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I got a job as a sales agent selling energy saving geysers. This product was years ahead of its time. The concept and the cost saving impressed me. I was eager to get involved with this company and even more so, to present this product to potential buyers. There were twelve of us selected and recruited as agents. We would travel across the country to small and big towns to sell.

We trekked up country in two small cars – all twelve of us. Our first stay, away from home, would be for two weeks. I was 26 back then. I had two young children; the eldest was only three years old and my baby seven months. It was difficult leaving them behind, but a man must do what he must.

It was a 13-hour journey to our base. We arrived there in the early hours on a Saturday morning. Up till then, we really did not get to know each other that well. There were three ladies and the rest of us were men. We shared rooms in the big house that we called our base.

That same Saturday evening we were knocking on doors and making sales. I sold two units on the day. There was only one other guy that sold a unit that day. I was elated, because it meant that my commission was 12% on my sales that totaled 6,800 dollars. I phoned my wife that evening to tell her the good news. She was happy for me. My 3-year old daughter was asking if I was coming home that evening. I told her that I would see her in a couple of weeks. I knew that she did not understand. It made me a little sad, but my wife encouraged me to carry on and make sales.

The Sunday was not a very good day for sales. The area where we were marketing was a Christian-based community. It was the first time that we got an opportunity to meet each other properly. Most of us slept late though, but by lunchtime everybody was up and about and around the pool and chatting about everything from their past experiences and work and family and even their dreams. There was this one guy who did not quite seem to fit in. It was almost as if he was not supposed to be there. It was almost as if there was another path for him that he somehow might have missed. Or maybe this was a part of a journey that would catapult him to where it is that he was supposed to be. I saw him alone in the garden reading. I only observed whilst the others were sharing. He only spoke when it was truly necessary. And when he spoke one would swear that he was a pastor or a presenter. His voice had this important quality to it. He was my biggest rival in the sales department. He intrigued me. I was drawn to him. My eyes were searching for him, constantly.

On the Monday evening, when we returned from our various sales sites, I heard that he had sold six units that day. I was flabbergasted. That evening I had only sold three units. I was determined to up my game the next day. I was determined to get back on top.

At our Tuesday morning meeting, our two-day sales figures were presented for all to see. This guy was asked to share with us all, how he managed to sell six units in one evening.

“I look deep into their eyes,” he started. “Some people are frivolous. Some people are serious. That is a given. And in some people’s eyes you can see their determination: ambition, goals, aspiration and persistence. I don’t waste time with frivolity. I pitch to those who are serious and determined,” he stated and went back to his seat.

The room was silent. I guess we all expected a 5-minute blah-blah. The only sound I could hear was that of people trying to interpret what they had just heard. And some of the thinking crashed. I heard this too. And some of the thinking connected with neurons and other neurons as it patterned…for some, something new, and for others a re-awakening of things already known. I got this guy, fully. Like when you understand why your cock gets hard, like mine was fucking rock hard, in that moment.

That evening I applied what he shared that morning. That evening I got five sales. He got the same number of sales. And on the Wednesday, I only got two sales. He got seven. We were still the lead sellers. Albeit, on the Thursday morning, he was again asked to present and to share some more.

“The Tuesday was an ordinary day,” he started. “Wednesday is hump day,” he said.

Everyone laughed. He smiled.

“My point exactly,” he grinned, almost arrogantly. “Hump means many things to many people. I can see that all of you were thinking of fucking or missing your main fuck or wanting to fuck,” he chuckled. “But here we find ourselves among staunch religious people. I only started selling after 19h30, when I saw them all returning from church, because I understand that that is what the hump means to them. See after they were filled with their Wednesday evening church hump, I knocked on their door almost as an answer to their prayers. I was their way and their truth and their light to saving money to pay for that much needed year-end holiday. I was the truth and the light and the way to cut down household costs so that the kids can attend the new private school taksim escort that opened recently. I was the truth, the light and the way to saving their marriage which has become a barrage of fighting over cash and finances. You need to understand the hump. Ask yourself the question: What is your hump?”

I was hanging on this guy’s every word. My cock was rock hard once more. I realized that I was missing my physical hump, back home, and made a mental note to phone my wife when we stepped out of the meeting. I had not spoken to them (my family) the entire week, because I was trying to save money. I also realized that I had a financial hump that prevented me from improving my life and further my education and enhance my skills. I realized that all of this was tied to an internal hump, that I did not quite grasp.

My wife was excited to hear my voice, but her immediate caution was to save my money, and to stick to the agreement that I would only phone them once a week. I realized that this was not our joined agreement, rather, this was my decision, my hump.

That afternoon, instead of lazing by the pool, I found myself searching in the library for a book on fitting and turning. I spent most of the afternoon in the library and when I walked back to our base, I felt as if I was for the first – in a very long time – climbing my hump.

Around 17h00, I went and had a shower. The previous days I merely put on clothes and got onto the transport that dropped us in the selling sites. This time round, I wanted to feel clean, fresh and readied. When I got out of the shower and dressed, I knew that I had taken another step up my hump. That evening I returned with seven sales. I was eager to find that guy when I got back to base. I was informed however, that he was collected by a family member and that he was spending the night with them and would only return the next morning.

I lay in my bed thinking for a very long time. I was thinking about my life up till then. I recalled with excitement all the humps I had overcome. I saw myself smiling at the top of each hump and the feeling of accomplishment that accompanied each victory. Yet, it seemed so long ago, as if it was another space, and someone else’s life.

My two roommates barged in on my thoughts, unannounced.

“Dude, that chick, Zelda, is on her way here right now,” the one beamed.

“We told to her that the three of us, will service her if she wanted,” the other enthused. “She agreed only if you are fine with it. We told her that you are.”

Before I could speak, there was a knock at the door. The one guy jumped to open. The Zelda chick waltzed in wearing a gown.

“Are you boys ready,” she asked, opening her gown and exposing her voluptuous tits and her clean-shaven cunt.

I was immediately aroused. She had a fucking gorgeous body.

“Your roomies say that you have an enormous, long schlong,” she seduced. “I just came to check if that was true, and if so, you are welcome to punish my naughty cunt with it,” she smiled spreading her puss lips with her fingers.

“Hung like a horse, I am,” I charmed. “But I have torn many a dry cunt with my bazooka,” I said, pulling the blanket off me and stroking my long stout pole. “I suggest my roomies first wet that cunt of yours with their tongues. And when you are sopping, you can slide down this pole.”

“You heard the man,” she said licking her lips.

The two fools fell over their feet as they raced to eat her cunt. She was leaning against the door as they took turns massaging her clit with their tongues. The one guy stepped back and disrobed. He had the frame of a loser. His back was hunched, not at birth, but through time; it was obvious. His shoulders were pulled up high, like one who had not taken time to release the pain and anger and disappointment and humiliation that was seemingly following him to this very present. He got back on his knees, and apologetically asked the other guy to give him a site. He continued sucking her, whilst he manhandled his cock like a fucking monkey. I did not pity guys like him. Their state is their own doing.

The Zelda chick pushed them both aside, abruptly. The clothed guy fell on the floor in front of her. She trampled over him.

“Wet enough for you?” she asked, foaming her juice with her flat fingers.

“I think I might have to moisten this cunt a little more,” I said pushing my finger up her pussy when she came to parade it in front of me.

She squirmed, and put her one leg on the bed, inviting another one of my fingers to prod her.

“Oh God!” she wriggled.

I placed my free hand on her ass to prevent her from falling as I continued tapping her wet cunt. The look on her face showed me that she had never been finger-fucked like this before. When I saw that she was about to buckle, I grabbed her and laid her on the bed and continued fucking her juicy cunt with my fingers.

“Oh, God, please stop!” she screamed so loud, I was sure that the neighbors şişli escort at the corner down the street heard her. “Oh G-O-D!” she screamed even louder as her juice erupted and jetted out her cunt like a rainbow.

She lay there quivering and whimpering.

“That’s how wet I like a cunt,” I winked. “And now I am going to fuck you like no man has ever fucked you before,” I cautioned.

I spread her legs wide and entered her cunt missionary style. I was merciless. I fucked her for a good 15 minutes until the only sound she could utter were dull hums. At one point her eyes rolled back in her head. From the deeps of some distant crevice she managed to suck in a deep breath of air and then the dull hums continued.

By now I felt that my hung horse had punished her cunt the way she wanted; but not expected. I clenched my ass hard to speed my explosion. I burst inside her with the fury of ten thousand soldiers. I filled her cunt properly!

When I eventually pulled out my persistent solid pole, her pussy popped. Her cunt was raw and stained with cum and trickles of her blood. She laid there like a zombie. Her face was ashen, and the bedding was soaked with her sweat, and mine.

I stepped off the bed. The two fools were sitting on the floor, stunned.

“Now that is how you fuck a slut,” I told them, milking the last of the cum from my still stiff cock. “You can close your mouth now,” I pointed my cock at the one. “And don’t forget to leave some cash by my bedside for the training you just received,” I mocked.

I needed a bit of fresh air. I put on my shorts and vest and closed the bedroom door behind me. The house was quiet. I tiptoed to the front door and went to the pool. I took off my vest and shorts and submerged myself quietly under the water. The water was warm and refreshing and I swam under the surface to the far end. Then I swam underwater again to the other side of the pool and pulled myself up and out of the pool. I stood there in my nakedness, shaking the water off my body. I did not see him sitting there in the dark of the shadows. I thought I was alone. I was instantly aware of my nakedness. I was acutely aware that my cock began to throb. I had nowhere to dash for cover and my clothes were piled some feet from where I emerged from the pool.

“Don’t mind me,” his voice spoke out of the darkness. “I was merely out here appreciating and giving thanks for the beautiful moon. I guess the moon had presented me appreciation right back…the picture is now even more memorable,” he said, peering at me unashamedly.

It felt like his words had traveled through the ground and into my feet and up my body and beamed back at him through my eyes. In that moment I experienced perfect peace when I looked at him.

They say that when we die, our whole life flashes before our eyes. I died that night. I died there, standing bare in front of him. Even my heart was still.

“I don’t know what to say,” I said spreading my arms wide in submission to his gaze.

“Words often complicate,” he replied, stepping out of the dark. “Aptly you said,” he proceeded and wrapped a firm hand around my roused rod. “And my soul acknowledges, blissfully, your candid display.”

No man had ever touched my cock. It was my pride and joy. Here was this stranger strumming my cord, and I liked it.

“I trust I will see you in the morning, mate,” he blew in my ear. “Sleep tight.”

He walked off without saying another word. I was still standing with my arms wide open. I had not realized that this stranger had masturbated my cock until I came. My mind ping ponged. I was not sure what had just chanced. I was not sure if I had been placed under a spell. I was not sure if it was real. ‘Can’t be real,’ I reasoned. ‘He was supposed to spend the night with his family. And if this was the case, then who the fuck just wanked my cock?!’ I panicked.

When I got back to my room, the two fools were snoring. I checked the time. It was already 02h15. I must have been at the pool for a long while. I was unable to sleep, at first. But his words, or the words, or whoever said the fucking words, told me to ‘sleep tight’. This was the last I remembered.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 05h00. I got up immediately and headed for the shower.

I was standing under the water with my head resting against the shower wall. I was trying to make sense of last night by the pool. I prayed, holding onto the rosary around my neck. I felt a strong presence. I thought of my internal hump that I needed to overcome. I thought about him. He was a strong unassuming individual. Last night by the pool, when his ‘figure’ stepped into the moonlight, I saw his naked torso for the first time. I knew he was well-built, but I never expected him to be so hairy. I never expected his body to be so carved and brawny. His grip was sturdy on my dick. I raised my flat palms against the shower wall above my head, as I imaged that same sturdy hand stroking my fat flaccid cock. My cock got harder şişli escort and harder as his hand glided up and down my heavy lengthy tube. I lifted my head from the wall and swung my head from side-to-side in unadulterated enjoyment.

“You like that?” I felt his lips against my ear.

The words seemed to flutter from the sky and the steam in the shower. I arched my cock into his kneading hand. His hard, hairy rigid body pressed gently against mine. His stiff beefy cock lodged along the length of the crack in my ass and his humungous hung orbs eased against me, as he wrapped his free furry arm around my waist.

Alarm bells went off!

This felt too real. I reached for my cock and found a real manly hand there. I felt round my waist; I found a furry manly arm there. I prodded with my ass and his robust fuck tool was stiff and strong in the valley of my ass.

“What the fuck?!” I bellowed and tried to break free from his hold.

“It’s ok,” he soothed, yet he strengthened his grip, almost aggressively.

“Dude, if you don’t fucking relief me!” I warned.

His teeth bit gently into a spot on my neck. I wheezed. when this sensation electrified every inch of me. My ass inadvertently tried to bury his fat long cock deeper in my ditch.

“Now I am going to relief us,” he whispered.

He released his hand from my cock. He stepped back slightly. My palms were once again flat against the shower wall above my head. I leaned the side of my face against the same wall in utter surrender: surrender to God’s Will; surrender to my deep darkest secrets; surrender to repressed desires; surrender to his solid schlong that was pressing against my virgin cherry.

He penetrated me gradually.

I was overcome with emotions, as I recognized what my internal hump was and had always been. His cock increased inside me inch by pleasurable inch, as it snaked the abyss which I prepared for him, yes him only. When his hung orbs halted at my entrance, and I realized that his entire expanse was fully mine. I was not perturbed or disturbed by any of his past or future encounters. In that moment, everything that I desired: his thoughts, his insights, his charm, his savoir faire…was shared with me intimately and eternally. Instinctively, my sphincter and the internal walls of my abyss massaged his steed – relaxing and contracting the entire length of his gift to me. His strong furry arms curled around me and his head rested against my back. Then he became motionless. I continued to toil his thick tube with my ass.

He sighed a deep long relief when he shoved deep inside me. He held onto me for dear life when his sacred sap shot.

I glowed with delight, and I held his cock there inside my ass for a long while.

When I got back to my room the time was 6.15am. The house was still very quiet, and my two roommates were still fast asleep. I read a view chapters from the Bible. I prayed and then I got dressed. When I left the room at around 7, the two fools were waking up.

When I got to the kitchen, the other two girls were busy making breakfast. Chris, the guy, was sitting at the breakfast table keeping them company.

“Good morning,” he said nonchalantly.

“Good morning,” I replied somewhat pissed off. This guy had just fucked my virgin ass and now he made like he didn’t know me.

“We thought someone was getting mutilated in the house last night,” one of the girls giggled and nudged her friend.

“Mutilated for sure,” the other one jested. “Poor thing is unable to walk,” they both chuckled.

I pretended to ignore them, but when I saw the jealous look on his face, I jabbed a response.

“She must’ve been hit by a huge mother fucking lamppost,” I snarled. “And, I hear that same lamppost is always ready and lit…if you know what I mean ladies,” I charmed.

“I wouldn’t mind letting that light shine in my darkness,” the one tittered.

“Just say when,” I winked.

He pushed his chair deliberately and loud, as he got up from the table. I could see that I had rattled him.

