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Steve had been listening to the song earlier in the evening. There was no doubt that was where he got the idea from, but the fact that he actually asked her to do it… well, that probably shocked him more than it did Lynn. It was definitely out of character for him to ask someone he’d just met to strip off their clothes.

They were at a friend’s party and she had been flirting with him all evening. This was no hardship for Steve as Lynn was fun, and very pretty. She was petite and was wearing a summer dress with a pastel pattern that looked like a washed-out watercolor. Her dark hair was long, wavy and wispy as it fell around her shoulders and her face fell naturally into an impish smile. She had very definite Asian overtones in her features and stature, something Steve found very attractive and played to his fantasies of making love with an Asian girl. More than anything though, he loved that she was full of life, joked easily with him and met his looks with her bright blue shining eyes.

“So,” she accused playfully when they were alone together for the first time that evening, in the kitchen while her friend went to take an urgent call on her cell phone, “why haven’t you asked for my number yet.” She looked at him with caricature eyes. “What’s wrong? You have a girlfriend or something? I’m ugly?”

Steve smiled at her and paused before answering. “No. Most definitely not, on both counts.”

He watched while Lynn took a pen from her bag and scribbled her number on a napkin. He loved her spark, the way she seemed to enjoy everything around her and he couldn’t help but be impressed by her pretty face and shapely body.

“There you go.” She gave him the napkin. “Now you can lose it on your way home, we’ll never go out and you’ll never know what a nice girl I am to have dinner with.”

Steve nodded and smirked as he put away her number. “I think you can be reasonably sure I won’t lose it, seeing as how I can’t think of anything I’d like better than to find out how nice you are to have dinner with.”

When Lynn’s friend returned, she announced that she had to leave. As they were in the friend’s car, that meant that Lynn had to leave also. When they’d said goodbye Steve looked around the, now lifeless, party and decided that he too would go when his drink was finished. The last thing he was expecting was Lynn to rush back in.

“Do you have a car?” she asked without preamble.

Steve nodded, slightly bemused.

“Good. Can you give me a ride home?” Lynn’s eyes brightened, almost pleading him. “That way I can stay for a while. If you’d like that?”

“I can… sure… of course… on one condition.” he heard himself say.

“What condition?” Lynn’s interest rose.

“That you’re naked on the ride home.”

They were so out of character for him, it was almost like someone else said the words. Lynn looked a little taken aback, but then her features softened. The three seconds she took before answering were torture for him but then she smiled. “Sure, why not? Sounds like a fun ride home. Especially… if you get naked too. Deal?”

Steve paused, processed the details quickly and offered her his hand, “Deal.”

For the next half-hour, they continued their party conversation, Steve felt more of a tingle between them but Lynn was still bubbling and flirting as though nothing had changed. He watched her as she explained how horrible she had been at guitar lessons and how completely tone deaf she was when she sang along with CDs in the car. He was entranced by her giggles and couldn’t help but wonder what it might be like to hold her, get even closer to those lovely features of hers, and kiss her.

Lynn liked Steve. He was tall, handsome in a clean-cut sort of way and fun to be with. He seemed to know lots about music and sport but never bored her with anything he said. He also cared about what she thought, was very courteous to her and had thrilled her beyond words with his offer to ride home naked with her. This was the type of wild and playful moment Lynn lived for and Steve was the perfect type of guy to share them with.

“So,” she said after a while, no longer able to keep her curiosity at bay, “what’s all this naked driving about and how do we do it?”

He hadn’t worked out quite how they were going to do it, but he was a little relieved to be back on the subject. “It’s a song I heard earlier today, about having a beautiful girl get into your car naked and you drive home. I don’t know why, I just thought I might never find a better person to share it with.”

He watched as she smiled, a little more emotionally than he was used to from her.

“As for how we do it… I hadn’t thought about it. Maybe we’ll just walk out to the car, strip off and throw our clothes in the back.”

“Sounds like a plan.” She laughed. “Shall we go? I can’t wait to see how this works.”

