Girlfriend’s Away Pt. 03


The morning after the threesome I was awoken by the sound of the shower in the bathroom. I wondered if it was Sean, Sara, or both of them. A minute or so after the water shut off, Sean stuck his head in my room and said, “You taking a shower before brunch?”

I looked at my alarm clock. It was 9:30 already.

“Sure,” I said, climbing out of bed, still naked.

Sean walked out of the bathroom and into his bedroom as I walked from my bedroom into the bathroom. Through the door I could see Sara sitting up in Sean’s bed reading Cosmo. I could tell by her bare shoulders that she was still naked, at least from the waist up, but the magazine prevented me from seeing her breasts. She looked up and said” Good morning, Mike,” with a big smile.

I stepped towards the door to Sean’s bedroom and returned her greeting. At this point, I didn’t see any need to cover up, and I saw Sara’s smiling eyes discreetly look me up and down.

By the time I got out of the shower and got dressed, Sara and Sean were both dressed and ready to go. Sara had not showered, but she had no clean clothes to change into anyway so a shower could clearly wait. And I think she enjoyed still smelling a little like sex.

We went to a place that we liked that was somehow both casual and fancy. Maybe it was just the prices that made it seem fancy, but Sean and I had both gotten paid the previous Friday, so we didn’t mind splurging a little.

We sat in a U-shaped booth that was big enough for five. We squeezed into the bottom of the U, Sara to my right and Sean to her right, which had seemingly become the order we typically situated ourselves in. At least at the start of activities.

We had the expected assortment of crepes, waffles and heirloom potatoes, and we finished up, of course, with a slice of melon. Actually, it was a shared plate of cut melon. Throughout the meal, Sara’s bare left leg was pressed up against my right leg in a non-incidental way. I noticed her right hand was under the table most of the meal, so I assumed that Sean was getting even more attention, even if it was just a hand on his thigh.

After we got back to the apartment, Sean packed up his backpack with school stuff, Sara gave me a hug, and they were out the door. And once again, I did not see either of them for a couple days.

On Tuesday, I got home from work around six, as usual, and went for a run, also as usual. As I was taking a shower after my run, I wondered what I should do that night. On Tuesdays, Sean closed the store where he worked, so I knew he wouldn’t be home until at least 10:30, if at all. Maybe I’d walk over to the video store and rent a movie (again, keep in mind this was the early 90s). Or I could just stay home and read the latest issue of Sports Illustrated.

As I pondered my options, I heard the front door of the apartment open and close, followed by the sound of someone walking through the living room and towards the kitchen. Puzzled, I shouted out “Sean, is that you?”

Sara’s familiar voice responded, “No, it’s me. Go about whatever you’re doing, I just gotta take care of something real quick.”

“Alright, take your time” I replied. I wasn’t surprised Sara was in the apartment. I knew Sean had given her an extra key, just as I had given one to Rachel. It was not unusual for either of them to let themselves in.

A few minutes later I finished my shower and toweled myself off. Even though Sara had by now seen me naked multiple times, I thought it best to be a little bit modest since Sean was not home. I wrapped the towel around my waist, stepped out of the shower and was about to walk into my bedroom to get dressed when I heard Sara’s voice again.

“Mike, could you come here for a second please?”

I turned and saw Sara sitting on a dining room chair she had moved next to Sean’s bed. The covers of the bed were pulled down, and a large blue beach towel was spread out on the bed in front of some propped-up pillows. I recognized the towel as one that Sean and I had bought at a discount store on our way to the lake shortly after moving there. It was usually kept in the big closet.

There was a large bowl of water on the nightstand. I recognized the bowl as one that I had bought in college and that was usually kept in a cabinet in the kitchen. She sure seemed to know where we kept stuff.

As I walked towards her with a perplexed look on my face, I slowly said “Sure, what do you need?”

I was by then within arm’s reach of her, and she reached out and undid the towel around my waist and let it drop to the floor. Then she brought out an electric barber’s shaver from behind her back and said, “Mike, we simply MUST do something about all this pubic hair.”

As she said that, she was already dragging the shaver down my pubic area just to the left of my cock.

“Looks like we not only MUST but we ARE doing something about it.” I replied, feeling as if I was merely an observer in this scene rather than a participant.

