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Fresh Meat On The Nude Beach

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Hello, just like to tell a little story about my recent adventures to the local nude beach.

Anyway, I’ve thought about the idea of being naked outside for a long time, I’ve been on bushwalks where I’ve taken off my clothes and taken photos of myself nude but it wasn’t very satisfying because I always wanted people to see me. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist I guess.

I’m a pretty slim and fit guy, I’m still a teenager at 19 but I get told I look 16 or 17.

Anyway I worked up courage to go visit the nude beach which I heard about a few months ago and on my first visit I just walked across the beach fully dressed, passing nude people all over the place.

The weekend came and on Saturday I decided I’d go and take off my clothes no matter what. So I did.

What I found was there were very few ladies on the beach, or girls. Not that I cared much because I wasn’t there for a perve anyway, and I’d heard most of the people were nice, respectful people who just liked being naked and had little or no interest in picking up or attracting the attention of the opposite or same sex.

Little did I know.

I felt their eyes, a lot of people say it’s paranoia but you can tell people stare at you.

Anyway nothing happened that day and that was cool and I loved the idea of skinny dipping and being naked so much I decided to go again after work during the week.

There were less people there this time, and it was a fairly nice day, just a few guys etc.

I set myself down at a spot, laying down the towel and then taking my clothes off where I sat, too nervous to stand up and laid down for a sunbake.

It got warm so I decided to go for a swim, I was in the water for a little while and on my walk back there was this guy sitting right behind where I had set myself up.

He had sunglasses on but his head was facing my way, he kept watching, without looking away and I decided to just pay him no attention and lay back down.

He watched me, and I just thought to pretend he wasnt there. He looked about 35 or so with a pretty average body.

I looked up to see if he was still there and saw his hand moving up and down where his dick would be… He was jerking off, I thought great… Whatever he wants to do, thats fine. I tried not to give it any attention but when I was glancing he looked Halkalı travesti straight at me, he was watching me…

I never thought of myself as goodlooking, I mean I’m alright there isn’t anything overly ugly about me and yet I don’t think there is anything spectacular about me. I never attracted this type of attention but then again I’d never been around gay guys, I assumed this guy was either gay or bi.

I’m bi myself, although I don’t hunt for guys and never been with a guy. I’m more interested and very happy with girls. So I have no problems with gay/bi people but it was a little disturbing being in the presence of a stranger jerking off over my naked body.

I thought of it a bit as a complement, but then I was still a little freaked out. So I eventually decided I’d leave and got dressed and left. He watched my every step as I walked past him.

This wasn’t a deturrent, I thought sure there might be one or two perverts out there, what could I expect? Nude or not nude there were still those kinds of people out there and they wouldn’t necessairly pay any attention to me…

I did think to myself this must be how girls feel when they have strange guys comming onto them, or looking at them, like pieces of meat. Their bodies just objects ready to be fucked.

It was warm the next day and I decided to go to the beach again, same beach, I figured there wasn’t much chance of catching the same guy and I decided to lay myself down in the open so even if there was people like that they wouldn’t necessairly risk being seen jerking off by every1 on the beach.

I knew there was more chance of me being seen in general by every1 on the beach but oh well, it was a nude beach and me being naked wouldn’t / shouldn’t make much difference.

I laid down and was just sunbaking, I had my eyes shut and I was startled, opening my eyes to a guy standing over me.

“Hi, whats ur name?”

I didn’t know what to say, never had someone naked aproch me and just ask straight out what my name was… Felt like he was comming onto me, what other reason would someone have for aproaching someone naked on a beach and asking their name?

I thought back to what I’d heard about families and nude beaches, it was a friendly place and fellow nudests were supposed to be nice people.

“Why?” Levent travesti I panic’d a little.

“Why?” He questioned.

Remembering the day before I explained, “I’ve just had a few problems with people on the beach”

“Oh what sort of problems”

I explained about the guy staring at me and jerking off, this guy laughed and I decided to introduce myself.

“My name is jason” I said, extending my hand to greet this stranger.


Ok so that was weird, but oh well.

“Do you mind if I join you for a little bit?” Heath asked.

He seemed alright I had no problems with him aslong as it wasn’t so he could come onto me, heath I believe was in his 40’s but looked early 30’s with a good figure and a friendly sort of manly face. I wasn’t really attracted to him and tried not to make notice of his bare dick.

“Yeh go for it, I don’t mind” I explained.

See Heath seemed like an alright guy but I still couldn’t figure out why he’d just aproach me, he made a bit of chit chat but eventually it got to sexual chatter. Heath told me about experiances he’d had at the beach, a girl he’d picked up and how his wife wouldnt’ come to the beach with him.

He kept talking about how he’d jack off when he got horny up in the sand dunes where nobody could see him, away from prying eyes and the sight of children and families. He said it just felt good to do it in the nude with the air and breezes etc. I explained it wasn’t my thing so he quickly changed to talking about this girl he’d picked up on the beach.

He’d fuck her a little bit down the beach where nobody went, he claims it’s not uncommon to see a girl picking up on the beach, and literally fucking for all the world to see. I’d never experianced anything like this but it definately changed my prespective of the nude beach.

“Do you want to meet her, I reken she’d go for two guys if the other was clean”

I didn’t know what to say, I wanted to but the more sensible part of me thought it might be a little strange.

“Shes’ really tight”

Mmm just what I like I thought, a little old shes 34? But a fuck is a fuck right?

I couldn’t believe I was thinking about going through with this kinda thing, I even thought a moment about just sucking and fucking this older guy right in front of me, but Şirinevler travesti he acted like he wasn’t gay or bi.

“You want to see my secret spot that I just let my imagination go wild?” Heath asked, he had sunglasses on so I couldn’t tell where he was looking, I could see my naked body in his glasses and thought wow I wasn’t too bad.

This was still the first time I’d ever had someone so straight out aproach and come onto me, although he kept saying.

“Hehehe don’t get me wrong I’m not comming onto you or anything”

Why else would he need me to go with him to his secret spot?

I couldn’t help but think about my curves, my smooth tanned skin. I’m a guy and I never thought I had a good body but just being naked in front of this guy was turning my on. I had to turn over onto my stomach so he wouldn’t notice that I was getting aroused.

“Why don’t we go and let our imaginations do the work?”

He was really serious, this 40 year old guy was trying to pick up a 19 year old boy. I felt exposed and vanuriable, my mind was confused. Parts of me wanted to go, I wanted to ask him to play with me, I wanted to touch him.

But I was afraid maybe someone would see us, I wasn’t ready to come out of the closet, what if it was someone who knew me? Someone I knew?

He didn’t say anything about my body, I don’t think he wanted to know he was comming onto me, I wanted him to just grab my ass, I thought about being raped. Being forced to let him finger me, to touch my ass, to make me suck his dick.

I thought about letting him run his hands all over me, to play with me. I felt naughty and weirdly innocent, like I was his play thing.

I could imagine this is what girls go through, the way he spoke to me just had me in a trance, under his control. I could tell he was trying and I could imagine how I’d feel if I kept getting rejected. It just was so surreal. I loved being naked and having people perve on me, and now I knew they did.

Even if it was just guys…

Nothing happened that day, I said I usually went there and might see him again, he said his goodbyes and headed for his secret spot, I headed for my car to go home. I jerked off like crazy that night, just thinking about all the possibilities, maybe he wanted to get me into his secret place and convince me to suck him off, I thought about swallowing his cum. A full load all over my face, maybe he wanted to touch me all over.

I really don’t know, but it made me so horny. Maybe he’d have raped me. I wanted something in my ass.

I’m going there again tomorrow, this isn’t the end…

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Forget to Remember Ch. 03

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His arms tightened around me, and I gasped arching my back. Our chests, slicked together with the sweat of our passion, heave with excitement. Feeling his heat under my hips I push my ass into his lap, the friction against his hard length igniting a spark so deep inside me I felt myself turning inside out. Kells trails his lips down my neck seductively. My whole body is flying as his kissing and sucking of that soft sensitive skin pushes me closer to the edge. Kells moans my name, sending a newfound intensity into my body. His hot hand runs across my naked torso, dips to my stomach, and questing lower he unfastens my pants. Baring my hard length, his mouth slants across mine possessively, taking me and pushing my control to the furthest edge. Kells caresses me, stroking firmly and soon his hands quicken. I can only gasp and breathe brokenly as I throw my head back. I moan as I clutch at his broad shoulders.

“God yes, Kells ohhh yes” my voice is husky with need and desire as I grind my body against his and suck on the perfect column of his neck. I’m breathlessly trying to hold onto my composure so I don’t spill myself across his golden stomach before we’ve even gotten down to bare skins. I trill a sound rising in pitch and volume as he reaches his goal between my thighs. My release washes up from the very bottom of my being as my cock jerks and pulses in his hand. All I want is him, all I’ve ever wanted is him. Kells in his golden gorgeous perfect body kissing me, touching me, filling me up until I am everything. My head thrown back as my cum rushes out, I scream with incredible lightness of being, “KELLS!”

My eyes flutter open. I cringe at the cold sticky mess in my pajama pants. SHIT. I haven’t had a wet dream in years. Still, that was breathtaking. I bask in the dreams afterglow before realizing with a jolt it was time to adult. Work beckoned its commanding hand. I fling back the covers to start my day. Happy Friday indeed.


“So. How are things with Nathan?”

Maris lifts her glass of Riesling and looks up through her lashes archly at me, “A lady doesn’t kiss and tell Josh.”

I lay my fork down, lean across the table laden with Italian food and stage whisper, “Well I don’t see any ladies here. So, you’re safe. Now spill.”

Maris’ laughter rings out. Leaning back my smile splits my face and I crack up as well. I still feel this incredible lightness of being, from not just my wake-up but the steam train my life has been this week. This effervescent wave I’m riding has made my work day shorter and makes this evening out snarfing down pasta at Pisa My Heart one of the best nights out with Maris I’ve had in awhile.

“It’s going actually pretty ok. I think, well, I think maybe he’s a keeper Josh.”

I sit up straight, my fit of giggles abruptly ending as I feel a slow incredulous wonder begin instead. She looks, well, serious. Serious but incredibly happy. As I take in her nervous face I see the glow rising in her, lighting up her features in a light I can only guess is from love. Maris shakes her head looking at me.

“After I told him the ground rules that night you and I had coffee, things between us changed. I was afraid it would be over, and he would back away. But-” and here she stopped, pressing her lips together before making this adorably confused face. “He was into it though. He told me he felt the same. Suddenly I felt like, this was right, this was good. And that I never again wanted to see if something else was more right or good. It took my breath away.”

I can see in her face she was surprised by her own feelings, and for sure I’d never heard her like this before. My heart felt like it was flying through space with joy at her words, after all it sounded like my best friend was in love. But I also felt a small, sad squeeze. I wanted that. I wanted to feel like I didn’t have to keep looking, that the best had arrived. Most importantly, I wanted someone else to feel that about me. Especially if that someone were Kevin Kells. I shook myself, this wasn’t about me. I was happy for Maris and she needed to know that. She has always been there for me, even when I could barely handle life. She was the one who stayed by me when I locked myself in my dorm room with crippling anxiety and depression for days at a time. She deserved to find her happily ever after.

“Mare, this is so unexpected. But, I’m so happy for you. I like Nathan, so I’ll accept him as a brother in law”

I wink at her, because she is the truest sort of family I possess. Maris blushed which wow, that’s new for her and while nodding I could see her eyes misting up.

“Well good, because tomorrow night you’re seeing him. He wants to hang more with you, with us. Come to Metropolis, yeah?”

I pause, wanting to say yes because I haven’t been out dancing with Maris in a while, Nathan kind of took up a lot of her weekend time. On the other hand, I was hoping that Kells was going to ask to see me. I feel like I’ve been forward enough, surely I need to let him come Şişli travesti to me now. Maybe I was dumb since he had just asked me to coffee but insecurity was rarely rational, and I knew I wanted to be with him and really I just need to know if he feels like I do and holy wow Josh, pull it together you fucking newb.

“So come on then Josh. The hot cop? Did you ever run into him again?” Maris is eagerly leaning forward, sparkling eyes fixed on mine. She hadn’t answered her phone last night and I didn’t think leaving news like my date with Kells was voicemail material.

Everything I felt and experienced over the last two weeks came barreling into my mind, crowding the words from my soul and body. I let out the breath I was surprised to find I’ve been holding.

“Well. Yes actually.”

Maris squeals excitedly and claps her hands like a little girl. Raising my eyebrows with a triumphant smile I let Maris in on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the last two weeks. She shakes her head at the peach stand ambush, clucking her tongue at my nerves. She moans and shivers at my no holds barred description of his skimpy workout gear. By the time I get to the porn shop car debacle Maris starts screeching and laughing so loudly the other diners and the waiter are giving us looks that vary from angry, amused and disdainful.

“Oh god Josh. JOSH. You told him you don’t stay up that late? What, gonna take up bingo and crochet next granny? But then what did he say?”

She’s so eager and thrilled, I flash back to how my heart had been pounding, the pulse in my blazing cheeks keeping a metronome of desire.

“Well. He gave me his number…”

Maris interrupts me with a gasp.

“And you’re fucking him now right? Right? No??? Jesus dude. You have at least called him? Please tell me you called him, boy, or I will smack some sense into you.”

Her eyes were stern as she pursed her pert mouth at me, her voice carrying clearly in the intimate bistro.

“Would you calm down!” I hiss. My eyes darting around the room, trying to gauge if it’s time to abandon the SS Pasta. Jesus it’s like we’re in an after school special about high school and gossiping about the captain of the football team.

“What? You finally grew a set and got halfway there, excuse the fuck outta me I’m concerned that you aren’t already riding the 8 o-cock train to pound town. Jesus Josh. He wants you. Go. Get. It.”

She says the last part to me slowly and loudly, like I lack basic understanding. Which ok, maybe I don’t have the best track record.

“K fine. I hear you Mare…I do. But for your information ya hussy, I did go out with him, and-well, we, um, we…”

I falter and feel myself blush as I drop my eyes. I don’t know why I’m feeling embarrassed, I’ve always told Maris everything without hesitation. But this feels like a breaking of intimacy.

“You what? Tell me,” Maris whined, her voice singing a one syllable word into a whole ballad.

“We. We kissed and thenwekindasortamadeout, in his truck.” I rush the words out as I look at her, my giddiness showing as I shrug and laugh.

Maris clasps both hands over her mouth to muffle the screech and managed to playfully gasp out. “You dirty car fucking whore!! Who are you and where is my Josh??”

“I don’t even know who the hell I am anymore Maris, but I am down for this change.”

After increasingly forceful looks by the waiter, and another bottle of wine, we leave Pisa My Heart clutching each other as we attempt to walk back to my place while giggling so hard there’s a definite lack of oxygen, and a definite presence of intoxication. Our conversations full of nostalgia for the college days where walking home after too much wine was fairly common. We messily promise to always be there for each other, no matter what. I mean every word. No one else knows her the way I do, though it sounded like Nathan soon would. If I really look at it though, that’s ok. I need to let her go a bit and stand on my own. Maris is still my sister, my platonic soul mate. She’s my mirror, no one knows me like she does. No one else knows my fears and weaknesses like how I dread being alone and had been through several bouts with terrifying despair before, when things fell apart on me. She was literally my lifesaver in ginger dynamo packaging.

After noisily shushing each other ineffectually as I unlock my front door, we collapse on my couch and Maris flips to Netflix on the TV. We giggle and start to enter the sleepy portion of our post pasta and wine binge. Soon enough Maris is snoring, and I cover her gently with a blanket and take myself to bed. I plug my phone into the charger and go to wash up. It had died while at dinner earlier and I hadn’t really given it much thought since then. When I return from my routine of face scrub, teeth brushing and generally trying to not smell like a bar I notice there’s a few missed texts, starting from about three hours before. Unsurprisingly they’re all from that amazingly hard bodied Taksim travesti cop.


