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I picked Janet up at the grocery store parking lot on Thursday again. There was no hesitation on her part when I suggested it again.

Of the 10 hours I had spent with her so far, less than two hours of that time had been spent on foreplay or fucking. It caused me a bit of concern; not for the money I was putting out, but I wanted to spend as much time with her naked and “in the clutches” as I could. True, I had let her bail early the first time because I had been very satisfied, and yes, wore out. True, I threw away the second time to show her I cared about her and she was not just a whore, though she surprised me with her masturbation. I had not even eaten her pussy yet.

“Good morning Press.” She said happily as she jumped into my car. “I’ve missed you.”

“And I’ve missed you too.” I replied, somewhat surprised, but happy she was wearing the khaki pants and dark sweater I had originally saw her in and asked her to wear at our first meeting. “You look very nice!”

“I don’t know why you like this outfit so much,” she said. “But I thought I was surprise you and wear it today.”

“I think there is a number of reasons why I like it.” I began. “You are a very sophisticated looking lady and that is a very smart looking, “dressed down” outfit for a sophisticated lady. That, and it reminds me of the days at Silver Bay on Lake George at the YMCA Association. All the girls wore khakis during the summer camp. I was a counselor there during college.”

“You’re very sweet.” She replied. “And let me guess, that’s where you lost your virginity to a very pretty coed camp counselor?”

“She lost her virginity too!” I continued. “I’ve had the honor of having three cherries.”

We arrived at the motel and entered the same room we had had before.

“I tell you what,” I said “let’s get undressed and I’ll give you a good body rub.”

“You sure know how to make a woman weak, Press.”

“Okay if we leave a few lights on?” I queried.

“Well, you have seen this so called sophisticated lady devoid of any modesty in broad daylight.” She replied. “Sure, put all the lights on you want.”

We were soon naked and I closed on her, kissing her passionately, roaming my right hand over her ass.

Breaking our kiss, “I can see my back rub being put on the back burner.”

“No way! Put your pretty ass in the middle of that bed.”

She lay short of the pillows, her head resting on her arms. I straddled her thighs and began to massage her shoulders. My intent was to give her a good 30-minute complete body rub before I gave her oral.

I was 20 minutes into it and had rolled her once. While she was on her back, I totally avoided her breast. She tried to coach me into massaging them but I did not give in to temptation. The massage was having the effect I had hoped. Leaving her feet, I asked her to roll to her chest again. I straddled her thighs once more, working on the middle of her back. She moaned appreciatively.

“I have something very provocative to confess.” She began. “While Gary was screwing me Sunday night all I could think about was you and I fucking the first time. It was so sensuous. Every second of it! He told me afterwards it was the best pussy I had given him in months. The dumb ass!”

I edged back and began giving her buttocks a deep massage.

“I can’t help but feel flattered. Thank you for confessing.” I exclaimed. “I wonder if it could be possible that I was fucking Debbie the same time you were fucking Gary?”

“So the wife finally got froggy. I’m happy for you. Wow, what a thought, you and I fucking our spouses at the same time. I think we were doing it about 11:30.”

“Nope. She was asleep by 9:30.”

“Would it be uncouth, if I asked you if you thought it me?” She quizzed.

“Let’s just say she acknowledged that my cock had not been as hard or lasted so long for quite some time.”

The comment made her laugh.

“I cleaned my vagina thoroughly Tuesday night just in case you have a hankering.” She informed me.

“A hankering for what?” I teasingly prodded her into speaking the words.

“To eat my pussy.” She said them accentuating the word “pussy”.

I rolled her over onto her back and I got between her legs, scooting backwards a bit. Knowingly, her legs lifted and spread. I slid my hands under her ass and put my face to her pussy. For once, I did not have to contend with breathing through a bush or pubic hair making me cough.

“My! My oh my! That feels so good!” Janet moaned.

She was almost instantly lubricated, wetting my face as my tongue explored her pussy. I found her clit much to my pleasure.

I have never been able to decide which I like best; eating a pussy or fucking a pussy. I’ve always felt they would never admit it, but I think a woman would opt for a good tongue lashing over a stabbing cock. But maybe I’m misconstruing the age factor in my thinking. It is less physically stressful for an older woman not to expend her energies in intercourse and struggle to climb up the ladder of orgasm, when a tongue and direct stimulation works just bahis firmaları fine and less tiring. But I’ve been fucking the same woman for 40+ years. But, then again, Janet was making my point. Am I crazy?

