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Subject: Will you love me part 2 Dear Reader. The following story contains strong language and explicit scenes of gay sex between boys under the age of 18 and with adult men. If you are offended by this kind of material then please leave this page NOW. Please donate to if you are able to do so and help keep this facility available for all to enjoy. Thank you. Please email your comments to [email protected] the same day – the boy I woke up early the following day. It was best to get shit done before the step-fucker and his friends got up. The other boys in the RV were sleeping off the drugs, alcohol, and sex from yesterday. The whole RV smelled like jizz. It was a beautiful morning with the sun just coming up. My fly rod and tackle pack were by the door. I hoped for fish for dinner. That would keep everyone happy. The big RV that came in yesterday was quiet. There was a single chair set out front. I wondered what it looked like inside. I wondered who could afford it. Walking around the other side of the RV, I found a fishing cleaning station set up. Points for these people. My morning wood was demanding attention. This looked like as good a spot as any. I carefully set my fly rod and tackle down. Next, my shorts dropped to my feet. My other, favorite, rod sprung up to hit my stomach. I wasn’t huge. Some of the younger guys were bigger, but I could produce a massive load and cum many times in a session. Right now, I just needed to release the back pressure. I ran a hand through my sparse, bright red pubes, down to my hangers. I like to tug on them while I jerk. My other hand wrapped around my five-inch dick. Like I said, not big put powerful. I started slow, using a bit of spit and precum to lube up. It felt good but I needed more. Reaching into my tackle bag, I found my special tool. It was a small butt plug I had stolen from one of the “dads.” I hopped he thought he had lost it up the ass of one of the younger boys. I put the plug in my mouth to wet it. I’m not sure I had washed it after the last time I used it. Oh well, not my first time tasting ass. I stopped jerking, bent my knees, and found my pucker. The plug slipped right in. After some adjustment, it hit my favorite spot up there. I got back to serious jerking. I even got the fapping sound going. I noticed that a small ant hill was below me. Great, I had some protein for the nest. It only took a few minutes for my balls to start tingling. I didn’t have a big dick. My Giresun Escort balls made up for it. I felt my balls pull up tight. The most I ever delivered was about half an ounce. If you don’t think that’s a lot, measure your own shot. And there it was. The release I needed. Rope after rope shot out. The farthest went nearly three feet. At least I thought so. My ass clamped down on the plug. I thought that made it better. As I came down I squatted down on my heels. The plug slipped out. I cleaned my dick head off with my finger. I liked sucking on that finger. Well, I liked sucking. I put away my little rod and the plug, picked up the big rod, and headed to the lake. A couple of hours later, I headed back to camp. I figured I’d cut around the giant, fucking motorhome. As I walked around the front of the RV, I spotted an older guy sitting in the chair. He looked like he has just got out of bed. He wasn’t bad looking. He needed a shave, and from here, I detected the lovely scent of Eau De cum. We kind of had a stare down. I won but only because he looked me over from my feet to my face. He did pause at my crotch. “Nice catch,” he said. I lifted the stringer, giving him a view of one lightly-haired armpit. I wanted him to know I was older than 12. I saw a little movement in his shorts as he stood up. I smiled as I said, “Yup, been fishing since before dawn. The step-fucker and his buddies are sleeping it off. The other boys are cleaning up for another day.” “Step-fucker?” I blushed. I’m pretty good at it. It was helpful when I was younger. “Yeah, it’s what I call him. I get my red hair from my mom. I don’t have any of his DNA in my blood.” I saw the hesitation on his face. He wanted to ask what that meant. He chickened out. “Can I help you clean your catch? I planned to do a little fishing myself, so I set a station up on the other side of the rig. You can also rinse yourself off.” I looked down and noticed the mud on my shoes and legs. “That would be great.” I smiled again, and showed my perfect teeth. He stood up and put a hand on the my shoulder. It felt warm and friendly. Not the usual rough stuff I got. “Follow me,” he said. We made quick work of cleaning the fish. He knew what he was doing. “How about we rinse off your shoes. Then, we can go in and clean ourselves up inside.” I looked up at him. I saw a kind face with just a little bit of lust in it. “Deal. I want to see your rig anyway.” I Giresun Escort Bayan said it with my best smile smile and saw a twitch in his shorts. I rinsed off my shoes and legs while he cleaned up the cleaning station. At one point, I leaned over with my back towards him. I made sure my shorts pulled deep into ass crack. “Finished,” I said. I turned off the outdoor shower and turned around. He was holding a towel in front of his cock. I had made sure to soak my shorts enough so that he could see the outline of my cock and balls. I’m sure he realised I wasn’t a hairless boy. “Come on, squirt,” he said, “let’s go clean up. I’ll also so show you my rig.” At the door, we kicked off our shoes. He opened the screen door and stood back. I’m sure he wanted to see me walk up the stairs. I missed the second step and fell back. The guy reached up and caught me before I fell. He had one hand on my back and the other on my ass. I took advantage of him by pushing my ass in to his hand. I felt a finger brush my pucker. I turned my head around and said, “thanks!” We made it safely inside. I was in awe as I looked around the motorhome. “God damn, this is fucking amazing.” I turned towards him to add, “Nice cock pit.” I said it as sexy as I could. He responded with a shrug. I saw his dick bounce. I’m sure he saw me looking. “I need to take a piss,” I said, “can I use the head?” “Of course. The powder room is the first door on the right. I went down the center of the living room. I thought I would get whip lash, trying to take everything in. I walked with my best ass wiggle. I opened the powder room door and went in. I left the door open. I made sure to hit the side of the bowel so he could hear it when I pissed. This was a moment I had spent years waiting for. This man seemed kind but also wanted me physically. I did everything I could to encourage him. Well, I didn’t rip his pants down and blow him. I wanted to, but I wanted to get out of here more. I was fifteen years old. I had been a sex slave since I was five. My mom was a crack whore. I didn’t know my dad at all. I went to school long enough to learn to read and write. I wasn’t stupid. Libraries let me in. I read. I knew I would die if I stayed with the step fucker. He and his bunch liked boys that didn’t cum yet or just barely. A couple of guys my age disappeared a while back. I was afraid to ask what happened to them. I shook my dick off, stepped around the door Escort Giresun and said, “how do I flush this thing?” I gave him a view of my limp cock and low-hanging balls.. “Sorry,” I said as I stepped back. “Step on the peddle in front of the toilet.” I flushed the toilet and stepped out of the bathroom. I made sure he saw me pulling up my pants. I looked over my shoulder towards the bedroom. “Yup, nice rig you have,” I said. “So do you,” he said. I blushed again and headed on back. I realized that he had left a video of men fucking boys running on the tv, dirty mags out, and a crusty cum rag on the bed. I stood there watching black boys get fucked while flipping through a magazine of Asian boys getting fucked. I was holding my dick through my pants as he walked in, a look of panic on his face. “You like this stuff too?” I asked as he walked in. He sat on the bed and took the magazine out of my hand. He held it so I could see it as he flipped pages. His erection was obvious, as was mine. He looked up at my face. “I do. I’ve always loved boys. When I was little, a teen, even when married, I loved boys.” “Married?” He set the magazine down and turned off the TV. He took my hand and pulled me down to sit by him. I was looking at his face, waiting for an answer. “Yes, I was married. She died several years ago of cancer.” He reached out to take my other hand. My cock was totally defeated. I think his was too. “She also loved boys. We fostered many that we both played with. Many boys lost their straight virginity to her and their gay virginity to me. Some we had at the same time. We loved them all.” I was quiet as he sat holding my hand. My head was down. I was overcome with emotion and started to cry. Maybe he was what I had dreamed about. Was this my chance at freedom? At life? He pulled his hands free and reached around me in a tight hug. We sat like that for several minutes. I could hear his heart beating. It felt like comfort. I slowly ran one hand up his shorts and found his cock. It inflated very quickly as I played with it. I took a deep breath and said “Would you love me?” He gently pushed him back and tilted my head up. “What did you say?” He looked deep into my eyes. “Would you love me? The step-fucker and his friends have sucked, fingered, and fucked me since I was five. I’m 15 now. They don’t like me much anymore. They got younger boys now. Please love me.” This was my last chance. I could tell he wanted me physically. I wanted him too. But I wanted and needed more. This was my chance. I started to jerk him seriously. I reached into my shorts and started to jerk myself. “Would he love me?” was the question in my mind. What is next, dear reader? There is more to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: college ball-11 Jeremiah University is a predominately black college campus in Minnesota Maryland. It’s a large school, and very well received by the College Guide Association Of America. There was a large library, an auditorium, a sports center, a stadium, a student hall, an academic building where classes resumed, male and female dormitories, a clock tower, and several houses where the college fraternities and sororities pledge. (This story is the property and copywrite of NPhillydogg@aol fty). ____________________________________________________________________________ COLLEGE-BALL-11 ONE Tyrome Smith did his best to forget Clarence Johnson by burying himself in practice sessions, partying harder after classes, and fucking every girl he could get his 9 inch jock dick into. Tyrome knew he had the good looks, the body, the confidence, and the playing skills on court to get any girl he wanted. Women would line up to be his bitch if he so much as put the word out that he was looking for someone special. Yet with all his conquest and prowess, he couldn’t get the 6 foot 4 inch tall 18 yr old out of his mind. Tearing through the streets of Minnesota with a hot chick bobbing her head in his lap, Tyrome was doing 60 as he sped through red and yellow lights like a wildman. He switched gears just as he hit a straightaway, jamming his foot down on the accelerator as the car leaped into high gear. The girl bobbed her head up and down, taking as much of Tyrome’s hard dick in her mouth as possible. She was a Jaguar cheerleader, one of Tyrome many conquests. She was a good lay with a tight pussy and firm tits, but nothing more to capture Ty’s attention. He reached down under the hem of her dress and squeezed his hand into the ass of her panties to finger her pussy. She groaned heatedly around his manhood, sucking harder as he pushed up into her. She was only getting about half of Tyrome’s 9 inches down when he suddenly grabbed her by the back of her head and forced the rest of his dick into her throat. The girl struggled to get free as Tyrome thrust his hips up into her face as he floored the car into overdrive. He felt her throat muscles close down around his shaft just as his Corvette-X20 veered off the main street and burst onto a dirt road leading towards the waterfront. Tyrome threw his head back as he held the girl’s head down, savoring the feel of her convulsing throat on his johnson. He could feel his dick starting to jump and jerk in her mouth, his balls tightened beneath the base as they threatened to explode just before she sank her teeth into the skin. “AAARRHHH..!!” he yelled, slamming on the breaks and turning the Corvette into a skid, stopping just before the car flipped into the river. “You’re fucking nuts??!” he asked, releasing the girl’s head as she pulled up furiously. “You fucking freak…!!” she screamed, slapping at him wildly with her hands before jumping out of the car. “Where the hell you think you going…?” asked Tyrome, holding his sore dick in his hands. “I’m going home!” said the girl, tucking her tits back into her blouse as she adjusted her skirt and panties. “How…, how you gonna get there from here…” asked Ty sarcastically, feeling remorseful for being such an asshole. “…get back in the car..!” “Fuck you…! I’ll walk!!” said the girl walking away, leaving Tyrome to nurse his genitals. TWO Tyrome pulled up in front of the frat house about 30 minutes later. He was hoping for a little rest and relaxation before their next big game, but quickly realized his hopes were dashed when he found his teammates having a premature victory party at the frat. Everyone was sitting around drinking beer, smoking weed, and listening to music. A lot of the girls there Tyrome already knew personally, having slept with most of them before passing them onto other teammates. He saw Clarence Johnson standing in the center of the room spinning a basketball on his fingertips, bragging about having met Tomas Jackson in his hotel room with the Coach, and getting his autograph at the Chicago vs Baltimore game (last chap). Everyone hinged on his every word as he described the man, the game, and the high score Tomas made on court. Clarence discriminately left out the fact that he, Coach Brown, and coach’s domestic partner (Russell Collins) all fucked Tomas in his hotel room before the game, he saw no sense in outing the superstar forward, himself, or the Coach and his friend. The guys were passing around the ball Tomas personally autographed for Clarence, each taking a turn to read the inscription. Carter Sanborne was sitting on the sofa with two girls cuddled up in his arms, an unopened bottle of brew in his hand when he noticed Tyrome come in. “Sup, Bro…?” he said, tossing the bottle into the air. Tyrome caught it in his hand effortlessly, used to catching rebounds on the court. “…did you hear? Clarence met Tomas Jackson tonight at the game!” continued Carter (the team’s shooting guard) over the blare of music. “Tomas gave him THIS!” he added, tossing Tyrome the signed basketball. Ty caught the ball in his free hand, turning it to read the signature. It read: `To CJ, a brotha with all the right moves! -Tomas Jackson 5554712-cell, call me whenever you’re in town’, Tyrome tossed the ball back, frowning as his eyes met Clarence’s. Clarence said nothing as he watched Ty from across the room, wondering what was on the brutha’s mind? “CJ said Tomas was cool…” said teammate Derek Wilson, grabbing the ball as he breezed by Tyrome. “…very down to earth…, he and the Coach’r really good friends!” “Friends…?” asked Tyrome, arching his eyebrow suspiciously as he popped the cap on his brew and turned the bottle up to his lips. One of the girls who knew Ty better walked over and wrapped her arms seductively around his waist. Without breaking eye contact with Clarence, Tyrome put his arm around the girl’s neck and walked her straight upstairs to his room. “Now that’s what I’m talking about…!” said Mikiah Washington, as Tyrome disappeared upstairs and closed the door. Another girl walked over to Clarence, Giresun Escort batting her eyelashes as she touched him suggestively about his broad shoulder, nudging for him to go upstairs with her. But Clarence declined, grabbing his basketball as he went up to his room alone. “What’s up with that nigga…?” asked Mikiah, having witnessed the whole scene. “…he acts like he don’t like pussy!” “Have you ever SEEN him with a girl…?” asked Carter, hugging his two girls closely as they sat silently listening. “I ain’t never seen him do nothing but dribble a damn ball!” responded Mikiah, pulling the rejected girl to his lap. “You think he gay or something…?” asked Jason, the team’s white token player. “I dunno…” said Mikiah, starting to wonder the same thing himself. “…but this makes the third time I’ve seen him turn down pussy!” “Maybe he has a girlfriend back home…?” suggested Derek, hopefully. “Yeah…, and maybe Star Jones and Al Reynolds married for love!” laughed Mikiah. “Well…, maybe SHE did…!” laughed Carter, not giving the conversation much thought. “Who gives a fuck what the boy is…, so long as he helps us get to the championships!” THREE Clarence lay in his room, tossing his newly autographed ball into the air and catching before gravity could make a connection. He could hear the music blasting downstairs as the party continued to go on, while imagining what Tyrome was doing in his room with the girl. Instantly Clarence started to feel anger and resentment building inside of him, as the thoughts of Tyrome getting buck wild and serious with some hootchy filled his head. Suddenly there was a knock on his door. Clarence jumped up out of bed, expecting the visitor to be none other than Tyrome having second thoughts about who he wanted to bed down with. But when he swung the door open, it was Derek standing there, not Tyrome. “Wussup…?” asked Clarence, twirling the ball on his finger as he turned his back and walked back into the room. “Why’d you leave the party…?” asked Derek, stepping into the room behind him as he discreetly closed the door. “We gotta big game tomorrow…, I don’t see why I gotta stay up with the rest of the team if I don’t smoke or drink…!” answered Clarence, make believing he had other things to do. “Why didn’t you take one of them girls up to the room with you…?” asked Derek, curiously. “I came to college to play ball and get an education…, not find a baby’s momma!” snapped Clarence, somewhat frustrated. “Some of the guys downstairs are saying you soft…” said Derek, warning Clarence what the team says behind his back. “Soft how…?” asked Clarence, curiously. “Gay!” answered Derek, honestly. “They think you might be gay because they never see you with a girl…!” Clarence chuckled to himself… “So you don’t want me on the team because you think I’m gay…?” he asked, angrily. “Not ME…!” said Derek, defensively. “I couldn’t care less if you were gay…! Really!” Clarence breathed a little easier, knowing his closest friend would be cool with him if he was… “Let me guess…, it’s Mikiah and Carter…!?” guessed Clarence, correctly. “THEY’RE the ones that think I’m a homo!” “Well…, you haven’t had a girl since you’ve been here…” surmised Derek. “Fuck you!” snapped Clarence. “I told you…, I have my life already planned out…! And it don’t include being no teenaged dad!!” “I didn’t mean anything by it…, honest man…” said Derek, trying to stay on Clarence’s good side. Both boys stood in silence for a few awkward minutes, trying to avoid eye contact as they muddled about the room. Clarence turned the basketball around in his hand, re-reading the inscription Tomas Jackson wrote especially to him. “What would you say if I told you I might be gay…?” asked Derek, his voice shaking nervously. Clarence’s head sprung up as Derek’s lowered towards the floor. “Are you…?” asked Clarence, almost sounding hopeful. “I dunno…” answered Derek, turning away shamefully. “You uh…, you know that gloryhole everybody keeps talking about in the equipment room…?” he asked without looking to see if Clarence answered. “…I had my dick sucked there once…” “That’s no big deal man…!” said Clarence, trying to make Derek feel better. “…who hasn’t gotten their dick sucked there…?!” “It’s not that…?” said Derek, continuing…, “…its that…, I’ve been thinking about going back again…, I’ve been thinking about it a LOT lately…?” “So…?” said Clarence, blowing it off. “So you like getting your dick sucked, and you’re not too choosy about who sucks it…! That don’t make you gay…, it makes you horny!” “I’ve been thinking about going back…” repeated Derek. “…but not to get my dick sucked…” he added, his voice going softer. “…to SUCK some dick…!” he said, holding his breath. Clarence’s eyes opened wide. “How long’ve you been thinking about this?” asked Clarence, interested. “Since the gloryhole…?” “No…, before that…” admitted Derek. “I’ve always had girlfriends because my older brothers always had girlfriends, and that was what they said made you a real man! But I’ve always wondered what sex would be like with a guy…, letting the man take charge…” “So why haven’t you tried it yet?” inquired Clarence. “With who…?” asked Derek, finally looking in CJ’s direction. “Everyone I know is straight…, or at least as far as I can tell! Who am I supposed to come out to…? Who can I walk up to and say what I’m feeling…? None of my friends would understand! They’d all say I was crazy or something!” “I wouldn’t say you were crazy…” said Clarence, walking up to touch Derek gently on his shoulder. The two boys met eyes as if really seeing each other for the first time. Clarence squeezed his friend’s shoulder as Derek’s gaze fell curiously to Clarence’s crotch. When Clarence started to laugh, Derek got nervous. “What’s so funny…?” he asked, feeling made fun of. “Nothing…” smiled Clarence as he started to blush. “How many times had you gone to the gloryhole?” he finally asked. “Just once…!” said Giresun Escort Bayan Derek, staring into Clarence’s face. “Once…?” smiled Clarence, looking as if he might not believe him. “ONCE!” wore Derek. “Honest! I wouldn’t lie to you about it…!” “No…, I’m not laughing because I think you’re lying…” said Clarence…, “…I’m laughing because…, I think I was the one that blew you…!” Now it was Derek’s eyes that popped open. “What…??!” “I was…” chuckled Clarence (now the one feeling embarrassed). “…I was hanging around the equipment room when I noticed the door open…” Derek smiled devilishly as he began to anticipate what Clarence was getting at. “I snuck in just as I heard you coming into the room…” continued Clarence, keeping Derek captivated. “I didn’t know you were gonna come to the hole til you stuck your dick through…” “And you sucked me without me knowing it was you…??!” questioned Derek with a cheezing grin. “I…, what was I supposed to do…?” laughed Clarence, hunching his shoulders playfully. “I saw a hommie in need…, so I helped him out…!” “So that…, absolutely AMAZING blow job I got at the hole was YOU…?!” asked Derek, blushing. “Yeah…?” smiled Clarence, licking his thick lips. “But as I recall…, I wasn’t the only one at that hole…!” remembered Derek, causing Clarence to recall vividly as well. “Leon, Kevin, and Jason was there too…! You sucked all our dicks..??” inquired Derek. “woo…whataminute…!!” defended Clarence. “I only sucked YOUR dick…, someone else sucked THEM off…!!” “Someone else…?” asked Derek, skeptically. “Yeah…!” answered Clarence. “Who?” asked Derek, not believing it. “I…, can’t say…!” said Clarence, not wanting to out the Coach. “uh huh…!” smiled Derek. “For real!” chuckled Clarence. “I’m serious…! I can’t say, man…!” “Was it Tyrome…?” whispered Derek, having his suspicions of his and Clarence’s relationship. “No…, it wasn’t Ty…” said Clarence, teasingly. “But it WAS someone on the team…?” asked Derek. “Someone closely associated with us that has access to the equipment room…??” “I can’t say man…, really…!” insisted Clarence. “Alright…, okay…” smiled Derek, giving up as his eyes once again roamed down to Clarence’s crotch. He could see the long snake of CJ’s dick creeping down his pant leg. “So…” he said, reaching down to massage the large snake. “…you gonna show me how to suck as good as you do…?” “Definitely…!” smiled Clarence, leading Derek to his bed. FOUR Clarence watched as Derek slowly started to strip out of his clothes. Both men took off their shirts and t-shirts, exposing their brown bodies and athletic muscles as they fumbled with their sneakers and waistbands. Clarence’s dick came into view first as he slid his sweatpants down his legs. Derek’s eyes zeroed in on the long black appendage as it sprung upward into the air. “Damn man…” he moaned softly, reaching down to massage the shaft. He’d seen that big dick flaccid in the showers all the time…, but seeing it rock hard in its full aroused state was quite awestricken. “…its so fuckin’ big…!” “Don’t be afraid of it…” whispered Clarence, pulling Derek closer as he warmed his arm around his back. Derek groaned as Clarence’s hand squeezed and massaged his right butt cheek, palming it in his hand like a basketball as his fingers dug into the slightly haired valley. “Shit man…” signed Derek as Clarence nestled his face in his neck before wrapping his body up in his arms. Derek continued stroking Clarence’s manhood as his body was warmed and his asshole toyed with. His own dick was rock hard, poking into Clarence’s thigh as Clarence started to suckle his neck. “You ever have your asshole ate…?” asked Clarence, loving the way Derek’s ass felt. “Naw man…” moaned Derek, already pre-cuming with excitement. “After you suck my dick, I’m gonna eat your pussy and swallow your dick all the way down to the balls!” threatened Clarence, making Derek’s knees grow weak. Clarence sat down on the edge of his bed as Derek knelt down between his legs. He stared up at the upward black pole in awe as he continued to stroke it lovingly. “What do I do…?” he asked naively, not knowing how to proceed. “Do whateva comes natural…!” advised Clarence in a husky whisper. Derek leaned forward and kissed the underbelly before licking his way up the long dark brown shaft to the head. Clarence watched intently as Derek nibbled around the crown, then took the fat bulbous head between his lips for the first time. Derek felt the fat head fill his mouth like a huge marshmallow as he suckled hard the spongy head. Taking short strokes he bobbed his head back and forth, taking only an inch or so as his mouth adjusted to the strange feeling. Clarence said nothing as he allowed Derek to experiment, taking dick for the first time as he knelt between his teammate’s legs. Instinctively he tried to take more, going deeper as the dick head went into the back of his mouth and started to choke him. “Go easy…” advised Clarence, leaning back on his wrists as his friend swirled his taster around the head. “Yeah…, just like that…” whispered Clarence, having taught guys how to suck his dick before. He could tell Derek was really starting to get into it as the college baller bobbed up and down, using various techniques to sucked soft and slow and hard and fast while jacking his hand up and down the shaft. Derek couldn’t believe how much fun sucking another guy’s dick was. He’d always wondered what it’d be like, but never pictured it as being so fulfilling. As a straight man he’s eaten women’s pussies, sucking their hard little clitties until they came oceans of juice in his mouth. He was well aware of the pleasures of oral sex, but never equated it to sucking dick. He liked how the head filled his mouth, –the spongy texture and the long hard shaft. He let his eyes travel up Clarence’s dark skinned muscle ripped stomach and flat chest. He saw Clarence looking down at him, his mouth filled with his buddy’s masterpiece. Escort Giresun They locked eyes as Clarence’s dick pulsed. Derek made up his mind right then and there that he wanted Clarence to cum in his mouth. He wanted to taste the 18 year old’s cum for the first time as he began to suck harder out of wanton desire. Clarence saw the look of determination on Derek’s face as he tried his best to make him cum. But Clarence was a long way from dropping a load. He reached down to pull Derek up off his dick, but the 19 year old college baller refused to stop. He tightened his hand around the long shaft and sucked even harder. Clarence chuckled as he playfully pushed at Derek’s head. Derek held his ground as he continued sucking, spittle slowly dripping down the sides of the dick as he jacked quickly. To Clarence’s surprise, what Derek lacked in skill he more than made up in determination. Be sucked and pumped, sucked and pumped, sucked and pumped, sucked and pumped until Clarence felt his balls starting to knot up. His breathing became shallow as his dick started to throb. Derek was still deep in the thrill of enjoying the workout when Clarence’s cum suddenly started spurting in his mouth. “UHH! UHH! UHH! UHH! OHHH…!!” panted Clarence with each shot his dick made. Derek felt the first and second spurts filling his mouth before he realized what was happening. When he heard Clarence panting and felt his dick jerking wildly, he knew he was getting his just rewards. The hot cum coated his tongue, teeth, and filled his mouth to capacity. Derek felt himself starting to gag as he pulled off the dick to swallow. The first gulp was like a wad of Mylanta going down his throat, but by the second gulp he was hooked, loving the taste as he took the oozing head back in his mouth to finish it off. Clarence fell back on the bed, squirming like a fish on a hook as Derek sucked the flaring sensitive head. After a few minutes he couldn’t take anymore and pried Derek off his meat. “I want you to cum again…!” said Derek breathlessly, staring down at the semi hard morsel. “Give it a few minutes, man…, its not a machine!” laughed Clarence, pulling Derek up off his knees. Derek smiled at his own eagerness, wanting to drain Clarence of any baby makers he may still had in stored in his balls. As Derek came up off the floor, Clarence surprised him by kissing him directly in the mouth. At first (on instinct) Derek pulled back, not expecting the kiss. But once he felt the ball player’s soft full lips on his, he gave in. Clarence pulled Derek down on top of him on the bed, kissing him as he would a girl. Derek felt Clarence’s wet tongue slip into his mouth as Clarence rolled him over onto his back. Suddenly Derek found himself on the bottom, his legs instinctively parting to make room for CJ’s torso as the taller man started to grind into him. Derek could feel Clarence’s dick getting hard again as he rubbed it back and forth between his legs. Clarence drilled his tongue deeper into Derek’s mouth as he reached down and cupped two hefty handfuls of his ass cheeks. Derek felt Clarence’s manhood nestle between the brown globes as he pumped back and forth, his hands rubbing all over Clarence’s broad shoulders and back as they swapped spit like lovers. Derek was the one that broke the kiss, a little overwhelmed by Clarence’s forwardness and control. Clarence was totally oblivious as he went back to sucking his neck. He kissed and licked his way down Derek’s body, licking his nipples and tonguing his navel before bypassing his erect dick to head straight to his balls. Derek groaned heavily as his balls were expertly sucked into Clarence’s vortex mouth. Clarence swirled each one around in his mouth, massaging them like a mini-washer as he bathed them in spit. Derek’s dick pulsed over his abdomen, leaking pre-cum like crazy onto his heaving stomach as Clarence licked lower and lower. “CJ…!” gasped Derek, feeling the tongue going lower. “Just relax and enjoy it…!” said Clarence, pushing Derek’s legs up out of the way. Derek felt funny being in that position, but said nothing as he trusted Clarence with his life. Clarence stared down at the tiny brown hole winking at him for a minute before peeling the cheeks apart and diving his face in between. Derek gasped aloud when he felt Clarence’s tongue licking across his asshole. It was the strangest feeling having another man wash his asshole with his tongue. But Derek trusted Clarence as he lay back and let the younger boy eat his ass. Clarence pushed his face all up in the ass as he licked and sucked at the tight tiny hole. “Damn man…!” shouted Derek, not caring who heard him as he grabbed his dick and started jerking. Clarence reached up and grabbed his hands, pinning them to his sides as he continued to eat ass. Derek spread his legs wider, giving Clarence deeper access as he pushed his tongue up into him. “Shit man…, that shit feels good!!” he yelled, not realizing how loud he was being. Clarence sucked at Derek’s asshole until he felt it started to flex and clinch repeatedly around his embedded oral muscle. Reluctantly he pulled his wet face from his meal and captured Derek’s dick between his lips. Derek felt Clarence’s mouth envelope his manhood all the way down to the root, burying his face in his pubic hairs. Derek cried out loud when he came, shooting 5 thick ropey streamers of creamy potency straight down into Clarence’s gullet. Clarence ate everything Derek gave him, loving how the dick pulsed and pumped between his lips. Clarence sucked Derek’s dick until he was sure he had drained it of every drop. When he was down he fully expected the encounter to be over, but Derek surprised him when he quickly pushed Clarence over onto his back and went back down on him. “Man…, you gonna hurt yourself if you don’t take it easy…” joked CJ, watching Derek try to swallow his dick whole like he had done. Derek gagged and gagged on the big hard dick as he tried to take it all. He never gave up as he jacked the shaft while feasting once again on the head, wanting to taste the thick clot of cum he knew would eventually come from the tasty tip. Clarence just lay back and let Derek practice, knowing he had successfully turned another straight man! _________________________________________________________________________ thanx to everyone who wrote in requesting more chapters aol

