After the Lake


The heat of the sun is a nice contrast to the cool of the lake water. After floating about the lake for a while, we decided to climb up on the dock to enjoy some of the sun. The tiniest of breezes keeps the our skin from actually feeling hot, yet we’ve been out of the water long enough that we’re each starting to feel like we need to move inside. You laugh as you get up, before sliding on your sandals and turning to walk up the dock to the cabin we’ve rented.

I get up on my knees and splash some water on my face, in my hair, before standing up and grabbing both of our towels. I move to follow you, wolf whistling at how you move in your swimsuit. You still grief me a little bit about how you don’t like swimming so much – but you were willing to play along and now you find yourself grinning every time I ogle you. Not exactly a terrible burden …

We make it up into the cabin. It’s not a real cabin, what with the modern day furnishings and the electricity – but it’s by itself, on a lake, and all alone. You get some water out of the sink and turn around, surprised by how close I am. My hands are empty, the towels quietly set on the chair inside the door. My eyes glimmer in the dim light and you get through the mild surprise very quickly. You smile and wrap your arms over my shoulders. “What are you thinking?” you ask demurely.

I answer by moving closer and kissing you. Our bodies move against each other, bare skin against bare skin and it doesn’t take long before my hands run down under your hair, over your shoulders to your back, to your waist. My fingers slide inside your shorts and I squeeze your ass enjoying the feel of your cheeks in my hands.

I lean back, my eyes watching yours, my hands still holding on to you. “Have I told you that you’re beautiful?” You blush slightly, and your eyes shine in the dark, acknowledging the emotion. I push up against you again, pulling my hands away. You end up pushed back against the counter as I press my body against yours. My hands slide up your kilis escort sides, my thumbs moving under your breasts, my fingers against your ribs. I slide my thumbs up and over your nipples, pressing against them through the swimsuit, and I can feel, more than hear, the quiet sigh.

I step back from you, taking your hand and I walk around the corner toward the bed. We don’t even bother taking off our swimsuits before crawling up onto the blankets. I end up over you, one leg between yours, one leg beside you. As I kiss your cheek, I lift my thigh up, pressing it against your groin. The pressure is hard against you and you grind slightly against me, your legs bending, writhing. I whisper into your ear that you should turn over and your eyebrow goes up as you roll over, moving your legs around mine.

On your stomach, you brush all of your hair to the side and you rest with your head on the pillow. You watch me as you can, and I kneel over you. I take a moment and undo the top of your bikini, letting it rest loose on the bed. Then I crawl down, taking your shorts into my hands and sliding them down your legs, past your knees, then you lift your feet off the mattress and I can pull them loose, throwing them absentmindedly toward the couch.

You slowly lower your feet back down, and I begin kissing up the back of your legs, starting at your calves, then working up past your knees and higher. You sigh, spreading your legs, and my tongue moves up farther. You feel the first gentle touch of my tongue on your opening and I tease you by flicking it up and down your pussy. I tease inside you, then up into the space between your pussy and your asshole. My hands wrap around your hips and I hold you steady as you shake and react. Your hands reach back for me, your fingernails moving against my scalp before you reach out wildly, digging into the blankets.

You gasp and your hips lift off of the mattress enough for me to lick deeper into you. Letting go of you, you feel kırıkkale escort my breath hot against you, my tongue inside you, and the intensity skyrockets when I move my fingers against your clit. Rubbing softly, almost pressing, the sensations combine enough to where you are gasping, your body tensing up as you push your groin against me. I work at you, moving consistently in the same pattern as you lose control. In what feels like minutes, but might only be moments, you passionately scream out as your orgasm wracks your entire body.

I slowly move back from you, and as you try to get your breathing under control, you lay flat on the blankets again. I move up, almost hovering over you, my lips and mouth teasing your back and shoulder blades. My hands run along your arms, then down your sides, before moving back to the mattress as I shift and kiss you more. When you finally open your eyes and lift your head, I am over you, smiling, and you didn’t even notice the moment when I slid my own shorts off.

Still a little out of breath, you sigh and close your eyes as you feel my move down against you, my cock sliding just inside you. The head spreads your lips and I wait before pushing in farther. I rest a little on you, but more than that, I slide my hands down, right next to your body. You can barely move as I push deep into you. Your loud moan gets me even more turned on and you feel me hard inside your pussy. I move back and forth … in and out of you … and you can feel how you’re getting even wetter as I keep moving into you, my cock sliding in, hard, then back out smoothly. Even as tight as your pussy is around me, you’re so excited that I can fuck you easily, every stroke filling you up, making you gasp. Even though you’ve just orgasmed, it’s still enough to drive you crazy. And then, what you were waiting for – I move my hands up around your biceps, pulling your arms next to your body and fucking you even harder.

The limited movement gets to you kırklareli escort and you get more into it. Sometimes I can hear you gasp my name, sometimes it’s just sounds, but sometimes, it’s just your ragged breathing. I know that you’re listening as well as screaming out, and knowing how much I’m into it turns you on as well. I slow for a moment, lowering my head down to where I can whisper in your ear, and I stop moving, the head of my cock just teasing your lips. “I know you want it, don’t you?” You nod almost imperceptibly, your hair tussled about, over your face, behind you, under you … “You like it when I fuck you like this … I know the truth. How bad do you want it? Show me. Fuck me.” And saying that, you push yourself up against me. I know how much you want me inside you. I know how good it feels when I fuck you from behind like that. And I know that you want more.

I start to move against you and going at it like that, you eventually scream out, almost hoarse with pleasure. I push you down against the blankets, and whisper quickly “lift up”. This is something else you know I like … and something else you like. I rest my chest against your back, running my arms around you – one above your breasts, one below – then I press you down. You’re trapped – almost as tied down as I can make you without actually tying you down – and I begin to move into you again. I can feel your body reacting to mine, and I know neither one of us will last much longer. My breathing gets ragged, and as my mouth is right near your ear, it pushes you on, which in turn, gets me even harder and more excited.

Again. Faster. … you struggle to move, but all you can do is push up against me as I fuck you hard with every stroke. Deep inside. My cock sliding into your wet pussy over and over … it feels so good … and then I gasp loudly. You feel it at the same time, as I cum inside you, pulsing inside you. You sigh, and as we untangle ourselves, we catch each other’s eyes, seeing the joy, the grin that comes with being so connected. My eyes close for a moment, but that doesn’t diminish anything as the smile is spread over my entire face. Opening them again to look at you, it only takes a few minutes before I am breathing normally enough to tease you, “maybe we need to skip the suits and just go skinny dipping …”

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