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SUNDAY: I woke up quite late, I could hear noises by the pool so I rushed out quickly. Karen and Liz were lying down at a couple of pool lounges, sunbathing. Dan was swimming laps. “Good Morning, honey.” said Karen. “Hi, Steve, breakfast is in the table.” said Liz. I gave Karen a kiss and drank a tall glass of water and went for a swim.

After a while, the ladies dove in and rested their heads by the pool gutter, their backs facing us. Dan and I was at the other end of the pool planning our strategy. Both of us guys unanimously agreed with my plan. So both of us dove under water, swam towards our wives. We reached our targets.

“Hey, I think you got the wrong wife.” Karen tells Dan, who was now behind Karen, hugging her with his left arm, and his right hand rubbing her right thigh.

“I don’t think so.” said I, now behind Liz, rubbing her pussy with my left hand, and fondling her tits with my right, circling her nipple through her bikini top. The ladies does not resist. Liz turns around and faces me, Karen does the same to Dan. Soon Liz and I were locked into a deep kiss. Our tongues tangling with each other. I got both hands squeezing her ass while she had her hands pulling my hair towards her for a deeper kiss. I broke the kiss to catch some air, and turns to see how Karen was doing. Karen and Dan were kissing hard too. Dan had both hands on Karen’s breasts while Karen’s hand was inside Dan’s trunks, stroking his cock. I was not jealous of what I saw, bahis firmaları for I had Dan’s wife with me. It made me hot seeing Karen making out with Dan.

I went back to Liz’s hungry mouth, as we frenched kissed some more. After a while, Dan carries Karen above the pool and sits her by the edge, pulls down Karen’s bikini. Karen’s pussy now facing Dan’s face. Dan spreads her legs and eats her pussy. Licking Karen’s clit fast. Karen begins to moan – “Oooooohhhh, yessss.” I sit Liz beside Karen and start to work on her pussy. I pulled Liz’s thong down and goes down on her cunt, eating and licking her wet pussy. Fucking her pussy with my tongue. Liz begins to grind and pulls my head deeper into her pussy, I go faster and faster in licking her now dripping pussy. The ladies face each other and gives each other a tongue slapping. Sucking each other’s tongue. Karen jumps back in the pool, holds Dan by the hand and leads him up the pool stairs. Karen sits on one of the lounges, pulls down Dan’s trunks and marvels at his large dick.

She slowly licks the cock’s head, slowly licking it, now going down on the whole shaft, licking the whole length of his manhood, and then sucks up the whole shaft. “Ohhh, Karen, Ohhh.” said Dan. Karen now goes under and licks the balls, licking and sucking the whole thing. I, on the other hand continue to eat Liz’s pussy. “Come on Steve, I want your cock.” said Liz. We went to the lounge seat next to Karen and Dan. By now Karen was kaçak iddaa lying down while Dan eats her up again. Liz pulls down my trunks and said “So this is the cock, Karen was so proud of…”, smiles and waste no time in sucking my hard cock, pulling it deep inside her, letting her tongue play with it inside her mouth. “This is great.” I said to myself . Being sucked by Liz, while watching my wife being eaten her husband. Dan inserts his index finger inside Karen’s pussy, while licking her clit, this made Karen very exited. Liz’s continues to work on my cock, sucking it with a smooth motion. occasionally licking my balls. I noticed Karen lifting her ass, and seemed to be going out of her mind, and there I saw Dan’s middle finger buried inside Karen’s ass hole. A finger on her pussy and a finger up her ass, this made Karen crazy.

“Liz, sit on my face, I want to eat you up.” said Karen. Liz stops sucking me and follows Karen’s wish. I follow Liz towards Karen. Liz gives Karen a deep kiss then sits on her face , Karen eats Liz’s pussy, but now inserts a finger inside Liz’s ass hole too. “Oooohhh, Karen, go deeper, go deeper pleaseeee.” said Liz, who bends over and sucks my cock again, while Dan continues finger fucking Karen’s pussy and ass. After a while of hot action, the two ladies explodes at the same time, moaning with delight.
Karen said – “You guys get the condoms from my bag and be ready to FUCK us.”

I hurried to the table to get the condoms kaçak bahis from her bag, while the ladies prepare for us. The ladies goes on a 69 position. and begins to eat each other’s pussy, Liz was on top of Karen. At once, Dan and I put on the condoms, fumbling a bit in haste. Dan enters Karen quickly, banging away like a horny dog. I went behind Liz and Karen guided my cock inside Liz’s pussy. Once again, like a well oiled machine we moved in one motion. I was fucking Liz hard, so was Dan with Karen. Karen would once in a while lick my balls from under, while Liz would lick Karen’s clit. Soon, our motion becomes faster. The ladies scream.

“Aaaahhhhh, yes, yesss.” said Karen, as they explode once again. I’m coming…” said Dan. Pulling his shaft from Karen’s pussy, removes the condom and rams his cock inside Liz’s waiting mouth. He explodes inside Liz. Liz could not handle it all, as some of Dan’s cum drips into Karen’s thighs, Liz licks the cum off Karen’s thighs. “Here I go….” I said. Karen pulls my cock from Liz’s pussy, pulls of the condom, and sucks my cock, stroking it fact. I explode in Karen’s mouth. Karen tries to get it all down, but some trickles out of Karen’s lips. Dan collapses by pool side, while I lie flat on the other lounge chair. The girls gives each other a final pussy licking, and collapses on top of each other.

That afternoon, I presented my project proposal to Dan and we closed the deal there after. While our wives, watched TV, holding each other’s hand, Liz’s head resting on Karen’s shoulders. Soon after, we gave our farewells, Karen and Liz hugged each other and we went home. Who said project presentations on a weekend did not have its fringe benefits?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32