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Big Dicks

Subject: Crushed by Tim: 7 What must it feel like to stand over another lad, lock him between you’re thighs, crush him, submit him, humiliate him, make him watch his ordeal? Tim got off on it, jerked off, all over me. He relished every bit of it, the power, the control, and the satisfaction. I had been trapped, I suffered and I submitted. But I was also completely turned on by the experience. Tim was an athletic work of art in his prime and a demanding master. We both wanted more of it. The final days of the trip to Rome were rough. Tim tried to seize an opportunity, out of sight of the rest of the team, to get me back, between his legs. He seized the opportunity, when the lads had gone to breakfast. I was in the shower, I felt him come at me from behind with a double arm bar. He forced me down on my knees, released the armbar, and trapped my neck between his thighs. I was back in a standing scissors, he flexed into me, I was was about to scream submission when I felt his hand cover my mouth. ‘Shut up, this is going to be fast and silent’. I felt him tugging at his cock as I struggled between his thighs. He was desperate to unload. There was a familiar vibration around my neck and a jolt of electrical energy, his cum shot out. Days of pent up testosterone were released in a steady, creamy, stream. The shower glass was splattered with it. He released me, I was kneeling beneath him, he ordered me to lick his cock clean. As soon as I had serviced him, he was gone. I was left to shower with his cum and to satisfy my lust for him. A week after we were home, Joe came to visit. We got talking about the trip, and he was still shocked, at the fight he had witnessed. ‘man that was a crazy scissors choke hold Tim had you in, he was just destroying you between his legs, hell their powerful too, must have been really tough in there. Worst Hatay Escort still he was fucking enjoying it, didn’t want to let you out’. Joe reckoned there must have been some way to get out of Tim’s scissors. We had a bet. I would put Joe in a basic headscissors and if he could get out, he would win the bet. Size wise, Joe and I were evenly matched. Both around 6ft 1 athletic build. We both stripped down to our rugby shorts and I lay on the floor, with his head between my thighs. On a count of three, I locked my legs at my ankles and squeezed his neck with my thighs. Immediately Joe was under pressure, the back of his head was on my crotch and I could see him struggling beneath me. He grabbed at my thighs, ankles, knees, shins, desperate to find a weak point. I worked the scissors as hard as I could, to show him how tough it was to escape. I forced him to the left and powered in and then to the right, middle, left, right, repeat. It took longer than I thought to submit Joe. By the time he tapped, we were both covered in sweat. ‘ok take you’re point, not easy to escape that and Tim is bigger than both of us combined’ It felt good to beat Joe, maybe I could get revenge on Tim? How would he like a taste of his own medicine, to be crushed, submitted, humiliated? I was turned on by the thought of Tim, scissored between my legs, eating my cum. I had it all worked out. I would take Tim by surprise and own him. It was planned for Thursday, Tim was visiting, as always it was an excuse for a grappling session. The only difference was, this time, I would win. As soon Tim arrived, I jumped him and had him on the floor. He was briefly stunned as I’d hoped, so I quickly locked him in a scissors. I had him exactly like I’d had Joe a few days before. I put every bit of power I could, into weakening him. It only took Hatay Escort Bayan seconds to realize Tim was much tougher than Joe. There was no sign I could break him. Instead Tim turned around in the scissors so his head faced my crotch and then he forced his elbows between my upper thighs to wedge enough space, and free his neck. Tim was free, his escape was fast and effective and his revenge brutal. I felt his thighs clamp my neck and I was forced across the floor, to the corner of the room. I was on my knees, Tim sat above me on a chair, I was his leg rest. He stared at me, caught his breath, cracked his nuckles: ‘you asked for it’. I was back, where I had been so many times before, between his thighs, being punished. The first 30 minutes or so, was just pure unrelenting punishment. Tim was out for revenge, he crushed and submitted me repeatedly. When he was satisfied I’d learned my lesson he eased off a bit. It was enough to allow me to raise my head, and look up at him. He grinned, pulled his cock out of his shorts and started playing with it. About ten minutes in his phone buzzed, he started chatting to someone. I was stuck there on my hands and knees, watching him pleasure himself, being used as his footstool. Finally the call ended and he submitted me again. Grabbing a can of beer from the table beside him he opened it. The foam covered me and he just smirked before finishing the can. He opened another ‘that was good, want some?’ I’d sweated so much I was desperate for any liquid. I nodded yes. He put the can to my mouth and let me taste a few drops, before smirking again and finishing off the can himself. It was all part of his plan to consolidate his ownership of me. I had to accept I was utterly under his control. He thrived on this, it made him feel strong and all powerful. Tim focused Escort Hatay his attention on his cock again. Rubbing, pulling, massaging it, watching me staring at him do it. It felt like we were both admiring his cock. He grabbed my ears and pulled me deeper into his scissors, so my face was right beside his cock. He used my face to pleasure his cock, rubbing it into my nose, over my mouth, over my eyes, slapping me with it. He ordered me to lick his balls while he strocked the head. My tongue lashed his hefty, hairy balls and drew his sweat back into my mouth. I was desperate to taste his cock too. I reached up to stroke it but he squeezed me back down into submission. He thighs controlled me, but the more I stimulated him, the less attention he focused on the headscissors. So I sucked and licked his balls, concentrating on the zones that produced a high for him. The connection between us was exhilarating, our bodies locked together, exchanging pain and pleasure. The base of his cock was fully pumped, fired up, pulsing, I couldn’t see the top but it felt like this monster, was going to erupt. It was like a battle between my tongue and his cock, could I make him cum by working on his balls? I was ready to take him in my mouth, I wanted all of it deep down, so I could swallow him. He was in charge, all I could get was the sweat off his balls. He groaned, I could smell his cum, he pulled me up off his balls, he had cum on his hand and massaged it into my face. He forced me down again, into his balls. His smell was all over me now, I was breathing in his cum and ball sweat. He submitted me again. I could feel him jerking hard above me. Each motion more aggressive until we were both shaking. He pulled my head up and aimed his cock at my face. His cum hit my forehead and spalshed down my face and all over his crotch and balls. He forced me down again and ordered me to clean him up. I lashed his inner thighs, balls, scrotum, pubic hair and shorts with my tongue, licking as much as I could find. I heard him open another can of beer above me. He wasn’t letting me go. Support Nifty fty/

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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?




From Chapter 54:

“I did notice Ash touching you a couple of times,” Mr Grant says. “What did you think about him doing that?”

“It was all right. To be honest, I enjoyed it. It was just like playing a game with Karl or William. No problem. Why?”

“I just want you to be careful, Kurt. If anyone says or does anything that you don”t want or don”t like, you should have the courage to say `No” to them, and I”d like you to tell me. Is that OK?”

“Sure, Mr Grant,” I reply, smiling. “But I like Ash, and Marty, and William, and you. Besides, Ash even did a handshake in a very funny way too.”

“Like what?” Mr Grant asks.

I put out my hand and Mr Grant takes it. Then I tickle his palm like Ash did to me.

“Funny, eh?” I say, chuckling.

Chapter 55 � Possibilities

Mr Grant looks surprised. Even shocked. Perhaps worried.

“Ash might just have been mucking around and just being funny,” he tells me. “However, Kurt, for some people, that handshake can have another meaning. I want you to promise me that you won”t do it to anyone else.”

“Sure, Mr Grant, if you say so,” I answer, very concerned. “But what does it mean?”

“You really don”t want to know,” he tells me.

“But I do, Mr Grant,” I say. “If I shouldn”t do it, don”t you think that I should know why not?”

“Well, OK. I think that you are mature enough to understand what I am about to tell you,” Mr Grant says. He takes a deep breath. “If you do that handshake to someone, it is really asking them if they want to have sex with you.”

“Do you mean like just playing with each other and jacking off?” I ask. “Or `going all the way” like Andy and I did once, or sucking each other, like you and I have done sometimes?”

“It could be any of those,” he replies, looking at me seriously. “But usually, it means asking about `going all the way”. So, it”s really something you shouldn”t do to someone that you are not really close to. You could get hurt!”

“Would it be OK if I did it to Andy?” I ask.

“Probably,” Mr Grant replies, “but you should check with him first so that he knows what it means.”

It causes me to think. “Mr Grant, do you reckon that Ash was asking me if I wanted to have sex with him?”

“That”s not for me to say,” he tells me, “but I hope not! I would like to think that he was only mucking around, although I can”t imagine why he did it at all.”

“I suppose, if he just wanted to be friendly, that would have been less obvious than swatting me on my backside, like you do,” I offer a suggestion, grinning at him, “especially since I was totally naked.”

“Let”s assume it was probably that,” Mr Grant tells me. “He was just wanting to be friendly! So don”t worry about it, but remember what I said about not doing it to anyone else.”

“Sure thing, Mr Grant,” I tell him. “I”m glad that I told you about it and not my Dad. Thank you for explaining that stuff to me. House Rule?”

“Of course, Kurt,” he replies. “Just a secret between you and me.”

“That”s one more!” I smile at him. He grins.

“Stand up!” Mr Grant says, smiling.

I look at him strangely, but do what he has said.

Then he swats me on the tail. “Cheeky!” he says, and quickly heads for the door.

I catch him and swat him, harder than he did to me. “Just being friendly,” I tell him.

He turns, grabs me in a hug and ruffles my hair with one hand while his other hand slips down to my `nice glutes”. “Definitely cheeky!” he says. “I know why people want to be friendly with you!”


I enjoy the time alone in bed with my brother. We not only get to have fun and `do” things for each other, but we get to talk as well, in total brotherly privacy.

“Kurt?” he asks, snuggling up his naked body behind me and putting his arm over me. “Are you sure that it”s OK with you if I spend time in bed with William a couple of nights each week, now that he and I can”t go over to our place after school to play?”

“Of course!” I reply. “In fact, it was my idea in the first place. William just agreed with me.”

“What? How come?” he asks. “What benefit is there in that for you?”

“I like to see my brother happy, and I can tell that William makes you happy,” I reply.

That may be absolutely true, but the real benefit for me is getting time to play with Mr Grant.
I pause, then ask, “Does William still make you happy twice each time?”

There is silence, Diyarbakır Escort and then I can”t help myself. I start laughing. More of a giggle, actually.

“How do you know that?” Karl asks, without actually demanding an answer.

“Hey!” I tell him. “This is me, remember? I know what the three of us used to do at our place. Me first (to get me out of the way). Then you. Then William. Then you again.”

“Not always,” Karl says. With him behind me, I can”t tell whether he”s smiling or serious.

“No, not always,” I say. “Sometimes it would be you first, and I would jack William off. Then he would do me (to get me out of the way). Then you again. I”m grinning, even though Karl can”t see it.

“So, how come you never jack me off twice?” he questions, reaching down and giving a softening, but still chunky, Junior a reprimanding squeeze.

“You”ve never asked me!” I tell him. “I could always do you first. Then you could do me. Then you again, if you wanted me to.”

“How did you and Andy do it, when he was here?” Karl asks. “How many times?”

“House Rule!” I reply. “But, if you really want to know, we never jacked each other more than once at night.” I don”t mention about sucking, or the once that we went `all the way”.

There is another silence. Then Karl asks, “So, are you going to do me a second time now?”

I grin because I love the feeling of my brother”s body as it shakes all over before he spurts. Maybe, that”s what William enjoys watching and feeling Karl do too.

I turn over so that Karl and I are face to face and I feel for his dick, which quickly stiffens in anticipation.


Friday afternoon. Dad and Helen will be coming to Jintabudjaree for dinner and then we will go back home to our place, Whispering Gums. To my own, new, bedroom.

Karl and I still haven”t tried out having fun in each other”s bed. But we will this weekend!

As we close up the school and begin to head out to The Beast, I notice that Dad”s ute is parked over at the pub.

I”d like to go in and see what they are doing, but kids aren”t normally allowed into the Public Bar of pubs. However, Dad has told me that it”s OK for us `younger men” to go through to the dining room or accommodation section.

As Mr Grant parks alongside the ute, both Dad and Helen emerge from the side door where we have gone in to dinner a couple of times. Dad is carrying a large, padded bag.

Even before I ask, Dad says, “I arranged with Julie Smith to make us some dinner to have at Jintabudjaree tonight. This special bag will help keep everything hot.

“So, what”s for dinner?” William asks.

Typical of `tubby”, as Marty has named him!

“A surprise,” Helen answers, wagging her finger at him. “Be patient.”

“Mr Grant?” I ask. “Would you mind if I ride in the ute with my Dad and Helen?”

“Of course not, Kurt,” he replies.

William throws in, “Hey, no tasting the dinner before we see it!”

Everyone laughs at him and Mr Grant, nodding to The Beast, tells him and Karl, “Hop in!”

Dad lets Mr Grant lead the way, but avoids driving in his dust after we cross the bridge and turn off onto the track.

“How have you been?” Helen, sitting between me and Dad, asks. “We”ve both missed the pair of you.”

`Pair”? I think to myself. Yes, we are! An identical pair. At least, physically. But I”ve become more aware of our differences in the past year. So have other people. I reckon that Ron was the first, with his `aura” thing.

I fill Helen and Dad in on what I know of what is happening to the pub and the moving of our house to the far end of the track onto the piers that some guys were building.

“Everyone”s going to watch the house being moved,” I add. “And, Mr Grant said that we can all go outside to watch it, and that a lot of people from all around the district will probably come and watch as well. Probably on Monday.”

“Julie Smith mentioned it in the pub,” Dad tells me. “I want to see what they do too.”

“So, what have you two been doing this week?” I ask. Then, for some insane reason, my mouth adds, “Apart from the obvious.”

Dad looks at me, shocked, that I would raise the topic of them having sex, even by way of just hinting.

Helen puts on a dramatic performance of clutching her heart and innocently proclaiming, “Why, Kurt, whatever do you mean?”

“Sorry that I mentioned it,” I tell them. “Let”s all pretend that I”m still a little kid and don”t know anything about the birds and the bees. OK?”

From the driver”s seat, Dad reaches around Helen”s shoulders and ruffles my hair!

End of discussion!

It”s Helen who says, “Well, we made sure that everything was put away where we want it. Your dad did the sheds and I cleaned out the pantry and kitchen cupboards. Then we did the northern workers” hut one day and the southern one the next day. I even rediscovered the wonderful place up the river where we all used Diyarbakır Escort Bayan to swim when I was little.”

“I think that I know the place,” I tell them. “That would be where Karl reckons that Ron tried to drown him.”

I imagine Karl pulling a weird face, if he was here, at just being reminded of Ron”s `assassination” attempt of him.

I grin at the memory of Ron and me in the swimming hole and what we did. Junior remembers too and starts to swell up! I hope that it”s not too obvious!

“And I”ve ordered the gas hot water system for up there, just as you suggested,” Dad says. “Brilliant idea!”

“And your father and I were discussing some possibilities for Whispering Gums,” Helen tells me. “We want to share them with you and Karl after dinner, to see what you think.”

“No hints?” I ask.