It worked with an excitement and anticipation that crackled in the air and charged the atmosphere with light and heady gas. It surprised Steve how non-sexual the feeling was as he looked ataşehir escort around him and started to pull off his shirt. It was a thrill for sure, but the thrill was in knowing they were doing something out of the ordinary, something very private in a public setting and something totally outside their experience. Just for those few moments they forgot their attraction to each other.

When they arrived at the car Steve opened Lynn’s door for her, caught her smile beaming at him and walked around to his own door. By the time he looked over to see her she was pulling her dress over her head. With a last look around to see if anyone was watching, he started to undress as quickly as he could. Lynn finished first, threw her clothes onto the rear of the car and slid into her seat.

Her instinct was to cover her breasts but she resisted as she watched him step out of his jeans through the driver’s door. She caught a quick flash of his limp penis as he threw his leading leg into the car and sat down beside her, the door swiftly closing behind him. It impressed her that his eyes didn’t immediately gravitate to her small nipples which had reacted to their exposure to the night air. It impressed him that he looked at her face and returned her smile rather than checking out just how lovely Lynn’s promising body was now it was disrobed. It was impossible to miss her beautiful breasts, even in his peripheral vision, as her hair cascaded over her shoulders and down over them. He smiled at the sight of her nipples protruding through the thin curtain of her beautiful hair.

Sitting behind the wheel, his legs were slightly open so not much of his genitalia was visible when Lynn happened to glance at his lap—just a tantalizing tangle of pubic hair and the merest hint of skin at the end of the shaft that drooped between his legs. Looking down to her own groin, she saw that her trimmed bush was visible and nothing more. It actually surprised her how little they were revealing to each other, side to side and naked. It also occurred to her that her breasts were exposed to anyone on a large SUV or a truck. She smiled wickedly at the thought.

“Shall we go?” Steve smiled pleasantly over to her as though they were headed out for an innocuous shopping trip.

They didn’t say much as Steve steered the car out into the street and towards the freeway that Lynn told him was their best route to her home. Steve managed to keep his curiosity at bay and his eyes ahead for the most part, but as he scanned the road while making a right turn he caught another full view of her smallish but wonderfully formed breasts and their inviting dark buds.

“Is this what you expected?” Lynn giggled as they drove along.

“I didn’t expect anything.” Steve answered, thinking that for sure he hadn’t expected her to actually get into the car naked with him. “But I have to say, it’s sure made this evening turn out to be an exciting one.”

“Doesn’t look like it’s TOO exciting.” She took a very obvious look into his lap.

As soon as he knew she was looking at him he felt he twitch and in a few seconds he felt a distinctive “pop” as his cock broke cover and started to elevate between his legs.

“Er, sorry about that.” he grimaced. “It’s not every night I get to drive with a beautiful naked girl.

“Nothing to apologize about at all.” Lynn assured him in a matter-of-fact tone, glancing back to see his progress. “It’s a compliment, a very nice one too. Anyway, my feelings aren’t quite as visible as that. Doesn’t mean I’m not excited also.”

“That’s good.” he said simply, imagining what it might be like to slip his hand between her thighs and find if she was as excited as he was.

As Steve swung the car down the off ramp she indicated, he drew along the inside of a big rig that was waiting at the traffic lights. Instinctively, Lynn glanced out of her window and up towards the driver’s cab. “He’s looking down at me.” Her voice was part panic, part giggle. “He can see that I’m naked.”

Steve laughed and hit the accelerator as the lights changed. The big rig’s horn blasted three times in the quiet night, saluting their lack of clothes. “That’s probably a second guy whose night you’ve made a little more exciting than he was expecting.”

“Have you ever done anything like this before?” Lynn asked.

“A few things,” Steve admitted, “but nothing quite like this. I skied naked once, but not with any girls around.”

“Must’ve been cold.” Lynn glanced again at his groin, wondering how small it was when he skied and how big it might get later that evening.

The rest of their drive was uneventful but filled with silent excitement and anticipation. Steve wondered what would happen when they got to her home, hoping that she might invite him inside for a while but not even daring to think that they might remain naked for the duration. His concentration on the road ahead had caused his semi-harness to recede but with every thought about Lynn he could feel stirrings.

“This is it, here.” she instructed ataşehir escort bayan him to pull into a parking space outside her home.