“By the way,” I rubbed some salt, “I thought you were staying with your family and only joining us later?” I asked him dismissively.

“One of the principles of successful individuals is to mind your one business,” he replied calmly, brushing pass me. “I think that lamppost just got lit ladies,” he pointed them in my direction, and they oohed when they saw the tent in my track pants. “Thanks, the breakfast was lovely,” he told them, and he left the kitchen.

This guy, Chris, was stirring alien things within me. I couldn’t believe that his mere nearness would have this effect on me. I was unable to get my cock to cool down.

“Well, ladies, as the man said, it’s lit,” I chuckled nervously, gyrating my hips.

“You can plant it in my hole any time,” the one girl seduced.

“Done,” I affirmed.

“And then in mine thereafter,” the other one winked.

“Or you can plant us both at the same time,” the other one chirped.

“Sounds like a fucking cunt-struction,” I jested and rubbed my hardon against them both, and they massaged my cock unashamedly.

“That Chris guy is so fucking hot,” the one girl said later, whilst the three of us were sitting at the table having our breakfast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


“Hon?” I mumbled as I peered around the corner of the kitchen, but she was nowhere to be seen. Nothing was cooking. No lights on.

I turned around and walked back through the living room, which was quiet and dark. The early morning haze was seeping through a small crack in the curtains of the picture window. I headed back the hall. The bathroom door was open and darkness within. I peeked in each bedroom, as I went by, on my way to our master bedroom. As I turned in the open door, there she was, lying flat on the bed with her head lightly raised on several pillows.

“Hey! There you are.” I said happily.

Her head barely moved, but her eyes moved over to me, as a warm smile appeared. She had her phone up a foot in front of her face. She was messaging, or social media, or whatever.

I hesitated in my tracks for a moment though, as I took her in.

She was naked. Totally naked, and still partly wet from a shower, I presumed. Her pale white skin gleamed in the whisper of light entering the room. Her silver blonde hair was wild and uncombed. She had it just bunched together and pulled to one side. It laid down over her chest, clear past her tummy. Her right breast was mostly covered.

Her grin was widening as my eyes scanned her body. Her legs were straight out, tucked together, and crossed at her ankles. Her hip bones protruded slightly, accentuating the mound of her vaginal padding, as I like to call it. She called it her puffy kitty. Either way, I called it beautiful.

She didn’t move. She just watched. She just took it all in, enjoying me looking at her. I didn’t often get the opportunity to just look at her nude body. We were naked a lot. Sexually. But not just looking. We fucked, and writhed, and rolled around touching each other. We never got the chance to just look. So, I was enjoying this, and it seemed, so was she.

Her left breast was exposed and bare. She followed my eyes down to her nipple as I got to it. It was dark pink, almost red, and stood straight up, erect as it always was with the piercing nipple rings she had.

Her nipples were perfect! Small areola to go with her C-cup breasts. Yummy! But add these thick dark pink nipples that pointed straight out over a centimeter, adorned with some silver nipple rings, and I had my own little personal playground for my tongue!

She finally moved, pulled her arm and phone off her chest, and at the same time, pulled her hair back, exposing the other breast. Her boobs weren’t that big, but they were still curvy and smooth and full enough to point upward, while lying flat on her back.

“Do you want some of this?” She said poking fun, but surely wanting me to take her up on the question.

“Just browsing.” I said jokingly.

She acted hurt and started to roll towards me, but at the same time I flopped on the bed beside her and pinned her back down. She bounced and squealed as I held her firmly against the bed and stared down at her. I lowered my face and open mouth slowly down over her nipple, surrounding it gently between my lips. She let out a deep breath as I touched it. Then a little moan when I sucked it in. I nibbled and rolled it between my lips and tongue.

Her hand covered the back of my head, holding me right where I was. Her fingers combed through my hair. I clamped down on her nipple ring and her nipple hard enough to get another squeal out of her. She smiled down at me.

I left her nipple ring drop and shuffled up on the bed toward her face and lips. She bent until our lips met. Her tongue darted deep into my mouth, dancing beşiktaş escort with mine. The passion was arousing that animal instinct in me. Deep inside. I just wanted to strip off all these clothes, flip her long bare legs up over her shoulders, and pound the sense out of her, until we both exploded. But I resisted. I decided to play. To touch. To be romantic.

I backed slowly away from her lips. I traced my fingers down her cheek to her neck and down on to her chest. I barely touched her soft white skin. Just a trace. Just a tickle, down to her breast. The chill bumps jumped up on her skin as I got to her nipple again and swirled it. Every bump of her areola swelled. I laid my head on her stomach and continued to tease. She giggled and threw her head back into the pillow. Her back arched as she squirmed under me.

“You’re killing me!” She whined. She looked into my eyes. I grinned naughtily. “Fucking tease!” She added.

She put her hand down and tickled my back lightly through my shirt. I smiled and continued to tease and fondle her nipple and nipple ring. I pulled it with my teeth and left go. Then let it spring back. I did it again and giggled as if it was my play toy. “It was!” I realized.

Suddenly, she had enough of my light teasing. Her hand shot up off my back and grabbed her entire boob from under my touch. She squeezed it and rubbed it, kneading off all those tingles and chill bumps. I backed away and watched her squirm. I snickered and rolled over on her belly abandoning her breast and nipple.

“Wait! Where are you going?” She pleaded. “You have to finish what you started.”

“Hmmmm…” I murmured, as I snuggled into her belly, now looking down towards her legs. A small tuft of hair, her pubic hair, trimmed neatly above her smooth shaved pussy stood out right in front of my nose, just centimeters away. I pulled my hand up and gently slid my fingers through, combing it down. I made sure my fingers touched that beautiful soft skin around her vagina. That puffy soft bulge that padded concealed her most sensitive parts.

She gasped as I touched that area and went quiet again as I continued what I had started. I stroked lightly through that short hair and down over the soft pads of her pussy. Each pass I touched just a tad firmer. Each pass I pushed a little deeper and went a little further down between those legs. Each pass touching her thighs with my index and pinky finger encouraging her to spread. And slowly she did spread them.

Soon my middle two fingers pushed down between her soft pads touching the lips of her kitty. They were moist and turning wetter with each pass. Patiently, I continued to push down between. She continued to spread until her lips were spreading and blooming like the pedals of a flower. A beautiful glistening flower.

I tickled around her clit, teasing and fondling with her piercing, just as I had done with her nipple ring. She jerked a little each time I pulled or twisted it. Her breath was getting deeper and more labored. Her fingers were bunching through my hair pushing my head down towards her groin. I knew what she wanted, and I’d get there. Just not quite yet! I grinned to myself with that thought but I was also having trouble resisting the temptation.

Her love button was poking out each time I played with her piercing. It was swelling and tight and beautiful pink. I made sure I touched it a few times. She squirmed and lifted her hips each time, silently begging for more. Her legs were spread wide now. Her pink bloom was spread. I slid a finger down and pushed it inside şişli escort her. It came back out nearly dripping with her juices. I firmly pushed it in and out getting deeper each time. Then again and again. I pushed the second finger deep in beside it and then squeezed finding that smooth inner wall that I knew was her G-spot. That most orgasmic spot. Two fingers rubbing that spot and my thumb on her clit, outside, would send her into ecstasy. I rubbed both fingers on that spot and then slid them out. Then back in deep. Then again and again. She squirmed and pushed her hips to meet me.

I fucked her with both fingers. She squirmed and pushed at me with hands bunched in my hair. Then number one hit her! “Boom!” As she would say. She jerked and quivered. I felt her nails grip my scalp. I continued my finger fucking. Number two would be pretty quick. She bucked up into my fingers. I pushed them deep and rubbed her spot. “Boom” number two! She pushed my head down almost into her groin. I kept my fingers deep and just rubbed her clit. Her muscles tensed. “Boom!” Number three!

I waited for the quivers of number three to subside, but they continued longer than usual. I smiled proudly to myself, thinking “good one!” As it subsided, I waited a few seconds then rubbed inside again. But this time I added the thumb and firmly on her swelled clit. I pushed under the skin of her clitoral hood. Her jewelry jingled as it vibrated. Number four hit her hard. “Boom!”

Then I made my first and only mistake. I let number four subside long enough for her to catch her breath. Sexual aggression took over.

She’s not a Dom, but she loves a good hard fuck session! And I mean loves! Two, three, four times a day! More than 20 orgasms doesn’t completely satisfy her. So, she can be aggressive to get what she wants.

Before I could get to rubbing that G-spot again, she twisted on the bed. My fingers slid out, as she pulled away. I rolled back to in defense, so I ended up on my back diagonally on the bed, confused and wondering what was happening. I had my hands up beside my head. I guess I looked like a scared puppy.

She never missed a beat. She rolled right into orgasm number five, but it wasn’t going to be by my fingers. She rolled back towards me and lifted her sexy long legs right over my chest and face. She lifted her torso and ended straddled directly over my chin.

“What I move!” I thought to myself. It was slick, and slick was also the word to describe her kitty when she grabbed my hair and shifted up so that her wet, still quivering, kitty was on my lips. She smiled a devilish grin looking down at my wild eyes. She wasn’t giving any quarter. She wanted number five, six, seven… And these were going to be by my tongue.

She leaned forward and shifted just a tad, so her clit was right on my upper lip. She rotated her hips as I pushed my tongue up. She was salty to taste. “Her cum” I thought to myself. She was saltier when she came. Creamier, too!

She hesitated and held steady as I pushed my tongue up under her clitoral hood and swirled around the smooth little ball that was super swelled up and engorged now. Hard, like a tiny penis head. My mind was wondering.

I came back to reality quickly to her quivering kitty as she hit number five and started jerking above me. I pushed my tongue inside as far as I could and then sucked hard on her clit to push her right into number six if you could count that way. This one hit her even harder. Her left hand grabbed her gorgeous full boob above my face and squeezed firmly. That merter escort always meant good things were happening.

As number six eased, she immediately started pushing for number seven, grinding on my tongue and lips. My lips would be swollen after this, but it was so worthwhile. I tried to get my tongue up around her clit again but couldn’t get there. Her continuous rubbing was too firm. She was getting off on my face. Number seven hit her. She dropped down, bent, and grabbed my head, pulling me in and holding me tightly against her. I was right on her clit, so I sucked hard. She groaned and giggled. She looked down at me, smiling.

“How many was that?” She asked.

“14.” I blurted proudly!

She giggled and said “No it wasn’t.” “Seriously?” She asked.

“Four then!” I answered like I was insulted.

“No!” She laughed.

She started grinding again just to be smart and said “Keep eating!”

I licked for a few moments staring up at her through that beautiful tuft of pubic hair, smiling a smile that she could only see in my eyes. What she didn’t know, though, was that I had not yet launched my secret weapon. That move I knew would get her through number eight and probably number nine.

I had gently snuck my hands up where they were firmly cupping each cheek of her perky beautiful tight little ass. I had index finger number one perfectly positioned for entry into that tight little bum hole at just the right moment, still yet to be determined. Thumb number two was on standby for back up to get to orgasm number nine and number ten.

She loved fingers in her ass. Hers and mine. I did too. I’d surprise her with it. She would definitely do a little dance on my nose.

I thought for a moment she was going to give up at seven. She does that sometimes, but it’s usually showing pity on me because I’m older and tired. Rarely because she doesn’t want more. So, a little encouragement will get her motor running again.

I started licking again with more purpose. I sucked her swelled lips into my mouth. I swirled them around my tongue. That drew a moan and got her repositioning again so that her clit was accessible. I pulled a fast one though and hunched down so I could run my tongue around the lower end of that kitty, where the juices were thick and salty, and flowing! She arched put her head up and disappeared from my view when I swirled her tight little butt hole.

When I moved down, it exposed her clit and gave her the opportunity to rub one or two out for herself. With my tongue assisting, of course. She jumped on it and rubbed it frantically. The jewelry on her hand in her clitoral hood rattled and tinged together. Her hips started rotating as I guessed number eight was starting. With her rubbing, number nine would be close behind.

Now was the time for my secret weapon adding the index finger into her arse. She squealed and lifted as I pushed it in firmly. It slid in easily with all the juices covering everything in the area. It slid in to the second knuckle. The squeal and half giggle, half gasp, that came out of her was to die for. She didn’t say it, but I translated her reaction as “oh my fucking God is that good!”

She was still convulsing from number nine unless I miscounted. I was about to push Mr. Thumb in for number 10 when she surprised me and rolled off, gasping for breath. I wiped all the juices off my face which coated me the whole way down to my ears. I looked over at her, laying on her back. I was surprised but had a nice sense of accomplishment going and almost snickered that “I actually wore her out” for a change. But I held back a moment until she caught her breath. She looked over at me with the big grin. She was happy. I was satisfied.

She giggled a little looking over at me and said “Okay. Are you going to fuck me now or what?”

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Amber’s College Experience Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are over the age of 18. The entire story is fiction as are all characters. Any likeness a character has to someone in real life is merely circumstantial.

This story may not be copied without the direct permission of the author (me!)

If you enjoy the story or have any (positive or constructive) comments, please let me know.


I was always told I was a tease… I guess it all came around to bite be in the ass.

I was 18 at the University of London, getting my sociology degree. my first term so far all but sucked. I was failing all my classes, I hadn’t gone to any parties and I hadn’t hooked up with any boys. It was ridiculous. I’d never called myself thirsty before, but quite frankly I could really use a good fuck. The only social contact I seemed to have was with the girl I shared an apartment with: Crystal. No, she wasn’t a stripper, but with a name like that you wouldn’t know otherwise.

It was 31st October and a Saturday, so there were a dozen halloween parties on around my campus. I had gone out and bought myself a particularly raunchy playboy bunny costume from a little boutique on the edge of town. The kind of place that you wore sunglasses and a large hat when you walked in. It was black latex with a built-in zipper between my legs, going up to my ass. Of course, I wasn’t planning on needing it for my ass: I am not that kind of a girl!

The outfit came with several optional accessories, not least of which was a fluffy puffy bunny tail, elegantly presented on the end of a small metal butt plug. The box didn’t boast such a statement and instead just showed the girl with a little bunny tail. I suppose it did state in bold letters: ‘ADULT PLAYBOY SLUT’ on the front, but damn: I didn’t expect this.

Tossing the sex ornament into my little clutch bag, I looked through the other accessories, which all were much more mundane and included a pair of bunny ears stuck onto a hair band, a little white silk bow tie and a pair of latex white gloves. As I slipped the outfit on, I felt the latex constrict around me, hugging my supple little teen body.

I looked in the mirror, now all dressed up and gave myself a twirl. My tits looked great. They really showed in this outfit, which was nice because usually my 36C’s didn’t get as much attention as one might hope. Too many chunky ladies at my school for anyone to care about mosquito bites.

I sat down at the makeup mirror and began to put on my face. 25 minutes later, I was all dolled-up and was ready to party. I had given myself smokey black eye shadow and coated my lips in pink glistening lip gloss. The boys wouldn’t be able to keep themselves off me: every one of them imagining my puffy wet lips engulfing their cock.

