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Hot Teacher, Lustful Student Ch. 02

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This story is a work of fiction developed solely by me on a cold Dutch winter night.

The sexual fantasy however, is weaved around some real incidents that happened between me and my teacher. At the time of the incident, I had just turned 18 (18 years and 3 months to be exact) while my teacher was roughly 28 years old. I hope you enjoy reading this narration and I look forward to hearing your views.

Recap: In the previous chapter, I told you about the last visit I made to my tuition teacher’s house. After chatting for a while, I was about to leave when he pulled me into a hug. The hug led to us kissing and he invited me into his bedroom where we kissed each other, he bit me several times and asked me if I would blow him.


He sat on the bed with his legs spread wide, his manhood erect and glistening in all its glory. To start, he asked me to sit between his legs and play with his dick, balls and pubes. I held his dick in my fist and gave it a squeeze while I held his sack between my index finger and thumb and wiggled it. I suddenly realized that my face was very close to his dick- and that I could feel the heat emanating from it on my face- or was it my own hot breath reflected back to my face?

He instructed me to start by licking the shaft all around. As I started this, he took a more comfortable position, closed his eyes and started enjoying. He also told me to keep using my hands, my lips and my tongue simultaneously to increase his pleasure. I continued licking his dick along its length while I held it at the base with my left hand and used my right hand to play with his balls. After making his entire dick wet, I moved towards the head which was covered by the skin and was full of pre-cum. I kissed the skin, and licked the precum off- it tasted salty- I liked it. Now holding it in both my hands, I pushed my tongue inside the skin of his dick without really pulling it, in hopes of more juice and touched the slit. He hissed loudly, grabbed my head and asked me to pull the skin down. I could now see his bright pink and pulsating dickhead oozing more pre-cum. Unable to resist anymore, I just engulfed the gorgeous head in my mouth and squeezed it using my lips. His grip on my head tightened and with a moan, he pushed his dick deeper into my mouth. I used my hand to control his entry which prevented me from choking, but I kept going up and down on his dick in a rhythmic motion which made him moan even more.

Being a novice in this art of pleasuring a man, I soon got tired. He instructed me to take rest by licking around his organ and by using my hand to keep the stimulation going. So, I started licking his thighs, the base of his cock and around the balls while I held his dick in my fist and kept squeezing it. Sometimes I would also use my thumb to touch his dickhead and make him writhe in pleasure. I had learnt giving head pretty quickly.

Soon, I was alternating between swallowing his balls, biting lightly on his scrotum, licking his shaft and taking his dick as much as I could. He seemed to be enjoying the blowjob for his eyes were closed, his hands were caressing my hair and every now and then he would lift his ass and try to force himself a little deeper towards my throat. I was getting comfortable with this when suddenly he held my head and pushed his dick all the way in and held me there. I started gaging and thrashing and hitting him on his thighs in an attempt to break free of his grip, but to no avail. I was choking on his thick tuber and my eyes were tearing when he released me. I was panting for breath, shocked by this sudden onset of roughness but he pulled me up, hugged me tightly and started stroking my head and back to help me relax.

He asked me if I was alright, to which I didn’t reply. He said that he couldn’t control himself and that my throat was too inviting to not try a deep throat and that with a bit of practice I would master this skill as well. As he said this, he pulled my cheek lightly and kissed me again: not the gentle kiss that he was doing earlier, but a rough kiss which involved his teeth and his tongue long with his lips. Despite the roughness, I kind of liked it. After kissing him for a while, I started going down licking his hairy chest, flicking my tongue across his nipples, biting him on his belly, putting my tongue in his navel, and eventually reaching his dick. The way it was pulsating and throbbing, it appeared Bostancı Escort as if it was waiting eagerly for the warmth and the wetness of my mouth.

Once again I resumed sucking his dick while I used my hands to play with his thighs and balls and the surrounding area. This continued for about ten minutes; I would take breaks occasionally to kiss his legs, thigs, torso or any other body part that I might have missed, often biting him hard and making him squirm. He never asked me not to bite, so I bit him quite a lot and made him moan. I should have known that I would pay for this dearly.

As I moved back towards his dick and resumed sucking him again, he put his hands back on my head and grabbed me by my hair. But instead of deepthroating me, he began mouth-fucking me with full force. I once again started gaging and making all kinds of noises. Tears were flowing out of my eyes, and saliva and what not from my mouth and nose onto his balls and down on his bed. The sounds of my gag were mixed by his moans of pleasure; and weirdly enough I could feel myself going harder at this.

He stopped in a few long seconds: he was panting and sweating; I was gasping for breath and was almost puckish. He leaned back on the wall and continued stroking my hair softly while I regained my breath. I needed my rest so I laid down with my head on his thigh, my right hand around his waist while my left rested on his other thigh. I wanted to touch his dick and play with it but I was a little afraid of what he might do next. He on the other hand continued stroking my hair with his left hand and was softly rubbing his dick on my nose and lips. As I regained my composure, I also started becoming more active and would occasionally flick my tongue across his dick, or bite his thigh or squeeze his waist with my right hand or pinch him on his thigh making him rock hard again.

This time he came down to me and started kissing me again. It was passionate and aggressive this time: because he was squeezing my butts hard, nibbling on my lips, and moving himself all over my body. I could feel this was a build up to something more and soon enough he asked if I would let him fuck me.

Of course I wanted him to fuck me. I have been dreaming about it ever since I met him a year and a half ago. But I was worried. After his assault on my throat, which was still paining, I was scared to imagine what he might do to me if he fucked me. Unsurprisingly, I said no and he was visibly disappointed. He didn’t push for it though- not immediately at least.

He continued kissing me and went down again, all the way to my dick. He sucked it a little, but soon went beyond my dick to my balls and started licking them. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and himself squatted on the floor. I was once again moaning freely while he went lower and started licking my grundle- the thin skin fold connecting the scrotum with asshole. This was a very new sensation for me- never had I experienced such a feeling. He increased the speed of licking and I had to grab the bedsheet with both my hands to hold on to something but also lift my ass up to ensure that he has complete access and that this miraculous feeling never stops. He supported my waist using both his hands and lifted me a little further and moved further down. He was rimming me now, and I let out a deep, guttural ah!

He went wilder and deeper and I was pushing my ass towards his mouth moaning all the time and he was squeezing and kneading my butt-cheeks as the tip of his tongue caressed and lubed the folds of my pink hole. My hands gripped the edge of the bed- I needed to hold on to something to balance myself as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over me. He bit me softly and I moaned loudly which opened my hole a little and he pushed his tongue inside giving yet another hitherto unknown sensation to me. As he pushed his tongue deeper, I lost my balance and fell back on the bed and he pushed his face deeper into my ass while my legs rested on his shoulder. I kept my hands on his head and used all my limbs to pull him deeper inside. The sensations coursing through my body were transcendental- beyond any word capable of describing it. I was gripping his hair tightly with my hands, my toes were curling, and I was moaning constantly.

As if in response to my reactions, he brought a finger close to my lubricated hole and pushed it inside my hole. I wasn’t sure what was happening in that moment but I liked Ümraniye Escort it and I conveyed my appreciation by moving my ass closer to him. He pulled his head back and looked into my eyes as he pushed his finger deeper inside me. This was when I realised that he was finger-fucking me. Well, I couldn’t say no now, could I? It did hurt a little but he was gentle and had lubricated me well- well enough for a finger. It did hurt a little but I could bear it, especially with that passionate smile of his showering lust all over me by kissing around my crotch.

He took out his finger, came up to me and asked if he had changed my mind about fucking, and I could just give a simple nod. He kissed me on my lips, grabbed some oil and poured it over his fingers. He pushed his left hand under me, continued kissing me while his right hand started massaging my hole with the oil, often putting one of his fingers inside. He moved down to my nipples and started ravishing them treacherously while he inserted two of his fingers into my well-oiled hole. It made me squirm, I moaned loudly but it wasn’t particularly painful. I was enjoying the sensation of something coming in and out of hole, often touching a certain spot which would make me jump or cry out loud.

He suggested that we should go into 69- I should prepare his dick, which had now gone soft while he prepares my hole. I was still lying down on my back while he climbed over me and brought his dick to my mouth. I grabbed it and started sucking it and he resumed massaging my asshole with oil and started inserting his fingers- first one, then two- and pulling them in and out. After a few minutes of this, he inserted his third finger and at the same time, pushed his dick deep into my throat. Before I realised what was happening, my arms were pinned down by his legs, my throat was full of his cock, my left leg was locked by his left hand while his right hand’s three fingers were inside my hole. The weight of his body on me essentially prevented me from moving at all and all I could do was stomp my other leg feebly. He started rotating his fingers in my ass and I started thrashing with all my might which disbalanced us and he turned us around on our side and took my now throbbing and very wet dick in his mouth and resumed rotating his fingers. I spat his dick out and moaned loudly; my eyes tearing, my toes curling, my fingers grabbing and scratching his back. I was ready for his dick now.

He got off the bed and asked me to turn around and position myself. I was on the edge of the bed: my feet were joined together and protruding out from the bed, my shins were on the bed and I was bent over such that my torso was touching my thighs which in turn were resting on my calves. He was now standing behind me, his legs spread out on either side of my feet and his knees bent so that he can reach my hole. He then bent over my back and whispered in my ear that it is going to pain a little. As he said this, he pushed his left hand between my chest and thighs so that he was grabbing my chest, applied some oil on my ass with his right hand and pushed a finger inside. I winced at this, and he asked me again if I was ready for his dick. He started nibbling my ear again, occasionally pushing his tongue inside my ears while he waited for me to reply. I said, in as bold a voice as I can muster, that I want you deep inside me. I was still worried that it might hurt, I was still concerned about what he might do if he starts fucking me, but on the other hand, I also knew that if I don’t do this now, I will regret this for the rest of my life.

In response, he kissed me on my cheeks; in fact he licked the entire left cheek and inserted two fingers rather vigorously which made me jump. He told me to keep breathing through my mouth and to try and relax my hole for it will help me enjoy the penetration. He now started squeezing my right nipple with his left hand which was already under me, kissing me along the left side of my face, tickling his beard on my shoulder and also started inserting his dick inside. I was expecting a lot more pain, but it was actually pleasureful; maybe because he had lubricated me and himself quite well or perhaps because I had been taking his fingers for several minutes now. But he kept going slowly and in no time and (to my surprise) without much pain, he was fully inside. I only realised this when he asked how it felt to have him inside me.

He waited for a little bit, all Kartal Escort the while caressing my chest with his left and touching my shoulder and back with his right hand while I got used to his dick inside me. He kissed on my shoulder again as he straightened up and started fucking me slowly. This is when it started hurting a little, as he pulled himself out and pushed back in. It felt as if my skin was tearing apart. As considerate as he was, I had to ask him to apply more lube, which he did. And with more lube, it was a smoother, faster and a much more enjoyable ride.

He started picking up speed- he grabbed my waist and lifted my ass up so that he didn’t need to bend his knees anymore and started fucking me faster and faster. The enjoyment was soon accompanied by a sweet pain- the pain of sudden insertion and fast withdrawal, the pain when it hit that spot, and in response my moans increased in their frequency and in their loudness.

He kept increasing his speed, so much so that the room was full of skin-on-skin slapping sounds mixed with my agonistic moans and his ecstatic sighs. At some point he dropped on my back, supporting himself with his hands placed just in front of my shoulders to prevent me from sliding ahead while I grabbed his forearms to support myself. I could feel his sweaty chest rubbing on my back, and droplets of sweat dripping on my face and on the bed around me. He paused for a bit, to regain his breath and fell next to me on the bed and pulled me on him, so that I was now lying on him. He hugged me tightly, his dick on the side and his hands softly stroking my back.

As he gained his breath, he turned me around such that I was once again below him and he was above me, but we were facing each other now. He began kissing me and this time, without any pretence, just rammed his dick inside me making me scream at the top of my voice and he started fucking me like there is no tomorrow. We were in the missionary position, he was holding my hands above my head, my legs were bent towards my chest and crossed across his back and he was kissing me all over my face. He was continuously fucking me in varying speed to prolong the act- he would slow down at times and sometimes he would just stop and gyrate his hips so that his dick would move around inside; at times he would take short strokes making me shiver and tingle while at other times he would pull out his entire dick and force it back in making me jump and scream. It felt as if his dick was the epicentre of ecstasy which with every movement was producing tides of a fire that could only be quenched by his cum.

After going on like this for a while, he broke his grip on my hands and hugged me very tightly and increased his speed considerably. I was moaning at the top of my voice and so was he; he was holding me so tightly it felt he would break my ribs; he was pushing in so roughly it felt he would tear me apart; he was roaring so loudly it felt he wanted to profess his happiness to the entire world. It pained me so much that I couldn’t help but curl my toes, grip him between my arms and legs, shout at the top of my voice and cry my heart out; and yet I could not wish for him to stop; I wanted to be suspended indefinitely in this limbo where he kept fucking, kissing and holding me and where I could find the essence of my being by losing myself into him.