“You sweet, sweet man!” She moaned lustfully when I stuck my tongue into her hole.

A man’s cock, young or old, eventually withers with use. A pussy can take a lot of abuse, and all a woman has to do, really, is just lay there, taking a man’s cock until he ejaculates or just gets soft. There, again, a perspective of age. A man’s mind wanders when he’s eating pussy, purging a woman’s juices from his mouth to keep from choking. So, don’t mind my gibberish. In the end, I know Janet is still young enough to desire a good stiff cock. She has proved it to me. She will put her whole soul into fucking me when I eventually put my cock into her, making my 64-year-old cock stay hard seemingly forever.

How can a man explain the wonder of a woman’s vagina. We come out of one and spend the rest of our lives trying to get back in. To make a woman come is to look into her soul. That’s what I was seeking; to get my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could, eventually returning to her clit to bring her to orgasm. It was a river of ecstasy, literally. I had never, in my very limited experience, found a woman so wet. My chin was dripping with her juices.

“Right there Press! Don’t move! Right there! Yes! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yyeeessssss!”

Janet’s body stilled momentarily before quaking uncontrollably. Keeping my tongue to her clit, despite her involuntary tremors, her orgasm refused to release her. When she finally relaxed, I continued to stroke her clit with my tongue. She whimpered and made no effort to push be away. I could hear her inhaling and exhaling.

“Lord that was good!” She said.

Her hands dropped between her legs and she pulled her labia wide. I wanted to see her clit again but did not want to remove my tongue from it. In less than a minute, she was moaning once more, though her ass was less active. I continued to concentrate on her clit for a few long moments. Then, leaving it, I maneuvered to her right side gathering her in my arms and kissed her passionately. She did not shy from returning my kiss, though my face was saturated with her juices.

I reached with my right hand for her pussy and she widened her legs to give me access. I pushed my middle finger into her, probing, feeling the warmth and softness of the inside walls of her pussy. I stroked my finger into her for a brief time, before bringing it to the surface. I began to buff her clit with my four fingers, buffing aggressively. With thighs wide, her ass lifted high off the bed, she begged me not to stop. She searched for and found my cock squeezing and yanking on it feverishly.

I was mesmerized with Janet and her seemingly delirious, lustful actions. Pushing her ass high, her thighs wide, it was as if she was offering up her pussy to do with whatever I wanted. I wanted to make her come again. How long I scrubbed at her pussy I cannot tell you, it was a while, and when she came she bellowed like a wounded animal. Her ass remained aloft until the orgasm released her and then it hit the bed with a plop. She was exhausted.

“Come over.” She whispered breathlessly.

I moved atop her and she, in the slow motion of fatigue, lifted her legs, reached for my cock and placed it to her. I pushed into her sopping wet pussy with ease and she inhaled deeply.

“Damn! You’re so big!” She exclaimed, but I knew it was only from her post orgasmic tightness.

I began to pump into her slowly. I was intoxicated being inside this younger woman of 38 years. Her legs wrapped around me, too tired I suppose to suspend them in the air. Her heels tapped rhythm on my buttocks. My cock was rock hard. I started to push it deep into her with determination. She moaned in rhythm with my deep thrusts.

“I hope you won’t take offense, dear lady, but I love your pussy.” I exclaimed. “How am I ever going to get along without it.”

“SSsssssssssss” she sighed. “Don’t talk foolishness my love. Be happy your cock is in me now and give me what I want, what I desire, what I need.”

I increase my rhythm in proportion to my desire to give the lady what she wanted. I was soon lost in lust and breathing heavily, my face in the crook of Janet’s neck. Refreshed, I suppose, her ass was in rhythm with my thrusting, her legs pulled me into her, actually tiring me quicker. I was exhausted when my cock jerked inside of her, giving her cum. I continued fucking her but my cock soon dropped out of her.

“Aww! I think I broke it.” She said humorously.

I chuckled and moved to her breast to suckle on a nipple for a few moments. I rolled her over and kissed and nibbled on her ass.

“We have time. How about I buy you lunch?” She said. “Only if you want of course. I would be quite content to stay right here.”

“I’m not going to bore you with any attempt to continue. But please darling, tell me, my finger never gets soft.” I replied.

“I’m good. I’m better than good!” She kaçak iddaa replied.

