Glory Hole Ch. 03


“Rick, what do you think?”

“You’re asking the wrong person for advice on relationships.”

I was surprised. In my experience bartenders and taxi drivers are always keen to have their say, even when they are not qualified to do so.

“Come on. All those years of listening to people telling you their sob stories.”

“Listening yes, but giving advice, no,” then he gave me a wry smile, before adding, “I’ve been married five times.”

He was now looking at me, waiting for a response. I was initially shocked, then I burst out laughing. Rick shook his head a few times, but he was smiling, then he left me to serve another customer.

I had been telling him about my girlfriend Charlotte. When we first met I wanted to see her every day, but six months later I was losing interest. The sex was still good, but no better than what I was getting at The Tavern. And we were fighting more often, even over trivial things. It was time for a change. I was twenty three, too young to settle down with one woman. I was going to leave her. My mind was made up, but I wanted Rick’s opinion, so I had asked him.

As soon as he was free again, he was back.

Leaning close to me, he said, “Dump the bitch.”

His face was serious, and he had said it firmly, then he spoilt it by laughing. It was my turn to shake my head.

I waited until he had finished, then I said, “What do you really think?”

“OK, but remember, this is from a man who has been married a few times,” then he gave me a brief smile before continuing with, “Charlotte seem really nice, and I like you Simon. But if it is not working, then there is no point in continuing.”

While I contemplated what he had just said, Rick got me another beer.

As he handed it to me, he said, “It’s on the house,” then he looked around, as if he was checking to see if anybody could overhear him, before adding, in a whisper, “But don’t tell the owner.”

I laughed at Rick’s joke, he was the owner. Ten minutes later I was in the back room, seeing which girls were free. I had the choice of two, Anne or Mary, and I picked Mary. I really wanted to see Anne, so that I could ask her out. However, it didn’t feel right doing that while I was still with Charlotte.

As I opened the door, I made myself a promise that the next time I was back at The Tavern, I would be single again.

“Hi Mary, it’s Simon.”

“Simon with the big…”

I cut her off with a quick, “Yes,” that made her giggle.

“It’s been ages, I thought I was never going to see you again. Don’t you love me anymore?”

As she giggled again, I said, “Of course I love you,” then I muttered under my breath, “But not as much as Jim does.”

A few seconds later the panels were opened, and Mary’s tits were in the holes. This was the first time I had seen them, because my only previous visit to her was before the top holes had been added.

“I bet they are not the biggest tits you have ever seen,” then she laughed.

No, but they were definitely the smallest, little more than two small bumps. However, her nipples were big, completely out of proportion to her small tits.

“I like your nipples.”

“And I like them being sucked.”

I am always eager to please a woman, so as a hand when to one nipple, my mouth went to the other. As I sucked long and hard she moaned. I was excited as well, my cock was trying its best to split my trousers. It would be better if it was out. As I continued servicing her nice nipples, I unzipped myself.

Mary must have heard what I was doing, because she said, “Is the beast out of its cage?”

I gave her a quick, “Yes,” then I got back to work, this time sucking on the other nipple. That made her gasp.

“Put it through the hole.”

I wasn’t ready for that yet, I wanted more time on her tits.


I raised my head, and sighed, I was going to give in.

“I want your cock, but you can still play with my tits.”

That surprised me, normally the women close the panels before I fuck them. Would it even be possible to enter her and have her tits at the same time? I was about to find out.

When I put my cock through the hole, she said, “Fuck, you are a big boy.”

It made me smile. It was what she had said last time, but it was still nice to hear it again. Then I waited for her to push herself against me.

“It’s not going to work. I need to step down so that you can fuck me, but if I do you can’t have my tits.”

She sounded disappointed.

However, before I could reply, she said, “I know what we can do though,” then she giggled.

I then felt her hand grasp my cock, and move it. When her hand stopped, the head of my cock was touching something that was sticky.

“This is what we are going to do.”

I didn’t reply. I could tell from the tone of her voice that she wanted to be in charge, and I was going to let her.

“You suck my tits, and I rub your cock against my clit. With a bit of luck we can both come together. Is that a good idea?”

I wasn’t sure that it Betturkey was, but why be negative?