“Yes we are,” Sara responded, taking another swath of my pubic hair, this time just to the right ulus escort of my cock.

“Can I ask why this is necessary?” I asked, making no effort to avoid what seemed to be my immediate, unavoidable fate.

“Of course, and I would be happy to explain,” said Sara, reaching around my waist and placing her left hand on my right butt cheek so she could pull me a little closer. “It’s either an unfortunate accident of biology or simply a case of very poor planning on the part of God, if you believe in that sort of thing, that the human genitals are located where they are. They are covered by at least one and usually more layers of clothing all day, which inevitably leads to sweat. This is especially true with people like you and me and Sean, who choose to be physically active when we can.”

“But when we’ve been physically active lately our genitals have been decidedly UNcovered.”

“That’s not the kind of physical activity I meant,” said Sara, carefully dragging the shaver downward from just below my belly button to just above my cock, which had by now taken interest in what was going on and started to grow.

“I mean biking, hiking, running, basketball, that sort of thing,” Sara continued. “Those activities cause a lot of sweat. Sweat leads to odors. And hair tends to trap odors.”

“That makes sense,” I admitted. Sara was controlling the angle at which my loins were facing her by “steering” me with her left hand on my butt. But even when she had me at the correct angle for shaving, she was lightly dragging her fingers the length of my right cheek, almost all the way down to the back of my scrotum. This, of course, was causing my cock to continue growing.

Sara continued with her explanation. “Also, it can tend to tickle your nose during oral sex.”

“Yes, I HAVE noticed that on occasion,” I agreed.

“One time I was giving an old boyfriend a blowjob,” Sara continued, still focused on her task, “and his pubic hair tickled my nose and made me sneeze. I thought it was hilarious. Him, not so much.” I could tell that Sara was smiling mischievously at the recollection of the experience. “And of course I don’t need to mention the other unsavory things that go in in that vicinity on the anatomy. Believe me, you’re better off without the pubic hair.”

By now she had reduced the pubic hair above and beside my cock down to what looked like about a four-day growth of a beard. My cock was now hard enough that it was pointed directly at her. She pushed it first to one side and then the other as she touched up the places where the sides of my cock met my body.

Sara turned off the shaver. “Okay, looking pretty good so far,” she said.

I looked down at my mostly hard cock and saw a bunch of pubic hair on the hardwood floor below it. Then I saw Sara’s hand reach behind her chair and grab a hand-held vacuum and begin to clean the pubic hair off the floor. I recognized the vacuum as one that Sean and I had bought a few months after we’d moved up and that was usually kept in the broom closet in the kitchen. Again, how did she know where we kept all our stuff?!?!

It only took Sara a few seconds to vacuum up my pubes off the floor, and when she was finished she said, “Okay, sit on the towel,” patting the bed with her hand as she spoke.

Of course, I obeyed her and took my place on the bed, naked and leaning up against the pillows propped against the wall. It was about this time that it struck me that our recent threesome obviously was not going to be just a one-time thing and that she was grooming me for future similar use.

Sara picked up a washcloth from next to the bowl of water and dipped it in. The washcloth was probably from our closet, but it was just a plain white washcloth that could belong to anyone, so maybe she’d brought it with her. So I couldn’t tell whether she also knew where we kept washcloths.

Sara wrung most of the water out of the washcloth and then rubbed it around my cock where pubic hair used to be, and down over my balls. The water was warm and she was very gentle, giving my balls a very definite fondle as she rubbed the washcloth over them.

She then grabbed a travel-size can of shaving cream from somewhere, I don’t know where, and applied some to her left hand. She carefully rubbed the shaving cream over the same areas she had dampened with the washcloth.

“The easy part is done. This is where I need you to stay really, really still,” she said as she picked up a disposable, twin-blade razor from behind the water bowl. I watched intently as she carefully began shaving the area above my cock that she had just used the electric shaver on.

Surprisingly, in retrospect, I didn’t feel the least bit nervous about my roommate’s girlfriend using that sharp razor near my cock and balls. I guess in the past week she had become something more to me than just my friend’s girlfriend, and with that came a certain amount of trust. But there was still something not quite right about the situation, and I aimed to correct that.