“Then, I will buy you lunch.” I replied. “Come on I’ll let you scrub my back.”

I am not a rich man but the $6000 I had allocated for my fling with Janet would not cause any heartburn. The sex was awesome, but I had become quite fond of Janet. We had a good conversation at lunch and I apologize for my comment. She graciously attributed it to the heat of battle. But, she did remind me of the realities of our separate lives.

On the way back to her car, she told me her husband had questioned one of her purchases. She had told him that her girlfriend, Betty, had returned a loan that was a year old. He seemed to accept her story, but she voiced her concerns as to how she was going to explain the other purchases.

“Goodbye Press.” She said. “Is Thursday two weeks okay?”

“I’ll see you here two Thursdays from now.” I answered, handing her a small box, which held a $200 bracelet, $1000 in cash and my cell-phone number on a note explaining that my former company’s secretaries called all the time and to just ask for me. “When you open this remember I agree with what you said but I can’t help but care for you. For me it is a product of sexual intimacy, I guess.”

“I know Press. I know.” She replied with a tone of sadness, I thought.

The two weeks passed slowly. I had a plan, something I wanted to try with Janet. I left the house on meet day Thursday feeling upbeat and happy. I saw Janet’s car long before I made the left to pull into the parking lot. I stopped by her car and she quickly entered mine.

“Good day my lady!” I greeted her.

“Good day to you too.” She returned, eyeing me quizzically. “You seem awfully cheerful this morning?”

“It is always a good day when I see my favorite lady friend.” I replied.

“And I bet you’re especially horny on this lovely morning.” She stated more than asked, as I rolled away and pulled out of the parking lot. She leaned to kiss me.

“I am and I’ll tell you why in a little bit.” I said. “So tell me about your last two weeks?”

Janet began telling me about the woes of dealing with two kids getting ready for college. She told me her husband’s business was picking up and he wasn’t working as many hours. She asked about my wife. I told her that her black pants fit her nicely. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, embracing my right arm and told me how much she really had missed me. About 3 minutes from the motel room;

“I’ve got something I want you to try for me today. If you’re not too long in the tooth for it, you might find it quite to your liking.” I said, baiting her.

“Excuse me! If I’m not too long in the tooth?” She said with mock annoyance in her tone.

I shot her a sideward glance with a look of mischief in my smile.

“You’d better be playing with me!” She said with a mock threatening tone. “Long in the tooth, my sweet ass!”

“We’ll see sugar breeches”

I pulled into the parking space a few spaces down from our usual motel room. She looked puzzled but followed me to the door of a different room. I unlocked it and we entered. She sat her travel case on a chair. I switched on the lamp next to the bed. I had checked out the new room earlier and found that it had what I needed, two double beds separated by a small table. I waited for Janet to question the change but the query did not come.

“Now here’s what I want you to try.” I informed her, as I began to strip the bed on the right. “I’m going to spread this top sheet on the floor between the two beds and you’re going to squat, supporting yourself with the two beds………”

“And where are you going to be?” She questioned cutting me off.

“I’m going to lie on my back under you and pleasure your pussy.”

“The hell you say!” She replied humorously. “And you’re saying I’m too old to do that! I work out every day!”

“Well, I’ve only done this with three girls, two before my wife and including my wife. She refused to do it after she was……… 27 or 28, if I recall. Are you game?”

“Oh hell yes!” She said beginning to take off her blouse to strip. “Sounds like fun.”

“That’s my girl!” I said gleefully.

I followed suit and soon we were both naked.

“Are you sure you don’t want to get that thing wet before I show you what I’m made of?” She asked, eyeing my erection which was quite firm.

“You read my mind.”

I watched Janet inner the bed and position herself in the middle of the bed. I moved to the lamp and turned it off. I joined her in bed. She lifted her legs and spread them and I placed my knees up against her buttocks and sat back on my haunches. I placed my cock to her and pushed it in slowly.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about.” She sighed.

I began to stroke into her slowly, pushing her legs back, not really interested in getting excited.

“Do you love my pussy?” She whispered seductively.

“I love your pussy very much Janet.” I replied lovingly.

“Press, do you masturbate?” She queried.

“Occasionally. Not kaçak bahis so much of late because I want to be ready for you.” I explained. “”I guess I might have thought to ask you that, but we know the answer to that, don’t we.” I teased.