Steve switched off the engine and scanned the area to see if anyone might notice their lack of clothes. Fortunately the street was deserted. “Would you like to come in for a while?” Lynn smiled broadly at him. “I can make us some coffee if you like.”

“Sure.” Steve smiled but tried not to look too smug. “It’ll be easier to get dressed.”

Lynn paused and screwed her eyes in consideration. “You know…” now her face broke into an impish grin. “Maybe it’s my turn to impose a condition…” She started to gather up her clothes from the rear of the car. “How about you have to stay naked if you want to come in?”

Before Steve had chance to answer she had opened the door and run out, holding her clothes in front of her and opening the front door as quickly as she could. Then she was gone, but the door stayed open, inviting. It wasn’t a difficult decision. With one final look around the street, Steve grabbed his own clothes and ran after her.

Once inside, he laid his clothes in a pile and closed the door gently. “I’m in here.” Lynn called from the kitchen, obviously hearing the door click shut. “On the right. You better not have put your clothes on… that wasn’t the deal.”

She was facing away from him when he came into the well-lit kitchen. He almost stopped in his tracks to see her naked form standing at the counter naked, her slender body, her hair stretching down her back, her perfect skin and the most amazing ass he had ever seen. It was good to see that she had continued in the spirit of the evening.

“You look incredible.” he said softly.

“Would you like coffee, or hot chocolate?” she asked without turning to face him.

“I have to touch you.” He took a few steps forward and reached out to let his hands rest on her hips. His head came easily down to her shoulder and allowed him to savor her scent as he felt the softness of her hair against his cheek. His lips met the delicate skin at the side of her neck and he kissed her softly.

“That feels nice.” Lynn sighed and allowed her head to lean back towards him. “You have a lovely touch.”

Steve felt her small hand reach back and stroke his thigh, immediately followed by the inevitable reaction from his waking cock. As it twitched to life he felt it rise against her bottom and knew she would be aware of the movement. Without even thinking about it he felt his hands slide from her sides up in front of her and cup her small pert breasts. The nipples felt hard against his palm as he massaged her and he eased away from her body slightly to allow his erection to fully extend, then he pressed against her again, his hot hardness now resting against the top of her ass and into her lower back.

“That was an incredible ride home.” he breathed. “You were amazing. The fact that you did it and the fact that you looked so beautiful.”

“It was fun.” Lynn returned to her impish self as she twisted around to face him and then pulled herself up to sit on the counter top. “I just thought it would be a nice way to get to know you better.”

“Is it working?” Steve asked as he leaned forward to kiss her mouth.

“You bet.” Lynn met his lips and immediately felt both of their mouths open as the building passion spilled over for the first time. Their tongues probed urgently, tasting and teasing. Lynn’s hand found its way down to wrap around Steve’s cock and start to stroke it slowly, her palm massaging the head between strokes. Steve let a hand rise to hold her breast again, this time taking her small hard nipple and squeezing it.

When their kiss broke for air Steve dropped his head further and took the nipple into his mouth, immediately sucking hungrily on it and pushing it into him with his hand. He heard her gasp as he swirled his tongue around her bud and lapped around its edges before he pinched it with his fingertips and moved across to taste its twin. Like the first, it was already hard when he closed his lips around it but he tried to encourage its excitement some more.

Lynn moaned as he suckled on her and pleased her breasts with his tongue and fingers. She ran her hands over his back and traced her fingertips in swirls over his skin. “That was nice. I like that.” She giggled as he stood up, her nipples now in the charge of his fingers only.

“You have a wonderful body.” He looked into her face and smiled as she reached down to continue her gentle massaging of his cock.

“You still haven’t seen all of it.” Lynn’s face appeared to grow horns of mischief as she grinned and opened her legs a little more for him.

Steve didn’t need any further invitation and he eased himself out of her hand so that he could take a good look at the wondrous shining pussy that she had presented him with. He looked at her in awe as he ran his hands over her thighs, easing his palms along the insides so that his fingertips came entrancingly close to her opening. She was trimmed above, shaved below and perfectly symmetrical, her lips were slightly reddened and swollen with excitement as they were pushed out by her sitting position. As she gently squirmed against his tantalizing touch he saw that she was slick already, her lips shifting and threatening to part some more as her legs opened a little more.

