Consensual Incest Ch. 03


Mum looked gorgeous when she left the Penthouse; that bra showed her tits to perfection. Her Camel’s Toe looked fantastic. With her jacket buttoned, you had no idea what a beautiful sight she had underneath. Jack felt sure that Jill would react to it. Mum arrived at the Dental Clinic at five to eight. She introduced herself at reception and signed the papers that had been prepared for Mrs Ryan. A couple of minutes later, Jill came into the waiting room and said, “Good morning Mrs Ryan; I’m Jill; I’m so pleased to meet you.”

They shook hands; mum liked what she saw; Jill was tall, full-bodied, with a lovely smile and honest smile. Mum said, “Hi Jill, please call me Dot. Thank you so much for seeing me so quickly. Jack speaks so highly of you, my life is a bit upside down at the moment, and I think I am overdue for a check-up.”

“Super Dot, please follow me.”

They went into Jill’s consulting room; Jill asked if she could take mum’s jacket. Mum took it off slowly; Jill absorbed mum’s gorgeous body in an instant. Jill said, “What a sensational body you have got Dot, I’m big breasted too, but yours are incredible. I have got a big problem finding a comfortable cup. I wish that I had a body like yours.”

As Jill was staring at mum’s gorgeous Camel’s Toe. Mum replied, “I’m 38 G cup; I’ve now found a little lingerie shop that has amazing things. This bra is so comfortable; I feel so good when I wear it.”

“You will have to give me the address; I’m 38 G cup too; I’d love my tits to look like yours. Now it’s time to work. Open your mouth and let me look inside.”

Jill then carried out a thorough examination of mum’s mouth, then said, “Everything is good, you need a thorough cleaning, then I’ll seal your teeth. I did this with Jack. What a difference it made to his teeth. After I seal them, you can’t eat or drink anything for an hour but preferably an hour and a half.”

Jill went about her work. She had a gentle touch but could also be firm. Occasionally her massive tits made contact with mum’s big jugs; mum sensed that Jill was hot for her. She finished the deep cleaning, then cleaned mum’s tongue, asking mum to stick her tongue out at her so that she could clean the back of her tongue. Jill then said, “Dot, your tongue is cleaned. It’s lovely and pink now. You’ve got a lovely big strong tongue.”

Mum then had to rinse her mouth out thoroughly then Jill applied the sealant. It felt so good. Then Jill said, “I’m just about finished; I’ve enjoyed working on your mouth, Dot. Hopefully, I will see you again; if I give you my mobile number, would you message me the address of the lingerie shop?”

“Yes please, I’d love your mobile number, then we can keep in touch. You will see me again, Jill.”

Mum then squeeze Jill’s hand; Jill took off her surgical gloves, then said, “I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Dot, I’d love to give your beautiful tits a nice feel. Are you comfortable with that?”

“Jill, I’d love bahis firmaları that; I would love to give yours a feel too.”

Jill started to play with mum’s massive melons as mum played with Jill’s, then Jill said, “Dot, your tits feel wonderful, your nipples are so big and hard. If I hadn’t sealed your teeth, you’d be feeling my big pink tongue deep in your mouth. You’re making me so wet Dot, am I making you wet?”

“Yes, my pussy is so wet. Your tits feel beautiful too.”

“It’s amazing. Would you like me to suck on one of your hard nipples?”

“I’d love that Jill, you’re a very sexy woman.”

Jill then raised mum’s white top over her massive tits. She unhooked mum’s bra, both of mum’s tits were free now. Jill started to suck mum’s left nipple; mum loved it; she was purring with pleasure as Jill’s right hand slid inside the waistband of mum’s tight leggings, her hand went across mum’s smooth and swollen vulva. Jill spread mum’s cunt flaps open, out popped mum’s huge hooded clit; Jill said, “Just from feeling it, our clits are the same size, let me suck your big clit.”

Jill pulled mum’s leggings down to her ankles; mum spread her legs open as Jill raised the dental chair to a position that would be comfortable for Jill to suck mum’s clit. Jill said, “You have a beautiful cunt Dot, just relax and enjoy what I’m going to do to you now.”

Jill then started to suck mum’s clit as she finger fucked her with initially two fingers, then three. Jill’s head was bobbing up and down on mum’s huge clit. Jill was relentless in her sucking; three minutes later, mum was on edge, she was so close, mum said, “Jill, that’s so good, I’m going to cum, don’t stop, I’m going to cum.”

Jill replied, “Dot, cum in my mouth, cum for me, I’m hungry for your cum.”

Then mum flooded Jill’s mouth with her cum; Jill kept sucking and swallowing until mum had emptied herself in Jill’s mouth. Jill swallowed all of mum’s cum then said, “Next time we do this, we’ll cum kiss afterwards. Dot, I’ve enjoyed being with you. We can have a lot of fun together.”

Jill then wrote her mobile number on a piece of paper. She then used a wipe to clean mum’s pussy. Mum hooked her bra up; she felt so good. Jack had given her a massive orgasm this morning. She looked at Jill, then said, “Thanks for the number, Jill; I’ll be in touch soon. How do you feel about coming over to Jack’s, and we both share his big cock? I’d like that, would you?”

“Dot, I’d love that; I’ve missed Jack’s cock so much; Jack knows the times that I’m available. I am looking forward to that.”

When she got home, Jack was not surprised; he suggested inviting Jill over tonight. That was the start of it. Jill could be available two nights a week. She couldn’t stay overnight as her husband was watching her. It was beautiful for all three of them; the sex was so varied and intensive. Sometimes Jill could manage an extra night; a message was all it took. Three months later, Jack’s kaçak iddaa dad agreed to the divorce; mum came out of it well. Mum got the family house and a substantial monthly allowance. Mum moved in with Jack and rented out the family house. Mum was now secure financially.

