Elizabeth’s Hunt


Elizabeth woke up hungry for cock. It was her third month of college, and her single bed dorm was quiet for the first time in what felt like weeks. It had been an almost constant stream of friends and classmates doing homework and studying until all hours of the night, but now it was blissfully silent. A Saturday morning after Beth’s final midterm of the semester, and the sun was shining.

Ever so gently Beth slid a hand down into the panties she wore to bed. She had heard college was going to be full of new experiences, but so far all she had experienced was crippling stress and forgetting to eat. She hadn’t had real dick since the summer. She could remember her high school boyfriend Arthur the last time they’d fucked. It had been slow, intimate to begin with. She remembered him gently sliding into her, feeling his hot breath on the back of her neck as he held her with one hand and circled her nipple with the thumb of his other. Back in her dorm, eyes closed, Beth slipped the middle finger of her left hand slowly up to the knuckle into her sopping cleft.

Arthur had always been a softy. His thrusts had built up, that final round in bed, holding her close and thrusting as hard and fast as he could. Her parents had been at work, and as they fucked she could still remember her desperate moans reverberating around her childhood room and back at her. She clutched his back and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer each time he pushed into her.

Elizabeth bit her lip and slid out of her panties, reaching down with her right hand now she began circling her clit. Laying on her back she raised her legs up, toes curling as she lost herself in the memory of the last time she took cock. Her breaths started coming quicker now and she let a soft sound escape her lips. Normally she reserved audible noises for when she was trying to coax Arthur to cum, but she couldn’t stop herself after being pent up for so long. Her fingers worked faster, and she slid a second finger into her slit in time with her circling.

She had gone on birth control after a couple of months with Arthur. She knew she wanted to fuck him but she wanted to be extra careful when they did. But that last time she had let him fuck raw. The feeling of skin on skin drove them both wild, fucking hard and fast knowing it would be the last time. He had grabbed the hair on the back of her head, pulling it back so he could suck her throat as she ground against his hips.

Gasping for air as she touched herself Elizabeth remembered Arthur finishing inside her. He had seized up, his arms flexing as he bit her neck and pushed himself all the way to the hilt. She had felt the pulsing of his cock and a beautiful warmth as her belly was filled with his cum.

Beth pulled her knees up to her small breasts still covered by the shirt she wore to bed, and put her left arm around her leg, plunging her fingers back into her now dripping pussy. She bit down hard on her lip and grinding her hips against her fingers she threw her head back and gasped. The orgasm rolled over her like a tidal wave as she remembered pulling Arthur all the way into her with her ankles, clawing desperately at his back while he came over and over, Arthur’s sperm dribbling down her leg, how she had reached down and scooped some of it out of her and tasted it after he withdrew.

Elizabeth took a few shaky breaths to calm down and then sighed. It wasn’t enough. She could fantasize about her ex all she wanted but the reality was they had stuck pretty close to missionary, and she wanted more. It was time to find herself a college man, and ride him like a stallion.

Beth got up and got dressed, throwing on the leggings she knew hugged her ass nicely and a loose shirt that she had cut the sleeves off of over ankara rus escort top a blue sports bra. She ran a brush through her hair and then tied it up in a ponytail. Slapping on her runners she headed out for a mid morning jog.

Elizabeth had always been conscious of her weight. She had never been fat, but she had hit puberty early and when she stopped growing up she had started growing out. Moving away to college she had finally been able to get her weight under control, regulate her eating and exercise a little more. It was one of the reasons she hadn’t had time to focus on finding some grade A dick. On her way out the door she caught herself in the mirror. She was still annoyed that the weight had dropped from her boobs first, but the flat stomach and tight, apple butt she had gained were well worth it. She stretched for a moment, admiring her long legs. She had let her brown hair get long, which she normally kept bobbed, but she enjoyed the weight of it on her shoulders when it wasn’t up. She figured she made for a fit, fuckable little package. Her brows crinkled at the thought. Why was she so obsessed with getting dick today?

Elizabeth was an engineering student. She had worked hard to get her grades up to get accepted, and it was more important to her to succeed than anything else. Perhaps that’s why she was craving sweet release, new sexual experiences. Up until last night her thoughts had been solely on her grades. She hadn’t failed to notice the engineering boys and their looks while they were crammed into study rooms late at night finishing projects from dumb professors. But until now the thought of a room full of men hadn’t turned her on.

