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The Workout

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Jen put on her skin-tight, black workout-leggings over a thin thong. A sports bra and tight sports top followed as she examined herself in the full length mirror hanging from the back of her bedroom door. As she adjusted her hair with flicks of her fingers, she noticed how the stretchy legging material just barely silhouetted the mounds of her labia, as she turned sideways to verify that no panty lines disrupted the smooth round curve of her hips and ass. Jen is comfortable with her age and the womanliness of her body. She is firm and fit, but not without a thin coating of soft, smooth flesh, which makes her just a little bit curvy. Satisfied, she left the bedroom and headed toward the door.

“Honey, I’m going to the gym to work off some steam. Be back in about 2 hrs,” she called down the stairs.

“Uhh, O.K. Hon,” is all she heard from the basement. The 2007 NCAA championship game was on, Florida vs. Ohio State, and she could be sure that he wasn’t moving from ‘that chair’ for the duration of the game. She’d tried before to compete against his other interests and resigned herself that though she loved him, and would never leave him, he would never understand the insatiable burning she felt to be passionate with open abandon.

She’d already concluded that it wasn’t really his fault. People change and over the years, Jen became more in tune with her sensuality while he did not. You can’t instruct instinct into someone and Jen had grown into a very instinctual, sensitive lover who is in tune with the energy of her body and that of her partner’s. Being instinctual and sensitive requires vulnerability and openness, neither of which can be sustained without reciprocity.

Inevitably, she sought out and found other avenues.

The warm, spring air hit her as she stepped out through the door. She noticed the sweet smell of the cherry blossoms and pear trees, and thought to herself that the scent had become more pungent in the evening air. She got into her car, adjusted the rear view mirror, took a deep breath and drove away smiling.

Jen wasn’t going to the gym that night. No weight machine, no treadmill or aerobic trainer could do for her what she needed. Chatting online earlier with her lover had aroused her passions. She thought of his slender, muscular torso, his firm ass and the modest tuft of hair that leads down his belly. Jen’s skin was afire and tingling and her stomach ached, as if she hadn’t eaten all day, in anticipation.

‘2 hours,’ she thought to herself. ‘That’s 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back which leaves almost an hour and a half.’ She tried her best to concentrate on driving, and not running into someone or something, but her distracting thoughts of her lover were her making her wet. As she drove, her throbbing clit demanded attention, so she gently stroked herself through her already damp pants, but not enough to bring her to a climax.

The existence of the Championship game gave them plenty of opportunity to plan out that evening’s rendezvous. She headed straight for the motel across town where Tony would be waiting. ‘Room 7,’ she thought as she drove. She chucked to herself recalling that she remembered the room number by tying, ‘seven’ to ‘heaven’, ‘seven’, ‘heaven’ she thought and smiled as she turned into the parking lot.

Jen found the hotel room door unlocked and with a slight announcement, she walked in. Tony was reclining back on the bed. The covers were thrown to the floor and he laid there naked with only a thin bed sheet loosely covering him from his hips down. She closed the door behind her and walked toward him.

She loved Tony’s smile and his eyes. Without a sound, they spoke of his passion for her. Slow jazz was coming from the clock radio on the bed stand to the right.

“Strip for me slowly,” Tony said in a way that was equal parts request and suggestion. Jen started to sway her hips slowly to the rhythm. She closed her eyes and raised her arms outstretched over her head and then gradually brought them down to her temples. She dragged her hair back away from her face and swooshed her head back, letting her thick, long, brown hair tickle the back of her shoulders.

Still Belek travesti swaying with her eyes closed, Jen brought her hands to the sides of her chest and gave her full breasts a squeeze, then grabbed her sports top at her ribcage and peeled it, and her sports bra, off over her head and threw them to the floor. Her open hands returned to her breasts and she rubbed her erect, sensitive nipples with just the palms of her hands. For the first time since her dance started, Jen opened her eyes and locked onto Tony’s gaze. Tony’s hard-on was quite visible through the thin material of the white bed sheet and as Tony stared back into Jen’s eyes, he slowly traced the length of his cock with the fingertips of his right hand.

Tony sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. Now sitting, he said, “Come over here. Come closer.”

Jen smiled and sauntered with the beat closer to Tony, while she hooked her thumbs under the elastic waist band of her workout pants. She peeled them down off her hips and down her thighs, leaving just the thong. She stepped out of them and left them jumbled on the floor as she arrived close to the bedside, just beyond his reach. She took a step to the left, separating her stance, and gyrated her thong strapped pussy and hips before Tony’s face. Jen spun around with her back now to him and took a dramatic wide step to the right and bent quickly forward at the hips, whipping her long hair forward over her head. The soaked thong was nestled up between the mounds of her smooth, shaved pussy as she looked back between her legs at Tony and reached her hand, outstretched calling for his touch, through her legs. When he reached for her, she smiled and quickly retracted her offered hand, but left it resting on the exposed flesh of her labia. Jen’s breath was very deep and audible now. She rubbed her self in long stokes ending at her wrist and finally gasping her breath, she pushed the thong aside and buried one, then two fingers deep inside of her.

“Oh my God, you are so incredible. You are so sexy,” Tony said in a low lustful voice. The sound of his voice sent shivers down her spine.

She quickly fingered herself 4 or 5 times and she moaned, “I’m SO horney, I want you to touch me SO badly”.

Tony stood up from the bed and moved behind her. He pushed his rock-hard cock down with his hand and placed it between her legs; resting it between her thong and her hand. Jen brought her legs together and tightly squeezed her milky thighs and ass, engulfing both Tony and her hand in her soft flesh. He placed his hands on her waist and slowly guided her torso more upright as he slid his hands up the side of her torso to her breasts. Tony gently cupped a breast in the palm of each hand while he lightly rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

The silky material of her thong and the wetness still present on her hands allowed Tony’s cock, which rode long strokes against Jen’s fully aroused clit, to slide easily between her clenched thighs. Their hips moved slowly, still moving to the slow jazz beat. Jen looked down and watched excitedly as the head of Tony’s cock pushed out beyond her body into her cupped palm, as she shuddered with her first orgasm.

Not wanting to cum too soon, Tony pulled back and guided Jen to the bed. He positioned her on all fours, and kneeling next to her on the bed, he started stroking her left inner thigh and the back of her calf. On an up stroke up her thigh, he reached up between her legs, letting his hand trace up over Jen’s belly and beyond, just barely touching the bottom of her suspended breasts and nipples. When he reached as far as he could, he pressed his forearm firmly against her pelvis, lifting Jen’s weight slightly from the bed. Tony flexed his forearm as Jen rolled her pelvis against the firmness of his muscle. With his hand open and his fingers spread wide to support her firm, spasming abs, Tony flexed his upper arm. His bicep became engulfed on either side by the cheeks of Jen’s ass, which squeezed in unison with her abs each time Jen’s clit rolled over the rock-hard belly of Tony’s forearm.

With Jen still on her knees, Tony moved behind Kemer travesti her, his legs straddled hers, and their feet intermingled. Placing his hands on her hips, Tony slid his hands to her waist encouraging Jen up off of her hands. As she rose up, he took her wrists in his hands and wrapped her arms back along side both of their bodies and left her hands resting on his muscular ass. This arched Jen backwards and she let her head fall back onto his shoulder, her hair tickling his upper chest and nipples.

Tony rose onto his knees to match her position, as he pressed himself into Jen’s soft, round ass. Jen could feel Tony’s cock glide along her ass crease as they moved their bodies in unison, her ass gently massaging his cock as his hands explored the bottom on her rib cage and the side of her full, firm breasts. Jen moved her right hand to form the top of a love tunnel between her ass and her hand as Tony’s hand slipped slowly down her flat, soft belly and glided over her clit settling between her thighs.

They were giving, sensitive and empathetic lovers. As a matter of fact, this quality is what they both appreciated most about each other. They both seemed to know just how, where and when to touch, and not to touch, each other without a word ever spoken between them. They both took as much pleasure, maybe more, from discovering new ways to please the other as they did in being pleased. This open, selfless giving, freed them to focus on the joy of giving and receiving pleasure in a way that was unique in both their sexual experiences.

The touch of Tony’s hand was at all times both intentional and sensitive. Every part of his hand worked independently; his palm massaged her pelvis just above her clit, his middle finger slid along the soaked, silky material of her thong covering her clit, and his side fingers tantalized the steaming, engorged flesh of her labia. Their bodies slowly pumped together in the air above their heels, while Jen doubled and tripled the frequency, grinding her ass along Tony’s cock, which was held deep between her cheeks by her right hand. Tony pushed aside Jen’s thong and started to end his right hand strokes with his fingers buried inside her. Their pace quickened and when Tony sensed Jen was close to the edge, he focused all the energy to his hand on her clit. Jen bucked back against Tony’s cock on one side and his hand on the other, as she came in a sustained orgasm.

Jen spun around on her knees facing Tony and gave him the first kiss of the evening. She pressed her lips softly against his, then she pulled back slightly and traced just inside of his waiting lips with the tip of her tongue, finishing with another soft kiss. She brought her hand to his mouth and explored his lips softly with her finger tips. He kissed them gently, reached up and guided her middle finger into his mouth; kissing and softly sucking it as it passed over his lips, and then he removed it and kissed the palm of her hand.

Jen guided her kisses down Tony’s neck to his chest. She tickled his right nipple with her tongue while she reached down and dragged her fingernails along the underbelly of his cock, which jerked up reaching out for her touch. With Tony still kneeling, Jen’s head continued its progress down Tony’s torso until she was resting back on her heals. She took both hands and dragged her fingernails up and down Tony’s cock, interrupted periodically by an occasional lick or kiss. She started sucking just the head at first, while using her extended tongue to lick the sensitive underbelly just below the head. Tony brought his hands to her head above her ears and raked his fingers back through her thick, brown hair, providing just enough connection for a little balance and for him to encourage her motions without taking control.

Jen was excellent with her mouth and Tony looked to the side so that he could watch her take him in. She started to take Tony deeper and deeper in long, suctioned strokes. Jen reached up with one hand and gently squeezed his balls, while she formed a ring at his base with the middle finger and thumb of the other hand. When her lips reached her hand, Jen slid her fingers Konyaaltı travesti up and down following her lips. Her pace now quickened and as she withdrew up his shaft, she started involving two fingers and then three, until she finally had her entire fist leading and following the path of her lips.

“Oh god, that feels so good.” Tony moaned. “Oh god. Yes. Oh yea, I’m getting close, Oh, yea.”

Jen let out a soft moan and intensified her actions. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” Tony said louder this time. Jen could feel his cock stiffen and the head expand in her mouth as she tasted the first drops of pre-cum.

“Oh .. god .. uhhh .. uhhh!,” was all Tony could finally get out as the first wave of cum hit the top of Jen’s mouth. She pulled Tony’s cock almost all the way out, only leaving the head in and returned to aggressively sucking and licking just the head and sensitive underbelly. Tony’s body spasmed as he fell backward onto the bed; his ass falling to his heels and his hands catching his reclined upper body. Jen continued to suck and lick. With her hand still on his balls and her mouth on his cock, she could still feel him pumping and his body still quivering, but nothing more was to come. She swallowed the last of it and crawled up his body and pushed him back onto the bed. Laying on top of him, Jen gave him a deep, sensual kiss.

Tony quickly rolled her over onto her back so that he was now lying on top of her. He returned the kiss and made his way down to her breasts. Her nipples were erect as he sucked each of them in turn. He licked and kissed the sides and undersides of her tits and then circled back to her nipples. His kisses proceeded past her diaphragm to her soft, sexy belly. He licked and sucked her belly button and repositioned himself with his body between her legs.

Tony gently bit and sucked her clit through the material of her thong, which was so drenched that it was like a translucent, second skin. He grabbed the sides of the thong and dragged it down her thighs and off past her feet. For the first time this evening, they were both completely naked. He followed her sweet scent back up past her knees, up her thighs to its source. As if preparing to take a first bite of an over ripe peach, Tony opened his mouth and lips widely and lapped her, slowly dragging his tongue and bottom lip up the length of her pussy as if trying not to miss a single drop. He then proceeded to lick her with long strokes of his tongue, starting at the bottom of her slit and ending circling her clit. He alternated from up the center of her slit to both sides of her swollen labia, each time wrapping her clit with his tongue at the end of each stroke and surprising her periodically by burying his tongue deep inside her.

Jen began to move with her own rhythm and Tony intuited from her motions what her body was telling him, ‘harder’ and ‘faster’. Tony quickened his pace, shortening his tongue strokes and spending more and more time sucking her erect clit between his lips and into his mouth. Now focusing completely on her clit, Tony entered Jen’s pussy with one and then two fingers of his right hand. He slowly pumped and twisted his fingers in and out of her and curled them up inside and massaged her g-spot while continuing to lick and suck Jen’s clit. Jen’s movements became faster and more and more intense and Tony matched her pacing as she twitched and came all over his chin and hand in a glorious orgasm.

Tony moved back up the bed to lie beside Jen. They rested in each other’s arms gently caressing each other and catching their breath. Jen looked at the clock and muttered, “Damn it, I’ve got to put myself together and start getting back.”

There was no argument from Tony. Their relationship was catch as catch can and had its proper place in both their lives. Neither of them would ever want to do anything to threaten their relationships with their spouses or family. This wouldn’t be the last time they’d meet, and so discretion and safety were always maintained. Better to survive and save it for another day of passionate fun.

They ended the evening just holding each other and tracing each other’s bodies with light touches of their finger tips. They sat naked on the edge of the bed, Jen’s bare ass nestled against Tony’s crotch, while Tony brushed Jen’s thick, brown hair. They quickly cleaned up, gave each other a long, sensual kiss good-bye and headed to back to their homes and families.

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The Video Store Ch. 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Jo was in the bathroom for about ten minutes, presumably doing the same thing I was trying to do with the hand sanitizer wipes behind the counter: make it look like we hadn’t just been fucking.

I wiped as much of the saliva and cum from the front of my shorts as I could, succeeding mostly in simply making it look like I had spilled something all over my crotch. In hindsight, khaki may not have been the best choice for the evening. Fortunately, I had a long t-shirt in my bag, and ran to the break room to put it on. It was just long enough to cover most of the wet spot in my shorts, and if I just stayed behind the counter for an hour or so I would probably be alright.

I met Jo exiting the women’s restroom as I walked out of the break room and smiled. She had cleaned up a whole lot better than I had, the dark color of her tiny skirt hiding any wetness, and she had fixed her ponytail and makeup. Even I couldn’t tell that just a few minutes before she had been choking on my cock while she came hard on my fingers. The thought made my cock twitch.

Jo smiled as she caught the motion in my shorts and lightly brushed her fingers across what was rapidly becoming a fully-fledged erection. She stepped closer, her breasts just touching my chest as she softly stroked my cock through the thin material.

“Hard again, I see,” she said through her smile.

“Can you blame me?”

I stepped into her, pushing her back against the wall beside the break room door, my hand dropping low, my fingers stroking against her pusssy.

“Wet again, I see,” I said. Jo moaned as I slipped my finger into her, feeling her body tremble between me and the wall.

“Can you blame me?” she breathed.

Her hand flew away from my cock as the door chimed, and I pushed her harder against the wall and slipped a second finger inside her, pushing them as far into her as I could reach.

“No,” I whispered in her ear before pulling my hand free and turning, stepping out to greet the customer as she caught her breath against the wall.

A college kid and his girlfriend had walked in and they browsed the DVDs as I busied myself behind the register. Jo stepped out from the break room/restroom alcove and came up next to me, picking up some DVDs from the return box and flipping through them.

“Dirty fucker,” she said. When I looked up, she was looking down at the DVDs, smiling. Her eyes twinkled with amusement, and she stuck her tongue out in my direction as I watched her. “Payback on that little stunt is gonna be a bitch, I hope you realize that.”

“Oh, I’m looking forward to it,” I replied with a grin. I looked up quickly to check where the young couple was in the store, then stepped slightly sideways toward Jo. “That,” I continued, slipping my hand under her ass and curling a finger up and into her pussy, “and making you cum all over my cock again.”