OG : hey Josh. Been thinking about you:


OG: I was wondering if we could go out tomorrow night? If you want dinner I’d love your company.


OG : so Joshy, I was hoping that coffee date went as well for you as it did for me? if not dinner maybe we could do that again? I don’t wanna pressure you


OG : ok, well get back to me Josh. Have a good night.

Shit. It’s now 10:32pm. I’m sure he thinks I’m an asshole who hates him now. Why can’t I charge my phones properly!

J : hey Kells. Sorry. Was out with a friend and my phone died. She’s passed out on my couch now though, sung to sleep by Prince Moscato.

J : if it’s still open though I’d love to go out sometime. Just not tomorrow because I have plans with friends tomorrow too.

I sat and waited out his response. I tried to stay awake, but the pasta and the wine overruled that decision. The next thing I knew, bright light filled my room to blinding levels, and I heard birds singing about how much they loved worms or whatever they sing about. My nose twitched then, coffee was happening, and close. I follow my nose to the kitchen where Maris is nursing a cup of joe with a fantastic example of bed head. I joking call her out on it.

“Nice hair supermodel, did you tie one on last night?”

“Har har so funny” Maris grimaces. “How can you be so alive when you drank as much as me? Why has my liver started to let me down?”

I grin and rub her shoulders as I pass behind her to secure a mug of sweet caffeinated elixir.

“Guess you’re just getting old love. It’s ok, I’ll drive you to your botox appointments, what..next week?” I make a show of peering at her face exaggeratedly looking for wrinkles.

Maris grins at me, “I hate you stupid head. And on that note, I’m taking my old ass home to shower and nap. Come to my place by 6:30pm, we can eat before we head out. Nathan is gonna join us at my place,ok?”

“Sure,” I reply, kissing her cheek. “And I hate you more”

I check my phone after Maris makes her exit, but Kells never responds. I have a knot in my stomach, but I don’t know what to do. Maybe he’s not awake yet or maybe he dropped you because you are a flake. You’re not hot enough to ignore texts like that Josh. No. I wasn’t going to go there. I’m sure something else was the issue. I’m sure. I think.


The entire day passes without hearing from Kells. I mope around, half heartedly do some housework and contemplate just giving in and having ice cream in the couch all day. That’s what the movies always say to do about broken hearts. Which was stupid because how can I feel broken hearted over someone I barely even know? All I know about him are the basic things we covered in our coffee date. It’s not like we have a relationship. Yet.

Still, I’m not sure how to deal with the unexpected depth of hurt I have. I’m confused too, surely he can’t be angry enough after a few missed texts that he’s walked away? The more time I spend dwelling on it the more angry I become. Then I cycle back to feeling stupid and sorry for myself, because it’s not like we’re dating or even boyfriends. We went for coffee once for Pete’s sake. I try to soothe my anxiety by telling myself lies about how busy he probably is.

Suffice to say by 3pm I’m an exhausted ball of nerves. I don’t even want to go out anymore. There’s no way my pouting would be an acceptable reason to Maris though. She’s looking forward to me spending time with Nathan, my future brother in law, as I had teased at dinner. I know damn well if I tell her I don’t feel like going and why, she’ll probably march her tiny ass into my home, throw some water on me and pick out my club outfit. No excuses, and she’ll most likely work even harder to get me with someone. The best way to get over someone is to get under someone new is her life mantra. The fact that I have never yet taken home one of her chosen victims means less than nothing to her. I sigh as I open my closet to peruse my clothing choices. Oh I’m definitely going. Damnit.

I get out of my shower and dress. Then spend fifteen unsatisfying minutes trying to style my brown hair into something resembling sexy and tousled, instead of the attacked by animals look it normally situated itself into. Sighing, I accept my hair for what it is and start getting my things together. I look decent, wearing some skinny and just slightly shiny black trousers paired with a lavender Theory tee that once again is from a shopping trip with Mare. If being gay meant excellent fashion sense, I was probably straight. Seriously, I tend to gravitate to boring simple things, but I know going out with Maris means I better show up in something she has approved. I grab the overnight bag I had packed earlier, because usually after club nights Maris and I have our gossip and tequila fueled sleepovers. I’m not sure what Nathan’s presence Gümüşsuyu travesti will do about that, but hey, better safe than sorry. It’s getting close to 6, better speed it up Josh. As I grab my wallet and phone to step out I notice I have missed texts.


OG : hey Josh! Sorry you’re not free tonight, but I’m happy you want to go out. Maybe dinner after all? I have something to do tonight as well.


OG : and I’m sorry I was late getting back to you. Had some things going on, but, I was thinking about you and your pretty face.

Oh. Wow.

I stand in my living room, phone in hand, trying to piece together my next move. Text back? Yes, definitely. The tightening of my chest and the hot spike of arousal I felt was quick to give me that answer. Text back now or like, later… My mind was full of questions. Well, questions and lust. Is he really into me? If so, what took him so long. Is he playing games? Was it because I took hours to answer him? Was he simply working? What is even happening?

I need help with this, shoving my phone into my pocket I walk out the door to drive to Maris’ place; I think I know just who to ask.


“So you met this guy, he seems hot on you, he gives you his number, takes you out and basically dry humps you in his truck and then he texts to follow up and when you’re not immediately answering he bails?” Nathan sounds skeptical as he recounts the outline of my interactions with Officer Kevin Kells.

“Pretty much,” I say with a grimace, relaxing back into the couch as I nibble at the chicken satay Maris ordered for our dinner.

“It sounds like he’s maybe a douche” grumps Maris. She is peeved at this episode of hot and cold behavior.

“No not really,” Nathan is contemplative. He shakes his head and pops in a cream cheese wonton before continuing. “Dudes usually aren’t as quick to read into shit like that, maybe he was just working, or whatever.”

Rolling my eyes and sighing I complain, “I’m a dude and I definitely am trying to read into it, so, that’s crap advice.” I immediately feel bad however, and try to soften my words. “Sorry Nathan. I know you’re trying to help. It’s just, well-” I trail off uncertainty and Maris picks up.

“It’s just Josh never puts himself out there for anyone and now that he has he’s really up in his feels over Officer Goodbody. So, maybe he isn’t Mr.Right, but he could at least be Mr. Right Now. Which really, Josh, I love you but you could use a decent fuck,” she flips her hair back and smiles as both Nathan and I blush.

“And that Nathan is why we’re gonna help my Joshy get his man.”

“How?” I ask flatly, because I know Maris.

“Shhhhh. No worries. Let’s get some drinks and dancing in us and then we can collaborate on what to say to get Officer Goodbody wondering what he is missing.” Maris seems eager and I relax a bit.

Maybe this could work and she’s right, I do need to get out there and maybe I could use a good fuck. I didn’t want to suddenly become a club slut but other people weren’t still waiting for a potential husband to give it up. Why was I? Maybe I should take the bull by the horns and live a little. Before I became an old man.


The dance club floor is pounding with electric energy and there are people everywhere. It’s not a gay club specifically, this tiny town doesn’t have one, but it’s gay friendly. Tonight there will be a drag show upstairs in the cabaret and that tends to draw a crowd of mostly gay guys and the usual girls who follow them around. Still, I’m charmed at how Nathan seems completely at ease, even when he’s been hit on by guys at least twice since we sat down. They’ve all ignored me, as usual. Maris is out on the dance floor, since she was frustrated at my lack of enthusiasm for her suggestions of kinky sexy texts to send to Kells. She airily told me and Nathan to sort it ourselves and then get our asses on the dance floor in the next half hour.

So Nathan and I are sitting close in our booth, partly because it’s loud as all get out in here and you can barely hear shouts and partly because he thought sitting closer with his arm around me might help us not be interrupted every five minutes by some silk shirted charmer trying to get into his pants. I don’t blame them, Nathan is the poster boy for hipster cool. He’s about six feet and four inches tall, slim, and has that short on sides but long on top trendy cut, complete with standard short trimmed beard, and black rim glasses. He’s not my type, but I can see how he’s really appealing.

“Ok, so, you don’t wanna sound like a cock whore is that right?” Nathan grins and snorts a little. He’s had several beers and that, plus our pregaming at Maris’ place, has left him joking more than usual. Nathan came across before as a guy who is usually pretty serious. Then again, this is my first time really getting loose with him. Our previous meetings were a couple dinners and once a brunch, I usually don’t bother to get invested in the men Maris dates.

He has his arm slung around my shoulder and I have my phone out in front of us. I feel like I’m in middle school, trying to group effort a note to the boy I have a crush on. I’m not ashamed to admit I need help. Not anymore. I’m tired of being alone.

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First Taste of Mike

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I was staying overnight with a good friend during our junior year of high school. We had both just turned 18 and were always horney. Both of us were jocks, but Mike was known more of a surfer and a girl chaser. I was still a virgin having only been able to “get my finger wet” with a few girls. Mike had already fucked a few girls around town, and I must admit, that I have checked him out in the showers after gym, and confirmed what he always bragged about having big dick.

I was A 5’6” 185lb muscular jock, and very proud of my 5 ½ inch cut cock. Mike was a bit taller and a few pounds lighter. I would soon find out, up close and personal, everything about his nice thick 7 inch cock. It had a fat mushroom head, and its girth widened out at the midpoint to roughly 5 inches in diameter. Memories of our last sleep over were rolling in my head. Six months earlier, Mike had stayed over at my house. I am John, this story begins with that night six months ago.

I lived several miles from town in the country of central California. It was getting late in the evening as we lounged around my room playing Atari. As the night grew late, we decided to go outside and walk around my parent’s 10 acre property.

It was a warm summer evening, we both were wearing loose fitting gym shorts and T-shirts. As we walked we talked about girls and how hot some were and how big of boobs some other had. Mike started bragging about banging a hot girl in our class called Traci. I had always had a crush on her, so I keep pressing him for details. He told me about how hot it was to have his dick sliding into her hot pussy, my cock began to harden. His story was pretty graphic, and he said he ended up cumming in her mouth because she didn’t want to get pregnant. He said that Traci kept telling him how much she loved sucking his dick. Mike described the look in her eyes as he blew a massive load of cum in her mouth. And she was groaning as she gulped his entire load. He then said she grabbed his cock and rubbed the last bit of cum all over her face, using his dick to rub his cum into her pretty face. I told him how lucky his was and that he must be kidding. He replied, that it was the truth, girls just love his dick. I couldn’t understand how a girl would be such a slut as to tell him all that stuff. And to rub his cum into their face, I thought was rather odd. I was really jealous, as I really like Traci.

By then my teen cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum. Before heading back into the house, he said he had to piss, so we stopped near the barn and we both began to piss. It was hard to get going, because my dick was rock hard. As I glanced over to Mike, I was amazed at the size of his cock, which was also at full salute. I couldn’t help but to stare and hope he didn’t catch me looking. I watched as he held his hard cock aiming it in a direction that completely showed the entire length to my viewing. He took the moment to slowly stroke his fat cock as a stream piss began to hit the ground. I watched almost awe struck as he finished taking a leak and stroked out the last remints of pee, before giving it a few more shakes then I thought necessary. I couldn’t wait to get back to the house to head to the bathroom and get some release. He said all the talk of pussy was making him Horney, and I agreed. We walked into my bedroom and I laid on my bed as he laid on the sleeping bag on the floor.

I tried to hide my hard on, and I could clearly see he was hard as he slid off his shorts, and his 7 inch hard cock poked out from the fly of his boxers. He said sorry for being so horny, but I told him not to worry as I too was rock hard. I turned off the light in my bed room, as we continued to talk about the girls at school we would like to hook up with. I laid back and slowly stroked my erection, hoping I was quiet enough for him not to notice. I could hear mike rustling under the sleeping bad, and began to get excited knowing that he too was stroking his big cock which I saw earlier. God how I wanted to ask him to remove the covers so I could see him work his magnificent cock.

Mike then said something that has forever changed my life, he asked if he could lay on the bed with me, since the floor was so uncomfortable. I said sure, but that it was only a twin bed, so it may be a little tight. He replied that he loved tight. As he stood up, the moonlight shown upon his tight teen body. He quickly pulled his boxers off, displaying his hard dick as it swung in front of his waist as he slowly walked to the bed and laid next to me… I had never had a gay thought in my life, until that moment, but was so horny I didn’t say a word as I felt our hard teen bodies being pressed together, our leaking cocks touched adding to my excitement. It was then that I felt his hand wrap around my cock. The pre-cum leaking from my head made it easy for him to slowly jack my cock. I turned to lay on my back, as he continued jacking my hard excited member. I removed the covers from us to see our hard 18 year old bodies pressed against each other at the hip. Bakırköy travesti I watches his hands as he jacked both our cocks off with each hand. I always thought I had a nice cock, but mine looked a little small compared to his long fat cock with a beautiful mushroom head.

It was then he turned and pulled me back to my side as our cocks were pressed together. He then began using his two hands to jack off our cocks as they rubbed together. With the pre cum from both our dripping cocks, our hard dicks slid easily in his hand. Mike asked if I had ever jacked off before, and I said yes, every day. I looked down, watching as his clasped hands slowly slide up and down our straining dicks, feeling the hardness of his erections pressing against my throbbing erection. I was amazed at how sexy it looked and felt, as he continued to jerk our cocks together. He positioned our cocks so the underneath of each of our lengths were pressed tightly together. I had never had anyone else jack me off, other than myself.

He then leaned over and took my seeping cock into his mouth. I was I shocked, but also Overcome with pleasure as felt the first set of lips to ever touch my young dick. I let out a deep moan, as he took my cock into his warm mouth. I felt his tongue as he swirled around the head, and began to bob down my cock. I said GOD that feels so good, and told him that I had never had a BJ before. He took my cock from his mouth, and looking up at me said ” I was his first, and that he had always wanted to suck a dick” I was in heaven as I felt him return my cock to his hot wet mouth, and begin to again take more of my cock in his mouth. He began to use his right hand, milking more of my cock into his eager mouth. After only a few minutes I felt the incredible feeling of a huge cum shot building in my balls. I told him I was close to Cumming, and he responded by speeding up the pace of jacking my cock and bobbing his mouth down my cock almost to my balls. After just a few more moments I felt my balls tighten and my cock began spewing shot after shot of hot 18 year old fertile cum into his eager mouth. Mike continued to milk me into his mouth as I slowly came down from the best cum I had ever experienced. He keep the head of my prick in his mouth getting every last drop of my juvenile load.

I was about to tell him that that was the greatest moment of my life, when he suddenly got up on his knees and leaned over me, spitting my cum from his mouth, slowly moving from my stomach to my chest. Covering my naked body with my hot cum. He then began jerking off his engorged teen cock next to me. He jerked his cock furiously pointed his inflated mushroom head directly over my face. It was at that moment I wished he had offered his fat cock to my mouth, but at the instant his cock began to shoot a huge load of cum from his cock, he pointed his cock directed at my face, I watched, mesmerized as I saw the head of his cock swell and witnessed as the cum first started to shoot from the slit, I saw it widen as the first rope of cum flew at my face, landing with a wet splat across my left check, nose, mouth and neck.

I instinctively opened my mouth extending my tongue to capture his next volley of hot teen cum, but he had moved lower down my body as he milked out shot after shot of his boy cum. I felt his warm creamy cum hit me all over my naked body. I still remember watching his cock shoot 7 long ropes of hot cum and wishing that I had my lips around the big head of his cock catching all his magnificent load. I watched as he milked his cum onto my body. Watching cum slowly, drip form the head of his cock, in long slow trails as it oozed from his cock head down to my hard body as he moved side to side. I wiped my tongue across my lips capturing as much of his hot sperm as I could, using my fingers to collect and push into my waiting mouth the rest of his first volley.