The run distracted her from the warmth between her legs. It was hard to think about getting railed while she was gasping for breath and sweat was flowing freely down her face. It was a beautiful sunny day in late March and the campus was alive with activity. Beth had been here since January and she loved moving away from the stuffy suburban home she had lived in with her family her whole life. The campus was a fun mix of snobby, classical old buildings and new age art projects that were constantly being renovated. It was spread out across a huge area of land, and the outskirts were rimmed with bars and stores to stay busy.

Beth turned the corner and passed a group of guys sitting around doing homework on the grass with their shirts off. She stumbled and then caught herself. As she saw them her mind flashed through a scenario that made her blush.

She was on her hands and knees in the common room of her dorm, around her were the six tall, sweaty boys from outside. They were staring down at her while stroking thick cocks, hungry looks in their eyes. She opened her mouth and it was immediately filled with a dick that stretched her lips and made her eyes well with tears behind their lids. Someone else grabbed her hips from behind and she felt a cock slide into her sopping lower lips. She was completely suspended from the ground by these men now, and she raised her hands off the ground as they began thrusting into her, grasping desperately for more meat. Immediately there were more dicks, she had two in each hand. The guy in her mouth began to cum.

Beth shook herself back to her run, wiping her brow to disguise her blush, she turned back to her dorm.

In her lobby she bumped into Diego. Diego was a baseball player, tall and skinny for an athlete he had a boyish face with a wide grin. Beth smiled.

“Heyo Diego, long practice?” Beth asked, noting the thin sheen of sweat across his face and down his arms.

“Yeah, it’s hot out there y’know,” Diego smiled back, turning towards her.

“Oh I know,” laughed Beth, gesturing at her sweat stained ankara türbanlı escort running gear. She saw him look her up and down, eyes lingering in all the right places. Beth did the same to him. He had big hands and confident eyes.

“Diego…” Beth bit her lip. It was a new habit that she couldn’t seem to shake.

Diego raised his eyebrows and tilted an ear towards her, waiting.

“Would you like to come to my room?” suddenly Beth was tingling. She had never pictured doing something like this but now that the words were out of her mouth, she was excited. She would never have had the opportunity when living at home, and until recently she would have been too stressed about schoolwork. She really wanted him to say yes.

“Why?” Diego asked back playfully, one corner of his mouth raising a little higher than the other.

“Just to…” Beth reached out and touched his abdomen, her fingers pushing in farther than she expected. Instead of meeting belly she met abs. “Hangout,” She finished breathily.

Diego’s eyebrow raised with his smile and he gave a nod. They made their way up the stairs not saying anything, but exchanging fleeting looks. Beth hurried to unlock her door.

The moment they were inside Diego pushed her up against a wall and locked her in a deep kiss. She sucked on his tongue and then pushed him away.

“Oh, I’m so sorry I thought—”

“No, you were right,” Beth replied, yanking her shirt over her head, “I just wanted to be naked first.”

Diego grabbed her wrists, eyes glinting now.

“Allow me.”

Grabbing her under the arms his tossed her easily onto her bed and kissed her belly. Gently, ever so gently he descended downwards, tongue tickling her belly button until it reached the waistline of her leggings. He reached under her and grabbed her ass, feeling the tight muscles contract with pleasure. He slid his fingers under the pants and began pulling down, his mouth following.

Beth felt Diego’s lips on her inner thigh. He bit playfully on the left, then on the right, then kissed her passionately on the lips through her panties.

She gasped and grabbed him by the hair, forcing his face deeper into her crotch. She heard him inhale deeply and give off a deep growl.

Batting away her hand he sat up and practically tore the panties off of her.

“How do you like it?” He asked, a manic light in his eyes.

Beth was already gasping. She needed release, she needed this man to ravage her with everything he had.

“Rough, Diego. Very rough.”

“Then you don’t call me Diego,” he said, twisting her leggings into a makeshift rope, “you call me sir.”

