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Holly’s Ferry Terminal Escapade

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Big Tits

This is a sequel to Protected by Lentz Trucking and the other stories about Holly Sykes. This is taking place in the summer of 1976. The narrator is twenty-one and Holly is thirty-seven and divorced. They met when she was a passenger in the car / limo service he was driving for. Tiffany is Holly’s friend; see Chastised by Mrs. Harris.


One afternoon Holly and I were hanging out at a coffee shop in Manhattan. Along the way we got to talking about role-play games. We had already had done some of those, but she proposed a new one.

Holly started describing it, “We’re going to be playing a pick-up game. Have you heard of those?”

“No; I’m not up on them.”

“What they are is this: two people pretend they don’t know each other. Then one picks up, or tries to pick up, the other one, as if they had just met. Presumably, this has to be in some public place, like maybe a bar, but it could be in a store, a library, on the street, whatever.”

“Okay, that seems simple enough. But it sounds like the pick-up can fail too; it that what you meant?”

“Yes, it could fail depending on how the plot is going. But that seems pretty boring. In this case, I’m going to pick up you, and I assume you won’t refuse me.”

“Well, of course not. So, where will this happen?”

“On the subway.”

“You’re kidding me.” I knew one of these ladies would talk me into some stunt like this.

“Here me out. First of all, we’re going to play versions of ourselves; we’ll use our real names. Dress like you usually do at City College.”

“Those clothes, you know, are kind of downscale.”

“That’s fine; it will seem more authentic that way. Carry a notebook too, like you usually do.”

“Okay, so what is the plan?”

“The timing for this has to be right. The way I see it, I’ll get on a southbound 1 train at, I think, 28th Street.”

“And I have to be on it.”

“I’ll give you a fifteen-minute grace period for whatever time we agree on. You can’t be really late, or I’ll just leave.” Of course, this was long before cellphones. She continued, “It will be a Sunday, so the trains won’t be too busy. Also, the southbound 1 train gets emptier as it goes along, especially in the rear cars.”

“That’s because of the short platform at South Ferry. The rear five cars don’t open there.”

“Exactly. So you’ll be in, say, the ninth car.” That would be the next to last one. “Sit on the far side so I can see you when you ride in. Don’t acknowledge that you know me when I get on.”

“Where are we going?”

“Ah, you’ll be going in cold. You won’t know until we get there, and I’m not telling you now.”

“So you have been thinking this through.”

“Yes, I have. I will tell you one thing. At the end of all this, we are going to part and I, or my character, will tell you that we are never going to see each other again.”

“Why is that?”

“Because my character wants it that way. At that point you can protest, or pretend to really, but it won’t get you anywhere.” She looked at me for a moment. “Sounds interesting?”

“I guess so.”

“I think you’ll find the whole thing quite intriguing.”


On the designated day, my train rolled into 28th Street, and I saw a tall, dark-blonde woman on the platform. It was Holly, of course.She got on and looked around the car with a look of disdain. Then then sat down directly across from me.

Her outfit that day was truly amazing. She looked great, as usual, and it really was as if I had never seen her before. She was wearing an off-white jacket and skirt ensemble. Her jacket had a plunging neckline, and I could the the lacy top of might have been her bra. There was some kind of thick bracelet around her throat.

The most notable accessory was her large, brimmed hat, which was also off-white. To complete it all, she had nylon stockings and black medium-heeled shoes.

Meanwhile, I was sitting there with my awful college-boy cIothes, plus I really needed a haircut as usual. Holly was beautiful but haughty, I thought; I was actually intimidated by her. In fact, I couldn’t imagine why she’d go for the likes of me. It’s a good thing she’s going to approach me, because I wouldn’t have the nerve to approach her. Yet I was also touched that she had done this clothing thing to please me.

I had a soft cover book as a prop, and I pretended to read it. But yet I tried to keep track of what she was doing.

She seemed kind of fidgety. She’d cross and uncross her legs, and then she’d hold her own knee. Her glances went around the car, but never at me. There were only about five other people there, and none of them were close to Holly.

We were between 23rd and 18th Street when she stretched her legs out. Her skirt went below her knees, but she pulled it back and splayed her legs open enough so I could see up her thighs. She finally looked at me, and she had an expression of disapproval. Finally, bursa escort she slammed her knees together.

In a minute, she was back at it. Her legs went even further apart, and she yanked her skirt up even more. Now I could see that she had white garter straps holding up her stockings, which was hardly a surprise. My view went right up to the crotch of her skimpy white panties. These hardly covered her pussy at all.

She went through the whole process again: looking annoyed, closing her legs, and then spreading them even further on the next go-round. By now I had stopped pretending to read, and I was frankly staring at her

After closing her legs this time, she crooked a finger at me. I pointed to myself, me?

She nodded, yes, you.

I went over and sat to her left. She said, “You’ve been looking up my skirt. You should keep your eyes to yourself.”

There was some reserve of boldness in me. “With all due respect, miss, you’ve been flashing your panties at me.”

“I must say that you are a very impertinent young man.” She looked away from me, but not for long. “Okay, I admit it, but it was just some harmless teasing.”

I couldn’t think of a response. She crossed her legs and started to ask questions about me. “You must be in college. How old are you?”

“I’m at City College uptown.”

“I know the place.”

“Anyway, I turned twenty-one in May.”

She got more personal, “I assume you have a girlfriend up there?”

Actually, I didn’t have one at that time, but I lied. After all, this was a game in which I was supposed to make up dialogue. “I do; her name is Michelle. By the way, I’m Paul.”

“Hello, I’m Holly.” She didn’t say, pleased to meet you, but I didn’t expect her to.

I could see that she was pondering something. “Paul, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but does this girl satisfy you, I mean physically?”

Well, Michelle wasn’t around any longer — not since the previous December — but I lied my ass off about what she had been like.

“Not really.” I said something I would normally never tell a stranger. “All she does is sit somewhere and expose her body, or parts of it, and I can sit opposite her and, you know.”

“Masturbate. You don’t have to mince words with me.”

Michelle had actually done everything sexual with me that I wanted, and a lot of it too. She had an apartment in Long Island City that I had often visited.

Holly said, “I’m surprised you are not doing better. What are there, like 4,000 girls attending that school?”

I just shrugged. Actually, I was doing very well that summer banging lonely Manhattan matrons.

“Anyway, I imagine a young guy like yourself masturbates all the time.”

I felt myself blushing, which was surprising, because Holly also did everything sexual that I had wanted. She gave me a little tap on the arm. “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s only natural. And this girl isn’t being fair to you. However, I can help you with your, ah, physical problems.”

I thought for a second that she was going to set me up with somebody, but that couldn’t possibly be it.

“All right, how?”

“Get off with me at South Ferry, and I’ll show you.”

What the hell were we going to do there? I remembered Tiffany making a tentative plan for us to drive a car onto the lower level of a Staten Island ferry and using the thirty-minute trip for, well, something. But I had shot down her proposal as impractical. Now, Holly and I didn’t even have the automobile.

We were now at Chambers Street, just three stations from the last stop. Our timing had been almost perfect. I noticed more about her, like her red lipstick and the complicated design of her hat. It had a band and some kind of bluish thing that I supposed represented flowers.

“I assume you did you liked what I showed to you?”

“Oh yeah, of course.”

“Especially my panties, I bet. Well, there is a lot more where that came from. We should move to the forward cars now if we want to get off.”

At South Ferry we went up to the street and I looked around. It was a Sunday, but we were on foot in Manhattan during the middle of the day. What could she possibly be planning? She simply walked and I fell into place next to her. We must have presented quite a sight. What is that young guy in sneakers doing with a woman like that?

We left the area of the 1950s-era ferry terminal and walked east to the old one next to it. This was a big building, sheaved in copper that had turned a dark green in the sixty-seven years since it had been built. The Coast Guard ran a single, infrequent ferry service to its base on Governors Island.

She turned into the first bay and we walked along the wall. Security was lax in those days and hardly anybody was around. People were only checked if they were on line at the single slip still in use.

About halfway down, she opened a door and we stepped inside. When she closed bursa escort bayan it, the room was completely dark, but she flipped on a single overhead light. Of course, she must have been in here before; that’s how she knew where the switch was.

It was a fairly small room that looked like it was used sparingly, if at all. About the only things in it were a desk (but no chair) and some storage boxes.

The first thing she did was lock the door; then she walked over and leaned against the desk. She said her first words since Chambers Street, “I think we’re safe in her, but keep the noise level down.” Then she beckoned me to come over to her. .

She immediately grabbed me and started kissing me passionately. Her hat fell back and landed on the desktop. Soon after the make-out started, she rubbing me all over, starting with my back. Then her hands were on my ass and my thighs. In turn I did the same to her.

Holly unbuttoned her jacket, and I saw the top of a white, full-length slip; however, she didn’t undo that. She said, “Please feel me up.”

“How do you want it?”

“Silly, fondle my pussy.” She sat on the desk and she yanked her skirt up. Now I could fully see her white garter belt and straps and her little white panties. I obliged her request by putting my right hand up her thigh and into the panties. Then I played with her cunt, putting my fingers into her, then moving them up to her clitoris. It was surprising that she was already wet. Had merely anticipating this aroused her so much?

She obviously liked it a lot; she put her head back and moaned. It definitely wasn’t acting. For the sake of variety, I sometimes moved my hand to the back and squeezed her behind. I couldn’t see it now, but I remembered how shapely it was.

She said, “Let me get these panties off.” She dropped them on the desktop.

There was a natural progression to the next steps. Her bands rubbed my crotch. “My, someone has a big boner.” Holly, you’ve seen it before; what did you expect? That was revealed when she unzipped me and took out my erect cock. As she stroked it, she said, “I’m surprised the girls at your school aren’t flocking to get this.”

I thought, well, classy but horny New York ladies are doing the flocking. Besides my youth, I wasn’t sure what they saw in me. It doesn’t matter; it’s their choice.

Holly was soon quite blunt, “Paul, fuck me, fuck me right now.”

“Shouldn’t I lower my pants first?”

“No, just stick it in, as is.” However, after a few thrust, she giggled, “Sorry, you’re right; the zipper is catching on my crotch. Here, I’ll take care of it.”

She unbuckled my pants and lowered my clothes; I guided myself back into her. She hugged my body; sometimes she wrapped her legs around me too. At other times, she spread her legs wide. When that happened, I steadied her with one hand on her waist and the other on one of her thighs.

Holly was able to talk near the beginning. “I’m such a horny slut; I crave young men and I pick them up on the street, at colleges, wherever I can.” That doesn’t sound like the woman I know, but how can I be sure what she does when I’m not around?

She continued, “Afterwards, I just discard these guys.” Well, I had been with her for over two months now, which seemed like a good sign. A stray thought came to me. She has a thirteen-year-old daughter; could this girl imagine that her mom fucks her young lover in a ferry terminal?

She also talked about me, “I know you really needed to get laid; I know how much you must have masturbated.” That didn’t sound like a compliment. but I accepted it as a minor quibble.

I, in turn, was blunt with her although not particularly witty, “You look like a classy dame, but I’m going to fuck the hell out of you.”

She came first, and when she did she held on to my shoulders and lifted herself off the desktop. Her hips thrust on me instead of the other way around. I think she tried to keep her voice down, but she failed at that.

I was too busy to worry about in. I babbled the usual things for these situations, “I’m going in deep and hard; I’m going to shoot it into you.”

She replied, “Well come on, shoot it already!” I went up on my toes and put my head back at the climax. At least I was quieter than she had been.

Afterwards, I stayed in her and we held each other; I kissed her face and her hair. Now she was my Holly again, not a mere stranger.

As I relaxed, a familiar uncomfortable feeling came to me — one I knew from other sexual encounters in odd places. I wanted a bed or couch where I could hang out with her, but of course there was none.

She seemed to understand that too. She pushed me back and said, “We really should go now.” We got her clothes together, although she put her underpants into her purse. She turned off the light before opening the door. After looking out, she said, “Come on, the coast is clear.” She looked back, “Don’t escort bursa forget your books.” They were still on the desktop.

Outside, on South Street, we blinked in the sunlight. As usual after these abrupt encounters, I felt disoriented to be out in public again, and I think she did too.

She said “I’m leaving you now, and we’re never going to each other again.”

“Why is that? Is this your idea of a zipless fuck?”

She smiled at me, “So you’ve read that book too. That is just the way I want it.” She took her panties out of her purse. “Here, you can keep these as a souvenir.”

How thoughtful of her. I had no place to stow them except by jamming them into a back pocket.

She said, “If you ever see me on the street, which is very unlikely in a city this large, please don’t try to talk to me. I’ll just shoo you away.”

With that, she turned and started walking west in the direction we had come from. I could see her ass swaying inside her tight skirt. She must have guessed I was looking at her, because she briefly turned her head and frowned at me.

Even though I knew this was all a game, I still felt upset. Well, the sex hadn’t been made up; that had been very real. But now I was standing on the sidewalk with nowhere to go. The thought of the long ride back home irked me.

I went east and then north along South Street. For a while I hung on a railing and watched barges and other passing craft in the East River. I was actually feeling sorry for myself. Maybe his game wasn’t that great after all.

Holly must have been trying for more authenticity, because for three days she didn’t return the messages I left on her answering machine.


