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Danial awoke amidst the bodies of three of his female staff, enjoying the soft warmth of the female flesh, especially the slim brunette who he still had his cock in as he spooned her.

Sandra was her name he recalled and the slut had feinted from a huge orgasm as Danial fucked her. Danial had cum about six times the evening before and he realised he must have fallen asleep after she passed out when he lay on her back for a rest.

The other two girls must have climbed into bed with him at some time, probably out of slut loyalty. Danial eased his semi erect cock out of Sandra’s warm and sticky fuck hole and gently climbed out of the bed so as not to wake the others.

He went for a walk to survey his household. Thinking of his daughters sexy tight teenage body, he checked her bedroom first but was disappointed when he remembered that she was still staying with her equally fuck-worthy friend Christine.

He looked in several rooms and found many bodies in twisted sexual configurations and it seemed everyone had a good time the night before.

He located his wife Janice, asleep with one of the girls laying still in a sixty nine position, they must have exhausted each other with orgasms and nodded off.

One of limo drivers was in bed with one of the office guys, the room looked and smelled like they had a good time.

The next room he found the barmaid Kelly riding the morning wood of the other driver. He left them too it, making a mental note to arse fuck the dumb slut at some point for saying girls don’t like anal. He knew that wasn’t true what with all the women that he fucked up the arse regularly.

He thought ‘Even if they didn’t like it and were only pretending, it didn’t matter because there was no way he was going to miss out on plugging those hot tight holes. Women were made to be fucked and its a man’s right to use a bitch as he pleases.’

He passed a few empty rooms and then found the young barman Connor lying face down peacefully sleeping atop a duvet of a four post bed. Danial’s cock rose rapidly at the sight of the slender teen boy.

Danial went to a bureau nearby and took a tube of KY jelly from the desk drawer, they were in every room of the house, he made sure of that. He squeezed out a liberal amount into his palm, then clasped both hands before applying it liberally to his pulsing cock.

He looked at the young teen thinking ‘I usually only feel this giddy and horny before I mount Janice or Kimberly, but I see this boy and I just have to fuck him, he’s so fucking beautiful.’

Danial gently climbed on the bed and then quickly straddled the teen and started pushing the head of his cock between the boys arse cheeks, feeling the ring expand to accept the helmet of his ten inch shaft.

Connor woke unexpectedly saying “Hey, wha…” he stopped when he looked in the wall mirror and saw Danial on top of him and felt his intentions as his rectum was filled with unyielding solid meat.

When Danial’s hips pressed against the teens butt cheeks he lay atop the boy and kissed his neck saying “Sorry lover, but I saw you here and I just had to have you.”

Connor relaxed, smiling and said “My body is yours to use, make love to me please.”

Danial nibbled Connor’s ear lobe and kissed the side of his face as he started to steadily fuck the smooth body beneath him with the full length of his cock.

Connor moaned into the pillow at the pleasant morning surprise. Danial rode the small tight butt for ten minutes then rolled the two of them to the side and continued to plough the nicest boy-pussy he could recall.

The two grunted and moaned before Danial pulled out, then getting between Connors legs, lifted them high, scooted forward and pressed his shaft down and speared once again into the snug gripping hole of the beautiful youth beneath him.

Connor had the least amount of body hair Danial had ever seen in comparison to the many young men he’d had sex with through his life, he’d arrange for Connor to be regularly waxed to enhance that youthful image.

On top now he could lean in and share a kiss with the young man as he plugged his tight hole. The smooth youthful skin, the duelling tongue action, the snug, grasping heat of his love hole and his roaming hands were more than enough for Danial and he tensed and sighed heavily as his balls churned, his shaft grew thicker and a tsunami of dick milk washed up Connor’s intestinal tract.

Connor groaned sexily at the feeling of the warmth filling him and he tensed, his arse gripping Danial’s cock tighter, and his own cock started wildly shooting ropes of hot cum lacing them both with the viscous milky strands.

They were both panting heavily from the exertion and Danial slurped up what cum he could and kissed Connor deeply before pulling out and slumping beside the young man.

Connor rolled over and draped his leg over Danial and lay his head on the older mans hairy chest. Danial lifted his arm and stroked the teens back and butt cheek. Connor said “Thank you Danial, that was a wonderful way to wake up, casino şirketleri I…I think I… love you!”