Just when I felt that this must be the “nirvana” everyone talks about, he gave one mighty push and began spewing his juices right into my ass, and as he did so he gripped me even tighter (I didn’t think that was even possible) and rubbed his torso against mine. All the friction in the past few minutes made me cum almost simultaneously with him. This started a chain reaction across my body and unable to control myself, I grabbed his hair, brought his face close to mine and started kissing him on his lips which almost immediately morphed into a strong bite that left him bleeding.

In that wonderful moment, his moans were mine, his sweat was mine, his cum was mine and he himself was mine. Finally he collapsed on me- desperate to catch his breath, so tired he needed to rest. His dick slipped off of me and his cum trickled out of my ass and we continued lying together in a heap, cherishing the silent moments after the stormy hours of our carnal lust.

We got off, got dressed and went out of his bedroom to the sitting room where it all had started. As I was leaving, he pulled me into a hug which lasted about 5 seconds and we separated; I realised that I had imagined this whole elaborate sex scene in my head in those five seconds. Supremely awkward, I did not meet his eyes, mumbled a good bye and left his house. As I walked back down, I realised, I was wet in my pants.

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My Journey Pt. 06 – Submission

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I went a full week without craving cock. I’d been caught and it scared me. It definitely slowed down my exploration. I wasn’t going back to that ABS and I didn’t know where else to go to suck a dick.

It was probably just a phase, right? And that phase was over.

Or was it?

By the following Thursday I was craving cock again. It was like I was a cum junkie, and I definitely felt like one.

And sucking that rubber dildo, which I started doing again, just wasn’t cutting it. And then it hit me…


I had tossed his number in my desk trash!!! I was a college student….I never took the trash out!

I dumped the basket out on the floor and scattered the papers and wrappers over the floor. “Where was it?”

And there it was. I picked it up and unravelled it.

“Jack” in blue ink. I hate blue ink. Why can’t everyone just use black ink and just stop with the blue?

I had butterflies in my stomach. It had been nearly 2 weeks since we met. Would it be weird calling him now?

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I asked myself out loud. I tossed the paper back in the bin but left all the other papers scattered on the floor.

“No.” I told myself out loud. “You’re done with the faggot, cock sucking, bullshit. Professor Thompson opens his mouth and your reputation is trashed. No more.”

And I meant it too.

Until the next afternoon after class. I sat there on my knees holding the paper with both hands.


I put the paper on the kitchen table and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. Taking sips, I stared at the paper. Stupid, right?

I ordered a pizza and tossed back a few more beers. It was around 6 pm by the time the pizza arrived and I had a nice buzz going. I wasn’t a big drinker so it didn’t take much.

As I picked up my second slice I began eyeing the phone. “There’s no going back if you make that phone call”.

By 8 o’clock, when I picked up the phone, I was 3 slices in and who knows how many beers. “Just because you call him doesn’t mean anything is going to happen”, I told drunk me.

I got his answering machine. Figures. “Um….hi…um…we met at the theater the other week. Um. You told me to call you. So…um…call me back if you want to.”

I hung up the phone shaking my head. “Call me back if you want to”. I’m such a nerd.

I got naked, put a porn in my VCR, and sucked my rubber dildo while I stroked my rock hard cock. You know, normal college stuff. I passed out on the couch.

I had a pretty nice hangover the next morning. I cleaned up my mess, showered, and did some school work. I didn’t bother getting dressed.

I guess it was around 2:30 when the phone rang. It startled me. I stared at it for a moment. “Call me back if you want to” echoed thorough my head.


“Hi. It’s Jack. I’m returning your call.”

We talked for a long time. It was nice to get lost in a conversation. And it wasn’t weird like I thought it would be. He was a super nice guy and really easy to talk Anadolu Yakası Escort to.

He’d been through a brutal divorce and was finally getting his life back together. He’d picked up a good job and got a decent house. He was looking forward to putting the past behind him and moving forward.

He was just a genuinely nice man. So when he invited me over to his place for some takeout I figured why not. I wasn’t doing anything anyway.

Our conversation continued over some mediocre Chinese food and cold beers. He went on about his ex-wife, his old job, and the crazy things he used to do with Jim and Alex, who were childhood friends.

We moved into his living room where he slipped a VCR tape of Poison Ivy, if I remember correctly, which came to life on his big screen 36 inch tube TV.

I was a few beers in when Jack pulled out a joint and asked if I wanted to indulge. I hadn’t really smoked much pot at that point in my life but I didn’t want to be rude!! Plus I was kinda up for it. I took a couple of hits and sat back, enjoying the relaxing tingling that was overtaking me.

I don’t remember much about the movie though. It wasn’t long before he was rubbing my thigh, getting closer to my crotch. When I turned to say something he kissed me, gently, apprehensively at first before becoming more passionate and aggressive.

I was a little surprised. Partly because it wasn’t rough and gross like I thought it would be with a man, but that I actually liked it. I don’t know how to describe it. It wasn’t like when I kissed a girl. I was…the passive one, the submissive one. Whatever the word, I liked that he was in control.

And in control he was because in a few minutes we were both naked on the couch. He pulled me on top of him and we ground our cocks together as we made out.

Jack had a nice body. He wasnt fat or really hairy. He was in decent shape and had a little fuzz on his stomach and a little on his chest. Enough to know it was there but not overwhelming. In hindsight I think he had shaved it at some point and it was probably growing back in. In contrast, I was basically hairless. I had very little body hair to begin with and I’d been shaving my cock, the only hairy part of me, for several weeks at this point. So, yeah, from the neck down I was all skin.

Not that it seemed to matter to Jack. His hands were all over me. Rubbing my back, squeezing my ass. I felt so small on top of him. He slid a finger between my ass cheeks stopping right above my asshole and made firm little circles on my tailbone. With his other hand he grabbed a fistful of hair, lifting my face away from him, and began nibbling on my neck.

I was lost. Basically puddy in his hands. I was overcome with lust. When he released my head I returned the favor and went for his neck. I nibbled and kissed my way down his neck, his chest, nipples to his belly button until I was between his legs looking at his neatly maintained cock.

It was pulsing, dripping with precum, some Avrupa Yakası Escort of which was probably mine. I started at the base of his balls, something I hadn’t had the opportunity to do yet. The soft skin felt amazing on my lips, his balls felt heavy on my tongue. I loved the way he moaned.

I loved this new position, on my knees, between his legs. Not only did I have easier access to his balls, I could watch his reaction to the things I did. It was awesome!!!

The pot had me feeling like I was floating above him. I ran my tongue up his balls and along the shaft until I reached the tip. Then I licked up whatever shiny precum I could find on his cock and belly before sliding my mouth over his cock. His hand landed on the back of my head as he moaned.

I moaned too. I had never been so turned on.

He kept his hand on my head and began gyrating, which soon turned into an all out facefucking. His leg came over my shoulder and held me down as his cock assaulted my throat. My eyes were tearing and snot was pouring out of my nose as I coughed and gagged.

And I loved every brutal second of it. Even the part where he held my face in his crotch and unloaded right down my throat. I couldn’t breathe and nearly passed out, but I think that just made it that much better.

When he let go of my head I instinctively pulled off his cock, falling backwards onto the floor. I was gasping for air and wiping the snot/cum from my face as I looked up at Jack. He was sitting back hands behind his head, chest heaving and cock still throbbing as it softened.

I felt a strange sense of pride knowing I made this man cum so hard. I climbed back into the couch and lay back, enjoying my high and the lingering taste of his cock.

I don’t know how long I was out. I was in that place inside your brain that you go when you’re good and high when I felt something on my balls.

“Did something touch your balls?” I asked myself inside my head.

I opened my eyes and Jack was now between my legs. His tongue felt amazing on my ball sack. I reached down to encourage him but he grabbed my hands and held them at my sides. I wasn’t aware of anything but his mouth on my cock. I could feel his tongue and lips working my shaft.

I didn’t think about it until later but in the months of sucking cock, no one had returned the favor. Not a handjob or anything. And I had never really sought one out. I was perfectly happy pleasuring men without being pleasured.

But this was amazing. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, the pot, Jack’s talented mouth, or a combination of them all, but an orgasm built inside me unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I don’t know if I cried out but I remember my entire body quivering, shaking as Jack sucked out my load. I was essentially immobile with his shoulders over my thighs and his hands holding down my arms. My breathing returned as my orgasm subsided and Jack released my softening cock from his mouth.

Breathing heavily, I returned İstanbul Escort to that quiet place inside my mind.

Again, time passed and Jack woke me up. He was lifting me off the couch. I stood up and looked at him as I came back from my special place.

“C’mon, let’s get to bed. It’s late.”

We walked into the bedroom, both completely nude. I was still pretty high, tunnel vision and all. I stopped at the foot of the king sized bed. Jack came up behind me and put his arms around me. He rubbed my chest while he kissed my neck and ground his hardening cock between my ass cheeks.

His foot went between mine and pushed my legs apart and he kissed his way down my back. No one had ever made me feel so desirable, so sexy as Jack was making me feel in this moment so when his hand pushed against my back, I bent over.

I’m pretty sure I squealed when his tongue pushed into my asshole. This was beyond perverse. Back then, people didn’t do this, at least not that I had ever heard. But it would have been impossible for me to get him to stop, especially when he started stroking my cock while he ate my ass.

I was almost ready to cum again when he stopped and told me to climb up on the bed. I quickly obliged, anxious to get his tongue back into my ass. I got on all fours, pushing my ass towards him to encourage him to continue. Something wet splashed my virgin hole followed by something pushing against my tight entrance. Initially I pushed back, thinking it was his tongue.

But it wasn’t his tongue. It was his cock, and it popped passed my sphincter. This shocked me and I snapped out of my trance. Instinctively I lurched forward, which normally would have had the desired effect, except that moments before I lurched, Jack had grabbed one of my shoulders for balance.

Off balance now, Jack fell on top of me and I landed on my stomach with Jack on top of me and his cock buried deep inside my ass. I definitely screamed in pain as I was impaled by Jack.

But the pain quickly subsided and turned to extreme pleasure, which increased when Jack began to grind into my ass, stirring my guts. I heard myself moaning not even realizing it was me.

From behind, he put me into a headlock and began calling me names like “cunt”, “slut”, “whore”. His hips were gently hammering my buns as he choked me.

He released my neck and moved a hand to my back, pinning me to the bed. He began long stroking me, pulling almost all the way out then slowly gliding back in. His pace quickened, his force increasing, and the name calling continued. “Stupid pig”, “skank”, “bitch”.

I loved feeling like a piece of meat, a hole for him to pleasure himself with, to abuse. Again he’d introduced me to new, perverted feeling that I never thought I’d feel.

The room was full of the sounds of him hammering away at my ass mixed with our grunts and his name calling. He’d grab a fistful of hair and wrap his hand around my throat at times but the pounding never stopped.

Until one final, hard thrust. “OH FUUUCK!” He yelled as he filled my bowels with his cum. I could feel his body quiver, his cock twitch and his balls pulsing his load inside me until he collapsed, breathless on top of me.

We laid like that for who knows how long and I returned to that place of solitude inside my mind.

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The Gym Mouse

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We were taking a timeout from our marriage right after our youngest went off to college. I’m not sure whose idea it was but here we are. l kinda knew we would get back together but as word got to me my wife was going out with someone l figured I’d better get out there too and to be honest my left hand could use a break.

l guess that was the first time l took a good look at my body for some time, not bad but that dad body thing surely coming on. My work was very physical so l didn’t need much, maybe some belly work, and that included laying off the pasta for a while.

Like with most there was a Gym right around the corner, l had known it for years but l never walked through its door. It wasn’t a name-brand Gym but that was a plus to me. It was my first day off since and the day to see what was behind those doors. The place was busy but not too bad, it was not top of the line as most things were old but nobody seemed to care so why should l. l did think l would have seen more women in there but l was okay with that too. The one girl that was there worked there, she chatted me up and offered her aid. We went through what l was after and in doing so l guess she got a good idea of the whole thing going on with me.

She asked me why l came today which struck me wrong as we just talked about it, in my mind anyway. It wasn’t important enough to me so l let her comment slide and now later l completely understand why, but that will unfold as we go.

She gave me a few pointers on what would target my trouble area, again for the most part l was in good shape. I completed my sets then l thought l would look around, nothing l saw then changed my previous opinion but I’d add that most of the guys were older gentlemen but as they represented the neighborhood that too was dismissed.

Still, in my workout clothes, l came across their sauna so I decided to pop in to work up another good sweat before showering. Unlike everything else, it looked to have been recently remodeled and it was empty. l grabbed a clean towel and made my way in, it was warm but not as hot as I expected but when in Rome… It was only a few minutes later when l was joined by a few men, they took their seats and l didn’t think much about it. Then when two of them took off their towels l thought it was odd but still no alarms going off.

That changed a moment later when the guy in the middle with his towel still on was being tugged at by the other two. He was acting more like it was funny then an attack so yet again it was something I dismissed, even though l have friends but none of that kind of stuff would ever happen. I’m not sure if it was before or a reaction to what they were doing but the middleman was sporting a Bostancı Escort sizable hard-on. Better him than me l thought then l looked away as it was none of my business.