On Wednesday evening, she finally relented and called me. I was invited to have coffee with her in Manhattan the next day. I remember her saying, “We need to decompress from this thing, I mean discharge any feelings we have about it.”

When we were in the booth of a diner, I took her little panties out of a bag and handed them to her.

“Why thank you; that’s very nice of you.” She then said in a deadpan voice, “I assume you ejaculated into them at least once.”

I was deadpan too, “I did, but I washed and dried them afterwards.”

She looked askance at me. “Holly, you’re so gullible.” She was amused by that. I said, “In fact, if you sniff them, you’ll find that your scent is still on them.”

“So, you’re one of those panty-sniffing perverts, I see. I should guard my laundry hamper when you’re at my place.”

“And speaking of masturbation . . .”

“We were?”

As well as I knew her, I still hesitated before telling her the next fact. “Okay, before I came down on the train on Sunday, I sneaked in a quick jerk-off at home. I wanted to be sure I had enough stamina to please you.”

She blinked at me and said, “You know, under your mild exterior, you’re actually rather perverse.”

“And under your classy exterior, so are you.”

“Also, it was rather presumptuous of you to assume I was going to bang you that day.”

“I was in the Boy Scouts. ‘Be prepared.’ ” Then I said, “The weird thing is, I did feel a regret when you said you were never going to see me again.”

“These things start as games, but they can fell very vivid as they go along. Real emotions come up. It’s like some version of method acting.”

As I sat across the table from her I thought, Holly, I love you. But I couldn’t say that and I doubted she’d ever say it to me.

Now I did feel a pang. What was going to happen when the new semester started? I figured I’d be looking for a girl close to my own age. Could I do that and still “date” my two mature Manhattan ladies? Something would have to give.

I assumed that Holly and her friend Tiffany were aware of this. However, they never mentioned it. Everything on the surface was open-ended. All three of us were just living in the moment.

I did a quick calculation in my head; they had been born around 1939. When they were twenty-one, I was in pre-Kindergarten nursery school. Yet, somehow they were my lovers now. The fact that they seemed not to be jealous of each other was puzzling.

I distracted myself by asking her, “By the way, how did you find that room in the first place?”

“Just luck I guess as I wandered around the area. You see, if a man walks into some place where he doesn’t belong, people can get suspicious. But if it’s a woman, and she’s well-dressed, they relax and give her a pass. Some remnant of chivalry, I suppose. Or they just assume she couldn’t be a threat.”

She give me a crooked little smile that I had seen before. It made her look younger and a bit shy. I knew she did have a bit of reserve or insecurity in her, and that smile usually confirmed it.

Then she said, “Tiffany and I have cooked up something new for you.”

“And may I ask what it is going to be?”

“Oh, we’ll tell you when the time is right. It will be soon, however.”


The building described here is now called The Battery Maritime Building. It still has ferry service, but the Coast Guard has turned Governors Island over to civilian use.

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Afternoon Swim

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Big Tits

Tired, Scott leaned back into the soft cushions of the deck chair. It had been a long day, hustling with orders and customers at a small, upscale restaurant in town. The orders had come fast and furious, and the customers were certainly not helping things out, asking every two minutes for one more little thing. Seriously, how can you ask me for more dressing one minute, then when you bring it do you ask for something else?

Scott had graduated from the local college with a degree in business administration. Once out of college, he tried working for several firms in town. The 9-to-5 office thing, with miles of cubicles, annoying workers that reminded him of the movie “Office Space”, and the constant politics drove him nuts. So, he checked the want ads and found his current job. He had been there almost a year now, so he pretty much had his pick of work days and hours. He typically worked the lunch shift, so he could be done by early afternoon to have the day to relax.

Scott enjoyed the work – it was a chance to seriously turn off his brain and just plod ahead. Besides, every now and again, there was a hot woman who had a drink too many who was on the prowl. Not drunk, mind you, but to the point that any cock would do as long as they were satisfied. Scott had ended many a shift in the coat closet or in a woman’s car.

There was one woman there today that got him going. A tall, busty blonde, obviously married to her husband simply for the zeroes in the bank account. The restaurant Scott worked at was fairly upscale, near the local country club, so you weren’t seeing AC/DC t-shirts and cutoffs, that’s for sure. This woman was about 30 and well-endowed upstairs. She certainly wasn’t afraid to show it, wearing a knee-length black skirt and button-down white blouse. As she leaned forward, the shirt would gap, giving everyone including Scott a show of her massive breasts held tightly in her black lace bra.

She began to call on Scott to bring things throughout the meal. Her husband was sitting next to her, but engaged in a conversation with another man regarding stocks, bonds, bulls, and bears. I know nothing of the financial or stock market, I work on a waiter’s salary after all.

With each delivery, Scott would bring the item requested and place it in front of her. She always accepted by looking up at him and smiling broadly, her sky-blue eyes dancing every time. Scott could swear she was looking him up and down every moment her was around. For a brief second each trip, they would lock eyes.

After several more trips, she became more brazen. After the appetizer course, Scott could swear she had unbuttoned the top button from her blouse, allowing a greater view of her large tits. During main course, as Scott reached near her to refill her water, she leaned forward so that his arm brushed against her breasts. As he moved away slightly (maybe she didn’t intend to, and he didn’t need to be fired or beaten up), she shifted to keep the contact.

Finally, as he cleared the dessert dishes, he felt the unmistakable touch of her arm brushing against his crotch. Now this was a clear signal, that’s for sure! He nearly dropped several dishes as she slowly rubbed along his groin. The sensation was incredible, especially as she again stared into his eyes, silently communicating her desire to him. He was in shock, especially as her husband sat right next to her talking about P/E ratios or some nonsense.

He finished gathering the dishes and headed back to the kitchen. Once inside, he had to stop in a quiet corner of the kitchen to gather himself. This keeps going, I won’t need both hands to carry these trays, he thought.

In his mind, he played out a fantasy of bringing her a tray of food with a cover dome. As he brings it to the table, he removes the dome and, voila, his rock-hard manhood poking through a hole in the tray, making it the main course.

She gasps, not out of anger or fear but out of pure desire, and gently leans forward to lick the tip of his exposed cock. After several tentative licks on the tip, she pulls back and tosses the tray aside, his throbbing member now standing proudly from his open fly.

She slowly accepts the head into her mouth, swirling it around. While only the head is in her mouth, she slowly circles it in her mouth with her tongue, taking care to apply maximum contact between her tongue and the cock. She begins to lean forward, and the cock slowly disappears into her mouth. As she reaches the bottom, he can feel the tightness of her throat constricting around the tip of his cock.

She continues to bob her head, looking up with pure lust into his eyes. With her free hands, she reaches with one into his pants and cups his swollen balls. She traces her fingers gently around, touching and caressing every inch of his balls. Her other hand reaches up for his hand, and places it on the back of her head. As she sucks on his member, her hand guiding his hand on her head forces him into a rhythm, where he is fucking her mouth by pushing ulus escort her head onto his swollen cock.

**SLAM!** Scott’s revelry was interrupted by the sound of a car door slamming. Although his backyard was secluded by trees, bushes, and a fence, the sound of the neighbor’s car still could reach him. He wondered which neighbor it was, Matt or Angie. Matt and Scott have become good friends, and through this friendship Scott got to see more of Angie.

Angie was about 30, and had been married to Matt for a few years. She was somewhat short, in comparison to average women, but had an absolutely gorgeous body. She had been into swimming while in college, even competing in a few small tournaments. Her body was lean and toned, and she wasn’t the typical stick-thin suburbanite. She rarely wore makeup, as her natural complexion made it unnecessary. Her dark brown hair ran to her shoulders, where it sat just above her perfect C-cup (as Scott estimated) breasts. On more than one occasion Scott had been treated to seeing her in lycra pants and a sports bra as she ran a few laps around the block.

He heard the front door to his neighbor’s house open and shut, at which point Scott’s idel curiousity ended. He settled back again, hoping to continue his daydreaming. The sun beat down on him, and the cold beer he had consumed when he first got home began to coax him towards a nap. He still was horny from his daydreams, and as a result he had developed a sizeable semi-erection. Although not a porn star by any measure, he was proud of his solid 8″. As he dozed, his half-erect cock maintained a pup tent in his loose swimming trunks.

Just as he began to drift back to sleep, he heard the sharp squeak of his fence’s front gate. As he looked up, he saw Angie wincing and trying to be polite in entering the backyard. She was wearing jeans and a tank top, and was barefoot. As she pushed the door open she saw Scott and leaned around the fence gate to talk to him.

“Geez Scott, I’m really sorry to bother you,” she said.

Scott straightened up in his lounger, pulled his sunglasses on, and told her it was OK.

“I hate to bother you, but I have a favor to ask.”

“Sure, what can I do for you?” Scott replied.

She began to walk into his backyard, approaching him as he sat near his pool. “The cable’s been on the fritz, and I was supposed to have the cable company come today to work on it. They gave me the standard ‘We’ll be there between 8am and 4pm’ routine. I was going to call them and see when they are coming, but my cell phone battery is dead. Can I use your phone?”

“No problem at all”

“I really appreciate it. I hate to have you get up from being so comfortable. How about I just go in your house and get the phone?”

Scott said that was fine, and with that she let herself in through his sliding glass door. He settled back to continue to catch some rays.

As she made her calls, Angie looked through the kitchen window at Scott lying in the sun. He had a pretty good body, she thought, and certainly looked like he spent a good deal of time sunning in the backyard and in the gym. She also noticed the bulge in his shorts. Was that just a trick due to the cut of the shorts or the light? Had he been having a sex dream when she came in? The thought got her slightly excited.

After being told by the cable company that a technician wouldn’t be around until tomorrow due to high demand, she hung up and walked back outside. She told Scott about the scheduling and her frustration in taking a day off from work to wait for them.

“Well, anyway, thanks Scott for helping me out. I’ve got to get back and work on housework.” Her eyes lingered over the crystal blue pool and surrounding patio.

“Anytime Angie,” Scott said. Catching her stare at the pool, he said, “You know, you’re more than welcome over any time to use the pool if you’d like.”

She looked around the backyard. “Thanks for the offer. I’d love to take you up on it sometime.”

“No time like the present. Besides, you look like you could use it. How about now? I put some drinks in the fridge in the kitchen when I got home, they should be cold by now.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t. You seem so comfortable, I’d hate to bother you. Besides, I know you worked at the restaurant today. You must be beat.”

“I am, but a little company never hurt. Look at it this way: if you want to come over, your price is getting me another cold beer from the fridge.”

Angie pondered for a moment. It had been a long time since she sat in the sun and let the warmth and breezes relax her cares away. Her husband tended to be so demanding, forgetting that she works a full-time job and takes care of the house. Besides, she took a vacation day to sit and wait for the cable man – since he wasn’t coming, her schedule was wide open.

“OK. You got it, let me get my suit and I’ll be back in a few minutes,” she said.

As she turned and left, Scott’s mental jaw hit the floor. He yenimahalle escort never thought she’d take him up on it – he just always assumed she would always be another one of those neighbors you just wave hello to as you drive past. Just the thought of seeing her in some form of bathing suit, whether bikini or conservative one-piece, sustained his semi-erection. He could have sworn he saw her looking it up and down while they were talking. He worked on positioning himself so as to keep his cock at bay – she offered to come over and swim, for crying out loud, not star in a porno!

A few minutes later, Angie reappeared through the gate wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a white tank top. The straps to her bikini top were clearly visible under the tank top. She wore dark sunglasses and brought two cold beers and a towel.

“I couldn’t be a bad guest and drink your beer, so I brought a pair from my house for us,” she smiled as she walked over to Scott.

She sat the drinks down on a small table and pulled a second lounger closer to Scott. As she pulled it over, Scott was treated to the sight of her tight ass as she bent and pulled the chair along the concrete deck. His cock began to rustle just a little bit more. She sat her towel down on the lounger and began to undress.

Scott, still trying to be the gentleman, kept his eyes somewhat averted, but behind his sunglasses he taking every glimpse he could. He had always found women undressing very seductive, even if they weren’t strippers or trying to get him into bed. The bending, wiggling, and removal of garments to show some new skin always excited him.

She began by pulling the bottom hem of her tank top up and over her head. As she did, Scott saw her tight stomach and perky, bikini-covered breasts appear. Her skin was silky smooth and flawless. She was wearing a blue halter-style bikini top that did a good job of holding her tits in.

Once she removed the top, she shook her hair loose and unbuttoned her shorts. She shimmied back and forth, pushing the shorts down. Scott always found it amazing, women must go to class to learn how to do this. The wiggling of the hips and the slight helpless appearance was always exciting. Her bikini bottom matched the top, and as she turned to put her clothes away Scott saw the bottom, while not a thong, definitely accentuated her tight athletic ass.

She sat down and engaged Scott in some idle chatter for a few minutes, asking about work and his life in general. She complained about her job and how busy her life had become, not allowing moments of peace like this one.

She then took a few minutes to apply some sunblock Scott had sitting on the table. Again, Scott tried to be the gentleman, but did manage to sneak a few peeks as she applied to lotion to her glistening body. He silently prayed she would ask him to put some on her back, but she finished her front and snapped the cap back on the tube. Afterwards, she laid quietly on her lounger, turning occasionally. Scott maintained his gentleman ways, but did feast with his eyes every now and again.