I headed out my dorm and headed across campus to my choice party, clutch bag in hand. I don’t know why I had decided to bring the butt plug; I just had. Before I even started nişantaşı escort climbing the stairs to Colin’s dorm I could hear them shouting and raving. Colin was a freshman in my Quantitative Research class. He always sat in front of me and I will admit I had a little crush on him. He looked like the classic prince charming from the movies: combed back blonde hair, blue eyes, gorgeous lips, toned body, nice deep voice, etc. I felt myself get wet as I climbed. I scolded myself as I felt the damp on my shaven legs in the late night air.

With only a small black g-string between me and the glorified latex lingerie I was masquerading as an appropriate halloween costume, I found myself playing it safe most the night. I never sat down and never bent over. The outfit was hot, sure, but I wasn’t going to risk giving the entire party a view of what was underneath.

After a long night of small talk and dancing, I found myself talking with a three fellow freshmen: Two pretty fit guys called Chip and Lionel, and a small asian girl who went by Kimmie. We were stood outside on the balcony whilst the guys smoked, though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t tobacco in their roll-ups.

The wind-chill was harsh on my skinny little legs and my feet felt like they should have blood pouring out the bottoms, having endured five long hours in my monstrous 4-inch heels. My head was spinning from all the booze I’d had throughout the night and the weed smoke wasn’t helping matters.

Lionel had one last drag of his dying bud and flicked it off the edge, before walking back inside. Kimmie eagerly followed him like a little puppy, leaving me and Chip alone, the door slamming shut around the corner and the noise of the party lowering to nothing above a hum.

Up until this point, I had barely said a word. My mother had always taught me that men liked women to be seen and not heard, and as far as I could tell in the world, she wasn’t wrong. Chip was staring at me as he smoked and I felt my pale white face turn a little pink in the moonlight.

“So,” he began, “what are you supped to be?”

I gave him a bemused look back and pointed to my bunny ears, smiling. “Come on, you can’t miss it.”

“A rabbit?” He was clearly playing with me now, a small smirk creeping onto his face.

“A bunny! A playboy bunny.” I made a kissy-face and gave a little wiggle of my hips in an attempt to emphasise the “playboy” qualities.

“Oh right, sure.” He continued in an inquisitive tone: “Don’t bunnies have little tails?”

I looked back at my bulging backside, the small zip hidden and indistinguishable from the latex material that it brought together.

“Not this bunny,” I lied.

“You should get your money back,” he jeered, his smirk now visible, “a bunny without a tail, come on?”

My dutch courage kicking in, I retorted: “well if you must know, it came with a tail. I’m just not wearing it.”

“Why çapa escort wouldn’t you wear it?”

Oh shit! What else should I have suspected?

“Well…It’s…I…” I began to stammer.

He cut me off in my rambling. “I saw it in the store. It definitely had a tail.”

My face became one big smile as I broke into a laugh, shoving him playfully: “Oh my god! You knew?!”

“Yes, I knew,” he said back to me. “I was shocked to see someone brave enough to wear it. You have to have a good figure for that outfit.”

I gave him a little spin. “And do I pull it off?”

“Oh you pull it off, alright,” he said, stepping into me as he did, pulling one arm around my waist.

A line like that usually wouldn’t work on me. I don’t know if it was because I was drunk, or I was simply gagging for a good fuck, but I leant back into him. My arms now on his chest, I had my lips inches from his.

He pulled me in, his tongue exploring my mouth and I practically melted into him. He held me close as his hand creeps up to my chest. With remarkable precision and care he releases my breast from the bustier of the costume and begins to kneed it gently with his hand. I moan into him as he fondles me, my whole world consumed by his passionate embrace.

He pulls his lips off mine and moves to my neck, pulling me deeper into his embrace. His hand now intermittently squeezing my nipple, his other hand moved further down my back, past my waist, to my ass. I feel him gliding between my legs until his hand is caught by the zipper.

His hand lingers there as he continues to seduce my neck, whilst I gaze out onto the empty campus below us. I feel my pussy getting wet and lose complete control of myself: becoming an animal of nothing but lust. I felt like a bitch in heat as I ground myself against his body, one hand now firmly rubbing his cock over his trousers, as if I needed the genie free from his lamp. I couldn’t hold back any longer. “Unzip me,” I whispered in his ear, feeling myself soaked between my legs.

He didn’t need any more instruction. He pulled the zipper, revealing my hot swollen pussy to the open air. I felt the zip continue up to also reveal my ass, until no teeth remained. I couldn’t wait any longer, I reached behind myself, taking his hand in mine and guided his fingers past my little g-string and into my dripping wet pussy. As soon as I felt the first of his thick fingers reach inside me, I came.

You have to understand, it had been so long! I was on the verge of cumming all night, what with the latex rubbing against me for so long. His fingers were the first human contact my little body had received in over 4 months and I clearly needed it.

After the initial orgasm was over, he quickly repositioned me, spinning me around and standing behind me so that he could get a better angle to both finger and grope me at the same time. I was now looking at the brick fatih escort wall to the apartment. The hum of the party still quiet, told me that the balcony door around the corner remained closed.

He slipped another finger inside me and I felt myself building again to a second orgasm. I felt myself snap out of my lust-fuelled daze long enough to consider how selfish I was being: I should probably suck him off. My mind quickly slipped back into a red haze as he firmly gripped my nipple between his thumb and forth-finger. I felt the involuntary arching of my back, pushing my head back and let a little moan escape my lips.

Once again he began to kiss my neck. I felt his teeth scrape across my tender flesh, the feeling echoing out as goosebumps down my arm. My next orgasm rising to the top, he retracted his fingers from inside me and moved upwards to my clitoris, where his soaking wet fingers massaged into me with deliberate strokes. My moans twisted, becoming new sounds that to this day I am not sure I could make if I tried. My mouth made an ‘O’ shape as he pinched my nipple hard between his fingers and I felt myself cum. He strummed me like a guitar as I felt myself ejaculate for the first time in my life, squirting on the floor of the balcony as I made a high-pitched cry of utter pleasure, my eyes rolling to the back of my head.

When it all ended, I slumped against him, my arms struggling to find something to hold as my feet had lost their footing. In my drunken state I panicked and shot a look to the entrance to the balcony, which to my relief was still empty. He picked me up, guiding me with his hand to my feet and I clutched the balcony railing.

It took several minutes for me to calm down. In that time, he had clambered round behind me once more and taken the liberty of zipping me back up, my pussy now encased in it’s metal prison. I forced the outfit back over my chest and pulled out my phone to check my makeup. Of course, it was totally fine – thank God I use waterproof EVERYTHING.

I turned to him and he kissed me once more. It was a fleeting embrace before he let me go, backing up to the apartment, away from the ledge… away from me.

“Call me, baby,” were the last words I heard from him before seeing him disappear around the corner and out of site. In my hand, I clutched a scrap of paper he had left. On it was simply 10 digits and a little ‘x’.

The journey home was cold, especially in my dishevelled post-orgasm state. The booze kept me somewhat warm and by the time I got across campus it was even starting to get light. Chip was nowhere to be seen when I had returned inside and honestly I didn’t see a reason to stick around without him there. I did see Kimmie getting a rather public fondling from Lionel on the couch just before I left. Thank God Chip was more subtle!

When I got back, I stripped down and hopped in the shower. Pulling on some comfy PJ’s, I clambered into bed, exhausted. I pulled out my phone and typed up a message to Chip, before thinking better of it. ‘You gotta keep em’ keen’, my mom’s voice ringed in my ear.

I set my phone down and rolled over. The next thing I knew, I was in a deep dream-filled sleep.

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Christmas Eve

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Could Peppermint Schnapps take the place of candy canes? If I put enough of it in my coffee, would it get me in the holiday spirit? I doubted it, but I was willing to try. I signaled to the bartender again and looked around. Maybe someone could help me get in the spirit. I wasn’t the only one stuck in the airport until the runways could be plowed.

There was a middle-aged man in a suit about three seats away. He looked at me and raised an eyebrow, and I considered him. About forty-five, just a touch of salt in his mostly-pepper hair. His face was tanned, but he had crow’s feet around his eyes. He shifted, about to get up and join me, and I could see his beer belly. I frowned and turned away, stretching out my bare legs and barely concealing a yawn. I would keep looking. I could tell he was disappointed, but at least I wouldn’t be.

Movement at the door caught my eye, and I swivelled to take a look. Oh, my goodness… And he was heading my way. Twenty-five, six-foot-two, dark blond hair spilling into his green eyes. His shoulders were wide, his stomach was flat, and I knew he could keep up with me in bed. He slid up to the bar right next to me, and planted a kiss near my left ear. kağıthane escort “Corinne, you sexy thing, what are you doing here? I thought I would never see you again.”

This was Will, my last summer fling. Neither of us lived in town, but passed through now and then. My parents lived there. He used to work there. We were both on our way for Christmas Eve. And we had tonight to relight the spark.

I put my hand on his knee and slid it up his thigh. “I’m spending the night in the airport, all alone. What are you doing here?”

He stroked a curl of my hair back behind my ear and looked deep into my eyes. “I’m getting lucky, I hope.” Will leaned forward and kissed me, firm and wanting. He took another step closer to me, pushing between my legs and hiking my shirt up another two inches. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen when he discovered I was still in the habit of not wearing underwear. I wrapped my legs around him.

One of Will’s hands dropped to my breast, cupping me gently and running his thumb across my nipple. It was already alert, but I could feel it swelling even more. I pulled my mouth away from his and found his ear şişli escort instead. I exhaled slowly, then ran the tip of my tongue around the outer edge. I could feel Will squirm, and he bumped his hips into me. His mouth found my neck, his teeth nipped me, and I let out a little squeal.

“Here’s your bill. Go get a room.” The bartender placed a slip of paper on the bar next to me. Will pulled out his wallet, threw a twenty on the bar, and pulled me away.

“Do you have a room somewhere?” I asked him.

“No, do you?”

“No, so where can we go?” I wanted him, wanted him desperately. I wanted to rip his clothes off him, climb up on top of him and ride him until we were both screaming. The bulge in his pants told me he wanted the same thing. He pushed me into a lounge, empty but lined with windows. Will made his way over to the far corner, dragging me along with him. There was a large potted Ficus tree in the corner, which he shoved aside. “Right here, Corinne. We’re going to fuck right here.”

I helped him unzip his pants, and then he reached under my skirt. “I knew I could count on you for this,” he murmured as he slid one finger into my moistness. I could fındıkzade escort already feel it starting to slide down my thighs. My pussy was ready for Will. He grasped me around the hips and boosted me up, bracing my back against the corner walls and wrapping my thighs around his waist. He slowly lowered me down onto his huge, hard cock. I couldn’t resist one low moan. I had missed the feeling of that dick inside me. I could already feel myself tightening around him.

I gasped in surprise at the sound of a loudspeaker announcement right over my head. Will felt me jump a little and chose that moment to start thrusting. As more flights were cancelled and delayed around us, we wasted no time. I rocked with him, letting him fill me up. He took one hand off my ass to reach inside my bra, pinching my nipple as he continued to fuck me. I squirmed but couldn’t get away. I just moved faster and faster, sliding back and forth around him. I was about to orgasm, and I wanted to scream. I dug my nails into Will’s shoulders, gripping him with my hands and my cunt. He pounded me into the wall, pounded me and pounded me some more. I came, my head flung back and shrieking. Will came too, grunting and straining.

He let me down, and we both fixed our clothes. I ran my fingers through my hair, and looked out into the main room of the lounge. It was no longer empty. Before they led us out, I noticed that both security guards had raging boners. Seeing me get fucked will do that to a guy.

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An American Count

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Author’s note: I am taking creative license with nobility titles in this story, even though these titles are not allowed to be used in Austria since before 1918. Enjoy!


“Thanks for meeting with me today, Mr. Wagner. Please come in. We have a lot to go over today.” the middle-aged lawyer said to the young business man as they shook hands.

“Please, Mr. Anderson, call me Luke. I hope we can keep things casual. Formalities and I don’t mix well.” The dark-haired twentysomething replied as he took a seat in the attorney’s well-apportioned office.

“Very well, Luke,” Anderson continued, “As you know, I’ve been working on your father’s estate for some time and I believe we finally have it resolved. From our previous correspondence, you are aware that your family had holdings in Europe, specifically Upper Austria where your father’s ancestors are originally from. As it turns out, the holdings are quite a bit more significant than we first thought. Financially, there is enough to make you quite a rich man. You’ll most likely never have to work again. But there’s more. There’s also a home near Freistadt, near the Czech Republic border. Well, not so much a home. More like a castle. A very large one, actually. And, most intriguing of all, you have a royal status.”

“Excuse me?” Luke interrupted. “Did you say a royal status?”

“That is correct,” the lawyer responded. “Your great-great grandfather held the title of Count and it is hereditary, even though your great grandfather immigrated to America before World War One. Since you are the only heir to your father’s estate, you are entitled to the nobility. You are now Count Wagner XII.”

Luke sat stunned in the barrister’s office. Royalty? he thought. Why hadn’t his father said something before? What does a Count do? Am I still an American or an Austrian? The questions swam through his head. “Mr. Anderson, what should I do next?” he asked.

“Well, Luke,” Anderson replied, “If I were you, I would want to go see my new inheritance firsthand. You have the funds to fly there today and stay as long as you like. I have statement here with your various accounts and the ways and means to access those funds immediately if you’d like. The local baroness and her family currently live in the castle. They have been notified of your imminent arrival and have assured me that the transition will be smooth.”

“Thank you, Mr. Anderson,” Luke said as he too the account books. “I believe I’ll go as soon as possible. I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe. Now I have a reason to go.”


Lukas Wagner thought himself as far from royalty as one could get. He was born in Gravel City, Michigan, the only child of Gil and Dana Wagner, and had to grow up fast. Luke’s mother died of a heart attack at the age of 29. Luke was 7. His father took on more work and various part-time jobs which left Luke in after-school programs and occasional sitters until he was 11, then on his own at home throughout middle and high school. Luke and his father had a good albeit disconnected-at-times relationship. Gil always made sure that he and his son had a roof over their heads and food in the fridge, but their time together in Luke’s formative years were slight.

Despite his disadvantages at home, Luke graduated from high school fourth out of over 300 which earned him a full-ride scholarship to the Ivy League university of his choice, but he decided to stay a little closer to home. Southern Michigan University School of Business gladly accepted Luke and he earned his degree in Business Management in just under four years. Although he set a rigid study pace, he still had time to socialize and had his share of college flings. Coed dorms made it easy for students to explore the opposite sex and enjoy one another.

Luke had a few girlfriends but decided against getting serious with anyone until after he graduated. Focusing on career, he landed a job with a local firm and in two short years was promoted to office manager then junior vice-president a year after that. Now, two years after the second promotion and nine months after his father’s passing, Luke had more money than he could spend in two lifetimes, a castle in Austria, and a royal status. How fortunes can change from one moment to the next!