When l did reopen my eyes and glance over one of the guys was getting blown by another and the third was jacking off. l looked on in disbelief before getting up and walking out. I made my way to the showers and on the way, thinking how l wouldn’t be coming back. The locker/shower room had other guys at stages of undress and others in the shower area already, which of course was to be expected. still wrapped in a towel l tossed my workout clothes on a bench next to my locker then l grabbed a fresh towel to dry off with afterward.

l played by the old rules, don’t stare or make eye contact when you’re naked with other guys. But that feeling of being watched felt as thick as peanut butter. Was l right or had it just been so long my radar was broken? l looked up and around to find out and l couldn’t believe my eyes. There was enough wood to build a tree house going on in there, many busy stroking their dicks. I grabbed my towel to dry off and leave and that’s when l saw it, l was also sporting a Bonner too! Red-faced with embarrassment l scrambled to get dressed to leave.

l don’t even remember driving home but it was just around the corner, cocks, cocks and more cocks plastered in my mind. And now in the privacy of my home l found myself masturbating to those thoughts. Later that night to prove myself Straight l watched the first gay porn video in my life, a few minutes into it l remained limp as a noodle which pleased me not that l have anything against gay people. Some other videos caught my eye, really the topic did. l clicked on it and within the second l was sporting a blue-veined monster, by the time those guys were done l had a palm full of cum.

I thought about the day’s event for some time that night, not that l felt bad nor that what they were doing was wrong as l always lived as do as you like as long as all are agreeable. l decided to go back the next day and hope to wrap it all around my head.

That day came and went, l did my workout only peeked in the sauna then l showered and went home. This time everything was on the up and up, sure naked guys in the locker room but none sporting hard-ons. You might think that put things to rest but l found myself flipping over to gay porn on the site to get me off. The following day was Saturday so l told me l would do my workout and head straight home as the yards needed attention leaving no time for games.

l did just that and l ran into that same girl that helped me during my first visit. I tiptoed into that first visit which made her Ümraniye Escort laugh. She said “Yeah, that’s why l asked you because Thursday is our Bi and Gay Day here” She then offered she doesn’t normally work there on Thursdays but she was called in to cover another worker. Now the pieces began to fit, all but why was getting so turned on by gay activities.

l kept going daily only missed Tuesday to do other plans. After doing my thing on Wednesday, that night l thought about if l was going to return there the next day, the Gay Day. That night in bed l found myself so excited to go there was no need for the porn site, l quickly got off on just the could-be that tomorrow might bring. I did go and l rushed through my sets as fast as l could, then made my way to the sauna. This time l was late or the other guys were early as the same three guys were there before me, at least they all had their towels on this time. I might have spoken too soon or maybe they were just waiting on a fourth because less than a minute later they were unwrapped and two were blowing each other. The third guy although different this time was stroking himself as he watched on. unlike the last time, l unwrapped my towel and joined in stroking my cock which was rock hard.

The two engaged changed things up and now one guy was bouncing on the lap of the other guy. The jackoff guy now pinching his nipples and egging them on. He then turned and started making his way toward me, his semi-hard cock bouncing from thigh to thigh. He reached down and took control of my dick, slowly stroking it up and down then around and around. It had been a while since somebody besides myself touched me and at that moment l didn’t care about it being another guy, it felt great and that was enough for me.

The guy getting ridden called out “Go for it Stan” I assumed it was Stan looking at me and asked, “What do l think?” Not sure exactly what was talking about I replied sure and the next thing l knew Stan was standing on the bench in front of me, his puffy cock just inches away. l thought to myself it’s now or never then l wrapped my mouth around his cock.

It took me a while but sure enough, l got the rhythm and Stan was moaning away. He was good and hard now, longer than mine but a bit thinner too. This helps as l was able to take him balls deep if my wife could only see how it’s done. I was anticipating his load but instead, he pulled out saying he didn’t want to waste it. Before l could figure out his meaning l found me on all fours waiting for him to enter me. My ass was no virgin but it only knew my wife’s strap-on. l had wondered what the real thing would feel even better, nice and warm and a bit more forgiving. Anadolu Yakası Escort It did not disappoint and l was a bit sad when l felt the warmth of his seed, knowing the ride was over.

Like with my wife my cock goes limp under such attention elsewhere but Stan was more than a gentleman using his wet mouth get me up and off in record time. We cleaned up afterward and grabbed some lunch together, during that they brought me up to speed on how the Gym works, Thursday was for us guys and Tuesday was for the ladies.

I can’t say l was completely set with what happened but l surely wasn’t upset. l figured things would work themselves out and just maybe l was bi because l was still drawn to females without a doubt. I spent a few more Thursdays there which l was happy and thankful for, but their other offers outside the gym for more playing l took a pass on.

It was about the same time a ran into my wife again, my heart sank at the sight of her as l still loved her very much. I sensed the same thing with her so it was easy to say I’d like to spend some time with her again. Her face lit up upon hearing that and she said anytime but not on Tuesday, that’s her workout day.

At that moment her statement went over my head and not surprisingly as I’m sure she was unaware of what Thursdays meant to me. Later l thought could it be? So when Tuesday came l drove over to find out one way or another and there was her car three spots away from the Gym’s front door. I waited there for about an hour sporting a hard-on the whole time. Then with three ladies came out then my wife broke through the doors. She didn’t notice me at first the gaggle of ladies including her were busy laughing then l caught her eye, she said something to the other girls and walked over to me. She kept it light asking what l was doing there, l told her l was just curious if this was your Tuesday spot.

She seemed nervous which wasn’t my intent so l told her I’ve been working out here every day but Tuesdays. “Even Thursdays” she asked. l smiled and said especially on Thursdays. We both laughed and she asked where l was going to next and when l told her back home, where she asked if she could follow me.

It wasn’t long before she was confessing she just wanted to try other women and she felt I’d be upset if she told me and she had every intention to return home. I laughed and informed her that next to “l love you” she couldn’t tell me anything better, that I’m a guy so girl-girl turns us on, me especially. “So what are you telling me then,” she asked. l answered back we are going to grab your things and bring you and them back home where you belong. She jumped into my arm kissed me hard on the lips and said how much she missed and loves me. l kissed back then l told her she will always my girl.

We’ve had a wonderful bisexual life with friends over the years and next to the private time we enjoy together, watching the other with the same sex partner remains such a turn-on for both of us.

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Enslaving Doctor Jake Ch. 03

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Author Note: Thank you to Vinner0071 for his story idea for this series.

Disclaimer: All characters in this fictional story are 21 years or older. Trigger warning–this story contains homophobic slurs.


Dr. Jake Henderson was enslaved as a harem boy to Sheikh Hassan, thanks to his former med school classmate, Chase Williams. Chase’s hired men retreated with the boy to the departure site. Chase remained at the villa pondering the boy’s fate. He couldn’t help but harbor a bit of remorse for Jake. Most of his regret hinged on the fact Chase would never be able to plunder Jacob’s sweet ass again. Jake was his first time with a man, and Chase was surprised at how much he enjoyed the experience. Chase admitted to himself that Jacob’s pussy was better than any woman he had ever cunted. And Chase had enjoyed A LOT of pussy in his lifetime.

Chase shook his head to clear it of the lustful thoughts. ‘I need to get out of here and find a local girl to bang,’ he thought. Chase charged out of the villa and headed for his Lambo. He was in such a rush that he never knew what hit him. He was approached from behind and tased, causing him to fall heavily to the ground. Someone wrapped a wet medicated rag around his mouth and nose, tightly securing it in place. Rough hands hiked up Chase’s shorts to expose his muscular buttock, and he was stabbed with an injection delivering a powerful drug. Chase never had a fighting chance. Several men were in attendance, and they easily carted Chase Williams away.

When Chase awoke some hours later, he was naked, collared, cuffed, and shackled. He was lying on the floor of a large cargo plane. He couldn’t move from his restraints. He started screaming and shouting, “What the fuck is going on?!?” Chase was in a rage.

A man approached him, towering over him as he lay there, and said, “Shut the fuck up, bitch!”

“Look, man!” Chase said, “I don’t know what is going on here. There’s been some HUGE mistake!”

“No, Dr. Williams,” The man replied. “You are the one who is mistaken.”

“What?! What do you mean?! Tell me what’s going on!” Chase demanded to know.

“It’s my distinct pleasure to inform you of your status as a new harem boy to Sheikh Hassan. We are transporting you to your new home,” the man replied calmly.

“Fuck that! No!” Chase said. “Jacob is the harem boy, not me. I sold him to the Sheikh. You need to check with Sheikh Hassan on this. He will clear it up for you. This is just a horrible mistake, some misunderstanding! I had a deal with the Sheikh!”

“Oh, this is no mistake,” the man retorted. “The Sheikh liked what he saw when you were fucking that doctor bitch friend of yours. You two put on quite the show. You oversold the Sheikh with your performance. He decided to alter your deal and take you both on as harem boys.” The man was smiling malevolently at Chase. “Plus, he couldn’t risk that you would have a change of heart and alert the American authorities about the doctor’s capture.”

“No, no, no!” Chase cried. “This can’t be happening! That mother-fucker double-crossed me! Let me go! I will pay you a fortune for my release. Just let me go, please!” Chase could not believe this sudden turn of events.

“Not a chance, bitch. The Sheikh is eager to meet his new American faggot.” The man was kneeling to Chase and groping the naked slave’s body, stroking the boy’s meaty cock. “And the good news is you will face your new Master weeks before your doctor friend does,” the man taunted him. “You can fill him in when he arrives; give him some new faggot tips!” he laughed.

Chase was enraged and seething. He promised to fight against the Sheikh with every fiber of his being. ‘The bastard won’t get away with this,’ he vowed. ‘I will make that son-of-a-bitch pay!’


Dr. Jake could not believe the vision splayed before him. Chase lay on the floor, vulnerable and enslaved just as he was. Unlike Jake, the bigger stud was denuded of all body hair and locked in chastity. “Chase?” he said, “What the fuck are you doing here?!?” he asked.

Chase looked up at Jake. He was still stunned by the electroshock treatment he had just endured moments ago. “Jacob! Thank God!” he cried, “I’ve been looking for you for weeks! Thank God I’ve found you!” He stood up and staggered to Jake, hugging him, and began sobbing into Jake’s shoulder. The two naked men were once more together, reunited. Their cocks were side-by-side, although the cool metal from Chase’s cage startled Jake.

Jake was stiff and tense as the man embraced him. Jake couldn’t believe the man responsible for his sexual subjugation was holding him tightly. Jake pulled away from his ex-lover, “What the fuck is wrong with you, Chase!? How can you behave this way toward me? Like you are my friend and glad to see me!?” Jake was raging at him.

“Jacob, please!” Chase replied. “I am so sorry that I got us into this predicament. İstanbul Escort Please forgive me!” Chase still had his hands on Jake’s shoulders, rubbing them gently. He was pleading with Jake, looking into his eyes. “I know what I did to you was terrible. I promise to do whatever it takes to win back your trust.” Chase towered over Jake in physical presence but seemed helpless.

Jake was secretly pleased to absorb this pathetic sight of Chase. The buff stud was emasculated, now bereft of his axillary, torso, and pubic hair. His 8-inch cock was crammed into a confining metal cock cage. Chase might tower half a foot over Jake, but at least Jake still had some vestiges of manhood intact. This once powerful man had been taken down several notches; the irony was not lost on Jake.

“Get your hands off me!” Jake screamed. “I don’t want anything to do with you ever again!” With that, Jake swept Chase’s hands off him, turned, and walked away. Jake laid himself down on the lower bunk with his back toward Chase.

Chase stared longingly at Jake and his perfect bubble butt. His cock was swelling uncomfortably. If he were uncaged, he would have sidled up to Jake then and there and had another go at his pussy. ‘Maybe I will get another crack at you someday, Jacob,’ he thought. He sighed and went to lie down on the top bunk above Jake. ‘At least I can top you this way, Jacob,’ he thought, grinning. It was the only occasion he had smiled since his arrival in the palace.

“Jacob,” Chase whispered aloud. “I’m so sorry for everything.” Tears were streaming down his face. “I really fucked up your life. I would give anything to restore your freedom.”

Chase reflected on the weeks he had spent at the palace thus far as a harem boy. Chase resisted his new role with intense fury and vengeance. The Sheikh was displeased with ‘the American’ and his utter lack of respect. Chase’s will was unbending will. The Master wrongly thought the ‘American doctor faggot’ would fall into line quickly.


At their first encounter, the Sheikh admired Chase, “You are such a specimen: tall, well-endowed, with a cocky spirit. I have longed to own an American! When I saw you fuck that boy with such furious vengeance, I knew you would have a proper place here with me. I love taming and breaking in wild stallions!” Sheikh Hassan said.

“You fucking bastard!” Chase shouted. “We had a deal! You have no God-damn honor! Do you?!” He spat at the man.

The prep team warned the Sheik that Chase would be a handful after their experience with him. The team had standing orders to denude any obstinate boy. So with Chase, they relieved him of all his body hair below his neck to demoralize him. Chase was presented to the Sheikh with two guards in tow. The slave’s wrists were restrained behind him, and his ankles were chained together. The guards had shocked Chase several times with the slave’s collar and cuffs to constrain him.

