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Something Unexpected Ch. 05

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Authors Note: You know how you have those vacations and you say, Oh I’m going to get so much work done, and then you can’t? That’s totally what happened to me. I hope you guys had a great holiday. Here is the next installment of Something Unexpected. Happy Cyber Monday you sexy guys and gals!


“Isaiah?” Angel said hesitantly and confused as she answered the door. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you,” Isaiah said with a smile, “Can I come in?”

“I’m not alo…”Angel began but could not finish.

Before Angel could answer his question, Isaiah had already pushed passed her and began jogging up the stairs. How the hell does he know where I live? Angel thought.

When Angel reached the top of the stairs, she saw Isaiah paused at the top stair. “Which door is it?” he asked.

“It’s that one and like I said before, I’m not alone, so wait out here.” Angel said before walking into her apartment.

Ugh, I am so not in the mood to deal with Isaiah right now, Angel thought.

When Angel walked in, she was surprised to see that Michelle was no longer in the living room.

Thinking she might just be waiting in her bedroom, Angel walked in her bedroom and gasped.

Michelle was spread out on her bed topless.

Angel paused in the doorway for a few seconds and took in Michelle’s figure.

Her body was beautiful. If Angel could sum it up in one word it would be, mesmerizing.

Small pert breasts, capped with nice dusky nipples and creamy areolas gave way to smooth flat abs. Michelle’s nipples reminded Angel of chocolate and she was itching to crawl on the bed with Michelle and give them a taste.

Angel licked her lips and groaned as she imagined running her hands all over Michelle’s athletic body.

Before Angel could say a word, Michelle pulled her in close for a deep kiss. Michelle massaged Angel’s scalp with her hand and held her by the neck.

“How did you get your body to look so good?” Angel said with a groan between kisses.

“Haha,” Michelle sexually chuckled as she kissed Angel, “I told you I used to run track.”

“That was a long time ago, you body shouldn’t still look this good.” Angel said in disbelief.

“What can I say,” Michelle said with a shrug of her shoulders, “I like to work out.”

Michelle then flexed her biceps.

“Matter of fact,” Michelle said as she kissed Angel harder and bit her bottom lip, “I see something I need to work out now.”

As Michelle began trying to pull Angel onto the bed with her, Angel reluctantly pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” Michelle asked in a voice clouded in husky arousal.

“Uh…My ex boyfriend is here.” Angel said hesitantly, staring at Michelle’s hard nipples.

Where the fuck did this jackass come from? Michelle thought.

“Your ex, what the hell is he doing here?” Michelle said as she began hurriedly putting on her clothes.

“I don’t know,” Angel said while looking around for Michelle’s shirt and then handing it to her.

“I don’t even know how he knows where I live,” Angel began and froze.

Fully dressed, Michelle turned to see what stopped Angel.

“What’s wrong…?” Michelle began but abruptly cut off when she followed Angel’s eyes to her tattoo.

Fuck, fuck fuck! Michelle thought. Not this, not now! Fuck.

“It was you that night at Barcode wasn’t it?” Angel said softly.

“Listen, Angel I can explain…” Michelle began.

“Do not stand there and lie to me!” Angel yelled and pushed Michelle away. “If it is one thing in this world I cannot, and will not tolerate, it is a liar.”

“Just let me explain,” Michelle said pleadingly, moving toward Angel again.

“It all makes sense to me now.” Angel said hysterically.

“You were Elise’s friend that she introduced me to and you were with me in the tent. I saw your tattoo that night. I distinctly remember admiring your Gemini tattoo.” Angel said shaking her head hysterically.

Michelle moved closer to Angel and cupped her face with her hands.

“I’m sorry. I never meant to lie to you.” Michelle said.

“Really Erin…Really? How am I supposed to believe that when our whole relationship is a lie?” Angel said hurt.

All Michelle could do was look at her.

“Erin isn’t even your real name is it? What was it Elise introduced you as…oh right it was Michelle.” Angel said angrily and pushed Michelle back away from her.

Angel was even more hurt that maybe her best friend Elise had something to do with Michelle’s lie.

“You and Elise must have had a big laugh at my expense.” Angel said shaking her head sadly.

“Elise had nothing to do with this. When I told her I liked you, she told me to immediately tell you the truth and how much you hated liars.” Michelle said in a rush.

“So why didn’t you take her advice?” Angel said looking up through her soaked lashes.

“I didn’t want to lose you; to lose this, to lose us.” Michelle said pulling Angel into her arms and cradling her neck.

“I can’t believe this. I can’t believe you lied to me.” Angel said shaking her head as she stood stiffly edirne escort in Michelle’s arms.

“I thought I could trust you, I thought with you being a woman I had nothing to fear, that I would be safe. You’re just as bad as a man.” Angel said sadly as tears began to run down her face as she moved her head away from Michelle.

Angel hated to cry because she didn’t like feeling weak.

“Look Angel…” Michelle began.

“Angel?” Madeline said while knocking on Angel’s door. “I saw Isaiah waiting out in the hallway so I just let him in. I’m going to drop off my bag and then I’m heading back out again. I love you.” Madeline said walking away.

Fuck this is the worse time to be having this conversation, Michelle thought.

“Just get off me.” Angel whispered to Michelle and walked out of her room.

“Ah, so you were studying it looks like.” Isaiah said looking at Angel’s white board in the living room. “For a second, I thought you were trying to say you had a man over.”

“Ugh and if I did Isaiah? Look I’m really not in the mood, so don’t go there.” Angel said, going over to the kitchen sink to get a glass of water.

“What’s wrong?” Isaiah said going over to Angel and rubbing her back.

Your ass is in my space breathing my air, Angel angrily thought.

Michelle chose that moment to come out into the room with her things. Seeing Isaiah so close to Angel made her blood boil and she scowled at him before he turned around.

“I’m going to head out now. Thanks for helping me with my chemistry.” Michelle said and headed for the door.

Angel’s only answer was “you’re welcome” thrown over her shoulder as she headed for the couch.

Isaiah watched the exchange with curious looks.

“That’s what I like about you Angel, you are so helpful.” Isaiah said.

“So why are you here?” Angel said turning her gaze on Isaiah.

“Wow, uh, you just want to get right into it huh. Can’t we have a little small talk first? How have you been?” Isaiah asked.

“Wonderful, and you?” Angel replied.

“I’ve been great, I started working at a warehouse now and I’m making great money.” Isaiah said.

“Still no plans to go back to school huh?” Angel asked with a smirk.

“Here you go. How many times do I have to say it Angel. College isn’t for everyone.” Isaiah said.

“I know that Isaiah but what kind of example are you setting for the kids you will have one day? You went to school and finished half of the program and decided to drop out because you’re making enough money without a college degree.” Angel said shaking her head at his ignorance.

“It’s my decision.” Isaiah said.

“Ok,” Angel replied. “But why are you here?”

Taking a breath, Isaiah switched gears and smiled at Angel.

“What can I say,” Isaiah began with a chuckle, “I want you back?”

Oh fuck me! Angel thought in her head. Can this day get any worse?

“I promise that this time, I’ll be better.” Isaiah said pleadingly as he noticed Angel’s eyes roll.

“I loved you Angel, I never stopped loving you. Yes we may have our ups and downs and fight, but that’s normal in relationships. ” Isaiah said and kissed Angel.

I just want something real, Angel thought.

Before Angel could make a bad decision she pushed Isaiah away.

“What happened to your girlfriend?” Angel asked.

Taken off guard by the question Isaiah replied, “What are you talking about?”

“Your girlfriend? You know the one that you were having sex with while you were having sex with me?” Angel said.

“Why do you always have to bring that up?” Isaiah replied tensely.

“Why do you always pretend like it didn’t happen?” Angel said irritably.

“I’ve already apologized for my past mistakes. I was young and I made bad decisions.” Isaiah said.

“You were young? Isaiah it hasn’t even been a full year yet!” Angel yelled.

Before he could answer, Isaiah received a phone call from someone. After five minutes of listening to him argue and talk loudly on the phone, Angel turned on the TV and ignored him.

“Look I’m on my way alright.” Isaiah said angrily into the phone.

“I have to go,” Isaiah said. “Remember what I said ok, I miss you.” Isaiah said kissing Angel’s hand before he left.

Angel locked the door and rested her forehead against the wood.

“Lord, why me, why me!” Angel said out loud. Her emotions were tumultuous and in danger of spilling over.

All she could think about was how Michelle had lied to her and with her ex’s surprise return, the situation just seemed overwhelming.

Overwhelmed she began to cry and decided to go lay down. After twenty minutes of crying out her frustration, Angel fell asleep. ***************************

Michelle awoke the next morning from a fitful sleep.

When she looked in the mirror, all she could do was grimace. She looked and felt awful.

She didn’t know how she was going to fix things with Angel but she knew she would have to figure something out fast. Leaving a budding relationship in such a precarious position would definitely be detrimental.

After cansoc.org an hour of sulking around her dorm room and curious stares from her roommate, she decided the best thing to do was to call Elise and get advice.

“Elise man I fucked up.” Michelle said when Elise answered the phone.

“What?” Elise said groggily.

“I’m sorry Elise, I know it’s early but I need your help.” Michelle said.

“Ok, tell me what happened.” Elise said getting up.

“She found out. She found out everything…and her ex was there and he was cozying up to her and I think I’ve lost her.” Michelle said hopelessly.

“Woa, woa, calm down. She found out everything? How?” Elise asked.

“She saw my tattoo, and put it all together.” Michelle replied.

“Well I could have told you that was going to happen. Look man you need to stop crying and fix this. Angel hates liars. If you give her too much time to think about this she will stop talking to you altogether.” Elise advised.

“What should I do? I have class with her today, should I apologize or try to explain?” Michelle asked.

“Let her cool off for a few days, but show her that you are apologetic without being a punk ass. Angel doesn’t like when people constantly say they are sorry; to her those words are meaningless. Just be yourself and say it once.” Elise said.

“What about her mark ass ex?” Michelle all but growled.

“Angel is a smart girl. I don’t think she will ever go back down that road again…For now I would say don’t worry about him. Focus on repairing the damage you did and show her that she can trust you.”

“Ok thanks. I have to head to class now; I’ll let you know how it goes.” Michelle said and disconnected the call.

Michelle got ready and headed to the biology lecture that she and Angel had. When she arrived in class she took her customary seat a row ahead of Angel.

On her way to her seat, she noticed that Angel was sitting next to some guy and laughing as he told her a joke.

Michelle was a little hurt and jealous at the same time.

She had to remind herself that she and Angel were not in a relationship and Angel could date or do anything with whomever she wanted; telling herself that didn’t lessen the hurt.

Michelle sat down next to a friend of hers and tried her best to focus on the professor’s lecture. It wasn’t too hard for her to follow what the professor was teaching but every so often she had to fight the urge to turn and look at Angel.

After awhile she found herself getting lost in the lecture. She had a real passion for proteins. Occasionally her friend would ask her a question about transcription or translation and whenever she turned and answered she would always get a whiff of Angel’s perfume.

Soon enough the lecture was over. She turned in her seat to put her things in her book bag and also steal a glance at Angel.

Their eyes locked.

Instead of looking away, Angel gave her a look of anger and then turned and left with her friend.

Michelle walked back to her dorm room with her head down. She was trying hard to come up with someway to get Angel to talk to her.

She decided that she would try to talk to her outside of their biology lab class in a few hours. As a back up plan she decided to write a letter and slip it into Angel’s book bag.


Angel was not looking forward to going to biology lab and facing Michelle. Knowing she couldn’t skip, she quickly disposed of her lunch and walked from the student center to class.

When she arrived in class, she was relieved to see that only her and a few other students and some of her group partners were in class.

While waiting for class to start, she got a text message from her ex.

It read. “Hey beautiful just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you on my way to work. I miss you baby.”

Not wanting to reply with a rude message, Angel decided not to reply at all.

When Angel looked up, another one of her group members, Tiffany, came into the class and sat down next to her.

“Where is Erin?” Tiffany asked.

“I don’t know.” Angel answered with a shrug.

Soon after that the lab TA decided to begin the lecture. Angel let out a sigh of relief because Michelle still had not arrived to class.

“Alright class, please pass your report papers forward and get ready for today’s lecture. Today we will be extracting DNA from strawberries.” The TA said.

“I’d much rather eat the strawberries.” Tiffany said.

“Me too, they are my favorite fruit.” Angel joined.

“You should try them with chocolate,” Tiffany said lightly licking her lips “mmm chocolate and whip cream, it’s just delicious.”

“I’ll have to try that sometime,” Angel said distractedly as her breath caught. Michelle had just walked in the room.

Angel was immediately filled with tension. She tried to calm herself by saying that Michelle wouldn’t cause a scene in front of the whole class.

“Ok, I want you all to pair up with the person next to you, grab the necessary materials from the work bench and perform the lab on pg 256.” The TA said.

“Looks like we are working together,” Tiffany said with a smile.

“Thank God.” Angel murmured under her breath.


All throughout lab, Michelle watched Angel avoid her. Angel seemed to be getting along perfectly fine with her new lab partner Tiffany.

Seeing them interact made Michelle’s blood boil.

Tiffany was just a little too friendly with Angel. It seemed to Michelle that Tiffany would find any excuse to touch Michelle or accidently bump into her.

Either Angel was naïve or a really great actress because she seemed unfazed by Tiffany’s advances.

Everywhere that Angel went, Tiffany soon followed.

Realizing that she would not be able to talk to Angel like she had planned, she decided to slip the note she wrote into Angel’s book when the class went on their 15 minute break.

When the class came back from their break and lecture began, Angel continued to avoid her. Michelle decided not to press the issue and to let her letter do all the talking.

Class went on as usual with Michelle answering some of the TA’s questions as she went around from table to table making sure the students were paying attention to the lecture.

When she left class, she noticed Angel and Tiffany exchanging numbers and making lunch plans.

She told her lab partner David that if needed help writing the report he could email her this weekend and she left.


Angel didn’t get a chance to talk to Elise until Wednesday afternoon in between classes. Instead of talking to Elise about what happened between her and Michelle, she decided to talk to Elise about Cami.

“Hey Angel, long time no speak.” Elise answered the phone with a chuckle.

“I could say the same for you.” Angel laughingly replied.

“So what can I do for you?” Elise asked.

“You know why I’m calling.” Angel said.

Playing dumb, Elise vaguely replied, “Humor me.”

“Camilla told me what happened at the club that night.” Angel said.

“Oh god, did she?” Elise said and Angel could tell she wanted to say more.

“Yea, she did.” Angel said smiling at Elise’s hesitance.

“How is she doing? Man we haven’t talked since that night. She won’t return any of my calls, texts, or any messages.” Elise exclaimed.

“She’s fine Elise, but that’s beside the point, what are you going to do?” Angel asked directly.

“I don’t know. What can I do? She seems to have given up on everything. You know how I feel about her. With what happened at the club, everything is just muddled.” Elise replied.

“I know how you feel, but does she?” Angel asked.

“Angel, you know it’s hard to express my feelings. I don’t like needing people man.” Elise said.

“So what are you going to do about it? I know you’re not just going to let her walk away and give up?” Angel said.

“No, I’m not. I already know what you are going to say, and I don’t know if I can do it.” Elise replied shakily.

“You’ve got to talk to her soon Elise. This non-communication is not good for you guys relationship or friendship.” Angel said.

“At least say something to her. Stop her after class, say hello, anything to start. You can’t let it keep going on like this.” Angel finished.

“Ok, Angel. I’ll drive down and stop her outside of class. If that doesn’t work, I’ll figure something else out. Thanks man.” Elise said.

“Umm last I checked I had big breasts and a vagina.” Angel joked.

“You know what I meant.” Elise said chuckling. “Has anything been going on in your life though?”

“Yea, idiot central came back into my life.” Angel said.

“Ugh, do I need to kick that jerks ass?” Elise said itching to finally get Angel’s ex for all the bad things he did.

“No, I can handle him.” Angel replied.

“Anything else happen?” Elise asked.

“Yea, I met you friend Michelle again. Let’s just say that it didn’t go well.” Angel began.

“Really, why not?” Elise inquired.

“I was starting to like her and found out she lied to me.” Angel flippantly replied.

“So what are you going to do?” Elise asked.

“I don’t know yet Elise, it’s all so fresh and I just need time to think about it.” Angel replied.

“I understand.” Elise said

“Look, I’ll have to talk to you later. Remember what I said Elise. I love you bff.” Angel said.

“I love you too.” Elise said and then disconnected the call.


Angel didn’t notice Michelle’s letter until Thursday after her biology lecture. With no other classes for the day, she decided to read the letter when she got home.

It read:

Dear Angel:

I know right now that I am the last person that you want to talk to, But I figured this was the only way that you would hear me out. First off let me say how incredibly sorry I am for not being honest with you. I’m not going to make excuses for why I did what I did, I will just say I am very sorry.