He then began to spread our mixed cum around my chest with his still semi hard cock. God I wish he would have push his fat cum covered cock passed my lips. My eyes were glued to his cock, watching him push and spread all the hot cum around my flat abs and muscular chest. His cock head pushing through the pools of our cum, smearing it into my naked skin. Mike then raised his leg and straddled my stomach, pressing his cum covered cock firmly into my muscular chest. He raised up his hips and slowly began to thrust his semi hard cock onto my cum slicked stomach up to my chest, his cock head hitting my chin and neck. I was mesmerized watching and feeling his hot now hard teen cock rubbing through our mixed cum. He moved his hip up closer to my face as his wet cum covered cock smeared up my chin up over my lips and across my face. I felt his cock smear our cum across my face leaving a trail of wet cum all over my face.

He lowered his hips, guiding the head of his now rock hard cock into the biggest pool of cum on my chest. Rubbing his cock, collecting a glob on the head, he raised his cock up, bringing a long trail of cum to my face. I opened Beylikdüzü travesti my mouth, waiting for his beautiful erect cock to invade my wanting mouth. I was so turn on that I quickly grasped his ass with both my hand, cupping his hard ass checks and pulling his hard cum covered erection to my waiting mouth. I have never been so turned on tasting my first cock, I wanted to lick, suck and devour every inch of his beautiful cock. I watched as if in slow motion, the beautiful mushroom head, cum dripping off it, slowly move to my anxious lips. As his head pressed to my lips, smearing them with cum, forcing my willing mouth open, I was amazed at the feeling as the head passed across my lips into my wet mouth, tasting our cum. Salty and almost metallic, I was overcome with passion.

As the head passed into my mouth, I felt my lips move to the girth of his shaft. The only thing that that mattered at that moment was to worship his magnificent cock. I swirled my tongue, tasting every contour of his member. Savoring the taste of the cum coating his cock. I could feel cum collecting on my lips, as his shaft went deeper into my mouth. I opened my mouth wider, using my tongue to wipe the remints of cum now resting on my swollen lips. I pulled his ass cheeks closer to me and forcing more of his hot cock into my eager mouth. Using my hands on his hips, I controlled the movement of his sweet dick in my mouth, I wanted to feel every inch of his tool. I washed his swollen head with my mouth, making sure it touched every part of my mouth, cheek, lips, and tongue. I pushed his hips forcing the cock from my mouth with a pop. I then licked and sucked on the underside of his cock, were the head met the shaft. Down to his sweet teen balls, I used my tongue to bath his cum filled balls with my saliva. My lips felt alive, almost as if they had swelled. I licked and softly sucked on the underside of his dick. I looked up to him, his fat hard cock laying across my cheek and I will never forget what I said. “Mike I love sucking your cock” I want you to cum in my mouth” I saw him smile as I pushed his glorious dick back into my waiting cock sucking mouth.

He finally got the hint and slowly began to take control, fucking my face, forcing inch after inch of his incredible dick into my mouth and throat. I could feel his cock slide down my 18 year old throat, causing me to gag and gasp for air. Mike continued thrusting into my mouth filling my throat with his magnificent cock, finally after 5 minutes of deep throat fucking, I could actually feel the head of his cock expand, and with a final push and a deep grunt, mike fed me my first hot creamy load of teen cum. I had been craving to taste his hot load, and was instantly overcome with a desire for more. I could feel his cock spurt 4 big shots of cum into my throat. I was overcome, feeling the head of his cock contract and feel and taste of each pulse of his teen load. As he slowly came down from his orgasm, he began to lessen the pressure of his hips, into my face. I wanted his hot load of cum in my mouth, so I could savor the texture and taste. It was salty an earthy with a bit of sweetness.

At last, he raised his hips, pulling the cock I will dream about for the next ten years of my life away from my swollen lips. I used the tongue and ran it along the underside of his deflating cock as it was slowly withdrawn from my mouth. He stopped when his cock was resting on my lips, and I took the opportunity to gently grab it and milk the last remints of his delicious teen load. As it collected on the piss slit I slowly rubbed his dick all over my face, rubbing it into the skin of my face. He finally lifted his leg from over my chest, and lay back on the bed, I wasted no time bending over and finished cleaning the remints of his cum off his now soft cock. I loved watching as I would milk the last few drops of cum from his spent dick, using my tongue to ensure I got every delicious drop. After a few minutes, he said that was the best load he ever shot. And I smiled and replied mine too, as he slowly got up from my tiny bed and returned to the sleeping bag on the floor.

There I was covered in both our huge loads all over the front of my body. Unknown to him, I spent the next thirty minutes slowly, using my fingers rub our combined loads into my body, It was at that moment, I knew that I wanted nothing more than to worship his beautiful dick. I knew my mouth was made to please him and would and all other cocks. I fell asleep that night with the salty taste of our combined cum. We never said a word about what happened that night until tonight.

I again found myself alone with Mike on a sleep over, this time at his house. His family was gone for the week end, so we spent a Friday night drink his dad’s beers and smoking the last of my weed. And like any 18 years old boys do, the talk turned to sex. As I lay in Mikes Little brothers Bed, I ask him “are you as Horney as I am” but sadly from across the room his reply is “no” so I left it alone for a while, but Bomonti travesti after a few more minutes of slowly stoking my hard pre-cum cover cock, and dreaming of the beautiful cock 10 feet away from me. I had to figure out a way to get his magnificence 7 inch cock back in my mouth. It didn’t help that every day for the last six months I had jacked off re-living the moment I felt Mike’s beautiful penis filling my mouth with his teen cum. I had to try to figure out away, Again I asked if he was horny, but included, “if you are, come over here and we can jerk each other off” But again, reply with a heart stopping “naw” I was heartbroken, Is what we did before just a teenager getting off, but to me, I had found my true calling.

I loved sucking Mike’s beautiful cock. I had memorized every ridge, and how the middle flared out wide and up to a beautiful full mushroom head. And lived to again experience when the head would swell before filling my mouth with his hot teen cum. I had been stroking my dick for way to long, and I was close to cumming, so with one last try, I asked him, “if you come over here, I will suck your dick again, and you don’t have to do anything but lay there” My heart sank with embarrassment after blurting it out, and for what seemed like ever, Mike said nothing.

Finally saying nothing, I heard Mike get up out of bed and come to the bed I was in. He laid down, feet towards my face. I had to slide down the bed, and when I came to eye level with Mikes erect 7 inch cock. The incredible cock that I had been dreaming about every night. I could see them same big mushroom head that rested on top of a thick shaft under the head, but ballooned out wider at it mid-point and grew even fatter to the base. I knew I was in my place. I stuck my wet tongue out and licked the big mushroom head, using my tongue to get a big drop of pre cum oozing for the big head. I then licked his beautiful dick from the base of the root back to the head. Slowly taking the head into my mouth and savoring his salty taste. I sucked softly on the head making sure I used lots of tongue swirling it around and slurping on the now flowing pre cum. With my right hand I grasped the base and used my tongue to coat his balls, letting his cock lay across my face. His balls were heavy, but not very hairy, and I was in heaven devouring his cum filled nuts. I use my tongue to leave a trail of saliva all over his balls, slowly taking each into my mouth to softly suck them. I then licked back up to the head and took his magnificent cock deep into my mouth. He groaned as I took half his cock into my mouth.

I began to bob slowly, up and down trying to take a little more with each trip down. I was lost in lust, as the cock I had been dreaming about was finally back in my mouth where it belonged. I made love to his beautiful penis, licking and rubbing it across my face, smearing his pre cum all over my face, marking it as his. My mouth was filled with the taste of his sweet pre cum. He would never know that I had become obsessed with his cock. I wanted all of it, any time he needed it. I was still trying to swallow all of his girth, but was gaging badly with ½ an inch left to get. I slowly removed my mouth from this swollen cock, leaving a trail of saliva.

I felt like such a slut, trying with my whole being, to please his magnificent cock, I long to taste his sweet load of cum. I milked his cock, pulling more of his sweet pre cum to the slit, and slowly devoured each delicious drop. Three pulls each producing a precious gallop of his clear dick nectar. I licked the underside, paying a lot of attention to the bottom of his fat head. His cock was rock hard, my lips again felt swollen, as I wantonly sucked his glorious teen tool. I rubbed the head all over my face, savoring the wet trail it left behind. The hard yet soft head, a sponge of pre cum onto my face. I was rewarded with several deep moans as I made love to Mikes cock. I never wanted to have this night end. I again said out loud “Mike I love your cock” I heard him reply, “yeah you sure do” I then told him “I want your cum in my mouth” And he chuckled and pulled my face back to his cock.

I spent the next 15 minutes in heaven, as Mike used my mouth as a tool for his magnificent cock. Finally I could begin to feel his cock swell. I gladly took him all into my mouth, as he pressed my head down on his rock hard cock, He began thrusting the entire length down my throat, as I was forced to gag, his cock head slipped down my throat, and I was again taken to the height of passion as I felt his rock hard teen cock swell and begin pulsing, filling my throat and mouth with his precious load.

I used my right hand to grasp his ass cheek and pull his cock deeper, but his 7 inch teen cock was completely buried in my slut mouth. I don’t know how much Mike came, but I know it was huge. And I know I was in heaven again taking his load down my mouth, the same heavenly cum I had been dreaming about every night for 6 months. After the first big spurt of his thick load, I forced my head back, sliding the cock head from my throat, I wanted this delicious load in my mouth so I could hold it and savor the taste for as long as I could finally felt the pressure on my head wane as he let go and I continued to softly suck the remaining cum from his now deflated cock.

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For an ‘A’ Ch. 2

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When I left the school that day I was a little confused. For those who aren’t sure of what I’m talking about, I had sex with two of my teachers.

Anyway, the problem is, I don’t know how, but one day, Robins call me.

“How the hell did he get my phone number?” I thought.

“Dave, it’s me.”

“Hi, Mr. Robins.”

“Please, call me Mark.”

‘Till then it was fine. But the trouble was next.

“I’d like to go out with you. I know you stare at me during my lectures. It’s okay, I stare at you too.”

I really don’t know why but in that moment, just hearing his male strong voice made me have an erection.

“o-ok.” I said. I was scared as shit, I didn’t know what to do or say.

“What about tonight? I know a great bar and we can have sometime together to, y’know get to know each other better.”

“Ha… um… can you pick me?”

“Sure, no problem. Is seven good for you?”


Oh My God, I was about to go on a date with a man. With my teacher!!!!

Of course I already had some experiences in relationship with another guys, but they were only a little bit older than me, and I mean, Mark was 32!!! I’m only 18!!!

Few hours later, he stopped in front of my house. I was shaking.

We went to a bar. A gay bar. Now comes the surprise. Half of the football team was there, and don’t ask me what they were doing!!!

They were doing each other!!!

As I looked around the bar, I saw Jonathan Taylor, only the hottest guy on the football team. He was heading to the bathroom. I had my needs too so I went there too.

“Wait me here, okay?” I said to Mark.

“OK.” He replied.

When I entered, there was completely silence. I entered a little booth and shut the door behind me. Suddenly I heard someone moaning. I finished peeing and got out of the booth. I looked below each door and in one of the booth were Jonathan, probably jerking off. Suddenly his head appeared above the door. He was staring at me.

“Wanna come here and help me?” he asked.

“Do what?” I asked, pretending a little innocent voice.

“You know goddamn well… come on, you’ll love it.”

He opened Cihangir travesti the door. His cock was jumping out of his boxers. His pants were already down.

“Y’know, I came with someone.”

“I don’t care.”

Violently he pulled me inside the booth and locked the door. He forced his hand on my mouth so I couldn’t scream.

“I always wanted to know what it feels to fuck a little fag.” He whispered in my ear.

Although he was making fun of me, I liked his voice. It was sexy and rude. Everything I want in a man.

Then, he turned me around, pushing me strongly to the wall. He licked my neck, making me go nuts. His hands were going through my whole body and he was rubbing his cock on my butt.

“Stay quiet.” He ordered.

I obeyed him. He pushed my pants down as he licked my back, making me chill. Slowly he put his tongue

inside my ass. I felt his tongue going further and further. I never thought a tongue could go that far.

“God Jonathan, you’re good.” I said among my moans.

Then he stood up and stick his huge cock inside my ass.

“You like it, Dave? You like my cock? Say that you like my cock.”

“Yeah, I love your cock.”

His cock was thrusting into my asshole, harder and harder. Suddenly I didn’t feel more pleasure. I only feel pain.

“Stop, you’re hurting me.”

“Common, I’ll cum in a second. You’ll love it.”

“Please stop.”

He continuing fucking me, harder and harder. He grabbed my dick and started to jerk off. Even denying it, I was starting to like it. To be raped by the hottest guy on school isn’t something that happens every day.

He fucked me harder and harder as he jerk off me. In seconds, I screamed and cum was all over the place.

“Get down on your knees, I’m gonna cum.”

“Please don’t”. I actually wanted. I wanted it bad.

As he cummed in my face, I screamed. In that moment Mark entered the bathroom.

“Hey Dave where are you? Why are you taking so long?” Mark shout.

Without thinking, I screamed: “HELP!”

He realized where the sound was coming from and kicked the door, which fell on the floor.

He Fındıkzade travesti saw me on my knees. I was almost crying. Mark and Jonathan got into a really big fight and Mark got hurt. Jonathan punched him in the eye. After twenty minutes, both were thrown out of the club. I joined Mark.

“Dave I’m sorry this night had to be this way.” He said, holding his face in pain.

“No problem.” I smiled.

“I wanted this night to be perfect. I mean, I was gonna tell you something.”

“Tell me now.”

He took my hand and leaded me to his car. He drove to his house.

It was a great house. His bedroom was three times bigger than mine, and he had a huge bed. I noticed the bed was for couples. I started to think. “Was he married?”

He sat on the bed and pulled me closer to him.

“Dave, since the first day in school I couldn’t take my eyes of you. And after that day, I realized my feelings for you were only getting stronger. I needed to have you. I want to have you, as a friend, as a lover, as a mate. Would you like it to be?”

Without even thinking I shouted “YES!!!”

I threw myself in his arms and we kissed. For the first time in my life I was happy kissing a man.

Mark lay on the bed. I was on top of him. He slowly took my shirt off and I took his. I felt his cock pumping through his pants. I lay down next to him and looked deep in his eyes.

I really don’t know why, but he asked me:

“Do you love me?”

I always thought love was strong thing, but I was sure of my answer.

“Yes. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

We kissed and hugged. We stayed there for some minutes. Then I moved to his cock area and took his pants off. He had a completely erection. I swallowed everything and played with his balls. His fingers were going deeper and deeper. I sucked his dick like I would rip it out of him. His moans only were getting me hornier and I worked really good on his cock.

“Turn around.” He whispered in my ear.

We started a great 69, his tongue was hot and was getting my ass all wet. His hands were massaging my butt as I used mine to rub his legs. It was a little hairy Fulya travesti and thick. Only looking at it I was almost cumming.

“I wanna fuck your ass” he moaned.

He took out of his drawer a condom. Safe sex only, of course.

I slipped the condom on his hard cock and sat on it. I was riding his cock for good, it kept entering my ass further and further. I thought it would go through me. I was rubbing his pecs. What a pecs, thick, hairy and huge. My hands were rubbing it as he moaned, making me cum.

Then I thought “let’s make this more fun”. I got out of him and looked for…. WOW!!!! I didn’t have any ideas he would have it, but it helped me a lot. Handcuffs. 4 of them.

Mark looked at me and said:

“Go for it.”