Danial slid two fingers into Connors gaping sloppy arsehole and said, “You think? you mean you’re not sure? well I know for a fact that I’m keeping you. I mean I’ve got plenty of willing people to fuck with, but it feels like something much more when I’m with you!”

Connor said “No, I know I love you; I just wasn’t sure you felt the same?!”

Danial pulled away and climbed off the bed, then leaned over and kissed the head of Connor’s dick and gave it a few licks and said “You just lay there and catch some more rest, have a shower when you’re ready, I’ll come back and get you for breakfast.”

Danial stepped back out into the hall and headed toward the living area. He looked outside and saw the pool guys had turned up and were already working shirtless around the pool grounds, he took a moment to admire their hard bodies and wondered if they liked to play both ways; something to explore at a later date.

Danial went into the kitchen and almost stumbled over a cleaner. A young girl was just wiping down one of the benches and they almost collided as Danial came around the corner.

The girl, seeing Danial buck naked said “Oh sir, oh I’m so sorry, I’ll start elsewhere.” she made to leave.

Danial said “Hold up there miss,” she turned toward him “Tell me young lady, do you know how to clean a mans penis?” he indicated his own as he sat on a stool at the breakfast bar.

The girl giggled and said “I’ve had some practice sir.”

Danial said “Show me what you can do.”

The girl approached Danial then bent toward him and started licking his shaft, then snaked her tongue around the head as it started to rise and commenced sliding a good seven or eight inches into her mouth. In moments she had all ten inches in her mouth and throat as Danial barred up and he felt her tongue come out and lick around his nut-sack.

Danial moaned and said “Well you’re obviously another well practiced slut. Any girl that sucks cock like that has been around the traps a bit.”

The girl sucked and licked until the hard meat glistened clean with a sheen of saliva, then she stood up and said “Thank you sir, I’m only young but I believe a woman should be able to please a man, don’t you agree?”

Danial, hoping to shock and disgust the young whore said “Fuckin’ oath, I mean the young guy I just fucked had a super tight arsehole but your mouth is amazing too.”

Danial was disappointed as the girl said, “Thank you sir, your beau must be a sweet boy, you tasted a lovely musky flavour. I like being back scuttled too if you ever get the urge.”

Just then Danial’s wife Janice walked into the kitchen and asked “The urge for what?”

The cleaning girl stuttered “um…ah…I was…um…”

Then she turned bright red as Danial said “This young lady was just offering me her services for a bit of anal if I get the urge, plus she’s no stranger to ‘arse to mouth’ and she is a gifted cock sucker, if I hadn’t just blown a load I would have given her a feed.”

Janice said “Oh, that’s very kind of you dear, if there’s one thing my husband loves, it’s a tight arse. Do you like to eat pussy too, because mine is cream pie central right now?!”

The girl just stood there her mouth agape, Danial asked “Are you alright love?”

The girl said “I…I’m sorry, I’m not used to couples being so sexually liberal; and yes ma’am I do eat pussy, would you like me to clean you up?”

Janice flopped down in a chair and said “Oh fuck yes!” she spread her legs as the girl knelt before her.

Danial said “Before you start licking my wife’s insatiable snatch, what is your name?”

The girl not taking her eyes of the arousal inflamed and puffy lipped sloppy mess in front her said, “It’s Rose sir” and she plunged her tongue into Janice’s leaking cunt and started audibly sucking and slurping.

Janice moaned saying “Oh you are wonderful Rose, ohh that’s the spot, fuck yeah! then she looked at Danial and asked “Who’d you unload in this morning babe?”

Danial sat stroking his tool as he watched the young cleaning girl service his wife and casually answered “Young Connor, I can’t get enough of him!”

Janice asked quizzically “Connor??”

Danial said “You remember the young gay barman from last night; boy shorts and singlet top, very effeminate looking!?”

Janice said “Oh that’s right, wow honey you really do like him don’t you?”

Rose stopped licking long enough to say, “I know Connor, he’s such a sweet guy, we’re good friends!”

Danial said “Well that’s good to know, why don’t you visit us on the weekend and we’ll have a foursome together.”

Rose said “Yes sir, I’ll be in that, for sure!” she continued licking and fingering Janice who soon shuddered in orgasm.

Janice said “Thank you Rose you are a very talented pussy eater too. I’m going to go and take a shower. Are you going to fuck Rose now dear?” she asked Danial.

