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That feeling you get when you think someone is watching you. That is the feeling I had when I was walking home the other day. I live and work in Washington D.C., a political hot bed yes, however, the town is over run with awestruck tourists as well. You can see it all as you stroll down the sidewalks or hop on the metro. At least during the day you can see everything. At night, despite the city being all aglow from the monument lights, the rare pocket of darkness can be peaceful. Not that night.

I had decided to change my shoes and take a walk before going home. Sometimes I revisit the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veteran’s wall, and the Washington Monument. Standing at the Lincoln Monument you can plainly see the Washington Monument pointing toward space and slightly behind it, the dome of the capitol building. It all looks so close but that is just an illusion. There is a metro station just down a couple of blocks past the Washington monument so I decided to walk by the reflection pond leading up to it.

There are lights lining the walkway and of course plenty of tourists. I saw a few families and a young couple. They were hanging on each other, kissing, and every now and then I saw her run her hand over his crotch as they walked. I rolled my eyes but inside I knew it was jealousy. It had been a long time for me. The men in this city are gay, married, or real pricks. I sighed and decided to go off the beaten path so they say. I walked up the slight hill and into the darkness of the park-like scene.

That is when I felt it. The sensation of being watched. There are always so many tourists around that the cops patrol all the time but I still had a little tingle in my chest that something was wrong. I held my head up high and looked around. I even stopped walking and turned around but saw nothing, so I trudged on trying to relax as I went. I was almost to the circle surrounding the Washington monument when I felt a hand come around to cover my mouth and a large body pressed to my back.

I began to struggle, to kick, to bite, to flail, to elbow my assailant in the gut but it was all in vain; I couldn’t move. The man was huge and solid and he tightened his grip on my mouth and the other arm came around my waist. I almost couldn’t breath he held me so tight against him and hot tears began to fill my eyes. Now, I abhor weakness, but at that point, I felt the kurtköy escort most helpless I had ever felt and all I could do was whimper and sag against him. When I did, he relaxed his grip a little and the hand that gripped my waist moved to my belly and began to rub slow circles. “Shh, honey, it’s ok. I’m not going to hurt you. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. Shh,” he said softly, as a lover would.

The hand covering my mouth loosened and began to caress my cheek and then my hair. I started struggling again but not as hard as the first time. “Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t want you to touch me. Let me go right now and I won’t fucking call the cops over and have you arrested,” I said with less conviction than I had intended.

He chuckled softly but continued his hypnotizing rubbing and caressing. The hand circling my belly now made a larger path, extending to the underneath side of my breasts and downward past the band of my underwear. Though I really knew I must be going crazy, I couldn’t help but feel turned on.

His hips started to push against me and I could feel his erection, hard and huge. His other hand drifted down and encircled my neck and squeezed slightly and then loosened. It was just enough to show how much power he had over me. I whimpered again and gave in to the sensation of being held. The night air was slightly cool against my face which was burning hot.

“WWWhat are you going to do with me?” I stuttered, resigned and excited.

The rubbing stopped and he murmured into my ear, “I’m going to fuck you ’til you scream.” A shudder ripped through me at his hot words and the breath that fanned my ear. He reached the tip of his tongue out to rim the inside of my ear to emphasize the truth of his words.

“Do you want me to fuck you here or some place more comfortable? Where do you want my cock, honey?”

Seeing as I am a very practical woman and would not want to get caught having sex in public, possibly get arrested for doing the nasty with a complete stranger, and wanting to see who was going to be my first in a long time, I chose the comfortable place. “Where can we go?” I asked softly as my rear end began to rub against his erection.

He groaned with pleasure and said, “I have a room, let’s go.” We walked back towards the Lincoln Monument and he hailed a cab. As we were walking, tuzla escort I was thinking how surreal this was – I was walking, almost hand in hand, with my rapist, however, I somehow needed this bit of adventure. I had not felt this small, helpless, and feminine in a long while and it felt good.

