Hypnotic Ch. 10

Hypnotic Ch. 10

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“Holy shit.” I stared at Brad. “What the hell are you talking about? I was here all night.”

“You cannot really be that stupid can you? Or maybe you think I’m stupid, that I don’t know, but I do.” Spit flew from his lips. “They told me what the Snake did, how he’s turned you into one of him, how they figured out how to change humans to weak imitations of themselves. They’re going to take away our humanity and force us to join their clans as slaves.”

My mouth dropped wide open as I watched him waving a gun around, his pupils huge as he raved. That did sound stupid; I couldn’t believe he fell for a story that moronic.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Brad. Who told you that?”

“Them.” Brad waved the gun side to side, and I flinched. His finger was on the trigger; I didn’t know much about guns, but I knew that was a bad idea. Even worse, when I opened my mouth and took a deep breath in, I knew exactly what he meant. I turned my head slowly to look behind me.

There were two Carthera flanking me, standing between me and the door. One was some sort of animal I didn’t recognize. He had dark hair with silver stripes and his black eyes and claws seemed to shine as he sneered at me. The other one was a Falcon.

“You!” I stared at the Falcon; he’d been one of the two guards standing outside Velaku’s door. I clenched my hands in fists as I glared at him; my teeth ached to remove the smirking grin from his face. Dav had been right. “Traitors!”


I hissed at him, and he laughed.

“They’re going to put a stop to this plot!”

I turned back to look at Brad. I wanted nothing more than to put a wall to my back; my skin was crawling not knowing what the two Carthera behind me were doing but I couldn’t risk moving again, not with that shaking gun pointed in my direction.

“Brad, there is no plot to turn humans into Carthera. Dav didn’t do this to me, there’s something in my blood that has turned our mating bond into something more. It’s not something he did; it’s me. There is a plot to enslave the humans though, but your so called allies are the ones behind it. Mishtar believed that humans were worthless and Carthera should be in charge.”

I talked fast, trying to convince Brad that he was on the wrong side. His head was shaking from side to side but the tip of the gun had drooped a little. Instead of pointing at my chest it was now aimed for my groin. I resisted the urge to cover my dick with my hands.

“Velaku is trying to stop them. I killed Mishtar and since he was paying off these two, they’re mad that they’re not going to get paid. They’re just after revenge, and you’re the one giving it to them.”

Brad’s brow was wrinkled.

“But . . . you’ve been going to the doctor, that bird one. He did this to you.”

I shook my head and talked fast. “No. How long have you worked for Dav, Brad? How long have you known Benny and his brother? How can you even begin to think they would do the things you’re accusing them of?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off the gun. “You have to believe me, Brad, you have to–“

“He doesn’t have to do anything.” The strange Carthera snarled at me. “The stupid human has already done exactly what we needed him to do. He told us where the safe room was and got us in here. We were going to set a little trap for both you, but this is much better. With you as bait your mate will be distracted and easy to pick off, and we can watch him finally die.”

Brad’s arm dropped and he gaped at the males behind me. He started shaking and his eyes flicked back to me. I could see the shock register in his eyes as the realization of just how wrong he had been finally dawned on him. He stood frozen.

“I won’t let you use me. Dav is a cold blooded killer; the only thing you’re going to do is die.”

Feathers rustled as the Falcon suddenly grabbed me. His talons dug into my arm and my neck; the pain was instant and sharp. I felt like I was being stabbed and it made me think of Mishtar’s attack. I gasped but didn’t move, afraid that the talons at my neck would puncture something vital. I knew that Dav had to feel my fear and anger through the bond and would know that something had gone wrong; I just had to stay alive until he could change the plan.

I hadn’t expected to be confronted in Dav’s room; I’d thought we’d have more time.

“You won’t have any choice; your bond will do all the work for us.” The metallic scent of blood filled my mouth as his talons dug in just a little deeper. “Your pain will call your mate and distract him.”

The black and silver haired Carthera walked toward Brad. “We don’t need this one now, do we? I’m feeling a little,” he licked his lips, “snacky. The little blond from a few days ago isn’t fresh anymore.”

“Matthew,” I whispered in shock. I couldn’t believe he spoke so casually of eating my best friend. It was beyond animalistic, it was madness.

“Was that his name?” The Carthera shot me a glance, a smirk curving his lips. “Was he someone you knew? He was very İstanbul Escort tasty.”