“Good Evening, passengers. Austrian Airlines Flight 201 to Innsbruck will be landing in a few minutes,” the flight attendant’s voice squawked over the intercom. “Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. Thank you for flying Austrian Airlines.”

Luke had chosen not to charter a private flight to Europe, opting to fly commercial (he did go first class though) and take his time and see a few sights like London, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Now on approach to Innsbruck, Luke would have to contract a private flight to Linz then figure out transportation to Freistadt and the castle twenty miles northwest. After resigning his position şişli escort with his employer, Luke purchased both software to try to learn the Austrian German language/dialect and a German/English dictionary for translation help on the fly.

Luke bought some new clothes and stayed the night in Innsbruck then chartered a private plane to take him to Linz. From Linz, Luke rented a car and drove the last 40 miles to Freistadt then on to his new home. The castle was visible a couple miles out and was nestled in the lower part of the Gratzener Bergland mountains. When Luke finally approached the citadel, he stopped the rented car and got out, aghast at the sheer size and beauty of the structure. He shed a few tears wishing his father could see the incredible sight that was now his, then got back in the car and continued up the mountain drive to the front gate.

Luke parked the European sedan near the front door on the circle drive and walked to the door. He had a duffel bag of new clothes and account books with millions of Euros. He puzzled at what he should do next. It was his house, his castle, he thought, but didn’t want to just walk in without announcing his arrival. The decision was made for him when the door opened and a short, slender woman in her mid-fifties met him.

“Welcome, Count Wagner,” the woman spoke in English and bowed slightly. Her accent turned the W’s into V’s and reminded Luke of the old vampire movies he used to watch on late-night television. “I am the Baroness Valentina Lehner. We have been expecting you. Won’t (Von’t) you please come in and make yourself comfortable after your long journey?”

“Thank you, Baroness,” Luke replied and returned her bow with one of his own. “Thank you for your hospitality.”

“Thank you for yours, my Lord,” the titled lady said. “My family has lived in your castle for three generations. We are still trying to find new accommodations, but my family and I will be out of the castle by tonight.”

“Baroness,” Luke replied, “Please accept my invitation for you and your family to stay here until your new accommodations are ready. There seems to be more than enough room for all. And I would enjoy the company of someone familiar with this place and with the local history. Please stay and be my guest for a while.”

“You are most kind, Sire,” the Baroness answered. “There is only myself and my daughter Sophia. The staff is, of course, pledged to you and will stay after we leave. Now, please, my Lord, come inside and familiarize yourself with your new home.”


Luke had done some research on castles in the area and there were even a few pictures of his new home online. From his investigation, he learned that most castles were damp, drafty dwellings that needed fires lit in every room. Often, cold stone walls and leaky roofs meant sickness and early death for castle inhabitants up until the late 19th Century. But when Luke stepped through the high-arched doorway he felt an instant warmth. Modern amenities such as an updated furnace and air conditioning system kept the stone residence comfortable year-round. Newer furniture sat upon carpeted floors and flat screen TV’s hung next to works of art on the granite walls.

“We hope you approve of the changes made to your home, my Lord,” the Baroness said as she walked Luke through the parlor. The baroness pushed a button near the doorway and Luke heard a bell ring throughout the house. In less than a minute, the house staff was assembled in the parlor, ready for the new Count’s inspection:

“Johann is your Diener- your butler. He will attend to your day-to-day needs and oversee the rest of the staff.” Johann was a tall, balding man of approximately sixty dressed in a black suit with a high-collared white shirt and bow tie. He bowed slightly at Luke but did not speak.

“Maximillian is the house chef along with his son and assistant, Tobias. They are very skilled cooks and can prepare anything you crave.” Both Maximillian and Tobias were dressed in white chef’s outfits and aprons with their names monogrammed on them. Maximillian was a large dark-haired man with thin slicked-back hair. He nodded at Luke while he held his toque blanche in his big hands. Tobias was a younger, thinner version of his father with thicker, similarly colored hair. At 6’2″, Luke didn’t have to look up to many people, but Tobias towered over him by at least four inches. Luke thought Tobias probably had no problem finding female companionship as he was a strikingly handsome young man.

“And these are your two handmaidens, Anna and Marie. They are responsible for making sure your home is clean and fresh, my Lord. They also see to the laundry and shopping duties. Please let them know if there is anything you desire, and they will endeavor to please you.” Both women were dressed alike in black maid outfits, but were in divergence physically. Marie was a short brunette, lithe in build and no older than twenty-one. She was levent escort a pretty young woman with brown doe eyes and long dark lashes. She smiled slightly at Luke then gave a small curtsey. Anna was, by contrast, a Bavarian bombshell. Blonde and stacked, she filled out her work uniform with a massive rack that Luke guessed to be at least 40 DD. She stood about 5’10” with dancer’s legs. When she curtsied, Luke saw her giant boobs jiggle and felt the familiar stirring in his groin. Luke felt that Anna’s blue eyes could pierce through a man’s soul and that he would have to be careful around his new cleaning lady.


Johann led Luke to the master bedroom. Luke marveled at the size of the suite. He thought it was half as big as the gymnasium at his old high school and with the vaulted ceilings he thought about having a basketball hoop installed. He was also taken aback by the juxtaposition of the modern updates in the 600-year-old castle. A giant flat screen TV hung on the stone wall across from the four post king-size canopy bed; a state-of-the-art security system guarded the heavy arched door; and Luke’s Wi-Fi signal on his smartphone was as strong as he’d ever seen it. He opened the drapes and looked out on to the fortress’ grounds. A substantial portion of the field was partitioned off by white wooden fencing. A woman was riding a brown and white horse around and over obstacles in the pen. The woman was too far away for Luke to see any distinguishing features, but he could see she was a red head and when she dismounted the steed her head came to just below the horse’s back, making her about five and a half feet. It must be the Baroness’ daughter, Sophia, he thought. Luke had always been partial to redheaded women and he hoped to meet the baronetess soon.

Johann had offered to show the new Count the castle, but Luke decided to forgo a formal tour of his new home and explore on his own. There were twenty-seven rooms on four levels and they included a formal dining room, a game room with a full bar, and a large library with an extensive family history that Luke was itching to research. Lots of time for that, he thought to himself. Let’s see what this place is all about.

Luke started on the top level. Nothing but a few small bedrooms, one bathroom, and closets there. He descended the stone staircase to the third level. The master suite was on this floor, so Luke started from there and worked his way to the other side of the floor, checking doors as he went. He found the library at the other end of the third level and was astonished at the sheer size of the collection. Luke vowed to himself that when he was done exploring the castle he would come back and take a closer look at the tomes in the enormous library.

The second floor was where the staff lived. Most of the doors were locked and although he had a skeleton key to every door, Luke respected his new employees’ privacy. As he continued down the hallway, Luke heard sounds coming from the end of the corridor. There was a door open a quarter ajar and Luke could see that the room was a large walk-in linen closet. More sounds emanated from the large cubby and Luke clandestinely peered inside. What he saw made his eyes widen to the size of saucers. On the floor of the linen was his new maid, Marie with her top down exposing her perky B cups. She was kneeling in front of Tobias who was sporting a huge erection. Luke never cared much for comparing his penis size against other men, but Tobias was sporting at least ten inches and Marie was working her mouth over at least six of them. Marie slurped Tobias’ hard pecker in and out of her mouth while fondling his ample ballsack in her petite hand. Marie slipped Tobias’ fat rod out of her mouth with an audible popping sound then stood up and turned around so that her cute little ass was facing her lover’s gigantic dick.

Luke stepped back and around the stone door frame so that the couple couldn’t see him, but he could still observe the action. Tobias grabbed Marie’s slender hips and pulled her slight butt toward his rock-hard dong. Luke thought Marie would be split in two by the young European man’s massive member, but Marie was ready and bent at the waist grabbing ahold of one of the shelves in the closet. Tobias slid his cock into Marie’s wet and waiting cunt and the petite handmaiden moaned with delight. The assistant chef built up a rhythm that allowed him to eventually slam his meat all the way into Marie’s inviting twat. After a few minutes of taking her from behind, Tobias picked Marie up and spun her around so that she was facing him. He lowered Marie on to his rigid pole and slammed balls deep into her swollen gash. Marie tilted her head back and spoke something in German that Luke couldn’t quite make out, but the next words were loud and clear.

“Oh, GOD!!” Marie screamed as waves of pleasure tore through her body and she convulsed in a shuddering orgasm. Marie coated Tobias’ long pud in her milky emissions taksim escort as the large stud continued his assault on her spent pussy. After a few more minutes of pounding the diminutive maid’s hot box, Luke saw Tobias’ balls cinch up toward his body as he unleashed a hot load of his seed deep into Marie’s well-fucked snatch. The couple slaked long, tongue-probing kisses while Tobias’ cock deflated and quietly slipped out of Marie. His cum gushed out of her violated opening and after Tobias set Marie back on her feet, the exhausted maid grabbed a hand towel from the shelf she had previously braced herself with and wiped the semen from the floor.

Luke made a hasty but silent exit from outside the linen and made his way to the ground floor. He was still half-dazed from the impromptu sex show he witnessed a few minutes before and he realized he was sporting a rock-solid erection of his own. Luke stepped out of the large main door and into the cool mountain air to regroup. He breathed deep of the fresh Austrian air to regain his senses. After a few minutes, he composed himself and started for the front door when a sweet voice beckoned to him.

“Good Afternoon, Sire,” the voice called to Luke as he whirled around to meet a stunning redheaded woman in riding clothes bowing slightly to him. “You must be the Count Wagner. I’m sorry if I startled you, my Lord. I am Sophia Lehner, the Baroness Lehner’s daughter.” Sophia carried her mother’s accent but not as pronounced. Her fire-red locks hung in curls past her shoulders and fell gracefully on to her white shirt. Luke gazed into the noble woman’s green eyes and felt a rush of lust swell through him like a wave crashing on a beach. Sophia took Luke’s hand and led him back into the entryway. “Come, Sire. Maximillian will have lunch prepared for us and we can get better acquainted.”


Luke and Sophia lunched in the smaller dining room adjacent to the parlor. They chatted about their lives as they ate toasted ham and swiss sandwiches. Luke told Sophia about life in the Midwest and his time studying at SMUB and his recent windfall. She filled him in about life at Castle Heidenreich, now renamed Castle Wagner in his honor. Sophia was born in the master bedroom where Luke now resided and grew up inside the citadel walls and property, leaving only for a brief time to study veterinary medicine at the University of Vienna. She returned to the castle three years ago to take care of the horses in the stables and render her services to the farms and folks in the small villages in the surrounding area. Her father, the Baron Manfred Lehner, had died just after Sophia returned home from college, which left her mother and herself, Baroness and Baronetess, respectively, to dwell at the castle until they were notified that the heir to the Wagner fortune had been found.

“My mother tells me that you are letting us stay here until we have acquired new accommodations,” Sophia said after she finished relaying her life history to Luke. “You are most generous, my Lord. My mother and I are in your debt.”

“Well,” Luke replied, “I don’t really know anyone here so you’re actually doing me a favor by staying. Johann isn’t much of a conversationalist, so it will be nice to have someone to talk to, when you not doing your veterinary rounds that is. And please, call me Luke. I don’t even know what a Count is supposed to do! I have lawyers and accountants that do most of my ‘counting’ for me, if you know what I mean.” They both laughed, and Luke felt an instant kinship with Sophia. After a few minutes, Marie entered the dining room to clear the lunch dishes. Luke stared at the diminutive maid, replaying the erotic scene with her and Tobias in his head that had occurred in the second-floor linen closet just a few hours before.

Sophia stood from the long oval dining table. “Please excuse me, Si… I mean, Luke. But I must check on one of my, I mean, your horses. He stumbled the other day and I’m trying to heal his leg so that he won’t be destroyed.”

“Will I see you for dinner tonight?” Luke asked pointedly, and then blushed a bit at his own forwardness.

“Of course,” Sophia replied as her green eyes lit up at Luke’s invitation. “Maximillian and Tobias have planned a special welcome dinner for your arrival. See you at 7 o’clock!”


After lunch, Luke went back to the third floor and into the library to do some research on his ancestors and the castle itself. He had a few hours to kill before dinner and wanted to learn a bit more about his heritage. He learned that the castle was built in 1495 for the first Count, a man named Jonas Heidenreich. Heidenreich was a hero at the Battle of Guinegate in 1479 and was given the title of Count by Archduke and Emperor Maximillian I himself. Luke flipped through more of the chronology and found that both the Wagners and the Lehners were descendants of Heidenreich, making Luke and Sophia relatives, albeit very distant ones.

Luke desperately wanted a shower before dinner, so he headed back to his room. When he arrived, he noticed the door was open and when he peered inside, he saw that Johann was in the master suite preparing Luke’s evening clothes.

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Accidental Delivery Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 – Dinner and Desert

Marie pushed off from the shelf and looked around, she really didn’t need anything from in here, she hoped nobody notices her emergence as she opened the door and stepped out. She looked around slightly paranoid that somebody might be watching her as she made her way back to her desk.

She looked at the clock and thank god it was just about time to leave, she was totally full of nervous energy as she sat down in her chair and started turning off her computer. She needed to get out of here. She was sure somebody would notice her, she knew she’d look like she just had great sex.

She picked up her bag and walked towards the elevator, and causally looked over at Nick’s station. He looked at her and she shivered as his glance was full of unrestrained passion. His eyes flared with searing passion before a mischievous grin appeared on his face and winked at her… She had to leave now before she melted into a puddle of goo on the floor.


She needed a cold shower, she was still overheated from her ‘adventure’ she couldn’t believe she had been so forward. But she couldn’t help but wonder, now the itch was scratched, would he want her anymore. Am I just another notch on his belt? She planned to make tonight as memorable as possible. She didn’t want him to drop her, she was going to fight to keep his attention.

She’d use tonight to find out more about him, but now she needed to get ready to turn him inside out, just as much as he was still doing. Too bad tomorrow wasn’t the weekend, but she certainly planned to have more than just this one night with him, or she really would chain him to her bed.


Digging through her wardrobe she wanted to find the perfect dress for the date, she had racks of blouses and ball dresses but not much in the way of what she would call exactly sexy. She despaired at her collection, she needed to go dress shopping that was for sure. Suddenly she caught sight of a dress she hadn’t had an opportunity to wear yet.

She grinned it was perfect, bronze with a small amount of glitter ingrained into the silky fabric. She quickly looked at the clock, in a hurry she grabbed the dress off the hook and dashed into the bathroom, she couldn’t believe it she only had thirty more minutes to get ready. She still needed to put on more makeup!

Marie clipped her earrings together as the doorbell rang, she sighed in relief she just made it. She grabbed her evening bag and purse off the kitchen table and walked out to the door and opened it. She just about drooled at the sight of him. He was wearing a black suit with a mocha coffee shirt that seemed to ripple in the light.

“Ready to go?” he asked with a slight purr in his voice.