Danial replied, “No she just cleaned my casino firmaları cock, I’ll wait for the weekend, I’ve got to get the guests up and fed and back to work.” he left the kitchen heading back toward the bedrooms.

Janice said “Rose, what can you tell me about Connor, Danial seems quite taken with him?!”

Rose said “He’s a lovely boy, he’s gay and he’s only been in town a few years, he works hard. He was living in an old warehouse, when I met him but I got him set up in an apartment where I live with a lesbian girl I know who had a room for rent. They get on really well.”

Rose went on “He had a rough childhood, his parents disowned him for being gay when he was a boy and sent him to live with an uncle on a remote farm. His Uncle and cousins sexually abused him until he ran away when he was fifteen.

Janice said, “I fucking hate the thought of child abuse, I will follow that up, thanks for the info Rose.”

Rose said “If you don’t mind me asking, it seems your husband had sex with Connor and you’re okay with it? Connor is my friend, I don’t want to see him hurt.”

Janice took the girl in an embrace and said “I saw them together last night before I knew who the young man was and believe me, they were making love, it was way more than just an idle fuck.”

Rose sounding bewildered asked “And you’re okay with that?”

Janice shrugged and said “Of course, my man has been having sex with other men since before we met, it would hardly be fair of me to try and change that. He’s a wonderful husband and provider to our family and he has nothing but the best interests at heart of all the people he interacts with, so trust me Connor couldn’t be in better hands. I mean Danial must have searched him out this morning to share his morning wood, he normally saves that for me or…” she faltered before saying too much to this girl.

Rose questioned “…or??”

Janice said “Well, let’s just say it’s not always just me in our bed.”

Rose smiled so brightly at this and looking dreamy eyed said “My Daddy fucks me too, he’s a wonderful lover, he’s taught me so much and to be completely open minded toward sex. That’s why it never fazed me that I sucked on your husbands cock after it came out of Connor’s arse; and I know Connor keeps himself very clean.”

Janice said, “That’s wonderful, you’re a very lucky girl, we’ll have a good time on the weekend and you’ll get to see that Connor will be well looked after when you see my huband together with him. But for now, thank you for your service but you’d better get back to work and I better get the cook focused on breakfast.

Rose said “Yes ma’am, thank you.”

Janice said “Don’t call me ma’am, I’m not a mistress in a whorehouse, call me Janice.

When Danial returned to the guest rooms, morning wood was being put to its best use in every room as cunt and arse alike was being meticulously reamed. In each room he said “Keep up the good work, breakfast in twenty minutes, you can all shower on return to the office.”

Everyone ate breakfast in the nude as they’d arrived that way, save for their various bits of cum stained lingerie and the group were still very touchy-feely and though there were enough chairs the girls all decided to sit on hard cock, which nobody complained about.

Danial saw them off in the driveway, then back in the kitchen he put together a plate of food and said to Janice, “I’m just going to take this in to Connor babe.”

Janice said “Breakfast in bed, how sweet of you.”

Danial said “Thanks, he’s such a sweet kid, I really feel something for him and I want to help him out.”

Janice said “That’s wonderful, Rose told me all about him, I think it’s wonderful that you want to look after him. You’re a very good man Danial Shaftbury!”

Danial said “I love you babe! Connor wants to become a she-male and I’m going to help him achieve that goal.”

Janice said “Yes, I can see that, he is an extremely effeminate boy, he’ll look absolutely stunning. Why don’t we take him in to live here with us, he’ll need the support.”

Danial said “You are the greatest wife; I wanted to do that but didn’t want to cause any waves, so I was just going to put him up in a condo.”

Janice said, “No he’ll live with us, it’ll be good for Chantelle to have someone her own age to interact with too; do you know if he likes to fuck girls?”

Danial said “He told me he did once with a female friend in school and that he liked it but he loves being a bottom for other guys.”

Janice said “So he hasn’t ruled it out, we could hook him up with Chantelle, I can see it now, can you imagine how beautiful they’d both look in matching wedding dresses?”

Danial’s cock was rising at the thought and Janice said “Oh I see that you can.”

Danial said “Maybe, but for now he’s a fragile young man who needs looking after, so excuse me while I go and look after him.” his cock was fully erect once again.

Janice laughed and said, “Enjoy darling, I’m going to go and see if I can’t find some men who know what bitches güvenilir casino are good for. Oh look, the pool guys are still here!”