I really like you Angel, These past few weeks have been the happiest I have had in a long time. I’ve never met a girl who has such a kind and giving heart. I think you are a wonderful person and although I would love for us to continue working on wherever we are headed, I will gladly accept just being your friend.

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My Mothers, Old Maid, Friend Ch. 04

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Close Up


I would like to thank bustyalix for all the kind words of encouragement about my writing.

As I ended the last chapter: Betty and Joe were getting ready to head home and just Sally, Elna and myself had the cabin to ourselves for Monday. We all sat and talked about the good times we had together Sunday for over an hour and we were wondering when we would be able to get together again.

I also asked to the forth person was who was a partner in the cottage and I could not get an answer from them All they would say was I would be shocked when I met HER.

As they drove out the driveway Elna suggested that we all go to town and use the phone, at the local diner to call my parents, to let them know all is well and not to worry why I was not home if they had tried to call yesterday. (There is no phone at the cabin and I had the number of the motel in Nebraska they always staying at for the week)

While at the diner we decided to have enjoyed a leisurely lunch. We found a booth and ordered the daily special. We sat there talking about different things that had happened over the weekend and they asked me what my plans were for college and beyond. Sally being fresh out of college told me how she had changed majors during her freshman years after seeing what she wanted to do was really not for her

Elna told of the time she was in college, 20 years ago getting her CPA , and how things have changed, as she taught a class on banking a couple of years ago at the local college in town.

Lunch arrived and with it a round of beer that we were told was on the house. (We all thanked the owner as we left.) All the time we were eating Elna had her foot in my lap rubbing my ever hard cock. Sally could tell what was going on and tried to get her foot involved, but her leg was too short to reach.

As we were leaving the couple from next door was coming in. We stood and talked for a while and when we told them Elna and myself were leaving for a couple of days that invited Sally to come over for a drink after dinner if she wished. She said she would love to do that. (That is going to be a sub chapter to this story I can bet)

When we were in town Sally also wanted to get some more liquor and stuff as she was going to be at the cabin by herself for the rest of the week. (She had a car but wanted to stay in the cabin if possible) We stopped at the liquor store and filled a couple of bags.

As I was driving back to the cottage Elna suggested that we try to get back up on Wednesday evening for supper, as she only had to work till noon. I said I would try to get off work early and suggested maybe we could stay the night and drive back very early Thursday morning so both of us could get to work on time. She agreed that that might work as it was only about a fifty minute drive from home to the cabin if we went the back way not through Harvard. Sally was very happy to hear this idea and even promised to make her famous Chocolate cake for our return Wednesday afternoon. At that suggestion I had to turn around to go get stuff at the local grocery store.

Sally sat in the front seat with me and Elna in the back, which I thought was funny till Sally, slid over next to me and opened my belt and unzipped me. She took out my cock and then slid back to the other side of the car. She the laid down with her mouth on my cock and start to suck on my cock. Elna reached between the door and the seat and found Sally’s more then wet pussy through her soaked panties. She slid the panties off to the side and inserted her fingers into the wet slit. Sally sucked hard and fasted on my cock as Elna worked her to a feverish climax. Just as her pussy let go she suck harder on my cock and I let out a moan as I filled her mouth with my pumping cock. Elna I found out later had been fingering herself with her other hand and we had not heard her moan with pleasure as she climaxed as we was making to much noise.

After we unloaded the car and stripped out of our clothes before putting the food away. We all went into the bedroom, and laid down to take a nap as we were spent from the past eighteen hour of sex.

I do not remember what time it was, but I was awakened by the sound of someone sucking pussy. I looked over and uşak escort saw Elna licking and sucking on Sally’s clit. I reached over and started to rub Elna’s pussy and she spread her legs to let me have a clear shot at inserting my finger into her cunt. She stopped sucking Sally’s pussy long enough to tell me to turn around so my cock was in front of Sally’s mouth so she could sucking my cock again. Sally took my cock into her hands and held it so it was like she was talking in to a microphone as she sucked the head of my now hard cock with its large purple head. Her tongue started to lick and work her magic on it and I went from my fingers in Elna’s pussy to my tongue. I now could reach one breast of each gal. I pinched their nipple ever so lightly and flicked them playfully. The first one I heard cum was Elna and then Sally. I tried to hold back but shot a load all over both of them as Sally had momentarily taken my cock out of her mouth and was stroking it when I exploded.

Between my cum all over their breasts and stomachs and juices from each gal all over our faces we got up to take a shower.

As I was getting the towels out of the closet I noticed a large box behind the shoe rack on the floor. I took it out and asked what this was. Elna took it out of my hands, opened it and there was about five or six different size sex toys. Sally said they were for when the gals were here along and needed something to pleasure themselves with when they didn’t have their man around to “fill the void.”

Sally said, “There was none quite as large as my cock when it was hard.” Elna suggested that after the shower that we check them out as I could see them on each other if I wished. I told them that was fine and dandy BUT my cock would give them more pleasure them something that was not alive and connected to an oversexed male. But they said that they could last longer and not get soft when spent.

As I was washing Elna’s back side I dropped the bar of soap so I could bend over to pick it up and look at her breasts hanging from below. I saw a very sexy lady and them she bent over and hung them in my face. I stood up and cupped each hanging breast and supported them with my thumb flicking the nipples.

She took her hand with the soapy wash cloth and stroked my cock and took hold of it and washed it even pulling the skin off the head and leathering it up good. She then rinsed it off the gave me the cloth to do the same to her crotch and pussy lips. Sally walked in and stood there watching. Once done with Elna I turned to her and she spread her legs so I could do her. We all got out and dried each other off and went out to the kitchen to fix some supper.

After supper sally got the tape measure and the box of “toys” from the bedroom where I had left them… We sat at the kitchen table and they started to measure each one the larger was 8 ½” long and only 5″ around. Two of them even have batteries in them to make them vibrate. (Remember again this was the early 60’s and the fancy ones were not around them) They them said they wanted to double check me so Elna got up walked over behind me as Sally took my cock in her hand and started to work it up to it’s fullest.

Elna stood behind me and put a breast on each side of my head and leaning over massaged my chest and played with my nipples. She said “turn around is fair play.”

My cock started to grow and Sally got some lotion to lube my cock up so it would not be dry. She stroked it with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. Once hard they measured it again and found it to be just a 1/8″ of an inch shy of 10″ long and still the same distance around.

With that done I suggested that we had better get ready to go as we needed to stop at a store in town and get some fresh milk and such for home. (Remember back in the 60’s you had no 24 hour stores and they all closed by 9:00PM)

I then also suggested that Sally come with us back to Illinois, BUT she wanted to stay at the lake.

Sally said that when we came back on Wednesday afternoon she was going to have a very nice surprise for us when we got back. (Now she was going to have to leave the cabin she said) She whispered something to Elna and she laughed and said “he will enjoy that.”

They muglalisahidi.com looked at me and said that now was the time of a good fucking for both of them and I was to flip a coin to see who got my cock first.

I said NO you gals are going to have to wait till Wednesday night for that. I looked at them and said, “Why don’t we all just enjoy each other and which ever of you two get the hottest the fastest gets my cock buried in their wet cunt first while the other keeps themselves hot with the toy of my choice. They looked at each other and smiled and said at the same time, “Sure that is a GREAT idea.”

So we had a plan for our Wednesday night get together and we headed home for a long two days of work before returning.

Elna fell asleep while I was driving home and I had to wake her when I pulled into my parent’s driveway. She sat up and smiled and said she had dreamed about us while sleeping

We went in the house and took showers and went to bed, or at least tried to go to bed. I was so tired that she could not even get my cock to stir when she played with it. We rolled over and woke when the alarm went off the next morning.

We got up and I fixed some coffee and toast for us for a quick breakfast. I drove her to the bank and told her I would pick her up at 5:00 PM when she got off work. This would mean that I would work late to make up for being late this morning and still have my eight hours.

I was telling this office “girl for the summer” about the weekend. (I did not mention the part of being naked all the time) She asked if I could try to ask if she could come with one weekend as she loved to swim in the lake and I said I would, but no promises.

After work I picked up Elna and we went to the main post office to pick up her mail that was being held there because of the fire. She made arrangements to have her mail forwarded to my parents address till further notice.

In her mail was a letter from the insurance company with a check for the damage done to her belonging and a form to fill out for the money that they would pay her each week, for a year, for the difference in living quarter casts.

She also had a letter from a friend that was going to be in Chicago in two weeks and she was wondering if Elna would like to come meet and visit for the weekend. Elna told me she was also a NUDIST living in Arizona. She said the last time she had seen her she had the loveliest “allover” tan that she had ever seen. From what she told me, this friend lived in a small town near Sedona and being out in the back country could go naked all the time outdoors. She took a picture of her purse and shown me her friend. She was the girl that all men dream about. Strawberry blond hair with firm, medium sized tits, with large dark nipples, small waist and perfect hips. She was standing with the mountains behind her. Elna told me she had taken the picture two years ago when she went out to visit her.

She said she would call her from work tomorrow and see where she was going to be staying and maybe we both could go visit. I asked how would she explain this to my parents and she just told me that she would need someone to drive her to Chicago and ask if I could. No problem she said.

We stopped from dinner at a local Swedish restaurant and were sitting there when Steve & June and Frank & Linda from church walked in and asked if they could sit with us. Elna agreed and we got a larger table. Frank and Linda (I was informed later in the dinner one of the other two couples that owned part of the cottage)

The ladies sat together and us men sat on the other end of the table. Steve asked if I had heard from my parents and I said, NO as I was at work and dad had not called in to the office today. He said he had heard that they had had some bad storms out in Nebraska today and was wondering if my parents had been in them. Frank, the other guy spoke up and said that he had heard that a couple of the storms had had pretty good size hail and heavy rain. I told them that I would try calling the motel when we got home to check on them.

After we left the restaurant, we stopped at a local store for Elna to purchase some items that had been lost in the fire. She told me that she would be a short time but if I wanted to come in I could. I agreed to tag along. The first department we went to was the shoe department and them to the ladies clothes department. She picked out a couple of dresses and took them to the back room to try on. She came out to show me one of the dresses and then whispered in my ear to follow her back to the room, waiting a minute to not make it look to noticeable.

I looked around and notice the sales girl was taking care of another lady, so I walked through the curtain and saw the door that Elna had left slightly open. I walked in and she was standing there in bra and panties and grabbed me and kissed me while kicking the door closed. I squeezed her tightly to me and reached behind her and undid her bra. She moved away from me slightly so her bra cold slid off as she lowered her arms. Her breast pushed out and against my chest. Her hands let go of the dress and reached for my crotch. I reached up and cupped her breast and pinched the nipples tenderly.

She sat down on the dressing room bench and I got on my knees and removed her panties and pushed her legs apart. I lowered my head into her pussy and started to lick and suck. She pushed her hips up into my face and threw her head against the wall and said she had dreamed of this all day at work.

I lick on her clit till she exploded into my mouth. I sucked he juices and licked some more. She then took hold of my head and raised it and kissed me. She took her panties and wiped off her juices from my face and then between her legs. She handed me them and told me to keep them to think about her tomorrow at work. I got up from the floor and fondled her breasts for a minute more before we agreed to get out of there before we got caught and finish this at home.

When we got home, Bertha came out the door and told me that she had had a call from my parents, as we were not home at the time they called, and the car had been damaged by the hail and strong winds. They were OK along with my uncle, BUT they were going to have to stay three days longer till the car got fixed and they could drive home. I was to call them at the motel to talk to them ASAP.

I went in the house to call my parents and Elna stayed to talk to Bertha for a while. When she came in the house I was still talking to my parents and she asked if she could talk to my mother. As she was talking she was removing her clothes and motioned for me to do the same.

They must have talked for fifteen minutes and them Elna handed me back the phone. Mother told me to be good and treat Elna properly as a house guest. I was to take her out to dinner every night and make sure she got to work and back home. (If mother only knew how well I was taking care of Elna and her me.) ALL the time I was talking to mom Elna was holding my cock and cupping and squeezing my ball. I told mom that I would take care of her and not to worry and said goodbye and to say HI to Harold, my uncle.

I went to the bathroom and got us each a warn wash cloth to “wash” up from before as she was putting the clothes she had purchased away.

When I turned to take the cloths back to the bathroom she grabbed me and turned me around and as she did my semi hard cock swung directly into her face and mouth. She started to suck on it and it grew so fat that she almost chocked as my head filled her mouth. She took my cock out of her mouth for a second and said, “You are horny after the dress shop aren’t you.” I said, “I had been horny all day and was ready to fill her hole with my love juices right then and now.”

I pushed her back on the bed and spread her lags and rammed my cock deep into her love tunnel. It was still sloppy wet from before and I slid all the way to the bottom and as I got there I leaned forward and kissed her with an open mouth that was given back to me. I stayed buried in her for a minute and then started to pump in and out with long strong strokes. It did not take me long to fill her with my love juices and as I plunged one last time deep into her they leaked out all over the sheets. We rolled over and held each other in a tight love grip till we work to the alarm the next morning.

We got up and took showers and got ready for a ½ a day of work, as we were going back to the cabin by the lake this afternoon to be with Sally and see what kind of surprise she had for both of us tonight.

Next Chapter: Returning to the cabin and finding “our surprise.”

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My Angel in Angora

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This is the continuation from my first story entitled My New Neighbour Wearing Angora where a man with a mohair and angora fetish fantasizes about his new neighbour. In this story his fantasies come true.


My fascination with my neighbor who wore angora remained at the very front of my consciousness following our last meeting on her return from vacation. My suspicion that she knew what I had been doing with her angora and mohair sweaters whilst she was away on vacation played on my mind for a number of weeks.

My next meeting with her came when I went round to her house. I was having trouble completing a home project that I was working on and I knew that her husband had the necessary tool that I needed. I knocked on their front door and her husband Simon answered. I explained the situation and he invited me in whilst he went to look for the tool.

“Come in and see Susan while I look for it”, he said, and as I went into their living room to wait for him there she was sitting on the sofa knitting. There were balls of mohair yarn strewn over the sofa and the front of the tight white t-shirt that she was wearing was covered with mohair.

“Hi Nick. How lovely to see you”, she said. “You’ve come at just the right time as I need a helping hand.” With that she stood up with the knitting in her hand. “Could you just hold this up against my shoulder so that I can see whether it is going to be long enough?” She handed me what must have been a sleeve, took my hand and placed it on her shoulder. The mohair was a deep purple with flecks of red, blue and yellow throughout. The mohair was so soft in my hand and I couldn’t take my eyes off it nor the nape of her neck where the fluff nestled against it.

“Do you like the colour?” she asked. “This mohair is the finest Italian mohair and it took me ages to find some online. I love the softness of Italian mohair and it’s so fluffy. I think that the sleeve needs to be longer. I like them to be longer so that I can pull them down over my hands.” I gulped and before I could say anything her husband came into the living room and handed me the tool that I needed. I thanked him and, as I turned to say goodbye to Susan, she said “Thanks for your help Nick. Maybe next time we see each other I’ll have finished my knitting and will be wearing it.” With that she leaned towards me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear “You’d like that wouldn’t you?” She gave me a knowing smile and said “See you soon.”

I hurried home wondering how the heck she knew about me loving mohair but those concerns were short lived as I soon started to fantasize about her wearing that deep purple mohair sweater.

I work as a freelance consultant project manager in the construction industry and often have to spend short periods working away from home. Typically this is just a few nights a month but, a short while after my last visit to next door, a fantastic opportunity came along that was too hard to turn down. The financial rewards would be huge and my future career prospects would be significantly enhanced. However, it meant that I would have to be away from home Monday through Friday for approximately a year as the construction was in a city over 200 miles away. My wife wasn’t too keen on the idea initially but the thought of the financial rewards in the shape of a new car and a Caribbean holiday overcame her initial reluctance.

Within a month I had started working on the new construction site. To save on my costs I chose to rent an apartment rather than stay in hotels. This way my wife could come and stay at weekends rather than me have to travel backwards and forwards each week. The apartment that I rented was in a small block not far from my workplace, was furnished to a high specification and came with a secure entrance system. I worked long hours for the first few weeks as the project was in the initiation stage and when I came back to the apartment late in the evening totally exhausted all I wanted to do was have something to eat, have a glass or two of wine and speak to my wife on Skype. Afterwards, if I wasn’t too tired, I would shower and then wearing a fluffy mohair sweater I would lie on the bed and watch TV until I became so worked up that I had to masturbate.

Sometimes I would fall asleep wearing one of my sweaters and it felt so good to wake up in the morning feeling my body covered in soft fluffy heaven. This wasn’t something that I did at home, although I did occasionally wake up in the morning feeling really horny and quickly put a fluffy sweater on before sliding up behind my wife, put my swollen dick between the cheeks of her ass and then lean across to start massaging her gorgeous breasts. I loved it when she would roll onto her back, smile without opening her eyes, wrap her arms around me and stroke the mohair against my skin and then guide my now engorged dick into her soft, warm pussy. The harder I pounded into her the more she would rub her hands and arms all over the fluffy mohair erzurum escort sweater that I was wearing until I exploded. I typically then rolled off her and we cuddled before going back to sleep for a little while longer. This was a heavenly way to wake up in the morning.

