Dear Debora Pt. 02

Big Tits

It is the morning after the Saturday wine tasting. Carol and I made love the evening before. She was still sleeping but I was restless. I was up early despite the cold front that moved through overnight I made my half-hour walk around my neighborhood. I had coded lock on the back door so I did not need my keys. I touched the numbers on the keypad and heard the dead bolt move allowing me access to the kitchen. I popped my head in to the bedroom and saw that Carol was still sleeping.

Despite the walk I was still feeling the effects of last night’s tasting party. I drank a twelve-ounce glass of water to try to counter the dehydration of the wine. I moved to my office and looked over the folder of the notes from the Pinot tasting last night.

“Mike, come back to bed,” I heard Carol my roommate call out.

I closed the file and walked into the bedroom that I share with her. She had the bedside lamp on and had tossed the covers displaying her naked body. Her legs opened and I nestled my head between her legs and began to suck on her pussy.

“I really wanted you here when I woke up,” said Carol.

I continued to work on my lovers snatch.

“You know how much I look forward to our Sunday sessions,” said Carol.

I still did not respond but moved up to her breasts.

“Damm’it Mike say something!”

I stood beside the bed and dropped my sweatpants exposing my cock. I covered her mouth with mine and my tongue assaulted hers. My hand moved to her pussy and first one then two and finally three fingers invaded her until I felt her wetness. Using my hand I directed my now hard cock into her cunt.

“We should have Champagne?” said Carol as I began to fuck her pussy.

I continued to rhythmically move my cock in and out while I kissed her lips. I felt my cock shoot streams of cum, but I continued to move in and out. I felt more fluid on my member and saw Carol tense and then release indicating that she had climaxed.

We both rested while the pleasure sensations left our bodies. I was face down when Carol moved over me and left the bed. I heard her in the bathroom and felt her return to bed. I cut the alarm off and we both slept until about 8:00am.

It was Sunday morning and Carol being a Real Estate Agent was usually hosting an open house Sunday afternoons. Carol was still resting when I got out of bed. I put my pants on and moved over to the office to start to tally the scores from last night.

I heard Carol walk in and she brushed her still naked breast across my back. They felt wonderful. Carol grabbed the folder from the desk and marched out of the room. “So much for getting a head start on my wine column. Carol put the folder on the counter and she was pulling the supplies for Sunday breakfast.

“I don’t have a house to show so you have to entertain me all day,” she said when I walked into the kitchen.

“Great,” I said trying to hide my surprise.

“Yes I am going to sit around mostly naked and drink Champagne,” said Carol.

“I don’t think so,” I said as I pulled a tablet out of a drawer.

“I have a whole list of things that we need so either you or both of us are hitting the stores after breakfast,” I said.

“You can be a real buzz kill, Mike.”

“There will be time after we eat for a little…”

“I get the picture, Mike,” said Carol as she walked over and kissed me.

I reached into the fridge and pulled a bottle of sparkling wine out and started to unwrap the top. The cage came off and I eased the cork out of the bottle. Carol put two glasses on the counter and I poured two glasses. Carol turned and the light coming through the window hit her and I wish I had a camera. She looked very sexy in the soft morning light. Carol grabbed both glasses and held one between her breasts. “Come and get it,” she said.

I kissed her and took the glass from her hand and took a sip. Carol decided that I needed to cook and she moved to the table and sat looking at the paper. I prepared the batter for out waffles. I filled the waffle maker and waited for it to cook. The first one finished and I placed the first one in front of Carol. I refilled the machine and waited for it to finish. The machine dinged and I pulled the waffle out and put it on a plate.

I sat across from Carol and continued to admire her beautiful breasts. Carol took a sip of the wine and then ate some of the waffle. “You would rather I go shopping and let you work,” said Carol.

I was in a no win situation. If I told the truth I would make her mad. If we went together I would be a day behind getting the wine column written. Carol’s phone started to ring. She got up and went to where it was charging. I finished my waffle and poured more sparkling wine in both of our glasses.

Carol returned, “That was Peggy and her son has a fever and she needs me to handle the open house, do you mind?”

“A little I was looking forward to spending the day fucking you,” I said.

“You don’t lie well mister, but thanks,” said Carol.

