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I met Abbey last week when my wife hosted a boutique sale in our house. Abbey was the merchant who essentially brought her store to our home. There were probably 20 or more of my wife’s friends in attendance. But even with the variety of attractive women in my home, it was Abbey who has captivated me and led to several fabulous masturbation sessions.

As I write this I feel as though I can smell her radiance. Abbey is a lovely, petite Jewish girl with strong Mediterranean features. My guess is that she is in her early thirties. Most striking to me were her facial features. Lustrous dark brown hair. Big brown eyes with petite trendy glasses and a magnificent smile showing perfect white teeth.

I walked into the front of the house as they were setting up and was introduced to Abbey. It was very informal since she was hurriedly setting up for the sale. Later however, we met in the kitchen as she was coming for a drink and I was going for an update on how things were moving along. This was our only one-on-one conversation that evening. Abbey was appreciative of us opening our home to her and our friends/customers and commented on how pretty our home was. I immediately tried to direct my questions toward what she was all about.

We were only about two feet apart, but I struggled to catch her scent while maintaining constant eye contact. I’m sure my imagination is wild, but I do not think mine was the only attraction. I immediately felt as though I could talk to Abbey for hours and I had an incredible urge to hold her.

My fantasy of Abbey is one of pure romance. I find myself meeting up with her accidentally in a public place and engaging in conversation. I drop the hint, rather directly, of my attraction to her hoping she not only feels the same, but will keep it between only us. Later Abbey contacts me and declares a desire to see me as well. I cannot even imagine how wonderful that first kiss would be, as I hold her beautiful face in my hands, stare into those deep brown eyes and lower my lips to her mouth. I want to taste every part of her and feel her warm breath meeting mine as our tongues join in an erotic tangle of lust. Abbey’s head falls back and I cup her head with my hands while entwining my fingers in her lustrous long hair. From her mouth, my lips trace her jaw and find her ears and the nape of her neck. Her scent is delicious. ankara escort bayan I lick and kiss her neck as I slide her blouse from her shoulders. Eventually all of the buttons are open, the blouse falls away and Abbey stands in front of me in only a simple cream-colored satin bra. I continue my endeavor to taste every part of her. My objective is simply to please this fabulous, beautiful woman and have her enjoy the carnal release of sexual desire.

As I continue down her chest, my mouth comes to rest between her breasts as I soak up her scent and the hollow sound of her deep breathing. Slowly, I undo the front clasp of her bra, and she allows the straps to slide down her arms. Abbey’s breasts are revealed to me for the first time and I enthusiastically cater to them. Her nipples are dark pink, but not as brown or large as I had imagined. The buds have grown under my attention and I gently suck on one while tenderly massaging the other. Abbey seems to thoroughly enjoy the attention paid to her breasts, but as I wander below she subtly presses my head down. Seemingly inviting me to explore her flat stomach and the heaven waiting below.

Before dropping to my knees I silently lift my shirt over my head and take off my pants. I now stand before my desire, naked and obviously aroused. Abbey reaches for my swollen penis. Her touch sends shivers down my spine and I quake at the sensation. Her lust turns to surprise when she realizes that my crotch is shaven and is as smooth and hairless as a child. The eroticism overwhelms her and the desire is evident on her face. I tell Abbey that my turn will come later. For now, this is about her.

I drop to my knees and open her pants. Her hips hold them up but I slide them over and down her legs revealing the matching cream panties, already damp and smelling of a woman in heat. The perfect shape of her body overcomes me. The flowing hips and athletic thighs. Her strong calves; perfect feet. Until now I have not laid my eyes upon her lovely toes. Perfectly pedicured and freshly painted.

As I kiss and lick her hips and pelvis, my hands gently massage her round ass and knead the firm cheeks of her butt, pulling her toward my waiting mouth. My kisses surround her heavenly pussy, which, to my surprise, is very neatly trimmed and inviting. I can see her brown lips sticking out and the hood just below her eryaman escort hairline hides the sensitive bud that I will soon caress. My kisses now cover her thighs. As I move from leg to leg my warm breath is blown onto her burning pussy, now glistening with moisture. The time is not yet here for that delight.