One evening whilst talking to my wife on Skype I noticed an email come in from an email address that I didn’t recognise. The subject line had the words ‘For Your Eyes Only…’.

Intrigued, I couldn’t wait to finish my Skype conversation and open the email. The email had no text in the body of the email but had an attachment. Normally I would have flagged the email as spam or deleted it but this time, for some unknown reason, I double clicked on the attachment to open it. The attachment was a photograph of a woman with fantastic firm tits, with pink nipples that looked like rosebuds, which were sitting on top of her crossed arms which were covered in fantastically fluffy deep purple mohair sweater. The bottom of the sweater had been pulled up above her tits and the fluffy edges rested on them.

Who the hell sent this to me, I thought to myself. I looked at the display name of the sender and it wasn’t anyone that I recognised so I clicked on the properties. It was a Gmail account but the email address was not known to me. I looked back at the photograph and whilst the tits didn’t look familiar the mohair looked like the yarn that my neighbor was knitting when I went round to her house a couple of months ago. It couldn’t be, could it? I clicked on the Reply button and typed the following:

‘Hi whoever sent me this. I don’t think I have ever seen such a sexy photo before but thanks very much for sending it as it has made my day (quite possibly my week and my year). If you

feel that you want to send me more, then please feel free.’

I pressed send and was feeling so horny that I got one of my favourite sweaters out and masturbated as hard as I could until I exploded.

For the next few days I constantly checked my email on my Smartphone to see if I had been sent any more photos. To my utter disappointment I didn’t receive anything. Every night when I got back to my apartment I would open up the photo and leave it on my laptop all evening. The thought that it could be my neighbor’s tits wearing the mohair sweater that she was knitting made me want to masturbate all night, every night. I also started to wonder whether it was her and how the heck she knew about my fetish. One evening a few days later I had just arrived back from work when I heard a ping from my laptop on the desk that indicated a new email had arrived. I was really too tired to have a look but I did anyway. I poured myself a glass of wine and sat on the sofa and opened the email.

The email was from the same sender as before with the same words in the subject field, but this time the email just had the following in the body:

‘Thought you may enjoy this. Xx’.

The email had an attachment like last time, so I double clicked on it to open it expecting to see another photo of her tits encased in mohair or something even better. However, what I saw was a video of me in her bedroom getting naked and putting on her green mohair sweater. It then showed me lying on her bed wearing the fluffy white angora sweater and masturbating with the green mohair sweater.

I gulped my wine and started to sweat in panic. What would my wife say if she was to see this? Or even worse, what if whoever sent this put it up on the internet for the whole world to see. I just sat on the sofa wondering what the hell I was going to do when the buzzer from the security entrance system sounded. I got up, walked to the wall where the system was and pressed the intercom. “Hello”, I said.

The muffled female voice at the other end said “I have a package for a Mr Nick which needs to be signed for.” I wasn’t expecting a delivery and particularly this late in the evening. As I was tired I couldn’t be bothered to walk downstairs to collect and sign for the package.

“Ok can you bring it up to the apartment. I’m on the top floor”. I pressed the button to allow the delivery person to come through the front door to the apartment block. I poured myself another glass of wine and as I took a large gulp there was a knock at the door. I put the glass down and went to open the door.

As I opened it my neighbor Susan was standing in the doorway. She was wearing the deep purple mohair sweater which went halfway down her thighs, black fishnet stockings and black stiletto boots that went to above the knee. Around her waist was a wide, black leather belt which made her waist look really slim and made her tits look really big inside the gorgeous sweater. The sweater had a huge turtleneck which must have been rolled three times at least. She was pulling a aircraft cabin style suitcase and had her coat and purse in the other.

“Hello Nick. I bet you weren’t expecting me to be the package were you?” With that she walked past me into ghpops.com the apartment and looking at my glass of wine said, “Well aren’t you going to pour me a glass of wine?” I was dumbstruck but I closed the door behind her and watched her walk up to the table, just staring at her cute ass covered in the oh so fluffy mohair. “I was in the city on business so I thought that I would drop by and surprise you. From the look on your face I reckon I have definitely done that. Did you enjoy watching the video I sent?”

Without replying I poured her a glass of wine and handed it to her. “I did say that probably the next time you saw me that I would be wearing the mohair sweater that I was knitting”, she said. “Well do you love it or what? Come and feel how soft it is. I bet that you’d love to wear it wouldn’t you?”

I just stood there staring at her wearing the sweater and was lost for words. “So what did you think about the video then? I bet you’re wondering how and why and whether anyone else, other than you and I, has seen it. Well let me reassure that you and I are the only people lucky enough to see it, and that will always be the case irrespective of what happens this evening.” With that she sat down on the sofa and sipped at her wine.

“Come and sit down next to me”, she said, “and I’ll tell you how and why I made the video.”

I picked up my glass of wine, walked over to the sofa and sat down next to her. “You didn’t give me a welcome kiss when I came in,” she said and leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. The kiss was a mixture of red wine and sweet perfumed lipstick and was intoxicating. “So would you like me to start with the why or the how?” she asked. Before I could reply, she took hold of my hand and started to rub it slowly and gently over her arm.

“Let’s start with the why, shall we?” she said. I nodded in agreement but my mind was on how it would feel to stroke and knead her breasts whilst at the same roll down the neck of the sweater and start to nuzzle her neck. “I have always loved wearing soft fluffy sweaters since I was a young girl. They have always felt sensual and feminine but what I have always enjoyed most is the effect that wearing them has had on certain boys and men. I learned early on that that those boys that I dated when I was in my teens couldn’t keep their hands off my breasts when I was wearing one. Even though it wasn’t fashionable to wear angora or mohair sweaters when I went to university I continued to wear them at times. I received a lot of positive comments but, disappointingly, never dated anyone who was as keen as the boys in my teens who couldn’t keep their hands off me and my sweaters.”

“After I graduated and started working, I occasionally wore an angora sweater to work and could see that most men and, interestingly some women, gave me admiring looks. I do remember one colleague in particular using every opportunity he could to corner me in the small kitchen at work and brush his hands lightly over my back and arms. Unfortunately for him, and for me, he wasn’t my type so we never dated and he never got an opportunity to get his hands on me and my sweaters. When I met Simon and started dating him, I was convinced that he loved me wearing my angora sweaters but whilst he said that I looked sexy in them he never seemed to have the passion for them. Mind you he has a passion for other things, but that is a story for another day. I have tried getting Simon interested in wearing my mohair sweaters while I wear an angora one but he is not interested. As the years have gone on I have started to fantasize more and more about finding a man who had the same passion and love of angora and mohair or anything fluffy.”

I sat there entranced with what she was saying and was having real trouble not jumping on her and ravishing her. She was still holding my hand and rubbing it slowly over her arm that was encased in the purple mohair. With her other hand she was stroking the hem of the sweater, holding it between her index finger and thumb. As she continued to speak she was looking into my eyes.

“When we moved next door to you I have to admit that I found you rather handsome and when I caught you staring at me at one party I wondered whether it was that you fancied me because I was wearing such a short skirt and fishnets. I was rather flattered and planned to see how you would react if I was to wear a short skirt, fishnets and one of my fluffiest angora sweaters. When you put your hand on my shoulder at that party I could feel you caressing my angora and your reaction was more than I could have possibly dreamed of. I was then convinced that you had a passion for fluffy sweaters. I needed to find a way of definitely proving whether you had the passion or not and I used to lay awake at night thinking of ways to do that. However, you did that for me when we went on vacation”.

She laughed and gave me another gentle kiss. “Now I suppose you want to know how I videoed you wearing my sweaters you kinky boy?”

“We installed a security system in the house when we moved in and I had the installation guys install one in the bedroom as that is where I keep all of the expensive jewellery that Simon has bought me over the years. Simon is not very technical and so I installed an app on my phone that allows me to monitor the house when we are at work or away on vacation. The system can be set alert me and then to start recording when it detects motion in a room but, as you and Julia were coming in and out of the house to feed the cats while we were on vacation, I only enabled it for the upstairs. I got an alert on my phone when you went upstairs into my bedroom and I immediately checked what had triggered it.”

“You can’t imagine my surprise and obvious delight when I saw what you were doing. I wondered whether you would use the opportunity to look for my sweaters and I left my favourite green mohair sweater on the bed as bait to lead you to looking for my other sweaters. I suspected that you would take the bait but I never dreamed that you would wear my fluffy sweaters and then masturbate on my bed. It was so thrilling to see you enjoying all of my favourites and I was so happy that you appeared to enjoy wearing them as much as I do. You definitely have a fetish for anything fluffy don’t you Nick? Have you done anything like that before?”

“Not in somebody’s home,” I replied, “Although there have been a couple of occasions at work. I used to go into the office at the weekend to catch up on work as it was quiet and I never got disturbed by the phone or people coming in to talk to me. There was a young woman who used to wear fluffy sweaters to work and I remember going into the office one Sunday and noticed that she had left the mohair sweater that she had been wearing on Friday on the back of her chair. I couldn’t resist going to her chair and just stroking it. I couldn’t concentrate on my work that I was supposed to be doing as I kept thinking of her wearing that sweater. In the end I walked to her chair, picked up the sweater and hurried to the bathroom where I shut myself in a cubicle, stripped off and put the sweater on. I can remember the smell of her perfume and how soft and fluffy it was. I quickly masturbated and then returned the sweater to her chair before going back to my office. On another occasion she left a mohair cardigan on her chair over the weekend and I did the same thing.”

“Do you like the smell of my perfume on this sweater, Nick?” she asked.

I leaned into her neck and nuzzled the soft mohair. “Of course I do”, I replied and then rolled the turtleneck down and started to kiss her lightly on the neck. The smell of her perfume and the soft mohair tickling the underside of my chin was so exhilarating.

“Well smell this then”, she said. With that she held her arm up and placed the sleeve up to my nostrils. “What do you think this smells of?” I moved my nose lightly over the fluffy mohair and breathed in deeply. It was the smell of her pussy juices. I was about to say that but she beat me to it by saying “Yes, it is the smell of the juices from my pussy as I rubbed it over my clit to make myself come last night in bed. Do you know why I masturbated last night? It was because I was thinking about what I hoped would happen tonight when I came here.”

With that she put both arms around my neck and leaned in to kiss me. It was a deep , passionate and opened mouth kiss and our tongues met which appeared to send tingles of expectancy in both of us. Whilst I had had fantasies of her wearing fluffy mohair sweaters and me being able to stroke them, I never ever imagined being in this position with her kissing me passionately and wanting me as much as I wanted her. As she broke off the kiss she asked where the bedroom was and I pointed to it. She unbuckled the belt around her waist and seductively removed the mohair sweater and dropped it over my head.

“Why don’t you put this on and then give me five minutes to freshen up”, she said. “I will shout when I am ready. Don’t get too excited and waste all of your energy wanking while you wait for me”.

She was wearing a very lacy basque along with the black fishnet stockings and stiletto boots and looked drop dead gorgeous in just that. She turned, picked up the aircraft cabin style suitcase that she had brought with her, and walked sexily towards the bedroom. As she closed the door behind I quickly stripped, pulled the sweater over my head, rolled down the turtleneck and bathed in the softness of it. It was sensational and the smells of her perfume and pussy juice were truly intoxicating. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me.

The minutes waiting for her seemed like hours but I used the time to stroke the sweater and enjoy the feel of it against my skin. My dick was throbbing like crazy as I rubbed the bottom of the sweater over it and small amounts of precum started to make it wet. As I wondered what she was doing in the bedroom I heard her shout that she was ready and that I should come in. My heart was beating so fast that I was worried whether I was going to have a coronary but my throbbing dick led me quickly to the bedroom door and I opened it.

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My Medical Result With Nurse Sonia

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Before I got the job I had to apply for many employment agencies. And indeed after a couple of months I got a call from one of the employment agencies in a commercial district,informing me to report to their office because I was hired so I was told to go to their office ASAP.

Upon reaching the office, I was received by the secretary.

“Are your documents sir? Can I see your medical results?” she asked, checking my papers.

“I’m sorry miss, I haven’t undergone a medical test yet…” I said sheepishly.

“Ok, go to Manila then and have your medical exam there. go to this clinic in this address. They are the ones authorized to conduct a medical exam for our agency. Return here once you get the result. And if you’re given a clean bill of health, I’ll prepare the papers for your contract signing. Ok?”

Not wasting any time, I went to Manila and reached the said clinic after a few hours. I told the attendant/nurse who sits at the information desk about my business there.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir, the doctor’s out due to an emergency call. But you can return tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. so that you’ll be the first out-patient in line for a check-up,” the nurse said.

I had no choice but to go home. The only consolation was that I had the confidence to be hired once I get my test result.

I arrived at the clinic one hour before the clinic which is located at the third floor of a commercial building. I stated my business to the guard and told me to proceed to the third floor since the nurse had already gone there.

I was surprised as I reached the said floor because the corridor was dark, except for the light coming from the clinic. I knocked and she came out from one of the rooms.

Sonia, (her name), was in her late 30s or early 40s, standing 5’8 in height (5 inches taller than me), with a 37-32-36 figure. She was wearing the typical nurse outfit but it seems it was a bit tight for her as her “love handles” slightly protrudes from her waist while her cleavage gaziantep escort was very prominent especially when she bent down to pick up some papers that fell to the floor — obviously she was doing some paperwork. Her face has a mature resemblance to Ms. Pia Moran, local celebrity of the 80s.

“You came too early,” she remarked, her face expressionless.

“I’m sorry. I want to avoid the traffic mess.” I replied. I turned sideways because I felt awkward — my cock began to stiffen after seeing her boobs when she bent down. I was wearing my white shirt tucked in my jeans as a dress code when applying in an employment agency.

“That’s alright. What are the tests to be conducted on you? Hmmm?”, she asked as her piercing eyes gazed at my protruding zipper but tried to pretend it was nothing.

I showed her the form from the secretary, shaking. Now I was the one sweating profusely.

“So you’ll have an x-ray , blood and urine examination. The x-ray lab will open around 9 a.m. so we’ll test your urine and blood test first,” Sonia said nonchalantly.

She gave me the tube vial for the urine sample and told me to go to the rest room around the corner. I ran and walk at the same time since my cock was already rock hard and I was getting embarrassed that somebody might see me this way. I unzipped my pants as soon as I got into the restroom but I was having a difficult time releasing my pee. I guess my cock really went rock hard when it was released from my pants. I was getting impatient for my cock to soft so I decided to jack it to release some of the “tension”.

I jumped in surprise when Sonia shouted from the other room.

“Are you done. sir?” she asked.

“Uuhh, almost there,” I replied awkwardly. I jacked my cock off hurriedly and closed my eyes, trying to imagine some erotic scenes that would quickly release my load and have my piss on the tube.

Suddenly I heard Sonia answered back but she was now behind me.

“No wonder you’re babelan.net taking too long to finish your business, you’re masturbating.”

Surprised and embarrassed, I offered a thousand apologies.

I’m sorry miss, I son’t know what came over me.”

I awkwardly replied.

“well, don’t be. I am a nurse ako and this is not my first time to see a man’s genitals. I can even assist you in solving your problem if you want to expedite things. This is not new to me, you know…”

Without any warning she faced me and squatted on my side then grabbed my penis as if she was just getting a banana. She began rubbing my cock hurriedly. It felt so good that I don’t want to end it.

“Hey…cum already!” Sonia was beginning to be impatient.

“I…I can’t miss…I am having a hard time…sorry Nurse Sonia, it feels good…”

She rubbed it more for two minutes, then she grabbed my cock even more and started licking on the pre-cum oozing from my penis hole.

“Uhmmm…almost there…cum on…”

To make sure no sperm will stain the floor, she sucked at it greedily. She was moaning from delight. Then she asked me again while my penis was on her mouth.

“Come inside my mouth. I don’t want the clinic to smell funny or have white stains on the floor…”

Those words turned me on. After a few more minutes I gave a muffled moan when my spunk exploded in her mouth. I saw her looked at me with bulging eyes, signaling that my come has filled her mouth. She sucked my cock for a few minutes and released it when she felt that there was no more juice left in my shaft.

To my surprise my cock did not soften one bit; instead, it seems it became bigger when Sonia sucked it but she was not a bit surprised at all. I think she was expecting it and was not showing it.

She grabbed my hand and took me to the cubicle. She pulled her panties down without taking her nurse uniform off to reveal her hair-trimmed pussy. She pulled down the bowl cover and sat down, legs spread. She took my cock and guided it into her slit.

“Get your cock inside me, quick! Patients will arrive in a few minutes…” she was panting.

She didn’t need to say anything. As soon as my cock found it s target I slammed it down hard. She gave a slight shriek.

“Uuhhh…that hurts…take it easy boy…ooohhhh..shit…that feels good…”

I fucked her slow at first. Everytime I pull out white cream was covering my cock.