Now it was a wild thing. Mark trapped on the bed, I’m on control of the situation. I never rode his cock so hard. Then I turn around so he would see my back and kept riding his cock, more and more. The bed was about to brake. When I felt we would cum, I got out of him, took out the condom and sucked his huge cock hard. I sucked more and more, frenetically. He couldn’t do anything. He was so hot, he was trying to brake the handcuffs. I kept sucking, harder and harder. I passed my hand through his whole body, making him go wild. He went. Cum was all over my face. He was cumming like he never cum before. It didn’t stop and I was doing what I could do to swallow everything. He kept cumming for like almost a minute and a half. Believe me, he was satisfied. I saw the smile on his face. I jumped on him and as I passed my hand on his legs and they were coming up to his chest, I kissed him with my mouth still full of cum. Our tongues with his cum made an excellent taste. After the kiss, we just kept looking at each other for some time. Then I let him go and I went wash my mouth.

Later we were on the bed, on each other arms. During that almost two hours I didn’t think of anything else.

But then something hit me.

“What about Mr. Thompson?”

He kissed my forehead and said:

“Let’s just think about us now.”

And we did. And we were happy for that. I called my mother and I said I would stay at a friend’s house.

Me and Mark slept together, for the first time, just the two of us, connected by our love for each other.

In the next morning, me in my house already, the phone called. It was Mr. Thompson.

“Can I have a word with you Dave?”

To Be Continued…

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First Time Man Love

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It was about ten pm when I heard the doorbell ring. I wondered who be at my door at this late hour. I went to the door and there stood my friend Ryan from work.

“Can I sleep on your couch, Cindy threw me out,” he told me.

I let Ryan in and we sat down on the couch. Ryan didn’t tell me why he was fighting with his girlfriend and I didn’t ask. Those two fought more than they got along. We talked for a half hour or so and then I went and got a pillow and a blanket. I told Ryan he knew where the bathroom was if he needed it and then I went to my bedroom. It was a hot summer night and I stripped out of my clothes.

I fell onto the bed and promptly fell asleep. I woke up late in the night. I felt someone touching me. There was Ryan naked and tight against my body. I soon realized he had his arm draped around my waist and he had my cock in his hand.

“Don’t make me leave,” he said to me.

I could feel Ryan’s cock rubbing against my ass. I was still half asleep. What was he doing, I thought to myself. I did know that my cock was hard. Ryan had stroked me and make me stiff. I also felt his cock head pushing against my opening. I tried to pull away but Ryan held me close to his body. The next thing I knew Ryan was pushing his dick past my sphincter. God did that hurt. I could feel Ryan going deeper into my ass. I don’t know what came over me but I pushed back against his cock.

Ryan was soon kissing the back of Erenköy travesti my neck and all over my back. It was sending shivers down my spine. I was pretty sure Ryan had all of his cock buried inside my bottom. Ryan kept stroking my cock. He got me so wound up that I soon started to shoot my cum over the covers. That must have pushed Ryan over the edge. I heard him grunt a few times and then I felt his warm cum entering my body. I am betting that Ryan must have cum in my ass a good ten minutes or more. He finally stopped stroking me and he rested his dick in my belly.

I woke up when my alarm went off. Ryan was gone. I went out in the living room and Ryan and his clothes had vanished. I walked back to the bathroom and I sat down on the toilet. I pushed out as much of his seed as I could. I then showered and got dressed for work. When I arrived at work I saw Ryan.

“Can we talk at break time?”

I nodded my head but I was pissed. When break arrived I stepped outside the building. Ryan was waiting for me there.

“Please don’t be angry at me,” he said.

Ryan told me he was bisexual. He said he was attracted to me but he could never bring himself to tell me.

“You practically raped me last night,” I said. “I’m royally pissed at you.”

I walked back inside and we didn’t talk the rest of the day. That night I heard the doorbell once more. I had a pretty good idea who it was.

“Please Beşiktaş travesti let me in Kevin.”

Against my better judgment I let Ryan into my apartment. Once he came in he walked over and kissed me flush on the lips. I tried to break away but Ryan held me tight against his body. Ryan then dropped down to his knees. He undid the belt on my pants and he pulled my pants and underwear to the floor. Ryan didn’t waste a second. He took hold of my dick and brought it to his lips. Just like that, Ryan inhaled me.

I don’t know what came over me. I let Ryan suck my cock. I placed my hands on the back of his head and Ryan went right down to the root of my rod. He made me hard, that much was for sure. Ryan then stopped and he got to his feet. He walked back to my bedroom. I followed him back to my room. Ryan took off all of his clothes and he was on his back, his legs spread wide.

Please Kevin, make love to me.”

I think I lost all control right then. Up until now I only thought about women. Men were never on the radar for me. It was the turning point for me. I stripped down and got in between Ryan’s legs. I took hold of my cock and I guided it to his waiting hole. I pushed into Ryan’s ass. I was going to fuck him like he fucked me. I got up under his legs and pushed them back to his chest.

“Suck my nipples, Kevin.”

I lowered my mouth and started to chew on Ryan’s hard nips. I was feeding him Avcılar travesti my thick cock as hard as I could. Ryan was getting into it, that much was for sure. I pounded his hole as hard as I could. My balls were hitting against his ass. Ryan’s ass muscles had me in a tight grip. I kept driving my prick into his bottom. I don’t know how long we went at it. I did feel my nuts starting to pinch. I knew how crazy it was fucking my friend with my bare cock.

I sprayed Ryan’s hole with my hot seed. Ryan’s body shook as I gave him all my hot oils. Ryan clamped down hard onto my dick and he made sure he got every drop of my love cum from me. We finally both calmed down and my cock slipped out from Ryan’s hole. Ryan sat up and he took hold of my dick. He began to clean me off with his mouth. I could barely believe what we had done together.

“I love you Kevin,” he said to me after he licked all my spunk from my cock.

I didn’t know what to say to him. Ryan soon left and went back to his girlfriend. I was on my bed afterwards thinking about what we both had done. Ryan and I had fucked each other bare. I knew that wasn’t very wise. I was confused about my feelings. We soon came to an arrangement. Ryan would drop by and we would make man love together. Over the next few weeks Ryan seeded me more times than I could count. I also fucked him as well.

Ryan tells me he wants to leave Cindy. He wants to know if we can be lovers from now on. I hate to admit it to myself but I think about Ryan’s cock all the time. He has stretched my ass to the point where it no longer hurts when he fucks me. I have the feeling that Ryan and I will soon be full time lovers. Then I can have his cock in my ass all the time.

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Fishing Hole Pt. 01

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Fish laugh at me.

Once upon a time, I was the Genghis Khan of the Greybriar River, the Napoleon of fly-casting. I was the great and renowned piscatorial conqueror. Both trout and spot kneeled before my omnipotent rod, jostling each other for the honor to jump onto my hook.

Now, here I stand, naked in the cool rushing waters of my Waterloo. Silver scales dash between my legs, fearlessly mocking my angling impotence. Spawn snicker at the stories their elders tell of my former prowess, barely able to contain themselves. “Him?” they ask. “He couldn’t catch us with a stick of dynamite!”

My ignominious fall from glory occurred on the first morning of our annual excursion. My waders were waist deep, and Dan, my best buddy since childhood, was about two hundred feet upstream – or so I thought. I’d already caught a couple of speckleds for breakfast so I sloshed to the bank and slipped the suspenders from my shoulders, then pulled my floppy dick over the waistband of my jockeys to drain three cups of coffee onto the shore. The river ran quicker and more noisy than usual, thanks to the previous night’s rain. That’s probably why I didn’t hear Dan come up behind me.

“Hey, Charlie, what’s shakin’?”

I jumped. “Holy shit, Dan! You scared the bejeezus out of me.”

He looked down toward my crotch. I had let go when he startled me, and my pee was splashing directly into the river, a cardinal sin. Before I could recover, he grabbed my dick and pointed the stream back onto the dirt.

“Stop poisoning the fish, dammit, Charlie.” he said gruffly. “Guess we won’t be fishing downstream today.”

I pushed at his forearm. “Okay, Dan, I think I got it now.”

He refused to let go.

“Dan?” I said, cocking an eye as I grabbed his wrist and tugged harder.

He gripped me a little tighter. The pee had stopped.

“Okay, Dan, you’ve had your fun. Can I have it back, now?” Despite my embarrassment, I felt myself swelling in his grip.

My best friend flashed a wicked grin and stretched the foreskin, giving it a slight twist.

My breath caught in my throat, and a flood of memories returned. Water gurgling over rocks. The lush, ripe scent of a summer creek bank. Two young boys, laughing, exploring, discovering a hidden gully. Peeing together, comparing, examining closer, touching, exploring…

“Stop it.” My voice had become weak and raspy.

He didn’t stop. He didn’t say anything, only squeezed tighter and pulled on me rhythmically. His hand was a man’s hand now, huge and rough, but his touch was knowing, gentle, as only a man can understand. His other hand was flat between my shoulder blades, holding me steady.

“C’mon, Dan. Please…” I said, but my conviction had evaporated. I wrapped my hand softly around his, with no intent to impede him, only to follow his motions, guiding him. My breathing grew more ragged, my eyes fluttered closed, and I couldn’t stop my hips from thrusting into his fist.

His tempo quickened, knuckles nudging my hairy balls at the bottom of his stroke. I was grunting, and felt the rise of the first waves. Dan sensed my imminent release; his hand shook faster and euphoric pleasure raced up my spine, fanning out to the nerve endings. My head lolled back, and I looked up at the blue mountain sky, moaning, “Oh, God, oh, fuck!”

I looked down to watch him tenderly squeeze the last milky drops from my dick, and watched them fall into the clear water, where several small fry swam up to snatch the pearlescent delicacies.

Still trying to catch my breath, I looked at Dan, questioning silently. He said nothing, only smiled pleasantly, and tucked my penis back into my shorts. He helped me pull up my waders.

“Let’s go get something to eat,” he said.

We gathered our gear and hiked back to the cabin. No words passed between us.

Breakfast was prepared as though nothing had happened. I offered to clean the fish and cook while Dan put the gear away. He said he was going to take a quick shower. I filleted one of the trout and put it in a pan along with a few slices of bacon, and scrambled a half-dozen eggs. I hollered to Dan that everything was nearly ready. He didn’t answer, so I stuck my head through the bathroom door to tell him.

The hunched outline of his body through the frosted glass made it apparent what he was doing. He hadn’t heard me come in. Watching him, my conscience struggled against my guilt and sense of fair-mindedness. I shouldn’t have even been thinking of doing such a thing. I certainly wasn’t a homo. But this was Dan – the best man at my wedding, my confidante, my closest friend for as long as I could remember. I was just as certain that he wasn’t gay, either. I couldn’t explain why he…why he did what he did. I also couldn’t explain why I let him. How could Ataköy travesti I explain the compelling urge to return the favor? How could I explain my raging hard-on?

I pulled off my t-shirt, my jeans, and underwear as I told myself, “Just one time. This is it. Quid pro quo, and then it’s done.”

I surprised him when I opened the shower door and stepped inside. His massive hand still held his erection. We stared at each other for a long moment. Dan’s eyes seemed so helpless, searching for my intent. Had he gone too far? In response, I took him in my hand, stroking him as I would want to be stroked. Pushing squarely on his chest, I backed him against the wall. When I reached underneath and fondled his sac, his eyeballs rolled back in his head, and he groaned.

With half-lidded eyes, he smiled softly and laid a hand on my shoulder with a gentle downward pressure. I knew what he was suggesting. Long ago, we had done this, too.

I lowered myself to my knees on the hard tile floor. I had forgotten what his erect dick looked like. His knob was dark purple and large, nearly spherical, so different from my slender conical shape. Opening wide, I laid it on my tongue and closed my lips around the shaft, sliding slowly down his foreskin until he touched the back of my throat, and I could take no more. I reversed, withdrawing his dick little-by-little. My fingers coddled and played with his balls.

There was no sucking. I remembered that neither of us had liked that. Simply a gentle, succorous washing of his penis with my saliva, caressing it with my tongue. I realized that, even in those early years, we had somehow known what a pussy should feel like.

Warm water cascaded over us. While my lips tended to the upper half of his dick, my fingers and thumb encircled and jacked the lower half of his prick. His hand rested on my head, combing through my wet hair. He was groaning steadily, his hips moving in concert with my fellatio. I quickened my pace, recognizing that he wouldn’t last much longer.

Thinking of something my wife enjoyed, I allowed a fingertip to brush over the hairs on anus. I heard, “Mmmm.” Did he want me to? I touched the pucker. He jerked, and immediately uttered, “Oh, God.” I interpreted that as a ‘yes’, and pushed inward. He bucked and shivered, and I heard, “Fuck yeah, Charlie!” My thick, wet finger found easy and welcome entry into his backside, wriggling its way deeper, pulling back, pushing further, until I could curl it forward and massage what I was sure to be his prostate.

Dan was out of control, fucking my face furiously. I gagged several times when he thrust too far. He clenched my hair roughly, holding me in place. Suddenly, he lunged and froze, and emitted a long, feral groan. Despite his firm grip on my head, I could have withdrawn. I didn’t. Thick, salty semen filled my mouth. I swallowed some, but let most of it dribble out the corners. My index finger continued to plumb his ass, and I milked him until he had no more to give.

Dan slowly collapsed to the shower floor, staring at me with a stupid grin. He stroked my neck, my cheek, tenderly, then curled his hand behind my head, pulled me toward him, and we did something we had never done – we kissed. There was no hesitation – our tongues and lips intertwined passionately, and our hands wandered freely over each other’s body. His breath was dark – manly – and the day-old stubble felt scratchy, as I’m sure mine did to him. I discovered a new appreciation for what my wife had to deal with.

The shower had grown lukewarm. We dried each other off, and that’s when I smelled the smoke. The fish! I ran, naked, to the kitchen, but it was too late. The fish and bacon were burned beyond help. We could have cooked the eggs, but we were famished. We laughed and decided to go into town for supplies, and grab a bite there.

That afternoon, we fished again. I kept tangling the line because my mind drifted to other things. After a half hour of frustration and not a single hit, I saw Dan wallowing back to me. The message in his eyes was clear. We slipped our waders down, sat on the riverbank, and jerked each other off, our cream drizzling over our hands.

There had still been no discussion of our newfound pastime.

On the way back to the cabin, Dan stated, matter-of-factly, “I’m not gay, Charlie.”

I looked over at him as we walked. “Me neither,” I said. That was the last word on the matter.

For dinner, we ate the steaks we’d picked up in town, then relaxed by the fire in deep leather chairs and washed the fine meal down with several tumblers of Crown. We both felt pretty good. Sports, the economy, and work were the main topics.

At a lull in the conversation, Dan tilted his glass toward me. “Here’s to the best friend a guy ever had.” Bahçelievler travesti I clinked glasses, and we both took a long swig.

“Wanna’ play poker?” he asked.

“Nah,” I said, emptying my glass.

The fire crackled through a long pause. A log dropped, sending a shower of hot sparks up the chimney.

“Wanna’ get nekkid?” he asked.

I shrugged. “Sure.”

I had my clothes off first, and helped Dan pull his shorts down. I pushed him back into the leather cushions and pumped his stiff dick with both hands before swallowing him. The shower had masked his scent. Surprisingly, inhaling his heavy, male aroma aroused me almost as much as the smell of warm pussy, especially when my nose was buried in his dark curls. I caressed myself while I gave pleasure to my best bud.

When I tickled his rosebud, he groaned, then handed down a bottle of lube. When I raised a questioning brow, he grinned, “I stopped by the drugstore in town.”

I wormed my lubed finger in, and he squirmed and moaned. It wasn’t long before salty goo was dripping down my chin again. He pulled me up and kissed me, licking his own come from my face. We had both shaved – though we rarely did on these trips – and the dark flavor of his kiss, combined with the taste of Crown and man-come, was delicious.

