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Twice In One Night

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My names Rob, I’m 19 and I’ve been at uni a year now. You don’t find many virgins in university, but there have been one or two. However, the best virgin I ever met was before university. Even the wildest parties I’ve been to here haven’t been as crazy as the one I finally bedded Laura Hillson at, and I’ll never forget the time we had that night.

It was the night after my A level exams. I was quite pleased with how they’d gone and I was ready to finally chill out and enjoy the long summer. Although I lived in a little village in the south, we still knew how to party in the area. I had just split with my long-term girlfriend and although during school time this would have made me a no go with her friends, I sensed now that those rules had gone out the window. Anyway she wasn’t going to be out tonight because she’d gone on holiday the day before so I was definitely up for a good night.

The party was being held at Laura Hillson’s house in town. Laura was an enigma. She had come to sixth from at my school when we were all 17. She had lived out in Spain for most of her life and although both her parents were English, she looked very Spanish. She had a round face, with a huge smile and perfect teeth. Her light brown hair matched her light brown eyes and she had full lips and a cute little nose. Her hair was about shoulder length and slightly curly, in the light it looked golden and in shadow she looked darker. Her neck was slim and led onto two tanned shoulders. She was slim and had small pert breasts with nipples that constantly seemed to be erect and were visible through almost any thickness of top. Although she had no fat on her stomach at all, it curved out beautifully to around her naval, before curving back in as it sloped down between her hips. These were narrow and her ass, although not tiny was extremely firm. Her thighs and calves were similarly toned, which she attributed to a youth spent practicing gymnastics. All year round she looked tanned and displayed this with tops cut high at the stomach and trousers slung low. Your eyes were instantly drawn towards the curve of her stomach and drawn down to the point where it entered her trousers. Here, her pelvic bulge was clear, showing the point that you knew must lead down to the hot regions between her thighs.

The big mystery around Laura was her sex life. When she first came to the school she was quiet and only told us about herself when we pressed her. I first saw her in the common room and there was something about her Spanish looks that instantly attracted me to her. She wasn’t perfect, just hugely sexy. We started talking and I couldn’t believe my ears. She had spent the last 5 years of her life in an all girls’ school, boarding with several hundred other girls. She confirmed that the stories of electric toothbrushes and lesbian dorm mates were all true but said that she had never gone in for it herself.

I wasn’t the only guy who found her a huge turn on. Soon she was going out with a guy who was also new to the school. They seemed really close and saw a lot of each other outside of school. His name was Si and I played rugby with him for the first XV. In such a jock environment, sexual conquests were always announced and I waited fro Si to tell us all that he’d popped Laura’s cherry, (and I expect his own.) However they broke up after a couple of months and according to their friends, they never slept together. Laura had a longer relationship with a good friend of mine later that year. This time I was sure I would find out if anything happened. Secretly I was hoping it wouldn’t. although I was in a relationship, I fanaticised about spreading those tanned legs and finding Laura’s hot pussy ready for me to enter. So inwardly I was pleased when Dunc revealed after they’d split, that not only was Laura a virgin when they started going out, she still was now! He certainly wasn’t happy about this.

By mecidiyeköy eskort the second year everyone knew about Laura’s past education and seeing as she admitted that it had left her with a real appetite for men, we couldn’t believe that she was yet to go all the way. She kept on seeing guys from out of school, meeting them in bars and clubs and often going home with them, but her girlfriends reported that she hadn’t slept with a single one of them. My girlfriend at this point was close to Laura and so I was kept up to date with all the developments or lack of!

So by July of that year I was ready to see if Laura was still the sweet virgin I expected she was. She had phoned me personally to invite me to the party. These parties were never on an invite basis. I was hoping that she was making sure that I turned up, because she had her own agenda planned. Anyway on the night I certainly felt ready to find out. I checked myself out in the mirror before I left and felt I was, looking pretty good. I’m about six foot one and quite broad shouldered. I’m not hugely muscular, but my arms and legs are larger than most guys and I keep them immaculately toned, along with my stomach. I have very short shaved hair, which is dark brown and my eyes are green. That night I was feeling good after a long session at the gym. I was dressed ready for action and had a bag of weed Laura had requested in my back pocket.

As soon as I got to Laura’s house, she found me. She came down the stairs into the hall looking fantastic. She had a black knee length skirt on and no socks or shoes. Her top was a loose white t-shirt, which displayed her gorgeous nipples brilliantly. She linked arms with me, asking about my exams and what my plans where. After we’d had a drink she whispered in my ear, asking if I’d brought her some pot. I whispered back that I had. Laura had revealed when she phoned that she’d wanted to try pot for ages, nut didn’t want anyone else to know, in case her parties became drug infested. She’d said that she thought she could trust me to keep it a secret if we had some at her party and I agreed.

Laura’s room was always locked during parties. Every so often she let a couple use it but tonight it was empty. We locked ourselves in and I rolled us a good joint. We sat on Laura’s bed and talked as we smoked the joint and I laughed when she coughed up the first few pulls. She started to ask me about smoking weed and I told her all the different way that I’d done it. I noticed as I was taking that she was edging her way more and more onto the bed. Eventually she was lying down on her back on the bed and I started to lie back with her as I rolled another joint. We carried on chatting and when I looked up from rolling I noticed her hand had slipped down to her groin. She knew I could see, and made it obvious what she was doing as she softly rubbed the material of her skirt against her groin. Every so often she’d buck her hips slightly so that she could rub harder. Her skirt started to work itself up her tanned leg and I could feel it making my cock hard in my trousers.

As I talked to her I fantasised about her hot wet pussy and tight asshole and it made me think of a story I’d heard about a singer in the sixties who’d had cocaine blown up her ass hole to save her voice. I turned to Laura and recounted the story. I though she’d laugh but instead she looked shocked and asked me if I was suggesting we tried it. The pot had gone to my head, so I told her I was. ‘You’re the expert,’ she said, jumping off the bed.

It took me by surprise for a second and I didn’t know what to say. Before I could say anything she turned round and asked my how I though we should do it? That was when the real fun began. I told her we would need a biro and some lubricant first of all. She gave me the pen and I took the nib and ink out so I had a hollow tube. She rooted around in escort bayan her bedside draw and found a jar of Vaseline and handed it to me. She watched as I covered the pens outside with Vaseline, and then finished rolling the joint. ‘You’re going to have to bend down for this,’ I told her. By now my dick was throbbing. I wants to get it out and make her suck it first, but I knew I couldn’t yet.

She bent over, placing her hands on the bed. The hem of her skirt rode up her thighs until I could almost see the bottom of her cute ass. As I lifted her skirt I couldn’t help giving my cock a squeeze that came so close to making me lose control. I let her skirt fall over her arched back and inspected her fantastic arse. Like the rest of her, her ass was tanned, except right inside her crack, where her cheeks usually touched. Because she was bending over her ass cheeks were split apart and only a black lacy thong hid her anus from me. However around where I knew her tight little socket was, I could see the area of darker skin that surrounded it. Underneath it, the mound of her pussy bulged in her thong. As I slid her thong down, the sweet, heavy smell of her wet pussy hit me. Again I wanted to get out my now sorely bulging cock and thrust it in either of those tight little holes. As the thong slid from her ass crack it revealed first her tight round little anus. It was tiny, dark brown and puckered. I let my finger caress it as I pulled at her thong, it felt firm and springy to touch and I could smell its aroma over the smell of her pussy. As she felt the string of her thong slide out from between her tight lips she let out a little moan, then a giggle. Her arsehole tightened for a second than relaxed, still staying pert, almost as if she were trying to force it open for me.

Next her pussy appeared from under her thong. She had dark pink pussy lips that led to her large throbbing clit. Between her lips was already soacking and I could see her juices start to flow out and slick the bit of skin that led down to her asshole. I let my finger slide over that piece of skin and again gently pressed her anus. This time my finger entered her asshole, just the tip, then pulled it out. She sighed again and bent a bit further over. I stripped her thong down her legs and she lifted her feet so I could pull it off. ‘This might sting a bit,’ I said. I could smell her hot pussy again. She said nothing but glanced over her shoulder and grinned at me. I took the pen and gently pushed it against her puckered little hole. It slipped in easily and she gasped slightly as I slid it into her hot hole. The rim of her anus gripped tight round the pen, but the Vaseline let it slide in easily. When about four inches had slid in, I stepped back and lit up the joint. She looked so hot, bent over like a naughty schoolgirl ready for a sound spanking, with the pen lid splitting her tiny anus. ‘Ready?’ I asked her.

‘Go ahead,’ she said, turning her head to grin at me again. I knelt down, so that my face was level with her bare ass. Taking a long drag, I leant forward and blow a tight-lipped jet of smoke down the pen. I could see it through the transparent pen, as it billowed down into her ass. I repeated it again and again till I’d blown the whole joint up her. She moaned with pleasure, obviously feeling the effects of the weed already. ‘That felt so good,’ she moaned.

Then she lowered her self onto the bed, still face down, with her legs hanging over the side of the bed and spread a little. Her pink lips were pulled apart by this and I could see how wet they were. Pulling her self further onto the bed, she tucked her knees up under her stomach so her ass was in the air.

I reached out and pulled the pen from her anus. She moaned again as it slid out. I decided now was the time to really take over. As the end of the pen slid out, I replaced it with the tip of right index finger. I pressed bayrampaşa escort and the Vaseline let my finger slide gently into her ass. I felt her tight walls grip my finger and her rim close round it. She wriggled her ass, moving my finger in further and I carried on sliding it into her till it was in way past her knuckle.

I started to fuck her ass, in and out, with my finger, circling my finger slightly to widen her asshole. She lay there, softly moaning in pleasure and as she did so, I unzipped my flies and dropped my trousers, letting my cock, completely erect still, free itself from my boxers, as they slid with my trousers, down to my ankles.

I carried on fingering her ass for another few seconds, and then slowly pulled my finger out, enjoying the feeling of her rim gripping my finger, trying to hold it in. As my finger slid out, I moved my cock towards her now gaping asshole. She pushed her anus out like she had before, widening the hole even more. I pressed the head of my cock into the deep brown hole and almost came with the sensation. My cock slid down into her ass and I stood on tiptoes to help myself slide in further. She moaned louder than before, as I thrust my hard dick down into her hot slider anus. I grabbed her buttocks and pulled them together to make her ass a crack again and hold my cock even tighter. I stated to pound her asshole, pulling her into me by her buttock. ‘Fuck me Robe, that’s so fucking good,’ she cried out, as I continued to ram my cock in and out of her.

I felt myself start to climax and she seemed to be doing the same. I let one hand slide between her legs as I felt her ass tighten in pleasure. I felt around her shaved little pussy that was now sopping wet all over. Finding her swollen clit I began to gently rub it in time to my thrusts and she started to cry out even louder. After a few seconds I was ready to shoot, and I could feel her ass tighten even further around my pulsing cock. My fingers were dripping and the smell of her pussy mixed with the smell of her ass as my dick slid in and out of it. Suddenly she bucked her head up and cried out in orgasm and I felt her rim tighten so much, that I was sure I was going to shoot straight into her ass.

I had other ideas though and as she lowered her head, letting out a final long moan, I quickly pulled my cock out in one movement had a second to gaze at her fantastically split anus, now a gaping hot wet hole. A drop of cum shot from my dick and landed just inside her ass rim and I could see it start to slide down that wet brown passage.

Then I grabbed her leg and roughly flipped her over onto her back. She grinned up at me and laughed as I yanked her legs wide open and pulled her skirt up again. My cock was crying out to be unloaded and I aimed it at her tight little pussy hole. As I thrust towards her she yanked up her top and bra, revealing her pert tanned breasts. Her nipples were dark pink and by now stood out half an inch. She pulled her top off over her head and let me collapse onto her sweet warm chest as I sunk me dick between those fat pussy lips.

She was so wet that I slipped easily in. She let out a sharp gasp as I broke through her barrier, the n she grabbed my ass, pulling me all the way into her. Her pussy was almost as tight as her ass and just as hot. None of my girlfriends had had virgin pussies this tight. I pinned her arms against the bed and sucked each breast in turn deep into my mouth, biting the nipples. She bucked against me, but I forced her hips down and she got the idea and lifted her legs high in the air. This let my dick have total access to her steamy tight hole. I fucked her so hard that we shook the bed, and rattled it against the wall. Then I felt myself climax as I unloaded five jets of steaming hot cum into her pressing tight pussy. She moaned as she felt my cum slide down her pussy and I leant down to bite at her neck.

We lay there together, both half naked and sweating. We must have nodded off together because we woke up the next morning to the sound of someone banging on the door. As we dressed I gazed at Laura’s tight little ass and pussy again, now longer a mystery.

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The Young Amish Angel Ch. 01

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I feel him watching me… A steely gaze through a thick mist. The stare makes me strangely aware of every inch of my body… Tingling… Pulsing. I find myself immobilized by those dark grey eyes…. am I truly still? I feel a pulling… a tugging as the distance between us begins evaporating. I’m moving towards him… Or into him. Something in those eyes… menacing, dark, demanding, and something else… Wanting? I can’t escape, nor do I want to. Those eyes… staring… staring…


An abrupt bump jostles me, bumping my head against the window. My lashes flutter; eyes fly open to look straight into the eyes of a man. These eyes are not the eyes from my dream. They are dull, void, fixated, and belong to a rather shabbily dressed man. He sits in the bus seat adjacent, with one leg slung into the aisle. Straddling the corner of the seat, he leans forward and places his hands on either side of my mine.

He looks me up and down. I quickly adjust my posture and turn to face the front of the bus. I attempt to appear unshaken and quickly look out the window.

“Your one’em Amish aren’t ya?” the man slurred. A strange, unpleasant, soured smell came from his mouth as he spoke.

“Yes sir.” were the only words I could manage. My throat seemed rather tight.

“Yeah, yeah… I could tell. You got that funny damned thing on your head. I can’t stand you Amish. You know, I used to be a carpenter? Yeah, and I made a pretty damn good livin’ for myself! Til’ you Amish started under biddin’ all my jobs. Yeah… Ole’ Uncle Sam don’t make you pay as much….”

The man’s voice starts getting louder. I try to keep my gaze fixed forward, my knees start shaking. I notice the bus driver glancing in the big mirror above his head, his eyebrows drawn together over his cornflower blue eyes. The bus stops, the man is still mumbling and cussing.

“Joe! Hey man! It’s your stop, so get your ornery butt off the bus and leave the poor girl alone.” The driver smiles with his eyes but his mouth remained stern.

“Bradley man… I was just tryin’ to have a simple conversation,” Joe explained.

“Yeah well you’re scaring the living daylights out of her! You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Looking, Joe sees my wide eyes and trembling hands. “Sorry miss, no harm meant or nothin’.'”

I manage a nod. Joe makes his haphazard way down the aisle and all but falls out the doors. I looked up at the kind eyes in the mirror and smiled.

“Th-thank you,” I stuttered as the bus doors closed and the vehicle crawled into motion.

The smile reached his mouth revealing straight rows of white teeth. He was a very attractive young man, actually. He had short brown hair, a clean shaven square jaw and very friendly eyes.

“Miss, can I ask you a question?”

He startled me with his abrupt question. I was able to mumble, “Y-yes you may”.

“Well,” he started, “Judging by the fact that you are even on this modern-day contraption called a bus, I’m assuming your off the reservation… So…. the question is what are you planning to do?”

Off the reservation? I wasn’t quite sure what that meant but I imagined he meant that I had left my family. Should I answer this man? I considered for a moment and determined I didn’t have much to lose. He seemed kind enough to me.

“Well, Sir, I decided to take a job elsewhere. I’m going to be a housekeeper for a man, who’s a writer, in Bayfield.”

“You can call me Bradley,” he chuckled, “You are so prim an proper. Ha ha ha…. housekeeper huh? I didn’t know they even had those anymore. So you’re not going back?”

I shook my head very quickly

This made him laugh and ask, “Well do you want some advice sweetheart?”

I considered and decided and I needed all the help I could get. “Yes, I most certainly do.”

“Well darling, you need to get some new duds.”

I scrunched my eyebrows and tilted my head, “Duds? I’m not at all certain what those are?”

“Sweetheart, why don’t you come sit in the seat across from me. We got a ways until we make our next pitstop and I think you need a few pointers.


The young girl slowly stands and painstakingly makes her way down the bus aisle. She seems small, fragile, but with a hint of… what to call it… determination I guess? She’s wearing a black dress that completely covers her slight frame. From her wrists, up to her neck, and down to just above her slender ankles is completely shrouded in black. Wearing thick black socks and a pair of horribly clunky shoes she displays a matronly appearance from the waist down.

I look to her face, which is focused down to ensure that the placement of her feet are sure. The only thing remotely colorful about her is her hair. What little bit can be seen, beneath that damned bonnet (or whatever the hell it is), is a vibrant copper-like color. Always a sucker for a redhead, I catch myself letting out a louder than usual exhale (refusing to acknowledge it as a sigh) I smirk.