I felt fury flood me, drowning the fear as the male snickered. Brad made a choking sound and took a step back as he raised the gun back up and aimed it at the still advancing male.

I couldn’t let this happen, even if Brad did betray us. I couldn’t bring Matthew back, but I could make sure his killers died. “Shoot him!” I shouted.

The Carthera laughed. “Like we gave him a gun with actual bullets in it.” He stared at Brad who was futilely pulling the trigger, the gun clicking harmlessly. The Carthera’s body curved forward as he stalked the human with his thick black claws out and ready.

“I wasn’t talking to him, you stupid fucker!” I was staring at a bright red dot on the Carthera’s forehead.

He began to turn toward me but it didn’t matter; he wasn’t fast enough. The glass of the big front window shattered as the bullet sped through it and struck him in the back of the head. It snapped forward and then back as blood and brain matter exploded everywhere. His body collapsed, landing on the floor with a thud. A pool of blood and gray matter spread out along the hardwood as we all stared in shock.

Brad screamed, and I began to vomit. I could not only smell the gory explosion, I could taste it, and my reaction was instant. That distracted the Falcon holding me just long enough to weaken his grip. The door burst open, and I tore away as he tried to turn to face the new threat.

“Take it!” Dav’s voice was cold, his eyes narrowed slits. He ignored the bird and within seconds I knew why. I heard a muffled pop pop and the Falcon’s body was pierced by two shots; one to his head and one to his torso. He fell sideways to the floor.

I blinked up at my mate, my brother, and his mate. I ignored Brad; he was huddled against the wall in the corner holding his hands up. Isiah and Ahsran stood in the door with their guns now pointed at him, but Dav ignored all of that as pulled me up and wrapped his arms around me.

“I’m getting blood on you.” I didn’t want to get this . . . this . . . stuff, on Dav. I couldn’t touch him, so I held my arms out so I wouldn’t get anything on him.

He snorted. “Like I care.” He held me tighter. “Are you okay?”

I leaned against him, burying my face in his shoulder. “It’s not all mine.”

“I’d hope not,” he said. “I’m sorry, Ellis.”

“Guys? Davis? Are we worried about the human?” Ahsran’s snarl let me know his opinion. I didn’t want to think, didn’t want to do anything but let my mate hold me but while Brad had been misguided and stupid, he wasn’t dangerous.

“He didn’t know they were bad.” I didn’t lift my head so my voice was muffled but they heard me.

“He helped them, who knows what he said and who he said it to?” My twin’s voice was cold and practical.

“Let Velaku decide what to do with him.” I let it go. That was the best I could do for him.

I heard someone rush up the stairs and my head shot up as Benny ran into the room. “I smelled the blood.” He looked at the room. “Shit! This place is a mess.”

My muscles were locked tight and I began to tremble. “Easy, Ellis. You’re safe. I’m sorry the plan didn’t go like we thought it would. I didn’t know that Brad knew my code; I thought they’d try to follow you down to the safe room once he called to tell them you were here alone.”

I shook my head and my arms went around him, wincing from the pain. “You couldn’t have known; you did the best you could. I’m surprised you even let me act as bait.”

“Look what it got you,” he snapped, “more wounds. I never should have listened to you and your brother. I should have been in here the first moment I heard Brad speaking.”

I knew he would say that. “You couldn’t have known they were in here until they spoke or you heard me say something. This was the best chance to flush them out and you know it. Once you recognized the guard at Velaku’s from the pictures it was the only thing you could do. I stormed off before you could get us away from the door to tell us and make another plan. Making up a plan while I drove here over the phone wasn’t exactly easy, but if you’d taken him out immediately the other two could have gotten away. There’s no way you could have known they were in here from Brad’s little rant.

“Thank you for trusting me to tell you when I needed help.” I squeezed him; I knew how hard it had been for him to let me do this. “The snipers on all the exits were a good idea.”

Dav’s hands stroked my back. “I never want to see you in the arms of another male. I’m really sick of people trying to take you from me and hurting you.”

“I don’t like it much either. At least that guy didn’t threaten to eat me. I think that freaked me out more than the Falcon’s plan to slice me up. What was he anyway?” I shuddered as I looked at the bloody remains and wished I hadn’t.


I looked at Dav. “They are actually badger Carthera?”