Embracing, our sweaty bodies rubbed together and our dicks caressed each other, his soft, mine still hard. He shoved me off and fished a condom out of his pants pocket. Again, I gave him a curious look. He just grinned and crawled to the stone fireplace on all fours, looking back over his shoulder and pulling his cheek to the side to display his asshole: an unmistakable invitation.

This was far beyond anything we had done in our youth. I had enjoyed Carolyn’s rear a few times, but I always had the feeling she was just patronizing me. Dan’s eagerness was clear.

I rolled the condom on, lubed it well, and drizzled more down his crack. He grunted when I spread him wider, first with one finger, then with two, like I did with Carolyn. His hips responded seductively.

Dilated and glistening with silicone syrup, the dark hole beckoned. I kneeled, held his hips, and my helmeted crown poked in easily. A few more pushes, accompanied by Dan’s enthusiastic moans, and I was balls deep in his slippery butt. The heat surprised me, even through the latex. I didn’t recall the same sensation when I was with Carolyn. I drove into him a couple of times. He clenched his sphincter, and my dick felt like it was locked in a velvet vise.

I began fucking him, slow at first. He urged me on, and using my grip on his hips, I pulled him onto me, reaming him mercilessly. The powerful muscles of his back flexed as he squirmed, fucking me back, squeezing my dick and gyrating his ass. In front of him, the fire roared, hot as his rectum. In a half-drunk, sexual stupor, I felt on top of the world.

Dan was supporting himself on one hand. I realized that he had grown hard again, and was beating himself off. The tightness of his ass was intense. Our balls slapped together.

Dan started mumbling incoherently between ragged breaths, then arched his back and moaned long and loud. I followed quickly. Bellowing like a lion and ramming myself deep into his bowels, I emptied myself into the gossamer sheath.

We slept like lovers in each other’s arms that night, cuddling together naked, our legs intertwined. In the morning, a steady rain rattled on the tin roof. Dan rolled me onto my back, hoisted my legs over his shoulders, and made tender love to my virgin butt while he jerked me off, spurting all over his hand and my belly.

It rained all that day and the next, and we had little else to do. We eventually ran out of condoms, and I discovered the sublime sensation of cream trickling down my crack. From what started out as a prank, I found out how much Dan actually enjoyed being tied up. He found my sensitive nipples. Even after the rain stopped, we had little interest in fishing. We took each other every way and everywhere: bent over the dining room table and grasping the far edge, perched precariously on the rail of the rear deck, in the woods against a tree, and of course, in the river. We played and splashed like 9-year olds, dunking each other, trying to catch fish by hand, and fucking and sucking until we too tired to do anything but lie on the grassy bank and skip stones across the pool.

At the end of the week, we had only five trout and a short string of spot to show for ourselves, but we were both satisfied, well-fucked and contented. The drive home was silent. We knew we could never say anything about what happened.

When Dan dropped me off at home, I gathered my gear and set it on the grass. I looked longingly at Dan, and he just smiled.

“Well, Bahçeşehir travesti that was some trip, huh?” I said.


“Gonna’ do it again next year?” I asked.

He cocked his head and raised a brow. “Sure enough, bro. If you want to, that is.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I grinned, and we hugged like guys.

In the house, I grabbed my wife and gave her a long, deep, and soulful kiss.

“Wow!” she exclaimed breathlessly.

“I missed you, Carolyn,” I said. “I really did.” I gave her a peck on the lips.

“You’re going to have to take more of those fishing trips, if that’s the way you’re going to come home.” she said.

I grinned, and told her, “I’m not finished yet. I’m going upstairs for a shave and a shower. When I come out, I want to find you in the bedroom in your white thigh-high stockings, and nothing else.”

She grinned brightly, but turned coy and said, “We’ll see. You stink. Go get a shower.” She slapped my butt as I headed upstairs.

I cleaned myself up, shaved diligently, and found Carolyn just the way I wanted her. I ate her until she came twice, then I fucked her missionary, then doggie style, rolled her on top of me, and finally picked my wife up by her thighs and took her hard against the wall, where I finally came.

Our marriage changed from that day, for the better. I didn’t mind so much helping with things around the house, and even showered and shaved every day on the weekends. Carolyn commented several times that I seemed more sensitive and romantic. Arguments were fewer, and I usually let her win.

Over the next year, Dan and I never talked about the fishing trip. Everything seemed just as it was before. Well, mostly. Sometimes, like at a party where he stood next to me with his arm around my shoulder, we gazed at each other, each knowing what was on the other’s mind, and I resisted an urge to kiss him.

The next year’s week at the Greybriar was a replay of the last. Away from our families, we enjoyed each other every way from Sunday, and completely forgot about fishing. We had to pick up trout at the supermarket to keep the wives from asking too many questions.

We weren’t careful enough, though. When I got home, Carolyn was about to give me a blowjob when she found a small hickey on my inner thigh. She went ballistic, assuming the worst. She slapped me, hard, and began packing a suitcase. I had to tell her. Everything. From when we met in the second grade until the 69 in bed that morning.

I wasn’t too surprised that she didn’t believe me.

I dragged Dan to our house, cussing and fussing, and begged him to tell her. “It was your goddamn fault,” I told him. He reiterated my story.

She still didn’t believe us.

So I kissed him, right there in our living room, and Carolyn gasped, “Oh, my God…” Still, she said she wasn’t buying it. With my wife following, I led Dan to our bedroom, dropped his pants, and swallowed everything that came out of his bulbous, purple head. Carolyn sat on the bed, gawking.

Still on my knees, I pleaded with her, my lips quivering, “Carolyn, please forgive me. I love you. You are my wife. Dan is my best friend, but you are more important to me than any ten, or a hundred friends. I swear to you, this is the last time we will ever…”

She fell to her knees, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. I was uncomfortable, certain that she could taste Dan’s residue. She gazed into my eyes, a tear rolling down her cheek, “That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

My chin dropped to my chest.

“Do both of you…?” she asked, motioning toward Dan. “I mean, does he ever…you know, do that to you?”

I nodded, perplexed.

“Can I watch?” she asked, looking up at Dan.

I lay back on the bed and Dan began performing for her. Carolyn observed his talented mouth closely, and I suddenly felt two sets of lips, two pairs of hands.

This is the third year since the Downfall of the Empire. The fishing tackle lie in their chests, ignored, unused and dry-rotting. I’m standing naked, knee-deep in the cool river. Tiny fishes dart and play between my legs. Dan’s sexy, Nicaraguan wife, Muriel, is also playing between my legs. Her lovely, full Latina lips are wrapped around my cock, and I’m conflicted over whether I want to come in her mouth or deep in her luscious, auburn-haired pussy. Dan is lying on the grassy riverbank, and my wife is riding him for all she’s worth. From her repetitive little squeaks I know she’s about to climax. I’d love to suck him off after she’s come on his dick. Muriel reaches up, twists my nipple and lightly scrapes her fingernails down my chest, and I decide that I can fuck her cunt later, after Carolyn’s tongue makes it wide and juicy.

Swimming lazily just below the surface is a twelve-inch rainbow, close enough that Muriel could touch it. I’d swear he’s glaring at me, one eye cocked, thinking, “What the hell happened to you?”

I grin and flip him off, silently asking him, “When was the last time you got your worm sucked?”

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Going in Slowly Pt. 01

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I was raised in a town that was still pretty conservative in the 60 and 70s when a lot of the country was changing. The folks dragged me to church at every opportunity so we could be told everything was sinful, especially sex. School gave us the basic biology functions without details.

Sex was rarely spoken of by adults around kids and teenagers and homosexuality was never ever spoken of.

But, I seemed to notice both men and women.

In time I learned some about homosexuality. Of course church taught me it was wrong in a very quiet way that made it hard to understand. I think it was more practical hearing guys calling each other fag and queer than what I was learning in Sunday school.

What education I got about homosexuality was not positive which of course made me feel confused and guilty about some of the feelings I was having.

While I was grappling with my thoughts and feelings I ran across a few magazine articles that taught about sexuality and how everyone at one time or another thought about sex with the same gender. I read it in more than one article and that made me feel better. I just assumed my attraction to other men would pass over time.

I did get a few dates and made out with high school honeys and felt some boobs but, never got any of them into bed. Unlike some of my buddies I was very much a virgin on graduation day.

I decided to join the Air Force but, I had a few months between graduation and actual enlistment. The buddies and I were outside of town one day on a dirt road when we had a flat. While they changed the tire I was kicking around in the ditch and saw a cardboard box about three quarters buried in the dirt.

I pulled it open just to see what might be inside though I didn’t expect anything. But, score, it was full of porn magazines!

I don’t mean the soft core Playboy stuff either. This was the hard stuff. Back when hard core porn was shot with ugly women usually with big boobs. The guys were pretty tickled at my discovery.

We spent the rest of the evening looking at the somewhat worn and dirty magazines and cracking jokes. Then towards the bottom of the box we come across a few gay magazines.

Colored pictures of two and three men sucking each other cocks and fucking. Close up shots of hard cocks pushing into other men’s assholes, cum on men’s faces. Of course the guys were letting their disgust be very well known; I was fighting a hard on.

The picture that really stood out to me was of two young, handsome nude men in a very deep kiss. One was sporting a huge hard on and the next picture they were still kissing and the second man had his hand wrapped around the other’s hard, jutting cock. They were reclined on a sofa and the man with the hard on was leaning against the other. It really struck me how passionate it was to see two men kissing in such a way.

Well, the fag mags were put back in the box and tossed back into the ditch and the straight ones were tossed into my buddie’s trunk and I was tossed off at my house. Of course I spent the late night hours thinking of only the male mags and ended up jerking off to the male on male pictures that I had seen.

The next day I drove out alone and found the box and found a private place to go. I got to take my time looking at the pictures. Some of the men seemed to have cocks three times my sizes. I couldn’t figure out how they got those big cocks into each other’s assholes.

Of course I ended up jerking off to the pictures. But, I seemed to have spent the most time looking at the one picture of the two men having that passionate kiss on the couch with one holding the other’s cock.

By the time I was done I knew I had to be with a man just once.

Of course that thought went through my head a thousand times over the next few years and of course I had no idea how I would ever meet a guy. Small town Texas life didn’t lend it self to gay meeting places and of course there was no internet and such.

But, it would all have to wait because boot camp was calling me.

Of course boot camp didn’t really give one time to think of much of anything. But, it was very difficult to see all those guys in the buff at shower time.

To sound cliché one of the black guys was huge. I guess I can say that because the other black guys were talking about what a big cock he had. And no, I didn’t end up with him.

Then I was sent to Washington D.C. for my first assignment. The big city! Totally different than my boondocks West Texas town.

I made friends with a guy that had a car and one night he started driving around and showing the sites of D.C. other than the usual tourists stops.

Back in the day one of those sites was 14th street. I suppose by now it is all cleaned up but back then it was strip joints, porn stores, dive bars, and hookers and if you stood in the right place you could actually see the White House.

We didn’t stop but, just looked at the seedy sites. My ride was ten years Belek travesti older than me and had no real interest in seeing strippers even if I did.

He warned me I should never come down to 14th alone and best to stay off it all together due to muggings and dope dealers but, what can you tell a super horny 18 year old virgin?

From there he turned and went over to 15th street. It was not near as busy and even lighter traffic on the sidewalk. Towards one end there were a few bars and lot of guys standing around outside and I made a comment to my friend about so many men standing around together.

My ride said “you want to stay away from this end of town. These are all the queer bars.” Of course I was a bit shocked. I don’t think there were any gay bars in all the state of Texas back then and gays sure didn’t stand around together in the open back then in Texas (well, maybe in Austin) but, I was so dumb I didn’t know there was such a thing as gay bars.

Anyway, I think I was also surprised that they all looked so normal. I sat in my dorm room that night thinking of all I had seen that night and wondering what in the hell happened in a gay bar.

I gave it a lot of thought but, never acted on it. I still had a lot of conflicting guilt thinking about men in a sexual way and I couldn’t screw up the courage to go to those bars.

This was in the 70s and the military was still kicking people out for being gay and even jailing some. I sure didn’t want to get caught in a gay bar by higher ranking people. Even though they would have to explain what they were doing in a gay bar.

In the Summer I was bored with the office and I had some leave time built up and just bought my first car. So, I took a week off to see some the country side. But, I ended up mostly hanging out in D.C. and one afternoon I was down town and some siren call pulled me down 15th street.

I slowed when I got by the gay bars and being the middle of the day there was no one standing around outside; though I had no idea what I might see. But, I knew I wanted to go inside.

I went back to my dorm and at the right time I showered, shaved, and dressed nice but, nothing that would really stand out. I grabbed a ball cap even though it didn’t really go with the outfit and headed for 15th street.

It was actually pretty early for bar hopping as I scouted for a parking place. Finding one in a paid lot a couple blocks over I pulled the hat down almost over my ears in an attempt to hide my self in case some coworkers just happened to drive by also; though I knew good and well they were most likely all back at the base.

I went to the bar with the most guys standing around when I drove by in the evenings on nights out with the boys; though there were none out now.

I must of looked like I was going to rob the place the way I kept looking over my shoulder and all around trying to see if anyone I knew might be watching me.

A brief mental picture ran through my head of the military police (MPs) rushing up and arresting me for being a fag. I almost turned around more than once.

Well, I stood looking at the door and finally summoned up the courage and grabbed the door knob and pulled the door open and went inside.

I didn’t know what I thought I would see when I got inside; men walking around in jock straps, men in makeup and wearing women’s clothes, all the clichés. Instead I basically saw darkness.

Until my eyes adjusted from walking in from the bright Washington D.C. day into a bar that really wasn’t that dark. When they did adjust I guess I was more surprised that it looked like a regular straight bar or just a bar.

There were maybe a dozen or so guys in the place at the moment doing what most guys do in a bar, drinking beer, shooting some pool and ignoring me; treating me a lot like women in bars.

They all looked like D.C. types in the mid 70s. Hair longer than it is worn today but, trimmed up, suits and ties or at least office shirt with the tie off now that they were off work.

The bar itself was U shaped and only a few guys were standing or sitting by it and all on one side close to the door. After taking in the whole bar I moved around to the far side of the bar and close to an emergency exit; I still had this picture running through my head of the MPs coming in and dragging me out.

To be honest since I had no idea what I was doing I guess I was looking for safety and maybe give me an exit if I chickened out.

The bar tender came around and seemed a bit irritated that I went so far from all the others and even more so when I ordered a coke instead of a beer or other drink. I didn’t want to take the chance of being drunk in case I wanted to leave.

But, the bartender was polite about it and even engaged in a little conversation asking if it was my first time there. I started to lie but, suddenly didn’t see why I should and told him yes.

He smiled and said “welcome” you can come anytime Kemer travesti but, it won’t start happening for another two hours or so and the big nights of course are Friday and Saturday.

He was called over by someone wanting a drink and I watched as more guys were coming in and having no idea on how to approach a guy. I thought of leaving but, decided to move more to the corner of the bar to be closer to the crowd but, still close enough to the back door in case my imaginary MPs come crashing in.

There was getting to be a moderate size crowd and no one was on the large dance floor yet; in fact there wasn’t even music playing. Just a bunch of office workers shaking off the day a few leaning on each other.

I did notice one guy in particular talking with two other guys. A fourth man came in and walked up to the guy and they kissed and hugged.

I guess at first I was surprised to see one guy kissing a guy and in public too. Then I remembered where I was and it encouraged me.

After being there for over an hour and on my second coke I was wondering if I made a mistake and if I should leave. No one had approached me and I had no idea how to approach them. Or even what I was suppose to do or say if I did.