We finished the bottle of wine and split another waffle. Carol got up thinking ulus escort that she was going to get dressed. I followed her to her room. I directed her to the bed and I got between her legs. I started to kiss her inner thighs, and allowed my nose to brush her pussy lips. I then went in with my tongue and probed the inner reaches of her pussy. My hands were busy massaging her breasts.

I stood and brought my stiffening cock to bear on her pussy and slowly pressed in until I was fully inserted. I came down and my mouth covered hers.

“I don’t tell you enough how beautiful you are madam,” I said.

“Shut up and fuck me you fool,” Carol replied.

After what seemed like a few minutes I started to move my cock in and out of her with increasing force. I continued to play with her tits, but Carol put her arms around me and held me tight limiting my movement. My cock felt her discharge as she climaxed. I continued to move my cock in and out. I suddenly stopped and felt my cock release a load of cum.

“That was one of the best we’ve had, mister,” said Carol.

“There will be more like that when you get home,” I said.

“Something to look forward to,” she replied.

I left to clean the kitchen and allow her to get dressed for the showing.

Carol came out fully dressed in slacks shirt and jacket. She stopped and planted a large wet kiss on me on her way out.

Carol walked back in followed by her son.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“He’s parked across the driveway so I can’t get out,” said Carol.

“I am taking my mother out of this situation and she is coming with me!” said Brad.

“You don’t control my life Brad, go home!” said Carol

“I believe that he is drunk Carol,” I said.

“Mother he called me a jerk the other day; the only jerk I see in this room is you, Mr. Brewer” said Brad.

All of a sudden I saw Brad clinch his right hand and I moved out of the way of his jab. I got behind him and held his wrists. I whispered in his ear “My respect for your mother keeps me dropping you on the floor.”

Carol’s phone was to her ear; I heard her recite the address and tell the 911 operator that we had a home invasion.

“Brad you have worn out any sympathy from me. You are keeping me from my work with this stunt,” said Carol.

In the distance I heard the sirens of police cruisers two cars pulled up and I saw two officers walk up the driveway. One officer restrained Brad by handcuffing him, and sitting him down at the breakfast table. Carol explained to the officers about the situation. Brad started screaming accusing me of holding his mother for ransom. One of the cops lifted Brad to his feet and marched him to one of the police cars and placed him in the back seat.

“Ma’am, I don’t think that you want us to arrest him, I will take him to the detox center and get him checked in and arrange to get his car towed. Paying the fee to get his car back should be punishment enough,” said one of the officers.

“Could you get the keys from him so we can move his car from the driveway I need to go to a home showing?” said Carol.

The officers and Carol and I walked out; the incident drew an interested crowd from the neighbors. The keys were still in the car and Carol moved the vehicle and parked it in front of our yard. The officers got signatures from both Carol and I. Carol took off to the showing and I stayed to finish up the report. After the police got the report they departed; the look in Brad’s face told me that we would cross paths again. That left me to answer questions from my neighbors.

The excitement drew to a close and people withdrew back to their houses. I was still in the yard when the tow truck arrived and I spoke with the driver as he hooked up the car and moved it to the back of the truck. He took off and the last vestiges of the incident were gone.

I moved to the office and fired up my computer and launched Excel. I had a spreadsheet template that I put, the wines and the taster’s scores from last night in the form and it would perform the calculations to give each wine a numerical score from one to fifty. I would assign a number of stars depending on how high the scores were. I wrote a description on each wine and added a few quotes from the panel, derived their notes.

From start to finish I spent four hours on the piece. I gave the copy an evil eye knowing that the entertainment editor would polish it further. Unlike Dear Debra, this column was syndicated though out the newspaper chain. It was read in seven cities around the country. The fee I got for Wine World was bigger but it was only once a month.

I had lunch and waited for Carol to return; I could only imagine her state of mind. I hoped the showing went well and she had a lot of property lookers. I was watching TV when I heard her car pull in to the driveway. I met her at the door and after kissing me she went to the liquor cabinet, before she could pull a bottle out I closed the door.

“Talk first, you can get a drink later,” I said.

“There is nothing yenimahalle escort to talk about, Brad came here, made a scene and the cops carted him away,” said Carol.