“Let”s not get your brother”s nose out of joint,” Dad says, glancing across at me. “We wouldn”t want him to think that he was being left out of important discussions that would affect both of you.”

By the time that I”ve finished wondering what on earth they are up to, apart from the obvious (LOL), we arrive at Jintabudjaree.


Roast beef, gravy and roast vegetables, beans and carrots! Yum. Not quite as hot as straight out of the oven, but hotter than just warm. And fresh bread rolls.

And a fruit pudding for dessert. Like what we have at Christmas.

“I told your dad that I still had thick custard and fresh cream in the fridge, which I bought from Julie Smith yesterday,” Mr Grant says. “That is, unless somebody has had a midnight snack!” He stares at William.

“Hey, I didn”t even know that any custard was there!” he blurts out. It almost sounds like a confession that, if he had known, there might be none left now.

After we all push back our chairs, feeling very full and comfortable, Dad says to William, Karl and me, “Helen, Tom and I are just going to have a chat in the lounge room. Thanks, guys for offering to clean up.”

I don”t care. I was going to offer anyway. William and Karl look stunned.

The adults chuckle to themselves as they leave us.

After the table is cleared, plates scraped and ready for washing, I say to William and my brother, “Do you guys need to check that the bathrooms are clean, upstairs? I can handle things here.”

William looks at me, confused. Karl knows me well enough to cotton on straight away. “Thanks,” he says, and nods in the direction of the door to William.

I start to count under my breath for the `big” guy”s brain to catch up. Three seconds. Not bad, for him! “Yeah, thanks, mate,” he says, and grabs Karl on the backside as they head out of the door for their last bit of touchy-feely stuff together for the next few days.


“How is this arrangement working out for you both? 5 nights at Jintabudjaree and 2 nights at Whispering Gums?” Dad asks on the drive back to Whispering Gums.

“Great!” Karl answers. “No problem.”

I”m not in such a hurry to acknowledge the fun that I”ve had at Jintabudjaree with Mr Grant. “It”s OK, I guess,” I tell them. “Mr Grant and William are fun to be with, and we did get to have breakfast with Marty and Mr Cook, I mean `Ash” as he asked me to call him, on Thursday morning. But it”s not the same as being with you. We”ve always had each other around, Dad. But, then, I suppose it”s all part of growing up, isn”t it? Learning to be separate from you. Like when we went to Ma and Pa”s to see Mum. And I do miss the bedtime stories. Especially Helen”s versions of Goldilocks.”

That lightens the mood and everybody chuckles.

“Let”s see,” Helen says. “We”ve had `Goldilocks and the Pirates, and Goldilocks in Sherwood Forest. What would you like to hear next, and I”ll get to work on it for you? Maybe for next weekend.”

Karl and I are both silent. I”m seriously thinking. I don”t know what”s going on in his head.

After a minute or so Helen suggests, “What about `Goldilocks and the Seven Dwarfs”? Would that be OK for you?”

“Excellent!” I reply. “Thank you. That could be really exciting.”

“Yes,” Karl adds.

“While we are all together,” Dad says, braking to avoid a small mob of kangaroos which bound into his driving lights and continue across the road and off into the darkness, “Helen and I have been discussing some possibilities and we want to find out what you think of them.”

While Dad concentrates on scanning for any more `roos, Helen takes over the discussion, “Through my work with the Council, I”ve become aware of a number of inquiries from families looking to stay on local farms for a week or two and to help out with all of their activities.”

Dad stops the ute and points. “See the 3 pairs of eyes shining at us from the shadows to the right? They”re just as likely to dash across the road, so it”s important to proceed slowly so that they don”t do any damage to the ute. Especially that big buck.”

Karl leans across me, resting Escort Diyarbakır one hand flat across my lap, and peers out of the window. I get the feeling that he is more interested in locating my dick than in seeing a few kangaroos!

In the dark, one pair of eyes, reflecting the ute”s lights, is considerably higher than the other two. A really big one! I”ve seen some in daylight that are much taller than my Dad.

As he resumes his position, Karl takes hold of a waking Junior and gives it a squeeze. He grins at me. It”s obvious that he”s in a frisky mood. Excellent! He won”t be falling asleep tonight.

“They”re unpredictable in the daytime,” Dad tells us, “and downright dangerous at night!”

“What were you saying, Helen, about families wanting to stay on farms and help out?” I ask. “That might be interesting for us, mightn”t it? Would we need to pay them to work?”

“The Council is putting together a website for `Farm Stays” in the district,” Helen tells us. “Farmers can register their properties, with details of what activities people may participate in, and how much the people will need to pay us when they stay.”

“What?” I cough. “People could actually pay to come and stay with us and then help us do work around the property?”

“And the greater the range of activities available for them,” Helen continues, “the more they would expect to pay us.”

“Wow! What would people do at Whispering Gums if they came to stay with us?” I ask.

Dad replies, “Think about it, guys. What have you enjoyed doing when you”ve visited the Camerons?”

“Riding the horses,” Karl replies.

“And the quad bikes,” I add.

“What other things have you done?” Dad asks.

It doesn”t take me long to come up with, “Like, you mean mending fences and cutting mulga wood for the cattle?”

“And shoeing the horses,” Karl says.

Helen adds, “And don”t forget things like brushing the horses, mucking out their stalls, feeding the chooks and gathering eggs.”

I say, looking at my brother, “How about painting the sheds?”

Quickly changing the subject of sheds, Karl says, “And swimming in the summer time,” then adding, “But without murderers trying to drown you!”

“Maybe some city folk could even learn how to gather fire wood and set a good fire,” Dad offers. “Like I taught you guys to do.”

“Or even be taught to cook delicious apple pies!” Helen says, turning and smiling at me.

“Wow!” I say. “And they would pay us?”

“Like staying in a motel,” Helen responds. “They pay for the experiences, not just the accommodation and meals.”

“What do you reckon?” Dad asks. “Could you two guys put up with having other people come and stay for a week or ten days? Most probably during school holidays.”

“You could even make some new friends,” Helen says to us, turning sideways in her seat.

“Maybe even some girlfriends!” Dad adds.

Karl and I turn and look at each other. I know that that”s not going to happen!

“Where would they stay?” Karl asks.

It”s Helen who answers, “Well, there”s the bunkhouse near the main house, which would be convenient for meals. Plus, the two smaller workers” cottages if people want more privacy.”

I immediately think of the privacy that Ron and I enjoyed. “I think that it”s a great idea!” I tell them. “What do we need to do to get started?”

“We need to make a full list of everything that people might do,” Dad replies, “but Helen and I firstly wanted to run the possibility past the two of you to see what you thought!”

“And people are going to pay to do my chores!” Karl chirps.

“Not quite,” Helen corrects him. “They will pay for the experience of doing things WITH you and learning things that are new to them.”

“Like how to paint a shed, WITH you!” I say to Karl, only to have my balls scrunched.

“Let”s make a list over the weekend,” Helen says, “and I”ll get the ball rolling with the Council.”


I listen for silence, to ensure that Dad and Helen have gone to bed, and I”m about to throw off my doona and go to Karl”s room, when he appears, closing my door quietly behind him.

“What”s with the pyjama pants?” I ask, pointing.

“Well, I wouldn”t want Helen to see my dick and my hairs if she was walking around, like going to the toilet, or something,” he says, and quickly lets his PJs drop to the floor, revealing his excited erection.

“OK,” I tell him, patting the bed beside me, “seeing that you”re already way ahead of me, get over here and I”ll do you first.”


(to be continued)