She shuddered, his voice did delicious things to her. Tonight was going to be a hot one. “Sure, lets go,” she inflected her own purr as she walked out the door past him and locked up.

He needed a moment to compose himself, what was it about mousy Marie that made him feel like a raging beast? He wanted to rip off that tight dress and take her up against the wall, tonight was going to be hard. If he was going to have to struggle tonight, so would she. He was going to make sure of it, he smirked deviously then turned and walked down the steps to his car parked on the side of the street.

She was certainly in for it tonight she thought as she watched Nick, he looked like a predator ready to pounce on his prey and devour it. She needed to try and keep him contained or she’d be totally lost by the end of night. He couldn’t get to much power over her, she knew exactly where this was headed.

He was sweating again, the atmosphere inside his car had become as steamy as a jungle. He almost didn’t want to continue with this dance and just take her back to the apartment and ravish her all night, but that would be a sign of weakness and he didn’t want that. He bit back a growl of frustration as he entered the parking lot of the restaurant. He pushed the door open and almost sighed in relief as the cool air whipped past him, cooling his overheating body.

She grinned when she saw his tense frame relax as he stepped out of the car, it was good he was just as hot as she was. She opened the door and stepped out into the crisp air, feeling the coolness wrap around her. With a sigh of relief she walked towards the doors without waiting for Nick. She looked over her shoulder and tossed him a cheeky grin and stepped inside.

He growled, she was playing with him. He had to teach her a lesson, nobody toyed with him and got away with it. He smirked again as he pushed off from his car and locked it then set the alarm before striding towards the entrance. She was going to regret toying with him, he thought.

She was really in trouble now as she looked back and saw Nick approaching her, she hid a grin, prodding the beast was proving to be quite entertaining. Though skipping these formalities would have been better, remembering the hot and hard press of his chest against hers in the supply Escort Eryaman closet sent a shiver down her spine.

Nick leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear, “You’re a very naughty woman Marie, don’t think that you’ve gotten away with it, two can play this little game of yours,”

She shuddered and then grinned, her plan really was working as they approached the concierge desk to place their orders. She had to bite back a gasp as his hand ran up her leg to the leg band of her panties. She had to control her breathing and keep the waver out of her voice as she ordered a salad and a steak with mushroom sauce.

Nick leaned over and growled in her ear, “Sounds delicious,” he extracted his hand and ordered the same.

She had to get him back she thought as she sat at the table they were directed to. He decided on being extremely wicked right there, she’d do the same she thought with a wicked glint in her eye.

“What are you planning there?” he said huskily.

“You’ll just have to wait and see won’t we?” she said with a grin.

They were seated at a table up against the wall mostly covered from view of the room. She looked around quickly observing the area, only a few diners close by. She could put her plan into action. She slipped her shoes off and rubbed her feet together, she smirked to herself. Her woollen stockings would come nicely into play here. She slid her foot up Nick’s leg slowly watching the heat simmer in his eyes.

“Watch what you’re doing there, you’re playing with fire. And when you play with fire you get burned,” Nick said huskily. She was going to be the death of him that was one thing for sure he muttered to himself.

“Can you handle it though Nick?” she purred as her foot slid up his tense calf to his thigh and continued slowly moving. The long table cloth was a nice advantage as there was no way the approaching waiter would see what she was doing. As soon as he reached them with two baskets with bread in them she pushed her foot against his rock hard cock and rubbed him with the rough wool. He jerked in the seat as his jaw went rigid.

“Are you ok sir?” asked the waiter concerned, regarding Nick’s uncomfortable state as redness bloomed across his cheeks.

“Yes, everything is fine,” he said struggling to keep his voice level as Marie rasped her foot against his aching cock.

“Ok sir, this is the entree. I will be back with your meals shortly,” said the waiter as he placed the baskets on the table, he turned sharply and walked away.

Nick growled under his breath, “You’re really evil you know that right Marie?”

She grinned deviously and said, “What? Can’t take the heat?”

Nick’s eyes darkened and he growled, “I’ll show you heat,” he pushed off one of his shoes and slid his wool sock covered foot up her calf to her thigh and rolled it around in circles. Biting back a groan as her foot continued its torture on his cock. He leaned over the table and plucked some bread from the basket and started eating it slowly. Savouring the rich texture of the butter melted into the bread.

Marie bit back a gasp as his foot slid higher up her thigh as she watched him eat the bread. Teasing her, her foot slowed down in her rubbing. He grinned, he was getting to her, he needed to get some of the power that she had taken from him. He was going to be controlling this, he’d make her crack for sure.

She reached into the basket and pulled out some bread and stroked her foot over his cock making him jerk and gasp. His eyes darkened further closer towards black. She grinned, they were both running hot now and dinner still had not arrived yet. They’d need every single piece of it as they were in for a long night.

“You won’t win,” Nick growled at her, his blood was running hot now. His face was burning and fuzzy prickles of heat danced all over his chest and down his spine. He grasped the jug of water and poured a glass and drank deeply.

“Oh I see otherwise,” she purred, feeling just as much heat. She hadn’t had so much excitement in what she thought might be forever.

“Well we will just have to see who comes out on top then won’t we?” he asked setting the glass back on the table and picking up another piece of bread. His toes rubbed in a tight circle on her thigh in a rough pattern.

It was a struggle to breathe normally as his rough foot scraped her thigh, she also had to keep the pressure up on him, not let him breathe or she’d be lost if he was afforded the chance to direct his full attention to her. She reached out and grabbed another piece of bread.

Time seemed to pass by rather quickly while they were intent on keeping up their teasing of each other. He spotted the waiter returning with their plates and smirked, time to get his revenge. Once he was at their table he pushed his foot up and stroked his toe over her panties. She jerked and swallowed a gasp.

“Everything ok here?” asked the waiter as he set down their plates.

“Yes everything is fine,” said Marie, breathily as the heavenly Eryaman Escort smell from the plates surrounded her.

“Very good, Enjoy your meals,” he said with a knowing smile and walked off.

Marie giggled slightly and said, “He knows,”

Nick grunted not willing to answer as he picked up his fork and started sawing through the meat. “You’re mean Marie,” he said as he shovelled some of the meat into his mouth and groaned at the flavour exploding in his mouth.

She grinned and ate some of the meat and stroked his thigh, her leg was starting to ache so she switched legs and continued eating the rich plump steak.

She was intent on driving him crazy, he was worried that he was going to burst and end up embarrassing himself. He wanted the dinner to end so he could get himself under control again. He needed to try and keep her off balance or he was screwed, he rubbed his foot against her lips making her jerk again.

That man was seriously trying to kill her she thought as sensual heat boiled through her. She had to get through this and then the desert before she could wrestle full control of this situation. She had him exactly where she wanted him and how she’d do it once they were driving away from here.

Once they were done with the salad the waiter returned. He gave them both a measured look as it was all but impossible for them to retain their composure as they were both sweating and breathing faster than normal. “Did you want to order a dessert?” asked the waiter.

“Caramel fudge and vanilla ice cream i’ll have,” said Marie.

“And you sir?” asked the waiter.

Marie rubbed her foot over his groin again making him tense, “Chocolate ice cream and fudge,”

“There’s certainly going to be some gossip about us later,” she whispered huskily, rubbing her foot up his cock and down again in tight circles.

Nick groaned and said, “You really are evil you know that?” He rubbed his foot over her mound making her tense.

Soon enough the waiter returned with their deserts. He put down up the plates and with a smile he said, “Enjoy your deserts,” and walked away.

She looked down at her ice cream, it would have been so much better had she been able to eat it off his chest she thought with a devilish smirk as she stroked her foot over his groin and up to his belt. He looked at her with fire blazing in his eyes as he picked up his spoon and shovelled up some of the rich chocolate.

He pushed the spoon into his mouth at the same time that he rubbed his foot over her panties again. They were sending each other crazy with desire as they ate their desserts. Wanting to speed it up but not willing to show their impatience to each other. He knew one thing, tonight was going to be a long hot one.

The rich caramel fudge coated her tongue and throat as she swallowed it, groaning as the flavour exploded across her tongue. She wanted Nick so badly, but that would give a lot of power over to him if he found that weakness. She’d have to grit her teeth and bare it until they were finished.

When Nick removed his foot, Marie smirked at him and rubbed his groin again before dropping hers. “What’s the matter Nick?” she purred.

He only looked at her as he raised his arm, waving over the waiter, “Check, please,” he said in a strained voice. Still he didn’t reply to her question, afraid he’d lose that last bit of sanity and patience. That woman was in for a ride! The bill paid, he suddenly stood up.

A surprised look appeared on her face as she asked, “Where are you going?”

“Back to the car, I’m done here.”

The surprise faded as she saw him buttoning up his jacket to cover up the impressive bulge in his pants. She watched him turn and walk out of the restaurant. Licking her lips after taking another spoonful of the delicious ice cream, she smiled. Oh I’m going to have so much fun tonight, she thought at she finished her dessert and then got up to leave as well.

He walked towards his car as controlled as he could make it, even the cool air out here was unable to cool him off. He was so hard it hurt, he reached down and adjusted himself discreetly, Marie would be along soon, certainly not enough time for him to be able to regain control over himself.

She walked towards him, she was just as flushed as he was. He smirked, seduction was always a double edged sword. Both parties could be burned so easily, he slid inside his car and unlocked the door waiting for Marie to come.

She grinned, he was still flushed, it would make her plan easier she thought as she opened the door and stepped into the car. Pulling the door shut she pulled on her seat belt and gazed into Nick’s hungry eyes. There was no doubt about what was going to happen tonight, no question. She would certainly enjoy it, she felt the exhilaration coursing through her veins.

“Let’s go then,” he growled and started the car and leaving the parking lot. She put her purse down and stared at him, no wonder she had a crush on the man. He seemed to be quite Eryaman Escort Bayan similar in his likes to hers. To her that was very important, and the fact that he could stand her to her teasing was another shining positive.

Though she had another test for him, she smirked deviously as she waited for them to join the traffic flow. Once they were out on the road she started her plan, her nails scraped against his damp neck. He shuddered as he tried to concentrate on the road as her nails toyed with his collar.

“What do you think you’re doing? I’m trying to drive here,” he growled.

She grinned as her nails trailed down his shirt to his belt as she toyed with it. “Having some fun, chill out Nick,” she said cheekily as she pulled his belt open and teasingly popped the button on his pants.

He sucked a deep breath in, she was certainly going to kill him now as his knuckles turned white against the steering wheel. Her nails rasped against his fly sending sparks of hot flaying sensation up his spine. Sharp, hot prickles washing over his body.

She unzipped him suddenly and pulling his pants open. She grinned and said, “You came prepared,” as she exposed his throbbing hard cock, the glistening dark red head thick in her hand. She ran her nails up and down his cock making him groan and tense in the seat.

He choked on a breath as she grasped his cock firmly in her hand and stroked him, slowly, teasingly.

“Marie, you’re certainly going to pay for this,” he growled as he sat rigidly in his seat.

“I can’t wait for it,” she said huskily as she drew her nails up his cock and under the rim making him jerk and hiss.

They were still at least ten minutes away from her apartment, he didn’t think she’d try something so bold. He was almost to the breaking point, he felt as though he’d bust at any moment. He cursed loudly as her thumbnail dragged over the currently super sensitive tip. “Damn it Marie, are you trying to kill me here?” he hissed.

“Of course not, where would the fun that be?” she giggled gleefully as she continued stroking him and teasing him with her nails.

He groaned as her torture continued, he needed to be inside her before he exploded. They were close to her apartment, he needed to last until then. He was counting his blessings though as if she had put her mouth on him he would have been gone, his control was already extremely weak. Another wracking tremor passed over him as she scrapped under the rim of his cock.

This was better than any fantasy, he bit his lip to stop a moan from escaping as they turned down Marie’s street. She released his cock and tucked him back into his pants and then leaned over and kissed his neck, savouring the salty flavour of his skin.

He parked the car in the apartment parking zone and quickly buckled his belt again as Marie exited the car. He slid outside quickly and locked up his car and stalked hungrily after her, the first time was going to be hot and hard. She already had the door open and was waiting for him as he approached her down the entrance hall.

Lucky she had a ground floor apartment or he might have lost his shaky control and taken her on the stairs. He pulled the door shut and shoved her against it with a loud thud and thrust his tongue down her throat, kissing her hungrily, like he was starving for her.

She groaned against the hot and hard press of his body, this was her doing and she loved that she could get him so fired up. She wanted to feel his chest pressed up against her, out of these clothes. She grabbed the middle of his shirt and pushed him away from her, then tore his shirt open yanking it off his broad shoulders together with his jacket.

His skin was flushed with damp hairs plastered to his skin, he was just as ripped as she had imagined as her fingers trailed across his abs. He growled and unzipped her dress and yanked it off her and then tugging at her panties and tearing them off. He snapped her bra off and shoved her back against the door while her fingers worked at his belt.

“You’ve been a bad girl, and guess what happens to bad girls? They get punished,” he growled as she tore open his pants and shoved them down to his ankles. He grasped her hips and slammed his cock deep inside of her, the door rattled as she came off of it and back up against it as he slammed into her like a piston.

Her hands grasped his back as her legs wrapped around his as they thrust against each other, knowing nothing but the raging fire in each other’s eyes and the burning torrent of sensation rushing through them. The bite of her nails as they dug into his back was sending him crazy as he slammed her into the door, they trailed down lower until her nails were digging into his tight ass.

She needed to unbalance him, shock him she thought through her haze of mind-melting pleasure. Her nails dug deeper into his ass as he ravaged her against the door, her teeth raked against his neck and licked the salt from his sweat and dug her teeth in slightly biting him.

The sudden pinch of her bite send him tumbling over the edge as he exploded forcefully inside of her, as a loud roar emanated from his chest. Marie’s orgasm was triggered by his as she cried out, he groaned and shuddered against her as her walls squeezed and milked him.

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A Stroke of Good Fortune

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The Amazon guy had been gone in a flash, dumping the neighbour’s parcel in my hands and running off to his truck. I checked the label and saw it was for Mrs Fortune, the stunning blonde who lived opposite. A few hours passed, and it was now a gloriously sunny afternoon. I fancied a walk in the sun, so why not take the parcel over to her house and see if she was in.

I rang the door bell; no answer. Hmmm. I didn’t feel like carrying a parcel around with me, so I took the side gate into their back garden. I’d leave it in a safe place and drop them a note. As I stepped into the beautifully manicured garden I stopped, stared and very nearly dropped the parcel. Stretched out before me on a luxurious wooden sun lounger was Mrs Fortune, stark naked bar a pair of stylish flip-flops, a chilled glass of white wine in her hand. She raised her glass and smiled.

“Hi Matt! Is that for me? I must have missed the delivery man.”

Her long blonde hair trailed over the side of the lounger, her legs seemed endless, lithe, supple. This reclining Venus beckoned me over.

“Come on, don’t be shy, you’ve seen a woman naked before surely,” she teased, patting the seat of the lounger next to hers. Her confidence was infectious, so I did as I was bidden, trying to keep my eyes on her face, fighting the magnetic attraction of her firm, sensuous breasts.

