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I got a job as a sales agent selling energy saving geysers. This product was years ahead of its time. The concept and the cost saving impressed me. I was eager to get involved with this company and even more so, to present this product to potential buyers. There were twelve of us selected and recruited as agents. We would travel across the country to small and big towns to sell.

We trekked up country in two small cars – all twelve of us. Our first stay, away from home, would be for two weeks. I was 26 back then. I had two young children; the eldest was only three years old and my baby seven months. It was difficult leaving them behind, but a man must do what he must.

It was a 13-hour journey to our base. We arrived there in the early hours on a Saturday morning. Up till then, we really did not get to know each other that well. There were three ladies and the rest of us were men. We shared rooms in the big house that we called our base.

That same Saturday evening we were knocking on doors and making sales. I sold two units on the day. There was only one other guy that sold a unit that day. I was elated, because it meant that my commission was 12% on my sales that totaled 6,800 dollars. I phoned my wife that evening to tell her the good news. She was happy for me. My 3-year old daughter was asking if I was coming home that evening. I told her that I would see her in a couple of weeks. I knew that she did not understand. It made me a little sad, but my wife encouraged me to carry on and make sales.

The Sunday was not a very good day for sales. The area where we were marketing was a Christian-based community. It was the first time that we got an opportunity to meet each other properly. Most of us slept late though, but by lunchtime everybody was up and about and around the pool and chatting about everything from their past experiences and work and family and even their dreams. There was this one guy who did not quite seem to fit in. It was almost as if he was not supposed to be there. It was almost as if there was another path for him that he somehow might have missed. Or maybe this was a part of a journey that would catapult him to where it is that he was supposed to be. I saw him alone in the garden reading. I only observed whilst the others were sharing. He only spoke when it was truly necessary. And when he spoke one would swear that he was a pastor or a presenter. His voice had this important quality to it. He was my biggest rival in the sales department. He intrigued me. I was drawn to him. My eyes were searching for him, constantly.

On the Monday evening, when we returned from our various sales sites, I heard that he had sold six units that day. I was flabbergasted. That evening I had only sold three units. I was determined to up my game the next day. I was determined to get back on top.

At our Tuesday morning meeting, our two-day sales figures were presented for all to see. This guy was asked to share with us all, how he managed to sell six units in one evening.

“I look deep into their eyes,” he started. “Some people are frivolous. Some people are serious. That is a given. And in some people’s eyes you can see their determination: ambition, goals, aspiration and persistence. I don’t waste time with frivolity. I pitch to those who are serious and determined,” he stated and went back to his seat.

The room was silent. I guess we all expected a 5-minute blah-blah. The only sound I could hear was that of people trying to interpret what they had just heard. And some of the thinking crashed. I heard this too. And some of the thinking connected with neurons and other neurons as it patterned…for some, something new, and for others a re-awakening of things already known. I got this guy, fully. Like when you understand why your cock gets hard, like mine was fucking rock hard, in that moment.

That evening I applied what he shared that morning. That evening I got five sales. He got the same number of sales. And on the Wednesday, I only got two sales. He got seven. We were still the lead sellers. Albeit, on the Thursday morning, he was again asked to present and to share some more.

“The Tuesday was an ordinary day,” he started. “Wednesday is hump day,” he said.

Everyone laughed. He smiled.

“My point exactly,” he grinned, almost arrogantly. “Hump means many things to many people. I can see that all of you were thinking of fucking or missing your main fuck or wanting to fuck,” he chuckled. “But here we find ourselves among staunch religious people. I only started selling after 19h30, when I saw them all returning from church, because I understand that that is what the hump means to them. See after they were filled with their Wednesday evening church hump, I knocked on their door almost as an answer to their prayers. I was their way and their truth and their light to saving money to pay for that much needed year-end holiday. I was the truth and the light and the way to cut down household costs so that the kids can attend the new private school taksim escort that opened recently. I was the truth, the light and the way to saving their marriage which has become a barrage of fighting over cash and finances. You need to understand the hump. Ask yourself the question: What is your hump?”