Jo giggled and moaned softly, grinding her hips back into my hand as we both watched for the couple. I moved my finger in and out quickly, the quiet sound of her wetness just audible as I frigged her. She gripped the DVDs, her task abandoned for the moment as she gave in to my hand.

I felt her pussy quiver around my fingers and knew she would cum soon. The young couple nodded to each other, their conversation lost over the expanse of the store, and the guy grabbed one of the new releases. Jo’s pussy clamped down on my finger and her eyes closed as she started cumming, either forgetting about the young couple or just not caring. They started towards us as I jammed my finger to the knuckle in Jo before pulling it out of her still cumming cunt.

Jo’s head dropped down and she backed up from the counter, her legs shaking and her grip too loose to hold the DVDs. They spilled everywhere, scattering across the floor behind the counter.

“Shit!” she called out, and gave in to her shaking legs, collapsing to her knees and hiding herself from the customers while she recovered.

“Find everything alright?” I called out as the couple approached the counter.

“Yeah.” As the kid responded and handed the DVD over the counter, I felt Jo’s hands on my zipper, deftly pulling it down and fishing out my rapidly inflating cock. Her hands began to stroke my length as I cleared my throat and tapped the keyboard to wake up the computer.

“Phone number?” I asked. As the guy rattled off some digits I felt Jo’s lips close over the head of my cock and slide down the length. Her tongue slid across the underside of the shaft as I waited for the kid’s account to load and I nearly groaned aloud.

I coughed and shifted a bit, using the motion to force my cock farther down Jo’s throat.

“There’s a three dollar late fee. Would you like to pay that now, or hold it over until next time?” Jo shifted, going from her knees to a crouch smoothly, never losing stride as she sucked my cock, dropping one of her hands to her pussy and shoving two fingers inside.

“I’ll pay now,” he said, and handed me his debit card.

“Total Üçyol travesti is six-fifty,” I replied, swiping the card, swaying my body slightly as I did, allowing me to pull out of Jo’s mouth a bit and then thrust back in, the swollen head of my cock bumping against the back of her throat. I handed him a pen.

The register spit out a receipt, and I handed him that as well, pulling off a second as he signed. I thanked him for his patronage and handed him his copy.

“Jo, would you mind handing them their DVD?” I asked, taking the movie and holding it below the counter and off to the side so it would look like she wasn’t crouched in front of me with my cock jammed down her throat.

She pulled off quickly, using her finger to push a bit of saliva back into her mouth.

“No problem!” she said, and grabbed the DVD from my hand, scooting over a bit before standing and walking to the side of the counter on the other side of the anti-theft device and holding out the movie. “It’s due back on Tuesday,” she added cheerily.

The couple thanked her, the girl grabbing the DVD as they walked out of the store. Jo stayed at that part of the counter as the door swung shut and I stepped up behind her, throwing her skirt up over her ass and guiding my cock into her soaked pussy before the couple had even cleared the second set of doors.

“Oh Jesus!” she gasped. Her hands reached behind her, clamping onto my hips and pulling, dragging me deeper into her, her ass grinding back against me as she tried desperately to get as much of my cock as possible inside. “Make me cum on your cock again!”

I groaned in her ear and wrapped my arm around her waist, my hand finding her clit and rubbing hard as I fucked into her, my other hand circling her chest, sliding up under her shirt to pinch her nipple and pull her up until her back was pressed to my chest. I bit her softly on the back of her neck, hearing her moan as my cock plunged in and out and I enjoyed the incredibly sight of my length disappearing insider her, the perfect shape of her ass bouncing against my pelvis. One of Jo’s hands released my hip and captured the back of my neck, turning my face to her and she kissed me, biting gently at my lower lip as I fucked her hard.

“I’m gonna cum,” she whispered into my mouth. I pounded harder, feeling and hearing her deep moan against my lips, the tight vice of her pussy clenching against my cock, her hand gripping the back of my neck. I stared into her eyes and she stared back, never breaking eye contact as her orgasm caught her, pulled her into nowhere, made her legs shake and her pussy clamp down on my cock. “Oh fuck,” she cried, her eyes still boring into mine as she came hard, her legs giving out, held up by my arms. I pounded into her through her orgasm, my fingers fanning against her clit and pinching her nipple, twisting it and pulling gently.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck,” she groaned. Jo’s eyes lost focus, half closing as she fought to keep looking into mine, her breath caught, her face flushed and veins stood out on her neck as her orgasm continued to tear through her.

I slowed my pace, lessening the pressure on her clit and working my cock in and out almost gently, letting her recover. Her legs came back slowly, straightening shakily to hold her up again and I loosened my grip on her, letting her fall forward across the counter, gripping her hips and looking down to once more revel in the sight of my cock pumping in and out of her. She moaned again, her arms cradling her head as she enjoyed the sensation of a slow fuck, her breath almost back to normal.

She pushed herself off the counter and looked back at me over her shoulder, grinning as I fucked her.

“This job is turning out way better than I expected,” she joked, grinding her ass back into my thrust, burying my cock inside her and reaching back to catch my hip, holding me deep. “I think you should lay down,” she said, biting her lip.

I grinned at her and pulled out, backing up a bit and lying flat on my back. Jo turned and walked toward me, her wicked smile back again, her eyes going from mine to my throbbing cock, wet and glistening with her cum. She stepped over me, one foot on either side and lowered, crouching over me, one hand gripping my cock. She leaned back, using her free hand to support herself as she lowered, placing the head of my cock against her slick pussy lips, grinding up and down on it. She moaned as the head of my cock slid against her clit and raised up, pulling my cock back. And back.

She pulled it back farther than I expected, pulling the tip against her ass and sinking her weight on it, pushing the head in before I really realized what was happening. She gasped as she invaded herself, pushed my hard cock slowly up her own ass.

“Mmm, fuck,” she whispered as she sank lower and lower. The contrast to her pussy was amazing. I felt the tight ring of her ass glide lower and lower, the perfectly smooth inside of her Alanya Travesti gliding effortlessly along my cum-slicked cock. “You wanna cum in my ass?”

I groaned and thrust my hips upward, pushing even more of my cock into her. She gasped and grinned, rotating her hips, swirling my cock in her asshole.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she laughed. Her weight settled fully on my hips, my cock buried completely inside her tight, hot ass. Jo leaned forward, her hands on my chest and began to rock, gently and first, then picking up speed as she grew accustomed to the feeling my thick cock in her ass.

I licked my thumb and slipped it between us, sliding it under her clit so that she ground against it as she moved, gasping at the contact. She smiled at me and closed her eyes, her hands sliding up, pulling the hem of her tank top with, freeing her gorgeous breasts. They jiggled as she rocked, their soft firmness tantalizing and inviting. I cupped one with my free hand, squeezing and lightly pinching the nipple.

Jo began to rock more urgently, lifting as she rocked, my cock slipping out a bit and plunging back in with each movement. She moaned and her hands gripped my chest more tightly, her eyes opening and finding mine.

“Cum with me,” she groaned. “Cum in my ass, Carl. Cum in my ass when I cum. I’m gonna come soon. Are you ready?”

I nodded as the sensations built in my cock, my hips rising to meet each downward stroke of her hips, my thumb busily stroking her clit. Jo’s weight dropped, burying me inside her as she rolled her hips again and again, grinding my cock deeper in her ass. I groaned as my own orgasm neared, speeding my thumb against her swollen little nub.

She cried out and began to cum, her movements becoming jerky as she fucked against my cock, dropping to my chest, her hands cupping my face as she came. I grunted and thrust upward, burying my cock as deeply in her ass as I could and came hard, spraying into her.

“Oh fuck! I can feel you cumming in my ass! Oh, god!” Jo cried out into my mouth as she captured my lips with hers, her tongue and mine gliding against each other.

I gripped her ass with both hands, holding her against me as my orgasm subsided and we made out slowly, focusing only on each other’s lips as we both came down. She moved her hips slightly as we kissed, gently pushing me in and out of her ass, a much reduced repeat of what we had just done.

“I need to go to the bathroom again,” Jo said, smiling against my lips.

“Uh huh. That makes two of us.” We laughed and Jo raised back upright, pulling her legs up and crouching again. She grinned and winked at me as she clenched her sphincter around my cock, raising slowly, both pulling and pushing me out of her. I groaned at the sensation and watched her ass leave my cock, the tight ring practically kissing my tip as she stood and straightened her legs. Not a drop of cum escaped.

“I’m impressed,” I said as I sat up, bringing myself eye-level with her smooth pussy. On impulse, I leaned forward and ran my tongue quickly through the folds, flicking it off her clit and she jumped, laughing.

“Oh, no you don’t! Do not start something you’re not ready to finish!” She laughed and backed up quickly, playfully swatting the top of my head as she turned and walked sexily toward the bathroom, adjusting her skirt as she went. I whistled at her and she laughed again, looking back over her shoulder to flash me a brilliant smile.

I grinned back and reached for the wipes again, not bothering to get off the floor until I’d had a chance to clean my cock and slip it back into my shorts. Once again, I had to cover a wet spot with my long t-shirt and once again Jo looked flawless when she came back out of the bathroom.

The last couple of hours passed relatively quickly, the two of us talking about our usual subjects and a few new ones. Every now and then, we would share a wink or a smile while dealing with the few customers that came in. There was no awkwardness, and no regret. We were the same as ever, just now we knew that we could have great sex when we were alone.

Closing time came, and we dealt with a last-minute rush. I counted the register while Jo cleaned, and we locked up together. As she headed toward her car, Jo paused, grinned to herself and grabbed my hand. She pulled me with her to her car and opened the door, then stood in the gap between the car and open door and faced me.

“So, I was thinking,” she said.

“Ok,” I replied, using my tone to encourage her to continue.

“I get out of class at noon on Wednesday, and I’m not sure I want to wait until Friday night to get your cock in me again,” she replied.

“I’m comfortable with that,” I said, grinning.

“So, what about maybe having me over Wednesday some time?” as she spoke, Jo’s hands found my zipper again and fished my cock out. She sank to her knees, looking up at me, expecting an answer as her hands began to stroke me, jacking my cock in Konyaaltı travesti front of her lips.

“Well,” I said, making a show of deciding and weighing my options. “I get done at one, and I won’t have any homework because it’s a lecture course. I had planned to while away the afternoon pretending to work on my thesis, but I think maybe I could fit you in for a few hours.”

Jo smiled up at me, my cock bobbing in front of her mouth with each stroke of her soft hands.

“Good,” she said, and plunged her lips down over my cock. I gasped as she took my whole length and gripped my ass, pulling me down her throat and pushing me back, fucking her throat with my cock. I grasped the back of her neck and took over, my hips thrusting me in and out of her mouth, freeing her to pull her tits out and begin furiously pumping fingers in and out of her pussy as she pinched her nipples and swallowed my length.

I fucked slowly in and out of her mouth, the head of my cock pressing deeper into the back of her throat with each thrust. Jo moaned each time my cock bumped her tonsils, the vibration traveling my whole length and her tongue reaching out to brush my balls. Her fingers worked inside her pussy and I looked down into her eyes, seeing her nipples appear and disappear with the bobbing of her head.

I groaned and squeezed the back of her neck, pushing myself as deep as I dared as my orgasm began, a deep pulsing in my balls. Jo felt it coming and pulled hard on my hips, pushing my cock deeper, past her tonsils, my cock thickening with my orgasm and trapping me in her throat as I began to spray cum past her throat, firing it deep into her as the sensation caused her to cum on her fingers, a muffled moan reverberating around my cock.

As the last drop of my cum jetted down her throat, Jo pulled back, air sucking in through her nose as my cock cleared her airway and she continued sucking me, wrapping her hand around my shaft and stroking slowly as her tongue swirled around the head. She sucked me gently as I softened and she came down from her own orgasm, reaching her fingers up to me and feeding me her juices, smiling around my cock as I licked her fingers clean.

Jo let my cock fall from her lips and pulled her fingers back, tucking me away and carefully zipping my shorts back up. She stood and planted a soft kiss on my lips, flicking her tongue briefly against mine.

“Text me Wednesday,” she said, and plopped down in the seat of her ancient Oldsmobile, flashing her pussy at me as she settled behind the wheel.

“Definitely,” I replied with a smile, and shut the door for her.

I was actually able to concentrate on my homework for a couple hours when I got home. I got a lot done before falling asleep and dreaming about Wednesday.

The next morning, I got up and went for a jog, then showered and cruised through class, the beginning of a plan forming in my mind. After class, I went to the library and googled the nearest adult book store. One thing I’ve learned is that nearly every college town has a place to buy adult novelties, and I was planning on benefitting for the first time.

I left the library and walked a few blocks to the bus stop. A short bus ride and another couple blocks’ walking brought me to Bambi’s Books and Novelties. I stepped inside, showed the girl behind the counter my ID, and began to look around.

I found a few items that caught my interest, and the rest of my plan took shape. I grabbed the things I wanted and took them to the counter. The girl smiled at me as I walked up, a smile which broadened as she saw my selection. She was quite pretty, actually, a young blonde, probably just eighteen, with a slender figure, small hips and apple-sized tits that were trapped under her slightly too tight polo.

“Damn, dude,” she said, scanning the items. “Somebody’s having a damn good night.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for,” I said, smiling back at her.

“I have to check and make sure this one works before you buy it, if you don’t mind,” she said. She blushed slightly as she pulled some batteries out from under the counter and slotted them into one of my selections, clicking it on and off a couple of times before putting it back in the box. She left the batteries in and winked at me. “Free batteries for cute customers.”

I laughed and thanked her, handing her my card. She took it and swiped it, handing me the receipt to sign. She pulled my copy and scribbled something on it before handing it to me.

“I work Monday through Friday after three if you need to return anything. Just call if you have any problems,” she said, handing me my receipt. “Or if your night doesn’t go as well as you’re hoping,” she added with a bright grin and a light blush.

“Thanks, I’ll definitely call if anything comes up,” I said, returning the grin.

She bagged up my items as I spoke and handed me the bag.

“Good,” she said. “Have a good day!”

“You too,” I said as I walked out the door.

I walked half a block before I unfolded the receipt and looked at what she wrote.

“Give me a call if your lady-friend doesn’t like your picks! 555-0321 –Amber”

I chuckled to myself and stuffed the receipt in the bag, confident that Jo would actually love my picks.

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The Wind’s First Affair

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The wind softly enveloped itself within the lightly woven mesh of the pastel colored curtains that hung from ceiling to floor in the bedroom. On any other evening, the wind would have been forced to remain outside the comfort of the dimly lit room. Tonight though, he was allowed to enter, to be a part of and to dance with all who may encounter his presence. Tonight, the wind was able to enter another world, a world which before he had been denied entrance.

As the wind circled above the gently swaying light of the candle, it felt warmth. It was a warmth from the heat generated from the wax and fire as the wick gently shrunk as it burned. He felt a semi-familiar warmth that seemed to radiate from a connecting room. That heat seemed to be crawling into the bedroom from under a door leading from his current place to the remainder of the house. Nevertheless, the wind although intrigued by the somewhat familiar heat, continued to dance in unison with the glimmering light. He enjoyed dancing between the continuously changing shadows that flowed from the wall to ceiling, and onto the cold, uncovered floor.

As he slowly covered the room he ruffled the satin sheets that covered the giant sleigh bed that was obviously the focal point of the bedroom. He stopped after realizing the moved the sheets and sighed. Many a night he had come to windows similar to the one that was open this eve and he always found himself handcuffed. He could only watch as beautiful women and men slept, tossed, turned and made love above and under sheets much like these. Slowly and with much intention he took in every inch of the soft, slippery linens that covered this well carved bed. A massive bed that looked as though it had been taken straight from the heart of a great oak tree. His mind wandered as his curiosity peaked, wondering what kind of people inhabited and shared this bed, theses sheets.

Slowly he slid down off the now well ruffled sheets and on to the floor that was covered in large misshapen tiles causing it to resemble an old cobblestone sidewalk. It reminded him of old sidewalks where he had seen lovers saunter down, holding hands, exchanging glances and even at times stopping to steal a gentle kiss. The heat he remembered, coming off a couple he had embraced during a tryst they had taken, seemed to be that same heat which now gently flowed up from under the door that lead to the rest of the house.