“How did the showing go, did you get a lot of potential buyers?”

“Why are you interested now you’ve never asked before?” said Carol.

“Yes I have, Carol. Don’t do this to me,” I replied.

Carol walked past me and headed to her bedroom and shut the door. I went back to watching the TV and waited for her to come out. She came out dressed in a stylish tracksuit and announced that she was going for a walk. I offered to go with her but she walked out without responding.

“I guess that was a no,” I said to an empty house.

I dosed off watching a college basketball game and did not hear Carol come back in. She was sitting across from me when I realized she was back. I turned the TV off and rubbed my eyes.

“Would have walked with you,” I said after a moment silence between us.

“I know, I needed to work on this on myself,” said Carol.

“You’re not going to move out over this are you?” I asked.

“I considered it. I wanted to create peace in my family, but I concluded that it would not calm anything,” said Carol.

“Not because of our financial arrangement, I would hate to see you move out,” I replied.

“Did you really call my son a jerk?”

“What I actually said that I could not believe a person like him came from a mother like you. I might have used the word jerk,” I said.

“Did you get the wine column finished?” asked Carol

“Yes I did. Did you have lots of lookers?”

“Touché Mr. Brewer, Yes we had a lot of prospects,” said Carol.

Carol pulled the zipper open about half way on the top of the tracksuit. There was no bra and her breasts peeked out of the top. She rose and went to the kitchen and found another bottle of sparkling wine and opened it.

“I believe that we need a drink, will you join me mister.”

“Yes madam, I will join you,” I replied.

Carol joined me on the couch and we sipped the sparkling wine. She moved the zipper down a few inches more as she consumed more glasses of the wine. After the bottle was finished she leaned over and kissed my ear. “My tits need some attention Mr. Brewer.”

I stood Carol up and we moved to the bedroom. I mentally thanked myself for powering through the wine column allowing the rest of the afternoon and evening for pleasuring a lovely lady. I reached around her and I finished unzipping the windbreaker. I removed the top and placed her on the bed face down. I pulled the pants down to her ankles and took her shoes off. The pants found the floor soon after the shoes. Carol was completely naked and her white skin contrasted with the plum comforter on the bed. My cock responded to the visual stimulation, but he would need to wait. I started to knead Carol’s thighs first the right then the left and back to the right. Carol started to complain, I put a finger in her pussy to silence her comments.

I brought Carol to her knees; I entered her pussy from the back, driving my cock deep into her. I leaned down and kissed the back of her neck and my hands massaged her breasts. I moved up to her ear and whispered, “You are a beautiful woman.”

I continued to drive my cock into and out of her pussy, when she reared like a horse and I felt her vagina contract around my cock. I picked up my pace and I went stiff and felt my cock explode. I withdrew and turned her over and embraced her. My cock found her cunt and it felt the warmth of pussy. We continued the embrace and we both passed out while the adrenalin worked out of our bodies.

Carol was the first up and she tugged at my arm. “Get up Mike.” I woke up and followed Carol into the bathroom and into the shower. Carol took the lead and began soaping me down. She paid special attention to my cock and balls; one of her fingers invaded my bunghole; and her mouth found my cock. The sensation of her mouth and finger caused me to cum. Carol was able to release my cock before I went off. We kissed and I started to clean her off and my mouth played with her tits.

I turned her around and allowed the stream to rinse her body. After she was free of soap, Carol reached the valves and shut the water off. I was sad that the shower was over, but I allowed Carol to step out and I grabbed a towel and wrapped her up. She walked out and went to her bedroom. I dried off and dressed. I walked into the office and checked my email. Tracy did not send me any notes about the column so I had nothing to work on.

There was one email from a PR firm inviting me to a whiskey tasting. I guess that I was going to have to put up or shut up. I heard Carol walk in to the room and place a stack of papers on her desk.

“Mike I am wondering if we can continue our arrangement.”

The comment was not unexpected. “Hey we just spent the last half hour making love passionately I think,” I replied.

“So our relationship hasn’t changed because of what Brad did? ” said Carol.

“We complement each other and I don’t care what your family thinks about me,” I said.

