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Sex is sex is sex.. What then makes it different from your mundane daily commute to work or house chores? It’s the stories associated with it. Because in every act of sex, there’s more than one unique story.. Forgive me if you were looking for a act-heavy story, but in this one I’ve written about the psy perspectives & influences on sex in a guys thirties.. Hope u enjoy this.. Do read till the end, there’s some action too ofcourse.. Let me know how u like it in the comments..

Mid thirties are powerful years. I feel this is the time when a man has the means to live all his wild ambitions, dreams and needs. It’s a decade of professional, physical, sexual and influential prowess!

I had begun to feel a calm power, surge & rage through my veins as I threw a rather controversial piece of conceptual psychological meat at a ravenous audience and they jumped at it like hungry hounds.

Few moments later, I would give a detailed explanation with references and see those intellectual hounds stare in rapt attention as the reasoning would unfold & make sense. They would realise they had been lead into a new paradigm of unsettling thought.

Power in all its forms is the most primordial aphrodisiac. Power to captivate an audience and elicit discussion and argument is after all power too..

I’m a clinical psychologist by hobby. I assist the likes of clinicians, corporate offices, teachers, sportsmen and some times the police in endeavours that need a view or intervention from psychology. This helps them understand some situations better. I have couple of landmark path-changing publications in world renowned journals on sexual health & behaviour.

Today I was addressing a mixed audience at the Asia Pacific Congress in Seoul, South Korea. The audience began seeing reason as I flawlessly steered through slides showing reference after reference as to why my postulates are correct, however preposterous they may sound.

I’d done this routine twice before even though my theory was new. I’d seen audiences retreat and literally drop jaws in wonder, just like today. I’ve had to hide a hard-on behind the podium both times, just like today!

I’ve seen dissent by senior intellectuals in fear of the realm of possibility, I’ve seen hot young students squirm in their seats and gush at my style, I’ve seen competitors resign & give up against reason when it was served with a dash of my theatrics! Haah!! Hail Power! Hail Aphrodite! Hail 30’s!

But today’s hard-on was a bit different..

I may have noticed someone familiar standing in the last row of the auditorium in a black business suit & skirt. The audi lights were dim and all eyes were on me, so I couldn’t really place her face. I gathered my pace after being distracted for just a fraction of a second. Two students who were looking quite mesmerised by my talk actually looked back to sneer at the distraction, as if someone broke a spell..

I stepped down the podium to thunderous applause and left the audi while discussing thoughts with enthusiastic listeners. It took me an hour to leave the audi. I felt people staring at me in awe and discussing how I’d ruffled some well manicured feathers of conventional thought.

One of the 3 students who ambushed me with a pretence to brainstorm, brushed her hand purposefully against my thigh as if by accident. Man that felt good. She smelt sporty and looked determinedly pretty. They were Phd students in psychology from Japan as I got to know later during the conversation.

She stared at me with ‘I can rescue you if u promise to do me all evening’ eyes. I shot back a look that breezed ‘I could damned right do you straight for a fortnight and not even break a sweat! But promise you’ll bring both your friends to the party!’

Like I said, sexual & physical prowess..

That evening I enjoyed litres & litres of somec, a mixture of Korean vodka and beer. I devoured meats roasted over traditional Korean barbecue and wolfed some dakh-kal-bi & bi-bin-paap. I was simply delighted with the hospitality and warmth of my Korean colleagues & friends. Social prowess!

I was to go for a trek the next morning to mudung mountain. It’s a long trek through beautiful forests and streams. Spring was just around the corner and it would Amazon prime izle be cold at the summit.

Back at the Raddisson, I showered & poured coffee. Who was the familiar face in the audi? Litres of somec hadn’t dulled this gust. Only now, it felt like a storm. That hard-on wasn’t purely from the lecture.

I hardly slept. Had ramen for breakfast and left for Gwangju. The trek was rocking. Buds of cherry blossom had just begun to blossom. The climb was invigorating and the summit had the best view I’ve seen in a long time. Add to it a touch of zen at the Buddhist monastery!

I was back at the Raddisson at 5 and chivalrously held open the door for some one before I stepped through into the warm interiors of the hotel but that someone turned and stared at me. She just managed to say ‘Hi!’

I stared back bewildered and muttered, ‘it’s you!’

Best of clinical psychology kicked in at the correct time. I offered an apology about being dirty from the trek.. This kind of asserted my physical prowess, though it is quite apparent from my physique. I wear comfort clothes, but they don’t lie about my active lifestyle. I asked if I could meet her better after I’ve cleaned up and showered. Asked if we could do that over dinner in the same breath and casually also found out that she was staying at the Raddisson. Hadn’t seen a ring on her fingers. Experienced 30’s were delivering the goods well! Informative prowess!