She sits in the seat and looks up at mecidiyeköy escort me, apparently waiting for my advice. I glance over at her and am almost knocked down by the beauty of her face. She looks like an angel. Her gorgeous green eyes, now searching my face, are framed by auburn lashes. Her cute pointed nose have a faint dusting of freckles, telling of her youth and innocence. I move my gaze downward and… mmmm… Damn, that is a mouth made for wonderfully dirty and sexy things.

I imagine her holding my hard throbbing cock in her trembling hand, slowly parting lips as she starts to wrap them around…

“Bradley? Are you well?”

Oh shit, did I groan? “Yeah, Sugar, I’m just fine. Why?”

“Your face got a little red and your eyes seemed to lose their focus.”

“Oh yeah Sweeth-… wait… What is your name?”

“Oh, it’s Ruth… my name is Ruth Christner.”

“Well nice to meet you Ruth,” oh God if I wasn’t engaged I might just have to corrupt this poor little girl. “Duds, right, we were talking about duds. Duds is another names for clothes, ya know… clothing?”

“Yes, it has become apparent that I do stand out quite a bit more than I would like. I should get more secular clothing but…” she looked down frowning slightly, “The thing is, I only had enough money for the bus ticket and a night’s stay in Ashland. My employer will be picking me up tomorrow afternoon.”

“Ashland! I’m switching with another driver in Ashland,” the sweet temptation, “I’m about to suggest something Ruth and if you don’t like the idea you can turn me down. I’m in a generously giving spirit. So, I was thinking I could take you to a store and buy you an outfit or two. You will make a better impression on your boss that if you look the part. I may even take you to a salon and do a little something to your hair… what do you think?”

She looked down in her lap running her long slender fingers over the thick skirt of her dress. She timidly touched her head covering with her finger tips. She let out a quick breath and seemed to come to a resolution. She looked up, her eyes glittering from the excess moisture of held-back tears.

She said through shaking lips, “I would love that. Thank you Bradley.” She smiled the sweetest smile I believe I had ever seen.

“No problem miss.” She was so completely trusting. “How old are you by the way?”

“I am newly turned 18 which is partly why I left home. I would soon be married if hadn’t left.” She looked out the window, staring at past the trees and scenery… to what I thought.

“Married at 18? That’s crazy!” she looked over as I spoke and smiled slightly, “I’m 28 and I’m not even married.” Then thought… well not yet anyway.


We walked into a clothing store. Her newly trimmed hair flowing past her shoulders waving beautifully as she walked beside me. Someone should be punished for keeping it covered up. I picked out a white sundress, heeled sandals, and some more suitable undergarments and lead her to the dressing room. She eyed the clothes nervously then walked into the room. A few minutes after she entered I heard a small noise.

“B-Bradley?” she whimpered.

“Yeah Sweetheart?” I said smirking.

“I’m having a little trouble with some of the fastenings. We don’t use these when making our clothing.”

“Ok, I’m coming in —”

“No, wait—”

Too late, I was already in there and God did my jaw drop. She stood with her back towards me looking, with shocked eyes, into mine through the mirror. She couldn’t be but 5’3”. I scanned up her slender legs, curving at the calves and thighs, up to beautifully rounded hips. She wore the white lacey underwear I had picked out and, wow, did they hug her sexy, round, tight ass. Her waist nipped in, so small and delicate. She stood with her arms crossed over her chest, holding the bra in place that lay open in the back. I closed my mouth, swallowed hard, and smiled. I hoped that the expression on my face portrayed casual friendliness, not ravenous lust.

“Calm down, everything is alright,” I soothed. “It’s nothing that I haven’t seen before. You’re just having a little trouble with the hooks in the back here?”

All she could do was nod quickly.

“It’s ok. I can help. I think some women just put it on upside down and backwards… or something… so they can close the hooks easier.”

I step slowly toward her. I couldn’t help but to touch the small dimple of her back, just above the line of her panties. She jolts slightly with the shock of my touch.

“Shhhh… it’s ok. I promise I won’t hurt you. I’m just trying to help you with the clasp.”

She relaxes, slightly, at the sound of my voice. I slowly trace a fingertip lightly up her spine, feeling the her creamy skin. She shivers under the feeling of my hand. I smile and run both palms up her sides. I grasp the backstrap and easily close the clasps. I gather hair behind her shoulders and place my cheek against hers. I run my hands along her shoulders and smile.

“Ruth, kağıthane escort you’ll need to drop you hands away. We need to see if this one is the right fit for you.”

“B-B-Bradley, a man has never seen this much of me… or touched me like you are now.” She looked into my eyes, fear laced with… curiosity… maybe even the slightest hint of pleasure? Something to be explored.

“Baby, it’s completely natural. I think you are beautiful and I’m only trying to get you some proper undergarments.”

She lowers her hands slowly. Mmmmy God… her plump breasts are all but spilling over the delicate lace cups. Unable to contain my itchy fingers, I run my hand up her neck and then down to her collar bone. I venture further, testing I skim the top of her perfectly round tit. She inhales raggedly. I graze my lips over the sensitive skin behind her ear.

“Sweetie, this bra is entirely too small,” I whisper, making her shiver.

I quickly move my hands and unclasp the bra with a flick. She clenches her hands to hold it in place and let out a tiny squeal.

“Shhhhh…. Baby it’s ok. I’m just going to help you put on the other bra. It’s a bit larger and it may be a better choice. You are absolutely gorgeous by the way.”

She managed a small smile when she sees the truth behind my words. She removes her hands trusting me, once again, completely. I run my hands down the sides of her neck, pushing the thin straps away from her shoulders. The white lace falls with a flutter and her heavy breast bounce slightly from the absence of their support. She stands there, her tits completely bare, creamy mounds of firm white flesh. Her upturned nipples, hardening from the cool air, are beautifully pink. I let out long groan and rest my head against hers.

“Baby, you are so very sexy. Do you feel how hard I’m getting? Do you feel me pressing against you?”

She does feel my hardness straining against my trousers, pushing against her round ass. She looks to the side while her skin blooms pink, flushing from the close contact and body heat. Her stretched neck proves too tempting, I lick and nibble the skin there causing her to let out a small moan. The sound is so intoxicating; I run my hands up her ribs journeying upward to cup her firm breasts. I trace my tongue up to her ear in one long lick, nibbling on her earlobe, as I find her nipple. I rub my thumb over her little nub, my skin rough and hers unimaginably soft. She turns her head, facing me. I seize her gaping mouth, sucking her bottom lip between mine, pinching and pulling on her left nipple. I spread the aching pleasure through out her small young body, making her tilt her head back and moaning loudly against my mouth. I cover her mouth with mine, muffling her lustful whimpering.

I run a hand down her stomach and cup her pussy through the lacey fabric. She jolts and arches against me grinding her ass into my throbbing groin. I rub my fingers up and down her lush lips through the thin cloth of her panties. I let out a small chuckle, realizing that the fabric is already completely soaked.

“Mmmmm…my dirty little girl. Do you feel how wet your little pussy is? That means you looove the way I’m making you feel. How do you feel Ruth, do you like how I’m touching you?”

“Oh god Bradley, it f-f-feels absolutely mmmm– delicious. You’re the first man to kiss me and the first man who has touched me. I never knew it would be like this. I’m hot, and aching all over. Every time you touch me in a new way, a jolt goes through me, right to this one little spot”

“That’s perfect Ruth. You are absolutely perfect. That jolt is going straight to your sensitive pussy, right to you throbbing clit.” I sigh, restraining myself, “I can tell you are a virgin and I don’t want to hurt you. I want to make you feel good. I want to taste you.”

She moves her mouth to meet mine as a response to my words. I smile against her lips, touched by her attempt at forwardness. I massage her tongue with mine and trace her lips with the tip of tongue.

“Tasty babe, but that wasn’t exactly what I meant. Just sit down right there on the bench and relax.”

She looks up at me with confused eyes but does as I ask. She lowers herself slowly until her ass is resting on the seat. I notice her staring at the bulge in my pants. She surprises me by speaking.

“Buddy… what does it look like… your penis?” she questioned.

I smile and ask, “Mmm… my penis? It’s also called a cock. Would you like to see my hard cock sweetheart?” She nods and I smile saying, “Unbutton my pants and slowly lower the zipper.”

Her hands tremble, she looks up at me appearing entirely too sweet. She fumbles for a moment but finally succeeds in opening the fly. I lower my pants to the ground standing in my boxers. I place her hands on the cotton waistband of my underwear and nudge her to yank down. She pulls them slowly down to my ankles. My cock springs from its restraints and points toward her soft lips that are only inches away from beşiktaş escort the swollen head. She drops her jaw in surprise, I smile to myself refusing to give into the wicked urge to fill that mouth up balls deep. I step out of my boxers.

“It’s so big Bradley. How does it not hinder you?”

“Ha ha ha, It isn’t this big all the time. It grows when I see a beautiful woman like you with such a sexy body. You can touch it if you want to.”

She glanced to my eyes and then back down. Timidly she glides her hand, smoothly, down the underside of my smooth shaft. I groan and she quickly looks back up at me.

“It’s ok babe, your are just so soft. They feel so fucking good stroking me. Do you see the little drop of liquid at the tip? That means you are doing a very good job.”

She takes her other hand and places a fingertip on the drop of precum and spreads it around the head. She looks up and smiles.

“It’s so smooth and slick,” she whispers.

“I’m glad you seem to like it. Men like it when sexy girls touch, kiss, and suck their cocks. It drives them absolutely wild.” I let out a large sigh, “I’m going to regret saying this, however, if I’m going to keep from taking complete advantage of you, we need to shift gears.”

I abruptly drop to my knees making her jump backward on the bench. I soothe her by rubbing my palms up her thighs, spreading warmth and relaxing her.

“Now that you have seen me, I get to see you.”

She looks nervous but allows me to grab the sides of her wet lace panties. I pull then down revealing the most beautifully delicious pussy I have ever seen. She has the prettiest pink and juicy lips hiding what I know to be the tightest little hole that has never been touched. Outlining the sexy little pussy is the slightest bit of red hair. I reach around her body, grabbing her firm ass, I lift her to the edge of the seat. I move my hands down her rounded hips, slender thighs, placing my palms on the inside of her knees. I lightly kiss each knee then slowly part them until her calves are touching the edge of the bench.

“Ruth, this is the sexiest pussy I have ever seen.” She blushes as I kiss up the inside of her thigh. “Your pussy lips are swollen and wet because you’re excited. You’re a woman becoming unbelievably horny because of a man’s touch. You smell sweet…. I bet you taste sweet.”

Her eyes snap open in shock as I flatten my tongue and give her one lavish lick from the bottom all the to top of that wet slit. I lick my lips after licking hers and smile because of the taste and the thought.

“Just as I thought… delicious…. so sweet, tangy, and with a wonderful aftertaste of pure sex. Mmmm… I want some more.”

I part her labia with the tip of my tongue, gathering wettness as I run my tongue up and down her slit. She let out soft moans with every movement and wiggle of my tongue. I let my tongue tantalizingly move upward giving her swollen clit a small but abrupt flick. She let out a small shriek.

“Mmmmm….. I’m gonna have to quiet you down. I don’t want the workers to break this up, because you are way to sexy for me to stop.”

I find the wet lace panties I had removed and fold it up. I bring them to her warm wet mouth. She looks at me with unsure eyes and kiss her slowly, allowing her to taste her own juices from my tongue. I pull away and while her mouth is still parted I push the soaked cloth in her mouth. She is stunned by the sudden action. I quickly dip my head back down, sucking her clit into my hungry mouth. She lets out a squeal that is quieted by the wad of fabric in her mouth. I look up smiling, watching as understanding washes over her face. She now realizes why she has a mouthful of lace soaked in her own juices.

I start tonguing and licking the little nub. Her head rolled back. With each lick her legs spasm and moans escape from her lips. I reach up and grab her hand, placing it in my hair. She grabs a hold, grinding her hot cunt against my mouth. My hand grabs her ripe young breast, tugging and pulling on the small hard nipple.

Suddenly, thighs clamp down around my head as her spine curls slightly, the heat spreading. Her head whips backward, her stomach quivers as her legs fly open. She screams around the wad of cloth in her mouth, body moving in waves like a whip as I suck and lap at the spasming cunt flooding my face with deliciously fragrant liquid.

After a few minutes she becomes quiets herself as her legs continue shaking and jerking. I can see her heart beating in her flat tummy. I kiss the pulse there and push myself up. I slowly draw the lace panties from her mouth revealing ragged labored breathing coming from her lips. We kiss deeply yet softly,tasting her on both of our tongues. I run my hands through her hair and smile against her mouth.

“You are no doubt, the sexiest thing alive,” I whisper, “You are an absolute dream… but come on and lets get you dressed and safely to your hotel. I have to be on the road in a couple of hours. I want to make sure you are settled.”


I lay in the strange bed of the hotel blushing at my thoughts of Bradley. He made sure I had three new sets of clothes and the best orgasm of my life. Even though I’m inexperienced, I am quite sure that what just happened was a rare and cherishable event.

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Tomboy Ch. 04

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Be sure to read “Tomboy Chapters 1, 2 and 3” before starting this story. Do Tom and Jo get back together or does May move in? Everyone in the story is at least 18 years of age. Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage without explicit permission from the author.


Tom sat on a corner bench on a dark street corner after his talk with Jo. He fought back the tears and thought about calling her again but he knew she had already made up her mind and her basketball scholarship and grades were more important to her than he was. The thought entered his mind to go home and lock himself in the basement but he knew he would be too depressed. He put the cell phone in his pocket and headed down the street to Jack’s Diner where the teams were celebrating.

“Hey Tom over here!” Calvin yelled at him from the back of the diner. Jack, the owner of the diner, was a big Central Catholic supporter and always had the teams over after the games. Most of the diner was empty except for the happy victors.

Tom staggered over trying not to look too sad about what had occurred with Jo. He saw Billie and Tina hugging in one of the booths and slid in before anyone else grabbed him. “Hi.”

Tina had talked to Jo before she cut out and knew what happened. Billie also knew but neither of them had told anyone else. They wanted to hear it from Tom first. “Did you talk to Jo?” Tina asked.

“Yeah, I can’t believe she feels I’m the cause of her bad game or grades.”

“She is messed up right now being in love with you. She told me she hoped you can wait until the season is over and to give her another chance,” Tina whispered.

Tom shook his head. Things had been so perfect. He had found someone he really loved and he enjoyed his success on the team. “God, it was just one game.” He said as he leaned back and closed his eyes. He felt someone slide into the booth next to him.

“Nice game Tom,” May whispered as she pushed her bare thigh against his leg. “I heard Jo is not coming here tonight.”

“Get lost May,” Tina glared at her larger team mate.

May thought about telling her to get lost but just smiled. “If you get lonely let me know.” She stood and pushed down the short skirt before winking at him and walking away.

“We have a three day weekend coming up with no practices,” Billie announced. “What are you going to do?”

“I think I’m going back to Clarkton,” Tom said softly. “I have some loose ends to take care of.”

“Tom, Jo loves you,” Tina said hoping he would not go looking for someone else.

“If she really loved me she wouldn’t be doing this to me,” he said as he moved out of the booth.

An hour later only a few kids remained and the manager told everyone the diner was closing. Tom grabbed another Coke and headed down the street to his Grandparent’s house. He did not notice the other person walking behind him nor did he hear her footsteps as she drew near.

“Tom,” the voice behind him said. He turned suddenly hoping it was Jo but saw May instead.

“It’s not a good time right now May,” Tom said as he waited for her to catch up to him.

His body was rapidly betraying him as he thought of them on the bed at the party and her long legs opened ready for him to enter her.

“I heard about Jo,” she smiled. “I just wanted to make sure you were alright.”

“Not really,” he answered. “How did you find out so fast?”

“There are not too many secrets at Central,” she answered. “My house is just around the corner if you want to stop for a while.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he replied. He remembered what his Grandmother had said about girls who come on too fast.

She laughed. “I promise not to bite you.”

Tom was hurting so much he did not want to be alone. He felt he could control himself around May and if things started getting out of hand he could leave. “OK but only for a few minutes.”


Jo had tried to go to sleep but was too messed up as she thought about Tom. Maybe she had been too quick to stop their relationship until after the season. She quickly dressed and walked down towards the diner. Even if she wasn’t going to go in at least she would be able to see him from the distance. When she arrived at the diner most everyone had gone but she could see his tall form towards the back room. “He’s not having a good time,” Jo thought.

She waited across the street behind a brick stairwell when she saw him come out. He walked slowly down the street towards his house.