After about half an hour, Angie got up and went into the pool. As she jumped in from the edge, Scott took in the beauty of her body as she went in. She swam a few laps, her tight ass just breaking the water surface, almost beckoning to Scott. Her motions seemed effortless as she glided through the water. The swimming had made the bottoms creep ever so slightly up her crack, making the view even better.

Angie swam to the edge nearest to Scott and put her arms up.

“Why don’t you come join me? I feel like a fish on display in the aquarium with you just sitting there leering at me,” she said.

“Nah, I’m good,” Scott said, keeping in mind the bulge in his shorts he was making.

“C’mon,” she pleaded. “I promise I don’t bite.”

“OK, sure, why not?” and with that he got up and jumped in.

After a few minutes lounging in the pool, Angie swam up to Scott and proposed a game of catch with a foam football Scott had near the edge. As they played, Scott accidentally threw the ball higher than normal a few times, which caused her to jump up to catch it. This jumping resulting in her tight torso and covered tits being on display. Scott began to intentionally overthrow just to see her leaping for the ball. The sight of water cascading down over her too-tight top and her taut stomach got Scott feeling the same tingle her felt earlier when thinking about the blonde customer.

Angie paused and swam back to Scott.

“How about a game of tag? We’ll both start from one wall, and one person has to tag the other. When you get tagged, we switch and begin again,” she proposed. “We used to play it all the time as a swim practice, you don’t notice all the good workout you get.”

Scott agreed, thinking that any chance to tag this woman would be just fine with him.

They began with Scott chasing Angie. Her strong swimming background showed as she swam away with great power. Not to be undone, Scott chased after her. After about 30 seconds of chasing, he caught her as she made a quick turn. He grabbed her around the stomach, and was treated by feeling her soft skin against his strong arm. As he pulled her in, she ever so lightly rubbed against his swimsuit-covered groin with her firm ass. He immediately let go to avoid seeming like a pervert – this was just innocent games anyway, right?

They began again, with her chasing him. Angie quickly caught him, this time by wrapping her arms around his muscular chest and holding onto his back. He felt her firm breasts pressed against his back, and felt her hold on for just a second longer than needed.

After a few more rounds, Angie proposed a change to the game. “This time, if one person catches the other in 30 seconds or less, the person caught has to lose an item of clothing,” she said.

“I don’t know Angie. Would your husband be cool with you taking off your clothes here with me?” Scott asked.

“Well… he probably won’t care, and besides, we’re just going to have fun, right? No reason that he would be upset.”

“I really don’t think so… Matt is a good guy… and…”

“He still is. I just want to have fun. We did this same game back when I was on the girls’ swim team in college.”

Scott’s mind quickly flashed to a dream of a pool full of college co-eds playing skinny-dip tag. “OK, if you say so. But wait, you have two pieces, I have one.”

“You’re right. The first time I catch you is penalty-free, but the second time it’s off with the trunks!”

“You’re on.”

The first round had Angie chasing Scott. Her swimming skills prevailed and she quickly caught him and announced his penalty-free card had been used.

Scott then chased Angie, but failed to catch her in 30 seconds. His disappointment was obvious. The next round Angie chased Scott, but thanks to a quick turn he made at the end, he escaped capture until 30 seconds was up. Again Angie caught him around the chest and held onto him for a few seconds before releasing.

As Scott chased Angie for the second time, he thought he noticed her swimming slower than normal. He easily caught her and after a few seconds released her. He honestly anticipated that she would back out of the bet to remove clothes.

“Oh well, you got me,” she grinned, and with that reached behind her neck and untied her halter top. The top flopped down to just above her nipples, showing Scott a large portion of her breasts. She reached and untied the string around her back, and pulled her hands around to keep her breasts covered with the now-detached top. She shot Scott an seductive grin and moved her hands. The top dropped off into the water, leaving her bare breasts exposed.

Her breasts showed a bit of age but were certainly perky enough for a 30-year-old. The tan lines around her breasts, from working in the yard in a tank top or sports bra, excited Scott, as her breasts were milky white and topped with huge strawberry nipples. Scott had to fight the urge to grab them then and there.

Angie splashed him, calling him a perv, and said to get ready for the next round. As they pushed off the wall, Angie mounted a sizeable advantage on Scott and caught him instantaneously.

She stepped back and said, “Take ’em off, big boy!” She began to imitate a bad porn soundtrack as she stared at him and smiled.

Scott hesitantly looped his fingers into his waistband and pulled the trunks down underwater. Through the clear water, Angie could see his swollen cock spring away from his body, now relieved of its prison of swimming trunks. He somewhat sheepishly kicked the trunks aside, and stepped forward towards the topless Angie. He felt a strange mixture of self-consciousness and desire, both of which were cast aside when she said, “OK, let’s go, next round.”

In the next event, Angie was again easily caught by Scott. Almost too easily, thought Scott. He rather enjoyed this capture, as he caught her from the side in a bear hug. His arm stretched over her bare tits and his cock rubbed against her outer thigh. He held on for a few seconds, ever so slightly rubbing his cock along her thigh. He noticed she made no move to break from the hold.

As he broke the embrace, she stepped to the side and slowly and seductively ran her fingers into the sides of the bottom and pulled it down. She kicked the bottom aside to join the rest of their swimsuits floating in the pool. She sidled up to him and said, “Next round.”

“Wait, what can I remove? We’re both naked!” Scott asked.

“Use your imagination,” she purred and winked.

As they pushed off the wall the next time, it was obvious neither was really trying to escape. She easily caught him by wrapping her arms around him and pressing up against his back. He felt her tight wet body against his, her breasts against his back.

Her hands rubbed around his chest and stomach, and ventured lower to grasp his cock. His erection had forced his cock up against his stomach, and she wrapped her hands around his dick and began to stroke slowly. As she stroked, his hips began thrusting in time to her strokes. As she stroked, she nibbled and licked at his neck and ears.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Cheating Husband

I was working late at the office when the phone rang. It was Lynn, an ex-employee of mine. She had been outside on her cell phone, had seen the light on, and wanted to ask me a question. I said that would be fine without even a thought of what she might really have in mind.

I unlocked the door to let her in, and she gave me a big hug. Interesting, I thought. As we walked into my office, Lynn told me she had left her husband and could not get me off her mind. Then she started asking questions, like whether I had ever tied someone up during sex. By now my pants were bulging-to her delight.

I said yes, and asked if ulus escort she would like to be bound right now. She closed her eyes and held out her hands.

I looked around and found some extension cords. I told her to put her hands over her head as high as she could, and I bound them to the top of a doorway. Then I undid my tie and blindfolded her.

Now in front of me was this helpless hot woman with her nipples standing erect against her blouse. I started by teasing her nipples through her blouse with my teeth. Then I removed her bra, pants, and soaking-wet panties. I reached for one of the lollipops yenimahalle escort I keep in the office for children and proceeded to rub her dripping pussy with it. I worked her clit so hard that she was shaking all over. Next I put the lollipop in her mouth, and she moaned loudly as she sucked in the sweet juices.

Now I had two fingers deep in her pussy as I gently bit down on each nipple. She was rocking, shaking, moaning, and suddenly cum blasted from her pussy. She went limp, until I stuck my tongue in her candied pussy and started on her clit. She screamed as another orgasm overcame her.

Then I cut her down from the door and tied her across my desk. Face down, ass up. I wanted to fuck her so bad. I entered her slowly with my thick cock. She was so hot and so wet. I pounded her to another orgasm. Then I pulled out and pressed against her tight asshole. I heard her squeal. I shoved it in harder until I felt my balls slap against her pussy. She was screaming, “Harder, harder,” and I could hold back no longer. I pulled out, shoved my cock in her mouth and watched as she tried to swallow all of my hot cum.

Suddenly I heard the voice of my wife; she was standing behind us. “Excuse me, what the hell is going on here?” she spouted.

She walked over to Lynn and slapped her ass. “I think you’re finished, darling,” she said to me. “Now it’s my turn to have this little hot pussy!”

More to cum later.

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Dear Debora Pt. 02

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Big Tits

It is the morning after the Saturday wine tasting. Carol and I made love the evening before. She was still sleeping but I was restless. I was up early despite the cold front that moved through overnight I made my half-hour walk around my neighborhood. I had coded lock on the back door so I did not need my keys. I touched the numbers on the keypad and heard the dead bolt move allowing me access to the kitchen. I popped my head in to the bedroom and saw that Carol was still sleeping.

Despite the walk I was still feeling the effects of last night’s tasting party. I drank a twelve-ounce glass of water to try to counter the dehydration of the wine. I moved to my office and looked over the folder of the notes from the Pinot tasting last night.

“Mike, come back to bed,” I heard Carol my roommate call out.

I closed the file and walked into the bedroom that I share with her. She had the bedside lamp on and had tossed the covers displaying her naked body. Her legs opened and I nestled my head between her legs and began to suck on her pussy.

“I really wanted you here when I woke up,” said Carol.

I continued to work on my lovers snatch.

“You know how much I look forward to our Sunday sessions,” said Carol.

I still did not respond but moved up to her breasts.

“Damm’it Mike say something!”

I stood beside the bed and dropped my sweatpants exposing my cock. I covered her mouth with mine and my tongue assaulted hers. My hand moved to her pussy and first one then two and finally three fingers invaded her until I felt her wetness. Using my hand I directed my now hard cock into her cunt.

“We should have Champagne?” said Carol as I began to fuck her pussy.

I continued to rhythmically move my cock in and out while I kissed her lips. I felt my cock shoot streams of cum, but I continued to move in and out. I felt more fluid on my member and saw Carol tense and then release indicating that she had climaxed.

We both rested while the pleasure sensations left our bodies. I was face down when Carol moved over me and left the bed. I heard her in the bathroom and felt her return to bed. I cut the alarm off and we both slept until about 8:00am.

It was Sunday morning and Carol being a Real Estate Agent was usually hosting an open house Sunday afternoons. Carol was still resting when I got out of bed. I put my pants on and moved over to the office to start to tally the scores from last night.

I heard Carol walk in and she brushed her still naked breast across my back. They felt wonderful. Carol grabbed the folder from the desk and marched out of the room. “So much for getting a head start on my wine column. Carol put the folder on the counter and she was pulling the supplies for Sunday breakfast.

“I don’t have a house to show so you have to entertain me all day,” she said when I walked into the kitchen.

“Great,” I said trying to hide my surprise.

“Yes I am going to sit around mostly naked and drink Champagne,” said Carol.

“I don’t think so,” I said as I pulled a tablet out of a drawer.

“I have a whole list of things that we need so either you or both of us are hitting the stores after breakfast,” I said.

“You can be a real buzz kill, Mike.”

“There will be time after we eat for a little…”

“I get the picture, Mike,” said Carol as she walked over and kissed me.

I reached into the fridge and pulled a bottle of sparkling wine out and started to unwrap the top. The cage came off and I eased the cork out of the bottle. Carol put two glasses on the counter and I poured two glasses. Carol turned and the light coming through the window hit her and I wish I had a camera. She looked very sexy in the soft morning light. Carol grabbed both glasses and held one between her breasts. “Come and get it,” she said.

I kissed her and took the glass from her hand and took a sip. Carol decided that I needed to cook and she moved to the table and sat looking at the paper. I prepared the batter for out waffles. I filled the waffle maker and waited for it to cook. The first one finished and I placed the first one in front of Carol. I refilled the machine and waited for it to finish. The machine dinged and I pulled the waffle out and put it on a plate.

I sat across from Carol and continued to admire her beautiful breasts. Carol took a sip of the wine and then ate some of the waffle. “You would rather I go shopping and let you work,” said Carol.

I was in a no win situation. If I told the truth I would make her mad. If we went together I would be a day behind getting the wine column written. Carol’s phone started to ring. She got up and went to where it was charging. I finished my waffle and poured more sparkling wine in both of our glasses.

Carol returned, “That was Peggy and her son has a fever and she needs me to handle the open house, do you mind?”

“A little I was looking forward to spending the day fucking you,” I said.

“You don’t lie well mister, but thanks,” said Carol.

We finished the bottle of wine and split another waffle. Carol got up thinking ulus escort that she was going to get dressed. I followed her to her room. I directed her to the bed and I got between her legs. I started to kiss her inner thighs, and allowed my nose to brush her pussy lips. I then went in with my tongue and probed the inner reaches of her pussy. My hands were busy massaging her breasts.

I stood and brought my stiffening cock to bear on her pussy and slowly pressed in until I was fully inserted. I came down and my mouth covered hers.

“I don’t tell you enough how beautiful you are madam,” I said.

“Shut up and fuck me you fool,” Carol replied.

After what seemed like a few minutes I started to move my cock in and out of her with increasing force. I continued to play with her tits, but Carol put her arms around me and held me tight limiting my movement. My cock felt her discharge as she climaxed. I continued to move my cock in and out. I suddenly stopped and felt my cock release a load of cum.

“That was one of the best we’ve had, mister,” said Carol.

“There will be more like that when you get home,” I said.

“Something to look forward to,” she replied.

I left to clean the kitchen and allow her to get dressed for the showing.

Carol came out fully dressed in slacks shirt and jacket. She stopped and planted a large wet kiss on me on her way out.

