Family Pets Pt. 02


Family Pets pt. 2

Conclusion to this story, but Family Pets is an anthology that I will be adding entries to in the future, but with different characters. All characters depicted are eighteen years old or older.

Marcus was in his room playing a game on his tablet when there was a knock on the door.

“Yes?” The door opened to reveal Yuuka, his new stepsister and now mistress. His cock stirred at the thought of what she had made him do in the three days since he had come home from college. She grinned when they made eye contact, although he quickly looked down.

“Hi, big brother. Today’s the day. Veda’s coming so I want you to get ready. Take this, I want you hairless.” He caught the bottle. His mouth dropped open. He was aware of using it to remove body hair, but had never used it himself. He nodded.

“Who’s Veda?” She shrugged.

“My best friend. Remember I want to show her a good time.” She left and he quickly headed to the shower. He was a bit uncomfortable, but knew that there was really no argument with her. So he followed her instructions. When he stepped out of the shower he spent several minutes examining his now smooth skin. He moaned when he felt his now hairless balls. There was a knock at the door and a voice full of amusement.

“Hurry up, big brother. No time to play with yourself.” Marcus blushed as he guiltily pulled his hand away. He quickly dressed and headed to the living room, where he found Yuuka sitting on the couch and looking at her phone. When he entered she looked up and laughed.

“I know we’re having a guest over, but you are just going to be stripping again.” He looked around nervously.

“Where is she?” She shrugged and sat back on the couch.

“She’s just pulling in now. I’ll get the door. Kneel, big brother.” He lowered himself to the floor and waited. It was not long before he heard the door open and a moment before he heard voices. Beyond recognizing Yuuka’s voice and that the other was someone different he couldn’t determine anything. There was only a brief pause before they entered and he got his first look at Veda. She was a striking woman, clearly of Indian descent maybe a couple years older than them. His surprise must have been evident for they laughed and Yuuka spoke.

“What surprises you, big brother?” He hesitated before taking a breath to speak.

“I thought she would be our age, not…older.” He expected her to be insulted, but she laughed.

“You’re right Yuuka, he is absolutely adorable. We’ve actually been friends for a while. Our moms have been friends since grade school. I just graduated and now I work for Ayane.” He blinked to hear her mention his stepmother. The other two sat on the couch, Yuuka stroking his hair while they got caught up. Marcus remained on the floor uncertain of what to make of the situation as they discussed Yuuka’s education and Veda’s first few weeks on the job. He began to grow uncomfortable kneeling on the floor and struggled to remain in that position without complaining. However he didn’t have long to wait before Veda gestured to him with her eyes. Yuuka laughed nodding.

“You’re right, Veda. I want to play as well. Strip, big brother.” He rushed to comply with her command. He was about to kneel once more, but Yuuka shook her head. As Veda watched with interest Yuuka began stroking him. However the speed indicated that the intent was to show off his dick rather to make any real approach to getting him off. Veda grinned and continued to watch avidly in anticipation of what Yuuka had in mind to do next. Yuuka illegal bahis leaned in to lick his shaft while she turned to Veda so she was licking from the side. Marcus moaned and soon found he was dripping precum. Yuuka grinned as she licked the head. He moaned again, but Yuuka looked up frowning.

“Sorry, as a guest you should get a taste.” She held out his cock as the grin returned. Veda licked her lips and eagerly accepted the offered cock. Seeing a drop of precum she licked it up, sighing contentedly as she swallowed. She grinned as she slowly opened her eyes.

“Hmm, he tastes good. How long have you been training him?” She started stroking him slowly as Yuuka answered.

“Not long. His control isn’t bad though. But we should probably give him a break.” Veda nodded as she released him. She looked over to Yuuka who nodded. Veda stood to quickly undress, while Yuuka spread her legs, causing her skirt to ride up revealing her panties. Veda sat back on the couch and directed Marcus to the floor while Yuuka began to rub herself through her panties. Veda looked down and pointed to her pussy.