“Maybe if they talked they could resolve some of her issues of him being in the stands and spending less time during school nights,” she thought. As she moved up from the stair well she saw someone else come from behind the diner. It wasn’t until the form moved under a large street light that she realized it was May. She tried to catch May before she got to Tom but couldn’t and had to hang back as the two talked. Her worse fears suddenly came to be escort şişli when they turned and walked down the street where May’s house was.


“My mom and dad go to bed early so be quiet,” May whispered as she led Tom to her bedroom which was on the first floor but towards the back of the home.

Tom realized May had done this many times before as she closed the door behind him and quickly cleaned up a few items of clothing. “Sit on the bed and I’ll be right back,” she grinned.

He felt like the fly waiting for the spider to return as he looked around her bedroom. Her closet was open and he could see a few silky blouses and dresses hanging on the rack. He knew this was a big mistake and stood to walk out the door when the bathroom door opened and May came walking out wearing only a beige teddy. At first he thought she was completely naked.

“God,” he muttered. She giggled, walked in front of him, and pushed him back on her bed.

“Do you like?” she smiled as she did a slow 180 turn to show him her pink ass cheeks poorly hidden by the high rise teddy.

“May we can’t do this,” Tom said. His voice was saying one thing but his body said another.

“No strings attached,” she smiled as she pinched the spaghetti straps on her shoulders and slowly pushed them down her arms. The beige silk moved like an apple peeling losing it’s skin down her large mounds. “No one will know.” Tom’s eyes widened when the top of her pink nipples appeared and then the long hard tips.

“This is not a good idea,” he whispered but again did not move. Suddenly both of her naked orbs popped out before his eyes.

She didn’t respond as she continued to push the garment down over her flat stomach and small butterfly tattoo. “Do you like my butterfly?” she teased as her fingers gently brushed over the design that rested just above the top of her trimmed bush. “My butterfly likes to be kissed. Will you kiss it for me?” She moved her body forward until her knees pushed against his. Her fingers reached out and captured his head and pulled until his lips were only a few inches away.

His muscles were like putty and had no strength to resist. He closed his eye and pushed his mouth forward until they touched the soft flesh where her tattoo was. “No one will know,” she repeated again as her own fingers pushed the teddy down past her dripping pussy to her ankles. She stepped out of the teddy and stood naked before him.

“Now you need to kiss my flower,” she whispered. Her fingers gently pushed down his head until his lips moved over her thin sliver of pubic hair. As he moved lower his mouth automatically opened and his tongue licked at the top of her moist slit. She grabbed his hands and pulled them around behind her until they cupped her firm butt.

“No one will know,” she smiled when the tip of his hot tongue flicked against her swollen clitoris.


Jo knew where May’s bedroom was and hurried around the back of the house. She tried to peek in the small window but couldn’t see around the curtains. She knew May was a slut and also knew Tom was weak after what she had done to him that day. Some how she needed to stop them. She wasn’t sure where May’s parent’s bedroom was so she tossed small stones at all the windows on the second floor. At first she thought she was out of luck until a light suddenly came on. She ducked behind the garage cans.


Tom was in lala land as he sucked and licked May’s experienced pussy. His fingers squeezed her ass as he felt her push him onto his back. He didn’t resist as she quickly released his fly and pulled out his huge hard-on. He expected her to touch and explore him for a while and therefore was not ready as she quickly moved her hot hole over his shaft. As the tip pushed an inch inside her inner lips someone pounded on the door.

“May! Are you awake?” May’ mother’s voice rang out.

“Shit,” she said. “Be quiet and I’ll get rid of her,” she whispered to Tom.

“Yes Mother,” she yelled. She tried to lower her pussy down his shaft but Tom’ hands on her waist prevented it.

“Someone is throwing rocks at the house!” her mother yelled.

“They will go away,” May said totally pissed. “Go back to bed.”

They both waited for a reply but got none. They heard her footsteps walking away. “She’s gone so do it,” May grinned as she pushed her juicy opening down almost an inch again before Tom lifted her up and off of him.

“What are you doing?” May asked totally exasperated.

“Something I should have done before,” he said as he zipped up his shorts and moved to the door. “I promised my Grandma.”

“WHAT?” May asked.

He smiled and slipped out into the hallway.

He did not see Jo hiding in the alley as he hurried down the street and back to his house. Grandma Bell was sleeping in the rocking chair near the door when he tried to slip in quietly. “I can hear you,” she said.

“Hi Grandma,” Tom said as he kissed her on her forehead.

“Did you merter escort have a nice night?” she asked. She stared into his eyes and could see something was bothering him.

“Not really,” he said as he sat on the sofa across from her. “Jo and I kind of broke up.”

Of all the girls Bell had met the only one she liked was Jo. “And you are just going to sit there and not do anything about it?

“There’s nothing I can do,” he said looking downward.

“I’ve seen the way she looks at you and the way you look at her so don’t tell me there’s nothing that can be done.”

“She had a bad game tonight and said it was because I was in the stands distracting her. And she also failed an exam because we are spending too much time together during the week.”

Bell shook her head. “Think about what you just said tonight and talk to me again in the morning. I’m going to bed.”

Tom watched his elderly grandmother shuffle off slowly to her bedroom. He moved down the stairs and put on the DVD “Love and Basketball”. As he brushed the fishy smell from his mouth and lips he looked in the mirror and smiled. “Thank you Grandma.”


Jo didn’t get much sleep that night still worrying about her relationship with Tom. She told her sister at the breakfast table what had happened just to keep her quiet and waited until she left for school before she picked up her cell phone to call Tom. She wanted to tell him one more time she loved him but couldn’t be with him until after the season was over. As she walked out the front door to walk to school she took a big breath and pushed the send button. Suddenly she heard the ringing of a phone and looked down to see Tom sitting on her front steps. He looked at her name on his cell phone caller ID and smiled.

“Hi,” he smiled as he pushed his answer button and turned to look at her.

“What are you doing here?” she asked into the phone.

“I had to see you,” he answered with a grin. “I love you Jo and can’t wait until the season is over.”

She hung up her phone. “You have too,” she said again almost in tears.

“Tell me you don’t love me,” Tom said as he stood to block her path down the steps.

“That’s not fair,” she said. “I’m letting down the team.”

“I won’t come to your games,” he said smiling remembering what his Grandma had hinted at last night.

“But I’ll still be thinking of you,” she whispered.

“Jo, I hope you will be thinking of me anyway. All I’m asking is for you to try it once. I know you and know you don’t like to lose,” he smiled. “We can see each other on the weekends if this works.”

Jo stopped and bit on her lower lip as she thought about what he had said. Then she remembered last night. “I saw you go into May’s house last night. If you really loved me you wouldn’t have done that.”

“Jo I fucked up,” he said. “I thought I could control my desires and was real lonely last night. If it wasn’t for someone throwing rocks at her house I could have done something……” Then it hit him. She had saw them going into the house which meant it was Jo who threw the rocks. “Thanks,” he said blushing.

“I did it for me not you,” she said as she pushed him hard against his chest. “If you ever think about cheating on me again I’m going to use bigger rocks and my target won’t be a house.”

Tom smiled. “Does this mean we are still together?”

“Maybe if you carry my book bag to school I’ll think about it,” she grinned. She moved into his arms and gave him the hottest, wettest, and sexist kiss ever.


It was later that day during the girl’s practice that Jo got even with May. A group of older boys from the baseball team had started pre-season practice and were sitting around waiting for the girls to finish their practice so they could have the gym. It was during the last defensive practice set that Jo waited until May’s rear faced the boys on the bleachers when she grabbed hold of her shorts and panties and yanked downward. Before May could react her naked ass was mooning the whole baseball team upperclassmen.

Coach Meagan saw what Jo had done and thought about busting her but her star player had been having a rough time lately. Besides she figured May must have deserved it. She turned and left the gym before anyone saw her leave.

“JO!” May cried out as she tried to bend ladylike to pull up her panties and shorts. The problem was that if she bent with her ass to the boys they would see up under her legs at her pink slit. If she turned they would see her bush and pussy.

“What the hell,” she grinned as she turned and slowly pulled up her panties and then her shorts. The whole team was standing and applauding.

“Shit,” Jo said to herself. “She liked it.”

Later as Jo stood under the warm shower she peeked out to see May walk into the shower room. She was ready to throw a punch at the taller girl but saw May smile and glanced down at Jo’s nearly perfect body. “I can see what Tom sees in you,” she said. istanbul escort

“You don’t get it do you?” Jo laughed. “It’s not the biggest tits or best blowjob. It’s what’s in here,” she said pointing to the space between her breasts. “If you ever look at him again I’ll kick your ass.”

May tried to smile but couldn’t. “He didn’t do anything he didn’t want to do.”

“Just remember what I said,” she said as she smacked May hard on her pink buttocks. The sound rang out into the locker room.

Tina and April were giggling when May walked out of the showers. They waited until she turned around before they saw Jo’s hand print on her ass. “We didn’t know you were into spanking,” Tina laughed. May’s face turned red and she started coming at the smaller girl until Jo stepped around the locker. Jo was small too but they all knew she could fisticuffs with the best of the boys. May turned and quickly got dressed.

“So everything is OK with Tom again?” Tina asked Jo as they walked to Jo’s house.

Jo smiled and told her the whole story. “I guess we will see next week at the game. We will see each other only on the weekends.”

Tina remembered what Tom had said about going to Clarkton. “Is he still going back to Clarkton this weekend?”

Jo stopped walking and looked at her. “He never told me he was going back there.” Jo knew his old girlfriend Tracy would be waiting with open arms.

“He….,” Tina hesitated. “He must have forgotten or maybe he changed his mind?”

Jo said goodbye to Tina and called Tom’s cell phone. He had to be out of practice by now. He answered on the third ring. “Hi,” he said out of breath.

“Did I interrupt anything?” Jo asked.

Tom realized she was referring to his heavy breathing. “No,” he laughed. “I ran to the locker and had to fish out the phone. What’s up?”

“Are you going to Clarkton this weekend?”

“I should have known Tina would have told her,” he thought. “Yes but I was going to ask you to go with me.”

“When were you going to ask me tomorrow morning before you left?”

“No, tonight when you come over to my house. We have the house all to ourselves. Even Grandma Bell will be gone.”

Jo’s pulse quickened. “Alone? Just the two of us?”

“That’s OK isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah, that’s better than OK. What time?”

“My family is going out at 6:30PM so anytime after that.”

Jo was waiting across the street at 6:20PM for the family to leave.


Tom told his family to leave and he would clean up the kitchen. It was getting late and he wanted them out of the house.

As soon as he heard their car leaving down the street the doorbell rang. He was wearing his Grandma’ apron when he opened the door. “Are you a hussy?” he said in his best impression of his Grandma’s voice. “That skirt is a little short isn’t it?”

Jo laughed and pushed him into the door. She closed it behind her. “Why Grandma what big eyes you have,” she giggled. She pushed on his nose. “What a big nose you have.” Both were laughing as she picked up the apron and grabbed his forming bulge. “And, what a big THANG you have.” Tom sucked in a big blast of air as she stroked his shaft. “Why Grandma,” she giggled as she unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard-on. “Is this for little red riding hood?”

“Yes….dearie…….” he gasped as she stroked him. He watched as she leaned forward and pretended to open her mouth over his huge crown. Suddenly she pulled back and ran down the hallway.

“Hey that’s not playing fair!” He yelled as he ran to catch up to her. His hard prick bounced up and down with each step.

Jo ran down the hallway and into a small closet off of the kitchen. She heard him coming and moved back behind some long coats. His footsteps moved down the hallway and stopped by the closet door. She held her breath as she waited for the door to open. But, it didn’t open and she heard him walk away. “Surely he saw me duck into the closet,” she thought.

Jo remained in the closet for almost five minutes before she realize he was not looking for her. She moved out and peeked down the hallway. Nothing not even a sound. She left the door open and tip-toed into the kitchen. Still no Tom. A quick search of the first floor showed nothing either. She smiled as she moved down the squeaking stairs to his room in the basement. Again there was no Tom.

“OK enough is enough,” she said softly as she climbed the stairs to the first floor and then the second floor. The first two bedrooms were empty but the third one had two candles lit and the bedspread turned down. She smiled as she entered.

“It took you long enough,” Tom grinned when he saw her walk cautiously through the doorway. He moved from a small chair and walked up to her.

Jo giggled and looked at the bed. “Are you planning something?”

“Yes, and to make it interesting I’m challenging you to a game of HORSE.”

Jo looked over his back at the small basketball goal mounted on the bathroom door. “And what are we betting?”

“First of all our clothing,” he smiled as he unbuttoned the top button on her blouse. She smacked his hand away.

“And, second of all,” she smiled.

“Whoever loses does what the other person asks.”

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The Training Centre

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Teresa was a very goodhearted woman and sure that what she was doing for the church was for the good. There was no doubt that the Catholic Church was facing a situation where increasing number of priests were starting ordination but leaving without completing their courses. The Catholic Church knew that it could not just throw these people, who had been so divorced from regular society, on to the street and expect them to cope. Theresa had offered her little boardinghouse as a halfway house and took it upon herself to guide these young men to a full and productive life. There were only eight rooms and they were full most of the time. When each man arrived she assessed him as to how much she could help. In some cases a little, in some cases a lot. Declan was a very nice young man, very quiet and very reserved and Theresa thought she could help him. She put him in one of the rooms and watched his behavior at meal times and in the common room where they all talked.

After two weeks she decided that she would invite Declan in to the little room next to hers which was connected by an internal door. Declan had no idea why he was being asked to change rooms. One night after dinner when Declan returned to his room, there was a knock on the door and Theresa opened it. Declan was surprised. Theresa was a woman, now separated, in her early 40s, a full, slightly heavy figure but an attractive face and smile.

“Would you like a cup of tea?”


“Come in and I’ll make it for you.”


They chatted for a while. “I want to get you be comfortable with young ladies. I would like to find you a nice Catholic girl so you can settle down.”

“That’s a very nice thought”


“I think you have a lot to learn. Stand up.” Declan treated her very much as a mother confessor and stood up and Theresa slipped his sweater over his head and his shirt and singlet and then undid his belt and dropped his pants and underpants of the floor. To say that Declan was surprised would be the understatement of the year.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.” At this moment Theresa wrapped her fingers around Declan’s penis and began to fondle it backwards and forwards. Very few men could resist the pleasure of a woman handling their penis and it soon began to stiffen. Soon the foreskin had gone back over the tip which was now showing and her hand was moving up and down. Her experienced fingers could tell that he was about to cum and his increasingly rapid breathing confirmed it. She reached over for a tissue and put it over his dick as he came.

“Did you like that?”

He was speechless and excited and embarrassed all at once.

“Yes it was very good. “She reached over and grabbed his dick again. It had been quite a time since she last held one. She liked teaching young boys and men how to enjoy themselves sexually. It was an important part of learning how to get on well with the other sex.

It took a bit longer for the second time and he came again. She played with his balls, gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, “That’s enough for tonight.”

Declan was amazed as you might imagine and wondered where this was all going to end.

Next night Theresa knocked on the door and came into his room and asked if he would like a repeat of last night. Declan had no hesitation in saying yes. Theresa knew that he had to be introduced to the female body and she took her top off revealing some seriously large breasts. She took his fingers and brought them to her nipples and said this is what you do. As Declan did it, he could feel them stiffen under his touch and the more he did it, the bigger the smile on Theresa’s face. Theresa said, “You’re a fast learner. She lay down on the bed and pulled Declan down. As Theresa flopped down Declan’s nose detected an aroma that was totally unfamiliar to him.

Theresa said, “I can show you what to do or I can tell you what to do. Which do you prefer?”

“I don’t know.”

“Okay it’s easier if I show you” and she lifted her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties down. She was quite hairy and Declan was clearly interested. He had never seen one before. Nothing in his training or upbringing would have brought him close to a woman’s pussy.

She drew his hand towards her slit and positioned his middle finger against her clitoris. Declan asked himself, “Is this happening to me? Is it real? According to everything I’ve learnt this shouldn’t be happening. I know aksaray escort it’s a sin but I can’t stop.” Theresa instinctively sensed what was going through his mind and said, “Don’t worry. Nobody is watching. There are no statues here in this room so we can do what we like.”

This relieved Declan and he continued playing with her clitoris.

“Declan. Have you ever seen a woman before?”

“No, never.”

“Okay I’m going to show you what’s down here because you need to know.” She pointed to all the landmarks that he needed know and then opened her lips and pointed to her vagina and said,

“This is where you are going to put your penis when you make love.”

“Oh, my God. Are you serious?”

“Yes I’m serious.”

“I don’t know if I can do that.”

“Don’t worry. I’m going to show you. It won’t hurt and it’s natural.”

She lay on her back – her knees around her ears and said, “Take a good look and see where you are going to put it and I will guide you in.”