Then he grabbed her wrists and wrapping them deftly in her leggings, he secured them with a knot. He thrust her bound wrists over the metal post of her bed frame and pulled her forward so Beth’s arms were pulled over her head as she lay on her back. She gasped and her eyes widened.

Diego pushed her legs open and dove between them.

Beth was already sopping wet and she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his head as he went to work on her clit. He circled it with his tongue, flicked it and nipped ever so gently with his lips. She bucked wildly, desperate for more. She heard him chuckle, then his mouth encircled her tender nub completely. One of his hands reached up and grabbed her nipple hard, pulling it upwards. His other hand went down and with one swift movement he thrust two fingers inside of her, curling they touched her perfectly where she needed it.

Beth let out a full-throated scream of pleasure.

Arthur used to go down on her, but not like this. He had lapped quietly at her in silence, staring up for any signs of pleasure.

Diego was bahçelievler escort focused on his work. He began to hum deeply into her as his tongue flicked in time with his thrusting fingers. She locked her ankles, her neatly painted toes once again curling in pleasure as she ground hard against his mouth and hand.

“Fuck me you bastard!” she yelled.

In response he twisted her nipple again and thrust his fingers to the knuckle.

“Try again,” he said.

“Fuck me, sir, please,” she gasped.

He pushed her legs open and got up. He quickly stripped and for the first time Beth saw his cock. Straining against her bonds she reached out with the top of her foot and ran it along the underside of his member. It was proportional to his height. In other words, the biggest she’d ever seen.

He grabbed her by the ankles and forced her feet together, pushing them upwards he kneeled in front of her and without any hesitation thrust into her tight dripping pussy, all the way to the hilt.

“Fuck yes,” she moaned, and then “FUCK YES!”

He put his weight on his hands behind her knees and began to pound her. Long, hard thrusts that forced her deep into the shitty mattress. Pulling against her leggings she marveled at how much better being restrained made the cock feel.

Diego pounded her until her hips were sore and knees shaky. Then he pulled out and she gasped. He stood up and pulled her hands back over the bedpost, then flipped her onto her knees in a deft movement and put her bound hands back where they were. Beth felt her back arch naturally, completely exposing her messy cleft and tight, virgin asshole.

Diego climbed back onto the bed between her legs and grabbed her hard by the hips. He thrust back into her. With more leverage now his thrusts came harder and faster as Beth moaned and gasped and begged for more. She grabbed desperately to the bedpost, the only steady thing in the tide of roaring pleasure.

“Fuck me sir. Fuck me hard.”

Diego growled and thrust hard into her, pinning her against her bed with his cock. Her feet beat patterns on the mattress behind them as she bit her lip to stop herself from screaming again.

She heard Diego make a spitting sound and then felt something warm and wet splash against her butthole. Suddenly she felt his finger inside of her ass.

“Oh fuuuuuuck,” she gasped. Beth could feel his cock working in unison with his finger, feel them press each other through the linings of her soft pussy walls. With his other hand Diego reached up and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back. The orgasm that had been building for so long finally broke, rolling through her body in convulsive waves that made her seize and scream again in astounding pleasure.

She pushed him deeper into her with her heels as she sagged against her restraints. He thrust a few more times and then withdrew. He undid her bonds and lay her perpendicular across her bed. She sighed and stretched her legs up the cool wall, admiring the sweat that covered her naked bottom half.

“Alright you dirty little slut, I’m going to cum down your throat now,” said Diego and pushed her head gently off the edge of the bed. She opened her mouth willingly and he stretched it with his cock. Beth gave another moan as he began thrusting down her throat, reaching up with one hand to coax the last waves of pleasure out of her clit as he finished. She heard him gasp and then her mouth was flooded with a bitter, intoxicating flavor. Beth moaned harder and came again, a smaller one this time. She swallowed his whole load.

They collapsed together in a heap of sweaty limbs.

Beth’s eyes slowly closed, her body exhausted from the back-to-back bouts of physical exercise. She could feel her sex already getting sore and hungry again. A smile tugged her lips as she drifted off.

Beth woke to a dark room. Diego and his clothes were gone, but he had left his phone number written on the whiteboard by her door. Beth sat up and smiled a wide, genuine smile. Perhaps college would have some new experiences for her after all.

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