“Fuck me…fast!Ohhhh…I-I am…cominggg! Shit!” She gave a muffled wail when she came. I could feel her pussy contracting, pulling my cock more inside.

She gave a yelp when I grabbed her tits and massaged it for a while. After a few minutes I grabbed one nipple and sucked on it greedily while massaging the other one. I did this alternately to her delight.

“Come on…stop it…enough…the doctor will be here in minutes…Enoughh…ohhhh…fuck…I am cumming again…Unghhh!” she wailed as I continued to fuck her pussy and and suck her tits at the same time.

“Here I come Miss Sonia…Am about to come too…”

“Go ahead…cum inside me…don’t want the clinic to smell funny…it would be embarrassing…fuck me…fuck me more!”she pleaded.

I felt something in my inside that needs to be released so I hammered Mam Sonia’s pussy harder and harder when I felt something spit from my cock. I pressed it into her more for a few minutes while she gave a long “Aaahhhhh”. Her pussy quivered on my cock as she did this. I lay on top of her for a few minutes.

As I was about to stand up she grabbed my head and gave me a hard kiss, followed by a suck in my tongue. We sucked each other’s tongue and fondled each other’s bodies. Obviously the lust subsided when she hurriedly pushed me away. My cock gave a sloshing sound as my cock was pulled from her dripping wet pussy. We dressed up afterwards. She left me in a hurry to go back to her station while I continued to pee on the tube for the sample. Luckily my cock gave way and started filling up the tube.

After a few days I got the result and went to my assigned work station. I never heard from Mam Sonia after that quickie in the office.

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Monster Mash

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“Watch out for the bat!”

I ducked just in time as a flying toy buzzed through the plastic hair on my Frankenstein’s monster mask and crashed into the wall. Immediately, two girls rushed to retrieve it. First to get there was a sensuous Black Cat. With her buxom build and auburn hair flowing down her black velvet back, I guessed that it was Kitty Rourke, the head cheerleader at Hooterville High and a notorious cocktease. She grabbed the toy and giggled, “Hey, this looks like a…” just then, a tall slender Wicked Witch snatched it from her hand. “…dildo,” She finished.

“And how would you know, Miss Priss?” scorned the witch, whose gravelly voice unmistakably revealed her to be Primrose Promise, nicknamed ‘Primly Promiscuous’ around campus.

Not that I had personal experience of Prom’s promiscuity. Technically, I was still a virgin. I hoped that this Halloween party might change that. Every year, the class president of the student body threw the official unofficial Halloween blow out. It was rumored to be the big opportunity for everyone who didn’t lose their virginity over summer break. Wally Walsh, this year’s president, had promised the best bash ever.

My costume disguised me totally. The boots added four inches to my height. The padded suit made me look solid, not skinny. The rubber mask muffled my normally squeaky voice down to a deep bass rumble. There was an added layer of irony. No one would recognize Frankenstein’s Monster as the nerd known since Frosh Week as ‘Frankie the Fart’. A few moments of flatulence and you are labeled for life. Or high school, which is the same thing in a small town.

Prim and Kitty (if I had guessed right) tussled over the toy bat. The motor buzzed loud enough to be heard over the music emitted by competing stereos on the deck and in an upper bedroom. The witch shoved the cat, pulling the toy free. Pussy clawed back. The witch cackled,. Pussy countered by raking her plastic nails down the witch’s black turtleneck, ripping the fabric. Prim shrieked Her ripe teen breast, unsupported by any bra, flopped free, exposed to the room.. She tossed the bat in the air then launched at the cat woman, one hand sliding between firm young thighs, the other around supple shoulders. In a single athletic swing, the witch tossed the Black Cat out, sending here flying through the sliding deck door, which fortunately was open.

The cat splashed into the hot tub. A drunken football player dressed as a drunken football player grabbed her by both tits and yelled, “Allrighty then. Catfight! Let’s get this party really started.” As he dunked his captive, a toga clad guy and a cowboy grabbed the witch from behind and tossed her into the tub. Water exploded all over the deck.

When the witch sputtered upright, her shirt was torn totally off. Two round tits with no evidence of tan lines were exposed to the crisp fall air. Watching her nipples stiffen, thinking about whether Prim’s excitement was caused by the cold, exhibitionism, or the thrill of touching the Black Cat, gave me a voyeuristic charge. I felt my trouser monster stiffen.

An irony that few of my classmates appreciated was that this Frankenstein’s Monster was equipped with a truly monstrous tool. Flaccid, it tended to hide in my dense pubic hair, so none of the boys likely noticed in the showers. Erect, it was a good ten inches, and a true fistful.

“A real mouthful,” Emmy Sue Harrison had said the summer before at Camp Compunerd, where she accomplished her goal of eating every adult staffer of either gender between her eighteenth birthday and the end-of-summer cookout. Rumour had it she blew a few dads on Parents Day too. Even my Mom was walking bowlegged for hours after she went leaf gathering with Emmy Sue.

The cookout was the last time I saw Emmy Sue, who was still in the Camp Director’s hut when my bus left. Perhaps I’d see her next summer. In the meanwhile, her magic mouth was in Pittsburgh, and my aching balls had only had self relief since. If anyone made ‘clanking iron’ jokes about Frankenstein’s Monster, that would because of the sound of my leaden balls dragging on the ground.

My arousal was interrupted as a dense rowdy crowd of beer swillers blocked my view of the festivities in the tub. I was able to see a witch’s hat sale over my head, followed by a hunk of black velvet wrapped around a lacy bra. “O-kay! Titty time,” Someone yelled. The crowd cheered.

Inside, I headed upstairs in search of a washroom. Half way up the stairs I stumbled across a disheveled Little Red Riding Hood blowing a well endowed Grim Reaper. On the landing, the Big Bad Wolf was tonguing the breasts of a harem girl, who was in turn blowing a guy in surgical scrubs. He completed the chain gang by performing orally on a voluptuous girl dressed in a pirate costume. “Ahoy, Frankie,” she said, “Want your timbers shivered?”

I was about to accept what I guessed was a crudely offered blowjob when I saw she had a studded tongue. This could mersin escort only be Very Merry Mary Mularkey, the town tramp. Not knowing where that stud had been already, and not wanting to, I grunted and mimed my urgent need of a washroom.

Opening a door, I looked into a bedroom. Just inside, a naughty nun was on all floors being anally attacked by a gladiator as she ate a Swiss Miss’ pussy. The bed was a tangle of arms and legs. I guessed there were at least three gals and two guys mixed into the mess of tangled and torn costumes. No one even noticed me.

The next door was a bathroom, but using it to relieve myself was impossible. In the tub, a nurse was sandwiched between a priest and a cheerleader. My view of the nurse nibbling the pink nipples peeking out the torn letter sweater, and the long thin cock plugging her pussy was partially blocked. Mrs. Walsh, the mother of our class president, whose house this was, was bouncing against the sink, violently fucking one Little Pig as the other two mauled her heavy breasts. Her hands were tied to the sink pedestal, but the restraints were loose and she was vigourously pumping the piggies erect organs. She noticed me. “Frankie, if you can wait a sec, I’d love to see just how well tooled you are.”

I grunted, “Nature calls” and went looking for a place to lighten my bladder. Recalling the house party in American Pie 2, I spied the door to the balcony. Unlike that movie, my stream hit the bushes below, without anyone’s heads getting wet.

Standing in the shadows, I could see the cat fight had calmed down. It turned out the Black Cat was not Kitty Rourke as I had imagined, but was our biology and sex ed teacher, Ms. Grimm. She was engrossed in a contest with the witch, apparently scored by how many loads of fresh cum each swallowed. It seemed as if gobs of goo on their tits counted too. Several girls doubled as fluffers for the fresh cocks and kept the contestants’ chests clean by licking the cum deposits off their tits. Between the legs of the witch, who I confirmed, was Primly Promiscuous, an androgynous Mick Jagger clone crouched in the warm water, practicing his or her vocal skills on Prim’s clit. ‘Mick’ had two sticky fingers probing Prim’s anus, making her squirm. Ms. Grimm used this distraction of Prim to pull ahead in the race.

Aroused more than ever, but not caring to share such public goods, I went inside. Finding a back stairway, I avoided the sordid temptations I had already witnessed. I was massively confused. My cock just wanted a warm pussy, or even a wet mouth around it. It wasn’t as if I had shared my virginity in a tryst of true love, after all. Emmy Sue was a popular and busy gal just providing oral affection. While dressing up tonight, I had relieved my aching balls imagining a party full of orgies like I had just witnessed. In those fantasies, I became the star. Still, I hesitated. If not true love, at least Emmy Sue had made each orgasm seem special. She swallowed sperm sacramentally. Her joy at pursuing her goal anointed her ministry. The head counselor even nick named her “Our Missionary of the Mouth”.

No doubt the disguise afforded by the costumes enabled some of the women to break free of convention, just as it might enable me to be accepted without stigma. Whether or not I knew a playmate’s identity, I knew I had to share a sense of joy. I had refused to join the senior trip to the roadhouse during Frosh Week because prostitutes were no better than my own hand. So, not scoring tonight beat passionless fucking. A mechanically blowjob seemed pointless. Self relief could only be beat by sharing the excitement.

“Come on, Frankie, we’re bobbing for apples in the kitchen,” a sweet soprano voice called.

In a scene straight out of Linus and the Great Pumpkin, Wally Walsh, class president, was dressed as Snoopy. He dumped a bag of apples into a big peach basket. Water splashed out, spraying the flimsy costumes of a couple of flapper girls who looked a lot like the famously slutty Garrett sisters. From along the counter, a couple of guys whistled as the girls’ startled jumping made their skirts flip up.

Watching the twins bobbing, I quickly understood the attraction of the game. As they bent over the tub, from one side, watchers saw the full deal down their frilly tops. Those of us behind instantly noticed the absence of underwear. The Garrett girls might be identical twins, but they differed in at least two ways. The left one had a hairless pussy. The twin on the right still had a tuft of hair trimmed in a cute heart shape. Her thighs also were adorned with wet trails of cum running down them. The girl on the left had a swollen set of pink labia, but looked as fresh as the morning dew.

Without thinking, as if by remote control, I leaned closer. I don’t know why. Was I hoping to stick my nose into that rose, to smell if it was fresh?


It was the same sweet voice which had lured me to the kitchen. I obeyed. mugladh.com The flying dildo/bat buzzed just over my head. I glanced left to locate the speaker. I spotted a literal wall flower- hiding in a corner was a tall slim lass dressed as Ellie Mae Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies, complete with ludicrous blonde wool wig and sock stuffed bosom. I was about to speak when the flying toy struck me in the right ear. The rubber mask softened the blow, but it still stung. Ellie Mae rushed over to see if I was all right, to the amusement of the onlookers. One teased “to hell with him, make sure the dildo works!”

Another shouted, “I think the nurse is still upstairs in the tub. Maybe she’ll lick it better!”

Ellie Mae got some ice out of the beer tub, but I refused to remove my mask. She pressed the ice against my ear. I could smell her sweet breath, but had no idea who she was. Her cotton stuffed boob warmed my cheek.

The onlookers were distracted as the Garrett girls bobbed up with apples, their blouses soaked through with water. ‘Snoopy’ nuzzled their chests, and then rewarded them with a sloppy ‘dog tonguing’ on their cheeks as his hands found the ass of each twin. They giggled through the groping, and then were whisked away by an Arab Sultan, a railway conductor and a ghost.

“More bobbing sluts. We need more sluts,” Snoopy lead a rousing drunken horny chorus.

His command was obeyed by the gladiator I had seen earlier, and an army chaplain, who escorted in the naughty nun from upstairs and Pocahontas. The nun immediately dunked in the apple tub, hoisting her habit to display a rosy rump. The Indian Princess was passed around the room, getting drunkenly mauled by a dozen manly boys, and a few randy girls. She took it good naturedly, even when she was bent across the counter. She immediately swallowed a goblin’s rigid cock while a Rapunzel ripped the potato sack Indian costume off and then attacked the upraised cherry coloured nipples like Rapunzel had not eaten for a week. Other guys crowded around, waiting their turn as the Princess started to pull a train.

This, combined with the Garrett girls show, revved my cock beyond semi tumescence to full mahogany. Ellie Mae snuggled closer. Her hand began stroking my cock through the monster suit as we watched the apple bobbing. My hand took on a life of its own, rolling around her slender waist, exploring the space between her rolled and tied shirt and the cutoff jeans. The soft young tummy was all real. My thumb teased her navel. My fingers fumbled with the button on her waistband.

‘Bill Clinton’ approached the naughty nun from behind as ‘Snoopy’ teased her by steering each apple away from her mouth. Bill ran a cigar along the nun’s moist nether lips. With his other hand, he unzipped his pants. Ellie gasped as Bill’s huge tool flopped out, not quite fully erect. Her hand stroked the front of my pants more aggressively.

Bill used his cigar as a dildo, fucking the nun deeply, first with slow strokes, and then increasing the tempo. Her head kept bobbing for the fruit, which Snoopy kept shifting out of her range. Just as she came up grinning with a ripe red apple, Bill replaced the cigar with his cock, entering her with a single thrust. She gasped, dropping her treasure. Snoopy chuckled and unleashed his own cock, stuffing it into her hungry mouth. The nun was pretty drunk, and she had trouble coordinating licking Snoopy’s meat with the thumping Bill was giving her from behind. She kept falling face first into the tub. Ellie Mae started giggling at the sight of the drenched nun.

I spied the dildo bat on the floor beside Ellie Mae, still humming. Slipping my hand out of her pants while her attention was riveted on the threesome straddling the tub, I grabbed the toy and ran it up her thigh. She squirmed and purred softly.

“That’s wonderful, Frankie,” she whispered, “but I think we best not be here if Hillary Rodham shows up. I heard the Walshes have a big Cee-ment pond out back, hidden behind yonder trees. What say we go check it out? Y’all up fer a lil skinny dippin?”

Suddenly I realized this wanton creature might be mine. If I got her stripped of her disguise, she could not deny her actions Monday at school. If Emmy Sue’s praises of my shaft were any hint, I would either have a new girl friend, or at least rumours about me in the girl’s locker room. A ‘can’t lose’ situation.

Ellie Mae took me by the hand and led me out, down the garden path and through a screen of cedars. In the darkness, I could just see the shape of a diving board, and some lounge chairs. The pool was unlit. The scent of chlorine mixed with Ellie Mae’s perfume.

We were not alone. Quiet voices stirred the night air. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I made out a couple making out on a lounger. The woman’s costume was in tatters, but might have begun the night as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. She was deeply kissing a French Musketeer. Her tiny hand made his pulsing cock look gigantic. As we watched, he kissed down her throat to nuzzle the valley of her ample bosom. After a few moments of suckling her left nipple, he stood beside the chair. The girl understood what was expected. In one gulp, his sword was swallowed. Despite the darkness, the thick knob of his cock was easily visible stretching her cheek. She shifted slightly and there was an audible gulp as the shaft slid with polished ease into her open throat. Her hand milked the Musketeer’s balls. Ellie Mae snuggled under my arm, reaching around my padded waist to tease my cock, searching for the zipper.

“Hey, guys, enjoying the show?” D’Artagnan asked. “Want to join in? Her pussy is ripe for licking. Sorry, but someone came in it already. Prince Charming, or the Hairy Godfather, I think.”

“No thanks,” Ellie Mae answered, and led me down past the lounger.

A splash caught our attention. Someone must have moved the apple bobbing to the pool. Half a dozen women and as many guys, in various states of costume, were jumping into the water, trying to grab apples in their teeth. In the shallow end, I saw guys who wore the remnants of Prince Charming and Godmother outfits taking turns licking the pussy of the Walsh’s 50 year old neighbour, Mrs. Wurst. This was a woman whose lawn I had cut for five years. Many a day as a youth, I had fantasized about her bountiful breasts, but she had always seemed very proper. There was no nude sunbathing, nor thong bikinis. She was a Sunday School teacher. Now I saw that her pussy hair was in a heart shape and she had “Bikers do it best” tattooed next to a rose on her left tit. The right one was tattooed “Apply Lips Here” with a lips logo and an arrow pointing at her nipple.

As we circled the pool, taking in the show, we heard Mrs. Wurst beg for a hard cock to suck. Out of the shadows came the one kid at school nerdy than me, Harvey Plotz. Harvey had arrived at the party only because he was delivering pizzas, Halloween or not.

Next day at school Harvey told me it had been his last and biggest order of the night. Someone had paid over the phone by credit card, so he had no need to return to the store. Mrs. Walsh had come to the door still naked, cum trails running down her thighs and lipstick smeared around her mouth. She had taken the pizzas and told him to wait for a tip. His cock had no doubt stiffened as he watched her Thighmaster sculpted ass walk away. While Harvey waited, the Swiss Miss rushed up, perhaps not realizing in her booze and hormone altered state that it wasn’t a guy dressed in a pizza delivery costume. She squeezed Harvey’s whiskerless cheeks in her cum coated hands and planted a wide open mouth kiss on him.

