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I had been sitting in the Wendy’s parking lot for about five minutes, and I was getting nervous. What if she decided to eat somewhere else today? Then all my carefully made plans would be for nothing. Finally I saw her car pull into the lot and stop in the drive through line. Now I was nervous for a different reason.

I got out of my car and walked across the parking lot, feeling butterflies in my stomach. This had the potential to go very well or very poorly. I wasn’t sure which was more likely. I walked up to her car and tapped on the passenger window. She looked startled and then rolled it down for me.

“Yes,” she said warily, the suspicion evident in her voice. She had never seen me before, and had no idea who I was.

“Hi,” I started, feeling foolish. “I’m JJ, your friend from the internet. I’d like to take you for lunch.”

Her face brightened when I said my name. That was a good sign.

“Really?” she answered, a note of excitement in her voice. She unlocked her doors and I got in.

“I’m planning a surprise for you,” I continues. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Oh hell no,” she answered. “This is a lot better than eating alone in my car. Where are we going?”

“Drive down that road over there,” casino şirketleri I answered, pointing across the parking lot.

She pulled out of the drive through line and drove across the road, following the route I had indicated. We made small talk as she drove. It was the basic wow its so good to meet you, you’re really pretty sort of stuff. It didn’t take us long to reach our destination, a small motel on the side of the road.

“I don’t see any food around here,” she said as she turned off the car.

“It’s inside,” I answered with a wink.

I led her from the car into the room. I had left Chinese takeout heating in a small crock pot when I went to get her. Now the room smelled wonderful.

“There is just one thing,” I said. She looked at me questioningly, but didn’t say anything. “You have to eat blindfolded,” I continued, taking her silence for acquiescence.

She smiled, and let me put the blindfold on her.

As soon as she was blindfolded I sat her down on the bed. I retrieved lunch and returned to the bed with a pair of chop sticks.

“Open up,” I teased.

She opened her mouth and I picked up a shrimp and laid it on her tongue. She tried to take it from me, but I held on with the casino firmaları chop sticks, engaging her in a miniature tug-of-war.

After feeding her a few tidbits this way, I took a cauliflower and ran it over the side of her neck before feeding it to her. After she ate it I took her head in my hands and rolled it slowly back exposing her neck. I began to kiss away the dark sauce, enjoying the movements and sounds she made as I did so.

Next I selected a piece of broccoli. I held it under her chin, watching a few drops of the hot sauce drip onto her breasts and trickle down into her cleavage. I placed the broccoli in her mouth, then ran my fingers through her hair to the back of her head. I pulled her hair down slightly as she swallowed, raising her chin and exposing her neck. I bit her gently and began to lap the sauce from the top of her breasts. She moaned in response to my attention, pulling my head into her body. She made quick work of the buttons on her blouse which allowed her to remove her bra. I removed her pants for good measure. Then she lay back on the bed. I followed the trail of the sauce, nibbling between her breasts and cupping them in my hands. Each time I squeezed them, she moaned and her body shuddered güvenilir casino deliciously under me.

I left my position between her breasts to return to the crock pot. I returned with a large spoon of very warm but not scalding sauce. I drizzled it slowly into her belly button. Her navel overflowed, sending a trickle of sauce spilling down the valley formed by her thighs. She shuddered and raised her back into the air as the hot sauce flowed over the lips of her pussy.

I began to lick the sauce from her button, rubbing her belly with my hands and the stubble of my face as I did so. Slowly I worked my way along the trail of the sauce, making my way toward her womanhood. I spread her lips with my fingers and sucked her clit between my lips. I felt her go wild as I did so, bucking and rubbing herself into my face.

I had intended to tease her further, but I could not bring myself to wait any longer. I jumped up and tore off my pants. Returning to the bed, I flipped her onto her belly and crawled onto her back. Reaching under her, I placed my hand onto her pussy and pushed upwards, raising her hips. I entered her and felt a wave of lust wash over me. I ground her hips into my hand, massaging her clit as I fucked her pussy. I exploded in a blinding orgasm, and felt myself filling her with my cum. Then I fell onto her back, my arms still around her.

I thought back to my anxiety in the parking lot. This adventure had definitely turned out on the very well end of things.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32