“There are more types of Carthera in the İstanbul Escort Bayan world than the humans know, many more.”

I guess I should have known that, I’d met whales, bears, snakes, foxes, birds . . . but I was pretty sure I was going into shock. Not much was making sense anymore and the room was spinning. I thought my stomach was empty but I kept feeling twinges like I was going to vomit again.

“I’m going to take Ellis down to the safe room to clean up.” He glanced at my twin and his mate. “Take him to Velaku and let him deal with getting more information. These two were the heavy hitters still on the loose, but there might be some conspirators left out there.”

“What do you want me to do, boss?” Benny asked.

“Get someone to clean this shit up,” Dav said. “We’ll go to Ellis’ apartment after I get him cleaned up; you can contact me there if you need me.”


We used a back stairwell from Dav’s apartment above the club to the hidden safe room. I didn’t want to let him go but I had to on the stairs to walk safely. Dav kept a hold of my hand as he led me down as if he knew how unsteady I was. My teeth were chattering by the time he got me into the small shower under the hot spray. I groaned as the hot streams pelted my skin like a tiny massage all over my head and shoulders.

I shut my eyes as I leaned back and let the water stream down my face. I didn’t want to see what tissue matter the water might wash away, or the way it turned red and pink swirled as it washed the blood away and went down the drain. My arms were limp at my sides; I couldn’t bear the thought of touching myself.

I didn’t jump when Dav stepped into the shower, but I refused to lean back against him. I needed the water; I needed to be clean.

“I’m dirt-ty,” I said when he tried to urge me back. My hands clenched into fists. I wasn’t cold, but I couldn’t stop shivering, and my teeth were chattering so hard it was difficult to speak.

He sighed. “Well then let’s get you clean.” His hands spread spicy scented shampoo through my hair, his fingers scrubbing small circles on my scalp. I leaned my head into the water when he urged it back then let him maneuver me out of the flow. My shivers gradually eased as his hands stroked every inch of me with body wash.

He turned us again, and our chests and stomachs brushed up against each other as we moved. The water slid over me, the warm spray hitting my shoulders and back like a tiny massage.

Dav’s hands gently wiped at my face, and then I felt his lips press against mine. “You can open your eyes now, everything’s gone.” All I could feel was the warm water, his soft skin, and the love we shared through our bond.

I opened my eyes slowly and blinked a few times. I stared up at Dav; he smiled at me. “See all clean.”

It took me a minute to work up the courage to look, but he was right; I was clean and the water swirling down the drain was clear. Neither of us mentioned the fact that the puncture wounds on my neck and arm were healed to small pink marks just like the other wounds that had healed to faint scars after my experience with the whales. I sighed and leaned against Dav’s wet chest.

‘Thank you.”

His arms wrapped around me. “You did really good today even though the plan was changed, but don’t you think you’ve proved your bravery enough? I’m tired of seeing you being attacked and held hostage by psychos.”

“Me too. I could go for some peace and quiet.” Dav grunted, apparently in agreement, and let me go so he could duck his head under the water. “Though I still want you to teach me to shoot. Maybe next time I can kill them before they get close enough to grab me.”

He spluttered a little, and then opened one eye to glare at me as he scrubbed the soap out. “I’d rather there wasn’t a next time.”

I grabbed the body wash and began stroking his chest with soapy hands. “Me too, but I want to be prepared just in case.” My hands began to slide down toward his hips and Dav captured them and held them still.

“As good as it feels for you to touch me, if you do much more I’m going to want things we can’t possibly do comfortably in here. Can we wait until we get to your place and you’ve gotten some rest?”

I hadn’t really planned on getting him aroused; I’d just wanted to return the favor, but the sight of his cock rising send tendrils of arousal through my body.

“Maybe I should get out and let you finish.”

Dav nodded, leaning down to give me a kiss before I stepped out. “I’ll be done in a minute and then we can go.”

I didn’t see my bloody clothes anywhere when I stepped out of the shower and walked to the bedroom, so Dav must have gotten rid of them. I grabbed a pair of sweats and a shirt off the bed and got dressed. The heavy, warm fabric felt good, comforting and heavy.

Dav came out with his towel wrapped around his waist.

“Feeling a little shy?”

I smiled at him when he rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t hide his smile either. I was beginning Escort İstanbul to feel better now that I was clean and I’d had a little time to process what happened. I’d be okay, and I wanted to let Dav know that too.