“Fresh meat, girls,” she yelled.

Harvey explained that the Swiss Miss, Lil Red Riding Hood and the cheerleader grabbed him and hauled him onto a couch in the corner, where they proceeded to tear his uniform off. Swiss Miss fellated him, sucking his already rising cock deep into her throat in one breath, then releasing it so she and Red could lave it with their tongues. The cheerleader pushed him into a lying position and lowered her pleated skirt over his face. Since she had already lost her panties, he got a face full of fresh pussy. Apparently the shower scene had not included a cock for her, and she had not even cum. Harvey reported that she was turned on (from having her tits licked well, I knew) that she almost instantly flooded his face with a torrential gush of her juices. Meanwhile, Swiss Miss grasped his cock- not that it needed help standing up- as Red climbed aboard, facing the cheer babe. Swiss Miss licked away at the junction of red’s labia with his shaft as the two riders kissed and toyed with each other. Harvey only caught brief glimpses of this through the pleats of the cheerleader skirt. The various actions all built Harvey up to new heights, and after several minutes, his cum exploded into Red’s womb. Red continued riding him as he stayed rigid, while Swiss Miss licked whatever leaked out. Red and the cheerleader then tumbled off to the floor. Swiss Miss, seeing Harvey was still erect, leapt aboard. Her orgasm came in waves, Harvey recalled, milking the second load out of his cock. She lay exhausted across his body while the other two girls were joined by Mrs. Walsh in cleaning stray cum- Harvey’s and the girls’ – off of him.

Mrs. Walsh had then suggested he head out to the pool to ‘get another tip’.

“I was shocked how randy Mrs. Walsh seemed,” I told Harvey.

“Dude, you know those Friday night bridge parties she hosts when her hubby is out golfing? She always makes me her last order.”

“But, uh, my Mom plays in those games…”

“Yup, and Mrs. Wurst. They vary the fourth.”

“You mean my Mom….and you?” If I hadn’t seen Mrs. Wurst swallow his sausage at the party, I would have known it was all fiction. That, plus Edna Walsh’s naked glory in the washroom, gave Harvey’s story credibility. But- my mother? She was a second grade teacher. Never dressed sexy. Wore only sensible briefs. Come to think of it, she had smiled for many a mile after her hike with Emmy Sue. Hmmmm….

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My Friend’s Mom Offers Me a Job

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John and I had been good friends ever since Kindergarten. One of us was always staying over at the other’s house, and our families became close as well. John’s mom, Karen, thought I was terrific and she loved to have me around, so I wasn’t too surprised that summer when she called my father and asked if I wanted a job at the daycare center where she worked.

From what I could gather Karen was in her mid-thirties, but I always found her very attractive. She was about my height, 5′ 10,” and she was slim with medium-length brown hair. I had occasionally caught glimpses of her cleavage, and her breasts looked like the perfect size. I had never had any obsession with her, especially since there were so many other attractive women in my life, but when I walked into her office that day I was reminded of the sexual attraction I had occasionally felt.

“Hey, Mike,” Karen said cheerfully as I walked into her office on the second floor.

“Hi, Karen,” I said as I surveyed her office. Her office wasn’t big, just a desk with a computer, a filing cabinet, and some other seats against the wall. After taking a seat, I had a chance to check out Karen since she was finishing typing something on the computer. She was dressed unusually casually, wearing a white blouse and a skirt that came up to just above her knees as she was sitting. I don’t think she saw me looking at her legs as she turned and smiled at me.

“Hi, sorry, I just had to finish something on the computer. So, you think you might want to work here this summer?”

“Yeah, I’d like to make some money.”

“Well, I would love to have you around.” When she said this I caught a strange tone in her voice, and I noticed that she was looking at me almost desirously. “Um, hold on, I have something to give you actually.” As she said this she got up from her swivel chair and walked to her filing cabinet, which was across the room from where I was sitting. What happened next completely surprised me. Karen had never flirted with me, but that day she seemed charged with a sexual energy from the moment she had said hi to me when I walked in.

She opened a bottom drawer of her filing cabinet and bent over to get something out. Her skirt was too short tekirdağ escort and as she bent over more and more of her legs were exposed to me. When she was fully bent over, it looked as though she were inviting me to come up behind her and enter her with my growing erection. To surprise me even more, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at me as though she were purposely teasing me as she was going through her files. Finally she pulled out a piece of paper from a file and stood up, but I was already fully erect, and I could feel my strong erection against my leg as she sat back down in front of me.

“Ok, here it is,” she said as she looked over the paper. “This is a description of what your job would be like if you wanted to work here.” She extended the paper to me, but I knew if I stood up she would see my powerful erection, so I tried to extend my arm as far as I could without standing up. Karen saw I didn’t want to get up, and I suspected that she knew why, so she leaned forward and extended the paper farther. As she leaned forward though, her blouse fell slightly open and I caught a perfect glimpse down her shirt of her alert breasts. She leaned back in her chair again as I looked over the paper. “Alright, Mike, I think that’s all, just call if you want the job.”

“Thanks, Karen.” I was about to get up when I realized my penis was still throbbing underneath my jeans, and I could not get up without Karen seeing my erection.

“Mike, I don’t want to be mean but I have some work to do, so you can leave now.” I realized I would only arouse more suspicion if I didn’t get up and leave, and since I thought I could make a quick movement toward the door, I did. As I stood up I began to walk quickly to the door, but it was not fast enough. “Mike,” Karen said sounding almost concerned. I was facing away from her, towards the door, so I answered without turning around, which probably seemed strange. “Yes,” I said with a nervous voice.

“Mike, turn around. What’s the matter?” I took a deep breath and decided to accept whatever humiliation was facing me; after all it wasn’t like I had done something wrong. When I turned around, Karen had her eyes locked on my crotch, where there was a visibly forumagic.com large erection.

“I’m sorry, Mike, is that because of me?” Karen asked apologetically. I tried to say something but my head was spinning. “Well, now that I’ve seen it I might as well be honest,” she said as she got out of her chair. “I purposely showed myself off to you, to see if I was still attractive.” Her voice had a sadder tone to it as she continued. “I just felt like I was getting old, and I wanted to make myself feel attractive, but I shouldn’t have done this to you.” My erection had subsided and I walked towards her and embraced her.

“It’s ok, I understand,” I said as she hugged me strongly. “Mike, will you fuck me?” She said while breathing heavily from desire and her subsiding sadness. I said nothing but stepped back from her and unbuttoned my pants and let them drop to the floor with my boxers. Karen licked her lips and got on her knees in front of penis, which was growing erect again. “Oh, yes, I love having a dick in my mouth. It makes me feel so good,” Karen said as she took my cock with both hands and licked the tip of it. Her tongue worked its way up and down my erection until she looked up at me and took all eight inches into her warm mouth.

Looking down at her with her cock in my mouth and her breasts almost spilling out of her white blouse, I nearly came, but instead she pulled me out and stood up again. I was a little disappointed because it had been so quick, but she saw the look on my face and said: “Don’t worry, I just down want you to cum until you have a chance to fuck me.” I had never heard her talk like this but it just turned me on more and my already hard cock was throbbing eagerly. As I stood there she unbuttoned her blouse completely and took it off. After removing her bra, she stood before me with her wonderful breasts completely bared and only wearing her mini skirt and high heels.

“Karen, I want to fucking shove my cock inside you,” I said as I looked at her slim legs and full breasts. “Mmm, that sounds nice Mike, let me see your cock first.” She took my erection in her hands as we stood before each other and she stroked it while telling me through her look how much she wanted me inside of her. “Ok, I’m ready.” She reached back and pulled up her skirt over her ass, and of course she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She leaned over her desk and told me fuck her, so I did. I came up behind her and glided my cock into her tight pussy as she leaned over her desk. I felt her warmth on the tip of my erection and then entered her about two inches.

She started to plead for it. “Please fuck me, Mike. I want all eight inches of your fucking cock inside of me.” I entered her more, hearing her moan slightly as I completely shoved my erection inside of her cunt. “Oh, yes…” she gasped slightly as I felt my balls touch her ass. I had entered her slowly but I decided to pick up the pace. “I’m going to fuck you so hard now,” I warned her as I pulled out slightly in preparation of my faster pace. Karen just pleaded for it. I started pumping my cock in and out of her and the sensation against her wet pussy was wonderful. I reached forward as I pumped her cunt and took one of her breasts in my hands.

“Do you like my tits?” Karen gasped as I massaged her breasts vigorously while fucking her. “Oh, yes! Fuck me!” she screamed as I pumped harder and harder. Papers were falling off her desk and she was moaning and writhing as I fucked her harder and harder.

“Mike, this is it, keep fucking me I’m going to orgasm!” I was surprised at my ability to hold out as she collapsed on her desk in orgasm. Her legs gave out and I had to hold her to keep her from falling off the desk.

“Just keep fucking me until you come, Mike, it feels nice,” Karen said lazily. After about thirty more seconds of fucking her limp body, I came. I exploded inside of her and she stirred slightly at the amount of cum that was pouring into her. It was the greatest feeling ever and I when I finally stopped cumming, I collapsed on top of her.

“Thank you, Michael, and I look forward to seeing you here over the summer. I want you to stop by my office occasionally.” Karen had cleaned herself up and we were both fully dressed standing before each other. She was trying to act as normal as she could after our session, but finally looked at me and thanked me for the wonderful fuck. I just looked at her up and down and remembered how wonderful her breasts felt, and how wonderful it was to fuck her.

More to come in future stories about Mike’s work at Camp…

Look for “Fucking Carla”

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Soft Tail

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Two gals and a classic bike.


Author’s Note

It’s slow-burn romance time again. Two girls, not part of the ‘in crowd’, discover each other over a series of chance encounters. Definitely not a wham bam sex story. If you liked the one I wrote called Lemongrass, this should put a smile on your face.


Copyright (c) 2020 WaxPhilosophic

The events and characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters are eighteen or over and you should be too if you’re reading this.


Soft Tail

Kara Davis stepped out of the shower and lifted her towel from the rack. She rubbed her hair dry as best she could, and pulled it out of her face using an old, black plastic headband. Her preference was for her new cat ear headband with the sparkly plastic band and the furry purple ears, but that one had been lost. Well, not lost so much as stolen. Kara tried not to think about that too much.

She picked up her toothbrush. As she squirted a line of toothpaste over the bristles, Kara glanced at her to-do list written on a piece of notebook paper the night before. Before she started brushing, Kara decided to move ‘hire a friend’ to the top of her list by drawing a little upward-pointing arrow in the left margin.

With that task complete, she began her brushing in earnest.

Kara made five little swirls around each tooth before moving on to the next one—twenty-eight teeth in all, plus four wisdom teeth the dentist said she should have extracted before summer. But, she didn’t feel it was right to count those since they weren’t showing yet.

After completing exactly seventy swirls on her fourteen top teeth, Kara stopped to spit out the excess foam building up in her mouth. She only ran the water long enough to convince the foam to go down the drain and no more. After learning that one in nine people in the world did not have access to clean water, she felt it was wrong to waste any.

As she started in on her bottom teeth, Kara thought about those clean water for Africa advertisements she had seen on YouTube recently. She also thought about Toyota trucks. It seemed to her that every video about sub-Saharan Africa she had ever seen had featured at least one Toyota pickup truck—usually looking quite battered and with the bed overflowing with people or supplies. Kara began to think of the dangers of traveling with so many people loaded into one truck, but was soon distracted by palindromes.

“A Toyota” is a palindrome. Kara manipulated the words in her mind, reversing the sequence of the letters, and smiled a little bit at the way it spelled the same thing both directions. “A Toyota … a toyoTA” She could almost see the letters reflecting in the mirror as she started in on her bottom teeth. Kara was still smiling when she rinsed the last of the foam down the drain and made her way downstairs. “A Toyota … a toyoTA.”

Kara sat alone at the kitchen table, tapping other palindromes into the text messaging app on her phone. She wasn’t planning to send them to anyone, she just liked to see what the auto-complete would predict she was going to type next. When it suggested “Electric” to finish the sentence, “Able was I ere I saw…” Kara knew that machines would not be taking over the world any time soon.

She let the auto-complete finish the sentence in error and thought briefly about sending it to her mother. But Mother was driving and wouldn’t respond until she got into the office. Kara would be in school by then and wasn’t supposed to be using her phone. She thought about sending it to Aunt Susan, but figured the humor might be lost on her. Aunt Susan’s replies seemed to consist mostly of a single emoji these days anyway. The only other person in Kara’s contact list was Dad, and he didn’t live with them anymore.

In the end, Kara erased the text and started a new one. “Taco cat.” With that one she pressed send. Let’s see how Aunt Susan responds to that. Kara giggled and hoisted another spoonful of Cheerios to her mouth.

She looked around the empty kitchen. Some days she missed having Mom and Dad together with her at the breakfast table, but she was getting used to it. And this morning she was particularly optimistic that she would have a friend hired by the end of the day. It worked for all those people in Japan she had read about on the internet—it could work for her too. Kara thought about how nice it would be to have a friend while she stood waiting at the bus stop.

When the number 427 bus arrived and opened its doors, Kara quickly climbed aboard and found an empty seat in the front. No longer thinking about “a Toyota” or “taco cat” or any other sort of palindromes, Kara pulled her knees up to her chest and tried to make herself as small as and inconspicuous as possible.

* * *

Zhang Ju Lin wiped the steam from the bathroom mirror and ran her hand through the unruly shock of black çanakkale escort that was her hair. She kept it short and it was naturally thick, so there wasn’t a lot that she could do with it, other than pushing both sides toward the center to form a sort of crest on top. A fauxhawk, that’s what some kid at school had called it. “Nice fauxhawk, dyke,” is what he had said, right before finding himself slammed against a locker and apologizing profusely.

In her opinion, Mom and Dad had totally missed the mark with her name. Ju Lin meant woodland flower, but she was partial to Julie. At six-foot tall and muscular without an ounce of flab to be found, Julie Zhang did not consider herself anything delicate like a woodland flower at all. In fact, after her eighteenth birthday next week, she planned to march right down to city hall and file the paperwork to have it legally changed. She thought about this while looking in the mirror and chasing the toothbrush around the inside of her mouth.

Once downstairs, Julie opened the refrigerator and pulled out two slices of last night’s pizza, the dinner that she had delivered since her parents were both away on business trips. She had ordered one pepperoni and one veggie delight so that she could tell her mother that, yes indeed, she was eating her vegetables. Julie put the veggie slice on top of the pepperoni slice so that together they made a sort of triangular sandwich with the crust serving as the bread. She took a bite, grabbed her school bag, and headed out the door as she chewed.

Julie walked to school, since her motorcycle was currently parked in Grandfather’s garage with an engine that spewed an acrid blue smoke whenever she started it up. The distance to school made for a long walk, but in Julie’s mind it sure beat the alternative, which was taking the bus. She thanked her ancestors for providing the warming spring weather as she watched the number 427 bus rumbling by her. Better to walk—the bus was a fucking zoo on wheels.

As she rounded the corner to school, Julie stopped, her eye caught by some sparkly purple thing on the ground in front of her feet. After a moment of staring, she saw it for what it was—a glittery headband with furry purple cat ears attached to the top of it. She bent forward to pick it up.

Turning the headband over in her hands, Julie dusted it off as best she could. It was a cute little headband, totally not her style, but she figured that someone would be missing it. As the first bell started ringing, she slipped the headband into her backpack and made a mental note to drop it at the lost and found later in the day.

* * *

Kara’s first class of the day was a study hall, which in her mind was a complete and utter waste of time. She didn’t need a study hall—didn’t see the point of it—Kara found the academic aspects of school to be quite easy and just assumed it was easy for everyone else, too. What she struggled with were the social aspects. She never seemed to know what to say when someone was trying to be friendly, or what to do when someone was being mean.

Kara thought about that mean girl Becky who snatched her favorite headband and tossed it out the bus window the other day. Kara’s right ear began to ring as she thought back on the incident. It was distracting, and she tried to occupy her mind with something else besides the ringing and the vision of Becky tossing her headband out the school bus window.

Kara tried palindromes, but quickly found that, as hard as she tried, bitch spelled backwards didn’t really make a word, so she gave up. She settled her attention on Esmeralda Sanchez, the captain of the girl’s track team, instead. Esmeralda was seated only a few tables away—close enough to take in, but far enough that it wouldn’t be completely obvious.

Kara had known for some time that she preferred girls over boys, and she sincerely hoped that Esmeralda did too. It would be such a crime if she didn’t. Esmeralda had already decided to take advantage of the warming weather by wearing shorts to school. Kara spent the next fifty minutes of study hall watching every twitch of muscles beneath Esmeralda’s smooth skin, sighing softly each time Esmeralda shifted her position.

Kara put on the airs of studying by pulling a thick book out of her backpack and opening it near the middle. The fact that it was not a textbook, but rather a repair manual for the Harley Davidson Evolution V-Twin motorcycle engine did not phase Kara in the slightest. Nor did the fact that Kara had never owned a Harley Davidson or any other brand of motorcycle for that matter.

