Going (On My) Back to School


“I think that’s the last of them,” Cheryl said as she followed her daughter into her cramped dorm room. She was glad she still stayed in shape after all these years. She pitied how her husband Doug couldn’t be here to see their daughter off to college, but he wouldn’t have been much help anyway due to his bad knee and an even worse back from years of heavy lifting in an auto shop. Even between the two of them, the dozen boxes of books, clothes, and a new computer had filled up her SUV and crowed up this small room. Luckily her roommate seems to have already arrived and put all of their own stuff away, but left the walk area open enough to not be in the way.

“Thanks Mom,” Danielle grinned and hopped, over excited to finally be moving into her new place. They then spent about half-an hour unboxing her stuff when there was a knock at the door.

“Hello?” said a handsome young man that had to be a freshman student like her daughter. He was just a little taller than either of them, but had a slight build, like that of a runner. “Are you the family of Daniel?” He asked honestly as he looked at the two ladies through his slightly darkened glasses that were lightening by the moment as he’d just come in from the bright sun outside.

“What?” Danielle shrieked.

“Just calm down dear,” Cheryl said and addressed the young man. “There must be some mistake. My daughter Danielle was assigned this room.”

“Um…” he just stared blankly at the beautiful ladies in his room, unsure of what to say next.

“I got orientation in an hour!” Danielle was fit to be tied. “I’m going to go check with Residential Services!” And she was off in a flash. This left the Cheryl and the mystery boy alone, unsure of what to do next.

“I’m Cheryl, Danielle’s mother,” she decided to introduce herself to the young man and held out her hand.

“Mike,” he said nervously, but gave her a firm handshake anyway. “Michael really, but everyone calls me Mike.”

“Well Mike, sorry to be a bother on you,” Cheryl said sincerely.

“Oh, no problem,” he waved his hands in front of him. “I just was getting back from my orientation and saw my door open. Figured I’d meet my roommate.” Then he paused for a second, “Didn’t expect to get a pair of beautiful girls though,” he said with a funny grin.

Cheryl laughed and actually blushed at the compliment. She hadn’t dressed for beauty today, unlike her daughter who was expecting to make a lot of first impressions, especially on boys. Danielle was wearing a white low cut top that showed off her medium sized breasts and a very short bright red skirt to show off her legs. It was a warm day, so that’d been fine with Cheryl, as she know what it was like to be her age. She on the other hand was just wearing a loose purple tee shirt and some comfortable jean shorts. She admitted to herself that she still looked good for just hitting forty, but figured the boy’s words were mostly directed at her attractive daughter.

“You’re sweet,” she smiled at Mike, and then turned to the boxes. “Well, I guess I better start repacking everything.”

“Do…” Mike started, but stopped to consider his words. “Would you like any help?”

Cheryl was tired from having driven the last two days to get here, and from unpacking a lot of it already. “Sure Mike,” she said. “I don’t have any packing tape, but I guess Danielle won’t be moving far. Let’s just get everything back in some boxes and see where we go from there.” After that Cheryl repacked the clothes she’d just unpacked, while Mike reboxed the computer and the blankets from the bed. Packing is always easier than unpacking, so even though forty-five minutes after they started they were almost done when Cheryl’s cell rang.

She looked at it and saw it was her daughter and answered, “Heya sweetie.”

“It’s a crazy house here. I’m still waiting in line, but am going to have to ditch for orientation and try back after,” her daughter said with exasperation.

“Don’t worry about it honey,” Cheryl consoled her, “I’ll go get in line after I take care of these boxes. matadorbet How long is your orientation?”

“The paperwork says two hours with a campus tour, but I could…”

“No, you go. I got it,” Cheryl smiled.

“You’re the best Mom ever!” cheered her daughter who then hung up.

Cheryl sighed and pocketed her phone and turned to Mike, “Well, looks like I get to take these all back to the car.”

Mike thought for a second and said, “Well, since I won’t have a roommate, you can leave them here. I promise. I won’t touch them.”

Cheryl smiled, “Well then I guess I getter go get in line at Residential Services…”

“Sounds like it is really busy,” Mike said, “If you want… you could just take a break here.”

Cheryl smiled wickedly, “You sly boy. I bet you just want to see Danielle again.”

“What?” Mike’s eyes went wide, “No I just…” He squirmed under Cheryl’s motherly gaze, “I was just being friendly,” he almost whispered shyly, refusing to look her in the eye.

Cheryl let up her glare, “You don’t talk to girls much do you?” He didn’t need to answer; she could see he was the shy geeky or nerdy type. “Well you’re an adult now, and college is a great time to reinvent yourself.” Cheryl sat on his bed and patted the spot next to her, “Here, have a seat.” He hesitantly followed and sat next to her.