I hadn’t met Shruti since college. She was definitely the distraction in suit and skirt, coz she was donning a similar suit with a polo neck today as well. Shruti was the quintessential ‘one that got away’. She was 2 years my junior in college. My inexperienced and testosterone filled 20’s lusted after her and made a few disastrous attempts at dates that got blown away as easily.. Surely far from getting laid..

But my 30’s with the means, confidence and ability weren’t about to fail at anything I laid my hands on. They made my turbines revv faster considering she was the one that my 20’s blew away with ease..

I showered and put on jeans with a cocktail jacket. I’m not a student anymore. I run a corporate giant that makes engines for automobiles and I lecture internationally on clinical psychology. I requested the reception to remind Shruti of our dinner date. Made sure she knew how to get to my suite. And still knocked at her room sharp at 8. ‘Must a lady come to dinner by herself’? Prowess of persistence!

She opened her door and looked quite ready for the kill. She being the prey of course. Her expression looked like she knew this and would probably love the chase as well.

The mild floral perfume that emanated from her room was spell binding. I took her hand and breathed a peck on it. She wasn’t a competitive college student engrossed in books anymore either!

“Fragonard?” I asked?

A smile confirmed it!

Aware 30’s were holding up.

I lead her to my suite and poured Japanese sake. She cringed at the first sip but gulped the rest. I poured again. I helped her take off her woollen shrug as we were now warm and two goblets down. Shruti was never talkative but was just as gorgeous as I’d known her back in my awkward 20s..

I pushed in her chair and we had dinner over catch up conversation. She was representing the Indian division of Kia motors at their international meeting in Seoul. Voila! My company makes car engines! Intellectual prowess!

Her convention would go on for a week. I asked after her family back home and we shared pleasant memories from college times. Of course she wasn’t married. I bypassed conversation about the awkwardness between us during those years with a calm attitude that spelt “Just go with the flow, things are gonna be set right today”!

And set right they were..

She rose and walked to the heavy wall mounted long mahogany pedestal table near the grand French window. The table was as high as my waist belt. On it we’re perched two huge porcelain jars and a lamp with a huge mirror in the background. Near the lamp sat a memento gifted to me by the Asia pacific congress. She toyed with it. Was this a cue? Well my inners were definitely going to perceive it that way. Perceptive 30s..

I walked over to her, blutv izle the heat palpable. Placed a caressing hand on her hip. A search in the mirror for an expression on her demure face showed alarm but no hesitation. Shruti had always been tall and slender. She wasn’t skinny, just slim. Even then, I’d lust after the beautiful contour of her waist. It still was just like I remembered it. Only now, I’d just caressed it and there was no surprise, no protest, no question. Almost as if saying “what took you so long”! WTF! I wasn’t procrastinating! Corrective 30s..

Point of no return..

When she stood on heels, the soft contours of her derrière just came up to my manhood which was struggling to be relieved of my jeans. I was gonna take my time. We weren’t in our ‘get in soon or we’ll fire the cannons right outside’ 20s anymore right? Patient 30s

I moved in closer, slipped my hand onto her abs and pulled her firmly but gently into me. I placed my other hand on her other hip and began a cruise along her slender waist ever so slowly such that I could feel every milimeter of her skin under her soft & silken dress. She felt great, she smelt greater and my control over the pace was the greatest! Slow & steady 30s.

My cruise ship hand had passed the bounce of her breast and ascended north along her silken bare arm. In doing so, I placed her arm around my neck, ground into her ass and kissed her neck around her beautiful trinket like ivory coloured earrings. Her breath felt excited with anticipation. But controlled 30s we’re gonna tease her more.

All of a sudden I let her go and she nearly fell forward onto that mahogany table. Did I see a hint of dismay in her expression? But she held the narrow tables edge and pushed back longingly. I unzipped her dress and licked her delicious back all the way down till the helm of her ass. She breathed heavily. No signs we’re showing on me that would give away my intense arousal yet, except for the throbbing erection which I was unashamedly grinding into her. Reminders that I was on the prowl and will dig into her soon.. Measured 30s..

Her soft dress, that gently held her beautiful body slipped and fell down in a heap, unlike possessive boyfriends from our 20s that clung like flies to cake..

She was exquisite!

The chase was over! The predator was upon her. She was loving it! Time to sink my claws into her juicy flesh! Time to bring out the wolf! She smelt ethereal when marinated in her own hormones and mine! In a fraction I’d thrown off my jacket and shirt. I murmured an apology into her ear while suckling on it when I saw her flinch from the touch of my cold belt buckle on her tender skin.

I murmured to her to stay still and not move a muscle while I got rid of my jeans and let my throb out. She obeyed.. Commanding 30s..

I hooked in two thumbs and helped her out of her petite panties. They looked so small off of her. Reminder that she was slim and tall. And yet there was a inviting feminine softness & fullness in her ass.

I slapped her tender butt gently and felt it’s smooth contour. Her cheek creased into a lopsided cocky smile. Acceptable. Small tests, instant feedback. Slapping her butt was ok!