I was hanging on this guy’s every word. My cock was rock hard once more. I realized that I was missing my physical hump, back home, and made a mental note to phone my wife when we stepped out of the meeting. I had not spoken to them (my family) the entire week, because I was trying to save money. I also realized that I had a financial hump that prevented me from improving my life and further my education and enhance my skills. I realized that all of this was tied to an internal hump, that I did not quite grasp.

My wife was excited to hear my voice, but her immediate caution was to save my money, and to stick to the agreement that I would only phone them once a week. I realized that this was not our joined agreement, rather, this was my decision, my hump.

That afternoon, instead of lazing by the pool, I found myself searching in the library for a book on fitting and turning. I spent most of the afternoon in the library and when I walked back to our base, I felt as if I was for the first – in a very long time – climbing my hump.

Around 17h00, I went and had a shower. The previous days I merely put on clothes and got onto the transport that dropped us in the selling sites. This time round, I wanted to feel clean, fresh and readied. When I got out of the shower and dressed, I knew that I had taken another step up my hump. That evening I returned with seven sales. I was eager to find that guy when I got back to base. I was informed however, that he was collected by a family member and that he was spending the night with them and would only return the next morning.

I lay in my bed thinking for a very long time. I was thinking about my life up till then. I recalled with excitement all the humps I had overcome. I saw myself smiling at the top of each hump and the feeling of accomplishment that accompanied each victory. Yet, it seemed so long ago, as if it was another space, and someone else’s life.

My two roommates barged in on my thoughts, unannounced.

“Dude, that chick, Zelda, is on her way here right now,” the one beamed.

“We told to her that the three of us, will service her if she wanted,” the other enthused. “She agreed only if you are fine with it. We told her that you are.”

Before I could speak, there was a knock at the door. The one guy jumped to open. The Zelda chick waltzed in wearing a gown.

“Are you boys ready,” she asked, opening her gown and exposing her voluptuous tits and her clean-shaven cunt.

I was immediately aroused. She had a fucking gorgeous body.

“Your roomies say that you have an enormous, long schlong,” she seduced. “I just came to check if that was true, and if so, you are welcome to punish my naughty cunt with it,” she smiled spreading her puss lips with her fingers.

“Hung like a horse, I am,” I charmed. “But I have torn many a dry cunt with my bazooka,” I said, pulling the blanket off me and stroking my long stout pole. “I suggest my roomies first wet that cunt of yours with their tongues. And when you are sopping, you can slide down this pole.”

“You heard the man,” she said licking her lips.

The two fools fell over their feet as they raced to eat her cunt. She was leaning against the door as they took turns massaging her clit with their tongues. The one guy stepped back and disrobed. He had the frame of a loser. His back was hunched, not at birth, but through time; it was obvious. His shoulders were pulled up high, like one who had not taken time to release the pain and anger and disappointment and humiliation that was seemingly following him to this very present. He got back on his knees, and apologetically asked the other guy to give him a site. He continued sucking her, whilst he manhandled his cock like a fucking monkey. I did not pity guys like him. Their state is their own doing.

The Zelda chick pushed them both aside, abruptly. The clothed guy fell on the floor in front of her. She trampled over him.

“Wet enough for you?” she asked, foaming her juice with her flat fingers.

“I think I might have to moisten this cunt a little more,” I said pushing my finger up her pussy when she came to parade it in front of me.

She squirmed, and put her one leg on the bed, inviting another one of my fingers to prod her.

“Oh God!” she wriggled.

I placed my free hand on her ass to prevent her from falling as I continued tapping her wet cunt. The look on her face showed me that she had never been finger-fucked like this before. When I saw that she was about to buckle, I grabbed her and laid her on the bed and continued fucking her juicy cunt with my fingers.

“Oh, God, please stop!” she screamed so loud, I was sure that the neighbors şişli escort at the corner down the street heard her. “Oh G-O-D!” she screamed even louder as her juice erupted and jetted out her cunt like a rainbow.

She lay there quivering and whimpering.

“That’s how wet I like a cunt,” I winked. “And now I am going to fuck you like no man has ever fucked you before,” I cautioned.

