on the back of Sarah’s head and on her waist. They kissed for a couple of minutes, exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues then broke apart.

‘Shall we go inside where it’s a little more discrete?’

We picked up our discarded clothes and drinks and followed Sarah into the living room, dropping the clothes in the doorway and taking seats on the leather sofas. Sarah pulled the curtains and switched on some mood lighting then came and sat next to me. Without a word she put her arms around me and we kissed, her tongues twisting and darting in and out of each other’s mouths. I felt Debbie stroke my leg then brush against my hard cock.

‘You’re both lovely but I want to play with Debbie while you watch us.’ She breathed at me ‘Go stand by the fireplace. Take off your underpants and t-shirt. You are not to remove those stockings until I give you permission.’

‘OK.’ I said jumping up and heading for the fireplace.

‘Wait!’ Come back here please.’ Debbie called in a commanding voice.

I returned to the sofa, my heart beating madly in my chest with excitement.

‘From now on you will respond to any of my requests with “Yes ma’am”. Failure to do so will mean punishment. That goes for you too Debbie.’ Sarah explained.

‘Yes ma’am’ I said hanging my head.

‘Turn around, bend over.’ Sarah said.

I did as I was told, bending over and touching my toes. Sarah stood up and moved to my side slapping both bum cheeks with her hand. She didn’t slap me very hard but it was exciting and humiliating at the same time. Sarah motioned that I should straighten up and then pointed at the fireplace. I walked to my spot and turned around. Sarah was sat on the sofa next to Debbie again. They Escort Ostim both looked at me expectantly so I pulled my t-shirt over my head then slowly pushed my underpants down. Stepping out of them I adjusted my stockings to make sure I didn’t get punished for them sliding down my legs then stood with my hands by my side. My erect cock waved around in front of me. My cock is 7″, uncut and thick with sparse ginger pubic hair. My balls are hair free.

‘Nice cock.’ Sarah breathed in her sexy voice, ‘Go and give it a kiss Debbie.’

‘Yes ma’am’ Debbie said sliding off the sofa and approaching me on her knees. She took my cock in her hand and gently kissed the head of my cock, the tip of her tongue just teasing my slit.

‘That’s good enough.’ Sarah said, ‘Now stand up, face me and take your clothes off.’

‘Yes ma’am’ Debbie said standing and turning her back to me. I resisted the urge to reach out and touch her but only just!

Debbie pulled her top over her head and dropped it to the floor exposing her small breasts and freeing her erect nipples. Next she reached to her waist and unhooked her skirt letting it fall to the floor with her top. Sarah ran her eyes up and down Debbie’s body taking in the huge, beautiful nipples, shaved pussy and long legs. I looked down at Debbie’s bum and realised my hard cock was only an inch away. I leaned forward and rubbed it on her bum. I thought I was discrete but Sarah caught me.

‘Dan? Did I say you could touch Debbie?’ she asked sweetly.

‘Errm, no.’ I said flustered.

‘No ma’am’ Debbie insisted, ‘that’s two punishments.’

‘Sorry ma’am’ I said excitedly.

‘Come here and get on all fours in front of me. Debbie, could you hand me that bag by the telephone stand please?’

‘Yes ma’am’ Said Debbie

I practically sprinted over to Sarah, knelt down then put my hands on the floor wondering what she had in store. I heard the bag unzip and resisted the urge to look up. I heard Debbie gasp at whatever Sarah had revealed and my heart skipped a beat.

‘First punishment’ Sarah said.

I felt cold, wet lubricated fingers on my arsehole then a firm pressure as something was inserted in my arse. I grunted with pleasure as the butt plug was pushed home and felt string or something hanging down my bum and over my balls.

‘Now you have a tail to remind you to curb your animal urges.’ Sarah laughed, ‘now your second punishment. Debbie is going to spank you. Six smacks with her hand and if I think she’s holding back she’s going over my knee for twelve smacks.’

‘Yes ma’am.’ Debbie said and she moved to kneel alongside me.

I braced myself but wondered if Debbie would spank me. She never had before, preferring to go over my knee if that was the game we were playing. I wondered if she’d hold back just so she could be spanked as she slapped me for the first time.

‘Oww’ I said without thinking. My lovely submissive girlfriend had just slapped my arse as hard as she could!

It turned out it wasn’t as hard as she could and my cheeks were stinging by the time she’d administered three smacks on each buttock. Two of her slaps pushed the butt plug deeper in my arse making me grunt with pleasure. I smiled inwardly thinking we’d really got into something new here!

When Debbie was finished Sarah made me go and stand by the fireplace again. I stood up straight trying to look as dignified as I could with an erection, wearing stockings with a with a fake horse tail hanging out of my arse! I didn’t forget to say ‘Thank you ma’am’ though. The stockings and anal penetration were all things I’d tried before but the spanking I wasn’t too sure about!

When I was back in place Debbie was still kneeling on the floor waiting for instructions. Sarah stood up and stood in front of her, Debbie’s mouth just inches away from her pussy.

‘Take my panties off Debbie’ Sarah said.

‘Yes ma’am’ Debbie said sliding her hands up Sarah’s thighs to hook her fingers in her panties then slowly pulled them down her legs.

My mouth watered as Debbie revealed Sarah’s sex. Sarah stepped out of the panties then reached down and gently pulled Debbie to her feet.

‘Take my bra off’

‘Yes ma’am’

Debbie reached around and deftly unhooked Sarah’s bra then pulled it forward off her shoulders. Sarah’s breasts spilled out, full and firm with brown nipples pointing slightly upwards. They were magnificent! Sarah put her hand in Debbie’s hair and pulled her mouth to a nipple. I saw Debbie’s mouth open then close on the offered tit. Sarah’s right hand stroked Debbie’s hair as she suckled, the left found one of Debbie’s nipples and played with it.

‘Harder’ Sarah whispered as Debbie sucked.

Sarah tangled her hand in Debbie’s hair and pulled her face into her breasts. Her other hand was pinching Debbie’s nipple. As I watched Sarah turned her face to mine and smiled. My cock twitched at the look of pure lust on her face!

Sarah kept Debbie sucking at her nipples for five minutes, making her switch nipples but always keeping her left hand Ostim Escort Bayan tugging and twisting Debbie’s right nipple. I could see Sarah’s face was flushed and wondered if she would orgasm just from nipple play. I’d got Debbie close before but she usually had to touch her clit to push herself over the edge. As I was thinking that Sarah let go of Debbie’s nipple and grabbed her right hand, pushing it between her own legs. Debbie moved her fingers, exploring Sarah’s cunt to find the sweet spot. It didn’t take long before Sarah’s breathing was rapid and her face flushed as Debbie frigged her to orgasm.

Sarah pulled Debbie off her tits and pushed her hand away then kissed her deeply before flopping down on the sofa. She patted the seat next to her and Debbie joined her.

‘Did you enjoy the show Dan?’ Sarah asked slyly reaching for something on the sofa.

‘Yes ma’am.’ I said.

I saw Sarah playing with a rectangular box on the sofa then felt a vibration in my bum from the butt plug. Sarah pressed again and the vibration intensified. I gasped and Debbie looked at me in confusion.

‘Remote control butt plug’ Sarah explained holding up the remote then switching the vibrations off, ‘We’ll come back to that!’

I slumped with relief. As I mentioned I’ve been penetrated analy before but fingers and a dildo during blow jobs, nothing vibrating. I wasn’t sure what to think but noticed that Sarah kept the remote to hand. Sarah slid off the sofa and knelt on a cushion in front of Debbie, pulling her bum to the edge of the sofa and parting her legs. I saw Debbie lick her lips in anticipation.

‘Dan, some and kneel next to me so you can watch’ Sarah said.

I moved over and knelt where she indicated, my mouth dry in anticipation of what I was about to see. Suddenly the butt plug was vibrating in my arse again making my balls pulse and my knees weak. It switched off and I realised I’d not acknowledged Sarah’s order.

‘Bend over and kiss Debbie’s nipples’ Sarah ordered.

‘Yes ma’am’

I took a nipple in my mouth and started sucking, very aware of my exposed arse. Sarah spanked me with her hand – harder than Debbie and twice as many slaps. Halfway through the punishment, Sarah switched the vibrator on high again and I cried out in pain and pleasure. Debbie stroked my hair as the spanking finished and the butt plug was switched off again.

‘On your knees’ Sarah ordered.

‘Yes ma’am’ I said immediately kneeling up.

‘Good boy’ Sarah said taking my cock in her hand and gently stroking me back to a full erection.

She returned to Debbie, handing her the remote control.

‘There’s a pulse button just there. Press it randomly as I lick your clit’.

‘Yes ma’am!’ Debbie said smiling at Sarah then winking at me.

Sarah settled herself between Debbie’s legs and began to gently lick her thighs, pussy, anus and clit. Debbie purred and spread her legs wide, Sarah guiding the leg furthest from me on to her shoulders. I leaned backwards to have a look at Sarah’s bent over arse and saw her fingers working her own clit. I felt the butt plug pulse in my arse and turned back to look at Debbie. She smiled at me and pressed the button three more times to make sure she’d got my attention. The intense pulsing made me shiver with delight.

‘Dan, stroke my back. All the way down to my bum but no lower!’ Sarah ordered, her voice muffled by Debbie’s cunt.

‘Yes ma’am’ I said.

I stroked her smooth, olive skin with both hands working across her shoulders and down her spine to her lower back. I felt her shiver at my touch, especially when I was running my fingers over her lower back. It was getting warm in the room and I began to appreciate Sarah’s point about it being too hot for stockings.