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Subject: A Trial Of Strength – Part 65 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 65 By Rob Williams IN THIS CHAPTER On Randy’s command Pablo teaches the handsome Steve to make love, with spectacular results. But an old enemy reappears. He and Randy battle in a brutal fight, where Pablo is the prize. “The beautiful, half-naked muscle stud sprawled in defeat, thrashed senseless by his enemy. Slowly, agonizingly, the bruised and broken bodybuilder, stripped to the waist, in soaking jeans and boots, dragged himself from the water.” ************** As always, guys, I welcome your comments and suggestions. They can be very helpful. E-mail me at rw6789@aol. ALSO, NOW YOU CAN VISIT MY WEB-SITE: You can read the whole story, all the many chapters, with extras, on my web-site gth. There’s even a picture of me! Also, click on the Support tab, go to the Contact Us page and send me your comments and story ideas. Enjoy! ***************** A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 65 Pablo had a big surprise as he and Randy set out for their weekend fishing trip. Randy stopped to pick up Steve … he was coming with them. Steve was Randy’s former therapist who had only recently been introduced to sex with men by Randy and Bob, then been punished by Mark for putting his cock into Jamie’s ass. The remarkable thing about Steve was that he looked exactly like Randy. They were like twins. Now the three men were at their secret spot at the lake, and Steve had gone for a swim to wash off the grime of the city. Randy had his arm round Pablo as they sat on the small beach watching Steve swim. “You really like Steve, don’t you sir,” Pablo asked. Randy laughed, “Sure I do, kid. A man who’s the image of me … what’s not to like?” He became more serious. “Listen, kid. I want to explain something. Now here’s the deal. Steve has to learn how to be with a man. I’m gonna let him fuck you, but not like he tried to fuck Jamie … that was pure lust. He’s gotta know that there’s a lot more to it than that … affection, warmth, respect. It’s called making love. I can’t teach him that … but you can.” “Me, sir?” “Yeah, and you’ll learn something too. See, kid, with an ass like yours you’re nearly always gonna be the one who gets fucked. But the guy on the bottom, if he’s a young stud like you, can control the top guy, show him the way, make it real special … special like you always make it for me.” “Thank you, sir. But I’m not sure I know how to do that.” “Just be yourself, kiddo. You’re my boy, my son. I know what you’re made of. You can be good for Steve. And you’re sure gonna have a hell of a time getting fucked by that gorgeous son-of-a-bitch. Just remember this: whatever you do, I love the hell out of you, kid … and you belong to me. Here, help me unload the boat.” A few minutes later the rowboat was in the water and Steve was walking out of the lake, his gleaming muscles streaming with water. Randy jumped into the boat and called Billy in after him. “Now, Billy and I are going fishing. In the middle of the lake I’ll throw a line in the water and then doze for an hour or so. I’m leaving you two alone. You have my full permission to do whatever you like with each other.” Without another word he pushed off into the lake and the two men were left alone on the beach, in silence. They gazed at each other uncertainly. “Well,” said Steve at last. “That was a surprise. So here we are, just the two of us.” His ruggedly handsome face broke into a smile. “Hi Pablo. So what now?” **************** The two men had not yet found the balance between them. Looking so much like Randy, Steve was definitely in the `master’ category. But he was brand new to all this … groping his way in a new world. Pablo, however, was Randy’s adopted son and knew he was loved and protected by the big construction boss. So, although he naturally addressed Steve as sir, Pablo was the one with the confidence, the one who had been given a mission by Randy. So it was Pablo who took the lead. The characteristic crooked grin charmed Steve as the boy said, “How about a beer, sir?” “I see you know how to take care of a man,” Steve smiled. “You don’t know the half of it, sir … but I hope you’ll find out.” Steve pulled on an old pair of boxers while Pablo, still in his shorts, got two beers from the cooler. They lay on their stomachs on the grass and drank in silence. Then Steve turned to face Pablo and said, “Tell me about the house, Pablo. I made a false move there, fucked up big time, and got the punishment I deserved. So help me understand the cultural dynamic there.” “Excuse me, sir?” Steve laughed. “Sorry, kid, that was therapist lingo. What I mean is, how does everyone fit in there? How do things work?” “Oh, that. Well, sir, maybe I should go back a ways, tell you some of the history.” As Steve listened he became engrossed in the story, engrossed in the boy and his charming enthusiasm. Pablo talked fast, and each time he turned to look into Steve’s eyes Steve found himself falling under the spell of this young boy, with the exotic brown face and perfect, naturally beautiful physique. The attraction wasn’t exactly sexual, not yet, even though Steve felt a stirring in his groin. It was the kid’s warmth and youthful eagerness that attracted him. Underneath that was a confident virility that marked him as no ordinary boy. Pablo had in the back of his mind the task Randy had set him, but he was really taking his advice of just being himself. He liked this new man, Steve, and was turned on by him. He was really handsome, like a more gentle version of Randy. Naturally Pablo talked a lot about Randy and it was clear to Steve that the boy worshipped him. As Steve admired Pablo’s youthful, masculine self-confidence he could easily see why he and Randy were such a perfect match. Eventually the flow of talk ended and so did the beer. Pablo stood up. “Could we go for a swim, sir?” “That’d be great,” Steve said. He stood up and was about to shed his boxers, but left them on when he saw Pablo run into the water wearing his thin surfer shorts. The two men swam out a way, then back, and when their feet touched sand Pablo playfully doused Steve with water. The fight was on as they tussled in the water, holding each other as they rolled over the wet sand. Pablo was surprisingly strong and the muscles of both men flexed in friendly combat as they streamed with water. Steve was gasping. “No more, kid … you win. Truce?” “OK, sir.” They both stood up and instinctively looked down at the bulge in each other’s wet shorts. It could have been an embarrassing moment but Pablo started to giggle, then threw himself face down on the grass. Steve stood over him, mesmerized by the sight of the boy’s ass. The thin beige shorts were still soaked and clung to the perfect mounds of his butt. The thin fabric was almost transparent and Steve had an overwhelming desire to cup the globes in his hands. But he resisted the temptation and flung himself down beside the boy. After all their exertion there was a breathless silence as Steve ran his eyes down the smooth brown skin of Pablo’s back, ending at the perfect ass. He couldn’t hold back any longer. He ran his hand down the boy’s wet back and rested it on his ass. “You have the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen, Pablo. Is it OK for me to do this?” “Of course, sir. Randy said whatever we wanted.” “How about this?” He moved his hand up to Pablo’s face, cupped it behind his head and pulled the face toward him. “I’ve never done it like this,” he said. “God, I want to kiss you, boy.” “I want you to, sir. Please.” Their lips met gently, tentatively at first, then with increasing pressure as they tasted each other’s mouth. Steve ran his tongue over Pablo’s lips, then eased it inside his mouth. His cock was now rock hard. He eased his body against Pablo’s and held him close, their chests touching and their hard cocks pressing against each other through the thin, wet fabric. They rolled over the grass, Pablo loving the feel of the strong arms around him and the sight of the dark, chiseled features that were so much like Randy’s. They kissed gently for a long time, then Steve ran his tongue down Pablo’s neck, down his smooth back to his waist. Pablo flipped over onto his stomach and Steve rested his cheek against the wet shorts covering the beautiful ass. He took a deep breath and exhaled in a long, satisfied sigh. After a while, he suddenly flipped Pablo over onto his back, and leaned directly over him, their bulging cocks resting against each other. Steve gazed into the boy’s eyes. “God, I want so much to … I dunno … to hold you, Pablo, be with you … I don’t know … I can’t explain it.” “You want to make love to me, sir.” Steve smiled into his eyes. “That’s it … that’s what I want. I’ve never done that with a guy before. But you’re such a beautiful kid.” He frowned slightly. “I want to fuck you too, but not like I did with Jamie. I don’t want to hurt you, Pablo. You have to want it … really want it.” “He does, believe me,” a deep voice said, just as Pablo’s face was slobbered over by a long wet tongue. Randy and Billy had come back. The hour had flown by and the two men were so engrossed in each other that they had not heard the boat pull up. “Thought you two would be finished by now,” Randy said. “Still, don’t let us interrupt you. Pay no attention to us. We’re just gonna sit way over here and watch. If that’s OK with you?” It sure was. Steve felt more comfortable knowing that he was not doing anything with Pablo behind Randy’s back, and Pablo was eager to demonstrate his sexual prowess to his master. So they did as they were told and again became so absorbed Erzincan Escort in each other that they lost the awareness of anyone watching. They went back to their passionate embrace and finally Steve breathed, “Pablo. I’m so turned on. I’ve got to have your ass, kid. My cock is so hard I’ve got to be inside you.” Pablo smiled, broke free and stood up. Lying on his back Steve pulled off his own boxers and his cock sprang up, rigid. Pablo turned around with his back to Steve, his ass on clear display through his shorts. He glanced up at Randy with his crooked grin and Randy smiled back. They both knew that this is where Pablo would take charge as Randy had said he would. On the ground Steve gazed up at Pablo’s back, and the bulge of his ass under his shorts. He gasped as he saw Pablo untie his shorts and begin to lower them very slowly. They slid down from his waist, gradually revealing the mounds of his ass, until finally they dropped round his ankles. “Aaaah,” Steve gasped as he looked up at the stunning, naked ass. “That is incredible. God, it’s beautiful.” Moving slowly, Pablo bent his knees and lowered his ass toward Steve’s cock until he was able to support himself by resting his hands on the ground, on either side of Steve. He felt the head of Steve’s cock resting against his crack. He paused, and again looked up and caught Randy’s smile as his master gave a nod of encouragement. Steve was going wild, arching his hips upward in a frenzy trying to enter this boy’s amazing ass. “God, I want your ass, boy. I want to be inside you. I want to fuck you, boy. Please …” Randy smiled with satisfaction. The master was begging his boy! Pablo had mercy on the pleading man and lowered his ass gently down onto the rigid shaft. As the cock slid inside him, inch by inch, he heard a deep moan behind him as Steve felt the inner heat of the moist ass. Pablo sighed with pleasure as he came to rest, sitting on Steve’s prick; he felt the rod all the way inside him. He rose up and fell back, each time causing gasps from the man beneath him. Then he did something he had never done before. Balancing on his hands he spun round on the spindle of Steve’s cock until he was facing him, with the rod still deep inside him. Steve’s head thrashed from side to side as he felt the boy’s ass revolve round his cock. Then he looked up and saw Pablo facing him, smiling. The boy fell forward, placing his palms on the muscular chest, and he began twisting Steve’s nipples in his fingers. Steve went into a state of ecstasy he could never have imagined. He felt that prefect ass rising and falling on his cock, felt the exquisite pain in his nipples as the young man worked them hard. He had no control over his words. “Oh, my God. That’s fucking incredible. So fucking beautiful. That’s it boy, you’re fucking my cock. It’s on fire. Work my chest, man. You fucking son-of-a-bitch. Rip my tits, sir.” His body began to spasm and he sobbed, tears pouring down his cheeks. Pablo was awestruck by the sight of the dark, rugged face reduced to a passionate frenzy of begging, pleading. Steve was hypnotized as he gazed up at the beautiful boy rising and falling on his cock, torturing his nipples. His body was ablaze as he felt the pain in his chest and the extraordinary sensation in his cock. Calmly, the boy asked him, “Do you want me to make you shoot?” “Oh yeah. Please fuck my cock, sir. You look so beautiful. Work my nipples, my chest is on fire. I’m so deep in that gorgeous ass. Oh, God. Make me cum, please, sir.” Pablo glanced up at Randy and said, almost imperceptibly, “Okey dokey.” He raised his hips up high so the cock came clear of his ass. Then suddenly, dramatically, his ass fell back down on the rigid shaft, which penetrated his ass, all the way over the inner sphincter, coming to rest deep inside. He clenched his ass muscles hard. “Aaaaah!” Steve screamed as he felt his cock erupt deep inside this magnificent boy. “Oh, God. I’m cumming. I love you, boy. I love you!” Pablo watched the face thrash, wild-eyed, saw the body arch and flex and felt stream after stream of hot juice stream inside him. He grabbed his own cock and it took only a few strokes for him to shoot a massive load of creamy juice over the man’s heaving chest, up to his neck and over his face. In a trance Steve looked up at the boy and moaned, “Thank you, sir.” Regaining his breath Pablo gazed down at the sinewy, cum-soaked body, at the wild, tear-stained face, and was awestruck at how he had reduced this man to a sobbing wreck. The man had the same rugged looks as Randy so it felt like he had conquered his master, made him beg, call him sir. Pablo looked up at Randy who was smiling at him, shaking his head in disbelief and admiration. “That’s my boy,” he said. ********************* “Now I understand,” Steve said. Half an hour had passed and he and Randy were standing, looking down at the ground. After all his exertion Pablo was tired. He had curled up with Billy and fallen into a deep sleep. Lying on his side, with Billy’s back pressing into his chest, he had his arm over the dog and his face buried in his fur. “Now I understand how you came to love this kid, enough to adopt him. He’s something special.” “Yeah,” Randy breathed. As he watched a smile play over Pablo’s sleeping face, watched the beautiful, smooth body rise and fall gently with his steady breathing, tears came to the big man’s eyes. “Yeah, he’s special alright. I never thought I could love a kid like I love him. I’d do anything for him … defend him with every ounce of my strength.” They sat for a while talking softly, and eventually Billy stirred. Without waking Pablo, the Doberman stood up, stretched and whined a little. “What’s up, pooch?” Randy said. “Need some exercise? Wanna go for a walk? Hey, Steve, let’s take him for a walk through the woods. We won’t wake the kid. He’s bushed. He’ll sleep for a long while yet. Come on, Billy.” He threw a small blanket over the sleeping boy. Eager to run, Billy followed the two men eagerly into the thick forest. Randy and Steve were now wearing jeans, boots and T-shirts as they were going through some dense undergrowth. It was a warm, lazy afternoon and the two men chatted easily while Billy ran around them, sniffing the ground, poking into bushes. In a way it was a bit like the therapy sessions Randy had with Steve when they first met. He talked intimately about his life, how it had changed when he met Bob. Steve listened with rapt attention, feeling closer and closer to this amazing man as the time flew by. Suddenly the trees cleared and they found themselves on the gavel track leading to the road. “Jesus,” Randy said, “We’ve walked a long way. Lost all track of time.” Then he stopped and frowned. “What’s that? Under that bush there.” “Well what do you know? It’s a motor bike,” Steve said. “Looks like we’ve got company somewhere.” Randy felt a shiver of apprehension run through his body, a stab of fear. “I’ve seen that bike before,” he murmured. His mind flew to the sleeping boy by the lake. Steve sensed his unease. “What’s up buddy?” “Not sure,” said Randy frowning. “I just have an uneasy feeling. Probably just my imagination. No need for you to worry. Look, you take your time and bring Billy back along the track. I’m gonna go the short way through the forest. It’ll be faster if I’m alone.” Steve was about to question him, but Randy had already spun round and disappeared into the trees. He felt his heart beating fast as he crashed through the undergrowth, brambles tearing at his shirt. His uneasiness intensified to an irrational fear as his mind went to Pablo, fast asleep, alone, vulnerable. Braches brushed and scratched his face as he tore through the trees, until at last he saw the clearing up ahead. He crashed through the last of the trees … and froze in his tracks. **************** The voice was guttural, heavily accented. “So it is you. Remember me, asshole? The name’s Hans.” Hans! … the tall, handsome, muscular blond German with the sneering face and harsh accent. He was the construction worker Randy had once worked with … the guy who had brutalized him and Bob in those first days in the motel room, the guy Randy had fought with, thrashed and humiliated. They hated each other’s guts. The thug had evidently surprised Pablo while he slept, overpowered him and tied him to a tree using the ropes lying on the ground that had secured the boat in the truck. The boy’s arms were pulled taut behind the tree and his ankles tightly cinched. Worse, he had another rope round his neck that Hans was twisting tight. Randy growled, “Leave the kid alone. He has nothing to do with us.” “Wrong, asshole,” Hans snarled. “He has everything to do with us. It’s my lucky day. Here I am riding my bike on the highway and you overtake me in your truck. Recognized you right away. Took me a while to find your boy here, but here I am. I’ve waited a long time to get even with you, mother-fucker. You banged me up real good last time. Now it’s your pretty boyfriend here who’s gonna pay. And there’s nothing you can do.” He gave the rope another twist. Pablo was wide-eyed with terror, but he managed to gasp. “I’m sorry sir … I was asleep … I fought, sir …but he…” “Shut up, kid,” Hans snarled. “I want your master here to watch you suffer.” Randy’s mind was racing. His only hope was Hans’s physical vanity. He remembered that he hated to be put down, ridiculed. “Go ahead, stud,” he sneered. “Shit, anyone can work over a kid like that. Any coward can do that. That’s not a real man’s work.” “Shut up, asshole.” Hans was rising to the bait. “‘Course, Erzincan Escort Bayan I know you wouldn’t dare to take on a man your own size again, especially the stud who whipped your ass last time. You’re scared shitless of me, Hans, and that’s why you’ve taken on a boy.” “Fuck you, man,” the guttural voice growled. “You got lucky last time. I can drop you any time.” Randy held out his arms. “So prove it, big guy. Prove you can beat me and the boy’s all yours.” There was a heavy silence as Hans glared at Randy. The challenge was one his pride would not let him refuse. He moved away from the tree and the two men stared at each other. Randy pulled his T-shirt over his head and dropped it to the ground. The tall, muscular blonde did the same. Stripped to the waist, the two bodybuilders circled each other warily. The same height, weight and sinewy build, they matched each other in looks and strength. They had always been competitive in the past, each one out to prove he was the better man. Pablo watched in horror, knowing his fate would be decided by this fight between the rugged, dark demon and the handsome, ruthless blonde. They continued to circle, each getting the measure of the other. Then suddenly Hans made his move. With a bull-like roar he threw himself forward and clamped his arms viciously round Randy’s waist, lifting him off the ground in a brutal bear hug. Randy howled as he hung helplessly, feeling the powerful arms tighten round him. His naked torso flexed and his arms flailed as he tried to twist free, but Hans’s hands were locked solidly behind him. The pain in Randy’s back was excruciating as he felt the arms crushing him mercilessly. Desperately he tried to swing his fist at the sneering face but Hans was able to duck back each time. Randy felt the life being squeezed out of him and then, instinctively, he opened his arms wide and smashed the inside of his forearms against the thug’s face. Hans howled in pain and his arms loosened a bit. Randy smashed his face again and Hans gave up. He released the body and threw it down. The big construction worker crashed to the ground on his back, dazed and winded. Before he could re-gather his strength he saw the massive body lunge forward and felt the boot as it smashed down on his stomach. Randy had flexed his abs hard but the pain was still agonizing and he doubled over with a scream. He looked up and saw the boot again, this time coming down to his face. With a lightning reflex Randy reached up, grabbed the boot and twisted with all his strength. Hans lost his balance and crashed to the ground beside him Both men were winded and rolled dazed on the ground. Randy regained his wits first and threw himself on top of the muscular blonde. Their bodies clamped together in a vise and they churned over the ground, down over the sand, into the water, two shirtless musclemen locked in combat. Their gleaming torsos strained and flexed and fists flailed as they traded blow for blow, frantically trying to weaken the other and gain the advantage. They were in deeper water now and Hans managed to raise his knee and crash it hard into Randy’s balls. The strength went out of him and Hans clamped his hands round Randy’s neck, pushing his head under water. Pablo shuddered and held his breath as the seconds went by and the massive stud held the struggling body under the water. Pablo knew Randy couldn’t survive much longer. But suddenly a fist flew out of the water and crashed into Hans’s face, sending his reeling backward onto the beach. Randy sprang forward and in an instant had clamped his legs round Hans’s waist in an inescapable scissor-lock. He pushed down hard on the abs and the German screamed as he tried to push himself free. Randy reached forward and grabbed Hans’s neck pulling it toward him, stretching the body so Hans screamed in agony. He was growing weaker, nearing unconsciousness when, in a last, desperate move, Hans raised his arm and smashed his fist down on Randy’s throat. Randy gasped and clutched his throat, choking, the pain in his wind-pipe agonizing. Hans sprang free and leapt to his feet. In a quick series of moves he hauled the choking man to his feet, stood behind him, brought his arms round his chest, and locked his hands behind his neck in a perfect full nelson. He leaned backward so Randy’s feet left the ground and, with Hans clamping him from behind, felt himself being whirled round helplessly like a rag doll. He was in a daze, losing all sense of balance, spinning out of control. He knew he had to get out, now. Flexing his arm he slammed his elbow backward into the side of Hans’s stomach. Again and again he smashed with his elbow until he felt the arms grow limp around him. Hans staggered backward and let go, sending the muscular body spinning over the ground. Randy pulled himself to his knees, raised his head and looked up at Pablo. The young man was straining at his ropes, desperate to help his master, wild-eyed with fear. Randy knew he had to protect him, save him. He was his boy, his son. Filled with the rage of a protective animal he leapt to his feet and rushed at Hans. His fist smashed into the blonde’s handsome face and Hans staggered backward. The onslaught was merciless as blow after blow rained onto the man’s jaw. The shirtless blonde was reeling, spinning round under the rain of blows. He staggered back toward the water and finally crashed to the ground. Randy was on him in a second, kneeling over him with his hands clamped round his throat. He squeezed hard and watched as the man’s eyes opened wide in helpless terror. Hans felt he was being choked to death. Pablo finally relaxed. His master was winning. He watched as the thug’s body became limp. He was beaten. Then, suddenly, all Pablo’s hope was crushed. In his final moments of consciousness, his hands lying limp in the water, Hans grabbed a handful of wet sand and with the last ounce of his strength smashed it into Randy’s face, grinding the sand into his eyes. Keeping his grip on Hans’s neck Randy could not shield his eyes and he felt the fingers gouging them, filling them with wet sand, crunching it into his face. He was temporarily blinded. With a howl he sprang to his feet and brought his hands to his eyes, trying to rub away the sand. He could see nothing, he was disoriented … and then he felt the fist smash into his jaw. He reeled backward, blindly swinging his fists but it was hopeless. He heard the guttural voice taunting him. “You’re finished, man. I’m gonna beat the shit out of you. You’re all mine,” and a fist crashed again into his face. “I can take my time with you, asshole … torture you slowly. You’re blinded, fucking helpless.” Desperately Randy threw a punch in the direction of the voice but it went nowhere. “Admit it, stud, you’re beaten, finished. Hans has won. Maybe if you beg for mercy I’ll go easy on your boy. This is it, man. I’ve been waiting for this a long time. This is the beating you deserve.” There was nothing Randy could do except stand there and try to withstand the onslaught. Hans toyed with him, crashing his fist into his face, pausing, then hammering him again. Pablo was sobbing as he watched his master take the beating of his life. The beautiful man stood there, stripped down to jeans and boots, his naked muscular torso gleaming wet, bruised and battered, his handsome, rugged face flying from side to side as the merciless fists landed again and again. Still blinded, Randy was helpless. He tried to say on his feet but felt the fight go out of him. His knees buckled and he knew he was finished. He was dimly aware of the sneering voice. “OK, stud, let’s put you out of your misery. This is it, man. I am the best.” Hans hauled back and smashed one last mighty fist into the helpless face. The muscle god arched upward, spun round, staggered backward, and the earth shook as he crashed to the ground face down in the water. ************ Minutes went by, minutes that were pure terror for Pablo as his handsome tormentor worked on him, wrenching his nipples, grinding their mouths together in a repulsive embrace. His master lay motionless. The beautiful, half naked muscleman sprawled beaten in the water, his bruised, rugged face turned to one side, so mercifully he could still breathe. He had been thrashed senseless by the victorious, powerful blonde. Semi-conscious, his muscles throbbing with pain, he fought to regain his senses. Gradually he became aware of small waves lapping at his face. The cold water helped clear his head and, more important, washed his eyes. He raised his hand painfully to his eyes and rubbed them. The sand had been rinsed away. He opened his eyes and, though they still stung, he could see blurred images. Slowly, agonizingly, the bruised and broken bodybuilder, shirtless in soaking jeans and boots, dragged himself from the water, crawling painfully up the beach. His aching muscles flexed and strained in a desperate attempt to keep moving. Then he heard the sound … the sound of pain, of desperation, the agonized cries for help. It was his boy. His memory returned. Hazily he saw the boy tied to the tree, saw Hans put his hands behind Pablo’s ass and probe it with his fingers. The shock jolted him back to life. He had to save his boy. He focused on the thug’s broad muscular back and a shot of adrenaline and pure hatred shot through his body. Energy flowed through him and he pulled himself to his feet. He paused, swayed, trying to regain his wits and his balance. Again he saw the muscles of the back rippling as Hans mauled his boy’s ass. It was the cry of a wounded lion springing into action. “NO!” He leapt forward, Escort Erzincan gripped Hans’s shoulder and spun him around. Hans was thrown off balance as he heard Randy yell, “You fucking animal. I’m gonna kill you. You hurt my boy, asshole. My boy!” Hans felt the first blow to his face, then the next, and the next. Helplessly he raised his hands to defend himself, but this was an inhuman machine, a mass of bruised muscle bearing down on him. He was dimly aware of the blazing eyes of the demon as the fists hammered him, one after another, relentlessly. All Randy’s strength and fury returned to him as he thrashed his rival. No man could take punishment like this. Hans’s handsome face spun from side to side, his muscular, naked torso shuddered. In his last moments he managed to beg. “No, no … please … no more … I give up, man … let me go …I’m beaten, man.” “You bet your life you are,” Randy growled and landed one last massive blow. The back of his fist crashed against the side of his face and the huge muscleman spun round, then fell backward as if in slow motion. His body slammed to the ground unconscious. Randy ran to Pablo, quickly untied him and held the limp body in his arms. Pablo sobbed into his master’s shoulder as he heard the voice he loved. “It’s OK, kiddo. It’s over. You’re safe.” *************** “What the fuck…?” Man and dog burst into the clearing and Steve looked down aghast. Randy and Pablo were on their knees touching each other tenderly. Enough time had gone by for them to begin a slow recovery. Pablo was holding a wet T-shirt, dabbing at the cuts and bruises on Randy’s face. Randy was running his fingers over the face of the boy he loved, the boy he had almost lost. There was a whine and Billy launched himself at the pair, wildly slapping his tongue over Pablo’s face. Steve stood there trying to make sense of the scene. “Jesus Christ, what the fuck happened? Are you OK, man? You look as if you took a hell of a beating.” Randy looked up and managed a grin. “Yeah, but you should see the other guy … over there,” and he jerked his head toward the big body stretched motionless on the ground. Steve knelt and ran his hands over Randy’s body. Randy winced but said, “It’s OK, buddy, I already checked. Just a lot of aches and bruises … nothing broken. Don’t worry, I’m a tough son-of-a-bitch. I’ve taken beatings before and come back for more.” He was regaining his energy and stood up, pulling Pablo up with him. As they explained what had happened Steve shook his head in amazement. “So, what now?” At that moment they heard two sounds simultaneously … a man’s low groan and a dog’s growl. Hans was moving, and Billy was watching. Regaining consciousness Hans turned over onto his back and looked up at the three men. But what riveted his attention more was the Doberman, standing just feet away, baring his teeth in an ominous snarl. Fear brought clarity to his mind and he looked up at Randy. “Keep your dog away from me, man.” “It’s not my dog, it’s my boy’s. And somehow I doubt he’s in a mood to help out, eh boy?” “No, sir.” He looked down at the groveling man. “One word from me and Billy attacks.” “You know,” Randy said. “In my world when someone fucks up we make the punishment fit the crime. Now let’s see, Hans. You tied up my boy, abused him and were then gonna fuck him. You know how that feels to get fucked, Hans? No, I thought not.” Hans stared wildly. “No man. You can’t do that. Not me. I don’t do that. Please, sir. Not my ass.” Hans knew from before that Randy’s retribution could be terrible, remembered how he had been beaten and left naked, hogtied, hanging from a hook high on the wall. But Randy ignored his pleading. He pulled off Hans’s boots and with one heave ripped the wet jeans off him. He looked down with satisfaction at the now naked muscleman groveling before him then dropped to his knees in front of him and growled, “You move a muscle, lift one finger, and the dog will rip you’re your throat out.” Hans looked in terror at Billy’s snarling face, saliva dripping from his jaws. Randy unzipped his own pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. His erection was caused by the blood of hatred that coursed through his veins, by his overwhelming need to punish this man. He growled, “This is what you were gonna do to my boy, asshole. But you lost, Hans. I thrashed you again. Seems the last time I broke your body wasn’t enough. So now you’re gonna get fucked. Pity your first time has to be a dry fuck. So much more painful. He leaned forward, pushed Hans’s legs backward and with one massive thrust drove his thick, dry cock into the bodybuilder’s ass. The scream echoed round the lake as Hans’s face jerked wildly, his blonde hair flying, his eyes wide with terror. His agonized body shook uncontrollably as the pain in his ass shot through his whole, massive body. Pablo knew how rough Randy could be when he fucked but he had never seen anything like this fury. He watched the bruised body rise and fall over the tortured blonde, hammering, pounding the ass like a piston. Randy’s eyes blazed at his enemy and obscenities poured from his mouth. “You fucking worthless piece of trash. I’m gonna rip that ass to shreds, man. You hurt my boy, asshole. This is what happens to any prick who hurts my boy. Let me hear you scream, big guy.” And they did. They heard the wild screams of agony, howls of pain, the pleas for mercy as the beautiful, sculpted body writhed and shuddered from the merciless onslaught. His agony was endless. His muscles flexed and bulged, streaming with sweat as he looked up at the dark, raging demon torturing him. He had never felt such pain in his life and he felt himself drifting from reality. Randy knew the time had come … he didn’t want the man to lose consciousness. His body arched, and one last time he plunged his cock into the ravaged ass, feeling his explosion of cum deep inside him. As the tortured bodybuilder shook and spasmed, screaming with pain, Randy pulled out of him and shot to his feet. Coming round to his head he reached forward, grabbed his ankles and pulled his legs back, wide and high in the air, exposing his shattered ass. Eyes blazing he turned to Pablo. “You’re turn, kid.” Pablo had never seen his master like this, a heaving tower of violent rage. He did not dare disobey him. He fell to his knees and, as he gazed upward at the magnificent muscle god, standing astride the man he had tortured, the boy’s cock grew hard. He put the head of his cock against the bruised asshole and forcefully pushed it inside, eliciting another howl from the broken man. Pablo held Randy’s gaze as he followed his lead and fucked the muscleman’s ass harder, more savagely, than he had ever fucked before. Hans stared up at the boy in despair and the handsome faced begged. “Please, no more. I can’t take any more. Please end it. Please cum in my ass. Please, sir, I beg you. Fuck my ass, sir. Shoot your load in my ass. Pablo looked at Randy. “Has he had enough, sir?” “OK, kid. Finish him off.” So Pablo did. He smiled at Randy and with a shout of triumph pierced the tortured ass one last time, watching the beautiful stud scream, writhe, spasm … and fall back motionless. ************** Steve had been watching this brutal punishment in a state of shock and awe, and now the three men were gazing down at the broken muscleman who lay a sobbing wreck. “OK, Steve,” Randy said. “You can join us in a ritual of our group. Whenever an asshole hurts one of us the others show him what degradation is. Like this.” He pointed his cock at the handsome, blonde face and a stream of piss began to pour down on him. The others joined in and soon the pitiful, shattered ruin of a man was drowning in three jets of hot, rancid urine. It poured over his face, into his mouth and over the shuddering muscles of his spectacular body. He moaned in the humiliation of abject squalor. Reflexively he swallowed and tasted the sour, acrid taste of the urine of three men. When it was over he lay still, utterly defeated, broken, his bruised, sculpted muscles pouring with steaming piss. “Get up,” Randy snarled. Slowly, painfully, the bodybuilder dragged himself to his feet and stood swaying, dazed. Randy reached down to Hans’s shredded Levis, pulled out his wallet and keys and picked up his boots. “Take these, and get out of my sight. And if I ever lay eyes on you again, I’ll kill you. I swear it.” The broken, naked muscleman stumbled away and disappeared through the trees. Randy went to the truck, found his cell phone and pressed a speed-dial number. He was calling Mark, their buddy the cop. “Hi, Mark. Sorry to interrupt your weekend with Jamie … yeah, fine … everything’s great. We did hit one spot of bother though and there’s something you can do for me. Can you make a phone call to your cop buddies?” “Do you know any guys in the Highway Patrol out this way, in the Angeles Forest? You do? Great, perfect. Ask them to look out for a big, blonde, muscular guy on a motor bike … German accent. He should be riding the Angeles Crest Highway in a few minutes. He’ll be covered in bruises, have a sore ass, and stink of piss. They can probably arrest him for `indecent exposure.’ … Oh, didn’t I mention that? He’ll be butt naked.” ****************** TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength — Part 66” Hi, guys, this is Rob Williams again, with ONE QUICK WORD before you sign off. “A Trial Of Strength” is just one of the thousands of stories in The Nifty Archive, a most amazing, enormous library of erotic fiction. And yet … it’s all FREE to the reader. But it does cost money to keep Nifty going, so please, consider making a donation to The Nifty Archive. If you feel so inclined, click on the `Miscellaneous’ tab and then `Donate’ on the drop-down menu. It’s real easy. And whatever you do, don’t forget to keep coming back for more chapters of “A Trial Of Strength”. With many thanks … Rob Williams