Enthusiastically, I said, “Yes, it sounds like a plan.”

I then got back to work on her tits, and she started moving my cock along her slit, then up to her clit.

It took a while to get into a rhythm, but after that it felt surprisingly good. I was enjoying sucking each nipple in turn, and the feel of my cock against her cunt, even though I wasn’t getting inside her.

A few minutes later she started moving my cock faster, and as she did her moaning increased.

“Suck me harder,” then she gasped, before adding, “I am nearly there.”

I did, almost pulling her nipple off.

“Yes, do it again.”

As I kept on doing it, she gave an almighty groan that just kept on going. It only ended, a minute or so later, when she climaxed.

I was now wondering what was going to happen next. At the start of her orgasm she had removed her hand, and I was now left with a throbbing cock that wasn’t getting any attention. I was frustrated, even annoyed, then I smiled. She had now taken my cock into her mouth, and she was slowly bobbing her head.

I closed my eyes as she got to work on me. It felt good, very good. Just the right pressure, and just the right speed. After a couple of minutes my balls started to tighten, the sap was rising.

She was now taking less into her mouth, concentrating on the first three or four inches, and she was moving quicker. I was now close to coming, time to warn her.

“I’m nearly there.”

I thought she might speed up, but she didn’t. Instead she kept the same steady pace, stopping thirty seconds later, when I poured it into her mouth.

I was now back in the bar waiting for Rick to get me a beer, but it was more than ten minutes before I got served.

“Sorry about the wait. Who did you see?”

I wondered if I should make him guess, but I decided on the simpler option of just telling him.


He nodded his head, and I assumed it was because he approved of my choice. Then he said, “You always get good service from her.”

As I sipped my beer I thought about what Rick had said. He was right, I had now seen her twice, and both times had been good. She was now in her seventies, and still hungry for sex. Would I be as active when I was her age? Probably not.

The next day, after work, I met up with Charlotte at her favourite coffee shop. I was going to finish with her. It took me fifteen minutes to pluck up the courage, then I blurted it out.

“We should stop seeing each other.”

It wasn’t original, or subtle, but it was the best I could come up with. For a few seconds her face showed no emotion, then she burst out laughing. Did she think I was joking? Eventually she stopped.

“I was going to finish with you, but you beat me to it.”

Then she laughed again, and I joined in, but I didn’t find it as funny as she did. It was another hour before we left to go our separate ways. Had we made the right decision? Then I thought of Anne at The Tavern, and I smiled. All doubts had now gone.

When I got home my Mother and Sister were in the kitchen, they were laughing about something.

“What’s so funny?”

They looked at each other, then Mother said, “We were talking about tomorrow’s night out.”

Then my Sister added, “And what might happen.”

That sent the blood to my cock, but I tried to stay calm as I said, “What have you got planned?”

My Mother shook her head, before saying, “That would be telling,” then she giggled, and my Sister joined in.

I was now in my bedroom, and finding it difficult to sleep. I had a decision to make. Tomorrow was Wednesday, Mother’s day at The Tavern. However, I wanted to see Anne. I contemplated seeing both of them, but that would be too much, especially if my Sister was there as well. Eventually I made my mind up, Mother tomorrow, then Anne on Thursday. Good, I could now go to sleep.

I was just drifting off, when a sudden thought hit me. Mother tomorrow, but was I Simon her Son, or the other Simon? I groaned, why was life so difficult? However, this time it only took me a few seconds to decide. I was going to be the other Simon.

I woke with a smile, and I just knew that it would be a good day. By midday I was still smiling. I had just completed a rather tricky piece of work, and I was pleased with myself. I was in such a good mood that I didn’t flinch when I saw Jim coming towards my desk.

“Did you know that Jonah Adam Falcon has the largest penis on record, at thirteen and a half inches?”

Then he left before I could respond, leaving me confused. I think it was his idea of a joke. Shortly after, my boss Victoria was at my desk. For a split second I was tempted to tell her about Mr. Falcon, but I had the good sense to keep my mouth shut.

“When will you finish that work I gave you?”

I beamed at her, before saying, “Already done.”

She looked surprised, then pleased.