Debbie’s breathing got harder as Sarah found the right spot on her clit and the pulses from the dildo in my bum got more frequent as Debbie neared orgasm. I could hear Sarah moaning and looked back at her bum again, stroking her lower back as I did so. She had three fingers buried in her cunt and I could hear them squelching in her wetness. Her puckered arsehole was open and I imagined leaning down and licking it. The vibrator in my bum suddenly switched to full again as Debbie got my attention. I turned back to her seeing the red flush over her tits that indicated she was about to cum. I shuffled my knees around to get comfortable as the vibrator switched off and managed to get my cock under Sarah so her right boob was gently brushing it. I held Debbie’s gaze and stroked her leg as well as Sarah’s back as she threw her head back against the sofa. I felt Sarah shiver under my hands again and realised she had cum too, probably for the second time now I thought about it and knew what to look for.

Sarah’s head came up, her face flushed and her mouth shiny with wetness. She released Debbie’s leg then leaned over to kiss her offering her the fingers she had frigged herself with to suck. Debbie sucked them clean then ran her tongue between them to get every last drop. I was still stroking Sarah’s back as I’d not been told to stop and I was so close to her that my cock was brushing her thigh. I felt myself getting close to the point of no return and briefly wondered about cuming on Sarah’s leg. I decided it wasn’t for me to decide and moved back taking my hands off her back to reduce the stimulation.

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If you haven’t read Kirsten doing so will fill you in on some of the nuances of this story.

Some time and a shared shower later Kirsten and Dave were just finishing putting together a smorgasbord for lunch when Ella and Anna came into the kitchen cum dining room. (Pun not intended.)

“Way to go dad!” Ella grinned as she high fived him. She followed this up by giving him a hug which had hunger not intervened would have been in danger of turning into a snog. It was far from the first time Dave had sported a hard on around either of the girls but it was the first time he had shared a hug with Ella that was so overtly sexual. Ella then gave Kirsten a hug that was not quite so intense before asking if this meant she had to call her, “mum” instead of by her name. In fact she usually called Dave by name as well, normally, “Dad” or, “Daddy” was reserved for when she wanted something, most often money or a lift somewhere.

As they ate, Anna was quiet, Ella had always been the more outgoing and boisterous of the two but among just the four of them, Anna could easily hold up her part of any conversation. Anna was processing what had just happened. Of course she knew her mum had sex. She knew that she had had sex at least a couple of times since her dad died. Why was this different? Was it because Dave was almost a step dad to her and Ella? Was it because both her and Ella fancied him too? She wouldn’t call herself a prude, after all, here Şentepe Escort she was naked with her mum, her best friend and their almost step dad.

Dave could see the cogs turning in her brain but with a restraint he didn’t always have decided it was wiser to let her do some more working out on her own but be ready for her when she was ready to talk. Meanwhile, he had some things to work through in his own mind. What would Ella’s parents say if they knew he was contemplating being her first lover? Using that word in his mind brought a warmth to his heart as he realised, he really did love all three of them, Kirsten, Ella and Anna and would never do anything to intentionally hurt any of them. Getting up to press some buttons on the coffee machine, he made his decision. He would go along with whatever the three women wanted. If they didn’t mind sharing him, he wasn’t going to complain. If their appetites drove him to an early grave, what a way to go!

“What’s so funny?” asked Anna quietly. Dave hadn’t realised that his amusement had been that obvious and after a second or two he replied,

“just thinking of how lucky I am to have the three of you here.”

“Is that what you want? To HAVE all three of us?” The meaning of Anna’s question was clear to the other three and Kirsten and Ella looked at him along with Anna, waiting for his answer,

“Yes but only if that is what you all want too. You know Şentepe Escort Bayan I would never want to do anything to hurt any of you.” Dave put the coffee he had just made down on the top by the machine just in time to have Anna wrap herself around him. Instinctively, his arms came out to hold her and stop her sliding down to the floor. As their lips met, Dave felt his body responding to the point where his boner was almost painful.

“Get a room you two!” The words were spoken almost in unison between Kirsten and Ella, not so much wanting to get rid of the display in front of them but more giving Anna and Dave their blessing. Anna led Dave to her room and despite the openness they all had about nudity, shut the door firmly. (The house rule was that a door ajar was fine to enter without knocking. Even the bathroom.)

Dave looked at her, drinking in her long blond locks which framed her breasts, her intelligent face, B cup breasts. His eyes continued their downward trend and as they came to rest on her matching pubic hair he told her, almost in a whisper,

“You are beautiful.” Anna didn’t have to ask if he meant it, she could see the sincerity in his face. They kissed again, tongues entwined around eachother with the hunger both felt. Anna’s body responded to his touch as Dave’s hands stroked every part of her body. How could just two hands be doing so much she wondered briefly before giggling at Escort Şentepe the thought. She had been going to ask him to be gentle but as he paid attention to her needs she knew that wasn’t necessary and almost before she noticed that he was stimulating her sex, her first orgasm flooded her.

“Make me woman now.” Anna asked him and gently he entered her tightness, relishing the feeling, stopping to wait a moment when he felt resistance. Anna’s desire took over and her hips thrust upwards towards his. Her hymen must have been stretched or partially torn already because the pain was no more than a brief pinprick that was quickly over as pleasure replaced it.

They settled into an easy rhythm as if they had been doing this together for years rather than it being their first time. The combination of their combined lubrication and the snug fit of his cock in her vagina was perfect and as Anna became aware of her impending climax she became more vocal. No one in the house would be in any doubt as to what was happening.

Their pace quickened and Anna took her hands to her breasts to squeeze her nipples and at the same time, Dave did the same with her buttocks. A minute later with a shriek Anna came. Her orgasm was so powerful it was almost painful for Dave and his own powerful release was triggered.

An hour later as they washed in the shower, Anna mused,

“I am not sure I would have waited till I was eighteen if I had known it was that good.”

“Great sex only happens when you have a real connection with the other person so it wouldn’t have been me if you hadn’t waited cos I had no plans on getting locked up. Come to that I had no plans on doing this till I heard that you minxes both wanted me to be your firsts.”

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Aliandre’s Story Ch. 02

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Part II — A Weekend with Nathan

As you can well imagine, after that exciting ride home, I eagerly awaited another call to babysit for Jennifer and Nathan. And every time I was in town — to go to work, or to do some shopping, or to go for coffee with the girls at the cafe — I found myself constantly watching for Nathan’s old truck.

Overnight it seemed the guys my age had become little boys — I’d had a man, at least orally, and that man was exactly what I wanted again! I was so glad that my graduation present to myself that spring had been a visit to a clinic in the city to get birth control — next time there would be no reason for Nathan to stop.

Part of me had hoped that Nathan would call me, but since he was married, I didn’t really expect it. I did fantasize about how that wished-for phone call might have gone though…every single time the phone rang! I knew that there would be another call to babysit — after all, I’d been watching their kids, Tika and Kylie, a couple times a month since they were just babies, and they were now 5 and 3 years old.

And so it was at 4:15 on a hot Friday afternoon, I answered the phone and heard, “Hi, Ali? Oh, thank God! It’s me, Jennifer. I’m in such a spin! I know this is really short notice, but I just got a call from my sister Melanie — she’s the one in Toronto — and she’s getting married this weekend! Tomorrow! Can you believe it? Anyway, Nathan can’t get away from work to come with me, but he got me a ticket to go for the weekend. I leave this evening at 9:17 and come back on Monday afternoon at 5:23. Is there any way you could come and take care of the girls? Nathan’s got to work some crazy hours this weekend and it would just be easier if you could stay here with the girls for the weekend.”

What could I say? “Sure Jennifer. I’ll pack up what I need for the weekend and I can be ready whenever someone can come and pick me up.”

“You’re a life-saver Ali! I have to run out and do some errands, so I can be there in about half an hour!”

A whole weekend with Nathan! Was she nuts? Or did she suspect something had happened? Was she setting us up? I was in a panic — excited to be with Nathan, and scared that Jennifer knew everything. In this state, I packed a bag for the weekend — my new sexy undies, bikini, shorts, tank tops, jeans, and some new kids’ DVDs and books I’d got for the girls.

Thirty-five minutes later, my bag and I were in Jennifer’s little car, zipping back into town and over to the grocery store to pick up some last-minute provisions for the weekend. Then we were pulling up in their driveway alongside Nathan’s truck.

As I helped Jennifer carry the groceries into the house, Nathan was coming down the stairs with her suitcase in his hand. I was behind Jennifer so she didn’t see the look he gave me, or the way his hand “accidentally” slid across my stomach as we passed in the hallway. Taking a deep breath to calm my suddenly trembling limbs, I continued into the kitchen and set the groceries down on the counter. Tika and Kylie came running over to help put groceries away, and I was thankful for the distraction of their innocent chatter.

“I’ve got your bag for you, Ali — I’ll just put it in the guest bedroom for you,” Nathan said as he came back into the kitchen, said bag in hand. “The girls are so excited that you’re going to stay with us for the weekend; I think Tika has your whole day planned tomorrow.” He winked, and I knew that HE had our whole day planned tomorrow, with no thought of work anywhere in it!

At last, Jennifer was ready — she had almost an hour’s drive to get to the city, and of course, she had to be at the airport an hour before her flight. So at 6:30, she kissed Nathan and the girls good-bye, gave me a quick hug and a, “Thank-you!” and was out the door and gone.

Feeling decidedly odd, I sat down to the supper with Nathan, Tika and Kylie; supper that Jennifer had left for us. It was delicious, and I couldn’t help thinking that anyone looking in the window would think that we Macunköy Escort were a family. One thought led to another — right into bed with Nathan. With an effort, I pulled myself back to reality and rejoined in the conversation with the girls. Nathan caught my eye over their heads and just smiled — he knew where my mind had gone!