The bartender was chatting with a blonde man I was guessing in his mid 20s, blonde, and about the same height as my six feet, and looked to be in good shape. The bar tender gave me a glance and mouthed “you want another coke?” I held up my glass and was still a quarter full and said “not yet.”

The bartender looked back at the man and tilted his head towards me and said something to the guy and though I couldn’t hear it he was giving off a low laugh. The man gave me a sideways look.

After a few minutes the blonde guy walked over to me and stood on the corner of the bar next to me. He asked if I wanted a drink and I said “I could use a Bud.” The guy waved his bottle at the bartender and raised two fingers.

He smiled, stuck out his hand and said “I’m Steve.”

“I’m Jim” I replied and gave him a smile I guess I used when I was trying to pick up girls.

We did some of the basic small talk. He worked at the US Patient Office, single, and even lived in D.C. instead of Maryland or Virginia. In fact he had just bought a townhouse in one of the run down parts of D.C. and was fixing it up.

I told him I worked for NASA in the mail department. He smiled and asked me to take off my hat and I did. He laughed and said “bullshit, your hair is to long for the Marines and Army. No one from NASA would wear a baseball cap with the clothes you have on so, that leaves the Navy and the Air Force, which is it?”

I was wondering if he might be an undercover MP but, he seemed too friendly with the bar tender for that.

I laughed and admitted I was in the Air Force and he laughed and said “Your secret is safe with me.”

Then he asked me “Is this your first time in a gay bar?” Up to now I had never heard homosexual stuff called gay and he had to explain that to me and he had to explain “coming out of the closet” to me too. He would end up explaining a lot of things to me.

I was honest with him and told him I didn’t even know gay bars existed until the last two years and knew nothing about the gay world. He asked if I ever had a boyfriend or dated a guy. He didn’t seem to surprised when I said no.

I learned he was a bit like me. Raised in a small Virginia town, church up bringing, etc and figured out he was gay in college. He had a lover for a time and dated some guys. I had a few questions and he answered them but, damn if I can recall them now. He asked me about the Air Force and West Texas and I asked about the Patient Office and Western Virginia.

The place had a pretty good size crowd by now and music was playing. He asked if I wanted to dance just as they started playing a slow song. I wasn’t really sure at first as I’m not a dancer to begin with and he finally pulled my elbow and said “Come on out of the closet some more and dance with me.”

I was a bit nervous but, he wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck and we just sort of swayed. It occurred to me that all the women I had slowed dance with wrapped their hands on the back of my neck. Was I the woman in this relationship?

The song ended and Steve asked me “was that so bad?” I had to laugh and told him I actually enjoyed it.

They started playing another slow song and Steve pulled me to him and held me a bit closer and tighter. I have to admit that I did find it a bit strange and awkward at first dancing with another guy and among a bunch of other men.

The music changed and went to fast tempo. Steve actually took me by the hand and pulled me towards the bar and I thought “Damn, I am the woman” but, he pulled me towards the emergency door and as we went out he said “it is more comfortable out here.”

Turned out there was a patio area bordering the alley. Small group Travesti of guys were chatting and in the darker corners guys were making out. Steve and I found a few bench seats and sat back to talk.

As we chatted I kept glancing at two handsome guys making out in a corner, one had moved his hand down to the other’s ass and seemed to be enjoying grouping and stroking. The memory of the two nude men in the magazine came back to me.

Steve asked “what is about those two over there that has you so intrigued?”

I told him I had never seen two men kissing and found the site of two men kissing erotic .

Steve said “I assume that since you haven’t dated a guy you have probably never kissed one or anything else with a guy?”

Of course I told him “no”.

And with that Steve leaned in slowly, I guess to give me a chance to back out if I wanted, and pressed his lips to mine. We held it that way for a minute I guess and he pulled back and said “That make you want to run away?”

“No” and gave him one of those nervous, embarrassed smiles acting I guess like any one getting their first real kiss. He leaned in and again gave me a kiss and moved his right hand behind my head and pulled me in a little tighter. I felt his tongue against my lips.

I opened my mouth and like I had done with some of the women I had been with did me and I sucked his tongue into my mouth. For awhile we went back and forth with us changing places on in whose mouth the tongues were in.

In what seemed forever and an instant at the same time he pulled back and moved to my ear. He went back and forth nibbling and tonguing my ear; something that drives me nuts! He then moved to my neck doing the same to it. All I could really do to him was run my hands up and down his back.

Now all of this was not exactly giving me an erection but, I was getting turned on. I was wondering what our next step might be when I felt his hand traveling up my thigh. He moved it to my inner thigh and massaged it a bit. Now I was getting real turned on.

However, it was more than I was ready for right then. I pulled out of our kiss and let out a big exhale and looked Steve in the eye with a smile.

He smiled back and joked with me a bit, “you seemed to have liked it. Was it all you thought it would be?” I could only laugh and said “Yes, and a bit more but, not really sure how far to take it right now.”

“That is OK, if you like we could explore this further back at my home.” But, I told him I thought it was a bit much for that night.

Well, I could have kicked my self wondering why I wasn’t going home with him but, I just couldn’t work up the nerve. We made out for a little while longer and then he said he had to work the next day.

We got up and went back in the bar and before I could say anything the bar tender waved me over and gave me back my ball cap; I had left it on the bar before we went dancing. Steve and I did take the time to order another drink and chatted a bit.

Steve offered me his card and at the same time he asked for my phone number. I took the card and gave him my number and said I would like to see him again. I went to leave but, he gave me a kiss and when we broke the bar tender was looking at us with a smile. I made my goodbye.

As I was half way across the bar I turned to see Steve and bartender sharing a laugh and I figured it was at my expense.

I went down the street a bit and found a place and waited. Within ten minutes Steve came out alone. That made me feel good as nice looking as he was I am sure he could of found someone to take home.

I went home feeling like a giddy school girl meeting her first love. I lay in bed that night with ten thousand thoughts running through my head. Would he call tomorrow? Should I call him and ask for a date? What if he said no? What if he said yes and wanted sex would I go through with it?

The next day was Friday and I was certain I wanted to see him again and about the noon hour I got his card and called his office; he was in and answered his phone. He was happy to hear from me so soon and admitted he had been trying to get up the courage to call me.

I asked him if he wanted to have dinner with me that evening and my heart jumped for joy when he said yes and recommended a restaurant in D.C. at 5:30.

That evening I cleaned up and dressed up and was heading for my car and ran into a few dorm friends and they gave me some shit for having a date. At that time most of the guys were dating women in the Air Force or maybe the daughters of older Air Force guys.

I bragged that I was dating a high ranking civilian employee of a non-military government agency. Which got a lot of smart ass comments and laughs. It was sort of a big deal when one of us go to date a civilian and came with comments of “Does she have a friend.”

At the restaurant I was still a bit nervous but not as much as the night before. Steve met me outside in his usual government business attire of suit and tie and I thought he looked very handsome and he complemented me on not wearing blue jeans or a base ball cap.

Of course being back in the 70s, me being in the military, and on a public street we grasped hands instead of hugging or kissing.

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Gay Observatory Tower Curious Fling

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The sun was just going down. What a day it had been. I knew I had to try and get a couple of photographs of this from the observatory. How lucky am I, I was allowed up, probably the last for the day. The lift rocketed up as it does. I check my messages from my wife. The lift stops. I am on the observatory level – oh my god, what a view!

I have the whole floor to myself. I’m positive they aren’t letting anyone else up here. What a stroke of luck. I snap a few pics, pics that’ll soar on my Instagram tonight, Twitter and also my deviant art gallery. Every direction I walk around and gather the best vantage points for ultimate impact.

I am feeling a tad horny. I grab a seat a start to flick through some of my erotic pics of women giving blowjobs. I have to keep reminding myself – I have the whole floor to myself. Image of blowjob after blowjob. For some strange and weird kinkiness I have is sometimes imagining myself in the female position of performing the blowjob.

Even though I’m a straight and married young guy I still can’t help but to put myself in the woman’s shoes and enjoy such a nice cock in my mouth – I can only fantasize I suppose. I love many types of women, lesbian seductions, lesbian threesomes, double penetration, babes, milf, mom, wife, mature etc. My biggest turn on scenario is the first time situation.

Today is going to prove something a bit extraordinary. Images in my secret gallery I move through and finally I rest on a babe undoing the pants of a guy and slowly taking out his cock and caressing it right in front of her face. I was so envious. If only I was this babe. My hand is inside my pants, feeling my own semi-erect cock. The wetness of my own pre-cum between my fingers.

I must taste my own pre-cum. I raise my fingers to my tongue and taste Üçyol travesti the saltiness of my own cock. If only I could somehow suck my own cock. If only I could share this moment with another guy. How I would love to suck a guy’s cock right now. How I would love to taste another guy’s cock squirt inside my mouth.

My own cock is getting wetter and wetter. I hear a noise from the other side of the observatory. My own hand instantly leaves my pants. My heart races. I go back to perusing my photography of sunsets and city lights. A guy about the same age as me comes walking passed. He looked like he worked there.

This guy walked right passed me and greeted me as he did. So friendly was his smile. He came back to me and stood nearby with a look of awe as he shared the view with me. As I sat and also stared out over the beautiful cityscape I noticed the closeness of another male. He introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Will, nice to meet you, plenty of nice shots?”

We shook hands, “I’m James, yes what a night.”

My cock is dripping pre-cum as we exchange small talk. I’m sitting as he stands and talks while looking out into the night. I try to do the same but I can’t help but to look at this guy’s crotch and only imagine what it would be like to, Well, Um… He suddenly says something strange, “This View is so out of this world – it’s almost enough to give you a hard on don’t you think?” I answered too quickly, “Yeah”, as I was still looking at his crotch.

I’m positive his crotch area has expanded a touch. What he said next will shock me out of my mind. “Sometimes I just stand here and stroke my own dick as I watch over the whole city… it’s like we are watching the world and all their inner secrets… their inner desires…” As I listened to his voice I Alanya Travesti was still looking at his crotch. Little did I know was that he was now looking down at me – looking at his crotch.

My eyes instantly go back to the outside view in complete embarrassment, my face turns red and my heart stops in this heartbeat-stoppage of a moment. What he said next somehow defused the whole tension in the air. “Do you mind if I undo my pants and slowly stroke my cock?”

“No, not at all”, I said. “Feel free”, I said, but with a slight double entendre intended. I suddenly felt a strange courage come over me.

This new found courage or vibe was really in the air. He turned a bit more to me as he said, “You don’t mind do you… kind of… well… helping me… undoing my um…” As if on auto pilot I darted back my response, “Not at all – I’ll be glad to help”. His crotch is now right in front of me and I have this request to undo another guy’s pants to release his cock. This is the biggest turn on I have ever had. Just the anticipation in the air of something so wrong and yet so right!

I reach and find his pants button, then his pants zip, I slowly lower his zip all the way. I now see his underwear – his underwear that houses and cradles his cock. Still on auto-pilot I reach now and find the elastic of his underwear and slowly pull down, releasing this absolutely wonderful cock right in front of me. His cock stands out perfectly jutting out pointing directly out level.

Probably about six inches of manhood man meat. I just sit and stare as I still have hold of his underwear elastic waiting for my next move. His cock head is beautiful. A cock head that has a drip of pre-cum sitting patiently, waiting to be tasted. (I tasted my own earlier on and now I get to Konyaaltı travesti taste another guy’s pre-cum – and maybe more, just maybe much more!)

I still have hold of his white underwear as I slowly move my lips forward. I open my lips and before I know it I have this incredible man meat head inside my mouth. I am tasting him I am tasting a cock for the first time! This throbbing cock head I am engulfing in my mouth. He pushed ever so gently out and into my mouth a touch more and more as I feel his head start to penetrate my mouth.

I start to caress his hips with one hand and with the other hand I caress and fondle his balls and the base of his shaft. I slowly masturbate his lower cock as his top half is fully inside my mouth. I am loving every moment, every inch as he pushes in then out, in then out of my mouth. I am tasting the saltiness of more and more pre-cum dripping into my mouth.

His breathing starts to really quicken now as now I am suddenly aware that this is the moment – the moment all guys live for, to cum inside someone else’s mouth. I am this someone. I start to suck as he gently pushes and pulls in and out. Suddenly a squirt! A real squirt hits the back of my throat. I swallow and gulp. The next squirt went directly onto my tongue. Another squirt on the inside side of my mouth.

I am now swishing his cum all around my mouth as my lips are getting wetter and more slippery as his cock just keeps on moving in and out of my mouth. I am now taking every inch of his beautiful cock, all the way down to his base, and then all the way back to just his head that pulsates on my tongue.

A few more drips now on my tongue and this incredible guy is now spent in my mouth, and I devoured every drop. I now know exactly how women feel to have cock. To love cock. To suck every drop from the manhood. His fingers slowly and gently going through my hair as I am in no hurry whatsoever to end this sucking – this loving – this observatory gay fling.

Something tells me that this really is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

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Game Boy Ch. 01

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At first I thought he must be selling something. He looked clean-cut and respectable, with a smart bomber jacket over his crisp white shirt and wearing a pair of black trousers and trendy geek-chic specs.

He stopped me as I was walking out of the HMV shop in Birmingham city centre, opening with a refreshingly polite ‘excuse me sir’ and throwing me his best attempt at a cute-boy smile when I gave him my attention.

As he babbled on it took me a minute or so to figure out what he actually wanted. Having expected him to ask me questions about my energy provider or some such, I think I was trying to somehow connect the words he was saying to British Gas or N-Power or something like that.

But he just kept going on about forgetting his ID and telling me some convoluted story of how far away he lived and how many buses he’d have to catch to fetch it.

“Sorry, but what is it you actually want from me?” I queried at length.

“I just need you to buy me a game,” he said with shrug, like it was the most normal thing to ask of a total stranger you’d just met in the street.

Seeing me make to turn away from him, he quickly added, “I mean, I’ll give you the money — I’m not asking you to pay for it for me — I just want you to go over to the cash desk to do that side of things.”

“Why can’t you buy it?” I asked him distrustfully, suspecting that I was being set up for a scam.

“That’s what I’ve been telling you — I forgot my ID,” he replied, a touch on the irritable side. “I am eighteen — I swear to God — but I left my student card in my room.”

I looked him up and down. He could well be eighteen. He had a cute, boyish face under his thick-rimmed glasses but his chin betrayed a fine growth of stubble. His build was on the chubby side and could still be described as puppy fat, but he was at least as tall as my son, who was also eighteen.

“So why did you come in to the city without your ID if you knew you were going to buy the game?” I asked.

“I was working this morning,” he replied, gesturing at his white shirt and black trousers and throwing me a look like I was stupid to assume he always came out dressed like this. “A guy I work with told me about the game and I wanted to buy it so I can play it on my day-off tomorrow.”

Seeing that I was still sceptical but could well be close to taking the bait, he took out his wallet and showed me that he had a stash of ten pound notes inside which I assumed would cover the price of the game.

“Okay, I’ll buy it for you,” I said brightly which made him smile rather cutely at me. “But in return, I’d like you to do something for me.”

“If I can,” he shrugged. “Whatever you want…”

I smiled back at him. This was exactly the sort of response I’d been hoping for.

“Whatever I want, eh?”

He nodded and I asked him, maintaining my smile, “Even if what I’d like you to do is of a sexual nature?”

He laughed at that — he actually thought I was joking — but when I didn’t laugh back and just kept smiling pleasantly, he blushed and muttered there was no way he was going to “take it up the butt from some old geezer”.

“I don’t want to do that to you,” I chuckled back. “I don’t suppose the game is worth that much to you! I just want to… well… I have a very specific fetish.”

“A fetish?” he asked, looking like this was maybe getting too involved to be worth a Sunday spent playing a game.