Majestically he circled the room and danced with the candlelight once more. He weaved in and out of the curtain that covered his point of exit, and finally once more, he caressed himself with the satin sheets he longed to be wrapped in. Before sliding under the doorway and into the rest of the house, he looked back and checked the window opening assuring himself a safe exit. His current jaunt was the most fun he had experienced in a while, but he could not forget that getting cut off from the outside would almost certainly cause him to dissipate and become no more.

As he exited the room, he found himself having to push aside the heat that earlier had gently peaked his curiosity. As he wafted to the ceiling and circled the great room he found himself taking in every possible sensation he could. Inhaling deeply, he took in a familiar smell he had come across a time or two. The same smell he

had experienced the same time he had felt the heat of the kissing couple found on the cobblestone path. As he circled the dimly lit room, he encountered many a flickering candle light. He continued to feel a great warmth. As he looked around though, he knew that the few well lit candles could in no way put out this amount of warmth. The entire house was filled by this warmth and it didn’t come from, the illuminating light of many candles now in their later stages of being.

As he circled the room, he noticed a good amount of wax covering the hard wood floors. The

marble above the fireplace and even the well polished brass which held many of the candles atop the adjoining dining room table were covered in a waxy surface. Surveying further, he was taken aback as his ears were suddenly filled with a not so familiar sound. Where was it coming from? What made that sound that caused him to shiver as if he himself had been struck by the great North Wind himself. It was as if his soul was being squeezed by the familiar heat he had been searching for. Looking down, his eyes beheld an unfamiliar sight.

With his mighty strength, he was able to cause people to pull tight their coats, to chase after their head wear and even go back inside the comfort of their homes and put on more clothes, ear coverings. At times he laughed as people even decide to stay inside their homes and not challenge the winds great strength. This had become a way for him to punish the many that refused to let him enter their homes, into their lives, their secret places. He perceived their behaviors as a way to taunt the wind, to ridicule him. He thought they would Lara Travesti do this to snub him because he couldn’t bee seen. It was as if they even questioned his presence.

Never before had he gazed upon the nakedness of a person. I other than a tank top or occasional pair of shorts. This, time for some reason, he was taken aback. He drifted in slowly for a closer look and was able to make out a man who seemed to be lying face down on a large, beige colored couch. He was not still, but moving easily from side to side. But why was he moaning? And why were there two wineglasses, both empty, as was the

bottle that once held the soft remnants of a red alcohol that he could smell as he approached the half bare man. Intrigued, he floated down further to inspect this brand new sight. When in a sudden, he again experienced a feeling of surprise when he saw a much smaller hand come from under the mans armpit and wrap around his back.. The hand had long fingernails painted a bright red and they dug ever so gently, but with purpose into the naked back which had initially captured the winds curiosity. As the fingernails dug in with even more purpose, the blonde headed man raised his head and moaned. It was then that the wind saw the outline of a beautiful young woman underneath the half naked man. Now, even more shocked than before, the wind quickly fled back and crouched in the highest corner of the room as fast as he could gasping as he flew. His rapid movement caused one of the wineglasses to topple over onto the table, crashing onto the floor. He watched as it seemed to fall in slow motion, knowing he could not stop it from falling and praying that the two he saw would not be any more aware of his presence than he had wanted to let on to. The red liquid leapt onto the lightly colored hardwood floor as the crystal settled in pieces onto the floor which once was dry and clean. Both man and woman turned their heads quickly as they saw the soft light from their candles shift wildly and heard the crashing of the crystal which had been filled with the liquid they used to lessen their inhibitions. Two great sighs drew air out of the room and seemed to pull at the wind, desperately cowering atop the ceiling.

The man sat, torso uncovered and surveyed the room.

“Must have been the wind. Either that or we are steaming the room up to much.”

A short husky laugh escaped his throat as he glanced down at the beautiful woman who laid stretched out on the soft leather couch, shirt unbuttoned, bra intact, a bead of perspiration gently crawling from her

temple, down her cheek and behind her wonderfully soft jaw line.

“I left the bedroom window open. It is too beautiful a night to not allow the wind and the moonlight in to watch.” Her gentle voice soothed the fear that encompassed the wind. He had seen this woman before. He recognized her hair, her smell…THAT WAS IT!

The heat he remembered feeling from the bedroom and the scents he could not forget. It was HER. He could remember the last time he had held her hair in his misty hands, smelt her perfume as he encircled her. He had felt her heat that day when he was busy causing others to curse his insistence and to yell at him for causing them discomfort. He remembered looking down at her and watching her take him in. She walked at a much slower pace than the others who seemed to be running from him as he showed all his strength and power. He whipped around her head and she giggled where others had become incensed. He could still remember her raising her hands, her very light, body length coat, opening and her taking the deepest of breaths. She had been unable to see, but the wind had been only inches away from her lips, watching her as she drew a bit of him in to her lungs. He was amazed that day as he watched someone take a piece of him in, hold him within, and then exhale with the gentlest of movements. The smile that covered her face was etched into his memory. The feeling of the heat that flowed through him after she exhaled caused him to back away from her that day with an almost eerie uncertainty as to her power, her intentions, her ability to capture and control him.

Completely taken with the entire event, he remembered gently clearing her path that day as she walked to her destination. He swept away leaves and dirt with the same care one would hold an infant. He watched in awe as she continued to smile and respond to him as he would gently caress her long strands of hair…It was the same woman…he was seeing HER again.

Still trying to remain unnoticed, he sunk as deeply as he could into the corner of the ceiling and breathed slowly, easily as to not disturb anything else in the room. The woman he had been so intrigued with, stood and brushed back her hair from covering her face.

“I’ll go shut the window….”

She was even more intriguing now and her voice seemed sweeter than any song he had ever heard the birds sing Manavgat travesti during his time of travel from one place to another. Her voice mesmerized him and captured his total being.

As she disappeared into the bedroom the wind was quickly drawn back to the reality, that without an open window he would be trapped inside the house and quite possibly permanently separated from the rest of himself once cut off by the once open window pane. Never having been in this situation before he began to panic and fret. He rushed around the great room causing the other wine glass to fall, the candles to dart erratically back and forth. He darted past the man with no shirt causing him shudder with a sudden cold. In turn this caused him to tell the woman to

“Hurry and close that window”.

His not being familiar with the fear of losing his essence and his uncontrolled reaction to his fear caused the woman to move even more quickly to the window which she shut with one swift, effortless move of her hand.


Again, taken by the severity of the situation in which he found himself, he huddled into the corner of the room leaving the once dancing candle light to stand erect and cast a boring predictable shadow upon the walls of the bedroom. He would have to find another way out of this almost certain death trap. Before he could jet down and out the bedroom door, he noticed a presence darkening the doorway. THAT man, was leaning on the doorframe looking in on the lady who had captured his thoughts, his feelings. If he went out that way, he would be

detected, they would know he was still in the room. He couldn’t risk it. As he was thinking of his escape, he once again felt the heat that had drawn him into the great room from under the bedroom door.

As he turned towards the heat, he lost all feeling.

There she was, slowly removing her unbuttoned shirt. In slow motion, it fell from her shoulders, down her smooth back. The sheer material slid ever so softly down her arms. It hung for the slightest of seconds on her fingertips before she let it fall completely to the floor.

There she stood. A sight he had never been privy to see this close, in the same room. Both he and the man in the doorway were motionless, unable to move or even breathe. He heard the door close and as he turned he saw that the man was slowly approaching his beauty. He too now had on only the slightest bit of covering on his body. He was one piece of clothing away from being totally naked. Even the wind was able to notice the strength in the mans shoulders, his wide naked chest and well shaped biceps. A tapering waistline and what looked to be extremely strong legs were an emphasis of the mans desire to be in good physical shape. His breath shortened and his eyes seemed to widen as he approached his near naked beauty. Slowly he walked to her, his flat stomach moving in and out, a bit quicker than before. The wind stifled a gasp when he noticed the bulge in the mans loin covering as it started to swell and become even more accentuated.

As he again turned his eyes towards the woman, he noticed that she too was breathing at a more rapid pace. She had since, removed all her clothing except for her white satin and lace bra with matching thong. Her breasts were heaving now and it seemed as though they would cause the minute bit of clothing to burst under their pressure. He became perplexed as he saw the red patches of skin that began to cover her mid chest and the nape of her neck. Slowly, she raised her hand causing her lover to stop in his tracks.

She began to sway gently back and forth, side to side. A slow turn, and continued swaying caused the bulge in the mans jockeys to grow even more. The wind watched as she placed both her hands on the wall and flipped her head backwards causing her hair to cascade from her face landing softly on her back. Leaning forward, she placed her forehead on the wall. The palms of her hands now reaching back and covering her buttocks. The red paint on her nails stood out in dark contrast to her lightly colored but well shaped cheeks. She clawed gently into her ass and pulled her fingers slowly up her cheeks to her waist, lifting her fingers off her skin letting them come to rest on the snap on the back of her bra. Her lover and the wind were both mesmerized as she continued to brace her forehead on the wall and sway back and forth to the music playing in her head.

With the simplest of moves, her back became as bare as the rest of her body. Slowly her bra fell to the floor with her lovers eyes following every inch of the way. As the man’s eyes traced every inch of his prize up from her toes, to her well shaped calves, up her milky thighs, his eyes stopped at his lovers fingers which now covered her naked breasts. Sheer torture seemed to be the feeling as he began to walk towards the woman who was now grinning from ear to ear.

“Uh-Uh!”, escaped her swollen lips. “Not Side travesti yet.”

Slowly her hands left her breasts and both man and wind gasped as her nipples were exposed. Dry mouthed, her lover attempted to moan. The wind unable to contain himself exhaled directly at the woman. Her hair moved in unison with the wafts of air that flew past and threw her. The colder air caused her nipples to stand erect and the cooling sensation caused the woman to lean her head back and take in the opposing feelings of her warm sexual heat escaping every pore of her womanhood and the cooler air that had surprised her nakedness.

The wind not totally aware of his actions noticed her response and decided to make his move. Never before had he exhibited gentleness, often opting for a brutish, aggressive approach to meet his goal. The wind began to slowly circle the room causing the flickering lights to began a dance which now saw both shadow and fire dancing in unison. Both man and woman were lost in the cool air and the heat which escaped their naked bodies. The man unable to control himself rushed to his lover and swept her up off of her feet. Her legs wrapped forcefully around his naked waist and their lips collided with a passionate force. Their tongues were lost amongst the intensity of the feelings, the sensualness and the raw sex that had meshed with the passion of the wind. Both seemed to sense as though they were floating but neither wanted to risk opening their eyes and finding out the intensity wasn’t real. Their hands clamored at one another unable to fell, smell, or taste enough of the other.

The feeling of groundlessness was not only a sensation but a reality. The wind had wrapped the two lovers in its being and lifted them off the floor and placed them gently on the bed which he had played in wildly before. Without missing a beat the two lovers continued to take in each other, to kiss passionately and fondle confidently.

The young woman eased her way down her lovers chest. She gently kissed and tugged on each of his nipples causing him to squirm under her touch, to moan through her hair which was dispersed cross his face. Lower and lower she ventured stopping at the rim of his under coverings. She forcefully pulled them down across his thighs allowing his now swollen muscle to escape and stand erect at her command. Gently she lowered her head to the tip of his muscle which seemed to be begging for her tender touch. Slowly her mouth opened and her tongue began to escape. Covering the head softly, she slowly took him in to her mid mouth, past her tongue until he rested completely in her mouth. She rested there as her lover began to squirm, his hands grasping the head board where the wind was sitting and watching with awe. Gently her fingertips caressed his balls which were exuding heat. She fondled them until her lover begged for her to suck him to climax.

Slowly she lifted her head, sucking harder than she ever had before. The man felt as though she was going to lift him off the bed and cause him to explode before he was five minutes into their session of love making. As her mouth released the head of his organ, she looked longingly up to her lover, her mouth covered in wet.

With one swift move, the man turned his lover onto her back and straddled her with his well cut thighs. With more ease than he ever had exhibited before, he licked clean her lips and pushed back her golden hair. His hands covered first her delicate shoulders, moving down past her breasts and to the last bit of covering found on her body. With one hand on each side of her hips, he tugged quickly and forcefully causing her body to become totally naked while his lips never left hers. His swollen muscle felt of her well trimmed covering while his hands now slipped under her hips, pulling up slightly on her now naked ass. As he raised from her voluptuous lips, he directed his attention to her neck, right below her ear. As he kissed and suckled on her neck her heat became almost unbearable. The wind had now shifted and was covering the entire ceiling finding himself excited beyond his wildest dreams. He finally was apart of a sensual session of lovemaking. He wasn’t outside, he wasn’t just passing by, he was apart of it. He watched as the man continued to cover the womans neck with kisses and nibbles. The man seemed to intentionally avoid his lovers breasts. They heaved under his pressure and she moaned every time his hands which were exploring his body came close. Her nipples seemed as though they would tear wide open if they became any more swollen yet he continued to let them be. Even as the man licked gingerly down her naked chest, to her stomach and across her waistline, his hands never found her naked breast under his touch.

Not knowing what do to with his excitedness, the wind began to circle the room. As the man parted his lovers trembling thighs with his head, the wind watched as the woman arched her hips to meet his tongue. Her feet planted firmly on the bed she met his every lick with a moan and a flinching of her sexual muscles. Her hands flashed to the headboard where she clamored for a hold. She was sure she would fly away if she could not hold onto something solid and stable.

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The Waiting Game’s Reward

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Teen (18+)

It is dark outside. There’s a full moon tonight, hanging voluptuously low in the blue-black sky. It’s the kind of moon that makes you believe anything is possible and there are no limits to having what you desire. I have been waiting for you to arrive. I pace restlessly around the house, wineglass hanging forgotten in my hand. There’s a pattern now to my path. Bedroom to living room. Sit in the chair briefly. To the kitchen to look out the window of the back door. No headlights. Back to the chair to sit impatiently, fidgeting. Back into the bedroom…and over again it begins. Finally! I hear the crunching of the gravel as you pull up and park outside. My heart starts pounding and my mouth goes dry. I feel giddy. Almost light-headed. I go into the kitchen and see your lights go off. I set the wineglass down beside the sink and open the door. You make your way over to the stairs where I am waiting in the warm velvet dark.

“Hey baby.” Your deep voice gives me shivers as you come up the steps towards me. I go into your arms and feel the solid warmth of your body pressed against mine. And just like that all of the stress I’ve been carrying for the week is gone. I take you by the hand and lead you into the bedroom, and as soon as the door is closed I am in your arms, my mouth on yours. You pick me up, never breaking contact, and I wrap my legs around you as you walk to the bed. We fall onto the bed and you are pressed against me, body to body with my legs still wrapped around you. I feel you press into me and moan softly against your mouth. I think I will die if you do not fill me up with you soon… You thrust against me again, grinding me lightly and I almost cry at the intensity Bornova travesti of the feeling. I need you inside me right now. I fumble with your belt, and you take over, stripping quickly. You are erect and ready and you palm yourself a little as you watch me slide my bra down my shoulders. I love you watching me, and I watch the change in your eyes as I drop the bra to the floor and show you my bare breasts. I reach for the lace edge of my panties, but you stop me.

“Uh uh. I’m doing that.” You tell me with an intense look on your face as you go to your knees on the floor in front of me. Pulling the lace to the side you lower your head and breathe warm air over me. My own breath catches and my entire body tenses in anticipation. Goose bumps break out over my arms and legs, and I can feel myself becoming wetter.

“Do you want me?” You ask me. I can only nod at you.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you then.”

“Your mouth.” I say.

“What about my mouth?” You ask. Your voice is almost a growl. My own has gone dry and I’m hoarse when I answer.

“Please.” I whisper. I can hear the strain in my own voice. I see you lick your lips as your gaze shifts to my smooth mound and feel myself clench in response. You’re looking at my pussy as if it’s the best dessert you’ve ever laid eyes on, and seeing that expression on your face is about the hottest thing I have ever seen!

“Lie down and spread your legs.”

“Yes!” I breathe.