When everyone had finished eating, I cleaned up the kitchen while Nathan got the girls bathed, and ready for bed. Together we tucked them in with stories and kisses. As they always did, the little angels went right off to sleep.

At this point, all I could think was, ‘I don’t know what to do next!’ I needn’t have worried. Nathan knew what to do. He led me by the hand back into the cozy family room, where we sat side by side on the big leather couch. I tucked my bare feet up under me, and looked at him. He smiled and said softly, “I’ve made arrangements for my Mom to take the girls for part of the day tomorrow — she knows that we both have to be at work, so I’ll drop the girls off with her, and we can go to ‘work’. How does that sound?”

My voice quivered slightly, “That sounds wonderful…but won’t she find out that neither of us is at work? It’s not that hard to check up on anybody in this town you know.” I really hoped he had an answer for this as well.

“No way. Once my Mom’s got the girls, she’ll want to keep them for the whole day, no matter what. So I can call her after about an hour, and tell her that you didn’t have to work after all, and that materials I’m waiting for still aren’t here. Since she’s got the girls, you asked me to drive you to the lake for the afternoon. I just won’t tell her which lake,” he grinned, pleased with his plan. And it should work; after all, there are at least four lakes in the immediate area, and who’s going to go checking to find anyone?

“Now, let’s just enjoy this nice long evening ahead of us. I couldn’t believe how great it was to be with you that night on the way out to your place, and I’ve wracked my brain trying to figure out a way to get together again, without getting Jennifer suspicious. Lucky for us that Melanie is such an impetuous gal, isn’t it? Otherwise, I don’t know how long we would’ve had to wait for this.”

I smiled, and snuggled against his strong arm, stroking my fingers down the well-defined muscles there. “I really loved it too. I could hardly believe that you wanted me as bad as I wanted you. And I’ve been re-living it over and over again ever since, hoping that we’d get together again.”

Nathan smiled, and slipped his right arm up to wrap it around my shoulders. “I hoped you felt that way. I love my wife, don’t get me wrong, but I could count on one hand how often we’ve had sex in the last year. Ever since Kylie was born it’s gotten worse and worse. She just doesn’t seem to want sex at all. And I most definitely do.”

He tipped up my chin with his left hand, and kissed my eye-lids, my forehead, my cheeks, the tip of my nose. Finally, his lips hovered over mine. I could feel the warmth of his breath on my lips for a moment before his lips gently pressed against mine. He kissed me softly, letting me respond before increasing the pressure of his beautiful mouth. My lips parted as his tongue stroked them, my in-drawn breath pulling air from his lungs.

As the kiss deepened, our tongues began to twine around each other, and he sucked my lower lip into his mouth as his hand slid to the back of my head. My hand was on his chest, alternately clutching at his shirt, and spreading flat to feel the increasing heat of his hairy chest. I felt his hand slide from my throat, to my shoulder and down to my waist. He slowly began to pull my tank top up with both hands. My hands mimicked his motions as I pulled his t-shirt free of his jeans and began to ease it up. As his hands slid under my top onto my bare skin, so my hands found their way to his skin.

When he broke our kiss, it was only to pull my top up over my head and lean in to kiss my throat. His tongue, Macunköy Escort Bayan so hot and gentle, began tracing a line of fire from just below my ear, down along the throbbing vein in my neck, teeth catching my soft skin there just for a moment. Then he continued along my collar bone, and a hot breath in the hollow at the base of my throat.

His big hands cupped my tits, and my moan mingled with his. As his mouth neared my nipple, he began to lick — his tongue moving very deliberately over my soft skin, tracing my tan line right down into my cleavage, and then following the lacy edge of my bra from one strap to the other and back again.

His thumbs had found my nipples and rubbed in circles slowly, drawing them up into hard rosy pebbles. I arched my back, begging to feel his mouth on them, now. At last, he unclasped my bra and slipped it off me, tossing it to the floor. The moment my nipples were free, his hot mouth latched on to one while he rolled the other between finger and thumb, sending sharp thrills through me.

“Oh Nathan, that feels so good! Yes, baby, suck my tits, it makes me so horny. Mmmm, that’s it, yeah, just like that!” I moaned as he opened his mouth and took not just my nipple, but a large portion of my tit into his mouth, sucking and biting at the hard nub at its tip. He switched from one to the other, not playing favourites, pleasuring both, teasing both till they swelled to twice their normal size.

“You taste good, Ali baby. I could suck these luscious tits all night…well, maybe not all night…I think I might want just a little bit more than that. What do you think, sweetheart? Are you in the mood to suck cock tonight?” I pulled his t-shirt over his head and ran my fingers up and down through the thick dark curls on his chest. Then I slid one hand down to cup his cock and balls — again I was amazed at how hard he was , how big!

“You know what? I’m always in the mood to suck your cock, Nathan. So let’s get you out of these tight jeans, okay? I want to see you naked. I want to touch you all over. And I want to suck you till you cum in my mouth, just like last time.” As I spoke, our hands were working together to undo his belt and his jeans. He stood, and I slid them off his slim hips and down his legs. He was not a slender man — he worked hard, and it showed, not just in his arms and shoulders, but in the muscles of his legs and body as well. And he was covered in springy black hair, something I found totally sexy.

“Turn around Nathan; I said I want to see all of you.”

Grinning, he turned slowly, as if he were a model on the cat-walk. I had to laugh, but only at the attitude, not the body. My God, he was beautiful! His skin naturally had a deeper tone than mine, yet a tan line was visible low on his hips — he favoured very brief trunks, it seemed!

“You have a gorgeous ass, and everything else, too,” I said as I stroked his body, feeling the hard muscle under the soft skin. I ran my hands down his thighs and he continued turning. The movement brought his cock back to me, as I knew it would. I trapped it against his belly with one hand as the other reached for his big balls.

Leaning close, I kissed his balls, and began licking them, just as he’d licked my tits, firmly and thoroughly. With a sigh, his big hands settled on my head and stroked my long hair.

“That feels incredible sweetheart! You could give most women lessons on how to treat a man’s cock and balls…you’re just rough enough for it to feel great, never enough to hurt.”

My attention shifted to his cock. I licked that hard shaft from base to tip, following the swollen veins. I lingered at the tip to caress his cockhead with the flat of my tongue. Slowly and carefully my tongue moved back down to the base of his cock; where it met his balls I rubbed back and forth firmly a few times, listening to the huskiness of his breathing increase. My hand slid up and down his throbbing shaft, not touching the sensitive head, concentrating on how Escort Macunköy thick he was, feeling the veins beat against my skin.

“Please, Ali baby. Suck me. I need to feel your hot mouth on my cock. Suck me Ali. Suck me hard,” Nathan pleaded softly. His hand pressed me closer to his body, closer to that gorgeous cock. My mouth was watering for it. Willingly I opened my mouth and slid it over his cock, taking in about half of his length. He groaned and sighed as I began sucking and stroking his cock with my tongue, flicking it back and forth along that hot pulsing vein. I kept one hand at the base of his cock while the other played with his big balls, rolling them together gently, squeezing them one at a time, separately tugging on them.

Nathan’s hips began to rock, thrusting his cock into my eager mouth. I’d been practicing for this, alone in my room, first on things like cucumbers and sausages, then on a big dildo I’d ordered online. So far I’d managed about 6 inches comfortably. But Nathan’s hard-on was a good 8 inches, and thick, and I knew I wasn’t in complete control of the situation!

Carefully, I shifted my position to allow him a longer stroke, sucking him hard as he pulled out, and offering no resistance as he stroked into my mouth. With each stroke, I could tell that I was taking in more of his cock. I began to suck harder, swallowing with each suck on his cock. It seemed to pull him deeper, deeper, and his moans increased in tempo and volume. “Oh fuck Ali! That’s it, baby. Take it all, you’re almost there, sweetheart. Just a couple more inches. Aaahhhh! Yes, just like that…oh that is so fucking good! Suck me baby, harder baby. Fuck that feels so good. Take me deeper! Swallow my cock baby; make me cum down your throat!”

I let go of his cock and his balls, and braced my hands on his thighs to keep myself lined up right. And then it happened…I felt the head of his cock slide into my throat as I swallowed! He groaned loud, and continued pumping in and out of my mouth. Each stroke carried him into my throat and on each stroke I swallowed hard, massaging the head of his cock with my throat muscles. My tongue slashed back and forth on the underside of his cock, up and down, back and forth, caressing, teasing, coaxing…until, “Ah god, yes…fuck, baby …I’m gonna cum…Yeah baby…oh, fuck yeah! … aaaaahhhhhh… mmmmmm… yeah…you’re so good Ali, so damn good!”

As his cock swelled with his orgasm, I reached for his balls again, and gripping them firmly, I pulled and massaged them as he shot his hot thick cum down my throat. “Aaaaaahhhhhh! Yes! Swallow it all Ali, swallow every drop baby! You’re wicked hot, sweetheart!”

His cock softened slightly and I released it. Leaning back, I looked up at him and licked my lips. “God, but you taste good Nathan! I could suck you every day and swallow every drop of cum you’d shoot into my mouth! And you’re still hard!”

“You’re just too fuckin’ hot, that’s why I’m still hard! But I think it’s your turn now, my sexy little sweetheart. You’ve got a pussy that needs a good licking.” He reached out his hand to me, and pulled me up off the couch and into his arms. We kissed very thoroughly, our bodies pressed hard together. Then I felt his hands begin to unzip my jeans and begin pushing them off. The kiss ended when he stepped back to continue stripping the tight jeans down my legs. He knelt in front of me and with my jeans around my ankles, pressed his face into the soft mound covered by my bikini panties. His hands slid around my thighs and up between them, seeking my pussy.