Sheikh Hassan pulled on Chase’s neck chain to lower the boy’s head and smacked his face hard in succession. The two guards pushed Chase to his knees, so he was kneeling before his Master. Chase was easily 8 inches taller than the Sheikh. “Listen, bitch! Your attitude is unattractive. You will do well to accept your new life here as my harem boy. Perhaps I can fuck the disrespect out of you!” he threatened.

“No way!” Chase protested. “Leave me the fuck alone! You can’t do this! You were supposed to imprison Jacob. That was our deal! Why would you betray me?!”

Sheikh Hassan laughed. “I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to seize and imprison two American boys, especially one as delectable as you.”

“I will never let you fuck me!” Chase swore to the Sheikh.

The Sheikh began disrobing. “Naeem and Tarek,” he addressed the guards holding Chase firmly. “You know what to do.”

The guards unchained Chase’s wrists and dragged him to the bed. They secured his wrist cuffs squarely to the steel bed frame so that his arms were stretched tightly above him like a ‘Y.’ “Fuck! Stop this madness!” Chase yelled as the Sheikh stripped, readying himself to fuck the new slave. Chase noted immediately the Master’s 8-inch uncircumcised cock. The girth was frightfully big to Chase.

Naeem brought forth a ball gag. When Chase saw it, he clenched his mouth tightly shut. ‘No fucking way you’re getting that thing in my mouth,’ he thought. Tarek pinched Chase’s nostrils closed, and as soon as he took a breath, Naeem shoved the gag tightly in Chase’s open mouth and tightly secured it around his head. “ARRGHHHH!!! MMPPPGH!!” he yelped with the gag muting him. A look of terror fell over Chase.

The guards unchained his ankle cuffs, securing them to the steel bedposts. Chase was spread eagle. Finally, the men brought a wedge pillow. They propped it under the boy, elevating his bottom to a prime advantage for Sheikh Hassan. “Sir, the American bitch is ready for you now,” Naeem Kadıköy Escort announced.

Sheikh Hassan climbed onto the bed as Chase continued to scream in a muffled manner. The Master positioned himself between Chase’s legs leaned in and nuzzled the boy’s neck. The Sheikh’s hard 8-inch cock was rubbed against Chase’s 6-pack abs, marking his territory.

With Chase still crying out, the Sheikh smacked his face and said, “Control yourself, bitch!” He wiped tears away from the captive’s face. “You must accept your fate. It is the only way.”

Chase shook his head NO in vigorous protest. “But look at your rigid cock!” Sheikh Hassan pointed out. He took Chase’s circumcised 8-inch penis in his hand and began stroking it. “You may protest outwardly, but your cock betrays you, bitch. You want me to fuck you!” The Master smiled at Chase.

Chase didn’t understand why he was aroused. He continued to sob lightly, shaking his head as his new Master probed his anus with his finger. “Mmm, so fucking tight!” The Sheikh spat on his fingers and continued to work on the virginal hole, stretching and kneading it. He prodded and poked, massaging Chase’s prostate. Chase had never felt this type of stimulus.

Chase closed his eyes and thought of Jake. He imagined the boy with him at that moment, pleasuring him. Chase’s cock grew more rigid with these thoughts of his former lover. His fantasy was interrupted when the Sheikh announced, “Time to lose your cherry, bitch!”

Sheikh Hassan positioned himself at Chase’s pussy. His glans was probing at Chase’s anal orifice. Chase had no way to counter in his immobilized state. He kept thinking of Jake, that this was the life he had resigned Jake to. Chase watched helplessly as the man eased his cock slowly inside. “Fuck yes, bitch!” the Sheikh howled. The man inched himself until his pubic bone was firmly pressed against Chase’s perineum. “I am fucking America!” he laughed. “And you love it!” The man pulled Chase’s boner and let it slap against the boy’s perfect abs.

The Master thrust his pelvis in and out, owning Chase’s pussy. “Your cunt is mine, faggot. You will always be my bitch! There is no turning back for you!”

Chase’s mind was spiraling. He was being ravaged physically and mentally. Chase couldn’t help but think that he had brought this on himself. He thought of Jake, and regret consumed him.

For survival, Chase closed his eyes and imagined Jake fucking him. He started to moan in ecstasy, and before long, he reached his orgasm. “UHHHHHHHH!” he cried through his gag. Jet after jet of cum shot from Chase’s cock, striking his abs, chest, and even landing on his chin.

Sheikh Hassan was pleased. “You horny faggot!” With Chase’s rectum clamping down on the Master’s cock, the Sheikh came to climax and shot his precious seed deep inside his new American bitch. “I’m seeding your dirty cunt!” The man grabbed Chase’s muscular pecs and pinched his nipples hard. “You have one hell of a pussy. But you will need A LOT of training.”

He withdrew his cock from Chase’s cock. Cum was leaking from the newly christened slave. “Naeem, bring me the cage.” Chase was watching intently, a panicked look on his face. “You have a long road ahead of you, bitch,” the Master continued. Naeem handed Sheikh Hassan a metallic penis chastity cage. “This chastity cage will be an integral part of your training. You are too arrogant to have a free prick among my harem.” The man stuffed Chase’s 8-inch penis handily inside the cage and secured it with a padlock. The Sheikh relished the moment stating, “This will help you focus all your energy on your pussy, exactly where it belongs. Your primary sexual organ is your cunt.”

The cock cage alone didn’t break Chase. Ultimately, the Sheikh had to turn Chase over to his handlers to lead the discipline and bring him into submission. The Sheikh was too busy to devote time and energy, given his heavy demands. The trainers taught Chase the art of taking cock in both his ‘mouth pussy’ and his ‘ass pussy’. The Sheikh expected his harem boys to be willing participants in the bedroom. He could tolerate a docile, passive player. The one thing he would not accept was an obstinate, resistant boy. Chase would need to take the Sheikh as his Master unconditionally. The Sheikh would accept nothing short of that.

Chase learned about new devices such as an O-ring gag and the St. Andrew’s Cross. Things of this nature were entirely foreign to him. The trainers had little success so far in defeating and breaking Chase. Although they discovered that Chase was an authentic bisexual, he identified himself as an exclusive top. He ONLY liked to fuck pussy. He refused to allow his pussy to be fucked without a contentious struggle every time.

And the only male pussy that Chase had ever fucked was Jake’s. He repeatedly asked where his friend was detained, but the captors ignored his inquiries. The Sheikh was patient with the trainers but was growing weary with ‘the insolent American.’


Chase Ataşehir Escort lay there ruminating on the top bunk with Jake nearby, he took satisfaction in how strongly he resisted the Sheikh, the dirty man who had double-crossed him. He didn’t know that his impertinence might result in his sale and transfer to another harem. If that happened, his situation would likely be much worse. Not all Masters were as benevolent as Sheikh Hassan. Plus, he would most certainly never see Jake again.

Chase had been longing and searching for Jake since his arrival. When he asked Sheikh Hassan for information regarding the boy’s whereabouts, he was bitterly chastised and told, “The welfare of harem boys is not your concern, bitch. You need to focus your energy on correcting your impudent attitude. Focus all your energy on me, your Master.” Chase began to worry that perhaps something bad had happened to Jake. His thoughts ran wild. Perhaps, Jake was taken somewhere else entirely. He may have been traded or sold for a higher price. Could something have gone awry? Could he even be dead? Such prospects were too much for Chase to bear.

Now that he laid his eyes and hands squarely on Jake, Chase knew he was safe for the moment. His fears were calmed at last. Sure Jake was angry with him, and rightfully so. But now Chase could look out for Jake and protect him from this very situation he had unfortunately created for both of them. Chase figured if he was having this much trouble in the new ‘palace of hell,’ Jake must be faring worse. Chase knew he was stronger than Jake and needed to protect the boy.

Finally, secure with the knowledge that Jake was safe, Chase could rest peacefully. He slowly drifted to sleep for the first time since he had been held captive. Chase had sweet dreams of rescuing Jake and himself from their enslavement. He vowed to prove to Jake that he could be the hero they both needed.

Meanwhile, Jake lay in the bunk below Chase, fuming intensely. He couldn’t believe the bastard he formerly loved was just a few feet away from him. Jake wanted to strangle the life out of the cad. He supposed the punishment for such an infraction would be the death penalty. ‘Maybe it would be worth it,’ Jake thought. But then again, Chase was bigger and stronger, so he doubted he could overpower the brute. When Jake started to hear Chase lightly snore, that sent him over the edge. ‘What an asshole!’ he thought. ‘He has no care in the world and can sleep like a fucking baby!’ Jake just lay there stewing in his anger. How could he have been so stupid to squander his virginity on Chase Williams? But even in his anger, the memory caused him to become aroused and rock hard. ‘Fuck,’ he thought, ‘Chase always has control over me,’ he lamented. Jake rolled prone on his belly to conceal his erection.

It wasn’t more than two hours later that a couple of guards returned in a hustle. “We are here for your afternoon training session, bitch!” they announced, looking at Chase. Chase was still sleeping and was startled from his slumber by their noisy entrance.

“No fucking way!” Chase shouted. “Leave me alone! I’ve had enough, you bastards!” The men pulled him down from the bunk. Chase was thrashing wildly, so they activated his collar and cuffs. The electroshocks threw him to the ground convulsing in agony. “Ouch! Fuck!” he yelled.

It was a full minute of retribution before the men stopped shocking him. “Why do you resist so much? You know we will win in the end! You will be a dutiful faggot for Sheikh Hassan after we finish with you!” Chase was a limp puddle on the floor. The men helped him up and led him out of the dormitory.

Jake had watched the scene unfold and was horrified. It was true. He didn’t like Chase, but he didn’t care to see anyone treated cruelly. He wondered what the men had in store for Chase. Whatever it was, he imagined it would be horrifying.

Jake was getting the lay of the land. Some other harem boys were up and socializing. One of the young men was observing him and the event with Chase. Jake approached him, smiling and greeting, “Hello, I’m new here.” Jake wasn’t sure of local customs and procedures.

The boy was several years younger than Jake, around 25 years old. He was the same height as Jake at 5 ft 10 inches but smaller, trimmer build, 150 lbs. He was dark-complected. He appeared to be a native of the Middle East. He was wearing a fuchsia jockstrap, which concealed a 7-inch endowment. “Hello,” the boy replied, smiling back warmly. The boy could not conceal his admiration for Jake and his beautiful naked body.

“My name is Jake. Pleased to meet you,” Jaked hoped to present a friendly and respectful demeanor.

“I am Kamran,” he said. “You seem to know the other American?” referring to Chase.

“Yes, I know Chase,” Jake answered. “We are old classmates.”

“I see,” Kamran acknowledged. “He hasn’t been very friendly. He won’t socialize with the rest of us. He hasn’t even shared his name. He foolishly clings to the notion that he won’t be here long,” Kamran continued. “Your friend seems to think an escape from Sheikh Hassan is possible. We thought all Americans might be like that, but you seem different.”

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Chris Takes the Next Step

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This is the third instalment of my continued degradation after becoming a cock slut.

Errol and Neville having received a blow job and fucked me good and proper both slapped my ass. “There’s more whenever you want it” Neville said.

“Thank you,” I replied.

Straight away, up stepped the reason for me being there. “Ready for me now, I’ve been waiting to stuff your boypussy and mouth” he whispered in my ear.

“I’m Clyde and I’m going to wreck your ass in full view of everyone. Get up and let’s get more central” he ordered.

I obeyed, walking into the middle of the joint, he forced me down so that his cock was level with my mouth.

“You know what to do, lubricate it before I switch to your ass” he ordered.

“Gladly.” I said, taking in the fact that I was now the centre of attention. There were over 20 men, mostly black crowded around.

“This could be a long evening for you and the night is young” he laughed.

I gobbled up his cock, it was the most powerful yet, 11 inches of hard steel muscle was going to piston in and out, and violate my poor ass – I couldn’t wait

Betraying Maltepe Escort myself, I removed my mouth from his cock briefly to announce to the audience “I want all of your cocks, form a queue”.

They all began to undo their trousers, shuffling closer as I went on with my licking, sucking and drooling over Clyde’s cock.

“On all fours, I’m ready to fuck you. Clyde ordered.

As he mounted his bitch, I reached out and pulled another cock into my mouth. Phones were now pointed at me, their cameras capturing the slut being taken at both ends.

Clyde thrust the whole length in and out to the tip slowly and rhythmically slowly at first and then picked up pace.

“Take my cock you slut, take it like the whore that you are, I’m gonna fill you with my seed” he continued.

As he fucked me and I was giving head simultaneously, the crowd laughed and taunted. My mouth was now being fucked hard as Clyde started ramming his cock ever harder.

“Fill his stomach Malcolm”, I heard.

“Fuck the bitch, I’m next”

“I can’t wait either, I’m gonna split the cum slut’s pussy” came another Anadolu Yakası Escort voice.

Malcolm came before Clyde. Filling my throat, I swallowed at his command.