Theresa justified her actions by saying that she was doing all this to teach him but in fact her real motive was that she enjoyed having a good root but didn’t like the relationship that was normally attached to it. She thought it was her social duty to teach a man how to make love – love was the important word. You couldn’t make love if your wife hated you because of the pain you caused her on your first night. It was the reason her own marriage failed. It took her a long time to forget and to look forward to opening her thighs and allowing a man to screw her. Even though it was against church teachings she was on the pill to make sure that she didn’t get pregnant. She was confident that none of the men from the seminary had STDs.

Declan’s brain was exploding as he was about to enter completely new territory. Theresa grabbed his hard dick and drew him in to her moist vagina. Primitive instincts kicked in and he started to move in and out with a regular rhythm until he came. It was warm and moist – like putting your finger into a Xmas pudding.

“It’s going to be different for you when you go with a woman who’s never had sex before, Declan. When you find a nice girl, and if she’s a virgin, just make sure she is nice and moist and take it very slowly, really slowly and if she starts to show signs of pain, stop and start again slowly, really slowly, until you are right in. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I think I know what I do.”

“Of course there is a lot more but you’ll probably have to read about it. I can’t tell you everything.”

Declan exploded in her very quickly as you might expect and she sent him off to the bathroom to wash himself. When he came back she said. We are going to do it again and this time it will be much better. She massaged his dick until it was hard and he put it in her again and started vigorously moving in and out until he came again. Theresa said, “That’s enough for one night.”

“Thank you Theresa. It was wonderful.”

She felt a bit like Mother Theresa – she was doing it for charity. The more she gave, the better she felt. She had lost count of the number – around two per year.

The next day Theresa rang her friend Geraldine who was running a boarding house for young novices who had also left after stopping their studies. She was doing exactly the same job – trying to bring these young women back in to society so that they would thrive and prosper.


“Yes, Theresa”

“Geraldine. I have got a very nice young man here. Have you got a nice young girl over there if I give you some details?”

Geraldine replied, “I’ll ring you back morrow and let you know. “

For Geraldine the problem was a little more difficult. She had helped a lot of novices transform their lives into success stories. She basically asked all the girls three questions:

1.Do you want to have a family?

2.Do you want to study?

3.Do you want to work?

She asked Veronica who said that she wanted to have a family.

“Veronica, I have a friend who a run a boarding house for priests who have left and no longer want to remain priests. She rang me to tell me that she has a nice young man and I think it would be good for you to meet him.”

Veronica agreed and Geraldine said, “I know you’ve had a very cloistered life. You went direct from your convent school to being a novice and so you have had very little experience with males. Is that true?”

“Yes topkapı escort it is. Apart from my much younger brothers I really haven’t had much to do with men at all.”

“Veronica I’m going to give you some books to read which will give you an idea of what married life is all about and what you should expect. One of the things you have to get used to is that you will not only interact verbally but also physically. That means you will want to touch his body and he will want to touch yours.”

Veronica came back with a lot of questions which basically revolved around how you started.

“Well the first thing is you have to meet the young man and you have to talk to him and you have to like him before you do anything else. Would you like me to organise an introduction? “

“Yes I think so.”

Geraldine and Theresa and Declan and Veronica all went for a cup of coffee and talked and chatted for more than an hour. Geraldine and Theresa excused themselves and left the young couple to talk. They agreed to meet again for another coffee and agreed then to go out for dinner together. It was a good start. On about the sixth or seventh meeting, nobody could remember just when, they held hands and it looked like everything was going to happen.

Theresa said to Declan,” I know it’s a little difficult to get to know Veronica better when you haven’t got your own place to go to. It’s normally against the rules to have a woman in your room but I will let you do it but you must come in the back door through my kitchen so that nobody sees you. OK?”

Declan agreed and after the next dinner with Veronica they came in through Theresa’s kitchen and into his room. Veronica was a little bit uncomfortable because it was the first time she had ever been in a room with a man by herself. Declan took it very slowly and kissed Veronica for a long period of time. Veronica responded by kissing him back. It was a good start. His hand moved to her breast on the outside and then underneath her top to fondle it and then squeezed her nipple.

This was the first time anybody had ever done anything like this and Veronica was completely carried away by the delicious sensations going through her body for the first time. Declan walked her back to Geraldine’s house which was nearby. They parted promising to see each other again. Veronica was troubled by ideas of sin and approached her mother confessor, “He put his hand on my breast. Have I sinned?”

“There is no such thing as sin in the marriage bed.”

Veronica had never heard of that verse before but replied, “But we are not married.”

“Do you think you might get married?”


“Then it’s OK”.

With all moral restraints removed, Veronica’s released her animal spirits. Those who believe that too much of something dulls the senses must believe the converse that senses that have been unused are the sharpest. Thus it was that those erotic nerve endings which had been held back were suddenly released, never to return to captivity.

The sharing of physical intimacy by allowing his hand on her breast, led to the sharing of intellectual intimacy and honesty, and they both revealed at their next meeting the true reasons that they were leaving their religious callings. It all related to their reaction to the revelations of how the Church responded to the revelations of pedophile activity and this called into question all the teachings of the Church. They could reveal none of this to their mother confessors.

The next time they had dinner together and walked to Theresa’s, they held hands and there was a feeling of expectation in the air. They walked into Declan’s room and Veronica turned the light out. She held Declan’s hand and led him to the bed and pulled him down and they kissed. His hand was soon on her breast but she lifted it off and removed her top altogether. Declan nuzzled her breast and sucked her nipple. She held his head close to her and enjoyed the feeling immensely. Feelings that she had never experienced before were happening in her pussy. Veronica had purposely worn a skirt tonight to allow Declan access to her pussy and soon she felt her skirt being ruffled up as his hand descended onto her mound. His hand played around and then his finger tried to sneak in under the elastic of her panties.

At that Veronica lifted her bottom off the bed and removed them and her skirt. Although he could not see her, she was now completely naked. sarıyer escort Declan tried to remember the geography down there from what he had seen on Theresa’s pussy. His finger moved to separate her lips as Veronica hesitated in trepidation. She opened her thighs knowing that she would need to do that if he was to get full access. The anticipation of pleasure was fully rewarded when his finger finally touched her little clitoris. Shockwaves of pleasure raced to her pleasure centers and caused her vagina to lubricate, and be ready to receive the invader. Declan wished he could see her virgin pussy but this was better than nothing. What happens next? Veronica was waiting for his finger to try to find her vagina. After a bit of fumbling his finger slipped into her vestibule and moved a fraction up her passage. Oh God. It felt great.

Veronica was engrossed in her own pleasure and became aware that she was naked and he wasn’t. She tugged at this pants and Declan took the hint. He removed everything. Declan remembered how Theresa had encouraged his sexualisation by leading him to touch her and could see the benefit of doing the same for Veronica. He fished for her hand in the dark and led it to his erect penis.

“Oh. Oh me, oh my.”

She instinctively gripped it trying to establish the shape and dimensions and everything about it. She had seen illustrations in the book that Geraldine gave her and now reached for his balls. She could sense the purring from Declan and his enjoyment as her hand moved up and down and around and in every direction.

Things were moving faster than she thought possible and she calculated what her chances were if they played Vatican roulette. They couldn’t be better. Declan was not worried if the Church had not blessed this union. It had been made in heaven. He lifted her legs up and separated her knees just as he had done with Theresa and positioned his cock where he thought the opening of Veronica’s vagina was. It was a bit more difficult in the dark. He pushed forward with his dick bumping into flesh all over the place until the tip of his dick found a soft, warm, moist entrance.

He pushed in slowly until Veronica pushed him back.

“It hurts a bit.” He drew back a fraction and pushed again and repeated this process until he could feel that he was right in.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes, it hurt a little but now it doesn’t.”

Her mind cast back to the convent where men were considered the ultimate evil and here was this nice man with his dick right inside me and I am enjoying it. While the thought of being penetrated might have been a bit terrifying, her worst fears had not been realised. She had already forgotten the twinge of pain and was enjoying the feeling of his dick sliding up and down against the walls of her vagina. She eventually felt him releasing his seed into her and she hoped that at that moment that Vatican Roulette worked in her favor. She hoped that her eggs played by the rules of the game.

“I’m going to stay the night. I want to fall asleep in your arms.”

They awoke in the morning still naked and they both saw each mother’s bodies for the first time. This wasn’t the time for gawking. They got dressed and went into the kitchen for breakfast.

“I didn’t go home. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No it’s quite alright, my dear. I’m going out shortly and you can have a shower. I won’t be back until late. Just leave quietly.”

Declan went in for a shower and she followed. She found Declan’s razor and decided to use it. She came out naked and found Declan on the bed. He was amazed. She had shaved her bush into the shape of a cross.

“What’s that for?”

“The next time you kneel, I want you to remind you that are going into a holy place.”

They both laughed hysterically. She kneeled down to examine Declan’s dick more closely and played with it and watched as it got hard again.

“You know, last night, as you were entering me, I thought to myself – I was going to be a Bride of Christ and this could be Jesus entering me.”

“I don’t think so. Jesus was a Jew and would have been circumcised.”

“Well apart from that, you could have been Jesus.”

It was time for Declan to look at her pussy. It was certainly different to Theresa’s.

Nice inner lips, nice clitoris and a little pink hole at the bottom.

He lifted her legs and positioned himself to enter and this time Veronica guided him in. This time there was not the slightest hint of pain and Veronica enjoyed herself again. She had cause to hope that her eggs were playing according to the rules again.

Theresa rang Geraldine. “I think they’ve done it. I’m coming over for a drink to celebrate. We are the Angels of Love.”

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15 – Church Lady

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“That was one of our better lunch breaks.” Amanda said, breathless as she and Dr. N lay next to each other on the couch. “And at least we’ve found a good use for this since none of the patients ever see, to want to lie down on it.”

“I noticed that too, apparently all the television shows aren’t up-to-date on the current trends for therapy.” Dr. N responded, also still catching her breath. “We should clean up and get ready for our afternoon appointment. This one sounds a little weird from the notes on the appointment, so who knows where it will lead.”

Amanda reluctantly rolled off the couch, releasing the doctor from the embrace holding them together. As she stood, she realized she still had one of her heels on and almost tumbled backwards as she planted her feet on the ground unevenly. She staggered to the other shoe and slipped in on before heading back out to her desk in the waiting area. No one was there yet, so they had finished with enough time to spare. But just barely as Amanda heard the door open as their afternoon patient arrived.

“Hello, you must be Maeve. I’m Amanda. The doctor will be a few minutes, she’s just getting cleaned up after lunch. Feel free to have a seat while you wait.” Amanda greeted their patient normally then went back to work.

She noticed a very soft sobbing coming from the other side of the room. She looked up to see Maeve, head in her hands, crying into them, but she did not seem distressed, just a little sad.

“Everything all right? I’m sure the doctor won’t be long now. Oh, and there are tissues on the table next to you if you’d like.” Amanda said, in a caring voice that she seldom had the need to use in her current role.

“I’m fine.” Maeve sobbed some more, “Just a thing I do too often it seems.”

“Oh, that’s fine, we’re used to tears here in therapy. Cry all you need.” Amanda offered, not realizing that tears were not just part of the problem for Maeve, they were the entire problem.

After a longer stretch than Amanda expected the doctor popped out from her office to call Maeve in. As she stepped out to survey the waiting area she winked over at Amanda. Amanda noticed that she had changed her outfit a little bit, losing her usual jacket and just wearing the bustier top she had worn the other day. Amanda liked the new look and winked a hard wink back at the doctor and smiled approvingly. The top put the doctor’s most prominent assets on full display. Her already full, but still teardrop shaped, breasts were shoved high up and almost burst out, with just the slightest hint of her areolae teasing their way out.

“Maeve, please come in and have a seat wherever you feel comfortable. I’m Dr. Natalya, or Dr. N if you’d prefer.”

Maeve stood, still sobbing lightly and strode into the office, past Amanda without even giving her a second glance. Amanda had never seen someone so melancholy seemingly over nothing at all.

“Are you all right, dear? Do you need more tissues? I can have Amanda bring in another box if you do. Please tell me what is bothering you so much.” Dr. N started in a more caring and nurturing way than she was used to. It felt a little awkward for her at first as she usually like to keep a little distance between her and her patients.

“Yes, I’m fine, but more tissues might be nice. Thank you.” Maeve’s sobbing abated slightly as she spoke and she seemed to be getting it under control once again. “I appreciate you seeing me today, doctor.”

Dr. N stepped out and asked Amanda to come in and join them as well as grabbing a couple boxes of tissues for Maeve.

“Oh, anytime dear. Maeve, this is my assistant Amanda. I’ve asked her to come it to join us to help observe and take notes so I can focus more on you. Now, what is it that you wanted to speak with me about?” Once she established the need for Amanda’s presence, Dr. N continued the initial conversation as usual.

Maeve looked up to see Amanda again, seated in the chair on the side of the room. Her gaze lingered as she worked her way down from Amanda’s delicate face to the rest of her body still adorned by her French maid outfit, and then stopped at her legs, still on full display in her stockings with her heels now properly affixed to her feet. As Amanda crossed her legs, a glimpse of her pink could be seen and Maeve took it all in. Mindlessly her hand moved between her legs as she continued to enjoy all that Amanda had brought to the room. The slight rubbing started to bring on more subtle sobs as she quickened her pace. Amanda awkwardly shifted in her seat, wondering exactly what to make of the scene unfolding in front of her. Maeve’s watery eyes, closed slightly as her body shook, then opened to continue to stare at Amanda’s şişli escort amazing body. Her sobs became slightly amplified, then subsided as she seemed to relax a bit.

“I’m sorry, is everything okay.” Amanda asked, concerned, and just a bit confused. She stood to offer Maeve another box of tissues, but she waved her away, indicating she was fine.

“Maeve, if my assistant is making you uncomfortable, I can ask her to leave.” Dr. N looked over to Amanda to assure her that she did nothing wrong and that she was just trying to help Maeve in whatever way she could.

“No, no, please. I like having her here. Maybe that’s part of my problem. You see, I really like having her here. I find her very attractive, and would enjoy spending some more time with her, I guess is what I’m getting at.” Maeve shared thoughts that brought a big smile to Amanda’s face, but she tried not to act shamelessly in the face of this woman’s obvious struggles.

So, I couldn’t help notice that your sobbing almost sounded like something else for a moment, as you were looking at Amanda.” Dr. N said in her comforting, yet inquisitive tone.

“Yes, that’s why I’m here. I’ve struggled all my life with intimacy. I thought it was me for a while as I bounced from one empty and unsatisfying relationship to another. Mostly men who I never felt a connection to. As I grew a bit, I realized I had more emotional connections to some women I met, and I acted on a few of those and came much closer to deeper fulfillment, but still fell short.” Maeve started to explain her situation more and both the doctor and Amanda both nodded along in agreement, understanding everything she was talking about. However, they didn’t quite understand the initial part.

Dr. N needed more clarification and Amanda looked at her and shrugged a bit, not really knowing yet how she fit into this either. “So, about the first part then, and I apologize for being blunt but, what just happened then? A few moments ago?”

“Right, I never did explain that part. So, I seemed to connect to my sexuality more when I dry. I just came before, while looking over at Amanda. When I cry, I get horny, really horny. And when I need to reach a peak I almost always have to be on the verge of an emotional breakdown or physically crying.” Maeve looked up at the two of them, after having shielded her face a bit during her confession.

“I see, that is interesting. To be honest, I’m not sure I have ever encountered a case like this, but I’m sure we can help you accept it and move forward. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with you, that I can tell at least. And emotions work in different ways for different people. If people can cry tears of joy, I don’t see why that emotional connection couldn’t also trigger the same sexual response that people get just from the normal hormonal responses. It may even be somewhat healthier as it is still connected to you emotionally and not just a sexual response with nothing else.” Dr. N tried again to reassure her patient that there was nothing wrong with how she was feeling and that emotions can trigger responses differently. “To be honest, finding yourself sexually aroused and achieving release while emotionally distraught is probably about the best you could ask for, instead of being depressed and despondent.”

“I guess you have a point there, but it still feels weird, especially since I just can’t cry on demand, so I need to seek out sad, or happy, moments where crying is normal and plentiful.” Maeve shared, leading to where things would get weird.

“So, this is probably the area where you need to be told that what you are doing is acceptable and normal, I assume. Please continue, so we can help you.” Dr. N had a way of tuning her voice to the situation just perfectly and had hit just the right blend of sensual and somber to fit Maeve’s mood as she let out a soft sob that seemed to hint at a gradual building.

“Indeed, this is the part that I have trouble with and even find disturbing myself.” Maeve managed to recover and hush her sob so as to not bring herself off again while she shared her story, not that anyone in the room would have had a problem with her cumming as much as she needed to help with her recovery. “I started with the normal things. I would watch some sad movies to get crying and then masturbate. I might even watch some pretty disturbing videos or images and get myself worked up to start, but always find some scene with a very attractive woman, her eyes a mess from crying, her features all streaked with tears, someone who was at the point of real emotional trauma, to finish.”