I watch you lower your mouth slowly, our eyes never breaking contact. I’m mesmerized watching you and watching you watch me as you slowly lick my outer lips. And then I feel you slide two fingers inside Buca travesti me. I’m ridiculously wet and I can’t stop the involuntary thrust of my hips to meet you. It’s instinctive. An automatic reaction to the intensity of the feeling that is already an unbearable ache. The sounds are erotic all by themselves. I am so wet, and the sound of your fingers sliding in and out of me makes a juicy noise. Hooking your thumbs into the soft lace above my hips, you strip the panties off me and then spread my legs a bit wider. You’re looking at me up the line of my body and I feel a jolt as your gaze connects with mine again.

“Raise your legs and spread them.”

I instantly do as you say.

“I want to suck on you.” You tell me and I know what you’re about to do. The anticipation alone makes me even wetter as you seal your mouth over me and suck gently.

“Oh my God!” I cry out as my legs go boneless and my knees fall backwards towards my chest.

“Good, baby?” You ask. But I am incapable of speech and can only moan as you lower your head again to place your flattened tongue against me to massage that tiny ball of fire. I can feel myself spiraling towards orgasm and it intensifies even more when you slide your fingers back inside me. My hips are bucking and my nipples are stiffened into nubbled peaks. We are in a rhythm…your mouth and tongue, your fingers, and my hips and all I want is to explode and release this pent up feeling.

“Come for me, Brandy!” You command and resume sucking. Instantly I feel it coming…the wave rolls up through my body and the sun explodes from my clit outward, waves of pleasure rippling over and over and making me clench Konak travesti and spasm as I melt into bonelessness. But we aren’t done. I sense your urgency. It is that primal urge to mate…to possess. You’re going to fuck me, and God I want you to! I am floating on a haze of endorphins as you slide up my body. The feel of your chest as it slides across my breasts is electric and I can feel myself spasm again in response. My nipples are incredibly sensitive and the hair on your chest keeps them at attention. I feel you slide against my lips, the head spreading them apart. I can’t help it, I’m spasming again. My hips bucking against yours in response. It’s so sensitive and I’m still so incredibly aroused.

And then I feel you sink into position. I am open and soaking wet, my lips wrapped around the head of your stone-hard dick as it presses against my opening. My body is tense with need. It’s the knowledge of what you are about to do and how it is going to feel when you do it. The anticipation is agony and I press upward, my mound against you, silently begging you to please, please, please fu… our eyes meet and I feel that electric connection between us blaze and then “Now!” You growl and slam into me hard and deep. You sink into me full length, the head hitting my cervix and drawing a scream of mixed pleasure and pain out of me. I sink my teeth into your shoulder as my orgasm rips through me, the center of me clamping and spasming around you as you fuck me hard, the slap of your body against mine reverberating through my very bones until you explode inside of me, nearly shouting my name as your own climax rages through you, leaving you spent and trembling in my arms.

“I’m sorry I bit you.” I murmur in quiet lassitude.

“It’s ok, baby, I earned it.”

I hear the grin in your voice as you say it. I fall asleep safe in your arms, my body imprinted with yours, the smile of a woman well and truly fucked by her man on my face.

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The Ultimate Editor

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I first met Linda over a year ago at the annual meeting for our local credit union. At that time we both were elected to the board of directors. As “junior” members we found ourselves in a whole new world of economic and legal issues. Running a business like a credit union is no simple task.

Linda was tall, striking and about my age. Her dazzling green eyes immediately caught my attention. She looked terrific in her navy business suit and silk blouse and I suspect she would look great in anything or nothing. Even though her skirt modestly touched her knee, when she sat I caught a glimpse of nicely toned legs. I wondered if she works out and if so, where? I needed to refocus as my thoughts went to sweaty bodies and maybe sharing a shower and towel.

About two weeks prior to the next meeting, I received a large packet in the mail. I remember the stack of paper was nearly an inch high. As I was staring at it, the phone rang and my “hello,” was countered with Linda saying, “Did you receive something interesting in the mail?”

“As a matter of fact, I just received a rather large packet in the mail. There is enough paper here to kill a forest. Have you had a chance to look through it?”

“I just started. What have we volunteered for?”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

“Want to meet and go through it?


We chose a convenient restaurant and during dinner tried to wade through the mound of paper. Although dinner was fine, reviewing the paperwork at the same time proved to be a bad idea. I proposed we alternate meeting in our homes where we could cook dinner and go through the material. Linda was agreeable so I suggested my place first.

That began our meetings on a monthly basis that have been going on for more than a year. Over time, we became more comfortable with each other and she started sharing more personal information. Linda had been married twice, no children, the first ended in divorce and the second husband died five years ago. She never talked much about them except to say the last one was older and died from cancer. Like her, I was divorced with no children.

Articulate, smart, and not afraid to speak her mind, Linda worked as an executive assistant for the president and CEO of a small manufacturing company. One of the things she frequently pointed out as we reviewed our board meeting material was the editing errors. She would find typos, syntax errors, and poorly written sentences. She would say, “I do so much editing at work that it’s second nature.”

I felt a bit intimidated and would double check my emails. But, sure enough, now and then she would point out an error. No malice, put down or anything else negative, just something she did. I will confess that secretly just once, I’d like to find an error in one of her emails. It’s never happened but I still hope.

After Linda and I completed the review of the board material, we would often discuss the events of the day. We progressed from talking over coffee to sharing a bottle of wine. We solved the problems of the world and visited every subject … except sex. She was more than willing to share her opinions and views. For the most part, we were in agreement. I knew she didn’t have a boyfriend and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go down that path just yet.

Recently, Linda and I were reviewing an audit report performed annually by a company the board has used for several years. We came across a page that caused her to exclaim, “Doesn’t anybody look this over before they send it out?” I must admit even I questioned what I was reading. I know from personal experience that funny things can happen with various word processors and sections of a sentence can just disappear. It appeared that’s what happened with this document. “Always an editor,” she laughed and I agreed.

Later that evening, after pouring the last drops of wine, I decided to take a big leap and asked Linda if she ever edited documents privately for other people. She replied “no” and asked what I had in mind. I told her I had written a story to submit to a website that featured erotic material but wanted it to be reviewed by someone with editing skills. “It’s just a story I’ve written for the fun of it but I know my writing skills could be more polished. “Would you lend your editing skills to my work?” I asked with caution. “I would feel better if someone else looked it over. If you’d be willing to at least look at it, I will send it to you in an email tonight. “After you read it and if you are comfortable with doing so, I would welcome your help. If not, that’s ok.” Linda paused, dropped her beautiful eyes and became quiet. I suddenly felt I’d crossed a line.

As Linda sipped her wine, I could see there was a lot going through her mind. I began to wish I hadn’t acted so impulsively. If she declines, I’ll blame the wine. Much to my relief and after what seemed to be torturous amount of silence, her eyes met mine. No smile. “I’m not sure about the erotic material but I’ll take a look for Esat travesti grammar and punctuation errors and let you know.”

That evening when I returned home, I did a quick read of my story and then sent it on to Linda. I included a note thanking her for her time looking at it, and hoped she would agree to provide her editing skills.

Two very long days passed with no emails or phone calls from Linda. I really felt I pushed too far and she would be angry, upset, and put off. Late in the evening of the third day, she called with quite an erotic narrative of her own.

“I almost decided not to edit the story but since it was from you I reconsidered. I gave your story a quick look when I first received it but only got as far as the first sex scene. It was pretty explicit and beyond my literary and personal experience. The steamiest thing I’ve ever read was a romance novel. I almost stopped then and there. But, since it was from you, I decided to read the entire story. It was a challenge because the content needed to be reviewed but the language affected me. I concluded the story was ok and there weren’t too many changes to be made. Since I knew what to expect language wise, I read it a second time to get a flow of the story. I just let it be and thought I would make my editing suggestions with you the next evening. Much to my surprise, that night I had the most restless sleep. It’s been a long time since I’ve slept with a man and your story unleashed a lot of repressed desires and thoughts. Tell me, do people really have sex like that?”

“That and more.” I could hear her catch her breath from my response. I was pleased and definitely surprised by her reaction and those of my own. My heart rate jumped and she had my full attention. In my excitement I asked, “Did the story turn you on?”

For a moment all I could hear was the sound of her quickened breathing. Then a reluctant yet committed, “Yes.”

“Did your read the story again tonight?”

“I just read it again before I called. I know this is crazy and so unlike me but uh, I am uh…”

“Turned on?”

Linda’s answer came much quicker this time, “Very. There is a lot of sex I evidently have missed and I have this uh, unfamiliar desire to uh …um… hear those words for myself.”

Aroused and encouraged I felt this was going in an unforeseen yet delightful direction. “I like hearing this from you. Your voice is warm and wanting. I would love to take you in my arms, feel your heart beating next to mine, and knowing this is something we both want and won’t resist.”

“Oh, yes, I want that, too. After we kiss, I want you touch me like in your story. I want to feel your hands move down my body, gently holding my breasts before moving down to pull my hips closer to yours and feel you hard and ready.”

My dick was in full erection mode now.

“Run your hands and fingers over your breasts and tell me if your nipples are hard.”

“Yes, they are.”

“Reach down and touch your pussy.”

I heard her gasp and then sigh. “Run your fingers between your lips. Enjoy the wetness.”

Another gasp. “How does your clit feel when you rub it?”


“Wouldn’t it be nice to feel my tongue all over your tits and clit?”

“I’ve never had that.”

“You’ve never had oral? How about tomorrow night we change that?”

“Oh my God, yes. That would be wonderful. My place at 7.”

“In the meantime, would you enjoy some phone sex?”

“I’ve never done that but it sounds like we’ve already begun. Keep going.”

“Are you comfortable masturbating.”

“I’ve done it a few times but I felt like it wasn’t something good girls do.”

“We need to change that thought. Nice girls not only do it, but enjoy it. I want you to run your hand all over your pussy. Picture in your mind that it’s my hand exploring you. Take your other hand and fondle your breasts. Enjoy their softness and how sensitive your nipples are. Now take the hand on your pussy and slide your fingers down your slit and push one deep into your cunt. Doesn’t…that…feel…wonderful?”

“Oh, yes,” came a soft and breathy reply.

“How I wish it were my fingers there right now, my cock is hard just thinking about it. Now, I want you to slide your finger out of your vagina and gently touch and stroke your clit.”

She began a quiet moan and her breathing became louder and gasping. Then, suddenly, her noises became more urgent and loud.

“Oh, yes, that’s it Linda!” I repeated as I could hear her get closer to climaxing.

“Oooohhhhh, yesssssssssssssss.!!” The words came deep from her throat and the sounds that followed were that of exhaustion and satisfaction.

After she recovered, I reminded her that tomorrow night there would be that and a whole lot more.

“I’m not sure if I will be able to sleep tonight.”

“Good. If you get horny, you know what to do.”

“Were you touching yourself during our conversation?”

“Yes, I was. I was stroking my cock Kızılay travesti and wishing it was your hand.”

“I like that image,” she said with a sigh, “I know I will be more than ready for you tomorrow.”

“I’m looking forward to undressing you.”

“Oh, me, too!!”

“See you tomorrow.”

As I drove over to Linda’s house, my thoughts were about the conversation and unexpected phone sex last night. I wondered if her suppressed feelings would erupt like a volcano and unleash a whole different woman. Based upon how she responded on the phone, I was looking forward to finding out. I arrived at the appointed time, and per her instructions, the door was unlocked. I walked in. I had been to her home many times but, this time, the setting was dark and inviting. The smell of the scented candles scattered around the room, filled the air and supplied the only light. It was a warm, romantic, and sensual atmosphere.

Candles were in a row atop the mantle outlining Linda as she stood in front of the glow from the fireplace. She was wearing a lovely short black dress complete with sheer black stockings and high heels. She looked amazing and I told her so.

I walked over, took Linda in my arms and kissed her inviting lips. She responded by opening her mouth and our tongues were soon engaged in their own dance. We held each other tight and I reached down pulling her pelvis into mine; my hard dick pushing into her.

As we continued to kiss, I reached down and slid my hand up her leg under her dress. Linda sighed and kissed me harder; shoving her tongue deep into my mouth. I caressed her breasts and she was practically panting. She was braless and her breast completely filled my hand; her erect nipples were pushing hard into my hand. She responded in kind and reached down to cup my balls and slide her fingers up and down my throbbing hard-on. I quickly unzipped her dress allowing it to fall to her feet. She stood before me bathed in the warmth of the fire and absolute loveliness. I kissed each nipple then knelt down to help her step out of her heels. Her wet and eager pussy was covered by sheer pantyhose that I slowly peeled down her legs.

I wanted to plant my mouth all over her pussy and lick her clit but she pulled me up. She gave me a quick kiss and said, “My turn.”

Linda didn’t take any time removing my shirt and running her hands through the hair on my chest. She enjoyed kissing, licking, and sucking my nipples. While she was doing that, she slid her hand down the front of my slacks and held my hard cock in her hand. I was so turned on I thought I was going to cum in my pants.

She knelt down and easily unbuttoned my slacks. With a quick pull on the zipper, she soon had my pants down around my ankles. My hard cock was barely hidden by the bikini briefs. Linda ran her fingers over the outline of my dick before helping me step out of my shoes, socks, and slacks.

“What do we have here?” Linda said with a big grin. “I think it wants out to play.” She gently removed the offending clothing that held my eager dick in bondage. When she freed my cock, it was hard and pointed straight at her face a few inches away. She gasped and exclaimed “Oh my!”

“All for you, my dear.”

I pulled her up and we exchanged a passionate kiss. Our hands were soon occupied with body parts. I cupped her breasts and she held my cock.

When we separated, Linda said she wanted me to do her a favor. She handed me a sheet of paper that contained part of the story I had sent her. “I loved the couch scene and I want to do that.” She sat me down on the couch, sat in my lap before stretching out with her head on the arm rest, her legs bent, knees apart and fully presenting her cunt for my viewing. “First read out loud what I highlighted.”

I liked that part of the story, too, so who am I to refuse such a wonderful request?

As I read the story, I held Linda’s breast in one hand and rolled her hard nipple between my fingers. She put her hand down on her pussy and brushed it with her fingers. Her eyes were closed and her fingers made a slow circular motion over her lovely pussy lips. I did my best to read and watch her hand at play at the same time. She was sighing deeply by the time I finished reading and her fingers now rubbed her clit.

“I find it very erotic watching you touch yourself.”

I added my hand with hers and inserted my finger into her wet cunt. Linda let out a gasp, moved her legs wider and pulled my hand until my finger was in as deep as we could get it. She just held it there and tightened her vaginal muscles around my finger. Finally, she relaxed and I began a slow and long finger fuck. Her sighing soon became panting; and, when I slid my finger up and touched her clit she let out a loud gasp. After rubbing her clit for a few moments, she tensed and then her body shook with a long orgasm.

“That was so wonderful! It was mind blowing. Hearing you read a passage from your story really turns me on. However, Alsancak travesti reading it is one thing but feeling it is a whole lot better.”

“I thought you really enjoyed your orgasm last night when we were on the phone?”

“I did, very much. However, I really enjoyed the way your fingers brought me off”

“Are you ok with doing yourself?

“I am now. In fact, I woke up horny thinking about our phone sex and couldn’t wait until tonight so I pleasured myself again this morning while I thought of you. I’ve never done phone sex and I really enjoyed it.”

“It was exciting watching you play with your pussy as I read the story. As I recall, I came here tonight to share another part of the writing with you. I’d love to take you to the next page. Ready?”

“I’ve been thinking about it for the past two days. I don’t have any experience with oral sex – giving or receiving. After reading your story, I want to experience what I’ve been missing.”

I gave her a wolfish grin, kissed her on the mouth and slowly worked my way down to each nipple. I changed her position so she could sit on the edge of the couch and I knelt between her legs. I rubbed my hands up and down her legs giving firm and special attention to her inner thighs. I gazed with delight at her pussy glistening with the wetness from her orgasm. “Your pussy looks so inviting and there is a clit protruding between irresistible lips just begging to be kissed.”

She closed her eyes and just sighed. “At first I found the language in your story shocking but now I think it’s erotic and I want to experience it.”