One day as mum and Jack were coming into the apartment building, Jean, the big-breasted widow that lived two floors below Jack, came out of the lift. She looked good. She said, “Jack, I’m so glad that I’ve seen you, my Internet is so slow, can you help me?”

Jack knew that this was code for, Jack, I’m so horny, I need fucked. Jack then introduced mum to Jean. It was apparent that they were both sizing the other up. Before mum had appeared, Jack was seeing both Jill and Jean. Jean was a 24/7 fuck. She was always available. Jack enjoyed her company; she was witty and knowledgeable, she was also a wonderful fuck. Mum and Jean were chatting away in general. Jean said that she had a little shopping to do and she would be back in forty-five minutes. Jack had honestly felt a little guilty about not seeing her. He suggested that Jean messaged him when she got home, and he would take a look. Jean agreed to this.

In the lift going to the Penthouse, mum said, “Jean, oozes sex, have you been fucking her? She wants you.”

Jack then explained his relationship with Jean. He told her that she had been available for him any time. She was very affectionate and great in bed. Jack also said that after mum had arrived, he hadn’t seen or contacted Jean. Today was the first time he had seen or spoken to her in months. Mum said, “She’s still hot for you. She must have heard that your mum was staying with you. She didn’t know to handle that. If she messages you, then I’ll bet that we’ll have a threesome tonight with her. She’s got a fantastic figure.”

Half an hour later Jack’s phone rang, it was Jean, she said, “Jack, I had to phone you; I’ve missed you so much. Please listen to what I’ve got to say. I heard your mum was going through a difficult time; I knew that you’d be busy. I’ve missed your big cock so much. Is it possible that I can see you?”

Jack replied, “Jean, is it very slow your Internet? I can fix that easily. I’ll have to reset your system. Would you like me to come this now?”

“Jack, I want you to cum deep inside my hungry cunt. Please come now.”

Jack ended the call then said to mum, “You are right, she wants me; I’ll give her one, then invite her back up here so you can have her too. Mum, she’s as hot as Jill in bed. She loves it when I ass fuck her.”

Mum replied, “Jack, play it by ear. If you get her hot enough, then I can come down and join you. I’m looking forward to getting to know her and also watching you fuck her. Tell her your mum’s a bit kinky. She likes to watch you fuck other women.”

Jack used the stairs to go down to Jean’s apartment. He had a key but didn’t use it. He rang the doorbell; Jean opened it two seconds later. Jack went kaçak bahis into the hallway; Jean was wearing a red silk dressing gown, she took it off, she was wearing a crotchless Basque, which made her tits look enormous. She cuddled Jack, pulling him close to her. Her tongue deep in Jack’s mouth, her right hand was searching for Jack’s stiff cock. She found it quickly then unzipped his trousers. Jean then said, “Jack, you have no idea of the number of nights that I’ve dreamed of sucking your big cock. I’ve missed you so much. How long have we got? Can you give me an hour?”

“We have an hour. We must find a way that I can fuck you more regularly; I’ve missed you too Jean, let’s go into the bedroom; we will be more comfortable there.”

Jean was so happy when Jack said an hour; they went into the bedroom. Jack positioned Jean so that they could 69. Jack opened Jean’s bedside cabinet; he took out the lube that she kept there. As he was sucking the massive nub of her clit, he was lubing her ass. Jack knew if he ass fucked her and gave her a couple of vaginal orgasms, then the rest would be easy. Five minutes later, Jean came in Jack’s mouth, they then cum kissed; Jean was like Jill and mum. They were all cum sluts. As they cum kissed, Jean said, “I’ve missed this so much. You’re the only man that’s given me so much pleasure in bed. Jack, I like your mum, she’s a beautiful woman, what a fantastic figure she’s got. I am happy that I met her.”

Jack then got Jean on all fours on top of the bed. Jean’s ass was level with the bottom of the bed. Jack lubed his stiff cock then placed the bulbous head of his cock in the middle of Jean’s tight ass hole, a gentle push and Jack was home. Jean gasped with pleasure, then said, “I love it, Jack, fuck me deep and hard, the head of your cock is hitting my G-spot, all the good memories are coming back.”

Jack gave Jean two vaginal orgasms, then went into her dripping pussy doggy style; soon, Jack had a fantastic rhythm going; Jean was gripping his cock beautifully at just the right time. Her massive tits were jiggling and looked so erotic. Twenty minutes later, they both climaxed simultaneously; Jean was trembling with her orgasm. When she had composed herself, Jack turned her around; they lay on top of the bed, kissing and touching. Then Jean said, “That was wonderful; how can we get this regularly? I would love that to happen, Jack. We can have so much fun.”

Jack kissed Jean lovingly, then said, “There’s away, but you’d have to share me with my mum. Would you be interested in that?”

“Jack, are you having sex with your mum?”

“Yes Jean, mum’s wonderful in bed. She likes you. Mum is a little kinky. She likes to watch me having sex with other women. Mum is very affectionate in bed. It would mean that we can have sex on a very regular basis. We can all have great fun. How do you feel about that? It means that we would have threesomes with mum.”

Jean kissed Jack so passionately; it was apparent that she was happy about it; Jean said, “Let’s give it a try; I’m sure that it’ll work out.”

Jack cuddled Jean then said, “Let’s get dressed and go and visit mum, I’m sure that you are going to love her.”

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