“Look me in the eyes,” she directed and he did as she said. He actually has beautiful blue eyes under those glasses she thought. “Now talking to girls is easy,” she explained, “Just look her in the eyes, tell a girl she’s pretty, and say what you like about her.”

“Okay,” Mike said meekly.

“Well…” Cheryl said like she was trying to pull his teeth out.

“Oh, um…” the young man blinked, “You’re really pretty.” He tried, but was falling flat on his face.

“Put it in your own words and mean it,” Cheryl explained. Be honest and open, but put your heart into it.”

He looked her over and thought for a second then started again, “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever meet.” Cheryl nodded, and he continued. “You’re long blonde hair shimmers in the sun, and your lips… I just want to kiss them.”

Cheryl had expected this to just be a nice gesture to help a shy boy who’d been nice and helped her out, but now she felt her insides moisten at the sweet talk. Her mind flickered back to when her husband used to talk to her this way long ago, and she hadn’t realized how much she’d missed it.

“And your skin looks so smooth and soft,” Mike continued, “I’d love to run my hands all over your neck and face just to feel it.” He moved a bit closer to her, “And your eyes…” Cheryl reclined her head as she moved closer to him, “They way the sun glitters off them makes it look like they are stars.” Then she kissed him.

She didn’t mean to do it. She still loved her husband, but he’d become so distant over the last few years, always working and tired or sore. Even when they did make love it wasn’t the adventure it has once been, but more of a well worn rut. The spontaneity of the moment with an eager young man telling her what she wanted to hear was exciting. Cheryl had asked for this, just never realized she had wanted it so much.

His lips melted with hers and opened to her tongue which darted in to duel with his. He took it in stride until her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him down on top of her as she pulled him down onto his bed, then they both lost any inhibitions. Their mouths tasted and devoured each other, and when they paused for breath, his lips kissed his way along her cheek to her ear and then down her neck. That alone sent shivers down her spine that she hadn’t known in a decade.

Then she gasped as his hands grabbed and mauled at her breasts. His hands roughly palmed each mound through her shirt and bra and squeezed. She hadn’t realized it, but her nipples were hard and rubbing against her bra now, turning her on even more. “Oh!” she moaned and pulled on her shirt and pulled it up. He released her breasts to give her room as she matadorbet giriş quickly pulled it over her head and tossed it away, leaving her only wearing her bright pink bra on her upper half.

Mike went back to her breasts and kissed the pointy numbs poking at her bra when she smiled and pulled off his glasses and set them on the desk nearby while he kissed down her belly. Then she grabbed at her jeans and tore them open and started to peel them off. Mike grabbed the waistband and pulled them off together with her panties and suddenly she could smell how wet she’d gotten.

When her bundle of clothes was at her feet she kicked them off and pushed Mike back sat up to kiss him before quickly pulling up his own shirt. His torso was not well muscled, but he was thin and didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. Some people would call him scrawny, but she saw him as lithe. He was pulling his shirt over his head as she pulled on his shorts and underwear and pulled them right down to his ankles.

Amazingly he wasn’t fully hard yet, probably because he was nervous and all this was happening so fast. She grabbed his fuzzy ball sack and instinctually swallowed his cock into her mouth. He groaned and in only seconds of sucking on his sweaty and pungent tool it grew hard as a rock and actually impressive in size from what she was expecting.

Cheryl didn’t suck on it much longer than that as he was kind of nasty tasting from sweating on a hot sunny day, but mostly because she didn’t want him cuming too soon. She had instigated this, even if it wasn’t her original intent, but now she wanted him to fuck her like boys used to when she was his age. In almost twenty years she’d only had one lover, and one night stands and raw fucking had been long forgotten.

More than once when she was in college she’d hooked up with a guy, sometimes at parties or bars, sometimes without ever knowing the guys name. She’d had sex in back seats of cars, bathroom stalls in the girls and guys restrooms, empty classrooms, under the bleachers at a football game, and back isle of movie theaters. She’d even had two threesomes, once with two guys and once with another couple. Some of those guys she’d been infatuated or even in love with, but often it was just animal lust. She still loved her husband, but with his aging body their lovemaking had become both less frequent and less physical, as well as less often.

She released Mike’s long thick cock from her mouth and stroked it, feeling it hot and wet with her saliva, as she whispered, “I want you to fuck me,” as she leaned back onto his bed again. She spread her legs open, showing off her untrimmed dirty blonde pussy to the boy half her age and he didn’t fail to move into position. He squatted down and poked his pole at her cunt lips and pushed his bulbous circumcised cockhead into her.