“Show me what you have learned.” He nodded lowering his head between her legs. Marcus had barely given her an experimental lick when she took his head in both hands. Her breath came out as a gasp when he made a second less tentative lick. He flicked her clit causing her to cry out, but he quickly moved onto licking down her lips the entire length of her pussy. Her hands gripped tighter, but he continued to lick the entire length of her pussy. She moaned a little louder and her breathing came a little harder. He licked a little faster as he was eager to enjoy more of her taste. Veda moaned pulling his head in tighter. He carefully spread her lips to thrust his tongue between them. Her moaning grew louder and she began thrusting into him with increasing force.

When her moaning became exceedingly loud, despite the fact that her legs were tightening around him, he moved one hand to rub her clit and with a stretch he reached up to pinch a nipple. She cried out and thrust hard into his face. She rested on the couch and made one more hard thrust before collapsing. She was breathing hard but grinning. After a moment she managed to speak.

“Not bad, boy. Yuuka will you let me help train him? He could be really good.” Yuuka shrugged.

“Of course. Now do you want more? Or should we wait?” Veda thought about this briefly before gesturing to Yuuka.

“You have a go.” Yuuka grinned and gestured for Marcus to come close.

“Get to work, big brother.” He did not hesitated to kiss her pussy in a series of quick pecks. Yuuka laughed softly. “No teasing, big brother.” He sucked on her lips going back and forth between them for several moments. Her breathing came a little faster and began rubbing her pussy with fast movements of one hand. Now her moaning was becoming more audible. After several moments more he began sucking her clit while maintaining his own efforts rubbing her lips. A hand was on his head and she moaned loudly while he continued his efforts. She writhed briefly under him before crying out and collapsing. He sat on the floor waiting to see what they had in store for him. Veda only waited a short time before speaking.

“Let’s try something else while Yuuka recovers.” She stood and turned her back to him. She bent over slightly as she pulled his head into her ass. “My ass. Your tongue.” Marcus briefly hesitated, but quickly licked noting the difference between it and the taste of her pussy. She moaned softly as he spread her cheeks to begin illegal bahis siteleri thrusting his tongue into her hole. Her moaning grew louder as she began thrusting her rear even harder into his tongue.

He was surprised to find his tongue reaching deeper into her ass and her grip tightened. Her cries of pleasure were loud enough, but he was no longer listening as his attention was on thrusting his tongue harder, imagining what it would be like if it were his hard cock. This continued with him trying to penetrate deeper and wondering if it was possible for her to cum from this alone. However he didn’t have a chance to find out as she suddenly released him and stepped away.

“Hmm, your tongue feels good. Are you ready Yuuka?” He looked to see that Yuuka was naked and sitting up. She reached to the side of the couch and pulled out a strapon.

“Are you ready, Veda?” Veda grinned and lifted up a bag at the other end of the couch, from which she pulled out another strapon, it was slightly bigger than Yuuka’s. Marcus gasped at its size. Veda laughed.

“Don’t worry, you can take it. We’ll be gentle.” They both put the strapons on and stood in front of him, stroking the dildos absently.

“Open up, big brother.” Marcus opened his mouth as Yuuka slowly pushed inside. It took a short time for her to work the dildo all the way in. Marcus struggled to keep his mouth relaxed so she could thrust in and out, while he took Veda’s in hand to begin stroking. He moaned softly around the dildo and continued his stroking of the other one. Both ran their hands through his hair, smiling down at him.

“He takes that dildo so well. Have you thought about seeing him take the real thing?” He shook his head and tried to pull off as he objected but they both held him in place.

“Hmm, maybe, but I already share with my mother and now you. I don’t know about sharing him with anyone else.” Veda shrugged and focused fully on his efforts to give a blowjob to Yuuka’s cock and to stroke hers. Yuuka was gentle, but she was determined to make full use of his mouth. He momentarily chocked as she attempted to push deeper, but quickly pulled out, petting his head affectionately.

