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Cum On

I was dismayed when I read the sign that said the lift won’t work. I’d have to go up three floors to get to my bank. I wasn’t sure if my dodgy knees could take it. I climbed the stairs wearily cursing my luck. I felt angrier that I had let myself turn into self-pitying sexless middle aged man.

After much effort I had managed to reach just the first floor. As I stood there catching my breath and dreading the remaining climb up, I saw a glittering signboard for a spa. Curious, I stepped in and was greeted by a pretty young woman. She handed me the menu card. My heart froze when I saw the prices, it was just too much cash to burn for an hour. But then I thought I really didn’t have anything better to spend on anyway. Perhaps my body could do with some pampering.

I was lost in these thoughts when the receptionist asked me in Hindi “local or northeast?”. I stared blankly at her and absently said local and also chose aromatherapy massage. She smiled at me with a twinkle in her eye and called for a therapist. (I later learnt that masseuses from the northeast did professional massages, so it’s easy to guess what the locals’ expertise is.)

My masseuse introduced herself as Ruby. She was in her late twenties and had a fair complexion, typical of people from that part of coastal India. She had a cute smile and smelt heavenly. She said she’ll be back with the oil and gave me tuzla escort a disposable panty to change into.

I took off my clothes, picked up the panty but was confused. The panty was actually a small triangle of paper-like fabric with elastric strings around and behind. I tried it on and the triangle just about covered my penis and the string behind just slid through my bum crack, like a G-string . I removed it and just wrapped a towel around me and waited for Ruby to come. She entered without knocking and smiled me. She asked if I was ready and I told her that women’s panty had mistakenly been given to me. She chuckled and said they have just this for all clients.

She said I can choose to go nude if I wanted to but I wasn’t sure. So I said I’ll put that panty back on. I expected her to step out while I changed but she just stood there smiling. I had no choice but to turn around and quickly pulled this up. Being almost naked with a woman in the room got my groins buzzing. I pulled my half-erect penis up so that when I lie down on my stomach it will be parallel to the bed and not poke it.

The massage started from the top of my back. She asked me about myself, my job, where I was from and so on. She was quite chatty and that put away my hesitation. Ruby’s hands slid down to my bum and started kneading it furiously. She pulled my bums apart exposing tuzla rus escort my arse hole and poured more oil on top of the butt crack. Contrary to my expectation, I was quite enjoying it. My mind wandered to many years ago when I was naked with another woman. That was the last time a woman’s hand touched my bottom.

Her next question stunned me. She asked if I took “extras”. I was nearly naked on the massage bed and extras could mean only one thing. I said I’d never done it before, in fact this was the first massage of my life. With her hand caressing my bum, she reeled out what all “extras” she can do and how much they’ll cost.

As a middle-aged man who’s not had sex in ages, nearly naked in the same room as a pretty young woman, I knew I had no choice but to succumb to this temptation. With the cash I had at the time, I could only get a hand job. I told her what I wanted.

She slid her oily hands from below my bum and tugged at my testicles. It was mind-blowing and my erection was full-on now, straining against the panty. She moved down to my thighs and legs and regularly slide her fingers through my but crack. As she finished doing my feet, I expected her to ask me to turn around but she surprised me by massaging my bottom again. This time though it was more sensual and she gently put her finger into my arse hole and finger fucked tuzla sarışın escort me. I was aroused like never before and my penis forced itself out of the top of the panty.

She asked me to turn around and saw my thing peeking out. She remarked playfully that that’s quite big. She worked her way up starting from the feet and focused a lot on my groins.

She then massage by chest and as she got to my abdomen my penis started throbbing. She slowed down her strokes as she reached the public area and gently pulled down my panty. She massaged my balls with her right hand whilst gently stroking my shaft with the other hand. Her right hand deliberately and slowly brushed against the hair near the anus, it sent an electric shock through my body.

As my body started convulsing in pleasure, she gradually increased the pace of her strokes building up my climax. Just before I was about to come, she stopped and pulled hard at my scrotum. She started again after a minute.

I had never had so much excitement over a very long time. At that moment, I felt like I’d regained my youth. With this feeling of jubilation, I started moaning, shaking my hips and finally shooting my load into her hand. She held my penis till it went limp.

She asked me if I’d enjoyed it. I said she had no idea how much I loved it and what it means to me. She said I could ask for her the next time I visited the spa. I promised her I would.

If it wasn’t for Ruby, I’d have just endured a depressing life filled with regret and self-pity. Now I have the opportunity to regain my vitality and enjoy life. I will return to Ruby for sure. So many more exciting adventures await me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32