Carol walked back in followed by her son.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“He’s parked across the driveway so I can’t get out,” said Carol.

“I am taking my mother out of this situation and she is coming with me!” said Brad.

“You don’t control my life Brad, go home!” said Carol

“I believe that he is drunk Carol,” I said.

“Mother he called me a jerk the other day; the only jerk I see in this room is you, Mr. Brewer” said Brad.

All of a sudden I saw Brad clinch his right hand and I moved out of the way of his jab. I got behind him and held his wrists. I whispered in his ear “My respect for your mother keeps me dropping you on the floor.”

Carol’s phone was to her ear; I heard her recite the address and tell the 911 operator that we had a home invasion.

“Brad you have worn out any sympathy from me. You are keeping me from my work with this stunt,” said Carol.

In the distance I heard the sirens of police cruisers two cars pulled up and I saw two officers walk up the driveway. One officer restrained Brad by handcuffing him, and sitting him down at the breakfast table. Carol explained to the officers about the situation. Brad started screaming accusing me of holding his mother for ransom. One of the cops lifted Brad to his feet and marched him to one of the police cars and placed him in the back seat.

“Ma’am, I don’t think that you want us to arrest him, I will take him to the detox center and get him checked in and arrange to get his car towed. Paying the fee to get his car back should be punishment enough,” said one of the officers.

“Could you get the keys from him so we can move his car from the driveway I need to go to a home showing?” said Carol.

The officers and Carol and I walked out; the incident drew an interested crowd from the neighbors. The keys were still in the car and Carol moved the vehicle and parked it in front of our yard. The officers got signatures from both Carol and I. Carol took off to the showing and I stayed to finish up the report. After the police got the report they departed; the look in Brad’s face told me that we would cross paths again. That left me to answer questions from my neighbors.

The excitement drew to a close and people withdrew back to their houses. I was still in the yard when the tow truck arrived and I spoke with the driver as he hooked up the car and moved it to the back of the truck. He took off and the last vestiges of the incident were gone.

I moved to the office and fired up my computer and launched Excel. I had a spreadsheet template that I put, the wines and the taster’s scores from last night in the form and it would perform the calculations to give each wine a numerical score from one to fifty. I would assign a number of stars depending on how high the scores were. I wrote a description on each wine and added a few quotes from the panel, derived their notes.

From start to finish I spent four hours on the piece. I gave the copy an evil eye knowing that the entertainment editor would polish it further. Unlike Dear Debra, this column was syndicated though out the newspaper chain. It was read in seven cities around the country. The fee I got for Wine World was bigger but it was only once a month.

I had lunch and waited for Carol to return; I could only imagine her state of mind. I hoped the showing went well and she had a lot of property lookers. I was watching TV when I heard her car pull in to the driveway. I met her at the door and after kissing me she went to the liquor cabinet, before she could pull a bottle out I closed the door.

“Talk first, you can get a drink later,” I said.

“There is nothing yenimahalle escort to talk about, Brad came here, made a scene and the cops carted him away,” said Carol.

“How did the showing go, did you get a lot of potential buyers?”

“Why are you interested now you’ve never asked before?” said Carol.

“Yes I have, Carol. Don’t do this to me,” I replied.

Carol walked past me and headed to her bedroom and shut the door. I went back to watching the TV and waited for her to come out. She came out dressed in a stylish tracksuit and announced that she was going for a walk. I offered to go with her but she walked out without responding.

“I guess that was a no,” I said to an empty house.

I dosed off watching a college basketball game and did not hear Carol come back in. She was sitting across from me when I realized she was back. I turned the TV off and rubbed my eyes.

“Would have walked with you,” I said after a moment silence between us.

“I know, I needed to work on this on myself,” said Carol.

“You’re not going to move out over this are you?” I asked.

“I considered it. I wanted to create peace in my family, but I concluded that it would not calm anything,” said Carol.

“Not because of our financial arrangement, I would hate to see you move out,” I replied.

“Did you really call my son a jerk?”

“What I actually said that I could not believe a person like him came from a mother like you. I might have used the word jerk,” I said.

“Did you get the wine column finished?” asked Carol

“Yes I did. Did you have lots of lookers?”

“Touché Mr. Brewer, Yes we had a lot of prospects,” said Carol.

Carol pulled the zipper open about half way on the top of the tracksuit. There was no bra and her breasts peeked out of the top. She rose and went to the kitchen and found another bottle of sparkling wine and opened it.

“I believe that we need a drink, will you join me mister.”

“Yes madam, I will join you,” I replied.

Carol joined me on the couch and we sipped the sparkling wine. She moved the zipper down a few inches more as she consumed more glasses of the wine. After the bottle was finished she leaned over and kissed my ear. “My tits need some attention Mr. Brewer.”

I stood Carol up and we moved to the bedroom. I mentally thanked myself for powering through the wine column allowing the rest of the afternoon and evening for pleasuring a lovely lady. I reached around her and I finished unzipping the windbreaker. I removed the top and placed her on the bed face down. I pulled the pants down to her ankles and took her shoes off. The pants found the floor soon after the shoes. Carol was completely naked and her white skin contrasted with the plum comforter on the bed. My cock responded to the visual stimulation, but he would need to wait. I started to knead Carol’s thighs first the right then the left and back to the right. Carol started to complain, I put a finger in her pussy to silence her comments.

I brought Carol to her knees; I entered her pussy from the back, driving my cock deep into her. I leaned down and kissed the back of her neck and my hands massaged her breasts. I moved up to her ear and whispered, “You are a beautiful woman.”

I continued to drive my cock into and out of her pussy, when she reared like a horse and I felt her vagina contract around my cock. I picked up my pace and I went stiff and felt my cock explode. I withdrew and turned her over and embraced her. My cock found her cunt and it felt the warmth of pussy. We continued the embrace and we both passed out while the adrenalin worked out of our bodies.

Carol was the first up and she tugged at my arm. “Get up Mike.” I woke up and followed Carol into the bathroom and into the shower. Carol took the lead and began soaping me down. She paid special attention to my cock and balls; one of her fingers invaded my bunghole; and her mouth found my cock. The sensation of her mouth and finger caused me to cum. Carol was able to release my cock before I went off. We kissed and I started to clean her off and my mouth played with her tits.

I turned her around and allowed the stream to rinse her body. After she was free of soap, Carol reached the valves and shut the water off. I was sad that the shower was over, but I allowed Carol to step out and I grabbed a towel and wrapped her up. She walked out and went to her bedroom. I dried off and dressed. I walked into the office and checked my email. Tracy did not send me any notes about the column so I had nothing to work on.

There was one email from a PR firm inviting me to a whiskey tasting. I guess that I was going to have to put up or shut up. I heard Carol walk in to the room and place a stack of papers on her desk.

“Mike I am wondering if we can continue our arrangement.”

The comment was not unexpected. “Hey we just spent the last half hour making love passionately I think,” I replied.

“So our relationship hasn’t changed because of what Brad did? ” said Carol.

“We complement each other and I don’t care what your family thinks about me,” I said.

Carol turned to leave and then looked at me “We will talk some more,”

I put the computer to sleep; I didn’t expect any work related email on a Sunday evening. I went to the living room to watch TV. Carol’s bedroom door was closed and I assumed that she was resting in there. I suddenly realized that I had not eaten since breakfast. I normally did not eat microwave meals but I did not want to cook so I popped an entre in and nuked it. The meal was passable and I did not have pots or pans to clean.

“It will be a scandal if the world hears that the Wine Guy eats microwave dinners,” said Carol.

“Yea everyone knows that I am a foodie,” I replied.

“Don’t be surprised if Brian causes some more problems,” said Carol.

“I am going to contact Larry the lawyer tomorrow just in case,” I said.

“You know Mike, we are users; I use you and you use me. We should redefine our relationship,” said Carol.

I didn’t have a snappy rejoinder. I knew that I needed to work on some of my issues. The major issue is getting reliable transportation. I really wanted see Carol when she parked next to another car in the driveway.

“I know that we met about a month after your divorce?” said Carol

“Yea but me and the professor split six months earlier so I was living in the shitty apartment since the split. I was living solo for about a year before I called you about selling this place,” I said.

“You should think about selling; prices around here have jumped you could make a tidy profit.”

“I would owe you for the equity that you put in, so I think that I will stay,” I replied.

Carol went to the fridge and pulled out another frozen entre and put it in the microwave. She sat down across from me. “The box might taste better,” she said after sampling.

“We are two snobs,” I said.

After she finished eating Carol got up and went to the office to write a report on the showing. I heard her phone ring and through the open door I heard one half of a conversation. “Yes he assaulted Mike in the house. … He was drunk, or hopped up on drugs. … The cops said that they were not going to charge him and hauled him to the detox center to sleep it off. I am sure that he is not one of my fans now. … Thanks Roger for your concern it is just a little to little and a little to late,” Carol ended the conversation.

I decided not to inquire but I speculated that it was Brad’s Father. I shut the TV off and went to the bedroom and started to read a novel that the book review editor sent me from the paper. It was 10:30 when I called it quits and shut the light off. I expected Carol to sleep in her room, but was pleasantly surprised when she snuggled next to me.

I woke up and Carol was still asleep, the clock on my radio read 4:45. I gently eased out of the bed and grabbed my walking clothes and moved out of the room. I dressed and left through the kitchen door as quietly as I could and started my walk around the neighborhood. My Doctor suggested in very strong terms that I should take a brisk half hour walk at least four days a week. Most weeks I walked five days. I made the turn for home. I checked to see if Brad’s car was parked near the house. I reached the door and keyed in the code for the lock.

The house was still quiet and I decided to look to see if I got any messages and waited until Carol was awake. I saw an email from Tracy who must have worked yesterday evening.

“Mike, the answers look good the questions and the answers should give me enough inches for the column. TKS. Tracy

“PS there is a file with candidates for next weeks column.”

I would look at the questions later; I heard Carol moving around in the bedroom, so I walked in to see what her plans were. I was sitting at the breakfast table when Carol came out.

“You’re the lucky one since I worked yesterday I checked my schedule and I am free today,” announced Carol.

“And how does that make me lucky?”

“You get to entertain me all day,” responded Carol.


“You don’t sound enthused. Are you tired of me already?”

“Carol, I am just surprised. I am a creature of habit and now I have to figure out what I do to keep you happy,” I said.

“Not a whole lot darling, but since I have decided to stay around a while I thought you and I could go out for a fabulous lunch somewhere.”

“That is fine but we will be using a car service as we will be sampling a lot of wine and other booze,” I replied.

Carol walked over to where I was sitting and sat next to me; her hand moved over to my crotch. My cock responded almost at the first touch. I leaned over and kissed her. My hand reached under her T-shirt and massaged her breasts.

She stood and dragged me with her and we walked back to the bedroom. “Not today sir you are on the bed,” she said as she moved my sweatpants down to my ankles. Her hand clamped on my cock and brought the tip of my cock to her mouth. Carol painted the tip with her tongue. Suddenly she opened her mouth and my cock disappeared. I moved to the bed and she followed me. My cock was imprisoned in her mouth. I was under her control so I lay back and let her do her thing. Her mouth found my mouth and we exchanged tongues.

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Female Dream: A Lasting Erection

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Churning Butter

My father died a short while ago. My mother is really broken up over it. She’s planning on selling their house and moving into a retirement community. Right now, to get away, she’s visiting her sister a hundred miles away. She asked me to move everything of my Dad’s out of the house. Give it away, throw it away, whatever, she wants to not ever face it herself. I live in the same town, married with teen agers of my own, and my own business, so it’s easy for me to take off a half day to do as she wants.

I started with the desk and his papers, making sure that I found anything important. Most of it I can take home and sort through later. Dad was never much of a handy man but had some tools, which I’ll take home and also sort through later. In the bedroom, I gathered all his clothes and shoes; these will go to the thrift shop on my way home later. In a side table I found a paperback of the Kama Sutra, which surprised me but then I realized that at one time, Mom and Dad obviously were sexually active. Maybe remained so until the end. I imagine my wife and I will. Then I found this odd zippered container . I opened it and couldn’t figure out what it was — medical equipment, tools, whatever. A brochure was also in there so I opened it and discovered what I had.

It’s a penile pump. It’s used to pump up your cock for intercourse. Used, I assume, when you can’t get it up on your own. It can’t be very new, Viagra’s been around for several years now to fit the same purpose. Odd thing. Everything in fitted foam rubber in a cloth hosing. A clear plastic cylinder, maybe eight or nine inches long. Round at one end and enlarging slightly to an oval shape at the other. There’s a plastic contraption with a little handle that seems to fit the oval end. That’s the pump, obviously. Then a tube of lubricant, used to seal the cylinder to your body as you pump. Also a half dozen rings, or sort of rings, shaped slightly with little side handles, that apparently act as strong rubber bands.You stretch one of the rings onto the small end of the cylinder. You then put lubricant onto that end, insert your cock into the cylinder, press the round end to seal to your body and pump away. When your cock is full of blood, all erect and stiff, you loosen the cylinder and as you pull it away, you slip the ring off so it tightens around the base of your cock, holding the blood in.

The intent is, you have a good erection, capable of fucking. And it lasts until the ring comes off. I guess my Dad and Mom did keep on having sex, even as they got older. I smiled at that, actually liked the whole idea.

