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It had been a long day and I was glad it was finally over. I didn’t realize how good our sales were but I could tell that we did better than any other vendor that day. Our sales automatically go to the home office in New York as we put them in the computer. I was putting things away in my brief case when the boss call and congratulated me on the best day the company had ever had. He told me because of all the hard work I had put into this the last 3 months with no time off he was putting me up for 7 days in the Wynn Tower that we were in. A luxury suite on the 49th floor. All expenses paid. That made my day.

I headed to the restaurant in the hotel and got a table for one. I hadn’t had any type of personal life for the last 3 months and definitely no female companionship. I was super horny and hoping I could hook up in the next week while in Vegas.

As I was walking to my table I happened to notice this knockout chick about my age wearing a black cocktail dress in high heels. Her legs were crossed and the dress rode up high on her thigh. She was wearing a matching necklace and earrings and I thought she looked very familiar but I didn’t know anybody from Vegas. It just so happened my table was right next to her. She was talking on her cell phone and I couldn’t help overhearing her saying that she got to Vegas fine and was getting ready to eat dinner. I sat at my table and looked at her and she hung up the phone and looked at me and smiled and instantly we recognized each other. We both stood up and hugged each other and said what are you doing here? I asked her to join me at my table after I found out you were by yourself.

I ordered us both a drink and we ordered our dinner and started talking about old times. Man I couldn’t get over how sexy you were. I kept telling myself it was just like high school. I remember sitting next to you in class and looking at your legs and ass and daydreaming what if. I never told you what I thought in school because I didn’t want you to think I was a total freak. My mind kept going to how I would love to invite you up to my sweet and get naked together and enjoy each other, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment as we hadn’t seen each other in over 30 years. Before I knew it we both had 6 empty drink glasses in front of us and I was feeling no pain and you had your hand on my arm and was rubbing it. So I asked if you knew what I thought about you in school? You said no, but would like to hear what I thought. So I just told you how I thought you were the most sexy girl in school and you always looked so hot in your short dresses and high heels. Told you how I would fantasize about you at night in bed when I pleasure myself thinking about you.

All of a sudden you got up and excused yourself and I thought I had really went to far and blown any chance of you coming up for a night cap and maybe more. I was sitting there sipping my drink bummed out when you came back to the table and put something in my hand. I gave you a funny look and you smiled and said just put it in my suit pocket.

I asked if you would like to come up and see my sweet and have a couple more drinks. You said I thought you’d e never ask. Called the waiter over and had the bill put on my room. I reached for your hand and we walked to the elevator. You weren’t too sure on your feet so I put my arm around you and got you to the elevator. We got on and were the only two on the elevator when you turned to me and looked up and me and we kissed. I felt your hand go to my cock that was all of a sudden growing hard. So I reached down and grabbed your ass and we kissed harder. You said pull my dress up so I did and you had no panties on. I grinned and said is that what you gave me? You said yes that I had really turned you on talking about high school and beating off thinking about you at night. That was very flattering you said. I grabbed both your bare ass cheeks and squeezed them and started french kissing you. I let my fingers escort service wander and I found your little rosebud and started to stick a finger in and you jumped and said that you really weren’t into ass play. I pulled my hands away and said I was sorry. I must have had a disappointed look or tone in my voice when I said it. You said we’ll talk about it when we get to the room.

I said OK. Then you asked me what I was doing in Vegas because I never said. I said I was so happy to see her that I forgot about me. I then kind of sheepishly said well, I am head of the sales force for a huge adult toy company and that I made a very healthy 6 figure income. I said I really couldn’t complain because of the money. You laughed and said its cool that you had toys you used too. I laughed too saying it was a huge business.

We got to your floor and went to my suite. We got in the room and I took the panties out of my pocket and they were these little lace things that didn’t leave much to the imagination. I put them up to my nose and smelled them and they smelt wonderful. I told you your pussy smells divine. You got a little embarrassed and thanked me. I said I had been in these clothes all day and really needed a shower. I showed you the liquor cabinet and said make yourself at home and went into the bathroom. I got undressed and stepped into the glass shower and was soaping myself up when you walked in and asked if you could join me. I said of course and you started undressing. You pulled the cocktail dress off of your shoulders and slid it down and bent over in front of me displaying that beautiful ass and then reached down and took your high heels off. Then you turned around revealing a very neatly trimmed pussy then and took off your lace bra, slowly letting it fall down and reveal your beautiful tits. You had silver dollar size brown areolas and hard nipples that stood at attention.

