Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

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Could Peppermint Schnapps take the place of candy canes? If I put enough of it in my coffee, would it get me in the holiday spirit? I doubted it, but I was willing to try. I signaled to the bartender again and looked around. Maybe someone could help me get in the spirit. I wasn’t the only one stuck in the airport until the runways could be plowed.

There was a middle-aged man in a suit about three seats away. He looked at me and raised an eyebrow, and I considered him. About forty-five, just a touch of salt in his mostly-pepper hair. His face was tanned, but he had crow’s feet around his eyes. He shifted, about to get up and join me, and I could see his beer belly. I frowned and turned away, stretching out my bare legs and barely concealing a yawn. I would keep looking. I could tell he was disappointed, but at least I wouldn’t be.

Movement at the door caught my eye, and I swivelled to take a look. Oh, my goodness… And he was heading my way. Twenty-five, six-foot-two, dark blond hair spilling into his green eyes. His shoulders were wide, his stomach was flat, and I knew he could keep up with me in bed. He slid up to the bar right next to me, and planted a kiss near my left ear. kağıthane escort “Corinne, you sexy thing, what are you doing here? I thought I would never see you again.”

This was Will, my last summer fling. Neither of us lived in town, but passed through now and then. My parents lived there. He used to work there. We were both on our way for Christmas Eve. And we had tonight to relight the spark.

I put my hand on his knee and slid it up his thigh. “I’m spending the night in the airport, all alone. What are you doing here?”

He stroked a curl of my hair back behind my ear and looked deep into my eyes. “I’m getting lucky, I hope.” Will leaned forward and kissed me, firm and wanting. He took another step closer to me, pushing between my legs and hiking my shirt up another two inches. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen when he discovered I was still in the habit of not wearing underwear. I wrapped my legs around him.

One of Will’s hands dropped to my breast, cupping me gently and running his thumb across my nipple. It was already alert, but I could feel it swelling even more. I pulled my mouth away from his and found his ear şişli escort instead. I exhaled slowly, then ran the tip of my tongue around the outer edge. I could feel Will squirm, and he bumped his hips into me. His mouth found my neck, his teeth nipped me, and I let out a little squeal.

“Here’s your bill. Go get a room.” The bartender placed a slip of paper on the bar next to me. Will pulled out his wallet, threw a twenty on the bar, and pulled me away.

“Do you have a room somewhere?” I asked him.

“No, do you?”

“No, so where can we go?” I wanted him, wanted him desperately. I wanted to rip his clothes off him, climb up on top of him and ride him until we were both screaming. The bulge in his pants told me he wanted the same thing. He pushed me into a lounge, empty but lined with windows. Will made his way over to the far corner, dragging me along with him. There was a large potted Ficus tree in the corner, which he shoved aside. “Right here, Corinne. We’re going to fuck right here.”

I helped him unzip his pants, and then he reached under my skirt. “I knew I could count on you for this,” he murmured as he slid one finger into my moistness. I could fındıkzade escort already feel it starting to slide down my thighs. My pussy was ready for Will. He grasped me around the hips and boosted me up, bracing my back against the corner walls and wrapping my thighs around his waist. He slowly lowered me down onto his huge, hard cock. I couldn’t resist one low moan. I had missed the feeling of that dick inside me. I could already feel myself tightening around him.

I gasped in surprise at the sound of a loudspeaker announcement right over my head. Will felt me jump a little and chose that moment to start thrusting. As more flights were cancelled and delayed around us, we wasted no time. I rocked with him, letting him fill me up. He took one hand off my ass to reach inside my bra, pinching my nipple as he continued to fuck me. I squirmed but couldn’t get away. I just moved faster and faster, sliding back and forth around him. I was about to orgasm, and I wanted to scream. I dug my nails into Will’s shoulders, gripping him with my hands and my cunt. He pounded me into the wall, pounded me and pounded me some more. I came, my head flung back and shrieking. Will came too, grunting and straining.

He let me down, and we both fixed our clothes. I ran my fingers through my hair, and looked out into the main room of the lounge. It was no longer empty. Before they led us out, I noticed that both security guards had raging boners. Seeing me get fucked will do that to a guy.

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