I could feel his tongue moving into the top of my slit through the soft cotton of my panties as his fingers stroked the soaking wet crotch. “Oh Nathan! I want you so bad. Don’t just tease me baby…take me, please, now.” His answering smile was obvious, although he didn’t lift his head from what he was doing. He slid his hand down one leg, and tugged my jeans off, then did the same on the other leg. He pressed my legs apart, and lowered his head a little, licking in the crease of my groin and down my inner thigh. I could feel his hard cock against my calf, and I trembled with need.

His need must have echoed my own, for he stood, and gathering our scattered clothes in one arm, led me down the hall to his and Jennifer’s bed.

…to be continued…

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A Handyman’s Wife Ch. 05

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One of my favorite stories of Steve’s is the one where Nicki loses her virginity up at Chrissy’s lodge. I just about lost my mind reading that chapter—it’s just super hot. Ronnie and I got a virgin story too. It’s a lot more ‘blue collar’ than Chrissy’s magical lodge, but it was a whole lotta fun.

We got a supermarket a couple miles away. I actually worked there for a while about ten years ago, but it’s been so long I don’t know anybody there any more. Ronnie and I both go in there quite a bit, and often times Ronnie’ll stop in on his way home from work to pick up a few things.

Every once in a while we’ll go in together for something, and one time when we were checking out, the girl at the register and Ronnie were flirting a little. She was trying to not show it because I was there, but it was pretty obvious. A few days later I was in there again.

“I didn’t know you guys were a couple,” she said with a sly little smile.

“Who, Ronnie you mean?” I said, thinking back to the other day.

“He’s so big…” she said, with a faraway look in her eye.

I chuckled. “I call him my mountain man,” I said.

She got this really amazing look on her face, and I could just about read her mind picturing herself being taken by a big mountain man—my Ronnie—out in the woods somewhere.

“How old are you Rachel?” I asked after reading her name on the pin on her smock.

“Eighteen,” she said.

“You and me, we got something in common you know,” I said. “We both like big men. Maybe it’s because we’re both so small. It’s fun to feel like you can’t move a muscle when they…you know.”

Her eyes got big and she blushed real hard. She had a real dark tan and the blush made her almost purple. She looked nervously over her shoulder at the customer service desk, probably where her manager was, and then somebody got in line behind me, so I couldn’t say anymore.

“I’m Kathy. See ya Rach,” I said when I left.

That night I told Ronnie about it. He knew just who I was talking about of course.

“You know her, right?” I asked.

“Yeah I know her, she’s cute as fuck,” he said.

“You wanna play with her…if I bring her home sometime?” I asked.

It made Ronnie so fucking horny he just about fucked the shit outta me that night.

So I decided to go through her line like every day, and just chat and get friendly. She remembered my name right away, which was a good sign, and whenever there wasn’t anybody near us I’d talk about big men, and sorta sexy stuff. The sexy stuff always made her blush, but I could tell she liked me talking about it—I kinda sensed that it was new to her, having someone be open about that kinda thing. Finally, after a week or so when we were feeling real comfortable with each other, I got down to the nitty-gritty.

“You wanna come over and hang out with me and Ronnie sometime?” I asked her.

She just stood there, and a smile happened real nice and slow on her pretty face.

“You want me to?” she said.

“Yeah, we’d love it Rach,” I said. “Only if you really want too though. I don’t wanna seem pushy or anything.”

“No, I…I want to,” she said kinda quiet, and looking more serious.

“Good,” I said. “Tonight’s Friday, you got anything goin’ on?”

She shook her head, her eyes big and curious looking, and I wrote our address on the back of one of Ronnie’s business cards.

“Eight o’clock work for you?” I asked, and she nodded silently. “I’ll make some snacks and we’ll see what happens,” I said with a little smile, and I winked at her. I could tell it hit her like a ton a bricks as I walked away. I was so horny I felt like rubbing one out right there in the car as I drove away.

I got to thinking when Ronnie and I were waiting for her to show up that maybe winking at her scared the shit out of her, and maybe she wasn’t into what I sorta let her know we were into. But then headlights pulled in the driveway, and little Rachel got out of her car and walked kinda slow towards the door. I opened it up and gave her a big smile.

“Hi Rach!” I said real bright, trying to help her with her obvious nerves.

“Hi Kathy,” she said soft and cute, and I hugged her.

“Ronnie, Rach is here” I yelled. “Big slob’s in the bathroom, trying to make himself pretty,” I said, and Rachel giggled sorta nervous like.

Ronnie came down the little hallway with a smile.

“Uh oh,” I said, “he’s got his tight jeans on, we might be in trouble.”

Rach giggled again, and Ronnie put his hand out for her to shake. She took ahold of it and got up on her tip-toes and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hi Ronnie,” she said, and then she looked shy all of the sudden and blushed a little.

I took her winter coat and she Batıkent Escort was dressed real cute under it—faded jeans that fit her perfect, one of those hand-knit sweaters that they make in Peru or somewhere, unbuttoned all the way down the front, a little tank top underneath it, and no bra. She’s the kind of girl who doesn’t really need a bra—she’s got real small tits, but they look perfect on her small little body. She took off her Ugg boots and had bare feet underneath. Real sexy.

“Wow,” I said, “This’s the first time we’ve seen you outta your uniform. You’re super sexy Rach.”

She blushed again and didn’t know what to say.

“Wanna glass of wine sweetheart?” I asked.

My devious mind went to work, thinking of how we could get her out of her sweater, and I turned the thermostat up real high.

We stood around the kitchen island and found out she graduated high school back in the summer, and was taking classes at the community college. Ronnie talked to her about the science department building up there, because he worked on that when they built it, back when he worked for big contractors.

“So, you got a boyfriend sweetheart?” I asked as I poured our second glass of wine.

“No,” she said real quiet, shaking her head.

“What, are the boys in this town nutty?” Ronnie said. “You know you’re the cutest girl at the store, right?”

“I am not!” she said, looking embarrassed.

“Fuck yeah you are!” Ronnie said. “I can barely get through your line without losin’ my mind.”

She was really blushing at that point, and I could feel the heat too, so I slipped off my outer shirt leaving a pretty little undershirt thingy I had on. My nips were hard and I looked pretty sexy, if I do say so myself.

“You hot in that sweater honey?” I asked, and I didn’t really give her a chance to answer, I just took it off for her. Her nips were super hard, and really big. Damn she looked good.

“It’s a good thing they got those ugly smocks or I’d never make it through that store,” Ronnie said in wonder at Rach’s little body, and she giggled.

“Let’s sit,” I said. “You’ve probably been on your feet all day punchin’ that cash register.”

We went in the living room, and Rach sat in the middle of the couch, like she could sense that we wanted to surround her.

“Put on some music baby,” I said to Ronnie. He put on an old Stevie Wonder CD that always makes me happy, and he walked back into the kitchen.

I hooked my leg over Rachel’s and leaned back into the corner of the couch, all sexy like.

“So, what do cute sexy girls like you usually do on a Friday night,” I asked as I sipped my wine.

“You’re asking me?” she said, sounding surprised. “I think maybe you got the wrong idea about me.”

“Oh I’m sorry honey,” I said, and I unhooked my leg from hers. “Are you uncomfortable?”

“No, it’s not that,” she said, and she put her hand sorta tentatively on my leg and pulled it back over hers. “I’m just…I haven’t ever done this before. But I’m actually more comfortable than I thought I’d be.”

“Haven’t ever as in haven’t ever? I said.

She nodded, and Ronnie joined us, sitting on the other side of her, but not too close.

“What’d I miss, anything good,” he smiled.

“I was just telling Kathy…I’ve never been with anybody before,” she said, looking down at her hand on my leg.

“Whoa!” Ronnie said quietly. “But you’re so sexy. How can that be?”

“It just works out that way sometimes I guess,” she said, still not making eye contact.

“Yes it does, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of if that’s what you’re thinking Rach,” I said.

She looked up at me and smiled a little.

“How old were you?” she asked me.

“Well, I had a friend who was…sorta advanced for her age, so it’s not a good comparison,” I said.

“How old?” she said, her smiled turning to a smirk.

“Fourteen,” I said sheepishly.

“Fourteen!” Rach said. “Oh my god! I missed out on four years of fun!”

“Well I certainly wouldn’t recommend any girl start that early,” I said. “I kinda wish I had waited like you did. All that early stuff was just slutty and most of it didn’t make me feel good.”

“You make it sound like I waited,” she said. “It wasn’t exactly voluntary. I’ve been ready for a while. But…I guess I’m glad I wasn’t just doin’ it for no good reason. There were some girls in high school like that, and they never really had good steady relationships with boys. But there comes a time when it’s just ridiculous—I’m in college for goodness sake.”

“I hope you’re not here just to take advantage of us,” I said with a wink, and Rach giggled.

I put my hand on top of the one she had on Batıkent Escort Bayan my leg, and I slid it up so she could feel the heat from my crotch. I manipulated her hand with mine, massaging my pussy through my jeans.

“Ronnie’s right you know,” I said with a breathy moan. “You’re way too fuckin’ sexy.”

Ronnie took her other hand and put it on his crotch, and he leaned in and they kissed. Rachel was breathing hard through her nose, and Ronnie’s big hand rubbed her little tank top all over her little tits. I was wishing I had set up a hidden camera, because it was hot as shit.

I pulled off my little shirt and pulled her soft hand up over my tits. I was moaning and dying to kiss her, so I leaned in and she shifted to me. While we were lost in the passion of it Ronnie stripped. I don’t know how he did it so fast but there he was, sitting there naked all the sudden.