Kara simply liked looking at the mechanical drawings of engine parts. There was an order and a symmetry about it that put her mind at ease when her thoughts came too fast to process. She had been through these pages several times since she picked up at the public library’s used book store for the bargain price of only two dollars.

Kara’s attention alternated between the engine diagrams and Esmeralda’s turkiyeninmasasi.com sleek, muscular calves. In her mind she began to compare the power of Esmeralda’s long, lean legs to the foot-pounds of torque generated by the twelve-hundred cubic centimeters of the Harley-Davidson Evolution V-Twin.

Kara imagined the pistons set tightly into their cylinders. She turned her gaze just in time to catch a glimpse of Esmeralda’s inner thigh. Feeling the heat rising in her cheeks after the stolen glance, Kara returned to studying the engine diagram. She tried to think about the proper seal of the piston rings to keep the engine oil from pushing into the combustion chamber.

This new image, with slippery lubricants and thrusting pistons did not help at all.

Kara began to daydream about what it would be like for Esmeralda to claim her virginity. She imagined lying on her stomach as Esmeralda’s pressed down upon her. Kara would shift her hips to give the beautiful girl access to claim any part of Kara that she wanted. She imagined that the first time might not be comfortable for her, but it didn’t think it unusual.

What little Kara knew about the subject had been gleaned from her experiences on Pet Life, a web site she thought would be the perfect place for girls who liked to wear cat ears. She signed up on the very day of her eighteenth birthday, because that was the minimum age. She soon learned Pet Life was also the perfect place for men who fantasize about young girls who wear cat ears. And after a spate of private messages describing their desires in lurid detail, Kara deleted her account.

But the thoughts of all those things stayed with her to this day, and she imagined Esmeralda on top of her, pinching her nipples and thrusting into her with a thick strap-on that felt like it might just be long enough to tickle her lungs. She pictured herself slipping a hand between her thighs in order to take part in the pleasure, for as far as she knew it was up to her and not her partner.

By the end of study hall, Kara’s cheeks were flushed and her breaths were taken in short, ragged gasps. There was a small drop of saliva on the engine diagram that Kara quickly wiped away as she tried to calm her breathing. She had no desire to draw any undue attention to herself, especially after the feelings that just coursed through her.

Kara watched longingly as Esmeralda got up and strode out into the hallway, beautiful and carefree, not having the slightest inkling as to the fantasy she had just played a major part in. Kara mentally put Esmeralda at the top of her friend for hire list, and after most of the study hall had cleared, Kara gathered up her book bag.

She left the room trying to think of palindromes that involved the words Kara, Esmeralda, and the delicious image of Esmeralda’s inner thigh that still lingered in her head. By the time school ended Kara had explored many lovely phrases to describe her lust, but so far nothing that read the same forward and backward. But, for Esmeralda she could make an exception.

* * *

Julie Zhang ducked under the bleachers and jammed two sticks of gum into her mouth at the same time, chomping with vigor. Last week she would have been lighting up a cigarette, but she was weening herself off. Still, it was a recent enough habit that she still felt the need to hide out under the bleachers.

Julie pulled out her phone and dialed the number for yet another motorcycle repair shop. The story was always the same, the good shops were either too expensive or had a waiting list long enough to put any chance of having her bike fixed well into the summer months. Grandfather had offered to take it to the shop he used, but as far as Julie was concerned they were probably the ones that fucked it up in the first place, and were therefore an absolute last resort.

Julie put her phone away and turned her gaze to the athletic field. The girl’s track team was warming up, which was always a pleasant sight in her book. She watched lean bodies leaning forward, fingers grabbing at toes, pulling first on one side then on the other. When Julie’s gaze happened to fall upon the team captain, who seemed to be having a discussion with an odd little thing not really cut out for running, or any kind of athletics, Julie had a sudden flash.

There was something familiar about the odd little girl. Julie Zhang shrugged off her backpack and rummaged inside. She knew what her mental flash was about as soon as she touched a finger the soft faux fur of the cat ear headband. Julie pulled the headband out to clutch it in her hand. The odd little girl had finished her conversation with the team captain and moved off to sit alone on a nearby bench.

“Hi,” Julie said.

The girl nearly jumped out of her skin.

“Sorry,” Julie continued, “but I thought this might belong to you.” She thrust the headband in the girl’s direction.

The purple headband sparkled as the afternoon sunlight caught the bits of the purple metallic flecks embedded in the plastic.

“I thought I saw you wearing it last week,” Julie offered.

The strange little girl said nothing.

“Look, if it’s not yours I’ll just take it to lost and found.”

Still no response.

“Okay,” Julie said, “If you know who it belongs to, tell ’em I took it to…”


“She speaks.” Julie smiled. The girl still wouldn’t meet her gaze, so Julie decided to sit down on the bench, but far enough away that the girl wouldn’t feel spooked. Julie Zhang was well aware that she cast an imposing shadow.

“My name’s Julie.” She held out the headband one more time. “This is yours isn’t it?”

When the girl didn’t make any move to take the headband, Julie set it on the bench between the two of them. They sat in silence for a while. Neither one looking at the other. Finally Julie watched a slender hand reach out to snatch up the headband.

“Taco cat,” the girl said as she shed the ordinary black plastic headband she was wearing and replaced it with the bedazzled and fake fur accented cat ear headband.

Julie smiled. “Race car,” she said. Julie had played the palindrome game enough times with her mother to know what the girl was going for even if she didn’t feel the lay out the rules before diving in.

“Madam,” the girl said, and the corners of her mouth turned up slightly.

“Madam, I’m Adam.”

“I’m Kara.”

“I win,” Julie said. “That’s not a palindrome unless my name is Arakmi, and I’ve already told you it’s Julie. Arakmi, I’m Kara would totally work though.”

Kara smiled briefly in Julie’s direction.

“Are you going to try out for the team?”

Smile gone, Kara just stared at her lap, shaking her head.

“Me neither. Waiting for the activity bus, then? You probably missed your regular one.”

Kara nodded weakly.

“Mind if I wait with you?”

Kara shrugged.

She certainly wasn’t much for words, but Julie found her intriguing anyway. Maybe it was the quirkiness with the cat ears and the palindromes. Maybe it was brought on by Julie spending so much time alone at home. Or maybe it was Kara’s diminutive size that brought out some deep-rooted desire in Julie to serve as her protector, a chance to be someone’s knight in shining armor. That was an image that made her smile inside.

Julie briefly pictured herself on horseback, swinging a sword at a fire-breathing dragon—at least until she noticed the dragon was wearing a furry purple cat ear headband. After that Julie had to bite her lip to avoid appearing rude by laughing out loud for no particular reason.

Soon Julie’s mind began to clear itself of feline dragons, and the horse she was riding was replaced by the image of her nineteen eighty-four Harley-Davidson FXST Softail. The pounding of hooves gradually gave way to the unique rhythm of the V-Twin miraculously brought back to life. Julie put her hands behind her head and leaned back to enjoy the warm sun as she thought about her bike actually running.

“She said I was too small,” Kara blurted out.

Julie turned to look at her formerly silent companion, now turned chatty.

“Told me to come back next year after I grew some more.” Kara chuckled lightly. “I’m a senior. I won’t be here next year.”

“Me too,” Julie said. “A senior that is. I don’t think anybody thinks I need to grow any more.”

Kara gave a little snort of a laugh and then hid her face from view. That was the end of the conversation. Kara ran off as soon as she saw the activity bus pull up—didn’t even say goodbye.

Julie gave a little wave that Kara didn’t see, gathered up her backpack, and set off for home on foot. The sun was dipping very close to the horizon by the time she opened the front door. Not that it mattered much since mother and father were both away on business and the house was eerily silent.

For once, Julie almost missed being at school. Kara the cat girl was actually kind of fun when she wasn’t being all shy and awkward.

* * *

That evening when Kara’s mother called her down to dinner, Kara did not feel inclined to mention her meeting with Julie Zhang. In her mind, there was no particular reason to mention it. Julie was just another one of a hundred faces she had encountered that day.

Kara spent dinnertime giving the shortest possible answers to Mother’s inquiries about her day while at the same time dreaming about Esmeralda Sanchez.

“How was English class today?”


Even though the captain of the girl’s track team had declined her offer to be a friend for hire, Kara still held the image of Esmeralda’s long, lean body in her mind.

“Are you participating in class discussions?”

Kara shrugged.

Kara thought back to her glimpse of the smooth skin of Esmeralda’s thigh from earlier in the day.

“I know it’s tough kiddo, but class participation is ten percent of your grade.”

“I know.”

Kara’s mind turned to her after school meeting with the track team captain—the way Esmeralda looked at her when Kara suggested that she’d like to hire her as a friend. People in Japan do it all the time. Kara was sure of it. Nobody looks at them funny.

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My European Adventure Pt. 01

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It was time for a new adventure in my life, I decided to move to Europe for a year, a years study was the perfect excuse. School & course chosen, a place to rent, flights booked. Before I knew it the time had come to start this new chapter in my life. You could say it was about time I experienced this as I was in my 40s at the time. I wouldn’t exactly be a woman men would like twice at, not exactly being tall & being a little heavy probably was the main reason but I was pretty, most guys I met told me I could pass for being in my early 30s. My curly blondish red hair might have helped that.

Not long after arriving in the city I’d now call home for the next year it was registration day at the school. I was a little nervous being a mature student but I was excited too. It was this day my first of many new sexual encounters happened. Much to my luck arriving to register at the same time was a handsome young gentleman. Tall, about 6′, dark slightly gelled up hair with a bit of stubble. You could tell he worked out, this was a guy you knew had no problem getting the girl he liked & who would turn women’s heads who would twice at him. From simply holding the door for me I could tell he was a gent. While waiting in line at reception we got chatting. Both of us clearly enjoying the sound of each other’s ‘exotic’ accents he got straight to the point, asking me to join him for a drink later that evening. It was a Friday night, I was ready to explore my new home & the nightlife it was famed for & ready to meet new people, of course I was delighted & we swapped phone numbers. Maybe him being quite attractive played its part too!

Sexual adventures were not the most important thing on my mind for this trip, if I met someone, we had a spark & a relationship followed then that would have been great but it certainly wasn’t high on my list of priorities. After deciding on a place to meet James it was time to get ready & every woman’s dilemma of what to wear followed. Feeling confident in myself, a date with a hot young guy would build any woman’s confidence, I decided to wear my black vinyl/pvc leggings with my sexiest pair of leather ankle balıkesir escort boots, red strapless top & my leather jacket, why not look as irresistible & sexy as possible right?

James meant business tonight, he was taking this serious, I could tell this wasn’t just a few casual drinks on a Friday night for him, he wanted to impress & impress me he did! He treated me to dinner which was a very nice surprise & something we definitely didn’t arrange. At times I did feel a little uncomfortable, here’s a sophisticated well dressed young guy with a woman clearly older dressed quite risqué. Couldn’t help but think other’s around us where thinking of a hooker & client scenario! Thinking to myself that nobody knew me here, this guy obviously wanted my company tonight & I’m feeling confident & sexy which I hadn’t for quite a while, I just relaxed & enjoyed being treated. Afterwards we went to a classy hotel bar, perfect for more talking, flirting & complimenting instead of a noisy, dark & crowded club. Having such a great night it was getting to the stage where if he didn’t ask me to accompany him home I would of asked him, something I would never dream of doing on a first date never mind with someone I only met the same day but I was having such a good time & feeling quite horny it would of been a shame if I hadn’t. As the night went on he let slip he booked a room in this very hotel, I knew exactly what he was trying to imply & I was certainly ready for him!

I wouldn’t have had what you would call a great sex life, no exciting encounters or anything too kinky, majority of guys I slept with or fooled around with would have been around my age give or take a few years, definitely no cougar & cub or ‘daddy’ scenario. This night with James was to be the start of something though. I’d never felt this wet on a date before. Even though we’d been talking & messaging all day we still didn’t know how old either of us were & for both of us that was part of the fun. We calmly leave the bar & head for the elevator, hand in hand, anyone who noticed us knew what was coming next! Once we got in that elevator alone we we’re all balikesirmetroturizm.com over each other, kissing, groping! I wanted to do that the moment I met him that evening he looked so good. Once inside his room we’re a bit more restrained, calmly undoing each other’s clothes. Ever the gentleman James lay me down, whispering sweet nothings in my ear as he kissed my neck & my fuchsia pink lips as his hands gently explored my body.

From a firm hold of my naked ass he ran his hand along my thigh towards my knee working his way up my inner thigh with his index finger towards my already soaking wet pussy. He had me were he wanted me, basically begging for him to satisfy me! As he kept up the teasing he kissed his way down my body. Stopping at my large breasts, with his free hand he played with my right nipple as he kissed & sucked my left, all while his other hand gently massaged my clit, I was in heaven! After duly giving both breasts similar attention he kissed down my body & I couldn’t wait for what was next. Slipping his tongue in my pussy he played with my clit until I came, guests in the neighboring room surely heard my moaning!

It was time to return the favor, James lay down as I did the same to him. His cock certainly bigger than average, most certainly the biggest I’ve had the pleasure of playing with! Kissing his sexy athletic body I gently play with his appendage, rather selfishly wanting it deep in me immediately it being only fair I give him some oral pleasure too. I wanted to tease him as he did me. Licking the head with the tip of my tongue before licking down his shaft, kissing the head before putting it in my mouth, deep throating him until he couldn’t take anymore. He asked me to stop & lay down, my pussy still soaking I was ready for him. This was the moment I wanted, even needed all night!

Of course James being the perfect man in bed he kissed me more, complimented me more, instead of just going straight for the kill, all the while knowing he was teasing me, rubbing his cock against my clit before slipping it into my tight pussy. Gently fucking me this was perfect, he gradually slipped deeper in me, still fucking me nice & slow, this couldn’t be anymore perfect I thought. His thrusts getting ever more vigorous, the sound of his body slamming off mine as it went from gentle love making to fucking. My legs started off being wrapped around him where now held high, he wanted to orgasm & the only way that was going to happen was with deep vigorous rough thrusts! I wasn’t complaining but I certainly was moaning & screaming as we simultaneously came.

A few minutes pass & we relax & get our breath back. James didn’t need much help in being hard again. Being body conscious being on top isn’t my preferred position but I wanted to ride this guy! I get on top of him, his cock easily slips deep in me & at first I just grind on him before gently bouncing on his cock. We hold hands, he feels my breasts & my hips, spanks my ass, things like that I appreciate! It’s almost insulting if a man lays there with his arms spread not wanting to touch you! I vary it up, from grinding to riding him slow to fucking him as hard as I can. I’m thinking to myself this is a great start to my new adventure, not in this city a week & I’ve already had a fun night out & the best sexual encounter of my life. I eventually come again but he doesn’t & almost immediately I’m on my knees. He’s spanking & feeling my ass as he slips that cock in me deep again.

Quite clearly he wants to come one more time tonight at least. Well I hope it’s only one more time because I don’t think I can take anymore! I actually enjoyed this best of all if I’m honest, the feeling I was being used added an extra bit of kink & that had something to do with more encounters the following weeks & months. James felt my breasts between spanking me, fucked me deep but gently as well as rough, variety was definitely the spice of life as he came inside me again & yes I came again too! It didn’t take long for us to sleep & the next morning before leaving we eventually found out how old we were. I’m not ashamed to admit the age gap was more than 25 years, me being 45 & him only 19. In fact knowing that built my confidence for more adventures on this trip. Unfortunately time wasn’t on our side that morning for more fun & games, well not for James but I took advantage of a lazy morning in a fancy hotel as I reminisced about how enjoyable that night was & what else could happen in my new home.

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My Former Teacher Pt. 01

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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and real individuals is coincidence. All characters are over age eighteen.

A young man gets to act out the years-long crush he had on his former teacher.


Years ago in middle school, Mrs. C. often wore tight and somewhat low cut blouses and always smiled at the boys. Lucky me, I had her for both Sex Ed. and Biology. I stared at her whenever I had the chance.

She had long brown hair and brown eyes and this creamy smooth, light brown skin. One day, I went to her desk to ask a question. I already knew the answer; I just wanted to get a closer look. When I got to her desk, my eyes fell from her face, to her neck, past her collar bones, and all the way down into her cleavage. She didn’t wear necklaces. Interrupting that lovely swath of flesh would be wrong. I remember looking right down in there and too late coming up to her big ‘gotcha’ smile and into her big brown eyes. Caught and embarrassed. My face felt red the rest of the day.

For the rest of middle school, I loved seeing her in the halls even outside of class. Sometimes I even passed my her classroom for no reason, hoping to catch a glimpse.

I entered high school and the years passed. I didn’t see her for a long time. Then one Saturday I got a flat tire and turned onto a residential street to change it. I was just finishing when I heard someone knocking on a window. I looked into the house across the street and saw a hand waving, but with so much glare on the glass, that’s all I could see. A minute or so later, the side gate opened and Mrs. C. waved me over.

