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**Everyone in this story is over the age of 18**


I put my book down on my chest and sighed.

I’d been frustrated for a few days now, since daddy had come home after work and got a little rough with me, he hadn’t touched me.

After he’d come down from his high of his orgasm, he’d promised he’d never fuck my ass again, or get that rough with me.

The problem was, I really wanted my ass fucked, it had been incredible. He may have gotten a little too rough, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t deal with, and I’d had such powerful orgasms I hadn’t complained afterwards, but daddy had.

I moved my book and tossed it to my bedside table, I opened my bottom draw and pulled out my dildo.

It was nothing special, especially after daddy but I needed to cum.

I slowly slid it over my clit, closing my eyes and imagining daddy’s tongue, gliding slowly over me.

I started to moan lightly, already so wet from imagining it was daddy and not my dildo.

I pushed it slowly inside myself, lifting my hips from the bed, pushing deeper.

I almost screamed, I grabbed my right nipple with my other hand, already hard, and pinched it, just as daddy would.

All of a sudden I had an idea.

I kept slowly pumping the dildo in and out, huffing out breathes. I reached over and grabbed my phone.

I sent a 30 second video of the dildo slowly gliding in and out of my tight wet pussy, moaning loudly.

I sent it to daddy, who I knew was downstairs and waited.

Less than a minute later I heard him jogging up the stairs, I quickly pulled the dildo from myself and put my lips around the tip.

Daddy pushed opened my door, his eyes finding me in seconds.

“All you had to do was ask.” He growled as he started to unbutton his shirt.

“I’ve been asking for days, you’ve said no.” I said as I dropped the dildo next to me on the bed, my pussy quivering at the thought of daddy fucking me.

“I have my reasons, but don’t try and manipulate me with videos likes that.” He growled as he yanked his jeans off, kicking them to the side to meet his shit.

He was already casino şirketleri hard through his tight boxers.

He walked over to the bedside, grabbing the back of my hair without warning, he pulled back to make me look him in the eyes.

“I won’t daddy, I promise.” I whimpered, needing him now.

He pulled his cock from his boxers and pulled my head towards him, stuffing his cock into my waiting mouth.

He hit the back of my throat with the fist thrust, making me gag.

I moved myself to a more comfortable position, legs off the side of the bed, hands grabbing his hairy ass cheeks to keep me stable.

He kept one hand in my hair, forcing his cock to hit the back of my throat, the other pitching my left nipple, harder than I’d imagined.

“Urgh baby, you have no idea how much I’ve needed this mouth.” He grunted as he made me gag for the fifth time.

I gripped tighter, trying to push off his cock for air, he obliged but kept his tight grip in my hair.

I gasped loudly for air, my spit and his pre-cum dripping down my chin onto my tits and stomach.

He pulled me back onto his cock after three heavy breaths, he pushed to the back of my throat and stopped moving, he loved the feeling of me gagging on his huge cock, tongue moving as I tried to breath around him.

“Oh baby.” He moaned again before suddenly pulling me off, I fell back onto the bed without warning, gasping and coughing for air.

“Stand up.” He growled at me.

I eagerly jumped up from the bed, he pulled me to his chest, I could feel his cock poking my stomach, I needed it inside me.

He bent his head to kiss, me, his stubble scratching my face.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss, his tongue darted out to meet mine and I pulled back, panting.

“Bend over baby, now.” He said.

“Daddy, I want you to fuck my ass.” I begged as I bent over, hands flat on my mattress.

He slapped my right ass cheek, hard. I yelped.

“No, I said never again and I meant it.” He rubbed my ass, sliding his hands down to my pussy.

“Fuuuuck.” I slowly moaned, his slight casino firmaları graze sending me wild.

“You have been needing me haven’t you?” He said as he slid one finger inside me.

“Please daddy, please.” I whimpered.

“Please what?”

“I need more.” I pushed back on his hand, trying to speed him up.

He added two more thick fingers and started to slowly pump inside me.

“Oh god daddy, yes!” I breathed.

He started to use his thumb to rub my clit and my knees almost gave way.

“Are you going to cum baby?” He asked.

“Yes daddy! Can I cum now?” I pushed back into his hand, he could feel my tight pussy already contracting.

He normally wouldn’t let me, he’d normally tease me and make me beg, and punish me if I came without his ok.

He was feeling generous today.

“Come for me now, cum on daddy’s fingers like the dirty slut you are.” His words sent me over the edge, I cried out, my legs started to shake.

“Fuck, daddy.” I chanted over and over again until he removed his fingers from my dripping pussy.

“Good girl.” He wrapped his hand around my long hair and pulled me into standing position.

He pushed his chest against my back, he grabbed my tits with his hand soaked in my pussy juices.

I tiptoed so I could feel his rock hard cock against my quivering pussy.

I heard him gasp as he felt the contact.

“Please fuck me daddy, I need your hard cock in my pussy.” I mumbled.

He pushed into me agonisingly slowly, I flattened my feet so he slid into me faster.

“You don’t manipulate me into fucking you by sending me videos and then think you control this baby.” He slapped my breast, then used the same hand to wrap around my neck.

“Sorry daddy.” He gasped.

He suddenly started walking, cock still inside my pussy, each step caused him to push deeper inside me, almost hurting he was so deep.

He walked me faster than was comfortable to my desk, resting in front of my window, the curtains were open and I could see the whole of the street.

“Daddy, someone might see.” I squeaked, worried we’d get caught. güvenilir casino

“I don’t give a fuck baby.” He growled into my ear, hand still around my neck, the other around my waist.

He let go of my neck and pushed me forward onto the desk, pushing my head and crushing my tits against the surface, a few books dropped onto the floor.

“We’re going to go at my pace.” He grunted, slowly pushing himself in and out of me.

After five minutes we were both sweating, I was moaning so loud, begging him to fuck me harder, but he wouldn’t.

My ass was burning from him slapping me.

He finally moved his hand from the side of my head so I could push myself up and use my hands on the desk.

I glanced out of the window and noticed a young man stood behind a car, he was watching us and he had his phone pointed at us.

I panicked, but as soon as I saw him, knew he could see my large tits bouncing with each thrust daddy took, knew he could see my face contorted in pleasure I instantly got wetter.

“Daddy, he’s watching.” I panted, gripping the side of the table.

Daddy stopped his action immediately, he pushed all the way inside of me, pushing his chest against my back again, he pulled the tops of my arms back and then leant us both forward.

“Fuck daddy, you’re too deep!” I cried out.

“Shut the fuck up.” Daddy grunted, looking at the young boy out the window. “Hmm he is watching us isn’t he. I can feel how wet you are though. Does it turn you on you dirty slut?” He asked.

“Urgh, yes. Please, pull out.” I groaned.

“No.” He said simply, laughing slightly as he pushed that little bit deeper.

I squealed and tiptoed, “Fuck DADDY!”

“Oh he liked that.” Daddy said and without warning he let go of my arms, I dropped forward onto the desk again, my tits smushed against it’s surface.

Daddy pulled his cock out of my pussy and I felt empty.

“Dad!” I whined, looking back to see what he was doing.

“Stay where you are, we’re going to experiment.” He smirked at me.

I didn’t know what he was doing, I could feel my juiced seeping own my thighs, my pussy was pulsing, needing to be filled.

I glanced out the window at the young blond haired man, he was still watching.

I turned back to see what daddy was doing.

“Oh shit.” I gasped when I saw what he had in his hand…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32