Carol turned to leave and then looked at me “We will talk some more,”

I put the computer to sleep; I didn’t expect any work related email on a Sunday evening. I went to the living room to watch TV. Carol’s bedroom door was closed and I assumed that she was resting in there. I suddenly realized that I had not eaten since breakfast. I normally did not eat microwave meals but I did not want to cook so I popped an entre in and nuked it. The meal was passable and I did not have pots or pans to clean.

“It will be a scandal if the world hears that the Wine Guy eats microwave dinners,” said Carol.

“Yea everyone knows that I am a foodie,” I replied.

“Don’t be surprised if Brian causes some more problems,” said Carol.

“I am going to contact Larry the lawyer tomorrow just in case,” I said.

“You know Mike, we are users; I use you and you use me. We should redefine our relationship,” said Carol.

I didn’t have a snappy rejoinder. I knew that I needed to work on some of my issues. The major issue is getting reliable transportation. I really wanted see Carol when she parked next to another car in the driveway.

“I know that we met about a month after your divorce?” said Carol

“Yea but me and the professor split six months earlier so I was living in the shitty apartment since the split. I was living solo for about a year before I called you about selling this place,” I said.

“You should think about selling; prices around here have jumped you could make a tidy profit.”

“I would owe you for the equity that you put in, so I think that I will stay,” I replied.

Carol went to the fridge and pulled out another frozen entre and put it in the microwave. She sat down across from me. “The box might taste better,” she said after sampling.

“We are two snobs,” I said.

After she finished eating Carol got up and went to the office to write a report on the showing. I heard her phone ring and through the open door I heard one half of a conversation. “Yes he assaulted Mike in the house. … He was drunk, or hopped up on drugs. … The cops said that they were not going to charge him and hauled him to the detox center to sleep it off. I am sure that he is not one of my fans now. … Thanks Roger for your concern it is just a little to little and a little to late,” Carol ended the conversation.

I decided not to inquire but I speculated that it was Brad’s Father. I shut the TV off and went to the bedroom and started to read a novel that the book review editor sent me from the paper. It was 10:30 when I called it quits and shut the light off. I expected Carol to sleep in her room, but was pleasantly surprised when she snuggled next to me.

I woke up and Carol was still asleep, the clock on my radio read 4:45. I gently eased out of the bed and grabbed my walking clothes and moved out of the room. I dressed and left through the kitchen door as quietly as I could and started my walk around the neighborhood. My Doctor suggested in very strong terms that I should take a brisk half hour walk at least four days a week. Most weeks I walked five days. I made the turn for home. I checked to see if Brad’s car was parked near the house. I reached the door and keyed in the code for the lock.

The house was still quiet and I decided to look to see if I got any messages and waited until Carol was awake. I saw an email from Tracy who must have worked yesterday evening.

“Mike, the answers look good the questions and the answers should give me enough inches for the column. TKS. Tracy

“PS there is a file with candidates for next weeks column.”

I would look at the questions later; I heard Carol moving around in the bedroom, so I walked in to see what her plans were. I was sitting at the breakfast table when Carol came out.

“You’re the lucky one since I worked yesterday I checked my schedule and I am free today,” announced Carol.

“And how does that make me lucky?”

“You get to entertain me all day,” responded Carol.


“You don’t sound enthused. Are you tired of me already?”

“Carol, I am just surprised. I am a creature of habit and now I have to figure out what I do to keep you happy,” I said.

“Not a whole lot darling, but since I have decided to stay around a while I thought you and I could go out for a fabulous lunch somewhere.”

“That is fine but we will be using a car service as we will be sampling a lot of wine and other booze,” I replied.

Carol walked over to where I was sitting and sat next to me; her hand moved over to my crotch. My cock responded almost at the first touch. I leaned over and kissed her. My hand reached under her T-shirt and massaged her breasts.

She stood and dragged me with her and we walked back to the bedroom. “Not today sir you are on the bed,” she said as she moved my sweatpants down to my ankles. Her hand clamped on my cock and brought the tip of my cock to her mouth. Carol painted the tip with her tongue. Suddenly she opened her mouth and my cock disappeared. I moved to the bed and she followed me. My cock was imprisoned in her mouth. I was under her control so I lay back and let her do her thing. Her mouth found my mouth and we exchanged tongues.

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