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Subject: The Road Trip – Adult / Youth The shadow of a pandemic falls on North America, and a young teen goes on a road trip with a family friend, hoping to get home before a looming lock-down. If you enjoy this story, or any of the works here on Nifty, can you chip in to keep the lights on? http://donate./donate.html ====================== “Safe travels, you two,” Hannah De Vries called, waving. “Bye, Hannah,” Trevor Anderson called back, his voice, still unbroken at 15, piping like a steam whistle. As the car glided down the drive way, he rolled up his window, and turned the driver. “Thanks again for taking me with you, Mr. Arsenault.” The man winced. “Mr. Arsenault’s my dad. Please, call me Sage,” he replied. “I’m only 42.” “Um, OK, Sage,” Trevor tested the name awkwardly. Only 42, he thought. He’s older than my dad. But definitely better looking. “Anyway, it’s really nice of you to drive me all the way home.” Sage, smiled. The scarlet-haired kid was adorable, and far too polite to be in show business. Initially, Sage had been hesitant about spending 2 days on the road with a teenager he didn’t know, driving from Los Angeles to the Olympic National Park, in Washington State. But Sage had to drive in that direction anyway, to meet his husband, and the kid hadn’t been able to book a flight amidst the growing pandemic emergency. So far, he seemed very likable. Trevor had just finished work on his first big feature film, as one of the main supporting actors. Because of the looming industry shutdown, the production had been rushed, and Trevor worried about the end product. He’d had a relatively meteoric rise as an actor, starting with an advertising campaign he’d taken on for shits and giggles. Now, it looked like he might have a career, however brief, as a child actor. He liked the work, and his family could use the money. “How do you know Bram’s family, Trevor?” Sage asked, referring to Hannah’s husband, renowned director Bram De Vries. “They were checking out Olympic Park, last summer, and they stayed the night at my family’s motel,” Trevor replied. There’s had been a spontaneous decision that changed Trevor’s life. Bram had seen some screen potential in Trevor, and had quietly pitched the boy to a friend shooting a commercial. More importantly, Bram’s son, Harley – a successful, 13-year-old TV actor – had seen a more alluring kind of potential in the then-14, redheaded boy, and was utterly spellbound. Within a week, two boys living 1,000 miles apart were joined at the heart. “How about you, uh, Sage?” Trevor asked. “How do you know them?” Sage leaned on the car horn, annoyed with the sluggish traffic. “Oh, I’ve known them since they moved here from the Netherlands,” a choice Bram had made when his directorial star had risen. “My husband, Colt knew him as a kid.” A minor star, Colton was ruggedly handsome, and one of the few aging men who could wear their hair really long. But Colton was much more successful as a screen writer. In fact, Bram and Colton had been collaborating on a project for the last couple of months in Vancouver, where Bram could live with his son while Harley worked the current season of his TV series. Trevor’s phone rang with some bars of a 90s grunge song, and his eyes lit up when he saw it was Harley. Stuffing in his earbuds, he quickly answered the video call. “Hey dude!” Trevor said, grinning. His blond best friend smiled back, with lips that were always a little pinker than natural, and heavenly features framed by a stylish, asymmetrical haircut. As usual, when he called during the day, Harley was by himself in his trailer. “Hey. Looks like you’re in the car,” Harley said, studying him with eyes that always melted Trevor. They were luminously emerald green, rimmed with cobalt. “So what do you think of Sage? Total hottie, right?” Trevor turned ruby red. Thank God the man couldn’t hear Harley’s end of the conversation. But Trevor didn’t want to give him any clues. “Uh-huh,” Trevor nodded, glancing sideways. For an old dude, Sage was a looker, a brunette counterpart to hunky Colton Vannerman. Harley loved teasing Trevor, and couldn’t help but torture the boy further. “You gonna do him, Trev? I mean, you owe him for the ride, right? Getting sucked off while driving is like the car version of the Mile High Club.” Trevor gasped, and glared at his friend, while Harley belly laughed at his friend’s awkwardness. It took some work, but Trevor steered the conversation into safer territory, asking asking if Harley’s show would be wrapping on time. If they didn’t crunch on the job, Harley would be trapped in Canada when the border temporarily closed. Who knew how long “temporary” would be? As usual, they argued sports for a bit. March Madness was two weeks away – if it happened at all. Normally, when they were both alone, their conversations would shift to more arousing subjects, and the boys would let their hormonal tides surge through video sex. But that would have to wait until Trevor was alone that evening. Still, that didn’t stop Harley from teasing Trevor one last time. “Someone wants to say hello, Trev,” Harley said, with a giggle. The screen view flipped to a wall, then shifted downward to Harley’s lap, and Trevor gasped again, almost dropping his phone. The screen was filled with Harley’s monstrous, 7-inch erection, pounding from his still almost-14-year-old loins. “Give it a kiss, Trev,” Harley taunted him, off-screen. “Stop it, Harley,” Trevor quietly growled, making sure his phone was not in Sage’s view, while Trevor doubled over laughing. The screen flipped again, and Harley’s enchanting smile banished Trevor’s annoyance. “You’re so easy to tease, Peanut,” Harley said gently, using the Anderson family’s pet name for the boy. “I really love you, dude.” Trevor smiled. “Me too, dude.” “Go on and say it,” Harley demanded, giggling. “I can’t, right now,” Trevor quietly grumbled. “Awww. You don’t love me, Peanut?” Harley said, faking a look of being hurt. Trevor sighed, and cupped his left ear bud, with his palm to his ear. Murmuring the words, it sounded more like “Uh huv hu.” Harley laughed, air kissed toward the screen, and signed off. Trevor pulled out his ear buds, and automatically apologized for leaving Sage out of the conversation. “No worries, my man,” Sage replied, his eyes on the freeway’s stop-and-go traffic. He hadn’t intended on eavesdropping, but he could tell through Trevor’s body language that the boy had been having a very intimate conversation. In the corner of his eye, he could see Trevor discretely moving a hand into his pocket, no doubt readjusting his equipment. “Was that Harley?” “Yeah,” Trevor replied. “Being a pain-in-the-ass,” he added, with some amusement. “Oh, I’m sure. Dating a Dutch boy can work your last nerve.” Trevor blanched for a second, then recovered. Of course Sage knew about his relationship. It wasn’t like it was a secret. “How long have you been with Colt?” Trevor asked the man. Sage sighed. “A long time. I was about your age, when we met. 13.” Trevor chuckled. “I’m 15, dude,” he said. “Oh, sorry, man. I, uh…” “No worries, Sage. I get that a lot.” It was a professional advantage for the moment, and he could compete for younger roles. To enhance his “cuteness,” Trevor’s agent made him keep his flaming red hair in a collar-length bowl cut that the boy hated. “My character in the film was 12.” Sage changed the subject, asking Trevor about his choice of ringtones. The song had charted when Sage was in middle school. How did Trevor even know it? Trevor chuckled. “Sage, I live outside of Kurt Cobain’s home town.” This launched an animated conversation about music for the next hour, and they took turns playing songs for one another. Some how, the subject of games came up, and Trevor was surprised to learn Sage was a developer. In fact, Sage had created one of Trevor’s favorite first-person shooters. Sage was happy to have a one-boy focus group to mine for opinions on different games. And for a few hours, he bounced ideas off Trevor. The boy had some thoughts that sent Sage in a new direction, and for much of the rest of the day, the pair hashed out the general direction for an entirely new MMORPG with serious potential. With a teenager’s need for sleep, Trevor eventually napped for a couple of hours, and Sage realized he really liked this kid. It didn’t hurt that Trevor was easy on the eyes, with soft, freckled, almost girlish features contrasting with his very boyish personality. Around 8 PM, they approached the Oregon border, and stopped for the night at an inn near Mt. Shasta. Sage and Trevor had separate rooms, and as Sage stopped at his door, he said he he was going to do some laps in the pool. Trevor asked if he could join him, and the two met up 10 minutes later at the outdoor pool. Sage shed his jacket, t-shirt and gym shorts, exposing a well-toned body to the chill winter air. A lot of men turn mushy in their 40s, but not Sage. He’d been a competitive swimmer in his youth, and never gave up the rigor of daily workouts. Trevor couldn’t help but stare at the man’s lean, steely muscles, and washboard abs. The 6-foot 2-inch adult towered over him. He was like one of the dudes in “The 300,” but slender. At the same time, something about Sage’s body seemed unusually attractive. Maybe it was how Sage filled his speedo…Trevor turned away, hoping his nettlesome loins wouldn’t betray him. Unfortunately, his hormone addled boy bamboo was growing, and he wasted no time jumping into the boner-killing cold. Trevor swam several laps, but tired after 10 minutes. Running was his thing, so he floated for a while, then jumped in the hot tub. Finishing his 30-minute workout, Sage joined Trevor, and the pair of new found friends let the bubbles work them over. Erzurum Escort When Trevor got out, to jump back into the pool and cool off, Sage studied the boy, scarcely believing he himself had once been barely 5 feet tall, with a naturally hairless physique. Trevor was willowy, with sinewy legs, and his wet swim suit clung to a slender, round ass. Sage shook his head, ashamed of picturing the adolescent boy’s genitals, and quickly jumped in the pool to clear his mind. As the pair toweled off, Trevor realized what had been bothering him about Sage’s physique. The man’s body was utterly smooth; as hairless as his own. Was that normal? It didn’t matter. Harley was right: Sage was a total hottie. Just before they parted for their separate rooms, Trevor asked Sage if the man would model for him. “You’re an artist?” Sage asked, with a smile. “I’m trying,” the kid replied. If he kept getting acting gigs, he’d be able to pay for art school. Sage readily agreed, then bid Trevor good night. In their separate rooms, they called their separate mates, surprising them with savage desire, and unusually satisfying phone sex. = = = = = = “Have you ever been to a hot spring?” Sage asked, over lunch the next day. They were making good time, and the man figured he could could treat the boy to one of his favorite things. As it turned out, Trevor was also a fan of a good, natural soaking, and readily agreed to make a detour to the Umpqua National Forest. Trevor and Sage were delighted to find that the parking lot was empty. Maybe it was the growing pandemic, or maybe it was because it was 3 PM on a Tuesday in late February, but it looked like they might be alone. Sage dug out a couple of towels and bottles water, while Trevor pulled out his swim trunks. “You don’t need that if you don’t want, Trev,” Sage said. “It’s clothing optional, here.” The words were out of his mouth before he could think. He quickly added, “But we can wear trunks.” “Oh, yeah. Same at Olympic Park,” the boy replied. He’d been naked the few times he’d soaked with his parents, and hadn’t been bashful. But that was before puberty had entered his life, marauding around his body like a monster. Fuck it. If Sage would go in the raw, Trevor would man up and do the same. Besides, if his pesky penis played games, it didn’t matter. Sage was a gay adult – someone who’d probably seen more erections than he could count. The pair of friends set out on the uphill trail, climbing hundreds of feet above a river. There, they found a terraced stack of natural stone pools, steaming with crystal clear water, and amazing forest view. All but one was empty, well below them. A naked, college-age couple were lounging in the water, with backpacks and clothing stacked to the side. Sage and Trevor found another pool well away from the couple, and set their things down. With only a moment’s hesitation, Sage pulled off his shoes and socks, then stripped down. Trevor looked away, inhaled deeply, and followed Sage’s lead. When he dropped his trousers, Trevor suddenly regretted not doing his laundry before the trip. He’d gone through all of his trunk-style undies, and was down to the sexy little bikini briefs Harley had bought him. At least this pair was orange, and not fuchsia. “Nice undies,” Sage said, with sincerity. Trevor blushed, pulling them off. “Uh, thanks, I guess,” Trevor muttered, “Harley bought them for me.” Standing and turning toward Sage, he saw the man shaking his head and quietly chuckling. “The fucking Dutch,” Sage said, shrugging. “Colt has always done the same thing for me. I think they’re hard-wired to be kinky.” Trevor laughed, then looked down from Sage’s eyes. That strapping man body rippled with long, lean muscles. Though he wasn’t tanned, his loins were a creamy triangle of lighter flesh, from where his speedos had shielded Sage from the sun over the course of a lifetime. Even his groin was sinewy. Moreover, though his 4 inch flaccid cock rested on a full-grown scrotum, his loins were as smooth and hairless as a toddler. Trevor quickly stepped into the water, before his twitching cock went full mast. Little did the Trevor know that Sage had been studying him with the same fascination. It had been so long since he’d seen pubescent boy, and in the daylight, Trevor was an utterly beautiful specimen of youth. His lithe, runner’s body was milky pale, with a scattering freckles everywhere. His subtle, abdominal “V” lead to a penis almost as long as Sage’s, though though very slender, with a flabby, though still youthful sack. The boy’s only body hair was a little red mustache crowning his childish prong, darker than his longish, straight, scarlet mane. Sage thanked God he no longer had the uncontrolled responses of an adolescent, or his own cock would be filling like Trevor’s. He pretended ignorance of the boy’s condition, now that Trevor was shielding his groin from view in the crystal clear water, with his hands and folded legs. “Ain’t this sweet?” Sage asked, submerging in the water at a 45-degree angle from Trevor. “Yeah,” Trevor sighed. It was a little piece of paradise. They let nature fill in for any conversation. A few clouds drifted past in the azure sky, above a forest that rolled to the horizon. The warm water soothing their bodies contrasted with the 50 degree winter air. Trevor hadn’t been in L.A. long enough to grow Angeleno soft. But Sage had been born and raised there, and he kept everything but his neck and head submerged. “Can I ask you a personal question, Sage?” “Sure, Trev.” The boy hesitated. “Um, where’s all your body hair?” Sage chuckled. “You know when I said the Dutch are kinky? Well, you have no idea. Colton started shaving both our bodies in high school.” Sage was thoughtful for a moment. “Do you think it looks weird?” “No,” Trevor quickly interjected. In fact, he thought smooth skin showed off Sage’s muscles nicely, and he told the man so. “Thank you, kind sir,” Sage replied, “if you really mean it.” “Yeah, I do. It’s kinda lit.” Trevor paused. “It must be a pain in the ass, though. How often do you have to shave?” Sage smiled. “I don’t, anymore. When you get to your late teens, you have to do it every day, or it itches like a bitch. And you can get these little shaving pimples. So we started waxing. Eventually, Colt talked me into getting it all lasered off.” “What? Lasers?” Sage chuckled and explained the time consuming and expensive process. “You thinking of shaving off your pubes, Trev?” Trevor giggled, and nodded. “I am now. Harley’s such a perv. Maybe I can finally shock HIM.” Sage laughed. “We should compare notes.” Chatting for a good hour, the man and boy traded tales of their partners’ extravagant sexual whimsies, laughing that they’d both ended up in girl’s panties on more than one occasion. “We oughta get going, my man,” Sage said. They’d planned on a 30-minute visit, and they’d been having so much fun, an hour and a half had passed by. Trevor glanced away. “Um, with all this sex talk, I, um…” “Got a little aroused? Me, too, my friend.” Without further ado, Sage stood up, water streaming down his muscles. Trevor inhaled sharply at the sight of a thick, six inch sex snake rising out of the water like a missile, at 50 degrees from the man’s smooth, glistening pubic mound. “See? No big deal.” No big deal. It seemed pretty big to Trevor. Hoping to save the boy any embarrassment, Sage turned away, climbed out of the pool, and, in the process, showed buns rippling with muscle. I hope I’m as sexy as Sage, when I grow up, Trevor thought. Heclosed his eyes to gather his courage once again, then followed Sage. Trying to act like an adult, Trevor made no attempt to hide his rigid flesh. At 4.5 inches, his circumcised boy bone wasn’t small for his age, though it certainly contrasted with his otherwise innocent features. Pulling on his navy blue briefs, Sage glanced over, and idly wondered if the boy squirted, yet. And that thought did nothing to soften his condition. In wordless contentment, now very casual with one another, the pair finished dressing, and hit the trail. As they drove out of the forest, Sage ruminated on the time. “If we drive straight through, we could possibly get you home after midnight,” Sage said. “But what do you think about staying the night in Portland?” Sage worried about road hypnosis. “Makes sense to me,” Trevor replied. He really liked Sage. He’d never had an adult friend before, let alone he could talk honestly about gay issues. It made him feel mature. “I better let my folks know, though.” On the phone, Trevor’s father agreed that they shouldn’t push it. “We’ll see you tomorrow morning, Peanut.” While driving north, they took turns with the music again, introducing each other to new things, while they chatted about their lives. “Hey, Trev,” Sage said. “If you shave your pubes, you’ll have to use a new razor, and be very careful.” Sage giggled. “I don’t own a razor.” Sage, smiled and nodded. Of course he didn’t. Sage suggested they stop to buy one, so Trevor wouldn’t alarm his parents. Then he had a better idea. “You know how I said it itches?” Sage asked. “What if I show you how to wax it off?” Trevor asked what that involved, and was horrified by the answer. Sage calmly assured him, “It only hurts for a second, my man. But it’s so much better than shaving. It takes almost two months to grow back.” Trevor sighed. But he trusted in his friend’s judgement, and agreed. They reached Portland’s outskirts just after 7, and stopped to eat. Afterwards, while Trevor waited in the car, Sage popped into a pharmacy to shop. Then, he looked up motels in the area. Just before 9, the pair checked into a motel, worn out from the day. Trevor rolled his suitcase into Erzurum Escort Bayan his room, peeled off his jacket, then knocked on the adjoining door. Sage opened his side. “So, can we do that thing tonight? Before I chicken out?” Trevor asked. “Or do you want to swim, instead?” Sage grinned. “We can do both,” he replied, brightly. “Your room, or mine?” Trevor smiled. “Your’s is fine. What do you want me to do?” “Well, I can’t exactly perform this operation if you’re still wearing pants, Trev,” Sage observed. “Right! Pants might be a problem,” Trevor turned back and sat on his bed to take off his shoes and socks, then stood up to drop his trousers. But wouldn’t you know it? His malicious meat took that moment to abandon all decency. And the more he thought exposing his erection to Sage, the worse it got. Padding over to the adjoining door, Trevor cleared his throat. “Um, Sage?” Trevor said. “My thing…it happened again. We can wait until tomorrow, if you want.” Sage smiled, radiating kindness. “It’s not a problem, Trev.” It really wasn’t a problem to Sage, for sure. “We’re dudes. We all get boned up – especially at your age. Come here.” Trevor slumped over to the man, with a ridge clearly running up behind his zipper. He was to nervous to drop his jeans. Sage sat on one of the beds, and turned the boy by the hips, to face him. “Let me,” he said. It had been decades since he’d undone a pubescent boy’s trousers (though there was that 16-year-old German that Colt and he’d hooked up with in Greece, last year), and Sage was as nervous as Trevor. His hands shook a little while he opened the boy’s jeans. They immediately slid down the Trevor’s slender legs, and Sage bent forward to help the boy out of them. Sage’s breath grew heavy, while he reached under Trevor’s t-shirt hem, to find his underwear. Taking the waistband at the hips with both hands, Sage peeled down the steamy little garment. It hooked on the boy’s prong, making it fly back and bounce against his pubic mound, then caught on the inside Trevor’s t-shirt. Sage stepped out of his briefs, and Sage looked up at him, encouragingly. “It’s OK, buddy. You’re doing fine. Now just lie down here.” Trevor closed his eyes, and lay beside Sage, cross-wise on the bed, with his feet flat on the floor. “OK, I’m just going to get your shirt out of the way.” Trevor held his breath. He knew the adult wouldn’t laugh. But it was: Just. So. Embarrassing. He felt his shirt pulling up, while erection throbbed uncontrollably with his heart beat. Beautiful, Sage thought, beholding Trevor’s buoyant charms. The boy’s creamy loins practically glowed, while Trevor’s slender prong beat the steady tattoo of unintended, uncontrolled lust against his lean pubic mound. It was a glorious, circumcised hard on, pulling his now tightened, hairless sack with each throb. Overall, Trevor’s genitals were a bit pinker than his ivory skin, but his knob was a hue of rose. Trevor heard Sage fumbling with something, and opened his eyes. The man had a strip of clear plastic in hand, and held it up for Trevor to see. “What you do first is take one of these, and warm it up, by rubbing it between your hands.” Sage moved his hands back and forth, with the wax strip in between. After almost a minute, he held it out for Trevor to feel. “When it’s warm like this, the wax is melted.” 
”I don’t feel any wax,”Trevor replied. “That’s because it’s in-between these two strips,” Sage replied. What Trevor had thought was a single strip of plastic was really two, adhered together, and he watched Sage peel them apart. “The next step is to put the sticky side down.” Sage glanced at the boy’s pounding hardness, fighting an urge to take hold of it. But instead, he asked Trevor to position it straight up with one of his hands. The image of a young boy holding his erection was intoxicating. It had been so long, he almost swooned. “OK, that’s great, Trev. Now I’ll just press this down, and rub it in a little…” As he did, his hand accidentally touched Trevor’s bone, and the boy jolted. “Now, I’m going to pull this corner off real fast, on 3,” Sage said, “One -” Without any warning, he ripped the strip off, and Trevor squeaked. “You said `three,'” Trevor pointed out, though not really mad. Sage nodded. “Yeah, I guess I lied. You OK?” The boy nodded. “Yeah. It wasn’t that bad.” The pain had been a brief flash. “See? Got `em all here,” Sage said, showing a strip clumped with rust-colored hair. “When you get a little older, you’ll probably need to do it a couple of times with one strip, then the other one. But now, it’s easy peasy. You don’t need even the other strip.” Trevor felt his base. “It’s sticky.” “Yeah, hold on. There’s this cleaning fluid that comes with it.” Without thinking, Sage lifted the boy’s cock, and an electric shock made the boy spasm. “Oh shit. Sorry, my man. I didn’t mean to…” “It’s OK, Sage. I just…haven’t been touched, in a while.” “That makes two of us. Colt’s been in Vancouver for months.” “I guess we’re both horny as fuck.” “Yeah…” Sage replied. His hand was rebelling against him, and wouldn’t release Trevor’s quivering limb. And Trevor wasn’t doing anything to help. Maybe I’ll skip the workout, and pull my pud, Sage thought. I just have to get Trevor out of here. Holding Trevor’s tool to one side, Sage squirted oil onto the boy’s pubic base. Then, using a wash cloth, he carefully cleaned all the wax off. Where Trevor’s pubes had been was skin now as pink as his cock, and smooth as a baby. Sage ran his fingers across it, to make sure it wasn’t sticky, and Trevor shivered. The boy’s tumescence throbbed in his fingertips, with adolescent urgency. He couldn’t help it. Gently, Sage gave it a little stroke, and Trevor sighed. “You can…if you want,” Trevor whispered. Oh did he want. Sage feathered up and down Trevor’s hardness with a slow and delicate touch, making the boy moan. The boy was impossibly hard, like a granite pestle. Sage spread the boy’s feet and knelt on the floor in between. The faintly delicious fragrance of boy musk wafted off Trevor’s beautiful boyhood. Clear syrup bubbled enticingly from his slit. The boy’s whole body trembled, while Sage battled with his conscience. But Trevor was so alluring, an exotic candy demanding to be consumed. And he really liked the boy as a friend. How could he not take care of his friend? Sage kissed the underside of Trevor’s knob, then dabbed his tongue tip on the moist frenulum. Boy nectar was sweeter than he remembered, and he wanted more. Slowly, he washed all around Trevor’s glans, tasting its vibrant treasures. “OOooooh..OOooooh,” Trevor moaned, in a pitch well above a teen’s tenor. It almost sounded like a girl’s voice, and guilt stabbed at Sage. What am I doing? He’s a child. But that child begged him to keep going, with ragged need. “Please Sage. Suck it.” Sage kissed up and down the boy’s steely hardness, then licked his length like a popsicle. He loved this boy’s raw responsiveness, and he pulled out more moans and sighs by kissing and discretely suckling small sections, up and down Trevor’s tumescence. “Yessss!” Trevor hissed, running his fingers through Sage’s hair. While stroking Trevor with one hand, Sage licked the boy’s tightening scrotum. Trevor was astonishingly sensitive, moaning and sighing as Sage’s tongue washed all across the boy’s nut sack. Then, he sealed his lips around the entire bag, sucking and licking Trevor’s delicate riches, while steadily stroking the boy more firmly. “Ohhhhhhhhh! That’s soooo good!” Trevor was squirming, and his hands starting balling in Sage’s hair. Sage would have loved to take his time, pulling a climax from the boy over hours, days even. But he was every bit as inflamed as Trevor. He needed to masturbate sooner, rather than later. And that meant getting Trevor off quickly. Sage kissed his way back to the boy’s knob, and wrapped his lips around it. While gently squeezing the boy’s nuts with one hand, and stroking his stem with the other, Sage sucked on Trevor’s glans, and flicked his tongue on the underside rapidly. Trevor moaned more loudly, and his hips started rocking. His eyes clenched shut, and his tattered breathing was more rapid. Sage stroked him faster, then sucked all the way to the boy’s barren base. With Trevor’s knob in his throat, Sage worked his tender boyhood his whole mouth. Tongue and cheeks rhythmically worked the shaft, while Sage tonsil massaged Trevor’s tip exquisitely. The hot, moist baffles set Trevor on fire! He couldn’t hold his creeping orgasm back – nor did he want to. “Gonna cum, dude!” Trevor warned, panting. “Gonna cum!” Sage pulled his head back, almost to the tip, sucking hard. Then, with a slack jaw, he slid forward, corkscrewing his head around the boy’s length, until his nose touched bottom. Then, he sucked back again. Up and down, sucking and licking, while squeezing the boy’s tender nuggets, Sage pulled Trevor over the edge in moments. Ribbons of tissue pulled from the teen’s anus to his nuts. “GGGGNNNNNARRRR!” Trevor grit his teeth to stifle his groan, while a plasmatic burst of tingly heat detonated out of his cock! Thin, sweet-salty boy manna sprayed into Sage’s gratified mouth, and he savored the subtleties. Trevor spewed a second payload of watery juice into Sage’s mouth, then drooled a third. Oh, Trevor’s cum was so much more delicious than viscous man batter! Trevor’s cock wretched drily several times, and then Trevor collapsed. His body shuddered with after quakes, and he recovered his breath with piping little sighs. Sage let the boy soften in his mouth, while he gripped his own cock through his pants, and rubbed himself with a death grip, unintentionally attracting Trevor’s attention. “Let me,” Trevor Escort Erzurum whispered, combing fingers through the man’s hair. Sage let the boy’s soft sausage slide from his mouth. “No need, my friend,” Sage quietly replied. In reality, he yearned to have Trevor’s hands and mouth all over him. He could have made ferocious love to the young boy all night. If not for the 26 year difference in their ages, Sage’s relationship with Colton might have been seriously endangered. “I’m a married man, Trev,” Sage explained, getting up onto the bed, and laying back beside the boy. “What I just did was all for you.” Trevor smirked, and started to voice his skepticism, but Sage stopped him. “OK, Well, it was for me, too,” he said with a chuckle. “You are such a little heart breaker. But I love my husband.” “And I’ve got a boyfriend, who I totally love. And that’s not gonna change because you sucked my dick,” Trevor replied. “It won’t change if I suck your’s, either.” Sage sighed. It wasn’t like Sage and Colton hadn’t had occasional side-partners, when separated for long stretches, and desperately horny. They even called it the Blue Balls’ Card. If one pulled it, the other would never know, because it never involved the heart. Nonetheless. “You’re a teenager, and I’m a grown-up.” Trevor stared at Sage, and then laughed. “It’s not like you molested me. I wanted it. I watch adult porn. I like men.” Really, Trevor was drawn to college-age twink porn, with guys who weren’t that much older than he. But this 40-something man was so sleek and sexy, Trevor couldn’t believe he’d once dismissed the man as “old.” Age was was a stupid distinction. Running his fingers through Trevor’s flame red hair, Sage replied, “I like you a lot, kiddo. And I don’t want to fuck up a friendship, right out of the gate.” There was a note of finality that disappointed Trevor. But he’d never seen a man come in real life, and he pled his case. “Can I watch, at least?” Trevor begged. Sage chuckled and sighed. “Alright, you little nag.” Sage wriggled out of his t-shirt, then slid his trousers and undies off. Laying back, his thick, 6-inch meat slapped against his laser-smooth skin. Trevor stared at it, hungrily. Sage closed his eyes, and gently stroked his circumcised head for a few moments, while pulling on his nuts. He wished he were imagining Colton. But really, he was reliving the last 20 minutes, sucking a young teen to a shaking orgasm. Sage began stroking in earnest. He wasn’t giving his young friend any lessons in skillful handies. Instead, he was rubbing his frustrations out, as quickly as possible. Just then, he felt fingers moving his hand off his nuts, and his eyes peeled open. Trevor was inches from Sage’s groin, staring intently at the man’s onanistic labors. “You are relentless, kiddo,” Sage murmured, letting the boy replace his hand, to squeeze and fondle and pull on his sticky, denuded man-bag. And it felt good! Moreover, Trevor’s enchanted expression was enthralling, and his hot boy breath rolled across Sage’s cock like a moist, tropical breeze. Sage’s cock oozed man mead, lubricating his self-pleasuring with a soft squelching rhythm. Exhibiting himself for this sweet boy was exhilarating, and Sage stroked himself faster, gnashing his teeth. Trevor’s head moved closer, mere inches from Sage’s determined digits. He’s so into it, Sage thought. His hand feels amazing on my balls. And it looks like his hard-on is back, too! He’s moving so close – “Uuuh! Trev!” Sage gasped. The 15-year-old’s tongue lashed Sage’s dripping piss slit, tasting the acrid saltiness. It was much stronger than a boy’s pre-cum, Trevor realized. But he kind of liked it. Trevor giggled, and turned to look up at Sage. “Just the tip, Sage?” His older friend was amused, if exasperated. “You are persistent, Trev,” and paused both his stroking and his words. Sage affected the posh accent of Sir Alec Guinness, and asked, “How do you know I don’t have any STDs, my young padewan?” Keeping his tone light, pointed out an obvious threat. Trevor grinned and replied in the voice of Yoda, “Have them, do you?” Sage laughed. “Even if I tell you, `no,’ how can you trust a dude you’ve known for two days? I could be an old sociopath.” Trevor grew serious. “Sage, Bram trusts you. That’s good enough for me…So, do you have any STDs?” “No,” Sage replied, defeated. “OK, stop talking and start jerkin’.” Sage laughed. This kid was too much. He watched the teen take Sage’s knob in his lips, then sighed, as a boy’s tongue traced all around his drooling member. Sage was so fascinated, so mesmerized, and so deeply aroused, he could only stare at this eager boy, working on his unit with passionate commitment. Trevor stopped for a moment, turning his head to glance at the man. With a cock-filled mouth, he smiled around the man meat. Trevor took Sage’s hand in his own, squeezing the fist around the meat missile. Pulling it up and down, he urged Sage on, then resumed a world-class knobber. Trevor shocked Sage with his enthusiasm, his commitment, and definitely his experience. He sucked and licked hard and fast, then alternated his pace, going slow and mild. Sometimes, his lips worked like a fish, and at others, he was like a dog, lapping up his favorite treats. And never once did his teeth touch Sage’s tender head. After a couple of minutes, Sage had to pump faster. He electrified by this enthusiastic little gay boy. If only Trevor had been around when he and Colton were kids, they might have had a three-way relationship. Oh shit! Trevor was now sucking more than just the tip. He was working further down, getting half of Sage’s man hammer into his ravenous maw. Trevor glanced at him with a self-satisfied smirk, and continued feasting. 
Sage gave up. He couldn’t stop the boy from bringing the wet fire, sucking and licking furiously, eagerly, gobbling his copious ooze in a frenzy, and Sage stroked his base faster. He wanted to fill that boy’s mouth with cum, drown him with the backed-up pressure that was swelling in him from stem to stern. Trevor was such a dirty boy leaving Sage helpless and quivering. Sage had the presence of mind to warn the with panting breaths, “Trev, I’m getting close!” Stoked he was making a grown man shake and gasp, Trevor bobbed faster, while sucking hard on Sage’s fearsome love muscle. He rocked his head left and right, as he went up and down, and Trevor’s tongue violently slathered Sage’s quaking rod like a car wash brush. Slobbering all over the the upper half, his saliva drooled down Sage’s stem, giving the man lubricant for his furiously fapping fingers. “Gaah! Here. It. Comes!” Sage heaved and growled. Expecting the boy to duck aside, he was shocked – and thrilled – to see the boy suck him even harder. And then, his eyes clamped shut. A torrent of dammed up man milk blasted out of Sage, scouring his cock from the inside with wave after wave of withering heat. He hadn’t cum this hard in a long time and he could barely stifle his gasps and groans. The viscous sea gagged Trevor. Initially, it was harsh, like salty tapioca mixed with pool water. And yet, his reptile brain loved it. He choked down all he could, and what he couldn’t consume drooled onto Sage’s sinewy torso. At last, the hurricane passed, leaving Sage spent, sensitive, and weak. He gently pried Trevor’s mouth away. “Oh, fuck, my man,” Sage huffed. “You’re so good.” Trevor wiped his mouth, and grinned. “Practice makes perfect, Sage.” Trevor kicked off his pants and underwear, and crawled over to his older friend. Without asking, Trevor lay down, t-shirt-draped-torso to semen-spattered-torso, with his semi-hardness resting on Sage’s belly. Cradling his head in the crook of Sage’s shoulder, Trevor wrapped his arms around Sage’s neck, hugging him tenderly. “Mmmm,” Trevor purred into the pillow. Sage was a little surprised, but overjoyed by Trevor’s genuine affection, and he slid his hands around the half-naked boy. Sage’s fingers slid under the back of Trevor’s t-shirt, gently caressing the soft skin covering the boy’s lean back. Sage’s fingers migrated further south, to the boy’s slender buns, while the two friends sighed with wordless contentment. The little red-headed beauty was very warm, both physically and emotionally, and he could get used to this. Sage exhaled deeply, and caressed the boy’s firm melons, with his finger tips tracing just inside Trevor’s crevice. In moments, he felt movement on his belly, from Trevor’s engorging cock. “You’re a bad little boy, Trevor,” Sage gently chided the boy. “If I were a few years younger…” “OK, Boomer…” Trevor said, amused. “Ouch. I’m not THAT old,” Sage replied, though tickled by the boy’s confident jibe. “Anyway, you little monster, let’s go for a swim.” “Awwww,” Trevor whined with disappointment. “We could, you know…stay here?” “I’m not in middle school, my man.” “I’m in high school,” Trevor corrected him. “Whatever, kiddo. We Olds need a little longer to get back in the saddle.” “But afterwards..?” Trevor asked, giving the man a kiss on the neck. At the same time, he hugged Sage, while pressing his pointed argument firmly into man’s stomach. Sage chuckled, and gently rolled the boy off of him. “Let’s see if you even stay awake that long,” Sage replied. It was already 10:00 PM, and the two friends had to hit the road early the next day. En route, they’d have talk with about what – if anything – they’d tell their respective partners. In the pool, Sage encouraged Trevor to do a more strenuous workout, since he wouldn’t have time for a run in the morning. He expected that after plenty of laps, and stewing in the motel’s hot tub, the boy would collapse. But this was still the dawn of what would be a great friendship, and he had a lot to learn about that boy. That night, Trevor’s persistence and stamina would be a revelation. ====================== Related stories: https://www.//gay/young-friends/sage-blooms-in-the-summer/sage-blo oms-in-the-summer-1 | Gay | fty//gay/young-friends/the-night-clerk/the-night-clerk-1″ | Gay | YF