Anyway, I got rid of everything I could, then went back to work. I had a number of thoughts that afternoon. I kept thinking of that pump. My wife, Mary, has mentioned after we’ve both cum during sex that it would be nice if my cock would stay stiff so I could keep right on fucking her. It all feels so good, she’s said, that she’d like to just keep it going on and on. But once I’ve cum, I lose my stiffness and it takes a while to get it up again. When we were younger, that meant more sex in a little while. Now, as I’m older, that means we both go to sleep before we ever get around to sex again. But that pump made me think that maybe I could stay stiff and we could just keep fucking on and on. Ought to make her happy. I don’t need the pump to get stiff on my own but perhaps if I used it to lock stiffness in place, she could finally get her wish. There is a time limit, locking the blood in for too long would be dangerous.

When I got home later, I unloaded what I had, in a couple cardboard boxes, in the garage. That evening, after dinner, as we were getting ready for bed, I described the whole thing to my wife and said that maybe, if it still worked, I could get an erection and hold it long enough for us to keep on having sex longer. She told me that she was very happy with things as they are but if I want to try, she’s willing. So I went out and got the contraption and brought it to our bedroom. My wife looked it over and read the brochure and offered to help.

So I’m standing in our bedroom naked. My wife has on a shorty nightgown. I get one of the rings, they’re two colors, some pink and some sort of ivory colored, so I choose a pink one. I don’t really know why. I try and stretch it and get it over the end of the cylinder. Cripes, that’s hard to do. So my wife holds the cylinder and I stretch the ring with all my might and finally get it hooked on one side and then onto the cylinder. I get the pump thing in the other end. I get a dab of the lubricant and put it around the cylinder end. I hold my cock, completely soft, and get it in the cylinder and press the end against my body and start pumping. My cock is in there sort of twitching and bending crooked. My wife is watching and smiling.

“Shit, this isn’t going to work,” I blurt out.

“Dan, honey, press that button and let the vacuum out. O.k., now let me,” she says, after I do as she asks. She pulls the cylinder forward some and gets hold of my cock with her fingers and sort of pulls it out some, straight. “Maybe if we get this headed straight it’ll work.”

My cock stiffens a little. Her handling kızılay escort it is getting me a little aroused. “It’s already growing a little,” I say.

“That shouldn’t matter,” she says, “It might even help.” Then she gets her fingers out of the way, just supporting my cock with one finger as she pulls the cylinder back. She slides her finger out of the way and pushes the cylinder against me, into my pubic hair. “Try it now,” she says. I start pumping and my cock grows and grows and gets all sort of red or purple in there. “Oh my,” she says, does that hurt?”

“No,” I tell her and pump a little more. “But it’s starting to feel like I’m as far as I should go.” With that, I press the button that releases the vacuum, start pulling the cylinder away and push the ring off. Boy, it really grabs me. Wham! Now I’m standing there with a definite, big, hard on sticking out.

“I don’t remember it being that red,” she says. She reaches and puts her fingers on it, then grasps it. “But it’s sure erect. We better make use of it while we can,” she adds with a dirty grin and heads for the bed, pulling her night gown up over her head and off. I follow her and start crawling up over her. “Wait,” she says, “That thing of yours may be ready but I’m not.”

Well I know what that means. I slide back a little, still between her legs, and get my head down into her crotch as she moves her legs up, raising her pussy up for me. I get my face in there and give her slit a good lick, bottom to top. I spread her a little with my fingers and get my tongue into her and lick around a little, then move up to her clit. As I lick her clit, I slide two fingers into her and start sliding them around in there as I suck on her clit with my lips. It doesn’t take long and I can feel her whole body sort of jerking and then she says, “I’m ready.” I slide back up over her. She helps aim me into her and I slowly slide into her. I think my cock is as big as ever and certainly stiff and I start fucking away, slowly at first and then as her moans and grunts start coming, I start working faster and harder. I can feel that she has one hand down between us, working on her clit. She always does that when we’re in this position.

Her moans start running together, interspersed with “ughs” as I pound into her each time. Her hand is moving fast down there, I can feel it. It takes a few minutes and she’s moving into orgasm. I can feel it around my cock and I can feel it from her body. She wraps her legs up around me to hold me in as I keep pulling out and pounding back in. Her noises get even more and then I can feel her body relax. Her legs come down off me.

“That was really nice,” she says.

“Roll over,” I tell her, “The idea is to keep on using this thing to get you into more orgasms, like we used to do years ago.” She doesn’t say a thing, just rolls over and sticks her butt up into the air. I get behind her and aimed in again and start fucking away. I’ve always liked this position, it feels good. It also means I can reach around and play with her breasts and her clit, which is what I start doing. I think we last about twice as long as we did the first time and then I can feel that she’s going into orgasm again. After some noise and her pushing back a lot, she finally collapses onto her stomach. I pull out and lay next to her on my back. I reach and take one of her arms and brings it up until I can get her hand to my sticky but very erect cock. “It’s still ready,” I tell her, “Why don’t you straddle me and sit on it some and we can keep this going.

She doesn’t say a word, just looks at me. But she pulls her legs up under her and sits up and get her leg across me, holding on to my cock all the time, gets her butt up a little and sits down on me, swallowing my erection up into her pussy. She sort of grins at me and starts moving her body, rotating a little, back and forth a little, feeling me move inside her. “This really goes back,” she says, “I haven’t ridden you like this in years.” She leans over me a little and I prop myself up as much as I can to get my hand to her breast. I even manage to get my mouth to it and suck on her nipples. She pushes her body forward a little to help me keep licking and sucking her. She also keeps her hips moving. I just don’t have the muscle tone I once did, I can’t stay up in that position. I lay back again but bring a hand to right above where my cock is moving into her and start diddling her clit. She starts moving faster and faster, then actually using her legs to move up and down, really fucking me, riding me.

She never climaxes again. Neither do I. She finally lifts off me and lays next to me, on her back. “I just can’t do it any more,” she says. “My pussy is sore, my clit is sore, I’m winded, really worn out. If we really did all this years ago, I don’t know how I lasted. It’s too much. I’ve been happy with our loving kind of sex for years, I’m willing to leave these gymnastics to the kids now.” Then she reached over and grabbed my cock. “And you’re still hard. Did you ever cum?”

“No, I didn’t,” I tell her. “Truth is, I’m glad you’ve said what you did. Because maltepe escort this thing is sort of like it isn’t me. I mean I can feel what’s happening but it just doesn’t get to me the way it does normally. And I think we could go on for an hour and I’d never cum. It’s definitely not the same. I guess if I couldn’t get it up normally, this would be better than nothing but I’m willing to let the experiment end, too.” I grabbed the ring thing and pulled it hard to each side and moved it up and off my cock. It pulls on my pubic hair. I think I might end up with a bruise on the head, that thing pulled so much. It’s really tight. Guess it has to be to work right.

We both washed ourselves a little, put on our sleeping clothes and get back into bed. I hug her and kiss her and we tell each other we love each other and go to sleep. The next morning, I rinse everything off, put it back into it’s fitted container and take it out to the garage and put it in one of the boxes with the other stuff.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My Dad went and cleaned out a lot of stuff from Grandma’s place and some of it is sitting in boxes in the garage. My Mom tells me, after I come home from school, to look in the boxes and see if there’s anything I want. So, I poke around in one box and it’s all junk and then go to the other box. There’s a zipped container on top of the pile of stuff, so I open it to find out what it is. Neat. This contraption, from what I can tell from the brochure, is a penis pump, a way to get a guy’s cock hard. I have no idea what to do about it but I take it back to my bedroom to study and figure out.

I’m eighteen, will graduate high school in two weeks. My boy friend and I have been fucking for two months, ever since my eighteenth birthday. In fact our first time was on my birthday. I love it. There can’t be anything better in the world. I love it when he plays with my breasts. I love to play with his cock. It’s so sexy. I love it’s feel, it’s taste. I’ve sucked him off a half dozen times now. Two nights ago, he licked me for the first time. That may be as good as actually fucking. Well, maybe not. I guess they’re both so great I can’t say one is better than the other. I love it all. In fact, I’d like more than I’m getting.

I’ve told him that once we actually get around to fucking, with both him and me managing to cum, I end up so turned on that I want to keep on doing it forever, never stop. Well, obviously stop sometime but not as soon as we do. But he can’t. His cock goes limp on me. I can get it up again but by then I’m not as hot as I was. I haven’t brought it up with him yet but I’ve thought that it might be great to have a second guy around, to take over when he’s done so that I can keep on fucking. Then when the second guys is done, then maybe Rob will be ready again and we can still keep on fucking. I dream about that at night, about fucking for hours. Orgasm after orgasm.

So, when I read everything about this machine, well, it makes me think that maybe he could stay hard and we could keep on, like I want to. So I take it to school with me in my back pack. When I see Rob I ask him if we can meet at his house right after school. He has two older sisters; one is married and gone, the other is in college. Both his parents work, so we can be alone for a couple hours or more right after school. He readily agrees. I think he’s drooling at the prospect.

I have the whole thing in mind. So, once we’re naked in his bedroom and we hold one another and kiss. I tell him, “Rob, I really loved what you did to me last time, licking me down there. Will you please do it again?”

“Mandy, you have the sexiest body possible. I wanted to do that from the first time we were together but didn’t know what to do. Then I finally got up the nerve to try it because I knew it wouldn’t bother you if I did anything wrong. I’d love to do that again, I really loved it.’

“Well, so did I and I’m awful glad you finally tried it. You were terrific.” So I lay back and he climbed over me and started kissing all over, licking my breasts and sucking on them. He keeps telling me how much he loves my body. When he finally gets down there, I bring my knees way up, getting my pussy up where he can get at it. He really starts attacking with his mouth. I can hear him slurping. “Lick up a little to my clit,” I tell him and he does. Fuck, this is so good, I love it. He licks down into me again and then back up to my clit. “Slide a couple fingers into me and finger fuck me while you suck on my clit,” I tell him. He does. Fuck, I’m not going to last at all. Here it cums. This is really a good one. I grab his head and hold him into me and get my legs down on either side of his head. I can hear myself sort of yelling and then it’s over and I lay back and let go of him. He lifts his head up and looks at me grinning.

“Rob, you’re a great lover. That was perfect. Now let me do you.” I get him on his back and kiss him and kiss down onto his shoulder and then his breast. I even lick his nipples a little. Meanwhile I have one hand wrapped around his cock. A nice, big, stiff, delicious mamak escort cock. I kiss down over his stomach and belly button and finally move to the side and lean down and lick up and down his cock. I grin and look back up at him. He has his head and shoulders lifted a little to watch me. So I go for it. I get my mouth over the head and start licking and sucking. I push my face down and get more and more of him into my mouth. I wonder if I can get it all? I try to get it into my throat and I sort of gag. I pull back a little and move up over him more to get a different angle to my throat and try again. It’s still awkward and doesn’t feel great but I can get more of him in there. I decide to really work on him so I lift back some and use my hand to jerk him off and hold his balls with my other hand. Then I grip him tight with my lips and start moving my head up and down, my lips right behind my hand that’s working on him. It takes a little while but I can feel his cock sort of grow a little, stiffen even a little more and then here comes his load. I’ve got used to it now, actually sort of like it. it’s sexy. Sort of gooey and slimy in a way but sort of sexy, too. I swallow and swallow, then pull my head back and look at him and grin and then take him back into my mouth to clean him up and get the last drops out.

Then I’m back up on top of him, kissing him. “Now,” I tell him, “I want to fuck and fuck and not stop for as long as we can.”

“Well, it’ll take a couple minutes to get me up again, you pretty much drained me. I loved it and please do it some more some time but it means I’m not ready.”

I’ve got this pump,” I tell him. “It belonged to my grandfather. I can pump you up and in no time you’ll be as hard as a rock and ready to go.”

“A pump? Gee, I don’t know.”

“Oh, c’mon Rob. It won’t hurt you and it’ll let us fuck away for as long as we want.” I get it out of my back back. I come back and open it and show it to him . I also play with his cock a little and sort of stick one breast in his face, which he sucks on.

“How does it work? What do I need to do?”

“Take this thing and stretch it and put it right on here, at the end of this cylinder.” I gave him one of the pink ring-like things. He tries and then has to sit up and concentrate on it but he gets it on. “O.k.,” I say, “Now stand up here in front of me.” I put the pump part in its end. I had practiced this at home, which is how I knew I needed him to stretch that ring out to fit. I put a little lubricant around the end of the cylinder. I take his cock with a couple fingers. I sort of play with it a little and pull on it and then get it aimed into the cylinder. I push the cylinder up against his body, tight, and then start pumping the end with one hand. I can see his cock twitching and moving. The cylinder steams up a little on the inside but I can still see. I keep pumping. Cripes, maybe he’s going to fill this all the way up.

He’s looking down, watching. “It really does pump it up, doesn’t it?” He says and then, just as I began wondering how I would know when to stop, he says, “It’s beginning to feel funny. I think it’s up about as far as it can go.” It’s really big in there, sort of purplish. It always has some color to it, it’s full of blood when it’s up but this is even more color. I pump twice more and can hear him draw a breath. I get my one hand to the ring, press a button on the pump to let the vacuum go, and as I pull the cylinder loose, I push the ring off. Whap, I can hear it grab him. “Oof,” he says and then we both just stare at it. There’s this big, dark red or purple thing sticking out there. I put my hand on it and feel it, wrap my fingers around it.