“I thought I’d try to make it a little easier to be good.”

“Mmm, you still have to drop the towel to get dressed.” My smile grew when he pulled his pants up under the towel.

“Nope.” I could feel his smug satisfaction through our bond and see it in his grin.

“But now I know you’re going commando.” It actually was a turn on for me, and I couldn’t help it when my eyes roved over him. I licked my lips, taking in his spicy scent.

“Later.” Dav’s voice was firm.

I sighed but knew he was right. Just then my stomach picked that moment to growl.


“I went up to your place to get something to eat. I didn’t see the Carthera in the bar and I thought that we’d need some extra time, so I planned to grab a sandwich or something while I waited for them to show up.”

My mate reached for me and pulled me into his arms. “You did what you thought best. I hated letting you do it, but you’re right, you deserve to face the risks that you choose. Just because I want to keep you safe doesn’t mean I need to lock you away when danger threatens us.”

I sighed and leaned into his embrace, my hands fisting into his shirt. “That’s all I ask for, and I promise I will always listen to you when you try to tell me what needs to happen so we can both stay safe.”

We stood there together for another minute before my stomach growled again and made Dav laugh. “We can stop for something to eat on the way to your place.”

Dav led me down another hall and then up a set of stairs that let out of the building next to the club. “I thought this was just an empty retail space? I can’t believe you have a whole other exit.”

“It pays to have several options for retreat; you can never be too careful.” We made our way across the room lit only by the light coming in from the street lamps on the sidewalk. “I might convert it into something one day though.”

His hand brushed across my back as he unlocked the door, and I shivered as I arched into his hand.

“Food and maybe some rest, Ellis.”

“I don’t know why I’m so horny.” My face felt hot, and I knew I had to be blushing. I had my theories about it being an adrenaline response, jus part of the whole held up by gun point and clawed by someone who intends to kill me thing. Might as well take the good with the bad I figured.

“Normally I’d be all for it, but I want to get you fed and in a nice bed first.” Dav didn’t say things he didn’t mean so that was exactly what we would do. For the sake of speed we decided on a drive through meal. It was greasier than I liked but filled the hole in my middle.

It felt strange to walk into my apartment. Normal somehow, but now normal seemed strange. I set my keys down on the breakfast bar and checked the phone.

“There’s a message from Dr. Bakier.” I kept listening. “He wants me to come back in; they’ve some results to share with us.” I looked at the clock as I hung up the phone. It was getting late.

“I don’t really feel like it today though.”

Dav shrugged. “You don’t seem to be at risk and we’re just going to rest. If there was something wrong they would have told you it was urgent; it can wait for tomorrow.”

“Just rest huh?” I reached into the fridge and pulled out a few water bottles.

“Let’s just go to bed.”

I laughed at Dav’s expression but led the way to the bedroom. I sat down on the edge of the bed and toed off my shoes and socks. I held out the water bottles. “Put those on the nightstand, will you?”

By the time he turned back around I had my shirt and sweats off and was stretched out on the top of the bed.

Dav froze. “Ellis!”

“What? I’m resting!” My grin was stretched so wide my cheeks actually hurt.

“How in the hell did you get undressed that fast?” he asked. His hands reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head.

“I was commando too.”

I couldn’t help but stare as Dav finished taking off his clothes, exposing his long, lean body. His cock was chubbing up slightly and I could feel my erection throb a little where it rested hard against my lower stomach. I ached and my shaft felt heavy; it had been half hard since the shower. Just the sight of his sinuous and elegant body, his long lean muscles sliding under his skin, made me want to touch and taste him.

“Come on, up to the head of the bed.” He gestured for me to move up as he tugged at the blankets. I scooted over and let him climb into bed beside me.

“Are we really going to sleep?” I might have to stage a repeat of the night before if that was going to be the case.

Dav’s finger traced my lips and then he dipped it into my mouth. I sucked on the tip and tasted the salt of his skin below the bite of the soap as I let him slide it gently in and out. “Maybe later.”


The next morning came before I was ready. We’d wrapped ourselves together in a tangle of limbs after Dav wiped us off; I’d shot cum all over when he finally let me drop over the edge. My orgasm had been intense, and it hadn’t taken me very long to fall asleep secure that Dav wouldn’t let me go.

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