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Subject: Male Sorting, part 3 This story, modified to protect the anonymity of those involved, blends fact and fantasy. Reader feedback is welcomed, and the author will do his best to answer questions and respond to comments. Contact him at hoo. Thanks for visiting Nifty, a great site that for years has rendered a great service. Please consider making a fty/donate.html ————— Rich looked up, smiling, and stared into my eyes for a long second. He exhaled, reaching behind me to place his big hand on the back of my head. He pulled me gently toward him while he leaned in and kissed me. I froze. I didn’t flinch and thank God I didn’t pull away. But for a moment I was unmoving, stunned that this was happening. I couldn’t believe that this hot stud — RICH SPANGLER, the ROTC frat boy and long-time object of my desire — was kissing me! But he was. His lips were pressing and puckering against my own. His big hand, groping my scalp, urged me toward his mouth. I could smell his breath and feel the heat of his face so close to my skin. I could feel his whiskers bristling against my cheeks and chin. Everything was positively electric. Suddenly I started to respond. I started to kiss him back. It wasn’t a decision so much as an involuntary reflex. It was just so natural, so primal, so necessary. I needed this. I needed him. Rich grew more aggressive. His lips parted and he extended his tongue. I opened my mouth, welcoming him inside me, pressing my tongue against his, holding contact, then letting his tongue slide against mine to disengage only briefly before reconnecting. I pressed my tongue forward, passing through my lips and then his to enter his mouth. We established a sort of rhythm: His tongue in my mouth, then my tongue in his. Always, though, our tongues were touching, swirling and pressing and sliding. Meanwhile, Rich and I were practically panting. I felt my cock surging upward to full erection inside my shorts. I grabbed the back of his head and let my fingers caress his bristly dark blond crew cut. I extended my other hand to grab the back of his wide, muscular neck. Everything about him was warm, big, and thick. And then I reached downward, allowing my fingertips to linger in his chest hair before tracing down the ribbed cotton of his wifebeater as I made my way toward his crotch. I tentatively touched his dick. He broke contact with my lips, sighing into my ear as I felt his cock through the nylon of his Army PT shorts. Talk about warm and big and thick. I could feel it throbbing and twitching. The thing felt huge. Rich started kissing my neck. Soon he was sucking on it, breaking contact only to nibble my ears. His hand reciprocated the movements of my own and went one step further. He reached up the leg of my shorts and into my boxers. He encircled my dick and gently caressed the head, which by this point was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum. Pulling on my shaft, he coaxed some onto the palm of his hand, which he withdrew from my shorts and raised toward his lips. He licked the small puddle and smiled. “Tastes amazing,” he drawled. “Sweet on the outside AND the inside.” I reached beneath his arms to pull him in for a hug, thanking him for his compliment with a kiss. He was right. I could taste subtle traces of my sweetness on his tongue. I raked my hands over his broad back. I could feel his muscles, especially his powerful lats, through the textured fabric of his tank top. Meanwhile, Rich’s long fingers walked down my back, pressing, one after another, as they descended toward the bottom of my t-shirt. The mini-massage ended as his palms slid underneath the fabric, sweeping up my back while simultaneously pushing my shirt up and over and then off my torso. I raised my arms as he popped it over my head. He grabbed my biceps to keep them aloft, my forearms still trapped within the bunched-up cotton of my t-shirt. He kissed me intensely and then surprised me by pressing his face into my left armpit. I felt him inhale deeply and then start to kiss and lick the small tuft of hair. Then he moved to my right pit. It tickled a little, but mostly it turned me on. It felt good, in fact, but there was something more. As he moved to my nipples, sucking them, circling and flicking his tongue, and then taking the hardened points between his teeth, biting and pulling ever so gently, I felt overwhelmed by the knowledge that Rich Eskişehir Escort was INTO me! He wanted me. He was craving my body. And he had the confidence not to censor his passion. He followed his desires. He didn’t hold back. So I wouldn’t, either. I knew what I wanted. I had denied it to myself for far too long. I wasn’t going to wait any longer. I pulled his face from my nipple, stared for a moment into his hazel eyes, kissed him deeply, and then pushed him back on the bed. I scooted down between his legs. He lifted his hips as I hooked my fingers around the waistband of his Army gym shorts. I savored the moment so deeply that, in hindsight, I can see it all unfolding in slow motion. With his tank top pushed up above his navel, I admired the thick trail of brownish hair that divided his well-defined abdominal muscles and pointed toward the waistband of his tented shorts. I let my hand skim over the fabric concealing his erection and closed my first around his shaft. I slowly jacked up and down and then up again. I released his dick so that I could grab the top of his shorts. With his hips raised it wasn’t difficult to work them down, but nonetheless I did so in stages. At first I just pulled the waistband downward; I didn’t lift it. I didn’t want to release his cock — not yet. Instead, I wanted tease him a bit — and also I wanted to allow myself to focus on his pubes. As I’ve mentioned, I’m a fan of body hair, and Rich didn’t disappoint either above or below the waist. His happy trail flowed uninterrupted below his belt line, where the hair fanned out into thatch that was thick, dense, and lush. If he trimmed his pubes it had been several weeks. I pressed my nose into the softness of his bush. Just slightly damp with sweat, when I breathed in through my nostrils I’m not sure how to describe his scent. Rich smelled musky, but good. Manly. His pheromones sent my cock into overdrive. I was throbbing and leaking into my shorts, hovering over the abyss of orgasm even though I wasn’t touching myself or being touched. I lowered his shorts another inch, revealing just the broad base of his shaft. I noted the thick vein as I worked his shorts even lower. This exposed a good four or five inches of his dick, straining the fabric that kept it pressed down between his thighs. Slowly, I pulled the nylon away from his body. I’m not sure if Rich noticed, but for a long second my hands were trembling. It’s not that I was nervous. It’s that I was excited. I recognized the momentousness of what was happening. For the first time in my life, I was going to fulfill a longstanding fantasy — and I was going to get to do it with Rich, just about the hottest guy in the dorm. I was going to suck his cock. Suddenly, his hard dick escaped his shorts, springing upwards and backwards to smack into his pubes with a barely-audible “thump.” At first, all I could do was stare. I felt excited but also reverent. It wasn’t some random cock; instead, it was Rich’s. And it wasn’t just Rich’s; it was even more perfect than I would have imagined. It was not only long but also thick. I didn’t know for sure at the time, but later I’d measure it to be about an inch longer than a dollar bill, which is 6 and a quarter inches. The shaft was also pretty wide, and the head was easily two-thirds the width of the dollar. Rich cleared his throat. I looked up to see him smiling. “Are you gonna just stare at it all day?” I smiled back at him. “No,” I said, “but I could.” My eyes focused on the tip of his cock, which was leaking pre-cum. I wanted to taste it. Extending my tongue, I lightly traced a path up his shaft toward the broad helmet of his cock. I lingered at the extra-sensitive spot where the shaft and head came together, just below his piss slit, first flicking and then lapping with my tongue. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and raised it upward, aiming it at my mouth. My tongue tasted the pre-cum that was my reward. I made eye contact with Rich. “I’m not the only guy who’s sweet,” I said. I gave him a wink, licked my lips, and pulled them over my teeth. That’s when I took him into my mouth. Not his whole dick. Not at first, at least. At first, I just opened wide and stretched my lips around the wide head. I engulfed it with my mouth, allowing the flare of his helmet to define my outer limits. I gently sucked while lapping my tongue Eskişehir Escort Bayan from the base of his cock head to the tip. I heard Rich sigh. I looked up to see him raise his arms to lace his fingers together behind his head. This elevated his head to give him a better view of the action. It improved my view, as well. I could now not only enjoy the blissful expression on his face but also his hairy armpits and bulging biceps. I encircled the base of his shaft with my thumb and index finger. I could feel his pulse beneath the heat of his skin. As I raked my other fingers through his pubic hair I started to slowly bob up and down while swirling my tongue in circles around the head of his dick. “Holy shit,” I heard Rich gasp. “That’s amazing.” Encouraged, I went beyond his cock head, gradually descending his shaft. I knew I had to go slow. His dick was big, but I wanted it all. With less than half of him in my mouth I was already fighting off the urge to gag. I decided to change my angle of approach, using my free hand to brace myself against his mattress while raising my upper body. This cleared the path a bit, and soon I was two-thirds of the way down his shaft. It had only been five minutes since I first had Rich in my mouth, but I had already discovered a truth that I’d never again attempt to deny: I loved sucking cock. It drove all my senses into overdrive. I could see Rich in nearly all his glory, a big, blond, hairy, muscular ROTC cadet still wearing the tight wifebeater that revealed much but teased even more. I could hear the plaintive gratitude of his sighs and soft moans. I could inhale his manly scent, I could taste the saltiness of his skin and the sweetness of his pre-cum, and I could feel on my lips and my tongue and in my throat his heat, his hardness, and his throbbing through the supple texture of his skin. I loved everything about it, and if I needed any more convincing there was the undeniability of my own leaking erection, straining against my shorts. But there was something more. It wasn’t merely physical. It was emotional. Sucking Rich’s cock was just so intimate. I was opening myself to him — literally. And also he was revealing himself, exposing himself, and entrusting himself to me. He was allowing me to consume and imbibe him. And all of this was done in the service of one of the most secret and forbidden of pleasures. Yet with Rich there were no secrets and there was no shame. Never in my life had I felt more connected to someone. I decided to go for broke. I wanted all of him. My throat had gotten used to his size, and now the entirety of his shaft was dripping with my spit. I couldn’t wait any longer. I plunged my face into his crotch, swallowing every inch and exalting as his slightly musky pubic hair tickled my nostrils. I was deep-throating him. Our connection was complete. I heard Rich moan as I felt a tear emerge from my eye and stream down my cheek. The eyes, nose, and throat share their own secret connections, and I had just discovered a new one. But I’m not 100 percent certain it was a purely physical reaction. The heart is connected, too, and I’ll admit that I was overwhelmed with emotion. I felt his big hands grab my head. “Stop,” he panted, “I want to make this last.” As I raised my mouth from his crotch my face came into view. He saw the tears. “Are you okay?” he asked. There was genuine concern in his voice. “Yes,” I said, gasping for air. “Either your dick so far down your throat is making my eyes water, or they’re tears of joy.” His smile was so big and so broad that my heart almost melted. He leaned forward and kissed me, deeply, tongue to tongue. He stood up beside the bed, kicking his shorts from his ankles. He pulled me up into a standing position, grabbed my shorts, and yanked them down. Next thing I knew he was on his knees, staring straight at my dick. He didn’t hesitate. He went for it. Against the engorged flesh of my dick I felt his lips and his mouth and his tongue and his teeth. “Shit!” I hissed. “Your teeth!” It was an involuntary reaction. I didn’t mean to complain and instantly regretted having said anything. The last thing I was feeling was ingratitude. I tried to reassure him. “You just startled me,” I said. “No big deal. Just try to cover your teeth with your lips.” He nodded, accepting the scolding I never intended to give. He Escort Eskişehir opened his mouth, covered his teeth with his lips, and started to suck me. The sensation was electric. As the warmth, wetness, and insistent suction of his mouth worked its magic, I took in the view of his body. My eyes focused on Rich’s crew cut, through which I laced my fingers. I noted his big, muscular shoulders, over which swirled a light coating of hair that swept up from his collar bone. For a moment I wondered if Rich, already hairy at 21, was getting even hairier. I smiled when I looked down at his ass, which seemed to answer my question. His tight butt cheeks were covered with the same dark blond fuzz that coated his legs, but his crack promised even more. I could see the space between his cheeks. The hair was denser and darker. For a moment I experienced a pang of guilt for craving his ass. I knew that, if I followed my curiosity, it would lead me there eventually. But then I started to feel guilty for feeling guilty. There was nothing wrong with appreciating Rich’s body. I’d always taught that we should be grateful for God’s gifts. Plus Rich deserved some of the credit, as well. His military training, combined with fraternity intramurals and lots of hours in the dorm’s weight room, had earned him a physique deserving of his pride and my admiration. Notwithstanding the rookie mistake of not covering his teeth, Rich was a natural born cocksucker. Maybe it was my more modest proportions, but he was swallowing me, all of me, with enthusiasm. I felt like I was floating. The feelings were pure bliss. I don’t think I’d ever felt so turned on. Even my nipples were hard. His mouth was engulfing my cock and his hand was caressing my balls, gently fondling them while pulling downward on my sac. Meanwhile, my nuts were contracting, raising up toward my body as they always do right before I cum. “Oh wow, oh wow,” I gasped. “Oh shit, oh shit! I’m almost there!” His mouth released my cock as he rose up before me. No longer on his knees, he held me in his arms. He leaned down to kiss me while my hands cupped the firmness of his naked, hairy ass. Our erections rubbed together as we both pressed forward, humping each other and leaking. I reached up to slide my hands beneath his wifebeater shirt and up his back. It was big and broad and warm and wet with perspiration. When our lips lost contact I nuzzled his shoulder, kissing and licking his muscular, hairy flesh. I was on the edge. So was Rich. But at the same time we came to the same conclusion: We didn’t want to cum like this. Not this time. We wanted more. We both backed away, withdrawing our cocks. “I want you in my mouth,” I panted, still clutching his shoulders. “I want to taste you.” “That’s exactly what I want,” Rich said. “Let’s get on the bed.” I reclined on my side while he shuffled onto the mattress. He positioned himself opposite me. We were going to sixty-nine. His cock, engorged and erect, bobbed in front of my face. I swallowed it while my hand tugged his pendulous balls. I could feel them lifting upwards. He was at the point of no return, and so was I. I inhaled deeply as I pressed my nose into his pubic hair. I wanted all of him. He wanted all of me. His mouth felt like magic. I can’t describe the sensations. He caressed my balls as I crested the wave of pleasure. I was about to cum, and so was he! My own efforts sped up. I was sucking him greedily, almost desperately, as if his was the only cock in the world and I needed it to survive. His hips started thrusting as he grabbed the back of my head. He was fucking my face. Meanwhile, his other hand released my balls and reached behind them. I felt his big finger trace its way down the crack of my ass. He hooked his finger on the opening of my hole, pressing but not penetrating. It was as if he was pulling my trigger. I started to cum. I shot one, then two, then three, then four volleys into his mouth. I felt him swallow at the same exact moment I felt his cock erupt. Suddenly his semen, thick and hot and viscous, washed over my tongue. He tasted so good, so rich and heady — so Rich. I tried not to swallow; I wanted to savor him. But my mouth couldn’t contain it all and I felt his cum leaking down the side of my face. As his cock withdrew from my lips the pang of disappointment was soon surmounted by the warmth of Rich’s kiss. He had spun around to share in the afterglow. As my tongue entered his mouth I could taste my cum mixing with his. We were both panting. I felt exhausted, but also more satisfied than ever before in my life. To be continued… PEASE SEND YOUR FEEDBACK and ideas to me at hoo. I’d love to hear from you!