“Well, let’s make use of that,” I tell him and lay back on the bed and spread my legs. I finger myself a little and rub my clit as Rob moves over me. Then he’s shoving it into me. Cripes, this is great. I think he’s even a little bigger than normal. He tells me how tight I am and pretty soon he’s all the way in and he starts pumping in and out and I start shoving my hips at him and we’re really going at it. I love this. He’s really into it, really going fast and hard. Perfect. We must go on for several minutes and then I can feel I’m going to orgasm again. I haven’t even been rubbing my clit, which I usually do in this position . I just got so caught up in fucking that I forgot. But here it comes anyway. I can hear myself yelling sort of and I wrap my legs up around him and hold him tight and cum and cum.

This is when it usually ends. But he hasn’t cum. “Let me move,” I tell him. He pulls back a little and I roll over and move back so he’s between my legs again, then I move onto my knees and stick my rear up at him. “Get back in there and do me some more,” I tell him. And he does. Glorious. I can feel his whole body slapping against my butt as he really pounds into me. He reaches down around and gets both hands on my breasts as he continues to move in and out of me. Fuck, this is so great. Then he lets go and puts his hands on my hips and just bangs into me, hard, over and over. I get one hand back to my clit and push it around as he fucks me. This lasts a little longer than the first one but eventually I can feel it coming, another orgasm. It;s just so great. I hope the neighbors aren’t home because I can hear myself and I’m loud. After I cum, I just collapse for a moment. He pulls back and lays down next to me, on his back. I look at him and grin and then reach and grab his cock. It’s still big and hard.

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Autumn Falls

You are standing at the kitchen window, just out of bed, it’s the start of summer and its hot, but its always hot here. In your hand is a glass of water forgotten for the moment as you focus on some movement on the street below.

You are dressed in only a loose top and cotton shorts, nothing else as its Saturday morning and apart from being hot there’s nowhere you need to be just now.

You hear a sound behind you and you start to turn when you hear my voice saying “Don’t turn around”. A chill of anticipation goes through you as you wait to see what happens next.

Your mind flashes back to the first time you heard my voice. At the time you were in the bus and it was crowded so everyone was pushed together. Gradually you became aware of a presence, a kind of electricity that felt like it was sparking behind you. There was slight pressure just behind your head and you heard a mans voice ask “Can you feel it too?” You nodded slowly, not sure where this was going. Then he said “Don’t turn around and tell me how I can contact you” There was no reason to give a stranger on a bus you hadn’t even seen your phone number, let alone your address but you heard yourself doing just that. The bus stopped and then he was gone.

That was two months ago and since then there had been a mounting sexual tension that at times engulfed my whole being.

He came to my house wouldn’t let me see his face, asked if I wanted to play an intense game, explaining I would always be safe but that I wouldn’t be allowed to cum unless he was there, I don’t know why, but I agreed.

Since then, every Saturday he had been to my house, the first time I let me him in but after that I left door unlocked.

Each time had escalated and now it was like a drug i couldn’t wait to get the next hit of.

My footsteps sıhhiye escort yanked you back to the present. You can feel me standing behind you, that same charged feeling at your back.

You feel my hand gently move your hair away and then the warmth of my mouth on your neck as I savour the taste of you, softly kissing from shoulder to ear. Despite the heat you can feel your nipples hardening as I nibble.

I tell you to put down the glass that you’ve forgotten you’re still holding and to lean forward and put your hands on the bench. This pushes your butt back into me and you feel how aroused I am.

Moving to the other side of your neck to kiss you, I put my hands on your waist and slowly slide them around your hips and belly, rhythmically, in an upward spiral till I reach just below your breasts. Your breath comes faster and I can feel your heart thumping.

Now with just the tips of my fingers I start to gently caress the beautiful curve of your breasts just below your now, very erect nipples. Moving my hands higher I follow the curve of your breasts around the outside stroking them gently but still not touching your nipples. You move, trying bring my fingers into contact with your nipples but I move them away and whisper in your ear that you have to wait for that.

Focussed as you were on my hands you hadn’t realised you were pulsing your hips into me, but as my hands dropped from your breasts to your hips again after giving your nipples the lightest of teasing touches, you become aware of just how hard you are pressing against me.

My hands moved to the front of your shorts and pulled the drawstring, then both hands slide down over your belly and around your hips,moving your shorts down at the same time.

With tandoğan escort your shorts almost off your hips I allow you to press your now bare butt against me as my hands slide up your back and down with my nails gently weaving a path lower.

I repeat this over and over, each time my hands getting lower until they don’t go back up. Instead they’re going down, caressing your perfect firm butt. With a sudden movement I pull your your shorts down and you let out a little gasp.

I tell you step out of your shorts and move your legs apart and you obey with a quite moan as you surrender your body.

With your shorts off I can smell the musky sweet scent that flows from your body, I run my hands around your butt and then down to your inner thighs and stroke you gently getting closer and closer to your pussy.

Again I tease you. Circling around with very light touches, making you shudder as my fingers start to make light contact with your swollen clit.

This was as far as it had ever gone and now her whole body ached to be taken, the cock she had felt so many times pressing against her to be released and to feel it pounding her aching pussy. Instead she felt cool touch of silk against her skin and knew that the blindfold was about to cover her eyes, having no sight intensified everything and despite the heat she shivered a little in anticipation.

Once it was on he led Christie into the bedroom, unbuttoned her shirt and let it slip from her body. This time it was her turn to hear him gasp because despite all the teasing it was the first he had seen her totally naked, his hands returned to her body but this time there more urgency to his touch. He pushed Christie back onto the bed and heard his clothes being pulled off and tunalı escort then felt him move between her legs kissing from her feet up to soft inner thighs and then began to devour her aching pussy. She could feel her orgasm welling up inside her, it had been two months since she last came and her body ached for the release.

As he savoured her engorged clit he could feel Christie was about to cum and deliberately moved away to stop her cumming and keep her intensely on edge.

He whispered in her ear “not yet, but soon”.

What followed was turned into a blur as her body was taken to the point of cumming and then denied, over and over. When he finally put her on her knees and started to fuck her slowly and faster she felt like nothing existed except for where his cock slid into her pussy and just when she thought she would finally cum he changed his rhythm.

After losing count of the number of times she had almost cum he pulled out of her and moved his cock to her mouth, smelling her own juices on there she took it into her mouth, determined to tease him.

But then his mouth was back between her legs lapping at her clit and she hoped this time she would be allowed to cum, with that thought she started sucking and working his cock to make him cum.

Again he wouldn’t let her cum but instead moved her onto her back and then positioned himself so that she could feel the head of his cock pressing against her pussy.

Instead of fucking her she felt the blindfold pulled from her head and for the first time she looked into the eyes of the man who had become her drug.

As she held his gaze he moved his weight forward and she felt his cock moving into her slowly, until she had totally engulfed him. He kissed her, gently at first but as he started to fuck her harder, the kiss was more intense and as she felt herself cumming had to break away as the most intense orgasm that had built up over two months finally swept over her body.

As Christie came the intensity of her orgasm pushed him over the edge and with his head back and eyes closed after two long months he finally came with the woman of his dreams.

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All about Vick

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This is my entry into the 2017 Literotica Halloween contest. Hope you enjoy!



“Yah. Sorry Ize late. Gots stopped,” Vick said standing in Kitty’s doorway.

“No! Did you get a ticket?” she asked seeing a Mustang on the street.

Vick laughed. “Naw. Friend.” He looked behind her. “Parents home?”

“No. They’ve gone out for the night,” she said. Kitty was relieved that they went to visit some friends. She didn’t want to deal with her dad’s over protectiveness.

“Marcie said uze berfday’s las’ week. Dat righ’?” he asked.

Kitty nodded and smiled. “Yeah. 18!”

Vick pulled the hand he had behind his back into the open to reveal a pink carnation. “Happy berfday!” he said handing it to her, obviously proud of himself.

Kitty’s face turned red while she reached out to take and then smell it. “You shouldn’t have,” she said taking a deep breath through her nose. She’d never before received a flower from a boy.

“Hey, perdy gurls sh’have perdy flowers,” he said pointing at it.

Kitty looked at the huge, strong boy and smiled. “Thank you,” she said daintily twirling the carnation in her fingers. “Where are we going?” She was wearing a coat and ready for a cool October night, although she was starting to second guess wearing a skirt.

“Beefy Burger denna movie. Guud ‘nuf?” Vick asked.

Kitty wasn’t all that impressed with his choices. Her best girlfriend, Marcie, said he was quite the guy. The flower proved there was potential… “I guess,” she said, doing her best not to show her second thoughts.

He shrugged. “Ain’t gots lotsa bucks. Hopin’ s’all guud, k?” he asked flashing his winning smile.

Kitty melted on his smile. “I’m sure it’ll be great,” she said smiling back.

Vick relaxed. “Guud. Les go!” he said stepping back a bit.

Kitty left the flower on the little table inside the door and walked out, closing it behind her. Vick reached out and put an arm around her.

Kitty’s eyes devoured his machine while they walked the path. “That’s a beautiful car,” she said.

“Yah, s’my baby. Got fer a song too!” he said stroking the front fender lightly on his way to the passenger door, which he opened for her.

Kitty was starting to understand why her best girlfriend, Marcie, set her up with Vick. Maybe he really was a catch? He even held her hand while she was entering the car. He closed the door and circled around to the driver’s seat.

Vick started the car and revved the engine. Kitty felt the power from the beast vibrate through her, and it excited her! She expected him to squeal the tires when he put it in gear but he didn’t. She let out a sigh.

Vick laughed. “No bucks fer tarrs,” he said as if reading her mind. “‘Sides, ain’t none ta race.”

“Oh. Then why’d you do that?” Kitty asked.

He chuckled. “Jus’ wancha feel ma power!”

That made Kitty smile, and she felt warmth spreading across her body. Considering how cold it was outside and the fact that the heater hadn’t yet warmed the inside of the car, she knew it was coming from him.

She stared at his body and realized that he had lots of power to spare! “You look like you lift weights or something,” Kitty realized she was saying while drooling over his muscles.

“Kinda. C’struction mos’ly.”

Kitty looked at his arms and reached out to feel his biceps. She could feel them flex while she lightly touched them. “Is that how you got so strong?”

“Perdy much. Lotta heavy liftin’ on da job,” he said.

“Does that pay a lot? Is that how you could afford this new car?” she asked.

“Not new. Dat’s a ’67. I fixed it up guud when I got it,” he said with a glint in his eye. His baby.

“Well it’s beautiful!” Kitty said, placing her hand over his on the gear shifter.

Vick turned his hand over and clasped hers. Kitty’s breath caught, feeling a spark from his strength. After staring at their hands a moment, she looked up at him and smiled.

Kitty didn’t see a thing outside the car on the short ride to the restaurant. Instead she stared at him throughout.

Vick pulled into the drive-in and turned on his lights. He looked at Kitty and pointed into the air in front of the car. “Git whaddever ya want,” Vick said pointing again at the menu hanging from the middle of the covered area. Kitty’s attention finally turned.

The drive-in wasn’t very busy, and a bored carhop was soon at Vick’s window.

“What can I get ya?” she asked not even bending to look in the car. She just stood there tapping her pencil on her order book.

Vick looked at Kitty and waited. “Oh, a salad and a Diet Pepsi.”

“S’all ya wan’?” Vick asked.

Kitty nodded. “Yeah, I like salads,” she said knowing full well the salad was for her figure and not her hunger.

The carhop groaned. “How about you?” she asked still staying out of sight.

“Two big cheeseburgers wit fries. Big shake.”

“Want the works?” she asked.

“‘Course,” Vick responded.

The carhop walked away without a word.

Kitty finally noticed that the ankara rus escort carhop indeed had a head. She was very pretty, had a great body, and really big boobs. She looked back at Vick to see him staring back at her, making her feel good knowing that he was concentrating on her.

“Do you usually eat that much?” Kitty asked smiling.

Vick smiled and nodded. “‘Cept when workin’ c’struction. Den s’double,” he said shrugging.

Kitty’s eyes went wide thinking of eating that much! She reached out to feel his huge muscles. Kitty felt her mouth drool a little, knowing full well it wasn’t for the salad! “Wow! You really put all that food to good use!” she said stroking his arm.

“Ya think?”

Kitty nodded. “Is that why I’ve never seen you around here before? Because of work?”

“Yah,” he simply replied.

“Where did you go to school?” she asked.

He said that he never went to school. He was raised in the middle of nowhere until his mom died. Then his dad moved into town and taught him his trade. She also learned that his birthday was in June, making him 18 as well. But since he was 18 and not in school…

“Aren’t you worried about the draft?” Kitty asked, suddenly worried for him.

“Naw. I’mma wanna kill commies!” he said proudly.

“I, uh, think it’s the Viet Cong,” she said.

“Oh,” he said screwing up his face in thought. “They’s commies, righ’?”

Kitty wasn’t quite sure. She wasn’t following the war very closely. “Yeah, they probably are.”

