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I opened my eyes a few hours later and found myself looking into Todd’s beautiful face, my very recent boyfriend. He looked so peaceful asleep like that, his blond hair tousled around his face. I got out of bed and left the room, heading to the kitchen. His parents had left a note on the table saying that they were at a wedding for the next two days, and reminding him to be good. That explained why Todd invited me to stay at his house in the first place. I had been confused why we had the place to ourselves.

I whipped up a quick omelette for both of us and, as if on cue, Todd stumbled into the room. Even with bed-head, his flowing blond hair looked amazing. Honestly, it’s like he doesn’t even try to look good but just does, lucky bastard. “Morning, did you sleep well?” I asked. “Morning, Sev. Oh yes, I slept better than I have my whole life; that was intense.” “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I said with a devilish smile. “Enjoyed it? Are you kidding? That was my first blow job and no matter how much I imagined that it would be amazing, it couldn’t even come close to what I was feeling for real,” he replied. We finished our breakfast and cleaned up the dishes.

The day rolled on uneventfully for a few hours as we just watched TV and talked about everything under the sun, cuddling next to each other. As we grew bored, I had an idea. “Hey! Let’s go ice skating! I haven’t done that in ages.” “Sure, I haven’t done that myself for a long time.”

So, it was decided and Todd, being the one with his license, drove us there. When we got in he looked a bit worried as we started putting on our skates. “Are you sure the ice won’t break under me?” I laughed at that and pulled him onto the ice. “Todd if it can handle me it can handle you. You’re stupidly light for someone our age.” He was so escort london shaky that I had to ask, “when was the last time you did this?” “Uh, honestly Sev, this is my first time.” “So you have no idea how to skate?” “No, I don’t,” he said as he fell backwards onto his ass. I broke out laughing before giving him my hand to pull him up. Instead, I found him pulling me down and we both ended up on the ice with me on top of him. Laughter rang out both from us and from everyone around us on the rink.

I looked into his gorgeous eyes made even more beautiful by all the lights flashing around us and, though we were in public, I really couldn’t help myself. I came down for a passionate kiss. Making sure to keep it brief I pulled away and stood us both up. “Ok, let’s learn this one step at a time. Grab onto the rail, now slide your right foot forward followed by your left. If you try to take a step as if you were walking then you’re not going to get anywhere.” He followed my instructions and before long he had gotten the hang of it and we were skating hand-in-hand. Without saying a word, Todd pulled me off the ice and toward the stands. We climbed all of the seats and got right to the far back corner of the giant room where it was too dark for anyone else to see our faces. We began kissing uncontrollably and soon we couldn’t take it any more. “Let’s go home,” we both said in unison. We took off our skates and made our way back to Todd’s as quickly as we could.

I didn’t know what was going to happen. Todd had already told me that he wasn’t going to force me into anything, but I didn’t know if I wanted to go all the way or not. I decided to take it slow and see where it all led. I slowly began stripping off my clothes as he sat on the bed waiting ever so patiently. I deliberately slowed down every escort service movement as he watched me hungrily. Once I had unbuttoned my shirt and my chest was exposed, he stared as though it was the first time he’d seen it. Now I never really liked how I looked, but he seemed to. I had the makings of a six- pack with fairly defined pecks and arms that weren’t exactly the greatest. but still well defined. I threw off the shirt and began to undo the button to my pants slowly, making sure I kept teasing him.

Once the pants were off and I was standing in only my jocks, I turned around to give him a look at something I was really proud of; my ass. As a soccer player I had to have a lot of strength and muscle in my legs and that made sure that my ass muscles were extremely toned. I looked over my shoulder and found him licking his lips hungrily as the monster between his legs began to stiffen. I started chuckling to myself, surprised that anyone could want me that badly. I gripped my jocks by the waistband and pulled them down enough to show my pubic bone, but not enough to show my dick.

By now I had finally made a decision. I wasn’t ready to be impaled that day, but I think I was ready to get him on my smaller dick that was easier to handle. I dropped my jocks entirely and kissed him gently, then more passionately. I got between his legs and pulled them above my shoulders. I began to lick his asshole, making sure to loosen him up, and then I slid my index finger into him.

I started slowly fucking him with my index finger and had just begun to go fast when he started moaning, “fuck me, fuck me, please. I need your dick now.” “Are you sure about this?” I asked, looking deep into his eyes. “Yes, I want you inside me,” he begged.

I gave him what he asked for. My dick escorts in london was already raging hard from the sight of him moaning in front of me. I lined up my cock to his asshole and started rubbing the dribbling pre-cum against his entrance. “Stop teasing me,” he pleaded, almost unable to contain his need for my cock. I slowly entered his ass. Inch by inch it disappeared into his hole. I had never thought it would feel like this. He was so tight I thought he was milking my dick, and it was so warm that my entire body started heating up.

After giving him a minute to adjust to my 5.5” dick, I slowly began assaulting his ass. With each deep, slow thrust he’d moan. I started pumping into him faster and faster as he continued to moan, grunt and yell from the pleasure. I grabbed his monster and began furiously jerking him off. He pushed me onto my back and climbed onto me, fully impaling himself onto my aching dick. He rode me for a solid 20 minutes before he succumbed to the stimulation of me hitting his prostate every time on the way down, along with the continuous pumping of his dick.

Todd let out a loud moan, then blasted his thick, hot cream all over my face and chest before collapsing onto me. I still wasn’t done, but he looked like he could hardly move, so I pulled him off of me and laid him face down on the bed before continuing to breed his asshole. I pounded into him with all I had and he was still grinding against my thrusts, moaning in a daze. I kept it up for another 15 minutes before I couldn’t take it any longer. “I’m gonna cum,” I almost yelled. “Please cum inside me. I want your juice in me,” he demanded.

I did just that, unleashing torrents of boiling sperm before collapsing on the bed beside him and giving him a tentative kiss. “I love you,” he whispered. I was in heaven. The most amazing boy I had ever met had just told me he loves me. “I love you too, Todd,” I whispered back before the exhaustion overcame me and sent me into a deep, happy sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32