“It’s not a horrible fetish,” I reassured him with a smile, glancing around to make sure that the shoppers walking past us weren’t paying attention to us. “It certainly won’t involve any discomfort or… er… unpleasantness for you.”

“I’m not gay,” he snapped.

I nodded back. “I don’t remember suggesting I thought you were.”

I suddenly wondered if he worked in Boots on Saturday mornings: I’d noticed that the lads who were shelf-stacking in there wore white shirts and black trousers as part of their standard dress code. He didn’t have a name badge on but maybe he left that in his locker at the back of the store.

He looked intrigued but cautious about what it was I was asking of him.

“I’m gonna need you to be more specific,” he said. “I mean, I could probably order the game on eBay for cheaper, so it’s not like it’s a big deal.”

“I’m sure you could,” I replied, “and it’s not a big deal for me either. But if I’m doing you a favour, it would be entirely reasonable for you to do one back for me.”

He nodded slowly. “Yeah… of course… give and take and all that. I just need to know what it is I’m letting myself in for…”

“Without wanting to offend you… if I buy you the game, I’d like to… well… I’d like to lick your bum in return.”

I smiled at him pleasantly, trying to look as casual as I could given the intimate nature of what I’d just asked of him.

“Lick my bum?” he asked, looking surprised and confused. “You mean you want lick my backside… my actual arse?”

I couldn’t see how the word bum could mean anything other than an actual arse, but I nodded and said, “Only if you’re willing to let me, of course.”

“What, Bornova travesti like, actually lick it?” he went on. “With my trousers and pants pulled down?”

“That’s right,” I agreed. “You’d just have to stand there and let me. It wouldn’t be too onerous and I probably wouldn’t need too long.”

“Are you some kind of creep or something?” he asked me with obvious disdain.

“Not really,” I replied cheerfully. “Just a guy who’s willing to buy computer games for young lads who’ve forgotten their ID cards, and who also happens to have a thing for licking the same young lads’ bums.”

“My actual bum, though?” he clarified, like there could be any other part of him I was getting it confused for. “I mean… you know… the thing I shit through?”

“That’s the spot,” I grinned. “Just below your back and right at the top of your legs.”

“And I’d just have to stand there?” he asked again, with people around us getting on with their shopping oblivious to the sort of conversation they were walking right past.

“Look,” I said, “there’s a coffee shop opposite. I could buy you a drink and we could settle things in a rather more civilised way than standing out here in the mall.”

He looked at it warily. “And then you’ll buy me the game?”

“Of course,” I agreed. “But only after you’ve completed your side of the… er… transaction.”


“Okay, so let’s get this straight,” he said after taking a mouthful of the latté I’d bought him. “You want to lick my arse?”

I gestured for him to lower his voice after a couple of girls sitting off to my left swung their heads round to peer over at the two of us.

“That’s what you want to do, though, isn’t it?” he asked in a more discreet whisper. “You want me to pull my trousers and pants down so you can crouch down behind me and lick my bare bum?”

“Actually, initially I’d prefer it if you left your underwear pulled up,” I told him.

“What, so you can sniff the back of my boxers?” he queried with a certain amount of repulsion.

“Well, yes,” I smiled. “Or at least, that’s what I’d like to do for starters.”

I made sure I emphasized ‘for starters’.

He hesitated for a minute and peered out of the window at people going into the HMV shop opposite. I was worried that he was thinking that maybe some other kind soul might buy him the game without attaching any strings to the favour they were doing for him.

He stayed put, though, and looked back at me before asking, “So you don’t care if I’ve got skidmarks or my butt-crack stinks or anything like that?”

“Not at all,” I chuckled. “It’ll only serve to add zest to the experience!”

“Jesus, you’re a right fucking screw-up, aren’t you?” he said with heavy revulsion, taking a swig from his coffee as if to wash away the unpleasant taste that having to talk to me had left in his mouth.

I grinned at his insult — I’d been called much worse — and then told him, “I have a very specific fetish. It’s quite fortunate for you, because you don’t have to do anything except stand there with me crouching behind you.”

“And you really don’t want to fuck my arse or anything like that?”

Again the girls looked over and this time they giggled. They probably thought he was my rent boy for the afternoon. In a way I suppose he was.

“I promise I won’t ask for that. I won’t ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with… er… what’s your name, actually?”

“Curtis,” he said. I didn’t believe him for a minute. “What’s yours?”

“Rob,” I replied and I could see he didn’t believe me either.

“Look, Curtis,” I went on, “I absolutely promise you that my only interest is to get my face stuck into your backside.”

I’d noticed he had a lovely pudgy butt when he’d turned his back to me to climb up on the tall stool he was now sitting on. It was round and meaty; a bit flabby but still solid and pert. Just the sort of arse I’d give my right arm to get my face stuck into; or if not my right arm, then at least the risk of being caught supplying age-restricted material to a potential minor.

“Okay,” he nodded, still looking sceptical. “So, you sniff my butt for a bit, then you pull my pants down and lick it… is that it?”

“Pretty much, yeah,” I nodded, hoping he would soon agree to my suggestion.

He didn’t seem convinced and kept eyeing me suspiciously. He had fresh clear skin for someone who worked in a shop and probably spent the rest of his time playing computer games and eating takeaway pizzas.

“You’re definitely eighteen, aren’t you?” I sought to clarify. I had a nagging feeling he might be recording our conversation on his iPhone so I was keen to establish that he really was of legal age.

“‘Course I am,” he said. “I’m studying Politics at UWE.”

I wasn’t sure what that was so I just nodded. University of something or other no doubt.

“Okay,” he continued. “So you’ve got my pants down and you’re licking my butt… do you lick inside my crack or just around it?”

“Inside your crack,” I replied.

“I’m pretty hairy between my cheeks back there,” Buca travesti he pointed out, blushing slightly like it was something to be ashamed of.

I smiled at him and took a sip of my Americano. “I’d be disappointed if you weren’t, Curtis. I like a nice hairy behind.”

“Christ,” he muttered and I could see him thinking, “What the fuck am I doing talking to this freak?”

Instead he asked, “Will you actually lick my arsehole?”

I nodded. “Of course.”

“Even if I didn’t wipe properly? I mean, I’m not gonna swear I’ve left it squeaky clean!”

“I don’t mind about that, Curtis,” I told him. “I’m sure it’ll be very pleasant however I find it, and most probably I’ll end up with my tongue deep up inside it.”

“Fuck me!” he exclaimed and then, realising that he could be misconstrued, added, “By that I just mean, wow… not… er… anything more!”

We both sipped at our coffees before he asked, “And while you’re doing all this sniffing and licking, you’ll have your dick out and be wanking it off I suppose?”

“That’s the general idea,” I nodded.

“And I just stand there?” he sought to confirm. “I mean, I don’t have to touch your knob or suck you off or anything like that?”

“Of course not,” I said. “I wouldn’t want to be an imposition.”

“And you absolutely swear — one hundred per cent level — that you won’t try to fuck me?”

Again the girls looked over. Now they weren’t giggling; they were whispering together and glancing over at the tall ginger-haired youth working behind the counter, as if discussing whether to inform him of our conversation.

“I absolutely won’t,” I assured him. “But I’m very happy to bend over for you if you think you’d enjoy it.”

I rather liked the idea of being buggered by this young lad. I’d never been mounted by an eighteen-year-old before and the idea of squatting down to receive his impatient erection was most appealing. He was sturdy and tall, with the solid physique of a computer gamer, and it occurred to me that sex with him would likely be rapid and rough; full of the sort of frantic energy he would normally devote to a multiplayer game of Mortal Kombat.

Curtis wasn’t biting though. “I shag girls, not pervy old men,” he told me bluntly.

Pervy old men? I ask you! I’m not long past forty!

“Will you want me to wank off too?” he asked, apparently oblivious to the insult he’d just thrown me.

“That’s entirely up to you,” I shrugged. “I’d like to see you masturbate — I’m sure it would make a very attractive sight — but my main interest is in rimming your butt.”

“Rimming my butt?” he asked, his face full of suspicion. “What will that involve?”

He really didn’t like any hint that I might want to have full anal with him.

“Just licking it,” I explained, “and getting my tongue up it. That’s all.”

“Okay,” he conceded. “But all this is pretty time-consuming. I mean, thanks for the coffee, but I reckon you should really pay for the game if you’re expecting to do all this to me.”

I smiled. “That sounds like a fair deal.” I’d been going to buy it for him anyway. I was thinking I’d chuck a fifty quid gift voucher into the bag as well, as long as he didn’t view it as tantamount to prostitution.

“But if I’m buying it for you,” I went on, “I’d like to sniff the back of your work trousers as well, if that’s okay. How long have you been wearing them?”

“I dunno,” he shrugged, blushing a little as if I was his mum scolding him for not doing his laundry often enough. “Maybe a few shifts.”

“A few months more like,” I laughed. “I have a son your age and I know how infrequently he manages to get to the laundrette.”

“You have a son?” he exclaimed. Now he seemed genuinely shocked; far more shocked than he’d been outside of the shop when I’d told him what I’d like to do to him in exchange for buying the game.

I nodded. “That’s right. He’s studying at Leeds.”

“But I assumed you were gay…?”

I shook my head. “I wouldn’t label myself as gay. I like sex with women but I just also happen to enjoy the smell and taste of other guys’ butts.”

“No kidding,” he muttered, before asking, “Okay, so where are we going to do this?”

While he was downing the rest of his coffee I suggested, “What about in the toilets at the back of this cafe?”

He looked over at the gents sign on one of the doorways in the far wall and nodded. “Good a place as any, I suppose.”

“It makes sense,” I said. “We can get things over and done with, then go back to HMV for… er… payment for services rendered.”

I took a couple of last sips from my coffee which was far too bitter, and then the two of us got up and headed to the back of the shop.

The two girls watched us heading towards the toilet and smirked at each other as if they knew what we were up to. They’d no doubt worked out he was trading his butt in return for some sort of recompense from me, but whether they’d deduced that my preferred currency was to get my mouth clamped onto the matted hair around his pucker was doubtful.

They probably thought Konak travesti — from his noisy protestations about not wanting to be fucked — that he was going to bend over for me to wank myself off behind him, with me trying to imagine I was rogering his arse. I’d seen a lot of older guys do that behind young lads who would let them but I’d never really been able to see the appeal.

What was the point of a nice round backside if you weren’t going to get its delectable scent all over your face?

We went into the toilet which was a single cubicle large enough for a wheelchair so there was plenty of space for us to do our thing.

As I locked the door, he warned me, “Don’t expect me to enjoy this. I’m not gonna get a hard-on with you slavering away at my arse.”

I smiled back at him and replied, “I suppose the main thing is that I do, since I’m the one who’ll be buying the game.”

He nodded and asked, “So how do you want me?”

Then he muttered, “Fucking hell, I never thought I’d be saying this to another guy…”

I got him to stand in front of the toilet like he was going to take a piss and crouched down behind him to press my face into the seat of his black trousers. He was, as I’d expected, wonderfully whiffy along the hem between his cheeks. Like my son, he wore his clothes well beyond their ‘use by’ dates.

“Can you smell my butt?” he called down to me.

I pulled away from him and replied, “Very much so, Curtis.”

“And do you like it?” he asked, sounding concerned that I might not. Maybe he thought I wouldn’t buy him the game if his smell back there was too strong or too shitty.

“It’s very pleasant, yes,” I informed him. “I can’t wait to sniff what’s underneath.”

I pressed my nose back into his trousers, right between his solid cheeks, and found where the material was most infused with his own unique anal scent. There was a small patch of fabric that must often work its way up into his hairy valley: I could smell the tell-tale pungent odour of male butt quite distinctly on it.

“I rather suspect you’ve worn these trousers more than just a few shifts,” I called up to him.

“I didn’t say how long the shifts were,” he replied back defensively.

I pressed my nose deep between his cheeks and inhaled his most secretive scent. He was a whiffy boy, that much was obvious, and the baser scents I was detecting suggested that he was probably not too meticulous about how attentively he wiped.

“You said you were into women,” he called down. “Do you like to sniff their backsides too?”

I pulled away again in horror. “Ugh… definitely not!”

He grinned down at me — it was the only time he found me funny — and I explained that the appeal for me was very much restricted to my own gender.

I got him to undo his belt and then shuffled his trousers down to reveal a tight pair of fashionably-branded boxer briefs. They had a blue and yellow striped design, with the lines running horizontally and accentuating the size and curve of his beautifully chunky buttocks.

I pressed my face between his cheeks and inhaled strongly and deeply along the length of material that had spent all morning so tantalisingly close to his odorous crack. His smell on his underwear was distinct, but curiously not as intense as it had been on the back of his trousers. His boxers must have been fresh on today and the perfumed scents of whatever washing powder he’d used on them drowned out the more interesting stink of what lurked underneath.

“Aren’t you going to wank off?” he asked, clearly impatient for me to hurry up and finish off.

I pulled away from between his bum cheeks. “Shortly, Curtis, but I’d like to sample the source in all its untainted glory first, if I may.”

He peered down at me, his expression uncomprehending, so I clarified: “I’d like you to pull your shorts down so I can lick your hole.”

“You really wanna do this?” he asked me again. “I mean, I can’t swear as to how clean I am back there, and… you know… it is my arsehole so it might be dead pongy…”

“I’m sure it’ll be delicious, Curtis,” I grinned up at him.

“Have you done it before?” he asked. “I mean, have you licked another guy’s bunghole?”

“Of course,” I smiled, “many times. I’m quite the connoisseur.”

“If it’s too shitty and gross and you can’t go through with it, you won’t tell anyone, will you?”

“Who am I going to tell?” I asked him. Did he really think I was going to waltz back out into the coffee shop and declare to the crowd what I’d just found between his bum-cheeks?

“I dunno,” he replied. “Your faggot friends or whatever. I just don’t want to think of you making jokes about me to all the other perverts whose butts you lick.”

“You can rest assured, Curtis, that I don’t kiss and tell. Even when the kissing leaves an especially disagreeable aftertaste.”

He nodded with upmost gravity and then hitched his boxers down with both hands to reveal his bare backside.

And what a lovely bum it was too!

If he had a girlfriend, I was sure she wouldn’t appreciate it. Few girls pay any serious attention to what’s going on down the back of their boyfriends’ underwear, and those who are able to see beauty in the muscular curve of the masculine behind would probably gag at the suggestion of having a sniff or a lick between its squat and solid cheeks.

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Friends, Sexcapades and Love Affairs Ch. 12

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Chapter Twelve – The Awakening Of Edward Hastings

Adrian munched on his lower lip as his eyes danced on the menu in front of him. Rich people did nothing by half, or so it seemed. “So we can have our balls licked and stuff?” he asked Edward directly.

Edward chuckled. “I would like to believe that you feel more adventurous than this, Adrian.”

“Also, all this, I want you to do it to me, not someone else,” Adrian added.

“It wouldn’t count as cheating,” Edward said.

“Why? Some dudes would come and perform this sort of stuff on us, right?” If he looked around, he could tell some of the patrons were already serviced by personnel specially trained. Not far from them, a beautiful twink was jizzing in a guy’s glass. His companion had probably ordered a blowjob or a ball licking by the expression of pure ecstasy on his face and how funny the table seemed to move.

All right, that stuff was getting his cock rock hard, but he had a different perspective from Edward.

“It would be just a rendered service,” Edward explained.

“Nope. It would be cheating,” Adrian concluded. “So, no, we won’t order anything.”

“Just look a little more,” Edward insisted. “You can’t disappoint me like this.”

Adrian had a mind to argue, even if it could put him on Edward’s bad side. It was a risk he was willing to take. After all, they were in an exclusive relationship, and he wanted to make sure that his partner understood it. Also, he had an inkling that Edward was still testing him, and he didn’t plan on losing. As appealing as the idea of having beautiful twinks swallowing his cock was, Adrian liked to believe that he had started to be a bit more elevated lately, mainly because of Edward.