I motion for Abbey to lie on the bed. I straddle her and again begin the trek down her gorgeous body being careful not to over stimulate her swollen nipples or moist pussy. As I progress down Abbey’s legs, I take first one and then the other. Slowly massaging the thighs and calves before getting to my personal torment, her beautiful feet.

Holding a leg up off the bed, I raise her foot to my mouth. My assault begins at the heel as I drive my thumbs in a deep massage and continue through her arch and the balls of her feet. Abbey moans with delight. Slowly now I run my tongue under her foot. Gently nibbling her heel. The scent is hypnotic. Clean and fresh. My tongue runs along and between each of her toes. Slowly I place each one in my mouth. Abbey shivers with delight at this new sensation. As I finish making love to her beautiful feet I lean back on my own feet and allow my hard on to jump from my lap. In one last motion I wrap her feet around my prick and melt at the erotic image of her toes holding the head of my swollen cock. I get lost for a minute but catch myself and again apply all my energy to satisfying this beauty.

Abbey spreads her legs and begs me to enter her. That will come in good time. For now I am going to take her to the heights of orgasm with my mouth, tongue and fingers. I lower my mouth to her wetness and she shudders in anticipation. My tongue works her slit from bottom to top, taking in the fluids of her desire. Like a small penis my tongue penetrates her tunnel in and out, my hot breath driving her wild. As I move up, her swollen clit is begging for attention. I gently lick the bud and then take it between my lips in a sucking motion. This drives Abbey wild. She arches her back and tries to escape the sensation that is taking her over the edge. However her bucking has allowed me to get my hands under her ass and I have a firm grip on her butt, pulling her into my waiting tongue. Abbey’s breathing is uncontrollable now and she begins to moan as a long, strong rush of orgasmic pleasure takes etlik escort over her body. The moistness of her pussy is now a creamy flow and I increase the pace of my licking to keep up with her. I remove my tongue from the bud of her clit and again run up and down her lips. Cum is dripping down between her cheeks. With that I tell Abbey to grab her legs and pull her knees to her chest. My eager tongue cleans up the fluids of her orgasm. As I lick down my tongue brushes the pucker of her anus. A new, unknown sensation takes over. I sense her pensive curiosity and continue to lick the tight hole. The feeling is unlike any Abbey has ever felt. Forbidden yet so delightful.

I stop and roll Abbey to her stomach and gently pull her to her knees. As my hand reaches between her legs and rubs her clit Abbey begs for more. I stick a finger in her pussy and begin moving in and out. My thumb inches up and rubs the pucker of her anus driving her into a frenzy. Slowly my thumb finds its way into her hole as I bend over to lick it as well. Abbey has all she can take and begins to tremble as another torrid of lust comes over her. In an uncontrollable frenzy Abbey begs me to make love to her. At this point, I too, am beyond resisting. I remove my hand from her pussy and take my position behind her. Holding my throbbing dick I guide it into her pussy and slide to the hilt. Abbey shrieks with satisfaction. I grab her hips and slowly thrust in and out of the steaming hole. Her pussy is hot, soaked and incredibly tight. Gently I slide my finger into her ass. This is more than Abbey can take and she explodes with yet another violent orgasm. As I glide my dick and finger in and out of her in unison, Abbey is lost in a wave of pleasure. The sounds, smells and images are more than I too can stand. I quickly pull out and roll Abbey to her back. I want to look in her eyes so she can see my desire and appreciation for her allowing me to give her such pleasure. I push her knees to her chest and drive my cock into her with everything I have. Looking down from above I see her sweaty face and beautiful eyes looking directly into mine. Her lovely feet are at my face and I eagerly lick her toes as my own orgasm approaches. I grab each foot and quicken my pounding of her pussy. Suddenly the all too familiar feeling comes over me as my balls tighten and I know there is no turning back. I drive one last, deep thrust. Holding my dick in her as my pelvis rubs her mound. Spasm after spasm overtakes my cock as I empty my semen into her. We collapse into each other’s arms in a forbidden embrace knowing we can never completely have each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32