She slapped my chest and replied, “You’re so bad. Do it a little harder.”

“No, no, no.” We have other games to play sexy lady.”

I stroked inside of her another couple of minutes, then, pulled very slowly out of her, causing her to sigh disapprovingly. I positioned myself on my back on the sheet between the two beds. Again, with the curtains closed the room was still sufficiently illuminated. I saw her straddle me and I stared up at her ass and bare pussy, causing me to wonder why I hadn’t continued to fuck her and forget this silly game. She began her squat.

“Now remember, you’re using the bed only for support. You have to try to remain in position until you reach orgasm.”

“And, I suppose, you don’t think I can?”

“I’m going to be happy either way pretty lady. But I promise you, it’s going to get interesting.”

I waited for her to jostle around a bit to get comfortable. Her back to my feet, I maneuvered into position and lifted my head slightly to kiss her pussy.

“Ouuuuuuuuuuuuu.” She hummed softly.

I kissed her pussy a couple more times and then I began to probe with my tongue. When my tongue fluttered over her clit, I could see her ass moving slightly, but I knew the position and her weight was going to prevent her from any significant movement. I pushed my tongue between her pussy lips finding the entrance to her treasure but only teased her with insertion. I returned to her clit and spent many minutes there. Hard pressure, feather-light pressure, alternately, was my intent and it was working as expected. Her moans were continuous and I could feel the tremors in her body as I lightly caressed her ass with my hands.

“This is harder than I thought.” She moaned. “It would be nice of you if you would stop teasing me and concentrate on my clit and get me off, but I don’t suppose that is your plan.”

It was not. I moved back to her hole and pushed my tongue into her. She tried to push down as I tongue fucked her, but again, her limited mobility hampered her efforts.

“If you only knew how good that felt!” She muttered. “But please go back to my clit!”

The long minutes wore on as I tortured her, tonguing her clit, returning to her hole and then back to her clit. My tongue was on her clit as I placed the middle finger of my right hand to her bunghole, causing her to gasp loudly.

“Don’t you do it!” She challenged. “Ohhhhh fuck! Do whatever the hell you want.”

I had no intentions of sticking my finger into her ass hole, finding it undignified, but teasing it was a hell of a lot of fun.

“You’re a sadistic……..” She started but stopped herself. “Please, Press, put your tongue on my clit!”

I could tell by her tone she was frantic, but I don’t think she had any intentions of giving up. Her stubbornness was a new side of Janet I had not seen. I believe she would have passed out before she gave it. I decided to give her a break. She was a good sport. I began hard concentrated attention to the base of her clit with the tip of my tongue.

“Yes! Right there! Right there! One second! One……………. ahhh hell! Yessssssssssssss!” She was huffing and puffing trying to blow the house down.

Imprisoned by loss of mobility, the emotions of orgasm showed through her intense breathing and moaning. When it released her, she fell forward to her knees. She caught herself on her forearms, her face buried between her arms I rolled to my belly, rose to my knees and put my hands on her hips with all intentions of pulling her back to her knees and fucking her doggy style.

“No!” She snapped. “Don’t touch me! I’m serious Press! Leave me the hell alone for just a minute.”

She laid there, with her face in her arms, for perhaps two minutes as I set on my haunches studying her ass, hoping she would relent and let me take her the way I wanted. She finally lifted herself up, stood and walked unsteadily to the bathroom. I got up and got onto the bed on my left side, wondering what the outcome of my little game would bring. Three or four minutes later, she opened the door and came to the bed, getting in.

“That was intense.” She said snuggling up close to me. “I’m sorry about before. I had to pee. Now where were we?”

She kissed me lightly and reached for my peter, which had shrunk considerably.

“Awww did I hurt its feelings.” She teased. “Nope. I think it just dozed off. Get on your back.”

Quickly my mind focused and I slipped towards the middle of the bed as Janet maneuvered over me. Taking my renewed erection in her hand, she placed it and lowered herself onto it.

“My, my, my.” She muttered, pushing down on it taking it deep. “Now, lets see what I can milk out of your cock.”

I laid back and let her ride my cock for my pleasure. If she got herself aroused again I knew I could finger her to orgasm. She was doing a great job of it too. Soon, she leaned down and we embraced and I took over, pumping my cock into her. She began to moan and I was soon overcome with lust to fill her. I believed her moaning was a sign of her renewed arousal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32