“Get a rota”, I shouted, “there’s enough for all. Smallest to biggest would be best for my arse. Write down the name, length and which holes for the record” I added as Malcolm was building up to a crescendo.

“Here it comes, filling the bitch” as he began to spasm and squirt a couple of huge ejaculations warmed my anal cavity, he then pulled out and rushed round to my vacant mouth to deposit another load before removing his cock and finishing with two small spurts to finish hitting me in the face.

“I knew you was a cum slut as soon as I saw you, messed your face up real good” he taunted as he finished.

I saw that Jack had taken the initiative to write down the names. Marshalling them, I heard, Tony mouth, Lee ass.

As they took position, the volley if abuse continued. My humiliation was growing and I recalled the young man in Staf’s video. I’ve emulated the role and then some, I thought.

The names were İstanbul Escort being cheered, together with abuse now.

“Take that bitch, Tony.”

“Fill her up, Lee”.

“Slut, whore, slag, filthy slag, dirty whore, trash cum slut” the abuse continued.

The onslaught continued for 3 hours, some using my mouth, others using my ass and some both ends with exterior squirting in my hair and running down my face.

“The filthy whore, what a slut, I can’t believe what a slag he is” I heard.

All. done, my ass cheeks were red and bruised from the squeezing, kneading and slapping.

Jack had his turn and said. I’m gonna put the word out and pimp your ass out” he said as he showed me the door.

Outside, it was quite dark luckily but still people knew what I’d endured. The abuse began again.

Some girls spat at me. “You’ve taken more cock in a night than most normal women do in a lifetime” one said.

How low have I sunk, can I go any lower. Then I got my answer.

One of the girls taunting me pushed me into an alleyway and I realised it was a she-male. My bottoms were yanked down and I was fucked mercilessly again. “Take my cock bitch. Gonna get my sistas into the action with their cocks and strap ons” she announced.

Once finished, another mouthful of spit hit me in the face and another into my mouth.

I walked home hoping nobody I knew would see me.

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The Live Streamer

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It was going to be a first for me by far. The year was 2011 and Craigslist was still open for the “casual hook-ups” business. I had hooked up with a few people and serviced them orally. However, I wanted to push myself further and a new posting seemed like an interesting opportunity: “Wanted, oral slave for 4 hour window while I work. You can’t leave, you can’t speak, do everything you’re told. I do not negotiate with subs/slaves. If you can commit to being under my desk for 4 hours, message me.” Also included were the usual strings of letters and numbers giving the stats (often a bit smudged) “ddf, swm,19yo, hwp/thin, avg cut” and so on, but this post also had a picture. Head-to-toe, fully clothed was a guy who looked like the quintessential nerd. Mostly skinny, unkempt hair, acne, very large nose and baggy clothes.

I was not physically attracted to him at all, but that was one of the ideas that captured me. I had never thought of servicing anyone younger than me or smaller than me. I could even be dominant in the bedroom, when I wanted to explore submission I sought men who had strong dominant characteristics. Choosing to obey and service this smaller, younger nerd would be a true act of submission. I thought about it for a few hours, jerked off thinking about being under his desk sucking him off but surprisingly I didn’t lose interest after shooting a load. I replied to the message.

“Hello Sir, I have a little bit of experience orally servicing men. It would be an honor to serve you for hours. I am ddf, 25, hwp – maybe a few extra pounds (played a lot of sports). I hope to hear from you.”

I didn’t receive a reply. A week went by, then another week and I was jerking off regularly rereading this nerd’s post. I loved fantasizing about this little geek cumming in my mouth. I even crawled under my own desk just to get a feel of what it would be like to be under his desk for hours. It was a little uncomfortable, cramped and I realized I probably wouldn’t be able to touch myself once you added his legs and feet to the equation to take up more room in the already very enclosed place. Additionally, once a chair was pushed in with his lap right there, I would basically be smashed into position with my face stuck in his crotch and my body locked into position. I was going crazy fantasizing about being so helpless to this pip squeak.

I didn’t want to message him again – I thought that would seem too forward if he took the dominant/submissive thing very seriously and his “no negotiation” line made it seem as if he didn’t want me, then I probably couldn’t change his mind. I began reading other posts looking for a new opportunity before the message I was waiting for landed in my inbox.

“Couple weeks ago you said you wanted to serve me and you could do it for hours. This isn’t a joke. I have tried 2 others and they failed. I am a live streamer. I am doing a 4 hour stream this Thursday night. If you fail – I have to shut off my camera and mic and that costs me. I get penalized and I can lose sponsors. I shouldn’t have to explain myself to a sub, you should do as told, but after 2 failed attempts I need to impress upon you dumb fucks that this isn’t sucking me off and then you get to go. I want your mouth on my dick for the entire live stream. Reply with your number and I’ll text you my address IF and ONLY IF you can follow my orders.”

“I’m incredibly sorry about the 2 who failed you, Sir. I even practiced by crawling under my own desk and I vow 100% service to you for 4 hours. I will not let you down. Here’s my number. I am thankful you chose me, Sir.”

I was hard as a rock, before I could get my cock out and start stroking I got a text. “I’m going to give you a shot jock boy. Show up at 7:45. I’ll get you situated under my desk, I’ll be logged in playing video games, camera and mic on at 8. You will keep my dick in your mouth until I shut down at midnight. Do. You. Understand?”

“Yes Sir”

I had 2 days to kill before this fantasy would play out. I beat my cock raw over the next couple days. I reread the original post, the email, the text 1000s of times and every time my mind would spin out of control and my cock would reach new levels of engorged. I crawled under my desk a few more times and I pulled my chair in to get as accurate of a feel as possible. I realized I could only leave my arms by my sides or maybe rest them on the bottom of the armrests where they connect to the seat. I was so excited. Even at work, I spent half my time looking at desks and thinking about being underneath them. I had his email and his number – I thought about contacting him a million times to further add to my excitement. Tell him how much I want to serve him – maybe he’d say something demeaning to me, say something that would increase his role of domination over me. However, I knew it could blow the whole thing so I bit my tongue and waited. It was an excruciating 2 days to say the least.

Thursday, I left work and as soon as I got home I jerked off Kartal Escort and took a shower. I dressed very casually – I wanted to be as comfortable as possible under a desk for four hours. My heart was racing as I drove to his address. Can I suck cock for 4 hours? My mouth has definitely gotten tired after 15-20 minutes. I guess, I wouldn’t be putting in the full hard sucking for four hours, I just had to keep my mouth on his cock for hours – that could include licking, kissing, or even just lightly nursing it for stretches of time. Can the rest of my body take being cramped for 4 hours? I think so – if I focus enough on what I’m doing with my mouth, and only shift slightly when I absolutely have to, I could pull this off. I was parking. He lived in a large apartment complex – not cheap, but not really nice ones, they had been built within the past 5 years though so they still looked nice. I knew this complex was primarily college students as it was only a few blocks from the state university campus. They have been building housing constantly for years around the campus as enrollment was skyrocketing during the recession.

I followed signs on buildings to find his apartment number – ground-level. I knocked. This was it. The door opened and there was the nerd. He was at least 5ish inches shorter than me and half my bulk. His picture was unattractive and in person, he was not much more attractive. His hair was long, but not styled and was a little greasy. His large nose was even more pronounced in person and his acne took over patches of his face. He backed up and used one finger to motion me in. He closed the door behind us and I began to say, “I’m super excited…” before he cut me off with a “Shhh” I fell silent immediately and looked into his eyes – I was raised to always make eye contact and I have found out over my lifetime that it makes some people uncomfortable.

He reached up and put his hand on my shoulder; he was guiding me to my knees. I was getting hard as I lowered myself in front of him. I noticed his Mario Bros t-shirt and he was wearing black athletic shorts and I would guess no underwear as I could perfectly see his cock outline. He began, “I have a bit of personality disorder – I am only comfortable talking to people when I am in a position of authority. It just makes me a lot more comfortable with you on your knees so I can look down at you. If you are really submissive, you should be more comfortable in this position too, right?”

“Yes, Sir.” I replied but I did not make eye contact this time. I looked down toward his feet. He rested his hand on my head.

“I like you jock boy. We only have a few minutes before I have to be online. Let’s test a few things out to make sure this is going to happen.” He pulled my head into his crotch, my lips fell onto his cockhead. I could faintly smell it through his shorts. “Kiss” he said and I began kissing his cock all around the head and up his shaft. I could feel he was at least semi-firm. He pushed my head back. Abruptly, he turned around pulled his shorts down and bent over like he was mooning me. “Kiss” he said again, I leaned forward and kissed his left cheek a few times, then his right. “Crack” he commanded. I didn’t want to hesitate because I knew this was part of the test. Do exactly as I’m told, when I’m told. I kissed the top of his crack and then another kiss lower and another even lower. I kept licking my lips between kisses and I didn’t want to kiss his asshole. The idea of making actual contact with his asshole made me sick to my stomach but I wanted him to believe I’d do anything and I did love his power over me. I left my lips parted as I connected them to his crack directly above his asshole and I exhaled hot air which I know he felt directly on his puckered hole. I lowered my mouth again and kissed directly below his asshole. I enjoyed the feel of the soft skin against my lips. And his ass didn’t smell bad, just a bit musty and a stale sweat.

“Good” he said as he straightened back up and pulled his shorts back to his waist. You said you don’t have a lot of experience submitting to men, but you didn’t hesitate to do what you were told. I want you to remember that for the next four hours. You exist to serve me. Don’t hesitate, don’t think about it – your mouth is actually mine for the next four hours. I own it.” He started walking down the hallway and I crawled behind him. I didn’t dare stand up and make him uncomfortable. On my hands and knees I followed him into a bedroom he had turned into his gaming office. I could tell he definitely gamed professionally by the room. His desk was a bit larger than mine, which was nice, it looked like I could probably move back and forth between sitting and kneeling. He pointed to under the desk, it was carpeted so at least I didn’t have to worry about being on hardwood floors for hours.

I crawled under the desk and was situating myself as he sat in his chair. He was still a couple feet back and he looked at Tuzla Escort me underneath the desk. As if he had read my mind, “I don’t mind if you shift around as long as you can do it without breaking contact between your mouth and my dick.” He shed his athletic shorts and he wasn’t wearing underwear. He pulled his wheeled chair up to the desk. This was it.

I knelt there as his legs parted, his knees brushed my shoulders as his mostly soft cock, about 2″ laying on a nice pair of balls and nestled under a regular bush of dark black pubes. “This is the last time I will talk directly to you until after midnight. Kiss my dick if you understand.” I placed a wet kiss on the pink head. He tapped me with his left foot – “Left foot means move from my dick to my balls or if you are on my balls, then move back to my dick. Kiss my dick if you understand.” I placed a wetter, longer kiss on his cock head, encircling a quarter inch of it. This is what I had fantasized about for weeks. He was a true stud regardless of what he looked like. I was salivating at getting to serve him like this. He roughly tapped me with his right foot. “Right foot means swallow. I’m only giving you the warning because I don’t want you to cough or choke when it hits your throat. If my mic picks up any noise, there is a chance one of the 1000s people watching me will hear it and start commenting in the live chats. If you understand, take my cock in your mouth, start sucking me, and agree to only stop after I release you in 4 hours.”

I ran my tongue around his cock and took it into my mouth. It was firming up. I was completely focused on his cock. I love the feeling of a soft cock hardening in my mouth. Growing toward my throat, feeling my lips stretch as it thickens. It seems to get warmer as more blood pumps to it. I get that sense of fulfillment as my oral cavity becomes a tool for a cock. I settle into the notion that my purpose is to make the cock feel as good as possible. I enjoy just feeling it in my mouth for a while. Letting my mouth get accustomed to the size, shape, and best of all the flavor of the cock is one of my favorite parts of sucking cock.

I’m not sure how much time passed but I heard him start talking. I had forgotten there was a little gamer nerd attached to this cock. I was brought back to my senses briefly as I listened to him address the people logging in to watch him, drop a few sponsor names, acknowledge a few other gamers. I had his whole cock in my mouth, about 6″ I would say. His pubes were surrounding my nose, I could taste so much precum and feel it completely coating my tongue. I felt his right foot tap me less than a second before he rocked his cock into the back of the roof of my mouth and a very strong flavor of bleachy cum. I began swallowing fast and hard. I didn’t want him to worry about anything. I could hear him talking about getting the game underway.

He was already cumming and he had literally just begun gaming. As I was swallowing the last bit of his cum mixed with my spit I wondered how many times he could come in 4 hours. His cock was softening – another one of my favorite things to feel in my mouth. I was licking his piss slit and cum dribbled out. I was trying not to moan, but I was so excited to be trapped underneath his desk, being forced to nurse the cock of someone who was half my size and also a teenager and I could be in for a lot of loads.

Left tap – I silently kissed the cock then took a plump testicle into my mouth. His sack was much more vinegary than I had anticipated. I brought up an abundance of spit and bathed his balls in my spit. I wanted him to feel like my mouth had transformed to his personal nutsack jacuzzi. I swirled my spit around his nuts while lapping at his testicles with my tongue. My spit had taken on the flavor of his balls. I loved it. I let my tongue venture even further behind his balls and I realized I was picking up the full flavor of nerd taint.