“I need to check it,” then she hesitated, before Betturkey Giriş adding, “We can go over it together.”

After getting coffee we went to her office. We then sat next to each other at the table, with the documents I had prepared, spread out in front of us. We finished the first paper in five minutes, with only one minor correction needed. She then reached for the second one, and I made the mistake of looking down, as she revealed a lot of leg. My cock started to grow, and despite my best efforts, it continued. It was now making its way down my right leg. It wasn’t too uncomfortable, but I was worried that she might notice it. I got away with it for a couple of minutes, then she stopped speaking mid-sentence. I closed my eyes waiting for her to scream, and for my career to disappear in a puff of smoke.

“As I was saying, this piece would be better moved to the end section.”

I opened my eyes, then I just about managed to speak.

“Yes, I agree.”

Thankfully, she was ignoring it, and given a bit more time, my cock would go limp. Then she moved closer so that our legs touched. It might have been accidental, but placing a hand on my leg, and then rubbing my cock with it, certainly wasn’t.

Keeping her eyes on the paper in front of her, she said, “Simon, what I like about you is that you do a good job,” then she paused, before continuing with, “And I know that I can always trust you to keep a secret.”

I nodded, not sure where this was going. Then she removed her hand, and I thought it was all over. But it wasn’t. Still staring at the desk, she took hold of my hand and placed it on her lap. When she opened her legs, it was obvious what she wanted.

My mouth was now dry, and I was frantically trying to decide what to do. Victoria was mid-forties, not unattractive, but she also wasn’t a beauty. Her best feature was probably her long legs, and she always wore short skirts to show them off. Despite my hesitation, deep down I knew I was never going to say no, so why wait? Now that my mind was made up, I was going to take it as far as I could.

When I started pulling her skirt up, she opened her legs wider. I stopped when I saw her knickers. They were tight against her, it was going to be difficult to get inside. However, I knew that if I got her worked up enough, she would take them off for me.

I then started exploring her, rubbing my fingers against the thin material.

“I think we need to get back to work.”

I stopped suddenly, thinking she had changed her mind. But her legs were still open. I then realised that she wanted us to continue going over the documents, while I played with her.

We finished the current paper in just under fifteen minutes, and for all that time I had my fingers on her cunt. I now had a mental picture of what it was like. How big her lips were, and where her clit was, and how it felt.

When we started the next document I tried to slip my hands into the top of her knickers.

She quickly shook her head, then said, “I need to do something.”

I pulled my hand away, and she got up and left. What was she doing? My best guess was taking her knickers off, but then I started thinking. By the time she got back I was expecting security to be with her, to escort me out of the building, but thankfully she was alone.

This time when I put my hand between her legs, there was nothing stopping me getting to the Promised Land. She gasped when I pushed the tips of two fingers into her, but then she continued speaking.

“It might be better leaving this piece out.”

I nodded, and I hoped that later on I would be able to remember all the points she was making. For now my concentration was on her cunt, and how to make it come. While she had been away I had taken the opportunity to adjust my cock. It was still inside my trousers but pointing up. Ideally it should be out, with her hand stroking it, but even I knew that was too risky. This time was all about her needs. If I did a good job then surely there would be a next time, and then it would be my turn.

We were now reviewing the last paper, so it was time to finish her off. I started focusing solely on her clit, and it responded to my touch. After two minutes of attention it was nicely swollen, and she was finding it difficult to speak.

“This part…”

Then she stopped, and a low moan escaped from her lips.

“Is better moved to…”

This time it was a louder moan, and I hoped that nobody was near the door, because they might have heard it. I then moved my fingers quicker, and she dropped the paper from her hand.

She was now leaning back in the chair, eyes closed, with a look of pure pleasure on her face. My fingers were now moving so fast they were almost a blur. A minute later she climaxed. Her body went rigid, and her head was shaking from side to side. If anybody had come into the office during her climax, we would have got away with it. I would have told them she was having a fit, and they would have believed me.

It didn’t take her long to recover, and when she did she got back to work as if nothing had happened.

“This part is better moved to the middle, just after point three.”

It then didn’t take us long to finish. Anybody seeing us leave together, would have been none the wiser.