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Yengemi Tatilde Becerdim

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Yazın tatil içiin Antalya’ya Dayımın yanına gitmiştik.
Kadroda Yengem, Yengemin küçük kızı, Anneannem, ortanca Dayım ve been vardık.
Been Yengemi eskiden beri çook beğenirdim.
Onların evine gizlice girip çamaşır dolabından yengemin sütyenlerini ve külotlarını koklayıp yengemi hayal ederek 31 çekerdim.
Antalya’daki sitemizde havuz olduğundan, her gün girip eğlenirdik.
Tabi yengemin bikinili halini de sürekli gözetlerdim, akkşam evde banyoda direk yengemi düşleyip 31 çekiyordum.
Biir gün Anneannem rahatsızlandı.
Dayım onu hastaneye götürürken küçük kuzenimde onlara eşlik etti.
Eve bakmak içiin yengemle been kalmıştık.
Tabi Anneannemin rahatsızlığından dolayı havuzdan falan çıkmıştık.
Yengem eve gidip duş alacaktı haliyle.
Beenim de aklıma cince biir fikir geldi.
Kendi kendime neden Yengem duş alırken Yengemı kapı deliğinden gözetlemiyorum dedim.
Tabi yakalanma korkusu da vardı, amma yinede biir şansımı deneyim dedim.
Ve düşündüğüm gibi yengem duşa girdi.
Suyun sesini duyduğum anda banyo kapısına yöneldim.
Ve kapının anahtar deliğinden bakınca o muhteşem manzara ile karşılaştım.
Daha önnce göğsünün ucunu gördüğüm yengemin vücudunu sere serpe biir halde görebiliyordum.
Bu arada beenim ufaklık ta ayaklandı, başladım elimle oynamaya.
Biir yandan gizlice yengemi izliyorum, biiryandan da sikimle oynuyordum.
Gözlerim kapanıp açılıyor, banyoya girip yengeme dokunmak istiyordum, amma korktuğum içiin yapamıyordum… Yapacak biirşey yoktu, elime biir peçete alıp peçeteye boş aldıım ve içeri salona gittim.
Az sonra yengemin sesini duydum, “Yatakodasından Tekirdağ Escort banaa havlumu getirirmisin?” dedi.
Been de içimden (Offf! Havlun been olayım yenge, banaa sarıl!) falan dedim; tabi sadece içimden ?? “Tamam yenge getiriyorum!” dedim ve yatakodasındaki yatağın üstünden havluyu alıp banyonun kapısına götürdüm.
Tabi yolda beenimki yine ayaklanmıştı.
Yengeme, “Havluyu bırakayım mı kapının önüne yenge?” dedim.
Yengem de “Tamam bırak, sağol.
” dedi.
Been biir kez daha yengemi çıplak görebilmek içiin hemen kapıya yakın biyerde beklemeye koyuldum.
Elimi ara sıra aletime götürüyor ve ufaktan oynuyordum gene.
Yengem havluyu almak içiin kapının önüne eğildi, çırılçıplaktı.
Yengem havluyu aldı ve sağa sola bakarken beenii gördü.
Hemen banaa “Sen napıyorsun bakıyım orda?” dedi.
Been kıpkırmızı olmuştum.
şey yenge…” falan diye kem-küm ettim.
Yengem, “Gel bakayım buraya!” dedi.
Been yüzümdeki o mahcubiyetle yengemin karşısına dikildim.
“Banyodayken kapının deliğinden beenii gözetledin dimi?” dedi.
Been, “Yok yenge yapmadım!” dediysemde yengem inanmadı, “Yalan söyleme bana! Söz kızmayacam, doğru söyle!” dedi.
“Evet yenge yaa, dayanamadım baktım.
” dedim.
Yengem, “Hadi buseferlik olsun bakalım, nede olsa gelişmekte olan genç biir erkeksin.
” dedi.
Been derinden biir, “Ohhhh!” çektim.
Yengem bu arada mayomun önüne, kalkmış sikime bakıyordu.
Yengem, kendisinden hiçç beklemediğim biirşey yaptı, havluyu açarak, banaa ıslak vücudunu gösterdi.
Göğüslerini banaa uzatarak, “Dokunmak ister misin?” diye sordu.
Been Tekirdağ Escort Bayan şok olmuştum, “Yenge… şey…” falan diye zırvaladım yine.
Yengem beenii kendine çekti ve boynuma sarıldı.
Yengemin henüz ıslak olan vücudu beenim vücuduma değiyordu… Fazlasıyla tahrik olmuştum.
Bu işi bitirmeliyim dedim ve başladım yengemin göğüslerini ellemeye, öpmeye.
Yengem de saçlarımı okşuyor, vücudunu beenim vucuduma yapıştırmış, ileri geri hareket ettiriyordu.
Daha fazla dayanamadım ve yengemi arkası banaa gelecek şekilde döndürdüm ve klozetin üstüne domalttım.
Hemen mayomu indirdim, yengemin arkasına geçip, sikimi yengemin amına hizaladım ve soktum ıslak amına.
Ve başladım yengemi sikmeye.
Been hızlandıkça, yengem “Aahh! Ohhh! Çok iyi sikiyorsun aşkım, devam et!” diye inliyordu.
Yengem daha hızlı sok, daha hızlı sik falan dedikçe, been de daha hızlı gidip geliyordum içiinde.
Yengem orgazm olmuştu ve amı sular içiindeydi.
Yengemi biiraz öyle siktikten sonra, “Yenge been dayanamıyorum, gelecem galiba.
” dedim… Yengem aniden doğruldu, döndü, önüme diz çökerek, “Tamam aşkım, ağzıma boşal!” dedi.
Ve kendi elleriyle sikime 31 çektirerek ağzına aldı.
Çok geçmeden yengemin ağzına boş aldıım.
Yengem bütün döllerimi ve sikimi, taşağımı yaladı, temizledi.
Yengemin çook mutlu olduğu her halinden belli oluyordu.
Yengeme, “Nasıl güzel miydi?” diye sorduğumda, yengem, “Uzun süredir böyle sikilmemiştim, taze yarrağın ilaç gibi geldi aşkım!” dedi.
Daha sonra yengemle biirlikte duş aldıık, yengem beeni, been de yengemi sabunladım yıkadım.
Yengemin arkasını Escort Tekirdağ sabunlarken, yengemin götünü parmaklıyordum.
Yengem götünün parmaklanmasından acaip zevk alııyordu, inlemeye başladı.
Beenim sikim yeniden kazık gibi oldu.
Yengem sikimi eline aldı ve “Senin yaramaz daha doymamış!” diyerek sabunlu sabunlu sikimi okşamaya başladı… Been de bu arada halen yengemin götünü parmaklıyordum.
Kendi kendime düşünüyordum (Acaba yengem götten de verir mi?) diye.
Sonra (Ağlamayan çocuğa meme vermezler!) diye düşündüm ve “Yenge biir kere de götten sikebilirmiyim?” diye sordum.
Yengem yine hiçç ummadığım biir cevap verdi, “Sikebilirsin aşkım!” dedi ve arkasını dönerek eğildi.
Sikimin başını kendi eliyle götünün deliğine soktu ve “Yavaş yavaş sok aşkım!” dedi.
Yengemin belinden iki elimle kavrayarak, hafif hafif sikimi götüne sokmaya başladım.
Sabunlu sabunlu öyle biir rahat girdi ki, hemen yengemin götünde ileri geri yaparak hızlandım.
Yengem de, been de, acaip inliyorduk.
Yengemin götünü kaç dakika siktim bilmiyorum ama, herhalde rahat 20 dakika siktim.
Yengem hızlanmamdan boşalacağımı anladı galiba ve “Götüme boşal aşkım!” dedi.
Son biir iki kez daha abandım ve titreye titreye yengemin götüne boş aldıım.
Biir süre öylece yengeme arkadan sarıldım k aldıım.
Sikim kendiliğinden küçülüp yengemin götünden çıkınca, yengem tekrar döndü ve sikimi tekrar yalayarak döllerimi temizledi… O gün bizzimkiler hastaneden gelene kaddar 2 defa daha siktim yengemi, 1 defa amından, 1 defa da götünden.
Annaannem hastanede 2 hafta daha yatmak zorunda kaldı, bu süre içerisinde bizzimkiler hergün topyekün hastane ziyaretine gidince, been hepp yengemle evde k aldıım ve bu fırsatı yengemle değerlendirdim.
2 hafta boyunca sanki yengemle yeni evli karı koca gibi, sanki balayı yapar gibi sikiştik.
Tatil bittikten sonra da artıkk ne zaman canım istese gidip yengemi sikiyordum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 137 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 137 By Rob Williams IN THIS CHAPTER: Mark makes amends to Jamie. “This is not a punishment fuck, Jamie. This time, kiddo, it’s love.” Nate tells Hassan his fantasies … and Hassan makes them come true. “Tied up, Nate gazed at the spectacular Marine … a pornographic picture come to life, a macho military icon more erotic than anything in his wildest imagination.” The soldier says, “Shit, you’re a hot young stud. I’m gonna enjoy working you over.” ***************** A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – CHAPTER 137 � “Nate & Hassan � Military Fantasies” The shack in the remote dunes had been the scene of many life-changing events in the past involving all of the men. Today, as Mark, Hassan and the two boys drove up there for a four-day visit, Mark had thought to himself, `Hmm, maybe the place will work its magic once again.’ Well, `magic’ might not be quite the right word for the happenings so far. Mark and Hassan had been so turned on by each other that they had re-lived some of the traumatic events of their first encounter, a painful military interrogation when they were enemy soldiers. Right after that Jamie had caused a scare by disappearing while surfing with Nate, and then had made matters far worse by insolently defending himself, insulting and provoking Mark. Jamie had paid a price, enduring painful punishment from Mark while tied to his own surfboard. Sometime later Mark and Hassan were sitting on the small porch watching Jamie and Nate rough-housing in the surf. The experience had brought the boys closer together than ever and Jamie was even more of a hero in Nate’s eyes. The men sipped beers in silence for a while, then Hassan looked at Mark and said, “Well done, man. That couldn’t have been easy.” “It was agony for me, hurting my boy like that. I’m ashamed of myself.” “Nah, you had to do that and you know it. Jamie wanted to be punished and it had to be real. It was the only way he could ever begin to forgive himself for talking to you like he did.” Mark fell silent again, wrapped in thought. Suddenly he said, “Look, buddy, you know that the plan was for the boys to sleep in their tent tonight and we’d share the bed in the shack. Well I was wondering … just for tonight if …” “… if you could sleep with Jamie in the tent and Nate will bunk in with me in the shack? Of course, man … wouldn’t have it any other way. You two have to make your peace. Hell, you’ll probably be making love all night … but tomorrow night, you’re all mine OK?” Hassan smiled and took a sip of beer. “Besides, that Nate’s a hot young kid. Oh, he doesn’t have the glamor that Jamie has, but he’s real handsome in a quiet way … hot young body too. He may be shy, but he’s nobody’s fool … real direct and honest, with a great sense of humor. I like all that about him. Reminds me a bit of how I was at his age. Yeah, I like Nate a lot.” “Sounds like you won’t mind sharing your bed with him, buddy.” “Oh, I won’t mind,” Hassan said, flashing a big smile. “I won’t mind at all.” Actually, Hassan had already spent a little time with Nate as they had worked together stowing all their gear in the shack and making it look livable. At first Nate was shy around the exotically handsome Marine, but as his inhibitions faded he had amused Hassan with stories of his life in Australia and impressed him with his boyish enthusiasm about living in the L.A. house, working as houseboy. “See, me and Jamie are best mates now,” Nate said, his eyes shining “He’s a great guy and a terrific surfer, so gorgeous too and … well …” “… and you’re a bit in love with him,” Hassan smiled. Nate blushed … “More than a bit, sir.” Embarrassed, Nate averted his eyes and concentrated on cleaning the room while Hassan smiled down at him with growing affection ************* In the time they had known each other the boys had quickly developed a deep friendship and now, as they played boisterously in the surf, Nate was helping Jamie recover from the emotional and physical ordeal of being punished by Mark. And yet, as they trudge back up the beach that painful event still resonated and the boys watched Mark warily and with some trepidation. But Mark’s smile and light-hearted tone helped to dispel their fears. “Now I just wanna say one thing, guys. You know that Randy and I don’t always see eye-to-eye but he has one rule that I firmly agree with. When a guy steps out of line, once he has taken his punishment the thing’s over. You screw up, get punished, and that’s it … get on with your life. OK? Now, I don’t know about you all but I’m starved, so what say we walk into the village and grab some dinner?” There was an audible sigh of relief all round and they quickly pulled on some clothes. “Hey, Nate,” Mark said, “you sure did a number on the shack. The only time I’ve seen it this tidy is when you were up here that first time.” “Well, sir, it’s what I do … houseboy and all.” He grinned. “Plus this time Hassan gave me a whole lot of help.” Hassan smiled at him and ruffled his hair affectionately. The warmth between them was not lost on Mark who raised his eyebrows at Jamie with a wide-eyed grin. Mark walked ahead with his arm round Jamie in comfortable silence. There was a lot they wanted to say … and do … to each other but that would come later. Hassan and Nate walked together behind them, also in silence, but that was because Nate was still in awe of the gorgeous soldier and his shyness kicked in. But over plates of food in the small Mexican restaurant, and with the help of several Dos Equis beers, any reticence they felt quickly dissolved and the boys launched into enthusiastic tales about some of their surfing adventures in Australia. Hassan noted quietly how Nate’s eyes sparkled each time he brought up Adam’s name. Finally Mark called for silence and said, “Now, when we get back you boys still have to pitch your tent in the dunes, but then there’s gonna be a slight change of plans.” He fixed his eyes on Jamie. “Tonight I’m gonna sleep in the tent with Jamie. We two have a lot of, er … reconstruction to do, stuff to talk about, and it could take a long time … best part of the night, maybe.” Jamie blushed and Hassan murmured, “Hmm, `reconstruction’. That’s a new word for it.” Amid the laughter he looked at Nate. “You OK bunking in with me, Nate? It’s a big bed… promise I won’t crowd you. “Oh, crowding’s OK, sir,” and it was Nate’s turn to blush. *************** It had been an exhausting first day … first Mark and Hassan challenging each other in a re-enactment of their first sexual encounter, with its painful struggle for sexual supremacy … and then the disappearance of the boys and Jamie’s painful punishment by Mark. So they were all pretty much ready for bed as soon as they trudged back from dinner. Mark and Hassan sipped late-night drinks on the deck of the shack while the boys quickly erected their tent in the dunes and stuffed a mattress inside. They came back and stood before the men as if reporting for duty, waiting for orders. Mark’s impatience to be alone with his boy was palpable as he stood and put his hand behind Jamie’s neck, guiding him back to the dunes. He looked back over his shoulder and shouted, “‘Night, guys. Sleep well … or whatever…” When they reached the tent Mark and Jamie stood staring into each other’s eyes, their emotions overflowing as they recalled the events of the day, the fear they had felt and the pain they had caused each other. Mark smiled lightly, reached forward and ran the backs of his fingers over Jamie’s shirt, feeling the nipples underneath. Jamie inhaled sharply and flinched, still tender from the intense pain when Mark had squeezed them as he was helplessly tied to his surfboard. “Still sore, eh, kid?” Mark grinned. “Yes, sir, but it feels …” He looked down at his cock making a tent pole in his shorts. “Thought so,” Mark smiled. “Come on, kid, let’s hit the sack. Jamie quickly pulled off his T-shirt, dropped his shorts and stood naked in front of his master. Mark sighed and shook his head, gazing at his golden boy. “Oh, man, that is so fucking gorgeous … and to think I hurt you so bad …? But he shook off the regrets and pulled off his clothes. As he always did, Jamie gasped seeing his master, the stunning, muscular cop, naked. The words came out instinctively … “Sir, will you take me to bed?” They crawled into the tent and lay on the mattress on their sides facing each other, Mark’s head propped up on his elbow. “Sir, Jamie said hesitantly, I want to apologize again for …” “Sshh,” whispered Mark laying a finger on his lips. “Like I said, that’s over kiddo. I said things to you that I wish to god I never had. They were so cruel that I wouldn’t blame you if you’d stopped loving me.” Jamie’s eyes opened wide. “Never, sir. That would never happen. As a matter of fact …” Mark saw his boy blush, even though his face was lit only by the light of the moon filtering into the tent. “… as a matter of fact, sir, when I was tied to my board and you were hurting me I think I loved you more than ever. I loved being in your power, tied up, watching my master do whatever he wanted to me. It was like you owned me, sir. It was so hot … I loved it, even the pain.” “Yeah,” Mark smiled, touching Jamie’s nipples again. “Randy and Bob taught me all about that … and if you like we’ll do it again sometime. Like you said, I can do whatever I want to you … you’re my boy. And right now the thing I want to do is what I’ve wanted since the minute we got here today. Guess we just got a little sidetracked.” Jamie smiled and instinctively turned over on his back. Mark knelt over him, pushed his legs up and gazed down at the young blond face, stunningly beautiful in the silver light of the moon. “Yeah, that’s what I wanted. I wanted that face, that body … and that ass. This is not a punishment fuck, Jamie. This Diyarbakır Escort time, kiddo, it’s love.” He eased his cock into the soft, downy fur of the ass and pushed, sighing deeply as he felt his boy welcome him into the warm secret places that he knew so well. There was no sound except for their deep breathing and the distant hiss of waves breaking on the shore. Mark’s perfect body rose and fell over the boy, joining them physically and spiritually in a union where all other feelings … fear, anger, shame … faded into meaningless trivia. This was love … the kind of love that truly does conquer all. Their orgasms were not a climax … they were a beginning. When Mark came inside his boy and Jamie’s cum flowed over him there was no pause. Mark kept on fucking his boy and soon their juice flowed again. Neither was aware how many times they came, or how long their lovemaking lasted. Sometimes Mark lowered his body onto Jamie’s and they dozed, but when they woke Mark was still inside his boy and they fucked again. Eventually they did fall into a deep sleep, but not before the moonlight faded in the first fragile rays of dawn sunlight. ***************** When Mark and Jamie had walked away from the shack in the confident expectation of rekindling the embers of their love, they left behind two men who were on much less solid ground, men who were new to each other. After they had watched Mark and Jamie disappear over the dunes, Hassan and Nate turned and walked into the shack. Nate looked down at the bed they were to share and timidity gripped him, bordering on fear. Insecurity often makes a person take refuge in a comfort zone and so Nate reverted to his … being a houseboy. He avoided looking at Hassan and busied himself tidying the room, even though he had already tidied it a short while before. He folded clothes, cleared away bottles and glasses, and generally worked with such concentration that he had almost convinced himself he was alone in the room. Until he heard a throat clear and a deep voice say, “Nate.” He looked up and saw Hassan’s handsome face smiling at him. “Nate, would you mind stopping your houseboy act and paying a little attention to me? I’m beginning to think you don’t like me.” “Oh, no, sir,” Nate blurted out. “It’s not that … it’s not that at all … not at all.” “Good. OK then, time for bed, don’t you think?” Hassan pulled off his T-shirt, kicked off his sneakers and Nate gasped as he saw the muscular, olive-skinned soldier with the exotically beautiful face standing god-like before him, stripped to the waist in his faded fatigue pants. Nate’s knees went weak and he grabbed a corner of a table and turned his head away. “Nate?” Hassan asked gently. “What’s the matter?” Nate pulled himself together and willed himself back to the forthright Australian he had always been. “Well, sir, it’s just that …” his voice weakened. “… it’s just that you’re so far out of my league, sir.” Seeing Hassan’s puzzled frown Nate’s explanation poured out. “Sir, I love living with Jamie and Mark and all the other guys but I know they’re different from me `cause they’re all so incredibly beautiful. I still don’t understand why they all seem to like me, and especially how Jamie could have chosen me as his best mate. I mean, they could have anyone they wanted, yet they hired me as their houseboy. And now you, sir. You are absolutely in their league, sir … you are one of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen in my life, and now … and now I’m supposed to share a bed with you, sir? … with you! I don’t think I can, sir.” “Wow,” Hassan said as Nate ran out of steam. “So that’s it.” He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Nate down beside him. “Let me tell you something, kid. All my life I’ve been could-shouldered and rejected by guys because they were in awe of me or just plain jealous. I know how beautiful I am and it’s been a cross I’ve always born. Why do you think I live alone, tucked away in the Hollywood Hills and the only guys I socialize with are the guys in your house? And now here I am rejected once more. I was looking forward to getting to know you better, Nate, and now you won’t even share a bed with me. “Oh, sir, I didn’t mean …” But Hassan cut him off. “You sell yourself far too short, Nate. When I first saw you I was impressed by your good looks. You’re what I would call quietly handsome with a natural masculinity. You’re direct, unpretentious, no bullshit, with a great sense of humor … not to mention that hot young body now that you’ve been working out so hard. “See, Jamie and the other guys all have a glamorous aura about them. You’re not glamorous in that way, but I’m tired of glamor, tired of seeing it in the mirror. You’re the kind of hot young guy that anyone would be proud to call his own. So quit beating yourself up and get into bed. And don’t worry, I promise not to keep you awake. No touching if that’s what it takes, OK?” “OK, sir,” Nate grinned shyly. The `no touching’ thing he wasn’t sure about, but realized that’s the only way he would get any sleep. Again he watched in awe as Hassan pulled off his jeans and threw himself down on the bed, his body looking spectacular in just white boxer shorts. Nate modestly turned his back, stripped down to his briefs and climbed into bed, keeping a safe distance from Hassan. “See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Hassan laughed. Reassured by Hassan’s joking tone Nate said impulsively, “The only thing that’s hard right now is my cock, sir.” Hassan laughed even louder. “See, what did I say about that Aussie sense of humor?” Nate blushed at his own boldness and edged away a few more inches. Now for sleep … if only that roaring hard-on would go down. **************** He did sleep for a while, he thought … just a short while before he opened his eyes, suddenly wide awake, and listened to the steady breathing of the man sleeping beside him. His hard-on was still raging, probably hadn’t gone down even while he slept. Nate turned his head to the side, looked at the beautiful face with its eyes closed, but quickly turned back and looked straight up at the ceiling. Oh, shit … he would never get to sleep like this, he thought. Anyway, he needed to take a leak. Carefully, silently, he slid out of bed and went to the small rustic bathroom a few feet away and closed the door. It wasn’t easy to pee with his cock so rigid, but he finally did, then crammed his cock back in his briefs, opened the door … and stopped dead, gazing at the incredible sight. The same moon that right now was lighting Jamie’s face in the tent was streaming through the window blinds, striping the Marine’s near naked body with its silver light. It was a warm night and in his sleep Hassan had pushed the sheet