It was musty, stale, even a bit funky I guess but I was going crazy doing something so demeaning. Here I was licking the dirty taint of a gaming nerd. This was easily the lowest I had ever been. I had never submitted to anyone like this. I had never demeaned myself like this. I had used my mouth to get a few guys off before, and while that felt very submissive at the time – this was much more. I had given this kid my mouth to use as he pleases for four hours. With one tap he can make me lick his balls or suck his dick or tell me to start swallowing. This was true submission. I was a nasty lil sub slut now.

I french-kissed his sack all over. His cock was completely soft and had retreated so only the head was really visible. I love the feel of the soft cock head brushing up against my face all over as I moved my mouth around his balls. I wasn’t sure of time, but I’d say at least a good 30-40 minutes had passed since I began and I felt like I could definitely do this for four hours. I tuned into him talking to his audience while I Anadolu Yakası Escort was licking his balls. I listened for a solid 15 minutes and I was so mesmerized. He had a great voice actually. While I have never really gotten into video games and certainly not watching other people play them, I could understand people wanting to at least have him on in the background. He sounded both cool and knowledgeable as he played the game.

He referred to himself as “Master” a lot. He would say things like “I know you all love it when the Master takes down another level” or “the Master strikes again.” He got into the game, I could feel him move from the waist up at times and yell, “Boom. There is the Master at work!”

I didn’t know his name. I almost chuckled with a mouth full of ballsack at the idea I didn’t know the name of the guy who made me kiss his ass, shot a load of cum in my mouth, and for all intents and purposes owned my mouth for four hours. I began to think of him as “the Master” not necessarily in a Master/slave kind of way, even though I was serving him, but mostly because I had heard him refer to himself as that over and over again and I had no other reference to go by. The Master’s balls were great. I loved them. I missed the bit of funky flavor, but I still enjoyed the feel of the soft skin on my lips and tongue and as I did my best to please the Master.

Sometimes it seemed like the Master was talking to me while he was live streaming. “The Master has taken complete control, everyone. I have made all foes fall to their knees before me. For those of you tuning into the whole stream, you will literally witness me dominate for four hours.” Things like that which I could easily apply to him talking about me. The sheer magnitude of what was happening was setting it. I was being dominated in front of 1000s of people. I know they didn’t know, but the Master knew it and I am sure that was a major turn on for him. It was for me too. It had never crossed my mind that I would be turned on by being used in a “public” way. Wow, I cleaned the Master’s balls in front of an audience – 1000s of people witnessed me swallow a load from teen nerd – albeit they didn’t know they witnessed it, I knew and the Master knew.

Left Tap – I had been hoping this would happen. I wanted to feel his soft cock firm up in my mouth again. Now that I was filtering the entire experience through servicing the Master while people watched I had reached a new level of horny. I think the Master could tell. His voice was a little louder, he was talking more and more excitedly. I had only the head and just enough shaft for my lips to grip as his dick was clearly still asleep, but I was looking forward to waking his dick up again. “The Master is getting ready to truly own this next bitch” he said and his cock grew about an inch; it was resting nicely on my tongue. Again, my nose buried in his bush. I was looking forward to swallowing for the Master again. Right then my attention redirected to listening to what was going on above me. The Master clearly wanted to get everyone’s attention for whatever he was doing next on the game. He was almost yelling, “Watch everyone! Give me your attention! This level Boss everyone says is so tough is about to be my bitch, completely. Everyone, glue your eyes to the screen while I mark my territory. I’m going to beat him to his knees and he is going to serve me. Ladies and Gentlemen of the gaming community, you are about to witness true humiliation.”

Right Tap – time to swallow for the Master. Wait. His cock was nearly completely soft just resting on my tongue with my lips just past the head. I felt it before I tasted it. A trickle of fluid flowed down my tongue. I didn’t understand. What was happening. No. Please no.

“Oh yeah, the Master is owning another one. Listen up, just take it. Take what the Master is dishing out. You know you want to serve the Master!” I 100% froze in fear. I had no time to think about what to do. I wanted to panic, but I realized the Master was really talking to me. He was telling me to serve him – that this was part of my service to him. This was just like the ass-kissing test, I couldn’t hesitate or back out on the Master.

I swallowed.

More urine flowed into my mouth. It was no trickle now. It was a regular flow of piss from the Master into my mouth. My mouth. My mouth was being used as a urinal by a scrawny, teen, gamer-nerd. “Everyone, by the looks of the numbers – 3,986 people just watched the Master take down another one. Thank you all for tuning in to the first half of tonight’s stream. And a fine stream it is – a good stream.” He chuckled as more of his piss streamed into my accepting mouth.

I swallowed.

The taste was apparent now. I think my lips being sealed around his cock while he emptied his bladder had actually helped me. The setup had at least made it to where I couldn’t smell his piss. I never liked the smell of piss. Not smelling it, made the taste much more subdued – I guess. It was kind of chalky in the mouthfeel. I have heard people describe it as salty and bitter – I didn’t get the salty aspect, I guess it was bitter though in that it made my mouth feel dry and it was maybe acidic. Years later I had a cheap Pinot Grigio that tasted similarly.

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Straight Friends – First Gay Experience Pt. 03

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I woke up the next morning staring at the ceiling. As my eyes opened, I was unsure where I was at. I looked around the room and realized I was still in the bedroom of Mike’s basement.

“Oh shit!!” I screamed out and sprung up from the bed. I was still naked and noticed my clothes on the other side of the room. I fumbled through my jeans pockets for my phone.

It was 7am and there was the text from my wife about 20 minutes ago asking where I was. I was so nervous my body was shaking. I frantically starting typing…..I’m so sorry. We started watching tv and I passed out. I just woke up. Send.

I picked up my clothes but couldn’t find my boxers. I dug through my pant legs and around the floor…..nothing. I stood there just looking around trying to remember what I could have done with them.

“Hey, looking for these?” I turned around and Mike is standing in the doorway. He’s completely nude and holding my boxers in his hand.

It’s early in the morning, I’m sober, nervous that my wife is going to kill me. I stare at Mike as he leans against the door frame.

His hair is a little messy and his eyes are glossy. His chest hair is full, just like I remember it. I scan down and his cock is limp. I go back to his face and he’s smiling at me. Damn he looked sexy.

Mike says, “Sorry, I grabbed them thinking they were mine.”

*phone rings*

I looked down, “Shit, it’s my wife. Hello, sorry I should have called.” I turn my back on Mike and start getting lectured on how worried she was. I’m listening and apologizing.

Suddenly I feel hands gently massaging my shoulders and light kisses at the top of my back. I can feel Mikes skin. His cock rests between my ass cheeks.

“Okay, I love you too, bye.” I hang up and move myself away from Mike and turn to face him. “Dude, she’s already pissed. I don’t need her hearing you next to me.”

Mike laughs at me, “She didn’t hear anything. You looked hot, standing here nude, taking Ataşehir Escort a tongue lashing from your wife. I thought I should help you relax.”

“Haha, she is not happy with me right now. I got to get out of here. I need to be at work this morning.”

“Is she at home waiting for you?” Mike asked.

“No, she’s going to work. I need to get home to shower and clean myself up,” I replied.

Mike gives a devilish grin, “you can shower here, come on upstairs. I’ll give you some clothes to wear.” He turns and starts walking away.

I should put my clothes on and leave. Instead I gaze at his bare ass walking through the doorway. Like a lost puppy, I grab my clothes and follow him.

“I slept good last night,” Mike said. “I woke up cuddled next to your body. I should have woke you up, but you looked so peaceful.”

“I can’t believe I slept like that, usually I can hear a pin drop. I didn’t hear or feel a thing,” I said.

As we walk up the steps, I’m watching his ass the whole way. I’ve touched and licked his ass, but I never actually looked it. He’s got a nice ass. His cheeks are round and firm. They curve perfectly to his legs.

By the time we reach the upstairs and I walk into his bedroom, I no longer thought about work. I wanted Mike and my cock was starting to show it. I wanted to grab Mike and throw him down on his bed, but I had to keep focused. Clean up and head to work.

Mike’s house is fairly new and it shows with the master bath. There is a nice big walk in shower. Mike hands me a couple towels and says “Make yourself at home, I’ll find you some clothes to wear.”

I turn on the shower and wait for it to warm up. I sort of laugh to myself. I’m standing naked in this naked mans bathroom waiting to shower. It’s like high school swim class with a sexual twist.

Mike returns and puts some clothes on the counter. He walks over to me, grabs my cock and says “let me know if you need help cleaning yourself up.”

I Acıbadem Escort look at Mike, “damn you turn me on.” I lean in and put my lips to Mike’s. Our tongues enter each others mouths. This kiss seems more passionate then any other kiss we’ve had.

After what seemed like several minutes, Mike releases his lips. He opens the shower door and smiles, “lets get you cleaned up.”

I enter the shower and Mike follows. He grabs the bar of soap and puts it to my chest, pushing me back against the wall. He’s soaping my chest with one hand, while rubbing the soap over my body with the other hand.

Mike brings his lips to mine and we start making out again. I can feel the mixture of warm water and soap running down my body. Our hard cocks touching under the streams of water.

I reach down and graze Mike’s hand as we both reach for the others cock. We masturbate each other while our tongues wrestle.

Mike moves from my lips and starts kissing my neck under my chin. He slowly moves towards my ear, nibbles on my ear lobe. He whispers in my ear “Maybe we should finish cleaning you up so you can get to work.”

I lean my head back against the shower wall, “I don’t care about work, this feels so good.”

“Turn around so I can scrub your back,” Mike whispers.

I turn around and face the shower wall. Mike runs the soap around my back and places the bar on the shelf. He begins to massage the soap into my shoulders, down my back and over my ass cheeks.

Mike runs his fingers between my ass cheeks and over my asshole. One of his fingers massages my hole. “You have a really nice ass.”

“Thanks, I was admiring yours when I followed you up the stairs,” I replied.

I feel Mike’s finger tip penetrate my hole and I let out a gasp. Mike asks “Does that feel okay?”

I nod my head and let out an exasperated “yes.”

I feel his finger go in a little further. The soap and water is running down my crack, providing Mike İstanbul Escort a lubricant as he slides his finger in and out of my asshole. I brace my hands against the shower wall and moan in pleasure.

Mike reaches out with his other hand and grips my cock. I bend down a little more, pushing back against Mike’s finger.

“Aaahhh,” I gasp in pleasurable pain. I feel my asshole stretch open further.

“Let me know if that feels okay,” Mike whispers in my ear. “I have two fingers inserted in your ass.”

He speeds up the pace of his fingering. My breathing is getting heavier, “it feels so good, I’m not sure I can hold my cum.”

I’m still bent over with my hands pressed against the shower wall. Mike gets on his knees and takes my cock in his mouth, while he speeds up the pace of his fingering.

The warm wetness of his mouth on my cock sends me over the edge. “I’M CUMMING,” I scream out.

I feel bolts of pleasure shoot through my body. Mike keeps milking my cock as streams of cum flood his mouth. He slows the fingering while swallowing every drop of cum.

My knees are trembling. Mike stands up and asks me, “can you stay in this position?”

My head is hanging in sexual exhaustion and I pant out “yes.”

Mike continues to finger my ass. I glance back and he’s stroking his cock while staring at his fingers pumping my asshole.

Me: “Do you like fingering my ass?”

Mike: “It’s so tight”

Me: “Do you want to cum on my ass?”

Mike: “Yes, its so hot”

Me: “I want to feel it. Cum on me”

Mike puts his head back. The shower water is flowing over his shoulder, glistening in his chest hair. He lets out a loud grunt and I feel a stream of cum across my ass.

He slows down his fingering and I feel him slap his cock against my ass cheek, letting the last of his cum drip out. “Holy shit, that felt good.”

He removes his fingers from my ass and allows me to stand up straight. I look at Mike, “that was so hot, I love watching you cum.”

Mike leans his head on my chest, “do we need to work, can we just spend the day in the shower?”

I laugh and put my arm around Mike. Something tells me I’m not making it to work today.

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Just Another Random Hookup Pt. 04

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Its been three weeks!

The club was closed a week after the last time I met him – and I’ve been a hot mess since. I only half thought Daddy meant it when he said the club was not safe, but what on earth happened?

I stumbled home after another night of hanging out at a different bar or club and just not being interested in anyone. Regular guys just seem to be boring in comparison to him.

Damn I’m pining for him.

It was past 2 am. I shut the door to my apartment, a little drunk and very horny, stripping off my shoes and clothes until I was just in socks and a pair of white cotton panties. Turning the lights off I collapse onto my bed and let out an annoyed sigh. Why can’t I just hook up with someone normal?

The room is dimly lit by the moon as I stare up at the ceiling and wonder if I should masturbate to yet another unsatisfactory end.

I’m just sliding my palms down over my tummy when I hear the buzzing of my phone. Probably one of my annoying friends, I think turning my head to glance at it.

Unknown number!