After getting into the back seat of the cab, the stranger gave the cabbie directions. His strong arm was around me the whole time and as we passed each street light I was able to get a look at him. He was very attractive and dressed in a suit, unbelievably. His smell, no longer diluted by the night air, was a subtle mixture of expensive cologne and aroused male. A very heady combination, indeed. He hadn’t looked at me but then as if he felt me staring, his eyes met mine and he smiled. The smile was enough to melt me. It was so intimate I felt like I was on a date with my lover. Instead I was falling headlong into a dangerous liaison with a complete stranger.

He continued to look into my eyes and then his lips met mine in a smoldering kiss. His tongue found the inside of my mouth and massaged every spot. My tongue couldn’t help but reach out and start to play. He licked at it and then started to suck on the tip. As he sucked, he flicked the tip of his tongue over the tip of mine and I felt the sensations straight down to my clit. I was dripping wet and swollen.

I wanted to encourage him as much as possible so I began to move my hands down over his flat stomach and past his belt. I finally found what I was looking for and began to rub his hard cock through his tailored pants. I was rewarded by an even harder, deeper kiss and both his arms came around me to pull me closer. His left hand found it’s way down my side, past my hip, and closed on my upper thigh.He encouraged me to drape my leg over his. By doing this my legs were now open a little to him. He took the opportunity to push my skirt higher and rub the inside of my thigh. Soon I felt him rub the outside of my panties, now completely soaked through with my excitement. I expressed my desire by unbuttoning his pants and slipping my hand in to feel his hot, smooth flesh. Still kissing my lips, then my neck, then my ear, he roughly pushed my underwear aside and pushed 2 fingers inside me. I almost came right there and it was a struggle not to cry out. His thumb began to rub my clit in small, tight circles tuzla escort as his fingers stroked firmly.

Suddenly, the cabbie cleared his throat and we realized we had stopped in front of the hotel. It was a good thing it was dark because my face was flaming. We immediately righted ourselves as best as we could, he paid the cabbie and we almost ran into his hotel.

Since it was late, there were not many people in the lobby or at the elevator. His hand was on my ass, occasionally slipping lower to go under my skirt to caress the backs and insides of my thighs. The elevator door opened, we stepped inside and when the doors closed, we turned into animals. He pushed me roughly up against the back corner of the small elevator. I tried to get as close to him as possible, raising my leg and wrapping it around him. My wet, hot pussy stroking his dick through his pants. Both of his hands were roughly kneading my breasts. He turned quickly to hit the emergency stop button. When he turned back to me he lowered to his knees in front of me and through my leg over his shoulder. I was trembling with need at this point. He ripped my underwear with a growl, and pushed up my skirt till it was bunched all around my waist. Then he just stared at my pussy. My pelvis was moving rhythmically toward his mouth, I could hardly wait for him to taste me. He smiled and then began to rub his mouth and nose over my curls. His hands came to my pussy to separate my swollen lips and then his tongue hit my flesh. I groaned aloud and whimpered,”oh yes.” I held myself up with one hand against the railing but the other hand came to massage his scalp and run my fingers through his hair while he pleasured me. His tongue and lips were working my clit and then he entered me with two fingers, then three, stretching me. The combination of him stroking my G spot and licking sent me into the most amazing orgasm I have ever experienced. He kept touching and sucking and licking all the way through until I was as limp as a rag-doll and so sensitive it almost turned to pain. Despite having been sent out of this world and back, I still desperately wanted his cock filling me. He stood up and kissed me – I could taste myself on him and I loved it. I licked at his tongue and lips to get more.

His cock was straining at his zipper and he almost looked like he was in pain, however, when I started to reach for him, he took my hand in his and righted my skirt with the other. He undid the emergency stop and we proceeded to his room.

We entered his darkened hotel room as lovers would have done, hand in hand, stroking and kissing each other. I couldn’t wait to have him inside me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32