“Wouldn’t this activity be more yenimahalle escort fair if we were both naked?” I asked.

Sara looked up from my pubic region with a sort of sideways smirk on her face. Then she set the razor on the towel beside me and stood up.

“I guess fair is fair,” she said as she lifted her faded green t-shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. She then reached behind her back and effortlessly unclasped her white bra and let it fall next to the t-shirt. Her breasts were their usual perky selves and by now I had seen her naked enough to recognize that her nipples were very definitely erect.

She unbuttoned and unzipped her grey shorts and stepped out of them after they hit the floor. She was now left standing in only a pair of pale blue cotton bikini panties.

“I think I’d better leave my panties on,” she said. “I promised Sean I wouldn’t have sex with you unless he was involved, and I don’t exactly trust myself. So my panties can act as a sort of chastity belt.”

“I guess that’s reasonable,” I responded as she resumed her seat and went back to shaving me.

She was very focused on the task at hand, but still her left hand, which was not holding the razor, managed to run up and down my cock, which was now fully erect, each time she rinsed the razor in the bowl of water.

“Can I ask you something?” I said.

“Go ahead.”

“Well, the night we masturbated, I couldn’t help notice that you were not shaved. But then on Saturday you were. Based on your earlier explanation on the necessity of shaving, I get the notion that you did not just come to this realization recently. So why were you not shaved last Thursday?”

“Very observant of you,” she replied, now moving the razor upward and against the grain on the pubic area above my cock. “You will recall that I was out of town for about a week and a half before last Thursday. I was at my grandparents’ house. That did not provide me with much private time alone.” Now she was touching up the areas to the side of my cock.

“Hair grows back, as I’m sure you know. I was really busy in the week before I went to my grandparents’ house, and then had no privacy while there. As a result, I went about two weeks without shaving. And masturbation night was the night I got back to town… I’m sure you can do the math.”

“Of course.”

Sara rinsed off the razor in the bowl again and reached towards my balls with her left hand, her right hand with the razor right behind it. Because my cock was erect, my scrotum was shriveled up so it looked like half a walnut shell covered with shave cream. I wondered how she could effectively shave it in such a state.

“Looks like it’s about to get complicated,” I said.

“Piece of cake,” Sara replied, unfazed.

She dragged the razor across my left testicle a couple times, clearly removing shaving cream but not so clearly removing any hair. Then her left hand disappeared back to the floor by her chair and quickly reappeared holding a facial tissue. She pinched a small portion of my scrotum with the tissued hand and pulled it towards her.

“You’ll be surprised how far the scrote can stretch,” she said matter-of-factly.

And I was surprised. It stretched and flattened out a few inches and she deftly dragged the razor across it, now clearly removing hair. It took her no more than 40 seconds to clear my entire scrotum of pubic hair this way, from the base of my cock all the way down and around to where my taint begins.

I thought we were done shaving at that point and wondered if the activities were about to shift towards something more focused on making me cum. Well, I guess they definitely WERE going to take such a turn regardless of what Sara did, because even if she left right then and there I was obviously going to masturbate. But then Sara said, “Okay, turn over, we’re not done yet.”

“Turn over?” I asked, my face scrunching up with confusion. I knew I didn’t have any hair on my butt cheeks, so I had no idea where this was headed.

“Yes, turn over, and lay sideways across the bed so you’re facing the wall with the window.”

I did as I thought I was supposed to and turned over and laid on my stomach facing the wall.

“Not like that,” Sara said. “On your hands and knees.”

Now I started to get a little bit nervous. But I was also still rock hard. As I got up on my hands and knees, I could hear Sara rinsing the razor in the bowl.

“That’s closer to what I meant,” she instructed, “but actually get down on your elbows and arch your back. So I have the same view of you that you had of me on Saturday night.”

Somehow, her pointing out that she had put herself in a vulnerable position to me just a few nights earlier made me feel less nervous and I obliged.

“Ahhhh yes, verrry nice,” I heard Sara say, seemingly more to herself than to me. I got the impression that she was commenting on her own view of me rather than on my obedience.

I heard the sound of the shave cream coming out of the can just for a split second, and then felt the shave cream being applied to me. She ever so gently spread it down my taint to the edge of my butthole. Then, just as gently, she spread it on the insides of my butt cheeks right around my butthole.