“Oh yea,” Cheryl moaned as he easily sank all the way in to her sopping wet vagina. She was really wet, so she was worried at first that she wouldn’t feel him enough to get off before he blew his load, but when he bottomed out she felt like his cockhead was prying open her cervix as his pelvic bone ground into her clit. “Oh fuck!”

It’d been a long time since she had someone this young, and he grabbed her hips and just started banging her hard and fast. She loved it and was glad she’d kept her bra on since it would have actually been painful to have her breasts bounce around so hard without it. There is something utterly sexy about just being used by a man, knowing all his pleasure is coming from you, and making your insides sore from his lust, but she wanted to cum and knew he’s burst to quickly if she let him keep going for too long.

“Kiss me,” she begged.

Mike stopped banging and leaned down while he was fully impaled inside her. She leaned up and wrapped one arm over his shoulder and their lips met once again, and it was lightning. She churned her hips and he did the same, and suddenly the spark was lit. She broke the kiss and leaned her head into his chest and bit her lower lip with a groan as her pussy gripped her young stud’s shaft harder and harder. He went back to bucking as best he could with her clutching around his neck and that was hitting her trigger spot perfectly.

Seconds later she groaned as her body spasmed with her eyes locking shut as the fire of her orgasm consumed her. Her world exploded just seconds before her lover. She knew he wouldn’t last long, but it had been long enough.

“Ahhhh!” Mike rasped as his semen squirted out, injecting straight into her womb with him poking her deep, right into her uterus. Together they gasped as his fluids poured out of him into her, spurt after spurt, filling her up with his hot baby makers, and her womanhood consumed them all. Cheryl thought for just a moment, worried that she might get pregnant, but dismissed it as she figured she was probably too old for that anymore anyway.

She released his neck and collapsed back on the bed exhausted, but he just stayed embedded in her, relishing his pleasure and squeezing out every last drop into her sticky cavern that he could. When at last his manhood started to shrink out of her she watched amused as he finally opened his eyes and cautiously extracted his withering penis from her as if he’d broken it.

“Was that your first time?” Cheryl asked with a smile at the cute shy boy she figured she’s just turned into a man.

“Um… Yea,” he said as if it was a problem. “Was I no good?” he asked worriedly.

Cheryl almost laughed, but didn’t want to hurt his feelings. “You did just fine,” she assured. “I figured a young stud like you was going to cum pretty quick, so I kind of hurried it, but you got me to cum so you did just fine.”

“Oh, uh… Good,” Mike responded, not sure if that was a compliment or criticism.

“Just make sure that next time you want to take your time when you get in there and make sure your satisfying your partner’s need before you think about your own,” Cheryl offered as advise.

“Next time?” he asked with a smile as he sat down next to her and slid one hand up under her bra that she was still wearing to feel her raw breast and still hard pointed nipple.

She reflexively moaned and laughed at his boldness, “Tell you what. I have to go stand in line now at Residential Services to get Danielle a room change, but if you help us move her into her new room there might be time for a second round before I head back home.” Cheryl then hated to do it, but pushed his hand away and began getting dressed.

“Deal,” Mike said happily and then got back into his own clothes. Cheryl left and then spent another half hour standing in line, explaining the problem, and getting a new room for her daughter. Luckily it was just down the hall from her original room. When she got back Mike was there, sitting on his bed talking with Danielle who’d gotten back from orientation early, but luckily not too early to realize anything had happened.

“Good news,” Cheryl announced. “You are in 204, just down the hall. Mike, want to help Danielle and I move these boxes?” she asked pleasantly.

“Sure thing!” he perked right up and grabbed the biggest one.

Then they each made a few trips and soon Danielle was unpacking again and happy as ever. “Thanks for the help Mike!” she cheered and kissed him on the cheek. “See you in Calculus.”

“Oh, you already know you share a class?” Cheryl asked.

“Yea,” Mike said with a smile. “I’m a math major so I offered to help tutor Danielle.”

“Great,” Cheryl said happily then leaned into Mike and said, “But I think we worked you pretty hard. Why don’t you go take a shower?” Then she pulled away and lifted up her own arm, “Or maybe that’s me? Danielle dear, can I borrow one of your towels so I could take a quick rinse off before I get back on the road?”

“Oh, sure thing Mom,” her daughter said and immediately produced a yellow towel from a box and handed it to her mother.

“Thank you dear,” she turned and gestured Mike out the door with her. Together they walked a few steps back toward his room and the bathrooms.

Mike expected her to walk into the lady’s room, but she went right past it and pushed open the men’s room door. He was about to say something, but she cut him off. “Coming?” Mike grinned and followed her in.

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