“What the fuck Ronnie!” I laughed. “Maybe the girl would have liked to have stripped her first man.”

“Oh, sorry,” he said. “I can put it back on…”

“No fuckin’ way!” Rach said, and she just sat there looking at him, breathing hard.

Ronnie’s hard cock was just sorta hovering above the couch cushion, bobbin’ up and down a little, and her hand reached out real slow like and her fingers encircled it. She moaned when she felt the heat for the first time, and I was wishing I could’ve been her, experiencing it all brand new.

“You get to direct traffic honey,” I said to Rach. “We want this to be exactly what you imagined, so tell us just what you want, every step of the way.”

“But I don’t know what I want,” she said. “You know what’s good. I trust you.”

“You must watch porn a little though, right?” I said. “Isn’t there stuff you’ve seen that you think looks super hot?”

“Oh, well now that you put it that way,” she giggled. “Yeah…okay.”

“Just do it baby,” I said to her. “Anything you want, just do it. Or ask us to do it. You need protection? You on birth control?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” she said as she slipped her little body off the couch and kneeled between Ronnie’s legs. “You’re gonna have to tell me how to do this,” she said, looking up at Ronnie with sexy bedroom eyes. “You too, okay?” she said, looking over at me. “I wanna learn.”

She almost didn’t get the last word out as Ronnie’s cock filled her sweet mouth.

“Oh fuck baby!” Ronnie moaned. “You’re so fuckin’ sexy I don’t think I’m gonna last long.”

“Good,” she said, her words garbled a little by the sucking and licking. “I wanna taste you.”

I directed her how to use her hand on the base of Ronnie’s big cock, the part she couldn’t get in her mouth. Her other hand went to work on his balls, just sorta instinctively.

“If you want him to cum keep the pressure up with your mouth and your hand,” I said. “If you take a break, you’ll have to start all over.”

She was really into it, moaning and grunting, and Ronnie was way out there at the end of his rope, trying to hang on. Suddenly his body jerked real hard a few times and he pumped her virgin mouth full. It all oozed out of her lips around his cock and ran down over her hand, looking like some kind of beautiful, gooey fountain. All the nice muscles in Ronnie’s stomach were rolling like big ocean swells, and his big mountain man body was in its element, doing what it does best. It was rare that I got to just sit and watch him like that, and he looked really beautiful.

“Fffuucckk!” Rachel said real quite like, in sort of a breathy whisper.

She was looking up at Ronnie, and he just lay there sorta speechless.

“That was fuckin’ awesome sweetheart,” I said.

I got down on my knees next to her and kissed her sticky, cum covered mouth.

“He tastes good, doesn’t he?” I said.

She still had her hand around Ronnie’s cock, all covered with cum, and I started licking it up and sucking it off her hand. She bent down and joined me, and we cleaned things up real good, Ronnie moaning at the pleasure of it all.

“That was a big time blow-job honey,” I said. “You took more outta him than most girls do.”

Rachel looked real proud, like she had done something better than she ever thought she would.

“That means we gotta let him rest up a bit,” I said. “Wanna lick each others pussies a little? That’ll make him hard again, right Ronnie?”

“Fuck yeah,” he said, still kinda quiet and almost speechless.

Rachel smiled real sexy, with sort of a wild darkness in her eyes. I pushed her on her back and swung my leg over her head and squatted until my pussy was within reach of her tongue, and she tickled me with the tip of it, just like a good fucking sexy girl would.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Escort Batıkent I said quiet and sexy like, and she put her hands on my hips and lifted her head up tight into my crotch. Her nose was poking right in my asshole and her mouth sucked in my whole pussy. It was fucking awesome! I dropped down on all-fours and buried my mouth in her sweet little pussy. It was wet and so hot, like it was on fire. The two of us went at it like crazy women, just starving for each others juices. I could feel myself cumming, like a rush of heat bursting through my body, and I looked up at Ronnie as I screamed. It was a long, drawn out scream that sounded like some kinda weird music, like some kinda violin type thing from a foreign land, wavering up and down at the frequency of like, purple, or some crazy shit like that. Ronnie had a look on his face like ‘holy shit baby’, and then I quivered until my head dropped, right into the heat of Rach’s pussy once again.

“Oh fuck!” I said, all muffled by the soft pussy lips against my tongue.

I tried to get my shit together and give that sweet girl a good licking, and it didn’t take long to get her revved up and flying. She took off and had a big orgasm, her pussy trying to knock my head off of it, but I just kept licking with my whole mouth, making her scream. It may have been the first orgasm she ever had that she didn’t give herself. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’d be pretty cool if it was.

“Oh God…oh God…oh God,” she said real quiet afterwards, and her hands moved real soft over my thighs.

I kissed her pussy softly, and kissed all around it and the inside of her legs. She was spread open real relaxed like, and the creamy insides of her thighs were just beautiful and begging to be kissed all over. It was so fucking hot. God I love sexy girls!

I could see Ronnie was ready, so I rolled off little Rach.

“Ronnie’s ready baby,” I said to her. “You ready for the best thing you ever felt?”

She nodded, still kinda speechless from the big ‘O’ and all my licking.

“How do you want him sweetheart?” I asked, rubbing my hands real soft over her little tits.

“Like this,” she said.

She was laying on her back on the rug with her knees spread and her arms up sorta over her head, lookin’ just hotter than hot can be. Ronnie got off the couch and covered her with his big mountain man body and kissed her. It was a sloppy wet kiss and she was super horny.

“Hold my arms down so I can’t move,” she whispered in his ear.

He started by getting his big cock lined up with her little hole, and once he got it started he pinned her arms down out next to her head. Her pussy was super wet, so even though she was a tight little virgin Ronnie thrust it in there, and she was lost in that heavenly place. I sat there and watched and it was so beautiful. Both of them were beautiful, doing that awesome wonderful thing that just makes you feel so God damn good you can’t even stand it. I almost couldn’t stand it and I was just watching!

“Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!” Rachel moaned, with her mouth open. The moans were floating out like feathers, soft and light.

I rubbed her tits real soft, and me and Ronnie took turns kissing her, all of us moaning into each others mouths.

“Oh fuck baby,” Ronnie said as he thrusted his big cock into her. “You feel so fuckin’ good.”

After a while her body started responding deeper, her back arching up and down like those ocean waves I keep talking about, and her soft moaning voice getting louder. Ronnie was taking her high. I could tell he was fighting it, trying to keep from cumming himself, and I was silently willing him on and watching Rachel climb that beautiful mountain.

“Oh baby,” I said quietly to her. “You’re there baby. You’re there…”

Her eyes rolled back in her head like a crazy person, and she gasped for breath. Ronnie kept up a perfect even thrust, over and over as she came. That beautiful colored wave swept through her again and again, and then Ronnie whimpered a little and pulled out and splattered cum on Rach’s pretty little belly, her stomach muscles still rippling with a mind of their own. I kissed her and rubbed her tits real soft, the way I like it done to me, and she breathed real deep, sucking in cool air through her nose as her body writhed real slow on the wind-down.

“Pretty fun, huh baby?” I said quietly to her.

“Fffuuucck,” she said real quiet.


We had lot’s of fun with Rach for a couple months, and then she had the credits she needed from the community college and she went off to a fancy university. Just before she left she was telling us about how her family was helping her out with college and all, and a couple of the names sounded familiar to Ronnie. Turns out Rachel’s his cousin—like a second cousin once removed or something. It’s pretty funny and we all got a good laugh out of it. Anyway, Rach’s a sweet girl and gonna make some guy real lucky.

I hope you liked my virgin story. Who knows, maybe I’ll have another one for you some day…

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Abriana’s Admirer

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Abriana sat meditating on the beautiful view her travels had taken her to. She wondered about how she had got to being her right now.

She also thought about the handsome man who sat across the aisle from her in the coach. He seemed to watch her quite a bit, but they’d hardly said two words together. She didn’t even know his name. The only thing she knew was that he seemed interested and she definitely wanted to know more about him.

Abriana stretched out on the large flat rock in the middle of the lagoon, created when a volcano died. The water was warm on her bare feet and stank slightly of eggs, but not too bad. Her toes felt soft as she moved them slightly and looked into the sky.

Her view was suddenly obstructed by the upside-down face of the man who had been sitting across from her. His lips met her nose, then moved to her lips. She was startled, but pleased at the same time. Abriana’s lips moved of their own accord as she met his kiss and gave him one of her own.

She was left breathless when he let go and cleared her field of view. She sat up instantly, looking for the man who had just left her dizzy and breathless! He waded around to her, sitting next to her.

“I’m shocked!” she cried, but said nothing further as his lips claimed hers. His tongue begged entry, licking her lips which parted almost involuntarily to allow the intrusion that quickly followed. He tasted good, musky with a hint of salt from eating chips only a few minutes ago still on Karşıyaka Escort the coach. Abriana made no move to end the kiss.

His warm hand went under her shirt and quickly found the maiden breasts which softened her chest. He massaged the flesh, bringing her nipple instantly to a hard peak under his hands. “You shouldn’t do that,” she finally gasped as one kiss ended.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know your name.”

“Nevin,” he replied. “Yours?”


“Beautiful!” he smiled, then kissed her again. His other hand joined the first, kneading the soft flesh he had found. Abriana felt a sigh escape her lips, knowing she shouldn’t let Nevin do this to her, but feeling completely powerless to stop him.

Nevin released her mouth, then unbuttoned her red and black plaid shirt, releasing her breasts to the air. “Nevin,” she protested weakly. His mouth came down onto one of her breasts. He felt her with his gums, then his tongue flicked across the peak of her nipple. She gasped with the unexpected pleasure.