“Hey, long time no see!”

“Hi, Mrs. C. It’s been a long time.”

Back in school, Mrs. C. always wore conservative pantsuits. But now, she was in black workout tights and a neon pink tank that showed every single curve. She looked fantastic!

“It’s so hot out here! Why don’t you come in and clean those hands. I’ll get us something cold to drink.”

“Yeah, it is hot. Thanks, Mrs. C.”

“Well, come in,” she said, grinning.

She led me down the walkway and I couldn’t help but stare at her butt bouncing back and forth in those tights. She had her long hair in a ponytail that hung down her back, and it bounced in rhythm with her lovely bottom. She turned to look at me and almost caught me staring.

“There’s the laundry room where you can wash up,” she said as we walked into the cool air of her home. “Then have a seat. Want something to drink?”

When I finished washing the tire goop off of my hands, I sat down on her loveseat. I watched her make lemonade in the kitchen. She turned to her side to pour the glasses, but it was so bright in there that her tight shape stood out as only a dark silhouette. It would have made a pretty hot photograph. Her stomach was flat like a board but her boobs and butt stuck out against the sunlight. I never remember seeing her quite so tight like that. In fact, she seemed to be gaining weight the last year of middle school.

It was only then that I noticed that she was looking my way, so I turned my head to look at the photos on the end table. One of them was a man in an Air Force uniform. He looked so much older than her, but not old enough to be her dad. She was into her thirties now.

“That’s my husband,” she said, walking in with the lemonade. “He’s stationed on the other side of the world, in Hell.” She sat down right beside me and faced me. Her left knee was almost against my leg. It made me a little nervous, sitting alone with a teacher I had a huge crush on just a few years ago. To top it off, those tight workout clothes showed everything. I think my hand was shaking as I took the first drink of lemonade.

“So what have you been up to these past few years?”

“Just school.”

“You’re in high school now, right?”

“Yeah, graduating next month.”

“Oh, wow! And if I remember, you’ll be eighteen soon.”

“I am already, last week.”

“Happy birthday!” she said, smiling and rubbing my arm. “How perfect.”


“Mmm, I remember something else too.”

“Oh?” Now I was really nervous. She had a way of speaking that made it seem like there was some hidden meaning to her words.

“Mmmm hmmm. I remember you sneaking peeks at me.”

I took another drink of lemonade and was so nervous it went down the wrong way and I started to cough. She patted and rubbed my back as I managed to say, “Oh, yeah, I’m really sorry about that. I didn’t mean…”

“Oh that’s alright. I didn’t mind at all. In fact, I liked it.” I didn’t say anything for a second or so, then turned toward her and she was looking at me and smiling. “Really, I like being looked at. My husband is always away and, well, the fact is we’ve grown apart in other respects too.” She looked sad for a second and looked away.

“You okay Mrs. C.” I wanted to put my arms around her; she looked really depressed all of a sudden.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just lonely. Never mind. My name is Kathy, by the way.”

“You were always Mrs. C to me.”

“But samsun escort that makes me sound so old. Call be Kat, okay.”

“Okay, Kat.”

“I’ve just been feeling old lately. There was a time when the kids at school didn’t seem so young. These days they seem so much like children. I’ve changed, not them. They call me Mrs. C. too. I’d just like to be called Kat. Am I making any sense?”

“I understand.”

“I remember not so long ago when you were in class. Back then, all you boys would look at me. Honestly, I appreciated it. But things with my husband…Well, I started gaining weight and my husband was gone, and the boys, and even the grown men, stopped looking.”

“Gained weight? Oh, Mrs…Kat, you look tighter than ever.” All that came out of my mouth before I knew what I was saying.

“Oh, thank you,” she said, rubbing my shoulder. “That’s so sweet of you to notice. I’ve been working out, a lot. So it’s nice to hear that you’ve noticed. Hmmm,” she sighed. “You were one of those boys that I always saw looking at me. It was sweet.”

“Always? Oh, no.”

“I don’t think you were even aware that I knew.” I put my lemonade down and bent over with my face in my hands and let out a groan. She laughed and began gently rubbing my back, then my neck. I came back up, beet red in the face. “Oh, don’t be embarrassed.”

“I’m really sorry, Kat, I guess…”

“You couldn’t help it? Oh, now I’m really flattered!”

I must have groaned again, and said, “You’re not offended?”

“Oh, no. Not in the least. I love it.” She moved a little closer to me and rubbed my shoulder again as her knee rode up onto my thigh. I thought about moving farther away for a second, but I didn’t want to. “Oh, you’re trembling. What’s wrong? All this talk about looking at me making you nervous? Well, there’s a fix for that,” she said, as she rubbed my shoulder and let her fingers glide down my upper arm. “You have to accept the fact that I like it.”

“If you say so, Kat.”

“I do say so.”

She rose and walked to where her exercise mat, weights, and other stuff was, and began to put things away. I watched her move, how she walked, how she bent over. Kat was more than beautiful, she was graceful, smooth. I loved watching her face too, but that’s not what I was looking at when she said, “Gothca!” I turned red again and shook.

“Listen to me.” She grabbed my hand and held it. “It’s all right. There’s nothing wrong with it. You can look all you want. Any time you want.”

“Kat, I’m sorry. I just think you’re beautiful. Gorgeous in fact.”

“Oh, my! Thank you! That’s so sweet of you to say! Kat put one hand on the armrest and the other on my shoulder, then leaned forward and kissed me. She breathed heavily as she put her warm, wet lips on mine. It felt so good. It wasn’t my first kiss, technically speaking. But in all other respects, the first few kisses didn’t count any longer, not compared to this.

Kat turned, then sat on my lap and touched my face and ran her fingers through my hair and began to kiss me again. “Hold me,” she said and as I wrapped my arms around her. We held each other and kissed and I felt my cock harden. I worried she would feel it too, but holding her and feeling her fingers on my face and in my hair felt so damn good, I stopped caring. Pulling away for a moment, Kat removed the scrunchy that held per ponytail in place and brought my hand up to her head. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just put my fingers into her silky, long brown hair. She moaned softly, “Mmmmm, that feels nice.”

Before I knew what I was doing, I had both of my hands in her hair, holding her head as we kissed for a long time.

Kat pulled back, took a deep breath, and looked at me with her big brown doughy eyes. She petted my head and ran her fingers through my hair. When she came in to kiss me again, Kat took my hand and put it on her breast.

I was already nervous, but this brought it to another level. My hand was on her breast. Now what? Before I considered an answer, I had already begun squeezing it lightly. “Mmmmm,” she moaned. So I squeezed again. I still wasn’t sure what to do, so Kat took my hand again and rubbed her breast with it. Then she took my fingers and dragged them across her nipple, then squeezed my fingers in tightly, squishing her tit under the pressure. “Ooooooh,” she moaned, and breathed in deeply.

Kat put her hands on my face and looked me right in the eyes, and whispered, “Have you ever seen a woman before.”


“Without her clothes on?”

“Oh, uh…Kat, I uh…”

She looked back with a question on her face.

“Just in magazines…” I groaned as soon as I said it.

“Mmmm hmmm. But not for real?”

“I guess not, no.”

“So you’ve never…you know, slept with a girl before.”


“Don’t be embarrassed, please. Do you like looking at me? And don’t apologize this time.”

“Yeah I do.”

“Say it.”

“I love looking at you.”

“Have you ever wondered?”


“Yes, samsunkurdu.com wondered.” Kat leaned in to where our lips were almost touching and ran her hand through my hair. “Wondered what I would look like without any clothes on.”

“Oh, Mrs. C., I dunno…”

“Call me Kat. Tell me.”

“Yeah, I have.”

“How often.”

“Almost every day.” I felt my face flush.

Her eyes became heavy and I noticed her breathing. She ran her fingers through my hair and her knuckles across my cheek, petting me. Kat stood and started pulling up her tank top as she looked at me steadily. In a few seconds, she stood there with her beautiful breasts right in my face. Her nipples were erect and she looked serious now. She kicked off her shoes and started pulling down her tights.

“Oh, my god,” I said.

“It’s alright, look at me. Just look.”

I did as she asked, and she looked like she belonged in a magazine. But she was right there, commanding me to look at her gorgeous, naked body.

“Well?” she asked.

“You’re so beautiful,” I said, looking at her big knockers and then down toward her crotch. She noticed where I was looking and stepped closer and put her foot up on the loveseat.

“Can you see okay?”

“Uh…” She leaned her knee to the side so I had a full view of her shaven pussy.

“You know, women like to look too. You’ve become a very handsome young man.”


“Mmmm hmmm. That’s kind of impressive too.” She was pointing down to the bulge in my shorts.


“Stand up, and take off your clothes.”

“Mrs. C!”


I actually wanted to take my clothes off. But I could hear my own voice shaking. With shaky hands, I took off my t-shirt. Then Kat pointed at my shorts and made a motion with her hand. I kicked my shoes off and unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to my ankles and stepped out. When I looked up, she was looking at the boner threatening to rip through my boxers. She had her hair hanging around one shoulder now, twirling it in one hand. She looked up at me with fire in her eyes, like she couldn’t wait to see me naked.

She pointed at my boxers, then motioned with her finger to take them off.

“Oh,” I said, gulping and shaking.

“It’s alright, sweetheart. It’s a good day to learn this. It’s alright.”

I was still nervous, but I knew she was right. I pulled by boxers down and she smiled again as she looked into my eyes, then down, all the while twisting her long hair.

“Oooooh, young man,” she began, biting her lip. “It’s a very good day for learning. Do you remember Sex Ed?”


“Lame, wasn’t it?”

“Um, yeah.”

“I’m going to give you the advanced course. Right now.. Sit down and relax.”

“Oh…” I mumbled, my voice shaking as I sat on the loveseat.

She stepped up onto the loveseat straddling me, her pussy right in front of me. “Look closely,” she said, her breathing heavy. She spread her pussy lips with her fingers. “This, mmmmm…” she closed her eyes and breathed as she touched herself. “Mmmm, ooooh, that feels good. This,” she continued, “is a pussy. See?”

“Yeah, oooh, Kat!”

“Look at it. Study it. ”

“Oh, Kat…I…uh…okay.”

“Watch me put my finger in, Ooooooh, Mmmmm. Do you see?”

“Yeah…oh, shit. Oh, shit!”

“And this is my clitoris,” she said, out of breath and pulling up a fold of skin with her other hand to show the glistening little folds and a nub in the middle.


“Uh, yeah.”

She ran a hand through my hair and said, “Notice how moist everything is?”

“Yeah, I see.”

“Touch it. Feel how wet it is.”

“Oh, god!”

“It’s okay, here,” she said taking my hand and putting it flat on her pussy. “Mmmmm,” she said, and sucked in her breath through her teeth.

Kat pushed my hand around in different directions on her wetness. My fingers sliding easily over her pussy lips. “Yeah,” I said. “I feel it.”

“Mmmmm,” she breathed, “Oooooh, that feels really good,” she said, rubbing my hand up and down along her slit. Kat pushed down on my middle finger so that it slid between her labia.

“Ooooh,” I said, completely absorbed by what was happening.

“Now, take your middle finger, and slide it in.”

“Oh, Kat!”

“They don’t teach you how to please a woman in Sex Ed., but I’m going to teach you. Alright?”

“Okay, Mrs. C…I mean, Kat.”

“There, now,” Kat said. “Slide your finger inside…Oooooooh, oooooh. Oh, see? Now pull it back, but not all the way out. Yes, ooooooh, yeah, now back in…Mmmmmmm, mmmmm, yeah! Keep going, in just a little and then out just…ooooooh, yeah!”

Kat came closer, straddling me with her knees on either side of my lap, and as she did this, grabbed my cock. “Oh! Oh, Kat! Mmmmm, oh, oooooh,” I cried as she very gently slid her hand and fingers over my stiff penis up and down.

“Don’t stop,” she said. “Keep…ooooh, Mmmmm, fingering me. Mmmmm…” While I fingered her, she kept stroking my cock. We were both moaning and breathing hard now.

“Fingers are just one way to please a woman, honey. Can you feel me getting wetter?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said, while I my finger made squishing sounds each time I went into her and came back out.

“It means I want to make love to you. Do you want to make love to me?”

“Uh…well, oh Kat, I…”

“I need to know. Say it.”

“Yeah, Kat,” I stammered in disbelief, “I want to make love to you, but I…”

“I know, baby. It’s okay. I’ll teach you.”

“Oh, Kat,” I said.

Kat pulled my finger out of her wet pussy and took it into her mouth and sucked on it. As she did that, she held my cock. I looked down, breathing hard and swallowing as she lowered her pussy slowly toward the tip of my dick.

“You know where your finger just was, honey?

I made some unintelligible sound as I nodded.

“That’s where you’re going to go, right now. Watch.” She brought the tip of my penis to her pussy lips, and with a little pressure, it pushed between them. It felt hot and wet. Then I heard Kat moan, “Oooooohmmmm. Oh, that feels so good. Do you see where your cock is? The tip is just inside my cunt. See?”


“Watch as your cock slowly slides into my body. Feel how it penetrates deep inside me. Enjoy this moment, honey. This will be special to you.”

I watched my stiff cock slide slowly through her tight wet slit and deep into her vagina. “Oooooh, oh! Hoooooshit, Mmmmmm!” I cried. So warm and so wet and so tight. Kat’s love canal seemed to grip my dick as it plunged deeper. I’ve never felt such a fantastic feeling in my life!

Kat moaned gently, “Oooooooh, Mmmmmm! Oooo.” When I was all the way in, she leaned close and began kissing me. As we kissed, she began rocking back and forth and up and down, like she was trying to drive my cock deeper. I could hear her breathing hard and moaning softly as she bit my lip. I could hardly kiss back because I was moaning so much, and when I wasn’t moaning, I was trying to get air.

Kat leaned back, “Touch me, play with my breasts. You want to, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” I replied, and I began squeezing, and rubbing, filling my hands and feeling her hard nipples. All those times I dreamt of touching her, now it was a reality.

Kat was now slowly rising and falling. Each time was deliberate. “Oh!” she called as I felt her cunt grip my cock. “Oooh! Oh! Ah!” she cried.

“Oh, mmmmm,” I called. Every inch of her vagina was a new adventure. Kat’s eyes became heavy and her brow furrowed each time came down on my dick. She would moan whenever she reached the top and pumped down again. Soon, her eyes closed as she rose and fell on my stiff member and gripped my head in her hands.

Every time Kat’s pussy reached the base of my cock, she moved her hips around, making my cock swirl inside her body. She moaned and moaned and finally called out, “Oooooh, ooooh.” Faster now, Kat rose and fell on my cock while I pinched her nipples between my knuckles.

My breathing was really heavy now, and I moaned, “Ooooooh, Ah!” and groaned each time her wet slit slid down the entire length of my shaft. After a few more strokes, a twinge coursed through my body, and I cried out, “Ah, Ah!, Ooooooh.”

Kat must have sensed this, and said, “Not yet, honey. Not yet.” She pulled up and stepped off the loveseat. Taking my hand, she brought me up and said, “Stand right there.”

The next thing I knew, she was on her back on the rug. She was looking at me, smiling, and beckoning me with her finger. “Don’t make me beg. Kneel down and make love to me.” When I got down on my knees, she said, “Did you like me on top?”

“Um…yeah, Kat,” I said, struggling for breath. “It was amazing.”

“That way, the woman has control. Now you’re going to be in control. This is called missionary style. Many people think it’s boring, but I absolutely love it.”

“Oh, Kat. You’re incredible,” I said.

“Mmmmm, it makes me just tingle inside to hear that. Now make me tingle inside some more.” With that, she lifted her legs and rested them over my shoulders.

“Oooh, Kat!” I put my hands on either side as she grabbed the tip of my wet cock between her thumb and forefinger. Her fingers felt so good as she pulled my cock toward her slit and then guided it inside.

“Now, all the way in, baby.”

I shoved my cock into her body and felt her tunnel grip me from tip to base. It was incredible and I moaned louder than ever, “Oh! Ooooooh, Oh, Kat! Oh!”

“Now, in and out baby. Pump it all the way in and all the way out. Oooooh! Oh, ooooh, yes!” So I pushed in again and came out, then again. It felt even better than before now that I could control it. After a few strokes, I heard Kat moaning, “Oh, baby. Oh, young man, pump me nice and slow like that. Oh, your stiff dick fills…Oh! Ohoooooooo, Mmmmmm, honey. Oh, honey! Fill me up. Pump me! In and out, pump me.”

By this time, I had a rhythm going and my legs began to quiver. I couldn’t help it. “Oh, Kat! I can’t…Oh! Oh!”

Kat wrapped her legs around me, “Oh, sweet young boy, pump me. I’m…oh! You’re…Oh!, your going to make…oh!…me cum, honey. Oh, sweet boy. Pump me! Pump your warm cream into me! Pump it into me!”

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Call Me

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“Hello?” Denna asked, waiting for a response.