“Join me in some wine,” she asked, tilting her head, smiling. “If I drink the whole bottle I’ll only do something I regret later.”

“Thanks Mrs F,” I said, taking a spare glass and taking a sip, the cold, refreshing hit going straight to my head.

“One condition Matt,” she purred, “you’d better strip off too, it’s far too warm for clothes.”

My mind raced. The heat of the sun, the wine, and the lure of this stunning siren buzzed in my head. Surely this was wrong, what about her husband? Clearly cock won over brain, as the next thing I knew, I was naked on a sun lounger, wine in hand, chatting to my naked neighbour. Even though I tried to disguise it, she knew I was checking her out, furtive glances at her nipples, firm in the breeze. I tried sneaking a peek between her legs; was she trimmed? shaven? I had to know.

I gave up trying to pretend not to look, she was clearly loving the attention. My eyes were mesmerised by her perfect breasts. Soft, large and firm and clearly natural. When she threw back her head and giggled, they jiggled softly, sensuously. Her nipples were proud points set in large pink disks. Every so often she would press the cold wine glass to her chest to keep them in peak condition, teasing me with a wink. I was desperately trying to keep my cock from getting out of control; thinking of dull things in order to keep myself down to a thick semi.

Mrs Fortune took a big sip of her wine, put own the glass and stretched, purring like a kitten. Arms up behind her head, she gratuitously spread her legs, drawing her feet up to her pert ass. Like a powerful magnetic force, my eyes were drawn downwards, tearing themselves away from the soft perfection of her breasts, down between her legs.

“Shaven then!” I thought to myself, though she must have either waxed or lasered to get her pussy that smooth all over. Her lips were already slick and wet, making me dangerously aroused. I forced the cold wine glass on my now burgeoning cock in an attempt to suppress my stiffening shaft. I had to do something, what could be safer? I gazed down at her feet, red nail polish glinting on her toes. That Escort Etlik had to be safe, compliment her on her makeup.

“Those are great nails Mrs F,” I blurted out, “Looks expensive, is it Chanel or something?”

“Why thank you Matt,” she said with a smile, stretching her elegant feet out straight, moving them from side to side, showing off her handiwork. The sun dazzled on a shiny silver toe ring, its glare combined with her rippling toes were quite mesmeric.

She rested her head on her hand, leaning towards me, smiling.

“I can do tricks with my toes, they’re almost as good as fingers with me. Want to see?”

She gracefully slipped off one flip-flop letting it hang on her big toe, before letting it drop to the grass. Deftly her toes gripped the other flip-flop, easing it off gently before releasing it with a flourish. She moved each toe in turn, like a pianist flexing their fingers before a concert.

“That’s some serious control you’ve got there Mrs F.” I was frankly amazed. “I bet you could probably type using your feet!”

Pivoting on her firm pert ass, she swung her legs round, resting her feet on my sun lounger. “That’s not all they do, Matt,” she whispered seductively, stroking her toes along my thigh, toes crawling towards my crotch. Before I knew it, her feet were softly massaging my cock. Staring at her expert foot work, I saw I was almost fully hard, and my smooth shaven balls were pulsing. Her delicate toes had pulled back my foreskin and my cock was laid bare before her, a river of precum streaming down my shaft. I watched transfixed as her feet massaged me, rubbing my natural lube into my shaft, squeezing, teasing most definitely pleasing.

“Holy fuck Mrs F!” I blurted out, “that’s amazing, I’ve not even had a hand job that good.”

She put a finger to her lips, “Shhh Matt, didn’t you know I’m the foot job queen?”

I gulped some wine and lay back, my eyes fixed on her toes dancing over my cock, playing me like a musical instrument. If my cock started to twitch, she would squeeze my throbbing purple helmet between her big toes, keeping me hovering on the edge of ecstasy. I lost track of how many times she brought me close, all I could do was moan gently and let it wash over me, a rolling tide of pleasures.

“Now let me show you my other skills,” she smiled, moving over to my lounger, making her way up between my legs like a prowling panther. Her hand gripped my cock hard at the base of my shaft while her mouth went to work on my smooth throbbing balls. Her tongue traced figures of eight over my balls, the hot wetness of her tongue sending a shiver through my body. Her lips kissed my scrotum then sucked and pulled, stretching me out.

“Jesus fuck, Mrs F, your mouth is even better than your feet,” I moaned.

“Let me show you what my tits can do first,” was her sultry reply. Sliding forward she massaged the head of my cock over one hard, tempting nipple and then the other. Sticky precum glistened on her breasts as she stroked my cock over her cavernous cleavage, painting herself with my natural lube.

She looked me full in the eye, licked her lips and held her breasts tight against my cock. They felt so soft, so warm as they massaged my now rock hard shaft, her hands kneading them over me. As her breasts caressed me, she flicked her hair forward, letting it trail across my chest. She gently freed her breasts, giving me one last rub, before returning my cock to her willing mouth.

She Etlik Escort popped one ball fully into her mouth, rolling her tongue over it, sucking, pulling, teasing. As she swapped to the other one, her hand started stroking my cock. A firm grip at the base, loosening as her her hand twisted on the upstroke, fingers closing over my bulging head, gathering up my precum, ready for the next stroke. Her tongue started working its way up my shaft, running over the veins that pulsed under her touch.

“Mmmm, I love the taste of your precum,” she purred, rolling her tongue under the ridge of my helmet, looking me full in the eye.

Hand tight around my shaft, her lips bobbed over my head, slurping and sucking, inhaling my precum as it gushed from my slit.

“Oh fuck Mrs F, you’re good, don’t stop.”

With that, she took me full in her mouth, eyes locked on mine, lips sliding down my shaft with no hesitation. Her eyes were wide, deep blue pools I could dive into. Mrs Fortune’s lips touched my balls as I filled her throat. She held me deep for a long lingering moment, before releasing me from her mouth. A long rope of spit and precum hung from my tip, which she wrapped around her tongue, swirling it, revelling in the taste and the texture.

Again she deep throated me, elegantly, confidently, holding me deep just before her gag point. All I could do was moan her name, and watch her give me a blow job master class, helpless in her hands, a slave to her mouth. She slowly kissed down my shaft, smiled and said

“Want to fuck me in my tight pussy? It’s so wet for you right now.”

What man could resist an offer like that, let alone one with a raging hard cock. She had straddled the lounger doggy style, face down, ass proud. One hand was dipping fingers into her swollen, shaven pussy, the sunlight reflecting on her glistening lips. She rolled her fingers in her juice then rubbed it over her hard clit, circling a fingertip over it. Her fingers dipped back into the dripping well of her pussy, returning to her clit, lubing and rubbing as I stood behind her, cock bulging.

Placing her face flat on the lounger, she reached both hands round to her ass cheeks, pulling them apart as she wiggled her butt.

“Fuck me Matt, fuck my sweet little pussy,” she demanded.

No second invitation needed, I stepped forward, one had placed firmly on her back, the other holding my cock, rubbing the tip between her moist lips, sliding down to her hot wet hole. My fingers wrapped themselves in her long blonde tresses and I pulled her by the hair onto my cock. Her pussy lips yielded, pushing back onto me and my head slipped in.

“Mmmm Mrs F, you’re so tight. Go on, take my cock,” I growled, easing my shaft slowly into her pussy, pulling her hair and grabbing her hip. My free hand slapped her ass cheek, leaving a pink imprint as she yelped. As I filled her inch by inch, I slapped her ass, the sharp sound echoing in her garden. Fully buried in her tight wet pussy, I started to thrust, each push in accompanied by a pull of her hair and a sharp slap on her ass.

Just then I heard a sound and looked up, to see the French doors slide open, and her husband step out into the garden. The sound of my last slap hung in the air as I stopped mid-thrust, frozen.

“It’s Matt isn’t it?” said Mr Fortune, breaking out into a broad smile. “I see my wife has been making you feel at home. Good work my dear. If you two could just give me a moment.”

With Etlik Escort Bayan that, he took his phone out of his pocket, placed it carefully on the free sun lounger, and proceeded to undress. His cock was long and veiny and already close to fully hard, stretching out from a dense bush of tightly curled pubes. Picking up his phone, he took pictures of me balls deep in his wife’s pussy.

“That’s one for our special album,” he said with a smile. “Don’t let me stop you, carry on and let me enjoy the show”.

He sat down, open legged, one hand holding the camera, the other stroking his now fully erect cock. I gave her ass a big slap, to let her know we were back in business, and started moving my hips, forcing my cock deep into her smooth wet pussy.

I was so turned on. The additional thrill of an audience made me push deeper, pull her hair harder. I could see her husband responding, stroking his huge cock faster as I roughly took his wife before him.

Mrs Fortune started to moan, a low hum of pleasure as her ass glowed red in the sunshine. She ground her ass on me, forcing me deep into her tight hole. I picked up speed, pushing in faster, building a rhythm of pull, slap, thrust.

“Flip her over Matt, I want some pictures of your cock fucking her pussy,” gasped her husband, his engorged cock thick in his hand.

Happy to oblige, she slipped off my cock and rolled over onto her back. I grabbed her thighs just behind the knee and pushed her legs back onto her chest, spreading her wide open. My cock plunged into her silken depths, hungry to return to her tight, warm embrace. The green blanket beneath us rucked and twisted as we fucked harder and deeper, building towards the inevitable explosive climax.

“Mmm fuck me Matt, make me your slut,” she groaned, her breasts swinging as I pounded away on her pussy, balls slapping on her ass. “Give me your cum!”

“Hold tight honey, I want to film your cum face in slo mo,” said Mr Fortune.

He stood up, holding the phone steady in both hands as he filmed a close up of his wife’s face. Precum streamed from his cock, dancing in the breeze like a gossamer rope.

“Mmmm, uuh, uuhhh, ooooh, Matt, give me your cum, ooohh, fuck, fuck! FUCKKKK!”

Mr Fortune was in close, capturing every detail of her orgasm, her wide open mouth, her rolled back eyes, and her yells and moans. I was past the point of no return; my balls had to unleash, the desire to cum was overwhelming. Mr Fortune was now furiously stroking his cock, his swollen helmet hovering just in front of her face.

“Do it on my feet Matt,” whimpered Mrs Fortune, “glaze my toes with your yummy cum.”

“Uhh, uhhh. Oh God, Fuck! I’m gonna blow. Fuck. Yes! Yes!”

I finished with a loud roar, chest tight, back arched as I pulled out, holding her feet with one hand, jerking my cock furiously with the other. I shot my hot sticky ropes of cum over her feet, white streams running between her toes. My body spasmed, still stroking, pumping, a second wave splattering on her sole which she rubbed into her other foot, moaning and smiling. My moans were joined by her husband’s as he sprayed his load into her open mouth, jerking his cock so he painted her face, glazing her with his cum.

Exhausted, I sat on the grass, panting as the pair of them cuddled up together. He stroked her hair as her tongue licked up the cum from her lips. His finger scooped up cum from her cheeks, and gently fed it to her, slowly cleaning up her face, her mouth hungry for his taste. When he was finished, they kissed, deep and passionately. His arm round her shoulder, he turned to me.

“Thanks Matt, that was a good show. I’ve got some beers in the fridge, I think you deserve one after that.”

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Adventure in Trust Ch. 03

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That sunlight on my face that morning would be the last of its kind. Radio reports said that a huge storm was brewing, and you made the decision then and there to pack up and head toward home. Little did I know that you had a little stop-over in mind.

As we broke camp and reloaded our vehicle, angry black clouds rolled across the sky. I begin to worry, as I always do, about the impending storm but your nonchalant attitude keeps me somewhat calmer than I would have normally been. You just grin and wink at me when I express my sorrow at our weekend ending so abruptly. I’m not quite sure what to make of that.

We get the car repacked and head back up the road just as the first raindrops begin to pelt the windshield. We begin to talk as we drive about our escapades in the woods ….. about how each of us feels about what we had done. I tell you how nervous I am knowing how out of character each and every step of the way had been for me. You just smile …. I think it warms your heart to think that you were responsible for pushing me to greater freedoms than I have ever known before.

I press you to find out if my behaviour made you re-think this relationship. “Are you sure that you still want me in your life??” I ask … knowing that you should never ask a question unless you are prepared to hear the answer.

You turn your head slowly, an incredulous look passes over your face. “I cannot believe you are worried about that! I was the one asking for everything you did!” You reach to take my hand in yours, and I feel like I could fly.

We continue to talk – – – about topics from large to small and everything in between. The miles fly by ….. I sing to the radio (off-key, as I am wont to do on occasion) and you tolerate it well. Suddenly, I realize that we are on an off-ramp.

“Where are we going?” I ask, not recognizing any of the small town signs.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head …. it’s a surprise,” you answer with a devilish twinkle in your eye. The rain is now falling in sheets, but you continue on into this little tiny town with one main street. At the end of the street, a large, Victorian-style house looms – – – the sign at the road reads “Bed and Breakfast”. I begin to giggle. Now I know!! You pull into the modest driveway and find a place to park. We exit the car and make a break for the huge front porch. We still end up soaked anyway.

Entering the lavish front door, we are greeted by a pleasant-looking woman.

“Hello!” she smiles, “and welcome! Please, come in out of the rain!”

“Do you have any rooms left?” you ask in a hopeful tone.

“Why, yes. As a matter of fact, we have one room left,” and she turns on her heels and skurries toward a large oak desk in the middle of the foyer. A computer sits on the desk, and she proceeds to ask you the pertinent questions to get us registered, and as you drone on, I roam about what would have been a sitting room had this been someone’s home. I wander far enough to find the living area, complete with a roaring fireplace. The rain has cooled the air so much that a small fire has been built therein, and there are several guests snuggled about the room on beautiful vintage furniture. Escort Ankara It is so cozy.

I am admiring the artwork upon one wall when you walk up behind me and wrap your arms around me. You put your face in my hair and say, “We’re all checked in. Our room is ready, and there is a whirlpool and a fireplace up there. We even have a balcony. I will go get the bags … here is our key … you go on up and unlock the room. The owner says that dinner is at 7.”

You thrust the key into my hand. A large number 7 glints gold from the key fob as I climb the large staircase. The landing opens up to a hallway with seven doors, each decorated with a gilt number on it. I search, and find our room at the very end of the hallway.

Using the key, I open the door and it swings wide, revealing a beautiful room … light, airy, and open …. with a large four-poster bed which dominates one entire wall. The antique quilts are pulled back on it, and this reveals the soft cotton sheets and large, fluffy pillows waiting for me to crawl inside and snuggle. An armoire, which holds a large television, stands to one side of the room; and French doors next to the bed open up onto a covered balcony, which is bedecked with white, cast-iron chaises with comfortable cushions – each big enough for two. At one end of the room, a large fireplace takes center-stage on the wall, the mantle holds gilded candelabras with white candles. The other end of the room opens into the master bath complete with jacuzzi tub. I just stand in the door and stare.