“I see, were the disturbing images part of the fantasy or was it just to reach the taksim escort emotional state needed?” Dr. N was trying to tease out enough of the details to determine whether Maeve had suffered her own deeper trauma and that maybe she needed to move past that as well in order to more completely heal.

“No, not at all. I hated the images and they made it harder to reach any satisfaction, but I needed to cry, I needed that emotional build to reach release.” Maeve asserted. “Thankfully, I have lived a relatively charmed life and have not suffered that kind of trauma or loss.”

“Good, that makes it easier to help you with this. If we had to unpack past trauma at that level, we would need to really delve into what has impacted your psyche so deeply. I believe your condition is simply a miswiring of some emotional triggers, and that perhaps with time you can find that joy too will be sufficient. But not everyone works the same way, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. And it doesn’t seem to be hurting anyone.”

“Well, I’m not exactly sure on that, but I’ll continue and you can let me know I guess.” Maeve seemed to have reached a comfort level with the doctor and was easily sharing her deepest thoughts.

“Good, I’m glad you feel you can open up about these things here. You have nothing to worry about or fear, so yes, please continue.” The doctor reassured Maeve some more, hoping she would continue her very open dialog.

“Thank you, I appreciate that. So, here’s where it probably gets weird. After a while I wasn’t really happy with the movies and other sad things, so I decided I needed to find something more consistent and immersive. I started looking in the obituaries for local funerals and visiting hours at funeral homes. At first, I would stop by once or twice a month when I really needed the release. I would sit in the back, and her people crying. I would reach a quick orgasm and then leave. It felt weird, but since I was just crying, no one really thought anything about it.” Maeve started to get into her crying obsession a bit more and the doctor wondered just how far had taken things.

“I see, well, again, you were in some waying paying your respects. I guess celebrating the sorrow for the deceased by raising up their spirit on the back of a wild orgasm isn’t a bad thing.” Dr. N joked a bit, bordering on the macabre, but it seemed Maeve was receptive to some dark humor and chuckled.

“Yeah, I guess. When you put it that way.” Maeve started again, still slightly chuckling, but with a hint of building sadness as if she were turning the happy exchange to sadness in order to reach another orgasm. “That continued for a little while, but then I needed a little more emotion and started attending any of the open funerals that were listed, always staying near the back like the locals who seem to attend every funeral but don’t really know the deceased.”

“At any time did your behavior cross a line where you were disrespectful of the family or the ceremony such that the experience was ruined for the attendees or lessened in any way?” Dr. N was curious whether Maeve had any reason to feel ashamed yet, other than the undeserved judgment of the self-righteous others who judge everyone.

“No, I think I kept my composure enough that it did just look like I was emotional. I never dressed inappropriately or caused a scene. Well, until that one time, but we’ll get there next.” Maeve was leaving all sorts of tidbits that the doctor wanted to explore now, but she would have to wait fir Maeve to share at her own pace. But the pace was causing both Amanda and Dr. N to start to build their own need for release.

“Good, then so far I think you have nothing to feel ashamed of. Please continue if you want.” Dr. N was trying to keep reassuring Maeve that things were still okay, but was dying to find out what happened next.

“Again, thank you, that means a lot to hear anybody tell me that.” Maeve blushed a bit, which was odd given the context, and even cuter in a way across her tear-stained cheeks. “My off experience came a few weeks later when I happened, quite accidentally, to attend a funeral for one side of a family then a wedding for the other. Given that the names were of course different I didn’t realize it until I got to the wedding ceremony and started to recognize faces from the previous week.”

“Wait, so you started attending weddings as well. Right, tears of joy, that makes sense. I would definitely suggest trying to find more happy tears for your condition. It’s probably healthier in the long run, but either way is fine as long as you don’t take things too far.” Dr. N was surprised to hear she had attended a wedding for the same reason. But beşiktaş escort she thought it made sense. A cute, blushing bride, in a sexy wedding dress, some hot bridesmaids, other young friends and family all dressed nicely, and tears. What could be better? she thought to herself.

“Yes, oh yes, I started looking at weddings. All the fancy dresses and the hot women in the wedding party. Oh, I was literally in heaven. That was until a woman recognized me from the funeral and was confused as to why I was at both as she didn’t seem to know me from anywhere. I told her I was an old friend of a friend and she initially took that as enough of an explanation.” Maeve seemed a bit nervous at this point.

“Relax, everything is still fine. You are reliving a traumatic experience, but it is in the past. Just take your time and continue when you feel comfortable.” Dr. N, in her always reassuring tone, tried to help Maeve relax and understand that she was safe with them.

As it turned out it wasn’t entirely nervousness as much as it was anxiety and anticipation as Maeve was getting to her favorite part of the story. “Wait, there’s a good part coming up that I think we’ll all enjoy” Maeve was having fun telling her story now, among some people who seemed to care. “So, as the ceremony progressed, we go to the vows and all the emotional parts and random family started crying, and I was getting worked up myself. I had the hymnal between my legs, rubbing against it, probably rocking a little more than usual. I heard a soft sob and a voice call out to me and when I looked it was the woman from earlier. She was dabbing her eyes as she cried. Then she said that she usually found it easier to follow along with the music when she had the hymnal out and open to the pages and not crammed between her legs like I did.”

“You must have been mortified, being found out like that.” Dr. N was concerned now, but she had said the good part was coming up, so she was still hopeful.

“No, well a little, at first, but then she confided in me. She opened her hand to reveal a small pink remote of some kind and told me she wore her own vibrator when she attended these so she didn’t have to look awkward. She was there for the tears as well. Then she introduced herself as Jill and laid her hand across my thigh and it sent a shiver through my entire body almost sending me over the edge. She admitted that she didn’t know anyone either and asked if I wanted to get together sometime. So, I said yes, leaned into her and planted a big kiss on her lips and said how about now?” Maeve paused a bit to catch her breath. “We then headed to a remote area of the church, it might have been a confessional, I wasn’t sure what kind of church it was to be honest, and we fucked ourselves silly. I have no idea what went on in the church after that or if anyone knew we were in there or not, and we didn’t really care. We’ve been dating ever since.”

That’s terrific! I mean the sex in the church sounds hot, but be careful with that, you know how those people are.” Dr. N was thrilled to hear about a happy ending for her and hoped that talking about it helped her accept it for what it was.

“Thank you. You don’t know how much this means to me to be able to share this and just let it all out. I was thinking I was going to need to go to confession myself, but then thought better of that.” Maeve chuckled a bit and so did Amanda and Dr. N.

“I’m pretty sure that isn’t really good for anything anyway.” Amanda shared. “Too many people think that they can just say a few words and become saints. They never bother changing their behavior after it though.

“True, Amanda, very insightful of you. Sounds like something you might have some experience with.” Dr. N offered. Amanda just smiled a knowing smile back at her.

Maeve pulled herself together enough to get going, grabbing the spare box of tissues for the afternoon, just in case there were any good funerals coming up. She and Jill had been in a dry spell and they were looking for some good weekend plans.

“That was a different one.” Amanda said, shaking her head a little, still confused by where that would come from.

“It was, refreshing though from all the other ones out there.” Dr. N. responded smiling at Amanda, still a bit aroused from the session.

“Maybe we could crash some wedding this weekend and fuck in the pews, just for fun.” Amanda suggested, that look of mischief in her eyes.

“I’ve always been more of a funeral person myself. Plus, it’s much more of a commitment than matrimony is. Very few people change their minds after they’re dead.” They both laughed at that as they walked toward each other. It had been a very emotional day, and they embraced as much for comfort as for their mutual desire. Since they were done with appointments for the day, their lingering kiss wandered farther into their usual escapades as they closed out another successful day of their therapy partnership.

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The Proposition

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Making the Deal

I have been rather successful in life thus far. Shortly after graduating from high school, I had started an internet dating site as a hobby. For some reason that little hobby turned into a very lucrative business. Though I struggled to make ends meet the first year my site was in business, it took off like a rocket after that. Over the next few years, my hobby provided me with a very comfortable living.

About five years ago, a major internet player made me an offer for my dating site. I couldn’t refuse. Their agent told me they could grow my site even more and offered me one hundred million dollars for it. Of course, I accepted their offer on the spot.

With the proceeds of the sale of my dating site, I bought a large house on several acres of land. It was located about two blocks from the local high school. It was also only a few more blocks in the opposite direction to the community college. Part of the allure of that location was that it afforded me the opportunity to watch the young people, especially young women, parading past my home after their high school and college classes.

The first year following the buy-out of my dating site, in addition to my home and its property, I bought many high powered toys. A speed boat, several high performance cars, including a ’63 split window Corvette, and a small plane. I made no attempt at concealing my wealth. Though I was friendly enough, I didn’t care what others thought of me or my lifestyle.

Now, at forty-two years of age, I am quite well off. I haven’t needed to work in years. I spend my time playing with my high-powered toys and tending to the landscaping of my large yard. I can easily afford a grounds keeper, but I enjoy the exercise. The work has the side benefit of keeping me in reasonably good physical condition.

One hot summer afternoon, I had been using my lawn tractor to mow the grass. One of the lovely young women I recognized as a high school student waved at me from the sidewalk in front of my home. When I waved back, she beckoned me over to were she was standing.

As I approached her, I took the opportunity to check her out. She stood about 5 feet 5 inches with a slender build. She may have weighed 120 pounds. She had long shiny blond hair pulled back into a ponytail and a cute round face. She was wearing a dark blue skirt that snugly wrapped around her hips and butt. It came to just below her knees. One of the things I noticed about her was her chest. She had on a white blouse that did little to hide the cleavage of her ample breasts. The two top buttons of her blouse were open and offered a nice view of that cleavage. As I approached she smiled broadly. Her bright blue eyes seemed to sparkle.

I spoke first. “Hi! Can I help you, Miss?”

She tentatively replied, “I don’t know.” She seemed nervous and unsure of herself.

I waited patiently as she hesitated. She bit her lower lip for a few seconds then began to speak. “Actually, I do know. I’m just nervous and don’t know how to tell you what I want. No, what I need. Please be patient with me.”

“It’s alright. Take your time. I’m in no hurry.” I tried to calm her.

She eventually began to speak again. Her nervousness caused her to stuttered as she spoke. “I need your help, and I don’t now how to ask for it. I’ve never had to ask anyone for something like this.”

I held out my hand and said, “Miss, my name is James Hunt. Most people call me Jim. If you’re going to ask for a favor, you should probably know my name.”

The nervous teen took my hand and smiled.

I could feel her hand trembling. I noticed a bead of sweat slide down from her throat and disappear between her breasts. I smiled back at her and offered a suggestion. “Would you like to come inside and have a glass of iced tea or something. That may help you get out what you want to say to me.” I continued, “Besides, it is hot today and I need a break from the sun.”

The young lady tentatively shook my hand. “I’m Jenny Atkins. A glass of tea would be nice, if you don’t mind.”

I left the mower where it was and led Jenny up the driveway to my front door. She seemed to be deep in thought as we made our way up the drive. She never said a word as we walked. I too remained silent. That silence allowed her to work out what she wanted to say without interrupting her thoughts.

Once inside, I pointed her to my couch while I got us each a glass of iced tea. When I returned, Jenny still looked like she was about to loose her composure. Sipping her tea appeared to help her relax just a little.

I broke the ice by asking a few simple questions. “Jenny, how old are you, darling?”

She replied, “I’ll be nineteen in November, Sir.”

“It’s Jim remember? Do you attend the local college?” I asked.

“No Jim, not yet. That is part of my problem.”

“Well, why don’t you tell me all about it. Maybe there is something I can do to help.”

“Okay, I’ll try. You see, my parents were killed in a house fire last spring. Manavgat escort I have no other family and very few possessions. I have been staying with some friends since then so I could finish high school. I have earned excellent grades in high school, and I had planned on going to the nearby community college. I had won a scholarship provided by a small company here in town. They were going to pay for everything including my tuition, books, lab fees, dorm fees, and even my meal ticket. Unfortunately, due to the poor economy, that company has fallen on hard times and has informed me that they can no longer afford to fund my scholarship. The new semester starts in a few weeks, and unless I find a new source of funding, I will be unable to go to college.” Jenny paused to take a sip of tea and a deep breath.

I took the opportunity to ask her a couple of questions. “So Jenny, how can I be of assistance to you? Do you want a loan from me to cover your expenses?”

“No Sir, I mean Jim. I had another idea in mind. I don’t think I could ever repay such a large loan. College is so expensive. So, I have a proposition for you. I know you are single and live here alone. If your interested, I would be willing to trade my services for your financial help. I can cook and clean for you and do anything else you may need me to do around here.”

“Humm, that does sound interesting, Jenny. It has been a long long time since this house and I have seen such a lovely young lady like you hanging around.”

Jenny began to smile. “Jim, would you be willing to help me out?”

I replied, “I don’t know, Jenny. You are right. College is terribly expensive. I would require a great deal from you in exchange for your college expenses. I am agreeable to paying for your entire education. However, you will need to provide much more than maid and cook services.”

A look of concern came over Jenny’s face. “What else would you want me to do, Jim?”

“I think we need to discuss this proposition of yours over dinner. Jenny, would you like to have dinner with me here tonight?”

She hesitated briefly. A smile began to spread on her face. Jenny silently nodded her acceptance of my invitation.

“Very well! I need to put the lawn mower away and take a shower before I prepare dinner. You go home and get ready. Be back at about six o’clock, and I’ll grill a couple of steaks for us.

Jenny was punctual. She knocked on my door at a few minutes before six o’clock. I was impressed when I opened the door for her. Jenny was freshly showered, and she smelled delicious. Her hair was no longer in a pony tail but had been brushed out. It fell softly over her shoulders. Her blouse again had the top two buttons open and gave a strong hint of the ample size of her breasts. Her skirt snugly fit over her firm looking butt and swayed as she walked. Her skirt came down to a couple of inches above her knees.

“Jenny, you look delightful and smell delicious. I will enjoy having you as my dinner guest tonight.”

Jenny smiled and said, “Thank you, Jim. Since I am asking a lot, I wanted to look my best for you. I also borrowed my friends Obsession perfume since you invited me here for a dinner date.”

I led her to the dining room table and pulled out her chair as she sat down. I poured us each a glass of wine before excusing myself to bring our steaks in from the grill. I also served a tossed salad and had deep fried some French Fries.

I think Jenny was duly impressed. We chatted for a while about her high school grades. She had even brought a copy of her high school transcripts. Her grades were excellent. She had received almost all As. Next we discussed her goals for college. She had hopes of becoming pediatric nurse.

As we finished our dinner, the conversation turned to a more serious topic. “Jim, if you agree to help me with my college expenses, what would you expect me to do in addition to the normal household chores?”

“First, I’d expect you to maintain good grades. I think you are smart enough to figure out the rest of my requirements, Jenny. I can hire people to do the mundane things such as cooking and cleaning for a lot less than the cost of a college education. I am a single man living alone in this big house. I have all kinds of toys to play with. Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone to join me when I play with them.”

“Is that all?” She asked.

“No, Jenny. I guess I must be blunt. I will expect you to play with me as well.”

“I don’t understand. How would you want me to play with you?”

I sighed. “Jenny, how many boyfriends have you had during high school?”

“Just one during my Senior year. Why?”

“Again, I must be blunt. Are you a virgin?”

Jenny gasped in shock at such a personal question. She lowered her head in embarrassment.

“Raise your head and look at me Jenny. Please answer the question.”

She lifted her head and looked into my eyes. She was blushing. She then quietly answered my question. “Yes I am! I’ve Manavgat escort bayan never done anything sexual. Why?”

“Well, if we do this, I would like for you to move in here with me. I will pay all of your college and associated expenses. I will also give you a nice allowance on top of your expenses. However, I will expect you to do more than the housework. So there is no misunderstanding, I will be as plain as I can be. I will expect you to share my bed. You will do any intimate thing I ask of you. I am not a nut case, and I will not intentionally hurt you. I just expect to get a decent return on my investment. You, will effectively be my personal prostitute. At this time, you may simply refuse and walk out the door with no strings attached.” I paused briefly to give her a chance to think about my proposition. “So, what do you think of my offer, Jenny?”

“I don’t know, Jim. Can I have a little time to think about it?” Jenny asked.

“Of course you may. I need to go to my office up stairs for a little while. I’ll be there for about an hour. If you are still here when I come down, I will assume you have accepted my offer. If your gone, neither of us will have lost much.”

With that, I stood, kissed her on the forehead, and left Jenny at the table. She appeared to be deep in thought.