Even if it wasn’t a relationship in the old fashioned sense of the term, what he had with Edward trampled everything else, regardless of how exciting it sounded on paper. He continued to read the special menu just to convince Edward that he was giving it as much thought as possible.

“What’s this?” Adrian pointed at the bottom of the page at the golden symbol that appeared to be a key crossed by heavily drawn metal bars. When he touched the symbol, he realized it was embossed.

Edward grimaced. “Just Brown’s repertoire being included because he’s a bastard who likes to flaunt his abilities.”

“Brown? That bully from before?”

Edward nodded and pretended to look at the menu, although Adrian could tell he had to know it by heart by now.

“All right, we’ll do that, then.”

Edward quirked an eyebrow. “You don’t even know what it is about.”

“What is it about?”

“A vulgar display of Brown’s ability to break into his current acquisition.”

“So it’s a show. Does it take place in a dungeon or something?”

“Close enough. The basement. Why would you want to watch a BDSM show, Adrian?”

“Because this guy got to you and quite easily just earlier. I want to know why.”

“There’s nothing to know,” Edward protested. “He’s annoying, and that’s the end of the story.”

“Well, you told me to pick something from the menu, and I did. So, since you don’t want to say why he bothers you so much, we’re going to watch him. When is this show scheduled?”

“There are a few events that will take place first. Brown’s show, when it happens, is usually the last.”

“Then let’s sip some of these expensive cocktails in the meantime. And I want to kiss you.”

Edward didn’t seem in a good mood anymore. Adrian was sorry for making him uncomfortable, but he wasn’t there to behave like an obedient dog. “If you want to kiss me, you will have to work for it,” Edward said.

Adrian smiled. “So, you want me to make you shine, right?”

“Did I say anything about that?”

“Not directly, but, pretty much, yes. So what’s to do around here to make it happen?”

“Adrian, I don’t intend to lend you to anyone, and I know you’re not the type to sell out, so that leaves us with not so much. I would have liked you to prove your prowess by ordering as much as you could from the menu, but you are stubborn.”

“And you don’t get it,” Adrian replied. It was funny to be the one with a clear head for a change. “All these handsome men around me don’t amount to how much sexiness you have in your pinky. How about that?”

Edward stared at him, and then he smiled. “It was a mistake to bring you here. I’m afraid you want a relationship.”

“I’m not falling for that trap, Edward. You are not by far as sneaky as you think yourself to be. I want to fuck you, and I think you’re sexy as hell, but I have zero feelings for you.” Just as he spoke the words, Adrian was fully aware he was lying through his teeth. He just hoped Edward wouldn’t read him.

“Then why refuse to indulge in this sex buffet?” Edward gestured around them.

Adrian shrugged. “Once you taste caviar, you don’t just go back to eating corndogs on the street.”

“Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

Adrian smiled and placed one hand on Edward’s thigh, as high as he could. “Take Osmanbey travesti it as you want. And we’ll see what this Brown guy is made of. I bet he’s lame.”

“Actually,” Edward pursed his lips, “he’s quite good at what he does.”

“Oh, so you admire him. That explains a few things.”

“I don’t admire him. Where do you get such ideas?”

“I’m not going to reply to that. I see you’re a bit pissed, and I think you’re frigging sexy with pouty lips like this. It makes me want to give your sexy mouth a workout.”

Edward blushed and averted his eyes. Adrian had a feeling that he was starting to get what Edward was really about. He was on the right path. As superior and almighty as Edward acted, there was something he wanted that no one was supposed to learn about him.

“I need to go to the bathroom. I hope you’ll be even more pissed when I get back.”

Edward threw him a killer look. Adrian just needed a small pretext to get the lay of the land, and that without Edward following his every move. He could always pretend that he got lost a little if his absence were too long.

On his way through the rows of tables where shameless sex acts happened in full display, Adrian noticed the waiter from earlier walking toward what looked to be a well-stocked bar. He reached for him and caught his elbow slightly. Germaine turned on his heels with an annoyed expression on his pretty face but schooled it into a neutral demeanor the moment he set eyes on Adrian. “How can I help you, sir?”

“It’s actually Adrian.” He hoped his friendly tone would out the waiter at ease, but no such luck.

“I’m not allowed to address the patrons on their first names.”

“Okay, cool. Listen, could you please give me some pointers? What’s around here to do to, you know, make my partner look good?”

Germaine threw him a sidelong glance. “You are here with Mr. Hastings.”


“You don’t appear to be his usual style.”

“Correct.” Adrian was increasingly curious about where that was going.

“Then I surmise that the,” Germaine hesitated for a second as if he was careful to choose the right words, “temptations around don’t appeal to you.”

Adrian shrugged. “Color me not impressed.”

His remark was met with a thin smile. “I don’t quite believe you, but you do appear clever enough not to give in. It’s all but a shiny bubble.”

“Hmm,” Adrian acknowledged Germaine’s description of the orgy surrounding them.

“There is the contest, of course, but, usually, it is all about who appears to be the most depraved.”

“The contest?”

Germaine moved closer to him, holding his tray so that he could disguise their conversation as something related to drinks and the like. “Masters bring their playthings here,” he said, as his voice dropped to a whisper, “so that they could prove themselves better than the rest. It’s all a pissing contest if you’re asking me, but they use pawns for it. I don’t see you going low for this kind of thing.”

“Hmm, and is there anything, in particular, I should know about this contest so that I can increase my chances to earn first place?”

Germaine seemed taken aback by Adrian’s question. “Are you like the rest, then?”

“No way.” Adrian could bet his smile was proof enough because he noticed Germaine returning it. “And your effort is much appreciated. I tip well.”

“People don’t tip here. It is understood that we’re paid enough, so there is no need for such commonplace practices. Assholes.”

Adrian could bet Germaine could use being tipped. He got that. “Well, I’m not like most people here. So if I say that I tip, I will.”

“All right. Just for the record, I’m not holding my breath, no offense.”

“None taken. I’ll let facts prove my worth. Now, shoot.”

“The judges are a bunch of ill-mannered, sarcastic, and jaded pricks. They believe they have seen everything and tried everything. It takes a certain amount of twisted perversion to prevent them from yawning. So, you must shock them if you want to prove yourself.”

“Okay. Anything else?”

“The prize is more than just bragging rights for the owner. It’s also a ten grand check.”

Adrian chuckled. “What a bunch of cheapskates. I bet that’s pocket change for them.”

“It is,” Germaine admitted with a sigh. “And it adds to their greed of seeing other people groveling at their feet for what they consider peanuts. What I want to warn you about is that others won’t hesitate to throw all their dignity out the window for this. Not only for the money but also for the vain hope that they could become part of this world. So, be aware.”

“Thank you for the warning. And I won’t forget that you helped me.”

“All right. The best of luck, Adrian. It should start in ten minutes, so you should hurry.”

Germaine offered him the last details when Adrian felt a shadow hovering over them. The next thing he saw was a paw grabbing Germaine’s chest. “What’s up, tits?”

Germaine turned red as a beet and tried to move away from Ayrancı travesti the invasion.

“If it isn’t Brown the Bully,” Adrian said. “Aren’t plenty of naked people willing to be abused around here? Why do you have to harass the working staff?”

Brown stopped fondling Germaine’s chest. The waiter seized the opportunity and scurried away. “Eddy’s nasty gorilla.”

Adrian snorted. “Better a gorilla than an oversized squirrel.”

Brown quirked an eyebrow.

“Earlier, you were all after my nuts,” Adrian explained.

Brown laughed. He pointed a finger at Adrian. “You think you’re funny.”

“And you just sexually harassed a waiter. For the record, he’s not on the menu.”

Brown’s grin turned crooked. “Germaine has something up his ass. But I like the ones who play hard to get the best.”

“Something tells me he isn’t playing hard to get. He just doesn’t like you.”

“I can have dozens of boys like him,” Brown replied.

“Then go fondle their tits,” Adrian shot back. “This guy just isn’t into you.”

“And you know this how?” Brown narrowed his eyes and watched Adrian carefully. “You’ve been here for five minutes tops, plaything.”

Brown wanted to rile him up, but Adrian was prepared. “His nipples turned inward, disgusted by your touch.”

“Again, funny. Not.”

“I don’t give a damn what you think, and I’m not here to entertain you, anyway.”

Brown laughed, a loud, obnoxious laugh. “So far, you’ve proven yourself plenty entertaining, trust me. But if you hope to be the one and only for that exquisite diamond lily you came with, you’re wrong. He doesn’t need you or anyone like you. Let’s say it’s not your fault. Your blood runs red, and his is blue.”

“That was almost poetic,” Adrian said and offered an all-knowing grin. “Some people might believe you chose the wrong hobby.”

For a moment, Brown seemed unsure of whether he understood Adrian’s allusion or not.

“I convinced Edward to attend your little show. I’m curious.”

Brown quirked an eyebrow, and then his lips stretched into a smile. “Good job, plaything. You’re basically bringing Eddy exactly where I want him to be.”

“Edward doesn’t like you at all. For me, he will endure the ordeal of watching you playing dom to some unfortunate fellow.”

“Oh, we will see about that,” Brown said and made his teeth flash for an instant.

Adrian did feel a bit unsettled, but he chose not to show it. “We’re going to sit in the back and laugh all the time.”

“Immature,” Brown commented. “But that’s Eddy’s MO for playing safe. He would never fall for a man-child, hence his criteria for choosing his playthings. You won’t last long. Now, I should mingle with people of my own status. If I were to spend too much time with you, I might get contaminated by your middle-class mannerisms. And I can’t have that. Toodles!”

Really, who said that these days? Adrian had to admit he was intrigued. And now he needed to rush and get himself registered for the contest. Edward must be fuming by now, he thought, but he also believed that he would be forgiven once he proved himself.


Getting accepted and allowed to climb on the stage had been a breeze, but now Adrian was staring in stunned silence at a young man fisting himself with all his might. At the same time, the judges, a colorful group featuring all ages and fashion styles, appeared to be anything but interested in the display in front of them. He had no idea the human body could be that flexible. It seemed that everyone was willing to test his limits once he got there, and that made Adrian despise equally the rich dudes throwing such contests and those who felt desperate enough to participate.

“Adrian, Adrian!” Someone called for him in an irritated voice.

Adrian looked down and saw Edward, who was struggling to draw his attention. He crouched and waved at Edward, who rolled his eyes and walked closer. “What’s up, boss? Or should I call you master?”

Edward pursed his lips. “Get down from there,” he whispered angrily. “This is no place for you. I chose you because I thought you wouldn’t be interested in such mundane things as money.”

“Your Majesty,” Adrian said lovingly, “I’m here to make you proud.”

“Nonsense,” Edward jabbered on. “These people only make fools of themselves. Are you this willing to play their game?”

Adrian chuckled. “Don’t worry. I won’t play their game; I’m going to break it.” With that, he stood up and walked over to the line, without one look back. Edward would just have to wait and see.

He was the only one with all his clothes on, but Adrian hoped that would make the judges pay attention to him in particular in that sea of naked bodies. The spectators were in a frenzy, catcalling, and throwing dirty words at the naked men on stage.

Adrian pretended not to see anything. He knew exactly what he needed to do. So, when he walked in front of the savage group of judges, he was ready.

“And what are you supposed to show us,” one Cebeci travesti of the judges searched his name, “Adrian?”

“Me, not much, and that’s exactly the point. I am a master of restraint.”

A man in a feathery hat all colors of the rainbow leaned forward and watched him through crystal-studded eyelashes. How he could see anything was beyond Adrian’s comprehension. “Enlighten us.”

“Bring anyone here, have him do whatever he thinks he can do, and I won’t get it up for him,” Adrian said with determination.

“So you’re impotent,” the judge shouted, making the entire room burst into laughter.

No, the situation wouldn’t get out of hand, Adrian decided. Well aware of the sardonic smile on his lips that made the one on the judge’s face fade, he said it loud and clear, “No, there’s only one person who does it for me. For him, and only him, I can be hard for hours.” He knew Edward was watching him, but Adrian didn’t plan on turning and looking back because that would have weakened his resolve.

“That’s an interesting skill,” another judge commented. This one appeared older and wore a perfectly tailored suit. “But we want to see you naked.”

“No deal,” Adrian replied.

“You’re out of line,” the older judge said. “You don’t make the rules here.”

“Rules are boring,” Adrian said and made sure that the judge’s eyes met his. “I don’t care for rules.”

The judges whispered to one another. Eventually, the eccentric one said, “Fine. But you must allow the others to touch your cock. I suppose you would at least let us see that. You know, to judge just how limp it can be while being stimulated by our finest pleasure givers.”

Laughter followed. Adrian shrugged. “Okay.”

“And, to make sure that you are not simply an impotent brought in our midst to have us look like fools, your owner will have to come on stage and prove to everyone he can get you hard. With just a touch.”

Adrian tensed. If Edward said ‘no’ to that, the plan would fall through. There was silence, and all the judges looked past him, obviously at the person who needed to agree to that.

“It’s all right,” Edward said, quite loudly. “I’ll let Adrian prove himself first.”

Adrian exhaled. “Then bring it on,” he said, and the eccentric judge gestured for a group of young men dressed in scanty clothes to come forward. They smiled like the world was their oyster; Adrian begged to differ.


Adrian winced while his cock was licked, sucked, and rubbed for the umpteenth time. At this point, he was starting to get worried over being able to get it up for Edward. His resolve had been steel. It hadn’t been easy, but it hadn’t been hard either, pun intended. All he had to do had been to look around and see that flashy world for what it was. They fooled themselves over being in it for the pleasure, but Adrian only saw the glint of greed in some eyes, and that of ugly satisfaction at making other human beings behave like that on the faces of the ones in charge.

If he had been there only for the kink, he would have enjoyed the show for what it was and for the kink. He would have skipped the ugly bits, and skimmed over others, and gotten his pleasure as usual.

But now, he was involved, and under the harsh lights projected on stage for better viewing, many of those around him looked ugly under all that polish. He drew one deep breath when he was finally left alone.

“Well?” He turned toward the judges.

The one with the feathery hat pushed a long pencil against Adrian’s flaccid penis, bending over the table awkwardly. “I am, indeed, impressed. It’s unconventional, and we’re all here about achieving satisfaction. But, yes, you convinced us. There is only one last part. I hope your owner can make you come. I seriously doubt you have a working sex organ there at this point.”

Edward jumped on the stage. He appeared slightly flushed, and Adrian realized that being on display like that must have had that effect on him. Right now, he didn’t know whether it was a good or a bad thing. Adrian grunted and forced a smile as Edward’s smooth hand covered his cock. Their eyes met. Then Edward moved his away. “I will make him hard, but I will not have him come for you because there is no such agreement.”

The judges gasped in collective indignation. Apparently, Adrian wasn’t the only one breaking the rules tonight. He lost himself in the sea of green as he stared into Edward’s eyes. Not getting it up? What a joke. Edward only had to wrap his hand around him, and his cock grew to full length.

Edward only turned him slightly so that everyone could see. Adrian didn’t care. He was proud of his cock, but mostly, he was proud of the man beside him. Edward pushed his cock back inside his dress pants, making him grunt. Now the problem was to get it back to sleep. But it was small suffering compared to how shocked everyone seemed to be.

Adrian leaned in and whispered in Edward’s ear, “Did I break the game or what?”

“We are not satisfied at all, and, just for the record, no one should ever try to pull the same prank on us again, but,” the judge with the enormous hat said, “in the light of how interested everyone has been in this contest round compared to our past sessions, it is our unanimous decision to offer the prize to Mr. Adrian Rossi.”

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