You looked at my cock standing straight out and laughed and asked if I saw something I liked. I just said hell yes, everything. You stepped in the shower and grabbed my cock and said I do too and got on your knees and took my cock in your mouth and started licking the head and working your way down the shaft. I shuddered and told you that I hadn’t had sex for over 3 months so I probably wouldn’t last long if you keep that up. You pulled back and said we have all night don’t we? I said I have 7 days. You said you did too and deep-throated my cock and started rubbing my balls so I just laid back and let you do what you were doing. I started to feel the cum build up and told you I was about to cum which just sent you into overdrive sucking hard and rubbing my balls until I couldn’t take it and just started cumming in your mouth as you sucked it all down and swallowed it. You sucked a couple more times and then got up and kissed me on the mouth and told me how good I tasted and that you also hadn’t had sex for over 7 months when you lost your husband. I told you it was my turn and put you up against the wall and leaned down and started licking your pussy.

Your lips were clean shaven and you had the sweetest taste. I took two up my fingers and worked them into your wet pussy. You shuddered a little and groaned in pleasure. I started sucking on your clit and fingering you pussy. You grabbed my head and pushed it into your pussy and moaned how good it felt. Your legs were trembling a little so I sucked harder on your clit. Your pussy was dripping wet and it wasn’t shower water. I took my fingers out of your pussy and rubbed the juice on your asshole. You didn’t jump or react so I tried my luck and slipped one finger in your ass. You just moaned and said that feels nice. So I just continued to suck on your clit and finger your ass until you started cumming. Your legs were like rubber and you had a hard time staying up as I continued to suck and finger you. You finally just slid down the wall and looked at me and said I really needed that. It has been too long. We got washed off and then got out and dried off. london escorts I couldn’t quit looking at your ass. I had to have it but I didn’t want to scare you off. I knew if you liked the finger in your ass we could work our way to having my cock in there.

We went out and laid on the bed and just started talking about what we liked in our sex lives. You told me you had tried anal once but it was a bad experience. You asked what I like about it so much. I told you that it was so intense, it was tighter and hotter and I loved to watch my cock go in and out of a tight asshole. Guys are more visual and to see your partner bend over and submit herself to you is the biggest turn on. To me it means that she trusts you implicitly not to hurt her.

As we were laying there talking about anal I was playing with your tits because not only am I an ass man I love tits with big areolas and yours were perfect. My cock started getting hard again and you started rubbing it. It had been about an hour since the shower and I asked you if you were ready for round two. You said hell yes. I asked you to get on your hands and knees on the bed. You looked kind of worried and I said I’m not going to stick my cock in your ass unless you tell me I can. So You got on all fours and looked back at me as I was admiring that beautiful round ass and tight little rosebud. You wiggled your ass and asked if I like what I was looking at. I grinned and said you don’t know how much I like what I’m looking at. I climbed up on the bed and leaned down and started licking your asshole. You kind of jumped and then just kind of relaxed and let me lick your ass, I started fingering your pussy as I licked your ass and then I started tongue fucking your tight little asshole and you just moaned and said Holy shit that feels good. I’ve never had that done to me before. I stopped and said I hope before the night is over we will have you experiencing something else that you’ve never enjoyed either.

You let me eat your ass and finger your pussy for quite awhile and then asked if you could suck my cock again. So I laid down and told you to put your ass and pussy up by my head and suck it that way. I stopped and said you want to try something a little bigger than my finger in your ass? You said if your gentle. I told her to go over to the box on the floor that was full of toys that I hadn’t sold and there was some vibrating butt plugs and lube. I told you to pick the size you wanted to try as there were several. You brought 3 different ones and kept the smallest and then compared the one that was about the same size as my cock. You grinned and said be gentle and we will get that hard cock in my tight asshole…

You handed me the lube and plugs and started sucking my cock. I took the lube and put some on your tight asshole and the small plug. I turned it on and stuck it up to your asshole and told you to push back when you feel ready. You said the vibrating felt nice on your asshole and pushed back a little and with the lube it went in real easy. You kind of jumped and I asked if you were OK and you laughed and said yes you just weren’t expecting it to fit so easily. You started working your ass back and forth on it as you sucked my cock. I was mesmerized by that vibrator going in and out of your ass. I felt your pussy and it was sopping wet so I knew you liked it. You sucked deeper every time that vibrator went deeper in your ass. I was getting to close to cumming and I really wanted to fuck your pussy so I told you to climb on my cock and you didn’t hesitate but climbed on in reverse cowgirl and just drove my cock into your hot wet cunt and started fucking.