“Daddy?’ I whisper to myself and pick it up – staring at it. With a shaky finger I swipe to answer and say into it softly :


“Mmm, how’s my girl doing?” His voice is clear and teasing.

My heart starts to thud so loudly I wonder if he can hear it. It takes me some time to get words out, but when they do they come out in a rush.

“Oh my god Daddy, I missed you, I came to the club but didn’t go in, and then it closed.. and..” Voice trailing off for a moment then continuing “..and I missed you – a lot!”

He chuckles softly. “It sure sounds like you missed your Daddy.”

I can’t help myself, his voice sounds deep and rumbly – my palm slides down over my stomach. “So much Daddy” I whisper.

“Why don’t you come a bit closer to the window, and show your daddy, then.”

The what? Is he here?

The thudding in my chest grows louder. I get off my bed and walk to the glass door that opens to my little balcony, the moonlight tracing my goose bumped bare arms as I place a palm on the glass.

“There’s my little slut” His voice all growly. “Now open the door.”

Oh god, he can see me!

I slide the door open and I’m greeted by the soft chill of the autumn night. Feeling nervous and more than a little worried about my neighbors, I step out onto the balcony.

Another growl that makes me clutch the phone tighter in my hand. I survey the street, but can’t see anyone İstanbul Escort at all until suddenly two lights flash on a car across the street.

“Is that you?” I call softly into the phone, feeling increasingly breathless.

“Get onto the little table there” He says, ignoring my question.

I glance down at the table and the two chairs that fill up the tiny space on my balcony. The table is a little shorter than the railing and standing on it would lift me up onto full view of anyone on the street.

I take a deep breath and step onto one of the chairs and then the table, staring at the car that blinked its lights earlier.

“Good little slut” He says back, his voice sounds needy and insistent – I wish I could be there in the car.

“You can come inside? or I can come to you?” I say.

“No.” He replies and there’s a pause where I can feel him thinking. Then after a few more moments he says again, louder and almost angrily :

“Take off everything you have on slut. Strip off for your Daddy”

Oh God.

My fingers are shaking as I reach for the waistband of the panties and tug them off my hips and down to my ankles.. stepping out of them, I start on each sock one at a time and drop them all down to the floor – and then straighten.

I feel like I’m going to explode and my small cockette stiffens as I stand there. Trembling, naked on the table – wondering with terror if anyone else is watching me.

He takes a while to respond and when he does his voice seems softer.

“I missed you my little slut and while I can’t own you like I want to right now, you will do everything I say tonight.”

I nod silently, my body tense and burning up as another chill breeze runs over my bare skin.

“Do a slow turn for me, show me your tight little body.”

I do as he asks, turning slowly on the table, eyes fixed on the car. My fingers shake as I fight the need to slide them down to my stiffness, but something tells me I shouldn’t.

There’s another long pause and I can feel him taking in the sight of me turning slowly as I stand naked in the moonlight for him and the entire street to stare at.

“You’re such a good little princess… and I love when you give me your sweet slutty body completely.”

I’m swooning I could come right there if he told me to… but he doesn’t. Instead…

“Now come out to the street, I’ve left a little package for you. Come out as you are – naked”

I stare Escort Bayan at the car in shock, its one thing to stand in the comfort of your own apartment and another to walk out onto the street with my little cock flopping around. Something drives me on, I could hang up and run back inside but I want this deeply, I want to do things for him.

I step off the table and back inside, to the door of the apartment and then out into the common corridor. I take the stairs and rush down to the ground level, heart thudding as I peer around the corner at the door to the outside.

Its empty – its past 2am after all! Be a slut, go on!

I’m walking faster and turning the handle, and the door opens to the steps outside. Three of them and… then a few steps along a pathway to the street. I run down them too, and then outside onto the path until I see a small package on the ground.

I stop and pick it up – holding the phone to my ear.

“I got it.” I whisper and I know he can hear how aroused this has made me.

“Good girl, now back upstairs and onto your little stage.” He chuckles.

I don’t need to be told twice. I’m rushing back inside and up the stairs and into my room, excited to open the package and find out what is in store for me.

Once inside I start tearing at the packaging and find the small box that’s inside. It’s a vibrator! A funny shaped one too. I don’t bother with turning on the lights of the room to read more about it, instead I whisper into the phone as I step towards the open balcony door.

“Its a Vibe. I think I know what to do Daddy.”

I hold it up as I step onto the little table again, staring at my hidden audience in the car across the street.

“Not just any Vibe.” He says with a laugh, and suddenly, I feel it come alive in my hand, without any button presses it starts a low but powerful hum. “One that I control.”

I let out a moan, holding it against my tummy and the burning heat inside it.

“Put it inside you, I know you’re hungry.” He says and gives a soft groan.

My fingers shake as I reach it back behind me, bending slightly and holding one soft buttock open as I search for the tight little opening, with the tip of the vibe. It has a handle like base and I grip it as I push, applying pressure onto the ring and finally feeling it pop in.

I can hear his breathing as I clutch the phone with my other hand, sighing into it as I push the toy deeper into me. It feels like Eskort the perfect size – not too big not too small.

Vibrating goldilocks cocks.

I feel my knees twisting along with my ankles on the table, arching my spine girlishly as it pushes past the last tightness and seats itself inside me. The tip touching my little slut button that’s hidden deep inside my depths.

“Daddy, it fits perfectly.” I coo into the phone. Moaning a little as every little movement I make brushes my depths and makes me want to squirt wildly – but I hold on.

I hear him chuckle and then says. “Does it? How about now?”

It comes to life again, vibrating smoothly and I feel it hit deep inside me, in a part that makes me wail out into the night hardly caring about who hears me.

“That ones a freebie. Are you ready for your assignment my slut?”

I nod as I stare at the car.

“Every time I flash my lights, I want you to call out loudly ‘I belong to Daddy'”

I clutch the phone in shock. I don’t reply just breath harder into it – sobbing a little.

The lights flash.

“I belong to Daddy!” I wail out and it jumps inside my ass, vibrating and violating my depths, making me wail even louder – as if in reply to it.

I clutch the phone and pant and sob as I stare at the car.

The lights flash again.

“I belong to Daddy!” I call out again and the vibrator responds, awakening and shaking my core. I weep into the phone and cry out as I feel my knees almost buckling.

“Louder!” I hear him say through the phone, the lights flash again.

“I belong to Dadddyyy!” I cry out sobbing almost in tears as the toy starts to tremble and shake harder and more violently, hitting my girlie spot deep inside my soft pink depths.

I hear a dog bark and a light flickers on above me to the left – I turn away, nothing matters but performing for my man, for my Daddy.

The lights flash one last time.

I scream out the words and this time I lean over making the tip of the vibrator press tightly against that spot that makes me lose my mind. Suddenly in a rush my entire body goes warm and starts to shake… my thighs press together tightly and I squirt, coming in a wet sticky rush along my thighs – wet and warm and trembly as I hold the phone against my ear and sob out my bliss to the man.

“You are special to me princess.” He says in a soft kind voice. The words feel like a warm hug, as I shake and tremble and orgasm all alone on the balcony – watched by Daddy across the street.

I stand there shaking and hear the engine of the car come to life. It pulls out and drives away slowly down the street.

I stare at it longingly.

“Thank you Daddy.” I whisper into the phone.

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Working day in Sissy town

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Carl was 23, a post graduate just under 6 feet and thin shouldered and waist but with a broad round ass and a small penis. Carl had short straight auburn hair parted on the side in a boyish cut with copper strands that would catch the sun and freckles on his nose and cheeks. His upper lip protruded in a kind of pout. He was wearing a white short sleeve blouse and a high cut black thong with stocking thigh highs. His plaid skirt he dropped to the floor as soon as he closed the door.

Carl was so excited to enter the LGBTQ program here in Sissytown. To be living here was such a thrill. One of the first things he did was meet his new roommate a thin sexy blonde named Billy. Billy, also 23, had long blonde hair he had large pale gray eyes and full pink lips that always parted with a smile. He was wearing a stretchy grey lycra spandex bodysuit that was long sleeved and ended in a thong and matching thigh high socks.

Billy smiled and said: “Carl you are so cute I could just eat you!”

Carl blushed, ” You are really cute too Billy would you mind if I eat you?”

Billy grinned “Why don’t we eat each other?”

Billy led Carl to his bed and they both collapsed on it with their heads between the others legs. Soon each cute little mouth was wrapped around the others little shaft.

Carl was in seventh heaven as he was in Sissytown having sex with a gorgeous blonde sissyfem. They sucked enthusiastically on each other’s penis until each was rewarded with a mouthful of sperm.

Afterwards they went downstairs for lunch and a shopping spree at Transations a clothing shop for sissy crossdressers. While they were buying up a storm the middle-aged red head sales sissy gave them a smile and his card. Carl couldn’t help to notice a target tattoo in the middle of his forehead right between his blue eyes.

“What is with the target on your forehead dear?” Carl asked him.

The older sissy smiled, “It’s all the rage among us sissies, and it lets the Alphas know that we are into cum facials! And of course we will kneel and suck their cocks for our cum facial. It eliminates any confusion. We get to Bayan Eskort our sticky end much quicker.”

“You sissies should get them! There is a tattoo parlor just down the street.”

Billy got all excited, “Carl can we? We can get them together, and it is a rage among us sissies besides it does look cool!”

Carl thought that he liked the idea and he did see them on his professors and other professional people so it would be okay…also he wondered what it would feel like to have a sign on his forehead that told the world that he was a cocksucker who wants cumfacials. He blushed again.

“Okay we will get them together Billy and we should get cum baptized together too!”

“Yeah we need to find us an Alpha with a lot of cum!” Responded Billy on the way out the door.

Much later Carl sporting her new target tattoo on the middle of his forehead attended his first class at the Uni. He was wearing a blue button down blouse and tight pull over sweater a tiny frilly skirt that did not hide his black stretchy thong, thigh high socks and heels. But it was the tattoo that made Carl feel naked, he felt that everyone was looking at it and making their judgement about him as a cock sucking sissy. But in a crazy way he felt proud of it- one of the sexy older professors was sporting one on his forehead and winked and smiled at Carl when he saw it.

Deputy Jerome, 28, drove slowly up Main Street of the Town of Dickie’s Gap observing what was basically a quiet town, looking for something out of place.

He saw the main street bus pull out and behind it a young girl come out running toward the bus stop.

Running for the bus, Carl was taking Sociology LGBTQ studies here in Dickie’s Gap and had just missed his bus, lugging all the text books. Carl was a 23 year old transfer student and sissy rooming with a fellow student and friend Billy also 23. Carl was 5’8″ and thin except for his hips and arse.

Jerome pulled up to the young girl and lowered the passenger window.

“Howdy miss did you miss your bus?”

“Yes officer and now I will be late and I got to lug all Anadolu Yakası Escort these books…”

“Put all the books in the back and hop in, I will give you a lift!”

The young person, 23, was just under 6 feet wearing a tight blue button down shirt and a dark blue pull over sweater both ending at the elbow. A tiny plaid skirt that was nothing but a fringe around his narrow waist a black thong that exposed his hips and arse dark blue thigh high socks and penny loafer heels. His brown hair was parted on the side and was cut short in a boyish cut. His round face had pale blue eyes straight brows freckles and a slight hook to his upper lip that was sexy.

Carl was raised to not get into a strangers car but this was a police officer and he looked young and cute. He had beautiful brown complexion and looked sexy in his tan uniform. After putting his books in the back he hopped in and couldn’t help glancing at the young officer’s crotch. Wow! What a huge bulge in his thong and he was wearing chaps! Carl tried to look away but could feel the pull but tried to keep his eyes on the officer’s.

“So miss what’s your name?”

“Oh my name is Carl I am a sissy crossdresser and a transfer student.”

Jerome noticed the pretty young sissy had a cum-target tattoo on his forehead as well as small hoop earrings in his ears.

Carl noticed what the officer was staring at and blushed and looked away.

“My roommate and I got them the other day but we haven’t broken them in.” He stuttered.

Jerome decided that Carl was adorable and seemed more vulnerable than even a girl.

“Carl are you hungry?”


“Why don’t I pull over here and I can feed you!”

“What!” Carl stuttered as the deputy turned the squad car into an empty alley.

Carl’s heart thumped in his small thin chest. First urge was to run but that penis was gigantic and Carl stared at it and licked his lips.

“Sure, will you feed me?”

“Well my job is the general welfare of my community and you are part of that community and you are starving and I have a handy protein Pendik Escort drink for you!”

Jerome flipped his giant brown anaconda out of his thong.

“Go for it Sissy!” He commanded.

Carl’s own little dick was hard but barely stretched his little blue thong. But all he really had eyes for was the deputies’ giant dong.

“Well I am starving…” he said as he unclipped his seatbelt and bent over Jeromes lap.

Jerome smiled as he felt Carl’s delicate tongue lick and lips encircle his giant shaft.

Jerome noted that Carl’s brown straight hair had gold highlights in it as well as a little cowlick in the back as his head bobbed up and down in his lap.

This went on for at least a dozen glorious minutes and Carl was starting to relax and enjoy the sensuous lust he felt for this handsome officer and his giant penis.

