Gangsters and Mols

Gangsters and Mols

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I was at a neigbhours’ fancy dress party – gangsters and mols. Enjoying myself chatting, admiring other people’s costumes and generally having a good time. As I was talking to a buxom blonde in long red sequin dress a hand tapped me on my shoulder. “Hey Dave, are you still a big guy in this town?” Her voice drawled with a fake American accent but I knew who it was. Excusing myself I turned and smiled at Jane – a good friend who’d moved away and hugged her.

“Oh, you know, getting by, one thing leads to another. Nothing spectacular. But wow, look at you.”

“You’re one classy broad, what do you want with me lady?” I tried my own accent but it didn’t really come off.

“I’m just passing through and called in on Lucy and she invited me.” Jane leaned close. “She said you’d be around” her voice dropped to a whisper, “and I want to see if you’re still packing a big weapon.”

“You know I don’t like guns” I said knowing full well what she meant. I grabbed her hand and we set off to find the furthest bedroom.

As soon as the door was closed we kissed hard. My hands were all over her but hers made straight for my cock. She rubbed up and down expertly and broke away saying “well it looks like you are still a big guy in those parts!”

She was on her knees in a flash, unzipping my trousers and pulling out my cock. She’d seen it before but her eyes widened. “Fuck, just as good as I remember.” Without another word she wrapped her lips and hands round it and started to give me the best blow job I’d had in months.

Red lipstick smudged on my skin and her red nails raked up and down and grazed my heavy balls. I had no need to tell her what to do and just let her do what she wanted. “Fuck yeah Jane you’re a good cocksucker. Think you can still get your lipstick right to the base?”

Red lipstick smudged on my skin and her red nails raked up and down and grazed my heavy balls. I had no need to tell her what to do and just let her do what gaziosmanpaşa escort she wanted. “Fuck yeah Jane you’re a good cocksucker. Think you can still get your lipstick right to the base?”

She looked up then pushed down as far as she could go. Once, twice, three times. Not quite balls deep but I knew if we had had more time she would have got there. But we didn’t so I pulled her up and pushed her back on the bed. I helped her wriggle out of the dress and stood for a moment admiring her lingerie and sexy body. “You had this planned didn’t you naughty girl!”

“May be Dave. Now come and fuck me with that massive prick I know you want to!”

She grabbed it and pulled me forward rubbing the head against her wet lips before I pushed in. Her eyes went wide as I entered. “Yeah you like that don’t you. You’ve missed it, never found one as good”. She bit her lip and nodded as I slid deeper. I pulled back and she moaned. When I forced it back in she gasped “uh huh, uh huh” nodding and wrapping her arms round my neck. “Oh so tight, so beautifully tight.”

Slowly I built up some rhythm and she quickly found her own, adjusting to my shaft. She pulled me deeper and we were soon fucking hard. Kissing passionately.

“Give it to me stud, fuck me good because it’ll be your last chance.”

“I’ll give you what you want, what you crave. I’ll make you feel every fucking vein of this cock in that juicy cunt and make you cum so hard!”

“That’s what I was counting on. You fucking me like a whore with that fuck stick. Yes pound me baby. I can take it. Shit that’s deep. Oh fuck me you’re making me cum already. Ah ahhhh yesssss, so good, don’t stop. Of fuuuckcckkk.”

I kept the pace high as her body shook with pleasure and she just rode it out and the shock waves that followed. We swapped positions several times and on each occasion she licked my cock clean. ‘Do you taste good gölbaşı escort Jane?”

“So good!” she replied and pulled me down to share a fierce tongue filled kiss that gave me a taste of that wet fanny.

She pushed me back and straddled my thighs, flattening my cock against my stomach and sliding her pussy up and down the length. I lifted my head to her tits as she teased herself and sucked on her swollen nipples. ‘That’s good” she gasped before pulling away with a smile. Lifting my thick pole up and herself above it she slowly impaled her hot velvet cunt on it again her faced showing how much she enjoyed it. I was loving every second watching my dick disappear inside her and then reappear slick with her juices.

She rode me faster and faster then dismounted only to turn round and go reverse cowgirl. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. “Remember how much I like this position babe?”

“Yeah you filthy slut. You used to show off riding guys like this. Showing how you got filled and stretched.”

She ground right down at the thought and I held her hips as she bounced her arse on me. I reached round with one hand and played with her clit and she started to move faster. “Yeah do that, that feels good.” She became more vigorous as I continued to play. Her body slammed against mine till she was loosing control. I took control and pulled her back on to my chest and frigged her clit fast and fucked up into her wet hole. “Mmm make me cum again” she pleaded totally unnecessarily. I worked her to a frenzy and she came shuddering on top of me.

I held her till her breathing was approaching normal then rolled her onto her side while she recovered.

I was caressing her and began to feel her are grinding back on me. “Mmm that feels good. Still hard for me.”

“Always” I growled and lifted one of her legs so I could slide back inside her. She purred and the feeling and we keçiören escort rocked gently back and forth for a few minutes. We could both feel the pace increasing. The need building again. I was thrusting hard when she rolled onto all fours and looked back. “Come on. Fuck me again. I want that thing balls deep inside me wrecking me and making me cum hard!”

I didn’t need telling twice and grabbed her hips and sank my thick shaft deep and began to give her exactly what she wanted. There was plenty of encouragement from Jane’s filthy mouth and I love it. She drove back and I slammed forward and she took it all. I pulled back on her shoulders and she dug her nails into my forearm. I pulled her hair forcing her to arch her back and stick those big tuts out so I could grab them pressing them together and pinching and squeezing her nipples. She grabbed one of my hands and pushed it between her legs and I drugged her clit. Then she yanked my hand away and sucked the fingers biting them when they were clean. I pushed her back down and drilled her soaking wet snatch filling the room with a filthy wet sound.

Our moans became louder and louder but we didn’t care. She yelled for more and when I have it to her she screamed and came so hard I could feel her squirting over my balls and thighs. I rammed home five or six times then felt my own climax arriving.

I pulled out and she rapidly swivelled to grab my cock and suck it, tasting herself before I wanked it hard and fast and let loose a torrent of hot sticky spunk over her face, her tits, filling her mouth to over flowing and then letting her lick the head as the final drops appeared. She swallowed with evident pleasure then looked down. “Fuck Dave I’m covered. Plastered. It’ll take ages to get cleaned up. Mind you it’ll take you a while to get that weapon concealed properly again.”

I watched as she scooped up cum and licked her fingers clean. My cock throbbed but I knew we would be missed if we stayed away any longer.

Finally we were ready and slipped back to the party where no one seemed to have missed us.

I haven’t seen Jane again since the party but Lucy, my neighbour, has called me in to look at a couple of jobs in the house. Her husband isn’t much of a handy man she says and it’s the far bedroom she particularly thinks needs looking at.

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