Backpacking with College Students

Backpacking with College Students

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A totally fictional story about a husband and wife teaching college students how to pack, fly fish, do hygiene, on a backpacking trip where the space and weight of the pack creates the need to limit items. The wife takes the boys, the husband a girl that likes to fish. It is one of my longer stories as I found it too difficult to split into parts or chapters without hurting the story.

All characters are over 18 years old. As with all my stories, they are proofed with the help of software, some mistakes may be missed. If you are more interested in perfect grammar, than reading a good story you may want to look elsewhere. I hope you enjoy it! Comments on the storyline are always appreciated.


Ellen and I are children of the ’80s, which means we were raised by children of the ’60s. My parents were very liberal, something that I rejected when I was in my early teens. Yes, I wanted designer clothes, and a BMW for my birthday like many of my friends drove to school.

My jeans came from the discount store, and I drove an old car my grandpa gave me. Those things I thought were important at the time were not in the cards financially as my mom was a social worker, and my dad although an attorney did more work for legal aid than for his private practice. There is no payoff for that monetarily, for it is a work of charity at its best. Anything that we had was modest, as, like my dad, my mom’s job did not pay so much in dollars as it does in their self-worth.

What I did have was a wealth of good values when it comes to the world, yet open minds when it came to weed, sex, and relationships in general. Instead of a lecture about not having sex before marriage, I got one on how not to make a baby until you want one, and a box of condoms.

With my parents, being nude with them on occasions that called for it was not made to be an evil or sinful thing. They were into nature, backpacking, camping, and fishing, and not nudists per se, or what some like to call naturists. I found out in my teens that they had opened up their marriage to other partners on occasion, something else from the 60s.

Our nudism is out of necessity as well, and even though it little to do with sex, you have to be honest about it, nudity and sexual arousal have always had a connection.

Like with my parents, our nudity is necessary for us to freely enjoy being out in the wild, in our case backpacking and camping are our stress relievers. I guess it started by my grandpa and grandma from the necessity of needing to bathe in the wilderness, in a river or pond. It was partly started by the lack of space, and the need to keep our backpacks as light as possible.

When you are backpacking, and camping sometimes for as long as a whole week, it is hard to carry enough equipment. Swimwear, or even having to carry anything wet after a swim or bathing was an unnecessary hassle, if it was warm enough we would just dry in the sun.

Aside from being OK with nudity, and the survival skills I was taught, my parents being open and honest about life has made me a better person. They even influenced my loving wife Ellen, who in our personal life goes as just L. The very summer we were married we made our first trip together.

My parents, now her new parents-in-law, visited my grandpa’s cabin together for the first time. Maybe a little too soon, she and I could not get enough of each other sex-wise, but I figured we could always go off on our own to take care of those needs. Although I did my best to prepare her, I thought it might be a problem seeing, and being seen by my parents while naked. It wasn’t though I soon found out, I learned a lot about her on that first trip with them.

She more than let them know that she was fine with the necessity of it. She demonstrated that when we were on a day hike with them at the cabin during a very hot summer. My dad suggested a swim to cool off in a spring-fed lake along the trail. We had no swimwear only a small pack with power bars and something to drink. My dad said that we could all go in our underwear since it was a day hike, or as an option split up and mom and dad could walk to a small alcove only a little ways away for privacy if we wanted to swim nude in private. Telling L that he understands it might be too soon, or maybe just too difficult a thing for her to do at all.

“She said to him, Dad, am I not an immediate member of the family now?”

“Of course you are Ellen, you know that I hope.”

“If I was not here wouldn’t all three of you just strip naked and go in for a swim?”

“You got me there, yes we would, I just didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

As she started shedding her clothes right there in front of dad and she said, “I will probably get a little red in the face at first, but I will get used to it dad. I am worried about you though, having both your sexy wife and your young daughter-in-law naked and in your presence for the first time, well, I just hope your heart can take it.”