I licked and kissed up her thighs toward her eager love hole. I kissed all around her pussy lips and then I moved down and licked all around her cunt. Linda responded with a series of sighs and shifting of her pelvis to meet my mouth. She let out a loud gasp when I put my tongue into her cunt. I licked and sucked on her cunt with great delight while she cooed and pulled my head harder into her pussy. When I ran my tongue up her slit and touched her clit, she practically moved off the couch. I looked at her and she had a surprised look on her face.

“Sorry but that is so intense.”

With one smooth motion, I had Linda back into position and this time I held her legs in my arms and slowly moved my tongue from her cunt to her clit. She gasped and squirmed but I held her in place. After a few moments of circling and touching her clit, she relaxed and pulled me in tighter. Her breathing quickened and she shook as an orgasm rolled through her body.

It took a bit for her to recover and then she looked at me with a smile, “That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced.”

“I love oral sex. In the old days we called it muff diving. Not sure what they call it now.”

“After I do you, would you go muff diving again?”

“My pleasure.”

“And mine.”

I stood in front of her and she held my semi-erect cock in her hand. She looked up, smiled and then kissed it all over. It was my turn to sigh and enjoy her sensual touch. She kissed it on the head and then she took part of it in her mouth. While still holding it in her hand, she looked up at me, “I like it. It’s interesting that it is hard and soft at the same time. Would you teach me how to use my mouth on your dick?”

I smiled, took her finger in my mouth and showed her how to take me in her mouth without having her teeth involved. With a little trial and error of hand and mouth placement, she soon had the touch well in hand so to speak. For a beginner, she was doing very nicely. I loved the way her warm and wet mouth felt around my cock. Watching it slide in and out was an added pleasure. I finally had to stop her before she took me to the point of no return. Cumming in her mouth will happen another time.

Linda understood and with a smile kissed the top of my dick. “I really enjoy the way your cock feels in my mouth and hand. I can see why you have so much oral sex in your story.”

Linda moved back on the couch so I could position myself on top between her legs. I placed her hand around my dick and she guided it to her eager and wet cunt. She sucked in her breath as I started to insert my cock. As she relaxed, I gently and slowly stroked until my dick was all the way in. I held it there in place and gave her a multitude of kisses. “I have another small favor to ask, she whispered. I want to watch you cum so would you do it between my breasts?”

“I would love that. I would love to feel your hand bringing me off all over your tits. But first…”

I did my thrusting slow and easy and she was very responsive. It didn’t take long before her body clenched and she held me tight as she experienced a strong orgasm. I let her recover and began again. My thrusting became harder and faster and she was matching me with her own pelvic movements. After another orgasm, I could feel mine was getting close. I held as long as I could. When I pulled out, Linda grabbed my cock, wet with her cum and started pumping it. Her hand wrapped around my dick and jacking me off felt wonderful. After a few moments, my cum was shooting between her tits. As my orgasm subsided, she surprised me by pulling me up to take my cock into her mouth and milking it dry with her hand.

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The Trophy Wives Club 01

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These stories will feature mature mothers with big, fake breasts enjoying the over-sized endowments of their sons. If that’s not something you want to read then go find something else on this excellent site.

Feedback is appreciated but don’t bitch about how unrealistic or cliched the scenario is in the comments – – you’ll be wasting your time and mine.

Everyone involved is 18 or over.


“God, what I wouldn’t do for some big cock,” Jessica groaned in frustration, sipping at her large glass of wine. “I am sick to death of Henry’s little penis.”

Jessica’s sister Annie swapped glances with their two friends Marie and Samantha, all three of them grinning at each other.

“Honey, that’s why we’re here,” Annie said.

The unofficial Trophy Wives Club of Colonial Street was meeting in Jessica Cooper’s house late on a Friday afternoon as usual to enjoy a glass or seven of wine and to bitch about their neighbours, their kids and – – most of all – – their husbands.

Each of the women had unashamedly married for money and security and while they had plenty of both, over the last few years Jessica and the others had come to miss the active sex lives they’d had when they were teenagers. All of them were typical MILFs and would not have looked out of place on the set of a porno movie.

Samantha Moore was the youngest of the group at a mere 29 years old; she was also the shortest at five feet tall. Blonde hair fell straight to her tiny waist where it met the top of a small, round, pert ass at the back, but down the front it ran into and over the huge, fake tits that her husband, Franklin, had bought for her. She was the only one of the group without any natural children, having a 23 year old step-son named Adam from Franklin’s first marriage.

Marie Summers was 36 and stood 5′ 2″, her pale skin, green eyes and masses of deep red hair betraying her Irish ancestry. Like Samantha, she too had agreed for her husband, Thomas, to pay for breast implants a few years before, leaving her with a pair of tits that could easily grace the cover of Score magazine. As he had gotten older, however, he took less and less advantage of them. By her own admission Marie had started fucking around sooner than she should have and had an 18 year old son named Bill whom Thomas had adopted.

Annie King was 38 and stood 5′ 6″. She kept her jet black hair cropped fairly short, a look on some women that could lean towards a boyish air but there was no way Annie could ever be said to look like a boy. Her slim, toned legs, her perfect round butt, her trim waist and her huge tits made sure of that. Like her friends, she too had agreed to her husband Edgar’s request that she get implants in order to prolong the marriage which had produced two children: 20 year old Clark and 19 year old Bruce.

Which left Annie’s older sister Jessica. At 39 and 5′ 9″ she was the eldest and the tallest in the club, not to mention being married to the richest man they knew. She had three children: the only daughter among the friends, 20 year old Kelly; 19 year old Lucas; and 18 year old Henry Junior who much preferred to be known as Hank. Like her sister, Jessica had raven black hair but let hers grow long, all the way down to the toned, round bubble butt that hours of exercise kept in shape. Her long legs looked good in anything from stockings to skin-tight jeans, her tiny waist and trim stomach were usually shown off in crop tops and her tits – – she had the largest, roundest pair of fake tits in the club, if not the entire town. She loved to show them off and delighted in the attention they brought her from just about every guy she knew – – the only one who didn’t notice her was her husband Henry who these days was constantly too tired from work or golf or anything else it seemed to pay any attention to his hot trophy wife.

Following her sister’s comment, Jessica looked across the table at the three of them.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Annie leaned forward, her big tits squashing against the cold wooden table and almost falling out of the low cut dress she wore.

“We’re going to take you to a new club we’ve found, one where you can meet a guy, have some great sex and not have to worry about Henry or the kids finding out,” Annie said.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Much as I bitch about it, I’m happy making do with Big Jim,” Jessica said with a dismissive wave.

“Honey,” Samantha said in her slightly squeaky voice, “trust us. No eight inch long dildo of yours is going to satisfy you as much as what’s on offer at Flo’s.” She giggled and ran her fingers along the length of impressive cleavage that was on display above the low neckline of her pale yellow dress.

“And if you think Big Jim is big, you definitely need to come with us tonight,” Marie said, flicking her red hair over her shoulder. Jessica couldn’t help but glance at the pale white mounds that were pushed temptingly up and together by the bodice of her dress. Over the years Osmanbey travesti she’d had a few drunken make-out sessions with the red haired beauty, never going any further than some heavy petting though the temptation was still there in the back of her mind. Marie caught her looking and winked at her.

Annie grinned at her sister. “Flo’s stands for ‘For Ladies Only.’ They have a strict membership policy – – only rich MILFs like us, basically – – and the only guys they let in are carefully vetted to make sure they conform to their targets.”

“Which are?” Jessica asked, intrigued despite herself.

“Young, between 18 and 25, good looking, smart and, most important of all,” she looked at her friends.

“Hung like a fucking horse!” all three said together, laughing and drinking their wine.

Jessica raised her eyebrows in surprise. “Really?” she asked.

“Mmm-hmm,” Annie nodded. “Just last week I had some teenage stud whose cock was as big as my forearm,” she said, laying her arm along the table for emphasis. “Edgar used to beg me to blow him when he titty fucked me,” she said referring to her husband, “but I could never really reach it. Last week, I was blowing this kid while he fucked my tits and he had plenty to spare.”

“It was a hell of a thing to watch,” Samantha said.

“You watched?” Jessica exclaimed.

“Both of us did,” Marie said. “They run a private booth system so it was just the three of us and this guy called Steve.” She reached over and took Jessica’s hand. “I swear, Jess, watching your sister get fucked by that huge cock – – it was the hottest thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

“You fucked him? There and then?” Jessica asked Annie.

“Mmm-hmm, and just like in a porno, when he was done, he shot his huge load all over my face and tits,” Annie said, smiling and licking her lips at the memory. “Come with us, Jess. It’s Marie’s turn to pick a guy,” she said, winking at her sister, knowing of her attraction to their friend.

Jessica downed the last of her wine and looked at her sister and her friends.

“What the fuck. Why not?” she said.


A few hours later, the four women entered Flo’s, having been greeted at the door and their membership checked, Annie introducing Jessica as a probationary member. On the face of it, the place looked like a normal nightclub. There was a bar off to one side, a small dance floor, both men’s and ladies’ washrooms in another corner. Men and a few women wandered about, chatting and laughing with one another as music pumped from the speakers in the ceiling. Along one wall were a series of mirrors which, the others had told Jessica, were actually one-way glass with private booths behind them and it was to one of these that the women went.

With the mirrored door closed behind them, Jessica and the others found themselves in a spacious, air conditioned room. Along the other three walls ran a wide, horse-shoe shaped sofa with a low table in the middle of the room. Marie and Samantha sat at the head of the sofa while Annie sat at one end, Jessica opposite her at the other. All four were dressed smart but slutty: Annie’s dress was skin-tight, hugging her every curve, strapless at the top and held up by the way it stretched over her big melons, falling to mid-thigh; Marie’s was a little looser and longer, but was slit up to her waist line on one side, revealing her fishnet hold-ups, and the neckline plunged to her belly button, clearly revealing the sides of her huge, bra-less tits; Samantha had changed into a mini-skirt that rode low on her hips, exposing the strap of her G-string, and a tube top that lovingly wrapped itself around her big jugs; and Jessica wore a simple black dress, the hem just reaching her stocking tops, and while the front went right up to her throat, it had a cut-out panel over her enormous mounds of tit-flesh, showing off her deep cleavage.

Jessica watched through the mirrored glass as women around their age would occasionally walk up to a young man at the bar, speak with him for a minute or two, before they would both walk off together.

There was a tap at the door and Marie called out that it was open. A young, olive skinned, good looking man walked in carrying a tray with four glasses, an ice bucket, and several bottles of wine.

“Ladies, may I offer you some drinks?” he said, placing the tray on the small table.

“Thank you, Roberto,” Annie said, reaching out and taking his hand. “Can I introduce our newest member, Jessica?” she said, pointing her out.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Roberto said, taking Jessica’s hand and kissing the back of it lightly. Jessica smiled at the courtesy.

“Roberto isn’t just a waiter,” Annie said. “Sometimes he escorts here, too,” She ran her hand down his leg, pulling his pants tight around the impressive length that ran to half way down his thigh. Jessica’s eyes widened as she realised just how big his prick was, even soft. “But do I take it you’re Ayrancı travesti not free tonight?” Annie asked him.

“I’m afraid not, Miss Annie,” he said. “Even I need a rest at times,” Annie sadly let go of his leg and he left the four women to pour out their drinks.

“So what happens now?” Jessica asked, sipping her wine, already feeling light headed from the alcohol she’d had earlier.

“In a moment, I’ll head out, cruise the floor and find someone who’s available,” Marie said, smiling at her friend. “Then I’ll bring him back here and while you three watch, I’ll suck him and fuck him until he cums right here,” she said, running her fingers between her tits, winking at Jessica again.

Jessica glanced away, looking out on to the floor again. “Why are there younger women out there? I thought you said this place was for rich MILFs like us?”

Samantha giggled. “Sometimes you’re not looking for a big cock,” she said. “Sometimes you want a piece of pussy, ain’t that right, Marie?” she asked her friend, still giggling.

“You should know, bitch,” Marie laughed, blowing her a kiss before looking back to Jessica’s slightly shocked expression. “But tonight I want some cock,” she said. She put her glass of wine on the table and stood, adjusting the neckline of her dress to maximise the amount of boob on show. “Back in a few minutes, girls,” she said before heading out.

“How – – how come it’s Marie’s turn?” Jessica asked, watching her friend approach the young men stood at the bar and begin chatting with them.

Annie shrugged. “We figured that was fair. She found the place and then told Samantha and then me so we just carried on in that order. Last week I had the pleasure of a guy called Steve; the week before Samantha had her first black guy – – “

Jessica looked at her friend in surprise. “You fucked a black guy?” she exclaimed.

“Hell yeah,” Samantha said. “And he was hung like a bull. I seriously didn’t think it was going to fit in my little pussy,” she laughed. “A few weeks before, Marie fucked him and the difference in their colouring was so gorgeous: she’s so pale and he was so dark, they looked so fucking good together,”

“Sounds like you and Marie are a little closer than we thought,” Jessica said, surprised to find herself a little more jealous and annoyed than she thought she would be at the idea.

“Sis,” Annie said in a soothing tone. “You need to catch up. We’re all a lot closer than you thought,”

Jessica was about to reply when Marie re-entered the booth, alone.

“Don’t tell me you couldn’t find anyone?” Samantha said, obviously disappointed.

“Oh I found someone,” Marie said with a huge smile. “But it has to be a surprise. All of you, close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so, okay?” Annie and Samantha groaned playfully, but went along with it, scrunching their eyes shut. “You too,” Marie said to Jessica, not moving from the door until the busty brunette sighed and closed her eyes as well.

“Keep them closed, girls,” Marie said. “Our guest also has his eyes closed so he can’t see how many are in here,”

The others heard her manoeuvre the young man past the small table and have him sit at the head of the horseshoe sofa where she joined him, sandwiching him between herself and Samantha.

“I’m going to count down and then everyone open their eyes, okay? Three – – two – – one – – go!”

The young man’s eyes opened, taking in the women before him while they did the same, their eyes going wider and wider, Jessica’s mouth dropping open in amazement while Samantha and Annie stared for a moment before bursting into laughter.

“Mom!?” Hank said, staring at Jessica.

“Hank!? What – – what are you doing here?” she managed to say after a minute’s silence.

“Well – – I – – what – – what are you doing here?” he said, finally finding his nerve.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw him at the bar,” Marie said, stroking his short cropped hair. “And while young Hank here was surprised to see me, I’m glad to say he was more than up for the idea of coming back to a booth with me.” She looked over at Jessica. “What do you say, Jess? Want to watch me fuck your youngest son?”

“What? No, you can’t! Marie, no!” Jessica said.

Marie ran her hand down Hank’s thigh, outlining the large bulge his cock made in his pants, the other women watching as it bucked and thickened under her hand. Even Jessica gasped as she caught sight of how large her son was.

“Oh my – – that is big,” Marie said. “That’s just what your naughty auntie Marie needs tonight,” she said to Hank. All the women had known each other’s children for so long they were all unofficial aunties to them. Marie opened the pop stud on his pants and undid the zipper, smiling as Hank lifted his hips so she could slide his pants down his legs. He wore no underwear and the cotton slid over his tanned thighs, exposing inch after inch of his thick, half-hard tube of meat.

“Hank – – Hank, Cebeci travesti please, stop – – Marie, don’t,” Jessica moaned, unable to look away as her friend reached out and grasped his big, stiffening length.

“Oh no, Jess, I’m not stopping yet,” Marie said, hefting Hank’s big organ in both hands, stroking it as it lurched upright, huge and hard. As she jerked on it, her fingers struggling to get round its girth, it pulsed, sending out a thick line of pre-cum that she quickly spread over the big dick in her hands. The booth became filled with the slick sounds of her double hand job, each of the women – – including Jessica – – watching Marie stroke his enormous meat.

“Marie – – please stop,” Jessica breathed.

“Should I stop, Hank?” Marie asked, staring at his prick the whole time.

“Hell no,” Hank said. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since I knew what fucking was.”

“Just me, baby? No-one else in this room?” Marie asked, grinning as his prick spurted out more pre-cum that she again smeared over his cock. “What about auntie Samantha? Want to get this big hunk of meat inside her tiny little pussy?”

“God yeah,” Hank said, looking over at the tiny, buxom blonde who squealed in delight, clapping her hands at the thought.

“What about auntie Annie? Your real aunt?”