“We’re almost done,” she said as she shaved the creamed areas, now using a series of small, more careful strokes. My nervousness briefly reappeared when the razor got to the edge of my butthole, but Sara knew what she was doing. She had to actually touch my butthole with her left hand as she shaved the inner cheeks there (well, I guess I don’t know if she HAD to touch me like that, but she DID). I was surprised that I found it erotic when she did so.

“Stand still for just a second more,” I heard Sara say from behind me. Then I heard her dip the washcloth into the bowl of water and wring it out before feeling her wipe the remaining shave cream from my taint and butthole and the bottom of my scrotum.

“Okay, now sit back down like when we started.”

I obeyed (of course) and she proceeded to clean the remainder of the shave cream off of me with the washcloth. She then set the washcloth in the bowl and said “Give me your right hand.”

She took my right hand and placed it palm-down on my freshly shaved scrotum. “Now doesn’t this feel so much more erotic than it did before?”

It did. It felt unlike anything I had felt before. It was like I was a brand new person. It was so much softer than I had expected, and seemed so much cleaner than even when I had gotten out of the shower just ten minutes earlier.

Sara took my left hand and placed it on my pubic area. “This too,” she said. There was a tiny bit of razor stubble, but it mostly felt smooth and sexy. Like her pubic area had felt Saturday night.

I was lying on the right side of the bed, my right leg extended down the edge. Sara began to climb onto the bed so that she was laying across the foot on her left side. As she did so, she said, “I have to hand it to you, you were much more well behaved than Sean was the first time I shaved him.”

She simultaneously propped herself up on her left elbow and grabbed my cock with her left hand.

“He was very nervous and fidgety. In a way it was cute. But if he’d acted that way while getting a regular haircut, the barber wouldn’t have given him a lollipop afterwards, if you know what I mean.”

She was slowly stroking my cock with her left hand while with her right hand she bent my left leg so that my thigh was at a right angle to my torso.

“He still got a reward, but it was only a hand job.”

She was now leaning her head towards my cock.

“But you deserve better than that after how well you behaved.”

She pushed my right hand off of my balls with her left hand and took my balls into her mouth.

That was the first time anyone had ever done that to me. I had received countless blowjobs before, but no one had ever simply taken my balls into her mouth. And as I looked at Sara doing so, our eyes still meeting, it occurred to me that no one in their right mind would want to take unshaven balls into their mouth. But these clean, freshly shaven yarbles seemed to open up a whole new world of possibilities.

As Sara gently ran her tongue around my balls, her right land stroked my left thigh from behind my knee to my taint, and her left hand resumed stroking my cock. It felt so good that I wanted to close my eyes, but I was so mesmerized looking onto Sara’s eyes that I couldn’t.

Then Sara slowly released by balls from her mouth, and I expected her to move forward and put my cock in her mouth. But instead her head started slowly moving downward, our eyes still locked. At the same time her right hand began pressing upward on my left thigh, pressing my knee slightly further towards the head of the bed. But it couldn’t go much further because I wasn’t as limber then as I am today.

Before I knew it, Sara was slowly licking her way down my taint and towards my butthole. I found this shockingly erotic and I started breathing deeply through my mouth. When her tongue got to the top of my butthole, I gasped slightly, and Sara quickly stopped. She raised her head slightly and said, smiling, “See? Unshaved people don’t get to know that particular pleasure.”

“That makes sense,” I replied.

“But we’ll save that for another time,” Sara said, as she moved her mouth to the base of my cock and started licking upward. She lifted my cock away from my stomach and placed it in her mouth as, again, our eyes met. Inside her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock and flicked my frenulum in a way that neither Rachel nor any other girl ever had.

At that point, Sara took her right hand and gently caressed my balls before moving it down her chest, over her right breast and down her stomach. I somehow knew this was her signal for me to break our gaze and watch her right hand

Her hand disappeared under the waistband of her pale blue panties. I could tell by how she spread her legs slightly as the hand moved further downward that she was inserting her middle finger into her pussy. And I could tell by the way that she bent her wrist when she removed her finger from her pussy that she was making sure to not let any pussy juice rub off on the cotton fabric.

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