Janice quickly changed into a Wicked Weasel bikini and sunglasses, put on some seven inch heels, picked up a magazine and strolled out into the pool area. She acted as if there weren’t several muscular young men scooping leaves and wiping over outdoor furniture.

She casually sat down on a recliner and lay back with one foot on the ground and the other on the recliner with her leg bent, her pussy was nicely showcased in this position. With her imagination running wild it didn’t take long in the warm sun before both her nipples were erect and clearly visible beneath the tight sheer black fabric.

As her excitement built an easily noticeable wet patch spread across the material barely covering her vagina. One of the men said “It’s a hot day miss, do you want someone to apply some sunscreen for you to save your hands getting greasy on your magazine.”

Janice lay the magazine down on a nearby table and smiled as the men did a double take at the magazine as its pages were open showing teenage girls naked and licking and fingering each other. When they looked at her again wide eyed, she flipped the magazine closed showing it to be a copy of ‘Barley Legal’.

The guys were speechless, but Janice said, “Well, there’s three of you and I appreciate the offer but I may just go and lay in the shade.” They looked disappointed until she asked “Do you gentlemen know how to make a girl air-tight?” she pushed her ample chest out as she asked.

One guy answered “Do you mean…what I mean is…do you…are you asking…”

Janice giggled and said “It means when a lucky girl has a hard cock stuffed in every hole she has, mouth, pussy and arse.” as she said this she pulled the string and her bottoms fell away to the ground.

She walked over to a padded lounge setting in a shaded area turned and said, “One of you will have to be on your back.”

The three men tore their shorts off and ran toward her, quickly sorted themselves out and one curly haired blonde guy lay down sporting a nice fat nine inch cock.

Janice straddled him and he held her hips as she sank down on his tool until her arse cheeks pressed on his balls, she said, “That’s a good start, we’ll just remove this,” as she undid and took off her bikini top, “You like my tits, I love having them sucked on.

He lifted up and started sucking her tit like his life depended on it. She leaned forward to make it easier and said “Who’s using my arse, there’s lube in that caddy there.” she indicated to the caddy.

When that fit guy was lubed and seated deep in her bowels she lifted up and said to the last guy “Okay stud feed me a length, I’m a thirsty cum slut.” she barely had the words out before having a sizeable length fed into her throat.

Janice relaxed now, letting the three men use her as they wished, she sucked avidly on the cock in her mouth making slurping, swallowing and gagging noises, she knew men liked amid moaning in pleasure at the plugging her pussy and arse were taking.

The guy in her arse came first and he grunted as he fired off into her rectum, slapping her firm arse cheeks as he blew his load, then pulled out and slumped in a chair nearby, watching his cream pour out of her gaped nether hole and grease the shaft of his mate still drilling her cunt.

Shortly after, the guy in her mouth grabbed her head and forced his length into her throat and held her tight, her mouth stretched, with her lips tight around the base of his cock and fired his load straight down her oesophagus. Janice thought ‘Oh, i never got to taste it.’

The guy underneath her had a perfect view of Janice’s neck and could see his buddy’s cock head bulge in her throat. Watching this whore get used that way set him off and he began blasting his load into her cervix.

The guy in her mouth pulled out staggering a little and the one underneath rolled her to the side and got up too. He said to the other two, “Well, back to work I guess.” to Janice he said “Thanks honey.”

As they walked away, they stopped and turned around as Janice, now laying with her legs spread, cum leaking from her pussy and arse, said “Is that it? One load each? Surely you guys can cum more than once. Get back here and fuck me, come on fucking use me, I’m here ready and I want cock, fuck guys, don’t let a slut down.”

One of them said, “I’d like to fuck your pussy but I’ve been up your arse, is there somewhere I can wash up?”

Janice said “Yes honey, you can wash up in my mouth, now get back here, nobody leaves until they’re blowing dry and your nuts are empty. If I pass out, just keep fucking me, I’ll come to eventually, I always do.”

The guys came and started mauling her again as she was manhandled to and fro as positions were sorted. As the sun rose steadily in the morning sky, Janice was fucked, used and abused and loved every quaking orgasmic minute of it.

Janice slowly opened her eyes, feeling relaxed and drained, she felt as though she could dissolve into liquid. Eventually she became aware of a tongue licking around her pussy and between her legs. She rolled her head to look left and right but could see no one, then she moaned as the tongue twirled around her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32