Vick’s face lit up again and he quite visibly relaxed. “Good! Pops says commies needa die!”

“But aren’t you afraid of getting killed over there?” she asked.

“Naw. I’mma sure great shot! Theys gotsta worry ’bout me!” he said smiling wide in pride.

“Well if you do get drafted be careful. It’d be nice if you came home in one piece…” she said with a little concern. A few boys from the grades above her already died, and she knew how devastated their families were. They were proud of their boys in the service, but devastated just the same.

Vick lifted his hand and put it on her face to tenderly stroke it. Kitty turned her head into it and closed her eyes, reveling in the feeling of his skin on hers.

His voice made her open her eyes to see him staring straight into hers. “Sweets, doncha worry none.”

She sighed hearing him call her “sweets” and when he leaned in for a kiss she felt faint. He was so strong, yet tender in just the right ways. She could feel herself falling for him already, the kiss making her melt a little inside.

There was a clank on the window that startled her. Kitty jumped and saw the carhop standing beside the car over the hanging tray. She began to loudly tap her pencil on her book again, and, it seemed, her foot on the pavement. “$2.50,” she said a little annoyed.

Vick paid the torso and she left. He handed Kitty her food and took his own. She was staring at him and couldn’t help herself.

After a couple of moments he chuckled and said, “Bunny food’s gonna git cold.”

“Hmmm. What?” she said letting herself focus again. Then she looked into her lap and remembered her salad. “Oh. Yeah.”

“Ya want summa mine?” he asked holding out a crinkle fry.

“Oh, ah…. thanks,” Kitty said with a weak smile, slowly leaning toward him. She wanted to keep her figure because her mom told her it was important, but a couple of fries wouldn’t hurt… She started to reach out to take the fry but he fed it right into her apparently open mouth, his fingers feeling her bottom lip in the process. She smiled and reached up to tenderly squeeze his hand.

Kitty was barely paying attention to her bunny food, instead staring at him most of the time. But somehow she managed to finish it around the same time that Vick finished his.

The bored carhop took their tray and left. Vick started up his car and revved it before backing out and driving respectfully yet again.

They went to the fairly empty theatre and Vick paid. It seemed like everyone was who was working was bored that night. No one really looked up at anything.

He picked some creature movie. Kitty wasn’t really into those movies since they scared her so much, but she didn’t say a word about it. The trailers were already playing, so she just hung on tight to his side until they found their seats in the back of the dark theater.

As soon as the movie started Kitty felt her adrenaline build. She was on edge from the first scary image and sound, burying her head in Vick’s chest often. She let out several squeals. For his part Vick just held her tight.

One of the times she moved into him in fear, his right hand moved lower and… Kitty gasped feeling his large hand cover her right breast. Yet she did nothing to stop him. On the contrary, she didn’t move anything but her head for the rest of the movie.

“How ya like it?” he asked.

For a moment she misunderstood, since his fingers moved on her breast while he asked the question. She was about to answer “Yes” until ankara türbanlı escort she realized the movie was no longer playing. “Oh, uh, it was… ok,” she said with tremors in her voice.

“Guud thang I’uz here ta pertectcha,” he said strongly while rubbing his hand along her breast.

Kitty looked up at him and felt his strength coming though his gaze. “You sure were,” she said with a sigh, suddenly feeling very safe… and very warm.

There weren’t many people in the theater that night. Most kids must have been at the Jaycee dance instead. She was hoping they’d go there next.

But on the way out of the building to his car all hell broke loose!

“Hands up! Gimme your fuckin’ money!” a man in black ski mask said while waiving a gun at them.

Vick quickly grabbed Kitty and pushed her behind him. “Doncha do nuttin stoop’d now,” he said.

“Shut your damn mouth or it’ll be the last thing you ever do! Now HAND IT OVER!”

Kitty was frozen, completely ready to fall over from the fright of it! Vick, however, seemed confident. She could feel him reaching for his wallet.

“Cool it,” he said handing over his wallet.

The mugger took it and then demanded, “Now the bitch’s purse! Come on!”

Kitty felt Vick’s back tense. He moved away from her so quickly that she had no idea what was going on. She heard some noises and looked to see the mugger on the ground with Vick standing over him, gun in hand.

“Thas whatcha git fer moufin’ offa ma gurl,” he said reaching down to retrieve his wallet from the mugger’s pocket. “Gitcher ass out ‘fore I clobber ya guud!” he commanded in a way that even Kitty was afraid.

The mugger pulled his hands in front of his face at the motion of Vick’s fisted free arm. He stumbled to his feet and ran away faster than anyone Kitty had ever seen!

Vick turned back to Kitty and put his hand on her face. “Ya’righ’?”

Kitty answered by fainting. When she woke she was being carried in Vick’s strong arms to the car. Her arms instantly reached up around his neck.

“You… you were so wonderful! I can’t believe you were that brave!” she said.

“T’weren’t nuttin,” he said like he meant it.

“It sure was! You defended me like that! I… I owe you…”

“Naw. Wasn’t not gonna let’im hurt ma gal,” he said reaching the car and opening the door without putting her down. He bent down and actually deposited her inside. “Gitcha home,” he said.

Kitty reached out and grabbed his forearm with both hands. “NO!” she blurted loudly. “I, uh… I mean you don’t have to do that.” There was no way she was ready for the date to end. She needed to feel his strength a little while longer…

“K. Liketa go ta my home?” he asked hoping for the right answer.

Kitty warmed to the idea of being alone with him, wrapped in his big strong arms. She smiled and only nodded her response.

Vick smiled and cupped her face. Inside he was jumping for joy! He backed away and closed the door. When he got in she leaned over in her bucket seat and put her arm across his chest and her head on his shoulder.

He made quick work of the drive to his small home in the woods; quick as in speed because it was quite a distance.

“Ain’t much,” he said pulling into the dirt driveway. There was, however, some pride in his face.

Kitty saw the house and felt some tension build. It looked like something out of a spooky movie because it was a small grey, weather worn house in the woods. He stopped the car in front of it and she saw something move, instantly burying her face in his chest.

“Jus’a bird,” he said lying about the bat. “You be ‘righ’,” he said reaching out to hug her.

Kitty just held on tighter.

A few moments later he said, “C’mon,” and opened his door.

Kitty reluctantly let go and watched him get out of the car. She didn’t take her eyes off of him while he circled the car to help her out. When he opened the door, she looked down at the dirt on the ground and remembered the rain from earlier in the day.

She looked at her heels. “I can’t get my shoes that dirty,” she said, worrying about walking in it. “Mom’ll kill me!”

Vick just answered by bending over and reaching out to pick her up again. Kitty yelped from the feeling of being so easily lifted into the air and carried into the small house. He opened it without a key and walked inside. She was happy to see that it had a finished floor and even a TV, even if it was generally dirty. He switched on a floor lamp.

“It’s nice,” she said after looking around. She may have been a little generous in saying “nice”, but she didn’t care. At that moment the lack of a woman’s touch in his home was nothing to the strength of his presence!

“S’home,” he said. “TV?”

She saw one chair in front of the TV and a bed, making her wonder where she was going to sit. “Sure,” she said, secretly hoping for more than just TV.

Vick moved over to the lone chair and put her in it. He turned on the black and white set and stood to remove bahçelievler escort his thin jacket.

She finally saw his rippling muscles threatening to burst through the t-shirt he wore. She was aware of nothing else while he stood in front of her and smiled. He flexed his muscles and chest making Kitty gasp and very glad she was already sitting!

Vick went over to the old fridge. “Ya like wine, righ’?” he asked opening the door.

“Yeah,” she said watching him intently. She removed her coat, thankful that his potbelly stove worked.

He reached inside and retrieved a bottle. Then he walked over and showed it to her. “Bernginy, righ’?”

She looked at the bottle of Burgundy and her mouth watered. It was her mom’s favorite and hers as well. She looked up into his eyes and smiled with her upper lip drawn in by her tongue, eager for a drink. She nodded at the bottle.

“Guud,” he said turning around to get a glass bell jar. “Don’t got much’a drink from. This k?”

Kitty nodded and reached out for it. “It’s fine,” she said while he filled three quarters of the pint jar. She instantly took a big draw from it to calm her nerves.

Vick smiled and poured more wine into her jar when she lowered it.

“Whoa! That’s enough!” she giggled. She thought that she already felt some of the effects of it, starting to regret her light meal. At this point it was more the effect of mind over matter: in her mind it mattered. She looked at him. “Aren’t you going to have some?”

He shook his head and pointed at his chest. “Beer.”

“Oh, well you can drink that if you want,” she said taking another sip.

Vick nodded and went back to the fridge to get a bottle of Schlitz, popping the cap off with an opener on the wall. He made his way back to Kitty and tapped his bottle against her jar, causing them each to take another drink.

“You’ve got no place to sit,” she said.

“Giddup,” he said, and she did. He moved her aside a little and sat down in the chair, pulling her down onto his lap. “Howz’at?”

Kitty smiled while she drew her arm around his neck. “That’s wonderful!” she said with a little wiggle of her hips in his lap. She could have sworn she felt… She stifled a gasp and blushed.

There was a scream that drew Kitty’s attention to the TV. It was another scary movie. Kitty felt her tension rise again, so she took a long drink from the jar.

Vick was stroking her back with one hand, helping Kitty to calm a little. She watched out of the corner of her eye while a girl slowly walked though an old house. She turned a corner and…

BANG! BANG! Something sounded like it hit the house! Kitty jumped and latched onto Vick. In the process she spilled what was left of her wine all over herself, but mostly on her white blouse. Vick’s left arm pulled her tightly to him, his hand finding its way to her tummy.

“‘S’arigh’,” he said holding her tightly. “Jus’ a tree.”

He was incredibly calm but it didn’t help Kitty much.


Kitty squeezed even tighter. “I… I don’t…”

“‘S’arigh’,” he said. “S’nuttin.”

Some chains started rattling against boards and Kitty was so scared that she thought she was going to pee.

“Hmm… ma traps,” Vick said. Kitty felt him tense a little. That didn’t help her at all.

The wind had picked up outside a little bit, causing the house to creak. Other than that the noises outside seemed to stop. Kitty was still incredibly scared of whatever was going on, even though she was also feeling very good and relaxed…

“Mo’ wine?” Vick asked.

Kitty nodded. Vick picked up her jar and put it on the floor beside the chair. He poured the rest of the wine and handed her the jar. She took a drink as soon as it was in her hands.

Vick chuckled. “Ya like it?”

Kitty blearily opened her eyes and nodded. “S’good,” she said putting the jar back on the table. Vick reached out and caught the jar before it hit the ground since there was no table.

A little while later there was another scream on the TV. This time Kitty was feeling no pain and it didn’t faze her as much. A few minutes later the chains started rattling again and Kitty jumped, but not as harshly as earlier. She was definitely feeling the effects of the wine at this point.

The moaning sounds made Kitty’s skin crawl. A tingle went up her spine from a shriek. They didn’t sound like they were coming from the TV anymore… She looked and saw the TV had been turned off.

“Whydgja turn fff tha TV?” she asked.

“Gotsa hear,” he said looking toward the window.


Kitty was beginning to come around again hearing that. The chains rattled, the moaning noises…

Vick stood with Kitty holding on tightly and carried her over to his coat. He took something out of the pocket and sat down again with her in his lap.

Every noise she heard caused Vick’s head to turn in its direction. He was vigil and unafraid. Kitty, however, felt like her head was going to explode. It seemed to go on forever. Bangs, rattles, moans… Kitty was starting to feel like her skin would run the other way and leave her behind!

But then the door flew open and hit the wall with such a force that the entire small house shook! Her head flew in the direction of the open door to see the man with the ski mask standing there holding two really big knives!

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Evening’s End

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Teen (18+)

My dear, shall I describe to you what has been in my thoughts lately and what I want to share with you? I would love to take you out for a romantic dinner in a dim out of the way restaurant. Our evening would be filled with long stares into each other’s eyes. As our evening concludes and we bring ourselves to the door of our hotel room, I lead you inside, close the door, and turn to lean you against it.

Knowing what little you wear under the sexy skirt that had been teasing me all evening…the one I so resisted sliding my hand inside to caress your soft thighs, I would no longer resist but would instead, kiss your mouth softly, then kneel before you. You wonder just for a moment what I am up to, then, realizing, permit me to take over.

Your cooperation is soon rewarded as you feel my tongue parting your lips…flicking gently at your clit…feeling it harden as I softly and gently stroked it up and down…back and forth…my lips kissing it…taking it tenderly between them, and tugging your stiffening clit so gently until I could no longer resist. I spread my lips wide as if to completely gobble up your pussy. My mouth sucks your clit in fully and my tongue extends deep to explore inside you…tasting you…drinking you in with my hands moving up and down your legs which I feel are beginning to weaken and wobble. ulus escort

I lie you down on the nearby bed and you part your legs for me, placing them on my shoulders to grant me complete access to your most private and intimate treasure. Moving my entire mouth up and down, as if stroking your entire pussy, I make love to you…savoring that for which I have waited so long to partake.

I feel your heat…taste your sweetness…and caress you with my fingers, my tongue, my mouth …I feel your soft lips and your clit ever so insistently pressing back against me as if begging for attention…I welcome its insistence with more affection. My arms wrap over your thighs…holding you tight against me…you love the feel of control I have taken over your lower body and your hands move to pinch your now hard nipples as you begin moaning louder and louder at us finally sharing ourselves.