I spread her legs wide and entered her cunt missionary style. I was merciless. I fucked her for a good 15 minutes until the only sound she could utter were dull hums. At one point her eyes rolled back in her head. From the deeps of some distant crevice she managed to suck in a deep breath of air and then the dull hums continued.

By now I felt that my hung horse had punished her cunt the way she wanted; but not expected. I clenched my ass hard to speed my explosion. I burst inside her with the fury of ten thousand soldiers. I filled her cunt properly!

When I eventually pulled out my persistent solid pole, her pussy popped. Her cunt was raw and stained with cum and trickles of her blood. She laid there like a zombie. Her face was ashen, and the bedding was soaked with her sweat, and mine.

I stepped off the bed. The two fools were sitting on the floor, stunned.

“Now that is how you fuck a slut,” I told them, milking the last of the cum from my still stiff cock. “You can close your mouth now,” I pointed my cock at the one. “And don’t forget to leave some cash by my bedside for the training you just received,” I mocked.

I needed a bit of fresh air. I put on my shorts and vest and closed the bedroom door behind me. The house was quiet. I tiptoed to the front door and went to the pool. I took off my vest and shorts and submerged myself quietly under the water. The water was warm and refreshing and I swam under the surface to the far end. Then I swam underwater again to the other side of the pool and pulled myself up and out of the pool. I stood there in my nakedness, shaking the water off my body. I did not see him sitting there in the dark of the shadows. I thought I was alone. I was instantly aware of my nakedness. I was acutely aware that my cock began to throb. I had nowhere to dash for cover and my clothes were piled some feet from where I emerged from the pool.

“Don’t mind me,” his voice spoke out of the darkness. “I was merely out here appreciating and giving thanks for the beautiful moon. I guess the moon had presented me appreciation right back…the picture is now even more memorable,” he said, peering at me unashamedly.

It felt like his words had traveled through the ground and into my feet and up my body and beamed back at him through my eyes. In that moment I experienced perfect peace when I looked at him.

They say that when we die, our whole life flashes before our eyes. I died that night. I died there, standing bare in front of him. Even my heart was still.

“I don’t know what to say,” I said spreading my arms wide in submission to his gaze.

“Words often complicate,” he replied, stepping out of the dark. “Aptly you said,” he proceeded and wrapped a firm hand around my roused rod. “And my soul acknowledges, blissfully, your candid display.”

No man had ever touched my cock. It was my pride and joy. Here was this stranger strumming my cord, and I liked it.

“I trust I will see you in the morning, mate,” he blew in my ear. “Sleep tight.”

He walked off without saying another word. I was still standing with my arms wide open. I had not realized that this stranger had masturbated my cock until I came. My mind ping ponged. I was not sure what had just chanced. I was not sure if I had been placed under a spell. I was not sure if it was real. ‘Can’t be real,’ I reasoned. ‘He was supposed to spend the night with his family. And if this was the case, then who the fuck just wanked my cock?!’ I panicked.

When I got back to my room, the two fools were snoring. I checked the time. It was already 02h15. I must have been at the pool for a long while. I was unable to sleep, at first. But his words, or the words, or whoever said the fucking words, told me to ‘sleep tight’. This was the last I remembered.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 05h00. I got up immediately and headed for the shower.

I was standing under the water with my head resting against the shower wall. I was trying to make sense of last night by the pool. I prayed, holding onto the rosary around my neck. I felt a strong presence. I thought of my internal hump that I needed to overcome. I thought about him. He was a strong unassuming individual. Last night by the pool, when his ‘figure’ stepped into the moonlight, I saw his naked torso for the first time. I knew he was well-built, but I never expected him to be so hairy. I never expected his body to be so carved and brawny. His grip was sturdy on my dick. I raised my flat palms against the shower wall above my head, as I imaged that same sturdy hand stroking my fat flaccid cock. My cock got harder şişli escort and harder as his hand glided up and down my heavy lengthy tube. I lifted my head from the wall and swung my head from side-to-side in unadulterated enjoyment.

“You like that?” I felt his lips against my ear.

The words seemed to flutter from the sky and the steam in the shower. I arched my cock into his kneading hand. His hard, hairy rigid body pressed gently against mine. His stiff beefy cock lodged along the length of the crack in my ass and his humungous hung orbs eased against me, as he wrapped his free furry arm around my waist.