She accomplished grup escort something few people have done, left my dad speechless, and made my mom giggle, as she became the first to join L in disrobing. I will say that once my dad disrobed, he had a bit of a reaction in an organ, but that organ was not his heart.

What a beautiful sight her standing there naked in the afternoon sun, her and I only a couple of feet from my parents.

Like my mom always does, she wanted to do something to have some fun in the water and challenged L to a chicken fight. L was all for it, I was a bit surprised she was willing to sit on my shoulders and further expose herself. I figured she was still trying to act like all this did not bother her, but then again, maybe she was trying to tease my dad with her ample young breast?

Well, games began as my naked dad and I hoisted our spouses upon our shoulders. Mom won the first two rounds, but then the biggest surprise of the day is when L proposed switching partners. But she is competitive, saying that she lost only because I was not holding her legs tight enough.

My dad was a little hesitant, but in the end, did not protest, and hoisted L up and held her legs tightly as her young bald pussy lips pressed right against the back of his neck. I will never forget, the look on his face. The water was cool and was up past our waist and it was a good thing because I was not only hard from seeing all this but having my mom’s pussy pressed against my neck added to it.

L is competitive and tightened her legs around Dad’s neck, he is a big guy, making her look even more petite. His big hands were wrapped around her thighs holding tight. I knew he had to be as hard as I was even in the cool water. I was both watching L’s breast bounce hitting the top of Dad’s head, feeling mom’s pussy, and making sure not to get in too shallow of water. They battled for quite a while, and in the end, it was a tie, and we were all four worn for wear. She then shocked my dad, after she dismounted, when she pressed against him to give him a victory kiss, I know she had to encounter his erection, but gave him a good kiss and hug nonetheless. It had to make the old guy’s day, maybe even his year.

Ellen and I have passed on to our son, the same courage to be nude in front of others when the situation called for it, and to not be ashamed if one of your cousins, siblings, or parents turns you on while naked, it is natural under those conditions, you have to just isolate yourself until it goes away.

We have opened our marriage at times but did not, and still don’t do it without the other’s knowledge, usually doing it with other couples. The love of nature that was passed down, my parent’s lifestyle origins was from my grandparents, my grandpa built that humble cabin with no running water or shower in the mountains as a getaway from everyday life, and taught his values to my dad.

The story I am about to tell is about a trip there that Ellen, planned with our son. He was doing well in college about to finish his Junior year and wanted to backpack with some of his friends. L and I will be telling our own stories separately, as we both had different experiences on this trip, our interests vary a little so we split into two groups. L is more into just plain backpacking, she loves to hike and pitch a tent, survival-type stuff. I like to fly-fish, but also like to backpack to streams and small lakes that very few people know about. Then just pitch a tent and make a fire and hopefully fry up some fresh catch out in the open air. I guess I am more on the lazy side.

We had planned this late spring, early summer trip during the winter months and everyone was looking forward to it. It was to be three of my son’s male friends and one female. Yes, I questioned what his friend Jennifer would have in common with L as the only other female and 20 years older, and likely even less with me for that matter. She was not a girlfriend of our son’s or any of the other boys as far as we knew. She was just a very close platonic friend to our son and we assumed the others. They were all college friends of his that he had become very close to, they all four were Juniors and entering their early 20s in age.

The reason for that time frame of the trip was that it was for four days right when everyone’s classes were over, and before they started summer jobs or classes. Jason said that everyone was looking forward to it and that a couple of them have had little experience in the wilderness and were looking forward to learning backpacking.

Not three days before we were all to meet there Jason called with a good news, bad news scenario. The good news was terrific as he had been accepted as an apprentice at a well-known architecture firm, a big boost to him when he graduates. He did not expect it, it was a long shot. The problem was that he had to report to them on what would have been the second day of the trip, so he was out. We were disappointed iranlı escort but had no intentions of canceling and were looking forward to it even if it was just the two of us. To our surprise no one else wanted to cancel, they had all been looking forward to it, and we had met most of them, and we did not have a problem with it.