He guided her back onto the rock, and continued to fondle her breasts with his tongue. He suckled slightly on one breast, then the other.

His other hand came up between her legs, stroking the fabric guarding her sacred entrance. He groped along the fabric as if it wasn’t even there, feeling her and awakening her body to his touch. She moaned softly. “You shouldn’t do that!”

“Why not?” he asked again.

“I Karşıyaka Escort Bayan don’t really know you.”

“You will,” he predicted. “I’m going to marry you.”


“We have our whole lives to get to know each other.”

“Then why haven’t you been talking to me on the coach?”

“You seemed busy. I wasn’t going to interrupt you. Now, we can talk on the coach, but we can’t do this on there.” He returned his lips to hers and pushed his hand inside her shorts where his fingers quickly wove through her hair and found her lower lips. He ran his fingers between them and felt the moist softness hidden there.

Abriana felt beside herself with arousal. She couldn’t even moan with his tongue inside her mouth.

He got up slightly, causing her to open her eyes to look at him. He knelt over her and undid her button and zip, lowering her shorts off her hips, her panties too. She wondered if she could stop the tide now, but she no longer wanted to. She didn’t resist him when he parted her legs and lowered himself over her.

She felt him perched at her lower lips, then spreading them with his fingers, he pushed slightly into her. He let her adjust to him, then pressed further. “I can’t take too long, we’re almost out of time,” he apologized. He kissed her, taking her mouth, then shoved himself deep into her. She would have cried out except for his tongue in her mouth. He pushed deeper and deeper into Escort Karşıyaka her body. When it no longer felt like she would be torn apart, she began to relax and could enjoy the sensation of his organ opening her body to him.

What did Nevin mean when he said he was going to marry her, anyway? It was surely just to make her stop resisting him. It had worked too!

She stopped wondering as he moved deeper and faster within her. He released her mouth, and she moaned with pleasure as he thrust more strongly and urgently into her. He picked up more speed, pounding into her desperately. He held her thighs around him and Abriana’s little moans came faster with him.

Nevin groaned his own little moans, holding her against him as he slowed. She felt the twinges deep inside her body as he released his seed within her.

“Oh, my!” she cried as he finished.

“Something wrong?” he asked, rolling off and holding her to him.

She shook her head, but thought about the fact she wasn’t taking anything and he clearly hadn’t used a condom either.

“I told you,” he replied to her thoughts. “I’m going to marry you. Then, when you get pregnant, it doesn’t matter. We have a whole journey ahead of us to make sure you are by the time we get back to Irola.”

She smiled at him. “Okay,” she accepted.

“Better get our clothes back on,” he murmured with a kiss. “The coach is meant to leave in about ten minutes.”

“We could just stay here,” she said dreamily.

“We could,” he agreed. “But I’d like to see the rest of the tour we paid for, what do you think?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “But you’d better sit next to me this time — and no more ignoring me!”

“Done! There may be a price to pay however,” Nevin warned.

“I will take that risk.”


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A Day at the Beach Turns Hot Ch. 01

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Funny how your life can change in a matter of hours.

That certainly happened to me last summer on our annual beach trip to Florida. We arrived just about the same time a tropical storm arrived, and it turned out to be a wild week.

We always go down late September and meet some old friends who own a house on the ocean. It’s basically a week-long party with no kids and no cell phones. The women hang out together, and the men fish all day and at night we have a big cookout and end up drunk and half naked.

But it’s a’l good, clean fun. Nobody gets too out of control. Nobody crosses the line. We’re too good of friends to ever let anything like that happen.

The plans changed this time because the storm drove our friends back to Orlando, and we ended up staying in their house alone for the last few days. But before they left, they’d invited some people from the house next door to join us.

Bev and Phil were from Georgia, and they were also down for the week without kids. We’re all in our early 40s, in good shape and nice looking, educated professionals. Everyone got along, and Phil and I seemed to have a lot in common. We decided we’d spend the day fishing after the storm passed and left the wives back on the beach.

The fish weren’t biting at all, so Phil and I ended up in the pier house bar drinking beer and talking about our wives. We got a little drunk, and Phil started telling me how he’s been trying to get Bev to be with other men. Phil wanted to watch.

The story turned me on a little, since I’d fatansized about Sharon being fucked by other men. We’d talked about her college days, and I knew she’d been sexually active before we met. But we’d never really talked about sharing her. The wildest thing she ever told me was that she’d once been with another woman in college, but it was only a drunken one-night stand.

So when Phil and I walked back to beach houses and saw there was no sign of the girls, we walked back toward his place to get another beer. We walked into the back sliding door and saw all their towels and chairs scattered around the room. We also saw their bathing suits in the floor.

The bed rooms were all toward the front of the house, so we walked quietly up the hall until we heard their voices. I distinctly heard Sharon breathlessly moaning and Bev’s muffled voice.

Phil and I looked at each Yenikent Escort other with wide eyes.

We stood frozen, listening to them for several minutes, not sure what to do. Sharon’s voice was louder, and it stunned me to hear her having sex, much less with a woman we’d just met.

“Yessss!” she cried out. “Right there. Oh God, yesss!”

I’d never heard her like that with me before, and Phil motioned me into the bed room next to the one they were in. There was a door between the rooms, and it was cracked open just barely so that we could peer inside, me standing over Phil, who was on his knees below me, both of us watching our wives in bed together.

Sharon was spread-eagle, naked, her ass on a pillow so that her pussy was elevated. Bev was fucking her with a dildo as Sharon begged for more.

“Fuck me,” she said in a low voice I’d never heard before. She was in another world.

I could sense Phil under me. We were both being as quiet as we could, but when I looked down I noticed he’d pulled his cock out and was stroking it slowly. I’m not sure why, but I had the sudden urge to do the same, even with another man kneeling under me.

So I slid my shorts down and let my cock free only inches from Phil. He turned his head slightly so that his eyes were looking right at my hard cock. I don’t know where the next words came from that left my mouth, but as he stared at my throbbing cock and stroked his own, I whispered to him.

“Suck me,” I said.

He didn’t hesitate, taking my cock into his mouth and slowly giving me a blow job as I watched my wife bucking up and down on another woman’s bed while getting fucked by a dildo.

I too was in another world. I’d never let a man suck my cock before, and now Phil had it all the way down his throat. I let him suck me for only a few seconds before I pulled away, stepping quietly back into the hall and pulling up my pants.

He followed me as we tip-toed back though the sliding door.

I was breathing hard and more than a little confused, both by the scene of my wife with another woman and my cock in another man’s mouth all at the same time.

I still had a raging hard on as I opened my mouth and tried to talk. No words came out.

He laughed and said “I know.”

“I need a beer,” I finally said.

We walked over to our Yenikent Escort Bayan house, looking back to see if the girls happened to hear us, but saw no sign of them. We walked in from the deck, and I went to get a couple beers out of the cooler in the kitchen. Phil stayed in the den, looking over at his house, rubbing his cock.

I walked back in and handed him a beer. I stared at the bulge in his shorts and began to breathe hard again. I was turned on! What was happening to me?

“I’ve never done that before,” I said.

Phil turned toward me and shrugged.

“I have, but it’s been years.”

He was still rubbing his cock, and I was still staring at his shorts when suddenly he unbuttoned them, unzipped them and let them fall to the floor.

His cock was a little larger than mine, seven and a half inches, cut, with a nice mushroom head. The tip was wet with precum as Phil made a ring with his thumb and forefinger and slowly masturbated the tip, making his cock twitch and grow, more precum oozing out.

I continued to stare, licking my lips without realizing it then as if in a trance going down to my knees and taking his hand away from his cock. I slid my mouth around it and heard him moan low and sensually.

I took his cock all the way into my mouth, using my tongue to swirl around the shaft, feeling his hands behind my head pulling me toward him as I began to slide up and down on his long, warm dick.

I was enjoying it when he began to talk.

“That’s it baby,” he said. “Suck my dick. Suck daddy’s big cock.”

I did as I was told, letting the head slide over my tongue and deep into my throat, slobber and precum oozing out of my lips and drooling from my chin. It was so wrong. And so fucking hot.

He began to thrust his hips rythmically as I wrapped my hands around his bare ass and pulled him in and out of my hot mouth. I loved his cock. I began to caress his balls, sliding a finger underneath him and feeling his asshole, making him quiver and talk more.

“Suck my cock,” Phil said, a little louder now. “You’re such a good cocksucker.”

It turned me on even more to hear his voice. I began to suck him eagerly, making sounds that had never come out of my mouth before, pulling his cock out and letting it slide all over my face as I said “Yes Daddy. I love your big Escort Yenikent cock.” Then going back down on him, taking it all inside, down to his balls.

I was good at it. I had no idea.

I was too good at it. He began to cum without telling me. I felt his hot cum explode in my throat, so fast I was forced to swallow some of it before letting the rest spew into my mouth, oozing out of my lips and running down my chin. It was intoxicating.

He came hard, and I sucked every drop out before he pulled away and sat down hard on a chair nearby. I didn’t look him in the eye but went straight to the kitchen for a wet towel. I wiped my face and washed it over and over, gargling a beer like mouthwash and spitting it into the sink.

When I’d finally cleaned up a bit, I walked back into the den. He was looking over at his house again.

“Think they’ve finished?” he asked.

I just shook my head. I was in shock.

I guzzled a beer and grabbed another one from the cooler. Just as I was about to ask him if he wanted one, I heard the sliding door close and saw Phil walk off our deck and into the sand between the houses.

Sharon was walking toward him, carrying towels and her chair, a hat pulled low over her head and sunglasses hiding her eyes. I watched them talk for a few seconds, my heart about to pound out of my chest.