Alarm bells went off!

This felt too real. I reached for my cock and found a real manly hand there. I felt round my waist; I found a furry manly arm there. I prodded with my ass and his robust fuck tool was stiff and strong in the valley of my ass.

“What the fuck?!” I bellowed and tried to break free from his hold.

“It’s ok,” he soothed, yet he strengthened his grip, almost aggressively.

“Dude, if you don’t fucking relief me!” I warned.

His teeth bit gently into a spot on my neck. I wheezed. when this sensation electrified every inch of me. My ass inadvertently tried to bury his fat long cock deeper in my ditch.

“Now I am going to relief us,” he whispered.

He released his hand from my cock. He stepped back slightly. My palms were once again flat against the shower wall above my head. I leaned the side of my face against the same wall in utter surrender: surrender to God’s Will; surrender to my deep darkest secrets; surrender to repressed desires; surrender to his solid schlong that was pressing against my virgin cherry.

He penetrated me gradually.

I was overcome with emotions, as I recognized what my internal hump was and had always been. His cock increased inside me inch by pleasurable inch, as it snaked the abyss which I prepared for him, yes him only. When his hung orbs halted at my entrance, and I realized that his entire expanse was fully mine. I was not perturbed or disturbed by any of his past or future encounters. In that moment, everything that I desired: his thoughts, his insights, his charm, his savoir faire…was shared with me intimately and eternally. Instinctively, my sphincter and the internal walls of my abyss massaged his steed – relaxing and contracting the entire length of his gift to me. His strong furry arms curled around me and his head rested against my back. Then he became motionless. I continued to toil his thick tube with my ass.

He sighed a deep long relief when he shoved deep inside me. He held onto me for dear life when his sacred sap shot.

I glowed with delight, and I held his cock there inside my ass for a long while.

When I got back to my room the time was 6.15am. The house was still very quiet, and my two roommates were still fast asleep. I read a view chapters from the Bible. I prayed and then I got dressed. When I left the room at around 7, the two fools were waking up.

When I got to the kitchen, the other two girls were busy making breakfast. Chris, the guy, was sitting at the breakfast table keeping them company.

“Good morning,” he said nonchalantly.

“Good morning,” I replied somewhat pissed off. This guy had just fucked my virgin ass and now he made like he didn’t know me.

“We thought someone was getting mutilated in the house last night,” one of the girls giggled and nudged her friend.

“Mutilated for sure,” the other one jested. “Poor thing is unable to walk,” they both chuckled.

I pretended to ignore them, but when I saw the jealous look on his face, I jabbed a response.

“She must’ve been hit by a huge mother fucking lamppost,” I snarled. “And, I hear that same lamppost is always ready and lit…if you know what I mean ladies,” I charmed.

“I wouldn’t mind letting that light shine in my darkness,” the one tittered.

“Just say when,” I winked.

He pushed his chair deliberately and loud, as he got up from the table. I could see that I had rattled him.

“By the way,” I rubbed some salt, “I thought you were staying with your family and only joining us later?” I asked him dismissively.

“One of the principles of successful individuals is to mind your one business,” he replied calmly, brushing pass me. “I think that lamppost just got lit ladies,” he pointed them in my direction, and they oohed when they saw the tent in my track pants. “Thanks, the breakfast was lovely,” he told them, and he left the kitchen.

This guy, Chris, was stirring alien things within me. I couldn’t believe that his mere nearness would have this effect on me. I was unable to get my cock to cool down.

“Well, ladies, as the man said, it’s lit,” I chuckled nervously, gyrating my hips.

“You can plant it in my hole any time,” the one girl seduced.

“Done,” I affirmed.

“And then in mine thereafter,” the other one winked.

“Or you can plant us both at the same time,” the other one chirped.

“Sounds like a fucking cunt-struction,” I jested and rubbed my hardon against them both, and they massaged my cock unashamedly.

“That Chris guy is so fucking hot,” the one girl said later, whilst the three of us were sitting at the table having our breakfast.

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