“Bend over, big brother.” He dropped to his hands and knees while Yuuka moved behind him. Veda handed her a bottle and soon he felt her pouring lube into his ass. Yuuka rubbed his hole with her fingers, causing him to moan. She applied more lube and gently applied a finger. The finger slowly pushed until it was inside and his moaning grew louder. Yuuka laughed softly as she slowly worked her finger in and out. Marcus found his hips moving back against her, even as his moaning was almost continuous. Veda stepped in front of him and lined up her dildo with his lips and pushed forward. He struggled to take it in his mouth while Yuuka added a second finger. Soon the dildo was moving at speed in his mouth and Yuuka’s fingers moving rapidly in and out of his ass. Yuuka only paused briefly to slowly add a third finger, occasionally flexing to spread him further. Veda continued to thrust into his mouth as Yuuka suddenly pulled out. Marcus moaned and tried to push back against Yuuka. Yuuka laughed and smacked his ass.

“Easy, big brother.” He relaxed and moments later felt her hands spreading his ass. The dildo was lined up with his ass and she pushed. At first it wouldn’t enter his ass, but she was determined and added more lube before pushing once more. Suddenly with a small amount of pain the dildo entered his ass. She waited a short time before pushing forward, he cried out, only canlı bahis siteleri Veda’s pressure kept the dildo in his mouth. Her grip on his face returned him to sucking the dildo once more.

“Ready, Yuuka.” Yuuka patted his ass, before smacking it as she spoke.

“Okay, big brother. Now we really fuck you.” Without further warning she thrust hard into him and he made a sharp intake of breath. Soon the two were thrusting into him from both ends. He moaned loudly, barely muffled by Veda’s dildo. Marcus struggled to remain on all fours, between the force of their thrusts and the pleasure spreading out from his ass. However he soon lost the fight and collapsed, held up now by the two women fucking his mouth and ass. Marcus’s attention was increasingly focused on the pleasure filling him, to the point where he felt his cock swelling and he felt that he would soon find release. However he soon heard Ayane’s voice and the thrusts stopped with both half inside.

“You started without me. Naughty, naughty.” Yuuka and Veda pulled out of him and he collapsed, whimpering softly at being left empty. Ayane was quickly naked and lying next to him. She pulled him into an embrace and kissed him deeply. After her tongue had been dancing in his mouth for several moments Yuuka tapped his ass. Marcus allowed himself to be direct on top of Ayane, where Yuuka guided his cock into her mother’s pussy. Ayane moaned softly as he plunged into her.

Once he was all the way in Yuuka and Veda returned to penetrating him, however this time Veda was looking to enter his ass, while Yuuka his mouth. Veda’s dildo was somewhat larger than Yuuka’s, so she could not immediately enter him. However she was a determined as Yuuka had been. This time it was more akin to a burning sensation and he briefly felt as if he was being spread too far, but suddenly he moaned as she at last penetrated him. With further patience she moved slowly forward, bit by bit until her lips reached his ass. His moans were loud barely muffled by Yuuka’s dildo in his mouth.

Marcus soon felt himself pulled almost out of Ayane as Veda pulled back. Suddenly Veda slammed back into him, causing him to slam back into Ayane. He now felt he was floating on a sea of pleasure as his ass and mouth were filled, while his cock was engulfed by Ayane’s pussy. His cock was practically gushing precum and so swollen that he felt sure he must cum. Yuuka and Veda briefly leaned forward to kiss even as they continued to thrust into Marcus. Ayane moaned and took to sucking one of Marcus’s nipples into her mouth. He moaned and only the three women hanging onto him kept him in place.

Marcus’s mind briefly settled on the idea of what he would cum from first, the dildo in his ass or the pussy his own cock was thrusting into. He moaned and writhed in their grip as if he were trying to escape. He soon settled as his cum fill Ayane’s pussy, but the three women continued to thrust against him until Ayane cried out, releasing his nipple and tensing up before she collapsed onto the floor. After several more thrusts they released him to lie on top of Ayane. His eyes closed as Yuuka removed her strapon to bend over the couch. He lost consciousness as Yuuka began to moan.

When he awoke he was curled up on the floor and slowly looked up. Yuuka and Veda were seated on the couch, still naked in conversation. He noted Ayane was lying beside him breathing softly. Their conversation ended and they turned to him.

“Awake, big brother? Good. We were just discussing our plans for you.” Veda grinned.

“We want to continue training your ass and mouth.” He nodded as he shifted into a sitting position. Even if it weren’t for her domination he would comply willingly, since she had started he had cum harder than at any time in his life.

The End

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