Jenny Accepts the Deal

When I returned from my office, I found Jenny wiping off the dining-room table. She had already loaded the dishes into the dish washer and cleaned the kitchen counters. When she heard me enter the dinning room, Jenny turned and smiled broadly. She had opened two more blouse buttons. “Jim, I am still very nervous and a little scared, but I accept your generous offer. It seems to me that most women give up their bodies for a lot less than a good education. I think this will be a good bargain for both of us. I hope you will be pleased with me.”

I stepped up to her and pulled her into my embrace. “Jenny, I am certain I will appreciate all of your efforts.” I gently kissed her lips. She was trembling as she tentatively returned the kiss.

I asked, “Are you ready to move in tonight?”

With only a slight hesitation, Jenny replied. “Yes. If you will drive me to my friend’s home, I’ll get my things.”

Jenny Moves In

It didn’t take Jenny long to gather her meager personal belongings at her friend’s home. She only had a few toiletries, some make-up, and a hand full of clothes.

When I saw her granny style nightgown and underwear I held them up and said to her. “These will never do! We will go shopping for a few things before we head home.”

Her friends wished her well as we left. They were happy Jenny’s hard work in high school would be paying off for her. They were excited she would be going to college after all.

Luckily, it was a Saturday evening and the local mall was open a little later than it would have been during the week. I took Jenny straight to the upscale Belk’s department store.

Jenny was like a kid in a candy store. We picked out several dresses and blouse/pants combinations for her. The dresses were all rather short. Her legs would be exposed from several inches above her knees. The dresses and blouses would all provide a nice view of her cleavage.

At first, Jenny was a bit nervous over the exposure of her legs and breasts that her new clothes would give. “Jim, everyone can see my boobs in these tops.”

I smiled and responded to her. “Exactly! I will enjoy seeing your beauty on display for me. We will also get you some more conservative outfits before your college classes start.”

After a while, she relaxed and simply smiled when I appreciatively looked at her chest as she tried on her new clothes. We then went to the lingerie department. There we picked out several pairs of panties and bras. Most of her panties were French cut while a few were thongs. Her bras were all C-cup push-up or shelf style. My mouth was watering over the anticipation of seeing Jenny wearing her new lingerie.

We then picked out a couple of nightgowns for her. One was a long, silky, deep blue, full length gown. I thought it brought out the blue of her eyes. She also picked out a similar gown in white. Both gowns tended to cling nicely to her figure.

Lastly, we bought Jenny a pale blue baby doll nightie. It was thin enough that it would hide very little of her lovely young body.

Jenny blushed again when I held it up for her approval.

“Jenny, you will look fantastic in this.” I told the blushing girl.

“If you think so, Jim. I’ve never worn anything like that, but if you want me to, I’ll wear it for you.”

Before we headed for the check-out lanes, we stopped by the cosmetics department. I picked up her own bottle of Obsession. Several hundred dollars later, Jenny and I were heading toward my car. We were both loaded down with bags of clothing and accessories. She was hanging on my arm as we made our way across the parking lot.

Once in my car, Jenny scooted Escort manavgat close and kissed my cheek. “Jim, I will do my very best to make the cost of my education a good bargain for you.”

I turned toward her and gently kissed Jenny’s willing lips. “I am sure you will, Jenny.” I then drove home with Jenny sitting very close to my side. Upon arrival, we carried her bags in and sat them on the dinning room table.

Jenny tentatively asked, “Jim, where would you like me to put my things?” Her shaky voice indicated she was as nervous as she had been when she first asked for my financial help.

I took her into my arms and hugged her firmly. I kissed her gently then said, “Jenny, there are four bedrooms and two full baths upstairs. One of the bedrooms is my office, another will be converted into a study in which you can do your school work. The master bedroom with an attached bath is mine and is the largest room up there. It has a large walk-on closet. The forth one can be yours if you want it. I suggest you put your things where you will want to be spending most of your nights.” I intentionally left the choice of rooms up to her.

Jenny gathered several of her bags and headed up the stairs. I watched her backside as she climbed the steps. I especially like the way her butt swayed with each step she took. It made her skirt sway back and forth as it followed her hips.

After she made her final trip with the bags, she seemed to take longer to return. I figured she was just putting her things away.

Jenny Honors Her End of the Bargain

My mouth fell agape. Jenny floated down the stairs in her white gown. It was held up by two thin straps over her shoulders and softly clung to her shapely body from her chest to her hips. The lower half seemed to hug her legs and float behind her as she walked. Her aroused nipples protruded against the silky material of the gown. Jenny was a vision of beauty and innocence. She came forward and stood just a few feet in front of me.

Neither of us said a word for a few moments. I merely stared and took in her beauty. She smiled nervously.

I finally regained my composure and asked her, “Jenny, I have never seen such a beautiful young woman. Where did you put…”

“Jim, you have a wonderful walk-in closet in the master bedroom. I hope I haven’t taken too much room in it. You have already been so kind to me. I just had to put my things in the master bedroom. I want to start honoring our bargain right away. That is why I wore this white gown.”

“Take all the room you need. Now come here.”

Jenny stepped up to me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her body snugly against mine. She placed her arms around my shoulders. As I hugged the trembling teen, I could smell her new perfume. She again smelled delicious. I kissed her neck and said, “Humm, Jenny you smell good enough to eat.”

As I kissed her neck, I let my hands slip down her back until I held a firm ass cheek in each hand. I squeezed both at the same time.

She moaned and pressed her body closer.

“Jenny, would you like a glass of wine before we retire?”

“No Jim. To be as blunt with you as you have been with me, I intend to start honoring my end of the bargain tonight. Since it will be my first time I know it will hurt, but that is part of it. I don’t want anything to dull my senses when you take my virginity. I want to remember every moment of our first night together. Can we go to bed now?”

“Yes darling, and I promise to be as gentle as I can with you.”

We then slowly walked up the stairs arm in arm. She stopped at the door to the master bedroom. I looked at her somewhat confused.

“Jim, I know we are not married. This is not a honeymoon, but it will still be my first time doing anything like this. That’s why I’m wearing my white gown. Would you please carry me to your bed?”

I smiled and scooped her up into my arms. With her arms around my neck we kissed tenderly. She was smiling broadly as I easily carried her to my king sized bed. It would soon become our bed. I gently laid Jenny down on her back and stood up. As I kicked off my shoes, I said to the young beauty in my bed, “Jenny, you are so beautiful. I hope I can make your stay here as pleasurable for you as I believe it will be for me.”

She smiled up at me.

I looked down upon Jenny as I began to undress. Her eyes followed my hands as I unbuttoned and removed my shirt and tossed it to a nearby chair. Her eyes opened a little wider as I released my belt, unhooked my waist button, and lowered my zipper. As my pants fell to the floor, Jenny’s eyes focused on the bulge in my boxers.

I stepped out of my pants and lowered my boxers. My erect cock stood proudly at attention. At seven inches in length and a bit on the thick side in girth, my manhood is only a bit larger the average. It must have impressed Jenny. She gasped and her eyes widened when she got her first look at my hard cock. I could see the look of fear in her eyes.

In a shaky voice, Jenny reacted to the sight of my ridged member. “My God, Jim! It’s so big!”

I smiled down at her and replied, “It’s not much bigger than the average guy. Don’t worry. It will fit inside you, and I think it will give you as much pleasure as you will me.”

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The Six Month Challenge

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I met Sophie when we were both 20 through some mutual friends and pretty much knew straight away that we had a connection – and her smoking hot body didn’t put me off. We started going out about 3 days later and spent a lot of time together – but I realised equally quickly that I had a problem. Sophie had been brought up as a strict believer and didn’t entertain the idea of pre-marital sex. The more time I spent around her, the more I wanted to take our relationship to the next level. Everytime we went out she’d dress to impress, tight tops clinging to her large breasts, figure hugging low cut jeans that gave the occasional glimpse of her thong’s whale-tail making me swell every time. I knew she wanted more but her beliefs were getting in the way – and although I was suffering from a serious case of sexual frustration the prospect of undressing and caressing and breaking in an untouched virgin was just irresistible. I gave myself 6 months to take her cherry….

I started gently – we’d go out and catch a film or watch a video and during/afterwards we’d make out. We both lived with housemates but generally we had plenty of alone time. A month of kissing and cuddling and spending time together, feeling her firm breasts against my chest, trying to imagine what they would feel like in my hands. Occasionally seeing her bullet hard nipples through her blouse and wondering what they would taste like between my lips – I was finding it hard to focus on anything but her cherry. Slowly I moved up a gear allowing my hands to rest on her shapely ass as we kissed – expecting all the time to get a rejection. In the middle of the second month we were snogging after a movie – about to go back to our respective houses when I slid my hands down to her ass, planning on gently squeezing when my thumb caught in her waistband. As my thumb slipped inside her jeans I felt the string of her thong. Having been starved of any action the effect was electric – my cock stiffened so quick that I couldn’t prevent Sophie from noticing.

The next time we went out and got to the same stage – lots of french kissing I moved my hands down her back, slowly ever so slowly I slipped my fingertips inside her jeans, again feeling the string of her thong, then moving past to caress her soft smooth ass cheek. She broke off the kiss so I swiftly retreated fearing I’d gone too far. Sophie didn’t say much – but moved back for a kiss and cautiously moved my hands down her back. I paused at her waistband and was pleased when she used her hand to guide my hand back inside her Manavgat escort jeans. I felt we were making progress and my cock itched with anticipation.

By three months I had free range of her ass, groping and squeezing as we made out. I made my next move, moving my hands round her sides and upwards, just brushing against the underside of her full tits. She didn’t resist as every night I moved a little further up, brushing my hands right over her chest until daring to pause with my hand over her left breast feeling her chest rise and fall as she breathed. Sophie didn’t object to making out whilst one hand squeezed an arse cheek and one hand squeezed her 32E boob through her blouse.

It was a stroke of luck that my housemate had some friends round – although initially i thought I was going to miss out – as Sophie suggested we went to my room. We sat together on the floor watching tv (the bed was a step too far) after a while I suggested she sat in front and leaned back against me, my hands naturally going over her shoulders and resting comfortably on both her breasts. I was gently massaging and squeezing, tracing my fingers round the contours of her bra when silently she took my hand and slipped it inside her blouse. A little while later she again took my hand a guided it down the top of her bra – her boobs were big and heavy and her bra well fitted so it was a little difficult to fit my hand inside as well – but I managed! Slipping inside i felt for her nipple which responded to my fingertips. Within moments it was rock hard and I concentrated on gently circling and tweaking, feeling Sophie’s breathing quicken and respond to my actions.

I was 1 month away from my deadline and thankfully things were progressing faster – after our dates now we always went back to private bedrooms and made out on the bed, lying next to each other then on top of each other – gently dry humping each other progressing to grinding intensely. We never talked about the increasingly sexual nature of our relationship but at about 5 1/2 months we were lying on my bed facing each other, kissing with my hands now under her Tee squeezing her mounds when she guided my hands round to her back. I didn’t catch on to what she wanted, so she reached round and un-fastened her bra clasp. I was happily stunned but wasted no time in pushing her bra upwards and taking her glorious melons in my hands – for the first time properly feeling them, feeling her nipples harden and stand proud of the soft flesh. Not waiting for any encouragement I pushed Manavgat escort bayan her T-shirt up above her tits and for the first time saw the pale skin of her boobs with the girly pink nipples standing hard in the cooler air. I could not stop myself telling Sophie the truth – that she had the most magnificent pair of breasts I’d ever seen. She blushed as I slipped down the bed so my face was level with her rack – immediately taking first her right then left nipple into my mouth and sucking and nibbling. I could not believe that her already erect nipples could get harder but they did – standing ever more proud from the soft flesh of her tit. I stayed latched on for what felt like hours, savouring the sensation of being the first man to ever see, touch and feel Sophie’s magnificently firm, natural tits.

A week later when we went to my room I sat on the bed and Sophie sat in front of me like before wearing a tight breast enhancing t-shirt and a knee length skirt, I waited a polite length of time before slipping my hand under her top and lifting her top over her head then undoing her bra and cupping her tits. We stayed like this for a while, all the time I worked her boobs to keep her nipples hard. We moved, Sophie lying back with me taking position on top gently dry humping, I kissed her starting on the lips, then moving down her neck, shoulders and onto her boobs and nipples, I played until her nipples were maxed out and her breathing deepened before slowly kissing down her stomach and down her clothed body till I got to her bare knees. Then I started kissing up her legs, inching her skirt up as I went, all the time regularly moving a hand to her tit and nipple, keeping them hard. I very slowly kissed up her leg, moving towards her inner thigh heading towards her pussy. I pushed her skirt up the final inch revealing her black thong covering her bushy sex. Without hesitating or giving Sophie a chance to object I kissed her pussy through the damp fabric of the underwear, breathing in the musky scent and hoping for more. After a couple of minutes I could taste her pussy juice soaking into the fabric so I backed off, and reached forward to slip her thong off.

Sophie responded by lifting her ass off the bed and after slipping her underwear off I paused only briefly to admire the darker skin of her pussy before I dived straight back in, unable to concentrate on anything except her pretty pussy. I licked along the length of her cunt and got an immediate response of a low groan and a trickle of juice from between Escort manavgat her pussy lips. The taste of virgin pussy was irresistible as I licked between her lips up to her clit and back. She responded, her breathing quickening and pushing her mound into my facemore as I concentrated on her clit. I used my tongue to explore her pussy, drinking her sweet juice which was flowing down over her anus and wetting the sheets. Flicking her bud with my tongue, whilst playing with her nipples took Sophie over the edge and into her first ever orgasm. As she came she bucked her hips uncontrollably and pushed the back of my head into her sopping cunt.

Whist her body recovered from her orgasm and without asking I stripped off, revealing for the first time to Sophie my rock hard penis – already oozing pre-cum. I returned to the bed and lifting her knees I spread her legs, opening her virgin pussy lips just a little. Kneeling between her thighs I looked Sophie in the eye and she nodded very slightly before looking down at my throbbing penis and slipping her hand around ny shaft and wanking me inexpertly a couple of times.

I re-positioned so I could rub the head of my cock up and down between her slippery pussy lips, lubricating the swollen tip of my penis in Sophie’s cum. I moved my cock into position, paused a second then slowly pushed into her pussy. Gradually the length of my cock entered her tight tunnel until I reached her un-broken hymen. I felt Sophie tighten which nearly pushed me over the edge, so I gently made small thrusts in and out watching as Sophie’s face relaxed. Then with one sudden powerful thrust I penetrated Sophie’s wet cunny, sinking balls deep and breaking her hymen and finally taking Sophie’s cherry. Her face flashed with pain but just as quickly retuned to gasping pleasure as I built up a steady rythmn. The sensation of being the first to fuck the virgin pussy, knowing how long I’d waited but relieved that Sophie’s cherry would always be mine was the biggest turn on and I knew I wouldn’t last long.

I quickened my pace hearing my balls slap against her arse and feeling her pussy tighten around my cock as she approached another orgasm. Sophie came, again her gentle moaning reaching a peak as the waves of her orgasm pulsed through her body pushing me beyond bursting point. I unloaded a long hot stream of cum inside her which just kept flowing as Sophie experienced being inseminated for the very first time. Having blown my load I pulled out and sat on the end of the bed, Sophie stood up suddenly looking unsure about what had just happened. As I tried to think of something to say I noticed the mixture of my cum and her pussy juice start dripping from her sticky pussy tinged pink with blood. The sight of this made my cock grow again and I decided actions spoke better than words…….

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The New Neighbors

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There was a lot of optimism for Johnny and Sue when the ‘For Sale’ sign went up on the lawn of the house next door. The old couple next door were finally going to move out. Hopefully there would be some new neighbors. Their optimism was rewarded when a new family moved in with a son and daughter exactly the same age. Teddy was 19 and his sister Jessica 18. Better still they were known to Johnny and Sue because they had been at the same school. They all lived in a small town with one big factory and both their parents worked in it.

You could say that their social life had been devastated when high school finished and most of their friends went off to university in distant parts and they were left to find new partners. It had not been easy. Soon after they moved in the head of the local factory announced that in a few weeks, the factory would close down for a week and that it was paying for a conference in a new nearby city where new plans would be announced and a discussion about the plant’s future.

Sue and Jessica had become best friends very quickly and spent a lot of time together. They both worked in offices while their brothers worked in the local supermarket and a warehouse.

They all got on well together but somehow, even though there were plenty of opportunities, neither Johnny or Teddy had made a move on the girls. Sue and Jessica had hoped that their brothers might go out with them in a foursome but it never happened. They both suspected that the boys spent a lot of time watching porn and they were probably right. The two girls watched a lot of television together and shared their innermost thoughts with each other. The frustration that the boys were not taking any interest in them became an obsession and they wondered how they might get them to take notice that there were two willing females available and at hand.