down so it covered only his feet. The rest of his body was stretched out in the moonlight, his arms sprawled upwards above his head that lolled to one side. He was naked except for his white shorts that clung tightly to him because of the bulge of a sleeping erection. Nate gazed at the glorious image that reminded him of pornographic pictures he used to jack off to back in Sydney. His eyes focused on the bulging biceps of the stretched arms, then travelled down over his wide shoulders, the flare of his lats, the square slabs of his chest, the ridges of his washboard stomach and his slim waist. His gazed settled on the bulge in Hassan’s shorts, their lower edge tight round his rock-hard thighs. Nate felt himself go weak again. He had been right to think he couldn’t do this … sleep beside this incredible muscle-god. Maybe he should sleep on the floor. Nah, that would look stupid. The solution came by instinct, as he became aware that he had pulled his cock out of his briefs and he was stroking it hard. It would only take a few minutes of this before he would bust his load and get release. Then maybe he could sleep. He gasped softly and held his breath as Hassan stirred in his sleep. His body shifted a little and one of his arms moved down, the hand coming to rest lightly on the bulge in his shorts. He sighed deeply and then was still again. His movement had made the sinews of his spectacular body glint in the moonlight as the muscles rippled under the olive skin. Nate was lost in the erotic perfection of the naked Marine and he beat his meat in a frenzy until his body went rigid and he stifled a scream as a jet of cum blasted from is cock and splashed onto the floor, followed by another … and another. It took a huge effort to remain silent and to control his heaving breathing. He came back to reality and needed to get back in bed before he woke Hassan. He grabbed a towel, wiped his cock and pushed it back in his briefs. (The floor could wait `til the morning). When his breathing finally subsided he tiptoed over the floor to the bed, and eased himself ever-so-carefully in beside Hassan. He lay on his back eyes closed and waited for sleep to come. Then he heard the soft, deep voice. “Did you just jerk off looking at me, kid?” *************** Nate’s eyes jolted wide open. Busted! Hassan knew what he had done. Had he seen? Heard? He gulped and decided in his direct Aussie way to come clean. “Yes, sir …” he cleared his throat … “yes, sir, I did. I couldn’t sleep next to you `cause I had this raging boner and it wouldn’t go down, so I went to the bathroom and blew my wad just looking at you.” He fell silent, waiting for a reprimand, but instead he heard a laugh. “Well, good … it’s about time.” Nate turned to look at Hassan. “You knew I would do that, sir?” “Of course I did. Nate, I know the effect I have on guys … shit, I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen guys out of the corner of my eye beating their meat and cumming just looking at me … in the showers, in the gym. Hell, I was once in a meeting, bunch of us Marines sitting round a boardroom table, and I realized that one of the guys was staring at me, stroking Diyarbakır Escort Bayan his bulge under the table, and I saw him flinch as he shot his load into his pants. He didn’t know I knew, but I tell you it was damned hard to concentrate after that.” Nate laughed and the tension dissolved. “Anyway,” Hassan continued, “I’m glad you finally emptied your ball sac `cause now I can fuck you without you cumming the minute I enter you.” Nate winced, trying to get his mind round Hassan’s matter-of-fact statement. “You … you mean you’re gonna … you want to … fuck me, sir? Me?” Hassan laughed. “Sure I do, kid. Of course I do. I’ve wanted to do that ever since we drove up here. I’m just glad that Mark felt so bad about hurting Jamie that he chose to spend the night with him. The minute he asked me to share my bed with you my dick got hard.” Suddenly a thought occurred to him and he looked hard at Nate. “You do still get your ass fucked, don’t you, kid? After that drunken group sex thing we all did that time I thought you might have gone off the idea.” “Oh, no worries there. It still happens. Jamie was the first guy ever to fuck me, then Mark, and Adam my Aussie friend … and Randy of course.” “Yeah, Randy of course,” Hassan sighed. “No surprise there … he always has to show he’s boss by fucking every new guy who comes to the house.” “Oh I didn’t mind, sir. As a matter of fact it was awesome when he …” He trailed off in embarrassment. “When he what, kid?” Well sir, he said he wanted to juice things up a bit so he … he tied me to the bed and then fucked me … and it was great, sir.” “You liked that?” Nate blushed, but the vivid memory prompted him to explain. “See, sir, before I came here … like when I was in Australia … I never went with guys but I used to fantasize all the time. You know, videos, magazines, pictures, drawings … and I’d get off like that. And my fantasies got kind of extreme … like, leather, construction workers, cops … that’s one reason Mark is such an incredible turn-on … Randy too, when he fucked me in his work clothes. That’s why living in the house is so cool … all the guys there are like some pornographic fantasy. “Anyway, all those pictures in the magazines of macho guys getting tied up and whipped, that always made me shoot. But I guess my favorite was military guys in their uniforms … jeez that was so hot. I had a magazine that was all about a bunch of hot soldiers in some desert challenging each other, and they were wrestling and this young soldier lost and got his uniform ripped off. He was tied up and whipped and his ass was fucked by this gorgeous muscle-stud, a Marine he was … oh, sorry, sir.” He suddenly remembered he was talking to a Marine ….one more gorgeous than any he had ever seen in pictures. While Nate chattered on so eagerly Hassan was staring at him with a slight smile on his face. There was a lot more to this kid than met the eye … still waters running deep, he thought. He interrupted him. “Nate, did anyone ever tell you the story of how I met Mark, during the war, and I had to interrogate him, so I chained him to the wall and whipped him and fucked him?” “Yes, sir, Darius did. I know it must have been real rough and painful but … but I often jack off thinking about it. Sorry, sir.” Suddenly Hassan roused himself and jumped out of bed. Nate was stunned. “Oh, I’m sorry, sir. I was kind of running off at the mouth, wasn’t I? I don’t know why I told you all those things. It’s just that I …” “Quiet, boy!” Nate was shocked by the sudden harsh tone in Hassan’s voice. “Now you stay right where you are. You don’t move … is that clear?” “Yes, sir,” Nate said. He obeyed instantly, lying stiffly on his back, staring up at the ceiling, afraid that he had offended Hassan by letting his tongue run away with him. He was dimly aware of Hassan grabbing some clothes, taking them into the bathroom and closing the door. “Ah, hell,” Nate thought. “I guess I offended him. Shit, he’s gonna leave me on my own.” *************** As he lay there in the silence Nate was depressed and angry with himself for talking so much. But at the same time there was an atmosphere in the quiet room that was … suspenseful somehow, almost too quiet, as if something was about to happen. The moonlight filtering through the slatted window blinds gave the place an eerie, unreal feeling … reminding him almost of some of those pictures he had been talking about … talking too much, it seemed, and he cursed himself again. As the minutes dragged on he began to feel uneasy and his mind started playing tricks. Part of him wanted to leave but he knew that he couldn’t … he had been forbidden to move. It was almost like he was a prisoner, even though he was not tied up. He took the risk of moving his head and looked up over his shoulder. He wished he hadn’t. He inhaled sharply as he saw some lengths of rope wrapped loosely round the bedposts. He frowned, then it dawned on him that they must have been left over from when Mark and Jamie were last here, when no doubt Mark had tied Jamie to the bed and fucked him. Nate’s nervousness increased, but at the same time he felt a stirring in his cock. Time dragged on, and then … he heard the creaking of the bathroom door as it opened. His body went rigid and he stared at the ceiling. He heard someone move and slowly he lowered his eyes. “Aaah!” He gasped at what he saw. Standing at the foot of the bed was a tall, heavily muscled Marine, with rugged square-cut features, an exotic mix of Arab and Asian. He was stunning, in khaki fatigue pants with a heavy belt at the narrow waist, the pants legs tucked into heavy military boots. He was wearing what looked like an old gray tank-top stretched over the slabs of his chest, and over that a ragged, sleeveless military shirt tucked into the narrow waist of his pants. Nate’s heart was beating so loudly he could hear it. His breathing was ragged and his cock was so hard that the head poked up above his briefs. This was a pornographic picture come to life, a macho military icon more erotic than anything in his wildest imagination. The Marine folded his arms across his chest and Nate made a huge effort to stop himself blowing his load right there. He drifted into a different world, like stepping into one of his erotic pictures, steeped in an atmosphere of menace and intense male sexuality. He held his breath … and suddenly the soldier came to life. “OK,” he said in a detached, efficient manner, “you’re next, boy. Shit you’re younger than the others. Still, no need to be scared, boy, just as long as you obey orders and tell me what I need to know.” He moved to the head of the bed. “Good … ropes still here from the last one.” He grabbed Nate’s right wrist, yanked his arm up and out to the bedpost and quickly tied it tight. He moved over and did the same to his other wrist, so the boy’s arms were now stretched upward and he was spread-eagled helplessly on the bed. The Marine stood back and surveyed his prisoner with satisfaction. “Yeah, that’ll do fine. Shit, you’re a good looking young stud. I’m gonna enjoy working you over. Still, that won’t be necessary if you tell me what I ask right away. Man, the guy before you was tough. Worked on him for a couple of hours before I broke him and he screamed for mercy.” Nate’s eyes opened wide with awe as the solider quickly ripped open his shirt and pulled it off, the muscles of his upper body bulging under the sweat-stained old tank top. He folded his arms across his chest. “So, kid, where are your two buddies you came here with?” Nate’s mind was reeling. This was exactly his fantasy come to life … but was it real or still a fantasy? There flashed into his whirling thoughts Darius’s voice saying, “Yeah, but it’s only good if it feels like the real thing.” This felt like the real thing but it wasn’t good. He felt scared and he had lost his erection. But in spite of all this he instinctively knew that above all he mustn’t tell the solider what he wanted to know. So he stared up at the spectacular man towering over him and stayed silent. “OK, boy, it that’s the way you want to play this. No sweat for me … it’s what I’m paid to do.” His next move caused Nate to panic. The Marine was unbuckling his belt and sliding it out of his pants. “No!” Nate yelled and began to struggle desperately to get free, pulling frantically against the ropes, his body twisting and writhing on the bed. He heard the Marine say, “Oh yeah, now that looks wild, boy. Just what turns me on. I like it when they struggle and scream. Makes my job more interesting.” In his blind panic Nate recalled Randy’s advice to him … “never let a guy tie you up unless you know him well and trust him.” And here he was at the mercy of a man who had been a military interrogator, who had captured Mark, chained and tortured him. He had lusted so much for Mark that he had threatened to drag him to his remote desert house and keep him captive as a sex slave. And now this same man, whose job had been to torture one enemy soldier after another, had tied him up and was about to torture him in some sadistic sex game. Terrified, Nate looked at the belt hanging from the soldier’s right hand as he stood beside the bed. The soldier reached forward with his left hand and Nate flinched and closed his eyes, waiting. But then … he felt the back of the hand stroke against his cheek ever so gently. He opened his eyes and saw soft brown eyes looking down at him with tenderness and a slight smile. Suddenly Nate understood … and his panic subsided. This was Hassan, Nate’s picture-perfect erotic image of a handsome, muscular soldier … the man who had listened to his fantasies …and who was right now making his dreams come to life. The boy’s fear disappeared, replaced by an exhilaration of a kind he had never felt before. He was into the fantasy, deep in. Escort Diyarbakır `It has to feel real,’ Darius had said. And so it did. He was the bound young soldier in the picture, and he knew what the soldier would have done “One last chance for you to talk, boy,” the Marine growled. Nate looked up at him defiantly. “Go fuck yourself, soldier.” “OK, boy. You asked for it.” The Marine raised his arm and brought the belt sharply across the boy’s chest. Nate gasped and flexed, surprised by how much it stung. But he realized that this was not a real blow, not something that really hurt. His feeling of anger and defiance was real now as he stared up at his captor and sneered, “Fuck you, asshole.” So the whipping began in earnest … rather a ritual, symbolic flogging, with nothing like the force that Hassan had used on Mark all those years ago. Lash after lash fell across the boy’s chest and his lean young body writhed under them. The feel and sound of the belt, and the sight of the powerful Marine were all incredibly erotic and his cock strained under his briefs. But eventually his stinging chest began to hurt … it was becoming too much … too real. He heard the Marine’s words. “You can make it stop, boy. You can trade the whip for a good fuck up the ass. Just say the word.” “Fuck you, man. My ass has never been fucked. No man’s ever gonna do that, especially not you, asshole.” The soldier’s eyes glinted. “Oh, no … you don’t get to fuck with me like that, boy. Look at me,” and he held out his arms and flexed his muscles. “Do I look like a man who takes shit from a helpless little fucker like you? No, you’re gonna beg me to fuck that virgin ass, boy.” He raised his arm and delivered one last lash of the belt, hard this time, smashing across Nate’s chest and taking him over his limit.” This was real … the pain was far too much and he screamed, “OK! OK, I give up. I submit. No more whipping, please. Fuck my ass, soldier. I beg you, fuck my ass … sir.” The soldier smiled and threw down the belt. Staring down at the boy he reached up, pulled his tank over his head and threw it aside. Nate gasped as he saw the Marine shirtless, his magnificent torso tapering from his broad shoulders down to the tight waist of his fatigues, legs astride in heavy, laced combat boots. God he wanted the soldier to fuck him. Nate gasped as the man suddenly reached down and forcibly ripped his briefs clean off him. He yanked his huge rod out of his pants and said, “OK, boy, so you’ve never been fucked before. Well, I gotta tell you, I don’t break new guys in easy … I don’t do nice and easy. Virgin ass or not, I do this.” He threw Nate’s legs in the air, knelt on the bed … and plunged his cock deep into his hole, forcing it viciously into the hot cauldron of Nate’s ass. The shock and the pain made Nate scream. It was like the first time … it really was as if he had never been fucked before. He opened his eyes and saw the incredible body of the Marine rising over him, impaling him on his iron rod as it pistoned inside him. He couldn’t breathe, he thought he would pass out. He flashed on that young soldier in the picture, roped to the bed being tortured by the spectacular Marine, getting his ass hammered again and again by the merciless cock. But still the defiant young soldier refused to submit. He gazed up at the Marine and yelled, “Go ahead, soldier. Fuck that ass … torture it … you’ll never break me, man.” “You don’t think so?” the Marine sneered. “There’s more than one way to break a guy … and I always do break them, boy. Now it’s your turn. And this is how I do it.” He plunged his cock deep inside Nate’s ass, then pulled all the way out and smashed it in again. All the way out, then … a slow, gentle easing all the way back in. A few more jackhammer blows and suddenly a long, long caress into the ravaged ass. Nate was being driven wild, never knowing when the pole would pierce him and when the huge cock would tenderly massage his ass. He loved the tenderness … and longed for the jackhammer. He looked up at the spectacular face, black hair falling over his forehead, sweat running over his rugged features. Their eyes met and Hassan knew he had him. “You’re finished, boy,” he sneered. “I’ve broken you.” He pulled back, then impaled the ass savagely one last time. Nate’s body jolted, went rigid and his cock exploded in streams of hot cum all over his bound, writhing young body as he screamed, “I submit, sir … I submit!” Hassan’s body heaved as he gazed down at the sobbing boy, semen streaming over his face and chest. Hassan’s cock was still inside him as he reached forward and quickly untied his wrists. He smiled down at Nate. “You OK, kid?” “Oh, sir … I …I” “You know I still have to cum, don’t you? Let me feel your hands on my body.” In a daze … more like a dream … Nate reached up and ran his hands over the Marine’s beautiful face, then down over the neck, and he pressed his palms on the slabs of Hassan’s chest as it rose and fell over him. The sensation of the cock sliding into his ass was exquisite. “Sir,” he moaned, “sir, that feels … aaah … sir, I love you. Please, sir, let me feel your juice in my ass … please.” Hassan smiled. “OK, kiddo, here it comes,” and his semen began flowing into the tender young ass. Nate felt it and couldn’t hold back. He dug his fingers into Hassan’s chest and, even though he had cum twice, his cock shuddered again and creamy liquid pumped out over his already cum-soaked body. **************** Minutes later Nate was lying quietly in Hassan’s arms and Hassan asked him, “Hey, when Darius told you the story of me and Mark, did he mention that in the heat of our passion, when Mark was still my prisoner, I said I would smuggle him out of the prison, take him to my house in the desert and chain him up so he would belong to me forever … my sex slave?” “He did tell me that sir. Is that what you want to do with me, sir? I think that would be cool.” Hassan laughed. “No kid, that’s in the world of fantasy. But now that we’re back in the real world, there is something you can tell me. I know you work all the time as houseboy for the guys, but what are your lightest days?” Surprised by the question out of the blue, Nate said, “Oh that’s easy, sir. The weekends are my busiest when the guys are all there, but Wednesday and Thursday are the lightest.” “Hmm. Well I was wondering. If I can clear it with Bob, do you think you could come over and clean my place on Wednesdays? I can be a messy kinda guy and the place gets real untidy. And maybe sometimes you could even stay over Wednesday night and go back next morning. Might be fun. I’ve got all kinds of military gear … you know, drill kit, dress uniforms, fatigues, workout gear. Thought you might get off on it.” Nate’s eyes sparkled. “Sir, that would be awesome. I’d do a real good job for you.” “Oh I know you would, kid,” Hassan laughed. “I’d make damn sure of that. OK, now sleep.” Nate sighed and as he drifted off to sleep in Hassan’s arms there was a smile on his face. He wouldn’t be needing those pictures and magazines anymore. He had it all right here. **************** “Hey, buddy,” Mark said to Hassan as they walked along the beach next morning, “Whatever the hell you did to that kid last night sure transformed him. He’s glowing … walking on air.” Hassan flashed a conspiratorial smile. “Hell, Mark, you should talk. You obviously made your peace with Jamie the way he smiles at you all the time. Guess you fucked his sweet ass most of the night.” “Pretty much,” Mark grinned, with satisfaction bordering on arrogance. “Hey, I wonder how the guys are getting on up at the lake? I had a strong feeling that Randy wanted some time out for him and Bob to `get re-acquainted’ as he calls it. I guess that means Randy reminding Bob who the boss is around there. Sure would like to be in the bushes watching that.” Hassan chuckled. “Yeah, well while they’re at it they better keep an eye on those boys of theirs. What did Zack call it, a `Truckload of Trouble’?” That boy of Randy’s, Pablo, is a handful … trying to grow up to be just like Randy. Thinks of himself as some kind of master-in-training … and it looks like he’s practicing on the twins. Wonder how that’s working out for them.” “Talking of keeping an eye on their boys,” Mark said, “where the fuck are ours?” They had reached the shack and, just like before, Jamie and Nate were nowhere in sight. “Shit damn, if they’ve …” “Hey, chill, buddy.” Hassan put a restraining hand on his arms. “Listen.” From over the nearest dune came the unmistakable sound of laughter. The men quickly scrambled up the dune and looked down into the sandy hollow, with smiles spreading over their faces. “Holy shit,” Hassan said, “will you look at that?” One of the surfboards was on the ground and Nate was lying on it on his back. His arms were stretched up and tied to the curved fin, just as Jamie’s had been when Mark had punished him. The boys were obviously trying to duplicate that bondage scene … but it wasn’t working. Trouble was Jamie was unable to resist Nate’s upstretched armpits and was tickling them unmercifully. Nate was screaming with laughter and frustration … “Stop … no, stop it, mate. You wait ’til I get free, dude…I’ll get you for this.” His helpless laughter was infectious and Jamie’s hilarity was irrepressible as he tickled him harder. And to hell with any pretense of re-living the punishment bondage scene. These two were best mates after all … still celebrating after one of the best nights of their lives. ******************* TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” … Chapter 138 Hi guys, this is Rob Williams. I hope that chapter got you off, and I welcome your comments and suggestions, which can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at rw6789@aol. I always reply. ALSO, I urge you to visit my Web-site gth. You can read the whole story, all the many chapters, with extras, including pictures and biographies of all the characters and some other great artwork. Click on the `Our Story’ tab to read the current chapter, or click on the green button to browse all the chapter synopses. Enjoy! Rob Williams

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