Hank looked across at Annie who stared back, her eyes wide, a big smile on her face as she nodded.

“Yeah, I wanna fuck my real aunt,” he said boldly.

“So you’re happy to commit incest? That’s interesting,” Marie said. Still stroking his prick, she looked across at Jessica. “Do you want to fuck your mother, Hank? Want to slide this – – big – – fucking – – cock – – into your mom’s pussy? Let her suck you off? Jam it between her huge fucking tits? Do you?”

Jessica stared at her son, her mouth open in shock at the thought of what Marie was suggesting. Hank looked straight back at her.

“I wanna fuck my mom most of all,” he said, groaning as Marie dipped her head and sucked in the bulbous knob of his fuck meat, her tongue slavering around it, coating it in spit, smearing his pre-cum around it. Never letting it out of her hands or mouth, she climbed on to the sofa, her knees on the cushions, her ass pointing at Annie.

The three other woman watched as Marie crammed as much of his prick into her mouth as she could, making herself gag time and again, thick lines of spit hanging from her lips and clinging to the throbbing length of Hank’s cock. Pulling her head off his fuck meat for a moment, she looked back at Jessica.

“He tastes so good, Jess,” she moaned before plunging down on him again. As she crammed as much of his prick into her mouth as she could, gagging as the fat head of his knob pushed into her throat, she never once took her eyes off Jessica who stared at her with a mixture of shock, anger and – – best of all to Marie’s mind – – jealousy and lust. As her lips reached the trimmed wiry pubic hair at the base of his fuck stick, Marie’s body shook and quivered as a mini orgasm rippled from her pussy.

“Fuck, Hank,” Annie said as Marie slowly pulled her mouth off his prick. “I think she just came from deep throating your cock.”

“Damn right I did,” Marie gasped, catching her breath while smearing the thick spit over Hank’s engorged member. She looked over her shoulder at Annie, and moved her ass back and forth. “Want to take my panties off, baby?” she asked her.

Marie returned to sucking on the head of Hank’s length as Annie took hold of her dress and flipped it over, the waist-high split allowing her to fold her friend’s dress over to one side, exposing her fishnets and the tiny thong she wore. Annie pulled the thin straps of Marie’s thong over her hips, the crotch peeling away from her soaking wet, shaved pussy lips. She managed to move it down to her knees before Marie needed to raise them one at a time to let her pull it off.

Annie ran her hands over her friend’s taut, round ass cheeks before leaning forward. She spread her butt cheeks wide and lovingly licked the length of her twat, from her clit, up her lips, to the pink rosebud of her asshole.

“Oh you lucky bitch,” Samantha breathed, making Jessica look over at her. The blonde had her heels up on the sofa, her legs spread wide, her mini-skirt bunched around her waist. As she groped at her big tits with one hand, the other moved two fingers in and out of her bald pussy as she watched the scene in front of her.

Annie opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out, pushing as much as she could into Marie’s sopping box, noisily slurping at the juices that ran from her friend’s pussy. She dragged her tongue upwards, licked around her crinkled butt hole for a moment before easing the tip inside, slipping it in against the muscle. Marie’s body shook once more and she purred and mewled around Hank’s big prick, cumming for a second time.

“Fuck,” she whispered, taking her mouth off Hank’s cock. “Fuck your sister eats pussy so good,” she said looking across at Jessica.

“You taught me well,” Annie said, kissing her on both butt cheeks. She looked over at Jessica who still sat watching the entire scene with wide eyes. “Want to swap places with me, Jess?” she asked quietly, her lips and chin glistening with Marie’s love juices.

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The Traffic Stop Ch. 02

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The butterflies in Marcia’s stomach almost made her dizzy as she waited for David to answer his cell phone. She wondered if he would be as receptive now, as he had been on that deserted highway. Or, she wondered, would Sgt. Dave Sample of the Haven County Sheriff’s Officer just think of Marcia as just yet another cop groupie—another fender lizard.

Marcia’s mind was spinning, as the phone continued to ring, then was picked up by voice mail. “Damn it. I don’t want to leave a fucking message,” she whispered through her teeth, as she ended the call. What Marcia had to say could not be left in the voice mailbox. Half of her worried that he would share the message with his buddies at some little coffee shop. The other half worried that he would just delete the message thinking that Marcia had been a mistake he should not repeat.

Marcia sat the phone back in the cradle beside the couch. She felt silly at that moment, almost pathetic. There she was sitting on the couch in a see-through, floor-length gown, five-inch matching blue mules and nothing else. She had spent too much time preparing herself for this man, Marcia thought. Her hair long, black hair had been teased so that it was full and wild. Her body had been scented in all the most strategic places. Yet, there she sat, alone on the couch, with only a rerun of Law & Order to comfort her.

Marcia sipped the last of the white wine she had poured for herself and thought about just changing into her comfy sleep shirt and heading to be with her vibrator. At least she would cum. It would not be nearly as satisfying as Dave Sample’s cock pounding away in her, but it would be better than nothing.


The sound almost made Marcia drop the wine bottle, as she was putting it in the fridge. It was a loud WHOOP just outside her little house in the country. It was usually so quiet in this place.

Marcia moved to the window and saw a police car parked behind hers. Rather, she thought with a bright smile, it was a Sheriff’s Officer car—his car. Marcia almost ran to the door. The butterflies returned, and Monica gathered her wits about her at the door before opening it. As she did, she could hear Dave’s heavy boots on the wooden porch, as he neared.

When Marcia opened the door, she found Sample standing there in front of her in full uniform. The sight of him made her heart skip a beat, especially after their meeting and subsequent tryst on the side of the road.

Grinning down at her, Sample asked in his deep voice, “You rang, Miss Granger?”

Marcia giggled nervously then contained herself. Her own attitude came to the surface when she replied, “Yes, Lurch, I did. Miss Granger needs a good, healthy fucking. Do you know someone who might assist me with that?” Marcia’s blue eyes sparkled, as she looked up with a wry grin at Sample.

“Yes, Miss, I surely do.” Without warning, Sample bent forward just a little and grabbed Marcia around the waist. Effortlessly, he lifted all 106 pounds of her onto his right shoulder and proceeded to carry her off down a hallway. “Your bedroom—left or right?”

Surprised to now be looking down at the view of Sample’s ass beneath his shiny, black gun belt. Marcia paused a bit then said, “Umm, oh, right.” At that, Sample slapped her ass playfully. It didn’t hurt, but Sample had cupped his hand so it made a very audible pop. Marcia squealed at the sound.

Marcia felt Sample turn to his right. He carried her to her large bed and unceremoniously dropped her onto it. As she landed, legs spread, her hair fanned out under her head. The only light in the room was a small lamp on the nightstand. Çankaya travesti The effect of it left Sample darkened but visible to her, but highlighted Monica, as she lay there, ready—ready for him. His big, country boy grin faded, as he looked down at her.

Looking up at Sample quizzically, Marcia asked, “Wha—what’s wrong?” Marcia could not imagine what the problem might be, but hundreds of possibilities whirled through her head at that instant.

“Nothing. Nothing at all,” Sample replied. His voice had softened. The sound of it seemed to embrace Marcia, as she lay there. Dave Sample had a voice that could touch a woman, Marcia mused. “My god, you are beautiful, Marcia.”

Looking up at him, Marcia’s voice became husky, needful, as she whispered, “Do you want me, David?” She reached down, as her eyes never left his, and slowly pulled her gown up her legs. Marcia watched Sample, as his eyes followed the slow retreat of filmy, powder blue material. Slowly, the hem slipped up past her knees and up her tanned, inviting thighs. She spread them wider, as the material gathered at her sex. Then, still watching him, she let her hand wander down to her sex. As her fingers deftly explored the folds of her pussy, she breathed, “Oh god, David. Oh god, I am so wet right now.”

Marcia brought her knees up and pulled the material up to her flat stomach. The position gave Sample a view of her pussy and her smooth shaved mound. “David, I want you inside me. I want you all the way inside me.”

Marcia slipped two delicate fingers within the glistening folds of her pussy. Her pussy embraced them and molded to them, as she worked them slowly in and out. Her palm rubbed lightly on her clit, as she watched Sample pop the keepers on his duty belt, unbuckle it and slip it off. It dropped heavily to the floor.

Marcia gasped, as Sample removed his shirt. He was wearing a skin-tight black t-shirt underneath. It clung to his body. As he peeled it away, she saw that his chest and stomach were muscular and well defined. It was the first time she was about to see her roadside lover naked, she remembered. The memory of that night both embarrassed Monica and aroused her.

He kicked off his boots and removed his socks quickly, and his uniform trousers dropped to the floor. His body was exquisitely sculpted. Clad only in dark boxers before her, for an instant Marcia thought that David Sample might have been a god. When he removed them, Marcia saw that he indeed was.

Sample knelt on the bed watching Marcia, as her hands moved upon her sex. Her hand paused and she was about to remove it from her pussy, when Sample whispered, “Please, don’t stop. I want you to cum for me. Cum for me while I watch, baby.”

Marcia looked into Sample’s steely gray eyes and did as he asked. His hands touched her, as she pleasured herself. His large hands lightly, ever so softly, stroked her inner thighs, as he watched. His breathing was heavy, becoming just as heavy as hers.

Sample’s fingertips pressed gently along the muscles of her inner thighs. No one had ever touched her like that. No one had ever really explored her. Then, she felt the softness of his lips on her flesh on her left inner thigh, just above her bent knee. Marcia wanted to grab his head and force his face to her drenched cunt, but she didn’t dare. She was going to cum for him. Just like he had requested. And, it would not be long before she complied completely.

Sample alternated between left and right. Slowly, his lips moved closer to where her hand had begun moving more swiftly. Now Marcia’s thumb had started circling her Dikmen travesti clit, as her other hand pinched and rubbed one nipple, then the other through the tight mesh at the top of the gown. Marcia felt her juices flowing in streams down the crack of her ass. The sound of her fingers moving in and out of her sex made an obscenely wet sound, but instead of being embarrassed by the sloshing, she was spurred on by it.

Marcia’s eyes had fluttered closed. It was the instant of her compliance. Her back arched, as her tremors came shuddering into her. Waves of delicious pleasure crashed over her and engulfed her. As she came, she felt Sample’s lips at her folds, and she removed her hand. With both hands in his short, dark hair, Marcia pulled his face hard to her flowing cunt. As she ground her cunt into his mouth, she rasped, “Oh yes, fucking drink, baby. Drink all you want.”

Marcia felt his hands slide under her ass, as he held her in place. He licked and sucked at her juices voraciously. His tongue slathered over her and into her. Curling, flicking and twirling, it caused her to arch and cum quickly three more times in succession. Marcia had never been multiply orgasmic, yet here she was experiencing what she thought as only the stuff of exaggeration.

Tears were streaming down the sides of Marcia’s face, as the feelings of pleasure wracked her. Her thighs tightened around Sample’s face. Ankles crossed over his muscular back. Then, in an instant, Marcia’s pussy became so tender it hurt.

Pushing Sample away in almost a frenetic gesture, Marcia shuddered as she spoke, “Holy shit, what the hell just happened to me?” She was trying and just barely managing to catch her breath.

Sample lifted up, back onto his knees, his cock bouncing and slapping against his belly, as he did. “I think you came,” he replied with lips glistening brightly from Marcia’s generously supplied nectar.

Laughing, Marcia offered, “Four times. I’ve never—four fucking times!” Marcia needed Sample’s mouth on hers. Reaching up to him and pulling him down to her, Marcia kissed her lover hungrily. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Sample’s strong arms slipped under her and caressed her and pressed her breasts hard to his chest. Marcia felt his stiffness brush her thigh and leave a trace of precum on her flesh. The sensation made her moan deeply into the kiss.

Sample rolled onto his back pulling Marcia with him. He was such a large man, she thought. She imagined that she could curl up, fall asleep on his chest and dream to the sound of his beating heart.

Marcia broke their kiss and sat up with her legs on either side of Sample’s stomach. She could feel the very tip of his massive cock just barely touching her ass. Yet another streak of precum alit there. Sliding downward, she let her slit slip over his shaft and engulfed it wetly. She rocked a little, eliciting a growl from Sample’s lips.

Smiling down at him, Marcia lowered her lips to his left nipple. She was careful to maintain contact with his pulsing cock, as she flicked her pink tongue lightly on the small brown circle of flesh. Marcia felt Sample’s immense hand on the back of her head in silent approval. With a soft smile forming at her lips, she bit the hardening flesh. Softly at first, then harder she pushed her teeth slowly into his flesh, though not quite breaking the skin. The hand at the back of her head held her tightly, as Sample’s hips lifted and pushed the underside of his throbbing shaft at her folds.

Lifting her lips from his nipple, Marcia brought her face over his. Peering down into eyes for which Eryaman travesti she could lose her soul, Marcia whispered, “Do you want my cunt, Sergeant Sample?”

A moan followed by a growled, “Yes, I want your cunt.” That was all her lover could manage that was intelligible.

Marcia reached down between them, her fingers slipping around as much of the base of his penis as they could encircle, she guided his cock into her. Slowly, Marcia settled down onto it. She eased down slowly, as she wanted to feel each bulging vein. Inch by Marcia impaled herself on his massive cock. Even as wet as she was, her walls strained to accommodate its girth and length in this position. Finally, she felt her ass settle on his pelvis, and it felt as if the head of his cock was pushing into her stomach.

Marcia had been so engrossed in taking Sample’s cockflesh she had been unaware that his hands had now covered her round breasts. She had always thought C cups were large, especially on someone as petite as she, but she now felt positively tiny, as his hands completely covered her breast flesh.

Moving her hips in a circular motion, she could feel his stiffness rub firmly against her walls. Her hands on his chest for support, Marcia rolled her hips over and over. She wanted him to need her always. She wanted to own his cock, his mind and his heart. She was falling in love with a man she hardly knew. In fact, their only two meetings had been purely sexual. The man could be married for all she knew.

Marcia began to wonder if this was just a booty call after all. Then she decided, as her cunt gripped Sample’s cock tightly and released as it slipped up and down his shaft, that she didn’t care. She cared only that he would keep calling. Though she would not admit it, even to herself, she was his whenever he might want her.

Each time Marcia lowered to the base of his cock, she could feel the head of it pushing at her cervix. Had he been even a millimeter longer or thicker, Marcia doubted she would have been able to take all of it. A perfect fit, she thought, as soft smiled coursing over her lips, as she rode him.

Sample’s fingertips pinched and gently twisted Marcia’s hard nipples. His breathing was faster now. Marcia knew he was close to filling her with his hot, slick sperm. She wanted it as deep as she could get it inside her womb.

Leaning back, a hand reaching behind her to tease his filling balls, Marcia’s undulating hips beckoned him to join her. Her own climax was fast approaching, as well.

“Yes, baby, cum inside my pussy. I want to feel you spray deep in me, David.”

“Oh fuck, yes I want to fill that cunt.” Sample’s hands gripped Marcia’s hips, his fingertips pressed firmly into the flesh of her tiny round ass. He bucked up at her, lifting her knees of the bed. Marcia slapped her hands onto Sample’s thick chest to keep from being tossed off his cock. Her nails pushed into the flesh just above his nipples.

The pleasure-pain of Marcia’s nails pressing hard into his chest sent Sample over the edge. As his cock sent his seed up his shaft and into Marcia like a fire hose, Marcia tensed and joined him in orgasm. She screamed out into the dimly lit bedroom, as she was once again over taken by pleasure. She found that she was screaming out his name.

As the last of her spasms subsided, Marcia collapsed onto him. Her hair splayed out about his chest, as she lightly kissed him where she had dug in her nails. In scant moments, sleep over took her.

Marcia awakened alone the next morning, her alarm sounding the beginning of a new day. She was rather disheartened when she saw that the other side of her bed was empty. As she was scolding herself for wanting any man as much as she wanted this one, he eyes glimpsed a sheet of paper on her nightstand. It was an invitation to dinner that night. With a soft smile, she headed off to the shower.

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The Thaw

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I brushed the wet heavy snow off the stone bench and laid down my blanket and thermos. “Hello, Lu,” I said. “It’s sunny today, one of those thaw days in February when all you can hear is trickling and dripping water and you can smell the cedar and yew trees and that indefinable something in the air that promises that spring will eventually arrive.” I poured myself a cup of cocoa. It steamed; even a warm February day is cool.