They laughed about something and walked on, Phil to his house and Sharon onto our deck. She came though the sliding door beaming.

“Hey babe!” she said. “Phil said you didn’t catch any fish.”

“Not a one,” I answered. “We just ended up drinking beer all afternoon.”

She came over a gave me a kiss on the lips. Then she lingered for a second, sensing something she couldn’t quite place,

“Mmmmmm,” she said, then kissed me again before pulling away and opening the refrigerator. Pulling out a bottle of wine, she walked into the den. I was scared to death. Did she smell cum?

But then it hit me that I smelled something on her too, the smell of Bev’s pussy mixed with sunscreen.

She walked to the door and opened it.

“Come on out,” she said. “It feels great out here.”

I walked out behind her and to the edge of the railing, looking out toward Phil and Bev’s house and the sun setting in the distance.

I put my arm around my wife and held her tight, letting the day wash over me, the unbelievable day that had me confused, turned on and scared that Phil and Bev were talking.

My heart was beating fast as Sharon put her head on my shoulder.

“They’re coming over in a little while,” she said. “We’re going to have a party. They seem like fun people, don’t you think?”

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A Tale of Two Fatties

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Alexis Ren

His name was Dennis Shafer. When he was fourteen, he was five foot five and weighed one ninety. Now, at age twenty, he was five foot nine and weighed two sixty. He wasn’t ‘big boned’ or ‘stout’. He was fat. His parents were both fat. He figured it was genetics.

He never had a date all through high school. The only thing he did right was, he became the drummer in the school orchestra.

He was very good and eventually hooked up with a rock and roll band. They played all the local bars and clubs on a regular basis. The money wasn’t terrific, but at least he had people he could talk to.

Needless to say he was a virgin. He had thought about hitting the local whore houses but he always chickened out at the last minute.

He had moved from his parent’s house when he turned nineteen, not wanting to burden them with another mouth.

He had shoulder length wavy blonde hair. He would have been good looking if he’d lost a hundred pounds. Despondent at his lack of a love life, he barely made it from day to day. Many times he had thought about suicide, but like the whore houses, he chickened out. He immersed himself in the study of drums. It was his life saver.

His band got better and better and started playing some of the more exclusive clubs. There was more money. One night a guy from a Las Vegas casino heard them and invited them, expenses paid, to audition in the club. They jumped at the chance and soon were playing back up to some big time talent.

He moved to Las Vegas. He had a house, a car, and a boat moored out at Lake Mead. His life was still pretty empty and his self respect was in the gutter. He had enough money to buy any hooker he wanted, but he just couldn’t take the plunge. You have to be pretty low when you fear rejection from a hooker.

He gunned his thirty foot boat out of the marina and across the wide blue waters of the lake. He spotted something floating in the water and started to swing around it when he realized it was a girl. “What the hell is she doing out here in the middle of the lake,” he thought.

She was just barely paddling along. It looked like she was about to sink. He threw her a line and she weakly grabbed it. She had no life jacket on. The only thing keeping her afloat was the liberal amount of fat she displayed.

It took him half an hour to tug her chubby form into the boat. She flopped on the deck like a beached whale. She was coughing, choking and crying.

“What are you doing out here in the middle of this lake?” Dennis asked.

“Why did you have to save me? I almost made it!” she blurted out.

“Made what?”

“I almost drowned until you interfered.”

“You were trying to kill yourself?”

“I finally got the nerve to slip over the side of the cruise boat when no one was looking. I was ready to sink when you came along.”

“Why were you trying to commit suicide?”

“Just look at me! I’m fat and ugly and clumsy and no one wants me. Even my parents didn’t like me.”

“If you will let me, I’ll take you to my place. As you can see, I am also amply endowed,” he smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Debbi Montrath. I would love to go with you, if you want me to.”

Dennis turned the boat around and headed back to the marina. He moored it in his space and the two of them waddled up the dock and got into Dennis’s Suburban.

“At least your car fits me,” Debbi sullenly remarked.

“Yeah, me too,” Dennis replied with a smile.

Forty five minutes later they pulled into his garage. The automatic door swung shut and he escorted her into his house.

“Gee, this is nice,” she commented, brightening a little.

“It ain’t much, but it’s home,” he replied. “Where do you live Debbi?”

“I don’t İvedik Escort have a place. I gave all my clothes to the Salvation Army before I got on the boat. I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. I have no clothes, no money and no place to stay.”

“If you don’t mind, you can stay here until you get back on your feet.”

She started crying again.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“No, no, it’s just that nobody has ever volunteered to do anything for me. I don’t deserve it.”

Dennis could see some of his own insecurities reflected in her. She was down on herself. He didn’t know why.

She was kind of cute. Like him, she would have been beautiful if she were a hundred pounds lighter. She looked a lot like him. She had shoulder length blonde hair. She was five foot two and weighed two ten. She looked at him suspiciously.

He caught the look. “Nope, no way! I’m not going to molest you. I have a spare bedroom. You can have it for as long as you need it.”

At last she smiled at him. She had been very wary of him and his motives. Now she felt more comfortable.

“I better call the cruise boat company and tell them I’ve got you. Otherwise, they’ll drag the lake.” She gave him the number and he made the call. “Okay, everything’s all set,” he declared.

“Not quite. I don’t have any clothes. I don’t have any night clothes. I smell bad. I need a shower.”

“We can fix all that. I’ll show you your bedroom. It has a private bathroom.”

“What about night clothes? I can’t wear a swimming suit to bed!”

‘I’ll lend you one of my t-shirts. If you’ll give me your sizes, I’ll buy some clothes to last you until we go shopping. I work at night, so you’ll have the house to yourself. Are you hungry?”


“How about a pizza?”


Dennis ordered the pizza and she took a shower while they waited for it. She walked out of her bedroom with his t-shirt on. It went half way down her thighs.

He could feel the unfamiliar start of an erection. The doorbell rang and his erection went away.

She had been watching him and she giggled when the bell rang.

“What do you want to drink?” he asked.

“Do you have Coor’s?”

“Yup, I’ll bring it for you.”

They sat in the living room and ate the pizza. In the background, the Spice Girls were singing, ‘Two Become One.’ Perfect.

“I have a pretty good pantry, so if you want anything in the night, feel free to take any of it.”

“Okay, Dennis.”

It was the first time he heard his name on her lips. His heart did a little flip. “Could this be my girl?” he asked himself. His reverie was broken when she asked, “What’ll I do for a toothbrush?”

“You’ll find one in your bathroom.”

“Are you some kind of playboy? You seem to have everything needed to trap sweet young things.”

“I’m not interested in sweet young things. If only you knew the truth!”

He got up and went to his bedroom to shave and shower. It was almost time for work.

I’ve got to go now,” he announced. “Give me your list of sizes so I can get you some clothing.”

“Promise you won’t laugh?”

“C’mon, take a look at me. Do you really think I’ll laugh?”

“No, I guess not. When will you be back?”

“About four in the morning. Don’t wait up. Get some sleep,” he said as he headed out the door.

The band’s gig was over at two. He went to the dress shop in the mezzanine and selected a couple of nice dresses, not flashy, but not cheap and a pair of pajamas. He bought her some panties and two bras.

He got home at four twenty. She had tried to wait up for him but fell asleep on the sofa.

“I told you not to wait up for me.”

“I İvedik Escort Bayan couldn’t sleep. I was watching TV and then suddenly, you were here.”

“Well, you’re up now. You may as well take a look at the stuff I bought.”

She opened the bags. She was like a kid at Christmas. “Oh, these things are way too nice. They must have cost a fortune!”

“I work in a casino. I get a big discount. Don’t worry about it. Besides, I have never bought anything for a girl. I hope I did Okay.”

She squealed and threw her arms around his neck. “This is the nicest thing anybody ever did for me.”

“Go put your pajamas on. I want to see them.”

“If you don’t mind, I’ll wear them another night. I like your t-shirt.” She walked up the hall carrying her packages and went into her room. “Could he be the one?” she asked herself.

They were up at the crack of noon. He made breakfast for them as she got out of bed and showered again. She walked into the dining room still wearing his t-shirt. He looked at her with a question in his eyes.

“I’ve decided to keep it.” She declared.

“Okay, he chuckled, “we can get more t-shirts.”

After breakfast he escorted her to his car and they set off on a shopping trip. “You’ll need all the girly potions and powders. If you want more clothes, we can buy more clothes.”

“Lead on,” she said.

They spent the day shopping for clothes. They had lunch at Emeril’s. He didn’t buy anything for himself except some more t-shirts. She giggled at his selection. On the way home he stopped and got some ice cream cones and they merrily licked their way back to the house.

She spent an hour stocking her bedroom and bathroom with the things she had bought. “Where is your washing machine?”

“I don’t have one. I’ve got a laundry service.”

She had never heard of such a thing. No washing machine?

They sat on the sofa and watched TV, she on one end, he on the other.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. “I don’t know how to thank you. You saved my life in more ways than one. I would do anything for you.”

“Having someone to come home to is enough for me.”

The TV blared on as they waited for his gig to start. Finally he said, “I have to go. I’ll be back shortly after two.”

“I’ll wait for you,” she said.

“You don’t have to.”

“I’m going to,” she was adamant. “I’ve never had anybody to wait for and I’m going to now.”

“Okay, see you in the morning.” He was out the door and gone.

At two twenty five he found her sleeping on the sofa. She still had on his t-shirt. He touched her gently and she slowly woke up. “I’ve got some great news,” he said.

“What is it?”

“I’ll tell you in the morning. Let’s get some sleep.”