It was warm and both families splashed around in John and Sue’s pool. The parents had got on well too and there was a very cosy family atmosphere. When the conference was announced the reaction from the girls was totally different to that from the boys. The girls saw it as an opportunity to snare the boys and the boys saw it as an opportunity to finally bring a few cans of beer home and enjoy them sitting around the pool.

The girls had become frustrated about their lack of success at interesting the boys and even believed that they were spying on them at night with telescopes through their windows. There was no evidence for this at all but both girls hoped that if they exposed themselves in their rooms that the boys would see them take the bait. There was no such luck. The boys were not even looking.

When the conference was announced both girls agreed that they should get on the pill and somehow, while their parents were away, seduce the boys. They had no idea how they would actually do that, but that time and circumstances would take care of the problem.

When their parents drove off early in the morning, it was already an exceedingly hot day. It was the hottest summer on record and the pool beckoned. They played around and invited a few friends over but when dinnertime arrived they were alone and went out for some fast food. When they came back it was still very hot but getting quite dark outside. Sue innocently announced, “Let’s turn the lights off and get in the pool. We will be able to see the stars better.”

The girls headed for the pool and jumped in while the boys finished a beer and followed them. It wasn’t quite dark and when the boys jumped in they could just see the heads of the girls. Sue swam under the surface and came up behind Teddy and clasped him from behind. The moment Teddy felt her breasts on his back, he thought that she might be naked and she was. His hand reached behind him and felt for her pussy. His fingers felt a mass of curly wet hair and his finger fumbled for her slit while at the same time Sue’s right hand entered the front of his shorts and looked for his dick which had become stiff almost instantaneously. With some difficulty she caused his shorts to fall to the bottom of the pool so that they were now both completely naked.

Teddy swivelled around and his erect penis pushed into her stomach. Although Teddy was very surprised by this turn of events, he was very much aware of the possibilities close at hand. “Wow. You really caught me by surprise. I never expected that to happen in a million years.”

“Well you never seemed to take any notice of me any other way, so I decided this was the best way.”

“I just thought you were family and out of bounds. I think we should get out of the water.”

He was lying. He really wanted to see her naked and in the water all he could see was the top of her breasts. He wanted to see the rest of her and especially her hairy bush that he had already felt. She crawled out of the pool onto the decking and he was behind her and he wished that he could clearly have seen her crack but it was hidden in darkness. He pulled himself Manavgat escort out of the water.

The evening air was warm and he watched as she dried herself with a towel and wished he could be holding the towel and drying between her legs. As he began to dry himself, Sue was not so backward. She reached over and grabbed his towel and began to dry his penis and balls. When they were dry, they headed into the kitchen and turned the light on and now he was able to see her breasts and the curly hair of her bush.

Meantime Jessica and John were climbing out of the pool. They had also had a brief genital introduction underwater. They dried themselves and came into the kitchen and everybody looked at each other. It was the first time that they had ever seen the others naked and it took a bit of time to get used to seeing somebody familiar without clothes.

It was very warm and their skin dried very quickly. They sat at the kitchen table and the two boys sucked on a nice cold beer while the two girls drank some fancy mixer. When they sat down the boys could only look at their breasts but they really wanted to look at what was hidden under the table. There was a feeling in the air that a really interesting evening was ahead but nothing was happening. Jessica said, “Let’s go and watch TV.”

She took John and they sat on the lounge and turned the television on. Neither of them watched the screen. Their hands were all over each other. John’s hands were all over her breasts and then one slipped between her legs and groped for her clitoris. This only went on for a short while and Jessica said, “Let’s go up to your room.”

In Sue and Jessica’s brains the conflict between their hormones and their inhibitions had been raging for some time now but the vote had been taken and the hormones and instinct had won. There was an inner itch that had to be taken care of. The sight of their swinging dicks and the knowledge that they would soon be hard and doing their duty had sealed the vote.

The reluctance to reveal their pussies to any male and show what they had kept secret for so long was overcome by the need to allow a nice, hard penis to enter their vaginas. There was no alternative — you just had to lie back, open your thighs to let your partner look at your pussy and allow access for his penis to intrude into your most secret part and give you pleasure the way your body had always intended. The pheromones were alive and actively supporting the decision to make that final step to lose their virginity.

John and Teddy were not held back by any reluctance at all. If there had ever been any conflict of interest, it had long ago disappeared. They knew that their erect penises had only one duty in life and that was to shove it into as many pussies as possible. In a few minutes their dicks would give them the prize they had always wanted. Their hands around their dicks would be replaced by warm, wet, clammy flesh which would grip them and suck them dry.

When John and Jessica passed through the kitchen it was empty. The others had already disappeared. Jessica lay down on the bed and John followed. He looked down at her naked body and was very excited that she looked so good. She looked so sexy. She was good looking in every sense and even though her breasts were flattened against her chest they still had a good shape.

They kissed each other and John massaged Jessica’s breasts and tweaked her clitoris and felt for her wetness. She rolled over so that she could give him head which he obviously enjoyed. In his mind, the fact that she was so wet meant that she must be ready. He rolled her over and it really hit him for the first time that she had hair on her pussy. It wasn’t as if she had hidden the fact in any way but there seemed to be a disconnect between what he saw with her legs closed and what he saw with her legs open. All of a sudden the reality hit him that all the women he had been watching on porn had no hair and suddenly he was with a woman who was generously endowed in that department. Her lips were still together until Jessica separated them and revealed her pink inner flesh and it became obvious where he was going to put his dick. The little pool of moisture at the entrance to her vagina was the giveaway.

Without hesitation he pushed his penis inside her vagina. It all happened so quickly. Jessica lay transfixed while he pounded away and eventually came. Over the next hour John repeated the act twice more. It was very much a repetition of what he watched on porn. To say that the proceedings of the evening for Jessica were disappointing would be a great understatement. Jessica led him to the shower and they both lathered each other and towelled each other dry without any further sexual interaction. On the way back from the shower they passed Sue and Teddy who were also heading for the shower.

The details of what happened with Sue and Teddy were not much different. Teddy was a bit more interested in looking at her pussy and playing around Manavgat escort bayan but nothing more. When they got back to bed they cuddled for a few minutes and rolled over and went to sleep.

In the morning Sue and Jessica were up first and went down to the kitchen to make breakfast and they talked and they talked. They talked in detail as they had always done. The hard reality of what happens when romantic notions hit against the physicality of male lust had become apparent.

Jessica said, “Well we did it. What about you? You must have done it too. We did it three times, but it wasn’t very good.”

Sue said, “We did it three times too, but I’m afraid he doesn’t know much about giving a woman pleasure. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed himself but I never even came close to having an orgasm.”

“It felt really good to have his penis inside me and I enjoyed the thrusting in and out but he hardly touched my clitoris.”

“I feel the same. You remember at school Alice went with John and Jennifer went with Teddy. I’m willing to bet that those two didn’t let the boys get much beyond kissing. They have probably never seen or touched a real pussy before. It’s no wonder they’ve got no idea what to do. Somehow we have to educate them. Getting a sex education from porn is really not sufficient, is it?”

“What do you think the problem is?”

“I don’t know. It seems they have the impression that sex for us means that they just have to put their dicks inside us and we will be grateful.”

“I sort of get that idea too. Didn’t anyone ever teach them that sex is about giving your partner pleasure while you enjoy yourself too?”

“I think we’ve really got to teach them from the get go what it’s all about. Otherwise they will never learn.”

“Agreed. They probably think that they are wonderful lovers. The fact is they haven’t got a clue.”

“So, when they come down we will have breakfast and I think we should spend a little bit of time explaining what’s good for us.”

“You’re right. What are you going to do?”

“We’ll go up to my parent’s double bed and we’ll show them what to do. All of us together.”

“I hadn’t expected that.”

“Well it’s obvious they haven’t learned anything from sex ed at school. They haven’t learned anything from porn. I think the only way is one-on-one tuition. What do you think? “

“You might be right.”

“I think if we all do it together, one of us can be the instructor and show them what to do and then we can reverse roles. Do you have any problems with doing this? They have both seen our pussies. I’ll bet my brother’s dying to look at mine. What about you?”

“It’s okay with me. I hope your parents won’t notice that we’ve been in their bed.”

“Don’t worry. I will make sure it looks exactly the same after we finish.”

John and Teddy came down shortly afterwards for breakfast and after cereal, bacon and eggs, and coffee there was time for conversation.

“Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

“Yeah, pretty good.” “It was really good. Did you have a good time?”

Jessica said, “It was okay. It could have been better. Each of you came three times but I didn’t have an orgasm and neither did Sue.”

John said, “Oh. I thought you were enjoying it.”

“We were but not enough. Look, I know you watch porn and we watch porn too. The problem is that I think in all the stuff you watch all the women have fake orgasms. You probably don’t know what a real orgasm is for a woman. We want to have orgasms too.”

John said, “If we’ve never seen a real orgasm, how can we tell the difference from a fake one?”

Teddy said, “I guess we have to learn.”

John said, “Yes. Sounds like a good idea.”

When Sue suggested that they all go upstairs again they quickly agreed. The quicker they got upstairs the sooner they could have another root. Sue and Jessica led them into the main bedroom and Sue said, “We are going to show you what to do. We are all beginners and we can learn from each other. We have to get used to having your dicks in our vaginas. Right now we want to make sure that you boys know what you are doing.”

Teddy said, “What! You mean I’m going to look at my sister’s pussy? You’re kidding! No way. That’s a crazy idea. I can’t do anything like that with my sister.”

Sue said, “Don’t worry; you won’t touch your sisters, either of you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Last night you both had three orgasms and we girls didn’t have any. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. You might think that all you have to do is make us wet and then stick your dick in and we’ll be happy. It doesn’t work like that. We also want to have pleasure from sex and we can show you how. Jessica is going to lie down and I’m going to show you what you’re supposed to do.”

Teddy said, “You’re kidding. I shouldn’t be looking at my sister’s pussy. That’s not right.”

“You don’t seem to mind that she looks at your penis. Why is it wrong for you Escort manavgat to look at her pussy? It’s perfectly normal and you won’t be touching her.”

Teddy said, “No way. What if our parents found out? They would go off their brains.”

Sue said, “Well I’m not going to tell them and I’m pretty sure you’re not going to either, so you don’t have to worry about that. Let’s just get on with it. We’re not going to have an orgy. Just think of it as education.”

Jessica lay on the bed and opened her legs showing her closed up vulva. She took her vibrator, separated her lips, and positioned it on her clitoris.

“John. I want you to take the vibrator and let Jessica show you what to do with it.”

John slid it up and down while his hand was held by Jessica’s hand. He did not take long and she had an orgasm. Jessica pulled his head down and gave him a big kiss.

“Thank you. That’s my first orgasm with you. Now do you know what a real orgasm looks like?”

Sue said, “That’s what gives a girl pleasure. You can do that with your finger too and now the second part of the lesson. I want you to lick Jessica’s clitoris. You must have seen that happen on porn a lot. It’s really important. You like it when she gives you head. She likes it when you lick her. Understand?”

John’s face was pulled into her clitoris and he licked and she had another orgasm.

Jessica got up and Sue lay down in her place. “Teddy. You saw what John did. I want you to do the same to me.” She produced her vibrator and he followed suit and she had an orgasm. “Now I want you to lick me.” It was a bit of a struggle but she finally had an orgasm.

Sue said, “There. Wasn’t that fun? Sue and I like you both very much and as long as you can make sure we enjoy the sex, you’ll never have to watch porn again.”

Jessica said, “Well it’s your choice. I think real sex is more fun than porn.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“What about your G spot? Where is that?”

Sue said, “This is a beginner’s class. I’d never even looked for it myself but I know where it is. We can show you later.”

“I can see you boys have got really nice boners. You two go into the other room and we will stay here and later we’ll go out and have lunch afterwards.”

“Sounds like a good idea.”

The boys put into practice what they had just learnt and everybody had a very enjoyable time.

“Let’s find a nice cheap restaurant for lunch and we can start all over again as if we were coming home straight after our wedding. That would be a nice way to get our relationship started in a romantic way.”

Sue clapped and the boys nodded.

They had a nice lunch and came home. “We’ll each go to our own homes this time. You can make as much noise as you like. Below University other reimbursed know how have gone by train to to some sort of open day all up on that with years by We’ll see you for dinner later. Enjoy yourself. You have got the whole afternoon. Take it slowly. “

“I’m sure we will.”

Sue and Teddy held hands and Sue led him up to the double bed where they were before. She carefully spread a towel out just in case there was any mess.

“Let’s take it nice and slowly. Try and imagine that I am a virgin and we’re doing it for the first time. A bit of romance would help. We learned all about the mechanics of sex at school but real sex is all about pleasure. You’re going to pleasure me and I’m going to pleasure you and you’ll never need to watch porn again. You can tell me what you like. Undress me slowly and I’ll do the same for you.”

They embraced passionately and Teddy’s hands tried to unclasp her bra but he couldn’t. Sue reached around and did it easily. Teddy lifted her top overhead and her bra fell to the floor revealing her breasts. They were not very large but had a very good shape and small pink nipples. Teddy massaged them gently with both hands while Sue tried to remove his shirt. She undid his belt and pulled his pants and underpants down until they were on the floor and he stepped out of them.

He stepped back and loosened Sue’s jeans and panties until they were on the floor. Their naked bodies embraced and she looked into his eyes and kissed him some more. With gentle pressure she was able to get both of them to fall onto the bed.

“You’ve got a beautiful body. Nobody could imagine that you could look so sexy without your clothes on.”

Teddy’s hands roamed all over her body and ruffled through her pubic hair and gently rubbed over her inner thighs until Sue drew up her knees a little and separated them. Teddy needed no encouragement and his finger gently found the opening in her lips and sought out her clitoris.

“Just rub gently. I like it nice and slow.”

Sue was taking the opportunity to wrap her hand around Teddy’s erect penis and pulling the foreskin up and down. What had formerly been to her just a long hard thing that was going to penetrate her was now seen to be quite a bit more complicated and then there were those hairy balls underneath that had to be examined.

Sue said, “Are you enjoying this? I like it and I like you.”

“Of course. I enjoy feeling your soft skin and touching you down there. I can feel your clitoris getting harder and harder. Are you ready for me to lick it?”

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The Contract

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It had been a good week business-wise and it looked as though the next week was going to be even better. I had one small contract that I had to review and sign and then I was going home, getting an early start to the weekend. I asked my secretary for the Nickel contract and waited for her to deliver it.

What she delivered was bad news. The Nickel contract wasn’t in the files where it should be. It had been checked out and not returned. I failed to see the problem.

“Well, why haven’t you gone and fetched it from whoever has it?” I asked. I was surprised that she hadn’t already done that without being prompted.

“Because Mrs Jacklyn is the one who had it booked out and she’s not in the office. I checked her office and I couldn’t see the file.”

I was about to ask where Mrs Jacklyn was when I remembered. Right now she would be at the airport preparing to fly interstate for a week’s leave. A glance at the clock and I figured she wouldn’t be in the air yet. I grabbed my phone and dialled.

“Ah, Brenda, glad I caught you. Ready for your holiday?”

“That I am. If you’re calling to cancel you should be prepared for a nasty accident to befall you.”

I am always astounded at the lack of respect I get from my devoted staff.

“I wouldn’t do that,” I assured her. “Just tell me where the Nickel contract is and you can fly away with my blessing.”

I could have sworn I heard Brenda say, “Oh, fuck,” but I must have been mistaken. The upright Mrs Jacklyn would never use such language.

“Um, the contract is in my briefcase.”

“And your briefcase is where?” Not at the airport, I hoped.

“In my office, at home. I didn’t bring it to work this morning because I was going straight to the airport come lunchtime.”

“Is there anyone home at your place?” Please, please, please!

“Ah, no, but there is a spare key hidden. You’ll have to send someone to let themselves in and collect the contract.”

She told me where the key was and I wished her a happy holiday. I considered who to send and decided that the best person would be me. I could stop there on the way home, collect the contract, and continue on my way, checking and signing the contract at my leisure. It would still be ready first thing Monday.

I found the key where indicated and let myself in. I’d been at Brenda’s place once before and knew where the office was. I strolled down to it and found her briefcase sitting on the desk. I extracted the Nickel contract and all was right with my world. I stepped out of the office and came to an abrupt halt.

Standing in the hallway, looking rather startled, was a lovely young thing. The sun was shining through the window above the door and the sunbeam fell upon this young lady. She was quite a stunning sight, especially dressed the way she was. Or in this particular instance, wasn’t, as she wasn’t wearing a single stitch.

Dark hair with hazel eyes, a nice bosom that didn’t really need the non-existent bra, nice shapely legs that seemed to go on forever, but met very nicely. Her mons clean shaven and her pussy pronounced without being overly large. A very shapely creature indeed.

“Who are you?” she demanded.

“More to the point, who are you?” I replied. “This house is supposed to be empty, as in no-one home.”