You call out my name encouraging me to continue…I moan back and the vibrations rumble through your clitty, your pussy, and your weakened legs. You surrender yourself to me, realizing your helplessness at the situation and, at the same time, your sheer enjoyment at finally being together.

Moving my tongue up from inside you, tasting you so completely, in one long stroke I leave your pussy and move up yenimahalle escort between your lips and against your clit sending electric shivers all through your body and making you cry out louder and longer than before. I moan with you, and without words passing between us, you understand my intent…knowing I want you to cum for me. Oh please my love…please cum for me!

Mmmmm…my fingers move around your legs, my nails dragging with just the slightest pressure along your skin in sharp contrast to the passion you are feeling from my mouth on your clit. A finger moves smoothly inside you…I lap at your clit and lips with smooth timed motions as a second finger wiggles its way into your tightness. Together they move in and out of you…my thoughts fill with how incredible my cock would feel performing the same motion…but first, my baby needs to cum.

I lap faster at your clit…alternately kissing it…tugging it…nibbling it just a bit to get you close to the edge…and back again…and to the edge as you feel my fingers moving into you ever more insistently…and back again. You can wait no longer, as you feel your hard stiff clit being sucked between my lips with my tongue flicking it from the inside, you begin to unleash the building orgasm…it rocks your body up and down, and I hold on to you tightly…never releasing my grip on your pussy by either my fingers or my mouth. And then, it begins to overtake you. You call out. You scream in ecstasy as the cumming builds until you release yourself to it and are almost frightened by the height it is reaching.

Finally, with your lover ever so delicately backing off just at the precise moment…your body responds almost violently to the pleasure…cumming and cumming hard! You almost involuntarily tighten your muscles around my fingers, holding them inside as your crash down. My mouth continues riding with you as we share it together. You buck back up fucking my face with your clit up and down as I moan against you…but you cannot hear it as your own cries are already filling the room. I ride your orgasm with you. I feel the intensity. I feel the power of it as it washes over your body. You thrash side to side as if unable to contain the force of the release…until slowly…finally…it subsides…leaving you exhausted.

Only then do you feel me kissing your pussy…soft delicate almost ticklish kisses…knowing you must be very sensitive there now, I kiss my way up your belly…to your chest…my body sliding up along side yours…my arms wrap around you…we kiss and you can taste yourself on my lips and tongue…it impassions you and you suck my tongue deeply into your mouth in a wanton desire to taste your own sweet juices. You wrap your arms around me. Our kiss softens…and together we catch our breath…knowing our warm up has concluded.

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An Evenig Drive

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It just past dusk, as we are rolling down a country road in South Central Indiana, the radio playing softly, and talking about different things, happy and content. I reach out and pat your inner thigh, and we both feel the electricity start to build. You catch my hand, bringing it to your mouth, and I feel your sweet lips across the back. You reach over and rub my neck, and I lean toward you. Our lips meet, grazing at first, then start to deepen. I spy a turnout, and pull in and stop, setting the brake, and slide over into your seat. I take you into my arms and my lips begin to devour you. Deep long kisses, arms enfolding each other, I feel your breasts mold against my chest, the nipples hardening like they had a mind of their own. I nibble on your neck, my hands fisting your hair, my tongue ravishing your mouth. Your hands on my back, holding me tight, our breath rasping, panting. We break apart, and looking into your eyes, see the passion, desire, need, as you see it in mine.

“Oh shit Gail, I need you.”, I hoarsely whisper. “Now.”

“God, Steve, so do I, but where, honey.” You return, “find somewhere.”

I look around at the deserted country side, and take your hand, lead you pull you between the seats of the Bronco.

“Oh baby I couldn’t, not here…what kızılay escort if someone came.” You whisper, excited none the less.

I sit you on the back seat, and lay on you, our lips locking together, our tongues in sweet combat. I nibble at the base of your throat, and feel your body start to quiver. As you feel my hardness riding over your clothed mound. I move my hands under your shirt, and you feel me at the fastening of your bra, as you lean forward to assist me, and your breasts fall free, into my trembling fingers. My other hand trails lower, unbuttoning your shorts, and then plunging into your panties. We are past finesse, deep into need. You arch your fanny, pushing your mound over my exploring fingers, and I find your bud, hot and wet. I slid a finger into you, as my thumb makes tight circles over the tip of your clit. Your breath is gasping, your hips rocking, arching to my hands, and I slid your panties down over your knees, and pull you forward on the seat, launching my face toward your quivering cookie. My tongue finds the tips of your bud, and I suck you into my mouth., my finger buried deep in your pussy. Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man” starts playing, as you explode into my face. Crying out, your sobbing maltepe escort release echoes in the Bronco, as your hips thrust your mound over my face. You hands pushing my head deep into your throbbing pulsating pussy. Finally you slump back, totally spent, and take your hands and gently lift my head and pull me to you. I reach and pull your panties and shorts up and you lift your ass and pull them on. You put your arms around me, and thrust your tongue into my mouth, running your hands over my chest, tweaking my nipples, while you taste your juices on my mouth…”and now it’s your turn”, as you caress my swollen hard penis outside my pants.

You reach down and start to unzip my pants, and feel the hardness and heat of me filling your hand. Our mouths crushed together, , I feel you running your hand over the raging purple head, your finger gently caressing the hole. You hear me moan into your mouth, and thrust my cock against your hand. You leave my cock, and lower it to my bursting balls. And slide your mouth down my body, listening to the sharp intake of my breath, as your tongue just grazes the tip of the head. I look down and see your beautiful lips form an “O” and slide over the top. I feel your tongue exploring mamak escort the tip, tasting the precum, as your hand slides around the shaft. Covering my red forest. I watch throw passion clouded eyes as you take more of me, and you feel my cock strike the back of your throat, and the fiery hardness against your tongue, as it strokes the shaft. I feel your mouth sucking and see your head moving, my cock sliding deep and shallow. You take your mouth off, and lick it like and ice cream cone, and then bury me inside your hot sucking mouth, your hand pumping me. I cannot control my hips, thrusting into you, and you hear me moan, my cock filling. I feel you sucking, moving up and down, stroking.

You hear me gasp, feeling me swelling, and take my head to the back of your throat, and suck hard. I thrust blindly, all control gone, given to you, and you know I am there. You feel the head swell and then…I cry out my release, and you feel my burning cum explode from my balls into the back of your throat. Molten jet after Molten jet, filling your mouth and I feel you swallow, your mouth sucking all my juices, as your hand kneads the rest from my pulsating balls, until Jake has nothing left to give, and I slide from your lips. I see you give the head a soft kiss, and I pull you up and hold you, kissing the top of your head, and trying to breath. You gently take my sticky cock and pull up my shorts, snapping them in place and we smile, contented and at peace, listening to the sounds of the night, and the Radio softly playing. I lift your head and kiss you, and let you know how wonderful and special I know you are.

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First Meeting

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I met Sue on-line and after a few sessions of general chat our conversations turned toward sex. I When we met I was 43 and she was 8 years older. We enjoyed a variety of sexual activities online but our role playing sessions where what we enjoyed the most. She would usually “force” me to masturbate for her under different circumstances as she watched and kept me from cumming for a very long time. After several months of an enjoyable on-line relationship we finally decided to meet. We picked a town midway between where we both lived and I arranged for the motel room.

I reached the motel early and check in. I was in the room when I heard a soft knock at the door. I rushed to answer it and saw Sue dressed in a white sleeveless blouse light summer skirt smiling at me from the other side of the door. It was awkward at first as we sat on the bed and talked about the weather and the drive up there.

Sue finally took the bull by the horns and got up and moved a chair to the center of the room and sat down with a stern look on her face. She looked at me and asked what I was waiting for and then commanded me to strip for her. I hesitated and then when I saw her face turn angry I quickly rose and removed my shoes, shirt and pants. My cock was making a tent in my underpants and sprung free as I pulled them down. I reached up to fondle myself when she ordered my hands to my side explaining, “I will tell you when you can touch your cock, till then just do as I tell you!” I replied, “Yes dear!” and stood before her my cock throbbing and my balls churning in my sack. I could feel my pre cum ooze and looked down to see a drop from at the tip of my cock. I was so horny I could hardly stand it and started to shake.

After a while she ordered me to walk around and bend over to touch my ankles and then she ordered me to spread my ass cheeks for her. She ordered me to spread my legs wide and then she reached between my legs and dragged one fingernail across the wrinkly skin ankara rus escort of my scrotum just where it connects to my body. I jerked and she yelled at me to stand still. I complied and was treated to the sweet pleasure of the fingernail treatment a bit longer. She let her fingernail move up between my cheeks and dragged it around my anus and I nearly fainted as more precum oozed out of my cock.

After teasing me till I thought I would explode in a massive orgasm she ordered me to stand and turn to face her my cock was throbbing hard and arched and my cock head was purple and hot. Her nipples had grown hard against her bra and blouse and she saw me look at her tits!. She smiled up and me asking if I wanted to see her breast! I replied eagerly and she slowly started unbuttoning her blouse. As she did this she ordered me to use only two fingers to massage my cock very slowly as she watched. Her breasts were small and firm for a woman her age and I was eager to see them. She was wearing a sweet simple bra that snapped in the front and teased me as she opened slowly. Her nipples were large and erect and I sucked in my breath with excitement hopping that she would let me kiss them. She noticed that my cock stroking had become faster and ordered me to stop.

She then moved close to me and rubbed her nipples against my cock head wiping away the precum that had oozed out. I licked my lips and she smiled at me asking if I wanted to kiss her nipples. I nodded yes eagerly and she consented telling me to just kiss and not to suck. I kneeled down before her and followed her orders but it was so difficult to feel her nipples against my lips and not be able to suck.

She suddenly rose up before me and lifted up her dress to show me her soft cotton panties. I could see that they were wet and I could smell the sweet aroma of sex. She asked me if I wanted to sniff her pussy and like a good pet I nodded yes eagerly. She spread her legs ankara türbanlı escort and pushed our her hips and told me to smell her pussy and nuzzle her with my nose and mouth. After a short time she reached down and grasped my head and started grinding her wet pussy against my face. I reached up to hold her ass and she yelled at me to keep my hands down. I followed instructions as she push hard against me and started thrusting her pussy hard against my mouth. I opened wide and sucked working my tongue between her panties and pussy.

She continued pushing and thrusting against me and finally ordered me to pull her panties off so I could tongue fuck her. I eagerly complied feeling the rush of pleasure as her juices flowed over my face. Her hips were moving wildly as she fucked my face using my nose as a dildo. As her quivering intensified she pushed so hard against me and squeezed her legs so tight I could hardly breath! She finally released me and turned around bending over the chair and pushing her ass in my face. She ordered me harshly to suck her as and I spread her cheeks with great excitement. She was shaved and as I ran my tongue up between her cheeks she quivered with excitement. She started masturbating her pussy as I sucked and licked her anus pushing my tongue in as much as possible. She finally ordered me to use my finger and I complied slipping my finger into her tight little anus as I wildly licked her. I used my other finger to fuck her pussy and in only moments she convulsed in a massive orgasm. Her body quaked and shook but I didn’t stop my oral loving pleasure and her orgasm lingered. She finally pulled a way and turned toward me ordering me to clean her off with my tongue. I lapped, licked and suck the pussy juice from her legs and pussy as she stroked my head telling me I had been a good boy.

After a while she pushed me away and ordered me to stand. My cock was still rock hard and bounced in front of bahçelievler escort me. She smiled and asked me if I wanted to cum. I replied that if it would please her I would love to cum. She told me that I earned a good orgasm and ordered me to fondle my balls and to start stroking my cock for her. I started jerking away like a wild man eager to spurt cum but she ordered me to slow down. It was agony stroking slowly for her. I used my saliva as lubricant and when she noted that I was getting close to cumming she would order me to stop and to just play with my balls.

After what seemed like ages she ordered me to lie down on my back on the bed and to lift my legs. She then told me to start jacking off again and to finger my ass. She stood over me fondling her sweet breasts watching me and I masturbated and finger-fucked my ass. I was getting very close to cumming and she told me that this time she would let me cum. She reached down to massage my balls and her touch sent me over the edge and I started spurting. My cum shot out in great arches of cream to splash down on my chest. I nearly fainted from the intensity of my orgasms as she squeezed my balls with each explosive spurt. Finally when the last drop was squeezed from my cock she leaned down to kiss my cock head and lick me. I jerked and quivered with the trill of her touch and she winked at me. She moved one finger through the cum on my chest and then brought it to my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked her finger tasting my cum as she told me again I was a good boy.

We showered together and she had me suck her pussy again as the warm water poured over us she came two more times in the show and it was more like love making than raw sex. After dressing she told me that she wanted me to visit her at her home in two weeks for some special fun. I agreed without hesitation and tried to get her to tell me what the special fun was going to be. She just smiled and said that we would both enjoy it greatly. She then kissed me and squeezed my cock and left. I was so excited that I had to jackoff two more times before leaving reliving the pleasures that I had just experienced.

As I drove home I started wondering what she would have planned for me in two weeks. I was soon rock hard and masturbated again in my car as I drove.

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