Every day for the fourteen months since the car accident, I had trekked up the hill to the cemetery. Lucy’s grave had a nice view, a breeze, and the stone bench. Because I worked the seven-to-three shift, there was always daylight, even in February. For the first two months, I had sat mutely; for a month, I had wept; and since then, I had talked to Lucy of my life and how I missed her. By now, I recognized some of the other regulars, and even spoke to some of them. Today, I saw that Elizabeth was there, visiting her husband Donald. I waved to Elizabeth; she waved back. I debated going over to talk to her, but decided to wait until after my visit with Lucy.

I didn’t mention Elizabeth to Lucy today, and I felt vaguely guilty for that. Instead, I held the mug tightly in my hands, feeling the warmth of the hot cocoa through my damp knitted gloves. “You used to love these days, Lu, when you’d come back from classes soaked to the bone and you’d take a hot bath, maybe with bubbles, and then you’d call to me when I came in from my classes, and I’d join you in the tub….” I paused and sipped some cocoa. “Awkward slippery love in the tub. I was always half-afraid we’d slip and break our necks but couldn’t stop.

“I haven’t even touched myself for months because I end up thinking of you, as you were at the end, all…broken and red. But yesterday morning, something shifted inside me.”

I didn’t know how to say what I was thinking. It wasn’t because I was afraid she’d be offended — she was dead, after all. It was because saying these things makes them real, makes them concrete. “I’ve been thinking of dating again,” I told her. “I know you wanted me to start sooner, but I just… I couldn’t…” I looked down into the cocoa. The color of it was shades lighter than Elizabeth’s skin, and I was embarrassed to be thinking of her that way. “Lu, I get so lonely. Mike, he keeps trying to set me up with Frieda Jaeger, but you know the kind of woman Mike likes. I want a woman I can talk to, not just roll with.” I took another sip. “Though that has crossed my mind. I invited Frieda over for last Friday, knowing what that would lead to.” I shook my head. “But I just couldn’t. At Şişli travesti the last minute, I phoned her and cancelled. I want more than just exercise.” I had another sip of cocoa and sat there, mustering nerve.

“I lied to you, Lu. I keep thinking of somebody, of Elizabeth — I told you about her, her husband was the police officer. But I’m ashamed of myself because her loss is so much fresher than mine. If it’s taken me a year to get to this point and she’s had half that time…” I blinked and a tear ran down my face. I sat there, frozen for a while.

The sun was almost down now, and the wind shifted. I could hear someone speaking. I recognized the musical contralto as Elizabeth’s. “…mind with loneliness. All of the nice men I know are waiting until I give some sign that I’m ready, so the only men who approach me are assholes. But sometimes, Donald, I’m almost willing to fuck an asshole.” She stopped, and chuckled. “You wanted to do that, and I wouldn’t let you. I’m sorry, dear.” I could almost hear her nod. “The answer would still be no, but I’m sorry you got so frustrated.” I heard her sigh. “Do you remember that night when I still lived at home, when we couldn’t find a place to go? And we ended up making love in the climbing fort of the children’s playground? When the weather’s nice like this, I think about that a lot. Thought about it this morning, it made me late to work.” She chuckled once more. “I had to shower again.”

I blushed. It’s not polite to eavesdrop, not in the cemetery, and I knew that I should leave. But my cock was hardening, and I told myself that eavesdropping was harmless.

“Anyway,” she went on. “I won’t be coming back for a while. I’ve got to get on with my life. There’s more than just standing in a graveyard talking to a memory. I’ve got to get on, make new memories for myself. I’ll always love you, but talking to you won’t fill this hole in my heart.”

I had thought I was immune to heartbreak now, but I was wrong. Elizabeth, gone? We talked occasionally — I knew she was a student, and I knew about her husband’s death. She knew that I had taken the factory job when we discovered that Lucy was pregnant, because there wasn’t a big job market for philosophy majors. She knew about the miscarriage, and the car accident. But while the deaths were important events in our lives, they didn’t define us as people. I had no idea of what she liked or disliked or what she believed, and she knew nothing about me. We had shared cocoa during the cold snap, and she had brought eggnog for me at Christmas. My conversations with Lucy’s gravestone had Taksim travesti far more depth than anything I had ever said to Elizabeth.

“I have to go,” I told Lucy. “I have to go.”

I grabbed up the blanket and thermos and walked up the hill to where Elizabeth was. She was walking towards me, and we met at the huge monument to the Gunderson family. “Hi,” I said, struck by sudden stupidity, wishing I were clever.

“Hello, Charlie.” How had I never realized how attractive she was? Her skin was a rich warm chocolate color, a shade lighter than her eyes. Her long coat was the orange of a campfire.

“Cold?” I asked her. “I’ve got some cocoa.”

Her smile was luminous in the twilight. “I’d love some.”

I didn’t see why I should be nervous, but my hands were shaking so badly I had to take off my gloves to pour the cocoa. Her hands were bare, and my frost-white hand touched her earth-warm one as I passed her the mug. I didn’t let go of the mug but held onto it so she couldn’t take her hand away from me. We looked into each other’s eyes for a long, long time, connecting, and then I kissed her. It was only one kiss, but it lasted and grew into another kind of kiss, our mouths opening and exploring, tasting one another. She tasted of cinnamon and nutmeg and spices that I had known long ago.

My heart beat urgently in my ears, hands, cock. With my other hand I reached up to touch softly her warm neck and her hair, drawn back to cover the nape. I traced the outside of her delicate ear.

Our first kiss still continued. Her smooth strong teeth scraped lightly on my tongue as her tongue cleverly explored my mouth. One of us, both of us, broke the kiss and then we were frantically kissing each other’s face, chin, throat, and making urgent little sounds. Finally she pulled back. I noticed that we had spilled the cocoa, leaving a scribble of melt in the snow.

“Lay down the blanket,” she whispered to me. “Mr. and Mrs. Gunderson won’t mind.”

She unzipped my jacket as I undid the wooden toggles of hers; when I opened her long coat I took a deep breath of humid woman-scented air. It only took me a moment to pull the tails of her blouse free and slide my hands inside, along her ribs, to the border of her breasts. Her bra was soft and satiny, and I paused at the old boundaries.

Elizabeth sat on the blanket, pulling me down. She slid up my shirt and undershirt, exposing my stomach and chest to the air. My nipples tingled. She kissed them, sucking each one into her mouth. When she lay back, I followed. It didn’t matter that we were in public; what mattered Gümüşsuyu travesti was our need.

Her breasts fit within my hands, her nipples pressed against my palms. I slid my hands inwards and discovered a front closure to the bra. After pushing the cups away, I gathered her breasts into my hands. She gasped as I stroked them with my thumbs, and she pressed her hips against mine. Her mound pressed against my hard cock.

I kissed her again as she ground her hips against mine, there on the blanket in the dusk. Her hands moved down my body, caressing here, stroking there, and scratching lightly along my waist. Finally she unfastened my belt and pants and slid a warm soft hand into my pubic hair. My cock was still trapped along my hipbone.

This time I broke the kiss to lean back and free my aching cock. The sudden release of pressure made my cock seem softer, but she quickly wrapped it in her hand and pumped lightly, delicately. I stiffened completely again. I flipped her tartan skirt up around her waist and discovered wet white panties, damply hinting at the matted curls within. She lifted her knees to help me slip the panties off.

I turned myself around to kiss her pussy. She was deliciously wet, but she pulled me away. “Please,” she said. “Later we’ll do all of that and more but for now, please. I want you in me.”

“I want to be in you,” I told her.

We fumbled a bit, then, changing positions and getting the head of my cock to the entrance. She took hold of me, and guided me into her warmth and wetness. There was no delicacy about our love-making: it was urgent and fast and hard, the full length my cock sliding in and out of her, her pussy gripping my cock and squeezing it, shaft and head. I could see her white teeth in the darkness as she bit her lip, concentrating on my cock, on what I was giving her. She made little breathy sounds and I grunted with every stroke, and we continued like that for a very long time.

And then she changed position slightly and I changed position slightly in response, and it changed how everything felt, and the hot nervous energy of orgasm built and flamed. Elizabeth screamed and I barked and we both melted as we came.

We lay there, wrapped in each other, listening to the sounds of dripping water and our breathing. Finally, as the sweat chilled on our joined skin, we looked at each other and there was a quiet, embarrassed moment. “I’ve got a confession to make,” I said. “When the wind shifted, I could hear what you were saying.”

Elizabeth smiled shyly and said, “I have a confession, too. Before the wind shifted, I could hear everything you were saying. I’ve listened to you for months.” She slid her arms under my jacket, around my back, and pulled me tightly against her. “Your cheeks are all pink. So we’ve had the exercise. Now talk with me,” she said. “At my place.”

So I did.

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The Sub-stitute Ch. 01

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(A special mention to two lovely lit ladies; to KJTatts for her sexy teacher pictures which was the inspiration, and to Dhai for capturing my heart, wet kisses for both of you.)

As I close up my classroom for the week I hear what appears to be moans coming from the classroom next to mine…. I had heard there was a new substitute teacher taking over the room for the rest of the term, but haven’t yet met you. One of my colleagues had told me, quite with distaste that “You wouldn’t believe that hussy of a new substitute the principal just hired, she’s a foreigner, and she has tattoos and piercings, like some common whore.”

Of course my colleague is an old bat of a teacher who should have retired years ago, and has no sense of current styles. Me of course, being of a younger more liberal mindset (despite turning 40 this summer), thought that the new sub would probably relate to her young charges very well.

I move closer to your door, the sounds of moaning growing ever more insistent. I think perhaps that you, the new teacher has hurt yourself, and all alone on a Friday afternoon, in a nearly empty school, you’d need my help.

I push open the door and see a vision of loveliness perched on a desk in front of an empty classroom… Your hair is raven’s wing black, which sets off the cream of your alabaster skin. Your face, perfect as any can be, adorned by glasses and crowned by a pair of full, extremely kissable lips. A pair of silk slacks lay casually on the floor, while your conservative blouse hangs loosely from milky shoulders.

Perhaps the first day was a little stressful (I know it can be) and you needed some relief before driving home, maybe all the young men (or women?) in their budding sexuality had over come your sense of propriety, or perhaps…maybe…you had seen me, the tall, graying and (to some) still handsome teacher in the next room…Could I be the source of your fantasy?!?

I stand in the doorway for seconds that seem like eternities, watching the erotic display in front of me…My own yearnings becoming evident as a hard presence in my slacks…

You tilt your head back and your fingers become more frantic as I slowly walk into your room…Perhaps it is the scraping of my shoe as I near you or maybe my own animal heat coming from my body, but you open your Bakırköy travesti eyes, see me, and a startled gasp escapes those perfect lips of yours.

You stop suddenly, and begin to attempt to cover yourself, but I move swiftly to the desk and halt you, with a look of such hunger that you freeze in mid movement, your eyes wide as a doe’s caught in the headlights of a car, your hand still touching the moist mound through your simple cotton panties

You start to say something but I silence you with a finger to my lips and pull your own chair up to the table, sitting so close between your spread thighs that I can’t help but smell the moist muskiness that surrounds you.

My eyes lock on yours, and without breaking contact I run an index finger from the tip of your toe up one flexed knee…You shudder and another low gasp/moan escapes your lips… I lift your right foot to my mouth and my tongue licks out at your black painted toe… I place your toes fully into my mouth and my tongue licks at the gap between first and big toe…

You moan, laugh, and squirm at the sensation, and somewhat roughly, I pull you to the edge of the desk, my face squarely between your thighs….

Again, I lock my eyes on yours, and without breaking contact; I grab your damp hand and roughly bring it to my mouth, tasting your juices. Your arch your back and moan again, your other hand drops, either for protection or passion, I firmly move your fingers aside and lean down to replace them, at the barrier of your panties…with my extended tongue…

With my first heated lick, you arch forward, slamming yourself against me, an animalistic grunt escapes your mouth, driving me on to taste you fully, completely. You are beyond any simple concept of what it means to be “wet”; the material covering your mound has ceased to hold the fluid of your desire. As the cotton’s ability to contain it fails, your hot nectar floods my tongue, drowning it in a rich combination of flavors. The finest wine pales by comparison to you…

As I lick upward I’m greeted by a surprise; something small, harder than the flesh around it, your piercing. What matter of slut are you, I think, to have adorned the most sensitive and private of places? What creature of desire has driven me to this frenzy of need? My cock Beylikdüzü travesti swells even more, enflamed by your wanton sexuality.

Driven beyond any sense of reason; heedless of any pain I may cause, the thumb and first two fingers of my right hand form a talon and I wrap it around the gusset of you panties, my knuckles driven rudely into your inner thighs. You scream in raw need as I tear away the sodden crotch of your panties, baring yourself to be devoured by me. A small gold ball gleams in the pink flesh of your pussy’s lips, your private dew coating it.

The tearing of your panties has released, somewhat, the uncontrolled passion-filled fury that overtook me, and with gentleness, my thumb caresses the silken folds of your pussy…across the golden ball…and onto your other hardness-your engorged clitoris. You writhe against it, hips arching as sweet obscenities fill the room.

I tease you with my fingers and thumb, willing you to the brink with my ministrations…bringing you close…so close to sweet release. Just as you begin to reach your explosive crescendo, when you would willingly choose death then un-fulfillment, I quickly bring my hand away.

A fresh, obscenity escapes your mouth, this one in protest from the exquisite pain that my hand’s departure has left you, yearning to come. You arch again, blindly trying to find my fingers… Your sweet blasphemies are cut off by a sudden moan as my erect tongue plunges deeply into your hungry pussy, my chin pressed against the rosebud of your asshole. I drive in and out, fucking you hard as I drink of you. You ride my face, your breath ragged, as your passion builds higher…higher…higher…

You explode in a kaleidoscope of sensations, pain, pleasure, grief, loss, joy, and ecstasies beyond human words fills you, as you press hard against my face, releasing into my hungry mouth a new flood of flavors…your orgasm changes the very molecules of the slick honey pouring forth to slake my thirst…but it does not release me from my hunger.

I lean above you, my cheeks and chin glazed, dripping, and I look deeply into your wide eyes. My hands release the engorged, angry, red, bar of flesh from the confines of my zipper. Your eyes break contact with mine, and look down at what you have done to me. Another Bomonti travesti moan pours forth from your ruby lips, this one a plea for connection…for my cock inside of you.

You slide forward, your thighs widening as I push my way into your slick hole, heedless of the ruining of my trousers from your moisture. Your flesh parts as my engorged penis fills you, more fully than any man before, erasing the sense-memory of other cocks, as if mine was the first to penetrate you, as if mine was made only for you.

You wrap your legs around my hips, my hands gripping yours. For the first time I notice that your outer thighs and hips are a canvas of tattoos. Patterns of colors and whirls of lines wrap around your skin, and I am hypnotized as our bodies begin to move in an ancient rhythm of pleasure…our thrusts building in intensity.

I pull you against me as I drive in and out of you, and we kiss hungrily for the first time, your mouth tasting your own sweet juices. My hands slide up your body, and I slip your blouse further down your shoulders, our thrusts meeting and pulling apart as we move closer to our mutual explosion. My palms engulf your breasts, squeezing and I pull them out of your black bra. As I look down at them I moan into your mouth, for tribal patterns of colored ink covers them and a hoop pierces each erect nipple.

I move harder in and out of you, as once again the same beast that tore your panties rudely from you, begins to gain ascendance, in my brain. I pull hard at each nipple…you groan encouragement into my mouth, as my thrusts move us to the breaking point, my cock widening, driving deeply into you for but a few more quick thrusts. We scream into our kiss as we explode together, my own hot lava erupting into you, mingling with your own…. As we press into each other, the only movement, the quivering of our bodies…our eyes locked onto each other. And we try to calm our breathing.

I pull out of you, our combined fluids cascading over your desk. I kiss you once again, and as the gentleman in me returns, help you to re-dress. No words, no introductions, for now, escape our lips, as we attempt to regain our composure…For we hear in the distance the unmistakable sound of jingling keys, as the janitor makes his rounds.