You walk up the hall, carrying our bags. Setting them down inside the doorway to our room, you murmur, “wow!” and take me in your arms. I look out through the French doors and over the balcony just as a large lightening bolt flashes and the thunder rolls in just behind it. I jump and tremble in your arms.

“What’s wrong?” you ask, holding me closer still.

“God, I hate storms. I always have….” I say, closing my eyes against the next bolt which is sure to follow.

“Well, guess we’ll have to make some better memories for you, then, won’t we??” you say softly, kissing me on the forehead.

My trembling subsids somewhat, and you suggest that I have a long bath and a nap before dinner. It is only mid-afternoon, after all – although the clouds darken the sky to more of a early evening light – and we have been busy almost non-stop for two and a half days. I agree, but ask if you would join me in the tub.

You tell me to get undressed while you run the bath. I hear the water begin to run, and I open my bag to fish out something to put on after the bath. I have to laugh under my breath – – – this was not what I had packed for – – – – so I figure I will just settle for a t-shirt and loose shorts. Moments later, you appear in the doorway – – – naked – – – and announce that the bath is ready.

I enter the bathroom to find that the tub is full of bubbles. You have managed to find a bottle of bubble bath, and now have the jacuzzi jets bubbling gently to keep the foam from dissipating. You are already ensconced in the tub, and I begin to undress. You watch me intently as I am slowly revealed to you once again. I then gingerly Ankara Escort begin to lower myself into the tub with your hands to guide me. I sit down, my back to you, and lean back against you as the jets sooth away my worries for the moment. You wrap your arms lovingly around me, and together we just lie there and soak without needing to say or do anything. Occasionally, you turn and give me a gentle kiss on the cheek, but other than that, we just enjoy the warm water and bubbles.

In a few minutes, you reach to pick up the shower handle that lies in its cradle on the side of the tub, and turn on the warm water. You wet my hair, and begin to wash it for me, massaging my neck and head as you do so. It feels so good to have your hands on me, taking care of me. When you finish, I turn and do the same for you. We let the water out of the tub and get out. We dry each other, dress, and retreat to the bed. I snuggle close to you and with each thunder clap, find myself wriggling even closer still. You don’t seem to mind too much, preferring to stroke my hair until I am fast asleep.

I awaken later to find you gone. I panic for a moment, a bit disoriented from the nap. I sit up in the bed trying to get my bearings. It is dusk now, and you have obviously been up for a while because candles are lit and give the room a warm, yet somewhat eerie, glow. About the time I decide to get up and look for you, the door to the suite swings open and you appear with a tray in your hands.

“I didn’t want to wake you, so I had them make us a tray for dinner so we could eat up here.” I smile, and you sit the tray down on an end table near the fireplace.

“C’mere …” you take my hand, and wrap an afghan around me as I rise from the bed. I sit in one of the side chairs, and you take the other. We eat a simple, delightful meal together, talking all the while. Afterward, you set the tray full of empty dishes outside our door, blow out the candles, and we crawl back into the bed. You pull me up against you, and we try to settle on what to watch on television for a bit. I find myself getting sleepy again … and I drift off in your arms.

I suppose it is the sound of the wind that wakes me. It always does. I lie next to you and feel you breathing ….. but that does little to calm me. I carefully extricate myself from the bed, wrap the afghan around me, and curl up in the arm chair where I can see out of the window. The lightening and thunder escalate my fears, and I sit there, quietly trembling, and worry about the storm. Storms at night have always terrified me.

You turn over in your sleep and reach for me, and realizing that I am not there, you sit up.

“Are you okay?” you ask.

“No …. the storm scared me.” I reply, and you can hear the fear in my voice.

You get up out of bed and come over to the chair, kneeling next to it and taking my hands in yours. “I am not going to let anything hurt you. Come back to bed with me.” You rise, pulling me with you. When we get back to the bed, you sit me down on the edge and let me ease back onto the bed. You climb into the other side and cuddle me close to you, and begin to kiss me softly.

“Ssshhhhh…..” you say Ankara Escort Bayan as another thunderclap causes me to jump.

You continue to kiss me, and slowly begin to undress me. I really want to feel your hands on me – – – to feel your mouth on me. You take things very slowly, though. I feel you caress me, trying to alleviate my fears as well as fan the flames of desire. It is working, and I feel my body respond to your touch. You are so gentle with me, and I feel your mouth work its way down to my breasts. You tease my nipple with your tongue, and hold the other breast in the palm of your hand. Your hands slide down my body and push my shorts off, finding my wetness irresistible.

You know that right now, what I need more than anything is tenderness and patience. Your hands find their way back up my body to my shoulders, and you begin to once again caress me softly, kissing my neck. Your mouth then takes possession of mine, and your tongue invades, dueling with my own. Suddenly, my worries dissolve, and all I know is the pleasure and love you are giving to me.

Your hand goes back down my thighs, and I feel your fingers begin to part my lips. I gasp as you push two fingers into me, and your mouth begins a wet trail down my stomach to my clit. Oh, how I want you at this moment! The minute your hot breath warms me, I cum, arching against your stroking fingers and tongue. The feeling is so intense that I begin to cry, and this startles you.

You take me into your arms and begin to talk softly to me …. I know you are worried that you have hurt me in some way. It takes me a moment to recover enough to explain that I am just completely and utterly overwhelmed by my feelings – – – and that is a good thing. You kiss my wet cheeks, and wipe the tears with gentle fingers.

I reach between us and find your cock. It is hard and warm in my hand. I begin to kiss you, and I work my way down to your chest, taking one of your nipples into my mouth and sucking on it. I bite at it gently, drawing a gasp from you, and continue down your body until I have the head of your cock in my mouth. I want so much to give you as much pleasure as you have given me, yet with a stroke or two of my mouth, you pull me back up to you.

“I want to make love to you,” you say to me, and you gently lay me back on the pillows.

I feel you hover over me, and take me into your arms, your hands on my ass. You pull me up to meet you as your bury your cock to the hilt in me. Your mouth is on mine again, as I feel you begin to move inside me. I feel so full, so fulfilled. I hear as you softly murmur in my ear how good this feels to you. Your hands come up to cup my breasts, you pinch my nipples causing me to arch against you. You raise up on your hands, your chest coming away from me. I reach and pinch your nipples gently, making you groan with delight. I reach down between us, feeling our bodies merging. It is so erotic, and it must turn you on to feel my hands on you as you are thrusting because you begin to moan in earnest now. As my hand continues to explore our union, I feel you tense and push deeply into me, exploding with such ferocity that you cannot hold yourself up. You collapse on me, smothering me with wet kisses and words of love. You move off of me, encouraging me to snuggle up closely, our naked bodies lying enterwined in a tangle of arms and legs. I have managed to completely forget about the storm as I drift off to sleep in your arms.

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Adventures with Leslie Ch. 02

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Chapter 02 — The Prom

The week was flying by and I was feeling good about things. My weekend getting to know Leslie and convincing her to play the game was outstanding. I still think I have more power in this game than even I realize, but only time will truly tell that.

I was on my way home from work on Thursday night, thinking of nothing more than having a beer and watching the ballgame. When I heard my cell phone ringing as I drove, I figured those plans might change

“Hello,” I picked up my cell.

“It’s Penny,” she said on the other end of the line.

“How are you my dear,” I asked politely.

“I’m good, but this is not a social call,” she informed me.

“It never is,” I cemented. “Is everything alright?”

“Oh yes,” she confirmed. “I am calling for Leslie. I have your first assignment in the new game.”

“I figured,” I jeered. “So what are we doing?”

“We aren’t doing anything,” she replied, sounding disappointed. “You need to get a tuxedo and meet Leslie at her house tomorrow night at 5:30pm sharp.”

“Ok, I can handle that,” I admitted. “Do you know what my ‘assignment’ actually is?”

“You will be chaperoning Mindy’s high school prom,” Penny revealed.

“Just me,” I questioned.

“No, Leslie will be with you,” she validated.

“Ok, then why didn’t she call me herself,” I inquired. “Emma always used to call herself.”

“She wants to keep you guessing,” Penny disclosed.

“Of course she does,” I responded. “Well, thank you.”

“Anytime, baby,” she giggled. “If you do well on this one Leslie promised that the next assignment will be fun for everyone.”

Before I could even ask if she knew what that meant, Penny hung up. That was the one part this game that always made me grind my teeth. The hanging up. They had all done it at one point or another. Ugh. So much for watching the ballgame.

I headed to the mall to rent a tux. It was a small chore, more an inconvenience really, but I got it done. I decided to get a hair cut while I was there, so I would look clean cut for Leslie. I finally headed home when all my errands were completed; I even took the time to pick up a corsage for Leslie, just to cover all my bases.

The next day dragged on, work sucked and there wasn’t much else happening. Late in the day I changed into my tux in the men’s room of our office and then packed up my stuff and headed to Leslie’s. I parked in the driveway and headed up to the front door where I was greeted by a young, blonde haired guy also in a tux.

“You must be Miss Adams’ date,” he said to me, extending his hand.

“Yes, I am,” I confirmed for him, shaking his hand. “And who might you be?”

“Oh, I’m Brad, Mindy’s date,” he divulged. “The ladies are still getting ready and they asked me to wait out here with you.”

“It’s nice to meet you Brad,” I responded to him. “Are you a senior?”

“Yes, sir,” he validated. “I’m headed to UCLA next year to play baseball.”

“Really, that’s great,” I said, impressed. Having been a ballplayer myself, Brad’s stock just went up. “What position do you play?”

“Third base,” he revealed. “Batted .650 this season.”

Brad and I talked baseball for the next 20 minutes or so as we waited on our dates. While we were talking, a long, black, stretch limo pulled up in front of Leslie’s house. The driver stepped and saw us in our tuxes. He made his way over to where Brad and I were standing on the porch.

“Central High Prom,” the driver questioned.

“Yes, sir,” Brad answered him.

“Very good,” the driver replied. “I’m Carl. I will be your driver for the night.”

“Good to meet you Carl,” I said, extending my hand to him.

Carl did not say anything as he shook my hand, in which a $50 bill was transferred to him. When the handshake ended Carl nodded.

“I understand there will be four passengers going and only two coming back,” Carl announced.

“Yes, sir,” Brad acknowledged. “Mindy and I will be going with some other people to the after prom party.”

Interesting. Leslie and I would be returning alone. Nice touch.

A moment later the front door opened and Mindy emerged. She looked lovely, wearing a strapless maroon gown that fell all the way to the floor and was very big on the bottom. Her makeup was not overdone and her dirty blonde hair was done up. Her white shoulders drew attention to the pearls around her neck. She was a lovely girl.

“Aunt Leslie will be right out,” she broadcasted as she passed by me.

She kissed Brad on the cheek and the head to the limo. Carl escorted them and opened the door for them. I stood on the porch and Escort Ankara waited, corsage in hand. I felt 18 again myself for a moment, until I saw Leslie. She materialized from the house looking like no 18 year-old girl ever has.

She had on a glittery, electric blue mini dress with very thin strap and the bottom of which fell only to her mid thigh. She had on tan stockings which hid the scars on her inner thighs and matching electric blue 4 inch heels that made her legs look delicious. Her hair was done nicely, with curls at the bottom and her makeup was pronounced, especially the bright blue eye shadow and candy apple red lips.

I was in awe. She was gorgeous and hot. My cock started to twitch in my rent tux pants. I could not take my eyes off of her as she locked the house and made her way over to where I was standing.

“We’re late, let’s go,” she barked.

“I got this for you,” I said to her, as I shower her the corsage.

She stopped and sighed.

“Sorry,” she asserted. “This isn’t a date. We’re chaperones.”

“My mistake,” I admitted.

Leslie then stuck out her hand for me to place the corsage on her wrist. Now I was confused, but then I remembered that my confusion was the goal of the game. I placed the corsage on her and she headed off towards the car. I followed submissively.

Carl held the door for Leslie to enter the limo and I watched her get in. Her ass was amazing in that dress and it seemed like she lingered in the door for a moment to ensure that I noticed. I climbed into the car behind and Carl closed the door.

Leslie had climbed into the seat on the far side of Mindy which left me to sit at the back of the car next to Brad. It was an interesting arrangement to say the least. She may have been new to the game, but she was good at it already. Mindy and Brad were excited for the evening as anyone their age should be. From the way Mindy was now speaking to me, I assumed Leslie and her had spoken about the current situation. Even though that was not confirmed for me, I felt relieved.

The just under twenty minute ride to the site of the prom was filled with small talk and bad jokes. We pulled into the parking lot of the Holiday Inn, where the sign read “Welcome Central High Class of 2007.” That was a nice touch, I thought.

Carl opened the door and we exited the car. I stepped out first, followed by Brad. Carl then held his hand out to assist both Mindy and Leslie as the emerged into the early evening air. Mindy quickly took Brad’s hand and headed inside. Leslie then walked towards me and I extended my elbow, offering her my arm.

“This still isn’t a date,” she reminded me.

“Of course not,” I agreed. “We have work to do.”

She then interlocked her arm with mine and we proceed to enter the hotel. We followed the well dressed students to the main ballroom, where the cocktail hour was going on. It was a classic scene, guys exchanging high fives while the girls were telling their friends how beautiful their dresses were and how awful the girls they did not like looked. There was even one girl in tears already. Ah, high school.

Leslie picked up her card on the way in, which indicated that we were at the faculty table. I was not looking forward to that, but I had no choice. I looked at Leslie, who was now smiling. She looked radiant until she noticed that I was looking and then her smile flat lined across her lips. She was one tough cookie.

We wandered around and Leslie made small talk with the parents and teachers she knew. The students were starting to dance and get a little rowdy. The DJ then announced that food was beginning to be served and we should be seated. Leslie found our table and we introduced ourselves to the faculty members and their spouses we were seated with.

The high ranking school official at our table was Ms. Marilyn Miller, the assistant principle. She was accompanied by her husband Bob. Marilyn was very complimentary and altogether too pleasant. Her focus stayed mostly on Leslie.

“Thank you so much again for doing this on short notice,” she reinforced. “Mr. Peters would have loved to have been here, but his wife went into labor this morning. I guess he saw it coming.”

Mr. Peters, it turns out, was the school principle. His wife was delivering their first child so the prom took a backseat, understandably. Our table had 3 other couples, all teachers and their spouses. I stayed quiet unless I had something clever to add, though often I think the table perceived me as a wiseass. As if I was not completely uncomfortable enough, just after dinner Mindy made her way over to our table.

“Hey sweetheart, Ankara Escort are you having a good time,” Leslie asked her niece. All eyes at the table were on the lovely young woman now standing next to her aunt.

“I guess,” Mindy sighed. “I just came over to see if your date would dance with me since mine is busy with the boys.”

I glanced past her and my embarrassment to see Brad laughing heartily with several other young men. I laughed to myself. In a room full of gorgeous young girls, these guys would rather talk to each other. They lacked vision.

Leslie digested her niece’s request and then turned to me. I looked at her to read her face. I quickly stood up and played to my audience.

“Mindy, I would love to dance with you,” I responded.

She grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. I could feel the eyes from my table burning holes in the back of my head with disgust at the thought that I said yes. Stuffy assholes.

I did my best to keep up with Mindy on the fast song that was playing when we hit the floor. I am not a great dancer but I gave a great effort. Thankfully for me, the DJ decided to slow it down as dinner was being served, though instead of returning to her table to eat, Mindy threw her arms around my neck for a slow dance.

I slowly placed on hand on her hip and took one of her hands from around my neck, to make our dance somewhat more appropriate. I looked at her and she appeared disappointed.

“You look lovely tonight,” I complimented her.

“Thank you,” she returned. “I am sorry about what I said to you last time you were at the house.”

“You have every right to protect your aunt,” I compromised.

“I know, but when she explained what was going on, I felt like an ass,” she admitted.

“You were not an ass at all,” I assured her. “Incidentally, what did she tell you?”

“Everything,” she responded. “Leslie and I don’t keep secrets.”

“And what do you think,” I asked, not wanting to give anything away.

“I think it’s a tremendous concept,” she replied. “Emma created something very interesting. I agree with you that this game could help save Leslie. I appreciate that you want to try.”

“So she did tell you everything,” I admitted, very surprised.

“Yes she did,” she echoed. “Including that I would never be part of the game. A rule I plan to challenge.”

As she said that she squeezed my butt. I was completely stunned by this move. I quickly moved her hand back up to my hip.

“Don’t you think I’m pretty,” she inquired as she batted her eye lashes at me.

“You are not part of the game,” I repeated back to her.

“Let’s change that,” she quipped.

“Neither one of us make the rules,” I informed her, wondering if that might be new information.

I was completely startled by a tap on my left shoulder. I turned to see Leslie staring back at me. She looked at Mindy who was smiling devilishly.

“Do you mind if I dance with my date,” she asked her niece.

“Not at all,” Mindy replied as she let go of me. “Thanks for the dance; I’m going to go peel Brad away from the boys.”

Leslie seamlessly stepped in where Mindy had been almost a moment ago. She too wrapped her arms around my neck, but I was not about to move them. I swayed in rhythm with her, my hands on her hips.

“You have done very well tonight,” she surveyed. “But Mindy is off limits.”

“I had no doubt of that,” I expressed. “And this is still not a date, right.”

“Now you are catching on,” she laughed. “But I do look good tonight.”

“You will get no argument from me,” I confirmed.

“How good do I look, would you say,” she requested of me.

“You are sensuality come to life tonight,” I proclaimed.

She stopped dancing and walked off the floor, headed for the ladies room. I returned to the table, unsure of what had just happened. When she returned, I sat next to her for the remainder of the evening, but she did not speak to me. She kept her attention focused elsewhere for the balance of the night. I sat, stone-faced, but confused, working hard not to show it.

The evening went nicely for the students, although Mindy was not named prom queen. That seemed to disappoint Leslie more than Mindy, which I understood instantly. I surprised myself there, unwrapping that situation so quickly in my mind. They were a unique pairing and I enjoyed watching them together.

As the evening began winding down, Mindy and Brad approached our table.

“We are heading out,” she announced to us.

“Have fun and be safe tonight,” Leslie said to her. She seemed vulnerable at that moment.

“I Ankara Escort Bayan will,” Mindy validated, with a look on her face that said “Trust me.”

Mindy and Brad then headed off across the room to join a group of others headed to the post prom party. Ah to be young again, I was exhausted just watching them. We sat for another few minutes before Leslie stood and began saying goodbye to the people we were sitting with. I stood in silent obedience and followed her lead.

We headed out to the car where Carl was waiting. He opened the door and Leslie climbed immediately into the limo. I followed and sat immediately, not sure where Leslie and I stood. Carl shut the door behind me and returned to the driver’s seat.

We pulled out of the hotel parking lot and Leslie put up the partition between us and Carl. She then climbed on top of me, kneeling on the seat. She looked deep into my eyes and then kissed me very passionately. We kissed for what seemed like hours, as if we were young lovers trying to devour each other. She finally pulled back and looked at me again.

“That was the sweetest, sexiest thing anyone has ever said to me,” she admitted. “I almost threw you down and fucked you right there. A lesser mind would have just said I looked hot. Hell, several of the girls in the bathroom even said I looked like a slut. But you found a way to make me feel good about myself and safe. I just can’t tell you what that did to me.”

“I’m glad you liked what I said,” I admitted. I smiled at her softly and she purred back at me.

“Do you know what the upside is,” she fired back, “those girls were right. I am a slut. I never went to my own prom, so we are gonna make up for that right now.”

I dropped the partition between us and Carl slightly.

“Carl, how much longer do we have the car for,” I asked him.

“About 30 minutes sir,” he announced.

“We are gonna need you to take it slow going home then,” I requested.

“Yes sir,” Carl stated as he closed the partition for us.

I ran my hands along Leslie’s thighs and pushed her dress up as we kissed. I slid her skirt above her hip and firmly squeezed her ass as we locked tongues. I was hard a rock already and wanted her badly. I ran my hands over her thighs again and found the tops of her stockings. I then let my hands roam to her hips and searched for the waistband of her panties. She knew what I was looking for.

“They were so soaked after you said that, I had to get rid of them,” she whispered in my ear before inserting her tongue into it. I knew my cock was spewing precum by the gallon at this point. Leslie wasted no time in reaching for the button my rented pants and ripping them open.

She worked them down just far enough to let my cock stand out. She then maneuvered herself on top of me so I could enter her flooded box. I was in heaven as she kissed me and worked her hips on top of me. My pole was embedded inside her as she ground her hips on top of mine. I was enjoying this very much when she stopped.

“Oh no,” she yelled. “You’re not getting off that easy. You are gonna fuck me right.”

She then climbed off of me and onto the limo floor. She turned around and presented her ass to me. I got on my knees on the floor of the car and grabbed her hips hard.

“Fuck my pussy,” she begged. “Give it to me good baby.”

I positioned my cock at her opening again and thrust inside her forcefully. She yelped as I entered her. I could not hold back, I held her hips and rammed into her again. It felt so good to impale her with cock over and over. I was in ecstasy as she moaned and yelped.

“Pull my hair,” she screamed. “Yank it until you cum inside me.”

I grabbed a handful of her gorgeous black hair and pulled hard. I used her hair as leverage to pull myself into her over and over again. I crashed into her cunt for a few short moments before my cock started swelling. I pulled her hair even harder as I exploded inside her repeatedly. I kept ramming into her as each spurt of spunk filled her hole. When I was completely spent, I sat back on the seat and gazed at her cum filled pussy.

“That was great,” she said, out of breath.

She returned to the seat next to me. I could not move. She lowered her dress and kicked her heels off onto the floor. She then tucked my cock back into my boxers and zipped up my pants. We sat there, silent, until the car came to a stop several moments later.

Carl came around and opened the door for us and I emerged from the car. I waited and assisted Leslie in getting out of the vehicle. She kissed me on the cheek and headed for the porch. I gave Carl another $100 tip for being such a professional.

I turned towards the house to see Leslie already standing in the front doorway.

“I’ll call you,” she shouted as she shut the front door.

I got in my car and headed home. This was a much different game, I thought.

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After a Night with the Girls

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My wife returns from having drinks with the girls a bit tipsy and flirtatious. I stand up to watch her plunk her car keys and purse down on the dining table. She ambles over to me, throws her arms around me, and gives me a deep kiss. Her mouth tastes of rum and pineapples. She takes off her over-coat and slings it on the back of the couch. I notice her bare legs and remember that she left earlier wearing something. “Where are your pantyhose?” I ask.

“They’re tights, dear. And they’re in my purse,” she says, walking toward the bedroom. I look over to the table and, sure enough, her tights are sticking out of her open purse.

“Honey?” I call after her as I follow her into our room. She stops just inside our bedroom and I walk up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. “Did you snag them again?” I ask, knowing her history.

“No,” she says, turning around. “I took them off in the car so I could finger myself.”

She has a raw, daring look in her eye, helped along by the rum no doubt. I notice that her blouse-already low cut and thin-has a couple buttons undone. I can see her red bra and a glimpse of her stomach. She kisses me, her warm tongue probing in my mouth. “I got so horny tonight, I couldn’t wait until I got home. Besides,” she tilts her head to the side, tossing me a playful glance, “I think you’ll like the story.” She re-buttons her blouse, save for the top button. “We had this waiter who couldn’t take his eyes off us. He kept trying to look down all of our shirts. My second drink was pretty strong, so I decided to give him something to look at. I told Karen and Tina what I wanted to do if he kept looking-you know, being really obvious-and they thought it would be funny.”

“I don’t think you get to go out with them anymore,” I joked.

“Well, he came back with our food and kept leaning over to look down my shirt, so when he left to get the rest of our order, I popped a button. When he came back, I thought his jaw had come unhinged.”

“How much could he see?” I ask. She bends over slightly, only the top button undone. I can easily make out the lace that trims her red bra plunging to a front-clasp closure. Cleavage is the second priority in this view.

“He almost dropped our fries trying to set them on the table. He couldn’t take his Escort Çankaya eyes off my tits. It made me really horny, knowing this guy was turned on.” She puts her arms around my neck and starts kissing me. I want to be jealous, but this whole scene is a turn on for me as well. I kiss her passionately for a moment, tongues fully entwined, active, tasting rum in her mouth. I kiss across her cheek, to her ear, and down her neck to her collarbone. Her breathing grows heavier.

“After he had come back to service our table a couple more times, I buttoned back up,” she says.

“You did. Why?” I ask.

“Because I could hardly stand it anymore.”

“Did he say anything?” I say, between kisses. I trace the line of her collarbone from one side to the other, while I stealthily begin unbuttoning the rest of her blouse.

“He didn’t,” she says, “but I did. When Karen and Tina went to the bathroom, he came back over and asked if there was anything, ‘and I mean anything I can do for you,'” she emulates a deep seductive voice. “You wouldn’t believe what I told him.” I finish unbuttoning her blouse and stop kissing her. My eyes and hands slowly make their way to her breasts, now in full view, tucked inside the red lace bra, the object of another man’s attention not an hour ago.

“What did you say?” I asked, starting to gently run the backs of my hands across her erect nipples.

“When he asked if there was anything he could do, I motioned him closer and told him this: after giving you a clear view down my shirt, my pussy is so wet I’m about to go insane, and I really want to have someone fucking me right now. But since you reacted like a boy in Jr. High with just a glimpse of my tits, I don’t want to know what you’d do if I had my skirt around my waist.”

“You said that? You said ‘fucking’ right there at the table?”

“I said it in a loud whisper,” she says, clearly pleased with herself. “I thought he was going to faint.”

I can’t take anymore of this. I unclasp her bra and start kissing her tits. I make sure the bra does not reveal her nipples yet, though I can see their dark outline through her bra; she needs some teasing for this. While my mouth caresses her, my hands slide under her short black skirt, to the backs of her muscular legs, up Çankaya Escort and down, yet never going too high. Her breathing turns even heavier, letting a quiet moan escape. She slides her blouse and bra off in one motion and drops them to the floor. Taking her tits in her hands, she guides her stiff nipples toward my mouth. She gives me a groan of approval when my tongue circles first one nipple, then the other. I move one hand up her skirt, up the inside of her thigh. Before I could get to her panties, I feel a sticky dampness on her skin. This is amazing, I think to myself. By now, I am sucking on her nipples, swapping back and forth between them. My hand reaches her panties. She squats slightly, allowing me access. Her panties are soaked and hot; her cum is so thick it feels almost gelatinous.

“Take off my panties,” she says, in a musky groan, “no more foreplay, I’ve gotta have you in me.”

I reach the other hand under her skirt, grab the waist of her panties and tug them off. When they get to her knees, she starts trying to step out of them. She pulls her short black skirt up to her waist, walks to the bed and lies down. Usually she would have caressed and sucked my cock, but tonight is her night. I quickly undress myself; my cock is hard, and as I touch it, I feel that pre-cum sensitivity. She spreads her legs, her shaved pussy glistens even with the limited lighting the hallway provides. I crawl onto the bed and start to gently kiss the inside of her thigh. She abruptly grabs my head. “Not tonight. Fuck me. Now. Hard.”

She reaches down and guides my cock into her and I start pumping. She rocks her hips to meet each thrust. She spreads her legs wider and pulls her knees up; the angle is incredible. I hit a spot inside her; I feel it with the head of my cock. “Yeah, yeah, right there. Keep pounding right there,” she says. I’m unable to sustain this pace. “I’m cumming,” I say.

“No, not yet, I need more,” she says. And with that, I let go, spraying my cum up inside her pussy. She hunches back and lets out one scream, and another. I feel her juices all over my thighs. I certainly don’t want this moment to end, her pussy tightens around my cock, coaxing out the last drops of my cum. When I am finished, I get up and go to the bathroom to clean up. I wipe Çankaya Escort Bayan off quickly, thinking maybe if I return with a towel for her, and a cuddle, that will make up for my quick release.

As I walk out of the bathroom, I cannot believe my eyes. Unlike me, she is not finished. Her legs are open wide, one knee tucked up beside her body, and she is fingering herself. Her pussy is red and dripping with my thick white cum. When she sees me enter the bedroom, she scoops some cum with her fingertips and brings them to her mouth. While some of it goes in her mouth, she leaves most of the glob sitting on her lips; making sure I am watching, she reaches down for another helping. She does this twice more, and on the third time closes her mouth, smacks her gooey lips together and tips her head back in a deliberate swallow. She smiles at my stark amazement, returns two fingers to her cunt, and sinks them deep. “Whenever you’re ready,” she says, “this is good for the car, but it isn’t quite the same for me.”

Because I didn’t think she’d do it, and because I know her screaming will bring my cock up again, I say, “My cock can’t hear you. A little louder, please.”

“Did you like me yelling earlier? Ok, because I am so fucking horny. . .” She starts calling out to me in a speaking voice. “Did you hear that?” I teased, looking down at my member, “no?”

Then she really gets going. She lies all the way back on the bed, pulling the pillows out from beneath her head. “Fuck me, yeah I want it, fuck my dripping pussy.” She screams so loud it startles me a bit, but then a chill of arousal sweeps through me. And I grow. I almost leap between her legs this time. She is so wet I can barely feel her, but I hear the sloshing of my thrusts. We move to a new position every few moments. When I am fucking her from behind, I smack her on the ass. She seems to love it, so I swat her harder; her ass turns a light shade of red.

“Oh yes,” she yells back to me, “I’ve been naughty, fuck my cunt and spank my ass!” She has never been like this.

She is still wearing that black skirt, twisted around her and stained with cum, I hold onto it like a pair of reigns. The last few minutes of our escapade are almost silent, we are both exhausted, and I suspect the rum in her system has worn off. I cum in her again, from behind this time, she grinds back on me slowly, her pussy pulsates, squeezing every last bit my cum into her. I pull out of her and we collapse together. The humid smell of sweat and cum is thick in the air like a haze, and we sleep.

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