It took me forty minutes to make the changes. I had just finished when Victoria came to my desk. When I handed it over to her she smiled, then said, “Nice work.”

I wasn’t sure if she was referring to the documents, or to what I had done to her with my fingers. I hoped it was both. As she left I wondered what would happen next time. I didn’t know, but what I did know was that there would be a next time.

I was one of the first to leave work. Victoria had got me excited, without any relief, so I was more than eager to get to The Tavern. Mother, and hopefully my Sister, would be there waiting for me.

When I got there I didn’t bother ordering, instead I went straight to the Glory Holes. Lizzy was free, and I quickly entered her room. I don’t know who was more shocked, me or Jim. The stupid fucker had forgotten to lock the door.

As we looked at each other, Mother said, “What’s going on in there?”

Jim mumbled something about there being a mix-up, it had been difficult to hear exactly what he had said, so I spoke.

“Sorry, we have ended up with two of us in the room,” then staring at him, I said, “Somebody forgot to lock the door.”

We then heard giggling, and it was from two people, so my Sister was there as well.

“You had better lock it before anybody else comes in. Two is OK, but three would be a bit weird,” then she laughed.

I thought she was joking, but when she said, “Hurry up and lock it,” I knew she was serious.

I looked at Jim, then he smiled. So he was up for it, but I wasn’t sure I was. He then went over to the door and did what Mother had asked. I shrugged my shoulders. It was certainly going to be an experience, but it might not be a good one.

“Now can we get started,” then she giggled before saying, “But first tell me your names.”


“Have we seen you before?”


“Good, then you are in for a treat.”

“I am Simon, and you know me”

There was then some more giggling, before Mother asked, “Which Simon?”

I was both, but I kept up the pretence by saying, “What do you mean?”

“What’s the password?”

“I have no idea.”

There was silence for a few seconds, probably because of the disappointment that I wasn’t their Son and Brother. Of course I was, but they now thought I was the other Simon.

When the panels were opened, I noticed Jim looking hungrily at the tits that were now on display. I gestured for him to pick, and he chose Mother. I watched him for a few seconds, as he sucked deeply on her, then I shook my head. I wasn’t sure that this was going to work, but I was going to make an effort.

My head was now buried into my Sister, and I was taking long hard sucks on her nice nipple. A minute later I had almost forgotten about Jim, then he tapped me on the shoulder. We quickly switched over. Mother had covered her birthmark with a Band-Aid, in case her Son visited her. I shook my head, it was getting complicated. I then put it out of my mind as I worshipped her nipple. By the time we switched again, I had done everything to it that I could think of, except biting it.

Then I heard whispering, before Mother spoke.

“We have two nice juicy pussys, does anybody want to play with them?”

My Sister quickly added, “And I am twenty years old, so mine is very tight.”

That got a, “Yes,” from Jim. He even put his hand up, that made me smile.

When the panels were closed, I looked at Jim. I guess he was thinking the same as me, it was time to get our cocks out. I was undressed first, but he wasn’t far behind. Then we looked at each other, comparing cocks. We even gave ourselves a few strokes, so that we would look our best.

I was the winner at ten inches, but Jim’s was nothing to be ashamed of. He was about seven inches long, and about the same thickness as mine. I got a polite nod from him, to acknowledge that I had the bigger one.

“Have you two finished flashing your cocks at each other? We can’t wait all day.”

Then my Sister joined in with, “I am desperate to be fucked.”

But which one was I going to get, and who was going first? Jim took the initiative. His cock was now through the hole.

“That’s a nice one, a good size for fucking.”

I almost laughed, because Jim was nodding to himself, agreeing with what my Mother had just said.

Then my Sister chipped in with, “Do you want him, or are you going to have Simon, your Son?”

Jim had turned his head, and he was now looking at me wide-eyed.

“I’m not her Son, but she likes to pretend that I am, because her Son is also called Simon.”

He looked relieved, and I felt a bit guilty. I have been fucking my Mother and Sister for so long, that I now regard it as normal, but Jim’s reaction made it clear that actually it wasn’t.

Then Chloe joined in, “And I pretend to be his Sister.”

Jim was about to speak, but he stopped. Instead he groaned. It had started, but which one was he fucking?

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