I open the door for you, and signal which hallway for you to leave by. You linger for a moment, smiling, then make your way in the opposite direction of the nearing footsteps. I shake my head, flip off your light switch and lock your door…And head in the direction of the janitor’s whistling tune.

To Be Continued…

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The Teacher Ch. 03

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Chapter Three: An Offer Hard to Refuse

In the first two chapters, we learned that Eve lost her teaching job and found a new career in the adult film industry. She stared in her first full length porn flick called “Daddy Knows Best” and is back home from the Caribbean. Let’s check in with her now to see how she is doing after the video’s release.

The most demanding and time consuming job in movie production is the editing. I could never be an editor because the person needs to be patient, tedious, and tenacious. I’m none of those things. I’m more impetuous as noted by my impulsive behavior in hooking up at Sexfinder.com. Anyway, film editing takes hours of concentrated work and even when the film has been completed, there are legal questions to be answered, production rights and some technical tweaking. As Yogi said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

OK, the final result was a pretty decent video for my first film. George was pleased and even the other girls thought I was pretty good. There’s always a little competitiveness among the actors so naturally, I could sense some jealously. Our editor had to cut and splice a few scenes like in the various upstair bedrooms above the pool. The orgy “fill” took a lot of work since there was no story line to follow. One part that was included is when Jan and I did a lesbian encounter. Jan is very experienced and knows how to get another woman turned on. I just followed her lead after she had given me a warm and fuzzy orgasm. Returning the favor, I realized how fondling another woman’s clit was almost as stimulating as receiving it. We might say here that it is almost as good to give as to receive. Our lez action ended with the two of us giving a blow job to Marty. At the “happy ending” part, he blasted our faces with copious amounts of jizz. Jan licked it off my face, then I licked her face clean. This was not a planned finish but it sure added to the ending.

Weeks went by before the DVD’s were on the market. Eventually, 10,000 copies were produced and there were contracts with a number of pay per view Internet sites. I was even featured on the disc label! According to the accountant, George’s company made a small profit on the project and according to an industry survey, Cuntry Girl was getting to be noticed.

There is always hope that a new and exciting script will come along that is perfect for an actor. Norm had been looking for a sequel to “Daddy Knows Best” or for something involving a teacher or principal. Based on our past, a teacher/principal film would suit us both perfectly. Norm found a story he read on Literotica.com called, “The Principal.” It would need some additional screen writing and a few minor alterations but it certainly would fit our situation. I would play the young divorced mother asking the principal for a favor with Norm as the understanding principal. They hook up in the MILF’s home. Of course the attractive yummy mummy wants to get her way so she seduces the accommodating administrator resulting in plenty of sexual action. I read it and liked the idea especially where they watch a video of her fucking both her ex and his friend.

I recently have appeared in several videos as a supporting actor and earned enough to shop at Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, and Saks but still hadn’t saved enough for that BMW or a better apartment. Jan and I occasionally met at the sports bar where I had first seen George but Jan was almost never there. From time to time I went home with one of the guys but never really met someone for whom I might consider a serious boyfriend. It kept me sexually active but I found myself acting in bed rather than being myself. This worked out well since I wasn’t really into these guys but enjoyed the fucking.

Jan called the other day to ask how my date on Friday night worked out. I told her it was OK but nothing special.

I told her, “The guy had a nice apartment and was a audiophile. He has stereo equipment in every room and he even had some jazz CD’s. There was this one by Stacey Kent that really turned me on. Her singing must have done the same to him because the next thing I knew, he had my bra off and his hands were all over my tits. I was down on his cock before we could get my panties off. The trouble was, he had no stamina and squirted a load just as I was about to jump on his cock. I got home before midnight still needing to scratch that itch, if you know what I mean.”

“Holy Jesus, of course I know what you mean!” she said with only a hint of sarcasm.

“Anyway, after taking care of that tiny problem, I fell sound asleep until you rang.”

“I think I know who you’re talking about,” she said. Was it Jim, the bartender?”

“Yep, that’s him. Apparently you’ve been to his place.”

“Right and he was a short hitter with me too. By the way, did you hear from George last week?” she asked.

“No, I haven’t heard from him in a couple of weeks. How about you?”

“Same here. I think they are all on vacation Halkalı travesti but Eve, I wanted to talk with you about something else. Maybe we need to find another situation to help our budget.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Let’s talk it over at lunch today. How about the Crispy Cafe at 12:30?”

“Fine. See you then.”

We met at the same secluded table as before and had the same delicious salads. This time Jan ordered a bottle of Chardonnay and two glasses before we hit the salad bar. Jan said we probably would need a little buzz before I heard what she had in mind. It was on the second glass of wine that Jan began to discuss her idea.

“Look, Eve, you got involved with George’s company partly because you liked my lifestyle and wanted the same. Adult films pay well and definitely improves our income stream but as you’ve seen lately, jobs are competitive and acting roles are inconsistent. It’s not like a 9 to 5 job where you can count on a paycheck every week.”

“You can say that again,” I replied with a bit of edge in my voice.

“OK, then we agree.”

“For sure!” as I stated the obvious.

“Eve, we have a second opportunity as porn stars to make some real money. Now, you don’t think I drive around in a nice car with income from my acting jobs alone, do you?

“Of course I do, Jan. Alright, the acting jobs aren’t all that often but we make good money.”

“Don’t be naive. Good money but not lots of money. Let me ask, have you noticed I’ve not been to the sports bar lately?

“Well, yeah but you said you’ve been dating someone.”

“Eve, it’s not ‘someone’ but someones. Do you see what I’m getting at here?”

“No, not really,” I answered thinking the worst.

“Do I need to draw you a picture? OK, I’ll spell it out for you. You go home with guys for a one night stand. Sometimes you have a good time but lots of time you go home the next morning feeling used and even the fucking isn’t all that great. And what do you get for it all? Nothing but disappointment. On the other hand, why not do the same thing and get paid?”

That’s when I blurted out, “You’re a prostitute, right Jan?”

“Sush, not so loud. No, I’m not a prostitute but yes, I’ve been an escort for about 8 months.”

“Oh my god. I can’t believe it!”

“Oh Eve, get over it. You are in the entertainment business and this is just another aspect of the same thing. Hey, for one job, the client pays $600 or more depending …”

“Depending on what?” I inquired feeling my face turn red.

“Depending on how long he’s with me and the level of service. Sometimes a guy just wants a blow job but then maybe he wants more. On good nights, I might have two or three johns that can double or triple the money.”

I pressed on, “Where do you find your customers? Are you on Craigslist?

“Oh, so you know about Craigslist and their Adult Services site?”

“I’ve heard.”

“Eve, I tried the Internet, offering massages and then erotic services and it worked out OK but not that great until I began working for Tommy.”

“Tommy … our Tommy?” I asked looking puzzled.

“Tommy and his girlfriend run an escort service and some of the girls in porn have side jobs with them. He has a great business plan because all of the girls are on videos so it is an easy sell.”

“How did his girlfriend get involved?”

“Barbara, the receptionist, isn’t really Tommy’s girlfriend but his partner. She was an escort until she met Tommy. They decided to go into business together.”

I asked, “Does George and Norm know this?”

“No, neither of them know and if they find out, we’re on the street so I have to trust you, Eve. The way it works is Tommy runs the escort service from his website called “Inhibitions Limited.” Men can see clips of our work on videos and request one of us. If we have a contract with Tommy and Barb and are available, Barb sets up a time and a place and takes the fee we charge via credit card. It’s a pre-pay service. When you see Barbara at the receptionist desk, she is answering the land line for George but answers her cell phone for the service. Of course, Inhibitions Limited gets their cut on every job. Normally they get up to 40% but we never have to worry if the client is going to pay up. It’s all taken care of except for our tips when we give exceptional services. It’s a good deal for them and a good deal for me. There are about 7 of us on the team and of course there have been lots and lots of requests for you. Keep in mind, this is a very high end service so the “donations” are generous. Even with Tommy’s take, we make lots of money and the more you are willing to do, the more you earn.”

“Well, I’ve been spinning my wheels living in the same old apartment with not much to show for the acting other than some nicer clothes, so, you have a point. I’ll tell you that working for Tommy and Barb makes sense.”

“Hey, now that you brought up the apartment, I forget to mention the apartment Levent travesti perk. Barb and Tommy have found a way to save some money so they have invested in a few condos In fact, that’s where I live. I only pay for the utilities and it is used by me and some of the other girls. They own four condos with the newest one looking for a renter. By owning these apartments, they don’t have to pay for a hotel and that adds up over time. If you join the team, the new condo can be yours. It’s furnished.”

“Sounds great but I just don’t know. Give me a day to think about it.”

OK, Eve, but it won’t take long for Tommy to find another team player. We’re not talkin’ here about a clientele like the horny local boys at the bar but CEO’s, politicians, and even clergy. I did a Baptist minister the other night and he tipped really well. This is a great money maker, Eve, and the flip side is you get a chance to meet the rich and powerful.”

After lunch, I walked alone to the park and sat down at an empty bench thinking about Jan’s proposition. I weighed the good with the bad and decided that there might be an advantage to being an escort for a couple of years, saving my money, then going into a more conventional career. I like to write so maybe a job in publishing could be in my future. They are always looking for teachers to help in designing new educational materials. So, I decided to get in touch with Tommy and Barbara.

Jan had given me Barbara’s cell number. I called the number while I was still sitting on the park bench.

“Barb, this is Eve.”

“Oh hi, Eve. How did you get this number?”

“Jan gave it to me and um …,” I stammered. “I’d like to join the team.”

There was a delay, then Barbara answered, “Let me get back to you on this. I need to talk with Tommy first.”

“Do you need my cell?” I asked.

“No, I think it is on file here at the office. Talk with you later.”

“Thanks, Barb,” and we hung up.

What could she possibly be asking Tommy? OK, if it doesn’t work out, it’s not to be. I wasn’t going to lose sleep over it but the apartment deal sounded nice and the money, well, the money is what it’s all about.

On the way home my cell rang out the theme from “Jaws.”


Tommy’s mellow voice was on the other end. “Tommy here. Meet us at Jan’s place at five this afternoon. Jan will be out on a call but will need the apartment by six so don’t be late,” and he hung up.

I couldn’t guess what Tommy had in mind but maybe it would be like a casting call. It wasn’t. It was a business meeting. I rang the bell at Jan’s place exactly at 5:00 PM. Barb and Tommy were there to meet me.

“Have a seat, Eve,” Tommy said pointing to a loveseat near the fireplace. “We only have a short time. You are aware that this is an upscale escort service with only the highest quality women and first rate clients. You fit the first category so welcome aboard. Barbara will lay out the particulars and how our service works.”

Barbara picked up from there and said, “This is a team effort. I take care of the finances and Tommy deals with the Internet. We have maids on staff to clean the apartments and change the beds. There are some costume shops we deal with exclusively and a couple of cops are on the payroll. The cops are with us in case there are any unforeseen incidences that might pop up. You’ll have their number in case of emergencies. The police department is very compliant about our business so you will not have to worry about being arrested.”

I broke in asking, “What are the costumes all about?”

“Eve, you are a model and an actor in this business. It’s all about entertainment. Men have fantasies and we try to accommodate them. If a client wants a schoolgirl, you dress and act like one. If they want a stripper or a whore, you show them what they want. The costumes are always in one of our condos and will be waiting for you.”

“How do I know what the man wants?”

“When he books our service, he is asked about his fetishes and preferences. We take it from there.”

“OK, it sounds like you are really organized.”

“We are … and speaking of organization, we only take credit cards that are on file before a date has been set. You can accept tips but that’s the only money that changes hands between you and your customer. We then pay you twice a week in cash. Remember, 45% goes to us and the rest is yours.”

“Jan said your take is 40%”

“Jan was mistaken. We have a lot of overhead as you can see. Look, we’re running low on time and I need to get through all of this.”

“I understand.”

“Never let a customer take you to his place. You only take care of him in one of our secure condos. This is for your safety and ensures the quality of our service. We are not running a brothel. Sometimes a customer wants to take our girls to dinner or lunch. That’s OK but on your time. You don’t have to accompany him but it often leads to better tips. If you do have lunch or dinner, Şirinevler travesti be sure to be at the apartment on time because we are on a tight schedule. The apartment might be needed later that day or night. Finally, you will be asked to complete a short survey about your encounter. We will want to know how much time he spent in the condo … the clock starts when he enters the condo, his general behavior … like a assertive, aggressive, shy, violent or anything that will help one of the other girls in the future. We need to know what services you provided so we know what to charge him and have a record of his preferences in case he becomes a repeat customer. We will alert you by text when you have been booked. You are to go to InhibitionsLimited.com and sign in with your password. There it will give you the day, time, and place to meet the client. There will be other details about him such as his preferences and fetishes. OK that’s a lot to remember but we’ll help you along for the first couple of engagements. Oh, and a few last tips … Even if you recognize an individual and know who he is, don’t let on that you know him. You will be role playing a lot and interjecting reality is not a good idea. In addition, privacy is vital in our business. Finally, condoms and toys are in the bedside tables. Sometimes the guy wants to watch you masturbate and have you use dildos or vibrators so we provide them for you. Of course, you can bring your own. And remember, he always wears a condom. You can give him a blow job uncovered if you want but anal and vaginal are always with a condom. Do you understand?”

“Yes, of course.”

“And also,” Tommy added. “Jan might have mentioned the apartment arrangement we have with her. We can’t offer you the same deal until after you have worked with us for at least a month. Our clientele always have the last word. If any of them file complaints about your conduct or abilities, we keep them in our files. If there is a negative pattern, you will be asked to leave our team. Otherwise, it might be possible to lease the apartment to you in the future.”

“It’s time,” Barbara interjected. “Are you ready to join up, Eve?

“Yes, it sounds fine.

“We’ll be sending you a text within a day or two with your password and a possible first client. See you later …”

With that, I left the room in a bit of a daze. I hailed a taxi that took me home where I downed a tall double scotch on the rocks.

Nothing happened the first day but I went into the office to see Norm. He had been working with the script writer on “The Principal” and decided several new scenes should be added. One would be with a female gym teacher having sex with a janitor who had a perverse idea on how to use the mop. Another has a male teacher being seduced by a student during a tutoring session. A second girl happens by the classroom and wonders what is going on. She joins them in FMF action. So it appeared that I would soon be staring in a second video.

I received a text message the following morning from Barb giving me a pass code as well as the day and time to meet my first client. However, more details were on the website. I logged in and read:

“You should be in Jan’s apartment at exactly 7:30 PM, not before, then get into costume and be certain to have douched ahead of time because the customer likes to give oral. You will wear a native Dutch girl dress and wooden clogs. He likes foreign girls. If you have an accent, use it. Do not wear a bra because the top of the dress will be loose and you want to show plenty of cleavage and a good portion of your breasts. Wear the crotch less thongs that will be with the costume. He will arrive at 8:00 PM and is paying for an hour and a half. Be sure to be out of the apartment by ten! Besides oral, he seems to be interested in ordinary sexual acts with nothing perverse. Show him a good time because he is an important first time customer. You might want to provide a dish of Dutch cheese and a glass of wine to set the stage. Remember, he is paying for a young Dutch farm girl … not an American porn star.”

So that was it until that evening. I was a bit nervous and only snacked for dinner.

When you are new at a job, a person always wants to be on time and maybe even be early. I had learned that being early was not a good idea in this case. At 7:30 I was at the condo and watched as the maid was leaving Jan’s apartment. Inside, it was in immaculate condition and my costume was laid out on the couch. I had brought the wine and cheese and checked the kitchen for glasses and plates. The cheese, glasses and wine were placed on the coffee table where two coffee table type books sat. One was called “Dutch, the Land of Cheese and Canals.” The other was a catalogue of our porn videos “Available for Sale.” I thought to myself, “They think of everything.” Maybe I should have brought along a copy of “Daddy Knows Best” in case my “love interest” wanted to shell out $65 for a copy. I dressed in the Dutch girl outfit and slipped into the wooden shoes. Talk about clunky … How do people walk in those things? At eight, the buzzer rang and I let him in.

Holy shit! It was our first black mayor! I greeted him with, “Goede avond sir,” something I picked up on the Internet.

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