You and I both were grunting and making noises because it felt so fucking good. I pulled the little plug out and lubed up the big one and didn’t tell you but just stuck it up to your asshole and let you start working it in. You didn’t stop but asked me it that was the big one and I said yes and you just thrust back and it went in all the way and you just yelled london escort Oh that fucking feels good. Fuck me fuck me hard. I grabbed your hips and started pounding into your cunt. Damn, I never thought I would be doing this with you ever let alone tonight I said. I told you to roll over and spread your legs because I wanted to watch your face as I fucked you. The butt plug stayed in as you rolled over and grabbed your legs and spread your pussy wide open. I put my hard cock up to your pussy lips and just drove it into you. We fucked like animals for what seemed forever Until I said I had to cum again and you said you did too. I asked where you wanted me to cum and you said you didn’t care.

I said can I come in your mouth again and your shook your head yes as you started to cum, yelling oh god I love that hard cock, fuck me, oh fuck me…and you started convulsing and your eyes rolled back as your pinched your nipples and I couldn’t take it any more and pulled out and slid up to your face and stuck . my cock in your mouth and blew another huge load down your throat. We both just collapsed on the bed. I looked at you and asked if you liked that. You grinned and said hell yes. You pulled the plug out of your ass and looked at me and said the next go round I let you fuck my ass with your cock. I gave you a kiss and we both fell asleep.

It was several hours later when I woke up and you were laying on your stomach with your legs spread and your beautiful ass just there for the taking. I reached over and started to rub your ass cheeks. You turned and looked at me and said I wondered how long you were going to sleep. I laughed and told you that you had drained me but I thought I could do it one more time if your ass was still available. You looked me in the eyes and said that you don’t make statements like that if you didn’t mean it. You said you really wanted me to fuck your ass because you knew I was not going to hurt you and make it feel great.

I got up and started eating your ass again and your shivered and said fuck I like that. You can do that anytime. I licked and tongue fucked that tight little asshole for about 10 minutes and just listened to you moan in pleasure. I asked are you ready for this? And you said I can’t wait. I told you to get on you hands and knees and got up behind you and lubed your ass and my hard cock up. I put it up to your sexy asshole and gave a little push and the head slid in and you jumped and groaned. I asked if it was hurting you and you said no it just felt bigger than you thought it would. I said I’ll go slow. You put your head down and said go ahead and stick it in. I slowly slid my cock in to my balls as you your panted and were breathing heavy. I stopped and just kept my cock buried in that hot ass. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to fuck your ass that I had fantasized about so muck. You said OK, now go slow. So I pulled back a little and then went back in. A little further each time. You were moaning but in a good way. I told you to rub your clit as I fucked your ass.

I kept going a little faster until I was fucking it like your cunt. My balls slapping against your pussy lips and I could feel your rubbing my balls. Pretty soon you were telling me to fuck you harder and I started slamming into you knocking you forward and making your tits swing. We were really fucking like animals again and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer so I told you and your started rubbing your clit harder as I slammed my cock into that tight ass. I could feel my cock grow larger as it started to fill with cum. I yelled that I was going to fill your ass with my hot cum and your threw your head back and yelled you were cumming. I reached down and grabbed your hair and pounded into your ass as hard as I could until I started cumming. Your hot tight ass gripping my cock milking the cum out of me as we both collapsed on the bed. My hard cock still in your tight ass as we laid there. I whispered in your ear that was the best fuck ever. You looked at me and thanked me for opening your eyes to the pleasure of butt fucking.

I said we have all week maybe we should make sure we have it down right. You said I would love too as my cock softened up and slid out of your ass and we fell asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32