Things became a little complicated when we found out that it was Jennifer, (Jen) that was heavy into fishing, and not any of the boys had that interest, they were more interested in trying backpacking. We figured we would be in two groups but this was going to make things a little more complicated in several ways. For one, with both of us, we would have to share a tent with his friends, in my case with Jen, in her case with one of the boys. For me and Jen we couldn’t carry two tents backpacking and still have room for all the other necessities and some fishing gear. She seemed fine with it, but I was a little reluctant remembering my dad’s reaction to L naked years back. But I figured I could offer her privacy as he did.

I will start the story with our arrival at the cabin, and then tell you about my experience with Jen. Then I will let Ellen tell about her experience with the boys.

Joel’s Story:

Ellen was busy with the boys arranging equipment for the trip up into the mountains, we planned to leave early the next morning. Even though she was trying to be a teacher and leader, I could see she was already getting turned on being around the young male friends of our son with him not present.

Jen and I were doing the same as far as getting ready, she was a very nice girl, I read her as kind of a tomboy I guess. She was cute however even in that look, I didn’t think of her sexually, but then I had no idea what was under those baggy clothes. Once she changed into her shorts and a top in the heat, I could not keep myself from looking at her round young ass as she bent over, and her cleavage when she was facing me. I could see that L had busted me looking at her young ass, and I figured I would hear about it from her later but it was worth it. I let Ellen help her pack and explain what was important, I did not want to be the one to tell her she did not need swimwear, etc…

I did the same with the boys so they would know I was OK with the rules, and for them not be hesitant to be naked in front of L. Telling them they were in for a treat, explained that we swim and bathe au-natural, that it is just part of backpacking. I think they had some prep from our son. But I also wanted to break it to them we did not all need phones or entertainment items, but I let them pack a Frisbee.

The next time I saw Ellen, she had changed out of her baggy clothes, and was bra-less in a button shirt, that I think she forgot to button at the top on purpose and was tied to show her midriff. Her shorts were, well, very short, no panty lines, I figured if they were tight enough to show her camel toe, she was commando. She was dressed to test or tease who were going to be her boys, her charges for the trip. This was not the same as when L and me first dated., I don’t think any of us show the “real” us early in a relationship, but I mean that in a good way, she is much more open, and is a woman in her sexual prime now. I figured she wanted to convey that to them and get their reaction, just like my mother did with my friends.

Her fit figure was not lost on the 20 something boys, these boys were excited about this hot MILF being their guide. This should have given her a boost, it sure made me feel good about having such a hot wife. Especially the fact that these younger men were taking more notice of her over Jen, someone their age. She does not look a day over 30 to me. One, in particular, had her attention, he had his shirt off and was showing off his fit build to her, I know when a guy is doing that and why, and I know when it is working on her, I once was that fit, now at 42 not so much.

We retired early that night for the early start. We were in the bedroom, the rest of the cabin was one open room, no bath just a sink with a pump to bring water in from the small spring-fed lake we were on. A little ways further back in the woods was our outhouse.

I tapped on the door, announced myself, and walked in as L was pulling off the sheet so I could see she was laying there waiting for me naked, and in a sexy pose that I knew the meaning of. I called her on her lack of night clothes as I shed my shorts and boxers, and my cock was already starting to react to the view, saying, “I know that look, and what it means, what has you so froggy honey,” do tell?

“Well, to be honest,” she replied, “Watching you looking, and practically drooling as you were looking at that young lady’s ass that you are about to go fishing with is part of it. You seemed to have a bulge in your hiking shorts as you did. How could I not get visions of you fishing, with her being more interested in sucking your middle-aged rod?

Or picture keçiören escort you with your head between those beautiful legs, eating that young girl’s pussy as she runs her fingers through your hair, what you still have that is. I guess I would like to witness, or at least hear about it, but remember a young girl like that could ride your cock till your heart gave out Joel, so be careful. A lot of girls that age have a thing for Daddy figures.”