“I’m Brenda Jacklyn,” she snapped. “I live here. You haven’t told me who you are and what you’re doing here.”

“Ah, no, you’re not,” I told her. “I know Brenda and she’s ten years older than me whereas you appear to be about ten years younger. Also, I’m quite sure that Brenda wouldn’t be caught dead in an outfit like that.”

“You have something against nudity?” she demanded. “Anyway, I didn’t say I was Brenda Jacklyn, Senior. I’m Brenda Jacklyn, Junior. I take it you know my mother? Oh, wait, I know you. I saw a picture of you with her on Facebook. You’re her boss.”

“Peter Jamison, at your service,” I said. “I assure you I have nothing against nudity, depending on who’s wearing it. You wear it very well. You still haven’t explained why you’re here when you’re not supposed to be.”

She shrugged, which did interesting things, especially to those nice bouncy breasts.

“There was a fire at the Uni,” she said. “We all got kicked Side escort out for the day. I thought I’d come home and spend a weekend with my mother.”

“In that case you should have gone to Miami, because that’s where she is. She just left for a week’s holiday.”

Brenda blinked, looking slightly surprised.

“Well, damn,” she grumbled. “I thought that was next month. Ah, well, can’t be helped. What are you doing here, anyway?”

“I stopped by to pick up a contract that your mother accidentally left in her office,” I said, patting the folder under my arm. “Now I have it I’ll be on my way.”

“OK. Ah, would you like a cup of coffee before you go. Mum would think me rude if I didn’t at least offer it.”

Your mother would have a fit and a litter of kittens if she saw you standing there talking to me in the nude, I thought.

“Seeing you offer I will have some coffee,” I said, smiling happily. I didn’t mind chatting to a lovely young lady for a little longer.

Brenda proved quite efficient in the kitchen and we were soon seated at the kitchen table taking our coffee. She seemed complete unaware of her nudity but I can’t say the same for myself. She used her hands a lot when talking and her breasts just naturally joined in the waving around, wobbling and bouncing and almost screaming look at us.

I brought her around to talking about her course, asking what she was studying. Law, she told me proudly. She was doing well and expected to graduate with honours. I nodded thoughtfully.

“Law,” I said in a musing voice. “That explains it.”

“Explains what?” she asked.

“Your nudity,” I told her, gesturing at her bouncing breasts.

“Ah, what has my studying law got to do with my being nude,” she asked, “And I thought you didn’t mind nudity?”

“Answering your questions in reverse order, I have no objection to nudity per se. Especially when it’s on a young and attractive person such as yourself. On the other hand, nudity on some people should be considered a criminal offence.”

“As to what law has to do with your nudity it’s just that law is very logical within its own framework, everything being decided by precedents and such. That tends to show me the way you think. You’re a virgin and, as such, sex has no meaning as applied to you personally, because you have no precedent to give you a ruling on the matter. Therefore you have no problem appearing nude before a member of the opposite sex. It’s the sort of mind frame that a ten year old would have. You haven’t grown past it yet.”

“You think I’m a virgin and a child?” she asked, sounding rather upset.

“Your virginity is beyond doubt,” I said, “or you’d never parade naked in front of a strange man. Certainly not in a situation as intimate as this one. As to being a child I said that you had a mindset similar to a younger child. The fact that you’re not a child is most definitely on display. Stop and let your legal mind consider the situation for a moment. You are alone in your house, naked. A strange man is there. You calmly parade around in front of him, naked. What will he be thinking? Now bring to the front of your mind the fact that you are a nubile young female and you’re naked. Not just nude, but naked and vulnerable. The man is interested in you in a sexual way. How does that make you feel?”

Most peculiar I think was the answer, not that she would admit it. Still, the signs were there. Her face flushed with embarrassment and her nipples tightened and stood out. Whether she liked it or not, she sure couldn’t hide that little fact. She was now acutely aware of the fact that she was naked and that I was looking at her.

Typical female, she went straight for the fact that interested her most.

“What do you mean you’re interested in me in a sexual way? You don’t even know me.”

“True, but since when has not knowing someone stopped a man from being interested? Same applies to women.”

“Oh,” she said, and seemed to consider this for a moment.

“Wait a minute,” she suddenly said, sounding irritated. “Are you trying to imply that I’m interested in you?”

“I wasn’t. Just because I want to make love to you it doesn’t mean that you want to do the same. Since you’ve raised the subject, Side escort bayan how do you think you’ll feel when I take you?”


Instead of answering I rose and moved around the table to stand behind her. She didn’t get out of her seat but turned her head to look at me. Then she gave a shocked gasp as my arms reached around her, hands closing over her breasts.

“I have wanted to do this ever since I saw you,” I told her, for the time being just cupping her breasts and enjoying the feel of them.

“You can’t do that,” she protested.

“Beg to differ,” I murmured. “I can and am. Stand up.”

Reluctantly I released her, putting a hand under her elbow and lifting slightly, encouraging her to her feet. She rose and turned to face me, face flushed, hands crossed in front of her, aware now of her nudity.

I took hold of her wrists and moved her arms aside, letting her see that I was looking at her and liking what I saw.

After a moment I moved her arms behind her back, holding her wrists in one hand. At the same time I eased her back so she was leaning against the table. With my free hand I gently stroked her body, starting with her breasts and running slowly down until my hand was cupping her mound. I watched her face as I did so, seeing it getting redder while her eyes seemed to be opening wider and wider. She gave a little squeaking sound when my hand finally closed over her.

I rubbed her mound for a few moments, seeing her respond despite herself. She was as nervous as a cat, ready to jump at any moment. I moved my hand away from her mound, placing both hands at her waist to hold her still. Then I tasted her breasts, first kissing them and then sucking lightly, teasing the nipples.

I drew back a little, letting her go. She was a delightful little package and I wanted her right then and there. Her nipples were erect and from what I’d felt before releasing her mound, she was hot and wet. She was also confused, not really understanding things.

I slowly unzipped, releasing my erection from my underpants but not bringing it out just yet. Instead I took her hand and placed it against my open fly.

“Your turn,” I told her. “Take a hold of me. Get a feeling of what a man is like.”

Her confusion was still uppermost. Fortunately for me she was used to doing as she was told and, having nothing else to give her guidelines, she fell back on obedience. Her hand slipped into my fly and closed over me, her eyes going wide as she felt me. Her mouth was slightly open and she was breathing harder as she pulled me free.

Her fingers danced up and down my pole, examining her new toy. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do with it yet but I sensed she was willing to learn.

“You have a decision to make,” I advised her. “Do you back off and flee in maidenly confusion, or do you stay here, knowing that if you do I am going to initiate you into the ranks of non-virgins?”

“I have a third option,” she said crossly. “I can just insist that you go away.”

I shook my head smiling.

“Not really. That’s just a variation of option one, retreating in maidenly confusion. The choice is quite simple. Do you let me take you or not?”

“That’s not a real choice and you know it. The answer has to be no.”


She looked at me blankly, surprised at such a simple question.

“Why? Because I don’t know you. We’ve only just met.”

“Irrelevant,” I said calmly. “A lot of people have sex the first time they meet.”

“Oh, really? Willingly?” she asked sweetly.

I laughed. “Ah, let’s just say that sometimes both parties are willing and sometimes just one.”

“Have you ever taken an unwilling partner?” she asked, no doubt wondering if she was going to become one.

“Not to my knowledge,” I told her. “Neither have I ever been the unwilling partner.”

“What do you mean, not to your knowledge? And when are men ever unwilling?”

“Answering your second question first, I once caught a woman of your mother’s age and twice her size slipping something into my drink. I can assure that where that woman was concerned I was unwilling. As to your first question, some women are liars. They say they’re willing when Escort side they’re not but feel they shouldn’t say so.”

“Actually, on that point, there are some women who say they aren’t willing when they are, because they want the man to force them.”

“Well how do you know when a woman is willing?”

“Um, if she’s got a death grip on your cock and won’t let go, that’s a pretty good indication that she’s willing,” I said tongue in cheek.

Brenda frowned at me for that, probably feeling I was being a little flippant. I winked at her and glanced down where she was still holding my cock, hand wandering over it in an unaware manner, just feeling it generally.

Her face an interesting colour, she snatched her hand away. I wasn’t sure what she was trying to explain as she was rather incoherent, but I did get the impression of someone dying from embarrassment.

I rubbed a hand gently across her breasts, tweaking her nipples. Then I slipped my hand down and gently massaged her pussy, finding the heat therein had not died down.

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do,” I said continuing to rub her pussy, noticing that she wasn’t exactly fighting me off. “I’m going to assume that you’re willing and proceed on that basis. If you decide that you’re not willing, tell me so.”

“You can’t do that,” she protested.

“Why not? Just tell me to stop when you think enough is enough. Until then, enjoy yourself.”

I bent and nibbled on her nipples again, encouraging them to stay nice and tight. She moved a little restlessly but she accepted what was happening. I lifted my head to watch her while my hand was still stroking her pussy, banking the fires. Her hand seemed to find my cock again without her knowledge, as she looked a little startled when her hand closed on it again.

My fingers were dipping inside her, exploring and wandering, going places they probably shouldn’t. I was able to estimate when I’d got a little too close to her clitoris from the look of shock that crossed her face. A few more gentle touches in that area and she looked as though she was about to lose it.

I gave her that one touch too many and she climaxed, almost crushing my cock in her grip. I extracted it in one piece, fully intending to drive home in the next minute or so. She was coming down off her climax, watching me. I was gently spreading her lips, easing my cock into position. I let her lips close around me, preparing to drive home.

Then it all went to hell in a hand-basket.

She gave a small scream and pulled away from me, slipping off my cock.

“No,” she said quickly. “I mean it. I’m not ready to go that far. I’m sorry, but I’m just not.”

Now I knew what led men to strangling women. I ached with need. I sighed. Well, I suppose you can call a low groan a sigh.

I took a step back. I don’t know what my face looked like but she blushed, looking guilty.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled. “I did say the answer was going to be no. I mean, I don’t know you and I’m just not ready for this.”

“Not your fault,” I said with a wry grin. “Like you said, I was warned. Still, you can’t blame me for trying. Well, you probably can, come to think of it. However, there is something else you can do for me?”

“What’s that?” she asked suspiciously.

“Let me know when you’re home again so that I can try again,” I told her, giving her my most charming smile. “In the meantime, stay away from those students at the uni. You can’t trust them. They’ll want to take something that I now consider mine.”

She giggled. I tidied my clothes. I did briefly think of getting her to attend to my needs by other means but decided against it. That would also be putting her in an uncomfortable position. Still, my little black book was going to get a workout tonight.

She saw me to the door, still naked, still seemingly oblivious to it, but I was quite sure she wasn’t. She was aware of her nudity and of my masculinity.

“You’re here all weekend, aren’t you,” I said thoughtfully.

She nodded and I gave another smile, this one I was letting evil intent show through.

“Then why don’t I pick you up tomorrow night and take you out to dinner. As long as you’re dressed when I pick you up we should have no problems. Of course, if you’re still naked,” I murmured, stressing the naked and letting her imagination do the rest.

We arranged a time and I departed. Tomorrow was another day. A day that could be very interesting.

To be continued. . . Maybe.

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The Hairem Ch. 2

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I was called back for my marriage or Nikah as it is called. Before a priest I was to say yes three times and I as I did Farah became my wife we were locked in holy matrimony. Before my marriage I had told my cousin Samiullah to make sure that the woman I married was hairy. I need not have worried as almost all Aral women are born hairy. She had light eyes and when I unveiled her stunning beauty took me in. She had been carefully chosen for me.

She was dressed in all her finery and since it was a wedding night I went to the bathroom for a shower.

“Come take a shower with me, Farah. I’ll make you all clean and sweet smelling.” And then we were together in the steamy shower stall and Farah I saw was completely nude. She was hairy and I said a quite thank you to Samiullah. She put her arms around me and kissed me while she rubbed soap on my back. She moved behind me and I put her soapy hands on my cock.

She shyly withdrew her hand. It was obviously her first cock and therefore she did not look inhibited by the size of my organ. Those who are experienced get taken aback by the enormity of my sexual organ. She meekly resumed stroking my hard prick, which was now fully hard all 12 inches long. My balls were gently and carefully washed. Then I stole the soap from her and massaged her breasts before I lathered her pubic hair. Her hairy crotch was filled with masses of hair and it turned fluffy as I lathered her pubes. I made her raise her arms so I could wash her armpits. The long bushy hair of her untrimmed underarms was very soft and curling. She had never shaved her armpits. Yet I asked her “Farah have you ever shaved or trimmed your bushy pits”

She looked up at me shocked and said “Never, Alanya Escort escort I have never even sniped a it of hair from my bushy armpits. I know you like my armpit hair and my hairy body and I will never shave it” No wonder it was so soft and silky and then I washed the crack of her ass rimming her little asshole with my soapy finger.

We went back to bed and she turned on the bedside lamp. She asked me to lie on my back and she sat cross-legged on the bed next to me. We could look at each other. She was a beautiful woman. I thought she looked very adult and intelligent and I found it exciting to be with her. She was a new experience. Her breasts were soft with pointed nipples. She had large, dark, warm eyes and a quiet voice.

“Relax, my husband now I’m going to take care of you.” Her fingers touched my cock and she took its softness in her hand and stroked it. I groaned because her warm hands felt so good. Her fingers went up and down the length of my penis and down to my balls. “A lot of women must want this cock,” I nodded. “I suspect it isn’t always easy for you with women though because it’s big.” I nodded again. She was a perceptive woman. My cock was beginning to stir and rise to her touch.

” My cock was now hard and I was beginning to think about how I’d like to fuck my wife for the first time. But Farah was interested in massaging me and got some oil out of the bedside table. She poured some on her hands and rubbed them briskly, warming the oil, and then the hands returned to their work but this time not so gently. Her slippery fingers made themselves a tight oiled cunt that held my cock in a hard embrace as it went up and down. I was in agony because Alanya Escort bayan it felt so good. I had difficulty lying still. Her oiled fingers went on and on. I closed my eyes and tried to relax and let her take me. While her right hand jerked me off, her left hand played with my balls. And then her oiled finger was sliding down my crack and pressing against my hole. I had never had this done to me before and I was surprised how good it felt. I wanted her to put her finger inside and she did. Her finger went in and she began to massage me from the inside. The pleasure was intense. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

My newly wedded wife was giving me a great massage as my hands went into the soft bushy hair in her armpits. I could hold back no longer and a little ashamedly a great arc of my stuff shot into the air. A second shot hit her and gleamed on her hairy belly. She pulled hard on my dick, inciting a third white eruption and she pulled again and a great flood of creamy ooze streamed out, running down her hand.

She then took it into her mouth and slowly began to suck it, as she squeezed the shaft at the base. She bobbed her head on it back and forth back and forth. She then blew me away taking it all the way down her throat! I was amazed that my virgin wife was a real sexually experienced woman. I know in the East our women are taught by their mothers and other female elders the art of pleasuring a man but some of things like giving a blowjob were more western but she was adept at cocksucking too. Here she was giving me the best goddamn blowjob I have ever had. Those were the most perfectly purse lips wrapped around my hardened prick.

She built up pace Escort alanya until the precum oozed a little more, and my moaning built up further and further. She rubbed my cock and squeezed a little harder. I couldn’t believe how intense my second orgasm was. Grabbing her by her hair, I slammed my raging cock in deep into her mouth. Pulsing madly, I just shot load after load after load down her waiting throat and she wasn’t even choking!

We had got this far I am had not even fucked her yet. I wanted to fuck her and take her virginity. I knew she was wet but I had not yet inserted my fingers into her hairy pussy. I was still large but limp so she continued to suck my Bobbing up and down even more faster and more furiously I pushed my cock deep into her throat and she almost gagged reflexively as the volume of my bulging cock was far more than she was anticipating.

I kissed her passionately for the first time, as a lover and not a husband. I flipped her over so she was on all fours. Taking a hold of those perfect cheeks, I spread them and began to lick her. She groaned loudly as my tongue made first contact with her clitoris. I licked the full length of her hairy crack; her clitoris, her wet hairy pussy and even her hairy ass.

She groaned even louder. She screamed loudly as my fingers probed her ass. Sliding it in gently I began to finger fuck her hairy ass as I tongued her increasing wet hairy pussy. I climbed between her thighs and stuck my cock right in her hairy pussy. “Aaahhhhhhh” I was taking her virginity. She resisted but I pressed on as I ruptured her maidenhead. It was still wet and stretched a little from my large cock being in there, but the feeling was undeniably fantastic. I rammed slowly into her but I was instantly ready to shoot my wad into her. I came in torrents and flooded her pussy with my jism. Her pussy was slick with my cum, but she grasped my cock with her muscles, and milked me dry in a few seconds.

My wife Farah had been truly fucked.

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