As morning turned into afternoon, he got up and headed for the kitchen. She was already there cooking for him. “So what’s the great news?”

“We’re not playing second fiddle any more! We’ve been picked up as head liners at the Palace!”

“That is great news! I’m so happy for you!”

“Two years of playing back up and now we’re gonna be stars. I can’t believe this is happening.”

“When do you start?”

“Next week. We have a week of and then we’ll start a whole new gig. I can’t wait.”

What are you gonna do for a week?”

“I thought we might drive up to Seattle,” he mused.

“We? You want me to go with you?” She was stunned. All her life people had shunned her. Nobody would be seen with her in public. Now this man who had saved her life wanted to take her on a trip. She was so excited she almost peed her pants.

“Of course I want you with me. I’m not leaving without you.”

“When do we leave?”

“We’ll Escort İvedik start up I-15 about noon tomorrow and stay all night in Salt Lake City.”

“Oh, I can’t wait,” she excitedly replied.

They finished brunch and settled down on the sofa.

“I’ve already made motel reservations all the way to Seattle and all the way back. We’ll only have a couple of days there. It’s a long trip.”

“I have never been on a trip with a man before. I won’t know what to do.”

“That makes us even because I’ve never been on a trip with a lady.”



She looked into his eyes and could see the truth and the hurt there. He reflected her own hurt. She made one of those instant decisions that turn out great or disastrous. She moved down the sofa to him. She put her arms around his neck. “I would follow you into hell if you asked me.” She stated. She kissed his lips.

“You’ll have to show me what to do next,” he said. “I’ve never done this before.”

“I guess we’ll have to teach each other, then, because I’m a virgin too.”

Let’s go to my room,” she said.

They got up and walked down the hall into her room. She was so nervous she was trembling.

He was trembling. He didn’t even have the nerve for a whore house and now he was about to seduce/be seduced by a virgin. He couldn’t believe it.

Once in her room, they took their clothes off. She noticed that he had a really big cock. “That thing’s huge. Will it hurt me?”

“I’ve always thought of it as normal, but then again, I can’t see it,” he joked.

She giggled, “Well I can and it looks really large to me. On the other hand, I haven’t seen many cocks. Just me brothers’ but they don’t count.”

She melted into his arms. For the first time, he was in a sexual embrace with a woman. He had read a little about these situations, so he leaned back and kissed her big tits. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and she moaned. Her hand went to his rigid cock and slowly stroked it.

“I want to see your pussy.” He requested.

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs for him. It was beautiful. He had only seen a few pussies and they were all on stripper at night clubs they’d played. He leaned toward it and caught a strange aroma. The closer he got, the stronger it was and the better he liked it.

“Are you gonna lick my pussy?”

“Okay. If I do something wrong, let me know.” He pressed his lips to her cunt and gave a feeble lick.

“More,” she demanded

He slid his tongue into her crack and started licking hard. Pretty soon he found her hard little button. When he licked that, she almost jumped off the bed. “That’s the spot,” she yelled, “go for it!”

He sucked gently on her clit while she went insane. She was now leaking fluids profusely from her snatch. He let go of her clit and sucked up as much of her juice as he could.

“Let’s try it now,” she panted.

He crawled between her legs and slipped his cock into her. She winced when she felt her cherry pop. She moaned slightly.

“Did it hurt,” he asked, concerned.

“Not enough to notice. Fuck me hard!” she screamed as she felt him plunge into her center. That big, long cock bottomed out against her cervix and she grunted. “More do it more.”

He did his best to comply with her request. He felt his control going away and he knew the end was near. “Do you want a baby?”

“Yup.” She replied and felt his hot cum squirting into her. The warm wet feeling drove her over the edge and she started cumming soon after him.

“I have never felt anything like that,” she murmured into his ear. “I want to do this all the time. I want your babies and I want you.”

“You may live to regret this, but I want you, too. I think I knew it the moment you flopped onto the deck of my boat. I started falling in love with you then and I haven’t stopped yet. I probably never will.”

“I’m in love with you too. Can we try for some baby insurance? Just fuck me to death. Greater love hath no woman.”

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A Nice Girl Virgin

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This is a story is about meeting my wife who turns out was a virgin. I was in college and had a habit of dancing with trashy women at bars and one night ran into my future wife Carrie. I asked her dance, we had both been drinking and it turned into almost instant spontaneous combustion. Both of use were on the dance floor making out and having a great time. I took a short break to retreat back to the bar to have another drink and catch up with my friends. A random guy standing there in a black leather jacket in his late 30’s wanted his turn with her and said she was hot, if I was done with her he wanted to take his turn with the hot college coed. I claimed her as mine and grabbed her hand to take back to the dance floor. Carrie and I continued where we left off, I did not think she was a nice girl at this point. I convinced her to take me home just a short drive since she had only one drink. So we left the bar, she dropped her friend off first and then it was a quick trip to my place.

We pulled in the driveway of my place and the steamy make out session picked up where we left off from the bar, this time it was getting hot and heavy. Her bra slipped off with quick flick of the fingers, her breasts jumped out and were firm and a nice b cup with nice puffy pink nipples I began sucking on them as the windows were steaming up in the car. I then came up for air and asked if she wanted to come in for some orange juice. I didn’t want to be so obvious so I used a pickup line that would work since it was unassuming. She said yes to my surprise. We went in and I did not have any orange juice in the house like I usually have on hand. I don’t think she wanted orange juice anyway because we immediately went back to my room and clothes began flying across the room before I knew it, Demetevler Escort Carrie was completely naked sprawled out on my bed. Lights on of course I didn’t want to miss a thing. She had beautiful alabaster skin and her nipples were the puffiest I had ever seen and a pretty little strawberry blond patch between her legs. I continued kissing every inch. I began my way working down to the mound and was met with a nice furry patch of strawberry blond pussy. Her pussy had the sweet tangy smell of fresh young pussy.

After I spread the strawberry colored patch between her legs I dove straight to her pearl it was glistening and bouncing from side to side completely engorged and erect as I touched it. I feverishly licked side to side and up and down the outside of her inner lips with my tongue. Her inner lips were large and meaty the kind that fill your mouth and you can suck on for hours. I could not get enough and dove deeper between her legs to extract the sweet tangy pussy juice.

I was so surprised as I started to peel back her inner lips to get deeper into that golden red strawberry patch I found her untouched fully intact hymen. It was a pretty sight. I didn’t want this girl to get away and wanted to treasure her for as long as I could. It was the perfect little skin flap across the top of her opening glistening brightly like a twinkling star. As I was cherishing the moment I wondered how such a cute strawberry blond girl could go through three years of college and frat parties and still have such a perfect hymen.

I asked her if she wanted continue and she want just the oral sex so I honored her request and continued to eat that fresh pussy for hours. It seemed like the time flew by as I was soaking up every ounce of Escort Demetevler juice from her untouched virgin pussy.

We continued to go out on dates for a couple weeks later on Valentine’s day I was hoping to get my lucky break and have sex with her for her first time.

I wanted more than anything to be the proud cock to break her hymen, it was a Valentine’s day and perfect timing. She was so innocent that she had never seen porn or even made out with just a couple guys. My task list was long to make the situation right. So I did all the right things nice date, cooked dinner and of course red roses. The night progressed and she made it clear that she wanted to lose her virginity. I began with what I became accustomed to over the last couple weeks, starting out slowly and working my way into eating that fresh wet tangy pussy.

I was so nervous since it was her first time I had stage fright, a guy’s worst nightmare. I could tell she had never sucked cock so I pulled it out of my boxers pushed up towards her mouth and she began to suck slowly letting it get larger and larger in her mouth until the point I was so hard it was ready. My cock was still limp after a couple attempts as I tried to put on a condom trying to push it into her tight virgin pussy, I was back at the starting point again. She was patient and began to caress my cock with her mouth and red lips and this time a slight amount of teeth to get it hard again. It became hard and I pulled back with no condom and lined it up with her pussy and stuck the tip in slightly just to get the feel of it breaking the hymen.

I could sense she felt a little pain and eased it in slowly as I could feel her pussy stretch over my cock. I could tell by the look in her eyes Demetevler Escort Bayan she was surprised and relishing the new experience getting a hard cock in her virgin pussy for the first time. As she began to settle into the experience I could feel her tension release and accept the first man in her tight hole. I pulled back and raised up so I could see my cock entering her virgin pussy I could see a little red blood on my shaft as I was moving it gently in and out her tight pussy. I thrust in her pussy for what seemed longer but was about ten minutes as she felt my cock fill her virgin pussy. Every time I thrust in her tight pussy she moaned and I kept it slow and steady as long as I could I could feel my cock getting harder and harder and getting ready to cum. I pulled out a couple times just to sustain the experience and see my hard wet cock come out of her soaking wet pussy.

Carrie began to moan louder and louder not knowing what was happening to her, unprotected from a condom I wanted to pull out and cum on her mound, so tried to time my load for a pull out load on her mound. It was so hard and ready to cum it was impossible hold it I could feel my load running up my cock as I was about to pull out. My cock exploded half way in her pussy as I pulled out. After I pulled out I could see the thick white cream running down her freshly fucked pussy along with the hint of pink from her freshly broken hymen. As I was watching cum run out of her pussy I could see the remains of the broken hymen attached to the sides of her pussy with a pink stain to mark the occasion.

Sex was better than I had expected for the first time she had been waiting years to get penetrated. I was glad to be a part of that experience and glad I did it with my bare cock and made a cream pie I will never forget. We laid there in awe of what had just happened and talked about making a regular activity in our growing relationship. Over the next month I could see the remains of what was left of the hymen each time I blew my load in her hairy strawberry blond pussy as we had bareback unprotected sex.

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