“That looks very inviting.” He didn’t take his gaze away from her.

“Would you like to taste?” She shuffled a little closer to the front of the counter top, obviously just in case he did.

Now hanging over the edge, she managed to open her legs wider and this time her lips pulled apart to reveal some pink inner skin that was soaked in her juices. Steve approached slowly—not in caution, but savoring the view. He felt her shiver as his tongue made the tiniest contact with her lips. Drawing it up one side and then the other, Steve tasted her as she coated his tongue. She was as sweet as she looked, hot and soft.

His tongue fell easily between her lips and inside her where he probed as deep as his tongue could reach. He felt her hands gently encourage his head to pleasure her and sensed her breathing start to get more erratic. Steve brought his middle finger up to work, first on her lips and then to push inside her, thrusting against her gentle rhythmic movements as his tongue continued to tease and pleasure her pussy. Adding a second finger, he felt for the first time how tight Lynn was, wrapping around him and warming his fingers as they worked her slick opening.

“God, this is so sexy. Just… just don’t stop.” she hissed at him as her pleasure increased. “I couldn’t believe how amazing it was to be in the car naked with you, couldn’t believe how wild it was that you asked me to do it, and now this is even better. You have a very talented tongue you know.” She gasped as he ran it over her clit for the first time. “Would it be too much to ask if your cock is as talented?”

Steve took his time replying, lapping at her excited clit for as long as he dared without her exploding in his face. He could already feel the rising tension in her body and noticed that the pitch of her voice had risen a little. It was hard to drag himself from such a sweet prize—so soft and warm against his tongue as it stroked her.

She was eager to feel him inside her though, so she started to gently pull on the sides of his head and encourage him to stand in front of her. “Maybe you should be the judge of its talents.” he said as she reached down and took hold of him again.

Lynn said nothing but gently pulled him closer to her. She looked at his full erection and wondered at how it would feel inside her tight pussy. Steve kissed her deeply and allowed her to position him, resting against her and ready to thrust inside. Her tongue twisted with his, eagerly displaying her passion and tasting herself on him as he placed his hands firmly on her ass cheeks. Lynn’s hand stroked him lightly, her fingers brushing along his length but leaving the decision about entering her up to him.

It was just something that happened. There was no conscious decision, almost like his body decided it was time, and he simply slipped inside her warm and waiting sheath.

“Oh wow.” She broke the kiss to look at his face. “Now that feels good.”

“You’re not kidding.” He smiled, but was already feeling his control slipping away as his own passion rose.

“Deeper, yes, please… deeper.” Lynn panted as she watched him intently. Steve pulled out a little and slid even deeper into her.

He felt huge inside her and in their current position she could feel him push against her clit each time he came into her. She felt the engorged head of his cock draw along her pussy walls as it slowly stroked in and out of her, sending warm waves of pleasure through her as Steve pulled firmly on her bottom to make sure he got as deep inside her as he could. With each thrust she felt herself take another step along the road to heaven, her clit enjoying Steve’s technique of twisting his body slightly when he was fully inside and sending deepening warm waves further through her with each stroke.

He couldn’t believe how good she felt as he thrust into her and pressed against her. She felt slick and tight as his cock felt as hard as he’d known. Looking down, he watched as his rock hard rod come out to the rim of its head and then slowly plunge as deep as it would go inside her heavenly pussy. He felt his mind begin to swim with the heady feelings of an approaching orgasm and tried to gauge where Lynn was in her pleasure cycle. Her eyes were closed and she had her arms wrapped around him, pulling him into her. Her breathing was deep and becoming irregular and he sensed that she was every bit as close as he was.

“I need you now.” she whispered. “I need your seed Steve. I need to feel you explode inside me.”

Steve gulped, the intensity of the moment becoming overwhelming as he fought to maintain the slow pace of his strokes that he knew would bring them the most pleasure. As he felt the first stirrings deep in his balls he brought a hand up to take hold of her nipple and rub it in time with his movements. Lynn replied to his movement by slipping a hand between their bodies and rubbing his lower belly with her palm.

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