Jerome placed his large basketball clutching hands on Carl’s delicate round head and held it down as he thrust his giant monster down the little sissy’s throat.

“Here it comes make sure you eat it all!”

The first flow spewed down Carl’s throat. Jerome pulled his monster back and the second load filled Carl’s mouth, yum!

Carl automatically began sucking on it trying to get every drop out and swallowing every mouthful that Jerome’s Anaconda generated.

“Well you’re definitely a cocksucker now, boy!” Jerome grunted.

Carl looked up at Jerome and blushed again but didn’t stop sucking for an instant.

Carl felt it tasted like the nectar of the gods and although he could still feel the embarrassment of a young man sucking off another man’s cock his lust for the officer’s cum overwhelmed him. He sucked every creamy drop and he smiled up at Jerome and stuck his cum coated tongue out and swallowed sticking it out again to show it clean. He then proceeded to lick Jerome’s giant shaft completely and finished by kissing his tip before tucking it back into Jerome’s speedo thong.

“Thank you officer for feeding me, I think I am full now!” He smiled and kissed Jerome’s bulging thong.

“Shit Carl I didn’t baptize your tattoo.” Jerome was mortified.

“Don’t worry officer I will give you my card and you can come over to my apartment and you can baptize both mine and my roommate Billy’s tattoo at the same time. i am sure you have enough protein for both of us!” Carl couldn’t help licking his lips and smiling.

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Working with Walker Pt. 07 – Finale

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Seemed like we were all ready for round two. All four of us stood up and followed Tyler to his room. He had the master bedroom and the biggest bed, so his was the logical choice.

Once we were all in Tyler’s room, Mike asked, “So what else can we do?”

I get on the bed and sit up on my knees. I grab my half-hard dick and present it to Mike. “How about you start with this?”

He needed no more prompting. He jumped on the bed enthusiastically on all fours, grabbed my cock, and shoved it in his mouth. He didn’t have the technique down just yet, but it still felt really good. If he doesn’t end up regretting tonight, I imagine he will have plenty more practice to get better.

Walker crawls underneath Mike and starts sucking his dick. I thought Tyler would move over to Walker and start sucking him, but instead moves over to Mike and starts licking his ass. I don’t think Mike was expecting that. He jumped a little when he felt Tyler’s tongue, but soon relaxed and focused on my cock again. Mike was getting it from 3 different ends and I could tell he was really enjoying it. His moans were picking up pretty quickly.

The pleasure was too much for Mike. He only lasted another minute before he moaned hard against my cock as he blew his second load of the night into Walker’s waiting mouth. Walker took it all as it slid down his throat. When Mike finished cumming, I took my cock out of his mouth. He tried to put it back, but I stopped him. I had different plans for him.

“Mike, would you want to try anal now?” I asked.

Mike seemed into it, but a little concerned. “Will it hurt?”

“A little.” I replied. “But once you get used to it, it will feel really good.”

“Okay, I trust you.” Mike said.

“Good.” I said smiling. “Maybe you should start with me first. Get used to my dick before fucking Tyler.”

Mike agreed. “That’s probably a good idea.”

Walker spoke up. “Then I want Tyler to fuck me now. I want dick now!”

Tyler chuckled and smiled. “I can do that.”

I told Mike to stay on all fours. I went around behind him and started licking his ass, which was still wet from Tyler’s tonguing. I think he was really liking having his ass played with. He already started moaning loud and pushed his ass against my tongue. I look over and see Walker sucking Tyler’s cock, getting it nice and wet for his ass. I think I should do the same for Mike. This will be his first time. Getting it wet wouldn’t be enough.

I stop licking Mike’s ass and stick a finger in. He jumps and his asshole tightens around my finger.

“Just relax.” I tell Mike. “It will go easier. Breathe.”

Mike takes a breath and I feel his hole loosen up a little. I stick my finger in further. Mike is back to moaning again. I take the hint and start taking my finger in and out. He’s loving it now. I stick another finger in now, much easier this time. Mike has head head back, lost in a world of pure pleasure.

I see Tyler take his cock out of Walker’s mouth. Walker gets on his back on the bed and Tyler lines up his cock with Walker’s ass and slides it in smoothly. It’s not the first time Walker took his huge dick, and I doubt it will be the last. Walker moaned loud in ecstacy as Tyler slowly fucked his tight ass.

I think Mike is ready now. I take my fingers out of Escort İstanbul his ass and ask, “You ready?”

“Yes, I think so.” Mike said. “Walker is loving it. I want to feel that.”

I was more than willing to oblige. I stand up straight and line my cock up with Mike’s hole. The tip hits the entrance and I slowly push. I manage to get it in about an inch past the head before Mike winces in pain.

“Remember to breathe.” I told Mike. “Relax. It will hurt less.”

Mike nodded and breathed, allowing his ass to loosen a little bit. I slide in another two inches. He winces again, but not as bad this time. I keep sliding slowly and steadily until my dick is all the way into his ass. I stay that way so he can get used to it.

“How does it feel?” I ask.

“It’s starting to feel better. Less pain.” Mike said.

Okay, good.” I said. “I’m going to start fucking you now. I’ll go slow.” Mike only nodded.

I slide my cock out slowly. Mike winces a little, but he moans softly. Once I’m almost out, I slide back in. He moans a little louder now. It doesn’t look like he’s really hurting much anymore. I take that as my cue and pull out a little faster than before, than I slide back in faster. He moans again. So I keep repeating, sliding in and out of his tight ass. Gradually getting a little faster, sliding back in a little harder. Mike starts moaning my name.

“Oh, Ray. Please fuck me, Ray. Your cock feels so fucking good.” He doesn’t have to tell me twice.

I don’t hold back anymore. I fuck Mike’s ass hard and fast. His moans become more like screams now. He can’t get enough of my cock.

I look over and see Tyler fucking Walker’s ass still. Tyler bends down and kisses Walker, their tongues wrestling as they moan into each other’s mouths.

We all fuck like this for several minutes before Tyler announces he’s going to cum soon. I want to finish with him, so I pick up the pace. After 30 seconds, Tyler explodes into Walker’s ass, moaning loudly. I finish only a few seconds after him, cumming deep into Mike’s ass. Mike pushed his ass against my cock. He loved the feeling my cum inside him.

Once Tyler and I finished and calmed down, we slowly pulled out of our partners’ asses. We all laid flat on the bed, catching our breath once again.

I spoke up and asked, “So Mike, how was it?”

“Fucking awesome!” Mike almost screamed out. “I’d do that every day if I could.”

“You just might get your wish.” I reply. Mike laughs and smiles at me.

“I think Ray and I need a minute.” Tyler says. He wasn’t wrong.

I speak up, “Yeah, no joke. You guys can fool around some more. Tyler and I will sit this one out for a few.”

Walker and Mike look at each other and smile. Walker guides Mike to the other side of the bed and gets him to lay on his back. Walker gets on top of Mike in the 69 position and they both start sucking each other like it’s the last cocks they’ll ever suck. Mike was particularly into it. He was trying to deepthroat Walker’s cock as much as he could. He was groping his ass. Alot of passion and lust in his sucking and movements. I think we’ve created a monster.

Tyler and I were watching Walker and Mike go at it. After about 5 minutes, I started getting hard again. I looked over and saw Tyler’s big dick getting İstanbul Escort Bayan hard again too. I move my hand over to Tyler and start stroking his cock. Tyler reaches over and does the same to me. Having someone else stroke my dick while I watch two guys sucking each other off is one of the best feelings. I was perfectly content to stay like this forever.

Forever didn’t last long. Tyler spoke up and said, “I’m going in. I’ve been wanting to do this for months.” I knew he was talking about Mike. He let go of my cock, stood up and headed towards Mike’s ass. I stood up and headed for Walker ass. They were still in the 69 position. We didn’t want to break up their fun, so we made do.

I lined up with Walker’s ass and slid my cock in. After his fun with Tyler, my cock went in with ease. Tyler took a little longer getting his cock into Mike’s ass. He was a little loose after I fucked him, but Tyler’s cock was much bigger and Mike had to get used to it. I could hear Mike groan in pain underneath Walker, but he didn’t say stop. He wanted this. Tyler still took it slow. Mike tried to breathe and relax, loosening his ass to allow Tyler to continue.

I was still fucking away at Walker’s ass. I could hear him moan onto Mike’s cock. I know he loved this as much as I did. Now THIS I could do forever. Tyler was finally going in and out of Mike’s ass. It was still slow, but a little faster than before. Mike didn’t seem to be groaning in pain anymore. It was starting to sound more like moaning in pleasure. Tyler was slowly picking up the pace. The room was filling up with grunts and moans. It smelled of sweat and cum. It was incredible.

We all remained in these positions, sucking and fucking like madmen, for at least 10 minutes before I feel the little cum I must have left rising up. I pound Walker’s ass as hard as I can as I groan and explode into his ass. Walker practically screams against Mike’s dick and he feels my cum inside his nice ass, which makes him blow his load into Mike’s mouth. Mike takes the whole load down his eager throat. Walker shoves Mike’s hard cock into his mouth again, taking all of it down his throat. Mike loses control and cums straight down Walker’s throat, swallowing every drop. When Mike cums, his ass tightened against Tyler’s cock, which was the catalyst to make Tyler cum deep into Mike’s tight ass. Mike moaned as he felt Tyler’s cum inside him.

After we came and finally calmed down, I pulled out of Walker and collapsed on the bed like I was dead. Tyler did the same. We fucked like rabbits and blew three loads each. We were wiped. I’m sure Walker and Mike were pretty spent too. We were all drenched in sweat.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m spent.” I managed to say in between breaths.

Tyler, Walker, and Mike all agreed and said they’re spent as well. That was enough for one night.

Tyler turned to Mike and asked, “Is your curiosity satisfied?”

Mike lit up and replied, “Hell yes, it is! I think I might be gay now. That beat out any sex with any girl I’ve ever had. By alot.” Mike crawled over to Tyler and kissed him. Tyler wrapped his arms around Mike and returned his kiss. The kind of kiss shared between lovers. Tyler and Mike kissed for only a minute before they broke it off and closed their eyes and Anadolu Yakası Escort just fell asleep. It was adorable, actually.

“Let’s go to bed.” Walker says. I nod in agreement.

I grab Walker’s hand and we head to his room on the other side of the house. I was truly exhausted. I didn’t have the energy to blink, much less walk across the house. But I did it anyway. I wanted to sleep with Walker in his bed again. I wanted to hold his hand like this again. I wanted to be with Walker again. He made me happy. That’s when it hit me.

We got to his room and we plopped on his bed, still naked. We snuggled up to each other, but we didn’t fall asleep right away. I wanted to talk first.

“Hey.” I said. “About earlier.”

Walker replied, “I know, right? That was fucking great! I’m so glad Tyler and Mike are a thing now. He sucked cock pretty well for a newbie.” Walker and I laughed at that.

I said, “Yes, that was fantastic, and Mike was great for his first time, but I wasn’t talking about that.”

“Oh?” Walker said, sort of confused. What did you mean?”

I said, “Earlier in the living room, when Mike asked if we’ve been dating ever since that first night, you said yes.”

Walker said, “I know. I just thought that was the answer to go with. Something short rather than try to explain something I don’t know how to quite explain, you know?”

“I get it.” I said. ” I was thinking of how to reply to his question, but you beat me to it before I could come up with something.”

Then it was quiet for a minute. This felt like the right time for “the talk” and I think we both knew that. One of us just had to bite the bullet and say it.

Walker was the one to start. “Have we? Been dating, I mean.”

I replied, “To be honest, I have no idea. I haven’t given it much thought until recently. I thought it was just great sex for a while, but things have felt different lately.”

“How so? Walker asked.

“Well….” I replied. This was it. I’ve got to tell him how I’ve been feeling.

“Lately, I’ve been feeling more connected to you. More intimate. Not just with sex. I’m always happy when I’m around you. I like talking to you. I like holding your hand. I like holding you against me. I think….I have real feelings for you. Not just sexual.”

Walker smiled at me and placed his hand on my chest. “I feel the same way. I thought were just fooling around for a while too, but lately it’s grown to more than that. Like this is the real deal.”

I smiled back, grabbing his hand in mine. “So, is this it? Are we moving forward? Like actually dating?”

“I think so” Walker says. I look into his eyes and kiss him. This time was different. This wasn’t like our normal kisses filled with lust and sex. This was genuine affection. Maybe it was love? I could be falling for this boy. We break our kiss and stare at each other, smiling ear to ear.

“Let’s get some sleep, babe.” I say to Walker.

Walker smiles and kisses me once more before turning around and I spoon him from behind, wrapping my arms around him and burying my face in his neck. We drift off to sleep, looking forward to tomorrow. Together.


So that’s it. That’s the end of the Walker series. I hope all of you that made it this far enjoyed it. I apologize if the last part seemed corny. What can I say, I’m a sucker for happy endings!

That’s the end of Walker’s stories, but I’ll be starting something new soon enough. Hopefully in the near future. Be sure to rate and leave comments. Tell me what you think of the series. Thanks for reading!

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