I just had to have a good comeback for that and did my best, “You don’t think I didn’t notice you looking at the what are in truth, young men 3 or 4 years past legal, but yet just boys to someone your age. Especially Larry with his athletic build, and willingness to show it to you. I am sure he wants to show you the hard young cock that is causing that bulge in his hiking shorts.

How could I not picture my beautiful wife pulling those shorts off for him, and just to see that hard young cock of his? Then him taking a look at that ageless bald pussy of yours, and eating you out. All this before he enters you with that hard cock, and fucks your MILF brains out”

“Who knows, the other two boys might want to watch while stroking their young hard dicks too or just join in, you have two hands and three orifices. Maybe those thoughts of you getting fucked have more to do with my hardon than seeing Jen’s young body does. Don’t worry about me being upset, as long as you describe your actions to me sometime.”

“MILF’s have been popular with young men their age for years, even before porn made people more aware of it. Young men, these days are in on what us older guys know, that you hot mama’s know what you are doing.”

“My God honey, you are a mind reader, only you saying it has me even hotter than when I just think about it. You got the short straw though, only one girl to fuck if she is into it, I have three chances to seduce one.”

“Now let’s quit wasting time, and chance our arousal factor decreasing, and get things started. Let me at that big cock of yours, let me see if I can still curl your toes like when we were young.”

“Yes dear, and let me at that fine wet pussy of yours, I can taste it in my mind already, it will save time if we 69 and please each other. Then we can get to the fucking part quicker, we do need to get some sleep tonight.”

It was not exactly dead quiet in the cabin, the young ones were talking smack to each other, they were not that worried about getting some sleep like us older folk. But more than that we needed relief first. Ellen soon had a mouth full of my cock, and I was busy eating her bald pussy. I quickly noticed her pussy was silky smooth, like she prepares it for an anniversary trip of ours or something, freshly waxed just for a camping trip?

L and I were pretty turned on just thinking about the adventures we were about to have, and once we finished our oral foreplay, I was balls deep in her. Our sex was nothing elaborate, and I can’t say it was quiet, knowing these young people might hear us just made it hotter for me. Just a good advertisement for both of us, so that the younger ones know we are not dead yet. It did not last long we just needed to get off, then get some sleep. We were laying on our backs afterward and L had a hand on my chest as we gazed at each other.

She was the first to speak. “Well stud, and love of my life, what are the rules for me on this trip master,” said partly in humor I thought?”

“As far as I am concerned, only one rule, and it’s for both of us, I think whatever happens out there, we should just let it happen. It is no different than when we used to trade spouses when we were younger, we are not cheating. I don’t have high hopes for myself, I have to be just another old guy to Jen. But you are one Hot MILF, you have a better chance of scoring than me.

I know you are willing to let three horny young men see you naked in a pond or a stream, tease them by doing a sexy strip for them while pretending to just be getting ready to bathe. I am sure you will be bathing or just skinny dipping with them by the second day so you can check out their young penises. You will turn them on with those big breasts of yours, and that fine ass, and smooth bald pussy I just fucked.

Remember what you did to my dad that first time you were naked with my parents? Well, these are constantly horny young men with stamina you are going to be teasing and hoping to fuck.”

“I am totally honest when I say I would be upset with you if I was to hear of you turning one of those boys down, and have no hot story to tell me. Getting some strange would be good for both of us.”

That was all that was said that night, the next morning we were on our way. For Jen and I, we had a lot of stuff to carry just being two of us, and we had fishing and camping things, we at some point were going to have to rinse some clothes out. The first day was walking, climbing hills only to go down and climb up another. We walked through most of the daylight hours to get to my favorite stream. We rested from time to time and munched on power bars and jerky. We set up camp at a beautiful bend in the stream and did little else as we rested. Later we went to gather some wood but decided to hold off on starting a fire till morning to cook breakfast and warm-up, nights get cold there and it takes a while to warm up the next day.

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