I Dipped a finger into the valley and descended. Slow and steady. She was bent forward against the table. Back arched. I felt her verge and dwelt upon it. Circled it. No reaction, just expectation. Would she let me enter her ass?

I left the dilemma to forced judgement for later. I decided to move on. Purposefully felt through her lips and entered between them. Warm wetness.. Like a field that had had a heavy rainfall. The fragrance rising like the first smells of moist soil! Smooth all around.. Just as I would like it!

I licked the whole route now and then did another fly past with my shaft’s bare tip, the part of me that would hold up my end of pleasure.. Needed to feel her with every sensitive surface I had..

Decisive 30s instantly beckoned.

Hell I was gonna give it a shot.

Hell the 30s ordered me to try something new.

Hell these weren’t the ‘See, court, call over, frisk, fuck, try to last longer & don’t even think of ass coz you’ll lose an awesome chance to get laid’ 20s anymore..

I dipped my fingers beIN CONNECT izle into her moistness and prepared her ass for entry. She looked at me tentatively. But I wasn’t looking for a permit. I was priming. Demanding 30s.

I aimed. Her height on her heels was just right. Elbows on the table. Waist arched. I placed my self at the entrance and pressed. She sucked in some breath when I popped in. I held one of her soft bra cupped breasts to steady her and pressed on. Through her breast I could feel her heart racing. I could feel every rib of my manhood as it plunged deeper and deeper. I let it stay there to make some space. I pulled her up and kissed her bare collar bone. She had striking prominent ones. Her straight hair fell over her shoulders on the other side.

I held her tight with one arm and got rid of her bra in an instant. She had the softest breasts. This time I held her waist with one hand, breast with the other and rocked and pulsated pleasure into both of us. My pace ebbed and flowed like a piece in an orchestra. There was no grunting, gasping or animalistic groaning. Raw pleasure was being dealt and received with a 30s calm. I delivered effortlessly for a long satisfying time.

The only time that the rhythm changed was when I dipped into her dripping womanhood to get some grease. The only sounds in the room for a very long time we’re those of my loins and palms slapping deliciously against her flesh. The only thought that distracted me albeit for a second was, would I have enjoyed this encounter 10 years ago? Would I even have dreamt of this? The answer was a resounding no. The 30s knew what wasn’t possible in the 20s.

We timed a most awaited climax to perfection. I stayed in her for some more time. I massaged my favourite erotic part of her. Her waist. I toyed with her soft breasts. I felt every part of her front and devoured the reflected view from the large mirror. She looked back at me with a stifled smile as if to say, “Well? Happy now? Hope you’re not pissed about before? I’m not sure why I hadn’t judged it would be this good!”

I noticed there was a lot of conversation happening without having to say much! Expressive 30s..

Now that I wonder, id be right to think thirties we’re decidedly, professionally, physically & sexually powerful!

She walked away to freshen up. I poured each of us a glass of scotch on the rocks and went right after her. I entered the warm tub next to her and beckoned. The tub is a huge circular basin with water jets at the bottom and a ledge to sit all across the rim. I sat arms spread eagle on the edge. She floated over & straddled me. I slid deep and easily into her. Her vagina was soft, padded & welcoming. I leaned in, clamped her by the waist with my arms and suckled her nipples.

Shruti didn’t have the so called and much coveted ‘melons’ so to speak. I’ve never been enchanted by size anyways. She was slim remember? But they were a handful and the softest and most responsive I’ve ever felt..

Her skin was warm and moist from soaking in the bath. The smells had dissolved into the turbulent water and vapour but her breasts were a culinary delight!

She tried to pace a ride, but I took over and pleasured us yet again. This time I was longer! Dominant and demanding 30s.. The whiskey and a previous encounter had bought me even more time! Was I getting selfish here? Hell no! I was gifting her a lot of pleasure and pushing limits like there was no tomorrow. She was accepting my endeavours indulgingly and loving it too..

Spent, after a second go, we got out and drowned the whiskey. I wiped her dry with a woolly towel and felt every inch of her body again. I pulled her up for a grateful kiss and lingered a bit. I suckled both her lips. Didn’t shove my tongue till it touched her tonsils as I’d have ventured in our 20s. Hell we weren’t puppies anymore trying to lick everything! Due respect to Freud & Jung! Her lips were grateful and tender.

I dressed her. You don’t have to slip into your jeans and jump off the window before her parents catch u in her room. I saw her off to her room. Chivalrous 30s.

I asked if we could do this again..

She smiled and closed her door!

I didn’t knock or demand and answer!

Assured 30s..

Gentlemen, if you’re in your thirties and know someone who got away, text her or make a call.. if she wasn’t available then, she could turn available now! Write in the comments if you liked this..

Watch this space.. She may have written her story about happened afters..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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