“Yeah, I’m trying to reach Beth.” A man’s voice said with a pause.

“I think you have the wrong number. My name is Denna.”

“Oh, sorry about that. Maybe I should just talk to you instead. Your voice sounds better than hers.” he laughed with a sexy tone.

“I won’t get any work done if I talk to you,” leaking a small hidden giggle, flirting with him.

“If you don’t mind, I certainly don’t.”

“What could we possibly talk about? I don’t even know your name. ” Denna’s curious tone began to change the pitch of her voice.

“It’s John and I’ll let you pick the subject, since I interrupted you.” he said, waiting for her response.

“It’s no interruption, John.” which wasn’t completely the truth. “Well, we don’t want to talk about work. So let’s just leave that out of it.” she paused. “What do you prefer, Summer or Winter?”

“Summer. I like the heat more so then the cold. I think it’s easier to cool off than it is to warm up.” his voice showed a small hint of seduction. “And you? Which do you prefer?”

“I am the same way. I love summers. I spent too much time around the cold when I was younger so now I really enjoy the heat.” she said, searching for her next question.

John’s voice poured into the phone over the course of the next hour as they talked about food, sports, and what they disliked. His voice was sexy as he breathed, laughed, even when he cleared his throat. Each thing that he revealed kept her on the phone with him longer.

Denna glanced at the clock more than once, knowing that appointments waited while she continued chatting with him. Every time she wanted to hang up the phone, John somehow managed to keep her talking a little longer.

“Okay, I really have to go. Or I am going to be late for my next client.” Denna said firmly.

“I really enjoyed our conversation. I wish we could talk longer.” John’s voice spoke volumes.

Denna was sure that he was smiling. ” Call me again, John.” she said, without thinking.

“I will. Goodbye, Denna.” he said reluctantly.

“Goodbye, John.” she repeated as the line went dead.

The next day……

Denna stood, hunched over a big, black desk. Her laptop at one side and at the other, stacked high, folders and papers were scattered everywhere. Most of the afternoon she searched for a project she previously worked on. Papers dropped onto the floor at her feet as she sighed, getting frustrated. Her leather chair was pushed back against the window overlooking the backyard. A home office with a view, you could see the pond just outside the window. Then the phone rang.

“Hello, this is Denna.” she said, in a business tone.

“Is it lunch time yet?” John chuckled.

“Hi! My lunchtime already came and went.” she said, still frustrated. “But, I am ready for a break!” as she walked over to the sofa chair and sat down at the edge of it.

“So, take that break and talk to me.” he said with a smooth voice, listening to her move, to get comfortable. “I’d tell ya to let your hair down but, I can’t see you.”

“Today, it’s a business skirt, soft black blouse and my hair is down.” she added, giving him a little to go on as she quietly toyed with the buttons on her blouse.

“Oh, that sounds nice.” John sighed. “So does that mean your barefooted?” he laughed. “You can’t truly relax until you take off your shoes.”

“I am wearing heels.” Denna added. “Is there anything else you’d like to know?” she asked, almost sure the next question would be what’s underneath. Denna tried to decide if she’d tell him as she took a breath, feeling the anticipation, sliding her fingers around the inside of her blouse, opening it slightly.

“What color are your eyes?” he finally asked.

“Green” she answered softly.

“And what color are yours?” bringing her finger to her mouth as she bit at her finger nail.

“Haze,l but they seem to change color with what I wear, or so I’m told. ” his voice went deeper.

Denna felt herself take a breath, wondering what he had on, but skipped over the question.

“And your hair, how long and what color is it?” he quickly asked, noticing she didn’t come back with another question.

“A rich dark brown, stops at my shoulders.” she answered, laying her head back onto the soft cushion of her chair as she let out a relaxing sigh. “And yours?”

“Brown and really short all the way around but, plenty to grab towards the top.” he said, letting out the same sigh.

Denna looked over at the clock wondering how long she had been talking to him. Time seemed to be passing so slowly while she listened to him. His voice close to intoxicating as she hung on his every word, wondering when his questions would become more direct or if he would just keep it at a harmless flirtation.

“I need to make some dinner.” she finally spoke, “Have you eaten?”

“I had a big lunch, but I need a shave and a shower.” he said. “Ran today and when I came back, I decided to call you.”

Denna began alanya escort to get images of running shorts, a sweaty t-shirt and dirty running shoes with a towel thrown over his neck. The image suddenly became so appealing.

“Alright, then I’ll let you go.” she said, thoughts of him hunched over in his chair with the towel hanging from his neck.

“Can I call you after dinner?” he asked softly.

“Yes, I’d like that. It will be your turn to pick a new subject.” she said playfully.

“Sounds like a date.” he laughed, “Going to bring your desert?” his voice turned sexy. “I will bring mine.”

“Maybe, if I haven’t finished it yet.” she paused, wondering what he was thinking. “Talk to you later, John.” her mind raced, what kind of desert was he talking about?

“Until then, Denna.” the phone went dead as she placed it on the coffee table, falling back into the chair. Laying there for a few moments, her leg dangled off the arm of the chair as she thought about him.


Six o’clock, seven o’clock, and then eight.

“I guess you fell asleep on our first date, John.” Denna snickered, thinking to herself. “It’s time for desert! I am just going to start without you.” looking at the clock, before heading down the hall to the bedroom.

Stopping at the foot of the bed, her fingers came to the zipper at the edge of her skirt. The stressed metal sound of the teeth began as the skirt slid down off her hips, falling at her feet. Stepping out of it, still in her high heels, she turned, looking at herself in the reflection of the mirror.

The soft black blouse she wore loosely hung just below her sex. She turned to hold the side of the dresser while pulling off each strap to her heels as they hit the floor with a thud. Her bare feet sank down into the carpet as she moved her toes, feeling the tired balls of her feet.

A glimpse over her shoulder, once again admiring the blouse and how it clung to her body, which just barely covered her cheeks. It wasn’t easy to tell by looking in the mirror if she wore anything underneath. The blouse softly kissed her skin with her heat just trapped beyond the buttons. A faint sound of the phone was heard from the other room as she briskly walked down the hall to pick it up.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Denna? ” a voice said.

“Yeah?” realizing it was John on the other end of the line. “I was beginning to think-“

“I’m sorry.” John began to interrupt her. “My brother called and we got to talking. I completely lost track of time.” he said, hoping she wasn’t put off by it.

“It’s okay. Your just in time for desert. I almost started without you.” she laughed, letting him off the hook. The sound of her refrigerator door shutting, John’s silence, patiently listening.

“Oh, yeah? What’s for desert?” John listened, the sound of a drawer shutting in the back ground.

“Ben and Jerry” she giggled, dipping her spoon into the small container and pulling out a rounded lump of ice cream. The spoon was heard making contact against her teeth as John took a deep breath.

“Ohh, my favorite.” his voice went deep and sultry. “Wish I could taste it. That just gave me the chills.” he said bluntly.

“What desert did you bring?” she questioned, wondering what he would look like eating ice cream. A small sucking sound came from her lips as she cleaned off the spoon while waiting for his reply.

“Um, oh…” he mumbled, distracted her eating.”I had some lemon cake earlier while I talked to my brother.” he finally said, trying to concentrate. “So, I guess I didn’t bring any.” John got quiet again, listening to her lick, suck and then breathe softly while she ate the ice cream off the spoon.

“That’s okay, it’s all gone now.” she laughed, as John sighed in disappointment. “So, what’s the topic for the evening, John?” she asked, breaking the short silence. She began to go back down the hall to the bedroom, listening for the next question.

“Well, I know what your favorite desert is. Hmm, what do you like to do to unwind?” he asked.

Upon reaching the edge of her bed, she sat down and then laid back with her knees bent at the edge of the mattress. “It sounds like it’s out of a movie but, I really like a glass of wine and a hot bath.” she said softly, stretching a little, getting comfortable. A small sigh left her parted lips, feeling like she was melting into the bed while listening to his voice.

“That sounds nice.” he finally said. “You sound like your getting relaxed now.” his voice almost humming.

“I am.” she answered, but didn’t tell him where and wondered if he’d ask. “How do you like to unwind?” she quickly added.

“I love listening to soft music. After working all day, it’s nice to just kick back and only listen.” he said with a sigh. “What a combination. A hot bath, wine and soft music. A perfect evening in my book.” he chuckled.

“You are so right! So when do we start relaxing?” she said playfully. “I don’t hear any music.” she giggled.

“And I don’t hear any tub water antalyajazzfestival.com running.” he laughed, waiting for her to come back with another response. The pause got longer and longer, until she spoke.

“Are you serious?” her voice held no surprise.

“And if I was? Are you ready to relax with me?” he asked, fishing, his voice had that hint of wonder. Just how far was she willing to take him.

“I could use a little relaxing, and with you it would be fun.” she said without hesitation.

“It’s fun and relaxation we will have.” his voice spilled into her ear again with that similar tone as though he was smiling deeply.

Denna continued to talk to John, walking into the kitchen, grabbing a glass and filling it with wine. Back and forth they went, slow or fast, old or new, sharing similar styles of music.

“Where do you like to listen to the music when you relax?” she said, listening to the rattling of CD cases.

“Either on the couch or while laying in bed.” he paused, “Do you prefer red or white?”

“Red” she said, now in the bathroom, turning the water on as she set the wine glass down at the edge of the bathtub. “But, I drink white almost as often.”

She glanced up at the clock beside the mirror. Midnight. Looking into the mirror, she began to pull the buttons loose on her blouse. The sounds of a saxophone began to spill into her ear. “Oh, I love that. Sounds great from here.” as her blouse dropped to the floor. Her bare breasts now showing, looking back at her, in the partly steamed mirror.

“Do you have goosebumps?” he spoke, in a soft voice.

“Yes. The steam always does that to me.” she said softly, watching her nipples get hard, right before her eyes. The sound of his voice felt as though he stood behind her, talking inches from her ear.

“I love goosebumps on a woman, especially if I cause them.” the sudden thought of what he’d do to make that happen, curled the hair on the back of her neck.

Denna gripped the phone tightly with her hand as the other slid down. Her finger slipped into the silk thong that kissed her bare skin, just below her hip. Pulled little by little, down to the middle of her thigh, she rubbed her knees together, jolting it loose as it fell to the floor.

“Is there a mirror where you can see yourself?” he asked softly. Hearing the sounds of him changing position and then a silence as he let out a deep, long sigh.

“Yes.” wondering what he looked like as he laid there, relaxing.

“A vision, no doubt.” he said with a sweet tone.

She walked away from the mirror, standing at the tub’s edge. She lifted her foot then slipped it down into the hot water.

“Bubbles or no bubbles?” he chuckled.

“Bubbles” she giggled, leaning down, turning the water off.

“Are you relaxed?” she asked, the bathroom now so quiet as her hips slowly sank down into the water, the cooled bubbles kissing her cheeks.

The heat of the water came up with the bubbles now floating just under her breasts. She rolled over, getting comfortable, resting her elbows just outside the tub’s edge. Another sigh leaked as the hot water crawled up the middle of her back, washing against the base of her neck. A quick rise and fall of her hips as the bubbled water trickled in and out of her crease.

“Yes. I choose the bedroom. Much more relaxing than the couch.” he said, as the soft music changed to a new track.

For long moments at a time they talked and then no words were spoken. Only the soft sounds of music and the exotic sounds of the water went back and forth between them. Denna thought and often wondered if he remained dressed, even though she had completely bared herself over the phone. His questions were at the edge of being direct and yet his touch was felt everywhere. She laid there in the water playing with the faucet, her toe plugging the hole while feeling the excitement of what was to come. The last drink of wine from her glass and the day began to catch up to her.

“Wow! It’s really late. I can’t believe how much time we killed.” she said.

“Time seems to stand still when we’re together.” he agreed. “May I call you again, Denna?”

“I would like that, John. Next time I’ll pick the topic.” she said playfully.

“Tomorrow night?” hoping she’d say yes.

“I’m all yours, John.” as a splash of water was heard while she moved, standing up in the tub.

The bubbles slid down her nude body, her skin red with color from the hot water as she pulled the towel from the rack, wrapping it around her.

“Goodnight, Denna. Until then, sweet dreams.” his soft voice dipping lower, so relaxed as if he could’ve fell asleep.

“Goodnight, John.” Denna hung up the phone left with a deep, longing feeling. Like a goodnight kiss, images of laying down next to him, drifting off to sleep.


“I’ll send it right out.” Denna paused, “Okay, thank you, I’ll be in touch.” she said, setting the phone back down on the desk as she stretched, leaning back in her chair. A long sigh and she glanced out her office window.

“Almost ten.” she thought, looking back at the clock. “Time to call it a night.” Denna stood up as she pulled her paperwork together and piled it to one side of the desk. Pushing her chair in, walking around the desk, she put a folder back into the open filing cabinet.

She walked to the bedroom and stood at the closet, unzipped her slacks as they fell to the floor in a heap, resting on top of her dress shoes. Stepping out of them, her white button-up shirt hanging just at her thighs. Walking into the bathroom, she leaned over the sink, smearing toothpaste across her toothbrush as she pushed the faucet handle up and the water began to flow. A faint sound was heard. Turning to listen, she held the toothbrush in her mouth while turning off the water.

“The phone.” she thought, running to her bedside. “Hello?” she said, toothbrush still sticking out of her mouth.

“You’re still up?” John said with a sexy voice, sounding surprised.

“I was just getting ready for bed.” she said, after pulling the toothbrush out of her mouth. Walking back into the bathroom, she held the phone tightly to her ear as she turned the water on, rinsed her mouth out and then spit back in the sink.

“Oh, I have great timing then.” he chuckled, listening to her.

“How about you? Ready for bed?” wiping her mouth on a hand towel, turning the water off.

“Yes, I am. Just sitting up in bed with the t.v. on. Although, I am not really paying to much attention to it.” Denna could tell that the sound was muted with only his voice being heard.

“Yeah? Nothing good on, huh?” turning off the bathroom light, walking over to the bed as she sat at the edge.

“I’d rather talk to you.” he said softly.

Denna turned and then laid back into the soft pillows with a long, drawn out sigh. “I’m glad you called. Your a great ending to my day.” she said, smiling, as though he could see it over the phone.

“There’s no way I’d miss our date.” he paused, “We didn’t set a time but, I was going to wish you a good night at the very least.” he said, sweetly.

Quietly, she began to unbutton her shirt, listening to him softly breathe as he moved, getting more comfortable. Her fingers moved slowly, each button taking some time with only the use of one hand as the other kept the phone tightly pressed against her ear.

“I’m getting very comfortable now.” her voice changed. “It’s so quiet here. You can hear a pin drop.” she said heatedly.

“I am listening to you breathe and move. The way you’re lips part, when you move you’re tongue out to wet them. That’s more than a pin drop.” his voice becoming deeper, as if he was ready to kiss her.

Denna suddenly felt warm, his words once again touching her uncovered skin. She pinched the phone between her shoulder and ear as she pulled the buttons loose at the cuffs.

Peeling her shirt off one shoulder, she switched the phone to the other ear as she pulled it free. “How do you like to sleep?” she asked, laying back down with one hand draped across her tummy.

“On my stomach with one knee up. And you?” he said, taking a deep breath and then exhaled.

“On my tummy with a long pillow tucked in against it, which runs down underneath my thigh.” she said, softly.

“Mmm, a body pillow. Are you already under the sheets?” he whispered.

Her heart skipping a beat, now feeling his words deeply. His whisper covered her skin as goosebumps began to form all over. “No. I am not completely undressed.” she breathed, admitting it willingly. “Are you?” she added, trying to control her breath.

“I have a sheet draped over part of me, but I am completely undressed.” the devilish tone struck the core inside her, causing a small gasp to leave her lips.

“Ohhh. My mind is racing, trying to picture that.” she whispered, as her heart began to pick up.

“Tell me, do you have goosebumps now?” he said with a hum.

“Yes. I do.” softly biting at her lip.

“Describe what you are wearing.” he breathed. She heard a small grunt, as if he rolled over.

“Black lace panties and a black lace bra.” she said quietly, feeling restless.

“Mmm, lovely. Slowly pull the straps of your bra off, one shoulder at a time.” he said, pausing to listen.

Moving without a response, the tips of her fingers hooked into each strap, pulling them down onto each arm. Her hand began to glide up her arm and the over to her breast.

“Don’t touch anything else.” he quickly added. “Now, touch to top of your bra with the edges of your finger tips.” pausing again to listen. His breath began to change, almost sounding as though he was holding it with each command.

She could hardly breathe and was unable to speak. Waiting and hanging on his every word. What would he say next, Denna could hardly wait. She shut her eyes, blocking everything out but the sound of his voice. Every breath he took, every movement he made, she heard it. Her ears burned, as though someone turned up the volume, but she was straining to hear more, not wanting to miss one sound.

“I am laying on my back with my head and shoulders against a oversized pillow.” he said lustfully.

Denna laid there, playing with the goosebumps on her tummy.

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